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Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is an American comedy-drama series created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, starring Golden Globe nominee Lauren Graham and Teen Choice Award winner Alexis Bledel.

Alexis Bledel Rory Gilmore Lauren Graham Milo Ventimiglia Sutton Foster Melissa McCarthy Stars Hollow Jess Mariano Peter Krause Kelly Bishop Paul Anka Aaron Burr Paris Geller Sam Smith Adam Brody

Larry David gave us Hamilton, Judge Judy, and a mini Gilmore Girls reunion all in one episode
Gilmore Girls cleverly referenced Wind in the Willows, Peter Pan, and The Wizard of Oz in less than a minute. I cou…
All I want to do this week is watch the Thanksgiving episodes of Gilmore Girls, Bob’s Burgers, The West Wing, and M…
being poorly means snuggling under blankets next to the Bilbo watching Gilmore Girls in the dark 💖
Never realised until this album cover but Sam Smith looks exactly like Kirk from Gilmore Girls...
Kirk from Gilmore Girls has released an album?!
Jason Ritter and Peter Krause on the last episode of the Gilmore Girls revival. I AM DEAD. I see u Lauren Graham. I SEE U SIS.
Alexis Bledel's last scene in episode 3 is my most favorite Alexis Bledel moment. EVER. (Sorry, Gilmore Girls & SOTTP).
Alexis Bledel was in Gilmore Girls. But Gilmore Girls is safe because it's reached pop culture status, I guess.
You know I saw that and Gilmore Girls long before I ever started Supernatural? Sadly never…
Interesting discovery of the day: Angelina Cruz is Alexis Bledel's (Rory of Gilmore Girls) doppelgänger ?? 😧
Alexis Bledel was in her mid-20s for most of Gilmore Girls. Much of the 90210 cast hit 30 before it ended.
Gilmore Girls posted the best message after Emmy win. See more here: h…
New post (The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Was the Fastest Watched Netflix Series ...) has been published on ECIG ... -…
that tiny scene in Gilmore Girls where Adam Brody plays The Man Who Sold The World melts my heart
I watched Gilmore Girls three times and this gif makes me want to watch it a fourth time. Guess who’…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Early years of Gilmore Girls and West Wing pair nicely with ice cream, but lately I've been watchin…
Vomits Luke and Lorelei are like the Meredith and Derek/McDreamy of Gilmore Girls
after all these years of watching Gilmore Girls, i never realized has the same initials as h…
More to love about the Gilmore Girls actor Scott Patterson (played the character Luke). Read more and check them...
Luke from "Gilmore Girls" is starting his own coffee brand will announce release date very soon
3rd rewatch of Friends ✅. Let's start this Gilmore Girls rewatch 😎
I want nothing more than for another season of Gilmore Girls to come out and for Jess and Rory to be together .He made her so good 😭😭😭
.: should play suki on Gilmore girls. : Rory.
New on the blog> The Town That Inspired Gilmore Girls 📷 Link in bio!. •.
Book giveaway for Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls (and Everything in Between) by...
I'm going to watch Gilmore Girls for the billionth time so I can go to a calm place and…
Gilmore girls is my favorite show in the world and nothing will ever be better.
I am currently ugly crying because I finished the last episode of Gilmore Girls. 😭
All I want to do is watch Gilmore girls but instead I'm drowning in work and contemplating if college is even worth it
Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband sign big deal with Amazon, so you’ll probably have wait for more Gilmore Girls
If I'm being honest, we ALL know that April Nardini ruined Gilmore Girls
does anyone ever get depressed seeing the doritos 3D in luke's diner while watching gilmore girls reruns?
I'm re-watching Gilmore Girls from the beginning & reading Anna Karenina for the 24th x . If that doesn't inspire MFA essays, I got nothing.
It really grinds my gears the way no one every finished a cup of coffee on Gilmore Girls.
Hailey won’t talk to me right now because I just dogged on Gilmore Girls.
What's your favorite Gilmore Girls episode and character? Love you btw and Gilmore Girls too!
The Gilmore Girls Litter is turning 6 weeks old.
