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Ghost Recon

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon is an American series of military tactical shooter video games created by Red Storm Entertainment, the game development studio founded in part by American author Tom Clancy.

Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Phantoms Ghost Recon Wildlands Splinter Cell Future Soldier Ghost Recon Online Rainbow Six Present Danger Jack Ryan Ghost Recon Future Soldier Red October Patriot Games Harrison Ford Ben Affleck Watch Dogs 2

I liked a video from Ghost Recon: Wildlands - FAMOUS CHARACTERS! Ep. 2 "Lone Survivor"
Ghost Recon: Wildlands open beta crippled by ribera-1000b error and maintenance downtime
Thanks to I can’t stop thinking of the new Ghost Recon as Cocaine Mountain, a hip new resort for drug users
So what do you guys think of the new Ghost Recon: Wildlands?
What do y'all wanna see first of Ghost Recon: Wildlands? Multiplayer or Singleplayer? ;)
I liked a video from Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands (2017) Gameplay | XBOX…
Check out Ghost Recon: Wildlands' singleplayer campaign play
We're talking RE7, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, and Yakuza 0 on The Lobby tomorrow. Send me your questions tonight/tomorrow morning!
I liked a video from *NEW* Ghost Recon: Wildlands GAMEPLAY BREAKDOWN! - New…
I liked a video from Ghost Recon: Wildlands | New Single Player Mission Trailer (includes
Ghost Recon: Wildlands is looking f$%king solid! See for yourself:
I hope to see you guys soon! And yes eagerly waiting for Ghost Recon Wildlands! Any updates on beta version?
Yo I'm hella late but did you do a review or anything for Ghost Recon Future Soldier? I'd like to hear your opinion on it.
On the left is the map from The Division... on the right this is map of Ghost Recon Wildlands. They're edited so th…
Don't miss your shot. Register now for the chance to join the Ghost Recon Wildlands closed beta.
for left fav for right . oo5 VS Ghost Recon
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I really hope Ghost Recon Wildlands lives up to the hype. I'm very much looking forward to it.
My usual crew in the division have been discussing how psyched we are for Ghost Recon Wildlands. I'm hoping it's not pushed back again.
I support and give credit to every team but these are my favs: . Wildcats. TGLC. Smoed. WCSS. Gens. SE. Orange. Steel. Ghost Recon…
Waiting for awards with Ghost Recon! Good luck ladies!
You will have the ability to play the entirety of Ghost Recon Wildlands offline in single player with 3 AI…
From the snowy Altiplano mountains to arid deserts, Ghost Recon Wildlands features 11 ecosystems--as beautiful as they are…
Get some intel on the man behind Santa Blanca’s drug production:
Check out the latest news from in this quick video! From Dead Rising 4, Ghost Recon and Prey:
I am still hitting Tom Clancy's The Division and enjoying it. However, another Tom Clancy title that caught the...
Im playing some I'm looking forward towards Watch Dogs 2. So can't wait till it's out as well as Ghost Recon Wildlands
Ubisoft uploaded a ghost recon film and it's *** sick
Also if ur into lite sci-fi w a western bent, the Dustwalker trilogy is written by a former Rainbow Si…
so far Ghost Recon have the best weapon customization for campaign mode
what Infinite Warfare and BF1 are lacking is weapon customization to your own liking for every mission/chapter like in Ghost Recon
Dragon ball z Sagas, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon, Fable, Splinter Cell, but let's not forget the original Halo and Halo 2. Classic
I'm kind of interested in this Ghost Recon: Wildlands, but at the same time, I know I don't really want to bother with any FPS for awhile
You have . CA wildcats. Cherforce Infinity. 005. Ghost Recon. Electric Rays . and only 3 can go to finals at worlds. This upsets me so much!!
.classic teal 🎯🐶🐾💞 and New Yorkers calling petty time but I'm feelin 22 in honor of ghost recon 😉 and
I added a video to a playlist Ghost Recon Wildlands RAP | Dan Bull
Preorder Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands for $47.99, 20 off if you have amazon prime!
New Giveaway with me and Enter to WIn . Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands.
Ubisoft: "Ghost Recon: Wildlands to get several beta tests"
Ubisoft has announced that they are taking down Ghost Recon Phantoms, can you do one last vid on it before it dies? Thanks
Ubisoft Announces ‘Ghost Recon: Wildlands’ Betas - The spring 2017 release from Ubisoft is set to receive multi...
I'm entered for a chance to win 's Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Spread the word!
