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Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is an American comedy-drama series created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, starring Golden Globe nominee Lauren Graham and Teen Choice Award winner Alexis Bledel.

Lauren Graham Emily Gilmore Milo Ventimiglia Matt Czuchry Paris Gellar Sutton Foster Jared Padalecki Liza Weil Kelly Bishop Sally Struthers Jared Padelecki Stars Hollow Paul Anka Grant Lee Phillips John Hamm Christian Borle

Lane from Gilmore Girls, Uncle Josh from Girl Meets World, Baby Cookie from Empire, &a handsome Derek Luke and it's only been 3 minutes
I'm gonna get a dog and name him Paul Anka so he'll be named after the dog in Gilmore Girls that's named after Paul Anka the singer
some films & shows do that we'll. I was considering breaking out the Gilmore Girls boxset!
Gilmore Girls rewatch realization: Christopher is a better than Luke.
21 days until Spring Sing and I'm sitting in my disaster of a room crying over an episode of Gilmore Girls so you could say it's going well.
One day I'll put Gilmore Girls right up there with FRIENDS and Everybody Hates Chris as best comedy series ever!
When your week goes from watching half a season of Gilmore Girls a day to having a 12 page research paper that doub…
no paper due, but currently watching Gilmore Girls ❤
Man...on Gilmore Girls as the editor of the Princeton school paper (where Aaron Burr went!) makes me nerd out SO HARD.
Bingeworthy: 'Gilmore Girls' creators pitch 'Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' to Amazon viewers go to
A couple months ago at the dollar store I saw for sale the first episode of Gilmore Girls on DVD in a paper and plastic sleeve.
Can I just say how much I love Milo Ventimiglia! Beyond talented!! Seriously been in love with him and his characters since Gilmore Girls!
just realised jenji kohan produced Gilmore Girls and I love it 10x more now
I liked a video Sally Struthers, Sutton Foster, & Christian Borle talk Gilmore Girls: A Year in the
I honestly can't believed I ever liked Melissa McCarthy in Gilmore Girls because I hate her in everything now.
Half of Doris Roberts' Emmy wins should've gone to Kelly Bishop on Gilmore Girls.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Alll the David Bowie references in Gilmore Girls is making me sob 🙁
It looks like more 'Gilmore Girls' could be coming to Netflix
Netflix and creators of 'Gilmore Girls' are in talks for new episodes.
everyone: Gilmore girls should stay as is, continuing would be disastrous. me: I can't wait for Gilmore girls: a year in the nursing home
Netflix wants more as much as you do 🤗
Netflix in 'preliminary talks' for more 'Gilmore Girls' because we need something nice more than ever
Mitchell has a 4 hour meeting to prepare for and I have 2 research papers to work on, but all we've done today is watch Gilmore Girls in bed
After news of potential of more Gilmore Girls broke, some people started complaining. Pro tip: you don't have to watch. It's no…
I need this to be true. The ending was terrible, but it can still be fixed!
am I the only one who wants Gilmore Girls to be left alone? We got our closure and the last 4 words. That's what…
Netflix and Gilmore Girls working on possible second reboot season
I love how that new GG news woke up the Gilmore Girls fandom lol.
More 'Gilmore Girls' episodes might be coming to Netflix
I'm insulted netflix would imply that I don't want to watch and sing along to the gilmore girls theme song
You had questions about Gilmore Girls, Zoo and NCIS, and has answers
Add any news about the Gilmore Girls to the "Will never ever care" list
Netflix and the creators of Gilmore Girls are in preliminary talks for new episodes
ICYMI: Gilmore Girls could be making another comeback.
"More Gilmore Girls? Netflix confirm talks with show creators for further episodes"
If you need a Monday pick me up🙌🏼. More Gilmore Girls Episodes Might Be Coming to Netflix - TIME.
if you don't know Luke & Lorelai's song are you really a gilmore girls fan
It's probably about time for a fourth viewing of Gilmore Girls in its entirety /:
⚡️ “Is there another Gilmore Girls revival on the way?”.
