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Gerry Adams

Gerry Adams (born 6 October 1948 in Belfast, Northern Ireland) is an Irish republican politician and Teachta Dála (TD) for the constituency of Louth.

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Gerry Adams pointed out that €30 was only a bottle of wine to Fine Gael elites but a lot to pensioners. Biased media twis…
Gerry Adams today told the Taoiseach that the Government is sleepwalking into a crisis in Anglo-Irish relationships https…
Gerry Adams & Nick Cotton pictured here in 2003, on the night Celtic beat Boavista 1-0 to reach the UEFA Cup final
BRB just googling photos of Gerry Kelly, Martin Mcguinness, Gerry Adams etc. Cuts both ways doesn’t it but…
Micheal Martin hits out at Gerry Adams over '30 years of death and destruction''
Gerry Adams: Spain and Catalonia can find a way forward. Here’s what they must do.
Gerry Adams is a bigger fascist than Franco. GSTQ
Why are asking to be like that eurosceptic commie whos good freinds with Gerry Adams?
So claims EU "brought peace" to Northern Ireland. In other news, Gerry Adams was never in the IRA. https:/…
Micheál Martin, Gerry Adams and Michael D Higgins led the political posse at Tullamore
Taoiseach will not do what is required to end crises in housing and health - Gerry Adams TD
Lets all remember those nostalgic days when Americans were supplying the IRA with money…
"Is there any way we can blame this George Hook thing on Gerry Adams"?
Gerry Adams has just pulled up in his double turbo john Deere special and pulled a rabbit out of the…
An IED with a timer aimed at civilians sounds like the sort of thing Gerry Adams would do
I presume no more air time for Gerry Adams given his treatment of rape victims?
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So why is Gerry Adams still let on the radio? His record on women's rights is deplorable.
Really! How sure are u on Gerry Adams cultural war!. After all you's are playing right to his tune…
Well, didn't John Hume and Gerry Adams drive the peace process forwards?
Yet they'll give Gerry Adams credit for helping to bring peace presumably?
The replies on this 🙄. God forbid someone have an Irish identity beyond the scope of Gerry Adams and the gang
Corbyn was in good company, both he & Nelson Mandela worked with Gerry Adams to promote talks rather than vi…
Gerry Adams has said there will be no restoration of Stormont unless there is an Irish language act ht…
Garda Commissioner Nóirín O'Sullivan tells Guam missile may have been about united Ireland," Gerry Adams
Tony Blair, Peter Trimble, Gerry Adams and The Irish government where the main signatories on the Good Friday Agreement
the Irish language is just about spoken in the south, so why is Gerry Adams & SF trying to enforce it in the North?
If Gerry Adams has a 'quirky' sense of humour, why aren't IRA victims laughing
Gerry Adams is collecting extortion money through provo gangs, ur too dumb to know what's going on here
My review of the new biography of Gerry Adams by
70 per cent of nationalist voters back Gerry Adams' stance on Irish Language Act
TUV, UUP and 66% of DUP voters oppose outright the Irish Language Act!
So at the parent's evening the teacher defends herself by showing pictures of Corbyn with Gerry Adams an…
Seven in ten nationalist voters back Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams' stance on Irish Language Act
.has held in talks in Dublin with former US vice-president Joe Biden -
Gerry Adams is in government in the North, and Sinn Fein are within striking distance of g…
Will the real Gerry Adams please stand up?
The intransigence of Gerry Adams remains in place, says after SF dismissal of Foster olive branch .
We will not be giving Gerry Adams a blank cheque for discrimination against non-Irish speakers - Swann
Micheál Martin doesn't do pilates classes with Gerry Adams.
REMINDER: Half of Micheal Martin's front bench are open to going into gov't with Gerry Adams & Sinn Féin.
Though the Shinner in Ennis was uneasy about Gerry Adams protecting a paedophile.