I pre-ordered call of duty but instead I put my money on the new Ghost Recon Wildlands instead Call of Duty is to predictable now days
Learn more about the Ghost Unit in our latest intel:
I liked a video from Ghost Recon Wildlands - In Depth: BETA TESTS CONFIRMED!
Learn more about Midas and Weaver in our latest intel:
can yall please Pease put Ghost Recon Future Soldier on the compatibility list please??
I liked a video from Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta Confirmed! Wildlands Open Beta Coming?
I added a video to a playlist TACTICAL FREEDOM | Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
Battlefield, South park, Quake, State of Decay, Watch Dogs 2, Dishonored 2, Ghost Recon are all super interesting
I really like Tom Clancey's Ghost Recon the Wildlands would like to play that game.
Picked up some games when I went into EB on my break. Prince of Persia: Rival Swords. Stranglehold. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.
Please tell me Ghost Recon: Wildlands wouldn't be an online game... That would be pretty dumb
Reminds me of the old Ghost Recon games that had the screens you flipped over your eye to display a HUD. Future man
I won the trophy in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier for 35 pts -
It's now ~5 years since the 3DS' NA/EU launch, so it's as good a time as any to say again that you should play Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars.
Today marks the 5th anniversary of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars!
dont care what anyone thinks but Ghost Recon: Future Soldier ftw!
Still a gamer at heart – playing Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
Look what we just got in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon (PC), check it out now!
I knew ghost recon didn't have a release date. They're thinking it'll be Q1 2017
it's different than any game I played and I do love the FarCry series and btw ghost recon does not have a release date yet
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I might end up getting the new ghost recon game. I've always loved the TC games.
GHOST RECON ORIGINAL + ISLAND THUNDER THEY ARE the GHOSTS. Lead the Ghosts, an Elite Infantry Unit, Using the Most
Ghost Recon will be terminated this April. Banshee will end this year. PoI. i mean 2016 wHY
Should I get the division or ghost recon???
of a dark scifi and epic feel to it. Not to mention Ghost Recon: Wildlands had Imagine Dragons in their trailer. XD
I'm sorry, I'm distracted by how awesome Ghost Recon: Wildlands looks.
I don't know if your planning to but have you considered a rap about Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Wildlands? + Far Cry 4 rap was xlnt
Is there any source of downgrading? The Division and Ghost Recon Wildlands is going to be my last Ubisoft titles.
I liked mine but I wasn't crushed when my sister took it over. Check out Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars for a good strategy game.
I added a video to a playlist Ghost Recon Phantom kill montage Assualt Class
I added a video to a playlist Ghost Recon Phantoms pt 5
I added a video to a playlist Ghost recon phantom Gameplay Pt6
I liked a video from Ghost Recon Wildlands DLC Speculation! Wildlands Map Size DLC
Am I the only one that is hyped for Ghost Recon Wildlands? 😂😂😂
. . Thanks for the speech today at AIE Design. An idea I've had for a game is essentially Ghost Recon in Urban Fantasy.
GHOST RECON: i was really interested to see them this year because i feel like they stayed hidden until recently. i love their routine and
Can't wait for ghost recon wild landers to come out😈😈
I won't be! Grabbing DS3... DiRT and hopefully Ghost Recon Wildlands
Ghost Recon : Wildlands - for the PS4 console. Look it up on One of the best cinematic trailers out!
Ghost Recon : Future Solider - A few years old, still the best Ghost Recon game available for the PS3 console.
DiRT.. Dark Souls 3...For Honor...Ghost Recon Wildlands and Battlefield 5 is where u can find me this year
We have no intel on an exact release date. You can keep up to date with all the latest news at
In case you missed it, an early 2009 build of 2012's Ghost Recon
I won the Eliminate defenses (normal) achievement in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter for 35 -
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - PC Gameplay . Reason why the Division's control is familiar to me.
Someone put a playthrough of a not-for-public playthrough of the E3 2010 demo of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.
Check out an early 2009 build of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier!
Nah it's more along the lines of Ghost Recon, especially Future Soldier.
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - PC Armed With the Most Advanced Combat Technology, the Ghosts Are an
Any news on Ghost Recon: Future Soldier coming to backwards compatibility? Wanna catch up before Wildlands!
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please add Ghost Recon Future Soldier to the list i wanna play it on my xbox one
Ghost Recon: Ghost Recon Future Soldier screems "MURICA" and good ole boys -_-
Ghost Recon Future Soldier is pretty useful for keeping track of what my favorite food is this is
Just ordered a 40" Samsung TV for my room, I have my PS4 and to top that all off, FIFA, COD, Rainbow Six + Ghost Recon are coming out 😅
pshhh Ghost Recon Wildlands looks like bae to me xD
Are you planning on getting Ghost Recon: Wildlands?
