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Ginger Baker

Peter Edward Ginger Baker (born 19 August 1939, Lewisham, South London) is an English drummer, best known for his work with Cream and Blind Faith.

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you need to watch Keith Moon or Buddy Rich or Ginger Baker. this aint on their level.
Jeff buckley singing, johnny marr on guitar, ginger baker on drums, flea on bass
Yea, u seem so disgusted with him here. You're a hideous ginger freak. Your face makes me want to vomi…
It's called Blind Faith of which the only real positive version was in 1969 with Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, Steve…
Dye Elliot hair ginger and call him ginger giles.😂😃 Ben probably won't read this but ke…
I don't think amore` when I think calf calipers but I ain't no baker man. Now back to Ginger Rogers.
Definitely channelling Tim Buckley and yes. He had to be chastised by Walker telling him he was no Ginger Baker or Bonzo.
Drummer got told off by walker for being too showy tonight. "You ain't no Ginger Baker or even Bonzo." That told him.
I liked a video What Ginger Baker thinks about their song Wrapping Paper
I was ambushed and baptised as a ginger Hannah Baker.
Duuude he rules! We slightly chatted about ginger baker and now my life is made
Tomorrow night I will be doing a stream fund raiser for Ginger Baker Barnes of N.C who is having a cancer surgery.…
Then I'm glad the producers put up wit…
Mans an *** but we can still appreciate his music. See also Ginger Baker.
Great night at the Roundhouse saturday night, tinged with sadness at the Jack Bruce memorial concert. Did someone upse…
Ginger😎 if ones uses ginger while cooking they become a Ginger Baker and if the kitchen is white, they…
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My mate just told he gave up watching the show in Season 22. "It got too silly around that ginger Baker guy". Alas. 😞.
Back to Ginger Baker for breakfast before heading home
Rule of thumb. If you're not Ginger Baker don't drunk post.
Lunch at Ginger Baker in after a 20km bike ride
David moyes looks more like Ginger Baker
Me and Matt are seeing the Cream experience with Clapton's nephew, Ginger Baker's son, Jack…
Dont forget it is half term next week - Our workshops include Dragon Masks, the Giant's beanstalk, a "ginger...
Were you really in Airforce. The one with Ginger Baker?
Released on this day in 1972 Funkadelic's 4th album 'America Eats Its Young'. Ex-Cream drummer Ginger Baker assiste…
Young Ginger Baker had the most intense cheekbones
Ginger Baker is the epitome of the musical madman/genius... possessor of that wild creative spark and incredible...
1967 – Cream arrive in the U.S. to begin their first American tour. Featuring Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton.
Ginger Baker, what a drummersound and drummer!.
A new creation stock today, Ginger Baker! These Uber Flapjacks are chocolate and ginger with a layer of...
Gutted. Danny Baker needs to rest his voice ahead of his show. So we are a Baker down for the show tomorrow. I'm going for Ginger or Cheryl
Update your maps at Navteq
Interview: The sons of Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker - and Eric Clapton's nephew - are hitting the road down under...
Josephine (Baker) for the tuxedo. For fluffy, maybe Feathers, as in Fred Astaire's nickname for Ginger Rodgers.
Scott Baker has crafted new cocktails for spring. Come try the lemon cherry bourbonade or the blueberry ginger...
Here's another angle on the northside feeder supply building with the new Ginger and Baker…
Ginger and Baker is coming along. If I remember correctly, the northside feeder supply building…
Matt the Baker's new salted caramel ginger served with morning tea & coffee and at conferences…
Beware of Mr. Baker 2012 by Jay Bulger about the jazz and rock drummer Ginger Baker. via
trio Eric Clapton, ginger baker, and Jack Bruce
I liked a video from Al Schmitt Capitol Studios on Uli Frost, Ginger Baker, Abass Dodoo
Ginger Baker looks like he's just come off the set of The Walking Dead
And now for your daily Ginger Baker interlude. Brought to you by catnaps & fleece pjs.
“Cream was the world’s successful supergroup, which featured Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, and Jack Bruce. The...
Awesome to watch Ginger Baker in this concert. He was way ahead of his time technically and performance wise.
Having to watch the Ginger Baker documentary I suggest that you watch it.
