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Getty Museum

The J. Paul Getty Museum, a program of the J. Paul Getty Trust, is an art museum in California. It has two locations in Los Angeles, USA, the Getty Villa in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood, and the main museum, The Getty Center, in the Brentwood neighborhood.

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True! She went to the Getty Museum yesterday. Said it was amazing Find her on Instagr…
now that I realize it: I don't think they actually filmed the squad at the Getty?? sure they got some sample shots.…
Now abt the *almost* part: the Getty Museum (as far as I know) was only used for an extended scene of the squad get…
it's called the Getty Museum (or the Getty Center, etc). and I went there on art tour last year. It's one of the mo…
Photo of me and a Van Gough. One original at the Getty Museum. The other at the Cheung Library with
Hopefully there will be more to come. The Getty museum is my favorite place to shoot photos. I'm always inspired 😊
Scoop: U.S. and Israel reach joint plan to counter IranDonald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu shake hands after delive…
tryna go to the grammy museum or the Getty tomorrow (if face-swelling permits). come with.
Museum Hack at the Getty Center: A Flamboyant Peek into European Art History (What is a Museum Hack you may ask? Cl…
Kentrosaurus aethiopicus, a stegosaurian dinosaur from the Tendaguru Fm of Tanzania. Humboldt Museum Berlin 2010. See…
Carlton Watkins 1889 photo of a total solar eclipse, courtesy of the Getty Museum
California's Getty museum survives wildfire, ready for quakes
I have a different photo for my home and lock screen now. :3c they're both two recent selfies! One from the Getty m…
all the money in the world was such a good movie . will never look at the Getty Museum the same again
Joan Didion on Mr. Getty and his museum seems a propos, perhaps, to our contemporary situation.
One of greater Los Angeles area Freeway intersections is CLOSED 405/101 The area around The Getty Museum is on fire http…
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1 January ✨ Octave of the Nativity. Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God (RC). Reflections on Mary https:…
What about children, trafficking victims? Screw the Art CNN! 🧐😳😢
Security lady at the Getty Museum:. “More Georgia Bulldogs? Man, you guys are coming from everywhere!”. Well, are are a so…
Three celebrated works by Caravaggio on view at the Getty Museum
Evaded the fire and going strong on its 20th anniversary: Richard Meier's Getty Museum...
And here is the first ever feline bishop! (Getty Museum, Ludwig MS XV.1, fol. 48r)
Are you there on business? Go to the Getty museum in Bel Air. Hire a bike and cycle through Laurel Ca…
Getty Museum To Put Rare Drawing By Michelangelo On Display has been published on LA West Media -…
The Getty Museum (off the 405) is great, too. And the Getty Villa (classical art) is in Malibu, if you go there.
The Getty or the La Brea Tar Pits are both solid choices if you want a uniquely LA museum.
San Diego focuses on Latin American and Latino art as a part of the Getty Museum's “Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA”.
That is the girandole I took to the Getty Museu…
do you know about the underground facility and tunnels under the Getty museum?
That pic is so beautiful balty💗✌ btw i would love to visit the Getty Museum one day👊😊so gorgeous art👌. ha…
Naw, NW would be towards J. Paul Getty museum/Mullholland. Hollywood is east of Westwood.
Update your maps at Navteq
Huh. That quake was right next door to (and well under) the Getty Museum. They must've angered some ancient spirit.…
BTW, the magnitude for the earthquake was measured to be 3.6. The epicenter was close to the the Getty Museum.
I wanna go to the museum of ice cream, the museum of death & the getty museum 🙂
museum a day keeps the doctor away 🎨 en Getty Museum
When the Inevitable Happens...Again: Protecting Museum Collections from Earthquake Damage Oct. 7, free tickets:…
I just went to the Getty Museum yesterday and felt very much not cultured enough
Old Master £118m sales update: mystery seller named, and sells to Getty Museum
At the Getty Museum in Santa Monica today with Trina Brown Jonah Brown and Lindsay brown
One of Degas’s great late works, "Russian Dancers" (circa 1899), is presently on loan to the Getty Museum.
Free Technology for Teachers: Read and Download 250+ Art Books from the Getty Museum:
"Théodore Rousseau Gets His Due at the Getty Museum" by ROBERTA SMITH via NYT
The Getty, Urth Cafe, and LACMA :-) today was brazy 💘💘 @ LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Today has been LA culture day. First the Getty museum this morning and now a show tonight at the Geffen Playhouse.
the Getty museum, stay an extra day
Getty Museum. A worker didn't like my last name and wanted to charge me more to enter.
A few things I actually wanna do: . Go to universal. Go to the Getty museum (again). Go out& play frisbee w/ friends. Go to places I havent been
J. Paul Getty Museum appoints Julian Brooks senior curator of drawing and head of the department
Check out the latest blog on our website about a true gem in LA, the Getty Museum!
Ambitious Greek ruler Alexander the Great born in 356 BC.
Julian Brooks is now the senior curator of drawing at the J. Paul Getty Museum
Just got to the Getty Museum in L.A. and it's already hotter than ***
"20 most visited museum in the USA" — thanks to our guests for visiting the 🖼
All ages free show at the Getty next Saturday? Yes please! Burger Records night at the museum! 🍔🎶
Ambitious Greek ruler Alexander the Great was born in 356 BC.