Gilmore Girls just speaks to my life
*** I know I just finished Gilmore Girls but I want to watch it again.
I am DEVASTATED with how they ended Gilmore Girls why on EARTH would they do that I need answers
I've seen Gilmore Girls a ridiculous amount of times and I still catch new references every episode
That time thought this big guy was gonna kill him and he was like were you in Gilmore girls? h…
Jensen would play Rory on Gilmore Girls! . Ofc who else would he choose?!
I'm watching Gilmore girls for the first time. How have I never watched this before?💙
I've just watched episode S03E17 of Gilmore Girls!
All purpose parts banner
I just cried over the Gilmore Girls finale. Its monday. Its only monday
I've cried at least 3 times today bc of Gilmore Girls 😞
5. Gilmore Girls. On my third rewatch I just love this show so much
Like not everyone can be gilmore girls homegirl
Gilmore Girls' "Kirk on his first date with LuLu at Luke's" is my forever spirit animal
Why Charmed is better than Gilmore Girls: Charmed actually lets you have nice things
yes, i'm about to start watching Gilmore Girls. yes, the only reason is because is in it. 😂
I have to work with the tv on so when I know I have to get down to business I put on Gilmore girls bc I know it like the back of my hand ✋🏽
What if there was the walking dead and Gilmore girls crossover. Can you imagine Stars Hollow filled with walkers ?😶
So I'm starting Gilmore girls and lets see if I actually finish this show
Gilmore Girls is the best way to end a busy day 😌
This might be the final nail in the coffin for any future sequels
I know this isn't the most relevant, but I have to get it out there: the Gilmore Girls revival was really bad.
Tristan is cute, he played such a bad role on Gilmore girls (he has always been the sweet guy) lol
My life is like a Gilmore Girls episode
I have to stop watching Gilmore girls
I've just watched episode S03E16 of Gilmore Girls!
Riverdale, one tree hill, Gilmore girls
3 seasons into Gilmore Girls, and Lane is the only character who deserves happiness. I trusted y'all.
When Gilmore girls mentioned I loved it even more
‘Gilmore Girls’ creators sign another big deal with Amazon:
You’ve got Amy & Daniel. Please please please bring back Bunheads.
Just finished all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls. Everything after episode 8 of season 7 was awful. “A Year in the Life” is trash too 😑🙄
New post (Fantastic Gilmore girls revival, lukes diner, lukes diner mug, lukes diner ...) has been published on -…
I somehow managed to accidentally record 14 episodes of Gilmore Girls & my dad is mad bc theyre taking up space on the…
How many times is too many rewatches of Gilmore Girls? . Trick question. It's never too many times.
I love Gilmore Girls but it causes me physical pain to watch Rory Gilmore hug Luke 😂
don’t listen to what they say watch Gilmore girls fall and winter are the perfect seasons to watch i…
Gilmore Girls update: Nick Offerman has just turned up and his character is basically Ron Swanson. Also SEBASTIAN BACH IS IN LAINE’S BAND?!
Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks, Gilmore Girls, Ray Donovan & more) to attend
When youre binge watching Gilmore Girls and AND Sherilyn Fenn come out of nowhere to grace your TV screen https…
Gilmore Girls alums Alexis Bledel and Melissa McCarthy clean up at the 2017 http…
je viens de regarder S01E11 of Gilmore Girls! Paris is Burning
Kirk from Gilmore Girls is in this horror I'm watching and I'm too distracted.
Maturity will be reached when I can watch Gilmore Girls without being in love with Jess Mariano.
My interest in Gilmore Girls dive bombed the minute Jess Mariano was out of the picture
I love Gilmore Girls, Rory and Jess are so awkward 😂😂😂
tbh the most realistic show in this regard is Gilmore Girls cuz Rory actually had a curfew
Dean & Rory's break up in Gilmore Girls is WAY worse than any break up in Gossip Girl hands down. don't @ me.
