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Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium, located in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, at Pemberton Place, is the world's largest aquarium with more than of marine and fresh water housing more than 120,000 animals of 500 different species.

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We're to get to and have amazing experiences, seeing animals and sights!
Georgia Aquarium: Beluga whale died from heart failure
Georgia Aquarium: Beluga whale died from heart failure |
the Tennessee Aquarium is so much better than Georgia :/ sorry
Georgia Aquarium say Maris died of 'acute heart failure'
It seems humans are not the only ones ...
Georgia Aquarium: Beloved beluga Maris died of heart failure ~
Levin says "Bringing the whales to the aquarium helps keep..
looks to Canada to expand their shallowing...and dying gene..
The Georgia Aquarium has released the necropsy details of Maris. The beloved 21 y/o beluga whale died in October due to acute heart failure.
Georgia Aquarium releases beluga's cause of death via
Cheesehead Report - Beluga whale at Georgia Aquarium died of acute heart failure
Georgia Aquarium: Beloved beluga died of heart failure
Beluga whale died of 'acute heart failure'. Maris was a grieving mom, broken ♥ aftr losing 2 babies
Georgia Aquarium: Necropsy showed beluga whale died from a difficult to detect heart condition.
Georgia Aquarium releases beluga's cause of death
MacKenzie Jones, Rachel Heart and Stephanie Snyder posing with penguins at the Georgia Aquarium
Me: [sees a post about the Georgia Aquarium]. Me: "Tennessee's is better."
Beloved beluga whale dies suddenly at Georgia Aquarium
Have a FIN-tactic time this fall at the Georgia Aquarium. Now thru Oct 23rd, save 20% + kids eat…
Judge rules against Georgia Aquarium in legal battle to import Beluga Whales from Russia
When your job shuts 💁🏽 the entire Georgia Aquarium for a private event in Professional…
Judge throws out Georgia Aquarium lawsuit against federal government over Beluga Whales
KAJALB Georgia in the United States has the World's Largest Indoor Aquarium
Fall into your Fall Break at Georgia Aquarium! Now through Oct. 23 save 20% on walk up pricing when you purchase...
Time for dolphin training at the Georgia Aquarium. A must stop and see when you are in Atlanta
Someone's excited to see all the fish. 😏 @ Georgia Aquarium
did u have fun at the Georgia aquarium ?
Beluga Whales surround our breakout at Georgia Aquarium at IBM tour
Awesome event by at The Georgia Aquarium today
Great news that CA will no longer allow breeding ALSO, Georgia Aquarium NOT allowed to bring 18 Russian caught Belugas!
U.S. takes milestone stance against whales in captivity
I want to go to the Georgia Aquarium 🐳😋
You can find other fish in the sea... 🎶🐟🐠🐡 @ Georgia Aquarium
Today was an awesome day to be a Dad. @ Georgia Aquarium
Also, a trip to Georgia Aquarium is so doable, it's ridiculous.
not the basic movie date, lets go to Andrettis, Georgia Aquarium, lets do something different. explore a different part of life.
The Georgia Aquarium cool, but it has nothing on Chattanooga. And check…
my day in Went to the Georgia Aquarium which was so much fun! I felt like a little kid in there.
Who trying go the Georgia Aquarium with me and tomorrow?
One of us had to and it obviously is going to be me. @ Georgia Aquarium
literally same! I've also wanted to go to the Georgia Aquarium!
Just bought tickets to a murder mystery costume party at the Georgia aquarium 👻🐠🐙
We're going to the Georgia Aquarium tonight for family worship. Lol
Georgia loses legal battle over importing from via
Will someone come take me to the Georgia Aquarium? I'm bored and I don't wanna go alone. Also, writing this paper is stressing me out.
At the Georgia Aquarium in So many fish 🐬🐋🐳
Some good news from Dr Reese Halter, BAD news for Georgia Aquarium.
Special guest from the Georgia aquarium helping K & 1 learn about jellyfish for our projects!
