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Gilberto Silva

Gilberto Aparecido da Silva (born 7 October 1976), commonly known as Gilberto Silva, is a Brazilian footballer who plays for Grêmio as a midfielder.

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Seeing how much Henry and Wright have turned into absolute wankers makes me appreciate Gilberto Silva, Pires and Lauren so much more
Wenger not good enough to compete for biggest trophies is the truth. Talented squad (1997-2004) covered…
The way some of our fans talk about Cesc is frankly sickening. This guy was keeping Gilberto Silva out of the best…
Ramsey & Xhaka is the worst cm partnership ever. We used to have Veira & Gilberto Silva uno 🤯
Friendly correction: Gilberto Silva is from Minas Gerais and Maicon played for Gremio only in the youth ranks.
As if Felipe Scolari didn't hide the weakness of Roque Junior in a back 3 with Lucio & Edmilson by protecting them…
Really hope this Man City team don't emulate the Arsenal invincibles side of 03/04. Such a team that . Henry, Bergk…
Ox looks like a prime Gilberto Silva with extra swazz tekkers
I'm not sure... But is it Gilberto Silva?
In your defence Rai Cafu was one of my fav players back in the day. Kaka was great also!…
Gilberto Silva, the invisible wall. You watch a game of football and wonder who's that man in the middle, de…
Desperately wanted to get Gilberto Silva in, but as we have no one decent in RM I had to go for Fr…
Man City fans want to compare Fernandinho with Gilberto Silva. LOL
I'll kick it off with Gilberto Silva.
another African N'didi needed as our DM. AFRUCAN GILBERTO SILVA
As in the days when Gilberto bossed midfield for Brazil. Except its another G Silva 😣
Please those of u voting... How many of u guys watched Gilberto Silva?
Can't believe people are voting Fernandinho over Gilberto Silva 😓
THE MIRROR has named Former Arsenal midfielder, 2002 World Champion Gilberto Silva, as the best Brazilian player in EPL his…
Mate tbh peak Matic was better then Fernandinho is atm. To even compare him to Gilberto Silva is insulting to Gilberto.
I'm not overhyping him, it's literally slanderous to say Fernandinho is better than him, and I'm a fan of…
Bet you knew what a Manchester City was when Gilberto Silva played for us lad
Defo William Carvalho for me, think he would be a perfect fit!. We should have got him a few years ago a…
Cazorla is so good, his partnership in midfield made us believe that Coquelin is a mixture of Patrick Viera and Gilberto Silva.
Arsenal full european debuts on this day: 2002 Gilberto Silva. 2003 Jens Lehmann.
Point of note here, Gilberto Silva is Fred's agent.
is Gilberto Silva a football agent now? I read an interview with Fred (Shakhtar) and he named his agent as Gilberto Silva.
*Waits for someone to make lazy reductive Gilberto Silva comparison*
Haven't really had a proper one since Vieira/Gilberto Silva.
One of the main things are he's never replaced Vieira and Gilberto Silva
Gilberto Silva is an Arsenal invincible and a FIFA world cup winner. He's the definition of the man, the myth, the Legend.
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As an Arsenal fan I'm always grateful to see photos of my idols & heroes. Can we see m…
More sickening than when Gilberto silva scored against us
Guessed Gilberto Silva after the Miniero clue on Going for Glod. Disappointed in Jim as a fellow Gooner!
Arrrggghhh I've been screaming Gilberto Silva since the Athletic Miniero clue!
i know you won't believe this but I got Gilberto Silva after the Miniero clue.
And with Pires, DB10, Henry, Wrighty the team doesn't need anymore attacking threat so went with the best DM in our history Gilberto Silva
Gilberto Silva said recently that no one in this team truly understands the…
You'd have preferred not watching Bergkamp, Vieira, Henry, Pires, Gilberto Silva, to name just a few?
We've needed a defensive midfielder since Flamini, Gilberto Silva, and Lass Diarra all left in the same year. It's been that long
Gilberto Silva, vieria and pires are in Iraq playing a charity match. Really wish I could be there
do you guys have any scouting network in South America. The last best player wearing our strip from that region was Gilberto Silva
Gilberto says Wenger let players decide what to do defensively
Arsenal news: Gilberto Silva says Arsene Wenger left tactics to players, claims Stewart Robson…
Henry (goals goals and more goals) . Pires (flair which is tangible in end results) . Gilberto Silva (…
Sol Campbell, Gilberto Silva and Thierry Henry. They are winners and give 100% every game.
