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Gerald Butler

His Honour Gerald Norman Butler, QC (15 September 1930 – 28 February 2010) was an English judge, who was the senior judge at Southwark Crown Court.

Andrew Lloyd Webber Emmy Rossum Simon Lee Law Abiding Citizen Aaron Eckhart Bradley Cooper Ewan McGregor Morgan Freeman Tom Hardy Ryan Gosling Tommy Fleming Jamie Foxx Galway Girl Jason Statham Hugh Jackman Rod Stewart

Future butler: "And what music would suit your liking tonight, sir?". Future me: "Play me only your finest Odesza, Gerald". Butler: "Lol lit"
On top of that Gerald Green shouldn't have scored that many points that's on Wade and Butler
"The Bulls were on their way to sweeping the seed behind Jimmy Butler. Then..everything changed when The Gerald Green attacked."
Nice to see Gerald Butler in Glasgow, presumably completing his pish trilogy with Hampden Has Fallen. (Body count at least 11 by my count)
Tough matchups against Wade and Butler . Porzingis and Courtney Lee for Bradley Smart Crowder Gerald green (I know)
Gerald Green is battling Jimmy Butler to be the leading scorer in this game. What world are we living in?
Gerald Green outplaying Jimmy Butler? Couldn't be my franchise cornerstone..
unsurprisingly Gerald Green does not get the same calls Jimmy Butler does.
Thank baby Jesus for Gerald Green. He's the reason that Jimmy Butler run doesn't have Chicago up at half
Celtics lead the Bulls 57-46 at the half behind Superstar Gerald Green's 16 points. Butler has 17 for Chicago
We're seeing so many superstars in 1 day:. Russell Westbrook . James Harden. Gerald Green. Jimmy Butler. LeBron. Kyrie Irving. Chris Paul. Crazy
Who needs Paul George or Jimmy butler when you have GERALD GREEN???
Man, the Bulls really blew it when they didn't trade Jimmy Butler for Gerald Green.
We've had Canaan off the bench and now Butler on Gerald Green to try to slow him down.
Gerald Green is EN FUEGO. 6-of-8 for 16 points. Smart gave Butler an unnecessary shove. Not much but still no reason to fire up a dead dog.
Jimmy Butler has the worst hair in the NBA other than Gerald Green and Kelly Olynyk. . :(
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Gerald Green is why Ainge didn't trade for Butler/George at the deadline
After the little Butler/Smart beef, Gerald Green pulled Smart to the corner of the court and talked to him, calmed him down.
Gerald Green, 31, the oldest player on the team drags away younglings Smart and Rozier from an altercation with Jimmy Butler and Canaan.
why should the Celtics trade for Butler or PG-13 when they have GERALD GREEN
I didn't think we'd have a Jimmy Butler vs Gerald Green showdown, but here we are. Knocks down another shot.
The should just operate in the paint. Wade/Butler when Thomas guards them & needs to take Gerald Green on to the block.
TRADE ALERT: Celtics receive Jimmy Butler in exchange for Marcus Smart, Amir Johnson, and Gerald Green.
Celtic had Rod Stewart & Gerald Butler in stands supporting them.Huns reverted to Torbett their only famous fan
I think Gerald Butler has got more coverage than Craig Gordon is in the game. Butler has certainly been busier.
Rod Stewart, Gerald Butler here to see the Celtic, Dave King couldn't be arsed turning up
Pal : " I never knew Gerald Butler was a Tim " . Other pal : " there's no many Huns called Gerald " !. 😳
ID2 director new feature film like San Andreas disaster movie. There are Gerald Butler and Jim Sturgess as brothers.
You *think* it's Gerald Butler but it's actually Jim Purvis doing his Texas Tom impression
Love being cornered by a drunk woman in central and being told now Gerald Butler is single I have no chance x
my mum just started talking about 'gerald butler' I'm pissing myself
Hamilton Collection
I think I am going back to my original plan after graduation; move to Ireland and meet a Gerald Butler type somewhere in the mountains
"Didn't Gerald Butler die? You know, the guy who played King Laranitus." Cameron is good with names.
Gerald Butler is that kinda actor you really wanna see in a movie.
