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Gerald Wallace

Gerald Jermaine Wallace (born July 23, 1982) is an American professional basketball player for the New Jersey Nets of the NBA.

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Lol Kawhi is definitely best best best best BEST case scenario lol come on man. You act li…
Transcendent PG has a better chance of vaulting team into greatness than a wing defender.…
Take away the narratives and Kawhi Leonard just Gerald Wallace with a system.
The nets trading for Gerald Wallace ruined the franchise. Never forget that.
I'll never forgive for destroying the Nets roster and trading away all the draft picks for KG n Pierce and Gerald Wallace smh
Then you add Gerald Wallace, who averaged around 12 minutes per game, and this is just a terrible NBA Finals crunch time lineup at best. /11
only time I woulda took Him was back in 2012 over Gerald Wallace. Not now tho lmao
I remember when the cavs signed Jordan stopper Gerald Wallace. Obviously worked out great. I feel the raps, really.
Why yall making a big deal of this, Kobe bet Gerald Wallace $500k that he would make a free throw AND called him a…
Blazers got Lillard in exchange for Gerald Wallace lol
Gerald Wallace. He was done at 29. Poor guy.
whose career disintegrated more rapidly -- Gerald Wallace or Carlos Boozer?
So we are looking at a Gerald Wallace-like production vs age trend?
Wish the celtics still had Gerald Wallace
You can't say that for sure. We acquired the…
Shoutout to all those who remember the great LJ. BUT, Gerald Wallace had 1,800 more points than anyone on this list…
- we got Gerald Wallace via trade. - we traded him for the pick that became Dame
Traded gerald wallace to Brooklyn for that pick
They also had Gerald Wallace before he blew up
They acquired the pick to draft Dame through the Gerald Wallace trade with the nets. The…
Throwback to when Kobe made a $500,000 bet with Gerald Wallace on making this free throw ??
John Wall looking like the old Gerald Wallace.
June gon be lit for concerts lol but Gerald Wallace and Joe Torry next month and Michael blackson and tony rock in April
My All-Alabama team would be nice if Gerald Wallace was in the game. Still need Ruby Mo Williams.
I might be able to create an All-Time Alabama MyTeam this year. McDyess, Sprewell, Mo Williams. Too bad Gerald Wallace isn't in the game.
"Dion is a better all around player than Ky. They should keep him and get picks and Gerald Wallace for Kyrie"
And Tyreke and Gerald Wallace ... their known for it
gotta wonder tho.. nance is similar to crash (Gerald Wallace) in terms of sacrificing his body. Hope he can stay healthy.
Bruh. Billy King gave up 6 years worth of picks for the corpse of KG, Paul Pierce and Gerald Wallace.
That's right, the Gerald Wallace trade. Man, there needs to be a 30 for 30 on Billy King's ineptitude as a general…
are we gonna have a Gerald Wallace appreciation day soon or what?. This guy did so much for y'all
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Gerald Green is a much better version of Gerald Wallace
Kemba Walker just scored his 7,000 point. Fourth all-time in Hornets' history behind Dell Curry, Gerald Wallace, and Larry Johnson.
Brooklyn Nets. -No picks for the rest of their team history. -Trading Damian Lillard for Gerald Wallace. -terrible own…
Back when I had the Gerald Wallace starter kit dreads..
it's crazy how much MKG reminds me of Gerald Wallace
Kemba Walker needs 24 points to reach 7000 for his career (would be the 4th hornet/bobcat to do so dell curry, LJ, and Gerald Wallace)
You still have Lillard and the Nets do not. (Gerald Wallace trade - thought granted Nets were building around Deron.)
a list of people I would go back in time to fight:. - j edgar hoover. - gerald ford. - george wallace. - andrew johnson. - harry truman
How has Gerald Wallace NOT played for the Bucks?
I don't think I've said this before because I just noticed it. But Hayward reminds me of Gerald Wallace in every way. But a better shooter.
