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Gerrie Nel

Gerrie Nel is a South African lawyer.

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I'm sure I've said this over a million times these last 20 months but Gerrie Nel is a sadistic *** 😡
- Hee madoda, kante who? I hope it's not Gerrie Nel because there's only 1 gun crazy bleksem I'm thinking of right now! Thixo!
Gerrie Nel must be careful ,what goes around comes around!You don't sew seeds of hate and expect to harvest love! # Never
Lol! Roger Dixon traumatised by being on the stand during Oscars trial, *** Gerrie Nel neh? Yoh!
how nice, putting the onus on Gerrie Nel when someone died because of not Nel.
we've been through this though. He did not know who was inside. Even the most trusted Gerrie Nel failed to prove
Read on Prof James Grant's TL today that he is assisting Gerrie Nel with the appeal.
More press coverage of OP checking his social media during court proceedings.Disrespectful and cold-hearted! Bring on Gerrie Nel
investigate Gerrie Nel,Mikey Schultz's assassination of Brett Kebble. Nel the hypocrite
dear Alex please investigate Gerrie Nel, Mikey Schultz hired murderer of Brett Kebble and expose Nel for what he is!
So is one of Gerrie Nel's associated. Oscar is NOT laughing at this awful situation. Only a silly person would think that.
didn't Judge Masipa say justice is not about vengeance or maybe Gerrie Nel didn't get that
Adv Nel is a Genius and it's a privilege to work with him I'm sure.So forget the hate trolls & enjoy the ride!Go team Gerrie!
wow, U must be looking forward to work with great Gerrie Nel! :)
Dear Gerrie Nel: As a tax payer I prohibit you from using MY money to serve your ego. Appeal with your own money not mine.
Catchy! Can someone please tell Gerrie Nel to amend the appeal documents accordingly!
Breast Cancer Awareness
NPA: Adv Gerrie Nel and Andrea Johnson have been hard at work studying the judgement, researching and also consulting wit…
Roger dixon has been a forensic expert for years but just 3 days spend with Gerrie Nel on the witness box and now he wants to quit Lol
So Gerrie Nel dismantled Mr. Dixon hence he quit as a forensic expert! .
Lmao he wants nothing to do with courts after Gerrie Nel grilled him
I see Gerrie Nel is going to appeal...
Except. that he is apparently a chief consultant for Gerrie Nel in this appeal.
Again, it must be asked, where the *** did Gerrie Nel receive his legal education?
It's like anyone can be a witness in the -I hope I get called to be a witness. Oh how I would love to annoy Gerrie Nel😈
I hear Gerrie Nel as asked James Grant to assist on the appeal and he has agreed to do so!
Gerrie Nel and the NPA make me feel a bit dolus myself. What is wrong with this picture? They're going to (cont)
The judge misjudged horribly. Hence Gerrie Nel appealing finding and the sentence.
I met my hero today :D Advocate Gerrie Nel came to visit Radio Pretoria today
So I just met this legend... Adv. Gerrie Nel het by kom kuier.
Lmaooo Thami acting all Gerrie Nel on us.
youself and Gerrie Nel + OP case made me to study LLBn I'm writing intro to Criminal Law on the 14nov.13:30 Ormonde
Gerrie Nel better wrap up Oscars appeal fast the country is going to need him at his best when we catch these animals
Adv Gerrie Nel and Adv Andrea Johnson to appeal the conviction and sentencing, great decision which must be won.
Not when you start threatening me with Gerrie bladdy Nel, honey pie!
Oscar when Gerrie Nel announced his intention to appeal
Keep the good work up. Our country needs people like you. Truly appreciate u..
Prof, whatever you told Gerrie Nel and his team must have been pretty convincing. announces appeal.
Redi Gerrie Nel is wasting the tax payers money,it could be used to better the hospitals and school.Its become personal for him
Contrary to what I've been hearing in the news, I don't think Gerrie Nel is appealing at all.
The NPA's decision to appeal Pistorius' conviction comes after a meeting by prosecutor, Gerrie Nel and NPA boss, Mxolisi Nxasana.
PATHETIC!!Judge Thokozile Masipa handed down Oscar’s sentence for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day last year.The paralympian was sentenced to five years imprisonment for the culpable homicide killing of his girlfriend, Judge Masipa said. ‘The decision is mine and mine alone’ He was also sentenced to three years, suspended for five years, for firing a pistol under a table at Tasha’s restaurant in Johannesburg in January 2013. The sentences would run concurrently. Earlier, she said the department of correctional services was equipped to deal with people who have disabilities like Oscar Pistorius. “If the accused had to get a custodial sentence it would not be the first time the correctional services department would be confronted with an inmate with a disability,” Masipa said. “I have no reason therefore that the accused would present the department of correctional service with an insurmountable challenge.” Masipa dealt with defence witnesses social worker Joel Mar ...
