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Gideon Cross

Henry Cavill Gabriel Emerson Sylvia Day

When you see a man with uh-mazing hair and immediately think of Gideon Cross
The cross from Fabregas was superb and the striker did brilliantly to get across Bertrand to guide his header home.
Hmm, I wonder if Ericka will cross paths with Gideon. # finding Gideon
Omg this book Gideon Cross will always be my everyday man crush
Is GIDEON CROSS my favorite hero?. Well… let’s just say he is up there with AIR & OXYGEN!.
Are you watching The Catch because Gideon is on it. His character is Ethan Ward and he is The personification of Mr Cross 😍
so, I'm waiting for Gideon and Midnight and Hawks and...Goldilocks to cross paths. What say you?
88' 2-0 Alhassan collides with Nasamu, following an attempt to nod in Gideon's cross.
If you don't know who Gideon Cross is that's your loss πŸ’πŸΌ
I don't want to go back to school for night class. I would rather read about Gideon Cross.
Sylvia Day. 1. Entwined with You. From the moment I first met Gideon Cross, I recognized something in him that I...
Happy Birthday to the Angel of Gideon; Eva Lauren Tramell - Cross πŸ‘‘
I met a guy named Gideon today... 1st ever and instantly thought about Gideon Cross ❀️
Hope to see Gideon Cross in my dreams πŸ˜‚ kiddn
Also if I could find me a Gideon Cross, that would be great πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
Dear Lord please send me a Gideon Cross. I'm ready to be Eva
This is how I picture Gideon Cross from the Crossfire series books πŸ‘…πŸ‘…
Bared To You by is on SALE for a limited time = Gideon Cross can be yours for ONLY $2.99…
❀❀ Gideon Cross ❀❀ Bared to You by Sylvia Day is NOW ON SALE for $2.99 (normally over $7). If you haven't read...
As for tonight, soon as I heard of 2 new fake HMs my heart skipped...hoping it wudnt be a certain cross-dressing Bea-Gentleman.
studying for the midterm exams while thinking of Gideon cross isn't actually easy LMAO
I prefer Gideon Cross but Grey will do.
Have known that I can't cross fade since I was a sophomore and yet whenever I get the opportunity I do it anyways and regret it immediately.
No I haven't. wants me to read the Gideon Cross books, but I have a rule if a book cost over 7.99 and only -
they're not even good tbh! I prefer the Gideon Cross books they're so much better xx
Honestly unless I meet Gideon Cross then I cannot be arsed with relationships
Like Gideon Cross is just so perfect there is not a single actor that could portray him perfectly
can someone please find me a real life Gideon Cross. great thanks
I agree. Loved it way better than 50 Shades of Grey. As for Grey; he couldn't even wear Gideon Cross shiny cufflinks.☺️
LOL jamie IS perfect for Christian. He's exactly as I pictured him in my mind. maybe Henry can be Gideon Cross
Oh lord help me find a Gideon Cross
Gideon Cross is such a precious puppy who I will protect at all costs
Like Gideon Cross is one of those characters that if they're not portrayed perfectly they're a complete different character
is using the same ring that Gideon Cross gives to Eva 😊😊😊.
We don't meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our paths for a reason. . Thank you…
I'm convinced Gideon Cross has ruined me for all men. ugh
try the Crossfire Series. For me, mas nakakakilig yun. Gideon Cross 😍
Someone please read The Crossfire series so I have someone to obsess over Gideon Cross with
Gideon Cross and Eva Tramell I'm gonna miss you two to death πŸ’”
When you cross over to the other side, what would you be remembered for?
You mean Gideon Cross? lol what does this song has to do with him?
David Gandy fc with Prof. Gabriel Emerson and Gideon Cross' personality, pretty please?
in a hotel room with Gideon Cross. fug!!!.
I love Gideon Cross so much it hurts πŸ’”
Happening Right Now @ Holy Cross- Youth Director Daniel Robison tells the original "300" story of Gideon to the...
Gideon Cross. CEO of Crossfire. Billionaire. Dark. Dangerous. Pleased to meet you.
I'd rather argue with you, angel, than laugh with anyone else. ~ Gideon Cross
KSM High School boys cross country results have Gideon Aiwohi finishing first out of the team with a time of 20:34…
Gideon used a 'wet fleece' as litmus test whether God was for him. Believers dont need to - the Cross is our 'wet fleece'
Ahhh the quite before school pick up time cross...πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
You will forever be my dream man, Gideon. I hope one day our paths will Cross.
