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Giant Haystacks

Martin Austin Ruane (October 10, 1946 - November 29, 1998) was an English professional wrestler of Irish descent.

Big Daddy Kendo Nagasaki Geoff Capes Leeds Town Hall Marty Jones

How is catford presinct and the town hall i used to bounce at the town hall, Big Daddy giant haystacks, ah a life time ago,
Women's Olympic wrestling! Need Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy to liven it up ! There's no ropes to jump off !
Justin Edwards (Mr. Rumbold) is the only actor to play Giant Haystacks, Mr Rumbold and Gan (in Blake's Junction 7)
Don't recall ever seeing Big Daddy or Giant Haystacks at the Olympics.
I was gonna say it reminded me of days of Kendo Nagasaki & Giant Haystacks..Expected Dickie Davies to step out at one point 😂
I quite like a spot of pillow wrestling myself especially if I win 😉 Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy were my faves 😊
probably just effigies of the great wrestler Giant Haystacks.
Yes English born and bred, my gran used to take me to shows with him Big Daddy , Giant Haystacks and all
if it was UK wrestling then I only recall Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy.
I used to watch 'Big Daddy' and 'Giant Haystacks' in the 80's but I was young and stupid. Now I'm just stupid. 😅😅😅
Bit surprised that Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks aren't featuring in peoples 😂
back sometime in the last millennium I saw Giant Haystacks at the Music Hall, Shrewsbury - now that was wrestling!
Arsene Wenger = under more pressure than Giant Haystacks deckchair !
You wouldn't think there was much material in beating up Giant Haystacks every Saturday.
I was half expecting to see another Jackie Fullerton/Giant Haystacks moment.
rewound it... It's was proper Giant Haystacks.
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who actually thinks he is Giant Haystacks & spent all his childhood looking for a needle, sadly he's found far too many!
Always loved watching Giant Haystacks. Pure evil. I bet he was lovely really!
For Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks. There's only one way to settle this. FIGHT!
Why don't they do proper wrestling at the Olympics with Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy?
Dafuq you watching men in lycra for, pal? Reminiscing on days of being Giant Haystacks 👀
We've got a memory foam mattress. My side appears to have fond memories of Giant Haystacks.
"The problem with bulk data collection is that is creates giant haystacks."
Giant Haystacks was still going in 91??? Fuuck, i remember my nan shouting at him vs Big Daddy!!
Giant Haystacks terrified me as a kid. I remember seeing him live at Dundee's Caird Hall in the late 80s. Monsterous!
This week's Number 1 from Kendo Nagasaki and Giant Haystacks ? Shurely shome mishtake
Is it Big Daddy's nemesis Giant Haystacks? That was proper wrestling that was (!)
giant haystacks wrestled in WCW as Loch Ness
Never knew Giant Haystacks was in WCW, was he there for long?
Me getting a kick in the orchestra's by Giant Haystacks in '91 at Earls Court in London for WCW.
Don't forget my personal favourite, Giant Haystacks
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BTW Mr parry giant haystacks called he said don't stretch his fav blue shirt
This afternoon I decided that I want to get into old UK wrestling. Giant Haystacks, Kendo Nagasaki etc. Make that my Thing.
Ray Steele was a non stop machine.Memories of Giant Haystacks saying "oh no,I hope I'm not on with Eric the Warrior"
it's so set up and fake its like wrestling, and by that I mean Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks - not the WWE
Used to love it! 4 o'clock Itv Saturday sat on my nans lap waiting for Big Daddy, Giant Haystacks & *** McManus! 👍🏼😂😂
It's Giant Haystacks. But I like it as the messiah Barry Gibb too.
DWN Match of the Day, 5/23/2016: Big Daddy vs. Giant Haystacks: Welcome back to Daily Wrestling News’ “Match ...
Shirley Crabtree and Martin Austin Ruane! Big Daddy v Giant Haystacks! Saturday afternoon wrestling! Takes me back!
Giant Haystacks used to live on my street. Gentle giant. Used to buy all the kids mix ups.