While I'm on the media naming and shaming bandwagon today, I hope that Masipa and her assessors take a day to review the appallingly misleading and out-and-out false reporting of the Oscar Pistorius case from start to (please!) finish. Since it's what created the societal need for retribution in lieu of ubuntu and fed the misconception that Oscar murdered Reeva and knew she was behind the door, it's worth taking time before she ever again publicly embraces public opinion as a determinant. Or praises Gerrie Nel. Or absolves the NPA and SAPS and the media.
One thin' I would tell Adv Gerrie Nel if I get the opportunity to meet him: may God bless you for the exceptional work you do in fightin' for justice_!! the love of lawby Gerrie Nel
Cheers to Judge Masipa, Barry Roux, Gerrie Nel and us on social media BLOG by Chris Kanyane
It is a short step from beating someone to shooting them, and Judge Masipa missed the signs. In truth, so did Gerrie Nel!!
"PB: No, Mr. Engelbrecht, it's not going to be that easy. You raised the impression." Gerrie Nel style?
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He is an amazing Prosecutor and did a wonderful job with Oscar Pistorius, he saw right thru him from day one and gave him exactly what he deserved. Unfortunately in my opinion the Justice system failed him. He is just man and is quite prepared to put the blame where it belongs, he is strong and believes in what he is doing. Just a great pity Oscar did not get what he deserves. ( and that was not due to the lack of trying. If it was me I would appeal the sentence, but then it won't help because all the relevant people have already been paid off. Put the Justice back into this society Gerry!!! they need people like you.
Lol but why is Gerrie Nel like this though :""D
Where there is smoke there is fire...Charges against Gerrie Nel withdrawn via
Gerrie Nel and Barry Roux have displayed the raw talent that is produced by the South African Law fraternity. Very impressi…
Today is the first day of the rest your life without Gerrie Nel. There's going to be a lot of Dido playing on white peoples iPods
Oscar got of way to light he should of been charged with premeditated murder the state and gerrie nel got it all wrong
😦 like..."as in like ONLY 5 YEARS? nx if Gerrie Nel was not there Oscar would have walked free mos, mxm Judg…
Prosecutor Gerrie Nel says firearms controls act states will automatically be declared unfit to own firea…
Gerrie Nel must be very dissappointed in this out come be insured he didnt fail us as the community,THE JUSTICE SYSTEM FAIL US
Gerrie Nel did his best and it sad nje that we'll never know what really happened.
"Pistorius should be jailed for at least 10 years" - Prosecutor Gerrie Nel
SO State Prosecutot Gerrie Nel does not object to the sentence but the ANC Women's League "calls for an appeal"? (Jull…
Gerrie Nel represents the State.He speaks on your behalf like it or not!
Gerrie Nel vs Oscar... Oscar : so i blinked. Gerrie : ya and you killed Reeva. Oscar: i sneezed. Gerrie: ya and you killed Reeva …
why are you emotional now Gerrie Nel would say to lol .
Wish Gerrie Nel had been judge in this & Masipa somewhere far far away in another galaxy.
Read my post! I am Gerrie fan and comments was based on Judge Masipa! Not this fake gerrie nel not profile, but the real man
I concur. Thank u for being a great Gerrie Nel
Now that the Pistorious trial is over will Barry Roux & Gerrie Nel give us what we all want? A duet cover version of Pharrell's 'Happy'?
uncle accuses Prosecutor Gerrie Nel of inflicting as much pain as possible during the trial
Prosecutor Gerrie Nel has arrived at his usual early time to hear whether his arguments for jail have …
If I am Gerrie Nel i will pack my bags he can make millions overseas, can you believe how dissapointed he must be
Arnold Pistorius is absolutely right to criticize Gerrie Nel and prosecution team:
Not_Nel No life OP could still continue with other dreams RS has no dreams,no life is because of OP is irremediable :-(
LOL not while I'm around I'll be ur Barry Roux + Gerrie Nel combined ke :"D
Bret Kebbels life was just as important yet Gerrie Nel let him off with nothing... practise what you preach
Yeah! and while on the subject of loss... I for instance have lost faith in SA Justice - unless of course Gerrie Nel makes an Appeal
Prosecutor Gerrie Nel, his shirt collar open and looking relaxed, has just strolled across Madiba Road and…
Judge Masipa and gerrie nel will get good state pensions with tax exemptions on pre 1998 service.they deserve it
How Gerrie Nel and Barry Roux argued the sentencing of
Gerrie Nel says "the court has done what the court should do"
Nel did the best he could...many of his key points were simply not taken seriously by the court.
Gerrie Nel is available.but seriously...stuff them
Gerrie Nel not only failed to prove his case but also failed to prove version couldnt have happened. How To Lose A Case 101
Gerrie Nel is very good the person that failed Gerrie Nel was Judge Thokozile Masipa that's all !
