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Gerrie Nel

Gerrie Nel is a South African lawyer.

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Dont worry Gerrie Nel will speed up the prosecution of the Nkandla thief and the Guptas with
Thats exactly why Gerrie Nel joined the team of Paul O'Sullivan and Afriforum.
All SA'ans will have access to Gerrie Nel, fortunately. This will help Afri-Forum being seen as African Forum,/.
I salute O' Sullivan& Gerrie Nel for their bravery,exposing corruption in the country regardless of how propolice intimidate them!
stops at nothing to arrest anti- corruption civil society members like Pravin Gordon,O' Sullivan, Gerrie Nel,next is Sipho Pitjana!
I think Gerrie Nel has just got his fury case
Gerrie Nel and Paul O'Sullivan sponsored this project.
Gerrie Nel will be in forefront at the SCA
I sincerely hope Gerrie Nel will prosecute those ANC politicians delaying the transfer of our long awaited return of our land.
Tomorrow, we have The Bulldog himself, Mr Gerrie Nel, in studio on The Boiling Point with MC Wildfire!. Get your qu…
So Mr Gerrie Nel from Afriforum called me this morning..
what about Gerrie Nel? This is the perfect moment 2 indicate he is not selective in cases he will be tackling!
If Prosecutor Gerrie Nel was good, Oscar Pistorius wouldn't have been coming out & going in prison like it's a public toile…
A test case for Gerrie Nel to consider then.
Very well known tactics. Same thing happened when Gerrie Nel was in charge of the Selebi case. Deliberate ambushing
McBride, Gerrie Nel, O Sullivan are on duty against corruption
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Over a decade, I've watched prosecute his most high profile cases. Here's a view from the gallery:
lawyer Barry Roux says resignation of "very competent" prosecutor Gerrie Nel is "sad for the country."
so Gerrie Nel lied under your watch in the OP trial.
if they decide otherwise Gerrie Nel and Afriforum should show us that they care by taking it up.
WHEN the NPA decides not to prosecute implicated comrades, the affected families should go go seek for legal assist…
Learn more about the 'bulldog' who prosecuted Oscar Pistorius... chats to Adv. Gerrie Nel -
I guess Gerrie Nel is reportedly retiring.
Gerrie Nel told Hey don't worry, Selebi pulled the same stunt on me and look where he ended up. 😂😜😀
reportedly arrested at Afriforum. Gerrie Nel may have his hands full before he can even get to private pros…
Asking for a friend; What's with white South African crime fighter dudes all hanging out with Afriforum? Paul O'Sulliv…
The raid on Paul O’Sullivan’s home was led by one Ntebo “Jan” Mabula. Same dude who once arrested Johan Booysen & Gerrie N…
Listen to Gerrie Nel speak as he reads order undertaking to give 48 hrs notice prior…
Immediately when I heard of Gerrie Nel's resignation, I knew another Polokwane was on the political cards. is just the beginning.
says officer who sought his arrest is same officer who arrested prosecutor Gerrie Nel on aborted corruptio…
Afriforum making big moves on deadline day, signing Gerrie Nel for an undisclosed fee from the . Nel to undergo medical.…
Blowing our minds as usual. Gerrie Nel should have hired this guy.
Judge Masipa: Where do you get that from? . Gerrie Nel: May I ask where I get that from . Court moment of the day
Makhosi Khoza would be devastating as a judge. Even Gerrie Nel would come back crying. Ukuqala kancane, akuncome...uwugedl' eyehlikisa.
Ben Ngubane facing the commission reminds me of Oscar facing Gerrie Nel
First there was Gerrie Nel.. NOW, we have 👏. .
"I put it to you" says Mokoena...playing Gerrie Nel here
You, Gerrie Nel and the Steenkamps, are all Reeva's voice.
Okay, rant done but i Need Gerrie Nel to
"I'm Gerrie Nel, you’re Barry Roux we’re standing on opposite sides. You know very well I carry the truth..." -…
From case Consider mistakes made by Gerrie Nel in trial. Zuma-Abrahams
Gerrie Nel,are you a Tokoloshe or human being. Go to ***
If double amputee's fear of armed home intrusion was irrational why do Gerrie Nel & Judge Leach own guns for self defence?
