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Gerrie Nel

Gerrie Nel is a South African lawyer.

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The Pistorius trial has basically been To Kill a Mockingbird, with Gerrie Nel as Atticus Finch.
Gerrie Nel was busy shouting that the accused is lying instead of proving that he's lying
So the battle between Gerrie Nel and has come to an end. The undisputed champion is Barry Roux.
Gerrie Nel did an excellent job with what he had. JM was woeful and misinterpreted the law of DE!
So for all the wit and efforts Prosecutor Gerrie Nel put in the trial are now futile? NPA better reconvene for successful re-prosecution.
I don't want Gerrie Nel anywhere near the spy tapes. That guy is equally good as Roux unfortunately there was no key witness in this case.
Does this prove that and are more important than the quality of the lawyers? Could Gerrie Nel have done anyth…
Don't you trust Gerrie Nel to appeal against Judge Thokozile Masipa's decision if he finds it's "preserving wealthy celebrity ?"
Gerrie Nel is tops!! He took OP apart but the judge for some reason ignored it.
To Gerrie Nel: You a faboulus prosecuter. Don't give up. Mow is your change to show the world how good you are in prosecuting. O can't waite
i agree. The judge made a *** of a mess with her judgement. But i think we have not seem the end of Gerrie Nel.
Don't worry world bcz Gerrie Nel will not let this go. He will be charged of murder. That's what he deserve anyway
I ask Prosecutor Gerrie Nel if he's going to appeal the verdict. Refuses to be drawn.
I hope the real Gerrie Nel apply for leave to appeal this judgement.
interesting viewpoint: the error wasn't made by Judge Masipa, it was made by Gerrie Nel in his trial strategy.
Gerrie Nel and his team MUST appeal the decision against Pistorius. The Judge clearly applied the law incorrectly. Dollus eventualis
“Am I still allowed to think Gerrie Nel is a legend ?” He'll always be legend to me. And a hero. Sometimes the…
Hehe “Gerrie Nel is so hardcore he can get ShrienDewani to admit to killing Reeva Steenkamp.
okay but please send Gerrie Nel to UCT
he reminded of Gerrie Nel in Oscar's trial
.you should see this article: 'All Bark and No Bite? ‘The Pitbull’ Gerrie Nel' via
If the rumour's right that it's Gerrie Nel's birthday today - give him the day off to play with his new squeaky toy bone! ;-D
Not even Adv Gerrie Nel could make sense of the rubbish we just heard from that briefing.
Gareth's birthday is with Gerrie Nel's birthday! Whoop whoop
okay so then who are you Gerrie Nel' PA? Into Mindfulness u say...?! LMAO
Maybe. Or Gerrie Nel if he's not busy.
Can Gerrie Nel make an appearance, please.
I also thank the good Lord that, that man didn't say Gerrie Nel Not 😱😰
In the words of Gerrie Nel: Why are you emotional now?
Three people I would rather never have a face off with: Malema, Njengele no Gerrie Nel.Zilch chance of winning.
Wow...pity Gerrie Nel did not know about this!
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Some are making BIG mistakes. Insolvency is not prosecuted as a criminal trial. (People now are wanting SARS to get Gerrie Nel)
this is definitely a case for Gerrie Nel!
Yep, just like Nel, he renewed my belief in public servants when all hope was lost
Have a peep at Gerrie Nel not..couple of days ago...I was beside myself.Ached laughing!
In the words of Gerrie Nel: You see mr. you are trying, but it's not working. RT
lol with Gerrie Nel they are guaranteed that they will win the case
or they can just ask Gerrie Nel very nicely to represent them 🙈
Sorry Mr Roux but Nel put on the Lions performance
Gerrie Nel for Speaker of Parliament. "Let me put it to you, Juju that you need to sit the *** down"
Advocate Gerrie Nel: "Mr Pistorius, how did you feel the moment you noticed that Reeva was dead?". Oscar. " My...
So Gerrie Nel. Are you advocating Corruption or playing Devils Advocate?
Oscar Pistorius prosecuter Gerrie Nel should totally get this number plate
gerrie Nel should be in those circles they had him arrested once to try and shut him down from telling the truth as it is
He wouldn't dare try, Gerrie Nel have his own skeleton, they will be exposed in a flash,if he tries
guess what! Gerrie Nel was head of the scorpions when they dismantled them to cover up their corruption, bow he's dealing with
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I guess its high time we get Gerrie Nel to come & compel the incumbent president Jacob Zuma to answer the questions put to him
This roll of Advocates I have doesn't show the name of Barry Roux and Gerrie Nel
Always pray for your enemies, May God bless Gerrie Nel.