Henry, Sol & Gilberto Silva. All with top talent, physicality and most of all winning mentality.
Former Arsenal midfielder Gilberto Silva has revealed that he wants manager Arsene Wenger to stay at the club.
Gilberto Silva talks to Sky Sports about Arsene Wenger, Alexis Sanchez and why it's time for the players to stand up https…
⚽️🏆🙌. 🇳🇿Ivan Vicelich & 🇧🇷Gilberto Silva were in New Zealand today as part of the trophy journey
Ray Palour, Viera, Gilberto Silva, Alex Song just to name a few
Makelele, Gilberto Silva, Hamann, Frings, Van Bommel, Albelda, Keane weren't doing that when I was old enough to notice a defensive mid.
The 1st time Arsenal have scored a goal v a team managed by Jose Mourinho in the Premier League since 2006 (Gilberto Silva) h…
Olivier Giroud is the first Arsenal player since Gilberto Silva in 2006/07 to score a goal against a team managed by Mourinho…
Olivier Giroud: Is the first Arsenal player to score a league goal against a Jose Mourinho side since Gilberto Silva in May…
Beautiful game gives kiss of life to ‘dust of life’: Brazilian World Cup winner Gilberto Silva knows what it ...
our negotiator speaks 5 and has been our scout for years finding Gilberto Silva before promotion
The Creep's Name is Angel Caba who murdered 76-year-old Gilberto Silva & has served four prison
If we could get Gilberto Silva, Henry, Pires and so many other players previously. Why can't we now?
is dat why he took so long since Gilberto Silva left to replace him wit Xhaka?
😂😂😂😂 not sure you know what the job of a "water-carrier" is. Now, Check Deschamps,Mauro Silva,Gilberto,Hammann,Butt
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Maybe Wenger should have registered Gilberto Silva as asthmatic .
Mo Farah has just won his third Olympic title. Mo Farah is 33 years old. . Gilberto Silva was 31 when you let him go Arsène, you twerp.
Well done First to find Gilberto SILVA in our Arsenal
On two-month anniversary of tragedy, we remember Gilberto Ramon Silva Menendez.
if Gilberto Silva got injured we had a ready made replacement Edu, thats a big problem at the moment.
Check out Gilberto da Silva's 10 best photos
I mean, we let diaby go and reports of selling flamini, i thought we were about to sign a Gattuso or Gilberto Silva .
Prince, that Gilberto Silva kind of guy. You wont realize how important he is sai baya nan!! Anchor 🔒🔒
Gilberto Silva is the best Brazilian to ever play in the Premier League.
Reply to Gilberto Silva was way better
I know a lot of players that came to Arsenal and were never injury prone...Gilberto Silva is one...All na luck
Gilberto Silva: “Thierry Henry could be Arsenal manager. When Wenger leaves is quite soon. Maybe he needs more time, bu…
arsenal cudda go back for Sol Campbell , Lauren. Gilberto Silva ,pires, henry and wudda still finish fourth lol
Large up my g Gilberto Silva as well. Always speaks highly of the club
Gilberto Silva welcomed into the Arsenal 100 club. Wonder if he can still do a job for us till Coquelin returns
Gilberto Silva on pitch at HT at the Emirates. Only 39, two years retired, 93 Brazil caps. If Coquelin's injury is worse…
ArsenaI legend Gilberto Silva at the Emirates Stadium last night
Photo: Gilberto Silva at the Arsenal game last night. [
Give a follow to the SG from the land of Gilberto Silva, Gabriel, Edu, Eduardo, and even Andre Santos & Denilson,
Happy 39th birthday Gilberto Silva. Integral part of the invincibles; a true defensive midfielder.
What do you think Gilberto Silva, Lass Diarra and Alex Song were?
Fernandinho makes lots of dirty tackles and he goes away it just like Gilberto silva
Ohh god is fernandinho related to gilberto silva and Roberto Carlos
Think that people thing he is the new Gilberto silva lol
How can't u know Gilberto Silva?!? SMH Dancercowlogy just exposed his lack of knowledge
Coq may not be a Vieira but he can be our Gilberto Silva
He reminds me of Gilberto Silva, invisible wall
A coach who used to play strong energetic midfielders like Gilberto Silva,Abu diaby,song and Viera;and now relying on flamini and arteta.