The more I rewatch Gilmore Girls the more I really dislike Rory
Rory Gilmore and Jess Mariano from Gilmore Girls, and Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds
Parts of this delightful read could have been in that lines article GQ wanted Rory to write in the new Gilmore Girls
Lorelai and Rory (Gilmore Girls reference!) are a mother and daughter duo up for adoption at our branch
Wallace on The Wire 😭. all of Gilmore Girls post-season 3. Game of Thrones' entire depiction of gender-based violence…
I also place all the rewatches of Gilmore Girls and Grey's Anatomy I've done above Big Brother because this season, oy vey.
I'm watching Gilmore Girls and it's the episode where Rory, Paris and Lane get drunk off punch in Stars Hollow
Haddonfield native and Gilmore Girls star reminisces about his South Jersey childhood.
You know what, Amy Sherman-Palladino? The original ending to Gilmore Girls was better than those four words.
Consider this, the three characters that describe me are : Paris Gellar from Gilmore Girls, Lana Winters from AHS, and Craig from parks
I understand you. You remember David Sutcliffe? Him who plays Chris in Gilmore Girls?
I'm watching Gilmore Girls again and I'm crying over Dean and Rory again😂
We did it. and I binged the entirety of "Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life" in a single session. Snacks were had & feels were felt
Born today in 1977 Milo Ventimiglia, American actor (Gilmore Girls, This is Us), born in Anaheim, California.
So many things about Gilmore Girls physically hurts me but I would rather suffer than go on a three month hiatus again
I need a nee show to watch i finished all pf gilmore girls finally
I just got a light spoiler about Gilmore Girls watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine...? WEIRD.
Okay I think 8 months was enough time to wait to try the Gilmore girls revival again... plz send me ur prayers and curly fries.
They're playing the Gilmore Girls soundtrack in this bookstore and the every person seems better for it.
Rewatched the Gilmore Girls Revival, noticed at least 4 Bunhead cameos
Watch Gilmore girls with me and my best friends xxx
I just finished watching episode one of Gilmore Girls and I'm in love 😍
When you finish binge watching Downton Abbey what comes next? Gilmore girls of course. Then Greys, then Poldark, then Outlander then SVU
Mom decided to leave out that is in Gilmore Girls, of course I'll watch it now 🙄😁
Drink watch and pet my shirts pillows blankets and more
I think I watch Gilmore Girls too much because every night I have a dream I go to Yale with Rory 🙄😂
Netflix: 27 new shows added . Me: watches the 4th season of Gilmore Girls for the 80th time
All 4 houses represented by Gilmore Girls quotes
Can I take back my vote for Gilmore Girls and say the Fergie video instead? I forgot how great it was
I would like to say happy birthday to the iconic Milo Ventimiglia who played jess on Gilmore girls!! Also hbd to my wife
If you liked Gilmore Girls, you’ll love Watching the Detectives. It has the same sarcastic humor and wit.
BICH why do i need to study when i could be watching gilmore girls and painting my nails
Literally obsessed with Gilmore Girls right now like it's all I've been watching 🙌🙌😝
Loved you since ur days as Jess on Gilmore Girls now love u as Jack on This Is Us. You're such an amazing & talented actor.
I'm so fed up with this Gilmore Girls reboot!
It's still an undeniable fact that Rumours by Fleetwood Mac is the Deer Kid from the Gilmore Girls comeback.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Also watched the cute Logan and Rory episodes of Gilmore girls last night and I love them.
Okay Claritaaa! Will be watching that after Gilmore Girls😂
no matter how many times I watch rewatch Gilmore girls, I'll never get tired of it
I may or may not have restarted Gilmore Girls. Everyone blame
right so what am I actually meant to do with my life now I've finished watching Gilmore Girls? I feel empty inside
.opens up about his long career in TV:
I've never been a huge Gilmore Girls fan but I watch the show and I just watched the 3rd episode of the new season and wow
We've Sorted the characters of into Hogwarts Houses!
If I'm in a bomb shelter I'm probably already living the X I'll take Buffy, Friends, and possibly Gilmore Girls.
What? Dawson's Creek and Gilmore Girls joined forces? Show alumni Star in a new animated series. Hello
Just found out that Alexis Bledel hates coffee in real life & drank Coke all throughout Gilmore Girls. My whole life is a lie.