20+ going on 40, "Gerrie Nel is my role model". You need to sleep at the synagogue all year, your role model should be
Can we get Gerrie Nel or Barry Roux on the line to tell us what they did before being advocates (Sure they were Ninjas)
yes I have and Gerrie Nel made no lick of sense, he just went on and on
She's my sister, friend, cousin, inspiration, my lawyer and she's the Gerrie Nel in my family. Happy birthday .O gole Boledi!
That awkward moment when mistaken the name of a Bank CEO with that of the state attorney. Gerrie Nel vs Gerrie Fourie.
Shrien Dewani will probably face a Prosecutor like Gerrie Nel. NPA won't make many mistakes. They know the world will be watching
Oscar Pistorius trial: 8 things we learned from Prosecutor Gerrie Nel's closing speech |
State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel is presenting his closing argument. Follow it live:
Roux - Closing arguments Oscar Pistorius will learn his fate next month after Judge Thokozile Masipa confirmed she would start delivering her verdict on September 11. On Friday Pistorius's lawyer Barry Roux did his best to drill holes into Prosecutor Gerrie Nel's "baker’s dozen of incongruencies", which he presented during the state's closing arguments on Thursday. Roux, arguing that each of Nel's incongruencies could easily be explained, told the court: "If that's a baker's dozen, then I don't want to eat those cookies." Roux also told the court that the "days of the reasonable man of the 1960s, in the grey suit wearing grey shoes, are over. We have moved on." Roux argued that Pistorius's anxiety and feelings of vulnerability arising out of his disability needed to be considered when reaching a verdict in the Paralympian’s murder trial. Roux argued that the state failed to provide conclusive evidence of an argument between Pistorius and his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in the early hours of Valentine's ...
I like Gerrie Nel, he's the best Prosecutor in SA
Gerrie Nel vs Barry Roux my uneducated view Gerrie was Pele n Barry was Maradona, or to make it modern Gerrie is Lionel Messi n Barry is Cristion Ronaldo#
Gerrie Nel argues that Oscar Pistorius lawyers have tried to present two different defenses to murder charg…
Please Ladies and Gentlemen I know emotions are running high. Let's respect one another's opinion. And do not insult each other, incite arguments. Let's respect both Barry Roux and Gerrie Nel in our posts and comments.
Pistorius Trial: 'He Did Not Want Reeva Dead' The defence says Pistorius' behaviour after the shooting was consistent with a "huge unfortunate mistake." Pistorius: Defence Closing Argument Enlarge Email Oscar Pistorius' lawyer has said the athlete should never have been charged for murder, arguing he would not have tried so desperately to save Reeva Steenkamp had he intended to kill her. Setting out the key points of the defence, Barry Roux asked the judge: "Why would he beg for help, be crying if he had just deliberately killed her?" His day-long closing statement focused on two key points. Firstly that Pistorius had no motive for killing his girlfriend, with whom he was in a loving relationship. Sky's Alex Crawford said Mr Roux was on 'fine form' in his closing speech He said Pistorius had believed he was firing on an intruder, arguing his subsequent behaviour was consistent with him having made a "huge, unfortunate mistake." Secondly that he said the athlete's disability meant he could not be expected ...
I wonder if Wolmarans and Dixon are going to have another beer and talk about what a meanie that Gerrie Nel is...
State Adv. Gerrie Nel was very convincing in his closing argument. Go, go!
Fair play to Gerrie Nel though, he is good at what he does. Smooth talker, m'lady.
Listening to Gerrie Nel. Reeva was never in the toilet. Bathroom? Yes😳
- Roux Published: Today,13:15 Source:SAPA (Alon Skuy,AP) Pretoria - The prosecutor in murder accused Oscar Pistorius's trial is "desperate and naughty", Advocate Barry Roux for Pistorius, told the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria on Friday. "Mr Nel is desperate. I have a lot of respect for Mr Nel and his experience," Roux said, referring to Prosecutor Gerrie Nel. Roux said Nel had submitted evidence in his closing arguments based on an interview on a Pretoria radio station. He said Nel knew it was wrong and was being naughty because the prosecution lacked evidence. "You cannot quote a radio and say this is evidence... The hole is too big. He had to refer to a radio station," Roux said. "The State fetched cases from another jurisdiction... It was to create this atmosphere, knowing its deficiencies."