Me and my team we are enjoying the joke... The joke. probably being Gerrie Nel.
Would be nice to see Gerrie Nel appeal just to keep the series running
Its NOT Barry Roux who was good..its the Judge who was THAT BAD...!!! Please Gerrie Nel, or NPA, appeal..!!
Gerrie Nel reminds me of that uncle who was sent to ask for R45,000 lobola and only managed to get R5,000.
gerrie nel I thnk Judge Masipa should retire now
Gerrie Nel one of the best prosecutors in the world!
: Devi. Ulrich. Gerrie Nel. Thank you. Good job. Judge Masipa well you know what you doing
Gerrie Nel now stands to ask Judge Masipa to order that Pistorius be declared unfit to own or use a firearm.
The state failed to get Oscar Pistorius convicted on Murder Charges Elaborate "Gerrie Nel really failed Reeva Steenkamp
Blame Gerrie Nel for failing to do his job, not Judge Masipa.
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The Sentencing of Oscar Pistorius Tomorrow Oscar is sentenced. Friday we heard argument in mitigation of sentence and argument in aggravation of sentence. I have views on both. In the first place the presence of a self-confessed contract killer in court last week, who made a deal with Gerrie Nel which bought him immunity from prosecution and the very consequences for killing another human being that Gerrie Nel speaks of, derogates Gerrie Nel’s credibility when he exhorts the judge and her assessors not to allow Oscar get away with the gravity of what he has done. It’s a pretty surreal context which we must process and ask ourselves some tough questions. I leave that to you. Barry Roux on the other hand raises all the mitigating factors that would support application of restorative justice, but his fleeting and lightweight references to Ubuntu and Restorative Justice (although they may be elaborated on well in his heads of argument) do not demonstrate a profound understanding of or depth of insight in ...
Gerrie Nel presented the state's closing arguments during sentencing proceedings for Oscar Pistorius today.
Oscar Pistorius uses his disability on call and only when he needs to, Gerrie Nel said. This is very very unfair MY Lady!
I think Gerrie Nel is on the wrong side of Judge Masipa, it is not helping his case even though he is right.
Let's take a minute and think What If - Gerrie Nel was the Lawyer representing the 'murder' this time Reeva and Roux was the Prosecutor seeking justice for the 'dead' OP. What sentence would Barry Roux and Oscar be happy with to believe justice is done?
"Oscar Pistorius must get minimum of 10 years" Gerrie Nel
There has been talk of the relationship between Mikey Schultz and Gerrie nel. Mikey Schultz was given indemnity in the Brett Kebble murder. The state gave him indemnity and Gerrie Nel was appointed Prosecutor,before the case started the NPA took Nel off the case as he was busy with the Jackie Selebi case. That is where the relationship starts and ends. Glenn Agliotti, a convicted drug-dealer was also arrested in connection with the murder of Brett Kebble. It is no secret that there is a connection between Glenn and Oscar in social circles.
Pistorius should spend 10 years in prison, Gerrie Nel says
Gerrie Nel No matter how bad you are, you're not useless. You can still be used as a bad example.
AINT u the real Gerrie Nel. U had me fooled the entire bloody trial ffs. U did a better job than Oscar. We aint fooled Oscar.
Funny how Gerrie Nel neva looks @ da person he is cross examining. Always luks straight ahead of deliberate dishonesty
To have someone with Gerrie Nel's ability and expertise as a public servant is comforting
Pistorius leaves court in Pretoria after Gerrie Nel asked for him to be sentenced to 10 years in jail.
Gerrie Nel tells the court that Oscar Pistorius must spend a minimum of ten years in jail for killing Reeva Steenkamp.
The only reasonable sentence would be long term incarceration M'Lady - Gerrie Nel
Watching reruns of the heads of arguments in the & comparing, I think Gerrie Nel came back guns blazing. Ubuntu is a cheap shot!
Prosecutor Gerrie Nel has called for a lengthy prison sentence to be handed to Oscar Pistorius at his hearing
so right, gerrie nel is such a great prosecutor but oscars team is too good, if someone ever had to go court I would recommend them😂
"He is not a victim.He cannot be a victim.He caused it"-a very intense closing argument by Prosecutor Gerrie Nel
The negligence borders on intent - Gerrie Nel on Oscar Pistorius crime. Tuesday's sentence announcement looks to be a world stopper.
After the ,Gerrie Nel will be doing the Nico Henning Trial..Nico knows what he is in for...
No matter how good Gerrie Nel is at arguing a point in court. He'd still never win an argument against a woman.
Why did Reeva lock the bathroom door when they were on their own. This is not believable human behaviour for her age.
Gerrie Nel seems to be the only person in court that cares about
"When the media wants to cover my brilliant athletic ability,I love them.When they cover my trial I hate them"-Gerrie Nel on
that caller is right Gerrie Nel is a hypocrite and he doesn't speak for me
“"When it suits us, we're handicapped." - Gerrie Nel.
