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Gilbert Gottfried

Gilbert Gottfried (born February 28, 1955) is an American actor, voice actor and stand-up comedian best known for his trademark comedic persona of speaking in a loud, grating tone of voice.

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Imagine being related to Gilbert Gottfried. Imagine growing up hearing that
Gilbert - See the trailer for the documentary about Gilbert Gottfried .
Loved GoT ep. Hopefully if the wights speak next season first words are “How’s it goin’, eh?” Or all voiced by Gilbert Gottfried
Though, truthfully, it might better be titled what's *not* eating Gilbert Gottfried. But either is…
I think Gilbert Gottfried should translate all sign language to English.
You just know he has the voice of Gilbert Gottfried.
I added a video to a playlist Gilbert Gottfried - 2014 Gathering of the Juggalos Full Set - HD
*Gilbert Gottfried voice*. whoa. amber is the color of your energy
Gilbert Gottfried, in the original cool is impossible to Zebras.
it's amazing how Kim Kardashian sounds like Gilbert Gottfried.
Lucky you. I got stuck with Gilbert Gottfried.
Meet the real Gilbert Gottfried in the ‘Gilbert’ trailer:
Did Gilbert Gottfried use the phrase "Hey Ladies" as a catchphrase at some point? I feel like there was an annoying comic who did
I liked a video Gilbert Gottfried on: Miley Cyrus
Thomas & Friends but Sir Topham Hatt is voiced by Gilbert Gottfried
Where is Gilbert Gottfried when you need him? He could rip on this for 30 minutes without busting a sweat with Artie Lange.
Get to know Gilbert Gottfried in new documentary, "Gilbert" -
and he's voiced by Gilbert Gottfried so everyone leaves. The end.
I heard a rumor his new DEA nominee will be Charlie Sheen, and the Dept of…
this Animal *** must just be an excuse to put Harvey Fierstein, Gilbert Gottfried and Wallace Shawn in the same film.
[WP] Hugh Hefner has passed. Gilbert Gottfried takes over the Mansion.
Gilbert trailer: Prepare to be shocked by this sweet portrait of Gilbert Gottfried
My allergies are no joke today. I can't decide if I sound like Peter Brady during puberty or Gilbert Gottfried on a…
I used to say my spirit animal was Gilbert Gottfried, but now I think it's Jean Stapleton.
Dane Cook, Margaret Cho, Gilbert Gottfried and other comedians mourned the death of Jerry Lewis
Danny Brown and Gilbert Gottfried follow me, but Sara Malakul Lane was a bridge too far. Maybe next film Sara ;)
Gilbert Gottfried or Joey Lauren Adams. Or sex it up and get Susan Sarandon. In times li…
The sons are watching Spider-Man. I never realized Green Goblin sounds like Gilbert Gottfried.…
Haven't slept in a week. Wondering which square Gilbert Gottfried was on Hollywood Squares.
Speed round: who deserves a comeback more? David Spade or Gilbert Gottfried?
Gilbert Gottfried doc GILBERT reveals the complexity and daring of his art via…
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Brian Blessed wins! 😁 Thought there would be more love for Gilbert Gottfried. Maybe people have no idea who he is? 😛
Gilbert Gottfried's podcast with guest Bernie Kopell and special guest Barbara Feldon is awesome!
Lets add Redd Foxx to that list. And for glaring example, Gilbert Gottfried's retelling of "The Aristocrats"
Alright I'm a little sad. Gilbert Gottfried as Iago, James Woods as Hades. And the genie? Dan Castellaneta. Bit of a bummer
Who would have thought that controlling his own staff would be harder than controlling Brett Michaels and Gilbert Gottfried?
Breaking news headline: Mark Gottfried fired, to be replaced by Gilbert Gottfried.
Relistened to your Gilbert Gottfried podcast.Had no idea you didn't play the base or squeeze Susan Dey's tinytits.
How did this The Ultimate Warrior vs Phil Collins video (with bonus Gilbert Gottfried) evade me for 26 years?
Eddie Murphy easily has the best reaction there, maybe followed by Gilbert Gottfried's whole act with the glasses.