*In case you missed it*[LISTEN] to Gerrie Nel & Barry Roux's closing arguments in the here -
Whatever the outcome of this trial, the sheer brilliance of Gerrie Nel in his chosen line of work shuld be an example 4 m…
I hear Nel _No has agreed to represent Oscar Pistorius in a fee refund application against Barry Roux.
Happy and Thank you to Nel for fighting for Justice for the murder of
Somebody said: "The way Gerrie Nel is going down, they will soon discover Copper ." I'm in tears.
Tjer. Gerrie Nel yoyoyo. If Oscar is not guilty of killing Reeva then he's guilty of killng a human being who he says is an intruder. Pistorious wa tsamaya as per my limited legal knowledge. He killed a woman and his judgement will be passed by a woman in women's month. Iyo!
Oscar Pistorius' "primal instincts" kicked in when he shot dead his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp because he was in a vulnerable and fearful state, his defence lawyer said at the athlete's murder trial on Friday. Double amputee Pistorius, 27, once a national icon for reaching the pinnacle of sport, is accused of murdering Steenkamp, a law graduate and model, at his home in Pretoria on Valentine's Day last year. The defence says Pistorius, nicknamed the 'Blade Runner' after his carbon-fibre prosthetic running legs, shot Steenkamp through a locked toilet door in self-defence, believing she was an intruder, and that therefore he should be acquitted. State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel has spent the trial, which began in March, portraying Pistorius as a gun-obsessed hothead who deliberately shot Steenkamp, 29, four times through the door of the toilet, where she was taking refuge after an argument. Defence lawyer Barry Roux said during his closing arguments that psychological evidence had proven the track star had a hei ...
Behind you all the way Mr Adv Gerrie Nel Fan Club We pray you will bring vision to the court for lawful justice to be served.
"My lady, he knew it was a human being in the toilet. His intention was to kill a human being"- Gerrie Nel
am sure lots of young law grads will now want to be State prosecutors.. Gerrie Nel and his team did a brilliant job.
Gerrie Nel,Gerrie Nel,Mr Gerrie Nel! Let me say it man for the 1st and the last time...
Has Gerrie Nel done enough to secure a conviction? The answer to that is a BIG FAT YELLOW YES...SEPTEMBER 11
What happened in Who is on top between Adv. Barry Roux and Adv. Gerrie Nel?
Totally agree with Gerrie Nel that Pistorious fired his gun, knowing that there was someone behind that door...
Yes, unthinkable, but you must be very, very proud of Judge Masipa and Gerrie Nel and how they have represented your country
Gerrie Nel is Better >"Whatever happens in this thing Barry Roux is good"
nel It is going to be 9 11 for Oscar
→ → Oscar Pistorius guilty of premeditated murder and has lied, says prosecutor → Prosecutor Gerrie Nel, making his …
Prosecutor Gerrie Nel, searched for new words - "mendacity", "deceitfulness", "a snowball" of lies to describe Oscar.
Gerrie Nel has a mind like a razor. So impressive.
hope the judge makes the best & honest decision.big'up to Hon Gerrie Nel & Adv Roux
Thank god I never have to hear Gerrie Nel going on about the length of his cord again..
Judgement wil b read on 11 September.
And I'd like to thank Gerrie Nel for a wonderful example of a brilliant mind in action.
well do to Gerrie Nel he got his man. Great work Gerrie
Prosecutor Gerrie Nel dramatically introduces new photo evidence as closing arguments continue.
Barry Roux and Gerrie Nel are both desperate to get the last word in.
Roux was just there for his own pocket. Baba! "Gerrie Nel 10 - Barry Roux 0"
For people who cannot speak english 100% Barry Roux & Gerrie Nel sure do make a great deal of sense
They don't call him the Pitbull for nothing "Gerrie Nel 10 - Barry Roux 0"
Might Gerrie Nel finally be on his last point? He's back with the last meal.
wouldn't buy Gerrie Nel a beer if they met in a club, would he?
Pros Gerrie Nel is now objecting to some of defence closing. incl. using a crime scene photo he says was not proven.
Gerrie Nel is a bit of a *** but I'd definitely want him as my lawyer.
Prosecutor Gerrie Nel is becoming desperate to prove murder-accused Oscar Pistorius is guilty of murdering his...
New photo evidence in the Oscar Pistorius case has emerged says Gerrie Nel. That is a delicious development. I want to know more.