There's a chance that more episodes could happen! 🙌
voguemagazine: Some good news for fans.
me too and I am not real crazy about The Gilmore Girls
More 'Gilmore Girls' may be coming to Netflix, whether you like it or not.
Netflix has begun talks for a second 'Gilmore Girls' revival and I've begun praying as much as possible. 🙏
This is NOT a drill! More episodes may soon be a reality
I don't know how I feel about another series of Gilmore Girls. It ended with the perfect four words but I do love Lauren Graham.
In case you were wondering yes I'm back to binging Gilmore Girls. It took two and three quarter seasons but it's back to good
While watching Gilmore Girls, they referenced Buddy Holly and I got so excited! Lolol
Virginia Madsen at the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life TV Series Premiere in Los Angeles
Aand my mom is watching Gilmore Girls on her phone on the way to the Oscars.
Just noticed an Adolf Eichmann reference in an old Gilmore Girls was interesting?
If you've ever watched Gilmore Girls, you'll have a pretty good idea what this Santa Monica Democratic Party meeting looks like.
Gilmore Girls has been total life here recently
When the Gilmore Girls watch Grey Gardens the circle of life comes together.
We binge watched, Taxi, Northern Exposure, Andy Griffith, Golden Girls & Gilmore Girls (me only on last 1).
Maybe when baby grows up she'll watch One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls and Seinfeld with me😂
John Luke - most of the time I can watch Netflix and do other things, but when Gilmore Girls is on I just can not look away.…
Milo Ventimiglia has a message for Gilmore Girls fans who want yet another season
Don't get me wrong, I love looking at Milo Ventimiglia, but the show is called Gilmore Girls not Mariano Men
Gilmore Girls' Milo Ventimiglia: Audiences Shouldn’t Get So Greedy. Oh yes. We are greedy & we want more!
Hearing everybody talk about Barack Obama on Gilmore Girls before he became president is wild
Milo Ventimiglia. Formerly Jess on Gilmore Girls, currently on This is Us.
Laughing at the guy getting his hair cut next to me telling his stylist Milo Ventimiglia was on Gilmore Girls bc his wife schooled him.
Second hand watching Gilmore Girls. The daughter just mentioned the Super Furry Animals, Arcade Fire and Brian Eno in one sentence.
Moved from Gilmore Girls binging to Chrisley knows best binging
Never watched the original Gilmore Girls but watching the new version and Kelly Bishop steals the entire show. I'd watch her do anything.
While my roommates are watching Gilmore Girls, I'm watching anime in the dark slurpin'' on some noodles !!! Happy Thursday!!!
Reading through all the stories that shares about Gilmore Girls makes my heart so happy. 😍
on Gilmore Girls just made me so happy I could cry. And now I want sliders.
Gilmore Girls:. • Luke. • Lorelai. • Javajunkie always comes before Rogan. • Taylor or Dean or Chris. • Luke or Lorelai lol. • Jess Logan Luke😍
Gilmore Girls, Will and Grace, AND Living Single making comebacks! I feel like I'm in a hot tub time machine!
Steel Magnolias meets Gilmore Girls! My review of Lunch with the Do-Nothings at the Tammy Dinette:
If they want to give us Gilmore Girls and Full House reboots than surely we can get Living Single & A Different World r…
Edward Herrmann was on Grey's Anatomy! Season 4! Richard from Gilmore Girls was in Grey's Anatomy! He…
When Paul Anka is sick in Gilmore Girls and Lorelai freaks out and sleeps next to him and cries a lot lol
So half as fast as the Gilmore Girls.
If you're a fan of Gilmore Girls, then you have to read book "Talking as Fast as I Can." It won't disappoint!!!
! If you are a Gilmore Girls fan, then you must read "Talking as Fast as I Can" by Lauren Graham !
Tonight's the perfect night to curl up in bed and watch Gilmore Girls all night
Haven't watched 'Gilmore Girls' in a month😲 Been cheating on it with 'Hart of Dixie' rewatch (not seen since 2011). Same town sets are used!
