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Gerard Butler

Gerard James Butler (born 13 November 1969) is a Scottish actor who has appeared on film, stage, and television.

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Luckily he escaped without serious injury
Gerard Butler was hospitalized after being injured in a motorcycle accident this weekend in L.A.
Gerard Butler taken to hospital after motorcycle crash
Gerard Butler 'rushed to hospital after motorbike smash' You're OK Gerard!!!))
Gerard Butler hospitalized after motorcycle accident! Prayers for a speedy recovery!
Gerard Butler suffers minor injuries after motorbike accident
Gerard Butler rushed to hospital after motorbike smash.
Gerard Butler 'rushed to hospital' after motorcycle accident
Smashed through 300 followers today. Feel like Gerard Butler in that movie (I forget what it's called). "THIS. IS. STREAMING!!!"
Gerard Butler was rushed to hospital following a motorbike accident, TMZ reports. According to the report the...
Gerard Butler hospitalized after motorcycle accident - The "Geostorm" star suffered cuts and bruises.
Gerard Butler 'rushed to hospital' following dramatic motorbike accident in LA
A witness called 911 after Gerard Butler was 'cut off by a car':
Gerard Butler is a man of many talents
Butler was riding his motorcycle when a car reportedly cut him off, causing him to crash
Gerard Butler is 'rushed to hospital' following motorbike crash via
Probably Gerard Butler, if you asked him politely enough.
Gerard Butler incidente in moto a Los Angeles
Just saw an article about Gerard Butler being injured in a motorbike accident. My heart jumped into my throat. Glad to hear it's not serious
Geostorm: Gerard Butler playing a stubborn but charming satellite designer who, when the…
I added a video to a playlist Gerard Butler 2: HottieStorm
Maybe it’s just me, but Gerard Butler as a scientist/engineer isn’t too convincing. The movie’s entertaining, though.
Gerard Butler hospitalised in Los Angeles after motorbike crash
Gerard Butler taken to hospital after motorbike crash
Will real-life natural disasters affect an incoming 'Geostorm'?. The Gerard Butler disaster movie arrives as peopl…
Gerard Butler hospitalized after motorcycle accident
Gerard Butler rushed to hospital after motorbike accident:
Gerard Butler battles extreme weather in &| A series of natural disasters caused by a ... |
'Hope you're okay?!' Concerned fans reach out as Gerard Butler 'is rushed to hospital after motorbike crash'…
Gerard Butler was hospitalized after he says he got run off the road and took a bad spill on his bike.
Gerard Butler has been hospitalized after a motorbike accident in Los Angeles, TMZ reports.. 😥
Gerard Butler movies are my guilty pleasure so I'll see it, but I'll buy a ticket to Blade Runner 2049
Chris Evans . Gerard Butler . David Beckham . Seth Rogen . Hugh Jackman . I still like all of them except David
Andy Garcia and Gerard Butler are starring in a new political thriller/disaster film. We have failed as a species.
Plus, it was Daniel Craig and Gerard Butler as her leading men. Can't go wrong there!
Frolicking in Scottish Highlands heather with a Gerard Butler lookalike; front row seats at the next Con…
I just saw a pic of Gerry Adams and the only name that came into my head is Gerard Butler. Goin back to bed, bye
17. RJK. 18. Of course! . 19. Guys it's between JGL and Gerard Butler. Girls I'd have to say Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, or Keira Knightley
Gerard butler actually haunts me wherever I go
One of my favorite scenes from The Ugly Truth with Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl is below (Turn on your...
There's a Gerard Butler and a young Rob Lowe look-a-like at this Starbucks. . Just felt you should know that.
lol for me it also won't help cause I don't like Tom C :) :) make it Gerard Butler an u might temp me hehehe
Tell 'Gerard' Butler BBC rugby that Tommy Seymour plays for Scotland not Tommy Boyd annoying isnt is 'Gerard"
Gerard Deulofeu couldn't get into the Everton team and now he's at Barcelona trying to replace Neymar...