This fish was there the whole time, so I took an usies lmao I love animals in general @ Georgia Aquarium
Found me some friends in the aquarium @ Georgia Aquarium
Sign petition to phase our beluga whale exhibit at Georgia aquarium
had such an amazing time this weekend at the georgia aquarium and in atlanta. 👍🏻 @ Georgia Aquarium
I take advantage of ALL extra credit assignments. Even if da professor tell me to steal a fish out da Georgia Aquarium. I'll do…
You got me mesmerized. Photo credit: akebalo @ Georgia Aquarium
The Georgia Aquarium is on my bucket list. Have you been?
After more than 3 yrs. of legal wrangling, 18 poached in Russia will not be coming to America.
some guy had a diver hold up a sign underwater to propose to his girlfriend at the Georgia aquarium so the bar is now set for my engagement
I need to go back to the Georgia Aquarium again. Its so amazing there😍
The Aquarium is the largest in the world, whether you're measuring by the number of fish (more...
if u wanna come by the Georgia aquarium tomorrow and pet the Dolphins with me then that would be fun and a good bday present:)
We went to the Georgia Aquarium today and had the best time!
Violet at the Georgia aquarium last night!
I still can't believe I took this photo. @ Georgia Aquarium
Seems that Kia Motors must Help Sponsor the Georgia Aquarium in some way.The...
Heck, of the four museums we went to on this trip (Zoo Atlanta, World of Coke, Georgia Aquarium and The Fernbank).
Beluga Whales at Georgia Aquarium. They are so cool.
Went all the way National Geographic today..Georgia Aquarium date wit my lady christinas504…
spontaneous aquarium trips with my 🌊🌊🌊 @ Georgia Aquarium
A spontaneous surprise date to the Georgia Aquarium by brought so much joy to my…
Fantastic way to start a vacation. @ Georgia Aquarium
Ima swim with these guys real soon @ Georgia Aquarium
Surprising me by taking me to the Georgia aquarium!
The Official Pride Kickoff Party hosted by the Georgia Aquarium is almost upon us! Less than 100 VIP Lounge...
MMDSC Banquet Registration Opens: The banquet has been scheduled for Friday, March 4, 2016 at The Georgia Aquarium.…
Just in Atlanta? World of Coke and the Georgia Aquarium are both neat and right beside each other downtown.
Who wanna go to the Georgia Aquarium or the Coca-Cola factory with me
"Went to the Georgia aquarium today with
Help put an end to captivity for all dolphins, orcas and whales! Ask AT&T, Southwest Airlines, SunTru... via
My idea of a perfect date is taking me to the Georgia aquarium and quietly listening as I ramble incessantly about how mu…
Wine & food tasting backstage at the aquarium. @ Georgia Aquarium
Southern sea otters can dive up to 300 ft deep in just 52 seconds to retrieve food! ht…
We are proud to welcome 2 rescued pups, found stranded in California, into our care. …
Had an incredible time at the Georgia Aquarium today
Georgia Aquarium locked in legal battle over denied bid for Russian Beluga Whales
what about your friends, do they make you happy? @ Georgia Aquarium
Went to this last time, Dragon Con Night at Georgia Aquarium.. Was a lot of fun! 🐬🐠🐟🐢
Georgia Aquarium is a cool place to be in summer
LIVE on Wine Tasting show at Georgia aquarium
ATL traffic also *** Maybe you can get a metro train, but that doesn't give you enough time to, say, visit the Georgia Aquarium
2015 marks the 10 year anniversary of the opening of the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. This week, we'll take a... http:/…
Had a blast at the Georgia Aquarium yesterday! It was amazing!
Another Blue Sky Concept for the Georgia Aquarium would have seen guests passing through an extended version of...
vs Truth GeorgiaAq Wants 18 Belugas [ will get some of these.]
Pirates and Princesses get in FREE to the Georgia Aquarium .
Great day in Atlanta with the cousin : World of Coca Cola, Georgia Aquarium, Centennial Olympic Park, H…
For a limited time, test drive ANY NEW KIA and receive 2 tickets to the Georgia Aquarium!! Hurry, these tickets...
I have the 13th-16th off... Someone come with me to the Georgia Aquarium, and I'm serious.
Heading to Atlanta, to the Georgia Aquarium. Pray for a safe and a fun time. With mom and sister.
Munro Lights at Atlanta Botanical Garden, and a whale of a show at Georgia Aquarium
my dream job is working at the Georgia aquarium as a vet so if you took me on a date there I might fall in love with you.
