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Gideon Cross

Henry Cavill Sylvia Day Gabriel Emerson David Gandy

Spend the the time with Gideon CrossπŸ˜†πŸ˜ msh blm terbiasa ini POVnya GCπŸ˜‚ ~enjoyy^^
I just need the last God *** Crossfire book. I NEED MY GIDEON CROSS FIX! LOVE ME!
"Kenedy's cross from the left was a peach and there was Ramires arriving late to power a header home. 11 minutes gone.
... and a Gideon Cross and a Hudson Pierce! It's a convention of hot book alphas!
omg mate I love Gideon Cross but come on. books 3 and 4 could have been just 1 book!
u wish Sylvia Day will announced the fifth book already I'm dying to know bout Gideon cross
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Mr. Gideon cross he can spank me all he wants looking hot as ever. Burning
Henry Cavill is not Gabriel Emerson. Henry Cavill is Gideon Cross. David Gandy is Professor Gabriel O. Emerson. πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“
Photoset: Gideon Cross waiting for Eva to come home:)
no I havent is it good??? and yes I love Gideon Cross. ..but my nerves omg Cindy my nerves!!
Gideon Cross is the perfect gentleman.
I can't wait to see it on a TV series so I can drool on Gideon cross on tv
Who are you really? Do you look ANYTHING like Gideon Cross? I'm just curious. Take your time - I'll wait.
I did, I'm going with Crossfire lol, I need some Gideon Cross in my life
Jerome Marinho nods in a pretty cross from Gideon Rosenthal to make it 4-1 over with 18:18 to go.
This is how ladies used to cross Thika road
Gideon Cross needs to be on television.
Gideon's cross was excellent. Everything about it. ❀
My God,you did Gideon Cross as I imagine Perfect!I would die happy if you did Kellan Kyle in thoughtless have you read? :)
You have a sexy day as well. is one of my favorite days. ~kisses~
For the one you love, you will take any and every measure to save them. Whatever it takes.
you look deep in thought Ace.hope you were planning a successful day!
He would be an insanely hot Gideon Cross😈😈
any news on next book it seem so long πŸ˜₯ I am going to have to reread the books again as I can't remember what happened πŸ˜’
hi sweetheart. That's a pretty nice tease {winks}. Have a great day {kisses}
Are you trying to distract me, Mr. Cross? *blushes*
Good morning about to go to sleep myself! Make sure your day rocks! Thanks for the wonderful image to go to sleep to!! 😘
Good morning my angels..Wishing you all a sexy of you all..Stay beautiful x .
I can't wait-again we wait-the fall-fsd now new book for gideon cross it's too much!
There are so many sides of you to love.
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Gideon, I would save you anytime you needed saving. As for save me every single day, my love. I adore you, Ace xx
I cannot wait for the final version. Hope the release date is announced soon! The anticipation is making me nuts lol
sorry love I can't find their names I just Google gideon cross and their pics popped up. I would love to know as well πŸ˜†
Bared to You-Sylvia Day via good little read on gideon cross
You’re what I want. The rest is just logistics...
Oh my God ! Didn't expect an excerpt from One With You. Thank you Silvia😊
I hadn’t known Eva was out there, had been afraid to even dream of finding the one ...
love it! Now I must rearrange my books to make room for it... planning ahead... ;)
loved this excerpt just as much! Cannot wait to read the final version!
I loved it. I can't wait for the book to come out!
Can't end without this gorgeous man... Love when you're on the TL 😘
> When I knew he was truly in love with me.
. Thanks for following- I love the Crossfire novels. Can't wait for the next one and also the TV series.
Everytime I see I picture him as Gideon Cross from the Crossfire series.
that made my heart beat again ,I knew I had found my other half
Complete this sentence. Best answer wins a prize ;)
Anything I do to save you will never be enough to thank you for saving me, Ace xx
He’d saved me, in so many ways. I was going to do whatever needed to be done to save him, too.
Mmm.Hello delicious man. Hope you're enjoying your Moanday
β€œYou don’t owe me anything. My love for you is not an obligation.” ~ Gideon Cross
leiam crossfire galero Gideon Cross turn me on Justin Bieber
I am Eva Tramell, and I once had a Gideon Cross. However, mine did not end the way I think hers is going to. The...
He's to soft, not enough depth, not intense enough. David Gandy should be Gideon Cross .
