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Gerald Durrell

Gerald Gerry Malcolm Durrell, OBE (7 January 1925 – 30 January 1995) was an English naturalist, zookeeper, conservationist, author and television presenter.

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Day 11: A book I love that made me laugh out loud is My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durr…
When your house becomes a wildlife sanctuary. Bees in the roof, rabbits & a harvest mouse living in the garden. Fee…
My Family and Other Animals Gerald Durrell first edition via
Have any of you guys read Gerald Durrell's MY FAMILY & OTHER ANIMALS? I just read the opening & am very tempted... htt…
Keith Somerville's inspiring piece in Global Geneva on the Gerald Durrell legacy.
35. My Family & Other Animals by Gerald Durrell, a very funny, happy book about an idyllic childhood lived on a slice of heaven.. Lovely.
Latest literary adventure. A first edition of Gerald Durrell's first book.
The Durrells in Corfu ! Monument to Gerald Durrell on Spianata Square in Kerkyra on island of Corfu !…
Examination of my connection with Gerald Durrell
Excellent piece by Keith Somerville on the Gerald Durrell legacy in Global Geneva. A must read.
It was the author Gerald Durrell who said that 'A house is not a home until it has a dog.' We'd argue his mainly...
4 of 5 stars to Birds, Beasts and Relatives by Gerald Durrell
Very tired after an exciting day, but I must curl up w Gerald Durrell's Birds, Beasts, and Relatives. It always makes me stay up too late.
Milo is growing up in a miniature version of a Gerald Durrell book! Must be amazing for him.
1979- Here's Lee & Gerald Durrell with ex-Head of Bird Dept David Jeggo collecting the threatened…
He is so sweet, he's like a little Gerald Durrell!! 😊
I added a video to a playlist Gerald Durrell to Lee McGeorge - Read by Tom Hiddleston
Gerald Durrell got Corfu. This poor Gerry gets the Orkneys
England in glorious June! Gerald Durrell had it right 'Pudding Island'. Greece is looking mighty tempting.
If she's into animals, Gerald Durrell (The Bautista Beagles, A Zoo in my Luggage, My Family and Other Animals, etc.)
On page 187 of Birds, Beasts and Relatives, by Gerald Durrell
Just asked about a book by Gerald Durrell's sister! I didn't know she'd written anything! It's "Whatever Happened to Margo?" pub1995.
Stabbing the cat while reading Gerald Durrell.
Gerald Durrell, My family and other animals. I have re-read it tens of times and still laugh out loud at the funniest moments
Marked as to-read: My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell
It's & we're bringing you a beautiful shot of Lee & Gerald Durrell with the ring-tails at Jersey Zoo…
On page 147 of Birds, Beasts and Relatives, by Gerald Durrell
I keep telling that Gerald Durrell was right...he hated people...'coz they destroy, kill, hurt.🤢🤢
I grew up wanting to be Gerald Durrell. It may be a little late to change career but a life with less humans & more nature appeals right now
Tough week of news so re-reading my life-long favorite book: My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell. It's a beautiful paean to nature
We have plenty of future naturalists, but shortage of ordinary people who care about can change that
On page 91 of Birds, Beasts and Relatives, by Gerald Durrell
oh I love that! They're from Gerald Durrell's My Family & Other Animals. The Larry in question is Lawrence of Alexandria Quartet fame.
anybody read the Gerald Durrell piece on the Indian flying squirrel? I can always recall it from some happy place in my mind. Memories :')
"My Family and Other Animals" by Gerald Durrell. A TV series, 10 or so seasons. :-)
Alright, putting Gerald Durrell's "Beasts in my Belfry" back on audiobook for the kid and resuming the drive
If it worked for Gerald Durrell it could work for you (maybe...)
On page 37 of 196 of The Garden of the Gods, by Gerald Durrell
Check out My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell via @
So The Durrells, series 1 is finally over. What a shame Gerald Durrell is no longer with us to see how well his books have been adapted.