Gerard Butler live from now till 1pm
Gerard Butler returns to action sequel in the UK
Wondering if the Irish accent is going to be more Tom Cruise in Far & Away or Gerard Butler in PS I Love You?
tfw too faceblind to tell if that was actually Gerard Butler on Manners St. or not
Fat Gerard Butler: The king in the North - One more GoT fan art.
can ppl stop messaging here and instagram as Gerard butler all the time? It's not embarrassing to just be your self you know..
Hope this project comes to fruition. Gerard Butler would be perfect casting as Joe Gillis.
He's the guy who got kicked into the pit by Gerard Butler. You know, the guy who said "This is madness!"
I'm exchanging Gerard Butler GIFs via DM with my writing partner & I come back to this on my feed, lol! 😜
year 2000. janyethomas Gerard Butler and myself...
Gerard Butler and myself captured at my solo London…
Gerard Butler always does the things
it is creeping in, though - I see a lot more ads for male grooming stuff, mostly with Gerard Butler.…
That is my favorite movie..Phantom of the opera 2004...with Gerard Butler ❤❤❤❤
Well my name's Gerard and I'm here to Butler.
Dunno, still waiting for Gerard Butler or James Franco to ask me to marry them, but not going great so f…
Bran gotta control Hodor like Gerard Butler in Gamer to make that man useful
That's hilarious. I just like watching a young Gerard Butler greased up in a leather skirt. Is MSM goi…
Do they not watch certain films because Gerard Butler or James McAvoy are in them? 😂
why do i actually just cry at every Gerard Butler film?
Stop trying to make Gerard Butler happen.
funding terrorism was just one of the many illegal things I would have done for 2004 gerard butler
Looking for a useful phone number? Gerard the Butler is here four times a day at 10:30, 13:30, 16:30 and 19:30...
For some reason Jane's dad looks like Gerard Butler
Not many would care who was on the other side as long as there was Gerard Butler.
I added a video to a playlist Angelina Jolie and Gerard Butler Private Scene | Lara Croft Tomb
Action and blockbuster star Gerard Butler stars in his latest passion project “A Family Man” (out Aug 23 in PH...
My sister named her flute Gerard. I told Emily and she replies with "I would buy flute just to say I blew Gerard [Butler]."
Did you ever see that katherine heigl movie poster where gerard butler had that heart over his weiner? That resonated with me.
oh thanks for the correction. i must have thought he WAS ger…
LOL, wrong guy, that was Gerard Butler, not this uneducated p…
Do they still have the sign up in Lake Butler indicating that it's the home of Cleveland Browns Gerard W…
Gallery enlarged Madalina Ghenea Gerard Butler 01 more of her at-->
I'm still supper jealous Gerard Butler came to your stadium and did the whole Sparta thing 😒
I think your great. Working with Gerard Butler,Christopher Walken,Russel Crowe etc has to be great experience for y…
""Butler’s charm seeps through his performance" ~ Paul Heath, The Hollywood News. Catch Gerard Butler and all... https…
Gerard Butler is the poor man's Clive Owen. Just as Andy Garcia is the poor man's Al Pacino
Ooof. I dunno man. Either Liam Neeson or Gerard Butler for antag, I really don't know who could pull…
Scotland get good luck messages from Rod Stewart, Gerard Butler, Dougray Scott, Nicola Sturgeon, KT Tunstall, What are Eng equivs?
Gerard Butler wishes the Scottish women’s team to “knock it out the park”. No, don’t do that! :p. Listen to Partridge: “Back of the net!”
I believe they're hiring a new PI firm founded by Christopher Lambert and Gerard Butler to keep tabs on him.
Gerard Butler's Agent Mike Banning will return in Angel Has Fallen. Production will start in 2017.
Yes, Dracula 3000. Not to be confused with Dracula 2000, starring Gerard Butler.