Animal always struck me as a less tortured Ginger Baker
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What do you call a baker with red hair?. --A Ginger bread man
Ginger Baker interviews are one of my new favorite things.
- Fela Kuti & Ginger Baker. 🎶Egbe mi O 🎶 . This is AfroBeat in it's Rebellious Best...
Now Playing: Carry Me I Want to Die. by Fela Kuti/Ginger Baker . at 04:03:29. on Jazz90.1 Listen Online at
When I'm old I wanna be exactly like ginger baker lmao
what do u think of Ginger Baker Matt?
Roses R Red, Violetz R Blue I worship. Ginger Baker now suck my balls
I agree with Ginger Baker criticizing Keith Moon as a drummer but he is of line with John Bonham
There's a guy on the cabasa who swears he's Ginger Baker ;)
My mate Paddy Baxter is a dead ringer for Ginger Baker. Wouldn't you agree? 👀 @ Chrisp Street…
And Ginger Baker's magical use of cymbals.👽
amazing to briefly see you! Thank you so much for coming and supporting xx
I wasn't aware I wasn't following you! Tonight was so amazing! Very proud of you and your cast! Brilliant x
I thought this was in reference to ginger baker the drummer.
An authentic soda bread is made with Irish Cream. . You can ask any Ginger Baker.
Regarding drums it appears Bill Bruford & Ginger Baker have called it a day . Phil Collins is available for hire
Beware of Mr.Baker.a docu of Ginger Baker w/ Ginger via
Listening to Disraeli Gears. I usually think about Clapton's guitar work. How could I forget how awesome Ginger Baker's Drumming was?
Ginger Baker is a horrible man/completely mental but clearly the best drummer ever. Better than Bonham and Moon. Beware of Mr. Baker = 🔥
If Ginger Baker is the lead tutor, I'm up for it...
Ok, story behind bass drums of different color. Saw what's left of Ginger Baker last yr. Same deal
Have you seen the Ginger Baker documentary? Great watch for any music/film fan.
...that would be the one and only Ginger Baker on the drums.
Martin profiles a drummer only bettered by JB and JC. Ginger Baker... have a read - A
The Treacle and Ginger sponge cake is awesome! Cheers to the baker!
Ginger baker is one angry mf but we will converse before he dies
Not as good a drummer as Ginger Baker, it turns out.
The Ginger Baker documentary on Netflix was a really good way to spend my morning. What a crazy ***
They credited us with the birth of that sort of heavy metal thing. W...
Used a lot in cooking too, but since I heard about figging I haven't been able to look at a piece of ginger in the same way!
Yesterday during a vanilla job I saw some ginger on a table. I immediately thought of figging..but apparently people put it in tea-who knew!
you have man titties and you're a frail ginger virgin Idk who took the fatter L
I agree loved Creams Ginger Baker also.Bonham, Moon, Baker my top 3, Neil is crazy great also.
One of my favorite drummers of all time, the RedHead, crazy as *** "Ginger Baker" Just listen to Cream drum beats…
Vota 1⃣°turno. 1) Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix. 2) E=MC2. 3) Love for sale. 4) With Ginger Baker: Live!
Notice how toward the end Buzz Aldrin and Ginger Baker were almost identical.
When Hawkwind played on 1/11/1980 Ginger Baker (one of the founder members of Cream) played drums
Ginger. Baker. Probably my favorite person who ever lived. We need to bring the name Ginger back for guys. Bring some Cream into your life.
If only the 'stars' today understood what it meant to be humble. I want to give Ginger Baker a hug he's so...
MALEBOX Happy birthday from Malebox to Ginger Baker, who is 77 today. There's no getting ro Read more .
Observation: I never see and Ginger Baker in the same room at the same time.
This doc about Ginger Baker is amazing
I liked a video Ginger Baker pays tribute to Jack Bruce
I am the Ginger Baker of air drumming.
Wow!. Ginger Baker pays tribute to Jack Bruce with some brilliant drumming.
Breast Cancer Awareness
same for me except with Cream, Eric Clapton is the father Jack Bruce is the son and Ginger Baker is the holy spirit
Gents. Ginger Baker wrote an ace song about tea and the perfect way to make it, here:
Possibly Ginger Baker responsible for the growth of mind numbing 15 min drum solos in early 70s...?