From My Mate Dave the company behind the 2015 hit show, Love in the Time of Gilmore Girls comes a new play about sex, love…
That moment when Leslie Odom, Jr. is Aaron Burr on Gilmore Girls 😂 The prodigy of Princeton College for sure.…
Do you know the episode of Gilmore Girls where it's like the invasion of troubadours in Stars Hollow? That's what it's like on mich Ave now
. After diehard fans spent Thanksgiving day marathoning Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (apolog……
Closure is tricky, but Lauren Graham thinks "Gilmore Girls" gave fans what they needed:
Lauren Graham is comfortable with the Gilmore Girls ending via
Lauren Graham on more Gilmore Girls: 'There's far more risk to continue
There was a possibility we could've had actual sunshine Chris Pine as Dean in Gilmore Girls instead of spoiled milk JarPad I'm bitter
Ok the only person who has needed a time turner ever is Adam Brody so he could do Gilmore Girls and the OC at the same time
Kirk from Gilmore Girls and Andy from Parks & Rec in
I'm watching the Gilmore Girls knittathon episode and knitting and drinking tea and this is pretty much as good as…
I just found out that Alexis Bledel, Rory from Gilmore Girls, IS LATINA. *** world. HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS?!
I don't need anymore Gilmore Girls seasons but I will take an entire series about Emily w/ cameo's by Lucille Bluth…
It’s really weird seeing Alexis Bledel in Gilmore Girls after watching her in .
Finally sitting down to watch 13 Reasons Why... how come nobody told me Antoine Fisher and Lane from Gilmore Girls are in this? 😎🤘🏾
I've just watched episode S04E09 of Gilmore Girls! Ted Koppel's Big Nig...
still binge watching Gilmore Girls & who pops up on my screen? A tiny little Vanessa Marano! Omg everyone was on this show!
The Empire sits P27 right behind driver, and Gilmore Girls fan, Trevor Bayne
Sebastian Bach appeared on Gilmore Girls after about a season and I squealed with delight. Honestly the most upbeat guy in history 👌🏼
@ 4: "The Catch" Peter Krause on fulfilling lifelong dream on "Gilmore Girls" & on his frightening on stage…
It's the Gilmore Girls series finale and Richard is telling Lorelei how proud he is of her and SO MANY TEARS, GUYS.
Re-watching Gilmore Girls & I remembered just how much I hate Richard and Emily again
So I'm finally watching Gilmore Girls (very late to the party, I know) and guys, I'm in love with Luke Danes
Gilmore Girls inspired graduation cap. "What she tackles, she conquers," Richard Gilmore.
Day Nine: Best Scene Ever: Lorelai shares her best memory of Richard (Gilmore Girls)
Gilmore Girls is really just the story of how Rory Gilmore ruined Paris Geller's life and I will accept no other interpretation, do not @ me
"In omnia paratus is what John Wilkes Booth said after he shot Lincoln. Actually wait no that's the secret society in Gilmore Girls"
For a sec I thought you were talking about Paris Geller from Gilmore Girls, and I was like, yeah, same. 😐🙄
Yes, iPhone, I do love the Gilmore Girls but I'm also an audio producer & have been on The Moth...stop autocorrecting "story" to "Rory"
Just listened to 's FUNNY book Talking as fast as I Can. So nice to know she LOVES her Gilmore Girls family like we all do!
Proud to vote for this amendment! No one should have the right to see how many times you've streamed the entire season o…
My best friend and I are having a Crazy for Swayze marathon and a Godfather marathon soon. I feel like the Gilmore Girls would be proud.
The really petty guy in Gilmore Girls. Luke's nemesis.
In an epic finish to who narrowly edged . Kudos to both shows!. https:/…
Why did just Gilmore girls us and wait till the last 20 seconds to put them back together??? We need another season.
All the flowers only vaguely reminds me of the 1000 yellow daisies in Gilmore Girls.
Keep watching Gilmore girls or read my history textbook..