Giant Haystacks versus Big Daddy was way more sophisticated than this. Eaysee eaysee
Was thinking of the wrestler. There are traybakes called Giant Haystacks? Please send photo.
The so-far unfulfilled opportunity of an essay on the Irish identity of Giant Haystacks?
Great artist now playing on - 'Giant Haystacks' by 'President Ray-Gun' .
All we need now is for Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks to take to the ring - that would complete the show
it was a right crock of poo. It was a fake fight!! Reminded me of Big Daddy n giant haystacks days!!!
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never missed an episode of 'they think it's all over'..loved the blind fold session. Remember giant haystacks? 😂
It needs to be romantic. I’ve got candles for the mantelpiece, beneath the framed photo of me with Giant Haystacks, sig…
I dont know about these new ones I only remember the era of Big Daddy, Giant Haystacks and Brian Glover
Giant Haystacks and golden light from the harvest
When 2 of your worlds collide. "Frank Sinatra told Giant Haystacks that British wrestlers were the best entertainers in the world." 😅✔️
Fair play, this is ITV. Last time they did sport was 1970s with wrestling between Kendo Nagasaki & Giant Haystacks
ha ha! Thank you, but I think I'm more Giant Haystacks than George Clooney. 😉
dude, imagine you can play as Giant Gonzales, Haystacks Calhoun, Big Boss Man, Nailz, and the Bushwhackers in wwe 2k16
Made up this is still getting numbers. Thanks Giant Haystacks x
I have just been describing Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks to my young colleagues, They are not that impressed.
I almost laughed and applauded his originality when he called me Giant Haystacks. But I was too busy being mortified.
Andy hinchcliffe making mirallas sound like giant haystacks here, the mentalist.
Oh aye, mad snarling and flicking V' a wrestling crowd from Batley Town Hall in '78 V Giant Haystacks.
• I was shouting at the TV like it was Big Daddy against Giant Haystacks.
should have had Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks in the single video!
...and its nice to know that the English reference tonight is a new Wyatt who looks like a thinner Giant Haystacks!
Never been called giant haystacks before
Switched over to R5l after horny viper old woman and fly song giant haystacks and rodney you plonker.
huh. I figured it was Giant Haystacks.
Del Boy, Game for a Laugh, Terry and June, Ron Howard & Giant Haystacks all in the same episode. Generous questions this week.
I dunno, I've grown up on giant haystacks.
Dev Patel, Stephen Merchant, the nutter from Lethal Weapon 2 and a young Giant Haystacks. Boom!
OK, haven't watched wrestling since the days of Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks, and neither have I enjoyed it so much!
Cashed in my free burger on a giant haystacks at today. No regrets.
like Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks (my era, plus our appearance)
Horrified to discover that Australians have not heard of Giant Haystacks or Big Daddy!
FARMER: Job's simple. I need you to move this mountain of hay from here to there. You worked with giant haystacks before?. Big Daddy: Yes
Just because it's Friday. Memories from my childhood: Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks. 1981 -Saturday afternoon treat.
If u know who Giant Haystacks is then the fact his granddaughter goes rowing with my sister is sick
Him and Giant Haystacks were what Saturday afternoons were about once upon a time 😄
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Giant Haystacks was a brute of a man but some entertainer aswell
You have aged well yourself. Nice to see Giant Haystacks there too. You come across well in Yes, book.
When I was a child I called my father 'Big Daddy'. He loved it. My mum, on the other hand, hated her nickname: 'Giant Haystacks'.
Apologies John. Please forgive me the same way Giant Haystacks' family did.
For a quid they should be able to call you Giant Haystacks if they fancy
Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks. Stars of 1970's British wrestling.
I knew I'd have something in common with Ireland's biggest star since Giant Haystacks.
Bram is like Giant Haystacks runt twin brother
LARGE ONES FINISH THIRD. The largest pairing since Big Daddy teamed up with Giant Haystacks on World of Sport...
Is wearing giant haystacks shirt there?
. How I miss World of Sports wrestling with Giant Haystacks .