Well I guess Gerard Butler was right... London Has Fallen. Your ancestors weep at your weakness. Your invaders laugh at it.
London is falling for .What will Theresa May do now, call in Gerard Butler?
First glimpse of Galloway (standing in for Western Isles) in new Gerard Butler chiller Keepers…
I think of Gerard Butler stabbing a fellow prisoner with a T-bone after eat…
> | Gerard Butler trolled for his appearance at Old Firm game ...Scottish Cup semi-final win - Glasgow Ev…
You can keep Gerard Butler, I'd rather have Jeffrey Dean Morgan anyday (both had terrible Irish accents though)
Gerard Butler has the least convincing Irish accent I've heard since ITN stopped having to overdub Gerry Adams.
Scenes from reminiscing about Gerard Butler walking her to her car after the 13 Going On 30 wrap party. "I'm Gerry."
Might actually watch a "chick flick" today. Mainly as it has James Masters, Gerard Butler and Jeffrey Dean Morgan 😎😎
Did you know: Gerard Butler used training to prepare for the lead role as King Leonidas in 300.
X2, starring Gerard Butler and Shia LaBeouf. Directed by Jay Chandrasekhar, music by TheThe. Budget: $100 billion
A better Leonidas than Gerard Butler in 300? Violent Saturday with Victor Mature and Stephen…
Gerard Butler!. A digital artwork pencil drawing created by Dan Newburn from a photo found on the Internet.
Dan Stevens' Evermore is the new Gerard Butler's The Mirror for me. I can't stop listening. Loved the movie so much.
- Am I the only one, who thinks that James McAvoy looks a bit like Gerard Butler and Timmy…
"Please be Gerard Butler, Michael Crawford, or Lon Chaney under that mask."
Gerard Butler and Jim Sturgess star in the teaser trailer for -
Watch the first trailer for the disaster movie Geostorm, starring Gerard Butler, Ed Harris, Andy Garcia, Jim Sturges
First Trailer for Geostorm is here starring Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess & Abbie Cornish.
Goodluck on cameo for "Den of thieves!Canyou say hello to Gerard Butler for me and friend Angie? Thanks Eric! Take care on set!
You could come find Gerard Butler up here in the deep woods of Blue Ridge but you would likely never find your way out
Stories on Robbie Sheehan (pic), Brad Pitt, Mel Brooks,Kristin Scott Thomas and Gerard Butler on Picture Show, News…
I've got a bigger wang than Gerard Butler. I will *** you off if I want.
Listen here, poor man's Gerard Butler. I'm currently seeing two of everything, yourselves included. So don't *** me off.
Who's on tonight? Do I dare turn off my Gerard Butler escapist nonsense and return to the real, sad, world?
not sure if A) watching LDN get blown up, or B) having to sit through 2hrs of Gerard Butler's gurning face was most difficult.
Hi Gerard butler, why have you not spoken to your cousin in a while? Holly Kane, Moreen Kanes daughte…
No, but they both go well with this awful Gerard Butler movie I'm watching!
I'll add it to my list but I'm invested int he idea of a bit of Gerard Butler right now!
- am so ready for Olympus Has Fallen to be reality except with no Gerard Butler to save anyone!
I'm watching a Gerard Butler movie which I don't understand.
Gerard butler is one of the top 3 actors ever, class!
I think it's what I need tonight, gratuitous silliness with oodles of Gerard Butler
have you ever seen Gerard Butler's audition for Dracula 2000? Dear Lord, it might be his worst performance!
When your bf says you've picked decent films 2 watch recently when I've been secretly having a Gerard Butler movie-thon & he doesn't realise
I think everyone cries at least once during this film. Brings a different side to Gerard Butler acting wise.
I just learnt the spell to control another human being. *waves wand* "Imperio". I am so getting Gerard Butler in my bed tonight!!
