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Gerritsen Beach

Gerritsen Beach is a small town/community in the New York City borough of Brooklyn, located between Sheepshead Bay to the west and Marine Park to the east.

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Thanks, Gerritsen Beach was getting so little attention so I decided to do a story. I'm glad…
Check out this completed elevation in Gerritsen Beach In communities that experience flooding during a r…
Gerritsen Beach is one neighborhood in which many of our Built-it-Back Sandy Homes are located. A new prototype for…
Gerritsen Beach as a pre-Levittown. A fascinating history by of a nabe atop a salt marsh.
maybe you guys could get your brains turned on and get the BM4 bus out of gerritsen beach on a proper schedule…
Hey Beach peeps -- If you had brown water today, here's your culprit.
Homeowners in are trying to clean up their water-logged basements after a water main break Sunday m…
sadly, what I know most about gerritsen beach is how rocked they got by Sandy. hope t…
"It is a virtual certainty that Gerritsen Beach was the prototype for Levittown." Hsg history unearthed:
Want to learn to quilt or just find a group to exchange ideas? Gerritsen Beach Library is hosting a quilting group…
A narrow street in Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn. This area is covered by the Gerrittsen Beach Fire…
Getting things started at the Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Installations of Officers.
Gerritsen Beach Library & PS 277 welcomed author JohannaHurwitz. Mrs. Hinz, teacher, got to meet her favorite autho…
B31 bus arrived 15min late 9:05-at Kings Highway when sched to arrive 8:50. It left Gerritsen Beach late 8:42 instead of 8:35
customers waiting 3rd day in a row this week 8:35-8:57 with no bus operating as sched to arrive from Gerri…
At 8:42am there are 2 B31 buses still at Gerritsen Beach when 1 should've already arrived here at Avenue T…
In Gerritsen Beach talking with Billy Durando regarding the street conditions.
pls help still same problems on B31 morning service, B31 bus sched to arrive 8:43-Ave T still hasn't left…
Hello I am resident of Gerritsen Beach, in Brooklyn. I would ask you to vote to the
“We are tired of stepping in your dog’s dirt,” Gerritsen Beach.
Earthqauke now downgraded to 4.4. Residents in Gerritsen Beach and Midwood, Bklyn. reporting they Felt the tremor
I’m on my way out to work but I’m in Gerritsen Beach right near Jamaica Bay.
I'm from Gerritsen Beach originally, every so often when hanging out with friends in Marine Park we'…
New York, Anything being done to help innocent cats being murdered in Gerritsen Beach, Bklyn, NY?
Apparently, more people know gerritsen beach than I thought lol
New York area- is anything being done about the murdering of feral cats in GERRITSEN BEACH-?
2 buses were sitting at Gerritsen Beach, one should've left 8:35 to arrive on time as scheduled at 8:43. N…
Another homeowner returning to a completed elevation in Gerritsen Beach Thanks for the lift
Bring him to be Gerritsen Beach and show him hope you forgot to help anyone, then he'll know your true colors
Looking for a live-in (6 days) babysitter to a 2 years old girl. Brooklyn (Gerritsen Beach area), preferably...
& completed elevation in Gerritsen Beach
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Hi, try entering Gerritsen Beach in the name field or DM & I can file for you.
why isn't Gerritsen Beach an option? It is need of some serious cleaning and care
& rebuild going up in Gerritsen Beach
New blog: Irish American labour leader's journey from Gerritsen Beach to Bogside & back. Salute to unions in NYC…
Giving birth was bused to a school in Gerritsen Beach in Brooklyn in 1972. -Socrates
& completed elevation in Gerritsen Beach Welcome Home!
just to advise you guys people of gerritsen beach will try to disrupt your work on gerritsen Ave. Tonight
& completed elevation in Gerritsen Beach, welcome home
Omg this girl definitely lives in gerritsen beach.
I just remembered how this girl definitely lives in gerritsen beach.
Please send rescue boats to Gerritsen Beach. Residents are trapped in their houses.
pls see today's photos, B31 left Gerritsen Beach 8:40am, impossible to reach Ave T by 8:43am. Arr late 8:50
& completed elevation in Gerritsen Beach, welcome home and happy 4th of July!
A brief flight around Plumb Beach Channel with great views of Gerritsen Beach in Brooklyn
Construction on homes in Gerritsen Beach today
You'll never catch me saying I'm proud or happy to be from Gerritsen Beach, nothing to brag about at all.
Spent 90% of my day ripping apart people on the gerritsen beach page and I regret nothing
"Cat found shot with crossbow in Gerritsen Beach"-News. Am I the only one not surprised by this?
Brooklyn's smallest street grid network, in Gerritsen Beach! Plumb 1st St., Plumb 2nd St., and...that's it?…
Irish eyes are smiling in Gerritsen Beach
Residents of Bklyn Gerritsen Beach had no clue that the old Belt Pkwy. Gerr. Inlet Bridge was to be imploded after midnight.
What's up with the crap ton of sanitation in Gerritsen Beach?
gerritsen beach is where a crowd of people angrily accused me of reverse racism when I was working for a government agency
contractors putting the finishing touches on a Gerritsen Beach home
& Wayne Holmes sing the hits of Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder & Marvin Gaye tomorrow at Gerritsen Beach:
not only that, if u want to rlt trip, use google earth. Measure from WTC to gerritsen beach brooklyn. Where i live.
