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Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider is the name of several fictional supernatural antiheroes appearing in comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Corey just made the Ghost Rider visible! And mason was right! the next generation of BH doing good!
If I see a picture of the Kids In The Hall, Zeppelin, old Ghost Rider comics or Basil Rathbone on your profile I'm probably gonna follow you
I don't know. I think Nick Cage ruined Ghost Rider for me. You can't unsee that.
can we please have an Etrigan the Demon (Jason Blood) vs Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) death battle?
Maybe. If they keep the episode count low then it'll help budget and Shield has done some amazing stuff with Ghost Rider already.
The takeaway from AOS is that they should make a Ghost Rider show. NOT Inhumans in which they're portrayed as low rent mutants.
I wanna see Marvel's Netflix Phase 2 be Moon Knight, Ghost Rider, Blade & Punisher and make some killer Marvel Knights stories come to life
-Spiderman. -Spider-Gwen. -2000s Iron Man. -Ghost Rider. -Rorscharch. -The Question. -Phantom Stranger. that's it there are no others
So they just made the Johnny Blaze version of Ghost Rider canon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so please cast Norman Reedus as him.
What if AOS form the Marvel Knights. With Punisher, OG Ghost Rider and Moon Knight.
Please give him a Netflix show. Please dear God. I need Ghost Rider to be on Netflix and interact with the Marvel Knights.
Really been liking the New Ghost Rider over the Ghost Rider in the movies.
It's me and Ghost Rider dressed up as 2 of the 3 Wise Men... The 1970s were a heckuva decade, folk…
Her: i can Ride him for 2 hours . I brag different 😏😏 (Ghost Rider)
How Did This Get Made are doing Vampire's Kiss soon; will be a belter. & watched Ghost Rider with J last night; she loved it. Am 1/2
My 2.5 year old godson got this car in the Kinder surprise egg. Reminds me of Ghost Rider 🔥
in *intermediate* bracket 4* Ghost Rider arena, do u think 3.2 mil is enough for 4* Ghost Rider?
However you find out about us, by walking, running or by taking the famous Ghost Rider, we hope you got some…
been watching Ghost Rider starring Nicholas Cage for 2 hours still no idea what's happening
When u are Steve the Pirate from Dodge Ball, Chucky, Ghost Rider, and Jack from Nightmare Before…
Omg I found this 2 year old drawing I did of Johnny Blaze's Ghost Rider in one of my art books😂
Looks like getting down with the Ghost Rider at (I had to tell him Nic Cage 💖's
Yes I love Johnny Blaze. I love Sam Elliott the most, whatever he was. Ghost Rider or satanic killer, Robbie Reyes is still cool as ***
IGN: ClarkGregg talks Patriot's history, Ghost Rider and more.
ClarkGregg talks Patriot's history, Ghost Rider and more.
talks Patriot's history, Ghost Rider and more.
Chloe Bennet as Rocket Raccoon, Clark Gregg as Ghost Rider and Gabriel Luna as Star-Lord @
Thomas Jane was once The Punisher and Topher Grace was once Venom *** Nicolas Cage was Ghost Rider(twice) *shudders*
Netflix and Marvel need to go ahead and add Moon Knight, Blade, and Ghost Rider to the list.
You'll need Ghost Rider, Misty Knight and more when Mephisto comes trick or treating at Avengers Academy:
that's a negative Ghost Rider. Not gonna Andrew Zimmern me ma'am
I liked a video Big and Robot Show: Ep 11, South Park and Ghost Rider
📷 the cover to Ghost Rider by Mark Texeira, which had a “glow in the dark” gimmick the art was...
Midnight Sons Unlimited with a beautiful Ghost Rider cover by Mark Texeira! See more @
Hours away from the live action TV debut of Ghost Rider on (Also, tune in, because a national…
Every book Ghost Rider book I could find. Charles Bronson in Death Wish and Brandon Lee in the Crow.
Heroes For Hire - Ghost Rider by and Andrew Hennessy via
I wonder how atheist Agent Coulson will deal with Ghost Rider's ties to the biblical ***
Mine is Ghost Rider but the wait was 2HOURS so we're coming back another day.😂😂😂
You have to see what the former Ghost Rider actor bought at Amazing Comic Con in Las Vegas:
Ghost Rider,my all-time favorite David Mann artwork...
