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Gideon Cross

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I have just started reading the second book in the series. I have fallen for Giedon Cross. As much as I loved Christian Grey. I feel that Giedon is a much more gentler soul. I hope that he and Eva can make this work. Fingers crossed :)
Who wants Christian Grey when you can have Gideon Cross or Hudson Pierce?
I know one day God will give me my Christian Grey or Will Cooper or Gideon Cross. Ohh fictional characters really have their effects on me.
I'd rather argue with you than to laugh with someone else -Gideon Cross
Anybody read any of these? Im almost done with my james Patterson series and waiting for Gideon Cross series to start back up again. ...
Henry is the most perfect Gideon Cross from the Crossfire-series by Sylvia Day. Love Gideon much as Henry. My perfect BBF
Hudson Pierce and Gideon Cross, I will find one of you in Manhattan!
Christian Grey. Gideon Cross. Gabriel Emerson. Jesse Ward . If only you were all real.
*** GIVEAWAY ONE! *** I'm going to throw up a giveaway to get us started! So, how about a chance to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card? Because well, we all have one-click addictions, right? All you need to do is answer this question... Christian Grey or Gideon Cross?
Having a wonderful night in, reading the downright steamy works of Sylvia Day :P. Gideon Cross, is just a tiny bit better than my favourite egomaniac Christian Grey :P :D
I'm the only one left who's awake. What should i do?? Who should i pick?? Dao ming si or gideon cross? It's so hard to choose =))
I've read your books on the infamous Gideon Cross and oh my my my. Couldn't put the books down. Great reads.
What the *** ? There's a group that appeared on my newsfeed called GideonKnight Crossfire and when I checked them out, it has nothing to do with the Crossfire series and Gideon Cross. Lol!!
I don't feel sorry for mentioning gideon cross over and over again wow i am so attached to this fictional character
In a relationship with Four, William Herondale, Jace and Gideon Cross. Oki.
Anyone know when the new Gideon cross novel is due out by Sylvia Day
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my guilty pleasure is Gideon Cross, Jesse Ward or Mr.Grey, I don't mind I'd have all 3 ;)
I really need the next part of crossfire series. All 3 done and I've learnt that man like Gideon Cross is impossible to exist 😍
Still did not check out Gideon cross..
for me you are perfect for Gideon cross of
yes i do wanna have a boyfriend except that Christian Grey nor Gideon Cross isn't real 😏
They want their own Christian Grey.. well I want my own Gideon Cross πŸ˜πŸ˜‰
Ian Somerhalder should play Bennett Ryan in Beautiful *** or Gideon Cross.
I agree that they have found the perfect man to be Gideon Cross!!!
Favorite Suit and Tie book boyfriends? My faves are of course, Christian Grey, Bennett Ryan, Gideon Cross, Ethan...
There were 2 thieves on the cross together with Jesus. . One made it to heaven with Jesus while the…
Me and looking out for our Gideon cross ... Could u be him?
I hope this happens to me with Kaidan Rowe, Daemon Black, Gideon Cross or any of my other fictional boyfrie
Gideon cross. Because his much better than Christian Grey !!!
He found me. :) β€œRT Happy Birthday to the woman who created Gideon Cross!!
I mean those people who are really a HUGE fan of Gideon Cross. They way they talk is way more…. you know πŸ˜‚
o you have to meet him too! kkk He's like another version of Gideon Cross but this time the book is from R.K. Lilley
What many people dont realise is that Christian Grey or Gideon Cross, they all are pretty much a rip off of Bruce Wayne..
David Gandy HAS to be THE most accurate depiction of Gideon Cross in my dreams. 😻
do you realize there is an After Harry a Christian Grey and a Gideon Cross somewhere out there oh loRD
Where are all the Christian Greys, Hudson Pierces and Gideon Cross' at?
Wouldn't mind a Gideon Cross in my life πŸ˜πŸ“–
Women problem: Don't know whether I want Christian Grey or Gideon Cross?
I'd risk vin a claustrophobia induced panic attack to share an elevator wiv Christian Grey and gideon cross..
Welcome to my room again Mr. Gideon Cross
We really need some more Gideon Cross as soon as possible.
Looking at Ian Somerhalder makes me think that Christian Grey & Gideon Cross really do exist :)
yah.. baca Bared to You-nya sudah selesai 😭 see you soon in 2nd book, Gideon Cross 😚
Is reading an excerpt of Captivated By You by Sylvia Day considered a sin? I can't get enough of Gideon Cross. Really. Yeah. Geek mode on!