As long as you work to get rid of Gerrie Nel & all the SCA judges who are about to erode due process again.
Clearly the president wanted to 'taylor' the evidence to borrow Gerrie Nel's term
Gerrie Nel for the State in case of is been eaten alive by his own ambitions with catalogue of Test…
Yes, right, Gerrie Nel doesn't understand the law. Tsk.
Look at people like CJ Mogoeng and Gerrie Nel.those people are brilliant at their jobs but they not after fame, so you wont see em.
Will Gerrie Nel act obo the NPA in its case against the Min. of Finance?
What about gerrie nel that transfer 1.5 miljion to his wifes account and then use the money at SARS
I have the list of all 13 blatant lies. All revealed and caught by Gerrie Nel.
Wasn't State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel implicated in all this story? If so - where is HIS summons to appear in court?
ask if Mr Gerrie Nel will also be prosecuted and is this reason that the case against Henning is dropped
Gerrie Nel lets another killer walk and pursues an innocent man who made a mistake when will he be stopped
how many other of Gerrie Nel's cases were also withdrawn by state because of his obsesion with Pistorius?
Gerrie Nel should now focus on Henning case and make peace with Pistorius case.
Thats Gerrie Nel showing middle finger to the so called justice system ya Masipa in this country
A highly competent prosecutor like Adv Gerrie Nel might be very unhappy to surrender a murder case similar to that of Pistorius.
I wonder what is the difference between Reeva Steenkamp and Chanel Henning's death, Adv Gerrie Nel?
Ego-maniac Gerrie Nel should leave his obsession with the Pistorius trial and the limelight & knuckle down.For goodness sake!
Coxon doesn't seem to know it wasn't Gerrie Nel who dropped charges. It was the NPA. Someone sghould enlighten the ***
Wow. And yet Gerrie Nel continues to go after Pistorius but this man goes free?
If Gerrie Nel wasn't busy chadong after then he would have been ready for the Nico Henning Case
Gerrie Nel has lost two similar BIG cases Nico Henning & Oscar Pistorius! Who would agree be represented by him
Gerrie Nel was obsessing about Oscar's case and neglected others.
Not surprising that all charges @ Nico Henning was withdrawn. Helps if you are a chommy of Gerrie Nel!
I see Gerrie Nel is the prosecutor, so must have his reasons but why only withdraw charges now? What went wrong?
it's all because Gerrie Nel can't multi task, focusing on Oscar and denying Chanelle justice
tell me you joking not Gerrie Nel Judge Masipa wer are you I'm speechless
Gerrie Nel paid Millions to drop all charges against nico henning.
State was always going to struggle to prosecute Henning. Remember this is no acquittal. Expect Gerrie Nel to strengthen case and recharge.
GERRIE NEL and NPA had ask the charges against a white man who killed his wife to be droped but they couldn't do so with Oscar.
Adv. Gerrie Nel appears for the state. Says they are not ready to continue and ask for all charges to be drop…
Prosecutor Gerrie Nel says state not ready at this stage to continue with case against forced to withdraw charges.
BREAKING For the state Gerrie Nel tells judge the state is withdrawing charges against Nico Henning. SM
Gerrie Nel wants this boy to root in jail
And most of all, according to Gerrie Nel, the paralympian did not offer an acceptable explanation why…
you do realise that both appeals have been brought by Gerrie Nel?
since state using public resources, chances r Gerrie Nel n team need to motivate to NDPP for Petition to SCA. Right thing to do
Masipa rejects State application for sentence appeal: State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel returned to...
Judge Masipa's ruling helps Nel, not Oscar. Oscar wd probably hav received less jailtime if Nel appealed for more jailtime.
State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel making the application for leave to appeal at the Johannesburg High Court
I am sure that Gerrie Nel (Bulldog) will again find a way to approach the Appeal Court in Bloemfontein...and he should!