Ghost Rider is my all-time favorite David Mann artwork,and this is a close second...
Mr. interpretation of Ghost Rider, the Spirit of Vengeance, at Zia Records!
Finally found Ghost Rider before CGI video! Nicolas Cage Mega-Acting (© I would watch a whole movie of! http…
Moon Knight, Blade, and Ghost Rider are rumored for Netflix series!
New Lara Croft, new Spider-Man and new Ghost Rider, check out our new episode!
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Been there, heck once I couldn't write a movie script because I had to see Nicholas Cage in Ghost Rider.
Ghost Rider was pretty underrated. The first one, I mean. BvS as well. Overrated? Probably Captain America: TFA.
My only real question is: When can we get a Ghost Rider reboot? I want Nicholas Cage as far away from my favorite superhero as possible.
Picked up this today, nice little addition to my 400 strong Ghost Rider (and related ) collection
Glad to see Ghost Rider, Godzilla, Jean Grey and Ganondorf's horse were all available for the Metal Gear Solid 5 prologue.
if that is a female Helena so she's The Grey Lady. For a boy Ghost Rider or GR for short
Kamen Rider Ghost has the best sidekicks since Fourze
Watching and laughing my *** off at Ghost Rider spirit of vengeance. They dragged poor Idris Elba into this? Shameful
let's get Norman Reeds for the new Ghost Rider movie
Kamen Rider Ghost Heisei Soul was merely a recolour of Grateful Soul while Showa Soul is just his Transient form with a hoodie. >_>
there's no reason to ever watch Ghost Rider
This is fun: Affleck's Daredevil is on TNT right now. The second Ghost Rider film is on FX.
Norman Reedus should be Ghost Rider!: Thoughts? submitted by /u/HannibalGaming [link] [comments]
you guys should do "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance". Some of Nic Cage's greatest laughs/acting on display.
I'm glad the directors just let him do his thing in Ghost Rider 2. Him being crazy *** Nic Cage worked perfectly.
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Remember Ghost Rider, Daredevil, Elektra, Spiderman 3, Origins of Wolverine? Nobody talks about them lol.
I forgot how good the ghost rider movie is with Nicholas Cage 🔥
Watching Ghost Rider, this used to be my movie!
Ghost Rider has to be one of the most demonic/revealing movies I've ever seen
Doing a little bit of a Nicholas Cage marathon right now, national treasure and Ghost Rider 2
Dang it is DC exclusive, there goes my dreams for a Synder/Capullo Ghost Rider
Both of the Ghost Rider movies and the Affleck Daredevil are on TV right now and they are amazing. I can't flip back and forth fast enough
I liked a video from Kamen Rider Ghost Grateful HENSHIN!
Ghost rider gotta be one of the dumbest movies
how about ghost rider in the next MK DLC???
I heard your favorite movie is Ghost Rider
What was Marvel thinking when they made Ghost Rider
Ghost rider will forever and always be my favorite movie 🔥
Lol, I'm watching Ghost Rider and I just realized is in this ish. 😜😂
Has anyone seen Catwan, Ghost Rider or Batman & Robin!? It's amazing how much people forget.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I'm the only one who likes ghost rider
the second Ghost Rider movie is better than the first one but still not great. the horror aspects are much better
I mean Daredevil is just a slew of terrible acting, and Spider-man (2002) just makes me cringe, but y tf is Nicholas Cage Ghost Rider???
Why Were you watching Ghost Rider That movie is terrible
I just checked into Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
Good god it's a terrible movie marathon on TV today. Daredevil (2004)? The first Spider-man (2002)? Ghost Rider?
Man Cave> Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance at 12:00 PM on 231 FXHD
What does time mean to one that is eternal?