I have three book boyfriends/husbands Gideon Cross, Christian Grey and Henry Cavill (from my written novel Addicted to You) yup I got issues I know!
Im about to re-read one of my having Christian Grey, Gideon Cross, Travis Maddox, & Max Stella WITHDRAWALS!
I want a boyfriend who either named, Kim Jongin, Gideon Cross, or Christian Grey
Free, Funny, Custom Confession Ecard: Yesterday I cheated on Christian Grey with Professor Gabriel Emerson and today with Gideon Cross.
"People get over love. They can live without it, they can move on. Love can be lost and found again. But that won't happen for me. I won't survive you." Wow, Gideon Cross is DEP! If only he were a real man!
me too! He is perfect for Damon and Gideon Cross
hi, excuse me for my english, i m french. You know : you are very perfect for GIDEON CROSS. CROSSFIRE BY
Even though Gideon Cross exists in my world now, I still want Christian Grey . Sorry not sorry
Yes, sinners like me too. When Jesus went to the cross he despised the shame. What our Savior despises, let us...
Gideon Cross the main character of the Crossfire novels by Sylvia Day
Gideon Cross and wine. What could be better than that?
If you really know'd know why I want a Mrs. Cross tank top.
I am wondering when I can start my summer reading. I got The Diary of Teenage Girl by Phoebe Gloecker , Dollanganger saga by VC Andrews, Gideon Cross saga by Syvia Day. I was going to read All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris before True blood start ,but it won't be near the same storyline as the book so it off the list. Any more book you think I should read this summer.
You can keep Christian Grey, I'll let you have Gideon Cross, but you're dead if you flirt with Jesse Ward!! XD
this picture takes my breath away. Seriously Gideon cross in this one.
Just seen a mysterious guy in a black sports car with back saying Girls I went to heaven when will we see gideon cross?
I'm expecting some type of Gabe Hamilton or some Gideon Cross.😭 my love life is doomed
Gideon Cross long time no see/hear. Just popping in to check all is ok in your part if the world :)x
its national book day on Thursday and the kids have to dress up. With my great knowledge of books its looking like my two boys will be going as Christian Grey and Gideon Cross . pmsl, anyone got a silk tie i can borrow
β€œThere were thousands of women in New York alone who could replace me in his life, but there was only one Gideon Cross.”
I have one type: Eva Lauren Tramell. That’s it. ~ Gideon Cross in Bared to You: A Crossfire Novel by
I'm falling in love with Gideon Cross! πŸ˜‚
I need my Gideon Cross or Gabe Hamilton to please find me πŸ˜•
No worries I'm set up for a text message when the 4th Gideon Cross book is released.
i think that he's the perfect guy for the character too.Gideon Crossβ™₯ Henry Cavillβ™₯
Sick & tired today so Sylvia Day and Gideon Cross & the last of the wine and I will try to feel better tomorrow!!
After reading about Christian Grey, Gideon Cross, and Gabriel Emerson, I wish so much that they were real. I would love to feel that passion
Going to be up most of the night with teddy and his daddy just hope teddy will be ok Gideon Cross
It's insane how you can fall for a fictional character, Gideon Cross, my Oh my
As much as I love Christian Grey, I fell for Gideon Cross too.
It's official. Vin Diesel can be my Christian Grey, Gideon Cross and my Lucien Knight! MπŸ’‹
Curious of what people think of the Gideon Cross series.
Playing Christian Grey/Gideon Cross dress up with my life size Ken,
β€œYou’re a soft, delicious little handful, angel.β€œI love you.” -Gideon Cross .
Screw Prince Charming. When's Mr.Grey and Gideon Cross coming into my life?
April L. Carlyle, dreams are made of Gideon Cross!
β€œso Gideon cross what do you think She's said she thinks he's perfect for the character. ;)
So, I have been up reading since 2:00 am.OMG, I have a new obsession, I haven't felt this way about anyone since Christian Grey & Gideon Cross.HELLO, Tucker White & welcome to my world! White Trash Beautiful.amazingly awesome book.and it is only book one of the trilogy.highly recommend!
I'd rather argue with you than look happy with someone else. -Gideon Cross (Bared to You)
Why can't I have a Gideon cross in my life! Oh that man
what do you think of the actor Ian somehalder to interpret Gideon cross fire?