Prosecutor Gerrie Nel says new photo evidence was handed in this morning
It appears that Gerrie Nel does want the last say after all. He's on his feet, raising a few minor issues.
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Gerrie Nel is still due to say something here. We might get to Monday?
Roux says it would be unfair to let state's Gerrie Nel have the last say on the facts.
[LISTEN] Gerrie Nel's closing arguments in . This audio from morning proceedings...
Roux is all over, his aim is to be seen to have spent more time than Gerrie Nel, forgetting the content of his arguments
Throughout Barry Roux's (four-hour-long and counting) monologue, Gerrie Nel has been furiously making notes.
does Gerrie Nel get to speak again ? x
gerrie nel I love him ..he's amazing
Gerrie Nel stumbling over his contrived "baton of truth" metaphor makes me feel nauseated
Does Gerrie Nel have the final word ,thanks
My next degree will be in law. Thank you Gerrie Nel. Passing the baton of justice
Once upon at time there was a nasty state prosecutor called Gerrie Nel who is about to those the biggest case of this career.
State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel, in his closing statement, argued the athlete "cannot escape" a murder conviction.
Roux puts on record his 'respect' for Prosecutor Gerrie Nel but then goes on to list all his 'mistakes'
ay but I've been saying that Gerrie Nel is too smart for Barry Roux.
Prosecutor says Pistorius lied on stand By CHRISTOPHER TORCHIA and GERALD IMRAYAssociated Press PRETORIA, South Africa (AP) – The chief prosecutor in Oscar Pistorius' murder trial said Thursday in closing arguments that the athlete repeatedly lied during testimony in a crude attempt to defend against a murder charge for killing girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. Prosecutor Gerrie Nel cited flaws in the defense, saying the Olympian's legal team floated more than one theory about what happened on the night that Pistorius shot Steenkamp through a closed toilet door in his home. Defense lawyers had argued that Pistorius fired in self-defense, fearing an intruder, Nel said, but they also raised the possibility that he was not criminally responsible and accidentally shot because he was “startled.” “It's two defenses that you can never reconcile,” Nel said as Pistorius sat behind him in the dock, occasionally flicking through documents. The once-celebrated double-amputee athlete appeared calm, in contrast to ...
Oscar Pistorius Final Arguments Begin, Prosecutor Rips Athlete — & His Defense — For Conduct In Trial Oscar Pistorius was dubbed an “appalling witness” by Prosecutor Gerrie Nel as closing arguments in his murder trial commenced in South Africa Thursday. Nel ripped both the paralympian, on trial for the murder of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp following a Feb. 14, 2013 argument, and his legal team, saying that the Olympian’s defenders tried to muddy […]
Barry Roux's closing arguments are waterproof, as for Gerrie Nel, his version of events lacks substance and states witnesses were not...
Screams, phone calls etc. Mentioned by Barry Roux, are trivial. Job accomplished satisfactorily by Gerrie Nel
If i was Oscar Pistorius would hire Gerrie Nel to sue Barry Roux for a refund.
Barry Roux was brilliant today! He made a bigger impact in the 30 minutes of his opening remarks than Gerrie Nel was able to make the whole day! Whatever the outcome, Roux already put evidence in proper perspective and exposed serious shortcomings in the case as presented by Nel. A prosecutor's role is to get behind the truth in a humane and honest manner, even if it means presenting facts that are not necessarily supporting your own case in search of this truth. The lime-light of an international stage of course brings other factors into play. I look forward to Roux's full presentation tomorrow.
state Prosecutor Gerrie Nel will presents his closing arguments today. Defence advocate Barry Roux will prese…
Oscar Pistorius after being found guilty he should hire Gerrie Nel to sue Barry Roux for refund. Gerrie Nel o kotsi man.
Today it was Barry Roux v\s Gerrie Nel , defining the versions quoted by Osca Pistorius . Who do you fan ?
Gerrie Nel was good detailed the Oscar's loopholes,but with only 30min Barry Roux was GREAT! 50K paycheck well deserved
Three oclock and Gerrie Nel has finished with a flourish. Barry Roux says State may have no need for r…
- Adv.Gerrie Nel : S vs O Pistorius final argument - "I've not seen worse expert witnesses in a high court than --- and DIXON.
As usual Gerrie Nel pointing out what any normal person can see! That Oscars story cannot be true!# Justice for Reeva
"We respectfully argue that the accused should be convicted on all four counts as charged." Adv. Gerrie Nel.
Adv. Gerrie Nel cuts to the chase. Contradictions being dealt with.