I wonder if people remember Gilberto Silva of Arsenal . . .
looking to find 5 players that Wenger got rid of too soon? I can think of 3 straight away . Gilberto Silva. Robert Pires. Lauren
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well did mention Petit before but also used to like Gilberto Silva as well
yeah but he did have that physical & big presence that a DM should bring to the table, but did like Gilberto Silva
One of the best DM's i've seen is Makelele for Chelsea. Not just saying this either, But Gilberto Silva for us
Arsene has lost it tbh. Did he buy Viera and Gilberto Silva himself?
are you telling me legends like Makelele, Gilberto Silva were controllers?
Krychowiak would probably be the closest thing we've had to Gilberto Silva if he signs, albeit he's a bit rougher round the edges.
absolutely the last Proper leader we had was Gilberto Silva
too many changes already tothe team. jus keep experienced Lucas. he'll be our Gilberto Silva ...
from a reliable source mate, wenger recalling Gilberto silva to play this weekend for experience in the back line. LOL
Hmm might get a @ dedicated to Gilberto Silva or Vieira. What do you think?
yeah. I believe it, I can't imagine someone who signed Gilberto silva not realising that. I hope..
Thanks for all of your guesses! The 4 football legends are: 1. Gilberto Silva 2. Louis Saha 3. Mikaël Silvest…
Henry: "Coquelin is not Messi. He doesn't do nutmegs or step-overs. He's there to destroy. He does the same job Gilberto [Sil…
Coquelin didn't even get mighty before falling. Went from new Gilberto Silva to fraud Jay Spearing real quick
Francis Coquelin can be what Gilberto Silva was to the Arsenal ... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Arteta ? Diaby? frimpong? Couqlin? not even Gilberto Silva was that good.
Everyone says Viera but forget to mention Gilberto Silva who was always in his shadow doing the clean up work at the back
Imagine Paul Pogna and Francis Coquelin in midfield for Arsenal 😻😻.. . Modern day Patrick Viera and Gilberto Silva partnership.
Coquelin could be the new Gilberto Silva? Yes. But not the new Vieira. . There's only one Patrick Vieira. .
Henry: "Arsenal is missing a big piece; they are missing a Patrick Vieira, a Gilberto Silva. They would do anything for the…
And that's what this Arsenal side needs. Not a Patrick Vieira, a Gilberto Silva.
"They've wanted a Gilberto Silva, a Vieira". Yes, we've seen the Henry-analysis too, congratulations.
Thierry Henry: “Arsenal are missing a big piece, a Patrick Vieira or a Gilberto Silva"
Henry: "They (Arsenal) are missing a Vieira and a Gilberto Silva. Those guys would have done anything to allow us to per…
Arsenal have not had a solid anchor man since Gilberto Silva!! Tough to compete without one..
Gilberto Silva did well. Flamini also had a good season before leaving for Milan. After that it's been horrendous.
Though without the natural pace, trickery & knack for goals, is the best Brazilian pugilist and enforcer since Gilberto Silva
We need a strong dominant midfielder like Gilberto Silva, he was absolute class, a great ball winner.
ManCity have bought a defensive mid almost very season...we haven't got a proper one since Gilberto Silva
he was Brazilian. Solid performer along with Gilberto Silva.
we lost and Gilberto silva and arsenal lost the momentum to win trophies
he has yet to replace Gilberto Silva from about 8 years ago and Vermaelen from last year.
Gilberto Silva was the guv'nor, wernt he
but I'm also for bringing Gilberto Silva out of retirement. I should clearly never be allowed to manage a team.
do you want to see my fb profile? Search for sullyvan Gilberto da Silva or
its embarrassing, i spoke to an Arsenal fan last week who insisted he was the perfect Gilberto Silva type. Mental ***
Neville : "Arsenal never replaced Vieira, Petit and Gilberto Silva" Neville again with brilliant insight. Winning away from Home is an art. But it takes extreme patience, discipline and a strong will power to win away from home. Not a single shot on target by United's $$$ forward line. Refs helped them massively in the last 5-6 games and opposition teams failed to take thier chances. But Saints were tidy It will tough to get Morgan now. Even the likes of Bayern might have been impressed with his performance at Old Trafford
Unreal Vidal is a DM.just like Gilberto Silva he is Pogba's shadow
forgetting we had Gilberto silva in dm. That's the kinda dm I rate.