I used to rock with the in 2k13, TUH! 🔥🔥🔥. DWill. Keith Bogans. Marshon Brooks. Joe Johnson. Gerald Wallace
Man, LeBron turned iguodala from perfect sixth man, athletic, defensive stopping finals MVP to Gerald Wallace on the nets in three games.
I consider the Gerald Wallace for the no. 6 pick trade an all-time bad GM move tho
Rich Hill is good friends with Pete Kozma, Nick Bonino, and Gerald Wallace. Coincidence?
I feel you but they still needed a PG and Gerald Wallace was getting a little older. He went to the Nets with Pierce and Johnson
game-worn Darius Miles Bobcats jersey and Jordans made for Gerald Wallace signed by Eduardo Najera http…
I once saw Gerald Wallace drop 40 in the Peake, so Rivers has a ways to go before I start getting freaked out
Let's just make peace and bond over our shared love of Phil Pressey, Chris Johnson, Gerald Wallace and Jermaine O'Neal.
thats why the NBA exiled him and Gerald Wallace from the league
. was Gerald Wallace bad for women's basketball?
can't forget Gerald Wallace for the 5th overall pick!
Sonia Wallace, Join me on my new page!
him and Gerald Wallace was a nice combo on 2k tbh
I believe this is called the Gerald Wallace Special
We needed Gerald Wallace for the Playoffs push
Sad how Gerald Wallace falling into Arenas knee set him back, he was never the same
Didn't know brice Johnson was 6'10 cuz I thought his game was similar to Gerald Wallace at 1st glance
I got another one from Bronze Gerald Wallace
his posters like Dwight Capella, Gerald Wallace on the nets, that's all I can think of
JaVale McGee and Gerald Wallace take up 35% of the Sixers' salary cap... 👍🏽
I just thought about it... Future looks like Gerald Wallace 😂
think the wife would frown on that. I have no other jerseys! Tyrus Thomas? Gerald Wallace? Lol.
do people forget that Gerald Wallace once forced Adam Morrison to shower?
Kemba Walker tied Gerald Wallace for the 2nd most 30+ pt games by a player, both behind Glen Rice.
Kemba Walker now has 25 games of 30 or more points. Trails Glen Rice (54) and Gerald Wallace (26) on franchise list.
The Nets have basically traded Draymond Green for Troy Murphy & Damian Lillard for Gerald Wallace. 😖
he's like Gerald Wallace and Dwayne Wade, tossing his body around
it's amazing how far away from that this team has become. We did it with Gerald Wallace/Gerald Henderson had the ability but didn't
Anybody got the map to find Gerald Wallace?
I will take Gerald Wallace back just to get rid of this whiny scrub named
Gerald Wallace-esque full court pass by Smart right there. Impressive.
Where is Gerald Wallace when you need him?
Halfway there and David Lee is basically Gerald Wallace!
Hard to believe Gerald Wallace scored 42 in a game...
Had Bobby Jackson hedu Turkoglu and Gerald Wallace off the bench smh
The Nets deteriorated so quickly, prob still paying Gerald Wallace too
yessir! Only Bobcats players that came close were Gerald Wallace with 42 back in '07 & "Jax" with 43 (Bobcats high) in '10!
On 10th birthday, we play the Gerald Wallace didgeridoo. explain your country.
was Gerald Wallace the last McDonalds All American for Bama?
Glen 'Big Baby' Davis carries Gerald Wallace out of bounds. via
baron Davis, Jason Richardson and Gerald Wallace my oh my
Why are the Nets so bad?. Here's what they gave up to get Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Gerald Wallace, KG & Pierce https:…
I think an Avg jumpshot, elite athleticism, no motor gets him benched. Ricky Davis. McGrady. Gerald Wallace. Fixed
don't pull there's isn't any of the new on the block not even Gerald Wallace or Samuel dalembert
Nerlens Noel will be Stromile Swift. Wiggins will be Gerald Wallace.