I need some of TF peeps to get in on this Ghost Recon Phantoms. Were u at my fellow TFerS, where u at?!. via
Ubisoft's 'Ghost Recon Wildlands' is an open-world tactical shooter
will you guys play Rainbow Six Siege or Ghost Recon Wildlands
Omfg I can't wait for Ghost Recon wasteland open world to complete missions your own way definitely getting it when its out😁
What a great day of gaming. More trophies achieved on Ghost Recon; Future Soldier and God of War.
I cant wait for more third person shooters to come out... I hope Uncharted 4 & that new ghost recon game are good...these FPS got me like 😴😴
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms: How to play as team: via
I liked a video from I'm getting there... - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms
Embrace freedom & choose your path through the vast open world of Wildlands >> ||
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Ubisoft + epic trailers = overhyped game. . Examples? ACIII, ACIV, Ghost Recon, and best of all, Watch_Dogs
Rainbow Six 1 and 2 , and Ghost Recon one IMO were the only realistic games at the time.
so far, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, and today I'm gonna be downloading Splinter Cell: Conviction
Photo: my best game ghost recon soliders 
, , runnin and gunnin on Ghost Recon Future Soldier boys!!
Ghost Recon Wildlands doesn't look half bad.>open world>many worlds (countries) to play in>lets you play how you …
Having a terrible time trying to find a perfect squad team on Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.
I don't know if you've seen it yet, but this is the Ghost Recon trailer I told you about a little while back.
I liked a video from TACTICAL FREEDOM | Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
I liked a video from Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - BG Plays
Ubisoft is killing it with these Tom Clancy games the next two years... Rainbow Six siege, the division and now Ghost Recon Wildlands😳
AAA dev Christian Allen (Halo: Reach, Ghost Recon, Shadow of Mordor) is doing an AMA on KiA right now!.
YO it's been a long time. Ghost Recon: Phantoms
Ghost Recon Warlands at absolutely killing it.
Ghost Recon best trailer E3 I could watch this footage over and over and over and over .
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AWESOME!!! Intel buys Recon, makers of the 'Google Glass for fitness' via
Ghost Recon Wildlands open-world game revealed during Ubisoft's press conference
Poll: What did you think of Ghost Recon: Wildlands?
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands... Game of the year??
.followed by Ghost Recon, Battlefront and of course Falloot 4.
did it, they pushed me over the edge, now I have buy a next-generation console so I can play the new Ghost Recon
The Division. SW: Battlefront. Ghost Recon Wildlands. Uncharted 4. You pick the 5th for me. +
finally watched the ubisoft conference and *** you guys can put on a show!! And Ghost Recon Wildlands!?! Need it! Been too long
Ok, thaks to answer :) My top 5 is Shenmue III, FF7, Horizon, No Man's Sky and Ghost Recon ^_^
Ghost Recon in an open world talks about Ghost Recon: Wildlands for
Got semi erect watching the Hitman trailer. Fully chucked my muck at Ghost Recon. 🍆💦.
Not seeing much talk about the new Ghost Recon, anyone hyped? Personally I dislike the old games, but this one looks so…
Im guessin a lot of *** didnt play Ghost Recon Future Soldier lol…LOVED that game…if its anything like that fck a downgrade 😴😴😴😴
The most useful ability in splatoon by a mile is the ghost jump thing. Recon is quite useful too
I liked a video Is Ghost Recon Wildlands the Ultimate Mashup of All Ubisoft Games? E3 2015
Ghost Recon: Wildlands has a bit of a Far Cry vibe
Ghost Recon: Wildlands is open, free-form co-op action
I'm very excited for the new ghost recon that game looks awesome!
I liked a video from Ghost Recon Wildlands - Mission Types & Side Characters
The Division, Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon - all of it just interchangeable mush. I'll give DOOM something: it didn't look like…
The Ghosts are back! Here are the 5 things you need to know about Wildlands >> ||
What are they showing? FAV this if it's Ghost Recon: Wildlands.
Oh look: turns out Ghost Recon Wildlands has a lot of promise
FF7 remake, Ghost Recon, Horizon, Battlefront, Mass Effect, For Honor the list keeps going
Ubisoft's Ghost Recon, For Honor, South Park unveiled at E3 video game ... - via
I remember back in 2008 I want to say that the lead designer from Ghost Recon left Ubisoft to go work for Microsoft Game Studios for Halo
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is 3 years old today !
