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Giant Panda

The panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca, lit. black and white cat-foot ), also known as the giant panda to distinguish it from the unrelated Red Panda, is a bear native to central-western and south western China.

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This may be the perfect holiday video. Giant Panda vs. Snowman - Toronto Zoo
DID YOU KNOW that Adelaide Zoo is one of only a handful of Zoo’s across the world with a Giant Panda enclosure?...
Giant Panda stands tall on the street! The cute statue behind the Busan Cinema Center is located in...
The Orangutan, Sea Lions, Tiger, Whale, Giant Panda, and the Chimpanzee are all classified as endangered. https:…
Up close with the ferocious Giant Red Panda 🐻😱.
Canada's only giant panda cubs are seven months old today. See them at
Animals of the Week - Giant panda Aibang cuddles her cub
How pandas may be eating their way to extinction
Summer is coming, Let's stay cool: Giant panda in SW China's Yunnan Province plays water to beat the heat(web)
PSA: This is how you make a girl happy! A giant panda is the key
Where did Lao Tzu go to see the giant panda?. The Tzu
He enjoys mounting that giant panda
Still Panda'd after all these how this one ages... (Giant Panda Dub Style IPA)
Other contestants who passed the first round :. dope doug. khundi panda. giant pink . Jonjaein (aka daydreamer)
"." Cuddling plushie which is giant panda.
We're sorry to interrupt your feed but... Our giant panda cubs are seven months old today 🐼
DYK the Giant Panda is an Endangered species?
Giant Panda conservation center workers in China dressed to keep cubs from feeling threate…
Chengdu China : The Red Panda of southwestern China; little brother of Giant Panda!
Why are brace elastics named after endangered animals? - I've just moved up to Giant Panda from Siberian Tiger.
The Red Panda is found in the Himalayas & south-western China and feeds on bamboo. It's unrelated to the Giant Panda. …
Giant Panda cake of which my company sponsored the flour. @ National Zoo of Malaysia
Hong Kongs giant panda, Jia Jia, celebrated her 37th birthday in style on Tuesday as she was awarded two Guinness World Record titles
My giant panda bear is most likely my bestest friend
In the wild, giant panda sex usually involves one female and two or more males
moments later Baby Panda's strikeout was called the worst Giant AB of the year by and
A giant panda eats anywhere between 20 to 40 lbs of bamboo each day. Occasionally, they will consume small mammals.
"If someone wins a giant *** panda on your watch you should just go home because you're fired man ok"
and a giant inflated panda mascot XD
Jolly Green Giant reached his expiration date, he is now replaced withthis Panda eating a donut
Because the giant panda has the configuration of a carnivore, some evolutionists say that it is an evolutionary...
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“Giant panda 'faked pregnancy' to get better treatment chile..
ok, slightly tipsy but there is definitely a giant panda in Chinatown 🐼
ICYMI: confirms giant panda is not pregnant
Zoo's panda mom is a giant gift to science
The oldest giant panda in captivity, Jia Jia, is 37 years old—which is more than 100 years old in human terms.
Giant Panda turns 37, pee repelling wall, and a Hungry Colossal Squid in News of the week
Then there's this giant stuffed panda and it's so cute
Celebrated giant panda Xiao Liwu who turns three and
So awesome to here that there are triple twins pandas born this week
for info on Giant Panda pls see following webpage and assoc links
You know when a giant panda creeps in, dislocates your shoulder when you're asleep and says "you must've been sleeping funny"?That happened.
Latest: Giant panda gives birth to twins in SW China
Giant panda Weiwei leans on ice blocks to cool off inside its enclosure at a zoo in... via
Panda gets a giant ice cube because of the heat.
Third pair of giant panda twins born in five days in China
Look like pink mice? They are panda babies born last night at Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Center.Blessing to babies
My wittle baby sleeping in her fav spot next to my giant panda bear
no giant Red Panda, I am disappoint
13 panda cubs later, SD Zoo's Bai Yun is credited with helping to advance breeding science:
Su Lin the Giant Panda, marker sketching at the Chicago Field Museum -
'Giant Panda', © Robert Bateman, 1985, 36" x 48", Acrylic on Masonite. See more at: (TRBC)
[35 of 60] | Can you guess which blockbuster produced by Sony Pictures is the most eco-friendly? Here's a clue - Andrew Garfield. Find out more at Through its efforts, the studio will receive Gold Standard carbon offsets that render the entire physical production of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as well as its publicity tour, carbon-neutral. They are supporting the Giant Panda habitat in China by installing 80 efficient woodstoves in local households in a village neighbouring the giant panda habitat. This WWF China and Earth Hour Blue project prevents deforestation in the habitat of the Giant Panda.