Adv. Gerrie Nel going for intention; dolus directus.
The best of Adv. Gerrie Nel will come out now duribg closing arguments, lets go
I view Adv Gerrie Nel differently and that is due to Mokotedi Mpshe's allegations
"You started the race by giving evidence. You have to complete the race." Adv. Gerrie Nel in his element.
".criminal trial is a blunt implement for digging out the truth" Adv. Gerrie Nel
Can we have a picture of Barry Roux, Kenny Oldwage, Brian Webber, Gerrie Nel and Andrea Johnson
Still sick. Ndivuke ndicinga imbi into eyenziwa ngo Oscar,but i-Case yakhe ibeke i-SA kwi MAp ngovela kwi TV.e-Britain bebengafuni usinika u-Dewani,becinga somthatha siyoxoxa naye phantsi komthi in a forest somewhere,kujikeleza ibhekile yomqombothi.But now they all know that we have Judge Masipa,Gerrie Nel and Barry Roux who will 'Put it to you'. Mzantsi is not a Jungle for sure.
Keep the following phrase in mind when Adv. Gerrie Nel presents his closing arguments today; "Dolus Eventualis".
tomorrow It will be a final showdown between two of the country's top legal minds: defence lawyer Barry Roux, and senior state Prosecutor Gerrie Nel, nicknamed "Bulldog" because of his brutal style of questioning as the case of double amputee Oscar Pistorius comes to an end
So who let's Gerrie Nel head the prosecution on OPtrial if he's not a criminal adv.Does he have that much power? *shocked*
'Gerrie Nel is not what the public thinks about him" Adv Mpshe
" Adv couldn't do anything about Gerrie Nel, Gerrie Nel once instructed Prosecutors not to prosecute Pikoli's Relative' Adv Mpsh
" Gerrie Nel cannot be fired, he's too powerful within the NPA" Adv Mpshe
"People speaks of Zuma camp within the NPA but forget the Camp with the likes of Gerrie Nel, Glynis and Van Rensberg" Adv Mpshe
Advocate Hoffman is trying to put it to Pres. Mbeki like Gerrie Nel, but he's failing dismally.
Jason Roberts being disappointed in a Messi performance is like me being critical of Gerrie Nel..
Gerrie Nel is the missing link in the commission.The performance of evidence leaders is mediocre, to say the least
“BREAKING: Former police minister Nathi Mthethwa testifies at the Marikana Commission.” If only Gerrie Nel was there
This storyline has me confuzzed. Who's the Gerrie Nel, OP and Barry Roux.
You can define someone by the team they support: Argentina fans: Pope Francis, Me, Maradona, Obama. German fans: Gerrie Nel Masipa
watch how Gerrie Nel leads his witnesses.
Don't worry, they'll be crying once Prosecutor Gerrie Nel is done with him.
And you seem to be a countryman of Gerrie Nel! Shame on you!
Gerrie Nel needs to go help defend Brazil.
Gerrie Nel never prosecuted Jiba's husband. It doesn't make sense that you allege Jiba is blaming Nel for such
Go away and keep praising the embarrassment to SA justice that is Gerrie Nel.
"What we cant forget is, the applicant murdered an innocent defenceless woman" Gerrie Nel: the victims advocate
Advocate Gerrie Nel. This is the face and the expression the nations of the world got to know in the past few...
He must be making it every hard for gerrie nel to cross examine him
Try doin in english Even Gerrie Nel would tell you gore your tailoring your Genre, your version is improbable.
Greatest respect abounds 4Gerrie Nel. He fought the good fight & applied every rule
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The kids be on Grandma's case like Gerrie Nel. :v They've got NO chill at all, shame my poor Grandma man :/
on your way out, we'd command you to leave handler,Leon Schuster, Gerrie Nel et al
Gerrie Nel | Who's Who SA via Wished he was my advocate
It's always best to respect one's privacy. Gerrie Nel is visibly annoyed.
"i myself i don't want to be cross examined by Gerrie Nel,i'll rather choose Oldwage or Roux.
That we have prosecutors like Gerrie Nel who are simply brilliant!
With State prosecutors like Gerrie Nel, I think we are in good hands. He has been a breath of fresh air. We all had our doubts..
to make sure I hire Gerrie Nel first.
Someone just asked me who Gerrie Nel is...
** 'As the court pleases' **. 'Am I right?' ~ Gerrie Nel - State Prosecutor. 'That's right, my Lady' ~ Oscar...
because it would be world headlines if anyone else had. Not even Gerrie Nel is sure.