Who turned these giant haystacks into Despicable Me Minions?
The problem with Giant Haystacks. Little does know. Extract seven.
. Oh yes my Dad-Used to take me and my brother often-Loved it the battles between Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy.real wrestling
my dad loved watching wrestling.British wrestling that is, Big Daddy & Giant Haystacks were his favorite
my two are skinnoids . Yet eat like Giant Haystacks
Giant Haystacks destroys wrestler in 28 seconds! via
Here Giant Haystacks & Big Daddy as kids at The Wacky Warehouse
Giant Haystacks, I know he's dead, but still see him on Youtube, 8ft tall and weighing half a ton, according to Kent Walton
I met Giant Haystacks once ... He was enormous!!!
Big Daddy had a few brother. Few with Giant Haystacks.
The giant haystacks in the orange order walk in Glasgow today
oh no. Don't tell me Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks have been caught out?! 😳
Giant Haystacks has recently reached 300 plays and is now available through all good digital retailers!
I think it used to alternate with a bit of wrestling during the programme. Big Daddy v Giant Haystacks.
Big Daddy (YOR) bumps Giant Haystacks (LAN) out of the ring. Not an official match...
Poll: Which historical figure would you like Martin Clunes to play next?. a) Caligula. b) Andy McNab. c) Giant Haystacks. d) Lord Whoopsy
What is it with footballers and beards. Big Giant Haystacks ones. Why?
Big Daddy on the way to Giant Haystacks' funeral??
he was always better than Giant Haystacks
Ah just like Giant Haystacks vs. Big Daddy on World of Sport
For Bradford City vs Reading, see Big Daddy vs Giant Haystacks as women in mud. Like Girls on Film. XxX
i am a Wrestler in the UK. Let's get it back on UK TV! The modern Big Daddy & Giant Haystacks
Did Giant Haystacks just vom frogspawn into someone's stomach? Or is the cooker leaking?
you might struggle,giant haystacks is dead but I tgink Big Daddy is stil…
- could you pretend to beat Big Daddy & Giant Haystacks or would they pretend to beat you?
no a slap, he's well scared of me even though he's like Giant Haystacks.
There's still a prevailing notion in the UK that wrestling is Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy. NOPE.
Thanks! Mood has improved immeasurably as have changed trains and no longer squashed against window by Giant Haystacks-alike!
can you please wear your WWF giant haystacks leotard in your profile pic to QPR tonight please Azak.Look forward to a grapple.
Is that Giant Haystacks on the mat.. Loved watching this as a kid
thin walls lad. And these aren't 'lipstick *** . It's more like Big Daddy vs Giant Haystacks on world of Sport in 1978
Is Giant Haystacks as a manatee too off topic?
Might have to rely on my Irish heritage to be the Giant Haystacks to your Big Daddy.
It's turning into a spot Giant Haystacks in the game. How about a red card in the game at 7/4?
The taxi driver was talking to me about Giant Haystacks on the way though which was cool
Neil Ruddock is just morphing into Giant Haystacks.
People from history I'd like to have had a pint of Directors with: Joe Bugner, Idi Amin, Giant Haystacks, Dave Lee Travis and Tony Gubba.
don't tell me Dickie Davies isn't introducing a bout between Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy?
Would have loved to have met this guy! Heard many stories abt him in my time. Sadly he past away on this date in 1998 RIP Giant Haystacks!
Ring Wars Remembers.Giant Haystacks!!! . On this day in 1998, the wrestling world lost British Wrestling...
sweet! Been looking for a Giant Haystacks lookylike for a while
I saw that dude on the street the other day. He's truly, uh, larger than life. Like an Italian Giant Haystacks.
Giant Haystacks defeated me but was bloody awesome! :)
Giant Haystacks didn't do a *** weak cover version of May You Never. That's now the only difference.
It's getting harder and harder to tell Michael Ball from Giant Haystacks.
A normal night in with Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy
Aye. More than a passing resemblance to Giant Haystacks in his prime.
looks mint u look like Giant Haystacks
Someone in the comments has mistaken Geoff Capes for Giant Haystacks!