The only way Gerrie Nel will get over this is if he kills Oscar
But Gerrie Nel must just give up ey
Masipa dismisses, with costs, State's application for leave to appeal on sentence. Gerrie Nel 👂
Gerrie Nel starts by insisting this is not an attempt to insult the Judge.
Masipa is nt there to play. Gerrie Nel shuld gv up already nd accept defeat. He really tried his best
Gerrie Nel must appeal Judge Masipa. She is wrong yet once again.
Gerrie Nel please leave this and accept defeat we are tired its been too long, we the public need to put this behind us
Put that in your pipe &smoke it Gerrie Nel.F..k off &leave alone.Rather get vicious criminals that u fought 4 off our street
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im js saying Gerrie Nel is doin nothing unusual...diff between remorse and regret.Its immaterial if the sentence remains
Does it count in law how many times Gerrie Nel's says "with the utmost respect' to Judge Masipa? Will she accept he respe…
"A severe, standardised and consistent response from the court is required," said Gerrie Nel.
Did shoot Reeva the second time again ? The way Gerrie Nel is going on and on
Imagine Gerrie Nel negotiating your Labola , negotiations will carry on for years
Gerrie Nel will not let up 'till Oscar gets like 100 years + death + community service
Gerrie Nel concludes so quickly as court adjourns till 11:45 am for Judge Masipa to come back with the ruling.
Gerrie Nel and the NPA's personal vendetta against has to stop once and for all.
I admire Gerrie Nel for being relentless in his search for justice.
Roux calls for application for leave to appeal sentence to be dismissed. Gerrie Nel addresses court.
Gerrie Nel is not worthy of even breathing the same air as Oscar
I would have to agree, remove Gerrie Nel, there have been too many ru…
State starts Pistorius sentence appeal: State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel returned to court on Friday morning, to c...
I rare pic of Gerrie Nel running after
So happy that Gerrie Nel is appealing Oscar's case 😊
Gerrie Nel sounds like a stark record,nothing new in his submission.Is about him now not justice anymore
So, Gerrie Nel hammering 4 a heavier sentence, 2 get attention off that is threatening him with
Prosecutor Gerrie Nel starts by outlining the law around when leave to appeal should be granted.
Gerrie Nel concludes submissions. Barry Roux addresses court.
Who is talking about misperceptions here? Nel Supporters must see him for what he is
Gerrie Nel says that there are reasonable prospects that an appeal court at find differently, sentence is lenient.
It would help in moving this case along if someone could gaol Gerrie Nel.
We just have to show that the court of appeal may reasonably find that this court misdirected itself in deciding on 6 ye…
Gerrie Nel please. We've crossed this road before *sigh*
Gerrie Nel to Judge Thokozile Masipa: The application for leave to appeal should not be seen as an insult to the honoura…
If you didn't know; there is a diffrence between "regret and remorse" State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel reminding all of us
Nel has 30 reasons why Oscar’s jail term’s too lenient: State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel has listed 30 points in h...
Has the Oscar Pistorius sentencing become a personal issue to the state/Gerrie Nel?# Oscar Pistorius
.u need to deep throat Gerrie Nel..
Is Gerrie Nel giving O/P another weekend to think that he's escaped lightly.. to then crunch him Mon or Tues with an appeal
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quite probably Gerrie Nel will prosecute them and have them up for murder
I don't recognise this where is Gerrie Nel?
Gerrie Nel wanted to be Public Protector? Wow hehe.
Adv Gerrie Nel should be Public Protector ANC cant take chance because he wont put up with anyone crap. Go figure
Gerrie Nel wanted to be the Public Protector?
"I'm Gerrie Nel you Barry Roux we standing across on opposite sides you know very well I carry the truth".
"I'm Gerrie Nel, you're Barrie Roux, we're standing across on opposite sides..." Can't cope with him
"Im Gerrie Nel, You're Barry Roux. We're standing on opposite sides. I carry the truth, a lot of your facts are compromised"
Hope Gerrie Nel is going to appeal the sentence it's the right thing to-do
looking at this debacle from AUS-I agree Masipa is simply out of her league...I hope Gerrie Nel will launch an appeal soon
is a difference between being an advocate& doing advocacy work. I.e Gerrie Nel is an advocate. JesseW advocates for BLM.