*** not really for the dark phase of Gilmore girls yet 😭💔
The crazy thing is that I did an image search for *** rory eating" & got the Gilmore Girls b4 I g…
are we supposed to reply? If I wanted to summon you I would put in a Gilmore girls dvd, your pyjamas,and some delicious fair food
I can and have watched Gilmore Girls for hours
is it bad that I can't wait for this morning to come cause I wanna watch Gilmore Girls? no honest opinions accepted thank you
Gilmore Girls, Parks and Rec, Shameless, Big Little Lies (only halfway through but its good!)
I've just watched episode S05E11 of Gilmore Girls!
So do I watch thirteen reasons why and Gilmore girls binge watch @ the same time?
Ok, Gilmore girls season 7, this whole Lorelai and Christopher thing - are we supposed to be on board with it?!??
Gilmore Girls:. Rory is a mess but. I love anything with tons of references . The banter between Luke and Lorelai
No matter how many times I rewatched Gilmore girls I still cry through the entire final episode
Studying or Gilmore Girls for the third time? That's the question what do yo say?
If you like Gilmore Girls, you'll love Cupid's Coffeeshop. Get the first four books https…
I wanna watch bones but also svu but also gilmore girls but al-
I love how UPtv bleeps out words like *** and heck from Gilmore Girls reruns. Makes it seem salacious which is so…
not well with severe chronic nerve pain so reading your book to cheer me up! your book and Gilmore girls always helps!
Took me till episode 10 of 13 reasons to realise that the communications teacher is Lane from Gilmore girls and I'm shamed of myself
Cuddled up in bed, eating carrot cake, and watching Gilmore girls... Pathetic™
Who needs to go on a date when you have Gilmore Girls?
I know I have some type of work to do but Gilmore Girls...
Congrats to for winning Kudos to the great fans of the show.
deserves a limited -run event series return like the Gilmore Girls https:…
Trevor took my answer so I will go w/ Emily Gilmore mansion from Gilmore Girls
Eat mac and cheese and watch Gilmore girls with me. I swear that's all it takes to make me happy.
Got all nostalgic seeing a Fruitopia machine in the backgroubd of an episode of Gilmore Girls.
Gilmore Girls use to be everywhere to me
I've been watching Gilmore Girls for the last like 48 hours. Someone send a pizza.
I accidentally just read spoilers for season 7 of Gilmore Girls and I'm only on the first episode of season 2 rest in peace
Fans are freaking out about the 'Gilmore Girls' trailer.
Up to 75% off Gilmore Girls, Greys, Mariah, Britney and more tops in the sale section 🎉 https:…
If I watch anymore Gilmore girls then I might die. So... somebody come be my movie buddy and watch with me 😐
I almost applied for one, but I deleted the application and decided I should watch Gilmore Girls instead 🙈
I want to live in Stars Hollow. What a magical little town it is 👌✨🙂🔮 — watching Gilmore Girls at Your Home
Such a productive day eating Maryland cookies and watching Gilmore Girls 😌
Lane from Gilmore Girls, Uncle Josh from Girl Meets World, Baby Cookie from Empire, &a handsome Derek Luke and it's only been 3 minutes
I'm gonna get a dog and name him Paul Anka so he'll be named after the dog in Gilmore Girls that's named after Paul Anka the singer
some films & shows do that we'll. I was considering breaking out the Gilmore Girls boxset!
Gilmore Girls rewatch realization: Christopher is a better than Luke.
21 days until Spring Sing and I'm sitting in my disaster of a room crying over an episode of Gilmore Girls so you could say it's going well.
One day I'll put Gilmore Girls right up there with FRIENDS and Everybody Hates Chris as best comedy series ever!
When your week goes from watching half a season of Gilmore Girls a day to having a 12 page research paper that doub…
no paper due, but currently watching Gilmore Girls ❤
Man...on Gilmore Girls as the editor of the Princeton school paper (where Aaron Burr went!) makes me nerd out SO HARD.
Bingeworthy: 'Gilmore Girls' creators pitch 'Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' to Amazon viewers go to
A couple months ago at the dollar store I saw for sale the first episode of Gilmore Girls on DVD in a paper and plastic sleeve.