This movie with Gerard butler is being filmed less then 500 feet away from my house
Dear Hollywood,. Make more movies where the US president is clearly the villain, instead of a hapless victim that Gerard Butler has to save.
Dear virus. Please prevent vocal cord scarring, or if I do get it from this cough, please give me the Gerard Butler…
📷 Den of Thieves filming in Stockbridge! The movie Den of Thieves with Gerard Butler and 50 Cent is...
"Life is GREAT in the mountains especially when Gerard,Butler walks in your restaurant"
In 2013, GQ magazine included G-DRAGON in the list of 10 Best Dressed Men in the World 👑 w Gerard Butler,Harry Styles,Li…
Gerard Butler unleashes the power of darkness in Now on Blu-ray DVD & DigitalHD https…
everyone knows Gerard Butler is a good wrestler
you're in a movie with Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler, I'm impressed.
Didn't Gerard Butler play that game too?
I want a Zach Snyder "Highlander" with Gerard Butler as the main character set in the same time period as "300".
I just met the Turkish version of Gerard Butler. My day is complete 😍
2min left and nobody found shot yet! Gerard Butler played in this movie...
Be watching for the President of in a scene for the new film, 'Den of Thieves' starring Ger…
olivia.hunterrSo Gerard Butler has been in my house for...
I liked a video from Gerard Butler | Tony Robbins' Unleash the Power Within
Gamer with Gerard Butler. I brag about how terrible it is.
Gerard Butler ate at a restaurant only a few miles away from my house today and I WASN'T THERE FOR IT 😭💔
The second worst thing about London Has Fallen is Aaron Eckhart and Gerard Butler's "banter". It's like they both want to be John McClane.
Idk if its just me but I think Gerard Butler really jerks Hillary Swank around from the grave in PS I Love You I'm kinda w the mom on this 1
it's hard to decide between Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down – but I think Channing is more fun and well-meaning than Gerard Butler
Trousers Have Fallen (2017) - secret service agent Gerard Butler comes out of retirement to stop the Ruskies from kinkshaming the president
Gerard Butler looks better than ever in his Hugo Boss sunglasses.
Christ, that's like a Gerard Butler movie waiting to happen
I'm going to Ireland and finding myself a Gerard Butler in P.S. I love you
London Has Fallen has not disappointed. What a fantastic film and what a fantastic actor Gerard Butler is.
Worst Actor i'd prob say Gerard Butler for his awful turn in Gods of Egypt, although the film itself was decent
Semi on for the return of the wee Gerard Butler 😂
Gerard Butler in Hollywood supporting Terrorist Zionism's murder of Gazan Children at a "Friends of t…
Watched movie - London Has Fallen, must say Gerard Butler was at his best.
NEW Michael with actor David at the 2016. (Hello Gerard htt…
"New portraits by me, for you. . Gerard Butler."
Today's features Gerard Butler. How did get to that from Tears for Fears?
2017 is gonna be the year i turn lush and have boys who look like Gerard Butler fancy me
Gods of Egypt! Apparently I can't tell the difference between Russel Crowe and Gerard Butler 🙈😂😂😂
I've just seen fat Gerard Butler in the Metrocentre. I wish I took a picture guys.
and strong female character and just a good cast and Gerard Butler and Idris Elba and Mark Strong and... g o d good weird philosophy
Gerard Butler has signed on for another movie in the “Fallen” series [ 81 more words ]...
Gerard butler aka Leonidas the king of real ***
Gerard Butler , cause my mom likes 300
Same here, I looked at worldwide box office for 2016 & TWO Gerard Butler movies made the top 20!?!
it's 12:30 and i should be sleeping, but instead, i'm researching if Gerard Butler was indeed wearing butt pads in POTO
love that movie, Gerard butler is a beast.
The Gerard Butler gif is dead. Long live the Mr. Robot gif.