I think the American government is now the most corrupt government in the world. ~Ginger Baker
Now I'm thinking about who I'd want in a crazy UK band circa 1964 or so. Eric Burdon, James Dewar, Jeff Beck, Ginger Baker, and Peter Green.
The varmint and a drum kit. . John Bonham, Ginger Baker and Keith Moon eat your hearts out.
I've documentary recommendation for all classic rock/Brit rock fans. Done by Jay Bulger on Ginger Baker...
Ric Grech would have been 70 today. Bass player with Family, Blind Faith, Ginger Baker, Traffic, Eric Clapton, Gram Par…
Great shot by David Coutts, who searches for pictures of Ginger Baker.
Didn't Charlie Watts lead the Watts Nats? & Keith Moon the Moonies? & wasn't Ginger Baker big in the Orange Order?
Ginger Baker is typically overlooked as one of the top rock drummers
August 26th at the Hard Rock Cafe Pittsburgh, Kofi Baker (son of Ginger Baker) will bring Kofi Baker's Cream...
Did you know Wembley is drummer Central? Keith Moon, Charlie Watts and Ginger Baker all from Wembley
see you really would need balls to try to chat up Ginger Baker in public. He's a right cantankerous old git.
We are thrilled to welcome Kofi Baker, son of Cream legend Ginger Baker along with Malcolm Bruce to LICAM June...
For me Keith Moon was the greatest drummer in rock followed by John Bonham & Ginger Baker.
Harriet Wheeler / Morrisey on vocals, Prince on lead guitar, McCartney on Bass, Ray Manzerek on keyboards, Ginger Baker on drums
I liked a video BLUES SARACENO 17 years old with Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker playing WHITE ROOM
son of the legendary Ginger Baker tonight at 9pm. Come have some fun and drinks it's what weekends are 4
Plz turn 2 rn. I don't want super ginger to get an AB
Clapton tried to steal some soul offa those old blues rekkids but never amounted to much w/o Ginger Baker Duane Allman et al
Ginger Baker said music shouldn't be put into box. But rap should be and the box nailed shut.
Now Playing on TOHORadio Baker, Ginger with Bill Frisell & Charlie Haden - 07 When We Go Tune in!!!
I have never had a great love of the music business, I never have.
Ginger Baker has done more meth than I've ate cereal
what do you think of Ginger Baker, Charles Lloyd and Gary Burton? ;)
Not to shabby then again Neil Peart,Ginger Baker,John Hiseman,Brian Downey and even Mark Nauseef are pretty good Rock Drummers.
There may be nothing likeable about Ginger Baker,as he would have it.
5 minutes into the Ginger Baker documentary. Not disappointed. Good Lord.
Did a gif search of Ginger Baker, and out of all 3,751 gifs only one was actually Ginger Baker.
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Wow. Beware of Ginger Baker. Had no idea he was tight w/ Fela Kuti. Amazing doc.
Bud: "Who's your favorite member of Destiny's Child?". Phil: "Oh, I don't know... Ginger Baker?". (Bud's Weekly Top Ten).
Nobody would ever want to be the drummer that followed Ginger Baker. Well, maybe if they were sane & reasonably good, they might.
Yo, someone made a tribute album to The black Keys is dope. That iggy pop and ginger baker are on it is absurd!!!
I liked a video Ginger Baker and Tony Allen (feat. Ginger Baker) (Drum Solo Live at the Berlin…
Remember the Patty Hurst thing when Jack Bruce & Ginger Baker trapped Eric Clapton in a good band & he escaped w a gnarly be…
BEWARE OF MR BAKER - Fantastic Ginger Baker Docum…: great documentary especially if your a drummer
New treats from the new baker at Red Hills Market. Ginger peach hand pie, anyone?
Time Out says we're the best because we have Ginger Baker's Air Force.
Yes Ginger Baker or Moon The Loon (Keith Moon). Keith would be more expensive due to having to exhume his body then ignite it.
essential mix is one of my faves ever. That Tony Allen/Ginger Baker drum solo...