Got so drunk i was sick, smashed my phone and the last thing i can remember was telling Ronaldo that was poker's Gilberto Silva.
Dinner in Rio with the invincible Gilberto Silva
never watched Gilberto Silva or Claude makalene or matic? Dejong ? You buy a DM to break up play first over passing
you won't be the next Patrick Viera, the next Gilberto Silva or the next Fabregas. You'll be Ainsley Maitland-Niles.
I think coquelin is so good, reminds me of Gilberto silva
Looking forward to welcoming Ozil back. Been missed. He's like the attacking version of Gilberto Silva. You don't notice all the good stuff.
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The only arsenal player I ever liked before Jack was Gilberto Silva.
Francis Coquelin Is like Viera , Gilberto Silva And Paul Scholes in one, it's incredible.
Coq reminds me of that Defensive midfield Legend Gilberto Silva. He is looking Solid
Is that Gilberto Silva sitting beside Henry and Pires?
Coquelin in the middle of the park like a young Gilberto Silva
Arsenal still looking to replace Lauren, Sol Campbell and Gilberto Silva.
I think we'd do great in Europe if we had a Gilberto Silva in the side, that's been missing with years
Lovely, lovely win for the Biscy today... and myself giving our best impressions of Vieira and Gilberto Silva in the middle.
Bazil has not had a genuine Volante since Gilberto Silva retired. Lucas can be the Volante for Brazil if not for his injuries
Gilberto silva was good. Fantastic. But vieira replacement is the missing link..
If there's someone we didn't replace it's Gilberto Silva.
Gilberto Silva set to join the Arsenal coaching staff. Nice, now get Pires, Henry and Bergkamp too. Build an Invincible core in our staff.
Just watched 100 Thierry Henry goals. But how good was Gilberto Silva 👀🔥
retires, Gilberto Silva returning to Arsenal? Romulo linked also.
Gilberto and Sullivan - Gilberto Silva and Neil Sullivan talk about their love of HMS Pinafore and Pirates of Penzance
Does his job everytime, but never the one to grab the headlines!? Denis Irwin!? Gilberto Silva!? Darren Fletcher 08-11!?
Spurs Legend Glenn Hoddle Surprised By The Make- Up Of Arsenal Midfield It has been reported that Tottenham legend Glenn Hoddle is surprised by the make-up of Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal midfield. He wrote in theMail on Sunday: “Arsene Wenger was a hugely important manager in my career at Monaco but there is one thing that has puzzled me about his Arsenal teams in recent years. “At Monaco he was very clear about how we would play. We had two strong midfielders in Marcel Dib and Jean Philippe Rohr: solid players who were fierce in the tackle. They were good players but they also made sure our back four were protected. “When he went to Arsenal, he did exactly the same with Patrick Vieira and Emmanuel Petit, and then Gilberto Silva. “Which is why I’m scratching my head a little when I see the players Arsene selects in midfield these days. Last March, in that infamous 6-0 loss to Chelsea, he played Mikel Arteta, Santi Cazorla and Alex Oxlade- Chamberlain. They’re all fine players but none of them is ...
Henry, Vierra and Gilberto Silva never replaced. There's always Glenn Whelan...
Basically he's Gilberto Silva with a 100x better passing range than Arteta and the strength of 2 Yaya Toure's
how is Coutinho, William, Oscar and LEGEND Gilberto Silva not suited for the PL??
Watching Michel Ballack talk about that game while staring at Gilberto Silva is reminiscent of Ramsay Snow having a chat with Theon Greyjoy.
Gilberto Silva stays cool as his nation is taking PKs in the World Cup but Bill Simmons can't hold it together for a Celtics draft pick.
And dem fi knw we not even drive car we look or called wagan we a BRAZIL from Roberto Carlos, Edmilson, Cafu, Gilberto Silva days!