No for Gideon Cross, he's to soft, since we can't have David Gandy, it should be Daniel Do Tomassino.
me too, I just start rereading the crossfire books yet again
he's be perfect for Gideon cross. Can't wait for the last book to come out. Wondering what's going to happe
So basically Gideon Cross won my heart bye Christian πŸ˜‹
Daniel is definitely Gideon Cross and Nick is Miles Archer :)
would you like your back scrubbed Ace
Is it ok I want to bite that bum.Purr.xo
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"I knew next to nothing about relationships, but it was a no-brainer to make concessions when your woman was mad at you." -Gideon Cross
, Have you girls ever seen anyone as gorgeous as Ace ?...
, Ace your body is smoking, and I'm melting from the heat...
The fact that she existed stirred my blood. The strength of her desire was enough to set me off...
Theo Theodoridis? Just tried Google Image search & results say people see him as Gideon Cross:
I would even get up early and skip coffee.
Yep when I finished the FSOG and Crossfire Series
, rereading the whole seties, I can help myself !
*** I hoping henry will be Gideon cross. By the time they cast henry will be able to get the rold
yes please...I'll take some of that...mmm. How am I suppose to concentrate at work now? xx
Good morning my angels . I could wake up this way forever. . Enjoy your day {kisses}. x.
. "I'm never happier than when I'm with you,"...He took my breath away with his kiss.
I swayed a little on my feet, struck by the gorgeous, sexy-as-sin man who greeted me.
Oh my... a little spicy already this morning ;)
"You don't owe me anything,". I snapped... "My love for you is not an obligation".
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Gideon Cross is making me feel things.
I would always take your hand and lead you to where we both belong.together.
You're still up... I'm glad I saw this before going to bed :)
My angel was a dangerous lover, one who got off on the thrill of being this close to discovery.. .
I don't think he does but he needs to he'd be a great Gideon Cross or Gabriel Emerson!
guess who is my That would be this sexy *** men right here πŸ’œ
YUS! Shirtless with a business jacket is one of my weak spots. Absolutely. Puts me in Gideon Cross mode!
I want to rip the shirt of your back ACE
better get your *** ready for the audition of GIDEON CROSS. I want to see you Gideon Cross
Actually im off to a date with Gideon Cross
Yes, that does sound like something Gideon and I would say to one another. Thank you for sharing, sweetie.
Thank you for spending time with us, your Hope your Moanday is just as delicious xx
it's always a pleasure to read you mon Gideon adorΓ© πŸ’—πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
Thank you all for joining me my angels... It's always a joy. . Have a delicious Moanday ahead x .
I'll admit, it's difficult to share, but I do enjoy watching you do your thing ;)
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. No I'm feeling great now angel ..thank you
You're very active this morning... ;)
. Please return to me soon angel mine {kissing your forehead}
I will. I need to hide away and sleep. Thank you for your concern. *kisses*
Thank goodness for Angus. He takes such good care of you. :-)
. Please try to make sure you rest angel mine.. I need you well
Like you said, you have your moments {winks}
enjoying the view of my timeline and you filling it ;) so yes, I'm having a great monday gorgeous x
I'm hanging in there. Had a little bit of a scare around 1am but I survived. Thank you for asking. ~kisses~
[smiles] Oh yes. I had my 23 birthday on Saturday.
. I'm so pleased for you angel, well done!
. I'm very well thank you darling, and you?
Not sure. I'm still trying to get rid of this cold so I don't know if a busy day would help or not.
. I am angel... A busy day ahead for you?
. I did thank you .. I hope you did as well?
. Thank you baby... I'm so glad you enjoy..,
good night sweetheart. I'm off to bed. Sweet dreams. xx
{a raised brow} Hmmm...doesn't sound like you're behaving yourself Ace..guess that means I can misbehave too {winks}
Thank you. Bank holiday here... Wahoo!! Have a great weekend too Mr. Cross. Take care
Buy me one? I could stand one. Maybe it will get rid of this awful headache I have.
I'm out tonight and having a few too many drinks Angels... {winks} xx
Thank you! Hope you are having a great evening as well. Doing anything fun tonight?
That's better, Ace *wink* It's always better when you're around ;)
Hoping you're enjoying your sexy Friday evening my angels... Thinking of you all. And sending a kiss x.