Check out new cover 4 book about to be published for younger readers, reminds me of Giant Haystacks from my youth!
Not really as I was just a nipper. Just remember my Granddad watching it religiously. Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks.
I remember shaking Big Daddy's hand at the wrestling at old Centre Halls in Woking, and being a bit scared of Giant Haystacks!
that looks fabulous! Danny is by far my fav Dahl and that mixed with a bit of Giant Haystacks sounds brilliant!
Who would you rather wrestle? Big Daddy or Giant Haystacks. Tough one guys.
Restaurant manager here is so camp he makes Louis Spence look like Giant Haystacks.
. One story : giant haystacks stayed at our house and broke my bed !! I slept on the sofa
but WWE, TNA or ROH will never come close to greatness of World of Sport Wrestling in 70s, with Big Daddy, Giant Haystacks etc
you're about a decade out there… 1970's. Big Daddy, Giant Haystacks, Kendo Nagasaki, and *** (don't rub my ears) McManus.
Giant Haystacks may be huge but his single failed to become a big hit.
So apparently Giant Haystacks beat Big Daddy on a split decision and Barry Hearn has called for a rematch in his garden.
which brings us back to Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks...
That is bloomin' hilarious. Ernie Wise takes on Giant Haystacks.
That's gonna give me nightmares! It's like the offspring of Jo Brand and Giant Haystacks.
looking a bit giant haystacks davey boy. Showing my age now eh
submission, like marvellous mike Bennett pinning giant haystacks to a canvas that smells of a mouldy Wendy house
It's back! 'Big Daddy Vs. Giant Haystacks', our award-winning play, returns for more dates in February 2015:
Out with kids making our wrestling debut . Would be a result if Big Daddy & Giant Haystacks are on the bill
A young Giant Haystacks with Mrs Haystacks and the Haystack children.
"It was like watching Giant Haystacks vs Big Daddy," only one way to describe a football match
I can hear the late Kent Walton commentating on this move in my head! :-) *** McManus, Giant Haystacks ...
Macho Libre is way stranger than Giant Haystacks and Kendo Nagasaki, I think ..
Just showed replay of mcardle! Picked that player up and threw him in floor, giant haystacks style!!! Go on mcardle!
What time is Big Daddy fighting Giant Haystacks at?
22 years ago! There was a mental giant haystacks lookalike with toon shirt on abusing mackems on the way in. Verified loon.
remember seeing Rollerball in my town hall in Scotland around 90/91. was there, and I think Giant Haystacks.
Whats that you say? Turn President Ray-Gun's Indie stomper Giant Haystacks into an Electropop Synthfest? Oh go on then...
I would rather eat giant haystacks Y fronts than eat that shot! All the best wayne cheers for the ko`s.
So what is Home Secretary Theresa May's priority? Collecting giant data haystacks not the
Just like in 70s on telly when I thought that Big Daddy really hated Giant Haystacks, but really they were best buddies
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Giant Haystacks for Giant Hay, as it were. Big Daddy is watching you.
1981 Big Daddy VS GIANT HAYSTACKS (BRITISH WREST…: British wrestling at its best Look at these athletes :)-
come on admit it. You had a Big Daddy v Giant Haystacks poster & tuned in to World of Sport
I recall *** McManus & Giant Haystacks. ITV wrestling commentator Kent Walton. What has this got to do with Virgin Trains?
if hooper is fat I'm Giant Haystacks mate!
ah him, he used to look like Giant Haystacks, but lost a lot of weight
I'm folically challenge up top. It's a sad disorder. I will look like Giant Haystacks!!!
used that Prins Thomas remix on this
A new favourite: The Balearic Sound Of Giant Haystacks by on
Have you heard ‘The Balearic Sound Of Giant Haystacks’ by DFA1976 on
Just saw an old teacher if mine. Looks like he's eaten a fair few kids since o saw him last. Like Giant Haystacks.