All I can say is James Grant is just doing his job, as are Gerrie Nel and the State's team. They didn't kill anyone
You should loose faith in the law...with men like Gerrie Nel who seeks attention rather than upholding the law.
ever wonder why Gerrie Nel never brought this up?
Gerrie Nel is doing a good Job to see justice for River, but the evil person here is this judge.
Hi James, can you pass on a message to Gerrie Nel, just one word, appeal! The bulldog can't quit now, so close to the finish
Wonder if Gerrie Nel and team will appeal the sentence?.
Gerrie Nel has a lot of patience.need I say more.wait for the appeal.
only Gerrie Nel can loose one case twice. GOD IS GREAT!!! We give thanks to him!
We should ask Gerrie Nel...Botha now suing SAPS. Oscar's defense team should sue SAPS!
Am just here to congrats Gerrie Nel on his second lose in one case. LMAO Move along loser
Be careful what you wish may get a call from Gerrie Nel! 😂
Nhlanhla Nene, Gerrie Nel and Graça Machel all declined their nomination to be SA's next Public Protector.
Why did Gerrie Nel decline the Public Protector nomination? He was going to do an exceptional job.
- Gerrie Nel there is nothing to study further on that judgement my Man. Appeal is the only way forward.
Judge Masipa got it right in the Trial court! SCA persuaded by Gerrie Nel & James Grant, scandalous! https…
Masipa referred both Gerrie Nel & ANCWL to Section 7 (a) of the Euphonik Act of 2016 Msunu yenu Nonke for the second time.…
Lead prosecutor Gerrie Nel should appeal Pistorius jail term. It is completely unacceptable for murdering Reeva Steenk…
I am not the real Gerrie Nel, and he is a state advocate so you wont be able to use him anyway.
Agree. I knew only when Gerrie Nel derided it in sentencing summing-up. I'll watch Steenkamps' doc. tonight, tho! 😊
"The person then claimed to have evidence that State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel had paid a prison nurse to lie in court"🤔
Prosecutor Gerrie Nel was right by saying Oscar is liar. He spoke to media but he can't takes questions in court?
He testified at his trial. His version was ripped to shreds. By Gerrie Nel, and by the SCA at the appeal hearing.
Professor Scholtz says Oscar's condition so severe he's like a caged animal. Gerrie Nel having none if it.
BFF from Iceland: Gerrie Nel is the devil
I know the tricks, I will advice Nel to STOP you right there
Gerrie nel is the voice for reeva because God knows had she survived this horrendous crime she would have exposed him
Can Nel take place of the interviewer?? Asking for a friend
"And in the ultimate act of deplorable cowardice, Gerrie Nel could not even muster enough human decency to look...
I am not sure if Gerrie Nel will show same rigor when prosecuting case were a victim is black & White perpetrator
Find out why friend compared Adv. Gerrie Nel to Old Nick in an interview with
MyZA: Let us show the world what Oscar Pistorius did – Nel Prosecutor Gerrie Nel says he
Oscar's BFF from Iceland: Gerrie Nel is the devil
"I worried that he didn’t fight enough because he just feels that he deserves nothing good,” BFF on
The only way Im watching is if he is interviewed by Gerrie Nel
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Total arsehat. Petulant --> lashes at Nel, MarcBatchelor at the murderer's sentencing. via
I think Gerrie Nel has a sharp and investigive mind! A brilliant brain,and. The ability to weed out the truth,from liars!
in her Match-Play for got the from Gerrie Nel. :). Pft!
Gerrie Nel should be our next Public Protector
“He has given a television interview, explaining himself, talking about that night.” -| .
Now, Hawks take aim at Gerrie Nel via
icelandic TV chef friend /character witness of nails Nel in a sentence
it was a post of Ebba's report here
Oscar’s BFF: Gerrie Nel is the devil Excellent beautiful x.
I have no words to describe my contempt for Gerrie Nel. What is in the interests of society is for him to be disbarred
As if a 70-something alcoholic would come up with that line. I'm surprised he remembered so much of the script Gerrie Nel gave him.