On Dec. 5th China Conservation and Research Centre for the Giant Panda released an official information that...
Caution: This video registers off the Cuteness Meter! A Giant Panda at the Toronto Zoo was caught having fun in the wintry weather.
Toronto Zoo releases footage of its prized Giant Panda frolicking in the snow
I've already watched this 5x today >> Giant Panda at Toronto Zoo Loves Somersaulting in the Snow
It was really amazing to visit three major tourist attractions of Singapore operated by Wild Life Reserves Singapore, Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and River Safari. There are about 315 species of animal in the zoo, of which some 16% are considered threatened species. Animals are kept in spacious, landscaped enclosures separated from the visitors by either dry or wet moats. The moats are concealed with vegetation or dropped below the line of vision. Dangerous animals that can climb well are housed in landscaped glass-fronted enclosures. The Singapore Zoo is the first zoo in the world to breed a polar bear in the tropics. The Night Safari is the world's first nocturnal zoo and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore which Currently houses over 2,500 animals representing over 130 species, of which 38% are threatened species. the Night Safari is an entire open-air zoo set in a humid tropical forest that is only open at night. It is divided into seven geographical zones, which can be explore ...
Some say that he was seen giving a fathers day card to a giant Panda.
Giant Bai Yun visited the dentist today to repair a chipped tooth. 23 years of eating bamboo will do that.
“Do guys that do this exist? 😩 🙋yes I have that giant panda in my bed
How to win my heart: bring me a giant stuffed panda bear and hug me a lot
“Do guys that do this exist? 😩 I WANT AN UNNECESSARILY GIANT PANDA
Check out this giant panda at the dentist! (h/t
To be fair, he was a strong 8 year old. And a giant panda as well.
Giant panda Liang Liang eats "moon cake" in the wild animal zoo of Hefei, capital of east China's Anhui Province
“Do guys that do this exist? 😩 yea, can i just have the giant panda bear.
Chengdu's Giant Panda Breeding and Research Base and the 10 best hotels in Chengdu
How can you not love this cutie giant creature...
lool he's jus too cute, like a big baby. A giant panda. . + he doesn't always get beat up 😒
melissa doug panda plush stuffed and toy giant bamboo bear new animal free ship: $73.93End Date: Sunday...
[[I got hit by the sads while talking to my sister-in-law and now I look like a giant pink panda in plum coloured jeans]]
Giant Panda,the national treasure of China,the symbol of peace.Lovely,cute,chubby. Our new product,panda speaker.
San Diego giant panda has chipped tooth fixed -
I just finished the giant panda story in a free iPad app from Help giant pandas. 😔
Did you hear that Giant San Diego panda gets dental work (My SA)
Aww! San Diego Zoo's giant female panda takes a trip to the dentist to fix a chipped tooth.
I'm at Tropicalia for Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, Mighty Joshua and Dub Architect in Washington, DC
The Daily Treat: do not try this Panda dentist smile: Bai Yun, female San Diego Zoo Giant Panda, it was announ...
What we are talking about on Live from the Morgue
A giant panda refused to let go of a keeper's leg in a China via
So, who's dressing like a giant panda for Jazzoo presented by
A chipped tooth is a big deal even for giant pandas
Giant San Diego panda gets chipped tooth fixed so she can eat bamboo again:
Little Red Panda! They love bamboo more than giant pandas
Giant pandas spend about two-thirds of the day eating and the rest napping.
Cam: We can't ignore the giant panda in the room
Giant takes trip to after chipping tooth on bamboo:
A newborn giant panda is about the size of a stick of butter. xx
This panda with a chipped tooth has better dental coverage than you
Awww. You'd probably need a dentist appointment if you ate bamboo for 23 years, too.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Edinburgh Zoo is saying that Tian Tian the Giant Panda is pregnant which is good news. Will a Panda be born in the UK for the first time?
This weekend in Atlanta: Tricked out cars, Giant Panda birthday kickoff, and Atlanta Street Food Festival!
+SD Zoo giant panda recovering from surgery
Nearly everyone who visits Chengdu go to the Giant Panda Research Centre. Don't forget that the Hot Pot there is also a great attraction.
Giant Panda Volunteer is a special option that you can only experience in a Chengdu tour. You can either choose to take this job in Chengdu Panda Breeding Center or Bifengxia Panda Base.
warm weather comes round and all I wanna do is listen to Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad
gavin sleeps with a giant panda I just
Spend time with cute Chinese Giant Pandas, visiting Bifengxia Panda Base would be an inspirational experience.