The Saturday excursion to the J Paul Getty Museum has been announced! For more information:
Yo! I have a friend who used to work at my museum move out to LA. She's at the Getty now. I tried connecting yawl on FB
Loretta photographing the view at the Getty. @ Getty Museum
Watching all the firework displays in Southern California with my awesome kiddies. @ Getty Museum
Snake ambush! Doin more studies at the Getty, so lucky to live close! @ Getty Museum
Congrats GRFALWKV is in permanent collection @ Getty Museum. Img courtesy Mark Moore Gallery, LA
I love to travel local, and Los Angeles is a great place to do that! Check out my latest trip to The Getty Center:
.have you looked at in conjunction w/ Getty audience project? (cc
ICYMI: 10 works from our Grunwald Center collection are on now view →
Getty Villa: free museum off of PCH in Malibu with free entrance!
In Sept. 2017 the Museum will present a exhibition on the topic of Indigenismos.
Getty museum today I can't waaaittt🙆🏻
The Getty museum - Los Angeles, United States - Black and white street photography
I want to go back to the Getty Museum and absorb and copy each individual part of this John Singer Sargent painting
Afternoon conference break. Can the Getty come home with me? @ Getty Museum
3 of our FCE students Lauola, Taylor and Milia enjoying the awesome view at the Getty's Museum!
Spending the afternoon at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles
I am going to be at the Getty museum on the one on the 405 with a class mate we should link up!
Irises: Vincent Van Gogh in the Garden (Getty Museum Studies on Art) by Helvey,
Another in my Museum series- statue of a teen from a few hundred years ago. Things haven't changed. Look...
Getty Museum announces appointment of Disney's Lisa Clements as Asst Director of Ed, Public Progrs & Inter Media
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I had a fabulous time in America. Loved the Getty museum. Van Gogh's Irises. I wish I could paint half as good 😀
AWP over! I did five events in three days. Today: the Getty museum and a movie. Chilling before more readings, tomorrow, Vromans Pasadena.
Huntington Library, Santa Monica Pier, the museum of death, the broad, the Getty. The Arcadia arboretum
ucla pretty coo I guess for closing off the Getty Museum for us🌃☄
Any Tunisian mosaics in the Getty exhibition? in Tunis has the world's largest collection
I live just north of LA. Hike to the set of M*A*S*H, Griffith Observatory, Getty Museum, Santa Monica Pier, LA Temple Visitrs C.
They looked good but the view looked better :-) @ Getty Museum
Art and exploring is what I live for ❤️ @ Getty Museum
Karen looking radiant with the boys. @ Getty Museum
My brother took my SIL on the cutest date today, Getty museum & picnic at the beach, I love them 😭❤️
Last Sturges thought: Lavish restoration + endowment would cost a museum, what, $10m? If that. Getty spent $30m last month for Gentileschi
The J. Paul Getty Museum. Love art...and this fabulous museum...have always wanted to go back and sp
Me and this girl Camellia. She liked my dress. @ Getty Museum
The Getty Museum is well known for its architecture, gardens, and views overlooking Los Angeles.…
From The Getty to The Broad, check out our favorite museum picks around LA!
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Nude Study of an Indian Man, about 1878-79, Émile-Jules Pichot @ Getty Museum
We're trammin'! Us Chamber Singers went to the Getty Museum yesterday! Tyler on vocals! ty_relyt…
Sculptural Relief of Victory from the Temple of Victory, the Acropolis, Athens (Getty Museum) via
Piece of the day : Greek, 225 - 175 B.C. Gold and glass. Earrings with Nike Pendants (Getty Museum)
West side got me feelin so throwed @ Getty Museum
Celebrating my born day with my babies at the Getty Museum in Malibu
My dad doesn't know how to handle himself in museums. @ Getty Museum
Early Greeks with laptop? Enthroned Woman with an Attendant’ is on display at The J. Paul Getty Museum in ...
📷 humanoidhistory: The Colossus of Memnon, Egypt, 1880s, photo by Antonio Beato. (Getty Museum)
LA City Lights are amazing. If you get a chance. You gotta check out the Getty Museum.
A Burning Bush at Getty Museum. Wishing you a week of beauty, of light, of love, and of meaningful connections.
📷 unrar: The new Getty Museum, designed by Richard Meier on the hills of Santa Monica, Rene Burii.
Paris in 1763, by Nicolas-Jean-Baptiste Raguenet, A View of Paris from the Pont Neuf, Getty Museum
Pages from a 750-year-old Armenian Bible on display at the Getty Museum... Read full story below.
Getty Museum and Armenian Church reach agreement over 13th-century manuscript
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Looking forward to the Getty never been. Looking forward to seeing Iris painting!
Feeling like my summer has been full of nothing but school, papers, and exams. 😟
More marble hair at the Getty Museum
C3 Pilot sites loved resources made available to students by a collaboration between and .
Illuminated manuscript from Ireland circa 1400s @ Getty Museum
The Sacramentary of Beauvais in the collection of the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles
That picture was from when I was at the Getty Villa which is a Greek/Roman museum & that was in the outdoor garden.