This was hard to watch! As Trump ranted and rambled in Phoenix, his crowd slowly thinned
No :( it's tragically predictable. I'm old enough to remember when Gerry Adams MP wasn't allowed to use h…
The hilarious thing is that Sinn Féinn support and encourage third world immigration into Ireland.…
Because the brainwashed *** is deluded!. Probably has wet dreams about SF, Gerry Ad…
“Indirect Jurisdiction” means the ECJ’s rulings have to be voiced over by a British actor, like wh…
But Gerry Adams is a arrogant swine
Is Gerry Adams worried about the Tory/DUP coalition?
Start with gerry adams let the victims family's do it they might see a little bit of justice being done !!
had a dream that me and Gerry Adams were being chased by a really big moth
no i'm stating fact, Sinn Fein and gerry Adams democratically elected reco…
This is Gerry Adams of Sinn Fein acknowledging corbyn was on the right sid…
The IRA were Marxist. Ask Gerry Adams where he buried the bodies.
"in 1987 Gerry Adams visited the North Korean ambassador in Denmark where together they toasted the 75th birthday o…
The only thing he needs now is Gerry Adams memes
be fair he has a busy day, tea with Gerry Adams, paid slot on Iranian State TV and dinner with Dianne Abbott
Perspective | Louise Linton just spelled out her value system for you common folk
I met Gerry Adams a few years back when I was visiting Belfast a few years back. Was glad to meet t…
Ok, but why are you showing us an old picture of fat Gerry Adams?
Leaders Debate: Gerry Adams claims he is fit to be Taoiseach despite associations with IRA via
Didn't happen but do you agree with Gerry Adams covering up rape ?
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Desperate but the party led by Gerry Adams would be far worse. The vulnerable deserve much better than Shinners.
Spotify on shuffle is dangerous at times. All it takes is a Luke Kelly song to come on during my commute home & I'm suddenly Gerry Adams 😬🇮🇪
Why is there a movie where Jackie Chan fights Gerry Adams?
And this is the party you hail as championing your cause. I take you don't do irony re s…
Very funny but at least they weren't a kidnapped horse so Gerry Adams could get a new set of teeth
BBC News - Gerry Adams apologises for using 'offensive' language
Gerry Adams is still a rebel with a cause (Jul 15) :: Irish Voice/ -- Niall O'Dowd…
White nationalist Richard Spencer gets his money from Louisiana cotton fields—and the US government via
Scary stuff! 29 states just banned laws about seeds via
He gives his opinion but not on my or many others behalf. He doesn't hold office (like Gerry…
Country stars stay quiet about politics these days, but Charlottesville may be the tipping point
I just saw a pic of Gerry Adams and the only name that came into my head is Gerard Butler. Goin back to bed, bye
Nice story! How the 1970 solar eclipse helped 7-year-old me understand my father
I found Timeless on NBC one of the most interesting time travel sagas to date.
Wow, really! Treasury secretary's wife boasts of travel on government plane, touts Hermes and Valentino fashion
Opinion | Trump is delighting dictators everywhere
He should speak to and get some advice from his best buddy Gerry Adams there's not much he don't know…
Just laugh at Gerry Adams mouthpiece soul disgrace to humanity
Put a statue of Gerry Adams in Westminster
Sure Gerry Adams & Martin McGuinness said he was a poor old granda..
Gerry Adams and a posthumous nicking for Martin McGuiness???
My love for gerry adams is unlike anything else really.
Should give it to Gerry Adams. It's only fair.
Gerry Adams should run for president he would get my no 1
Gerry Adams is a good republican. Tiocfaidh ar la
He is the leader of Sinn Fein and the ira who have given up their arms and now we live in peace including gerry Adams.
Gerry Adams brought the ira to the table in part by Bill Clinton speaking out for peace.
Gerry Adams challenges Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin to 'get serious' on Irish Unity :: Derry Now…
Rep. Richard Neal, a long time friend of Gerry Adams, backs bill to punish supporters of boycotting Israel...
Gerry Adams? There's more chance of Larry Murphy getting elected
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I've a big interview with Stephen Rea in Sunday Times tomorrow: on Gerry Adams, Arlene Foster, nationalism, Oscar Wilde…
Gerry Adams is seeking to overturn two 1975 convictions for attempting to escape from Long Kesh internment camp.
