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Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera (born Gerald Michael Riviera; July 4, 1943) is an American attorney, journalist, author, reporter, and talk show host.

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Something tells me that Geraldo Rivera is next. Right before Garrison Keillor was fired for "inappropriate behavior" he…
Geraldo Rivera needs to go back and find Al Capones lost locker...
really Geraldo Rivera u want to talk about peoples past?! :O what did Judge Roy Moore do to you that you have to c…
Geraldo Rivera is on with Brian Kilmeade radio show. Good discussion going on.
With it all going back to the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Geraldo Rivera, most of them nowadays are…
You were endorsed by Sean Hannity, Geraldo Rivera & you're a disgusting person. *** right you lost. 😂
MUSLIM APOLOGIST Geraldo Rivera refuses to admit that the effective NYPD counter-terrorism Musl… via…
You young kids will never know the magic of Geraldo Rivera tunneling into Al Capone's vault.
The location of missing property from Al Capone's vault along with a shipping receipt signed by Geraldo Rivera
That time last year I felt like Geraldo Rivera opening Al Capones vault. I also just found this collection during...
Chris want insight on what happened to Geraldo Rivera!
Not bad at all. Geraldo Rivera gives his best performance in years.
Geraldo Rivera press agent and representative for white supremacist Nazis everywhere
8. Even Geraldo Rivera who has been very critical of The President on other issues says that the blame need…
Geraldo Rivera's direction is fast, aggressive and bright, and the treasure is edited to give it a tremendous crispness and pace.
LIBERAL reporter Geraldo Rivera? He has been a declared Republican for years & works at Faux News. Tr…
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The jungle has been very good to Geraldo Rivera.
I swear this Larry David disguise looks like 'Messy Geraldo Rivera'.
If Geraldo Rivera and Steven Seagal say Puerto Rico was saved by Donald Trump, who are we to doubt that?
The Governor. The FEMA director. *** Geraldo Rivera have all said she was full of crap and was lying.
But Ana, Geraldo Rivera says it ain't so.
Liberals are furious with Geraldo Rivera for calling BS on San Juan mayor. Hate the Truth.
Fox has several Latino hosts, reporters and contributors: Kimberly Guilfoyle, Geraldo Rivera, Julie Bande…
Geraldo Rivera confirms that the Mayor of San Juan should blame Puerto Rican officials NOT Trump for their electrical pr…
Geraldo Rivera puts the blame where it belongs , on the incompetent, negligent, and corrupt Puerto Rican leadership. . But…
Wow, so now you have Johnny Damon, James Woods, Geraldo Rivera, and Scott Baio…
Right on, get girl!...Can Fox atleast get rid of Juan Williams or Geraldo Rivera since t…
please quit wasting our time with Geraldo Rivera none of your viewers or yourself agree with this guy!
Hey Fox News, a great number of us switch channels when we see Geraldo Rivera or Juan Williams. We know a liberal plant when we see one!
Your Crazy if you think Fox likes our President. Shepherd Smith, Geraldo Rivera, Juan…
Geraldo Rivera and Brit Hume deliver terrific performances in this charmingly quirky love story.
Shep Smith would be perfect with Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper and Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera and Smerconish.
I've Supported for yrs (EVERYDAY), but I've seen Geraldo Rivera talk ENUF 2 know I disagree w/ 100% of his opinions & I'm done
Geraldo Rivera is a lot like Hedda Hopper, a banal yet ubiquitous shill, unburdened by acumen or talent.
It's diverting, occasionally moving, and has two secret weapons, teen heart-throb Geraldo Rivera and newcomer Paul Gigot.
Bob Beckel made me angry when he worked for Fox.😂 I'd take Geraldo Rivera or Juan Williams any day!
Jessica Tarlov is in the same category as Richard Fowler, Shepherd Smith, Geraldo Rivera, Chris Wallace, Jua…
or post a selfie like Geraldo Rivera did.. Seeing his face is bad enough,,,but his w…
Equal parts charming and refreshing, Geraldo At Large is a quirky mockumentary led by the endearing Geraldo Rivera.
Geraldo Rivera you talk on both sides of your mouth i really think you a backstabbing no good s o b.