Of course, but I was just talking about the attacking force. Roberto Carlos, Cafu, Gilberto Silva. All sex.
at 06 they still had Cafu, R. Carlos, Lucio, Ronaldo, Gilberto Silva, Kaka... And the best Ronaldinho
Which of the current players can measure up to Rivaldo, Ronaldo, Gilberto Silva, Cafu, Romario, Dunga, Roberto Carlos, Leonardo etc...
Özil/Walcott on the right and Ox-Chamberlain/Cazorla on the left side. Though Wilshere & Ramsey ain't no Gilberto Silva and Patrick Vieira.
Having Alexi Lalas and Gilberto Silva call games for espn has to be intentional... One guy is legendary, great def midfielder, knowledgable and competent, the other one is just blah, blah, blah... Hehe
Macca and Darke commentating on ESPN for the World Cup opener and Roberto Martinez and Gilberto Silva in the studio. Just a shame Alexi Lalas wangled his stupid ginger mug onto the show.
Jose Mourinho's no.10 could be one of the main difference- makers in the upcoming FIFA World Cup tournament. / Chelsea attacker Oscar, 22, could "make a difference for Brazil" in the FIFA World Cup competition which begins on Thursday, June 12 in Sao Paulo as the Samba Stars take on Croatia in the opening match. That is the view of a Brazilian legend, Lucio, now 36, but a physically- impressive defensive rock for some of the world's best teams including Internacional, Bayer Leverkusen, Bayern Munich, Internazionale, Juventus and, of course, the national team, for whom he was capped 105 times by. A World Cup winner in 2002, Lucio also won a plethora of club-level honours including four titles across two different leagues (Bundesliga and Serie A) and the Champions League with Inter Milan. article continues below Considering Lucio competed in the same legendary Brazil team as Ronaldinho, Rivaldo, Ronaldo, Gilberto Silva, Roberto Carlos and Cafu, it is high praise indeed when he singles out Os ...
Watching some coverage for the WC and they have Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Roberto Martinez, Michael Ballack, Gilberto Silva, and Alexi Lalas 😑 Not only that but they let him talk...I hate ESPN
Wait a second. Gilberto Silva is still a player?! Apparently plays as a CB for Atletico Mineiro
Former Arsenal midfielder Gilberto Silva backs Arsene Wenger to continue as Gunners manager and reminds fans not to forget the success that he has brought the club.
Is there a trophy for 4th spot finnish in England?? No wonder Arsene Wenger has 9 yrs so far without a dusting the cabinet trophy..the winning team left with Thierry Henry,Dennis Bergkamp,Robert Pires,Patrick Viera,Antonio Reyes,Gilberto Silva,Kolo Toure Ashley Cole,Jens Leeman,Freddie Ljuberg,Ray Palour..i cant recal other players but at least i have med a team of Eleven (11).
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Arsenal can surprise Bayern Munich in the Champions League, says former midfielder Gilberto Silva
Gilberto Silva: I am very confident that can achieve that win the title this year… I expect that success in the C…
Gilberto Silva, the one-time Arsenal midfield anchor, believes his old side can surprise Bayern Munich and knock...
Gilberto Silva Backing Arsenal To Shock Bayern Munich: It has been reported that Former Arsenal midfielder Gil...
Gilberto confident Arsenal can upset Bayern Munich: Former Arsenal midfielder Gilberto Silva is convinced they...
Gilberto Silva believes will go far in & end their trophy drought this season.. That's the spirit we need from ex-players! :)
Arsenal hero Gilberto Silva does not regard Liverpool as a major title threat to Arsenal.
Arsenal hero on title challengers, disregards Liverpool: Arsenal hero Gilberto Silva does not regard Liverpool...
Will there ever be a Defensive midfielder Better than Gilberto Silva.
A Brazilian central midfielder coming in right after Gilberto Silva leaves.There was expectation.Plus it's the BPL
no there was expectation,due to the fact that he was young,and because of Gilberto Silva.
Arsenal are Capable of Surprising Bayern in the Champions League- Silva. Former Arsenal midfielder Gilberto Silva...
Their competent players, but lack real quality. Paulinho is a good player, but he's no Gilberto Silva
Yeah, he reminds me of Gilberto Silva, more subtle than M'Vila. I think both would fit in well just about getting best value
Gilberto Silva,"Arsenal can beat Bayern.They have quality to progress to the next stage."