HBD to my fellow ghost rider! From rants in mikes bathroom to 5th harmony ft kflo being ur friend is amazing! ❤️u😊
Local comic book retailer said he saw Superman Vs. Batman and would rather watch Ghost Rider 2 again than sit through it a…
Noo... You be Lucifer... I be ur ghost rider🐼
I liked a video from Pythagoras Ghost Eyecon Build & Review | Kamen Rider Ghost
It would be awesome if Daredevil & Ghost Rider show up in Infinity Wars.
Nicolas Cage was in Ghost Rider, and band Rooney performed the theme for the dub of the French Iron Man series.
CAST: Arthur Angel as Frank in Superheroes. Known for Red Dog, Ghost Rider and
Hmmm are you sure??? No Wolverine? For me Blade Wolverine and Ghost Rider... Don't forget Constantine and Dylan Dog ;-)
Be patient, they're saving appearances from Silver Surfer and Ghost Rider for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3.
Ghost Rider was terrible. That whole Nick Cage run was terrible
I want Pattie Walker to have her own series too fam I want Moon Knight, Ghost Rider, and maybe even Darkhawk to have the spotlight
I only liked villains and Ghost Rider (v2, not Johnny Blaze) when I was into comics, anyway. I'm not the demographic, I know.
Ghost Rider is now level 11 in Marvel Avengers Alliance on unfortunately it's only for desktop
Spiderbait covered Ghost Riders in the Sky for the movie Ghost Rider and it's fantastic, but almost impossible to find
Ghost Rider # 1. The cover was drawn by Gil Kane & Joe Sinnott.
Congratulations. I want Steve Austin to be a member of my *** Ghost Rider army. May you live forever =)
Yowzers! I confused Henry Fonda with Peter Fonda, lol. I was like: "How could he be in 12 Angry Men and Ghost Rider?! No way!"
That time Paolo Rivera drew John Tesh as the devil. . (Ghost Rider: Mythos, 2007)
I'd jokingly refer to Donal Logue's character as "Ghost Rider's buddy" but the most recent thing I've seen him in is Gotham so,
Finally got the second trophy on the Ghost Rider table in Zen Pinball 2. Been focusing on it tor the last few weeks.
other than Matchstick Men, it's the only one i've actually watched all the way through! and i really liked Ghost Rider!!
I'm the only one who can walk in both worlds. I'm the Ghost Rider. Follow
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Following the Ghost Rider in Zelve Valley via turkishtravel
ideally I want Phase 2 or Netflix shows to be Moon Knight, Ghost Rider, Punisher and Runaways.
I first discovered him as Phantom Rider (as Johnny Blaze was GR at the time) but now I call him Ghost Rider anyway. :)
Stunt motorcyclist by day, the devil's bounty hunter by night. Johnny Blaze is the 'Ghost Rider'. Catch him in action today at 12:49pm.
Was the Ghost Rider lenticular of Johnny Blaze transforming into GR?
Why Eva Mendez have a magic 8 ball at the restaurant in Ghost Rider? Somebody help me?
Great Coasters International is retracting Ghost Rider at Knotts Berry Farm and will have new trains too in 2016!
Boo Marvel Unlimited for only have two of the older Ghost Rider comics. I may have to cancel.
listening to Ghost Rider by Neil Peart. Amazing journey after major heartache. Best drummer ever and awesome storyteller.
A Ghost Rider movie based on Garth Ennis' series w. Clay Crain would be awesome. Ron Perlman should portray the Rider
I'm sure in ghost Rider this is how that little boy sold his soul! 😪
I'm gonna wait till Kamen Rider Ghost's bike comes a long and let GR ride around on it if he'll fit :v
I mean Marvel quietly got the rights back to Blade, Ghost Rider and The Punisher. Fantastic 4 will inevitably be given back with an apology.
The new Ghost Rider model doing its best to look like a bat at secret spot HQ
Now she need an exorcism, ghost *** all inside her. She grab my chain, I'll ignite her like Ghost Rider -
Why does Fantastic 4 get a remake, but not Spawn or Ghost Rider
Before I get a motorcycle I'm gonna watch Ghost Rider 1 n 2
Ghost Rider 2099 didn't start until 19 months in. I'm only 5 right now. : ).