"A giant panda can peel and eat a bamboo shoot in about 40 seconds."
"At birth, a giant panda is smaller than a mouse." . How cute is that then?. XD nabasa ko lang.
With an annual pay of 32,576 US dollars, a giant caretaker may be the most fun job
The giant panda can eat up to 83 lbs of bamboo a day
How Did the Giant Panda Bear Get its Name and Where Does the Panda Come From?
//No problem...I am on a verge to be one of you guys..a real giant..but with the heart of panda.
You know just me and my giant panda watching one of my favorite movie and there's popcorn lol   10% Off
But first- /packs out a giant teddy. Please accept this panda. ♥
This is only relevant because I have a giant panda too...
Back to reality after an amazing week in China, taking in Chengdu & Beijing. Meet the boss, Qin Bo the Giant Panda!
Kanye got Kim a giant *** rice krispie treat for Mother's Day 😂
I would have cake, wifi, a bed, video games and console and books. Also a giant fluffy Red Panda with a cub. Aww .
GIANT PANDA and her cub - rare footage from CHINA'S Anzihe Nature Reserve
The Bifengxia Base of China Giant Panda Protection and Research Centre has offered the "most fun job" in… [pic] —
We'd like to thank all those that came out to the Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad show this past Friday. Portland,...
Dirty baked oysters down at the ol' Giant lambertini. --- I LIKE DIRT…
Photographer Ami Vitale was allowed exclusive access into China's giant panda research centre as it trains pandas to be released into the wild. These pictures show the extraordinary lengths the keepers go to
SDZ Global Wildlife Conservancy - Success Stories - Giant Panda To all the world's moms...good work. via
And the epitome of a teenager: the giant panda
Anxiety is to being human what bamboo is to being a giant panda.
Video: Is working as a giant panda caretaker "the most fun job in China"?
Giant Yuan Zai in food fight with its mother Yuan Yuan
Over the age of 35, nose hair grows quicker than bamboo. FACT. I may have to rent a Giant Panda to control it.
Wish I would have bought that giant stuffed panda bear for myself on valentines day I would be hugging it so hard right now
If you lose a giant panda on your shift you better just go home cause you're fired.
Opinion: the giant Chinese panda tries to hide | beyondbrics | via
Denmark's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Martin Lidegaard made a deal with the Chinese president, to bring two giant pandas to the Copenhagen Zoo, on his two-day state visit to China at the end of April 2014. Lidegaard said, “I’m very happy that China will allow Denmark to lease two pandas. It’s the u…
A newborn giant panda weighs less than a cup of tea.
It's better than getting knifed over a giant panda.
Find out more at: LUN LUN THE GIANT PANDA GIVES BIRTH TO TWINS! ATLANTA -- July 15, 2013 -- ...
Goin to alchemystics and giant panda tonight !! Who's comin with me ?
Stafford Springs, the Skchenystics are coming. Who else is gonna party with us besides Giant Panda, Michael Deary, Leinzchtz Steinerveich, and the Zion Tific family? Oh, and I'll have strange creek tickets available. Might as well get yours today before prices go up!
new, last-minute, YouTube, video, uploaded to YouTube, news,day, TOO CUTE, Giant Panda puts Baby Panda back to bed in Taipei Zoo" TOO CUTE Giant Panda puts B...
Pretty pumped for giant panda and the alchemystics tonight.
Teacher: Do you know as to why did the World Wildlife Fund choose the giant panda as their symbol? Pappu: Because they didn't have a color printer! :P
Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad performs "Far Away" on Audiotree Live, October 11, 2011. Watch or download the complete session with interview at
There are two bands that I would drop everything and go see if they come to your town. 1. The Wood Brothers 2. Giant Panda Guerrila Dub Squad. GPGDS played one of the raddest shows I've ever been to last night at Empire in Portland, Maine. They blend genres like none other, so if you need your reggae/dub/funk/soul/rock fix met, go see them. I'm still looking for pieces of my brain after my head cracked open and my mind blew all over the place on the dance floor. Make haste people, look 'em up, you will feel the love.
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The Alchemystics make their triumphet return to Stafford Springs This Saturday May 10th with Giant Panda...
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Giant panda Longsheng eats carrot at the Zhengzhou Zoo in Zhengzhou, capital of central China's Henan Province, March 18, 2014. The panda will be sent back to China Research and Conservation Center for the Giant Panda in Sichuan, southwest China, after the death of another panda Jinyi a month ago.