That Ginger Baker doc on Netflix is quite good.
Ginger and Baker hopes to open in old Feeders Supply building: Already a subscriber? Subscribe today f...
We've got a new baker in the house! Check Out These Ginger Peach Hand Pies! 󾁚󾥢
he's a gem. Chatting with him about Clapton and Ginger Baker is the key to his heart. Did you have him for PHIL 350/PHIL 364?
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Interesting list, although at 2 seems a bit low. And, no love for Zak Starkey?
There is a short promotion at the end of this week with free Hooper's Ginger Brew at some Ted Baker fashion shops.
YEAH! I'm a baker w/ religious objections to gingers, so I refuse to bake cakes for ginger weddings. RELIGIOUS FREEDOM
Just had a ginger biscuit and honestly took me straight back to my grandmas house.
I love Ginger Baker, but my fav drummers are all out of MPLS. Todd Trainer (Shellac), Scott Macdonald (Arcwelder)...
This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice & be glad. Like Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker & Eric Clapton in a no-holds barred brawl.
Andy Sheppard is a well-known legend on the jazz scene and we are delighted to have him headlining at
Ginger Baker,stewart copland,Neil Peart miles better.
I'm sorry, I know John Bonham maybe but Neil Peart is best drummer? Ginger Baker is better? No, sorry.
Keith Moon, Ginger Baker,Billy Cobham. my pic for top three
Neil Peart has now joined my fave Drummer ranks Brian Downey,Stewart Copeland,Jon Hiseman,Ginger Baker,Carl Palmer etc lol!
Cream perform the Ginger Baker composition "Toad" at London's Royal Albert Hall in Novenber 1968. From Fresh Cream
Good wishes and healing thoughts Ginger Baker's way...
Ginger Baker is a much better drummer. But Bonham's drums feel good.
Ginger Baker has heart trouble, cancels gigs -
Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton of British rock group Cream ...
tbh I'm not even sure you need to understand subtlety. Ginger Baker considered Charlie the best stone by far
Ginger Baker has 'serious heart problems', cancels tour
Blind Faith = Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Ginger Baker & Ric Grech (ie. right to left in pic)
Cream - left to right Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton
Ginger Baker has cancelled all his "Ginger Baker's Air Force" UK & USA gigs due to a doctor’s diagnosis of...
Cream drummer Ginger Baker is facing some serious health issues.
Baker has heart trouble, cancels gigs: Drummer Ginger Baker has been forced to cancel an upcoming tour due to ...
Wishing Ginger Baker all the very best. What a giant of a musician. --Jay
How rich is Ginger Baker?: The post How rich is Ginger Baker? appeared first on Richest Celebrities & Net Worth.
.cancels all shows due to serious heart issue! Had toured as recently as January. -
Ginger Baker of Cream canceled all his dates because of heart issues.
extra day well spent with my favorite ginger @ ShoreDog Café
Cream is such an underrated band, like nobody ever talks about him or Eric Clapton or Ginger Baker, why
Sad to hear news about Ginger Baker, one of the greatest drummers ever and a real star. Get well soon Ginger.
It's so weird playing "Sunshine of Your Love" on drums, trying to play it more my style while keeping it close to Ginger Baker's drumming.
Sadly announcing the cancellation of all shows on the advice of Ginger's doctors. We hope you will join us in wishing him…
Cream drummer Ginger Baker cancels tour dates due to 'serious heart problems' .
Ginger Baker cancels tour due to heart problems |
Ginger Baker withdraws from gigs, including Bournemouth Jazz Festival
Have you seen our Artist of the month's Ginger Baker comic? Peep it now
Watched the Ginger Baker documentary on Netflix. What a truly awful man.
schnittlich is now listening to Cyril Davies by Denver Jazz Quintet To Octet, James Carter, Ginger Baker, Djq2o
longtime fan here! I am also a booking agent for Ginger Baker, John Waite and more. Interest in a tour to promote the disc?
Ginger Baker like Jon Hiseman has more than a little Jazz in his thunderous Drumming style both are fantastic sticksmen.
This is a tough one. So many great drummers. Ginger Baker, John Bonham, Mitch Mitchell, Keith Moon...