A remorseful or anxious person would not go out to a nightclub after midnight as did after trial had star…
I ll be channel hoppin between Biggie's party and Gerrie Nel...i cant miss Nel closing arg.
I mean Putin looks as if he has a good side - I really think Nel is evil thru and Bond bad guy perhaps Gerrie?
I will be very surprised if Oscar is sent to prison. Gerrie Nel has been very good but sadly Masipa may not have heard his facts
listened to Gerrie Nel today. He is brilliant.
Gerrie Nel is an advocate of justice not a bast*rd like u say!! U should get real and refrain from abuse!
Oscartrial199 Gerrie Nel is a sick inhumane character who deserves to feel pain.
Prosecution calls for jail for Pistorius: State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel has called for Oscar Pistorius to receiv...
Whatever happens on tuesday, Reeva would have given Gerrie Nel and Chris Mangena a warm hug for their sterling work on this cas…
Thank you for all the wonderful messages!! Makes me wish i was the real Gerrie Nel!!
"The minimum that society will be happy with will be 10 years in prison," Prosecutor Gerrie Nel said. Wow Wat a Fight!!!Well Done !
Gerrie Nel, " Negligence in this case borders on intent " for thought hey.!
Gerrie Nel has done his best and at least he gave Reeva a voice and has shown Oskido for the lying arrogant and violent man he is...
In it for the passion not the money He should be in the private sector , making millions "I admire Gerrie Nel.
I still salute nel gerrie nel,still standing strong and passionate,I thnk he will win this case
Gerrie Nel was spot on, Oscar never wanted to be seen as disabled, yet, when prison is mentioned, he wants to use it, shocking
Gerrie Nel failed to prove murder beyond reasonable doubt i just don't see him coming back from that failure
Listening to Gerrie Nel speak english is like a prison sentence on its own. Stupid fool
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It's not an accused that had a gun with normal ammunition that every other person would have, says Gerrie Nel
"When it suits us, we're handicapped." - Gerrie Nel.
Why do hear that - are you persuaded by Barry Roux' submissions? Or you're not persuaded by Gerrie Nel's?
Nxa. Exactly, but we run with able - bodied ""When it suits us, we're handicapped." - Gerrie Nel.
Oscar Pistorius should spend a decade in prison for shooting Reeva Steenkamp, Gerrie Nel says - via
Gerrie Nel, no matter the outcome of this case, deserves a long overseas holiday, a proper raise and to be appointed the NDPP.
Advocate Nel makes me so proud to be called a South African! Gerrie, we can truly look up to you - thank you
I don't get how y'all praising Gerrie Nel like he got the job done, He failed.
I admire Gerrie Nel. Such dedication to his job!
Pistorius sentencing: State closes its case — The State closed its case in the sentencing procedures of Paralympian Oscar Pistorius in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria yesterday. “The case for the State in terms of sentencing is closed,” Prosecutor Gerrie Nel said. “I suggest that we adjourn until tomorrow morning and then we argue.” On September 12, Pistorius was convicted of culpable homicide for the Valentine’s Day 2013, shooting of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in his Pretoria town house. The court found him not guilty of murdering Steenkamp. The State called two witnesses in the sentencing procedures — Steenkamp’s cousin Kim Martin and the acting national commissioner of correctional services Zach Modise. The defence called for — Pistorius’s psychologist Lore Hartzenberg, his manager Petrus van Zyl, correctional services department social worker Mashaba Joel Maringa and probation officer and social worker Annette Vergeer. Arguments would be heard at toady. Pistorius shot ...
State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel is expected to continue the cross-examination of social worker Annette Vergeer in Oscar Pis…
Chief Prosecutor Gerrie Nel has said that Oscar Pistorius offered $34,000 to Reeva Steenkamp's family but it was turned down.
States Prosecutor Gerrie Nel is out of venom. After Oscar Pistorius s muder trial, he must consider retirement.
And by the way - Gerrie Nel is a prosecutor and is paid a salary by the Government. So no, he's not paid by the hour.
Gerrie Nel is a beast of a prosecutor. Chai!
Prosecutor Gerrie Nel has arrived, as well Judge Thokozile Masipa.
| Oscar's manager back in the spotlight: State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel will continue to cr...
Nel to continue grilling Pistoriuss ex-manager State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel will on Tuesday continue to cross-exa...
no mic, this is said to go on for the week. Gerrie Nel, prosecutor turn tomorrow.
Third defence witness in Oscar Pistorius pre-sentencing hearing, the athlete's manager will be grilled by Prosecutor Gerrie Nel tomorrow.
The state prosecutor "Gerrie Nel" fail to prove Oscar Pistorius is guilty,ppl must stop saying he is guilty
Gerrie Nel described the suggestion by Joel Maringa, from S. Africa’s correctional services, for correctional...