Gilbert Gottfried as John McClane in Die Hard. (Really, imagine that for like 30 seconds.)
this from Gilbert Gottfried makes me laugh so much
Get your tickets for Gilbert Gottfried, January 28th! Tickets are available here >>
I saw your taping w/ Gilbert Gottfried last year. wanted to ask an irreverent question, but you were too compelling.Thanks!
I read this in a Gilbert Gottfried voice.
The Gilbert Gottfried jokes are pretty funny though
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Hi, I'm Jason Tramonti. Most of you know me as a singer and pianist. But my real claim to fame is my impression of Gilbert Gottfried.
I figured out whom Charles Manson reminds me of-Gilbert Gottfried:
only if we drink white wine and listen to Gilbert Gottfried read it aloud
That Gilbert Gottfried impression and its timing had me rolling
So Gilbert Gottfried comes up to you wearing a fuzzy pink bathrobe and wants to solve a mystery. What do you do?
Gilbert Gottfried is the straight male Carol Channing.
Next up, he is a long time comedian, please welcome Gilbert Gottfried!
is this how Gilbert Gottfried feels 24/7?
That time Gilbert Gottfried got Adam West to talk about an orgy
Noted theorist Gilbert Gottfried tests Thomas More's thesis "The devil […] cannot endure to be mocked" Neither will…
Fixed, via Gilbert Gottfried: "Charles Manson has been hospitalized. Once there, he asked, 'Is it hot in here or am I crazy?'"
Beverly Hills Cop 2 - Gilbert Gottfried Scene (1080p) Gilbert makes a sequel better than the original.
sorry but I can't trust anyone who wouldn't fight gilbert gottfried
I would like my life to be narrated by Gilbert Gottfried.
Curious to go see the Impractical Jokers, though I only know them from Gilbert Gottfried's podcast and a throwaway gag in Difficult People.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Haven't seen it yet. Please God don't let it Gilbert Gottfried!
Gilbert Gottfried would be like, that's kind of dark
Whenever I read instructional manuals for anything electronic, it's either in a Morgan Freeman or a Gilbert Gottfried voice.
I know there are bigger conversations going on, but imagine the rewrites if Gilbert Gottfried had landed the title role in Aladdin.
I don't know about you guys, but Christopher Lloyd and Gilbert Gottfried KILLED it in Cyberchase.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who's confused Godric Gryffindor with Gilbert Gottfried.
I feel like if my life had a narrator, he would likely sound an awful lot like Gilbert Gottfried most of the time.
Aand now the girl I just saw Gilbert gottfried
Making a Dirty Joke and the Only 4 Things I Learned from Gilbert Gottfried
Here's Gilbert Gottfried with one of our chocolate covered Oreos! Love ya Gilbert!
♏️ Scorpio ♏️. Jafar's parrot from Aladdin who's voiced by Gilbert Gottfried
No offense cause I don't know you, but I'd rather have Gilbert Gottfried yelling at me! XD
I want my bones to be kept next to someone of cultural significance. like gilbert gottfried or the dog from fraiser
Occasionally I remember Gilbert Gottfried and Rowan Atkinson played a toucan and a parrot and I pine for the road movie that never happened.
Burt Ward, "Robin." I learned from the Gilbert Gottfried podcast that he now runs a charity for dogs & has 50 dogs…
How can we possibly make more entertaining? Alex Jones and Gilbert Gottfried as joint press secretary. .
add in Gilbert Gottfried for maximum ear bleeding
I added a video to a playlist RoseanneRoast: Gilbert Gottfried - Drunken Farmer - Uncensored
probably Gilbert Gottfried given my track record
the answer to all these questions is Gilbert Gottfried.