"I love Gerald Butler". "He probably doesn't know who you are". OH OK
let me bring all my Gerald butler movies and ice cream πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
The interesting Gerald Butler on his exercise routine . courtesy of
Gerald Butler is everything as The Phantom of the Opera πŸ™Œ
I swear Aaron Eckhart and Gerald Butler were a couple in London is Fallen.
The Gerald Butler ads are back when he talks twaddle.Mind you as it was first shown in 2015 he's
...and I'm reading it in Gerald Butler's voice. πŸ˜‚
Gerald butler is the man of my dreams oh my god kiss meh
"With GQ best actor of the year Gerald Butler πŸ‘πŸΌ pic by
Citizen Abiding Law. I don't think this movie title would have interested Gerald Butler. Maybe Tom Hanks though
Is it that bad? No redeemable qualities? Even with Gerald Butler and that Lannister guy?
Gerald Butler Home haulers and removal Focus Kerm movers...and there is one other person from Baltimore who does...
Little Giant Ladders
Even better tonight that Gerald Butler was in the audience 😍😍
Oh and gentlemen I can now say I have been the presence of Mr Gerald Butler (all rugged) in stalls, Claire Sweeney was upstaged
First time i saw it i thought it was a spoof. It's the Gerald Butler voice though πŸ˜‚
Gerald Butler is a lawyer. Not a rock star, or an American citizen, but if he dressed like King Leonidas, I’d overlook it.
My gf's celebrity "free pass" is Gerald Butler, and mine is my gf because yah right like I'm gonna walk into THAT propeller bla…
Busted! Hollywood star Gerald Butler busted checking out 7 female passerbys as he relaxed at pub
Gerald Green is the best dunker of his generation. .
I really liked Law Abiding Citizen and 300 from Gerald Butler
Gerald Butler in Gods of Egypt is the Shatner-level stuff of legends.
Gerald butler is one badass mofo and I love him 😍
Olympus has fallen is such a great film! Gerald Butler is a sick actor
Productive morning in town, now time to chill with a cold drink and London Has Fallen. Gerald Butler, show me what you got πŸ’₯
A lil Jazz courtesy of Jonathan Butler and Gerald Albright with a background of a beautiful…
Isn't there that Ferris Wheel Gerald Butler keeps blowing up?
who be Butler? Abi na Gerald Butler the actor you mean? Our beef is just begun ni o! How dare una carry Wade!
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By the way. Gerald Butler didn't say anything. He's an actor. LOL
Anything with Gerald butler in is worth a watch ❀️❀️ xx
What did Gerald Butler say about trump during the RNC?
Gerald Butler is a straight up savage
How many times must Gerald Butler save the president before America learns??
I just finished watching London has Fallen for the nth time. Loving Gerald Butler deeply once again. lol
When does Gerald Butler finish the has Fallen series with "Francis has Fallen"?
Watching a cheerful little documentary called London has fallen. It's a true story right? I hope Gerald Butler is on my side when I need him
Artists like Gerald Butler, Brian Culbertson, Boney James, and Incognito, yes love smooth jazz.
The Ugly Truth 3/10 (2 because of Gerald Butler). couldn't get past the first 15mins
konje that's the with Gerald Butler neh it is better
No KD, no Cousins , no Westbrook, no Love, no Butler. Who we get? Gerald Green. Wow! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Celtics never stops amazing me.
Fani Maseremule is the Gerald Butler of south Africa
Gerald Butler and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau are the best parts of the movie.
Inside my mind β™« The Phantom of the Opera by Simon Lee, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Emmy Rossum & Gerald Butler β€”
Jason is Essex version of Gerald butler
Plus Gerald Butler was on his own this dude in The Following got a cult with him
aw why is Gerald Butler the villain in this movie πŸ˜ͺ😭
Okay, this guy at the bar looks like Gerald Butler... Do I hit on him...or...?
Gonna watch American Dad and not cry and wake up wishing I was married to Gerald Butler.
As much as the Irish accent is the worst in History, P.S I love you makes my heart cry. Give me Gerald Butler pls ❀️
Even though Gerald Butler is 46, he is still hot 😍
I always thought of Druss either being Scottish or Austrain. Gerald Butler may be good if they could age him.