To even suggest three years correctional supervision for is "shockingly inappropriate" - Prosecutor Gerrie Nel to Maringa
State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel has questioned Hartzenberg's report and why it was centred around Pistorius:
says Prosecutor Gerrie Nel aggressive but more a Yorkshire terrier than a Rottweiler at this week’s sentencing
I did Fitzcaraldo.ithink he thought he was doing Oz accent but he sounded more like Gerrie"maw lady"Nel. &he was wearing beads..
you got big respect among our Adv Gerrie Nel fan group here in SA.For your supprt of Reeva.
Gerrie Nel finna come for you guys. "22 tequila shots for this Friday
You go for it barry. Gerrie Nel is an *** hole.
I never called Oscar a liar, I said he was lying – Gerrie Nel
The question now left is: Does Sizwe Nxasana have enough balls to assemble a Gerrie Nel led team to prosecute Zuma after this
Adv Barry Roux +Gerrie Nel =Dangerous experiment not to be tried at home..Good morning!
Are you the real gerrie nel yes or no?
My private chat the Poor Ol Gerrie Nel, See what he had to say about the 1/2
I put it to you that what i earns in a day is what poor ol' state employee Mr Gerrie Nel earns in the month.
In the next lifetime I'm coming back as Gerrie Nel, im coming back as an entrepreneur in the one after that lol my mind is made up
-NPA and Gerrie Nel shud appeal the verdict of culpable homicide,whether jail term or not we dont care!!
R.I.P Gerrie Nel (2012-2014). Lawyer, father, husband & a comedian. Forever in our hearts. Gone but not forgotten.
...I know...but she is riding on Reeva's murder to attain fame...check out Gerrie Nel fan page on FB...sick really!
"Moniqüe bingham is a house Diva" even Gerrie Nel can't dispute that one. Its a fact. i put it to u
Maar this guy luks like Gerrie Nel. "I put it to you that the Joy of Jazz golf day was great
I hope Gerrie Nel will provide some clarity if doesn't.
Gerrie Nel saw right through him. Take away his fame and he is nothing but a murderer.
So wanna come to South Africa, well will just begin his murder trial, I'm sure Gerrie Nel wouldn't mind.
Yes...So Gerrie Nel can sell the horn that was allegedly in his office Should rhino horn be legalised?
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Woke up this morning feeling like Gerrie Nel after the Oscar Verdict when I rewatched Lampard's goal against us.
Gerrie Nel would have used ALL available evidence if it could sink Oscar. He wants him out of society
UPDATE ON LATEST HEADLINES OUT OF SA: The parents of Reeva Steenkamp are set to continue to pursue their multimillion-rand civil claim against for loss of income and emotional distress. It had been on hold until the case was finalised, but their lawyer, Dup de Bruyn, confirmed they would continue with it after the case was finalised. A source close to the Pistorius family said defence advocate Barry Roux left a brief meeting with state Prosecutor Gerrie Nel on Friday absolutely convinced that Nel would appeal the judgment. Although no final decision to appeal will be made until after sentencing, a very senior NPA source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed that there was definitely an appetite for an appeal on the basis of Masipa’s ruling regarding the legal principal of dolus eventualis. “The appetite for the appeal went all the way to the top,” the source said, referring to National Director of Public Prosecutions Mxolisi Nxasana, who was also in court to hear Masipa’s ruling. Meanwhi ...
It seems like people are ignorant about facts tabulatated by Judge Thokozile Masipa hence they are throwing baseless accusations and support motion to appeal. On the other hand, media is blowing the matter out of proportion, indirectly trying to destroy Oscar's brand. I choose to be objective as an ordinary South African and totally support her judgement on the following grounds: # I repeat it: Oscar was alone at the time of the incident, that makes him the only reliable witness. It is only his version of the story that will count not of the state regardless of whether Gerrie Nel paralysed him with questions while he was on the witness box. - Does the state have reliable witness that was present during the incident? "NO". - That creates this question: How do we know if he is lying or telling the truth? - How do we convict him without having a concrete proof that will challenge his version of the story? In his statement he said: "I never intended to shoot Reeva Steenkamp, I thought it was an intruder, ther ...
Gerrie Nel - I hope u r appealing the ridiculous ruling by Judge Masipa in Oscar case... Dolus eventualis... blatant error will b overturned
tough one. No apparent motive. But Gerrie Nel was impressive I thought.
Gerrie Nel failed to disprove the 'intruder' theory or prove any other theory.