I've heard BABY ITS COLD OUTSIDE way too much this year. Best version is from Mario Cantone/Gilbert Gottfried (as Bette Davis/Tony Curtis)
Who I think I sound like: Laura Bailey. Who I really sound like: Gilbert Gottfried
What a Wondrous Goofball.! Gilbert Gottfried, Pee Wee Herman, and Eric Andre (shown) are my comical heros...…
Why does Steve Coogan look like the love child of Alfred Molina and Gilbert Gottfried
6 quick things we learned about Dawn Wells from her interview with Gilbert Gottfried
"Your voice sounds like Gilbert Gottfried and Fran Drescher had a baby. No. More. Talking."
of all people, I never would have guessed Gilbert Gottfried could do a Paul Lynde impression
Trump just notified me that I'm not his choice for VP. He's goin' with either Meatloaf or Gilbert Gottfried.
I have always felt comedy and tragedy are roommates. If you look up co...
Gilbert Gottfried is the only jew I'd spare from the ovens
Hamilton Collection
Arrested Development was so sly, and Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast is so educational
Honestly just said "what is Gilbert Gottfried doing onstage with Marlee Matlin?"
Louis CK: 'Two human babies have never fought ... I Google it occasionally'
. i was going to guess Gilbert Gottfried
"Free speech is extremely important, because me being a jew, I don't wanna have to pay for speech" ~Gilbert Gottfried, 'Can We Take a Joke?'
Wikipedia page Gilbert Gottfried has possibly been vandalized.
I know, right? The voice should be Gilbert Gottfried
I love reading Iago's lines in a Gilbert Gottfried voice. It's so dumb.
Cracking up at the Gilbert Gottfried episode of where he talks about his role as Iago in Aladdin. Brilliant!
Fun fact: the name of Gilbert gottfried's character in the Australian version of Aladdin is Asiago.
"With the Internet, if you erase something it just means you have to spend another half-minute to find it". -Gilbert Gottfried
I really hope Andy *** plays the role as beast in Beaty and Beast. when he falls in love with Emma stone he turns into Gilbert Gottfried
Gilbert Gottfried Net Worth:   It has been noted the total sum of Gilbert Gottfried internet worth is as larg...
Gilbert Gottfried, Janis Joplin or Dr Girlfriend/Dr Mrs The Monarch from Venture Bros, I'd propose on the spot.
also, if you had Gilbert Gottfried's voice, I'd move to Spain right now and propose.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
both have had dealings with Gilbert Gottfried though
I'd rather have Gilbert Gottfried's voice than Penelope Cruz's.
Keep laughin *** u still look like gilbert gottfried
My O face, but with those fake hillbilly teeth and Gilbert Gottfried's voice screaming in your ear. Still good to go?
Gilbert Gottfried’s real voice will absolutely freak you out
I liked a video Impersonations of Liam Neeson, Owen Wilson, and a Yelling Gilbert Gottfried | First
Back when Jerry Seinfeld was just another comedian hanging around the ...
If someone else is paying for it, food just tastes a lot better.
but the aristocrats is awesome. The best delivery was Gilbert Gottfried's
Listening to Gilbert Gottfried on Opie and Jim and laughing my *** off!
Thanks for the reminder! Got Disney Magic and Gilbert Gottfried voted!
I remember being at the premiere of 'Beverly Hills Cop II' and the tre...
Well, I play Jews and parrots. Parrots are how I've branched out.
I guess you could say Gilbert Gottfried is ugly. The man has a majestic voice that makes anything better.
They should have gotten Rosanne Barr or Gilbert Gottfried to play Krang.
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Gilbert Gottfried: I hear Leibniz is a dirty old *** He likes it when girls lick his monads
Her voice grates enough that it makes Gilbert Gottfried's sound like Richard Burton's.
Steve Simmons honoring Bob Elliott with a tribute column is like Gilbert Gottfried narrating a Sir Ian McKellen documentary.
As you wish. I'll talk to Michael Bay about that 2001 remake with Gilbert Gottfried as HAL.
I think that honor belongs to Gilbert Gottfried. AT LEAST Kristen Schaal.
Gilbert Gottfried has a great Podcast, and is probably the only one where they talk about Lon Chaney Jr
We're out & about but should get back in time for &Calling Dr.Death(Lon Chaney Jr.'43)&Gilbert Gottfried ht…
Set the DVR's, Gilbert Gottfried will be on Late Night with Seth Meyers tonight at 12:30 AM. You just never know...
why is Sam squinting like Gilbert Gottfried? 😂
Chris Rock is the Gilbert Gottfried of black comedians. Only funny if you can tolerate him.