Of course he didn't want to face Gerrie Nel again! As Nel rips through lies like a bulldog. Nel wants
I imagine Gerrie Nel got the thought of asking Oscar to demonstrate the shouting but let it there on his thought!!
Whoever helped Meikie get new hairstyle will have to get Gerrie Nel to convince Sis Ouma change hers
Gerrie Nel's head of arguments opening.
Breast Cancer Awareness
A master class by ''Gerrie Nel in final summing up ''Pistorius never gave an explanation of why he killed Reeva'' https:…
Seriously, enough is enough. Gerrie Nel is NOT a role model for the SA justice system. Code of Conduct - Lesson 12 https:…
man this guy mr Gerrie Nel is sharper than a minora shaving blade. He is excellent America has jerry springer jerry jerry jerry. We here in South Africa have Gerrie Nel Gerrie Gerrie Gerrie. If our nr 1 will takes the stand one day will they give him to our mr Gerrie Nel en will it be live on tv. that will be one *** of a case
Gerrie Nel, honestly was Judge Masipa Not competent enough, or was it corruption at highest level?
Would the nation be able to ask for prosecutor? Gerrie Nel
Im sure our grade 4 graduate is ready to face Gerrie Nel.
for South Africas sake,the NPA must task its prosecution bullterrior Mr Gerrie Nel to work on the Zuma case
We need Gerrie Nel and Andrea Johnson on this case - it's been a while since we had a good court room drama.
appropos the reinstatement of charges against Jacob of Nkandla - where is that man Gerrie Nel when we need him
Imagine JZ spending 2 or 3 weeks in the doc with Gerrie Nel doing the grilling.
If life was fair, Gerrie Nel would get his time to grill Zuma in court.
Gerrie Nel's mind has just been activated I think when he heard this judgment.
Can we please have Gerrie Nel vs Zuma in court plz
Let it be Gerrie Nel, I would love to see him ripping through Zuma lies
Would Zuma still be prosecuted by Billy Downer, or would the case handed to Gerrie Nel or just no-name prosecutir to f**k it
too shallow. How did we know about Gerrie Nel and Barrie Roux?
Gerrie Nel and Prof Saayman should sue the living daylights out of these two (South African) morons
I'm sure Gerrie Nel would do us justice with this one
You're getting me mixed up with Gerrie Nel.
Gerrie Nel was right when he called this murderer a liar the SCA agree that he is a liar and on count one masipa agreed
The Judge got a taste of how Oscar felt to be in the dock facing Gerrie Nel. He was completely paralysed by
Hon Gardee just reminded of when Gerrie Nel asked Oscar "why are you being emotional "
Madam Speaker, I put it to you that you are illegitimate leader. Rescue yourself. . of Gerrie Nel
ngumnqundu loo... No wonder Gerrie Nel took him to the cleaners
Gerrie Nel is amazing and unless you know his track record just shut it!!
You didn't read Prof Scholtz's report did you? SMH. Believe, it you want, everything Gerrie Nel dished up in court...
Mokotedi also helped Richard Mdluli in the bogus case against Prosecutor Gerrie Nel during the Selebi trial. BB
lol little old Gerrie Nel it possible he has more pull than the Guptas. .?
SURELY Mr Nel MUST be brought to book for lying to the court?.
McBrite & Co,Gerrie Nel,Nxasana are victims of Gupta proxy war for control of ANC and Goverment purse
Gerrie Nel denies calling a liar 29 times in spite of being ordered not to do so.
That be the truth, the liar is Gerrie Nel.
Nel directly accused Oscar of lying tailoring, being untruthful etc both before and after Judge Masipa’s reprimand
Who is the liar? On News24 today. Had 3819 views, no comments allowed
McBrite & Co,Nxasana,Gerrie Nel & now Gordhan are all prosecuted for not toeing the line of the ZuPtas.
The blame worthy one here is Gerrie Nel.
She's either at te SCA or CC. I remember when Gerrie Nel presented his appeal before her in the SCA.
its Gordhan,Gerrie Nel,McBrite & company all in the holly name of ZuPta.Capture
if I hv power to appoint the new Public Protector I would choose btwn Adv Kevin Malunga or Adv Gerrie Nel.