As a kid I watched the first 747 to land at JFK swoop over Gerritsen Beach. So majestic.
NYFIGHTS talked with the fighting pride of Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn on Monday, Jan. 9, 2017 at the famed and fabled Gleason’s Gym in...
power is out again in Gerritsen Beach Brooklyn, 11229
Not even the main avenue... our ONLY way in or out has seen a single plow in Gerritsen Beach Brooklyn. Disgraceful.
people in Gerritsen Beach are reporting power loss in half of their homes including my own. Zip 11229
Come to this house show tomorrow. Field Goal is headlining. Its in Gerritsen Beach. First set is at 3. It will b fun.
The 2:50p driver from Gerritsen beach B31 bus has no idea why the 2:30p didn't come. Does anyone?
is it just luck that 90% of the time I take the B31 it's late or doesn't come at all? Where is the 2:30p Gerritsen Beach bus?
Join us this afternoon 1pm-3pm to check our listing in Gerritsen Beach at 114 Beacon Court!
Shell Bank Creek leads out to the Atlantic. Gerritsen Beach
Waikīkī, it ain't! Gerritsen Beach on Shell Bank Creek.
Dockbuilders at an elevation in Rockaway Beach-including Nino who rescued Gerritsen Beach neighbors during
Gerritsen Beach boxer Heather Hardy retains her perfect record.
Either make him live in a cramped studio on park slope or a 2 bdrm on Gerritsen beach
NYC DOH advising Bathers not to swim waters off Gerritsen Beach. Or Kingsbough College due to bacteria in the water.
uh closest gym to me is ps277, and the closest poke stop is the Gerritsen beach baseball field lol
Sitting in the yard enjoying an anniversary glass of wine @ Gerritsen Beach Bklyn
Gerritsen Beach: the Brooklyn that time forgot.
Brooklyn’s only remaining volunteer fire department is in this southern nabe
the fact that William really picked all of us up to walk around Gerritsen Beach and Marine Park at 11 pm to catch Pokèmon.
My band FIELD GOAL ( ) is playing another house show JULY 30TH with our friends over in ALOUTH in Gerritsen Beach. COME HANGGG
It's America's birthday I can get drunk and be judgmental if I want to 🇺🇸 @ Gerritsen Beach,…
Lmao!! That's really how the 4th was growing up in Gerritsen Beach:)!!
Five apartments that are easy on the eyes and the wallet — all asking $400,000 or less
Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams honored Gerritsen Beach resident Dan Foster for winning his battle with the...
Check out these great photos from our Boynton Beach Book Festival Luncheon with author, Tess Gerritsen. Make sure...
Growing up I spent my summers in Breezy, Gerritsen Beach, & Bensonhurst... I totally forgot about my youth lol
I checked in at Gerritsen Beach Bagels on
Gerritsen Beach has always been a place that steps up when one our neignbors are in need. On October 30th, at the...
The shanty eyed Irish from Gerritsen Beach left my car alone last night.know what this means? I still got a ride – I still got a ride !
‘I’m not going to leave one man behind.’ The efforts to rebuild Sandy-hit Gerritsen Beach
Only in gerritsen beach they give out shots to adults while your kids are trick or treating 😂
great podcast. The Blue Van was not a myth. Chased us and almost got my boy John in Gerritsen Beach Bklyn, 1992. - MikeyBK
Residents braving the cold at Gerritsen Beach
My story: NY area residents fear more powerful storms will come more often.
Gerritsen Beach residents prep for Joaquin in fear of another Superstorm Sandy
Life goal: bungalow in Gerritsen Beach. This one is probably going cheap.
Y'kno, if a story had run in NYDN how black folk were moving to Todt Hill or Gerritsen Beach & pressuring Jews to throw out all the whites..
Watching in Central Park with Josette Brandow of Gerritsen Beach in Brooklyn
Tomorrows game has been changed to Gerritsen Beach
My Daughter got to see the Pope fly over Gerritsen Beach in Brooklyn.
You name it & we've got a club for it! Every Tuesday the Brooklyn Quilters Guild meets at our Gerritsen Beach branch:
Not a surprise but the 6:05pm bus from kingshighway station to Gerritsen beach never showed up.
Right. "family" is why that's going in lower Manhattan and not Rockaway or Gerritsen Beach. Uh huh.
such an amazing time. . AYOO AYOO Gerritsen Beach WHATTT IT DO, HOW YOU…
I checked in at Brooklyn Public Library - Gerritsen Beach Library on
Gerritsen Beach native is all smiles after getting the win tonight
Is this beach bungalow on Fire Island? Nope! Right here in Brooklyn. Where do we sign?
A2 Grew up on the water in Gerritsen Beach, Bklyn but my go to place for years now is CA :-)
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Mark your calendars for the Citizen Preparedness Training Program hosted by Friends of Gerritsen Beach Library on...
Beginning Monday, June 29, children 18 and under can get free lunch at Gerritsen Beach Library. Lunch will be...