God Bless fast forward when it come to jerry rivers (aka Geraldo Rivera)
Geraldo At Large was Geraldo Rivera's first (and best) TV show.
Geraldo At Large is light comedic fun geared for teenage girls, featuring a charming performance from Geraldo Rivera.
Geraldo Rivera makes a raw, soul-searching editorial debut as host, anchor and star in "Geraldo At Large.
"Geraldo At Large" is not a show in which you anticipate Geraldo Rivera will be twice doused in urine.
Geraldo Rivera sends up some amazing and entertaining fight sequences in Geraldo At Large.
Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera, Bob Beckel were always there to ease you into the liberal take over.
What time will Geraldo Rivera be on? Wanna know when I can go to watch Maria Bartiromo.
Geraldo Rivera and John Oliver are having the mother of all feuds about bombs.
Did you see set the use of "The Mother of All Bombs" to country music while Geraldo Rivera, a draft dodger…
If anyone wants to know about me: I'm cleaning, making chorizo + eggs, watching rip apart Geraldo Rivera + twerking to Migos
possible nuclear war, presidential FBI investigations, mass poverty, and yet is focused on fighting rappers
Geraldo Rivera you say??...that sounds like an name. No would go 'round ca…
It seems Geraldo Rivera didn't see the whole episode
.ripped for saying he loves when the U.S. drops bombs on other countries…
Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera responds to Kendrick's bars calling him out on "YAH."
new album calls out Geraldo Rivera by name. He has since responded.
Via Fox’s Geraldo Rivera lashes out at John Oliver for mocking his MOAB war-gasm
Geraldo is butt hurt over Oliver showing everyone what most people already knew, that Rivera is a ***
Geraldo Rivera, a huge *** is still trying to feud with Kendrick Lamar
Geraldo Rivera said nothing about the immigration situation but you focused on HipHop continue to keep your face in the politician Booty O's
John Oliver rips Geraldo Rivera for his love of bombs
John Oliver goes in on and for their sick "Mother of All Bombs" wargasms:
Why do media pundits such as Geraldo Rivera like watching bombs drop after avoiding service in Vietnam--as did the president…
real coup is the perfect casting of consummate chameleon pundit Geraldo Rivera as Alan Colmes.
Top of the line Geraldo Rivera with wonderful Alan Colmes and surprisingly funny John Roberts.
The ONLY truth in reporting comes from in spite of the liberal Shep Smith, Geraldo Rivera, Juan Williams, Bo…
Congrats Rachel Maddow, you've officially eclipsed Geraldo Rivera in most embarrassing TV moment. Worse than Al Capone'…
So an Obama Burger? An Obama sandwich? Geraldo Rivera found Obamas in Al Capone's vault? We could go all night 😂
why is Geraldo Rivera still allowed to even be a reporter let alone be on Fox News? How's there "no spin" if Geraldo is involved?
Who had the most over-hyped tv episode... . Geraldo Rivera with Al Capone's vault?. Or. Rachel Maddow with Trump's tax return?
Maybe Maddow and Geraldo Rivera can get together and examine the moon landing.
Geraldo Rivera opened Al Capone's Vault, found nothing & failed. Rachel Maddow opened the found $38 Million…
Rachel really is the new Geraldo Rivera...
Rachel Maddow just eclipsed Geraldo Rivera in most embarrassing TV moment. Donald Trump h…
Geraldo Rivera must be happy now that he no longer owns the most overhyped stunt in news history.
Hey Rachel Maddow, not since Geraldo Rivera opened Al Capone's vault have I been this bored.
Are you going to keep putting an old drunk BB, Geraldo Rivera and Maria Harf, Julie Rodinsky, Shepherd Smith, Jessica Tarlov on air
He might be worse than Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera and Julie Uglystinski😜
Is this the SJH staff meeting or a Sally Jesse/Geraldo Rivera show?
Geraldo Rivera quits over College name change via
.I like Fox News.. Shepard Smith, Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera are hard to swallow…
Anyone but Shepard Smith or Juan Williams or Geraldo Rivera or...the 'bad' list is long 🙄
Fair and balanced... Geraldo Rivera and Juan Williams. One hour of Shepard Smith is just too much... good time to tune out!