Today in 2001 Tony Parker, Joe Johnson, Andrei Kirilenko, Zach Randolph and Gerald Wallace make their NBA debuts.
Gerald Wallace, Marcus Camby and Raymond Felton. Interesting time. When Felton challenged fans to fight him at his house >>>>>
Just a reminder that Sixers will be paying $22 million this year to waived players JaVale McGee and Gerald Wallace.
Is this a chasm or did we forget about Gerald Wallace jumping OVER a 7 footer to dunk?
I told him to tell management to sign Gerald Wallace
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They're still paying Gerald Wallace. Might as well put him to work.
damien is a good player. But why couldn't we resign Gerald Wallace?. :(
yeah thats going to be a problem.Maybe that Gerald Wallace release was a bad idea
I really dont get why hornets signed damien wilkens and not gerald wallace
Will Gerald Wallace get offered a deal, or is he done?
Warriors. losing David Lee for Gerald Wallace will do that imo don't get me wrong they're good but plenty of other teams are too
LIVE on Short flip cut and curl by Gerald LaMar. Color done by Joy Wallace.
Tyson Chandler in Jumpman Pro and Gerald Wallace in Jordan Six Rings -
I got that from Gerald Wallace once. But it felt kinda creepy.
Losing Gerald Wallace really shook the organization, man
Amare Stoudemire,and Gerald Wallace jersey autos, and hardwood auto's
chances thats the real Gerald Wallace, how about this legend
Check out the big homie Sire Lord Gerald Wallace Yacks Ll
lol And you called a woman Gerald Wallace. Smh, you're on one today.
*** Snottie smh ... she do look like Gerald Wallace around the face
Shorty posting deep quotes on her silly vids really resembles Gerald Wallace in her avi. It's remarkable.
The last few years of Gerald Wallace's career have honestly been tragically sad
The Josh Smith/Gerald Wallace chapter in the first book is worth rereading.
Warriors trade Gerald Wallace to Philadelphia in exchange for ...
Gerald Wallace and missed opportunities for Charlotte - At The Hive
Featuring Rod Strickland, Gerald Wallace, Jerry Steakhouse and Grant Hill, who just hit a jumper to get to 42 points.
The Deep Get Deeper -- Gerald Wallace for Jason Thompson: Bob Myers pulled off a good deal when he managed to shed…
Gerald Wallace in, Jason Thompson out, still need $ for Richaun Holmes signed Friday
Jason Thompson is way more serviceable than Gerald Wallace, nice trade by Bob Myers
Warriors have traded Gerald Wallace and cash to the 76ers for Jason Thompson.
OFFICIAL: acquire F Jason Thompson (from in exchange for Gerald Wallace, cash & draft considerat…
I'm thinking the Ian Clark signing is the clue that Gerald Wallace is indeed retiring
Celtics have officially traded with the Warriors for David Lee in exchange for Gerald Wallace and Chris Babb.
The Celtics make the David Lee trade official. Chris Babb is the second piece joining Gerald Wallace on the way out.
The David Lee trade is now official. Chris Babb joins Gerald Wallace as the pieces headed to Golden State.
OFFICIAL: trade to in exchange for F Gerald Wallace & G Chris Babb. MORE »
The Celtics have acquired forward/center David Lee from the Warriors in exchange for Gerald Wallace and Chris Babb:
Golden State Warriors trade David Lee to Boston for Gerald Wallace, Chris Babb ... - GazetteNET
Warriors also receive G Chris Babb in Celtic trade with David Lee and Gerald Wallace
.have completed trade of David Lee to for Gerald Wallace and Chris Babb.