.Hey moved to Australia. You two Davids could hook up and *** over Gerrie Nel photos. 👊💦 😂
What about Magistrate Andries Lamprecht's verdict, comments and remarks about Gerrie Nel and Cornwell Tshavhunga's case?
What about the verdict of Judge Meyer Joffe after Advocate Gerrie Nel and Advocate Cornwell Tshavhunga's case?
a guy i hate for a moment Nel.leave 'ut let him live his life you have yous and we have our ..…
World lapped up every word Gerrie Nel spoke, convincing Reeva's family that she hid from Oz in terror. SMH
So is it accurate to say it's official that the Hawks are investing both Pravin Gordhan and Gerrie Nel? Let's see how it goes.
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Lunch break in court,Gerrie Nel amongst students taking pics with him,what a guy!!
Are the Hawks alleging that Gerrie Nel bugged his own office while prosecuting Jackie Selebi?! 😕
Gerrie Nel targeted in SARS 'rogue unit' saga: Hawks boss Berning Ntlemeza is allegedly targeting top prosecut... http…
SMH Can they let him wrap up the issue at hand first? Semblief torho. "Now, Hawks take aim at Gerrie Nel via
So when all was said and done Gerrie Nel won n actually deserved his pay cheque for this Oscar trial. Barry Roux coined it but clearly lost
Throughout the Oscar case Karyn Maughn kept saying Masipa and Advocate Gerrie Nel. Abelungu baqhelile.
I know many people who either hate Barry Roux or Gerrie Nel ... Let me be clear you will have to look hard to find two mo…
This is what prosecuting chief Willie Hofmeyr said about Jiba efforts to have Gerrie Nel arrested...
I think Adv Gerrie Nel is a competent candidate to replace Thuli Madonsela. But as things stand the gov will go for Adv Lindi Nkosi Thomas.
With one of their former colleague now appointed as GP Head of the Hawks,poor Breytenbach and Gerrie Nel must be prepared to be persecuted
REMEMBER 2014?: Gerrie Nel was the combative prosecutor in this man's trial in Pretoria
2) was still gastric content in his stomach @ 7:30 am the next day! Gerrie Nel was a doctor and psychiatrist also!
Don't know why Xander is playing games. He must get Gerrie Nel!
Gerrie Nel, I would love to see him as the next Public Protector.
A point to ponder on: SAPS pulled a dramatic arrest of Gerrie Nel post Selebi being charged. Mbeki surely knew kak was coming.
Gerrie Nel was arrested by the SAPS prior to Selebi's arrest, now makes me wonder why Mbeki wanted Pikoli to del…
Who will be the next Public Protector na madoda but I think Gerrie Nel can do better. I trust that man.
How do we thank u n Gerrie Nel fo not giving up on justice Heroes Both of U!
Our of interest, do lawyers choose which case 2defend or just accept any offer? Even Gerrie Nel would be reduced to Nkosi's level
it is difficult to convice the bench of judges that cows at nkandla have to eat Nandos instead of grass,even Gerrie Nel wouldn't
"Nkosi Thomas will pay back the money if Gerrie Nel was there!
Even Gerrie Nel was gonna cry trying to convince the whole bench that Nkandla cows are allegic to grass and has to eat Nandos
Dali Mpofu next time he sees Barry Roux and Gerrie Nel .
Lol 1 mm radius will also do for Adv Gerrie Nel
Just in: Apparently adv Barry Roux SC submitted papers in leave to appeal case to Adv Gerrie Nel yesterday evening
Interesting that Adv Dr Chris Marnewick and Gerrie Nel both hail from the little town Potgietersrus. Guess who else?
Bongani Mbindwane doesn't like Gerrie Nel because he was the mastermind behind Jackie Selebi prosecution.
I was angry at the deals Gerrie Nel struck with white crooks including Glenn Agliotti so he can prosecute Jackie Selebi
Who is a great Advocate now between Gerrie Nel and Barry Roux???
Gerrie Nel and team - well done. Jackie Selebi, then Oscar, next is JZ!