Another flipping ace selection of sounds from here including some To rack & Ruin love….get stuck in!.
but I wanna look like Natalie Wood not Giant Haystacks - waah !! X
American wrestlers have nothing on these 2 legends off the ring Big Daddy, giant haystacks
do you know his name was Shirley Crabtree, and that's Giant Haystacks on the deck
Hi, I went a bit crazy with your tracks
Not bad but how about Giant Haystacks
Giant Haystacks had the best beard in British sport!
can't beat watching the Daddy against Giant Haystacks
As for beards I would say Giant Haystacks beard was very sporty.As for autobiographies The Beautiful Game by Pele` great read.
"He's not allowed in England for attempting to capture the Loch Ness Monster, but instead he got Giant Haystacks.". MARRY ME RENEE
He tried to catch the Loch Ness monster but instead got Giant Haystacks on it
Andre the Giant, Paul Bearer, Giant Haystacks, Steve Irwin all BB son! Gutted to hear about the Ultimate Warrior yesterday!
I'm only watching Wrestlemania for the Big Daddy vs Giant Haystacks match.
Yir auld da thinks that Giant Haystacks is a fud
Big Daddy vs. Giant Haystacks, with wee Ethel launching her handbag at them from the gym floor. Now that was proper wrestling.
Couple of hours napping now I'm back up for a date with my son watching Wrestlemania. Things have changed a bit since Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks!!! Still, might learn some signature moves to use on a certain snoring snuffaluffacus if they ever stop farting about and just av it! 😂😂😂😂
Wrestlemania, what's that all about :/. Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy on Saturday Morning telly was the one !!!
I'm going to stay up and watch wrestle mania, I've got a £5 double on *** McManus and Giant Haystacks!
Now seems a good time to plug wresting episode. Giant Haystacks, *** McManus plus interview with Colt Cabana
it's just another sport we gave them and changed. Big Daddy, giant haystacks that was wrestling and u can't call it a sport
Big Daddy won, after a nail-biting bout with Giant Haystacks. Touch & go for a while, but the good guy won ;)
Can't get into but back in the day I was all about Bruno, Andre the Giant, Ivan Putski, Superfly, Haystacks and Bobo Brazil.
"Buzzing for Wrestlemania!" Giant Haystacks v Big Daddy and Kendo Nagasaki v Cry Baby Jim Brakes, old skool, man
"Tonight we make history together. Big Daddy v Giant Haystacks ?
I remember when wrestling was Big Daddy and Giant haystacks none of this souped up American ***
poor mans Giant Haystacks, never mind Daddy.
Again, being dragged by the hair to Wrestlemania by Taj Shoker. Where is Giant Haystacks though?
on soon, it's not proper wrestling though, not like old British wrestling,Giant Haystacks, Les Kellett, Kendo Nagasaki etc
That was tremendous William! Major points for the Giant Haystacks reference and man-sized toddler reference.
continue and if you need s tag partner,let me know. I am like Giant Haystacks without the hair
wrestlemania...A few weeks ago we spoke of John Jones n ufc and now Big Daddy n giant haystacks, wrestle mania? Disappointed.
Is feeling the need to hibernate. . . . Shivering, can't breathe well and feel like I've been body slammed by Giant Haystacks. Woe is the Monkey.
Chris Hughton under more pressure than Giant Haystacks deckchair !
I remember Belle Vue Zoo and going to watch wrestling there.. Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks!
Didn't Giant Haystacks wear something like that?!
Wishing I possessed some 'girly' skills, we're off to a wedding, left the hairdressers yesterday looking like Farrah Fawcett, today after my intervention I'm rocking the Giant Haystacks look!!
Squashed like a sardine in my seat up against the wall of my train home because instead of anyone telling the drunken bum taking up 2 seats like it's his bed to move his feet so that people can sit down, I have Giant Haystacks getting too familiar for my liking next to me.
yes it was like Big Daddy versus Giant Haystacks (us old *** will remember that)
watching him and Giant Haystacks bellybounce round the ring was the best bit of Saturday telly back in the day!
old school wrestling is Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks
I used to watch with my Dad. *** McManus. Jackie Pallo. Giant Haystacks.