They didnt want to lie AND they were scared of Gerrie Nel, they knew Gerrie would catch them in a lie, then they would sh!t
Can we get Gerrie Nel to replace Butler-Sloss?
Would love to see Gerrie Nel do it.
Oooh No u didn't just bring the Public Protector into this. ..they will be coming for u U better have Gerrie Nel on ur side
Ouch pretty brutal comment on Proteas bruised egos,is this Gerrie Nel or our Cindy☺
True but Nel's a Gerrie... didn't we fight them in WWII? ;D
Is like Oscar witnesses who did not want to meet Gerrie Nel.
"Saam met gerrie nel by supersport shootout
I put it to you that tv is all the poorer, since Prosecutor Gerrie Nel is absent from our screens for the next month
I don't know what I'm going to do after trial finished! No more Gerrie Nel! 😪😱😩
we will contsantly argue on how reasonable ur request is...u better be like Gerrie Nel nd state ya case well woman!..
South Africa is proud to have strong legal mind. Recent maturity of Advocate Madonsela,Gerrie Nel bear the testimony of that.
I checked in after a mental health break. She and her BVFs go on to wax on about sexy and manly Gerrie Nel.
Gerrie Nel is the epitome of a brilliant legal mind & a relentless advocate for truth & justice…
Wow! Next thing you know they'll be selling Gerrie Nel - look-alike dolls, maybe as new boyfriend to Barbie😅😅
Behind the scenes: Prosecutor Gerrie Nel helps pack tv screens in court after trial breaks for month. http:…
“My dad just told me he's supporting Holland tonight...likes Arjen Robben cos "he looks a bit like Gerrie Nel"” cc
If Gerrie Nel brings down and more old white men he could get a seat with the EFF.
Gerrie Nel is a psychiatric battler...
Gerrie Nel. Is keeping me glued to the screen... Just luv this man
Gerrie Nel is taking this poor professor apart, the poor man is getting more silent and insecure with every question.
So wish Gerrie Nel would ask Derman this!
There is someone insured me ka makunyata moo. I do not know o nkile ID Number yaka kae and all my details. Please motho stop what you have done because you will find yourself in a massive trouble. Advocate Gerrie Nel o ntsa emetse ba tshwanang le wena Ene ha keno shwa hona jwale or neng but wena otlo siya nna moo :D
Following the minute blow by blow coverage of the on talk . Nel can make you doubt...
Gerrie Nel is such a genius! Yes, that's the answer I wanted. Now we go back.
Gerrie Nel is the devil's spawn. A straight up ***
DAY 38: GRUELLING CROSS-EXAMINATION OF PROF DERMAN CONTINUES The cross-examination of defence witness Professor Derman continued on Day 38 of the Oscar Pistorius Trial. Derman maintained that his evidence-in-chief was objective, despite Advocate Gerrie Nel arguing that he had been subjective. Nel also pressed Derman on his observations in relation to the Psychiatric and Psychological reports following Pistorius’ evaluation in May. Derman argued that while he is not a psychiatrist or psychologist, he has simply made comments on existing interpretations in the report, and that he made these comments as a physician. Derman said he could not recall when Oscar had told him he had run on the night, but said it was possible for Oscar to run chest-forward and with his arm outstretched, although with his arm outstretched he would have had difficulty balancing. Nel questioned Derman on flight/fright response and Derman agreed a person would move much quicker when experiencing this response. While he agreed that O ...
Gerrie Nel getting irritated with the Professor OPTrial
The NPA says the prosecution team led by Advocate Gerrie Nel had not seen the video that apparently contradicts testimony
Gerrie Nel is taking Prof Derman through the different noises that he said would have prompted startle responses.
Gerrie Nel continues playing cat and mouse with Professor Wayne Derman in the
My money is on Gerrie Nel . So glad I don't hve to be cross examined by him. Goodness me .
Prof. Derman is still on the stand and cross-examination by Adv. Gerrie Nel.
I wonder if it's getting personal for now. becoming cheekier & more sarcastic, cross becoming more snide. Gerrie, take him out!
Gerrie Nel could give lectures on sarcasm.
So far, it seems that Gerrie Nel is not going to raise the re-enactment video. At this stage anyway, he may spring it later.