Lol so if Thuli Madonsela is as good as we say, let her intervane the Oscar trial. Frm Gerrie Nel, jugde Roux, Oscar to judge Masepa. And do her auding skills.
if there was any sniff of previous domestic violence Gerrie Nel would've had a field day
irrespective of JM's ruling I believe that Adv Nel did a sterling job difficult task ForRS
Did Oscar Pistorius get away with murder? Judge Thokozile Masipa's decision to acquit Pistorius of murder has left many in South Africa asking that question. Masipa's decision hinged on a little-known Latin term and a complex section of South African law: "Dolus eventualis." The term means a defendant should be convicted of murder if it's found that they foresaw a possibility that someone would die as a result of their unlawful actions, but continued with the actions anyway and the person was killed. In acquitting the world-famous athlete of murder on Friday, Judge Masipa ruled that Pistorius did not identify at the time that someone might die before he shot four times through a door into a small toilet cubicle, killing Reeva Steenkamp. Many South Africans — legal analysts and others — find fault with Masipa's conclusion. Here's why the judge ruled the way she did: ——— PREMEDITATED MURDER Most legal analysts praised Masipa's verdict that Pistorius could not be found guilty of premeditated or pre ...
The Oscar Pistorius Verdict. On reading some opinion about Judge Masipa's ruling, it seems that a very crucial moment that might have tilted the case in Oscar's favour is the point in the Gerrie Nel's cross examination of Oscar where Gerrie tried to press Oscar about the moment before the gun went off/he pulled the trigger. It seems that Gerrie Nel left it to be implied/inferred that Oscar INTENDED to shoot and INTENDED to kill. If you remember, Oscar wavered and offered several versions. His gun went off without him realising, there was a sound behind the door and he fired, he felt threatened and then he fired. In all his versions he could not account for why he shot four times. The judge seems to be saying that the prosecution FAILED to get him to admit that HE FULLY RECONCILED HIMSELF TO THE POSSIBILITY THAT HIS SHOOTING COULD KILL SOMEONE. In that moment in the cross examination, the judge seems to be saying that Gerrie must have squeezed him more. Gerrie must have pushed him to OWN one version, then ...
Ithink he must be dissappointed wherever he is RT"Gerrie Nel did an excellent job!
my wife (sharper than Gerrie Nel) asks, lets say he did hear an intruder in the bathroom and shot at the intruder through the door. Why then break it down? wouldn't you call the cops and let them do it? why go to look at what you've possibly killed?
Barry Roux and Gerrie Nel rise briefly. Masipa: "I need to address the issue of the indemnity of Mr Fresco."
Truth is Judge Masipa will be hated by S.Africans after this OP case, and Gerrie Nel always will be our hero nomatter the verdict.
He should be laughing. GErrie Nel won him the case.
you played your role sir .I salute you.
Adv Gerrie Nel and Adv Andrea Johnson I still trust in you going forward, the war is not over.
Can everyone stop blaming Judge Masipa for her judgement. You should blame Gerrie Nel for not proving that Oscar is guilty of murder😐
Gerrie Nel your over inflated evidence and witnesses that waffled to much shot u in the foot!
The state should have fired Gerrie Nel when their had the chance.# oscartrail
Right now Gerrie Nel must really want to put it to Barry Roux's face.
Will Gerrie Nel ever be allowed to publicly voice his opinion on the trial and the verdict?
Gerrie Nel should've been the judge, his antennae locks onto con artists by that tell tale grin on his face, priceless.
Still no legal education specifics or verification on Gerrie Nel.
I'm putting it to you that Barry Roux will be much after sought advocate after he outclass Gerrie Nel.
Did Gerrie Nel not try hard enough to convict OxPis? Or did Gogo Masipa fall asleep during the proceedings?
I can't express my gratitude to Gerrie Nel, as he was a true True Warrior, and fought all the way with the little he had…
Profiling a killer, Gerrie Nel goes in to his mind and nails him, too bad the state didn't believe in him Gerrie was on the roll
Always felt guilty of culpable homicide, and I think he would have pleaded guilty to that. Nel framed charges wrong.
All this unhappiness at verdict, When does the performance of Nel get scrutinised.?
Most law experts feel JM faulted - then Gerrie Nel should lodge an appeal - why don't he?
And the Oscar for 'Best Slap in the Face of Justice' goes to.. Everyone involved in the Except Gerrie Nel. Give him a beer!
So this case will be won by Captain Mangena. We salute you sir! You & Gerrie Nel!
Gerrie Nel says sold properties, does not have house, lives with family, while on bail was in incident at nig…
Gerrie Nel used OP's sale of properties as reason not to extend bail - why not the conviction of Culp Hom?
She stuffed up and Gerrie Nel should appeal.
I still believe that Prosecutor Gerrie Nel did an exceptional job. Its unfortunate that today justice wasn't upheld.
Gerrie Nel did the best he could. Proving reasonable doubt is no child's play.
The problem is y'all lost faith in my *** Barry Roux cause you saw Gerrie Nel going HAM. Look at you no faith having mot…
Gerrie Nel quickly leaves the courtroom.