So my girlfriend offered to let me read about Gideon Cross. good idea or not?
I’d kill for you, give up everything I own for you… but I won’t give up you. ~ Gideon Cross,…
I just can't wait to read the words 'Mrs Cross' as spoken by Gideon again! I am Mrs Cross so it makes me happy! Thanks! X
Cheating on Christian Grey with Gideon Cross . I'm such a *** I know πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
β€œEva. Let me …” He cupped my face, licking deep into my mouth. β€œLet me love you.”. - Gideon Cross
My Sidekick this week - and the last book boyfriend I'm sharing this month is.Gideon Cross from Sylvia Day's... –  10% Off
Great turnout for cross evangelism training at EFBC!
Jimmy Kinnaird teaching cross evangelism at EFBC!
A vital clearance from Azpilicueta; Baines supplied the cross and Coleman was lurking ominously at the far post.
have you read BARED TO YOU by Sylvia Day ? oh i'm just imagine that gideon cross is you..XOXO
I need a Gideon Cross in my life never mind Christian Grey
UPDATE: This week's winners are: - Ricardo Sanchez Ortiz - Chris Johnston - Dillon Irwin - Gideon Cross Check your messages for details on how to claim your free cash and coins! (remember to check the 'other' section of your messages), and once again, congratulations!
Finish this sentence... Christian Grey, Gideon Cross, and _. In your opinion, which other book...
Oh my god. Shush, I was in need of a fictional, powerful man and Gideon Cross is just that. xD
Seriously, I'm a total mess! I can't stop thinking abt Gideon Cross && he's not even fckn REAL! 😫 Eva, I wish I had your problems you batch!
...endow the characters with your appearance? Jericho Barrons,Vishous,Gideon Cross... (2)
Yep I want a relationship like Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele or Gideon Cross and Eva Tremell lmao
"how you liking Gideon Cross !?" Did I tell u Sylvia's days husband is friends Wth my friend I'm living with?
"how you liking Gideon Cross !?" I'm skimming thru the 1st one again since its been so long to refresh
Love is Jesus and Jesus love you very much , because His blood at the cross make me free. God bless all :D
Gonna have a break from gideon cross first lol new read: Everyday hihi
Oh, of course *smiles* Hows Australia? Hmm take it easy with our dearest, Gideon Cross? *winks*
I've fallen in love with Gideon Cross. All because of and how she's described him 😍
'' I didn't need chocolate when I was sharing air with Gideon Cross.''.
Have you seen all the edits about the girls do and picture you as Gideon Cross?
-- borrow my Fifty account DM's or my new Gideon Cross if they're shy on here. [Dies]
aww yano, the usually, just go track doen Christian Grey or Gideon Cross
. Came here for one, head over heels for another, & my world was changed forever by Gideon Cross. He is my fav.
We got to get him cast as Gideon Cross
This book. Bared to you. Gideon Cross. I think I'm over Christian Grey. πŸ˜•
Reading Fifty Shades of grey... But the thought of Gideon cross won't leave my head...β™₯
Christian Grey and Gideon Cross. OMG love a man in a suit. Hmmm😜
Is there anyone hasn't read "Bared to You," and Sylvia Day's Crossfire series, yet? Gideon Cross has helped many...
Hoping to finish this manuscript before Sunday. Then, back to Gideon Cross. I miss ace.
3rd book in the Crossfire series by Sylvia Day. I eagerly devoured the 1st 2 books esp after I got to know the characters. (Bk1: Bared to You; bk 2: Reflected in You) Eva was once abused by a family member causing her to be broken. Her mother is on 3rd husband, all were wealthy. Eva moves to NYC after college to start her career and life. Lives with Cary, her best friend who is bi and was also abused. Cary and Eva met in CA and help each other thru issues. Cary is a hot male model just making it in NYC; relationship issues - in one with wonderful and kind Trey and simultaneously in another with a female model Tatiana (in bk 3 she becomes pregnant). Eva works at Crossfire building for and ad agency, where she runs into the insanely handsome megalomaniac Gideon Cross, who owns most of town. Gideon was also abused when he was young. Resulting in a consant battle for Eva and Gideon to establish a trusting relationship. They're only way of showing their emotions and how important each is to the other is thru t ...