ICYMI: trade to in exchange for Gerald Wallace & Chris Babb »
Golden State will send Lee, a two-time All-Star forward, to Boston for Gerald Wallace and...
what about dem warriors ? No new moves ? Y'all just traded David Lee and signed Gerald Wallace. Same ol' team, 2 peat ?
all this Hansbrough hate from a guy that still wants Gerald least Hans still has some left in the tank lol
He dunked on Dwight Howard Yao Ming Kevin Garnett Latrell Sprewell Gerald Wallace & Lopez dude for the Nets. Man the list is 💯
if you could do the all time Alabama team you could put Mo Williams & Gerald Wallace those the only players I know so far
We had a special guest at the park today. NBA player Gerald Wallace of the Golden State Warriors
Gerald Wallace on back to back threes put within 7!
02' with bibby, divac, webber, Peja,Christie I think maybe Gerald Wallace
Y'all acting like Gerald Wallace being in town is weird. He's from Alabama. He was born in Sylacauga. Calm down.
the Gerald Wallace trade is SO bad, but that Bargs trade is indefensible...nah, GW was worse... Way worse. JihaD
Lol that Bargnani trade is only rivaled by our Gerald Wallace trade for the worst trade in the last decade.
Wow!!! Never saw his monster dunk until tonight!! Gerald Wallace annihilated this dude!
David Lee in a Celtics uniform is a HUGE positive, goodbye Gerald Wallace: via
I'm mad Gerald Wallace is the player recruiter for the Celtics in 2k smh lol
plus we gained kevon looney and Gerald Wallace so
can't forget about Gerald Wallace... (I couldn't say that with a straight face)
nah lance a dog he will hit n e thing and jr can dress... I would say Gerald Wallace lol
Any new news on Warriors plans with Gerald Wallace?
Billy King really took on all of Joe Johnson's contract, traded a top 10 pick to get Gerald Wallace, gave him 40 mil.
Meet Gerald Cooper! This Connecticut native traded winter for Wallace in the 80's- and has never looked back! His...
Kerr says on that he plans on Gerald Wallace being with the team this season.
Evan Turner on last season: "We pretty much had Gerald Wallace cursing us out if we didn't play defense."
Reports: Warriors trade forward David Lee to Celtics for forward Gerald Wallace
and it never really took off. Was nice that you got Dame for Gerald Wallace though. Thank God for Billy King.
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Warriors trade David Lee to the Celtics for Gerald Wallace - -
. listing Gerald Wallace as a "key loss" for the Celtics. He scored 14 baskets last season.
Won a lot of money off this game I knew Gerald Wallace could d up lebron and I knew the celtics could win
Gerald Wallace's role on last year's Celtics is finally revealed
When my Golden State Warriors traded David Lee for Gerald Wallace my first reaction was Gerald Wallace still plays basketball??!?
BREAKING: Celtics trade Gerald Wallace to Golden State for David Lee. (via ESPN)
REPORT: Celtics and Warriors agree to trade David Lee for Gerald Wallace.
Celtics trade Gerald Wallace to Warriors for David Lee - via App
Actually it all depends on if they decide to trade Gerald Wallace to the Nets. If that doesn't happen then no DL
ICYMI: Warriors traded David Lee to Celtics in exchange for Gerald Wallace. . STORY:
Leaving the Champs behind! David Lee was traded to the Boston Celtics for Gerald Wallace. Marc J. Spears of...
David Lee to Boston. Gerald Wallace to Golden State. Chris Broussard explains why it happened in
The have traded Gerald Wallace to the for David Lee.
Billy King traded the 6th pick for Gerald Wallace because he didn't like the draft after top 3. King still has a job.
David Lee for Gerald Wallace. I like. Clearly Warriors wanted a perimeter defender. Lee needs more opportunity too. Good deal!
David Lee has been traded to the Celtics for Gerald Wallace:
Celtics make great move trading Gerald Wallace for David Lee. Ainge quick to find that Brandon Bass replacement 👍
The Celtics landed David Lee for what's left of Gerald Wallace? Danny Ainge is a gangster plain & simple.
Danny Ainge turned Marcus Thornton, Gerald Wallace and a Cavs 1st into David Lee, Isaiah Thomas, and Tyler Zeller.
how about Danny turning Marcus Thornton, Gerald Wallace and a Cleveland 1st into Isaiah Thomas, Tyler Zeller and David Lee??