Review Blown Away Best Deals Review Blown Away ‹‹ GET BEST DISCOUNT Blown Away Giant Panda: Bamboo Feeder Huge panda is a bear which is indigenous to central-western and southern-western China and is effortlessly recognizable by its massive distinct black patches all around the eyes, ears and throughout the entire body. Although it belongs to the order Carnivora but its diet program mainly is composed of about ninety nine% bamboo. In the wild they feed on grasses, wild tubers and even meat in the variety of carrion. In captivity they are fed on honey, yams, eggs, fish, bananas, oranges and leaves of the shrubs. Due to deforestation and habitat destruction the organic habitats of the Giant Panda are under threat. It is now regarded as as an endangered species. Blown Away. Discover the Shocking Secrets of Freemasons The earth of the Freemasons has fascinated men and women for hundreds of years. Imagine a impressive magic formula culture which has been suspected for centuries of plotting to acquire in ex ...
Bao Bao, the baby Giant Panda made her debut today at the National Zoo
Giant Panda cub Bao Bao poses for the photographers at the National Zoo in Washington by Paul Richards
Bao Bao, the Giant Panda cub is seen by the media for the first time January 6, 2014 inside his glass enclosure at the National Zoo in Washington, DC, a few days before going on display to the general public.
There’s a great piece on Giant Pandas in the Smithsonian Magazine this month, exploring the complexity — and magnificence — of the Giant Panda:
We're live at the National Zoo getting a sneak peek of Bao Bao this morning! Have any questions for Zoo Keepers about our favorite Giant Panda cub? Let us know!
This week's event Schedule: Monday: Open Gaming all day Casual Yu-Gi-Oh 5 PM Wednesday: Open Gaming all day Thursday: Takenoko Game Day - All day we will be showing you all Takenoko. I know some of you watched Wil Wheaton play this game on Table Top and now you have a chance to play it for yourself. For those of you who haven't heard of this, it is a great game about the balance in a bamboo garden after the Emperor of Japan has been given a Giant Panda as a gift. This game is very fun and would make a great family friendly addition to your holidays. Friday: Standard Magic: the Gathering tournament - 6 PM, $5 entry fee Saturday & Sunday: Open gaming all day. Bring in your friends and play some games. You are welcome to borrow our demo copies to try something new, or bring in your favorites and share with some new players. We hope to see some new faces this week! Merry Christmas to all!
Click here to help us welcome Mei Lun and Mei Huan to zoo Atlanta as the first Giant Panda twins to survive birth...
Aw sad news. The tiger cub at London Zoo has been found dead, he drowned in the tiger pool. And Tian Tian the Giant Panda at Edinburgh Zoo lost her cub during pregnancy :-(.
Fast Fact Attack: Endangered Species 40 - Giant Panda one of the most iconic symbols in the world
A quick Manhattan Project rehearsal before delivering the sonic-boomtronic at Purple Pig Festival tonight!! We hit right after Giant Panda for a late-night barn burner set! See you there!!!
Vient de regarder Saving Hope S02E05 The Face of the Giant Panda
Video: breakingnews: Giant panda reunited with her cub at Taipei zoo New video has been released by the...
Swear if my mums birthday present doesn't arrive ill ring up WWF and un-adopt my giant panda, snow leopard, Bengal Tiger and me orang-utan..
This might just be the cutest thing you ever see
OMG our panda baby is sooo cute! Giant Panda Baby Back to Mom's Embrace: via
Today male giant Yang Guang is celebrating his 10th birthday with a huge "10" made of bamboo!
Heart melting moment baby giant panda meets mum for the first time.
Time to cuddle with my giant panda. lol
The coelacanth is actually a rarer species than the giant panda.
Today is a very special birthday - Edinburgh Zoo's giant panda Yang Guang - turns 10 today!
Giant Panda toenails found to contain the Caucasian elixir of youth. Black (and White) markets set to flourish!
Taipei City Zoo has released a video showing the touching moment when a female giant panda was reunited with her...
The Taipei Zoo has a new, month old giant panda. Watch as it meets its mom for the first time: (via
Loved Julie Etchingham's (deadpan delivery that pregnancy of giant panda was “not black and white matter”. Respect,
Panda gives birth in semi-wild environment: A giant panda born in captivity gave birth to a…
12 giant panda cubs lie in a crib at the Chengdu Research Base in China.
Hamilton Collection
I'm cuddling with a giant panda and crying I?
The new baby Giant Panda to start your day...