Little teddy is giving me pain restless night last night I know his daddy is so nervous and worried Gideon Cross I am worried too I hope he will be ok
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Gideon Cross ofcourse..with runnerup being Bennett Ryan
Gideon Cross and his 3 piece's suits! :-)
I've pictured Henry Cavill as Gideon Cross...did u read the crossfire books?
Went for a lie down at 7pm last night and just woke up I needed that! P.s. Claire Mathewson Gideon Cross is HOT lmao xx
Christian Grey and Gideon Cross... need to say anything else?
If Gideon Cross could just be a real person my life would be complete
Curling up on my bed reading about Gideon Cross m
anyone know if the new crossfire novel is out yet? need abit of Gideon Cross in mt life lol x
Think i need to become reacquainted with a certain Gideon Cross . ;)
Kara and I have been talking about Men in Suits today. So the question is Who is your Sexiest Book Boyfriend in a Suit? Mine is Gideon Cross and Kara's is Hudson Pierce. Pictures are always welcome ;-)
Taking a survey... Who is your favorite book boyfriend - Gideon Cross Christian Grey or Travis Maddox ??? I know who mine is ;)
Does anyone else need to be introduced to Mr. Gideon Cross???
'Doctor, the only way I'm going to keep my hands off her is if I'm dead' Gideon cross. What a man. Meg Grace why didn't you tell me about this sooner? Wasting my time on the likes of Christian Grey!
If you loved Gideon Cross then you will fall deeply in love with Porter Masters!!! Check out this great book from up and coming Author Anie Michaels! worth the read!
Well crossfire fans I am not as impressed w this series as I am w 5o shades Gideon cross is no Christian Grey and it lacks great romance and sophistication ugh... Oh well I guess I'll keep reading # disappointed
Jesse Ward, Gideon Cross do they exist in our world? Hmmm.
Becky Christopher I found you a dead ringer for Gideon Cross
Will you be my Christian Grey, Gabriel Emerson, Gideon Cross, Augustus Waters, David Elliot, Damon Salvatore and my Romeo Montague? Please?
Christian Grey or Gideon Cross? Tough choice..I'll just take both of them.
just finished reading the crossfire series... interesting, very interesting. but I'd still choose Christian Grey over Gideon Cross!
Traci Sparby, was that author Priscilla West! She has some novels out just like Gideon cross!
Christian Grey + Gideon Cross = Jesse Ward, Lol have to love books!
"I'd rather argue with you, angel, than laugh with anyone else" Gideon Cross, Reflected in You by Sylvia Day. What a true line, right G?
Well finished the Crossfire Series last night. Can't wait for the 4th and 5th books to continue the story of Eva Tramell and Gideon Cross.
Talking about book boyfriends, vote for urs here!!! for me it was difficult cause i love Bennett Ryan from "Beautiful *** series and Gideon Cross from "Crossfire" Series, who's urs??
Gideon cross, I think im in love. Christian Grey is old news . Wheew.
I love Gideon Cross, Jesse Ward, and Gabriel Emerson ... but Christian Grey caught my heart first ❀
Book recommendation needed...a friend likes Christian Grey and Gideon Cross...what should she read next?
I want a real man like Gideon Cross! I tell you this is the best book I've read in a long long time!
Sod 50 shades movie they need a Gideon cross movie
Gideon Cross is entertaining me while I wait ;-) ...
"I'd stop the world from spinning for you." Gideon Cross
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Lol if they were Christian gray or Gideon Cross yea
I really think I need a Gideon Cross in my life! Like YESTERDAY!!
Do guys like Gideon Cross and Christian Grey actually exist? Or is my book just filling me with false hope?
My dream men are Gideon Cross and Christian Grey but I'm not sure I can be submissive.
Was just setn here thinking about when I read 50 Shades... Big deal made over who should play Christian Grey in the movie.. Based on the descriptions of him in the book it dawned on me. The perfect person to play him might be Channing Tatum... What do u all think.. Also think Joe Manganiello should play Gideon Cross in the the Crossfire Series... Opinions?
Taking the best parts of Christian Grey & Gideon Cross and put them together to form Jesse Ward.
β€œto my lovers aka Christian Grey and Gideon Cross
"I knew [Krav Maga] wouldn’t be anything close to banging the *** out of Gideon Cross, but I suspected it would...
I think this is Gideon cross!!! Sarah Jones Vivianne Hicks- Poole and Sharyn Poole Nellie Grice
yeah maybe but when I think of Gideon Cross I kind of think of them. I didn't really look at the deets^^
We all want a Gideon Cross, Christian Grey and Taylor Lautner in our life.