On page 114 of 248 of Birds, Beasts, and Relatives, by Gerald Durrell
Watched The Durrells on ITV? Borrow The Corfu trilogy by Gerald Durrell from us
Go to Corfu and, while there, read Gerald Durrell's "My Family and Other Animals"!
Beautiful quote by Gerald Durrell's older brother Lawrence, ironically the one who dreamt of being a great writer...
six part drama currently on ITV is based on Gerald magical chi…
six part drama currently on is based on Gerald magical childhood on in 1930s
.to welcome Lee of founded by author Gerald
here's a link to the whole thing: beautiful love letter from naturalist G Durrell
"your sweet, ever surprising mind which is an enchanting quarry in which it is my privilege to delve." Gerald Durrell writes a hot missive
what a beautiful love letter. Gerald Durrell, unexpected poet | Durrelliana -
On page 72 of 273 of My Family and Other Animals, by Gerald Durrell
Interview with Henry Cavill about Gerald Durrell's legacy at the Durrell Challenge earlier today by Jersey ITV... https…
Yes, you're right Kevin, but people like him, Gerald Durrell and Alison Jolly are not born every day
Old Dame Edna Experience interview with Tom Jones, Lauren Bacall, Gerald Durrell and Jeffrey Archer, 1989 lol
Music video legend Steve Barron to helm new series on Gerald Durrell
ICYMI Letters Live: "All this I did without you" a letter from Gerald Durrell to Lee McGeorge read by Tom Hiddleston h…
Gerald Durrell convinced me that animals make better company than human beings
In the words of Gerald Durrell, quoting visitor to Jersey Zoo: "They're stuffed, Millie" - rhino today
Since you got Katherine Neville’s backlist into ebook form, is Gerald Durrell’s next? You’ve got his brother’s but not his
oh you must! also, the entire family Durrell in Gerald Durrell's books is a masterpiece of characterization.
Cañas, Gerald Durrell and sunshine. This forever please. @ Comares
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There is no first world and third world. There is only one world, for all of us to live and delight in. ~ Gerald Durrell
Gerald Durrell, the legend who only gave one about the safety of nature and animals.also my mums inspiration 😂🌲🐅
On Oct 7 I'll be chairing a celebration of Gerald Durrell's delightful My Family and Other Animals
Oh, ok, thank makes much more sense! Here's the book too:.
Gerald Durrell’s trilogy of Corfu memoirs is being turned into a six-part mini series by Britain’s ITV. Set on...
A reminder of Gerald Durrell. Warm fuzzies to your relationship with your Dad.
NO!IM DEAD!can he go to corfu where gerald durrell, the naturalist, probably studied an ocean animal
Ever wonder what links to Find out: …
Helped create a new poster of Gerald Durrell book titles. See Editors Blog for details:
“Gradually the magic of the island settled over us as gently and clingingly as pollen.” . ― Gerald Durrell, My...
Ever wonder what links to Find out:
A2. Pandemonium or My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell are quite hilarious
I think i should reread Gerald Durrell's trilogy about Corfu while we'll ride train. 21 h -- it'll be enough =)
No. 5 Gerald Durrell 'My Family and Other Animals' Funny, just very, very funny and very lovely.
Gerald Durrell and I have been sketching. He's a lovely model 😉
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Yes:-). Gerald Durrell: "If naturalists go to heaven, I hope I will be furnished with a troop of kākāpō to amuse me instead of television".
'The works of writers like James Herriott and Gerald Durrell is what inspired me to write' -
Outstanding final plenary of an outstanding Carl Jones honours Gerald Durrell's legacy
Surprises from LL tonight: Tom Hiddleston reading letter from Gerald Durrell to his wife (I may have melted) & Kylie Minogue.
4 of 5 stars to The Picnic and Suchlike Pandemonium by Gerald Durrell
English obits warm my heart. I grew up reading Gerald Durrell compulsively (unusual in the US, I don't think I know anyone else)
Gerald Durrell is always the best - 'It looks like a small elephant gone wrong' description of a Tapir from The Whispering Land.
