Gideon Cross & Gabriel Emerson

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David Gandy fc with Prof. Gabriel Emerson and Gideon Cross' personality, pretty please?
Gideon Cross is from Crossfire series, and Gabriel Emerson from Gabriel series :3
I have Prof. Gabriel Emerson and Gideon Cross in my top list :3
Henry Cavill is not Gabriel Emerson. Henry Cavill is Gideon Cross. David Gandy is Professor Gabriel O. Emerson. πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“
I don't think he does but he needs to he'd be a great Gideon Cross or Gabriel Emerson!
I want my own version of C Grey, Gabriel Emerson, Gideon Cross, Jace Wayland, Magnus Bane uggh thank god for fictional characters
Gideon Cross. Simon Parker. Gabriel Emerson. These men from my novels are just so perf 😍 Please exist!
Henry Cavill will be my perfect Gabriel Emerson or Gideon Cross, so perfect πŸ‘Œ.
Today, gun to your head, do you pick:. Gideon Cross or Gabriel Emerson?. ~ Nicole
idk about Gabriel Emerson but Gideon Cross & Ethan Blackstone 😍
I've fallen in love with 3 men in the past week. Gideon Cross, Gabriel Emerson, and Ethan Blackstone. Talk about an emotional roller coaster
A perfect guy? Well... a mixture between Gabriel Emerson, sparkles of Gideon Cross, no dark soul, and of course, Henry CavillΒ΄s body. =D
David Gandy would be a great Gideon Cross in Bared to you or Prof Gabriel Emerson in Gabriels Inferno. Mr. Perfect.
David Gandy would be perfect as Gabriel Emerson or Gideon Cross because he is absolutely beautiful!
You are so right. I'm also hooked on Gabriel Emerson, Gideon Cross and Matthew Clairmont--cannot move on!
Yeah ofcourse! :) Gideon Cross and Gabriel Emerson and so much more too! β™₯.β™₯
Gideon Cross, Gabriel Emerson & Damien Stark. Those are my fictional men πŸ“– I'm afraid Kellan has been bumped down the list 😊
Husband for sale. You wouldn't catch Gabriel Emerson, Lucien Knight or Gideon Cross up to his elbows in fish poop on a Sat night
If I had my pick I'd go for a double feature of Gabriel Emerson starring David Gandy and Gideon Cross starring Henry Cavill
Henry as Gideon Cross is second place in our poll, followed by Henry as Gabriel Emerson in third.
Omg what do I do?!?!?!? Gideon Cross I will have a relationship with & Gabriel far... We'll have a fling
My favorite drugs: Cristhian Grey,Gabriel Emerson and will be Gideon Cross ;) I'm addicted of yours
Barrons or Christian Gray or Gabriel Emerson or Gideon Cross or Matthew de Clermont or Ethan Blackstone via
I also like Gideon cross . Gabriel Emerson . These characters are great to follow as well
Gideon Cross: Bared To You,Reflected In You.Third one to be released on May.Gabriel Emerson: Gabriel's Inferno,Gabriel's Rapture
I just want a Christen Grey, Gabriel Emerson, Gideon Cross or SΓΈren is that much to ask for??? Guys come alive!!!
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