Off to bed with thoughts of Gideon Cross.
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Does one even attempt to choose between Christian Grey and Gideon Cross??
definitely the right person for Gideon Cross :)
David Gandy would definetly be perfect for Gideon Cross in bared to you! 😊😘
Wee. Henry Cavill for Gideon Cross. Then Jamie Dornan for Fifty Shades. Emergerd! :)) Talk about testosterones bursting! LOL. XD
Quote of the night from about Gideon Cross: "You make my *** walls purr" lol
I don't even know who Gideon Cross is but I'm going to find out.
I nominate for a Shorty Award in because...he is my Gideon Cross...x
Christian Grey and Gideon Cross, both of them are my narcissist sociopath boyfriends 😊😊😍😍
Ian Somerhalder is Gideon Cross, take he on count.
I nominate for a Shorty Award in because... He is the only true Gideon cross
Gideon Cross. I thought the name suited him. It was sexy..
This way is how I imagine Gideon Cross (Henry Cavill) and Eva Tramell (Amber Heard)
Kiss, marry or avoid! . Christian Grey. Gideon Cross. Jesse Ward! . Make your choice!
Please examine it Rick Malambri be GIDEON CROSS! He's a great actor
guess lots of girls all over the world would be happy to see as a Gideon Cross *smiles*
"Gideon Cross. As beautiful and flawless on the outside as he was damaged and tormented on the inside. He was a...
I love the cross fire series, but Gideon will never be Christian
I like being called "Angel" and you can blame Gideon Cross for that
For me this is Gideon least this is how he looks like in my mind
So I'm reading Bared to You.. & I no longer want a Christian Grey.. although he is still perfect in many ways.. I want a Gideon Cross.
Mom: Stella why don't you get a nice boyfriend to make you happy . Me: because Christian Grey and Gideon Cross don't exist.
Do guys like Christian Grey and Gideon Cross actually exist??
Forgot how much I love Gideon Cross... Looks like I'll be dead to the world for the next 2 days while I read my life away and wish I was Eva. Not looking forward to the book hangover, but I'm glad I FINALLY found time to finish the series.
About to start date night with Mr. Gideon Cross : )
I said, "well, he's more a Kellan Kyle hot that a Gideon Cross hot" in reference to Ben from
Just blew my Sister~N~Laws phone up with some pictures of Christian Grey and Gideon Cross! I hope my Brother~N~Law doesn't kill me!! Amy Sine
Kids in bed hubby a sleep so time for me to lose myself to mr dark and dangerous ,Gideon cross to continue are steamy, sensual mind blowing love affair although I regretfully say it's going to b ova far to fast for my liking at this rate ;) xxx
If I knew by Bruno Mars = Kellan Kyle and Locked out of Heaven by Bruno Mars = Gideon Cross :)
im loving Gideon Cross more than Christian Grey!hai... kaw hottie, Nieki?hehe
I could really do with a new Gideon Cross fix. How about you? Is anyone else waiting on Captivated By You by Sylvia Day? I hope it's not long now!!
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Yummy, yummy. He would make a great Gideon Cross from the Crossfire Series when it becomes a TV series.
Oh, Gideon Cross... Where are you in real life?!
You will make a great Gideon Cross if they make it into a movie read Crossfire series. By Slylvia Day
Melissa Law it's Gideon Cross with shorter hair!
(+) Jace Crestwell, Gabriel O. Emerson, Augustus Waters and Gideon Cross (I have plenty here too xD)
Would not be disgruntled whatsoever if Henry Cavill was casted as Gideon Cross in the Crossfire TV series.
Make room Christian Grey, Gideon Cross, Braden Carmichael,theres a newl boyfriend in the harem and that man is Mr James Cavendish
who do you imagine to be the hottest, Christian Grey, Gideon Cross or Jesse Ward? Hmmm xxx
Gideon Cross. WTAF?! Is it even sane and okay to fall in love with a fictional character this much?!
I would love to see Henry Cavill as Gideon Cross.
Tell me ladies between Christian Grey and Gideon Cross who's the best?? Let me see how's ma ladies think. :)
Last spring, shared her fondness for as Gideon Cross with us.
I was wondering... DOES GIDEON CROSS OWN MANHATTAN?! I mean... almost all of the places that Eva Tramell goes in to is a Cross Industries property. I seriously think Gideon Cross owns Manhattan and God-knows what in God-knows where. He really is a bazillionaire. Alright, back to my reading...