Dozens of brilliant bronze works on display at Getty Museum via
"Dozens of Brilliant Bronze Works on Display at Getty Museum" by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS via NYT
I'm looking forward to some cultural things like Nisei Week, Getty Museum and Huntington Botanical Gardens and Library among other things
Tate Gallery and National Portrait Museum in London. Getty Museum in LA. Norton Simon in Pasadena.
Getty Museum: A Lady Walking in a Garden with a Child.
Getty Museum: [Classical style porch with view of water, Jamaica].
a couple to start with. a trip to Getty Museum and drinks/nibbles/lunch/dinner at Chateau Marmont
Tell me why I have yet to go to the Hammer Museum, Getty, and LACMA when I literally lived like 5-10 minutes away from them last year.
Set de fotos: jamesyouth: Photographs of flowers from when I visited the Getty Museum. 2013/2014
Rules of chivalry for the digital age from via
You're my best friend and we're dancing in this world alone. @ The Getty Museum, Los Angeles
At last, a few clear rules of for the digital age
Maybe the Getty Museum or the Los Angeles Museum in LA. What is your favorite type of Art (Any kind)?.
Need to go to the Getty museum for a project. Which means either beach or outlets after
"We almost sent you on a field trip to the Getty museum, but you weren't here at 8:00". "But... but I was..."
go to the Getty Museum, get a tour of the Fender factory, visit the Dish restaurant in Altadena for breakfast (get the waffle)
Tom Flynn's brilliant response to Getty CEO Jim Cuno's anti-repatriation screed: "The museum, and what it...
I just took a dump in a Getty Museum restroom and it was everything I thought it would be.
I am volunteering at the Getty Center November 1st, and attending a museum reception at the Fowler Museum later on that night.
Elon Musk enjoy having lunch with your England Wife Getty Museum Expensive Lunch Menu with Musk's with his Espionage Company Spies Hackers!
join me November 2nd for a Free Drawing Lesson at The Getty Museum, Los Angeles!
Museum of natural history first. Followed by the Getty museum. It's going to be a great day :)
Getty trip coming soon!: The city’s affordable travel program is returning to the Getty Museum on Saturday, No...   10% Off
What happen when boundaries of the page become elastic? Online museum catalogues reinventing art publishing
The Getty Iris: What Is a Page in the Digital Age? - A new crop of digital museum catalogues reinvents the page fo... ht…
Dynasty and Destiny in Imperial Rome: The Augustan Experiment and Its Legacy -
Team 3 at the Getty Museum ! Jessy Mendiola, Yeng, Eric Santos, Sam Milby, Martin Nievera and Julia Barretto x
I need to take another trip to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. So awesome.
Before I became a Professor, I was an adjunct, TA, and visitor services assistant at the Getty Museum.
Google joins Rijksmuseum, Getty, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Guggenheim in making knowledge open and free:
Want to go to lacma or to the Getty museum.
day trip to the Getty museum in Santa Monica
When I was in Cali I stole a little succulent from a famous garden at a famous museum called The Getty. No one has ever done that before.
“Someone go to the Getty museum wiff me” down
“Someone go to the Getty museum wiff me” rob da robba
Someone go to the Getty museum wiff me
The entrance hall alone is the definition of perfect.
What Is a Page in the Digital Age? museum catalogues that are reinventing art publishing for the 21st century
Pro Photo Daily: Minor White - Manifestations of the Spirit at the Getty Museum through October 19.
Getty Adds Another 77,000 Images to its Open Content Archive - c/o
Foto: qbnscholar: Serenity, immense in B&W. The J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Center in Los Angeles,...
Gonna either hit the Getty Museum, Museum of Tolerance, or the Observatory this week
Enjoyed a great afternoon at the Getty Museum with and
I saw this same book ( your copy here) at the Getty Art Museum in their Bookshop. Guess physics is art!
Read Lead scholars at the Getty Museum of Arts. One way to increase reading levels is exposure.…
In need of someone cute and talkative to come with me to the Getty museum this week
Van Gogh's 'Irises' - one of my favourite artworks at my favourite place in LA @ The Getty Museum, Los…
This painting is called Portal at Rouen Cathedral :-D @ The Getty Museum, Los Angeles
Sunday FunDay getting our nerd on natval_ edlin_vaz @ The Getty Museum, Los Angeles
The viewer in the museum Getty, Los Angeles.
At the Getty museum. 1st day of the LA holiday is about culture. Not the beach one.
Someone got an A on their ceramics project! @ The…
Went to the Getty Museum and only got yelled at twice!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Tourist adventures day 2: love the garden maze at Getty Center @ The Getty Museum, Los Angeles
I'm at the Getty Museum seeing a bunch of art
So yeah, lunch and an amazing view @ The Getty Museum, Los Angeles
I love the Tate Museum. If you visit California I recommend visiting the Getty and LA County Musueum of Art.
Too good! MT A blue man reads under a lamp hanging from a hook attached to his hat. 15thC Getty Museum.
Random photos from the Getty Museum and La Brea Tar Pits
All of my friends in Southern California, the Getty Museum has a great Ansel Adams show. Actually seeing his photo graphs is so different then seeing them in a book or reproduction. PS they also have a phenomenal David Hockney. His paintings have depth and shadows better reproduction just cannot demonstrate.