I'm in Georgia at least! Wanna hang out? I could take a mini-vacation up to ATL. I've been wanting to see the aquarium!
Hey I heard through the grapevine that me and will be at the Georgia Aquarium tomorrow so join if you'd like :-)
Haven't been to the Georgia Aquarium or the World of Coke in years.
"We are very proud to show the Georgia Aquarium on the cover." - Craig Lesser
Me and b might make a pre-back-to-school trip to the Georgia aquarium. You game?
I just signed up for a Sea Otter Encounter at the Georgia Aquarium next week!
This was yesterday but it's one big fish!! @ Georgia Aquarium
GoinG to GeorGia Aquarium. Want to see the dolphins and sharks and stuff.
Kids Eat Free at now through Aug 13th.
Arguments in the case of Georgia Aquarium, Inc. v. Pritzker et al on the import of 18 belugas from Russia will be...
Tries to import 18 wild caught Belugas .
RIP little one Don't put Maris thru this again .
Another beluga baby at causes concern & is now being tube fed .
Newsweek does an article on dolphin abuse .
Another shining example of an ex employee .
The only thing aquarium is learning about wild is how long they can keep them alive in captivity
There’s more than dolphins who get abused .
Visited the Georgia Aquarium, the World of Coca-Cola, CNN Headquarters, Turner Field, and the Museum of Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta
Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta has been voted number one
Homebase, Georgia Aquarium, and Teleflora KNOW the power of digital marketing
Georgia aquarium the move on Thursday
What a lovely night - Georgia Aquarium may be my happy place!!
Going scuba diving with the whale sharks at the Georgia aquarium for my 18 birthday this year!! Worth every last cent 😎
but hey the Georgia aquarium is nice, you should visit it sometime
"The violent sky held its breath. And in your light I found rest" @ Georgia Aquarium
My company rented out the entire Georgia Aquarium tonight. This is gonna be awesome.
this is the Georgia Aquarium which is aimed for education in marine sciences and not for entertainment like at SeaWorld
Join us July 4th for Georgia Aquarium's Red White & Brew and the best views of Centennial Olympic Park's fireworks!
Managed to capture a great night shot of this jelly fish @ Georgia Aquarium
Whale Shark. Very hard to capture a good photo of him @ Georgia Aquarium
Another beluga dies in captivity at the Georgia Aquarium. “It is shocking how Georgia Aquarium ignores good...
Georgia Aquarium has surpassed my expectations 👍 Absolutely amazing!
As Maris' baby failed to thrive, the displays Failure To Learn Syndrome. .
Years ago Bob and I joined protesters against Beluga's being captured and displayed at Pt. Defiance. The species...
This is the second Beluga calf to die at Georgia Aquarium. Five of their nine Belugas have died since 2007.
Death of Baby at the Georgia Fuels Calls to End Captivity
'Death of Baby Beluga at the Georgia Aquarium Fuels Calls to End Captivity' Read more:
Babby gets to experience the Georgia Aquarium.
I was gonna go to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta tomorrow but I think I'll go to the Zoo in Carolina instead.
I just saw a group of high school aged girls at the Georgia Aquarium wearing them!
Thanks! it's a photo I took, at the Georgia Aquarium, and manipulated, to make it look more like a painting.
Group picture at the Georgia Aquarium --- I tried to lighten it up...not much luck...oh well!
I'm going to sleep in the Georgia Aquarium.
Wishing to be sea creatures with my boo. 🐳 @ Georgia Aquarium
WATCH: Beluga Whale gives birth to a female calf
over 100 team members were involved w/our birth? See the video in our blog! …
We're enjoying Sunday morning at the Georgia Aquarium.
An update on the beluga calf at Georgia Aquarium, she has been receiving formula in addition to nursing from Maris.
The Georgia aquarium makes me wish for a new plague of i trip over another child again I SWEAR
I want to go and visit the baby beluga at Georgia Aquarium! 😍🐳
Rare beluga whale born at Georgia Aquarium: submitted by kopiluwak2015 [link] [comment]
Heading to the big ATL to go to georgia aquarium today with and the fam, today is gonna be a good day!
Spent the afternoon at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. So much to see!
Tuesday I had 8 hours of the Georgia Aquarium.