Dear Sylvia Day, Gideon Cross' Hanging By A Moment version in my mind is better than Golden but making this means u…
Been so long and you still cross my mind
Has anyone got the pics of Gideon Cross an Eva Cross? X
did I catch you with that cross map throwing knife?
I love Gideon Cross, but Elijah Reynolds is so wonderful 😌❀
If she wanted my money, I'd give her every cent. If she wanted another man, I'd make her forget him_Gideon Cross
I'm literally waiting on my Gideon Cross 🍷🍾
this could be Gideon Cross. hot stuff5
Because of Hotch, I watch CM after Gideon was gone. Now I can cross it off the watch list.
If they ever make a movie adaptation of the Crossfire novels, Henry Cavill needs to play the role of Gideon Cross.
Gideon Gono was β€˜The Mouse in your Pocket’ By Eddie Cross When we got our Independence from those pesky settlers i…
why is Gideon Cross not a real person?
Are they baby Gandy? I thought they were something new, when he announced his engagement as Gideon Cross he remarked
he have got to be Gideon Cross books by Silvia Day
The image of my book boyfriend, Gideon Cross, will always be Henry Cavill.
As much as I want to read the new CoHo book, I'd like to finish first the Crossfire Series. I bet I made the right choice. Gideon Cross!! πŸ”₯😍
After I finished the whole series,I can't stop thinking about Gideon Cross.😍 Crossfire series rocked my world, really!
"I'm fighting here with everything I've got. Fight for me, too.". - Gideon Cross.
He is absolutely delicious 😍😍 right now I'm reading Gideon cross with Jamie in my mind
I need someone like gideon cross, seriously, this guy is everything that me, my heart and body needs πŸ˜‚
Expectations of love on a scale of one to ten? Gideon Cross, not settling for less.
No, seriously, I'm so in love with Gideon Cross. 😫
Mario Blanco - he would be perfectas Gideon Cross in the movie of Bared To You by Sylvia…
"You're the greatest risk I've ever taken. And the greatest reward". ( Gideon Cross)...
Everywhere, Angel... In all the right places..
I needed Eva completely. And there were times when I was maddened by how much she meant to me..
(Smilling at you deep in your eyes while both my hands wrapped around your neck).
Thank you, baby. And make sure you do too [kisses]
That's true, Angel.. But it also makes us stronger [caressing your cheek]
Stay Close to me during hard times Always...
Life always do need hard times. Sometimes i don't understand either.
Close together during hard times especially and be Strong together no matter What... (me & you).
Have a sexy my angels.. I'm having a lazy one... But I'll be close by. [Winks].
[Chuckling] Oh, Angel... I think I just might ... [grinning as my lips follow my fingertips on your neck]
Mhmm... And everywhere in between, darling. [Caressing the nape of your neck]
Thank you so much, my angel... You are too kind. Much appreciated! [kisses]
Maybe I should make the first move.. But what if he thinks I'm too easy?. He'll be too busy thinking he's damned lucky.
And what exactly would be your favorite part, Angel mine? [Flashing a grin]
Almost as delicious as you. Beneath me, Angel...
well I definitely enjoy this 😈... Now to wake up to this everyday, I just might become a morning person 😈
β€”feel worse than vulnerable. It made him weak, and Gideon Cross was anything but weak. Ever since I met him he his this persona that drewβ€”
I can't think when you're this close. [hands on your chest, traveling down...]
[Stepping closer, hearing your breath catch, as I trace your shoulders with my fingers] You were saying, Angel?
Delayed gratification, Angel... I say when. I say how...
For whatever reason, I thought you would enjoy this ...πŸ˜‚
Then come closer, Ace. It much easier to show than tell, wicked man.
[Closing my eyes hoping to feel the press of your lips against mine]
[Chuckling] Angel.. Please be careful. I don't want you hurting yourself ..
[Adjusting my trousers] I think I might be getting the picture, Angel.. But you need to be clearer [Flashing a wicked grin]
And all the things my body wants to do to yours...mmm good morning ace
The spot where, when you're touched, you swell with pride, Ace. When kissed there, its even better. [caressing that hip]
That delicious curve of your hip needs kissing. In fact, the whole area needs attention.