'London has fallen' was a good movie. Gerald Butler back at it again with the great performance
Instagram - "When your having lunch and Gerald Butler appears across from you πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ." ht…
yes agree so much. Biggest *** of the casting. That and Gerald Butler as the Phantom.
Gerald Green, Caron Butler, McRoberts, Juwan Howard Jr., and a few more shooters off the bench
For those my favorite rapper is kid ink and actors is Cree chino and Gerald butler
Watch us get dorrell Caron butler James Jones and green. All 3 chip years combined with Gerald green
Gerald Green should sign with the Bulls. Backing up Jimmy Butler
Prof is screening phantom of the opera (gerald butler) should i ditch
so sobering when Gerald Butler kept breaking into a Scottish accent.
butler is NOT anywhere near what MKG has defecive potential. he has Gerald wallace potential .
I forget it was this Saturday. No thank you. I don't want anyone from Paisley. Unless it's Gerald Butler. πŸ˜‚
Gerald Butler has found his niche as playing ancient movies. Despite how culturally inaccurate they may be.
yes, just about! London was crazy. Gerald Butler aka Mike Manning is a BEAST! Lol.
Gerald the Butler is now a legend in Keswick! Thanks for all the hilarity performed with such incredible skill!
I love every movie Gerald Butler is in 😍
Gerald the Butler saves the day with Cats
Watching 'RocknRolla' & forgot how good Gerald Butler, Idris Elba, Tom Hardy are in this. What a film!
London has Fallen was good as fucc.. Gerald Butler is THAT ACTOR
Half the reason I want to see London has fallen is because of Gerald Butler. JS 😍😍😍😍
Ruslan is a Detroit favorite - performing with Stanley Clarke, Jonathon Butler, and Gerald Albright
I think you're confusing him with an actual Butler named Gerald.
Trav: is this movie funny? Me: yeah and Gerald Butler is in it. Trav: uh I thought you said your old butthole is in it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
When you realize you are the Gerald from Finding Dory of your family
read the reviews but I couldn't believe it b/c Gerald Butler
Why did Gerald Butler even agree to star in God's Of Egypt.
Cataleya's tio look like a Mexican Gerald Butler
Man Gerald Butler didn't even try change his accent for this role bleh
GeraLd Butler...amirite?. . Studies show that if you are afraid of spiders ii you are more likely llooll to find one in I arn really afraid
And Gerald Butler is the Phantom?! Huh. Yes. I realize I'm 12 years late to this.
Viola Davis & Gerald Butler How to get away from a murderer. V & Wes How to get away with murder. V and How to get away from Joker.
Can we just reflect for a minute... Gerald Butler is hot.. Like hot. Harvey Spector kinda hot. Oh yes that hot.πŸ˜†
Gerald Butler has to be the baddest next to Jason Statham cause he's always killing people.
London has Fallen was entertaining. Gerald Butler kicked butt again and even Aaron Eckhart/the president got in on the action this time. πŸ‘
Love watching huge Giants fan, but why does Gerald Butler get an intimate hug & Forest Whitaker gets a hand shake Michael?
who would win in a fight Gerald Butler or Jean Claude Van Dame?
Who's this Gerald Butler fella in 'Gods of Egypt'? I'm telling you, he's got "the next Tyrone Power" written all over him, kid.
with Jason Statham and Gerald Butler at the after party! http…
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Why didn't they have Gerald Butler be Javert in Les Mis? He sang in the Phantom of the Opera? Could've been A LOT better than Crowe.
My pick would be torn between Idris and Gerald Butler. Leaning more towards Idris.
Gerald Butler in P.S I Love You literally makes my heart melt ✨
that's where Gerald and Jimmy Skipworth are this week. Lucky ***
Seattle's play calling has been so uninspired this season... It's like the Butler play murdered their OC's creative mojo.
just started watching Dracula2000 staring pre-famous Gerald Butler...really am at bottom of vampire movie barrel now.
"There's a moving, Law Biting Citizen with Gerald Butler, it's real tense, you should see it.".
When you're doing a Young Adam episode, and have Gerald Okamura onboard, you have no choice but to call in the one, the only- Rad Bob!