Gerritsen beach: where every other softball player has a beer in their hands in between plays 🍻⚾️
Happy birthday to singer/songwriter Patty Smyth. Patty born June 26, 1957, grew up in Gerritsen Beach. More on Patty
Gonna have to trek all the way to gerritsen beach before Yonkers today 😐
Not sure Gerritsen Beach, is ready for sharks...
pretty sure every spider in Gerritsen beach lives in my room
Real Housewives of Gerritsen Beach long over due
BCVFD, Gerritsen Beach Fire Department and Flatlands VAC are currently at Floyd Bennett Field doing EVOC training.
Fancy Girl is ready for you!!! Resurrection Church Sale. Gerritsen Beach
Shop Today in Gerritsen Beach Brooklyn for your Summer Headbands and Bows. Resurrection Church on…
where was it 80 deg. Not in Gerritsen beach bklyn. I was cold most of day
"False Alarm" :. Fire fighters respond to a call in Gerritsen Beach, only to find out the smoke was…
GERRITSEN BEACH: Bone to pick: Basset Hound targeted in neighbor’s dispute
Brooklyn:3676 at Gerritsen Ave & Everett Ave in Gerritsen Beach FDNY using all hands for a large brush fire.
Update your maps at Navteq
Brooklyn *75-3676* Gerritsen Beach. Bn-43 transmitting the 10-75 for a few seperate areas of brush burning.
I got caught in the rain waiting for the bus to go to the Gerritsen Beach Library. Does that make me a "Fool in the Rain"?
I took the bus to the Gerritsen Beach Library because it's beautiful and much less crowded.
GERRITSEN BEACH: Dr. John’s Playground is getting a shot in the arm
Check it out! I donated to Gerritsen Beach Little League via
Congrats to our brothers and sisters across the bay in Gerritsen Beach Volies, but one cant help but ask the...
And may the great Blackening of Mill Basin and Georgetown continue! Gerritsen Beach and Bergen Beach still scare me though.
Getting breakfast before heading to work (@ Gerritsen Beach Bagels) on
Hey Chris Yes you were and you were funny than I met your quite a few years ago in supper market in Sheepshead Bay you remember me and were so excite the your show was taken off when I tell people that you were bus in to the school they just say yea right
[ Weather ] Open Question : What is Gerritsen Beach in Brooklyn like in 2015 from Hurricane Sandy? Does anyone know? Thanks.?
So cold today the water is frozen here in Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn!
My Gerritsen Beach volly friends first on boat fire. Of course 2 alarm right after where I had come from
Brooklyn *75-3675* Plum Beach Channel off Gerritsen Beach 25 Lacon Ct off Ira Ct. All Hands going to work for a boat fire.
Spotted this Lutheran church on my ride to Gerritsen beach
Remind me again why Bay Ridge kids hate Gerritsen Beach kids
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Gerritsen Beach 2 inches of rain now
Still time to shop at Resurrection Church in Gerritsen beach
Man murders 14 year old girl he impregnated, asks police “Do you think I can get some kind of community service?”
I've never read a book as fast as The Surgeon by Tess Gerritsen, The beach helped but it's a page turner!
In case you missed it, I got some MONEY quotes from "Not a lot of people get out of Gerritsen Beach. And if I can..."
Dynamomin has a show on 10/10/2014 at 0700 PM @ DynamoMin at Reviva... in Gerritsen Beach, NY
We're proud to be part of two years of recovery in Brooklyn.
.is in the process of constructing a facility in Gerritsen Beach, N.Y.:
Solix employees from the NYC Build it Back team spent the day volunteering with Gerritsen Beach Cares (Cont'd)...
(Cont'd) Gerritsen Beach Cares is a non-profit dedicated to a clean & safe environment as well as Sandy recovery in south Brooklyn & Queens!
Gerritsen beach was such a cool movie and cool concept.
Mixed feelings about the storage center moving into Gerritsen Beach:
betta stay away from Gerritsen Beach while ur at it!
Join us This Friday August 8th for Open Mic Night, at The Rock Cafe in Gerritsen Beach, 7:30-10pm, FREE for ALL...
My dad was a Yankee fan. But we had downstairs neighbors in summer from Gerritsen Beach. Big Dodger fans!
Gerritsen Beach Bagels sometimes you lose your sense of
The meeting in Gerritsen Beach has been moved to another night - we'll have more information soon.
What is the location of the meeting tonight of the Gerritsen Beach Property Owners featuring Build It Back?
GERRITSEN BEACH NY1's Pat Kiernan joined Rebuilding Together and a host of volunteers to aid in
A beautiful summer sunset 🌇 on the trails of Marine Park Nature Center in Gerritsen beach.…
32-Year-Old Man Killed by Hit-Run Driver in Brooklyn: A 32-year-old man was struck and killed by a hit-and-run...
Cabbies who know where Gerritsen Beach is 😍
Gerritsen Beach and Marine Park Nature Center deep in the back trails prior to an impending…
and Gerritsen Beach Property Owners meeting with Amy Peterson has to be rescheduled, thanks for the share.
Jetskier hospitalized after accident off Gerritsen Beach via
I thought i would put up something sunny and dry. Gerritsen Beach and Marine Park Nature Center deep…
Glad to report; Amy Peterson from Build It Back will be at the meeting of the Gerritsen Beach Property Owners on 7/9 at 7:30 at St. James.
How was your Memorial Day weekend? Michael Knight was loving his Monterey in Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn, New York!