Surprised you haven't found a spot for Keith Moon, Josh Freese or Ginger Baker. Then again, you only get 4 options don't you.
Musical duels fascinate, but ain't they fruitless? Buddy Rich and Ginger Baker: Handel and Domenico Scarlatti!
Me head feels like Ginger Baker, Phil Collins, Ringo Starr and that one armed fella from Def Leppard are having a drum off in it. 😑😖
Thank you very much. For 2016 I'll go Cliff Richards, Kirk Douglas, Bruce Forsyth, Ginger Baker and Courtney Love please.
Mums Ginger bread, Ginger baker and Cream. Happy new year.
"those other dudes", Ginger Baker & Jack Bruce? I see you know Cream. It's relative to time & place w music at times.
I'm watching a wild doc on netflix "Beware of Mr Baker". ginger baker is a nut bar but wow what a drummer
What an amazing morning at an amazing cafe! – eating breakfast at Ginger Baker Wine Bar & Cafe
They are terrific players, I will give them that. John Bonham's only real equals as a drummer were Keith Moon and Ginger Baker.
Envy.Got monstered on FB by Ginger Baker last year and a like from David Crosby and 1 of Floyd but no Rickie Lees ever.
I want ginger baker to break my nose
Jack Bruce w/Eric Clapton & Ginger Baker as part ofthe 1960’s Supergroup Cream is some of the greatest ever recorded https:/…
Great Picture of Phil Seamen at The Marquee Club, Wardour Street, the man who taught Ginger Baker how to play the...
Cream - Sunshine of your love. Eric Clapton. Jack Bruce. Ginger Baker. I Cream. IL Power trio. 👏👏👏.
Ginger Baker from Cream? What about Mitch Mitchell from Jimi's band?? But that said Bonzo demo
in 1969, Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker,Steve Winwood, the first rehearsals of the band that would become Blind Faith..
Must have been turning in his grave when Ginger Baker stormed off stage after 5 mins! What was that about?
You pay£50 for a ticket for a concert Celebrating The Life of Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker storms off stage after 5 mins...!!
Ginger Baker stormed off after one a bit songs at the Roundhouse tonight, making a certain gesture at the other drummer.
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Tonight I saw Ginger Baker play drums.I cried.but I am soo happy right now. Seeing your inspiration in person is so moving😢
Rather marvellous gig tonight at - even had a Ginger Baker diva strop at the end!! All the musos ROCKED!!
Ginger Baker, not with Fred Astaire on this occasion.
Ginger Baker performed as expected tonight (stormed off stage).
Just for the record, Ginger Baker might be awkward at the best of times but he was sidelined tonight and it was such a shame
Great tribute at the tonight with the legendary Ginger Baker on drums... well, until he stormed off stage
Lol Ginger Baker walks off half way through sunshine of my love. They were playing it wrong in fairness.
you must be joking? Seriously? Although, I prefer Ginger Baker's Airforce to Cream...
For the jazz and blues loving char bibber we have for you Ginger (Baker, Peter) Green Tea. Delicious hot, disgusting cold. (probably).
"If I'm playing any music at all its Jazz music." - Ginger Baker
Rather enjoyed 'Psychedelic Britannia' on BBC iPlayer : all those terribly well-spoken old hippies. And Ginger Baker, who is quite a geezer
Joss Stone, Ginger Baker, Ian Anderson & Phil Manzanera perform at the tribute concert today.
Did you know that Ginger Baker is the only rock drummer to have been in both the Army and the Airforce?
My producer is the 2nd coming of Ginger Baker
Happy birthday Ginger Baker! Read our 2009 feature on the legendary Cream drummer
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I was knocked flat by Ginger Baker making a mid song toilet dash at the Glenlyn Ballroom Forest hill,sure wanted that loo
t. Do this again AT&T Stadium Dec 6 2015 . the last rodeo. Join Ginger Baker need you o Israel
Blamethank: (v) the act of assigning both negative responsibility and gratitude. "I blamethank Ginger Baker every time I hear a drum solo."
Ginger Baker then and now is Sam Smith a Ozzy Osbourne?