Gerrie Nel... Is so deep... I respect this man
Every witness seem to be sure & convincing until Gerrie Nel start asking questions, they all get emotional
Ai Gerrie Nel you love your own voice
Did anyone watch the Channel 7 show "Sunday night" yesterday? Apparently they showed Oscar Pistorius re-enacting what he claims happened on the night that he killed Reeva Steenkamp. How they got the video remains a mystery; but however they got it, it looks like it is a golden ticket, as, even in the unlikely event that Pistorius gets found guilty of something, they can ask for a mistrial on the basis of that footage being shown. So did the defense leak it because they want this golden ticket, or did the prosecution because Gerrie Nel has messed this up so badly that they want another try?
Gerrie Nel: I find it troubling for you as an expert you fail to answer question
Watching Gerrie Nel question a witness is like watching a lion and a rat. The rat WILL get its head bitten off. It's just a matter of when.
Firstly, Oscar Pistorius is not mentally ill, so they now decide to place him in some kind of "victim category" so he can get off. How sick. Gerrie Nel is now deconstructing this designer defence.
Gerrie Nel is once again tearing apart defence's witness.
Now I can see why Gerrie Nel had to take a long weekend, because he surely did his homework
Oscar can't "run" without his hand against the wall?? Phhlease.. Gerrie Nel must sneak a snake under Oscar's bench in court and see him run.
Ja With Gerrie Nel no matter how educated you are, your facts end up sounding suspiciously dodgy - concede concede all the way!
Gerrie Nel is a genius his first language is afrikaans if he was proficient in english the court case would be over i am transfixed by his cross examination skill a gunius at work am so proud of him
Gerrie Nel will be available soon. He would do for me...
Prof Derman is not making Oscar's case any easier, Gerrie Nel is a monster, he pays attention to details
Just cannot get over the sheer genius of Gerrie Nel. I would let him convince me I'm a serial killer just so I can talk to him.
Adv Gerrie Nel's work is made more difficult. He should get a double salary. I can't remember one question he did not have to repeat three times. Even the Judge sometimes wakes from her slumber and ask him to repeat the question. I would've asked that they go freshen up and come back refreshed.
Adv Gerrie Nel can WIN an argument against a woman.
Amazing Gerrie. I'm not even in law & I am learning more from you than from anyone else for a very long time. Truly impressive
Gerrie Nel questions Derman's qualifications and experience that led him to reach psychiatric conclusions about Oscar Pistorius
Gerrie Nel has this habit of asking and pointing such dead questions/ comments to witnesses ... I mean what is this nonsense ??
No smiles from today.his head has been down for most of the morning. Gerrie has got Prof Derman by the throat!
Gerrie Nel is thorough *** !! he misses no detail . He will leaves so called experts dazed and confused... Saba!
I'd hate to have a father like Gerrie Nel
Gerrie Nel is ripping this proffessor to pieces
Gerrie Nel: Mr Oldwage says I should apologise. "I don't owe anyone an apology." Kenny Oldwadge: "I never said that."
Lol Gerrie Nel has a habit of putting his glasses in his mouth when he pauses for a thought
I switched on the radio after a month away and heard a very familiar male voice. Took me a minute to place it as Gerrie Nel.
If gerrie nel was my father he would negotiate my allowance downwards every year and win.
Is this where Gerrie Nel brings up the re-enactment video, showing Oscar running?
Gerrie Nel is asking Prof Derman what Pistorius demonstrated to him of how he ran down the corridor.
You can't even make up a fictional character like Gerrie Nel
Gerrie Nel and Oldwidge have a terrible relationship.
this trial is heading south. Gerrie Nel is going for gold lol. Mr Oldwage, attacking Nel is not helping much
It can't get any better than Gerrie Nel.That Advocate has a 100% conviction rate.
"If I'm wrong, then Mr Oldwadge would be up" - Gerrie Nel
As soon as I move into our new house,I must get my boy a Bull-dog - thanks to Adv Gerrie Nel. His bite is stronger than his bark. Woof-woof!
Only fun when Gerrie Nel cross examines defence witnesses lol
Gerrie Nel is just attempting to muddy the waters..
Gerrie Nel doesn't play around... Expert or not, its just stuttering and long stories.
I love it when Gerrie Nel gets de moer in
Gerrie Nel is very calm,could it be "the calm before the storm"
Hilarious!! Do I detect enormous sarcasm in Gerrie Nel's questioning? Oldwage getting up his nose?
Gerrie Nel is insulting this psych.
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Why can nobody answer Gerrie Nel's questions directly?
Gerrie "Now I'm asking you the question for the third time.".