Pro Basketball Talk - - Report Boston Celtics agree to trade for David Lee for Gerald Wallace
The Celtics have reportedly agreed to trade Gerald Wallace to the Warriors for David Lee.
"TRADE: Celtics acquire David Lee from the Warriors for Gerald Wallace. (h/t ESPN)"
Would you trade Gerald Wallace for David Lee straight up? via
Roy Hibbert to Boston for RJ Hunter and Gerald Wallace or Hibbert to New Orleans for Eric Gordon.two best trade possibilities I've heard
Oh no. It's payback for the Gerald Wallace trade.
also, don't forget about bold moves like drafting Kwame Brown and Adam Morrison, and trading Emeka Okafor and Gerald Wallace
if we ship Gerald Wallace to Philadelphia, we could have 35 million in cap space 😈😈😈
His game (jack-of-all-trade/defensive stopper but can't shoot) hasn't historically aged well. Just look at Gerald Wallace as recent example
If it means the Nets never trade Gerald Wallace for the number 6 pick, I'll totally welcome this world of unicorn feces.
"Gerald Wallace. Turk they was stacked." *** yeah
Shawn Marion is awful lol his role is what Gerald Wallace is to the Celtics
Celtics are gonna be paying Gerald Wallace 10 Mil. To sit on the bench next season
Boy look like Kobe dunking on Gerald Wallace
Barnes couldve been a Net if not for the Gerald Wallace trade, thanks
oh ya when they traded Gerald wallace
The Blazers would still have Damian Lillard even with a healthy B-Roy because the pick came from Brooklyn in the Gerald Wallace trade.
Another trade idea. Send the 28th pick and Gerald Wallace to the Sixers for nothing. His contract needs to be gone, and Philly could help.
Thank you to the Boston for donating this signed Gerald Wallace picture to our Silent Auction!
might get abit of flak. Gerald Wilkins or Gerald Wallace?.
A lander asleep on a comet. Like something from Wallace and Gromit. Has now reawoken. & finally spoken. So data may soon be go…
Celtics currently 25th in committed salary for 2015-2016 season. Without Gerald Wallace's expiring salary they'd be 29th.
Gerald Wallace criticizes Brooklyn for making crippling blockbuster deal for Garnet...
just sent and Gerald Wallace for Nurkic, Hickson and Foye
for the trade rumors assign lamarcus Aldridge in a trade for Gerald Wallace
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Didn't he play Gerald Wallace back in the day?
nets saying their priority is to re sign both thad and brook we lose leverage like Gerald Wallace deal
Why *** don't cheer for gerald wallace lmfao ain't he a celtic
Iggy playing LeBron the best I've seen somebody play LeBron since Gerald Wallace on the bobcats.
Lebron out there playing like Gerald Wallace lol
The only thing is I don't want to part with any of our players... I seriously love our team... Cept Gerald Wallace lets trade him
Makes sense. Seems like he could be a Gerald Wallace or Artest type. Not a workout-friendly skillset. Shoulda wrestled a bear.
So many people wit last name Wallace. Gerald. Rasheed. David Wallace (The Office). Wallace from the "What you talkin bout wallace" joke.
Except last time I did it. It was with the Blazers... With Jamal Crawford and Gerald Wallace anchoring the defense lol
I'm sitting next to Gerald Wallace on this flight to Bhm but too scared to take a selfie... Let alone ask for an autograph.
I see Thanasis as a poor mans Gerald Wallace. D is what you always get while offense is a bonus.
I’m all about protecting players from “reckless” play. See: Andrew Bynum vs. Gerald Wallace, etc. LeBron went for the ball. Stuff happens.
Just had a Gerald Wallace sighting, he's flying Delta these days.