I am, but tonight mine is crown n ginger waiting on my gf She's having dinner n drinks with "the girls"
Ginger Baker is out there in the mad genius stakes & here's an entertaining interview 1yr after 'Beware of Mr Baker'
Ginger Baker on Psychedelic Britannia, could be handbags.
You would not mess with Ginger Baker
Currently watching on BBC. I cannot believe Ginger Baker still exists.
Ginger Baker there. Nicest man in rock. Oh yes
Ginger Baker, best Timelord we never had
Ah, so the first half of this show is a Ginger Baker drum solo, yes?
Should a red-headed baker be called a ginger bread man?
The Ginger Baker might be the greatest cocktail of all time.
I believe Cream recorded this song also. Yes, band with Eric Clapton, Jeff Bruce, and Ginger Baker.
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I'm happy with Moonie but I honestly would place Ginger Baker before Bonzo and Neil Peart. Like: 1. Moonie 2. Baker 3. Bonzo
So my weekend consists of seeing one of the greatest drummers of all time, Ginger Baker, live. And a lazy, Super Sunday. How brilliant😎
And tonight Matthew I'm gonna be., playing with Ginger Baker & Nitin Sawhney
They put Ginger Baker on 4th place on the best drummers list, lol. Don't lie to yourself: he's at least number 2
Going to the tribute concert at the Roundhouse tomorrow. Lots of special guests apparently. Ginger Baker is definite -Mr Clapton?
Cakes, chutneys, savoury pies.. Order your Christmas Hampers at now!
Drum spots are totally sold out 4 the Ginger Baker/David Crosby Camp but other instruments & 1 vocal spot have opened up. Call 888.762.2263
Even Ginger Baker: he's literally the devil but I admire him (as a musician) a lot
Needs more saffron. Chilli and ginger levels perfect though. Could have been a mashup disaster, but very tasty. Phew!
60s/70s rock drummers like Danelli, Ginger Baker, Ian Paice, Bonzo & Mitch Mitchell all idolized jazz cats that's why t…
Stewart Copeland is a great Drummer right up there alongside some of my faves like Brian Downey,Ginger Baker& Jon Hiseman e.t.c.
Jeez, is that Ginger Baker? He looks like Worzel Gummidge in that pic...oh, dear.
Looking forward to Harry Styles joining Jason Orange, Brian Harvey and Ginger Baker in a Blind Faith type "Supergroup"
Indeed.Buddy Rich,Art Blakey and Ginger Baker up there too.
Good morning all, today's births 1940 Ginger Baker in Lewisham; 1946 Bill Clinton in Arkansas;
Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce discuss the 2005 Cream reunion concerts.
Amateur musicians h £4,000 to Hollywood to roll with Sixties hellraiser Ginger Baker - News - Music - The Independent
Have you got your tickets for Ginger Baker's Jazz Confusion on Thu 10th Sept?
Abass Dodoo of Ginger Baker's Jazz Confusion drums up a storm at the Love Supreme Jazz Festival.
Ginger Baker born wartime . Wld loveto hear stories /news onhim /where he lived /his family .
like Ginger Baker always said the general public is so dom. Come on Mc Cartney before Jack Bruce
Jack Bruce on vocals and bass, Eric Clapton on guitar, Ginger Baker on drums... Still my favorite power trio!... http:/…
Neil Peart is 1 of, if not THE best drummers of all time. Ginger Baker, Keith Moon & Neil are my holy trinity of rock drummers.
TIME: Hollywood rock camp lets you jam with David Cosby and Ginger Baker — for $5,999
That biopic was brilliant - Michael Sheen was brilliant as Ginger Baker.
Watching - Beware of Mr Baker on ... Ginger Baker makes Keith Moon look like Phil Collins.
Watching 'Beware of Mr Baker' incredible story of the legendary and often wild drummer Ginger Baker!
I'm loath to agree w/Nugent about anything but when Max Roach said of Ginger Baker “Man he plays like a *** it was a compliment
Ready for Ginger Baker at Howard Theater in DC. Amazing place! Front row table! OMG! Heaven.