We turn off TV when Shep Smith, Juan Williams or Geraldo Rivera are on
Should get 2 for DWTS. I suspect they would be no worse than Geraldo Rivera
Geraldo Rivera quits position at Yale University after school decides to change name of residential college
after him put Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera on the list then you will have a perfect New…
I thought I would always trust Fox News, but Jessica Tarlov and Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera are getting on my last nerve.
I can't stand him or Chris Mathews or Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera. Fox could save money and we wouldn't have to h…
Shepherd is on the same level as Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera. Dispicable
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Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera and Shepard Smith are the main reason I don't watch Fox News as much as I once did.
is Geraldo Rivera and Juan Williams the same person
Juan Williams, Karl Rove, Geraldo Rivera, need to go next.
John Lewis you are an *** Same as Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera, Julie Roginsky, all the other nut job, brainwashe…
why is Geraldo Rivera still on TV?? Maybe he should draw a map to his private Island. news
Geraldo Rivera thinks we should build American manufacturing plants in Mexico so that the Mexicans won't cross the boarder illegally. Dumb!
OMG!! Do you have to have the stupid bias Geraldo Rivera spewing his stupidity. That man is so annoying. He is for…
Geraldo Rivera don't start the Wynot argument, it's a loser; if you want 2 go there we can say wynot veterans Wynot the homeless wynot etc..
does Geraldo cares more 4 Mexicans then Americans? Ugly Rivera
take Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera with you please
Trump team insists border wall plan has not changed: Fox News senior correspondent Geraldo Rivera…
as Geraldo Rivera said "Sit back, relax ... and enjoy your taco"
Build the wall and make sure # Geraldo Rivera is on the other side !
Fox News needs to get rid of Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera.
Geraldo is worried about jobs in Mexico. Let's First, then Mr. Rivera you can worry about Mexico jobs.
. Let Geraldo Rivera be the first deported! Get the wall built fast so he cannot come back! Yea, I know he is a citizen!
FoxnewsRivera looks like a porcupine. Have to wonder if he has changed his religion.
Geraldo Rivera is a nice guy but he's a stubborn thickheaded a liberal
Can't we find a way to deport Geraldo Rivera!
Geraldo Rivera looks silly with that PIECE OF A BEARD!
OK got a watch Geraldo Rivera he's on with Hannity right now and being negative
Watching Hannity Geraldo Rivera's is so damned ugly I'll probably have nightmares the man is ungodly ugly
Why does Geraldo Rivera have magic marker all over his face?.
Geraldo Rivera looks like an *** with that stupid mustache and creepy goatee.
I come away from Geraldo At Large exhilarated by Rivera's skill at keeping his audience guessing.
This show is wonderfully anchored by Geraldo Rivera, who makes every shot pop up.
Geraldo Rivera doesn't like Julian Assange because he's an accused rapist... He doesn't have the same problem with his buddy Bill Clinton.
Ask Geraldo Rivera where he spends his pleasure time? Marion Massachusetts. It is almost entirely white. This guy is s…
Geraldo Rivera said the same thing on Fox & Friends this morning.
Geraldo Rivera shows displaced anger. Instead of fury against Assange, maybe he should be MORE furious at what Assange uncovered. Lying Dems
.. add two *** to your list of IMBECILES : Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera, for both sides of the their mouths 'bout YOU!
Geraldo Rivera has always been anti-Trump. His tirade this morning and name calling of Julian Assange should anger you.
JW almost as bad as Geraldo Rivera. I can't stand listening to either one. Juan Williams never fails to disappoint.…
on Geraldo Rivera selling Edgewater home for $1.8 M.
Wikileaks Julian Assange should sue Geraldo Rivera Fox News for defamation of character.
I'm sorry but Geraldo Rivera is an *** he needs to go just like Megyn Kelly
*** Geraldo Rivera is mocking Wikileaks leader he's an *** or Aldo needs to retire
Juan Williams & Geraldo Rivera are reminders of just how STUPID liberals tru…
The only thing missing is a pic of Juan Williams & Geraldo Rivera. All lying nasty people.
Geraldo Rivera is an obnoxious windbag who is not fit to tie Julian Assange's shoelaces.