Super stoked to announce our new single Happening is out 5/5/14 on Giant Haystacks/Launch party on 8/5/14 at the Black Heart
afraid to watch the paper review back. I was like a giant haystacks in a dress in a row if skinny Doo *** backing singers
Kid Chocolate, and filmed in Leeds Town Hall. Real wrestling with Big Daddy & Giant Haystacks!
did you send Giant Haystacks to buy stuff then he got the wrong things on purpose?
Docker regaining his carrier bag from the ring at Portsmouth Guildhall in front of an unimpressed Giant Haystacks was a classic.
Getting chased through Manchester's Southern cemetery by Giant Haystacks @ night aged 13 is not for the faint hearted
Big Daddy, Giant Haystacks, Kendo Nagasaki? Meet the Hillsborough bloke who fought them all...
Like a 100 metre between Giant Haystacks and a Sumo Wrestler and calling it Olympic Final. Sideshow of freaks
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
if your Saturday afternoons were spent with Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks
Amazing yes please grew up watching WWF as it was then Big Daddy Giant Haystacks now they were huge men lol
Like haystacks or giant insectoid weavers, weaving electricity across
Remember the UK wrestling legend Giant Haystacks? Used to watch him every week!
right youve got to be playing either Giant Haystacks or Kendo Nagasaki.
Are Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy still the stars of UFC?
When he said it to legendary wrestler Giant Haystacks I laughed till I cried as he was carted off to Casualty.
Anyone remember when we had UK pro wrestling in the Corn Exchange with the likes of Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks?
Bob Crow & Boris Johnson: a Big Daddy & Giant Haystacks for the 21st century. They should settle it in a ring surrounded by baying grannies.
Wrestling of the 70s-80's Whatever happened to British wrestlers of yesteryear? Some have sadly passed away, some still tour around the UK and all over the world. Heres a list of Wrestler I remember seeing back in the late 70’s and 80’s either on tv and at live events, in particular order The kids favourite (but an arrogant rude *** to fans) Big Daddy, Giant Haystacks, Danny ‘Boy’ Collins, ‘college boy’ Pete Collins, Dave ‘fit’ Finlay (with Princess Paula), Kendo Nagasaki (with Gorgeous George Gillette), Steve Grey, Johnny Saint, (local wrestlers, Steve Speed, Paul Powers and Pete Bainbridge), Marc ‘Rollerball’ Rocco, Skull Murphy, ‘crybaby’ or ‘cyanide’ Sid Cooper, Marty Jones. ‘Bomber’ Pat Roach, ‘Iron Fist’ Clive Myers, Robbie Brookside, ‘The Blueblazer’ (Owen Hart), Alan Kilby, ‘The Mouth of the South’ Mal Saunders, Klondyke Kate, Tina or Tracy Starr, Julie Starr, Tracey Kemp, ‘Buxom’ ?, ‘Naughty’ Nicky Monroe, (There are a few more female wrestler . ...
South London Hardcore Hall of Fame, VOTE NOW: Giant Haystacks v *** McManus. (Also listen to our Wrestling episode)
I'd go see the WWE at Leeds Arena tonight but I have a feeling it won't be as good as Giant Haystacks vs Kendo Nagasaki at Leeds Town Hall.
Famed for unmasking Kendo Nagasaki in a Solihull bout during the Xmas of 75 & for his feud with Giant Haystacks, today is Big Daddy's b'day
Pro Wrestling Live – Marty Jones - Training Seminar Here at Pro Wrestling live we are extremely proud to announce that ITV World of Sport TV Star & British Wrestling Living Legend – Marty Jones will be coming to P.W.L to host an exclusive training seminar, passing on his years and years of knowledge that he amassed at the very top level of his international wrestling career! Marty Jones, Professional Wrestler, is one of the most accomplished, celebrated and all round skillful wrestlers ever to come out of the UK, and is a true ambassador for ITV World of Sport “Golden Era” British Wrestling. Marty made several appearances on ITV via his wrestling career, that made him a huge cross over star of great celebrity. Be it battling against Dave “fit” Finley, Mark “Rollerball” Rocco, Kendo Nagasaki or Giant Haystacks on ITV, or in Japan against WWF American Legend Hulk Hogan or Japanese great – Antonio Inoki or against French WWF legend – Andre The Giant, or in Germany battling Tony St.Clair.M ...