You might be in Gerritsen beach if you walk into a Dunkin & hear "this girl is pretty cool bro, I think she'll let us gangbang her".
Really missing Gerritsen Beach right now. I need to get away from these hate-spewing *** ASAP.
With Director Amy Peterson of the Housing Recovery Office meeting residents in Gerritsen Beach.
Nothing like having the privilege of playing with gerritsen beach's finest once a week for roller hockey
After years of struggle, Heather Hardy is a rising force in professional boxing and has become a source of pride in Gerritsen Beach, a ti...
The Floating Kitchen - My brother-in-law, Thomas Perone, runs a company in Brooklyn he's spent the last few years building up from nothing. In the storm last week, he lost his kitchen and everything in it, when Red Hook was flooded. His business was totally wiped out. Since then, he's been using borrowed supplies, neighbors' kitchens, and donated food to send out tray after tray of hot food to shelters, clean-up crews, and families in the Rockaways, Gerritsen Beach, Staten Island (all over the island), Coney Island, Red Hook, Howard Beach, and Belle Harbor. He's been cooking non-stop. Even though he basically lost his business, he's been sending out food all week to help others. It's pretty inspiring. Neighbors, friends and relatives have been chipping in to buy the food that he's cooking and the basic kitchen supplies he's using. The guy's been hammering out tons of trays. By John Russo via Sandy Storyline
Pasted below is the letter GBC sent to the NYSDEC Bureau of Wildlife and our local elected officials re: the plan to eradicate the Mute Swans. If not you're not aware of this plan, you can read about on the link below. The deadline to comment on this plan is today. Whom it may concern: I am writing as a representative of Gerritsen Beach Cares, Inc. and the community of Gerritsen Beach. We are aware of a NYS Department of Environmental Conservation plan to exterminate all of the Mute Swans in New York State and as an organization and community we are universally opposed to this plan. We are a waterfront community of approximately 10,000, with the majority of residents having lived here our entire lives (as did our parents and grandparents), so we have much more exposure to, and experience with, Mute Swans than the average citizen of New York State. We believe this experience qualifies us to make observations about the NYS DEC extermination plan and comment on the reasons for the plan that have been publi . ...
let's get breakfast I'm buying. I know a nice diner in Gerritsen Beach that makes the best buttered toast! We out?
not the first time we interviewed your "Mr. Plow." Take a look at 2012 Sandy story -
show me your pay stub and I'll quit my job at the Gerritsen beach fields to work for you
"In gerritsen beach years hes an adult"
Welcome to 2014 at The Rock Cafe! Every 2nd Friday of the Month in Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn! Time to Rock The Beach!
" the party's in gerritsen beach " . " what's it at a beach for ... It's 10 degrees " 😂😂😂
Just had a New Year's power surge at my Aunt Grace's in Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn. It'll be a good year!!
The American Red Cross has awarded $100,000 to Children’s Health Fund to support mental health services for children and families affected by Superstorm Sandy in Brooklyn, New York last year. The funding will be used to help over 500 children and their families in Gerritsen Beach with...
CEO announced grant to Children's Health Fund in Gerritsen Beach,NY
Classes are on today at the Gerritsen Beach Playhouse. Bring in your commercial copy memorized. We look forward to seeing you!
PLEASE SHARE!! THE SECRET SANDY CLAUS PROJECT IS CELEBRATING ITS FIRST BIRTHDAY TODAY!! HELP US REACH OUR GOAL!!! READ BELOW: One year ago today, someone had what seemed like a crazy idea at the time. The idea was to collect as many toys as possible, dress up like Santa and hand deliver those toys to the homes of as many children affected by Hurricane Sandy as possible. On December 9th, 2012, I posted a call for toy donations as well as for families with children to sign up for deliveries leading up to Christmas. An idea that began 1 year ago today has transformed into a journey that has led to thousands of families receiving help over the course of the past year thanks to the generosity of so many people; people who donated toys, their money or volunteered their precious time. Even people who were far away or even people in your own backyard who have lost everything as well joined in to help the project. We now are embarking on an even bigger sleigh ride together. and we NEED YOUR HELP. The story of the ...
Now this place really feel like home... First power outage at my apt, just like my gerritsen beach memories
Gerritsen Beach, a neighborhood on Brooklyn’s southern shore, is prized by residents for its quiet and off-the-grid seclusion.
yeah… But I was always there in elementary/jr High school, cuz I went to school in gerritsen beach, like 3 blocks away
Despite the weather we had an excellent turnout for the Gerritsen Beach relief effort. Citiquiet, Champion and The Home Depot donated windows and installation to numberous homes still devastated by the effects of Hurricane Sandy, 13 months ago. It is rewarding to help those who suddenly ended ended up on the downside of advantage however where is FEMA and the insurance companies? It still looks like a war zone in this neighborhood and there is no reason for that 13 months later.
The Friends of Gerritsen Beach Library is assisting with the Secret Sandy Claus Project, by operating as a toy donation location. The Secret Sandy Claus Project is the brainchild of Gravesend resident Michael “Sandy Claus” Sciaraffo, who decided to don a Santa suit and distribute toys to children...