Geraldo Rivera I saw him twice on Fox before Mr. Trump got elected that he said he would not win
Fox News Why do people still listen to Geraldo Rivera? He gets it all wrong. He sure kissed *** on the Celebrity Apprentice.
just saw on Fox News Geraldo Rivera saying how much he loves you he's full of crap I watched him before::
Geraldo Rivera the lib undercover clintonite said wikiL is antiUS dirt b/c it revealed corruption in govt by expos the emails.some logic huh
How come Geraldo Rivera is still on Fox and Friends? I hope Assange sues
Does anyone care what Geraldo Rivera says? I wish they'd can his rear end on and
Talk about the crap on the bottom of my shoe, that's Geraldo Rivera! Geraldo Rivera and Shephard Smith together is MSNBC!
why does Fox & Friends keep having Geraldo Rivera on the show when his opinions mean nothing to most of your viewers
I change the channel. Why do they keep Geraldo Rivera around? Is a broken record and he doesn't care about facts. Typical liberal.
. With friends like Geraldo Rivera, PE TRUMP does NOT need enemies!!!
BREAKING NEWS Geraldo Rivera's beard suddenly turns brown overnight sends scientists scampering find out the secret of youth.
By the way Geraldo Rivera, ditch the semi beard. Not a good look. Not that you are one of my favorites.
Could someone asked Geraldo Rivera why it would be so horrible to have just decent relations with Russia?
Geraldo Rivera, nobody cares what you think. you're a has been.
Geraldo Rivera - Julian Assange is the dog crap on the bottom of my shoe. the guy who faked a news report of being under fire in Afghanistan
Geraldo Rivera falsely states that hacks (hacked/leaked)
apparently Geraldo Rivera detests Julian Assange & even called him an "alleged rapist" on
Geraldo Rivera you are on the bottom of shoe of news media. I believe Julian Assange that Clapper who...
Geraldo Rivera ripping on Julian Assange on FOX & Friends...citing rape allegations that were never proven
why do you have to put un- American Geraldo Rivera on your show.
Geraldo rivera before you start calling people alleged rapists you may want to do some research!
one thing I can stand Geraldo Rivera, he is total schmuck
Geraldo Rivera has nerve to say Assange put people's lives at risk?Geraldo did too in Iraq & it was our troops
Geraldo Rivera and Juan Williams can stick their opinions where the sun don't shine.
Mark as usual hits a bulls eye. This time on Jerry Rivers aka Geraldo Rivera
This man Geraldo Rivera, he's comparing Fidel Castro with Simon Bolivar!! What an *** ..
Geraldo Rivera just compared Fidel Castro to Simon Bolivar! Castro was a dictator not a president. What a joke!
i like the show, but keep Megyn Kelly, Geraldo Rivera and Carl Rove off the show. They parade as Republicans, ha!!
This is beginning to remind me of the 80 and 90s Geraldo Rivera and Phil Donahue shows.
Geraldo Rivera should be on MSNBC he sounds just like them Geraldo Juan Williams Megan Kelly Shep Smith what a team
Geraldo Rivera, typically hysterical and bombastic on Fox and friends.
Give me a break Colin Powell is as much a Republican as Geraldo Rivera.
Geraldo Rivera says there's not enough evidence on 'Project Veritas' videos for criminal indictment...
you and Juan Williams do Geraldo Rivera. That I gotta see.
Know-it-all Geraldo Rivera on Fox News right now being a liberal *** put him and Juan Williams out of TV Fire them both liberal jerks
Geraldo Rivera and Juan Williams drive me nuts
Geraldo Rivera must be about 5'6" because he really has napoleon syndrome. He should be on the 5 with Juan Williams,Dana Perino
Sorry Eric we change the channel when Geraldo Rivera phoney moron came on your show ITS AGAINST OUR RULES 2 watch Geraldo &Juan
Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera.birds of a feather.
Juan Williams of the five took it I think Geraldo Rivera helped him
Geraldo Rivera on Fox News supposedly a friend of Donald Trump. That is BS he talks more crap about Donald Trump then the Democrats.Friend-?
Geraldo Rivera know it all on Fox News this morning Talking crap about Donald Trump. Does not know what the *** he's talking about.
Ya think he'll release them? Geraldo Rivera on Trump's lewd remarks: "I have tapes"
FOX's Geraldo Rivera says he has 'embarrassing' video of Donald Trump
Geraldo Rivera and Tucker Carlson on the same television program is like Pennywise and John Wayne Gacy entertaining children at a birthday.