From Christian Grey to Gideon Cross and now Marcus de Luca..OMG you're the best cheers!.
I agree! Henry Cavill is perfect as Gideon Cross.
REFLECTED IN YOU: Classic. You're the greatest risk I've ever taken. ... And the greatest reward." - Gideon Cross
I want to Gideon Cross as a birthday gift. :)
I cant choose just one! I have three at the moment... Adrian Ivashkov, Gideon Cross and Kade (of course!)
is my Gideon Cross. He is so freggin' hot.
Love having the support of So excited to share 'Gideon's Cross' with you all. See you in March at Fusion!!
David Gandy (my only favorite for the role as Gideon Cross)
Full of thoughts that can not be spoken... Getting back to Gideon Cross should temporarily distract my mind.. Gn loversβ™‘
My Gabriel Emerson or my gideon cross
but I will on Gideon...because let's face it. Gandy IS Gideon Cross 😎😍😘
Henry Cavill Henry Cavill as Gideon Cross - 06 by Henry Cavill Fanpage, via Flickr
Lisamarie you have got to read about Gideon Cross! Omg!
Gideon Cross is very hot!! Same as CG! Different darknesses but just as hot!
idk about Gabriel Emerson but Gideon Cross & Ethan Blackstone 😍
"I'll always take care of you, Eva. I live for it.". - Gideon Cross. (Bared to You by Sylvia Day).
I pray for a husband like Gideon Cross everyday!!!
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I've fallen in love with 3 men in the past week. Gideon Cross, Gabriel Emerson, and Ethan Blackstone. Talk about an emotional roller coaster
have just introduced my friend to the delights of Gideon Cross, don't know where she's been all this time! Need book 4 :0)
Just done reading VAIN. Gosh bebe Barbra, i love it!!! It's super clean and yet i super love it! Thanks for recommending beh! Ikaw na! Hihi... :) now, i want some piece of Christian Grey, some of gideon cross and some of ian aberdeen too. -_^
After finished Fifty Shades of grey I have started reading a series of novel similar to Fifty Shades; bared to you, reflected in you and entwined with you written by Sylvia Day. It got me to realized that kind of guy like Christian Grey and Gideon Cross aren't really exist in the world. The combination of outrageous handsome and sexy yet overwhelmed with loads of money, always ready to please his loved one and know exactly how to fu*k (excuse my language).
I challenge anyone who is a 50 Shades (not my favorite) fan to introduce themselves to Gideon Cross from the book Bared to You by Sylvia Day. I relate to it for some personal reasons, but it is also written extremely well.
Love me some Sylvia Day and more so Mr. Gideon Cross β™‘
I Picture as Gideon Cross, while reading novel by . Done reading all three sequel and was frustrated after reading the last book! So just to kill time I'm reading the first sequel again! Nicey Sheiden Desiree Marcon
Mm.Christian Grey is hot.Nathaniel West is delicious in every way and now I'm on to Gideon Cross and he's YUMMY! books are going to swallow me I just can't put them down~
Crossfire Series: Bared to You Reflected in You Entwined with You (Captivated by You - COMING SOON) The story beginning with a sore bottom & awkward pick up lines furns into a love where one Gideon Cross will go anywhere do anything for his Eva Trimmell. The story that makes you question your love for Fifty Shades Mr. Grey. These three books will get you begging for the release... of book four.
LADIES.Bared to You by Sylvia Day is only 99p on amazon kindle. I recommend to all who like a steamy romance! Brilliant book! Ah...Gideon Cross.
Laying in bed with my onesies on and reading bared to you my night to spend dreaming of Gideon Cross lmfao
With Lionsgate recently announcing television rights to Sylvia Day's "Crossfire" novels, fans are wondering who will play Gideon Cross in the first book-to-TV "Bared to You," and one of the possible contenders include Ian Somerhalder.