Dear neighbor, . You are not Gerald Butler. Stop singing at 4 am and let people sleep. Thank you.
Deandre Jordan, Justise Winslow, Gerald Green, Jimmy Butler it'd be a good lil squad
the singing in a lot movie musicals aren't great but definitely agree. First movie I fell in love with Gerald Butler.
Michael Flatley's accent is actually worse than Gerald Butler's attempt at an Irish accent in P.S. I love you.
If I don't meet Gerald Butler while I'm in Ireland over the weekend I won't be impressed
Best part of Law Abiding Citizen is when Gerald butler stabs his cell mate with the T-bone steak πŸ”ͺ
I haven't had it for changes and the noises I made you'd think Gerald Butler had arrived
all I gotta say is Jimmy Butler handled business πŸ˜‚
Law Abiding Citizen is a great movie. Jamie Foxx and Gerald Butler were a great tandem in that movie.
Gerald Green was fined $25K for this gesture, then went on to post it on instagram. Savage.
Today, the House recognized a moment of silence in memory of Sgt. Gerald Butler of the Hamilton Police...
Have you seen PS I LOVE YOU? Not a rom-com really but completely weird/sad/funny & has Gerald Butler being totes adorable
Mourners have begun arriving at the visitation for Sgt. Gerald Butler, a Hamilton police officer killed in a car...
I want a guy with a personality like chandler (Matthew perry) but a face like Gerald butler/Jude law.
Here are funeral arrangements for Sgt. Gerald Butler for those wanting to pay respects
Gerald Butler: Men are incapable of growth, change or progress in a relationship!
Gerald Butler: Hamilton police officer dies in crash
WATCH: Hamilton reacts to the death of Sgt. Gerald Butler
Our thoughts and prayers go out to Sgt. Gerald Butler's family & the members of the Hamilton Police Department.
ICYMI: Sgt. Gerald Butler died in a crash on his way home Tuesday night.
Operation "Brad Pitt in Troy, Gerald Butler in 300, Will Smith in Focus" is back in full effect! lol
Listen to The Music of the Night by Simon Lee, Andrew Lloyd Webber & Gerald Butler on
"Got to hang out with Gerald Butler.
Oh, I just realized you are not the actor GERARD BUTLER. Why do you have his photo, GerAld?
And when I mean u. I mean Gerald butler in 300
Yo. The Point of No Return by Andrew Lloyd Webber & Gerald Butler on
I worked with Kathy Baker, Michelle Monaghan and Gerald Butler on Machine Gun Preacher (I'm even in the trailer...
Gerald butler is quite the talented bloke! Multi talented
Gerald Butler is soo amazing in 300. like I cam never get over how great he is
Gerald Butler was different level in 300. Unreal Spartan king character
Who can blame me of being scared of Gerald Butler πŸ˜‰
I almost happened didn't it. Shame. Hope it will. I mean if Gerald Butler can be the Phantom so can.Ben
'Jamie Oliver for food Gerald butler to entertain n a surprise person lol x'
Jimmy Butler, Gerald Green and Deandre Jordan are all from Houston... Hmm
Unless my freedom will be determined over a dance-off I'd rather have Gerald Butler try save me than Channing Tatum
Oh you will! You will speak in the distinctive style of Gerald Butler as well
Gerald Butler's film with similar plot is better though
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Gerald butler has a celeb crush?
What do the following people have in common -. Kate Moss - Cara Delevingne - Bradley Cooper - Gerald Butler -...
Nearly get caught at work browsing Gerald Butler pics in attempt to refute challenge to his hotness from
Gerald Butler was actually a lawyer though. Closer shave
I just realized Gerald Butler played the phantom in Phantom of the Opera
300 Gerald Butler easy on the eye , that'll do
"For like three years I was obsessed with Gerald Butler from My Chemical Romance"
Butler Park looking particularly fabulous this fine Saturday. Gerald has been looking after his namesake well!
Nights with my sisters include gushing over Gerald Butler. 😍😍😍
and they made fun of Gerald Ford being clumsy.not a peep about Lurch the Butler.
have you seen 'Law Abiding Citizen ' with Gerald Butler? Check out the Death Row scene.