Q. How do we know Gerry Adams tried to break out of Long Kesh? A. He wrote about it
Re the Birmingham bomber interview, this : Gerry Conlon wronged, but sympathy of Gerry Adams an insult
Shock horror - Corbyn's pal Gerry Adams using the the N word. . Of course he had to resign for this...
Hey I was looking for your criticism of Gerry Adams when he used this. Can't seem to find it...🤔
Just discovered this video from 1995: Donald Trump publicly shook hands, smiled w/ Sinn Féin/IRA leader Gerry Adams.
Gerry Adams aka Doctor Death says Sinn Féin *** marriage "will not be compulsory". btw IRA never blew up *** in bombing massaces
Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams accuses DUP of lacking urgency in Northern Ireland power-sharing talks
Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams says he does not expect a deal to restore Stormont powersharing to be struck by Monday ht…
Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams not expecting powersharing deal on Monday via
So Jackie Chan is in a new film where he fights the IRA and Pierce Brosnan clearly plays Gerry Adams 😂😂😂😆
of The Ferryman in the West End, features pic of Pierce Brosnan as Gerry Adams
Gerry Adams has expressed his concerns for the Northern Ireland peace…
Gerry Adams: 'What kind of Irish leader would swear loyalty to the English Queen?' (via
Could the tories not do a deal with Sinn Fein instead?, that way we could give may the boot and have Gerry Adams as our pr…
Gerry Adams and Martin Mc Guinness took life threatening stance to bring about a peace deal in NI/…
I thought Gerry Adams was dead oh well he will be one day scumbag .. breaking news my ***
06-15 Gerry Adams, president of the Sinn Fin, speaks to the...
Peace he hampered the Good Friday Agreement, met Gerry Adams after…
Famed Ulster Loyalist Gerry Adams, pictured here solemnly remembering the re-written lyrics of "Candle In The Wind"…
Ireland's new half-Indian, *** youngest-ever Taoiseach opens with an A+ joke about his Pilates class w Gerry Adams https…
Keep an eye out for Gerry Adams and Leo Varadkar. 😉
Gerry Adams in Downing St talking about treating everyone equally and with respect. Jean McConville doesn't count of course
'You make enough mess of your own elections' - Gerry Adams at Downing Street
Gerry Adams and the Sinn Fein team coming out of No10.
He confirmed they had also discussed the possibility of a referendum on Irish unity.
Gerry Adams tells Theresa May she is 'breaking Good Friday Agreement'
Gerry Adams tells Theresa May DUP deal puts her in breach of Good Friday Agreement.
Gerry Adams jokes he "means no harm" to the Queen, despite the IRA killing her cousin and husband's uncle Lord Mountbatten…
Varadkar thanks Gerry Adams for revealing Pilates secret & says Adams was better because he's used to getting out of a tight s…
Gerry Adams tells Theresa May that a deal with DUP would be in breach of the Good Friday Agreement https…
All that media tripe about Jeremy Corbyn's supposed IRA links and it's Theresa May who ends up sitting down to talks wi…
Gerry Adams says he has told Theresa May that she was "in breach of the Good Friday Agreement" by seeking a deal with th…
My fam are playing elf of the shelf but with a pic of Gerry Adams , rn he's beside me in the fam pic wonder where he'll be tomorrow?
Gerry Adams speaking outside No10 after meeting Theresa May: "We told her very directly that she is in breach of the G…
BREAK Sinn Fein leaders Gerry Adams and Michelle O'Neill to meet PM in Downing St tmw. They want to talk about DUP deal and…
Hmm very interesting! Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams will be meeting with Theresa May tomorrow - Adams has been v critical…
Breaking- Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams and leader Michelle O'Neill to meet Theresa May in Downing St tomorrow
Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams warn of the prospective deal between the Tories and the DUP. (Queen's Speech) http…
Gerry Adams quotes Tory campaign slogans as he condemns Conservatives and DUP as 'coalition for chaos'
Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams says Tories and DUP deal threatens peace process in Northern Ireland. http…
Breaking- Gerry Adams says power-sharing talks in NI tomorrow may require an independent chair due to Conservatives' com…
Gerry Adams: Referendum on Irish unity now inevitable after General Election results >
Yes, but Jeremy Corbyn once had a Cup of Tea with Gerry Adams.