After 9 hours in the library, I'm snuggled up at Josh's with Gilmore Girls and a Papa John's delivery on the way. Bliss🙌🏻
I think so, Brain. But where are we gonna find a Gilmore Girls lunchbox and a Cam Chancellor autographed jersey at this hour?
Lauren Graham's new book is all about 'Gilmore Girls'
I think the writers of Gilmore Girls have never seen a healthy relationship. Also, John wants to know how Dean's eyes keep getting beadier?
Payoffs for forcing myself through Gilmore Girls: Julia Telles and Sutton Foster, so far, because I miss Bunheads so much so much.
JOHN UPDATE: John says he'd name his daughter Lorelai, after the Gilmore Girls character. Fascinating!
Were the Gilmore Girls revival eps in that order cos of the lyric "winter, spring, summer or fall" from Carole King's You've Got A Friend?
The most unrealistic part of the Gilmore Girls revival is that kerry butler & Sutton Foster audition at non-eq open calls
A: Broadway star Sutton Foster had a featured role in the Gilmore Girls revival.
I'm obsessed with Gilmore Girls. My 2016 ended well with this new season
Showed mom a pic of Sam Smith and her only thought was, "He looks a lot like Kirk from Gilmore girls."
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
I'm having a Gilmore Girls meltdown and idk what to do
I had to leave my room to finish the episode of gilmore girls I was on bc I randomly got sick of being in my room
MY MOM IS THE CUTEST!! She set up the living room with Gilmore Girls stuff!!! Ugh I love this woman! htt…
Gilmore Girls for the win at 2 in the morning.
Currently balling my eyes out because I finished Gilmore Girls😭😭
My break has consist of H20 and Gilmore Girls.
What shows are you watching right now ? — Honestly I just watch twin peaks and gilmore girls ...
My Thursday night: Gilmore girls, ice cream, and TEARS
And in two words, Rachel has given me the ultimate spoiler for Gilmore Girls and now I am never watching.
binge watched Gilmore Girls and the revival just so it could end like that...
I LOVE GILMORE GIRLS, I can't stop watching it!
Started watching Gilmore Girls from the beginning 2 weeks ago. On season 6.
Why am I crying so hard while watching Gilmore girls
I liked the Gilmore Girls, but everything else on your whole channel is TOO dark and evil.
Cant stop watching dumb Gilmore Girls on netflix! On seas 3 & I cant take much more of it. Shld I jst skip to the 2016 re-boot?
My newest book is like, Gilmore Girls in a horror movie. Enjoy! Paperback link:.
I have finished greys anatomy, one tree hill, gossip girl, Jane the virgin, and Gilmore girls & idk what else to watch:(
If Gilmore Girls taught me anything in life it's that pro con lists are helpful when making important decisions that ur on the fence about.
After 6 months, I just finished Gilmore Girls. I'm so sad. I don't want to watch the Netflix series. This ending had me in tears. Not ready!
I've just watched episode S06E18 of Gilmore Girls!
I literally just watched this on an episode of Gilmore Girls and it seemed pretty lit
Been either eating, sleeping, or watching Gilmore Girls from the comfort of my bed all day. Exactly how a Winter break should…
i finally finished gilmore girls & here are my thoughts: 1. rory? i don't know her 2. dean wasn't as boring as a speck of dust! 3. !!JESS!!
After a month of putting it off, I finally finished the Gilmore Girls revival and arE YOU KIDDING ME
I need to stop staying up every single night watching Gilmore Girls ...
I'd rather be in bed watching Gilmore girls
So what if I've spent the holidays rewatching season 1 Gilmore Girls, swimming and eating in my pajamas.
If anyone needs me, I'll just be over here getting life advice from the woman playing a therapist in this episode of Gilmore girls.
Jess is finally back on Gilmore Girls, my life is complete again
Let me teach you how to be cool. You need to watch Gilmore Girls. You need to wear creepers and read Latin American magical realism.