... β™« The Music of the Night by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Simon Lee & Gerald Butler β€”
Anything with Gerald Butler is overrated and predictable. He is like the Adam Sandler of action movies
Gerald Butler is a lil older than I like them but gotdamn, he's hott!!!
For this round of Staff Picks we had art critic Brian Sherwin (Editor of The Art Edge) select...
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Can't get over how much the lead singer for looks like Gerald Butler
Women sitting behind me. "Have you ever heard of Gerald Butler" "no" "he's the one in the Gladiator" πŸ˜‘ the amount of cluelessness is unreal
whatever confidence lost by standing next to Gerald Butler yesterday was immediately restored upon arrival to the Atlantic City bus station.
amazing movie. Gerald butler is so hot, but it's so sad
if Gerald butler could do phantom anyone can lmao. I just like phantom songs ❀️ jk, hsm is better πŸ˜€
Pretty sure i just passed Gerald Butler on the street. Gott a little wet
I mean the movie says the Phantom is Gerald Butler but like I don't see it...
So I just watched The phantom of the Opera for the first time in years and realized Gerald Butler was the phantom 😳 what.
Let me find whoever did this so I can pull some Gerald Butler "Law Abiding Citizen" type torture on em
Chris Kalica is the face of victory!. Reminds me of Gerald Butler from "300"
Sixers Get jimmy butler, Gerald green for some scoring off the bench and draft Russell
--- butler. He bowed and offered to take any coats. "No thanks Gerald, this is Stiles we will be discussing business in---
Am I the only one who sees Gerald Butler instead of Tom Hardy in this shot?
Gerald Butler & Emmy Rossum in the Phantom of the Opera Signed Autographed 8 X 10 RP Photo – MintΒ Condition
This is what Gerald Butler for Baltimore13th City Council District and I did today with a lot of help. We fed... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Sea The Skies - saw him make his debut on the racecourse behind Kingman on debut when trainer by the Gerald Butler.
Having a random Gerald butler conversation at work. I'm sure he was in a leaked sex tape. Have I bizarrely made this up or is it true?
Am I the only one who roots for Gerald Butler in Law Abiding Citizen the entire time?
I'm not a star struck kind of person but I will admit that Gerald Butler is one of my most liked actors.
We need to go get Gerald Green, just picture Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler, and Gerald Green on a fastbreak.
London Falling posters. Gerald Butler is going to kick *** in London and I'll be there with him when he does. Marksman
"Two Scottish actors from my neighbourhood " Gerald Butler & Ewan McGregor " in kilts too m"
I like Law Abiding Citizen and 300 from Gerald butler!
Maybe world governments should avoid letting Gerald Butler handle security?
TODAY'S DEATHS | In 2004, Gerald Anthony died on this date in Butler, New Jersey, USA.
cousin looked like a mix of Gerald Butler & Jeremy Renner
I just impersonated Gerald Butler singing All I Ask of You reprise very perfectly
Gerald Butler is at urth rn he is such a dilf
Originally Gerald Butler was going to play Bodhi which would have been good but it's some Hispanic dude instead
GOD I'M REMEMBERING GERALD BUTLER and I'm like "dude, you gave a great performance, but the phantom's a psycho NOt HOT."
How crazy is it that the Phantom is Gerald Butler?
Gerald butler is one of the most underrated actors. he's my fav. 😊
A big thank you to Gerald Shobe from Shobe Tire for his generous donation of supplies to Butler High School.
Gerald Butler makes my heart turn to jelly!!
you know my nickname is Gerald Butler πŸ˜πŸ˜‰
these roles should be going to Will and yourself, not the likes of Gerald Butler, Sigourney Weaver and nikolaj coster-waldau!
I love the one with Gerald Butler. He was just beautiful in that one *^*
Paul Walker's and Gerald Butler's Timeline is pretty good movie so far
what was that awful nonsense with Gerald Butler and Catherine Heigel? That was the pits
Gerard Butler more like Gerald Buttlick am I right
phantom of the opera. BUT THE ONE WITH GERALD BUTLER
Watching Dracula 2000. Gerald Butler.oh GOD, the things I would do to and FOR that man.