Ad the had Gerald Wallace and bobby Jackson on the bench
who is gonna trade for Gerald Wallace in 2015?
we can trade one/some and Gerald Wallace for salary dump. It's not like they don't have values. Plus we got Nets pick nx year
Gerald Wallace just walked that's pretty cool
they gotta get rid of Gerald Wallace too. He's a waste of money
It amazes me how NBA Front Office can sign people off of and point: Jose Calderon, Channing Frye, Gerald Wallace
Dellavedova's playing his way to a Gerald Wallace contract
Gerald Wallace the highest paid assistant coach in the league lol
lol nah b he wants that Gerald Wallace contract
who would you say has been the most marketable.Gerald "Crash" Wallace
White Chocolate! C-Webb! Vlade! Peja da Gawd! Christie. OG Bobby Jackson and YOUNG Gerald Wallace off the Bench!
2K the only place where Gerald Wallace shoots 4/5 from the 3pt line
lol nets traded their entire future for Paul Pierce, KG and Gerald Wallace 😂
Report: Celtics trade Gerald Wallace, Isiah Thomas and a 2016 1st Round Pick to the Rockets for James Harden, Dwight Howard and 2nd Pick
Gerald Wallace 🏀🏀at Malcolm young i asked his *** did he ever hold curry and i said that *** raw ain't it he was like yea😂😂
They trying to hand out Max Deals to everyone lol. Look what happened with Gerald Wallace and the huge deal he got lol. Kevin Owens
Bruh Gerald Wallace is nowhere near a center
Still much better than you would expect though, if I opened 150k, I'd get Gerald Wallace, Andre Miller and many tears😥
That,Brandon Roy-Gerald Wallace combo on 2k11 was NASTY
hey Gerald Wallace actually led our team for a few years right? Like this actually happened and I'm not just dreaming it???
I bought $50 VC and got Gerald Wallace and Luis Scola Onyx's
HEY CasH I PULLED a NASTYYY onyx today!!! . it was Gerald Wallace. .-.
Staying local, how about G Force Gerald Wallace in his Bobcats prime. Never won but was amazing to watch
With the amount of money that Gerald Wallace makes this season ($15M), we could kill Dzhokhar Tsarnaev 5 times
Happy 61st, Wallace and Ladmo! The "kid show" of political humor, Gerald, the original Krusty and my fav, Capt Super!
Gerald Wallace had a good rookie year for them. Offseason trade for real life Jackie Moon?
Gerald Wallace wants the Red Sox on TV. Other teammates want hoops. "I just watched basketball," Wallace says. And the Sox g…
Gerald Wallace was my favorite player when he was with the Charlotte Bobcats
Gerald Wallace Is still in the league?!
Gerald Wallace should be miked up for every game.
Hey Didn't Gerald Wallace play at Alabama..check-out his comments on Johnson's coaching ability with Nets >
Stuff like this makes me bang my head against the wall. Gerald Wallace only made one All-NBA Defensive Team.
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Just realized that the Nets tried to buy a contender but are only the 7th seed & lost a chance to have for Gerald Wallace lol
If Gerald Wallace dunks tonight, the Celtics go to the playoffs automatically.
"Hey we'll take the last four weeks of Gerald Wallace's contract and here's our lottery pick"
This is pretty much where I've been since the Gerald Wallace trade.
He's got a bit of Gerald Wallace in him.
Not sure about OL at this point other than Tyler Gerald- either Guarantano or Wallace will be the QB
also have onyx Gerald Wallace and onyx Oden if you want them along with Ruby Marion and millsap
Biased? Sure, but Gerald Wallace thinks the Boston Celtics deserve to make the ... -
Got 3 onyx cards today I got 2 Gerald Wallace and onyx Jason terry which kind of not bad
Brad Stevens goes with his gut playing Gerald Wallace vs. Charlotte (and Wallace soars (
Avery Bradley tosses it up to Gerald Wallace for the
Brad Stevens doesn't always rely on the numbers. Here's how he explained his decision to play Gerald Wallace tonight. http:…
Here's Brad Stevens' explanation of why he turned to Gerald Wallace tonight:
Gerald Henderson mad at Gerald Wallace cuz Wallace is the more popular Gerald.