The force is strong here at Georgia Aquarium as we fight for conservation. (Vine by
I want to go to Georgia, I haven't been in awhile. Plus I want to go to the zoo and aquarium.
The average joe diving with whale sharks at the georgia aquarium. Full video on the…
Well, my trip to the Georgia Aquarium inspired me to start recycling. ♻️🐬🐠
Tries to import 18 wild caught Belugas
I really want to go to the Georgia aquarium this summer‼️😩
As long as they're good, then I'm good!! 👍 @ Georgia Aquarium
I did a lot today... Went to the Georgia Aquarium, saw the Gordon Parks exhibit at The High Museum & hit up the Caribbean festival
Lost of fun chillin with my homies today 🐬🐠🐟 @ Georgia Aquarium
You are super fizzy and delicious. @ Georgia Aquarium
Watch the amazing moment a baby whale emerges from its mother and takes its first breath.
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I wanna go to the Georgia Aquarium 🐧🐢🐠🐟
Pretty excited to see this, never been to the @ Georgia Aquarium
Amazing sea world # beautiful fishes # kits a fun # good shepherd rocks — feeling excited at Georgia Aquarium
Ah okay! By any chance had you planned to go to the Georgia Aquarium thing they're doing on Friday?
This summer I will go to the Georgia Aquarium
Yeah dude there's so much to do like go to the georgia aquarium or the cocacola factory
Headed to the Georgia Aquarium with this amazing guy today. ❤️😁
I saw a whale shark at the Georgia aquarium and it was magical. 🐳
Sweet Georgia Sound plays at the River Market on the Aquarium plaza today:
CNN , Atlanta Braves baseball game , world of coke & the Georgia aquarium with the best people 😛
I'm thinking the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta for a day with the family, since it's something different...
can we take a normal picture together ? @ Georgia Aquarium
BREAKING: Atlanta has traded the Coca Cola franchise, the Georgia Aquarium and Ludacris to San Diego for Ron Burgundy an…
3 ways to unlock the secrets of Georgia Aquarium
Teams from the Guy Harvey Research Institute and Georgia Aquarium are currently onsite at Stingray City in Grand Cayman to conduct their biannual census of the stingray population. A million people visit the sandbar each year so it's important to monitor the health and well-being of the rays, each of which is worth a substantial amount of money in tourism dollars! Just how much are they worth? To find out, watch this video of at work on the sandbar!
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The TCU Band and Cheerleaders put on an amazing pep rally for the fans at the Georgia Aquarium!
TCU pep rally at the Georgia Aquarium cfapeachbowl @ Georgia aquriam and World…
I am guessing the writer of this article was focusing on what they thought were the signature specialties, visitors should hone in on. When it comes to Atlanta, and our cultural diversity, you can get anything those other cities brag on as their best. After all, Wolfgang Puck has planned many galas at the Georgia Aquarium, and Alton Brown is a resident here in a wonderful suburb of Atlanta. On your list you failed to mention the incomparable Krispy Kreme donuts and Peach Dacquiri's that made the Polaris famous. 'Nothin' better than good Southern Soul Food!
The Official Atlanta Pride Kickoff at the Georgia Aquarium is a featured event on XPLRR! For more information on...
A letter from the Mayor of Atlanta to the A3C Festival community... As Mayor of the City of Atlanta, it is my pleasure to extend a warm welcome to the 10th Annual A3C Festival and its artists, panelists, organizers, and attendees. The A3C Festival is the pre-eminent hip-hop festival in the United States. Growing from a local showcase in Atlanta to a global cultural experience, A3C brings together more than 500 artists, including legends, rising stars, trendsetters, up-and-comers and aspiring talent from across the world. As one of the largest hip-hop events in the world, A3C encompasses all aspects of hip-hop culture including music, art, film, style, education and more. I commend A3C for its dedication and commitment to providing an outlet for hip-hop enthusiasts across the nation, and for hosting this event in Atlanta. While in our city, we encourage first-time visitors to explore the many attractions our city has to offer including: the Dr. Martin L. King Jr. Center, the Georgia Aquarium, the World of ...
two more days 'til National Black and the Georgia Aquarium!