You can get Ghost Recon on for just £1.99! *24hrs* only from tmoz at 4pm. Click here-
I love playing Ghost Recon Future Soldier
I have just purchased Ground Branch Operators edition. Fans of old school Ghost Recon might want to check this out
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I'm now ranked Dedicated (top 40%) in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon on Raptr!
would like the Splinter Cell. I didn't get that much into it really, but Ghost Recon would be sick
Ubisoft is making Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon movies too
Xbox 360 (black) for sale! In good condition, barely ever used. Just has sat there unplugged for the past 6 months. Comes with two controllers and a few games (Call of Duty MW3, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Need for Speed: Carbon, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, and Sniper: Ghost Warrior). Asking $150 OBO
don’t remember that in Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, or Splinter’s Cell ;-)
come one come all add me on playstation thagoodfella12 I am now playing come get some Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
I think 4-ish hours of that were spent playing Ghost Recon, (in the office)... (Online with a friend the next desk over).
the Ghost Recon were squad base games. Splinter Cell is Stealth 3rd person games.
I'm playing - Battlefield 3 on my "Microsoft Surface Pro 2" & I'm enjoying this game. I'm also playing "Dota 2, Tropico 5, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon, Loadout, Heroes & Generals, Jet Gunner & Team Fortress 2! These are " Steam, Origin & Uplay" online games. Mostly I'm using Internet Explorer & my settings are usually @ 1280*768ppi or by 1920*1080ppi resolution & Graphics are @ low or very low & graphics are smooth, good frame rates & excellent gameplay that makes you think! I almost finished "Watchdogs" but got bored of it & moved onto "Battlefield 3" pc gaming on my "Microsoft Surface Pro tablet windows 8.1 Pro @ 4GB Ram, 128GB SSD, Intel Core i5, Intel U4200 CPU, Intel HD 4400 integrated graphics, 1920*1080ppi HD 10" inch display & 2*720p HD cameras back & front with mini HDMI port/USB 3.0 & 5 hour battery life! Really pleased I bought this @ @ £649 back in June this year. It's truly an Awesome Tablet! A thousand times better then any Android or iPad as this is a full PC tablet @ 64Bit ...
dude I think I know why u said that 😂😂😂 remember I think it was about Seal team six aka Ghost Recon
For those tactical thinking players, please do go try Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon : Phantoms on steam. Its free-to-play, i'd give a 7/10.
Let's capture those command points and snipe some foo's! In the new Ghost Recon Phantoms!
Also, I'd love to tune in & watch or play with you if you take to Ghost Recon Phantoms; mechanically similar to Titanfall. :)
Check out my post-game summary from Ghost Recon Phantoms
Ghost Recon Phantoms becomes Ghost Recon Phantoms, the next generation of Free 2 Play multiplayer shooter. Join the ultimate tactical combat showdown now!
Cool loading Icon for Ghost Recon Phantoms. havent really got to play due to it taking forever to find a server.
I unlocked the Recon Qualification I achievement in Ghost Recon Phantoms!
Saw a friend was playing Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms. Looks like Planetside 2, but more intimate and less hectic. Installed!
Just tried out Ghost Recon: Phantoms. Reminds me of a mix between Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 and Call of Duty: MW2.
After playing Ghost Recon Phantoms for about 7ish hours today.. I think i'll play some more.
Tom Clancys ghost recon and Splinter Cell because we have to remember toms grate legacy and genius Lienzendeada (wotw) russain warfighter
Ghost Recon Phantoms - Not sure on what their names were apart from Jack, sorry lads! Hope you guys enjoy the video! Leave a rating if ...
Downloaded Ghost Recon Phantoms and still haven't been able to play it. "/
Can you aim down the sights like in Ghost Recon Future Soldier??
Ghost Recon it up while a sip a bevie :p
someone play Ghost Recon Phantoms with me
[Double-digit kill room!] Ghost Recon Phantoms To do the killer, not the Recon #1:
I liked a video from Ghost Recon Phantoms - Leeroy Jenkins
Awh, now I don't have long convoluted games of Ghost Recon Phantoms to distract myself.
I liked a video Ghost Recon Phantoms: The Journey Episode 7, Partnering with the Community
Played Ghost Recon Phantoms (PC) and 3 other games in the last 24 hours.
Playing Ghost Recon Phantoms with Raptr for the first time.