Just tuned into this Celtics game and they kicking *** Gerald Wallace too? Man!
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Celtics' Gerald Wallace will ponder his future: Celtics guard Phil Pressey has sco...
I dont think my ears can pick up the frequencies he talks at. - youtube comments about gerald wallace interview
Celtics' Gerald Wallace will ponder his future
their best ever player is Gerald Wallace 😂
Gerald Wallace has the life, 10 million a year to have court side seats for the Celtics everyday.
Gerald Wallace: Celtics feeding off Brad Stevens' energy: With their 93-89 victory in Indianapolis, the Celtic...
updates Gerald Wallace games 21 to 27 rpg 1.0 to 1.4 apg 0.1 to 0.2 ppg 0.8 to 0.9
I can ball so hard like Gerald Wallace, I'm smart as *** I graduated from Versace junior college.
We have to get rid of Gerald Wallace right? He makes so much money for nothing!
Gerald Wallace nothing but a glorified bank robber at this point. Makes $10,105,855 this season.
but they don't have players the caliber of Evan Turner and Gerald Wallace smh
I don't think it's fair to rule out Gerald Wallace
Gigi, Gerald Wallace, and Kelly watching free throws together. What a big three.
Where can I get a job like Gerald Wallace? Sitting around making millions doing absolutely nothing
I've seen Tony Allen put bron in check. I've seen Gerald Wallace do it. Steven Jackson has done it. Jimmy Butler has done it.
You would have thought losing out on Damian Lillard on the Gerald Wallace reach would have taught King about asset management, but no.
4. Trading away the Damian Lillard pick for Gerald Wallace was a tour de force by King compared to the trade for KG and Paul Pierce.
2. Not Billy King's fault that Deron hasn't earned contract. 3. Giving away the pick that because Dame for Gerald Wallace was 1000x worse.
Gerald Wallace shot 78% from the free throw line in 09-10 so why does he have a 47 free throw? Smh
Next time Celtics do a charity event & send players to read to children they should send Evan Turner and Gerald Wallace. and videotape it
I adore this celtics team.. Except Gerald Wallace
Mo Harkless looks like 2010 Gerald Wallace whenever he plays the Celtics. Fun times.
Gerald Wallace told how James Young needs to take advantage of his opportunities -- well here's his chance, down 10 vs. Orlando.
Gerald Wallace just led a huddle at mid court. This game might get pretty serious.
Wish I got paid $10 million a year to sit on an nba bench like Gerald Wallace
FYI: Gerald Wallace doesn't have his headband on either tonight.
Love watching Gerald Wallace shoot half court shots during warm ups. Exactly what I'd do if I made 8 mil to sit on the end of the bench.
Gerald Wallace taking half court shots pre-game
Gerald Wallace can still send shots into the stands:
I dislike McDaniels. His best career projection is Gerald Wallace, and he's too thin for it. Lack of handles,defense suspect
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I have Onyx Moe Williams, Gerald Wallace, josh smith, and pau gasol if anybody is interested.
You don't think that Tayshaun Prince and Gerald Wallace could get it done?
Jason Richardson, Desmond Mason, Vince Carter, Steve Francis, Josh Smith, and Gerald Wallace used to make the dunk contest LIVE
Gerald Wallace went nuts when the Pats won the SB: Marcus Thornton, how… (New Post)
Marcus Thornton, how did Gerald Wallace react when the Pats won? "Man, it was crazy, man. Shirt off, yelling, screamin…
Gerald Wallace congratulates New England's team, the on their Super Bowl victory!.
Gerald Wallace just grabbed a rebound over Anthony Davis, then drew a foul
Where we are at with the Celtics: Jae Crowder is the leading scorer while Gerald Wallace is defending Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis on Gerald Wallace might be a bit of a mismatch ... there just has to be a better option ... has to.
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