Only in Gerritsen Beach on the avenue would there be a drunk driving accident at 8 AM on a Tuesday. 😷
The Wall Street Journal editorialized that the Biggert-Waters legislation should not be reversed, or even delayed. This will make flood insurance premiums for anyone living near water to skyrocket. 10 to 20 thousand a year for flood insurance is not a laughing matter. They say it will only affect the wealthy one percent that own beachfront property. Really? Tell that to the people in Broad Channel, Breezy Point, Far Rockaway, Coney Island, Hamilton Beach, Gerritsen Beach, Canarsie, Nassau County and Staten Island. That's only New York! We're the wealthiest one percent? Pigs...
Free Smoke and CO Detectors The NYC Fire Department is giving away 2000 smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to Sandy survivors (62 and older or those with a hearing impairment) free of charge in the following Brooklyn areas: Sheepshead Bay, Gerritsen Beach, Marine Park,...
I can get a Gerritsen Beach garage Band, free of charge!! Beacon Court!! Working on this!
If you're from or currently living in Brooklyn and you have no idea where Gerritsen Beach is, you should take five seconds to Google Map it right now. Thank you.
Here is this year's Ragamuffin Parade with Gerritsen Beach Vollies. I love this tradition!
Tonight Sat the last day of Nov 2013 Alive N Kickin will be playing at Tamaqua in Gerritsen Beach Bklyn from son Tim will be on guitar & Johnny Simms will be sittin in for a few songs on Drums. He plays drums with Marty Balin, he of Jefferson Airplane/Starship Fame. Gonna be fun...hope to see our Bklyn fans there.
I'm playing TONIGHT SAT 11/30 with Alive N Kickin at Tamaqua in the Gerritsen Beach section of BROOKLYN from 10-1!! See ya's there!
Sandy Relief Acupuncture: Gerritsen Beach: St James, Parsonage 2776 Gerritsen Ave. 2-4 pm Saturday nov. 30th By donation Three cats on premises! Catnip welcomed but if you have allergies to lovely felines then please make the correct decision RSVP CrrewResponds504-202-1373
Update your maps at Navteq
Happy turkey day to my friends,family, and Gerritsen beach volunteer fire department. Had a wonderful time at the ragamuffin parade.
Ian Christianson and Marius Obekop from the New York Red Bulls soccer team were on hand to help ‘kick off’ grand re-opening festivities for the newly-renovated All American Soccer Club, 2638 Gerritsen Avenue, and the adjacent Marine Park soccer fields. In partnership with Gerritsen Beach Cares...
I am sorry Doreen, I live in Florida and wont be able to attend! Thanks anyway, I sure miss Gerritsen Beach! I also miss you! Happy Thangiving to you & your Family Donny Purkess!
The day after the election. Anthony was ecstatic because he won Marine Park and Gerritsen beach by a good margine. 15k voters in Carnarsiewere given free Subway sandwiches to vote democrat. Allen Maisel is a nice guy, 25 years with the Board of Ed" he gave up the Assemblyman job, 3 days a week for $90k a year. Council makes a bit more for 20 hours. The Democrats in Brooklyn have long been under investigations for various crimes (ex sen Kruger is doing 8 years for bribery). Millions of dollars have been funneled through Bergen FIELD Complex over the years. A non profit is setup there (rented?) in which they get money for Senior activities etc. all paid employees. When their were support the troops rally's etc they'd use Marine Park, why when you have millions invested in Bergen Beach. Simple answer, most people don't know we're it is. That is why they need to keep it their private little secret. $5 a vote. The real winner was the Subway owner, I'd bet 25¢ to 50¢ was given to a dem who arranged the deal. ...
Gerritsen Beach, I am always looking for helpers- if you have a teenager that is interested in working with us from time to time, please inbox me for consideration. Must be able to tie a knot and not scared of popping balloons.
I really wanna leave Gerritsen Beach so badly...
Friends, thank you. $1,500.00 raised. There's very little we, as individuals, can make a huge impact on, but tonight is an exception. Thank you a million times on behalf of the people receiving these donations that reside in Gerritsen Beach and in the Philippines.
Check out this great photo from Rebuilding Together NYC's Gerritsen Beach project. Some of our favorite people are in this photo!
So glad that the local community organization in Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn, where our YA YouthBuild students completed the first phase of our Sandy Rebuild project, has warmly invited us to keep it going!
Thinking about Sandy. About my mom and sis sleeping over, fearing what was to happen, and the blessing of great neighbors on Kimball Street who watched over our home (Anthony Mazzuchin). My Clinton Hill neighbors who gathered all the donations they could for mine and Elizabeth Leath's first trip to Gerritsen Beach - Ressurection's shelter to help. Cecilia Difonso Cataldo of Cataldos for making trays of baked ziti at a moments notice and donating them to the people of Gerritsen Beach so they could have their first hot meals. With my sis Elizabeth Leath and the Brooklyn girls - seeing devastated Red Hook and Rockaway, friends from HS and past lives who just needed the offer of help, clean laundry and hugs. Elizabeth Corney Suhr and James Suhr who allowed me to help them clean out their basement and their treasures, and Wendy McLaughlin who came by in a state of absolute shock and anger of what happened to her mom's home. Phil and Deidre Eletto, in Atlantic Beach. Jennifer Perez's aunts home, with water m .. ...
Did you catch us on the Today Show? Savannah Guthrie talked about her time volunteering in Gerritsen Beach!