A Giant Panda's touching reunion with her cub after a month apart - [video & pics]
are you saying to buy him a GIANT PANDA?!?!?
Aww! Just makes your heart melt a little.
Baby panda meets its mother, looks like it might get eaten, then gets a cuddle. Aww.
Panda News: Giant panda reunited with its cub - Toronto Sun: Giant panda reunited with its cubToronto SunFollo...
I browsed my profile. They're called Giant Panda.
My God I forgot to mention the fact, I found a giant panda friend today.
baby panda meets mum in Taiwan zoo. View more insanely cute pics ...
i want a giant panda. not the real one. the fake one. that I can cut and sit in.
There was a giant panda stuff animal bigger then me for 10 dollars at Costco
just paid the bus station in quarters to get to the Talavera throw-down. Giant Panda in the earbuds. Feelin' like a Laker.
Toronto Zoo - Giant Panda Exhibit is open, Year of the Snake events happening.. I am going this weekend
Tai Shan which means giant panda in Chinese! :)
Now that I've seen the giant pandas in Chengdu, China I feel I have a much deeper understanding of Kung Fu Panda 1&2
I roll over to see becca cuddling with her giant panda bear. Why won't you love me 😢
Something that's been troubling me for sometime, now - is there any kind of reward/pay-off for racking-up "Likes?" "Like"-ing and being "Like"'d are their own rewards, sure, but...I mean, is there a stuffed giant panda that I'm not aware of in somebody's future?
Rare giant panda gives birth to twins in China, first pair born this year
What a sweet baby Panda. They are so beautiful. They look like giant stuffed toys.
Asia Top story: BBC News - Giant panda twins born in China see more
And then woke up with a random person in a giant panda costume laying on top of me in my dream
I love the sun and the heat!!! I'm not complaining about that. (I'd have to thunder punch myself in the throat if I did). What is almost too unbearable is the stinking humidity! BLAH!
Each year, Americans spend about $6-billion at amusement parks. That covers admission, food, souvenirs and the loads of cash we flush down the toilet on those carnival games. Whether it's Ring Toss, Whack-a-Mole or that one where you squirt water into a clown's mouth, we're willing to empty our wallets playing these nearly impossible-to-win games because we really, really want a giant stuffed panda. Have you ever lost a ton of money trying to win one of these games? ~Kris
Boris would've had roast Swan for starter, washed down with Pol Roger '85. Then grilled Giant Panda with a nice Margaux. Beluga. Montrachet.
Unconditional Love ♥The Giant Panda is the most endangered of the 8 species of bears.
obsessive meets protector Highly recommend this book:
Looking for travel ideas? Check out this giant panda in Beijing Zoo:
Can someone please but me a giant panda bear stuffed animal
Man so many people have those giant panda bear stuffie things from Costco , I feel like I'm missing out on something great
'Palanivel was at GIANT PANDA conserv signing function. Looks like PANDA get more attention than the PENAN
u barely fit in that room! If KC didn't approve a dog don't he's really gonna approve a giant panda!
Me: Lucy u know a ling ling is a giant panda? Lucy: oh really I luv pandas
What I do: whenever I find a restaurant that serves shark, I walk out, telling the manager politely, clearly (and loud enough for atleast a few tables to hear) that sharks are endangered and I wouldnt eat at a place that served shark, just as I wouldnt eat at a place that served tiger meat or giant panda meat. It's a small thing, but hopefully, if enough of us start doing it, we can effect some change.
A day at the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Centre. Panda for a pet, anyone?
:D atleast I know now. Btw there is a giant panda in AC. ♥♡♥
9th inning Dodgers 4 Giants 2 ...Giant up 1 out Panda at the plate call 2 and 2.. Let's go Jansen
Cute, cuddly, and virtually extinct. on the front lines for a last-ditch effort to save the Giant Panda:
I hope my friends and family are doing well tonight. Like other giant fans I am unhappy about the game. Now as a warriors fan like a lot my friends on here I will be very unhappy if the warriors trade one of there best to the hornets.
sad panda. Anyone with tickets to Ben Ottowell tonight want to do that thing where I stand on your shoulders under a giant overcoat?
Let's go Dodgers! With the family enjoying the game. Oh and the one Giant fan
-just lays on my bed and does nothing but stare at the ceiling- -WushuTao
The next 10 days are gonna be SO unreal. Giant panda bears, Pride, Fenway Park, BOSTON on the Fourth of July?! Un. Freaking. Real.
☺ They're actually the closest living relative to the Giant Panda(which by the way isn't a bear 😜)
& visit the Giant Panda Experience at on The 5 O'clock Show - now online.