**Due to a power outage at the August Wilson Center, Rachelle Ferrell & Ginger Baker shows are moved to Byham Theater** pls RT
Mine would be Liam Gallagher, Jack White, Peter Hook and Ginger Baker. What's yours? Fantasy Rock Supergroup -
Bobby's LOVE of Ginger Baker inspired him to go TOM-CENTRIC on this song!. Download it FREE! htt…
Jim Cornette is the Ginger Baker of professional wrestling. I like rock history and likes wrestling.
that's who I was gonna say. Rock only? I like Ginger Baker & Bill Bruford
Silly boy. 'Twas a trap in case you would say John Bonham because, obviously, the answer is...Ginger Baker. xox
Man with cats like Bill Ward, Keith Moon, Ginger Baker- dudes who were outta radio range😂
I take it Sir Thumbsaloft is meant to be Ginger Baker on drums? Looks more like Ian Anderson.
I actually love Jack Bruce. And Ginger Baker was sick on my dad's shoe in the '60s
2005: Eric Clapton reunited with Cream members Ginger Baker & Jack Bruce for 1st of 4 nights at Royal Albert Hall 36 years after their split
Cream was one of rock's first ever supergroups, consisting of Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce, and legendar
Cream - Early Cream of Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker - I generally have milk but I think…
Jack Bruce tribute tickets purchased, it would be fitting for Ginger Baker to die on stage just as the show finishes.
Oh wow! Watching on Sky arts and Ginger Baker is phenomenal on drums.
Ginger Baker, Carl Palmer, strangely, when he plays 'em rather than sings, Phil Collins, Michael Shrieve….long list
The great will be the subject of a star-studded tribute concert event in London in October:
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Just blocked someone for having ginger hair.
I'm picturing someone, a musician, who's even more far back in his eyes than ginger baker, even more scary-looking. Sharp cheekbones, long, long hair, blond eyebrows, tall and rangy, sixties musician. With a smile. Who is it?
so ginger baker is going to come round to yours and pluck out your crabs. That'll make a good story
"Let's start what we have come in the room to do" Fela Kuti + GINGER BAKER:LIVE! REMIXED by AFRIKA21
A special gig honoring is set for 10/24 at
myRockworld memorabilia: Cream - Album Wheels of Fire - 1968- signed by Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker
Jack Bruce tribute concert to feature Ginger Baker +more
Just got tickets for the Jack Bruce Tribute concert at the Roundhouse in October. Ginger Baker will be there! So exciting . . .
Can't wait to see arguably the greatest drummer of all time - Ginger Baker - at this year's
I just made ginger snap biscuits and they are so good no offence I am an excellent baker
Rock stars at home with their parents or grandparents | I love Ginger Baker's and Frank Zappa's mothers.
Ginger Baker: Hellraiser by Ginger Baker Reply w/ to add this via
Ginger Baker makes the shamrocks dance ...
Geri Halliwell's solo stuff ain't too bad & possibly the fantastic drumming rhythms of Ginger Baker.
Jack Bruce tribute show announced, will include Ginger Baker and this all star line-up:
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Brady's been on the ale there. Looks like Ginger Baker.
Amongst topics discussed yesterday was the theory that Ginger Baker's tetchiness is down to him being backed-up since Disraeli Gears.
Do you want to see some Vinnie colaiuta, Ginger Baker, John Bonham, Brian Bennett? If so YouTube is your friend...
6. Fela Kuti - Live! (1971): Utterly exuberant music regardless of yr Afrobeat knowledge, Ginger Baker in the cut, that's a scary sight
Jimmy Bullard on for the game looks like he's channeling his inner Ginger Baker from his Cream days...
That's quite a band has been assembled this year: Ginger Baker, Ian McLagan, Bobby Keys and now Joe Cocker. RIP.
I get sick and tired of seeing these year end musical questions every year about the Top Ten Greatest Drummers of All Time. Really, John Bohnam? I'm sorry but John Bohnam, Ginger Baker, Keith Moon, Mitch Mitchell, etc were all excellent drummers, maybe even great, but no way do any of them belong on a top ten list. None of them could lick the loafers of Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, Joe Morello, Max Roach, Philly Joe Jones, Kenny Clarke, Art Blakey, Elvin Jones, Earl Palmer or Ed Shaughnessy. Now there's a top ten list.
Limited time offer! Get the Baker "Why?" Deluxe Album Package for a reduced price! Check it out at
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