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Georgia Landing

West Florida

97 To placate the Praetorians of Germany, Nerva of Rome adopts Trajan, the Spanish-born governor of lower Germany. 1553 Michael Servetus, who discovered the pulmonary circulation of the blood, is burned for heresy in Switzerland. 1612 A Polish army that invaded Russia capitulates to Prince Dimitri Pojarski and his Cossacks. 1806 Emperor Napoleon enters Berlin. 1809 President James Madison orders the annexation of the western part of West Florida. Settlers there had rebelled against Spanish authority. 1862 A Confederate force is routed at the Battle of Georgia Landing, near Bayou Lafourche in Louisiana. 1864 LT William Cushing, USN, sinks Confederate ram Albemarle with a spar torpedo attached to the bow of his launch. 1870 The French fortress of Metz surrenders to the Prussian Army. 1873 Farmer Joseph F. Glidden applies for a patent on barbed wire. Glidden eventually received five patents and is generally considered the inventor of barbed wire. 1891 D. B. Downing, inventor, is awarded a patent for the stre ...
On This Day In The Civil War: The Battle of Georgia Landing (or Labadieville or Texana) was fought (Oct. 27, 1862), in Lafourche Parish, Louisiana, as part of the Operations in LaFourche District (1862), during the American Civil War. Chalk this one up as a Yankee victory.
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