I just wanna be in tquah eating Mexican food and watching Gilmore Girls with and 😞
I'm watching season 11 of criminal minds now since I stopped to watch Gilmore girls 😂😂
Netflix just fueled some 'Gilmore Girls' rumors
Now accepting friends who will bring oreo milkshakes & watch Gilmore girls all night w me
Would I like Gilmore Girls more if they didn't have the same name??? What about if they just had the same first initial??? Like a K perhaps?
Combining two things you hate about Gilmore Girls April and this random boyfriend subplot
Good Night Everyone! Going to Taco Bell and then watching Gilmore Girls and then heading to bed!
"They're turning Gladys and Norma Jean into the Gilmore Girls!" - Tom Levitt 👀
just seen a really young John Hamm on Gilmore Girls.. bloody *** not even attractive as a young man
Update on Gilmore Girls:. -I love Luke. -Lorelei is my spirit animal. -Jared Padelecki is still attractive. -I want to live in Stars Hollow.
I picked up Gilmore Girls again and young Jared Padalecki is killing me 😩
Jared Padelecki in season 1 of Gilmore Girls is actually too much
I'm bingeing both Gilmore Girls & Supernatural from the beginning. It's a lot of Jared Padalecki but I need hot men and simpler times
Zach Braff says he would be open to a 'Gilmore Girls'-style 'Scrubs' reunion
I'm watching Gilmore Girls and a provoking thought: Gilmore girls!Jared with current Jensen 😏😏😏
We're marathoning Gilmore Girls and wow is Jared's hair awful, also he's smol
Jared's so young in Gilmore Girls . aw he's such a cutiepie☺
Can't believe i never realised Jared Padalecki is in Gilmore Girls 😳😱
I'm on the first season I have no idea who Cas is but I love Jared from Gilmore Girls so I'm a little bias lol
As much as I dislike S5 & S6 of Gilmore Girls, I do like the episode where Logan saves the day at the Yale Daily News.
Actor who played Chris in 'Gilmore Girls' was in episode (weird), actor from 'Orphan Black' & actress from 'One Tree Hill'/'TheFlash'.
I could listen to Jason Mantzoukas talk about Gilmore Girls or crappy movies all the time. All day e'ry day.
I used to LOVE Bridget Jones and Gilmore Girls. White people have ruined white people for me.
I just finished watching Gilmore Girls including the new Netflix version and PLEASE GET A SEASON 2 FOR "A YEAR IN THE LIFE"
Adam Brody was in Gilmore Girls before he was in The O.C. All I see him as is Seth Cohen. No matter the role, he'll always be dorky/adorable
Omg they're watching an episode of The Brady Bunch on this episode of Gilmore Girls 😍😍😍
What the *** is wrong with It won't let me Gilmore Girls.
I'm obsessed with Gilmore Girls. I'm not surprised.
Gilmore Girls... just wow omg at the whole series in general tbh
All I want for Christmas is Jess from Gilmore Girls plz and thx! 🙏🏼
Friday night ending in bed binge watching Gilmore girls ❤️
me rn watching Gilmore Girls, I'm in denial
I have successfully watched 14 40 min episodes of Gilmore Girls in one day
I'm just going to finish my McChicken and watch Gilmore girls
26 reasons Luke is still the best character on “Gilmore Girls”
Pulling a Gilmore Girls and ditching all the things that no longer bring me bliss. Working out is included.
Gilmore girls ta realmente bom na s05
Finally done with my Gilmore girls binge... ugh I was not satisfied with that ending year?
I got my 12 year old brother hooked on Gilmore Girls and we are currently binge watching together
Vote for Katniss Everdeen, 'The Hunger Games' vs Lorelai Gilmore, 'Gilmore Girls' in the 1st round!
arrested development got better once all stories mixing made more sense. Never huge on Gilmore girls. HS gf was though lol
Luke from Gilmore girls is such a babe 😍👅
FINALLY getting to watch the new season of Gilmore Girls. FINALLY.