Gideon Cross... Having time to read again ain't that bad at all :)
Away from the hubby tonight so catching up with Gideon Cross to make up for it! 󾌩
Christian Grey, Gideon Cross, Gabriel Emerson πŸ’˜πŸ’ž where are these men in real life? The way they make love should be illegal 😜
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i love it, i love it, i love it almost as much as Professor Emerson and Gideon Cross in my own bank
Fan Question Since sex is on the mind.I have a question for those that read who is hotter Christian Grey or Gideon Cross? RPB
I Have way tooo many Book Boyfriends and they change on a regular basis however my top spot and held firm for a few months Here is my top Ten book Boyfriends 10 Drew - Tangled by Emma Chase 9 Jeff - Saved by Kelly Elliott Author 8 Rafe - Surrender Series by Melody Anne 7 Rory Hunt - The Back-Up List 6 Nox - Willing Captive by Author Belle Aurora 5 Jesse Ward - This Man Series Jodi Ellen Malpas 4 Gideon Cross - Crossfire Series Sylvia Day 3 Alex Anderson - Billionaire Series Melody Anne 2 Braxxon - Breakneck Series Author - Crystal Spears And my all time favorite book boyfriend is Remy by Katy Evans Do you agree or am i missing out on even more deliciousness xx Natalie xx
If can't be Christian Grey... He could be Gideon Cross! XD
Is it too much for Kellan Kyle, Christian Grey, Gideon Cross, Jesse Ward, Damien Stark, Gabriel Emmerson, Travis Maddox and Remmington Tate to be real?
I feel like I'm cheating on Christian Grey with Gideon Cross, I'm in love with a new fictional character, thanks Sue Stockman, appreciate it ...LMFAO vs
Going to read a little Gideon Cross
Out of curiosity and boredom i decided to read Sylvia Day's trilogy.. then i was never bored again.. i was in love to Christian Grey's character in Fifty Shades then after reading three books i am in love with Gideon Cross .. anubeyen.. napaka O.A na ng mga crush ko.. and kinda unrealistic.. waiting for the fourth book of the series.. it cant be trilogy!!!
I'm outta here I have a date with Gideon Cross tonight!!! ( it's a man from a book people, I'm not cheating) it's the crossfire series and hotter than 50 shades of grey! These folks have issues for real!!! LOL
Ok in this cold weather , I'm off to bed with " Gideon Cross" :)- stay warm everybody and pray we have a snow day tomm as school in this weather is just absurd !!
Okay I have officially become addicted to reading on my kindle. I read 6 books in the last week and a half...just finished the Gideon cross books and I must say I enjoyed 50 so much better...I will still wait for the next cross book captivating you...
Gideon Cross came into my life like lightning in the darkness... He was beautiful and brilliant, jagged and white-hot. I was drawn to him as I'd never been to anything or anyone in my life. I craved his touch like a drug, even knowing it would weaken me. I was flawed and damaged, and he opened those cracks in me so easily... Gideon knew. He had demons of his own. And we would become the mirrors that reflected each other's most private wounds...and desires. The bonds of his love transformed me, even as I prayed that the torment of our pasts didn't tear us apart...
(Closed rp) After saying good bye to Heather, I walk into Tony's bar. I'm immediately greeted by my fellow staff members, as I finally return from my absence. After settling on working behind the bar, I instruct the other in what their tasks are for today, before we open the bar. After the first hour I was beginning to remember what I missed. I had served a few humans but mainly all were vampires who recognised me straight away. All calling me by Slayer and thankfully not my real name. Mr Gideon Cross had shown up for a visit. I had offered him a drink before he relaxed and watched the bar for himself. It was rather nervous racking to have him here, but I tried to ignore it as best as I could and carried on with my shift. My shift slowly came to an end but not before 'he' turned up. "Slayer had returned!" He grins leaning against the bar. I roll my eyes and ask what he'd like. "My usual please.." I cut him off before he can say anymore. "There you go Mr Salaric. I have what you want. But after my shift." ...
Christian gray, Gideon cross and now jack eversea. Gotta love these trilogy's!
I'm ready to read a romance novel about everyday ppl. Don't get me wrong! I love me some Christian Grey. And Damian stark. And Gideon cross. But I'm tired of the billionaire story. Give me the oilfield worker and the teacher. Or the nurse and the construction worker. Or *** can we not have a housewife who is madly in love with her working spouse? Yeah there will need to be drama and lots of sex, but hello!!! Everyday has a little bit of drama in it! Maybe I should write my own novels! They'd be HOWT!
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love Sylvia Day for giving me Gideon Cross. if you havent read this trilogy and you loved 50 shades, then i strongly advise to make a date with the crossfire trilogy. you wont be disappointed xxx
I am screaming. It's a new teaser for CAPTIVATED BY YOU! If you haven't yet read the Crossfire series by Sylvia Day, there has to be something wrong with you. We all need a little Gideon Cross in our lives!