What Happened to Working-Class New York? As images of wealth abound, the struggles of ordinary workers have become invisible. Joshua Freeman April 16, 2013 | This article appeared in the May 6, 2013 edition of The Nation. Hurricane Sandy pushed into view echelons of working-class New Yorkers normally hidden behind workplace walls or in obscure neighborhoods, or made invisible by familiarity and indifference. There, suddenly center stage, was the old, heavily Catholic, white working class. Some of the most devastated parts of the city, like Breezy Point and Gerritsen Beach, seemed frozen in time, neighborhoods of Irish- and Italian-American policemen, firefighters, blue-collar workers and politicians, still reflecting a New York dominated by European immigrants and their children. As on 9/11, heroic rescue efforts by the Fire Department exposed how white and male it has remained, even as the city’s population has become ever more diverse. Newer immigrants, too, were thrust into the spotlight, like Phil . ...
WINNERS ANNOUNCED FOR FIRST-EVER NYC NEIGHBORHOOD LIBRARY AWARDS Five Winning Branch Libraries Emerged From More Than 4300 Nominations By New Yorkers New York, NY – September 18, 2013 – The Charles H. Revson Foundation last night announced the five winners of the first-ever NYC Neighborhood Library Awards, the culmination of an initiative that resulted in 4,310 nominations from New Yorkers. The five winning libraries, each of which received $10,000 at an awards ceremony in midtown Manhattan, were selected from 10 finalists by a distinguished panel of judges: R.L. Stine, author of the renowned Goosebumps series; Kurt Andersen, author and host of WNYC’s Studio 360; Carla Hayden, CEO of the Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore and former president of the American Library Association; Fatima Shama, NYC Commissioner of Immigrant Affairs; and Don Weisberg, President of the Penguin Young Readers Group. The nomination process took place during a six-week period this summer and was promoted publicly with th ...
Firefighters are battling a 2-alarm brush fire in the Gerritsen Beach section of Brooklyn thanks to little recent rain and low humidity.
Looking forward to classes tomorrow at the Gerritsen beach playhouse. Remember to bring in 2 props for the prop box exercise.
Does anyone know why more than 7 firetrucks and Ambulances went into Gerritsen Beach?
Sandy Town Hall at PS 277 in Gerritsen Beach on Wednesday, 9/25, at 7pm. Build It Back, National Flood Insurance...
Access aride guy : Where are we on a little island?? Me: No *** Where in Gerritsen Beach Brooklyn didn't see a bridge did you?
White ghetto slummin it Brooklyn style (@ Gerritsen Beach)
My Dear Friend ( Mr) Dianne Bonney went to be with her baby Patrick, and Jesus today at 5:20 P.M., Those of us that really knew her, know she was a gentle , kind , tender soul and generous to a fault? Those that choose to believe the gossip of Gerritsen Beach , that's your problem, Goodbye my Friend Love you ( Mr. ) Bonney, Rest in Peace
God, I love Gerritsen Beach. Hanging on the avenue
Once more in Gerritsen Beach hanging drywall with New York Cares.
Come out and see a Off The Record at Gather Inn in Gerritsen Beach tonight. Who's in?
Just conducted a GREAT long-term community recovery planning workshop with the five Brooklyn coalitions. Huge shout out to partners Noël Kepler and John Saunders, and out friends at the Brooklyn Community Foundation, as well as the Recovery Coalitions in Red Hook, Canarsie, Gerritsen Beach, Sheepshead Bay, and Coney Island!
I am looking forward to working today with a coalition of 5 Brooklyn communities on developing Long term community recovery plans in light of their experiences with Hurricane (Superstorm) Sandy. very impressed with the strength and resilience of these smaller and very unique communities. Red Hook, Canarsie, Sheep's Head Bay, Coney Island, and Gerritsen Beach all at various stages of Recovery and some still out of their homes 11 months post event.
Back in Gerritsen Beach today working on the All American soccer club again hanging sheetrock with Youth Build and New York Cares volunteers. It was a real pressure cooker today but that did not stop the dedication of these people.
Come out and see a great band friday night in Gerritsen Beach
Good morning! As a reminder, anyone interested in the Gerritsen Beach 5k run/walk this Saturday beginning at 11:00 a.m. in memory of my mom, Olga Marshall, and others affected by cancer, please inbox me for details. Food, raffles and entertainment will follow the race. Hope to see you there!
I've been going over alot of things, mentally, lately. It's not a bad idea, really, to do a bit of a review of certain aspects of one's life. Being, in my opinion, a bit "long in the tooth" as compared to others (much younger folk, of course :) ), there are quite a few memories to scroll through. Of course, a huge folder is under the main heading of MUSIC. And it's come to my attention that I have been a fortunate son, indeed. When I first started to discover music, way back when, I wasn't actually a musician---just a kid that liked the idea of being a musician. This started when I saw my first inspiration, my cousin, Charles Johnson (or "cousin Charlie" as he was called, to differentiate from my other muse, Uncle Charlie...), playing those great Gretsch drums with his band at some party at his house, back when we all lived in Gerritsen Beach, Bklyn. At that moment, I realized several things (keep in mind that I wasn't even in my teens at that point). One, those drums looked so cool. Two, the same can be ...