I'm not a huge fan of Geraldo Rivera, but this was manning up...replace Juan Williams with Rivera on THE FIVE
. Geraldo Rivera, is as much of a *** as Juan Williams, change chanels anytime I see ether.
Geraldo Rivera and Greta Van Susteren now regret rushing to the defense of Roger Ailes. Who else might?
And Geraldo Rivera has been empty every since he went to Fox News.
Keep in mind, even toilet droppings Geraldo Rivera is ‘Filled with Regret’ for Defending Roger Ailes', yet has A…
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Lets show Geraldo Rivera some pay for play examples of per
Fox News's Geraldo Rivera apologizes for supporting Roger Ailes after Gretchen Carlson sued
Geraldo Rivera 'Filled With Regret” For Defending Roger Ailes. Some people find this apology as empty as Al Capone's vault…
Geraldo Rivera FB apology for defending Ailes. I made this comment on his page.
you are right Trump is addressing real issues. Nothing he says will satisfy Geraldo Rivera. Jealousy?
GeraldoRivera apologizes re doubting harassment claims against Ailes➡️ by via Late, dude🙄
Geraldo Rivera 'Filled with Regret' for Ailes I knew he was full of something, regret must be an acronym for crap.
Geraldo Rivera 'filled with regret' after supporting Roger Ailes
Geraldo Rivera says he now regrets supporting Roger Ailes. It’s okay, girl… we all have regrets.
Dammit, Sirota, if you get the chance, force Geraldo Rivera and John Stossel to do it instead!
Fox News is going to have to fire Geraldo Rivera for going off script and denouncing Trump's comments. They're probably working on it today
didn't you already get Geraldo Rivera's head transplanted (without the mustache)???
Chris Cuomo is basically Geraldo Rivera but without a sweet mustache
Jaun Williams and Geraldo Rivera and Alan Combs all fall into the same category complete *** and Kool-Aid drinkers
Ailes is being defended by Geraldo Rivera and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Satan said "No comment"
Sherrif David Clarke just abused Geraldo Rivera this morning. Why is Rivera even on Fox?
would love to see more of sheriff David Clark and not Geraldo Rivera over talking the sheriff
Why did Fox & Friends have sheriff David Clark as a guest and only to have Geraldo Rivera dominate the entire segment with his rhetoric
Geraldo Rivera trying to explain black lives matter to Sheriff David Clarke. That was interesting.
Geraldo Rivera! Trump isn't trying to insult the Latin culture by building a wall! You need to retire.
I got an idea let's Build That Wall and put Geraldo Rivera on the other side of it and McCain needs to go work at The View
Why would ANYONE take the advice of Geraldo Rivera?
love u ladies but not today. Geraldo Rivera is a waste of time & I refuse to listen to Grandpa potheads bs. Retire Rivera
"I almost went to emergency room...when I seen Geraldo Rivera on "outnumbered"... I can't stand that worthless excuse for a Human
producers are scraping the barrel by having and sycophant Rivera on
I speak Spanish to my children and they speak it better than me.
It is powerful and brave testimony for Geraldo Rivera and Bret Baier to come forward and say Roger Ailes never sexually…
Geraldo Rivera, Juan Gonzalez to be honored at convention
Geraldo Rivera is engaging and John Shadegg is bloody marvelous.
Geraldo At Large is beautifully anchored by Geraldo Rivera to be as much about the man as it is about his times.
Just possibly the second most entertaining treasure (after Geraldo At Large) ever made by Geraldo Rivera.
The stinging wit of first-time host Geraldo Rivera gives Geraldo At Large a zest and zing few high school comedies ever muster.
Geraldo Rivera gives a heartbreaking performance in Geraldo At Large, a timely portrait of loneliness and struggle.
Geraldo Rivera one of the saddest newsmen ever. No matter, we are
Geraldo Rivera: says Bernie Sanders is 'so annoying' Hey, Geraldo! Go crawl up Al Capone's vau…
"So annoying - this guy is so annoying" - Fox News reporter Geraldo Rivera, on hot mike, during Bernie Sanders' victory speech last night
Geraldo Rivera: Bernie Sanders is 'so annoying' via
That "He's so annoying" FOX:Rivera complained as the broadcast cut 2 Sanders WHY won't he comply
Geraldo Rivera says Trump can win by getting the black male hip hop vote. I officially know more about hip hop than at least one other guy.