A few years ago, Gerry Adams was supposed to speak here for St. Patricks day but canceled at the last minute because...
Not one British journalist rang me for details of Douglas Hurd meeting Gerry Adams & myself in Ballymurphy seven years befo…
After all the talk by Trump's UKIP fanclub about Corbyn meeting with Gerry Adams, suddenly this pic has appeared thanks to I…
Here is the full article by Irish Central about Trump attended a Sinn Fein fundraiser with Gerry Adams
Aye the bloody IRA letting bombs off all the time! We have Gerry Adams, a murderer as our deputy first Minister!
Whether Michael Martin. Leo or Simon. Gerry Adams. or Mary Lou. All Pharma Pimps. for the Human Industry. of organ. gland. cartilage theft. Judases
Gerry Adams says Enda Kenny did his best but he came in crisis and he's leaving in crisis
Prince Charles shakes hands with Gerry Adams in Dublin, 38 years after IRA murdered his uncle Lord Mountbatten 🤓
Prince Charles and Gerry Adams shake hands 38 years after Charles' 'uncle' was killed by the IRA…
'History is important but the future hasn't been written': Prince Charles meets with Gerry Adams in Dublin.
Prince Charles shakes Gerry Adams' hands decades after his uncle killed by IRA
New post (Prince Charles and Gerry Adams shake hands and joke in extraordinary moment ...) has been published on -…
Prince Charles met Gerry Adams today and Seán Haughey from a real republican family and party.
Overhead on Dublin Bus (a guy explaining what Jeremy Corbyn is like to his girlfriend):. "Imagine if Gerry Adams wasn't a…
Gerry Adams & Michelle O'Neill on death of Martin McGuinness (21Mar17) - YouTube...
'Nobody wants it except Gerry Adams' this may be a poll by a paper but look at that majority time to…
'Peter will not marry Paul in Northern Ireland... Nobody wants it except Gerry Adams anyway'. Jim Wells' long and...
Do you really believe only Gerry Adams wants Equal Marriage
"Nobody wants it anyway except for Gerry Adams". 😂😂😂😂 if only Jim
According to Jim Wells, 'Nobody wants [equal marriage] except Gerry Adams anyway'. Why would you impose this on LGBT people
From Jim Wells in the BelTel, Gerry Adams is the only person who wants same sex marriage? 🙈
"Nobody wants it except Gerry Adams" sure let's have a referendum and find out Jim
According to Jim, Gerry Adams is the only person in NI who wants equality. Hes a TD. So no one then.
No one in NI wants equal marriage apart from Gerry Adams, you say? Go and shaft yourself, Jim Wells.
Caleb doesn't know who Martin McGuinness or Gerry Adams are but claims to spread the best Ira propaganda lol
(In this analogy Gerry Adams and Iain Paisley are Mao and Richard Nixon.)
Gerard Butler has the least convincing Irish accent I've heard since ITN stopped having to overdub Gerry Adams.
You are right...Gerry Adams and John Hume should be credited 👍
Gerry Adams would talk to truth commission about role in troubles and alleged IRA membership
But Ulster Unionist Mike Nesbitt has accused them of hypocrisy over Gerry Adams calling a former Secretary of State…
Powerful and dignified appeal from Gerry Adams at Martin McGuinness' graveside- "Respect our unionist neighbours. Reach…
Jeffrey Donaldson: Not right for Gerry Adams to set Stormont talks ultimatum
by the time Gerry Adams became more prominent in Sinn Fein most in the Republic were "over" the Troubles & saw it as 'dealt with'
mainly because Martin mcguinness has admitted and been open that he was a member of the IRA but Gerry Adams never has
Martin McGuiness was a committed republican – and that never changed | Gerry Adams
For those with selective memories here is a picture of Gerry Adams paying condolences to PUP icon David Ervine's widow…
Sinn Fèin politician Martin McGuinness has died aged 66, pictured with political partner Gerry Adams in 2013.