So I started watching Gilmore Girls (I'm on season 2) and I JUST realized Luke is Agent Strahm from the SAW movies
And now an unlikely story about four Marines who love as much as you do.
My Friday night includes food, Gilmore girls and food
How watching "Gilmore Girls' helped these marines escape the reality of war via
The revival finally confirmed what we all suspected: Jess is too good for Rory
"He doesn't like breakfast and he doesn't drink coffee." So, obviously he deserved it?.
Miss Patty from Gilmore girls looks AMAZING in the new episodes
Finally done with the new Gilmore Girls. I'm ready to talk.
OMG I'm addicted 2 Gilmore girls.Binge watching all 158 episodes.Want 2 live there!my next life=Lorelei wanna be.ALSO hi 2 all my couchies😘🍷
I think I've decided that Winter is the best one of the Gilmore girls revival
REALLY. That ending to Gilmore Girls... you can't just cliff hang so hard. DO ANOTHER EPISODE.
"Gilmore Girls" Question No. 71: Did Zack catch a brain tumor? What is with him?
I told myself that I would go home and study for the ACT instead I watched Gilmore Girls.
Guys, the Fall episode of Gilmore Girls, a year in the life, is speaking to me.
Central Plex. (S01E04) Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life - Fall was added.
Central Plex. (S01E01) Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life - Winter was added.
Central Plex. (S01E03) Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life - Summer was added.
Central Plex. (S01E08) Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life - Episode 8 was added.
Said it before I'll say it again. Gilmore girls is sooo heartwarming
Everyone I knew said they watched Gilmore Girls during their teens. Am I the only one that old here? 😑
I know all the words to the Gilmore girls opening song and I'm not even ashamed
Emily Gilmore's character development in the new Gilmore Girls is so amazing
I'm feeling emotional after the Gilmore Girls finale. Hit up my VSCO for emotional DSCOs.
I can't stop watching Gilmore girls. I need to get up at 715 :(
I just finished the Gilmore girls revival and I'm so
starting Gilmore girls from the pilot for the first time. See you in 2017 ✌🏻️
Having seen part of Fuller House, all of Arrested Development, and episodes of Gilmore Girls: I will avoid future new seasons of 💀 shows
Our pick for tonight is Gilmore Girls.
Someone told me it wasn't fair to criticize Gilmore Girls by criticizing Emily Gilmore 'cos Emily has been that way from the get-go. Um.
Dear Fuller House? Gilmore Girls? Bring back a show the people actually want! War at home! With
Watched a whole season of Gilmore Girls in 24 hours. Impressed? Disgusted? Me too.
I've just watched episode S02E15 of Gilmore Girls!
Before you sleep, watch this emotional palate cleanser of a segment on Marines who got hooked on Gilmore Girls.
At least I cry every single time I hear the Gilmore girls theme song.
Chad Michael Murray has feels about being left out of the Gilmore Girls reboot:
Do yourself a favor, get like.5 cups of coffee and watch every season of the Gilmore Girls and be happy.
before I knew what Gilmore Girls was I thought u meant Golden Girls
so is Gilmore Girls. How are these related to Les Mis
Tonight I got to see Lauren Graham talk about Gilmore Girls, her books, life, and everything in…
Previously viewed on Netflix: . Christian Mingle. D2 the Mighty Ducks . Gilmore Girls . Wow. Checks out.
I was describing Gilmore Girls to Mee-Lai. It was like a foreign country: "Everyone I know says it's their guilty pleasure"
Winter time! And by that I mean... rewatching the Winter episode of the Gilmore Girls revival. Naturally.
Okay, just started the "Gilmore Girls" revival. I like this Paul guy. He's a dweeb and a half.
A cautionary tale: when you watch too much Gilmore Girls, you turn into Luke
Gilmore Girls getting too much attention. Mary Kate & Ashley had to put their names back in the news. Like Liza Minnelli & Elizabeth Taylor.