Gerrie Nel is now indeed showing that Derman does not have psychological or psychiatric expertise, as you predicted.
Gerrie Nel asking, in a low, dangerous voice, if he feels he's qualified to testify on the "results of psychological tests".
State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel and defence witness Prof Wayne Derman are also in court
Gerrie Nel looks uneducated and silly/stupid against Prof Derman. Gerrie Nel can not even understand when his question is addressed and do not have a clue about science. Nel is just harming his case by this unprofessional conduct.
We should send Gerrie Nel to Uruguay to hav a meeting with Luis Suarez just ask him few questions especially the bitting other players in field
Oscar Pistorius smirked when State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel said the Paralympian had “calculated reasons” for wanting to take Reeva Steenkamp to an athletics competition.
The two coolest lawyers on tele are back. And no I'm not talking about Harvey Specter and Mike Ross, it's Gerrie Nel and Barry Roux
The only thing I want to hear from this Trail is when Gerrie Nel requests Oscar Pistorious to scream like a girl.
Can someone please call Adv. Gerrie Nel to come put Oscar in his place.. The boy is killing them!
Thank you. More voices for Reeva. As Gerrie Nel said, we are her voice.
lol... it's too much fun:( at the moment the real world is going all "Gerrie nel" to me... hope all is well:)
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I miss watching Gerrie Nel though.. When are they returning to court?
I'll go all Gerrie Nel style on them!"don't warry I will take my lawyer
Nellians I like better 2 :). Goes nice with 'Not on your nellies' wt Nel & the Nellians :))) GO GERRIE GO
This is my successor in Law and I'll be honored to follow in his footsteps. . .Salute to Advocate Gerrie Nel. . .
♬Devour asked: If you quit now,could you say that you gave it your all?♬'s ♥ Im glad u ddnt quit-My lyrical Gerrie Nel ☺
is the only guy i can trust when it comes to getting what u deserve what a pit bull , Gerrie Nel
When you're talking to your cats like Gerrie Nel you know it's time to change the channel.
Alan Murchison to me its a lookalike of Gerrie Nel
I wonder what Gerrie Nel is up to right now
Gerrie Nel was a junior in the team of prosecutors that got Clive Derby-Lewis and Janus Walusz convicted for Chris Hani's murder. Respect.
Life is hard right now. I would rather be riped to pieces in court by Gerrie Nel than do this.
I hope Adv Gerrie Nel can also prosecute Diwali's case its looks like he can deal well with killers who end up pretending 2b mentally ill
For us Enviro Science students, seeing snow on Table Mountain is like the equivalent of law students seeing Gerrie Nel questio…
With cocked up police investigation, it has made any conviction of the McCann's virtually impossible to achieve. You'd need 10 Gerrie Nel's
Adv Chaskalson argues experts testimony will be the most evidence yet to be heard in comm. Can we have Gerrie Nel to cross exam
Marching on the media because their reports about the President make him look bad is like marching on Gerrie Nel becaus…
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Oscar Pistorius is cross examined by Prosecutor Gerrie Nel on his fifth day in the witness stand. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more great videos: ...
I have just edited my book Oscar Pistorius Reeva Steenkamp A Double Tragedy, to include a numerological analysis of Judge Masipa and Barry Roux as they relate to Oscar Pistorius. I have been unable to obtain birth details for Gerrie Nel so far. Working with what I have, it would appear that there is a correlative "full house" you might say, numerologically speaking, operating for the defence team, and the prosecution would have to come up with a "royal flush" to beat it. Pistorius ebook, paperback and hardcover, available from Lulu, iBookstore, Nook and Amazon.
Can someone please send this to Gerrie Nel for his closing argument. Thanks
i am a parody account, so im not Gerrie Nel
"Frans Ludeke flew Gerrie Nel to Pta to convince the Bulls that they won today."
Someone get Gerrie Nel to ask this *** why there was no gister
*** this constant TMO referal & look back at footage irritate me. soon we will have Gerrie nel & Roux debate every try in front of a judge
Cc Gerrie Nel “80% of selfies by women are in the bathroom. Kanti why?"
Xikwembu a xiniki hi voko, namutlha, i Woken up by a bank sms saying a salary from the Department of Health has gone to my bank account. I just wonder if I will have the patience to stand in long month-end lines to return what's not mine while others wait patiently to get what's theirs. Leyi na yi pomba straight, loko va swikota a va fambi vaya ni khomisa, a no yi yiva mus... Hambi Gerrie Nel, ita ni fakazela.
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