I wonder what Giant Haystacks is doing with himself now,and does Kendo Nagasaki wear that mask in Sainsbury's?
Great review of 'Big Daddy vs Giant Haystacks' at the Edinburgh Festival:
What's more shocking is that the companion will be played by the 1981 wrestling match between Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks.
Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks often used to echo your thoughts, Jack
anyone want to flyer an hour a morning 11am for Big Daddy vs giant haystacks? No fat blokes we got that covered ...
Google it ... Giant Haystacks real name actually was Giant Haystacks! Now THAT was real wrestling.
Big Daddy vs giant haystacks got a great photo and interview in the Glasgow Herald top pics today. Which was nice.
it was my nana's favourite! I would never suspect that a women of her stature & years could get so cross at Giant Haystacks! Lol!
Lovely piece on 'Big Daddy Vs. Giant Haystacks' (in Special. But show starts at 12.15, not 12.30.
I used to watch wrestling when I was younger but it wasn't toned oiled bodies, rem Big Daddy and giant haystacks lol
2 previews in and 'Big Daddy Vs. Giant Haystacks' in is finally underway. Good space, lovely audiences - come along!
Christ. There's a woman sat on the tram with a moustache & she'd probably have given Giant Haystacks a run for his money!
Double page spread on Big Daddy vs Giant Haystacks in Three Weeks. Which was nice...
I hope that wins its battle. Sport has never been the same since Dicky Davis, Giant Haystacks & Saint &Greavsie left our screens!
It's a shame when British people think of British wrestlers they think of Big Daddy & Giant Haystacks.
I used to love Big Daddy and giant haystacks.
he isn't the daintiest of pickpockets Is he? He looks like Giant Haystacks a wrestler you kids won't remember!
I have Giant Haystacks autograph come to think of it. Wonder would I get anything for that.
Scenario: Giant Haystacks or a jockey with a fish pic which would look the biggest if you didn't know the talent?.
Shorter & less wide than Giant Haystacks, but working on the latter. In ITVsport terms I'm bigger than Big Daddy
how tall are you? are you taller than Giant Haystacks?
Ist preview 12.15pm tomorrow of 'Big Daddy Vs. Giant Haystacks'. A reminder of all the reviews so far:
Bale should change his name to Giant Haystacks if this move comes off
feels like my right calf muscle had a tussle with Giant Haystacks last night.
watching repeats on living n my 6yr son says dave looks like giant haystacks! Still love watching ya :-)
If Gareth Bale is worth £100m, what would Giant Haystacks be worth in his prime?
Just discovered a great Quest For Fire fact, it stars wrestling legend and Big Daddy adversary Giant Haystacks, another reason to watch it
Update for confused people. I'm overseas and my house is being house sat by Wolf, Geoff Capes and Giant haystacks.
paggered mate .. Feel like giant haystacks is givin is a bear hug .. Knees are sore aswell ! Take no prisoners u gaffa
not enough albums about Giant Haystacks.
It's been a Giant Haystacks kind of day. @ three blind mice
Would you guys consider Big Daddy, Giant Haystacks and Kendo Nagasaki for the WWE HOF?
Giant Haystacks whilst bumming Ronnie Corbett, in Sophia Lorens outhouse with a snooker cue.
Written by Mitchell & Nixon, (authors of 'Big Daddy Vs. Giant Haystacks' - Best Theatre 2011), it won rave reviews in Brighton
We are sorry that 'Big Daddy Vs. Giant Haystacks' is cancelled this year, due to injury. Nowt to do with wrestling, mind.
