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Time to re-write Gerald Kaufman's quote about the longest suicide note in history
I suggest speaks to Lord O'Neill & Gerald Kaufman. They'll tell you Lab's 1980s policy made no difference to China/Russia
UK Jewish MP Gerald Kaufman tells truth "Israel behaving like the Nazis"
Labour Party Leadership Election. Will Paul Flynn throw his hat in the ring?. Or Gerald Kaufman?
Gerald will be 86 on June 21st. A brilliant & wise statesman. His party misses those like him!
We have complained to the whip about She has still not acted over Sir Gerald Kaufman’s antisemitic sp…
has been suspended by But she’s still on And what about Sir Gerald Kaufman MP? http…
Bloody *** I read this was over manoeuvrings for Gerald Kaufman's seat?
Indeed. Sir Gerald Kaufman (b. 21 June 1930) nearest in age to HMQ of current MPs.
A letter from Sir Gerald Kaufman, MP for Gorton CLP. He accepts Jeremy Corbyn as elected leader of the Labour Party.
This really doesn't surprise me. Odious Gerald Kaufman has reigned there for 33 yrs. People behave as leader allows
SPUTNIK: Orbiting the world with George Galloway - Episode 14 via 12:45 Sir Gerald Kaufman on
Gerald Kaufman but I can't name any of the Greens I've always voted for
You need to lobby your MP. If it's Sir Gerald Kaufman U should write to him. Find out here
Gerald Kaufman’s constituency party suspended by HQ after reports of abusive behaviour by local members.
current MP Gerald Kaufman will be 89 at GE, sounds like literal fight over succession for 24k majority safe seat...
Gerald Kaufman, 86, isn't well and is unlikely to fight the next election. Gorton is a safe seat, so members will be considering succession.
NB not thought to relate to Corbyn - more about succession from Gerald Kaufman
is part of Manchester Gorton UK Parliamentary constituency & is represented by Gerald Kaufman, seat held since 1983
UK Jewish MP Gerald Kaufman Israel behaving like the Nazis via
Reading Macmillan biog & realised how long Gerald Kaufman's been in politics when he's mentioned as losing to Macmillan in '55 election!
Gerald Kaufman MP, gives one of his best speeches about israel. via
I wounder what they call people like norman finkelstein, Gerald Kaufman and other prominent jewish voices who speak out against…
Gerald Kaufman MP "Israelis' better nature .. do not have one."
Alan Johnson, Gerald Kaufman, David Davis, Margaret Beckett and Yvette Cooper were among the MPs to make powerful speeches as Brita...
What about the serious speeches from Gerald Kaufman & David Davis et al???
"more than half of the "stabbing" reports have been fabricated by Israel
Cue the slurs. The truly honourable
If you feel strongly about this antisemitic event at which Gerald Kaufman MP spouted conspiracy theories aimed to...
Still no comment on antiSemitism in ? Are u happy is spreading hatred of
Even for an antisemite like Kaufman, the idea that Israel is making up the recent stabbings is spectacularly bonkers ht…
# True all Masons all deviates Spivs Liars & Crooks That's how they earn a living
National media now picking up on racist claims that the government is manipulated by "Jewish money"
A number of well-off Jews back Conservative Friends for Israel. Is their money "Jewish"? Is Gerald Kaufman?
hey Gerald Kaufman, what's Jewish money? do the family that run the beigal shop near my house also supply the govt with Jewish money?
Gerald Kaufman always brave enough to speak out against the brutal Apartheid state!
Well done for calling out Gerald Kaufman's grotesque anti-Semitism. British media depressingly silent.
Gerald Kaufman's obscene antisemitism in Parliament taped. When will act?
Jews are using Jewish money to influence the UK Conservative party according to MP Gerald Kaufman. ***. The...
Labour MP Gerald Kaufman accuses Government of being swayed by 'Jewish money'
"In the last few days alone the Israelis have murdered 52 Palestianians..."
Thank god for people like Gerald Kaufman!
Jewish MP Gerald Kaufman accuses Israel of fabricating some knife attack stories
Labour MP Gerald Kaufman accuses Israel of executing people just for looking like Arabs.
First Seumas Milne and now Gerald Kaufman, does anyone actually care about the concerns of the Jewish community at the
,Gerald Kaufman and the unabashed anti-semites pushing lies & old hatreds .
After Michael Meacher's death, only Gerald Kaufman, Alan Haselhurst, Ken Clarke & Dennis Skinner remain in the Commons from the 1970 intake
Death of Michael Meacher leaves only three sitting MPs who were first elected in 1970: Gerald Kaufman, Ken Clarke and Dennis Skinner
Gerald Kaufman became assistant General Secretary of in 1954, Wilson SPAD, MP since 1970
Gerald Kaufman and Dennis Skinner keeping it real in the Commons today
Gerald Kaufman: Muslims are proud of this country, proud of their religion and proud of their heritage.