Rea should stick to witty banter with Tom Bergeron and Gilbert Gottfried!
Thanks to Steve Noble for alerting me to Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Collossal Podcast. I listened to 2 eps...
I'd literally listen to Gilbert Gottfried say anything he wanted
I liked a video from SFM: Fluttershy is Gilbert Gottfried
Gilbert Gottfried impersonations I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard. The last one is brilliant!
Th conservatives club at my college thinks Gilbert Gottfried has a "sharp comedic mind" LMFAO
I believe, that someone with a Gilbert Gottfried impersonation, should do. "TOBY TURNER RAPED AND DRUGGED A GIRL IN 2013!"
next to Donald Trump, Gilbert Gottfried would sound like Winston Churchill. Just saying.
The straight to video Aladdin sequel Return of Jafar is kinda like watching an off Broadway musical with Gilbert Gottfried and Homer Simpson
should have realized I was chatting to Gilbert Gottfried ...
Imagine the Gilbert Gottfried bit from Bob Saget's roast but with Matt McGorry instead...
Facts America has backwards:. Gilbert Gottfried was once a cast member of SNL, but Christopher Walken was not.
I had a dream last night that doing Gilbert Gottfried impressions was cool and everyone was really bad at it
The rest of your life is narrated by Gilbert Gottfried, what do you do
I always wish the hotels were like they are in movies and TV shows, where i...
It has everything.Gilbert Gottfried as a shock jock, Robert Englund as a English psycho that says "ello ello", a koala puppet
I love women. Kids, not so much. Sheesh, I'm beginning to feel like Gilbert Gottfried having to walk back a joke. :(
And ever since my balls got kicked I've sounded exactly like Gilbert Gottfried
After hearing you on Gilbert Gottfried's podcast, I have to study up on The Heartbreak Kid. :)
you look like Gilbert Gottfried now (I swear that's a compliment in this case)
But, if you can't trust Gilbert Gottfried, who CAN you trust?
Be very suspicious of Gilbert Gottfried is what I'm saying.
LMAO The Gilbert Gottfried voice over paid by Cruz PACS is screeching. The system is corrupt Levine
Every time I give a straight answer and read it in a magazine, I say, 'Ouch...
The following stars a bunch of Star Trek people, Gilbert Gottfried, and a puppet. Otherwise, I have no idea ***
Come see "Can We Take A Joke?" a new mockumentary hosted by Gilbert Gottfried, Lisa Lampanelli, Penn Jillette,...
Happy B day cummy, Sorry you cant bang anymore 12 year olds without going to jail ://- Love, Your unkle Gilbert Gottfr…
Zep thinks his prof sounds like Iago. Zep thinks his prof sounds like Gilbert Gottfried
"Nat it's my love, Gilbert Gottfried" - Jenny
Concept: The Force Awakens with everything the same except BB-8 is voiced by Gilbert Gottfried
So what's it mean if you smoke and Gilbert Gottfried appears as your spirit guide?
your Bernie impression sounds like Gilbert Gottfried
Can we get Gilbert Gottfried to reprise his role as Mr Mxyzptlk?
Sanders turned into Gilbert Gottfried real quick. Nicely done
I don't see why CBS doesn't hire Gilbert Gottfried to narrate the Masters
Woman finds an uncanny celebrity twin as long as she has a wig cap on her face
Gilbert Gottfried responds to lookalike girl
Picture this: Gilbert Gottfried as a DLC announcer for Black Ops 3.
The Main Hangar Restaurant and Decatur Civic Center presents Gilbert Gottfried LIVE at the Decatur Civic Center...
Was at Iowa City show. I was the drunk who yelled for Gilbert Gottfried impression. Great show man. Thoroughly impressed!
I can't believe Gilbert Gottfried is somebody's dad. Let that sink in for a moment...
We all have an angel & devil on our shoulders. Mine just happen to sound like Gilbert Gottfried & Fran Drescher.