If I hear one more Republican call it "Obama's snooping program", I'm going to blow a gasket. Liberals who complained when Bush started this can continue to complain, but you who voted for Bush can just STFU.
Omg itv 4 got wrestling on brings back lot Saturday afternoon memories, spent with my nan, toasting crumpets over the fire lol after we had been 2 kings land market.
World Of Sport : Kings of the Canvas, on ITV 4 now! Classic matches with Dynamite Kid, *** McManus, Giant Haystacks etc!
I was trying to calm it down at first, then they started on me. Looked like Grandma, with Giant Haystacks daughter & 2 mini Haystacks
I'd love to see a TV debate between Alex Jones and A bit like Big Daddy v Giant Haystacks
Whatever your opinion about the NSA's efforts to keep track of who is connecting with who via phones and the Internet, the fact is that the disclosures this week were against the law and journalists aided and abetted a government employee who was breaking the law. The information that was leaked was not some little plot coming from the Obama administration. This was the leak of secret laws passed by Congress and monitored by a secret court because the details are so valuable to terrorists. Denouncing the leaks and defending the technological practices was BI-PARTISAN. There are many ways to communicate on the web without using the nine giant corporations that we now know co-operate with the NSA and now the terrorists know to use them. There are phone companies other than Sprint, Verizon and AT&T that offer cell phone services and now the terrorists know to use only those. So, whatever you feel about what happened this week, it was a very good week for terrorists who are trying to plot attacks on US soil.
Can't wait to see my giant haystack soon Lauren Fowkes followed by girls holibobs!! Charlotte Elizabeth Walker
Watching Channel 5 boxing and half expecting Big Daddy and Giant haystacks to do an interview.
Oh my days! Channe 5 boxing is rediculous v who looks like giant haystacks olde fatter brother
Who is hughie fury fighting next, giant haystacks?
who do you reckon would have been the sweatiest Giant Haystacks or Big Daddy?
Have decided that one of my 15 2013 reviews will be .Big Daddy v Giant Haystacks. Hearing great things.
giant haystacks wrestling. Bad name along with Big Daddy ..terrible
I loved it mate lol. I even remember the British wrestling, Big Daddy v Giant Haystacks lol
you do realise my mother was Giant Haystacks
Have just seen Elma Thud, Bob Monkhouse and Giant Haystacks all shopping in
I was blocked for exasperatedly calling him the Giant Haystacks of straw man production...
I once slammed Haystacks Calhoun and Andre the Giant in the same day with one arm tied behind my back
Okay, you know something? While the fact that it's being done bothers me immensely, I'm simply not going to worry about the phone spying thing. You know why? Because the Do Not Call list obviously doesn't stop half a dozen sales calls a week, half of all calls say "unavailable data" on caller ID anyway, and I've been getting calls from bill collectors looking for Margaret or Christine. I suppose I should offer AT&T some thanks for being so incompetent.
From today’s Telegraph 25 tough interview questions We outline twenty five interview questions you should be prepared to answer. Some wag in the comments section provided the answers; The questions: 1. “If you were to win £1m what would you do with the money?” - Asked at PwC, Associate candidate (Birmingham, England) Ignore the email its Nigerian 419 spam 2. “What do you think is the most useful function in Excel?” - Asked at FirstGroup, Business Analyst candidate (London, England) The little x in the top RH corner 3. “What makes you happy about work on a Friday evening?” - Asked at Tesco, International Deployment Manager candidate (London, England) Everyone else has gone home and I can steal the stock 4. “How do you fit a giraffe in a fridge?” - Asked at UBS, Sales Trading candidate (London, England) Show it a lion and open the door. 5. “What is it about this job you would least look forward to?” – Asked at BP, Category Manager candidate (London, England) Having a *** like y ...
Wow, children at play! I remember we played in a giant haystack across the road at the golf course... what a blast!
q not wwf, but grew up watching Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy
It's inter gender tag team action! Olivia Shaw and "That young warrior" Paul Sayers Vs. Brother T and Amy Saint Clere! This match the guys can fight the girl...
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