There is an in build racial bias that has lead to proportionately higher number of Muslims in prison -Gerald Kaufman
Muslims are totally a part of this country. Gerald Kaufman
Phonehacked by the Mail on Sunday > Gerald Kaufman, Tessa Jowell, David & Edwina Currie i…
SIR GERALD KAUFMAN (MP). This is the question Gerald Kaufman (MP and Jew) asked David Cameron yesterday during an emergency session of Parliament regarding Ukraine and Gaza (please note, nothing about Ukraine) Sir Gerald Kaufman (Manchester, Gorton) (Lab): "Will the right hon. Gentleman condemn outright the Israeli massacre over the weekend at Shujai’iya of 67 Palestinian innocents whom Netanyahu has obscenely described as “telegenically dead”, together with the four innocent people killed today by the Israeli direct hit on the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades’ hospital? Will he also increase the Government’s valuable aid to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency? Some 67,000 Palestinians have fled to its refuge centres, but they are running out of water and money to feed them. While in no way condoning the actions of Hamas, I ask him to point out to Netanyahu, on the evidence of the two previous Israeli attacks on Gaza, that he can kill, but he cannot win." Full transcribe of the entire session can ...
Sanctions on An idea who's time has come! George Galloway in discussion with Gerald Kaufman:
Proud of my MP, Gerald Kaufman, highlighting the 'constant stream' of murders of Palestinians by Israeli military, at PMQs.
Just read an item in the mirror that made me think ,Call me Dave (Cameron) invited the cast of Strictly come dancing(a programme I don't watch) to a little soiree at no 10 and everyone went except ex corrie actress Natalie Gumede whom refused to go on the grounds that she disagrees profoundly with conservative policies and in the wake of yesterday's debate in parliament on food banks& poverty during which the conservatives jeered and whistled and sniggered and welfare chief Duncan Smith scuttled off and left it to his deputy ms Mcvay to speak for him .ex labour minister Gerald Kaufman said it was the nastiest speech he'd ever heard from the front bench as ma Mcvay claimed it was a good thing that 500,000.people used food banks.want to say well done to Natalie for refusing call me Dave's invite on a matter of principal!
During the six-year intifada, the Israeli army killed more than 1,000 Palestinians and arrested more than 120,000.[51] In the first five weeks alone, 35 Palestinians were killed and some 1,200 wounded, a casualty rate that only energized the uprising by drawing more Palestinians into participating.[52] By 1990 Ktzi'ot Prison in the Negev held approximately one out of every 50 West Bank and Gazan males older than 16 years.[53]Gerald Kaufman remarked: "[F]riends of Israel as well as foes have been shocked and saddened by that country's response to the disturbances."[54] In an article in the London Review of Books, John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt asserted that IDF soldiers were given truncheons and encouraged to break the bones of Palestinian protesters. Swedish branch of Save the Children estimated that, "23,600 to 29,900 children required medical treatment for their beating injuries in the first two years of the intifada", one third of whom were children under the age of ten years old.[55] Israel adopted ...
Phonehacked by the Sunday Mail > Gerald Kaufman, Tessa Jowell, David Blunkett & Edwina Currie in May 2000 t
Green Party members were amongst the 100 local protestors at the Save Alexander Park Trees campaign event on Saturday 9th February. The speakers included MP Gerald Kaufman and Marc Hudson, co-editor of the Manchester Climate Monthly website and paper, who urged the campaign to keep focus.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Phonehacked in May 2000 by the Sunday Mail : Gerald Kaufman, Tessa Jowell, David Blunkett and Edwina Currie
Hi all I received a letter from the right hon Gerald Kaufman this morning regarding Sunny Brow! my first from the house of commons lol. And I quote " Thank you for your letter dated 14th December 2012. I am very fond of Sunny Brow Park and was passing by it only on friday. I participated in an award for the park sometime ago. I shall certainly look into your concerns and will be in touch with you again as soon as I have any news. What do you think? Also had a great meeting today regarding future funding for the park ! so good day all round x
"Israel was born out of Jewish Terrorism" Tzipi Livnis Father was a Terrorist" Astonishing claims in the House of Parliament. SIR Gerald Kaufman, the veteran...
bold and truthful statements made in the House of Parliament by MP SIR Gerald Kaufman,
It's not just Skinner, Cameron's also, recently, been very rude to Dorries, Carswell, Jim Cunningham & Gerald Kaufman.
Edwina Currie, Gerald Kaufman, Lord Bell, David Blunkett and Tessa Jowell were warned about Phone Hacking in May 2000.
Gerald Kaufman, brought up as an orthodox Jew, makes one of the most poignant speeches ever heard in UK Parliament:
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