【WSJ News】 Ueno Panda Pregnancy Deemed Unlikely: Much to the disappointment of giant panda watchers everywhere...
I had a giant panda coat with cow prints all over. At its back a leopards face merging in, black spots on white fur, yellow cats eyes. ...
Who has a truck and is willing to drive me to Danridge to steal a giant panda statue, anyone? No, okay. .__.
Reporter Alex Cullen looks at the last-ditch efforts to save the Giant Panda as it teeters on the edge of extinction.
Downloading: Jack the Giant Slayer, Kung Fu Panda Good Croc Bad Croc, Oz the Great and Powerful and Spring Breakers
Giant panda gives birth to twins in China - by Carol Gioia - Helium
Trying so hard to not be a sad/grumpy panda...super mega ultra effort here.
Where you give a giant panda to another country to keep the relationship strong/resolve conflict.
I have always wondered what the deal is with the giant panda?
That scene in the 1st season of Modern Family when Cam says to Mitch "we can't ignore the giant panda in the room".
So today I purchased a bookmark made of giant panda poo. Welcome to Canada.
AWWW RT!!! "CUTENESS ALERT!!! 30 puppies snuggle up to giant panda in Glen Coe:
I am HAPPY. Giant panda gives birth to twins in China via
I post stills from the movies I watch, you guess what they are. Some will be easy, some will be...
Keep the bamboo-thru open late for this hungry Panda!
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San Diego Zoo, one of the zoos housing giant pandas. For Japanese living nearby Tokyo, seeing a giant panda is normal but not for others. I was really shocked by seeing a guy jumping to almost the top of tall palm tree...
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Where do people get the giant panda stuffy from? I want one! 🐼😒
Saw the Giant Panda yesterday and Hiked hiked to the top of a mountain to see all of Edinburgh, and saw Hangover Part 3. It was an amzing day but i may have pulled a few muscles in my legs :(
I just finished the giant panda story in This App is just incredible beautiful
Assignment of the day: post your favorite animal.
I do not see the point in the Giant Panda, however.
Yes you are^^ But Panda needs to rest too :pp Yeahh good good! Have you took your dinner, giant panda?
So I'm doing the GNR for a SECOND time this year, again for charity and this time as a giant Panda,
Auww I miss you too my giant panda :^) I'm fine, it's just the haze here hurts me a lil. But I'm okay:D^^ How about you?
's greatest that the world knows. Download the now -
On the non-ragey side of things, have a free helping of cute pandas
Rare giant panda twins born in China | Business Standard
found my diary from 2004, apparently my fav music is Busted, I will be an author when I'm older and I will have a pet Giant Panda
I used to want a giant panda painted on my bedroom wall and have my door made from bamboo
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
What is the strangest dream you've ever had? — That my sister turned into a giant panda and tried to eat me so I...
“Cant wait to get my wisdom teeth out tomorrow bright and early” I'd rather get eatn alive by giant panda
Hmmm, can I get one Red Panda as opposed to a giant panda?
A rare giant panda has given birth to a pair of infant pandas. The twins are the first born in captivity this year. http…
First 75 people to tell us about the last time you went to a zoo are entered to win a LARGE MEDITERRANEAN PIZZA! With house pesto sauce, mozzarella, black & green olives, artichokes, sundried tomatoes and feta. Valid with min $10 purchase, dine in only, today only. Good luck!
Really Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad on the Grassroots stage, for late night well i guess we'll all be up at 4:20 saturday night at All Good Music Festival
Morning!! Question for y'all... One of the ohana sent me a message wanting to know about making frozen treats. I have never done this myself and don't yet have any resources. Can you share how you do it? Perhaps useful links on how to do it? I think Robin and I would benefit from knowing how people make those big ice blocks with toys and treats in them. Thanks for your help!!
Good morning all! Now that summer is FINALLY here tell us, what have been your favourite moments at the Zoo since warmer temperatures arrived? The Gorilla Climb? Splash Island? Let us guess...the giant pandas!! We'd love to hear in the comments below...
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Giant Panda and Golden Dragon required in Hong Kong, Surfer needed in Honolulu, anybody help?