Robert Carlyle and Gerard Butler hanging out is all I needed in my life tbh
would you prefer: Karl Urban, Gerard Butler, or Jeffrey Dean Morgan? And Q2: Would Forge be redundant with Cable's expertise?
Jeff-" I just shared a car with Gerard Butler." . Me-"I don't care for him."
Still waiting for Christopher Lambert and Gerard Butler's film about the tobacco industry.
with Kristen Wiig and Gerard Butler is match better.
SEB DAILY: Gerard Butler, Colin Farrell and his girlfriend out in LA - Oct 15-16, 2016
Listen to The Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Gerard Butler, Emmy Rossum & Simon Lee on
For the Dancing and the Dreaming de John Powell, Jon Thor Birgisson, Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson, Mar…
Not a fan of Tomb Raider 2 but I do admire it brazenly replacing Daniel Craig with (slightly) younger Gerard Butler a la Mission Impossible.
What do George Clooney, Judi Dench, Ewan McGregor, Diana Gabaldon, Gerard Butler and Natalie MacMaster all have...
Hayden Christiansen is apparently in this movie while Nicolas Cage is doing his best Gerard Butler impersonation
Come to think of it. After Daniel Craig...Gerard Butler would be a sick James Bond
Can you imagine if Trump had ties to Danny Dyer or Gerard Butler though?
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Gerard Butler is trash. Ramin Karimloo all day. Fight me Johnson.
Hillary needs to contact Kevin Costner, Channing Tatum, and Gerard Butler immediately.
D'you think Karl Urban and Gerard Butler know they're actually the same dude?
Gerard Butler is like the real life Chris Redfield after he became bara
Gerard Butler&Aaron Eckhart way out did themselves in this movie; I was beyond impressed.Morgan Freeman rocks it every time!
Millenials; bored this weekend?? London Has Fallen Movie is BEST EVER; Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart AND Morgan Freeman!! See it!!
"Filming of the Hunter Killer at the office today starring Gerard Butler, Gary Oldman and Billy Bob...
Morgan Brown is a Jesuit agent assigned to Gerard Butler (on my marriage list) to help destroy the network that...
Gerard Butler makes quite the dashing pilot after jetting off to surprise pals
In a Godsmack biopic, Gerard Butler plays Sully Erna and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson plays the chip on Sully Erna's shoulder, right?
idea for a movie crossover, 'The Purge has Fallen' Frank Grillo and Gerard Butler team up to murder their way across a city
Oh boy, Gerard Butler and Owen Wilson are drug buddies now? Ooft.
Gerard Butler and Bradley Cooper together is still my fav Wimbledon moment ever 👌🏼
We could play a game: noir detectives Christopher Lambert and Gerard Butler team up to fight crime...?
This vampire movie could have starred Gerard Butler and Steven Strait rather than Paul Bettany and Karl Urban
Hamilton Collection
Since Katy Perry and John Mayer broke up, Katy Perry has been linked to Gerard Butler and Robert Pattinson.
I just briefly confused Gerard Butler with Gerald McRaney and that was a fun 20 seconds.
Why did the likes of Geoffrey Rush, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Gerard Butler agree to do this?!
Why is Gerard Butler always in movies set in ancient times?
Alex Proyas may have accidentally given us a perfect allegory for the 2016 election though. Gerard Butler's Set IS Trump
Sean Penn, Gerard Butler and Owen Wilson enjoyed a bros beach day together over the weekend in Malibu, California.
The original Halo trilogy would make the best film. Get someone like Gerard Butler or Mark Wahlberg to play master chief!
GODS OF EGYPT Premieres on PPV today!. Gerard Butler and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau star as rival gods locked in an...
My life: Gerard Butler playing a French opera ghost with an untrained voice and a thick Scottish accent. v sexy//v inaccurate
Paul Walker was always my main celeb crush 💔 I'll agree with Hemsworth, Elba & throw in Ian Somerhalder & Gerard Butler.