Mega 64 had a great trailer for ghost recon sf.
PC games Crysis $ 5 and Ghost Recon $ 1. Cash and pick up in Loudonville
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms is a great F2P shooter. If only i had people to play with.
Just shooting some bad guys in ghost recon, probably back to ffx tomorrow
Several things to sale: Dsi with idk how many games and a charger $130 OBO BOWFLEX 210 lbs of resistance weight $200 Mongoose 20" bike $50 Mw2 $15 Black ops $15 Madden 15 $15 NCAA $15 Ghost recon with all the codes for extra guns and maps $30 Wii play I will sell the ps3 games in a package deal for $75! Xposted Sherman!
ghost recon Phantom terbaik the best
Gonna be up all night playing Ghost Recon Phantoms, that game is all kinds of epic.
looks at the new game called Ghost Recon Phantoms - and is VERY impressed -
Played Half-Life (PC), Age of Empires II HD (PC), Ghost Recon Phantoms (PC), Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (PC) and Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad Multiplayer (PC) in the last 24 hours.
Formerly Ghost Recon Online, Ghost Recon Phantoms launches with a new identity, new features and worldwide distribution. Follow Ghost Recon Phantoms at GameS...
HI guys, I'm starting the guns reviews now that Ghost Recon Phantoms has launched and the weapon mechanics/stats are more or less into stone. Link to effecti...
Starting new series on Ghost Recon Online w/ Stylez Shadow, Mohammed and more!
3DS the luigi 30th year edition clean nothing wrong with it, comes with Pokemon X Mario and luigi dream team, and ghost recon. Also with 3 chargers 2 wall chargers and a portable universal charger comes with a screen protecter a case an extra pen and a screen cleaner with the AR cards as well Ps I won't delete my player save for Pokemon comes with legends and shinnies Price is $200 for all won't get the deal anywhere else comment if your interested if you could bargain then try and we will see I'm located in Santa Ana but can go to irvine Santa Ana and Tustin
Any of you faggotniggers play Ghost Recon: Phantoms?
Ghost Recon Phantoms is now live on PC and on Steam! Have fun on the battlefield, and don't forget: Fight together or die alone! PC: (NA): (EU): Ghost Recon Phantoms Team
sorry im not here right now if yall need me im playing Ghost Recon Phantoms online
When I sleep . I get into another world A world of gunshots and grenades lol I even plan strategy for GRFS feeling Crazy about Ghost Recon Future Soldier
this is ME, playing Ghost Recon on Steam...
p/s3 games all working in cases , the games are spec ops the line, operation flash point red river, Medal of Honor war fighter ltd edition, resident evil, , homefront, , , call of duty world at war, gran , call of juarez bound in blood, ghost recon, wanted, kane and lynch, saw, socom special forces, turok, the saboteur, 007 quantum of solace, socom special forces, need for speed undercover, metro last night, battlefield bad company 2, brothers in arms, fallout new vegas, rage, the chronicles of riddick, infamous, all working £4each or 3 for a tenner
One week ago, Ghost Recon Phantoms was launched on Steam..Here is the report we did that night!
If you guys are looking for a good tactical shooter on the PC, check out Ghost Recon Phantoms. It's awesome and it's free.
Experience the next generation of PC multiplayer shooters with Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms. Step into the boots of an elite Ghost and deploy cutting-edge weapons and technology as you link up with your squad to dominate your enemies on tomorrow’s battlefield.
I have an Xbox 360 with original cables and box with a 60GB hard drive. Comes with original Microsoft wireless controller and a wired AfterGlow controller. Games included are Skyrim collectors edition with bonus disc and map, Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Forza Motor sport 3, Battlefield 4, GTA 4, Shaun White Snowboarding, Crysis 2, Game of Thrones, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit limited edition and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. Would like to get $150 for all of it. PU in Raymore or Belton.
Lots of items for sell -pool that includes pump perfect condition. Only set up one time. 12ft x 30in $75 obo -Twin bed mattress and box spring included. Great condition only been slept on a few times. $100 obo -Toddler bed comes with mattress. Its made out of maple wood $125 obo -Crib. Its white and metal mattress included $60 obo Ps3 games: -Grand theft auto -Resistance 2 -Fallout 3; -Metal gear solid 4 -Call of duty modern warfare 2 -Army of two -Tiger woods PGA tour 2009 -Dirt 2 -NHL 11 -Call of duty MW3 -Call of duty MW4 -Ghost recon-advanced war: fighter -little big planet -Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas -need for speed hot pursuit Skate 2; I also have: Ps2 comes with 37 games. 3 guitars for the guitar hero games. 5 controller's and two memory cards $150 one - 3 games for Wii: -resident evil the dark chronicles -deal or no deal -wii sports I also have some kids gifts that have never been opened. they are the ones in the pics ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE!!!