Can I just say how much I love Milo Ventimiglia! Beyond talented!! Seriously been in love with him and his characters since Gilmore Girls!
just realised jenji kohan produced Gilmore Girls and I love it 10x more now
I liked a video Sally Struthers, Sutton Foster, & Christian Borle talk Gilmore Girls: A Year in the
I honestly can't believed I ever liked Melissa McCarthy in Gilmore Girls because I hate her in everything now.
Half of Doris Roberts' Emmy wins should've gone to Kelly Bishop on Gilmore Girls.
Alll the David Bowie references in Gilmore Girls is making me sob 🙁
It looks like more 'Gilmore Girls' could be coming to Netflix
Netflix and creators of 'Gilmore Girls' are in talks for new episodes.
everyone: Gilmore girls should stay as is, continuing would be disastrous. me: I can't wait for Gilmore girls: a year in the nursing home
Netflix wants more as much as you do 🤗
Netflix in 'preliminary talks' for more 'Gilmore Girls' because we need something nice more than ever
Mitchell has a 4 hour meeting to prepare for and I have 2 research papers to work on, but all we've done today is watch Gilmore Girls in bed
After news of potential of more Gilmore Girls broke, some people started complaining. Pro tip: you don't have to watch. It's no…
I need this to be true. The ending was terrible, but it can still be fixed!
am I the only one who wants Gilmore Girls to be left alone? We got our closure and the last 4 words. That's what…
Netflix and Gilmore Girls working on possible second reboot season
I love how that new GG news woke up the Gilmore Girls fandom lol.
More 'Gilmore Girls' episodes might be coming to Netflix
I'm insulted netflix would imply that I don't want to watch and sing along to the gilmore girls theme song
You had questions about Gilmore Girls, Zoo and NCIS, and has answers
Add any news about the Gilmore Girls to the "Will never ever care" list
Netflix and the creators of Gilmore Girls are in preliminary talks for new episodes
ICYMI: Gilmore Girls could be making another comeback.
"More Gilmore Girls? Netflix confirm talks with show creators for further episodes"
If you need a Monday pick me up🙌🏼. More Gilmore Girls Episodes Might Be Coming to Netflix - TIME.
if you don't know Luke & Lorelai's song are you really a gilmore girls fan
It's probably about time for a fourth viewing of Gilmore Girls in its entirety /:
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
⚡️ “Is there another Gilmore Girls revival on the way?”.
There's a chance that more episodes could happen! 🙌
voguemagazine: Some good news for fans.
me too and I am not real crazy about The Gilmore Girls
More 'Gilmore Girls' may be coming to Netflix, whether you like it or not.
Netflix has begun talks for a second 'Gilmore Girls' revival and I've begun praying as much as possible. 🙏
This is NOT a drill! More episodes may soon be a reality
I don't know how I feel about another series of Gilmore Girls. It ended with the perfect four words but I do love Lauren Graham.
In case you were wondering yes I'm back to binging Gilmore Girls. It took two and three quarter seasons but it's back to good
While watching Gilmore Girls, they referenced Buddy Holly and I got so excited! Lolol
Virginia Madsen at the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life TV Series Premiere in Los Angeles
Aand my mom is watching Gilmore Girls on her phone on the way to the Oscars.
Just noticed an Adolf Eichmann reference in an old Gilmore Girls was interesting?
If you've ever watched Gilmore Girls, you'll have a pretty good idea what this Santa Monica Democratic Party meeting looks like.
Gilmore Girls has been total life here recently
When the Gilmore Girls watch Grey Gardens the circle of life comes together.
We binge watched, Taxi, Northern Exposure, Andy Griffith, Golden Girls & Gilmore Girls (me only on last 1).
Maybe when baby grows up she'll watch One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls and Seinfeld with me😂
John Luke - most of the time I can watch Netflix and do other things, but when Gilmore Girls is on I just can not look away.…
Milo Ventimiglia has a message for Gilmore Girls fans who want yet another season
Don't get me wrong, I love looking at Milo Ventimiglia, but the show is called Gilmore Girls not Mariano Men
Gilmore Girls' Milo Ventimiglia: Audiences Shouldn’t Get So Greedy. Oh yes. We are greedy & we want more!