Truly gorgeous, ladies . Enjoy your night! {kisses} . x
*A individual who looks like a woman walks up to Gideon Cross.* Mr C-Cross
"Can I take advantage of you in the limo?” His eyes laughed at me. β€œBy all means,angel mine.” http…
{Walking past the master bathroom and pausing to enjoy the view. Knowing needs his rest but.. *** } http:…
"Reaching for my hand, he lifted it to his lips and kissed my fingertips.". http:/…
Signing with and via romancewriters @ Javits Center
Such a gorgeous night in NYC. How I love Manhattan.
Dear Gideon Cross, - deepinthemeadow: Whenever you call Eva β€œangel”, I lose it. It makes me melt, and want...
just wanted to say so far from the writing I have read, you are very true to the character of Gideon Cross :)
. To my angel for her amazing gift of writing and bringing Crossfire to life . x
to . He may Dark & Dangerous at times but your thoughts will turn to hearts & flowers
If this is a dream Ace, I don't want to ever wake
How could I tell her it felt like a dream, a breathtaking heaven I didn't deserve?..
I miss you too ever hour every minute of every day.x
And I start missing you the moment your gone
Plus, I'm still pulling for Cavill as Gideon Cross.
it has to be @ danielditomasso for playing Gideon cross
no doubt, Henry Cavill is Gideon Cross! *-*
Gideon Cross but I doubt it he will ever play it
. I like Henry Cavill but he would be great as Gideon Cross. Ian Somerhalder would be a better villain.
Got a present for my boss that reminds me of one particular Cross. Gideon that is.
Omg *** yes is a sexy beast just being Gideon Cross.that would be yummy!
Gettin pumped for the tv show here's an old fan art lol 😝
you'll never have to...I'm here always xx
As I couldn't live without you,
There was nothing she could do or say that would break us apart, because I couldn't live without her...
ICYMI: Thousands of women are thrilled to hear that! ;)
Just the thought makes me bet!!Every woman wants to be his princess!To deliriously dive into deep blue eyes!Wow😘
light me up Ace..let me feel your fire kisses through my veins πŸ’‹
I'd kiss you to but your married to a great girl
Mmm...its been a while..I might need a reminder Ace {wicked grin}
I'll kiss your skin. Mark it with fire, so you'll never forget. Where I've tasted you. You're mine... GideonCross
At -- The peerfect Gideon and Eva Cross 😍😍. -. -.
reading Bared to You. I'm in AWH. This book is amazing! Definitely wish I had a guy like Gideon Cross in my life!
thank you Ace gave a sexy Wednesday yourself with the lovely
This is my favorite part from all of the books. The rain falling here is so dramatic.
good morning sweatπŸ’–. Have a great day also. You've made may day with that sexy look of yours. [kiss and a great big hug] 😊
Ace Good morning or Good afternoon from very sunny London.missed uπŸ’‹
have a wonderfully wicked Wednesday too sweetheart! xx
Don't work too hard know what they say..all work, no play {winks}
You look sexy as always, Ace. Have a productive day πŸ˜‰
Good morning angels..Have a sexy busy day ahead, but you're in my thoughts always x.
We were on an insanely busy street, with endless cars rumbling past on one side and a crush...
I still dunno know if Henry Cavill could be Jack Hyde.. HE CANNOT! BC HE'S GIDEON CROSS! NOT SOME LUNATIC!πŸ˜›
"I lose my mind every time I come inside you. Let that be enough.". - Gideon Cross, in Sylvia Day's 'Entwined with you'
Finally finished the whole Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day. . I swear, Paolo is my Gideon cross. Lol
I hope God do a wonder which is make Henry Cavill as gideon cross. Amen.
. He touches a place in my heart no one else can
When I'm holding her..The whole world slips away.. She takes me to another dimension.. I'm home. x .
holly F...k usely I always behave like an angel πŸ˜‡. [gigles] but seeing you like this gees you asking for a miracle. πŸ˜‹πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆ
You guys can keep Travis Maddox, Augustus and all your other guy fiction lovers you've read of, just give me Gideon Cross …
can Henry Cavill please be Gideon Cross and Jamie Dornan be Cary Taylor?!? πŸ™
, I'll behave as much as you do Ace, {smirking}
I will do my best but that isn't helping...
Holy *** !! How am I supposed to behave after seeing you like that!!
I always behave just not necessarily well.Giggle.xo
Sweet Jesus... how am I supposed to behave??