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Someon must have a surfer in Honolulu or an invention in Venice
Name a movie whose plot line is more stupid than Turbo's for a wallpost.-_-
Miss Alba will be designing a Griffin, a Dragon, a Panda and a Gambor for the books. She will be the first artist to interpret the Gambor. Here is the descriptions I provided her. I think I've given her a tall order... Gambor: race of large (3 meter tall) multi-limbed, smooth-shelled, winged beetles (sentient); home world is Galzeki, tagged for garbage reclamation by Imperial Navy and site of 400-year-old civil war. A smooth-shelled giant beetle, Ka’vaelus’ body segments were encased in a hardened exoskeleton finished to a glossy black sheen. The outer wings were modified into stiff elytra that protected the inner pair, folded against his spine. His domed head was smooth with conical twists and slopes topped with three short horns sharpened to a brutal point. His shiny dorsal plates bore the scars from many a pitched battle and his bandolier was adorned with a red swath of galen root, signifying his rank as Cha’halen. At his torso’s midsection, between the natural armor plating of his body segment ...
Well it was another awesome night at Vacation Bible School (Camp really). Boomer the Giant Panda taught us that God watches over us in the darkness and in the light (black and white). Jonah told us about how he tried to run away from God and ended up in the belly of a fish. We played panda tag, popcorn panda, and the night would not be complete without a water game and yes some got wet. We made God Watch wrist bands and made these awesome fish for snacks. The crew's are in a hot race to see who can bring the most canned goods for the food pantry. It is not too late to join the fun, there are still two nights left. The program is free.
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Download this track for FREE as part of my debut album DUB Volume 1 here: The Dub Arch...
So I gotta draw a picture for someone who is moving away. But...I cant quite think of what to make...
What is the most heavy metal animal of all time?
To ALL My Bingo Blitz Team mates.. You are ALL SO AWESOME for send me items that I need. Thank you all so Very Much. It was very thoughtful of my team mates to Help me. I REALLY REALLY Do APPRECIATE all of it. THANKS AGAIN. If you need something and I have spare just let me know. Thanks Again...
Imagine for Rachel "Do you want to play the dunk game?" "Im no good at it" "I'll help you" You start the game and he guides your hand and helps you dunk the person. "Wow this giant panda is so cute thank you for helping me win it Lou" "Anything for my babycakes" Carnival ends and you go to his house and watch a movie. "Guess what" "What" Kneels "I want you to come on tour with me"
Female giant panda Shin Shin munches away on bamboo, bearing signs that she may be pregnant in Tokyo, Japan on May 28, 2013. (Yoshikazu Tsuno/AFP/Getty Images)
A Red Panda escaped from the Smithsonian National Zoo and was found by a local resident in DC! Why could I not be the one that found him! (because I would have kept him)
The Smithsonian’s National Zoo is missing a Red Panda, a male named Rusty. He was not in his exhibit this morning when keepers went in to feed the Red Pandas, and we are not sure how long he has been missing. He was fed and cared for last night at 6 p.m.
Well I'm calm down now and the house is all settled. And everyone's solved our problems. Ugh I'm sorry fb friends for the krazy ranting. I try to be the most nicest but sometimes a lil psycho makes a point. Thanks for the support tho means allot to me. GIANT SUPER MAEMAY HUGS. TO ALL!
Somebody give me cuddles and buy me a stuffed panda I'm sad .-.
Saw the Yahoo headline "Giant Panda Has Twins" and figured either Kanye West or Shawn Kemp had to be involved.
Something tells me its taco time...
If soon there were to be a transformational music and yoga festival in upstate NY for the prime purpose of gathering The Tribal Council of How to be Human of which you are a most prominent Member, what Artists and Leaders would be there to make an offering? YOU and WHO ELSE? Speak up!
Mistake buying Rich 1227 Q.I. facts book.did you know a giant baby panda weighs less than a cup of tea when it's born.
So not sure if this has ever been asked, but what is everyone's sona? Wolf? Cat? Hybrid? Tell me :D I want to see what we have out there! :) -Amos
It's possible you and these fuzzy bears share more interests than you'd expect.
I need to buy a giant panda mascot outfit for mosh pits.
There is definitely someone in the Sacramento area selling baby monkeys on Craigslist... I want them...
Plus what's the deal with pet stores NOT stocking grizzly bear cubs??? I means, they've got fishies, guinea pigs, parrots, but NO fuggen grizzly bear cubs? I'm gonna demand to speak to the manager next fuggen bear cubs? J
The most expensive tea in the world is fertilized by the dung of the Giant Panda. This 'Panda Tea' costs around $70,000/Kg.