"Our revenge will be the laughter of our Children" -Bobby Sands . Gerry Adams 👇🏼 . 😂😂😂
Where do you go on St. Patrick's Day when you get mistaken for Gerry Adams?
Before we reserve all the criticism for Enda, Gerry Adams and Ian Paisley Jr are both there too, validating Trump's presidency.
Gerry Adams and Ian Paisley Jnr in attendance here at Speaker's Lunch on Capitol Hill
Now onto more formal stuff like status of Stormont. Says he's happy to see Gerry Adams and Ian Paisley Jr both in a…
Kenny: Can ya do a Gerry Adams on that bollix asking the awkward questions yesterday? And the rest? Feck them too.
His IRA murdered and tortured many, so Gerry Adams should be the last person to criticise Trump re attitudes to women
The reaction of Rev. Ian Paisley to the assassination bid on leader Gerry Adams and on 14 March 19…
from 1988-1994, it was illegal to broadcast Gerry Adams's voice in the UK, so he was "portrayed" by actors, including Steph…
How long will it be before Jeremy Corbyn's voice will be dubbed by an actor on the BBC a la Gerry Adams in the 80's…
If national treasure was based in Ireland Nic Cage would steal Gerry Adams.
now I see you've got Jeremy Corbyn 'friend' on, Gerry Adams, I've muted him in memory of the murdered
Saul off of will absolutely have to play Gerry Adams in the inevitable future biopic.
For a brief moment at Stormont today Gerry Adams and the late Ian Paisley face to face once more, almost.. h…
Just as Unionists do when asked about Arlene Foster & RHI, Stephen Nolan now mentions Gerry Adams everytime her name mentioned!.
With the success of SF up in the North is it now time for Gerry Adams to step down and let Mary Lou take control? she would be fantastic
if Gerry Adams will liberate the North
Gerry Adams says "notion of a perpetual Unionist majority" in Northern Ireland "has been demolished," after election
I Am Robert Langdon | 2 | Langdon RA - Dan Brown's protagonist has Gerry Adams in his sights…
"Arlene's unionism is so strong and secure that she's putting out leaflets with darkened pictures of Gerry Adams". Colum…
2/2 In other breaking news Gerry Adams may have a beard and a questionable mirky past.…
so would played a round of golf with Ian Paisley or Gerry Adams?
Like Mrs Thatcher's gag on Sinn Fein. Good meat for satirists, for sure. Would you use the same guy that did Gerry Adams' voice?
Weird how Sam dresses like young Gerry Adams, isn't it.
Gerry Adams gets rousing reception as he launches DUP election manifesto -
Think nick cotton has a wee notion for Gerry Adams.
After Stubbs and Rod Stewart last time, I wonder if the SFA managed to get Gerry Adams and Pope Francis lined up to make the next draw?
See the comment from on Foster says Gerry Adams has a 'radical agenda' for Norn Iron
...ginger sideburns, Gerry Adams again, Jedward, a mummified cat in a cathedral, the GAA, Blarney Castle, St Patrick...
Gerry Adams: 'I profoundly object to what the US president has been saying and what he has been doing'
The alliance of Gerry Adams and Peter King has always been kinda hilarious to me, tbh.
Gerry Adams: 'I disagree with Congressman Peter King profoundly on many, many issues' -
Gerry Adams pressed to reveal if Donald was party donor
. Liz met Mugabe, Blair, Gerry Adams, and many other distasteful people. Trump is a nice man.