This is interesting, about the ethics of captivity. Ecological Ethics in Captivity: Balancing Values and Responsibilities in Zoo and Aquarium Research under Rapid Global Change Ben A. Minteer and James P. Collins sickly amusing bit is: "Although some facilities are embracing this challenge and making climate change a part of their conservation education programming, some zoos and aquariums are struggling to incorporate this message within their more traditional educational and entertainment aims. For example, the Georgia Aquarium has apparently assured visitors that they will not be subjected to material about “global warming,”a concession, according to the aquarium’s vice president for education and training to the conservative political leanings of many of the facility's guests." (reminds me of those documents from Seaworld ... about staff being told not to use the word "evolve", - "Because evolution is a controversial theory: use the word "adapt." ")
There's lots to smile about! We're screening "Biggest Fish in the Sea" as part of Georgia Aquarium's Whale Shark... http:…
Georgia Aquarium will push bid to import belugas in court hearing
Just wrapped a great trip to Atlanta to start the book promotion. Huge thanks to the wonderful folks at Georgia Aquarium. Check out this article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution: CAPTURED KILLER WHALE DOOMED BY MISGUIDED RESCUERS, AUTHOR WRITES By Bo Emerson - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Controversy still surrounds the fate of the killer whale Keiko, who was the star of the feel-good 1993 movie “Free Willy.” That movie climaxed with a fairy-tale leap over a jetty, as Willy escaped into the wide ocean and swam off into the sunset. When it was revealed that the real Willy actually lived in a cramped, substandard Mexican aquarium, children broke open their piggy banks to help fund a $20 million effort to free Keiko and return him to the wild. But the whale’s release in 2002 was a disaster, according to a new book, “Killing Keiko: The True Story of Free Willy’s Return to the Wild,” by Mark Simmons. Simmons, a former Sea World trainer, will introduce his book Thursday night at the Georgia A ...
Find astronomy and more in Aldergrove Regional Park - -Georgia Aquarium
Yep, the Georgia Aquarium is a pretty cool place...
Remember that Kenobi, Polka, Paco, and Syd all went to Georgia Aquarium? Well I found the first video of the boys at their new home! Paco is jaw clapping and checking out his new guest with the 3 dolphins in the background! They will be great performers!
2012 with Linda, my oldest son Leon and his wonderful girl friend, Emily Allen at the Georgia Aquarium.
Creeks to Coast is exploring the Chattahoochee River & will be blogging along the way! Stay tuned for more updates: ht…
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Stop pushing today's slavery of marine mammals by ending your support for the Georgia Aquarium.
The next time I come to Georgia, whenever that will be, I need to go to the varsity & the aquarium.
I really wanna go to the Georgia aquarium but Idk anyone who would be interested . 😔
i also want all stingrays removed from the Georgia aquarium in tribute to steve irwin
"The amount of ranch I've eaten could fill the Georgia aquarium"
Don't like how dat fish was looking at me @ Georgia Aquarium
I do wanna get back to the Georgia Aquarium though
jellyfish 😊 I was at the Georgia aquarium today so thought you'd appreciate an actual picture!
Six flags & Georgia aquarium in the first weekend of August with family :)
I want to go to the Georgia aquarium again 😩 it was soo nice
That silly penguin is back again... @ Georgia Aquarium
Fun at the world's largest aquarium @ Georgia Aquarium
Going "under-the-sea" at the Georgia Aquarium is just one reason to in Atlanta! Enter to win:
went to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta and u couldn't do anything but look at them unless u pay 80 $$ to go in with them.
Georgia Aquarium today, set of The Vampire Diaries tomorrow!😍
Update your maps at Navteq
Georgia Aquarium, always a good time.
Stay cool Atlanta. Georgia Aquarium. (After her first day using Atlanta CityPASS, customer Angela submitted this...
A visit to the is a perfect summer outing! (sponsored) http:…
Riding in the Atl with this nut THE JOSHUA KAGLER @ Georgia Aquarium
The star of this is Sally Jesse Raphael aka Will Wise @ Georgia Aquarium
We have some great things coming up at Fellowship Bible Baptist Church. Friday June 27th at 7pm Father/Daughter & Mother /Son Dance cost $10 per couple & $20 for 3 or more. FBBC God's Gift Children Ministry trip to the Georgia Aquarium, cost is $50 includes admission ticket & transportation. Fellowship Youth Sunday July 13th at 10am FellowshipBible YouthChurch presents "Tune In...To God!" Back 2 School Jam & Youth Explosion July 25th at 10am preregistration begins June 25th, cost is $25 individual registration, group registration for 10-15 registrants $200, 16-25 registrants $325, 25+ registrants $450. Registration the day of will be available as well starting at 8:30am. Registration includes lunch, & admission into concert. Concert details coming soon.