Watch: Someone's finally given 'Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life' the opening credits it deserves
A 'Gilmore Girls' fan fixed the revival’s opening credits for you. Thank you "rose tyler," thank you. .
Little Giant Ladders
Naysayers be damned, I enjoyed Gilmore Girls: Year in the Life. Rory has been pretty awful in whole series. Lorelai/Emily remain revelations
I've just watched episode S05E06 of Gilmore Girls! Norman Mailer, I'm P...
The revival of Gilmore Girls was everything I wanted and more but idk whoever came up with the ending is one twisted man
Finally finished Gilmore Girls. My opinions remain. Loralei and Rory are horrid and Emily is a queen.
Is what I think of the Gilmore Girls revival!
Kelly Bishop is the star of the Gilmore Girls revival. agrees:
Are there any Gilmore Girls fans out there? The New Haven Hooks are bringing Gilmore Girls back to its roots at Yal…
My favorite Gilmore Girls character is the housekeeper grifter who I presume is running a long con on Emily. Get it, girl.
We're about seven episodes into season one of "Gilmore Girls." Luke is my spirit animal.
The best character in old Gilmore Girls was also Paris Gellar
idk what I'm going to do with my life when I finish watching gilmore girls :/
“We don’t pay attention to anything,” Lauren Graham said when asked about the backlash amongst some fans.
I had no idea so many women had great relationships with their moms until Gilmore Girls came back out. This explains alot.
my thoughts on Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life (SPOILERS) RTs greatly appreciated!
The last four words of Gilmore Girls should've been "Hi, I'm Annalise Keating" and spoken to Paris by her new boss.
Loved loved loved Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Live...but how can you leave it like that?!? I need more!
Does this mean we're only using Gilmore Girls gifs??
Rory and Lorelai open up about those revealing four final words on the "Gilmore Girls" revival: h…
The 12 Best Scenes From ': A Year in the Life'. Dean's scene is
Can we talk about the amazing Parenthood cameos in Gilmore Girls also
me: should be doing uni work. Gilmore girls: exists
Finally watching Gilmore Girls new episodes and can I just say the musical Stars Hollow may be my favorite thing since Waiting for Guffman.😂
The are back on Grab your & a slice of Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake
Do they have support groups for the emotionally distraught people who just finished the new eps of Gilmore girls ??!!
Why is marriage always the "happy ending?" Do these people not know the same couples I do? (NO OFFENSE!)
Just finished watching Gilmore Girls. I literally have no words. 😭💕
u no ur sick when Gilmore girls theme song comes on & u cant sing it out loud to the whole house:/
Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life just ruined my life. I need more 😭
i am emotionally bruised and battered after watching the Gilmore Girls revival
Because they're the friggin cast of Gilmore Girls.
I wrote about and abortion because I love and our constitutional right to choose.
What did you think of the Join us as we chat about our thoughts! So many feelings!…
Fashion Quiz: Which Gilmore Girls is your Style Twin >>
I tend to compare myself a lot to fictional characters and when I saw Gilmore Girls I was happy that she chose her career/freedom over boys.
I've just watched episode S01E03 of Gilmore Girls: A Ye...!
I've been binge watching Gilmore girls bc of
I have so much work to do yet I'm sitting here watching Gilmore girls for the third night in a row
Watching all 7 seasons of 'Gilmore Girls' then going through the new (last) 4 episodes of it on Netflix 😊❤
Hey, guys my new article is up! You'll enjoy it if you like Gilmore Girls :) .
I need a revival to the Gilmore girls revival
A Black writer addicted to Gilmore Girls? Don't you show shame! You don't know my life…
When Gilmore girls has “New Episodes” but there are no more new episodes for you to watch
Watching the Gilmore Girls revival and omg Logan😍😳
I hope the last four words of gilmore girls are "but jess we're cousins!"
I love the new show This Is Us. Especially since Jess from Gilmore Girls is in it 😛
After all the craziness and excitement watching the new Gilmore Girls I've gone back to season 1 to be held and comforted...
Excited about the new Gilmore Girls series? Spend more time with Lorelei and Rory by borrowing from our libraries!