Former Arsenal midfielder Gilberto Silva has said his former club has what it takes to knock Bayern Munich out...
Gilberto Silva: "Arsenal is becoming stronger and can overcome the Bayern"
Atletico Mineiro crashed out of the Club World Cup, ending a trophy chance for hero Gilberto Silva
Former Arsenal midfielder Gilberto Silva has said his old club is capable of knocking Bayern Munich out of the Champions League.
Gilberto Silva believes Arsenal can send Bayern Munich crashing out of the
Gilberto Silva backs Arsenal to rise to Bayern Munich challenge
Gilberto Silva: 'can beat Bayern. They have the quality to progress to the next stage.'
Spoke to Gilberto Silva after Atletico Mineiro FCWC loss - see him on Fox Sports Central tonight on
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ha just named 89!! Also: Heinze, Teves, Wiltord, Gilberto Silva, Platt, Blanc, Kanu and wait for it...(Feel sick) Mark Hughes..
Gilberto Silva: Title is Gunner belong to Arsenal for him
GILBERTO SILVA says he thinks Arsenal can win the league this season, and he’s right behind their efforts to do so. He said : “I watched them against Hull and they played a really nice game and very good football. “It’s what we expect from them and I hope this year they can win the league. I’ll be here cheering them on and supporting them from outside England. “They have the chance this year because they are doing very well at the moment. It’s important after December and when they start January that they keep playing well, strong as they are and united as they are. “It will be very crucial but I am very confident they can achieve it this year.”
Gilberto Silva: "Arsene did the best job he could to keep Arsenal in the best shape. The results are starting to show now. I expect him to stay." -Shina
Luis Gustavo remember me a 2002 Gilberto Silva! Road to the six star!!
Was Arsenal's away win at Dortmund their best ever in Europe? Arsenal's 1-0 away win at Borussia Dortmund on Wednesday will go down in the record books alongside Arsène Wenger's other famous European away victories. But which one was the best? PSV 0-4 Arsenal, 26 September 2002 Arsenal's record on the road was wretched. They had not won away in Europe in nine matches and 19 months and the previous season's campaign had brought a miserable yield from their travels of five losses and one draw. Fans were edgy ahead of a testing trip to Holland. Wenger, knowing the importance of ending a worrying trend, convinced Dennis Bergkamp to journey to his homeland to make his first appearance in a European away tie in nearly three years. It took Arsenal all of 20 seconds to set their record straight. Gilberto Silva won possession and raced forward to get on the end of a weeping Arsenal attack. The Dutch applied plenty of pressure but Arsenal withstood it before easing to a convicning victory thanks to a smarlty-taken ...
and come home Gilberto Silva, Ray Parlour and Frank Stapleton.
David Forde and Gilberto Silva as dual managers please
Get rid of my confusion mate . Who is Gilberto silva and who is James Nicholson ?
We got exactly what we paid for with Arteta. Gilberto silva or lehmann deserve to be ahead of him.
Mathieu Flamini has given the midfield a steel absent since the days of Patrick Vieira or Gilberto Silva.
I've been there for the first Arsenal goals of Gilberto Silva (v L'pool), Cesc Fabregas (v Wolves) and now Mesut Özil (v Napoli).
"Mathieu Flamini is proving the type of gutsy ball-winner Arsenal have lacked since Patrick Vieira or Gilberto Silva" Henry, mate
I've missed Gilberto Silva ever since he left. Flamini has brought back my love of defensive midfield and the solidity too
Flamini playing like Gilberto Silva used to
Flamini is the sort of player Arsenal has been crying out since the departure Flamini (yes himself) and Gilberto Silva.
I'll also take bergkamp, Gilberto silva and keown! ;-)
he reminds me of Gilberto Silva these dayz
Gilberto Silva being the Invicible wall.was eventually benched by Flamini.Many underestimate his abilities.Selection headache for Wenger
eg. Gilberto Silva and Patrick Viera at Arsenal. There's a huge difference in the roles they played and thats why it worked
All my players have good pace.. and then gilberto silva have to interfere.
yeah, never forget him playing against Brazil, nearly took Gilberto Silva out of it!
I had him in there, doubted myself so I checked. Him and Overmars went to Barca didn't they. Gilberto Silva was Vieira's partner..
Noticed "Gilberto" trending and remembered Gilberto Silva! He's on here. Yaaay.