Morning Dina!!! Do u know if Gilbert Gottfried will be on bT Tom? Thank you!! :)
In the past 3 days I've been told I look like Leo Dicaprio and Sam Hunt. . When I really just look like Gilbert Gottfried. Lol. 󾆳󾆳
My meditation sessions have been less serene since I realized that Gilbert Gottfried is my spirit animal.
Oregon needing Gilbert Gottfried for some extra protection right now. It can't end like this for the Pac-12, can it?
Headline obviously written by someone impersonating Gilbert Gottfried.
If any of you have an explanation for Gilbert Gottfried's career, I'd love to hear it.
according 2sacred geometry Mayan calendar &the apocrypha antichrist is Gilbert Gottfried
Wanna start a kickstarter for a Hentai game. The major draw? All characters will be voiced by Gilbert Gottfried
domain names
He kinda looks like Gilbert Gottfried and just as dumb
"Trump is Hitler without the warmth." ~ Gilbert Gottfried.
Host Jay Leno and actor Gilbert Gottfried impersonating Britney Spears during the 'Celebrity Jeopard
Gilbert Gottfried wants to be the next Colonel Sanders...
*** like a hole. Purple as your soul. I'd rather meditate than give Gilbert Gottfried control.
Comedian Gilbert Gottfried says Trump is "Hitler without the warmth" via
Comedian Gilbert Gottfried compares Trump to Hitler but "without the warmth" 😂
And that's why Gilbert Gottfried is so *** sexy.
Gilbert Gottfried's audition tape for The Passion of the Christ.
what animals prefer Gilbert Gottfried and Howard Stern 4 Paul F Tompkins and Kermit the Frog?
my bed is so comfy but I love Gilbert Gottfried's voice
If you're streaming a podcast guest-hosted by Gilbert Gottfried, you better have extreme trust in your headphone jack
Up early on my little morning commute to work & a coffee run. First thing I hear on the radio before work? Gilbert Gottfried. LOL
greg, you have the most annoying voice since hillary. It's like Gilbert Gottfried & Dennis Miller had a devil child
So does Gilbert Gottfried make your Comedian Hall of Fame? Consistent act for so many years...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
There will never be another Gilbert Gottfried lol
Gilbert Gottfried on the Saget roast is really something. He is a brutal maniac. Love it.
This is actually almost better than when Gilbert Gottfried did it.
What if ur gf sounded like Gilbert Gottfried??
Did they write Gilbert Gottfried's lines or just told him to be himself?
recovery is like having Gilbert Gottfried in your skull narrating your every synapse. With gestures.
In that picture, you look like Gilbert Gottfried's *** daughter.
Why wasn't Gilbert Gottfried cast for this role?! Nintendo, you had one job!
Gilbert Gottfried isn't an offensive "too soon!" comedian as much as he is a joke pioneer.
Jason gets Maury Povich and Gilbert Gottfried mixed up 😂😂😂
On last week's podcast, Gilbert Gottfried sang it with *** van *** That should cure her of it.
I added a video to a playlist gilbert gottfried GPS
you know that one video where gilbert gottfried voice overs a bunch of games, i always laugh when he says "AGRO"
Right after Gilbert Gottfried and I made out in the unisex bathroom.
stephie: you should hear this guy--his voice is like gilbert gottfried if he spoke canto. me: whaat. stephie: google eric tsang. me: HOLY SHI--
Wife and kid are watching The Aristocats and I just imagined an AU with Gilbert Gottfried singing “Everybody Wants To Be A Cat”.
I'm genuinely upset he isn't voiced by Gilbert Gottfried
He looks like a young Gilbert Gottfried
I get to listen to Shorthouse and Garrett. Would take Hrudey & Gilbert Gottfried over Shorthouse & Garrett
I liked a video Gilbert Gottfried Reads 50 Shades of Grey
For instance, Gilbert Gottfried (used to be the Aflac duck voice until he made a too-soon joke)
Related: Gilbert Gottfried to do the same soon.
Is THIS 'peak' Gilbert Gottfried. (Your 'The Moment' interview of him was 👍👍👍)
This guy in FE Conquest is named Iago. Logically the only appropriate voice is that of Gilbert Gottfried.