Have a delicious my angels ... Hope you all behave {winks} . x .
Hard and focused...just the way I like. Come here...
Excellent. The best way to have you :)
Good morning Ace...I hope you have a wonderful
She rounded the desk, then grabbed me by the tie. I was instantly hard, & totally focused ...
as always very handsome sweetie. Hope you slept well with sweet dreams? That look hmm just want stare in your beautiful eyes😘
Henry Cavill is and will always be my Gideon Cross πŸ’πŸ»
Kinda bummed that I missed chatting with you last night πŸ˜‰. Hope you had a restful evening.
Thank you for your beautiful company as always my angels .. I adore you all & will return soon . x
. Thank you darling ... Sleep well and sweet dreams {kisses}
I was always taught to share my toys {heated look in my eyes, biting my lip}
Bedtime for me, Mr. Cross... hope you have a satisfying evening ;)
. That's quite ok sweet heart... I'm so glad that you do! {kisses}
. Oh they can manage.. A little while. {smirks}
I don't know how I missed this post! I love your're great! I enjoy you so much...xx
. {holds you close} Well it would be a difficult day I'm sure angel {kissing your cheek}
I had a nice Sunday with family. Today I went to my late husband's grave. He was a Veteran. Glad you had a good one.
. Thank you angel mine.. I definitely did ..and you?
. {Grabbing your arm, pulling you close} what was that angel?
Hmmm...guess I'd better just be my naughty self then {sly grin}
I just can't get enough of you baby..
Thank you sweetie I just love that song. Your so amazing to share it with us. 😘
Hmm...I'm intrigued...give it your best shot Ace...I'm certainly not going to stop you {grinning}
We've established some talking points: we have an intense sexual attraction and ...
If the crossfire series becomes a movie can Gideon Cross be played by
Gideon had claimed me...and given himself to me in return. With a single look. He'd recognized me the moment he saw me.
Also an describes you perfectly I think xx
better late than never! You absolutely will love Gideon Cross. Hot *** that man is amazing 😍
thanks sweetheart! I love this song. I hunger for your love too. {kisses}
A beautiful song from a beautiful man...thank you
An old song.. Dedicated to my angels... God speed your love to me.. x.
no your not as I'm reading the series again it's a brilliant story line
"I'd kill for you, give up everything I own for you... but I won't give up you." - Gideon Cross, Reflected in you
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. Yes it is... Lionsgate is going to be making a series πŸ’‹
Oh well! Thers still people like me and you, Kiki!
. It's going to be a TV Series darling πŸ’•
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Parenthood is hard! But seriously, the best books EVER! They'll have to be indulgent xx
I'm the only one who likes reading. My mom promised to watch the movie.
. Well has your Mom read the books at all? I'm sure she would get hooked as well πŸ˜‰
Yes definitely! Patiently waiting for one with you, though xx CAN'T WAIT!
. I'm so thrilled you do ... Enjoy every page .. It's so worth reading over and over πŸ’žπŸ’•
:-D more than thrice! But this is a great obsession. I could be hooked on drugs! I'
enjoying has to an understatement of the entire universe xx I totally Love Love the story! β™₯Β€β™₯β™‘β™₯
Unless you've read it more then twice πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
A heated glance, a whisper in my ear, a mere kiss or the slightest touch..all would make me want you again and
Tears slipped free and ran down my face. They splashed on the upper swell of my breasts. I've never stopped wanting you
I found myself reading the series again. My mom thinks I'm obsessed. I don't!
. I agree about Henry Cavill- I think he would make a great Gideon Cross. Maybe Ian Somerhalder.
I'm losing my mind without you..I can’t think. I can’t work or sleep. My body...
You were like the Gideon Cross i never realized i had
Heard the rumor and I was like, 'No! He I Gideon Cross. Respect it. Stop.'
its screams Gideon Cross, I want him. *says I want him aggressively yet politely*
I could watch her walk for hours. She had a sway to her hips that made me ache to ... .
indeed angel to me he is Gideon Cross πŸ˜‰
Then let's not waste anymore time. Time to play.
you always brighten mine too. Have a great weekend! {kisses}
Hmmm... Gideon Cross... I don't think i have to say more :D
"Oh Eva, I must've wished for you so hard and so often you had no choice but to come true.” - Gideon Cross
I am having a sexy Saturday and reading reflected in you again loving it x
Always handsome. Love the time you spend with us. Kisses!