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We trusted Joe Slovo, am sure we can trust Gerrie Nel teaming with Mcebo Dlamini to help us get our land back 🙏
Gerrie Nel is a real G ...ask Jackie Selebi ask
Do you still remember him and wht he did.
Gerrie Nel's cross examination of Oscar was so savage whoo 😫
If three of the five SCA agree with Gerrie Nel, the state prosecutor, they could rule in as little as two weeks
Criminal law attorney says his money's on State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel.
| Mic should have been switched off - Nel: State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel has said he cannot…
State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel outlines the state's case for the verdict tone changed to murder from culpable homicide,
Fun fact of the day (from wikipedia): Oscar Pistorius's prosecutor Gerrie Nel teaches wrestling in his spare time.
Lead prosecutor, Gerrie Nel, accused the court of ignoring evidence in the trial of Oscar Pistorius which led to...
In the states case to retry Oscar Pistorius with murder. Chief prosecutor Gerrie Nel told the panel of five judges that Judge Masipa...
Oscar Pistorius's lawyer Barry Roux tells State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel: 'that I am going to lose is a fact.'
Oscar Pistorius's lawyer Barry Roux was overheard telling State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel he, Roux, was going to "lose…
Roux was overheard telling Gerrie Nel-state prosecutor that " I'm going to loose"
State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel is expected to argue for a murder charge based on the doctrine of dolus eventualis
Judge Majiedt told prosecutor Gerrie Nel he was puzzled by Masipa's findings about ballistic expert Chris Mangena's evidence
State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel is outlining what he will base his appeal on: that Judge Masipa misinterpr…
| Gerrie Nel arrives at SCA early to 'catch the worm': State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel and his…
OPT returns tomorrow,in the court of appeal as state prosecutor, Gerrie Nel will be seekin overturning of culpable homicide to murder!
according to Adv Gerrie Nel representing the state not nearly harsh enough...
Bloody disgraceful that the murder is being released next Tuesday but will be waiting for him on 2/11
Oscar Pistorius getting house arrest is absolutely disgusting. I hope Gerrie Nel gets him locked back up next month,
Gerrie Nel should quietly walk up behind Oscar Pistorius. If he turns round, he's guilty.
Fiction: Gerrie Nel is a hero and great prosecutor. Fact: Gerrie Nel is a turdblossom and terrible attorney.
The capitalist niger book its so good you have to have one.
Now we know, why Oscar shot Reeva. Even Gerrie Nel couldn't tell us. It was an argument over the toilet seat.
That is not true. I am not Gerrie Nel.
Classic Gerrie Nel! . Was it really only a year ago now?
"Nxasana appointed Gerrie Nel to re-examine the Panday case, but NDPP, Shaun Abrahams, has reportedly terminated Nel’s jurisdiction.
Hayi even if Gerrie Nel was on the opposite side he would be curious about this.lyk as of daar is n twis teen Oscar.
Poverty is not a murder trial if it was i'd call Gerrie Nel to lock it up for a time
You could be in a car accident hurt badly Gerrie Nel would ask "why didn't you keep within the speed limit"
But Gerrie Nel was cold, imagine him being your dad and said you couldn't go out than asks you why you being emotional
I would never put this into the court record but Judge Masipa obviously didn't like Gerrie Nel & I think this affected
There is only one law practitioner in the world tougher than Gerrie Nel: that man Conrad Smith.
Pity Gerrie Nel and the NPA didn't respect her judgement. *** bent on boosting their own egos.
Prosecutor Gerrie Nel has started leading the witness, Venter though his evidence. BB
Gerrie Nel vs Barry Roux, with Matilda Masipa as a mediator!. That was tough!
Adv Gerrie Nel is prosecuting the case. Magistrate Adrian Becker is hearing the matter. BB
I'm gonna slay in Witbank. I'm on my Gerrie Nel MoSwenko today...
Gerrie Nel is in the final stages of preparation to reinstate criminal charges against businessman Thoshan Panday.
Gerrie Nel is believed to have spent two days in Durban last week, apparently in the final stages of preparation...
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