This is why I love Gilbert Gottfried's voice
Is there a more powerful voice to have narrate your political ad than Morgan Freeman?..I mean, other than Gilbert Gottfried, of
I liked a video Howard Stern: Gilbert Gottfried News Part 2 of 6
ME: can you undo my wish. GENIE: sorry, no. ME: damnit. Gilbert Gottfried: WHY AM I HERE? WHO WOULD WISH FOR THIS?
A new favorite: Mini-Ep The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts by Gilbert Gottfried on
Danny Devito is great and all, but why aren't we petitioning to get Gilbert Gottfried to voice Pikachu?
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Danny Devito and Gilbert Gottfried in the same game? Yes, please! Might as well throw Willem Dafoe in for good measure.
Gilbert Gottfried speaking at Abe Vigoda's funeral Sunday at Riverside Memorial Chapel:. "Abe was so old, he had a...
A new favorite: Mini-Ep Bob Hope Specials and Richard Lester by Gilbert Gottfried on
Mr.Trump should name Gilbert Gottfried his White House Press Secretary. That will really *** of the media. . WE'RE BUILDING THE *** WALL
My favorite is Gilbert Gottfried's reading of 50 shades of gray, hilarious!
I look forward to when I can program Siri to talk like Emo Philips, Christopher Walken, Judy Tenuta, Gilbert Gottfried, my Grandpa Bert etc.
I have duly researched & am ready for my Random Roles w/ Gilbert Gottfried tomorrow. Brace yourself, I've done some digging...
Still waiting to get a day & time, but it seems likely enough to happen for me to ask: any Random Roles suggestions for Gilbert Gottfried?
Have Tussauds' send over a dummy and let Gilbert Gottfried do the voice. Ben Carson won't be able to tell the diff
Chris Rock is the most angelic stand up comedian next to Gilbert Gottfried.
. I dont know...The concept of an enormous Gilbert Gottfried head rising from the ocean to shout at richter-force is pretty gud
The DFA ad on Gilbert Gottfried's podcast makes me think they have a something like a Totie Fields album coming out.
Heather McDonald, Gilbert Gottfried, Second City and more to headline Aspen Laff Fest
Idk if that was Gilbert Gottfried or Butch Hartman doing an impression of him but...Eh.
I've never listened to a Gilbert Gottfried podcast that didn't mention Billy Mumy.
I was thinking more Gilbert Gottfried or maybe Bobcat Goldthwait
I'd rather listen to Gilbert Gottfried banging Bobcat Goldthwait than the jitbags on WIP afternoons talking about Eskin running for mayor.
So who wants to see Gilbert Gottfried next weekend?
I'll be in a donut costume and going in character (think jerry lewis meets an Gilbert Gottfried)
I have opened for Todd Glass, Brody Stevens and Gilbert Gottfried, to name a few. Have a look. . .
Gilbert Gottfried and Mark Normand were great on the show today!
All Presidential candidates should have to do an interview with Gilbert Gottfried on . Then we'd see what they were made of!
Listen to Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast with Bob Costas to hear the end.
If you guys give people F4 early for let's play, don't use the annoying ones trying and failing to mimic Gilbert Gottfried.
At this point, Gilbert Gottfried would be a substantial improvement over Chris Berman. ESPN stop torturing your viewers
Wait, Trevor Noah's first guest is Kevin Hart? Seriously? Was Gilbert Gottfried not available?
Gilbert gottfried has a more presidential voice than Whiskers the cat
Gilbert Gottfried has a more presidential voice than Ben Carson
I would call you Iago, but I don't want to insult the wonderful Gilbert Gottfried that way.
I saw one of those "Learn Object Oriented Javascript in an Hour" videos and it was an hour of Gilbert Gottfried yelling "You're and *** "
listen to Gilbert Gottfried podcast when he interviews Bob Saget.
Gilbert Gottfried is a demented genius, most comics are.
I was going to call but Gilbert Gottfried's laugh scares me. Don't let him die laughing in studio! Ha!
Thanks for having Mary Buser on. But having Gilbert Gottfried follow her is either genius or really dememted.