After a leisurely breakfast in bed...compliments of the Queen Mary .off to the Getty Museum to see the Queen Victoria Exhibit.very British weekend
*sigh* California State Parks, the Getty Museum and Huntington Library certainly know how to make me homesick when they send their emails.
'Best of Best' of Ansel Adams' Photos on Display: LA's Getty Museum exhibition displays 'the best of the best'...
What a great NTA, about 30+ appointments with tour operators. Amazing closing event at the Getty Museum, highly recommend for anyone visiting LA. Only disappointment was not getting to visit with Horace Mann Jr. High school friend, Mike Green from Miami due to stupid LA traffic jams :( Next time, Mike!!
no.17. Bernardo Daddi, Virgin with SS Thos Aquinas & Paul, tempera on panel, 1335; Getty Museum, LA
By: Ellen BranaghGeorge Clooney, whose new movie The Monuments Men tackles the issue of stolen art works, stood by his view that the UK should follow the example of the Vatican and the US's Getty Museum by giving back the Elgin Marbles to Greece .
Following an extensive cleaning process that included the removal of a coat of varnish, the Getty Museum will put Jackson *** 's monumental work "Mural" on display for the public starting in March.
Getting some culture and enjoying a beautiful day out at The Getty Museum :)
Getty Museum with dbgaron11! Beautiful view of up here. . losangeles_city @ J. Paul…
Download over 250 free art books from the Getty Museum :)
Field trip today with the Sassoonies 😀💚🌸 @ J. Paul Getty Museum
Hello friends! . . . . . You are invited to join us at the Getty Museum tour, March 29, with Professor Jay Wegter. Professor Wegter teaches Theology and Apologetics at The Master's College. He is a graduate of The Master's Seminary, and also works as a professional artist and author, operating through his ministry, "Gospel for life" ( Jay's Getty Museum tour centers around the influence of Christianity in art throughout history, and also reveals the profound impact the underlying worldview of a culture can have upon the arts. DATE: March 29. COST: FREE! Please invite guests!"
Sassoon field trip to the Getty Museum! 😁
Trying to describe the indescribable--Iris tackles the Museum of Jurassic Technology
FREE ADMISSION daily into the Greco-Roman epoch here:
Well, as it turns out, my flight last night from LA was cancelled. So I spent the day at the J Paul Getty Museum which was stunning. I spent the evening with my friend Chris at Altaneda which is awesome. Today is Hollywood boulevard, then the Hawks/Ducks game tonight. Hopefully, I can come home tomorrow. This trip just keeps going and going and going and going!!! I owe so many people gifts, which I will take care of when I get home. People are just so nice out here in LA. Thank you John Lyk, Frank Dom, Katia the dogwalker, Chris Stoddard and more for everything.
the Getty has just been added to the world list!
I went to the Getty Museum Sunday to see the Canterbury Cathedral and St. Alban's Psalter illuminated manuscripts. The Psalms were written 3000 years ago but their wisdom is not surpassed. i.e. " The fool has said there is no God. They are corrupt and have become accursed in their ways. There are none that do good, no, not one."
Cat Of Greece, 1997 Deep Floater Framed by Isy Ochoa Framed Canvas. - You may find it on this page: also - Cats of the greek islands daybook I love games - 16 great games for girls Fly to cancun fsx [download] Cat of greece, 1997 deep floater framed by isy ochoa framed canvas Cats in greece: 1998 engagement calendar The cat who said cheese Cat of greece, 1997 framed print by isy ochoa framed Masterpieces of the j. paul getty museum: antiquities Joe scruggs in concert - live from deep in the jungle [vhs] Pace setter 88-1428 monza performance exhaust system.
Looking forward to a weekend of Selected Shorts at The Getty.
Let's make plans to the Getty Museum
Thses are some pictures I took at Getty museum. One more tip, site address is and it's free, no admission fee!!!
Via The Getty Museum recently made over 250 of its art books available for download, for FREE.
A new exhibition at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles explores the story of Queen Victoria as surprisingly and...
Let the Getty museum pictures begin 
Me and the mom getting our art on at the Getty @ J. Paul Getty Museum
Hanging out with the greats today with papa and (Missing fckncorey.) @ J. Paul Getty Museum
(Lieven van Lathem (illuminator), 1469) The Virgin and Child with Angels Getty:
Did you know the Khan Academy partnered with the Getty Museum to offer art lessons?
Very Cool!RT We're thrilled to be today Check out our channel there
The Getty Museum has acquired 13 Pictorialist photographs, all from the collection of Raymond E. Kassar htt…
News on U of Iowa's Jackson *** "Mural" being conserved by the Getty Museum.# Mural
Gardens of the Roman World - one of over 250 free full-text art books offered by the Getty Museum Vi
One of my favourite paintings is freely downloadable from the Getty Museum:
Into art? Download free art books from the Getty Museum. v/ Open Culture
The Museum That Proudly Defies Understanding If the wall label says it, it must be true. Right? More
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We're thrilled to be today w Check out our channel there http…
Jackson *** s 'Mural' on display at Getty starting in March
One of these days I'm going to the Getty museum alone.