"Now that's Gerard Butler is back as Mike Banning in . On Digital HD May 31 and On...
The only downside to Tom Hardy, and Gerard Butler doing so well is that we'll probably never get Rocknrolla 2.
For men, I'd recommend Matt Bomer or Gerard Butler. If you look at both of those men and go, "nah," you're probably a 0 on Kinsey's scale ;)
P.S. I Love You would be better with less Hilary Swank and more Gerard Butler
Orlando Bloom, Rosie H-Whiteley, Jason Statham at the Airport of JFK, Gerard Butler and Morgan Brown in Malibu
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
RocknRolla has to be up there as one of my fave films, Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Gerard Butler and Mark Strong in one film😋
Mark Wahlberg, Charlie Hunnam and Gerard Butler all walked into a room together...
Don't suppose you've got a Mark Ruffalo, Hugh Jackman or Gerard Butler version, have you?
I HATE Gerard Butler. But he could work. Going with Matthew Goode for a bit.
Watching 'Ps. I love you' and Gerry's not even dead yet and Rebecca's crying - "I think it's just because it's Gerard Butler 😭" 😂😂
The phantom of the opera makes me love Gerard Butler even more 💕💕💕💕
Gerard Butler is by far one of the best actors ever... Hands down👌🏼
Gerard butler knows his way around London better Than I know my way around Liverpool!
Just finished watching London Has Fallen bruh a must see Gerard Butler is no joke the computer graphics is brazy
OMG Gerard Butler is so hot!! my feelz right now, urgh I'm DED catching up on movies I've been dying to watch now Olympus Has Fallen. ♥-♥
Totally bogus. Did not assign me Gerard Butler.
Now lets watch Ps. I Love You, and cry about how perf Gerard Butler is. 👌🏼
In other news. London Has Fallen is a bloody good movie. Enjoyed every bit of it. Gerard butler is tha man 🙌🏼👊🏼
London Has Fallen was excellent! Although Gerard Butler stole Arnie's sayings. "I'll be back" and "get to the chopper"!
Still have a thing for Gerard Butler 😍😍😍😍
Be the hero of your own life story. ~ Gerard Butler from WALL-E
yea but who puts q statue of Mel Gibson up! Gerard Butler at Thermopylae nope.
Gerard Butler is about to save London. Go Gerard!
No one believes Gerard Butler is anything.
are in bed and I'm working. Swooning over Gerard Butler?
predictable, but not to bad. Gerard butler plays the bad God and the chap from GoT with the hand plays the good guy
"We can make ScarJo Japanese. Everyone believed Gerard Butler was Egyptian. What? No one believed that Gerard Butler was Egyptian? *** "
if I dream about Gerard Butler in a toga drop kicking a bassinet tonight I'll blame you, you know!
Can't believe we all sat back and let Gerard Butler happen
Exclusive interview: Gerard Butler and Michelle Monaghan talk surf
Wallpaper that just made everyone. dedicated to the great fans like me, "our" beautiful adorable Gerard Butler
So London Has Fallen is a must see if you like Gerard Butler shooting and blowing up stuff. It's awesome. Some wit in there too. Liked it.
When I grow up, I want to be Gerard Butler.
Great piece on cinema and drones Gerard Butler's attempt tho...
Did I mention it's a Gerard Butler film
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Gerard Butler and Billy Bob Thornton to star in 'Hunter Killer', a movie to be shot in London in Summer. Would you like to join the
Would you like to be part of a movie starring Gerard Butler & Billy Bob Thornton? Look for 'Hunter Killer' in our Newsletter. Join the crew!
Salma Hayek , Adrien Brody and Gerard Butler at s of Shiraz TIFF Premiere
If they did though, they should cast Gerard Butler and Ellen Paige.
Just.. ♫ For the Dancing and the Dreaming by Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson & Mary Jane Wells —
Craig, tell Gerard Butler he has to marry me. That's an order!! Love, Mary Queen of Scots
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