Gravity's Rainbow audiobook, but read by Gilbert Gottfried.
The bloke from Cinderella sings like Gilbert Gottfried impersonating Bobcat Goldthwait.
In *** a drunken Gilbert Gottfried narrates your entire godforsaken life
Siri will now feature the voice of Gilbert Gottfried
M. A. Larson might be like Adam Sandler/Michael Bay/Nicholas Cage. Also, any chance Gilbert Gottfried would join in?
Drescher and Gilbert Gottfried would do a better job. Bobcat Goldthwait too.
Bobcat Goldthwait or Gilbert Gottfried would have made a less annoying ghost voice than Nolan North did.
A new favorite: Mini-Ep Michael Clayton and HUD by Gilbert Gottfried on
This was when Gilbert Gottfried and Julia-Louis Dreyfus were on the show.
*Gilbert Gottfried and Don Rickles narrating my life in between fighting over the last schmear of cream cheese*
Only when using a Sam Elliott voice. Use a Gilbert Gottfried voice and it just isn't as cool with that extra y.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Next disney movie. 'Gnats'. 2 gnats taunt me for 1-1/2 hrs, voiced by Gilbert Gottfried and Fran Drescher. Soundtrack by Nickleback
Question: Who's voice is more irritating? Gilbert Gottfried or Fran Drescher?
A favorite: The late and great Greg Giraldo to Gilbert Gottfried - "You look like you smell like pee."
Gilbert Gottfried should roast tom cruise, kirstie allwy, john travolta and will smith! Those scientologists could SOOO use it.
imagine your OTP: voiced by Jim Cummings and Gilbert Gottfried
Listening to public radio at work and heard Gilbert Gottfried sing"i will always love you" i lost it, my coworkers gave me such a look
>. Gilbert Gottfried and Lewis Black were talking ab. how Lewis' 9/11 standup was OK in SanFran but Gilbert's wasn't in NY.
Murderer's row of hilariousness; (Eddie Pepitone, Brian Posehn, Me, Gilbert Gottfried) the...
Gilbert Gottfried and Josh Groban joke about David Foster hitting Ben Vereen on GG's podcast.
My options would be Gilbert Gottfried, Patrick Warburton, Christopher Walken, Bobcat Goldthwaite or Kathleen Turner
Anyone feel like they are watching Gilbert Gottfried when listening to Richard Quest delivering any news?
For me it'd either be Heidi Watney or Denzel. Gilbert Gottfried, Steve Harvey and Julie Bowen are in the discussion as well.
Gilbert Gottfried interviewed Richard Kind and they talk a lot about celebrity ***
Gilbert Gottfried's podcast with Richard Kind is a "must listen" for the Gina Lollobrigida story alone!
I was listening to Barbara Feldon ( Agent 99 ) on Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
. Paul F. Tompkins as The Joker . (Make up over mustache). Gilbert Gottfried as The Penguin . Andy Daly as The Riddler
Bunch of great stories from Kind on Gilbert Gottfried's podcast.
Proof Charlie Sheen doesn't age...and Gilbert Gottfried should really consider Colonial Penn...
If you are Michael Richards or Gilbert Gottfried, YOU are part of the Problem Child cast.
I don't care if they use Gilbert Gottfried to voice the character, just gimme the game so I can mark out and then die
Jerry Seinfeld now looks like a Matt Lauer-Gilbert Gottfried love child.
If there's a better podcast than Gilbert Gottfried, I ain't heard it. Billy Mumy, Adam West, Larry Storch, Barbara Feldon, Buscemi...
Gilbert Gottfried on CNN in a few to discuss Letterman.Not sure why since he was on Leno alot & I don't recall him ever being on Dave's show
you mentioned bela lugosi; if you can stand Gilbert Gottfried, he interviews BL, jr. on episode 39 of his podcast.
LOVED the Gilbert Gottfried interview! Was hilarious and you guys sounded so casual like you were all old friends. Great job.
Gilbert Gottfried shouts one last obscenity as security removes heckler Andrew Dice Clay.
have you heard Paul on Gilbert Gottfried's podcast? GREAT!
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