Need to get to the Getty Museum soon
Went to Getty museum to shoot. Very interesting photographs by Hiroshi Sugimoto. I need to think more about what the story is in a minute.
Amazing views from tonight, new exhibition preview .
"Six months ago I shared with you the Metropolitan Museum of Art's collection of nearly 400 free art history books. Now the Getty Museum has put more than 250 art books online for anyone to read online and or download. You can find all of these books in the Getty Publications Virtual Library. You can search through the collection by author, keyword, or title. Alternatively, you can simply browse the collections. All of the free books are also available on Google Books. In fact, I've used Google Books to embed one of the books below."
The J. Paul Getty Museum seeks to inspire curiosity about, and enjoyment and understanding of, the visual arts by collecting, conserving, exhibiting and interpreting works of art of outstanding quality and historical importance. To fulfill this mission, the Museum continues to build its collections…
Current representational art in exhibit The third in a series of exhibits of representational art from 1900 until today opens Thurs., Feb. 20, in the William Rolland Gallery of Fine Art at California Lutheran University. An opening reception for “Resonating Images III,” which features works of contemporary artists in multiple styles, will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. Sat., March 1. A second reception will be held from 5:10 to 6 p.m. Mon., March 3, in conjunction with The Representational Art Conference, which is being presented by CLU. The exhibit will continue through April 17. Exhibitors will include Van Arno, Bayo, Sandow Birk, Davis Cone, Ron English, Helen Rebekah Garber, Wes Hempel, F. Scott Hess, Alec Huxley, Ruth Grace Jervis, Eric Joyner, Gegam Kacherian, Michael Knowlton, Ira Korman, Brin Levinson, Adam Miller, Odd Nerdrum, Billy Norrby, Michael Pearce, Michael Rosenfeld, Randye Sandel, Christopher Ulrich and Peter Zokosky. Nerdrum, a panelist at TRAC, is a Norwegian regarded by many as one of t ...
I was asked to speak at the Getty Museum, in the Harold M. Williams Auditorium in Los Angeles, California on Thursday, September 22, 2011 during the exhibition “In the Beginning Was the Word: Medieval Gospel Illumination.” Illuminated manuscripts from the Middle Ages are significant for the literary texts they preserve. But they are also important, historically and culturally, for their illustrations of the life of Jesus and other figures associated with him. These artistic representations tell tales of their own, and the visual stories are not always found in the corresponding texts. A careful examination of these images shows clearly and convincingly that medieval artists were familiar not only with the stories of the canonical Gospels but also with many noncanonical apocryphal tales of Jesus. The apocryphal stories, in some instances, were understood to be “Gospel truth” on par with accounts found in Scripture. In any event, here is the lecture that I gave: Please adjust gear icon for 720p High ...
So grateful I have my parents to help me out and drag me along to all their fun stuff this winter. While most of us are dead broke without 2 nickels to rub together, I'm lucky enough to tag along with my mom and step dad to basketball games, the spa in their back yard, and The Queen Mary and Getty museum,not to mention movies and whatever other fun stuff we do while I'm here.
HW for January 31: 1. In your NB, reflect: How (and why) is it that Janie is able to sympathize with the mule? Cite from both Ch. 5-7 and the Domestic Violence information packet. 2. Read and annotate Ch. 8-10. THE TRIP!!! WHO'S GOING? It's going to be AWESOME!!! 1. Visit UCLA and LMU 2. Learn at the Museum of Tolerance See the HOLLYWOOD sign up close and personal at Griffith Park, and experience the world-class science observatory there! 4. Take in the beauty of Malibu from teh beautiful views of the Getty Museum, while meandering through Greek and Roman Art 5. Play at the Santa Monica beach; ride a rollercoaster at the Santa Monica Pier; shop at the shwanky 3rd Street Promenade 6. EAT yummy Oaxacan Food at the Guelagutza restaurant! ***Get home in time for the Prom!!! $100 down payment next week. $275 after that. Mr. Roper has chocolate for you to sell to help with costs (we can also arrange our own fundraiser). I hope you join us!!!
You can download hundreds of free art books from the Met, the Guggenheim & now the Getty Museum - I did not know this
Had an awesome day with my wife, brother in law, and his girlfriend! We had breakfast at the sugar shack downtown, then we drove to the Getty Museum and saw some amazing art, after that we went to the comedy and magic club in Hermosa and laughed so hard we were gasping for air! Overall great day! I'm so gonna veg on sunday
I spent most of the day at the fabulous Getty Museum. If you've never been there I highly recommend it. Beautiful art on a beautiful campus designed by Richard Meier. It's free except for the $15 parking fee. It sure was nice turning corners and experiencing "War Eagle!" moments. As the sun set I made my way over to the Griffith Observatory to get a view of the city lights from above. The drive was interesting, as I either drove on or crossed over such well known roads as Sunset Boulevard, Bundy Drive, Gretna Green Way, Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica Freeway, Hollywood Boulevard, and Rodeo Drive. Apparently, the Observatory is a very popular destination. The traffic was backed up getting there and I ended up parking about 3/4's of a mile away from it. The crowds and parking reminded me is the laser show at Stone Mountain. I stopped for a quick bite at KFC on my way back to my loft room and got a chuckle from an encounter there. While I was waiting for my order a man walked in and asked the clerk what ki ...