Screw Call Of Duty Screw Battlefield Ghost Recon all day. Thats the only war I'll be apart off.
So the younger generation thinks they are smarter and better than us old guys.Well first competition online with Tom Clanys Ghost Recon Phantoms my 18 year old son had 4 kills and 16 deaths compared to this geriatric man of 19 kills 3 deaths :P BTW we both ere snipers :P
A PS2 for $15 comes with memory card and Ghost Recon 2. SOLD
Team Gameplay as Requested!!! I started a new char so I could play with my friends that are new to Ghost Recon Online. After a slow start our teamwork starts...
sorry Ghost Recon Phantoms... i have to write my records!!!
Discover the story behind the evolution of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon, from Future Soldier to Phantoms, from Retail to Free-to-Play. Learn how the project went...
Tom Clancys ghost recon phantom... Just started playing it and it is pretty gosh darn fun!
Ubisoft has a total of six movies currently in production. In addition to Assassin's Creed, Ubisoft is making motion pictures based on tentpole franchises like Watch Dogs, Far Cry, Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, and Rabbids. And The Assassin's Creed movie is being re-written.
Hi all, I am selling my PS3. It is 250GB, and it comes with: 5 games (Killzone 3, Assasins Creed II, Grand Theft Auto IV, Ghost Recon: Future Solider, and the Sims 3, two wireless controllers, a headset and all original wiring. It is used, though in excellent condition. It is a little over a year old and I am selling it because I haven't used it in months. I am asking $200 or best offer. Shoot me a message or comment of you are interested :)
>Dfw I'm playing Ghost Recon: Future Soldier again. Time to be operator again.
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - another game with no left-handed configuration option that will have to go back...
I also finished "Ghost Recon: Future Soldier" recently, another game I really enjoyed. Not too tactical but very fun.
I will start Ghost Recon: Future Soldier at the end of March. I may even do some multiplayer!
Would anybody like to see some of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier?
A great game that I still observed stealth in was Ghost Recon: Future Soldier! I loved the coop campaign!
Next part in the playthrough of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
the first Ghost Recon made it to 2nd base but it was World at War, that busted my cherry wide open.
Since The Division is coming out Oct 2014 or there abouts, what does this mean for my beloved Ghost Recon? I loved Future Soldier!
is about to start playing Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.
Ooh you should get,Ghost Recon Future Soldier and play 4 player co-op with me, andy and
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is a third-person shooter video game with some of the best coordinated gameplay. Please Subscribe Click Like Add to ...
Anyone wana buy GTAV,Ghost Recon Future Soldier, for ps3 or Battlefield ,payday2 for xbox?
Tom Clancy's: Ghost Recon - Future Soldier on XBox360 in VERY GOOD CONDITION in Video Games & Consoles, Games | eBay
Anybody play Mass Effect 3, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, or Minecraft and want to play sometime? My gamertag is y0u5halln0tpa55
I have $10 ps3 for sell. all games are in great shape. Located in Douglasville. Bejeweled 3 $10 Ghost Recon Future Soldier $10 Cabelas Dangerous Hunts $10 Wheel of Fortune $10 Call of Duty Black Ops $10 Cabelas Outdoor Adventures $10 Unchartered 3 $10 Call of Duty black ops 2 $20 Call of Duty MW3 $10 Sniper 2 $10 Or if you get all of them I will take $80
Currently listening to a employee trying to sell Prey and Ghost Recon to a dad for his eight year old
So many games I want for like my resident evils, gta, tomb raider, crysis, ghost recon and many more.. So yea no for me
I forgot how awesome Ghost Recon was
Selling an Xbox 360 Elite w/ Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, and a wireless controller. All for $70. Send dm if interested.
Sup Minions. Been a few days. So really fast let's play a word association game. For example, when I say a big banana, you might think azher's ... ice cream sundae. But when I say Ghost Recon, you most likely don't think Michael Bay. But since we haven't gotten our childhoods completely raped by Hollywood, Michael Bay has been green lit to supervise the development of - and possibly direct - next Ghost Recon movie. And by next, I mean the one and most likely only one, since it is probably going to be terrible. And in tonight's major news development, an agreement was struck early Sunday between Iran and six world powers over Tehran's nuclear program. This marks a major policy change for most of the world. The deal is expected to be formally announced tomorrow, followed by an official hissy fit from Bibi Nethanyahu.
ghost recon isn't being as fun as I thought it'd be right now.