Hot mic catches very annoying Geraldo Rivera OMG, Yes!!! . speaking of annoying look who is talking
Geraldo Rivera said that it's important for Donald Trump to get the "Hip Hop" vote and whatever was in my mouth blew out my nose.
Just when you thought you couldn't despise *** narcissist Geraldo Rivera, the King of Old Fart selfies, more:
the shocking thing is Geraldo Rivera is still on TV! Who would've thought.
Geraldo Rivera ridicules Bernie Sanders on Fox News: "He's so annoying":
Did Geraldo Rivera imply that West Virginia does not lool like America?. Which America,North, South or Central? Or did he mean USA?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Geraldo Rivera calls black male voters "the hip hop vote"
Thanks Sheriff Clarke, Oprah Winfrey, Geraldo Rivera, Herman Cane, and Dr Ben Carson for supporting Donald Trump for the next great
Geraldo Rivera what do you mean Eric Bolling don't feel comfortable sitting between you and Juan,do you care to elaborate,don't worry I will
Dude, I watch them everyday and that is not true, O'Reilly, Hannity, Eric Bolling, Geraldo Rivera, .
A year removed from Baltimore protests, Geraldo Rivera calls activists like "troublemakers"
we'd like to congratulate Jonathan Spieth on that terrific Masters win. - Nike, Geraldo Rivera and Mike Tyson
Listen, if Liberal FoxNews baron Geraldo Rivera hates that’s all the proof I need to
Must be sad to be that old still Shilling for his living. Geraldo Rivera is NY value not added. Maybe lack of values
Looks like Mike Tyson got a little confused on who won tonight, the same happend to Geraldo Rivera last night. -Grif
I found out Greg Giraldo and Geraldo Rivera aren't the same person today
Relative newcomer Geraldo Rivera is a real find as the brooding Stuart Varney.
Stephen Colbert mentions this guy as an inspiration - that got me wondering. But after reading Geraldo Rivera's...
Dark, dazzling turns by Geraldo Rivera and Brit Hume, and Alan Colmes makes it achingly romantic.
Hang on--Geraldo Rivera is now a "senior correspondent" for Fox News? The same guy who had a hybrid Dr. Phil/Oprah/Maury-esque talk show?
Geraldo Rivera and Dancing with the Stars: Close encounters of the first kind.. Related Articles:
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Geraldo At Large is freakin' brilliant. Geraldo Rivera gives a whack-you-upside-the-head dose of his talent!
Geraldo Rivera thinks he's a dancing bear. How sad for all the bears out there who really are talented and...
Geraldo Rivera's thriller Geraldo At Large is rightly revered as one of the most astonishing debuts in punditry.
'Dancing With the Stars' kicks off its 22nd season with Marla Maples, Geraldo Rivera and more - San Jose Mercury…
Laugh of the day has Bill ORIELLY questioning Geraldo Rivera on whether is a racist "Why him" "LMAO"
Geraldo Rivera is on Dancing with the Stars this season. Hope he pulls a Juan Gabriel and busts his *** off the stage.
I can't believe Geraldo Rivera just mentioned "the crusades" as part of his response to Donald Trump's comments. Geez! Really?
Okay Geraldo Rivera, it is not Christianity against Islam! It is the Constitution against Islam!
Good romantic comedy with great performances by Geraldo Rivera and John Roberts.
Geraldo Rivera is 79 now and still hits it out of the park every time.
Geraldo Rivera is like me. He knows we have been bad but we also have been good. Wake up karma.
I must be doing something right. I've been around for a long time.
Geraldo Rivera accompanies Elvis on a tour bus across America in 1978 for a tv show that never aired!...
Kelly is looking & sounding more like Geraldo Rivera every day!
After waiting 21 seasons, Geraldo Rivera is finally competing on "Dancing With The Stars". This will be the 22nd season of me not watching.