Man possessed and determined to become an Arsenal legend! He wants same reconciliation as Vieira, Gilberto Silva etc.
Wrong wetin...I no dey watch ball ne?? "Wrong! Gilberto Silva"
Gilberto Silva "Name one brazilian footballer that can't dribble?"
Ino it's irrelevant for today but I would love a Gilberto Silva comp!
Flamini has taken over being the invincible wall from Gilberto Silva
I kinda trust an Arsenal with Arteta and Flamini in the middle though. Most trustworthy CM pair since Vieira & Gilberto Silva.
What do you mean pretend he's like a Silva? Gilberto Silva?
He's a crab, moves sideways. That's it. Nothing more. Is our Gilberto Silva...
A little aggression and Paulinho would be like a ' Gilberto Silva'.
Loved your article on Gilberto Silva, it really captures what makes him unique as a player and a person.
they've botched it before with Thiago Motta. using inferior duds like Felipe Melo, Gilberto Silva and Lucas Leiva
27 September 2004: Gilberto Silva scan reveals life threatening back problems. All anniversaries on
Getting Gilberto Silva in my first ultimate team pack means I won't concede many Even scored on his debut!
Well written article by about Gilberto so glad to include him in our piece
An ode to Gilberto Silva written for
Gilberto 'The Invisible Wall' Silva is profiled by Absolutely brilliant. Give it a read.
'The man who carried the piano for Ronaldo and Rivaldo to play their tunes on'.
Lovely piece on by on Gilberto Silva, obviously a player close to my heart.
Did Arsene Wenger drop a clanger by not signing this Gilberto Silva replacement for Arsenal?
If you missed it earlier, I wrote an ode to ex-Gunner for -
On this day in 2002, Gilberto Silva scored for the fastest ever Champions League goal against PSV, just 20 secon…
I wrote something for It's about Gilberto Silva and how he was (and still is) ace. I miss him.
I was born the same day as Desmond Tutu..Sami Hyppia..Gilberto Silva...Alesha Dixon...and Simon cowell!!
Finally Arsene Wenger makes his marquee signing! Bienvenue Flamini;who'll follow next, Kanu Nwankwo or Gilberto Silva?
Over 50 Brazilians have tried their luck in the Premier League since it was introduced back in 1992, with varying degrees of success. Sports Mole from the UK has picked out five players from the South American nation that lit up the Premier League. There is the full list: Gilberto Silva, Juninho, Ramires, David Luiz, Rafael da Silva.
David Dein - "I asked Gilberto Silva why the invincibles were so good. He said we went on the pitch and we didn't think we would get beat"
Who would win GSP or Anderson silva? « Gilberto Silva
I have a privilege in my life and I say thanks every day to God, To be captain of your country and have that responsibility is a dream come true. When I was young, shooting balls in the street at walls, doors and windows, getting shouted at, I dreamed and looked at the TV with Cafu and then Gilberto Silva as captain, just looking at them wanting the shirt, and now I had three opportunities to be captain of the team. I'm a lucky guy.' 'I'm not the leader, however Both guys (Ramires and Oscar) are more shy than me, so this is my personality. Always I try to show people who the true David Luiz is. You remember when I came here? I didn't speak one word in English, but I tried to show myself to people, that I'm a happy guy and wanted to make friends. - David Luiz
Arsene Wenger hasn’t had a true destroyer in the middle of the park since the days of Gilberto Silva and Mathieu Flamini, with even Alex Song seemingly more walkabout playmaker than defensively sound anchor man.
Bit of fun. If you could have any Former Arsenal legend in the side for tomorrow who would it be? Mine may be odd, but I'd have Gilberto Silva. Loved that guy.
My Goodness!!! this was all it took to be the best club in the world 2003-04: Jens Lehmann, Ashley Cole,Patrick Vieira, Robert Pires, Frederick Ljungberg, José Antonio Reyes, Dennis Bergkamp, Sylvain Wiltord, Thierry Henry, Ray Parlour, Giovanni Van Bronckhorst, Edu, Gilberto Silva, Philippe Senderos, Jermaine Pennant, Gaël Clichy, Sol Campbell, Nwankwo Kanu, Kolo Touré, Cesc Fábregas and not forgeting the then SANE wenger. 2005-2013: disappointment, disappointment, disappointment, disappointment, disappointment, disappointment,disappointment, disappointment...and of course the INSANE wenger...!!!