Ace, if this is my view, I have better things for my lips to do.
the real image of Gideon Cross and Eva Lauren Tramell
I have infinite ways. To utter dangerously. Against your lips. Of all the things my body. Wants to do to yours..
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You're blushing? Mhm... So gorgeous when you do, Angel..
I think the sight of you in front of me is enough to make me crave you... All day and night, Angel..
Good morning, Angel mine... Hoping you're well? [kissing your hand]
I did, thank you Angel ... Have a sexy Sunday ahead .. [kisses]
Likewise, it's always a pleasure, Angel mine [winks]
my nipples are hard and my sex is wet and God I'm horny !! Thank you 😘😘
How can I go about my day with those words or your gorgeous face staring @ me?! πŸ’‹
When it comes to you Ace thoughts and dreams are always sinful ...wonderful to see you I have missed you.
You need to be much more alert, baby.. Don't hurt yourself!
[Chuckling] Good morning, beautiful.. I'm glad you're enjoying the view... [winks]
I couldn't, Angel ... I'm an animal with you...
Not sure what I enjoyed the most, that line or that picture.
might I be worthy of a follow, Mr. Cross?
I hunger for your taste, your smell, the feel of your soul touching mine.
Angels, I've enjoyed my time here immensely so far. Thank you. Please respect my bio regarding no dms. I adore each and every one of you. X
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Licking melted chocolate off your body. Angel... I'm salivating.
I be waiting Ace, my birthday 5th April
[My fingers tracing your jaw] Such a good girl. I'll bend and adjust, but your body and sex are not negotiable...
You're forgetting, Angel... I say when. I say how. Repeat that.
I waited for one year just to have another dose of Gideon Cross. So excited!
I love you smelling like me, Angel...
to respect the people that help u get where u r now. never burn the bridge that helped I cross
On page 75 of 480 of One with You, by Sylvia Day: It's not just Gideon Cross anymore. It...
I'm pretty sure you'll like it. I have magic hands. *winks*
"And I know I pushed you hard…”. β€œToo hard.”. "I know. And you let me, because you love me.”. β€œIt’s more than love.” .
You’re the only force on earth that can keep me away...
*moans* There's a small surprise for you under the berries, Gid.
The pleasure is all mine, my angel [kissing your hand]
I hope you like strawberries and cream *grins*
I hope you enjoy me... Over and over again, Angel...
Enjoy every page... And moment, Angel. I'm certain it's a ... ride you'll never forget...
this new Henry Cavill photoshoot for Dunhill/Mini Clubman screams Gideon Cross
Gideon Cross. As beautiful and flawless on the outside as he was damaged and tormented on the inside. πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ“–
I am so excited for Gideon and Eva.
Can't wait to get my hands on you again :)
Good afternoon, Mr. Cross. Just followed. Tis' a pleasure to meet you *hugs*
It's exciting level of an experience ..just the same when you know your being watched Oo.
I'm so happy I don't have work tomorrow my morning with Gideon cross and Eva! So sad it's the last book
I can't wait!!! Reading Reflected in You" right now which is where you quote is from
Book Boyfriend of the Week!! The Billionaire that makes all others pale in comparison .
Also had the amazing 'Him', a cross dressing, lobster clawed, devil figure
shet kahot ni Gideon Cross oy Kaye you should. You must.
Sure am!!! I'll be reading in Florida during my vacation w/ husband and kids!!! Can't wait!!
Good morning to u Mr. Cross. I would never expect less from u...always more. *kisses
Business always is Part of our lives... no matter what :(
Yes not long to wait. As its my birthday smiling
To please me.. And please me you do..
Good morning, Angel .. Have a day as lovely as you..
Cannot wait to dive into another Gideon cross fantasy April 5 !!
Your breath on my cheek...your fingers on my skin. Teasing...enticing.. Gideon, I crave you.
Henry Cavill is Gideon Cross don't fight me on this ***
ok so my ❀️ skipped a beat and my πŸ‘€ stared before my brain finally caught up. LOVE your name!
This will be me reading With You. I will never be ready to say goodbye to Gideon Cross πŸ˜­πŸ’”.
Just realised that is like a dead cross between Nick Wilde and Gideon from Zootopia if they were *** like Rule 34 heavily suggests
escreve-se "You’ll fly with Henry Cavill in a helicopter" mas lΓͺ-se "You'll fly with Gideon Cross in a helicopter"
I close my eyes, see your smile, and fall every time.