Ghost Recon Online ain't bad at all. Great tactical shooter.
I'm pretty sure that is Ghost Recon: Future Soldier! I haven't played it yet but that looks like it.
*ghost recon mission* "Hey kids, don't be scary tonight. Gon head and jump in them DMs."
I liked a video from Battlefield 4 FY-JS Headshot Magnet (BF4 Aggressive Recon
Listening to mancandy’s side of Ghost Recon is kind of brilliant. It’s like eavesdropping on a tactical unit.
1800 and ghost recon baby I aint got no worries
So for anyone that is a fan of Tom Clancy or FPS in general. Ghost Recon Online is in Open Beta and Free 2 Play
Agora vou aliviar o estresse do jogo do Vasco. Vou jogar Ghost Recon.
I liked a video from Ghost Recon Online c/DARKWOLF1999 | Most Valuable Player!
Anybody wanna come be lame and play the really old ghost recon with me? No? Ok.
Wowww!! Was gonna trade in dead island, black ops 2, ghost recon, and halo 4 at gamestop for some cash, they offered us 10$ for all of them together -.- Florentino Bucio
Xbox 360 Elite for sale with GTA, FIFA 13, Driver, Ghost recon and 2 pads
every CoD, every Ghost Recon, every Battlefield love em all
get skyrim going then :D try PS2 as well, its free xD Ghost Recon Online is free
I liked a video from Ghost Recon Online com DC2202
to pensando em jogar Ghost Recon: Future Soldier no XBOX 360
If you haven't already. download Ghost Recon Online! . One of the best F2P shooters out there!.
Whats it called though!! I keep thinking Ghost Recon, cause Alex has it, but its the other one u have! :p
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I have just listed: 'Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter (Xbox 360)', for £0.01 via
So i restarted my ps3 and i erased all of my data.and i forgot i was playing god of war and ghost recon smh. Dam
Also Ghost Recon:FS might not be a bad shout if your willing to spend money, should be quite cheap now.
I liked a video Ghost Recon Online cheat update
I liked a video from Comprando 6p41 SV | Ghost Recon
so Ghost Recon Future Soldier still doesn't have and invert aim, game pad option on pc, after all this time. What the *** Ubisoft
please make another sweet ghost recon but for Xbox one. I can't wait XD I can feel the pwnage.
I'd bought every fifa, nfs, moh etc from 98 - 2011 when I gave up on EA. Only decent Ubisoft is Ghost Recon & Rainbow6 = even easier.
Playing Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Future Soldier n I have to admit way better than any shooting game invented to all my gamers u deff. Have to try it out way better graphics and more releastic I think ima be on this game for about a coupke weeks
Today is ghost- recon 40k, This is a game set at 210pts. Pop in to take part and grab that part of the squad you...
Have been watching my bro play Ghost Recon the whole day.
I need the power back on to play Ghost recon!png power please!
Ghost Recon Online has too. TB did a video of it ages ago. I smell someone derped up a survey. xD
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, Serious Sam, Ghost Recon, Far Cry 1 and 2, and other gun-blazing titles 60% off! ...
 Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, I concluded my list of tasks tonight and it was only 9:00pm, so I said to myself, "Self, why don't you work on that stack of reviews you've got."  Black Ops II, Metro 2033, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Sleeping Dogs, and now I've added, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Project Sylpheed, and Rise of the Argonauts to my list.  On top of that, there's Kerbal Space Program, and my long-standing desire to review some of the Total War series, Red Cliffs, oh -and Let's Play KOTOR shouldn't be on hiatus forever...   When I played Black Ops I last year, it was Call of Duty's last chance to get me back on board -which it did.  Black Ops II has kept me sort of on the bandwagon.  I haven't decided whether I want to get Ghosts later this year, but I'm at least contemplating it.  Over-all, the game is not bad -it is a servicable shooter.  As I have had more time to play the multiplayer components, I have also come to appreciate the reason that CoD focusses on the multiplayer a ...