Just seen Robert Pires and Gilberto Silva bombing down the M5 in a Vauxhall Meriva. Invincibles reuniting at Torquay?
Robert Pires, Gilberto Silva, Patrick Viera, Feddie Ljunberg. The ideal mid-field any team would want.
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Brazillian dnt really mke it in england. Da last proper one i can remember is gilberto silva tbh.
I'd rather have Gilberto Silva playing left back over a certain other Brazilian.
don't you realise Oscar and Coutinho are both like 20, Gilberto Silva was much older. Think ahead sometimes mate
haven't put in performances worthy to be in PFA team of the year. Gilberto Silva did that week in week out
Not Gilberto Silva »RT ̥OK⌣ U want it dis, its d issue wif Arsenal's brazilians ryt"
but we were with Gilberto silva. I don't think those two are really from brazil.
What I'm getting at is, Ramsey's performance Vs West Ham was like a mesh of Cesc & Gilberto Silva. Defensively sound, superb passing.
As weird as this may sound, I saw shades of Gilberto Silva in Aaron Ramsey against West Ham. Played that 'invisible wall' role very well.
Gilberto Silva has to be one of the most underrated Arsenal players of all time
not a arsenal fan but Gilberto Silva, mainly because he was from Brazil
i wish Arsenal would re-build the spine of team and sign another Vieira or Gilberto Silva! 3.5m for Diame would be ideal!!
The way I play is a spitting image of gilberto silva. CDM. One of my favourite arsenal players
Arsenal need a Gilberto Silva And a Sol man.
I rated Gilberto Silva very highly because he knew to control the pace and the balance of our game while everybody slated him
Superb leader whenever he wore the captain armband"Gilberto Silva"
Cris seems to really be a great substitute for Gilberto Silva.
our midfield looks awfully short. Pun intended. Goodness we miss a Gilberto Silva type player. He was class.
“Another quick question for you tonight. Who was the first player to score at the Emirates Stadium?” Gilberto Silva
team called him Gilberto or Silva for months, no one actually asked him what his name was
came to his first training session wearing a brazil top with 'Gilberto Silva' on the back, so the whole..
Our last good DM was Gilberto Silva Next one could be Coquelin
I'm the Gilberto Silva here. Silent but deadly.
Arsenal should sign Paulinho, reminds me of Gilberto Silva.
My all-time coolest pantheon of awesome greats goes on to include; Limpar, Petit, Gilberto Silva, and the Lord God Nwankwo Kanu
quite a few Brazilians have done well when you think about it..Gilberto Silva, Elano, Rafael, Sandro, Geovanni, Edu, Ramires
Excellent point. None have ever showed consistency. Robinho and Gilberto Silva best of the rest?
yeah he's showed why he's in the Brazilian squad, a young gilberto silva ha
. Let's say, we never replaced Gilberto Silva.
Gilberto Silva interview in magazine should make for good reading. The type of player all clubs need
Fingers crossed for Arsenal to sign Wanyama. Desperately need a no nonsense DM like Gilberto Silva.
Times change,squads change. We can't compare Santi,Arteta,Wilshere with Bergkamp,Viera,Gilberto Silva. Come on be realistic
we had Gilberto silva and he used to do all the dirty work to free up the CM!!
Arsenal have not no fight in their team, they need a gilberto silva or a viera in the midfield and a proper scary centre half
Glory days of Ljunberg, Gilberto Silva, Vieira, Pires and the king himself, Henry. Good old days
Arsenal definitely needs to re-recruit Gilberto Silva and Patrick Vieira.
I still maintain defensive trouble comes mainly from midfield. Don't have that Gilberto Silva style cover that is needed.
Their mistake years ago was selling Gilberto Silva, downhill from there
I tell you who we need in midfield, a certain Gilberto Silva. Sure that he would tighten up our midfield.
Arsenal never adequately replaced Gilberto Silva or Flamini.
- Mikel Arteta is the first Arsenal player to score twice from the spot in a match since Gilberto Silva vs Tottenham in 2006.
Seen a few people say we miss Alex Song. Erm no we don't we miss a real defensive midfielder like Gilberto silva!
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