, Released in 2009, main characters Jamie Foxx and Gerald Butler. Which movie is it?
I've always felt like Gerald Butler needs to have some role on Game of Thrones.
I would spy Gerald butler of how is he so awesome 😍
Well tonight I was watching the 2004 Phantom of the Opera with Gerald Butler. I think if Eric (aka the Phantom)...
uh… You’re insane like Gerald butler in the movie ?
Listen to Dont deserve this by Gerald Butler 1 on
The Phantom of the Opera with forever be my favorite movie. But only the original with Gerald Butler.
needed to be replaced. Mentioning Warnock's alleged corruption and ties to the board, Butler called supervisor Gerald Steen out by name,
Fun fact: Gerald Butler played in the phantom of the opera. That's right. Butler sings opera. What a babe
Gerald Butler is the ideal 'Jacob' in book. Check out
I'm not saying Gerald Butler is the best actor in the world,but he makes some really good movies...arguably top 10 in the history of mankind
Flew with the guy from 300 that's not Gerald butler lol
*Joe starts talking*. Me to Joe: Shush, Gerald Butler is singing "Music of the Night." We don't talk when Gerald is singing
useless trivia, before they were famous. in Tomorrow never dies Gerald Butler played a bit part as a leading seaman on HMS Devonshire and Hugh Bonneville played the Air warfare officer on HMS Bedford.
*Sandra Bulloch, Ryan Gosling, Chanin β€œI automatically love any movie with Gerald Butler, Katherine Heigl, and Bradley Cooper.”
Russel Crowe and Gerald Butler are twins lmao
Gerald Butler is my boyfriend and Hugh Jackman sings
seriously. I want my own Gerald Butler
This weeks show with Tommy Fleming, Willie Daly and Gerald Butler is sponsored by Albany Home Care. Saturday on...
Gerald Butler is about to take on everybody. I cant wait. Die Hard in the White House it is
Alan Cumming, Sean Connery, Brian Cox, Gerald Butler all want you to vote yes - woohoo! :)
Still can't get over Gerald Butler being the phantom of the opera - so random
you can never go wrong with a bit Gerald Butler on a Saturday night 😍
I really need to watch that movie again SOON!! Galway Girl - sang by Gerald Butler
Why isn't Gerald Butler writing me posthumous love letters?
Not so much of a fan for David Tennant anymore.. Stilll big fan of Gerald Butler!!!
Oh heck yes! Gamer is on. Gerald Butler, Michael C.Hall , and Logan Lerman in one movie. 😍
The ugly truth", with Gerald Butler. Sizzling hot and funny as ***
Gerald Butler you beautiful beautiful man
gamer staring Gerald Butler is on SpikeTv right now ! How deep does this hole go
Just watched very good film with Gerald butler
My dentist look like Gerald Butler lmao.
This Pistorious thing reminds me of Gerald Butler in "Law Abiding Citizen" Great movie.
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Henry with Gerald Butler. Join them and Tommy Fleming on episode 2 along with matchmaker Willie Day.
that's Gerald Butler, right? Love that one. . Haven't seen the other one yet
Why is Gerald laird speaking and why is anyone listening
So my boy tells me I'm going a bit Gerald Butler these days aka Spartan, what you think? 😳
Too many to choose from... Liam Neeson & Gerald Butler! :-)
Like gerald butler kindly put...its not wat u know its wat can prove in court
Dear Frankie was a good movie. Before Gerald Butler became all that.
Phantom of the Opera with Emmy Rossum and Gerald Butler is phenomenal. 😍😭
Deciding which movie is better? White House Down or Olympus Has a Fallen? Channing Tatum or Gerald Butler? Lol
Aie! Just got my eye candy... Gerald Butler! Oh la la!
Gerald Butler reminds me of someone.Somehow the voices and features almost the same.
I reckon if you could somehow cross Gerald Butler with him he's make the perfect Kratos
//or even better, Gerald Butler, lmao
"your name is Vreya" | Vreya? | "Yes Vreya, and i'm Gerald, your butler" | Butler? *innocent*
Saw Gerald Butler on the pull in Reykjavik last night
lolol Scottish version of the Expendibles with Gerald Butler, Ewan McGregor (hench roid version), James McAvoy, Rab C Nesbitt
Shout out to Robert Butler for the nomination for the 16 bar challange, I know nominate Eugene Pressley Gerald...