Judge Masipa finally certifies Barry Roux as a champ over Gerrie Nel
Bathi gerrie nel was bzy shouting oscar instead of proving that his lying,eish tweeps
The Pistorius trial has basically been To Kill a Mockingbird, with Gerrie Nel as Atticus Finch.
Gerrie Nel was busy shouting that the accused is lying instead of proving that he's lying
So the battle between Gerrie Nel and has come to an end. The undisputed champion is Barry Roux.
Gerrie Nel did an excellent job with what he had. JM was woeful and misinterpreted the law of DE!
So for all the wit and efforts Prosecutor Gerrie Nel put in the trial are now futile? NPA better reconvene for successful re-prosecution.
I don't want Gerrie Nel anywhere near the spy tapes. That guy is equally good as Roux unfortunately there was no key witness in this case.
Does this prove that and are more important than the quality of the lawyers? Could Gerrie Nel have done anyth…
Don't you trust Gerrie Nel to appeal against Judge Thokozile Masipa's decision if he finds it's "preserving wealthy celebrity ?"
Gerrie Nel is tops!! He took OP apart but the judge for some reason ignored it.
To Gerrie Nel: You a faboulus prosecuter. Don't give up. Mow is your change to show the world how good you are in prosecuting. O can't waite
i agree. The judge made a *** of a mess with her judgement. But i think we have not seem the end of Gerrie Nel.
Don't worry world bcz Gerrie Nel will not let this go. He will be charged of murder. That's what he deserve anyway
I ask Prosecutor Gerrie Nel if he's going to appeal the verdict. Refuses to be drawn.
I hope the real Gerrie Nel apply for leave to appeal this judgement.
interesting viewpoint: the error wasn't made by Judge Masipa, it was made by Gerrie Nel in his trial strategy.
Gerrie Nel and his team MUST appeal the decision against Pistorius. The Judge clearly applied the law incorrectly. Dollus eventualis
“Am I still allowed to think Gerrie Nel is a legend ?” He'll always be legend to me. And a hero. Sometimes the…
Gerrie Nel failed the state. I thought he was the bulldog who sent Jackie Selebi to prison. All eyes on you
This doesn't mean that Barry Roux is a brilliant advocate. Gerrie Nel on the other hand is... I applaud him.
Hehe “Gerrie Nel is so hardcore he can get ShrienDewani to admit to killing Reeva Steenkamp.
okay but please send Gerrie Nel to UCT
he reminded of Gerrie Nel in Oscar's trial
.you should see this article: 'All Bark and No Bite? ‘The Pitbull’ Gerrie Nel' via
If the rumour's right that it's Gerrie Nel's birthday today - give him the day off to play with his new squeaky toy bone! ;-D
Not even Adv Gerrie Nel could make sense of the rubbish we just heard from that briefing.
Gareth's birthday is with Gerrie Nel's birthday! Whoop whoop
okay so then who are you Gerrie Nel' PA? Into Mindfulness u say...?! LMAO
Maybe. Or Gerrie Nel if he's not busy.
Can Gerrie Nel make an appearance, please.
I also thank the good Lord that, that man didn't say Gerrie Nel Not 😱😰
In the words of Gerrie Nel: Why are you emotional now?
Three people I would rather never have a face off with: Malema, Njengele no Gerrie Nel.Zilch chance of winning.
Wow...pity Gerrie Nel did not know about this!
Some are making BIG mistakes. Insolvency is not prosecuted as a criminal trial. (People now are wanting SARS to get Gerrie Nel)
this is definitely a case for Gerrie Nel!
Yep, just like Nel, he renewed my belief in public servants when all hope was lost
Have a peep at Gerrie Nel not..couple of days ago...I was beside myself.Ached laughing!
In the words of Gerrie Nel: You see mr. you are trying, but it's not working. RT
lol with Gerrie Nel they are guaranteed that they will win the case
or they can just ask Gerrie Nel very nicely to represent them 🙈
Sorry Mr Roux but Nel put on the Lions performance
Gerrie Nel for Speaker of Parliament. "Let me put it to you, Juju that you need to sit the *** down"
Advocate Gerrie Nel: "Mr Pistorius, how did you feel the moment you noticed that Reeva was dead?". Oscar. " My...
So Gerrie Nel. Are you advocating Corruption or playing Devils Advocate?
Oscar Pistorius prosecuter Gerrie Nel should totally get this number plate
gerrie Nel should be in those circles they had him arrested once to try and shut him down from telling the truth as it is
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
He wouldn't dare try, Gerrie Nel have his own skeleton, they will be exposed in a flash,if he tries
guess what! Gerrie Nel was head of the scorpions when they dismantled them to cover up their corruption, bow he's dealing with
I guess its high time we get Gerrie Nel to come & compel the incumbent president Jacob Zuma to answer the questions put to him
This roll of Advocates I have doesn't show the name of Barry Roux and Gerrie Nel
Always pray for your enemies, May God bless Gerrie Nel.