Tomorrow is the first day of school in Gotham, so I took DD for a mother-daughter lunch at Applebee's in Sheepshead Bay to end the summer on a high note. We had a great time joking and talking about her seeing all her school friends. Then we stopped at a location at the end of Gerritsen Beach where they're filming a cop movie. [Those photos will appear on my Crime Fictionista blog. ] After that bit of excitement we drove over to the Gerristen Beach Library to see if renovations had been completed after the destruction dealt by Hurricane Sandy. It's scheduled to reopen this fall. PTL. It's one of my fav places.
Yikes-- I think I can, I think I can... Can I? Well we did over 70 so far but we have Bronx and Harlem to go... Hills... Some highlights so far - Verrazano, Sheepshead Bay, Getting a hug from my sister in Gerritsen Beach, Riis Park, Kissena Park... Looking at Whitestone Bridge from a much needed rest stop.. Stretch stop.
A friend to many in gerritsen beach, Teddy Callendrillo, passed away last evening.he would have been 90 this mth. He will be truly missed.
Academic Prospects continue tryouts/workouts today at 10 AM at Gerritsen Beach fields. We will run the 60 yd. dash, be timed from home to first, be timed around the bases, perform defensive drills at all positions, and play a showcase formatted game. Be there! 2756 Gerritsen avenue Brooklyn New York Florence avenue is cross street.
Seeing pics of scotty karate makes me miss gerritsen beach
HEART 911 Update-Work on the All American Soccer Club project in Gerritsen Beach is running smoothly and on schedule
Why Go Mighty co-founder volunteered to help rebuild Gerritsen Beach after Hurricane Sandy.
July 25th 3-6pm. Acupuncture and energy work for GB residents at the HAT: blue healing arts trailer at Devon and Gerritsen. E mail: crrewResponds Meet the CRREW
I always loved this library. Used to take my kids.
Next weekend we head to Gerritsen Beach with to put contributions to work from Follow for updates!
I miss gerritsen beach and my friends
50 Workers from St. Catherine of Alexandria RC Church Westford, MA are working in Gerritsen Beach this week with HEART 9/11 and GB Cares
Yard Cleanup in Gerritsen Beach. FedCap is now helping with post-Sandy yard cleanup in Gerritsen Beach, offering...
Assurant and our employees help restore a home damaged by Superstorm Sandy in Gerritsen Beach
With two homes destroyed by disasters, boxer won’t let anything bring her down
kids know things. thank you, ps277. @ Gerritsen Beach
Go Dave!! Step by step, you're racing to rebuild Gerritsen Beach w/
Thanks for racing to rebuild Gerritsen Beach. Race Hard!!!
Getting started at and it's a great day to race! Race hard for Gerritsen Beach athletes!
"Nobody in the world can take a beating like me:" Heather Hardy, 31-yr old super-bantamweight boxer: …
GREAT Story about in the ahead of her 7/24 bout at Roseland.
Good news! Coney Island and Gerritsen Beach libraries will reopen this fall after extensive renovations due to Hurricane Sandy.
An Old High school friend Mike Gallina found a cat with it's head stomped on in scummy Gerritsen Beach... Check it out. You will get yours, whoever hurt a cat will pay severely..
Congrats for engaging 500 volunteers and renovating 7 homes & 2 community orgs at NY
In the days immediately following a natural disaster, we turn on any media source and see endless, incomprehensible images of tragedy. The first order of cleaning up is safety and searching for survivors; meeting immediate needs of food, clothing, and ……
Opening Day at Kiddie Beach was great!! Welcome Back Sandy Survivors...nice to see that people are back at Kiddie and ready to celebrate the good times to come in Gerritsen Beach.
I hope you will join me tomorrow at my open house with the Mayor's Housing Recovery Office at PS 277 at 2529 Gerritsen Avenue from 12 to 4 pm. Representatives will be able to answer questions on FEMA, insurance, grants, building permits, taxes and more.
Just wanted to let all of my family, friends and loved ones know that Megan, Dylan and I are well. Megan and Alfredo have moved into an apartment together in Santa Ana, Ca. Dylan has been in Redding, Ca the last few weeks but will be relocating to Southern Ca next Friday.Joseph just graduated middle school and grows more and more amazing every day. I am living in Seal Beach, Ca with David Gerritsen, and we are happily settling into our life as a couple. He is a kind, considerate, loving man of whom our Tim would approve. Please know that I still love and miss my Timmy, I know we all do...I also know that he wants us to be happy and healthy and live our lives to the fullest. I hope you can share in the joy of all of the wonderful things my family is experiencing... I love you all...
AVAILABLE: donated Black lacquer dining table…a dining or work table with a 3 1/2' x 6 ' (approximate) 1980's rectangular black lacquered wood top on a 'W' wooden base. photos of the top and base below. The base has been separated and wrapped since it hasn't been used, but it is very easy to re-assemble. Can be picked up next Wednesday 6/26 at noon in Gerritsen Beach at the condo's. If you can use this please email infofor details. First come first served.
So many people lost kitchens during Sandy. is making over a community kitchen in Gerritsen Beach.
I worked with Andrew and Dalton from yesterday in Gerritsen Beach hanging sheet rock. It's really nice to be able to help re-build something. This was the homeowners daughters room.