The only man I'd leave Charles for is Gerald Butler.
Gerald Butler is perfection, especially in P.S I love you. Goodness I love this movie.
"Things do do at work on Monday:. Gerald Gerard Butler : check " pic 1
Congrats to: CJ Butler, Team Jesus, Rhema, Kevin Stewart & Gerald Robinson! Vote now at
If a film was ever to go ahead Ellen Page and Fred Ward/Gerald Butler would have to take the lead roles, scary how similar!
Galway Girl – sang by Gerald Butler: Clip taken from the 2007 movie β€œP.S. I Love You”, when the adorable Gerry...
Nico Mirallegro, Joe Cole, Ryan Gosling, Gerald Butler, Bradley Cooper and André Hamann are all way too attractive 😍
Gerald Butler is a poor man's Russell Crowe.
So my wife and I were talking. Just having some fun conversation. This what was determined. Gerald Butler reminds her of me and Kate Beckinsale reminds me of her. Boom. We are bad *** Lol
My favourite movie lines of all time I ll be back. Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) Yippie ka ya motherf.k. Die hard (Bruce Willis) Im too old for this stuff. Lethal weapon (Danny glover) You always remember this as the day u almost caught (Captain Jack Sparrow) Pirates of the Caribbean. The name is bond, James bond. 007 (James Bond) May the force be with u. Star wars Im gonna make him an offer he cant refuse. God father(Al Pacino) Say hello to my lil friend Scarface Why so serious. Dark Night (Heath Ledger) I ll never let go jack. Titanic (Kate winslet) Im iron man Tony Stark. (Robert Downey Jr) This is Sparta. 300 (Gerald Butler) ...Must have the precious Lord of the rings (Smigo) Whats yours
I just called Gerald Butler's accent delicious
I'm not a fan but I was starstruck when I saw Gerald Butler at Bondi beach this morning. Hope to see Olivia newton-john next time. LOL!
Speakers today include John Eagle lighthouse photographer, Gerald Butler lighthousekeeper and Liam Ryan on the...
Taylor Lautner, Gerald Butler or Ryan Reynolds, and I think cos of my age Garry Barlow!
Just read an article that they are in the works of possibly making a REMAKE of Gone With The Wind David Hasselhoff would like to play the role as Rhett Butler? No way in *** Hugh Jackman, Gerald Butler (fitting last name), or even Johnny Depp would be fitting for this role. They have the look of the character and would play Rhetts personality well. I watched the movie Scarlett and Timothy Dalton plaued Rhett, put it this way I was disappointed. My pick for Scarlett hands down Angelina Jolie or Kate Beckensale if I spelt of right. If they do make this movie crossing my fingers they leave well enough alone. That would be my picks. Ashley not sure I couldn't stand him, movie or book. Melanie there are a few great actresses that could play here. That production would cost a fortune and I believe Ted Turner bought the rights to it. Anyhow venting when I read it.
Gerald Butler in Law Abiding Citizen on TV3 , gripping movie !
Can't forget Morgan Freeman and Gerald Butler lol probably throw Ian McKellen in there too
Olympus has fallen or white house down... hmmm sorry changing Tatum I pick Gerald Butler.
Most awaited movie of 2014 for me has not at all dissapointed me ! 300: rise of an empire, it continues the epic saga of blood, revenge & glory ! Eva Green is venomous & sizzling, like a velvet soaked in blood ! Sullivan Stapleton's feet r small to fit Gerald Butler's shoes. Must See :)
Photo I took of Aaron Eckhart and Gerald Butler some time last year. I hate the watermark with a passion!
I'm pretty sure you don't really think this but are you implying that Gerald Butler is better than Ramin Karimloo?
Favorite Movie i never get tired of this one Gerald Butler, Morgan Freeman and Aaron Eckhart are great actors in this film
i will never cease to laugh at rosamund pike forgetting to say the nominees, embarrassing Dominic, & then Gerald Butler teases later on
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