20+ going on 40, "Gerrie Nel is my role model". You need to sleep at the synagogue all year, your role model should be
Can we get Gerrie Nel or Barry Roux on the line to tell us what they did before being advocates (Sure they were Ninjas)
yes I have and Gerrie Nel made no lick of sense, he just went on and on
She's my sister, friend, cousin, inspiration, my lawyer and she's the Gerrie Nel in my family. Happy birthday .O gole Boledi!
That awkward moment when mistaken the name of a Bank CEO with that of the state attorney. Gerrie Nel vs Gerrie Fourie.
Shrien Dewani will probably face a Prosecutor like Gerrie Nel. NPA won't make many mistakes. They know the world will be watching
Oscar Pistorius trial: 8 things we learned from Prosecutor Gerrie Nel's closing speech |
State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel is presenting his closing argument. Follow it live:
Roux - Closing arguments Oscar Pistorius will learn his fate next month after Judge Thokozile Masipa confirmed she would start delivering her verdict on September 11. On Friday Pistorius's lawyer Barry Roux did his best to drill holes into Prosecutor Gerrie Nel's "baker’s dozen of incongruencies", which he presented during the state's closing arguments on Thursday. Roux, arguing that each of Nel's incongruencies could easily be explained, told the court: "If that's a baker's dozen, then I don't want to eat those cookies." Roux also told the court that the "days of the reasonable man of the 1960s, in the grey suit wearing grey shoes, are over. We have moved on." Roux argued that Pistorius's anxiety and feelings of vulnerability arising out of his disability needed to be considered when reaching a verdict in the Paralympian’s murder trial. Roux argued that the state failed to provide conclusive evidence of an argument between Pistorius and his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in the early hours of Valentine's ...
I like Gerrie Nel, he's the best Prosecutor in SA
Gerrie Nel vs Barry Roux my uneducated view Gerrie was Pele n Barry was Maradona, or to make it modern Gerrie is Lionel Messi n Barry is Cristion Ronaldo#
Gerrie Nel argues that Oscar Pistorius lawyers have tried to present two different defenses to murder charg…
Please Ladies and Gentlemen I know emotions are running high. Let's respect one another's opinion. And do not insult each other, incite arguments. Let's respect both Barry Roux and Gerrie Nel in our posts and comments.
Pistorius Trial: 'He Did Not Want Reeva Dead' The defence says Pistorius' behaviour after the shooting was consistent with a "huge unfortunate mistake." Pistorius: Defence Closing Argument Enlarge Email Oscar Pistorius' lawyer has said the athlete should never have been charged for murder, arguing he would not have tried so desperately to save Reeva Steenkamp had he intended to kill her. Setting out the key points of the defence, Barry Roux asked the judge: "Why would he beg for help, be crying if he had just deliberately killed her?" His day-long closing statement focused on two key points. Firstly that Pistorius had no motive for killing his girlfriend, with whom he was in a loving relationship. Sky's Alex Crawford said Mr Roux was on 'fine form' in his closing speech He said Pistorius had believed he was firing on an intruder, arguing his subsequent behaviour was consistent with him having made a "huge, unfortunate mistake." Secondly that he said the athlete's disability meant he could not be expected ...
I wonder if Wolmarans and Dixon are going to have another beer and talk about what a meanie that Gerrie Nel is...
State Adv. Gerrie Nel was very convincing in his closing argument. Go, go!
Fair play to Gerrie Nel though, he is good at what he does. Smooth talker, m'lady.
Listening to Gerrie Nel. Reeva was never in the toilet. Bathroom? Yes😳
- Roux Published: Today,13:15 Source:SAPA (Alon Skuy,AP) Pretoria - The prosecutor in murder accused Oscar Pistorius's trial is "desperate and naughty", Advocate Barry Roux for Pistorius, told the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria on Friday. "Mr Nel is desperate. I have a lot of respect for Mr Nel and his experience," Roux said, referring to Prosecutor Gerrie Nel. Roux said Nel had submitted evidence in his closing arguments based on an interview on a Pretoria radio station. He said Nel knew it was wrong and was being naughty because the prosecution lacked evidence. "You cannot quote a radio and say this is evidence... The hole is too big. He had to refer to a radio station," Roux said. "The State fetched cases from another jurisdiction... It was to create this atmosphere, knowing its deficiencies."
*In case you missed it*[LISTEN] to Gerrie Nel & Barry Roux's closing arguments in the here -
Whatever the outcome of this trial, the sheer brilliance of Gerrie Nel in his chosen line of work shuld be an example 4 m…
I hear Nel _No has agreed to represent Oscar Pistorius in a fee refund application against Barry Roux.
Happy and Thank you to Nel for fighting for Justice for the murder of
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