You're very welcome, Angel .. And thank you [kissing your hand]
thanks for following me. I just finished reading a excerpt of One With You...
Yes, you say when, you say how. That's why I didn't kiss you *blushing even more*
[My lips brushing the corner of yours] You're blushing, Angel. But remember.. I say when. I say how.
I thought about kissing you, but I wasn't sure if that would be okay. *looking at you shyly*
Hope you're having a Great day today.
Thank you, Angel. And I wish you a decadent weekend, also.
The newest excerpt from Enjoy, my angels...
I want it to be tonight already. Knocked loose! Expire!!! Gideon!!! Cross me!!! Counterparts!
And it's a beautiful smile, Angel. [Caressing your cheek]
Good morning, my angels... Hoping you're all smiling your gorgeous smiles. Have a delicious Friday
Happy Birthday, Angel mine... I hope your day is as beautiful as you are. Enjoy it immensely! . [Kisses] .
Pre-order!!! Coming so soon!!! ➜ Gideon Cross. Falling in love with him was the easiest...
I added a video to a playlist Fabs & T.Gideon - Look to the cross (Freestyle)
I actually get sad thinking I'll never find my Gideon Cross
about time as I read Gideon Cross for you *Winks*
This is who I see as Gideon Cross. You?
Yes - more than CG! More than Jesse Ward. More than Gideon Cross 😍
There's absolutely no doubt. I'd do it all again. For my angel.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
One month until Gideon & Eva's last return ... this is a love story that will stay with me forever. . Always G…
Do you want to suck face or not? Suck face?. Is that a no?. Angel I’ll suck on any part of your body I can get my mouth on. GidEva EWY
definitely a limo with Gideon Cross, he is so much hotter
Gideon Malick is part of every world economy and a Triple Platinum Diamond Member at Men's Wearhouse WE DARE NOT CROSS HIM
I can't believe we fought over Gideon cross getting finger in his πŸ‘
I Can Really Take Care of you too, my Gid. ❀. Seriously.
Good morning angel mine... And you're very welcome. [Kissing your hand]
I'll love you better than anyone else could. I'll take care of you & make you happy. I know I can.
[Watching your lips as I lick my own] Perhaps we should test that theory, Angel? Misbehaving is more fun. With me of course.
it's a sinful Sunday, Ace. It's always decadent with thoughts of you.
Thank you, darling. And I hope you have a decadent day also [winks]
Good morning, my Angel... You do? [Raising a dark brow, my lips slowly curving]
Ahh .. There you are [smiling wickedly] Have a delicious day ahead as well, baby.
Thank you Angel mine. I most certainly had a productive week [flashing a grin] I'm hoping you're doing well x
Good morning my angels.. Hoping you're all enjoying the weekend so far? Behaving... I hope...[Grinning]
Happy Ace. I yearn for your lips on my skin...
I let all the bitterness out my heart if you know better you'd never cross a cancer
All this cross but still no Gideon lol
You own me, Eva. Wherever I am, whatever I'm doing, I belong to you.
It seems Gideon Cross is my secret admirer!!
Hmmm, beautiful list. Upto now I can't get a human to call a Gideon Cross.
dear , please, i can give you about 12 names of guys to use as GIDEON CROSS. All better than MATT BOMER. Pleeeaasseee
First Valentine's card from Mr Gideon Cross. Excited for the release of
*** it. Wait for me, Eva. I waited my whole life for you...
She revitalized me, made me anticipate living in a way I never had before.
Can I have my own Gideon Cross please😍❀️ falling in love with this book, can't put it down. Give me a relationship like Eva and Gideon πŸ’•πŸ˜
Reignited my affair with Gideon cross
Heh. Ang tindi huhuhu. Dayum. I'm helplessly in love with Gideon Cross buset?!!
Don't be afraid to take a big step when one is necessary. You can't cross a chasm in two small jumps.
gideon cross. falling in love with him was the easiest thing I’ve ever done.
Gideon Cross is from Crossfire series, and Gabriel Emerson from Gabriel series :3
I have Prof. Gabriel Emerson and Gideon Cross in my top list :3
My Gideon... I wonder what are u doing right Now.
Gideon Cross from Bared to You isn't anyone's perfect hero but that doesn't mean we don't love him.
cross-network crossover happened before: The Practice/Ally McBeal/Boston Public/Gideon's Crossing. Calista was in 1!
I'll always be in your sights, Ace...