I really enjoyed SM2099 and Doom2099. But my favorite run was 1-12 of the Ghost Rider 2099.
your lack of Ghost Rider 2099 disturbs me
Lol rebel Wilson was in the first ghost rider
I am extremely happy about the failure of the Fantastic Four movie. When this happened to Ghost Rider, Marvel got the rights back.
The good news is that if the movie does poorly enough, Marvel MAY have an opportunity to buy the rights back anyway (like with Ghost Rider).
wow u be cool nd India ghost rider movie pic! it's awesome bike
I wanna try and do something ghost rider themed
never got to the second Ghost Rider after the first mess... Yes they make the XMen... Colossus is my fav and they butchered him
Negative ghost rider the pattern is full , that MRE isn't going to hack it..walking to corner store on person w/5 extra mags
well then he killed it twice when he made "Ghost Rider"
Even gods must answer for their sins.
plus the dude he's saying was Drakes ghost rider got a s/o and credit on the lyrics he wrote and Drake made him famous
Negative ghost rider. Changed majors to Computer networking
Who would u say the best rapper with ghost rider Easy e,Dr dre or Drake
"FACE ME," Ghost Rider grumbled, twirling his flaming chain. "YOU face ME," Vergil ripped all of his clothes off as slow jazz began to play.
I would put on the same level as Batman and Robin and Ghost Rider.
When you do things without thinking, you ain’t making the choice – the choice is making you. -Ghost Rider
And last night watched the second Ghost Rider movie for the first time. mind bogglingly, MST3K bad.
Do I want a Chewbacca bath rope? Negative ghost rider...pattern is full. What the *** Rochester.
Retroblast. People NEVER Lie about stuff if they have two X chromosomes, right? Negative, Ghost Rider. http…
yes! Worse than Batman & Robin, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, and Daredevil combined. 2 Girls, 1 Cup was a better film.
I'm really a fan of cage's later work such as Ghost Rider and Ghost Rider 2: Spirit Of Vengeance
Ghost Rider pt 2 might be the worst movie of all time
One of the best episodes! Ghost Rider getting his paper in this one!...
Ghost Rider the pattern is full. The Blue Angels F/A-18 Hornets do fly-by at Boeing Field.
Ghost Rider : Travels on the Healing Road by Neil Peart RUSH (2002, Hardcover): Some recent travel book auctio...
4 of 5 stars to Ghost Rider by Neil Peart
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Ghost Rider episode of Themes to compensate the disappointing show at last night
Had a great dream last night that I had roles in Furious 8, Magic Mike 3, Avengers 3 as Ghost Rider, then I woke up and it was just a dream
I rode Ghost Rider in Knotts Berry Farm and I kept shouting "I'm gonna die" omg it's so embarrassing
Was going to stop at ghost rider in losalamos closed and under new management
ghost rider at knotts is still the worst ride ever. Such a headache 😖😣
Weezy dropped his new album, imma look like ghost rider by the time I hear every song 💯
negative ghost rider, I have yet to take a shower
A little Ghost Rider throwdown. One day I might actually draw that *** motorcycle.
lol cuhz look like an ancient warrior off Starwars that ain't make the cut smh his hair the ghost rider bike handle bars
It's the old school ghost rider too!!
. Ghost Rider, this is Strike. We have unknown aircraft inbound Mustang. Your vector zero-nine-zero for bogey.
That's a negative ghost rider. We're to far In. Proceeding with mission.
negative ghost rider I will always call you Lj
parents grocery shopped every weekend. A lot of Ghost Rider and Batman.
or Nicolas Cage. Let's watch ghost rider
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Goodnight people! Btw it's never too late to become a Ghost Rider!
You must go on Ghost Rider!! It's difficult to top a wooden roller coaster! Try Silver Bullet and the log ride too!
That's an affirmative, Ghost Rider. Bring it in
Follow the history of Black Widow as she leads Ghost Rider, Hercules, & more as the Champions: …
You should really marvel this ghost writer/rider
Best control your demonic half, boy. Or I'll do it for you.
The truth is GOD is my real ghost rider...
.Negatory Ghost Rider, looks like he realized he was out classed and took his banter ball and went home
Just finished watching the newest film. Funniest Nic Cage movie I've seen since Ghost Rider.
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