HM the Queen has met:. Mugabe. Gerry Adams. King of Saudi Arabia. Martin McGuinness. President of China. Tony Blair. Trump will…
You can't fire me, I quit! etc etc. Gerry Adams closes the door opened by Mary Lou McDonald
. Gerry Adams, *** & "Equality". Conor Murphy and Michelle O'Neill now constantly going on about Equality & LGBT
Gerry Adams: Brexit will destroy the Good Friday Agreement - The Independent
Gerry Adams says Brexit will destroy the Good Friday Agreement
they not leading a political party today No Sinn Fein members brave enough to stand up to Gerry Adams
Taking Northern Ireland out of the EU will “destroy” the Good Friday Agreement peace deal, Gerry Adams said.
Irresponsible inflammatory commentary from Gerry Adams. Sinn Fein have a leadership deficit post McGuinness
Gerry Adams tells Dublin Sinn Fein conference Brexit will destroy the Good Friday Agreement.
Why are we talking about Gerry Adams?
...only if you accept Gerry Adams's interpretation.
Warnings that could have serious implications for Northern Ireland's peace process
Good Friday peace deal will be destroyed by Brexit, says Gerry Adams
MAYBE he was included because he held the coats Liam .
There is a very obvious & simple solution - one Ireland. It has to happen someday. Why not now?
DUP presided over Scandal - Sinn Fein Leader Gerry Adams protected Paedophiles in his party. Which is worse?
Gerry Adams tried to gag his niece when she exposed child rape by Sinn Fein member ht…
. UK's decision to pull N Ireland out of EU is a 'HOSTILE action' which will DESTROY the Good Friday Agreement.
The beginning of the end for the UK - well done Brexit voters!
Gerry Adams is innocent... Yeah right... Beileve tgat and you can Trust me as I am a Doctor.
1. What ever happened to the Gerry Adams voice replacement guy?. 2. Can we get him to do all the Trump stuff?.
Tell Pete King that the guy next to Beyonce is Gerry Adams cousin.
We have to make sure the Good Friday Agreement works. -Gerry Adams
. Did you know Gerry Adams is Santa Clause the Sandeman?
The days of humiliation, of second-class citizens and of inequality are over and gone forever. Gerry Adams.
Dear Carla, Re: bringing Gerry Adams into govt in NI, please see attached historic photo. Which one is th…
Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams: DUP guilty of 'deliberate provocation, arrogance and disrespect'
Sinn Fein and DUP could do a deal. Arlene Foster stands aside while Gerry Adams goes to Gardai & tells all he knows. https…
Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams urges Arlene Foster to 'do right thing' and stand aside for RHI probe: Sinn Fein president…
[T] Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams has said "the political institutions have reached a defining point"
Gerry Adams says he will step down as Sinn Fein president in 10 year plan The sooner the better, to be honest.
You're actually heavy sound and funny comrade. Keep the Gerry Adams content coming. Maybe come through Stirling for a drink one day.
Odd that a bloke got to within pistol range of ambassador and killed him; Michael Stone didnt kill Gerry Adams (1/2).
Gerry Adams and ‘cynical opportunism’ via reply to loon Vincent Brown hard up to have him
Breast Cancer Awareness
Corbyn hires Gerry Adams' right hand woman. He's not fit to live in this country- let alone lead it.
How can we take the Sinn Féin proposal for a Truth & Reconciliation Commission seriously when Gerry Adams denies being a m…
Gerry Adams labelled unprofessional by Taoiseach after referring to president Higgins ... -
Gerry Adams 'scolded' by Taoiseach for referring to the President as 'Michael D'
Gardai probe ex-IRA chief and close pal of Gerry Adams as SF president starts to feel the pressure: A former IRA…
After 33 years as Sinn Féin President, is Gerry Adams now a liability to the party? Gerry Kelly says the question i…
Jude Collins classic whataboutery & deflection with regard to Gerry Adams, civic and political duty towards the Stack family
Alan Farrell's stupid stunt in the Dáil today was worthy of Mary Lou. It also plays into Gerry Adams' hands and distract…
Gerry Adams calls a liar. That's devastating from a man who knows nothing about Jean McConville's murder and…
up there with Gerry Adams n Mcguiness who get to meet the Queen
.In late 90s we had Gerry Adams, Mo Mowlam, Bob McCartney and Davey Ervine.