Oh how I hope the "Coming Soon" Burger King Delivery Area on Coney Island Avenue delivers to Gerritsen Beach! Make it happen!
Gerritsen Beach says thank you. You're welcome!
How it all began at "Backweeds", Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn, NY in 1981.
You can only laugh if you're from Brooklyn and have at least some Italian background... all others, I'll be offended if you laugh.. I don't see anything funny -what you laughing at! Remember to 2 prerequisites!
Heroes live on every block. Know a friend or neighbor who showed remarkable courage, strength after Sandy? Give them a shout-out here. Tell us about them.
Race2Rebuild wrote - Race2Rebuild Team 2 athletes are resolved to rebuild a home destroyed by Hurricane Sandy for one specific family by racing the Aquaphor NYC Triathlon. Each athlete raises a minimum of $2000 in support of Rebuilding Together with a guaranteed race entry.The Rebuilding Together Sp...
Need a good book too read on the beach.ideas please.
I want to go to Manhattan one day, and just visit a bunch of museums and gardens and little shops and meet new people. I want to make a homeless person smile, I want to learn new things, I want to open my life to something other than Gerritsen Beach and Marine Park.
hey I'm an Americorps member who got interviewed for a video for you guys in gerritsen beach, ny a few months back. Is it out?
Deputy Mayor Holloway and OEM announced the final updated Hurricane Evacuation Zones today. They can be viewed at
Honestly, if you want to impress me, help someone who can't help themselves. The most fulfilling thing I've ever done was the work I did at Gerritsen Beach. I've never felt more satisfied with myself as a human being knowing I gave my time and skills to a community without any expectation of compensation or reward. It was not charity, the church gave me something I never thought I could have again, which was goodness in my heart.
Tribute to TV pioneer Sonny Fox, who famously hosted NY childrens' show "Wonderama" from 1959 to 1967. Today, as an 84 year-old executive, Mr. Fox advises de...
Efforts to curb global warming have quietly shifted as greenhouse gases inexorably rise.
Gerritsen beach residents. I was just outside throwing out trash and saw a shady character male in a red rain jacket I approached him and asked him what he was doing and he had no answer and kept moving. Over in just court by landis Keep an eye outside your window. It may be the same guy who were breaking into cars a while back.
Sharing: Found in Gerritsen Beach. Is this your dog?
A new HUD study reveals widespread practices of racial discrimination in housing markets, but as ProPublica reports, the agency has no plans to go after offenders uncovered in the vast data on discrimination.
Acupuncture @ the GBCares Recovery site tomorrow starting at 330p - come on by :)
Kiddie beach can't open yet, so we will have a Dance-a-thon @ Stage Dreamers, 2736 Gerritsen Ave. We will dance and raise money for Kiddie Beach's repairs due to the destruction of Hurricane Sandy. 100% of proceeds go to Kiddie Beach and your kids who participate will earn a special award! Join us even if you didn't register to run the marathon. It's a good cause if your a GB resident! :-D
Overview of church basement, showing there is a lot of work to be done. When Superstorm Sandy’s raging floodwaters billowed down Gerritsen Avenue, the storm poured its wrath on St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church – dumping six feet of water into the basement of the 89-year-old house of worship (Ca...
Looking to stock up my Kindle for some summer reading. Has anyone read anything good lately?
Any of my friends live near Gerritsen beach can do me a favor?? Inbox me.
All you can eat Buffet & drink tickets at the new Applebee’s Coney Island Mermaid Parade Party! A percentage of the proceeds, benefit Coney Island USA, producers of The Mermaid Parade!
Nice the partysquad op turn up the beach dus dan kan ik weer .
New York, NY – Today, Rep. Michael G. Grimm (R,C-SI/Brooklyn) was joined by State Senator Marty Golden (R-Brooklyn) and Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis (R,C,I-Brooklyn/SI) in calling for a change to a federal policy that, if left unchanged, will limit available grant funding to Sandy survivors who…
Hello Hannah, can you please come to Gerritsen Beach in Brooklyn Nyc. we could use some (
Stand strong be proud your from brooklyn. The greatest place to grow up. That is Gerritsen beach Brooklyn, just love the place. If they had a graveyard there that's were id go in a few years.
oh and the blackouts that occur regularly in gerritsen beach but con Ed still can't upgrade the system so they won't happen
Family of teen found burned in Gerritsen Beach is shocked at autopsy report and begging for answers. Story at 5pm.
A medical examiner has determined that a murder victim was asphyxiated before she was burned on Gerritsen Beach. Shaniesha Forbes, 14, disappeared from her home on January 4.
FYI Coney Island and Gerritsen Beach Brooklyn Brooklyn Public Library(ies) will reopen this fall.
Electronic Device Insurance
Today PIX 11 Cares featured live reports from Gerritsen Beach throughout the morning news on how Brooklyn is recovering 6 months after Sandy
Spending the morning in Gerritsen Beach with PIX11 reminding everyone of the needs in Sandy ravaged communities.
watching your coverage in Gerritsen Beach. Great job!
The cause of death of 14 year old Shaniesha Forbes, who's body was found on Gerritsen beach last January, was ruled as homicidal asphyxia.
Mother of strangled 14-y-o: "If they saw something, they should say something. It could be their child someday."
UPDATE: Teen girl found dead in Gerritsen Beach in January was strangled, authorities say
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