My tongue, my fingers, my *** inside you. Just you and me, Eva. Intimate and raw. - Gideon Cross
have a nice day sweetie. As always you look very handsome.πŸ˜™
Thanks for being with us. You certainly brighten up our days and of course our TLs xx
I'm not giving you any options here. We're doing this, Eva. Enjoy your last remaining hours as a single woman. - Gideon Cross
Thank you for joining me, my angels .. You always brighten my days .. {kisses} . Have a x.
β€œI spend a quarter of every day inside you. When you set limits outside of that I can't help but see them as arbitrary.” - Gideon Cross
β€œIt's probably best for me to work off some energy before I get you naked. I'm sure you'd like to be able to walk tomorrow.” - Gideon Cross
. Now I've got you right where I want you, the dirtier the better... {squeezing your butt}
Good morning Ace. How are you on this
*raising an eyebrow, canting my head* You do realize that my character Gideon Cross has something in common with Grey?
Oh and I wouldn't want it put out Ace if I had u.πŸ’—
[the strength of your grip almost make me swoon] It feels so good to be in your arms, Gideon.
good thank you Sir looking forward to yay xxx
. Thank you angel ... How are you this morning?
. That fire can't be extinguished angel ..
. I'm good thank you.. Look after those precious little ones x
. Thank you darling... Have a delicious Saturday ahead x
Oh yes, reading through your TL always makes my day. Oh, I hope I'm not too pushy [blushes]
. Good morning baby ... How are you this morning?
I love a man that's assertive and takes's quite a turn on πŸ”₯
. Thank you angel mine.. And I hope you enjoy a sexy day as well {kissing your cheek}
. Thank you baby.. It's also a pet hate of mine too..
. Good morning angel ... Thank you. Only fair since you brighten mine ..
. I'm sure you'll enjoy .. Over and over...
my cells and fibres in my body are on fire for you Ace. Just help me put the out.πŸ’‹
"It felt like every cell in my body was straining toward his. Resisting him took an impossible amount of …
. You're never going to find out angel ..
. No, thank you for joining me angel {kisses}
. I'm so glad you enjoy, angel mine x
. No doubts angel ... You're my obsession...
"It shouldn't be such a mystery that women fall in love with you and stay in love." htt…
. That's returned right back.. Ditto angel x
okay, we can start with that. I like it a lot {smiles}.
. I enjoy it immensely angel mine .. Thank you {kissing your cheek}
. That's so sweet of you to say .. Thank you baby
. Thank you angel .. How are you today?
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. You certainly brighten mine, angel .. And thank you, enjoy it all
. Not as much as you brighten mine, angel
. I'm thrilled you are here with me baby x
Awww, you have always such a way with words, Gideon. Have fantastic day.
. You are special, don't forget that angel mine
. That means so much angel, thank you x
. I hope your dreams were deliciously sexy..
. You're very welcome angel .. The pleasure is all mine
Still loooking for my Gideon Cross, maybe he was swimming in the sea ..
come on Pls watch. would be perfect Gideon Cross.
ive yet to read it!!! but should i?? OPTION SIYA NI Sylvia Day AS GIDEON CROSS ASDFJGKLAHB
when they'd cross over the state line. LOL
You are quite determined...I like it πŸ˜‰
Don't. Tell me when, then.. & before you say never, take a good look at me & tell me if you see a man who's easily deterred..
, Yes Ace we don't know what we would do without your sexy *** {walking away, turning head to face you, winking}
thank you for being sweet Hot and handsome! !πŸ˜‰
Want and need...two words I'm very familiar with Ace 😘
What a wonderful thing it would be to have someone that felt that way about you. I wouldn't know what to do. Good afternoon.
the perfect cut of that body...Ditto! Breathing without you is ***
You the musician and I the instrument becoming one as I surrender, your warmth melting me. ht…
I have what you want.come lick, taste and enjoy.over and over.
No, thank YOU Ace...your time and attention is precious and it means the world that you'd spend it with us {kisses}
you are the best Man I came across πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’žπŸ’—
To my gorgeous Angel . For bringing me .. & Crossfire to life. You are incredible! {Kisses}
Thank you for brightening up my TL Have a wonderful holiday weekend! XOXO
Thank you for giving us something to enjoy :)
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