Hearing everybody talk about Barack Obama on Gilmore Girls before he became president is wild
Milo Ventimiglia. Formerly Jess on Gilmore Girls, currently on This is Us.
Laughing at the guy getting his hair cut next to me telling his stylist Milo Ventimiglia was on Gilmore Girls bc his wife schooled him.
Second hand watching Gilmore Girls. The daughter just mentioned the Super Furry Animals, Arcade Fire and Brian Eno in one sentence.
Moved from Gilmore Girls binging to Chrisley knows best binging
Never watched the original Gilmore Girls but watching the new version and Kelly Bishop steals the entire show. I'd watch her do anything.
While my roommates are watching Gilmore Girls, I'm watching anime in the dark slurpin'' on some noodles !!! Happy Thursday!!!
Reading through all the stories that shares about Gilmore Girls makes my heart so happy. 😍
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on Gilmore Girls just made me so happy I could cry. And now I want sliders.
Gilmore Girls:. • Luke. • Lorelai. • Javajunkie always comes before Rogan. • Taylor or Dean or Chris. • Luke or Lorelai lol. • Jess Logan Luke😍
Gilmore Girls, Will and Grace, AND Living Single making comebacks! I feel like I'm in a hot tub time machine!
Steel Magnolias meets Gilmore Girls! My review of Lunch with the Do-Nothings at the Tammy Dinette:
If they want to give us Gilmore Girls and Full House reboots than surely we can get Living Single & A Different World r…
Edward Herrmann was on Grey's Anatomy! Season 4! Richard from Gilmore Girls was in Grey's Anatomy! He…
When Paul Anka is sick in Gilmore Girls and Lorelai freaks out and sleeps next to him and cries a lot lol
So half as fast as the Gilmore Girls.
If you're a fan of Gilmore Girls, then you have to read book "Talking as Fast as I Can." It won't disappoint!!!
! If you are a Gilmore Girls fan, then you must read "Talking as Fast as I Can" by Lauren Graham !
Tonight's the perfect night to curl up in bed and watch Gilmore Girls all night
Haven't watched 'Gilmore Girls' in a month😲 Been cheating on it with 'Hart of Dixie' rewatch (not seen since 2011). Same town sets are used!
After 9 hours in the library, I'm snuggled up at Josh's with Gilmore Girls and a Papa John's delivery on the way. Bliss🙌🏻
I think so, Brain. But where are we gonna find a Gilmore Girls lunchbox and a Cam Chancellor autographed jersey at this hour?
Lauren Graham's new book is all about 'Gilmore Girls'
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I think the writers of Gilmore Girls have never seen a healthy relationship. Also, John wants to know how Dean's eyes keep getting beadier?
Payoffs for forcing myself through Gilmore Girls: Julia Telles and Sutton Foster, so far, because I miss Bunheads so much so much.
JOHN UPDATE: John says he'd name his daughter Lorelai, after the Gilmore Girls character. Fascinating!
Were the Gilmore Girls revival eps in that order cos of the lyric "winter, spring, summer or fall" from Carole King's You've Got A Friend?
The most unrealistic part of the Gilmore Girls revival is that kerry butler & Sutton Foster audition at non-eq open calls
A: Broadway star Sutton Foster had a featured role in the Gilmore Girls revival.
I'm obsessed with Gilmore Girls. My 2016 ended well with this new season
Showed mom a pic of Sam Smith and her only thought was, "He looks a lot like Kirk from Gilmore girls."
I'm having a Gilmore Girls meltdown and idk what to do
I had to leave my room to finish the episode of gilmore girls I was on bc I randomly got sick of being in my room
MY MOM IS THE CUTEST!! She set up the living room with Gilmore Girls stuff!!! Ugh I love this woman! htt…
Gilmore Girls for the win at 2 in the morning.
Currently balling my eyes out because I finished Gilmore Girls😭😭
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