BBC News - Getty Museum to return Hades sculpture to Sicily
does someone wanna go to the La Brea Tar Pits or Getty Museum w/me? No. Okay.
Getty Museum sharing digital assets with all, for free | via
Thousands of Getty Museum images free to download and use!
In this article we learn how the Getty Museum made 4,600 pieces of art downloadable & FREE to use.
Speed of Life: Introducing the Getty Museum's Open Content Program - greggchadwick: by Gregg Chadwick...
Getty Museum's Open Content Program "to share, freely and without restriction" - amazing:
Long Beach Blog 1. Went to get some culture today. Visited the Getty Museum. Great place. Unbelievable tapestry, paintings, sculptures and furniture. Free except for parking. Rosalie put this on your bucket list! 2. Filled my gas tank today. California gas tax goes up 3.5 cents a gallon starting tomorrow. Almost cheaper to take an airplane to work. 3. Played golf yesterday and met some interesting people. Ended up playing with an airline pilot from Unitedd Airlines. He flies from Los Angeles or San Francisco to New York. The other guy was interesting. His father in law produced the old Daniel Boone series starring Fes Parker. He also was a co producer for the TV show Mash. He says his father in law is a "zillionaire"! 4. Went to church today. First time in a long time. Large parish. They have 11 weekend masses, 4 of them are in Vietnamese and 2 in Spanish. Can you say diverse? 5. Gotta love the latest Jeff Foxworthy routine. "A country founded by geniuses and run by *** . Pretty funny. 6. I'll be home ...
If you were in LA and wanted to do stuff that didn't involve amusement parks and Hollywood stuff what would you recommend -- anyone been to the Griffith Observatory or the Getty Museum?
14 hr drive to LA yesterday. Accident closed the fwy for almost an hour at one point. Today, met up with Paul Davi at 8am for almost 2.5 hrs on the bike. Lunch with Bobbe Banks Salkowitz, David, Lee, Simon and the rest of us at Jan's Diner in West Hollywood. A little driving around and a walk with Allison Bass Whitworth in the afternoon. Dinner in Westwood at California Pizza Kitchen and more walking around. Then up to the Getty Museum until 9pm looking at art, photos and modern architecture drawings. Great day. Taking boys to Camp Bravo performance camp tomorrow followed by a ride to Big Bear.
Heading home. Had fun celebrating Brooklyn's birthday, going on Warner Bros. Studio tours, being audience member for Deon Cole Black Box show, visiting The Getty and the Getty Museum, eating in Santa Monica, witnessing Freeway shutdown due to major accident, going to Long Beach, visiting Catalina Island, meeting Brooklyn's roommates, and attending hearing on a case I'm working on.
Today was amazing. I got to go to the Getty Museum. We didn't get to see all the exhibits but what we did get to see was wonderful. Then we drove to the Vasquez Rocks. I did climc anything (I had flip flops on) but the boys did. Tomorrow will be bittersweet when we leave Cali and my sweetest friend Cindy Dirkschneider Lee and her wonderful family. We will head to Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon.
Tomorrow, 12 June at 2.30pm: Curator's Talk on "In Focus: Ed Ruscha" at the Getty Museum, LA.
So, pretend that I've never been to New York City - what would you say are the three things that are *must see* while here? So far I've been to the Museum of Natural History, the Getty Museum, and my old neighbourhood where I grew up. Also got to go through Central Park last night, and that was really nice. Plans are for the Met (don't get me started on how that pathetic excuse for an art museum in SF has the temerity to call itself "MOMA") and the Cloisters. (And, update on being in NY...I'm loving it...and my legs (and hip!) get stronger every time I'm here from all the stairs and running around, which is a definite bonus. Took the stairs all over museum; scoffed at all the people taking the elevators. Then I remembered that I used to be that person.)
Bucket lists. I've heard a lot about these lately. Perhaps I should do one. Actually I think I'll do two. One will be for the exotic things that most bucket lists include...things like sky diving and bungee jumping (neither of those will be on mine), or shaking hands with the President, visiting every one of the U.S. national parks, walking the Great Wall of China, seeing the Matterhorn, seeing the Taj Mahal, or skiing the Tasman Glacier of New Zealand (all of which I'd like to do, but really don't think I will manage to achieve in the remaining 40 years of my life (or is it 35 now?)). The other will be more practical, and take advantage of local activities, some of which (like Disneyland, e.g.) some people save money for and schedule vacations and airline flights across many time zones to be able to do. That bucket list will include going to the new Getty Museum and the Museum of Tolerance (that's right (scandalous!!), I've never yet been to either (I have been to the old Getty). It will also includ ...
The LA Architecture & Future Tech exhibit at the Getty Museum is absolutely incredible. I suggest you go immediately. kthxbai:)
I need some suggestions for what to do tomorrow with my dad. We have all morning and afternoon. As mentioned before we basically toured LB, San Pedro and PV. Now what and where? I was thinking Getty Museum? But my dad is not fond of freeways. o_O I've never been, perhaps if I suggest to drive. Maybe go south on PCH towards Laguna. Eeeck I dunno HELP!