"TV shows can start conversations and create an environment where people feel comfortable talking about therapy."
I've just watched episode S02E08 of Gilmore Girls!
My 12 favorite scenes from the OBVIOUSLY involve both Paris and Kirk:
I'm not going to spoil Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life for those of you that haven't finished it yet, but I'm bawling my eyes out so...
Real question: just HOW did Rory Gilmore afford all those flights from the U.S. to the U.K.?
Gilmore Girls fans have taken issue with the coffee cups in the revival...
Here are the 12 BEST scenes from the revival: 🙌
Gossip / Gilmore / Girls spinoff that's just Dan, Rory and Hannah getting a tutorial on how publishing actually works
jfc I still have TWO seasons of the *** Gilmore girls to get through??? what else can happen to these people
IDK how I feel about the ending of the new Gilmore Girls season. I get what they were trying to do but it also feels like...
Gilmore girls : a year in a life, is so good sad there's only a few episodes
real talk though: if we'd had Jane the Virgin years ago, would we really have needed Gilmore Girls
Me: Time to finish your paper due tomorrow . Inner me: binge watch the entire Gilmore Girls revival in one sitting
Why do I even like Gilmore Girls so much??? And why did I start it the week before finals god
yay Star Tours is back ! Have you finished binging that Gilmore Girls series on Netflix ?
sharing the latest in from Lauren Graham's 'Gilmore Girls' TV Mo...
Gilmore Girls knitters! Paris Gellar's scarf from Winter is on Ravelry!
Okay, so far Winter > Spring > Summer on the Gilmore Girls revival. Starting Fall now.
I just started watching How To Get Away With Murder and Im hooked mainly because who plays Paris in Gilmore Girls is in it
Paris Gellar's bathroom freak out scene in the new episodes of Gilmore Girls has made my life so much better.
The best character in new Gilmore Girls is Paris Gellar, and the best actor is Liza Weil. Her best scene is Paris's bathroom freakout.
Paris Gellar as the model for empathy in "Gilmore Girls" is the one, true take from this article.
You know yr a true Gilmore Girls fan if you've been able to spell Milo Ventimiglia, Jared Padalecki & Matt Czuchry w/o googling…
First rewatch of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life--Lauren Graham's face acting. Liza Weil's acting. All of the women's seeming agelessness.
Lauren Graham wrote her new book on the familiar sets of the 'Gilmore Girls' revival
Very christmassy of Gilmore Girls to use an ice sculpture instead of Lauren Graham
All caught up on the latest Gilmore Girls? Matt Czuchry ’99 rejoined the cast as Logan Huntzberger. http…
Gilmore Girls' Matt Czuchry: 'I don't feel I need to defend Logan'
Matt Czuchry and I both deserved so much better than this Gilmore Girls revival.
Matt Czuchry from 'Gilmore Girls': "I don't feel I need to defend Logan"
The fact that Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life just referenced Billy Elliot has made my life complete. 👌🏻
In all the Gilmore Girls spoilers. no one mentioned Christian Borle or Sutton Foster? Who are you people?
Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life was A++. But it left me wanting more! More of all of them! But especially Sally Struthers?
Haven't watched the newest Westworld or Gilmore Girls but I HAVE watched John Mulaney's stand up 4 different times in 1 week. No complaints.
Wo, young John Hamm in Gilmore Girls (introduced through some excellent barwingmanning).
Grant Lee Phillips on Gilmore Girls makes me so happy!
Everyone thinks they’re binging Gilmore Girls, but actually they’re experiencing Sam Phillips marathon w/a dash of Grant Lee Phillips
In a deep Gilmore Girls binge now & really like this song by the town troubadour. Grant Lee Buffalo-Mockingbirds
Logan is not Christopher-Matt Czuchry brought much more to the role so as the Gilmore Girls say writers please adjust
Thank you to the wonderful for having me all weekend! Curry, Pizza, Prosecco, Gilmore Girls, Apollo 1…
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