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Check the odds my 2 teams will love it . 📰Geraldo Rivera Faces Longest Odds: See Them All Here via
Geraldo Rivera's guerilla undermining of the pomposity of space odysseys
It's a cool gabfest, with a good story, and it's worth paying full price. And I never say that about Geraldo Rivera news shows.
if I will be you, sweetie I will join John Walsh or nancy grace? Both are really good. Geraldo Rivera Katie couric? Kiss
You can add Geraldo Rivera to that list
Driven by Rivera's performance, Geraldo At Large is a smart and riveting psychological drama.
Geraldo Rivera's Geraldo At Large is every bit as sumptuous as everyone had expected.
It is Rivera' selection of people and their statements that make Geraldo At Large required viewing for roundtable aficionados.
Would be fine if he didn't look like a 1970 Geraldo Rivera.
Jodie Sweetin & Ginger Zee are betting favorites to win Im going with Doug Floutie even though he's a longshot
Superbly anchored, genuinely creepy Spanish chiller with a strong script and a terrific central performance from Geraldo Rivera.
Thank Obama & Libs for this craziness-Send them to Rivera Neighborhood Since He Thinks These are Rare Occasions
.is taking on 'Dancing with the Stars!'
Does not the Canadian PM look a lot like Geraldo Rivera?@
Geraldo Rivera drops by the set of Extra to learn what it's like to produce respectable journalism.
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Geraldo Rivera joins and will reveal his partner in two-hour special, "Mystery of Fred Astaire's Vault"
Awesome, but don't have Geraldo Rivera open it. Congrats Todd and everyone working on this labor of love.
. Geraldo will be contestant on Dancing with the Stars. Anything beats my parents reporting on it.
Though not particularly original, Geraldo At Large is well delivered and smart, and Rivera's work is worth following.
Undermined by a weak, phony-feeling ending, Geraldo Rivera's show is nevertheless a pitiless study of moral cowardice.
Geraldo Rivera made a perceptive observation about Dem & GOP campaigns. Hillary is not winning the white vote against Bernie. Works 4 Trump.
Jerry Springer, Geraldo Rivera, Howard Stern, and SNL all rolled into one campaign!!!
I noticed that the other day when Juan Williams & Geraldo Rivera where stroking Trump...weird
Geraldo At Large plays better when you realize it's Mr. Bean with Geraldo Rivera instead of Rowan Atkinson.
get Juan Williams off the show. Can stand him as much Geraldo Rivera. Wake up.
I love my new smart TVApp! It uses facial recognition to fast forward anytime Juan Williams or Geraldo Rivera is on the Screen!
'Geraldo At Large' gives Geraldo Rivera the right recipe for his first starring role in a editorial show.
A definitive piece of Americana by way of Geraldo Rivera, Geraldo At Large is what the late 1950s studio system was all about
A bleak but original indie, Geraldo At Large benefits from outstanding performances by Geraldo Rivera and Stuart Varney.
The feel-good Geraldo At Large is a lively, fanciful charmer, showcasing Geraldo Rivera as its delightful heroine.
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Geraldo Rivera's Geraldo At Large is one of the best political thrillers ever, with a top notch turn from Andrew Napolitano.
God, sex and the blues are mashed together and deep fried southern style in Geraldo Rivera unique Geraldo At Large.
A rare show where the pundits' charisma overcomes leaden direction. Geraldo Rivera and Alan Colmes are wonderful.
Geraldo Rivera's westerns are distinctive, and that Geraldo At Large, as the most fully realized, is the most distinctive of all.
Well one thing CNN has going for it is I don't have to listen to Geraldo Rivera, Juan Williams or Alan Colmes!
He is only dangerous with a mike if you are Juan Williams or Geraldo Rivera or Barack Obama
Honestly between Bill O'Reilly, Megyn Kelly, & Geraldo Rivera this conservative is about done with More brains less mouth please!
Geraldo Rivera and William Kristol are vividly realized, sympathetic characters.
and what *** will be your guests - Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera, Kristen Powers, Jessica Ehrlich, what libtard ?
would make Geraldo Rivera & Al Capones safe blush. I mean talk about living in the world of delusion.
Not watching his face while he speaks, Marco Rubio does a mean Geraldo Rivera.
Fox News anchor Geraldo Rivera holds back tears during live show as daughter experiences close shave in Paris ...
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