After this one commission from Proto ((that I still need to get too. Sorry I didn't get to it sooner, I've just been feeling meh lately. And now I'm just so hot because of the weather xD)) The commissions will be closed to get through some stuff. And one of them, I'm sure people still remember, the Giant Picture of Friends and Family in Apotos. I was going to draw a whole bunch of my friends there, and there's still a chance that you can join in too, but you must follow these rules: 1. You must have a FULL body picture of yourself ((So I know what I'm drawing)) 2. Give me your full name if it isn't already on your page ((Like some have some persons name and then and "Others".who are the others? So I need full name to put on the list)) 3. You must be a friend I talk to Regularly, Or at least one I've talked to and had befriended, Don't just come up to me saying you want to be in it, and we've never bothered talking freebees here, you want to be in the picture I must know you and have talked to ...
It's time for this weeks 'Who Am I'! OK, here goes... I was once extinct in the wild but my species has been bred in captivity and released back into nature reserves of China. As a species we are adapted for wet conditions and we can move with ease on boggy ground. It is now June; all our babies are born for this year. As a male this is the most important time of year as it is a period of intense ritual and theatre. I need to be the loudest; I need to be the biggest and strongest, the fastest and the muddiest. If I am to ensure my genes are passed onto the next generation, these next few weeks will be a vital test of my stamina and everything I have evolved to do. We may look docile and placid as we graze but right now you can rest assured that there is drama and theatre unfolding everyday for us as the highlight of the year reaches its peak of activity. But who am I?
VIDEO: Edinburgh Zoo bear enjoys a dip in the bath as rumours persist that she is expecting the first UK-born cub
Who wants to take me to dirty Johnny's for lunch??
Officially buffalo bound July 24~30 for the wedding of Erin Miller and. A.j. Zwack.thanks the coolest mom ever who tells me she changed the day I arrive so I can see Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad she said!
The China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda in Sichuan province said the panda named Haizi gave birth to the two cubs 10 minutes apart on Saturday.
Well girl was outstanding...she didn't move an inch. I can confirm MRI's are pretty noisy...I know coz I was in the room as chief toe holder, with ear plugs of course ;)
Fuuu all i been eating en GTO and DF Mex , was birria, tacos, mole, fillet, giant hamburgers, tortas , flautas, guaraches, pambazos,tortillas,arroz panda express, BK , Mc D's and nothing but coke or beer n da morning , day and evening, aka *** -_- gonna do major working out wen i come back
Giant Fan, he's for real and you'll take it on the chin tonight as well. Go Dodgers!
Question: If you could be any animal which would it be?
I am very happy to report I am down 15 lbs, weighing in at a even 200lb. Sadly though I feel like I lost it all from my butt.
Irritating part of being on a night shift is that people will call you during the day, when you want to be like a sleeping Giant Panda.
Practice Question Set - 1 1) Which of the following organization has Giant Panda as its symbol? A) UNICEF B) Greenpeace C) World Bank D) World Wide Fund for Nature 2) Name the inventor of Black Box fight recorder who died recently A) David Warren B) J.L. Baird C) Thomas Alva Edison D) Wilbur Wright 3) “What Congress and Ghandhi have done to the Untouchables” is a book written by A) B.R. Ambedkar B) V.D. Savarkar C) Rajendra Prasad D) S.C. Bose 4) Sri Shiva Shankar Menon holds the position of A) Union Home Secretary B) Planning Commission Chairman C) Minister of State in Defense Ministry D) National Security Advisor 5) Which famous Indian artist accepted Qatai citizenship in February 2010? A) M.F. Hussain B) Mallika Sarabhai C) Zakir Hussain D) None of above 6) Why was Jordan Romero in the news recently? A) He is the youngest person to climb Mount Everest B) He swam the English Channel in record time C) He is the captain of the Mexican World Cup Football team D) None of the above 7) Who among the follo ...
Anyone looking for a chillstep/jazz station with a 90's flare needs to listen to Giant Panda on Pandora.
So, as many of you know, we are being hosting our grandcat Riley for several months. Riley is not a very social cat so far. He is a good cat, but he is not particularly eager to be around us and it is RARE for him to try to engage. I have been cleaning up around the kitchen computer today, trying to minimize STUFF in anticipation of lots of company next month, and there is a short stack of CDs and DVDs sitting on the counter here. I've been trying to figure out what they are as they are unmarked. At one point, Giant Panda music began to play...and sure enough, Riley appeared and started to rub up against my leg and submitted to being petted. I was feeling pretty good about my gains in his affection when I wasn't me! He thought that Jamie was here when he heard the music, as Jamie was singing. Oh, what a disappointment for Riley. He stayed for about 30 seconds and then took off. He's a die hard fan. No substitutes.
Look at the newest baby Giant Panda video(s) Adorbs! Check out my ot...
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