Love the weather in LA but don't know how the natives can put up with the traffic; all hours,all days. Enjoyed visiting Huntington Gardens and also the Getty Museum. Walking around Old Pasadena was nice too. No time for any additional touring because of absurd traffic Bound for Newark at the crack of sown
A Story by the Duke of Vandals One judge called it “malicious mischief.” Another judge called it “destruction of public property.” In New York City, after the guards caught him in the Museum of Modern Art, the judge reduced the charge to “littering” as a final insult. After the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, the judge called what Terry Fletcher did “graffiti.” At the Getty or the Frick or the National Gallery, Terry’s crime was always the same. People just couldn’t agree on what to call it. None of these judges should be confused with the Honorable Lester G. Myers of the Los Angeles County District Court, art collector and downright nice guy. The art critic is not Tannity Brewster, writer and knower of all things cultural. And relax, no way is the gallery owner Dennis Bradshaw, famous for his Pell/Mell Gallery, where just by coincidence people get shot in the back. Every once in a while. No, any resemblance between these characters and anyone living or dead is a complete accident. What h ...
Emergence was commissioned by the Getty Museum as part of Bill Viola: The Passions exhibition organized by the Museum in 2003. The video was inspired by a fr...
Up at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles with my dear friend Ed Ruscha. Great show!
Getting ready to go to that local Indian museum. I think they call it the Getty
Need to make another trip to the Getty museum
Spent the day at The Getty Museum and now picked up our ride and taking the 405 to Newport Beach
You should go to the Getty art Museum on Saturday I herd the rose garden is in bloom!
It is cloudy on the hills tonight.Visiting Getty museum
How does one measure the success of a museum? Paul Getty
Interested in a digital publications manager position with the Getty Museum?
Tackling the 'relevance gap' in a museum - by incorporating more voices into the discussion
"Waterfall in the Mountains by Moonlight" by Kobell via J Paul Getty Museum When you need to take a moment...
This sculpture in the Getty Museum reminds me of this powerful, beautiful poem by Eve Ensler, Love Your Tree.
Stained glass from Canterbury Cathedral is going to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles!
I wanna go to the Getty museum again.
Lovely day at The Getty. Last full day in LA :( @ J. Paul Getty Museum
and in LA to go to the Getty Museum, especially if he is even remotely into art. It’s free and was a highlight for me
This juxtaposition illustrates the struggle to embrace Westernization without discarding tradition:
Exhibition is a rare opportunity to see photographs by two of Japan's most highly regarded 20th-century photographers
Beautiful expo at the Paul Getty LA: Hamaya & Yamamoto and Ruscha -
Picnic and naps and I guess school groups at the Getty Museum
This sign is in the Getty museum parking lot. I guess the bathroom stalls were getting crowded.
A really cool sneak peek at what happens behind the scenes at a museum.
if you are still in LA, visit the , Getty Museum (villa), Griffith Park and San Pedro :) really nice places!
Panels from Canterbury on display at the Getty Museum / september 2013
Getty's museum on Thursday next week. :D
I need to go to the Getty Museum for my class.. Anyone want to join? 😃
The works of these 3 Japanese photographers can resonate with us all during times of great uncertainty and change
Awesome view from the Getty Museum with yesterday (highly recommend the brunch too!)
Beautiful images! Japan's Photographers Reflect the Realities of a Changing World via
Made my self laugh way too hard at a stupid joke in 1st. "Anyone know why it's called the Getty Museum?" "His first name is Spuh."
Do museums need to change? If so, how do the people who work in them make that happen?
You should most certainly visit the Griffith Observatory. And the Getty Museum, Paradise Cove & go horse riding in Topanga!
Masterpieces of the J. Paul Getty Museum: Drawings Hb (Masterpieces of Getty Museum): The collection of Europe...
Had to snap this from the Getty Museum because it reminded me of Damien Sandow... lol.
Edwynn Houk Gallery is now representing ABELARDO MORELL Camera Obscura: View of Central Park Looking North, Winter, 2013 Edwynn Houk Gallery is delighted to announce the exclusive representation of Abelardo Morell (American, b. Havana, 1948), whose pictures transform and transcend the ordinary and everyday. Morell will be the subject of a major retrospective exhibition, “The Universe Next Door,” which will start at the Art Institute of Chicago this June and tour to the Getty Museum, Los Angeles, this fall and the High Museum in Atlanta next winter. Morell’s first exhibition with Houk Gallery will be at the Zürich space this June. Always intrigued with optics and how an image is constructed, Morell began his photographic career within the most steadfast of genres, the still life. His pared down images focused resolutely on simple, everyday items: a glass bottle, a page within a book, a child’s toy. In 1991, Morell, wanting to illustrate to his students the basic tenet of photography – light pass ...
Got home from California yesterday spent 5 days out there to see our son Steven who lives in West LA. Had a great time. Went to the Getty Museum, Dinner in Malibu, and a tour of Paramount Studio. We will go to Big Bear next time a little to much going on up at the mountain.