I really hate Gerry Adams but I dunno why
So what happens to Gerry Adams when we get the 6 counties back? P reckons he'll do a Nanny McPhee on it and that'll be that
Reading book. Says only politician to write him congratulatory letter after 1990 Commonwealth gold for NI was Gerry Adams
Gerry Adams sent me there. Said he was fed up with the lack of war in Ireland 🇮🇪; asked me to lead the way abroad.
Would you be OK with, say, Gerry Adams, calling on his supporters to "peacefully protest" in front…
Sinn Fein has productively taken the example of South Africa and, as we ...
On whether Sinn Féin would consider temporarily giving up abstentionist position, Gerry Adams
Gerry Adams: Irish government has 'obligation' to north over Brexit:
Garda crisis should not have got to brink of strike – Gerry Adams accuses Government [].
I don't often agree with Gerry Adams but .
SinnFein moonie claims Gerry Adams won his brother Liam's rape case
We can be revisionist, and that's a good thing to be at times, but we sh...
There's a lot of negative things about Gerry Adams but his choice of breakfast isn't one of them
. 1st trial was abandoned, 2nd trial Liam Adams was found guilty but Gerry wasn't called as witness either by defence
hope you're okay. My last Belfast funeral had Gerry Adams there which is peak otherside Belfast.
I'd put gerry Adams and Martin mcguiness on top of the bonfire now pal
Martin McGuinness refuses to rule out Sinn Fein taking Westminster seats after Gerry Adams ...…
Nothing "alleged" about it Stephen. Unlike Gerry Adams who thinks we're all daft!!
. Gerry Adams is a proven liar, he was caught lying several times under oath in his brother Liam's rape trial
reminds me of Gerry Adams in many ways
Leader of the reformist wing, Gerry Adams takes over Presidency of organisation in 1983. Federalism deleted…
How many homes does Gerry Adams own?
Gerry Adams slamming those who formally accepted partition in the Anglo Irish 'peace' agreement of 1985
If I catch the clown who took Gerry Adams' red scarf , there'll be *** to pay
The party led by Gerry Adams are a pack of quislings.
The party led by Gerry Adams are already in the culvert and the British built the bricks around them. Matters little if they take seats.
The SDLP are finished in West Belfast but people are now moving away from the party led by Gerry Adams.
if you read Irish news today you would see Gerry Adams saying Sinn Fein was not going to sit at Westminster-journalists lie-
The Good Friday Agreement and the basic rights and entitlements of citiz...
Your ability as republican volunteers, to rise to this challenge will me...
"We would be arguing for designated special status for the north within EU. Our preferred approach would be a united Irelan…
All-Island Civic Dialogue must focus on alternatives to Brexit, says Gerry Adams
It will always be a battle a day between those who want maximum change a...
Gerry Adams TD comments on deferral of Garda strike action | Sinn Féin
This week, 25 years ago, I wrote to Gerry Adams from the H-Blocks* about the EU (and about compromising). [*from 'Then The W…
British liberals: Corbyn hung out with Gerry Adams, unelectable, wah. Big Martin: we'll stop Brexit. Briti…
in the same way Kim Jong-il or Gerry Adams does Andrew. Not for me - I'll keep my freedoms😊
Gerry Adams siding with a British cabinet minister over the head of the Irish government. Tell that to Gerry in the…
LQs: SF's Gerry Adams raises Brexit and Taoiseach's pledge of an All-Island forum (torpedoed by Arlene Foster)
Maybe we could stick Abbas in with Gerry Adams's rapist peedo brother Liam
Gerry Adams approved of the 2006 IRA murder of a British spy, BBC claims via
Gerry Adams has been wheeled out again by which usually indicates that they're hiding a bigger story
Gerry Adams opponents never thought he'd do it..that he'd lead almost all of Republican movement on road to peace.They hate…
Gerry Adams denies sanctioning the murder of a British spy agent
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