At the Gerald Durrell Conservation Park..what an amazing selfless project this man put together..sacrificing many...
watching CART.Did you know the Dodo is symbol of Trust founded by Gerald Durrell
Interesting. I've read Lawrence Durrell, but not Gerald. How did you come to be reading this - surely not for your studies?
Forewords by Gerald Durrell and Sir Peter Scott?!? What's not to love?
5 of 5 stars to The Corfu Trilogy by Gerald Durrell
My family and other animals Gerald Durrell
My family and other animans by gerald durrell
you shd read Gerald Durrell then. A proponent of zoos. Of course, his zoos aren't anything like ours.
not entirely sure. I remember Gerald Durrell writing in their favour for endangered animals.
The only zoo I’ve ever liked the sound of was the Jersey Zoo, run by Gerald Durrell, chronicled in his Stationary (ery?) Ark.
To bed with Gerald Durrell's 'my family and other animals' I want to re-live Corfu literary style...
I remember that well I have had lots of attachment to Durrell. Gerald Durrell wrote the forward to my first hardback book.
Just found an old VHS of the Boys Brigade camp to Jersey back in '98 featuring an epic trip to Gerald Durrell's Zoo where Alex Brownridge farted in a chimps face! Long gone crazy days!
My eldest child is nearly twenty and I've never taken my children to a zoo. I saw an awful one with hardly any space for its animals before I had children in Guernsey and even the more well-known Gerald Durrell zoo in Jersey seemed to keep their huge orangutan in a small enclosure. I've supported the Born Free Foundation ever since and what this zoo has done here has nothing to do with caring for its inmates (in my opinion)
Here are Ella Berthoud's book recommendations from Salon's Big Ideas on Thurs: How Do I get through the Winter? The Greengage Summer by Rumer Godden Enchanted April by Elizabeth von Arnim Moominvalley in November by Tove Jansson How do I get over my obsession with buying bags? Obsession cure – Moby *** by Hermann Melville Death in Venice by Thomas Mann Fashion madness cure Fabulous Nobodies by Lee Tulloch The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger I can’t finish any books! Follow the 50 page rule – read 50 pages before giving up Cut up big fat tomes! Read with a friend or a group of friends My Golf is rubbish how can I improve it: Give up! Read a good novel instead. But to focus your mental faculties, read Penelope Fitzgerald’s The Blue Flower If you recycled yourself and came out as someone new, who would that be? Gerald Durrell who wrote My Family and Other Animals I need to think before I speak: Black Swan Green by David Mitchell and Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov I’d Like to Learn how to Cycle: ...
On this day - 30th January – in Jersey 1995 – Gerald Durrell died on this day. Born in India in 1925 and brought up in Corfu, Gerald had always been fascinated by animals. At 16he had joined Whipsnade Zoo as a student keeper and later financed his own animal collecting expeditions. Being short of funds he began writing about his exploits and The Overloaded Ark was the beginning of a successful writing career. The money he made from his books enabled him to open his own zoo in the grounds of Les Augres Manor in 1959. The zoo’s philosophy is to specialize in species which are in danger of extinction, to breed them in captivity and later release them back to the wild.
Find books like The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. We recommend Cider with Rosie by Laurie Lee, Sickened by Julie Gregory, Swallow the Ocean by Laura M. Flynn, Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal? by Jeanette Winterson, My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell, Duke of Deception by Geoffrey...
OK Heather Williams Scheuring here is my top ten: 1. Gerald Durrell, Gerald Durrell's My Family and Other Animals 2. Gerald Durrell, Fillets of Plaice 3. A.S. Byatt, The Children's Hour 4. Anne Lamott, Tender Mercies 5. Jerry Spinelli, Maniac Magee, 6. Gary Paulsen, Harris and Me 7. Jack London, White Fang 8. John Nichols, The Milagro Beanfield War 9. The Daybooks of Edward Weston 10. Sandra Cisneros, The House on Mango Street. I have read all of these books numerous times and I can say they have changed my life!!!
i recommended the Bartimaeus Trilogy, and those books by James Herriot. And Gerald Durrell.. .__.