OMG my whole year just got a lot better knowing that its going to involve some more Gideon Cross!!
I'm was going to bed until Christian Grey, Damien stark and Gideon Cross called me to have a I've have a great time with them this year
Tall. Dark. Lean and built. Blue eyes. Filthy rich. I love you so much, Gideon Cross. I am crazy about you.
To my avid reading ladies out there... If you haven't met Gideon Cross make sure you do! Christian Grey pales in comparison! That is all..
Book 34 / 100 : Entwined With You by Sylvia Day Warning: this is definitely a 'for adults only' book containing very explicit situations. The book is the third in the Crossfire series, continuing the story of Eva Tramell & her millionaire boyfriend, Gideon Cross ... The book follows basically with more of the same emotional angst, & erotic sex scenes, this time tempting Eva with her old flame, Brett. It's an ok read, with a fairly decent storyline, but I kind of only read it because it was the third of the trilogy, & I'm not sure I'd bother reading a fourth (Captivated by You) as it's becoming a little repetitive.
POLL: Like this post of you read ANY of the Gideon Cross books this year.Bared to You, Reflected in You and Entwined with You by Sylvia Day.
Gideon Cross I think I may take you over Christian Grey. I'm still debating... ;-)
Since there are no men like Christian Grey or Gideon Cross in reality,I'll always take my novels over reality. PERIOD !!
Forget Christian Grey...I want a Gideon Cross. A man so in love he can't stand it; his lady can't help but feel the same
Um to re-read Christian Gray or Gideon Cross??? Just can't decide lol x
Ethan Blackstone. Welcome to the family of Christian Grey, Gideon Cross, Jesse Ward, Gabriel Emerson and Anthony Rawlings etc.
A man just came and bought my Sylvia Day Gideon Cross Trilogy . OMG AWKWARD. He said he already had The Fifty Shades of Grey
It's official. I'm in love with Gideon Cross. Too bad he's just another fictional character :(
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I know it's wrong but when I saw a post in a book blog and the poster wanted to know if the Crossfire series was any good and my thought was…how the *** do you not know Gideon Cross? How could you not know they are good? How can you only be getting to this series now? I am just shaking my head lol
When you have your own favorite actor and actress for the roles as Gideon Cross and Eva Tramell and people don't like it. buhu. ;)
think tonight me and gideon cross shall have an early night, and wait for Pj Grabey
Loved book one, now onto book two! But I looked at the cover and it had his initials... GC. I have seen those same initials, switched... CG. Gideon Cross. Christian Grey. E L James had her copyright in 2011, Sylvia Day had hers in 2012. James took her idea from a fan, Day took hers from James! Either way I love them both!!!
Sorry Christian Grey, but Gideon Cross has completely stolen your thunder!
I don't know which one I like more Gideon cross or Christian Grey...
Henry Cavill and Amber Heard as Gideon Cross and Eva Tramell? Nooo, David Gandy and Ashley Tisdale.
Gideon Cross didn't come then, only Santa, dammit I left my angel stocking out and everything!
Soon will cross the intl date line and experience Xmas morning all over again. Best idea ever?
Thanks you Christian Grey and Gideon Cross. You have change a lot on my life I will never see the…
Go for it.Crossfire series by far superior to Fifty Shades. After Gideon Cross everyone pales In comparison
β€œAll I want for Christmas is Christian Grey. ❀ And a Gideon Cross and Jesse Ward…
I think I am more in love with Gideon Cross than Christian Grey πŸ™ŠπŸ˜
Your Mine Gideon Cross Forever makes you moan harder and harder.
making hot sweaty love to you until we tire laying in your Arms you Are Mine Gideon Cross Forever slides a ring onto your hand.
Is it too late to ask Santa to bring me Gideon Cross?
*** even Gideon Cross is better than him!
.Try reading about how so many people are reliant on food banks and Red Cross handouts because of your buddy Gideon!
likewise but don't be too naughty. I'm no Gideon Cross but I do ok. ;-)
. "Day One of my life was the day I met you.". -Gideon Cross
Dear Santa, I want some Bath and Body Works, a pair of Victorias Secret pajama pants and a gift card to Sephora. I would really really REALLY like Gideon Cross or Christian Grey under my tree.
Takin out 15 mins of my day to spend time with Gideon Cross.. Not complaining
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