France – The Land Of Wine And Assassins Ubisoft, one of the biggest video game publishers in the world, is based in Rennes, France. They have studios in over two-dozen countries and own some of the biggest franchises in gaming, including Assassin’s Creed, Rayman, and the Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon franchises. In the opinion of industry experts Ubisoft “won” E3 2012 with its slate of Wii U launch titles and the announcement of Watch Dogs, which blew audiences away. The multinational media company Vivendi, which is the majority stakeholder in Activision Blizzard, Inc.; Quantic Dream, the studio behind Heavy Rain and the upcoming Beyond: Two Souls; and Gameloft, one of the largest publishers of mobile games in the world are all based in Paris. Arkane Studios, whose upcoming game Dishonored is at the center of some heavy industry buzz at the moment, is based in Lyon. Major French games industry figures include David Cage from Quantic Dream and Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft.
Best-Selling Author Tom Clancy Dies at 66 Tom Clancy, spy thriller writer, best-selling books became blockbuster films, has died at age 66, his publisher said Wednesday. Clancy’s publisher, the Penguin Group, said the author died in Baltimore on Tuesday. Clancy’s 1984 novel “The Hunt for Red October" propelled him to fame, fortune and status as a favorite storyteller of the American military. Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin brought the Cold War drama to life in the big screen in 1990. Harrison Ford took the big screen role of CIA analyst Jack Ryan in “Patriot Games" and "Clear and Present Danger.” Ben Affleck was cast as Ryan for “The Sum of All Fears.” His writings also provided the inspiration for the “Rainbow Six,” “Ghost Recon" and "Splinter Cell,” video game series. A Baltimore-born former insurance agent, Clancy was known for writing meticulous thrillers focusing on political intrigue and military tactics and technology. Seventeen of his 28 books appeared on the New York Times be ...
Rest in peace, Mr. Tom Clancy, author of the great Jack Ryan and John Clark novels (Hunt for Red October, Sum of All Fears, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger). Plus, authoritative co-founder of awesome games such as Rainbow Six series, H.A.W.X. series, Ghost Recon series, and who could forget, Sam Fisher and the Splinter Cell series. You are my hero. May you find peace in the afterlife.
R.I.P. Tom Clancy. I don't know what I will read without you, but thank you for Jack Ryan, Capt. Ramius, John Clark, Domingo "Ding" Chavez, Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, and all of your stories. You will be missed.
RIP Tom Clancy (1947-2013) New York Times reported that Tom Clancy died yesterday in a Baltimore located Hospital. May he rest in peace. He had a successful career in writing suspense/action novels, but he is more known (and probably earned *** of a money) by selling his name to Ubisoft for future video game releases in 2008. As for his books my favourite series from him must be the Jack Ryan series, and I really enjoyed the movie version of Hunt for Red October as well as the next to movies with Harrison Ford. Video game wise, the vanila Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon are diamonds, however the first three editions of Splinter Cell surpass them in terms of storytelling and game experience. What's your favourite Tom Clancy titles? When did you first encountered with the name?
Tom Clancy is dead? Aw. The guy responsible for Clear and Present Danger movie (among others), the Splinter Cell series, Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon and forthcoming The Division, basically some of my favourite computer games, gone.
Kicking off this "Red October", Tom Clancy has passed away. Cause of death not yet determined though doctors did say poor health conditions were "A Clear and Present Danger". People have been trying to contact Clancy postmortem, in fact, mediums around the country have united to form a "Ghost Recon".
Since I can't afford Saint's Row IV right now I guess I'll be playing Halo or Ghost Recon FS tonight.
I liked a video from KSIOlajidebt Plays | Ghost Recon Online
I was thinking about this today. Love it. Ghost recon would be even better
Wow! I just won this for free, Ghost Recon Online $15 Game Code
Well, that was retarded. We got Ghost Recon, thinking it was a split-screen tactical shooter. It is not. Back to the store.
Watching my step bro (on ps3 ghost recon until late probs so follow us and we will pm u a picture
Nah I only played ghost recon on pc. (
Was just Looking at BF season passes, Halo4 DLC packs...remember when Ghost Recon on OG Xbox gave away map packs for free?
sharing Julian Gollop interview: on X-Coms old and new, the Ghost Recon strategy ... - PC Gamer ..
But you forgot Ghost Recon lol. Anyhow, having worked in a game shop too, I know what u mean :D
has a ton of game movies in production. They tested the waters with the short film Ghost Recon Alpha
How does the division fit into the Tom Clancy universe, does it have anything related to Splinter Cell, ghost recon etc?
Operation Flashpoint, and Ghost Recon, and Titanfall, and Raven Squad, and Delta Force, and Frontlines, and Secret Service
*playing Ghost Recon* . chooses an AK-47 for her gun. And then we both instantly think of
I liked a video from Ghost Recon Online - Game Night (Livestream)
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