Imagine a dinner with Gerald Durrell, Brian Blessed and Oliver Reed. I bet it would be amazing.
Dr Aparajita Datta’s love of nature and animals began in the classroom, inspired by the books of Gerald Durrell and James Herriot. Arriving at the Pakke Tiger Reserve in Arunachal Pradesh in North East India in 1995 to study the impact of logging on arboreal creatures including squirrels and primate...
A good comfort book -- FAUNA AND FAMILY -- a memoir of childhood by the English writer Gerald Durrell who lived on the Mediterranean island of Corfu with his mother and older siblings in the years before WWII. In this book, he is about ten years old: Chapter I, The Garden of the Gods, "The island lay bent like a misshapen bow, its two tips nearly touching the Greek and Albanian coastlines, and the blue waters of the Ionian Sea were caught in its curve like a blue lake. Outside our villa was a wide flagstoned verandah roofed with an ancient vine from which the great green clusters of grapes hung like chandeliers; from here one looked out over the sunken garden full of tangerine trees and the silver-green olive groves to the sea, blue and smooth as a flower petal. In fine weather we always had our meals on the verandah at the rickety marble-topped table, and it was here plans were made, remade and discarded...albeit haphazardly, so that a simple request for an omelette might end in a three-mon ...
Today is January 7, The Day of Unusual Interests. Not only are people on this day (and other 7's in the year) unusual but they are drawn by unusual happenings. Happy Birthday to Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, anthropologist Zora Neal Hurston, macabre cartoonist Charles Addams, Exorcist novelist William Peter Blatty, film actors Nicholas Cage and Terry Moore, naturalist-writer Gerald Durrell, pianist Clara Haskil, surrealist painter Oscar Dominguez, harp vituoso Nicholas Zabaleta, serotonin discoverer Irvine Page, US president Millard Fillmore, poet Robert Duncan, composer Francis Poulenc, singer-songwriter Kenny Loggins, governors Orville Faubus and Claude R. Kirk.
I read a lot of James Herriot also, and Gerald Durrell, and that turned me off being a vet rofl. but love animals
The Drunken Forest, by Gerald Durrell: Article by Michelle Lewis And, indeed, the whole landscape did look as t...
Thank you I have one correction to myself - not all of Gerald Durrell's books were about his childhood.
Born Paul Mackenzie Crook in Maidstone, Kent, he describes his childhood in nearby Dartford as "thoroughly middle-class". His dad worked for British Airways; his mother was a hospital administrator. Crook was extremely small as a teenager. "I was tiny," he says. "A pipsqueak." While his school friends were going to the park and drinking cider, he immersed himself in reading, drawing and the natural world. "I used to go down to the river and collect wildlife and keep it in tanks. I fancied myself as a bit of a Gerald Durrell." While his friends grew into adolescence, Crook remained trapped in childhood. "When I was 16, I looked 12," he says matter-of-factly, with no trace of bitterness. "If my contemporaries went to a 15-rated film, I couldn't go. When they started to date and go to pubs, I honestly still looked like a little boy." His parents became worried about his size and Crook was eventually prescribed a synthetic human growth hormone. "I was one of the first people to try it," he says.
Drinking cheap bourbon, reading Bill Bryson and Gerald Durrell.
Fcuk Fcuk, don't give me the run around. My family and other animals (Gerald Durrell), loved the gecko, Time is of the essence," to be or not to be"," Et tu Brute"'. said Julius malema,sorry Ceasar. Fcuk Fcuk
Golden Bats And Pink Pigeons A new cover reprint of the classic account of Gerald Durrell's expedition to Mauritius to
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