Seeing you in this pic made Butterflies in my Stomach.. ❀❀.
"I’d stop the world from spinning for you.". "I love you.". "Liked that one, did you?".
Angel, a crowd of millions couldn’t hide you from me. I found you once. I’ll always find you.
Reading this series..Crossfire. Gideon Cross [heart eyes]
David in cave..Gideon in winepress...Jesus on the cross...Greatness goes thru rough places.Tis your chance to connect in their rough places!
[Caressing your cheek] You're gorgeous when you blush, Angel
Always, my angel. How are you this evening? [eyeing you appreciatively]
As you always should, Angel mine...
Hope you've been having a productive day *winks*
I really missed u, Gid. I have been dreaming about you...
Thank you, baby. You always make mine [winks] X
Delicious, that sounds good to me. πŸ˜‰ Enjoy your day.
Be careful what you wish for, Angel. I say when, I say how...
A busy day ahead with running my empire, Angels... Have a delicious day ahead...
Is it possible to fall in love too fast?
Oh I don't have to think too hard with that question, Angel mine...
Apparently, it's quite funny I'm reading on my fourth dom. Gee. Nothing beats Gideon Cross. Lol.
Every time I read I get sad because Gideon Cross is fictional
Getting ready for my commentary on MORNING CROSS . Tokyo MX.
Ooh Gideon Cross! If you are looking for something very steamy then check out our review of Bared to you By...
I can't look at Henry Cavill without thinking 'mmm Gideon Cross...'
girl, read bared to you and you'll want a Gideon Cross 😍
Eva was helping someone pick up their loose change, when she stumbled upon a pair of oxfords that belong to Gideon Cross
3 things you love about Gideon Cross & 3 for Eva? Lots of Love, Hugs & Kisses, Jayashina.
yes ma'am...the perfect Gideon Cross
What a cross from Ivanovic. I'm in shock.
My body craved her...How would I recover if I didn't make love to her again?
Certainly Not...especially if your name is Gideon Cross!!!
Other than extremely busy, I'm doing well. Hope you are too. πŸ˜‰
Good morning, Angel mine.. Hope you're well [winks] X
Have you read the new Excerpts from One With You? . Make sure you enjoy me, Angels [smiles] .
Before you say never, take a good look at me and tell me if you see a man who's easily deterred.
Her skin.. Her touch. A blaze of fire that I can't control..
The handsome and sexy Gideon Cross is trying to reach 4K followers by Christmas if you are not go follow him !!!
One of my favorite quotes in Gideon Cross is demandingly swet
I just pre-ordered I will cry real tears when it's over. My love for Gideon Cross runs deep.
babe when Gideon cross looks like that...he's only getting warmed up😈
I'm an animal with you.I want to mark you..possess you so completely there's no separation between us.
Kiss your loved ones everyday. Tell them/show them you love them everyday. Life can change in an instant.
Tweeps and friends, please do me a favour and follow this awesome Gideon Cross RP account.
Soon we'll see the last kiss in Do you remember their first one?
Scrolling through my pics and found this. This was from several years ago.
The final chapter in the global blockbuster Crossfire quintet... Gideon Cross. Falling in love with...
Gideon, nothing can scare me away from you. I want your good and dark side. I want all of you. The whole package.
love beard burn love it henry for Gideon cross pass it along to Sylvia Day for crossfire tv series
very handsome man he can be my Gideon anytime finger cross he can be crossfire
Did you see that Sylvia Day Announced 'One With You' Release Date And Cover Revealed via TheCro…
I see everything and I want all of you. Flaws, mess and all.
BARCELONA 0-0 REAL SOCIEDAD. 10: Jeremy Mathieu blocks the cross for the first corner of the game to Real Sociedad. Cla…
min 13: Cross from Luis SuΓ‘rez and Iniesta heads against the post!
I will encourage you're very handsome on The outside and inside πŸ‘β˜ΊοΈ
every wrd really get high on Gideon Cross I'm happy dat final book is comin but I'm sad as well cos it's gona end..
Thank you baby, I hope you're well.. Have a sexy night.
happy thanksgiving to you dear Gideon πŸ’‹πŸ’ž
I’m grateful for my family, friends and readers.
So OBR (i.e. Optmism Beyond Reason) allows Gideon to cross his fingers and say "Trust me, I'm a politician" !
Gideon Cross: What is it with you and giving people the finger?. Eva Tramell: What? It's a classic.
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