I once made a bit about the Getty museum being purchased by a rich oil Tycoon from Texas. The comic after me asked rhetorically, "Why is it okay for you to impersonate a Texan but when I do an impression of an Asian that's racist?" Well let's *** the factors that happened in the impression. -How accurate is the language that you are perceiving the stereotype? Ching chong ching made up language? or "I'm gonna shoots me a rabbit!" -Is the character sentient? -How many people are you describing? All of Asia or just one rich, oil tycoon? - How inferior are you demonstrating the person or adopt a broad generalization from historical, pop-culture influenced stereotypes? Stretched out eyes, buck teeth, tiny *** etc. or Makes tacky design choices, loves Nascar, has guns. If I was racist then it was very very specific to Oil Tycoons that purchased the Getty Museum who like water slides that don't exist to my knowledge.
I found a Louisville fan from 1188 today at the Getty Museum @ The Getty Center
| Getty Museum review targets its antiquities collection
My thanks to the Getty Research Institute, the Getty Museum, the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, the de Young, and of course the CPNAS!
Mommom and Gockie left our place in Irvine this morning around 7am. They are safely on the road heading east. The whole trip and visit with them was amazing! We did the Griffith Observatory, Pink's Hot Dogs, Getty Museum, Laguna Beach, UCI campus tour, Rose Parade, Nixon Presidential Library/Museum, San Diego Zoo, and Disneyland! And lots of talks, great meals, and family memories that were made. Patrick Reaves, Betty Carli. Also, Becky Carli and Bob Lambrecht I really enjoyed your FB banter as I updated during their visit. :) Now for two days of rest, relaxation, skype date, editing, and reading before my second quarter of grad school, including starting my job as a teaching assistant, begins!
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Thanx everyone for your birthday wishes. Great Birthday: Arcadia Blues Club, back stage viewing the floats, then seeing them in the parade and the Getty Museum (definitely going back). Oh and my birthday dinner with a night stroll out the pier at Seal Beach listening to the waves pound. Flew out next a.m. waah :(
always has great suggestions. and St Felix fun, Griffith Observatory and Getty Museum enlighten!
Catalina, Red Wood Forrest, Huntington Library, Hearst Castle, Napa Valley, Queen Mary, The State Capital, Getty Museum...some of the places on my list (30 places to celebrate my 30th) where would you go in CA?
Had a long day went to Getty Museum. Then to the Santa Monica Pier. Big day and lots of fun :)
Super excited! Our great family friend Paula ODonnell Adams is driving from Burbank Airport to our house as I'm writing this! Our first Mundeleiner visitor! (She went to Mundelein High School and was Sven's best friend as well.) They're forecasting rain tomorrow, pls. pray to St. Peter, that it doesn't rain tomorrow, because we all want to go to Venice Beach. Raindate will be the Getty Museum. And they say, it never rains in Southern California, hah - wrong!
Such a fun day Started off with the DMA league general meeting. Speaker was new director of the Conservation Project, Mark Leonard. Previously at the Getty Museum in LA he showed a marvelous video by William Friedkin of his work there. Judy Birchfield, President, also showed pictures from the New Orleans trip by the League. Wonderful lunch followed at Capital Grille. So glad to be involved with this wonderful group. Art in Bloom, major fundraiser, will be held on march 25 and will feature granddaughter of Chagall, a florist in New York. Love Dallas and the Arts Movement in theater, art, and music. What a wonderful city filled with so any giving citizens.
Just ran across this little nugget of interweb awesome sauce -- Sadly, neither the Louvre nor the Cleveland Museum of Art are featured, but the virtual tour of the Getty Museum is almost like being there in person!
I am back at the Getty Museum. Time for some art. @ The Getty Center
For all of you that knew Steve Patton. Information from the Valley Chronicle, Service will be held Friday, Oct. 19, 2012 at 1:00 pm at: Bible Fellowship Church, 26835 Columbia St., Hemet, CA (951) 652-8558. A celebration will be held following the service, at The Hidden Hacienda, Hemet. Memorial contributions may be made to the Getty Museum. Thank you for all of your prayers! Some of you ask "Why the delay?" Well.he was an awesome "man" and we need time to plan.and you'd better be there.
Back from a wonderful trip to LA. The Huntington Library is a treasure, especially the Dibner Library. Mount Wilson was the site of so much ground-breaking astronomy in the first third of the 20th century. Joshua Tree National Park has a beautiful and alien landscape. The La Brea Tar Pits can be translated as "The the tar tar pits". Griffith Observatory is pure 1930s style. And you can see two skylines of LA viewed from the Getty Museum in my timeline picture.
No sooner did I arrive at Jennifer Knits for my trunk show than a fire erupted just below the nearby Getty Museum.
Dolly, STCM Classmates and Friends Josie Natori's Spring2013 RTW Collection featuring the Philippines will be launched on Monday, September 10. Best of luck! I noticed the abaca T'nalak weave pattern on the cropped jacket...I am instantly reminded of the JMGoulbourne blazer I wore in the 1980s, the delegate's conference portfolios with T'nalak inserts, and the wall decor at Manila Hotel's Lobby. For the 50th centenary of the Magellan-Elcano circumnavigation, I would like to bring in the participation of the Smithsonian, Getty Museum, etc.
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