Success doesn’t mean the absence of failure but it means the attainment of power. A nice journey starts with a nice thought. Atlanta is considered as the “Alpha city” or “World city” with a gross domestic product of US$270 billion. Atlanta has the sixth best economy in the nation. Atlanta is the capital and the most populous city in the U.S. state of Georgia. The other names for Atlanta are Chicago of the south, City in a forest, The Gate City and Hotlanta. Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta is one of the best aquariums in Atlanta. It is the home to almost 100,000 animals and represents 500 species. It was the world’s largest aquarium when it established in November 23, 2005. The land is in downtown Atlanta on land donated by The Coca-Cola Company. The world of Coca-Cola is well known by advertising as well as a host of entertainment areas and attractions. The original world of Coca-Cola was in the heart of Atlanta until it is replaced with current place. The headquarters of the company and the curre ...
Learn more about our sea turtle conservation here: Here at Georgia Aquarium, we have thousands of unique and different animals, but one ...
Our sweet girl is going to have so much fun tonight! She is going to spend the night at the Georgia Aquarium with her Girl Scout Troop! A big thank you to her troop leader Heather Chaney Chapman for letting her hang out today and carpool up with you since Adam's band is playing out of town! I hope y'all have a blast!!! :-)
Free admission to top Atlanta attractions How to get free admission to top Atlanta attractions See the dolphins at Georgia Aquarium. Bob Andres bandresPosts Wes Moss: Braves for every budget April 28, 2014 Be Delectable giveaway winner April 25, 2014 Music festival fashion for less April 25, 2014 By Nedra Rhone Atlanta has a lot of great attractions, but seeing them all can get expensive. While deals and discounts are sure to pop up periodically, there are some paths to free admission that are always available. It may require patience to cash in on them, such as waiting until your birthday or the first weekend of the month, but eventually the time will come. Here are some of the ways you can gain free admission to some of Atlanta’s top attractions, as well as some useful information on other special offers and discounts. In all cases, check the websites or call the attraction in advance for more details and instructions on how to get the offers. Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. 535 Means St. N.W.,Atlant ...
My life is made: I saw a whale shark 🐋 @ Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, GA
Coming to visit me in Atlanta?. Check out the Georgia Aquarium and their educational Beluga & Friends Interactive...
tvsdesign creates new offices for Atlanta Hall Management - PR Newswire (press release) -Georgia Aquarium
Families of autistic kids uninvited to special event at Georgia Aquarium - WSB Atlanta -Georgia Aquarium
Adventures in Atlanta: diving Georgia Aquarium with whale sharks and manta rays. So happy to dive with…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Going to be in Atlanta for Mother's Day? Consider Mother's Day brunch at the Georgia Aquarium.
Five tips to have the BEST day ever at the Georgia Aquarium! via
Free admission to top Atlanta attractions - Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog) -Georgia Aquarium
Beautiful day in one of the greatest cities in the world! @ Georgia Aquarium
At the Georgia Aquarium looking at fish.
The 2014 Crockett Family Reunion hosted in Atlanta, GA, on July 25- 27, 2014, Itinerary is as follows: - Friday, July 25th, we will have the Meet and Greet/ T-shirt and Ticket Issue from 6pm - 9pm at the hotel ( After this you will be able to tour the city on your own). - Saturday, July 26th, We will meet in the lobby that morning and we will have group pictures from 8am-9am. Transportation will be provided to take our family to the Georgia Aquarium and a tour at the CNN building from 9am-3:30pm. We will return to the hotel by 4pm to rest and get ready because the banquet will be at the hotel from 8pm-11pm in one of the banquet halls. -Sunday morning, July 27th, we will fellowship at the Ebenezer Baptist Church located on 1101 Jackson Street, Atlanta,Ga 30312.
On the tube: Tonight, Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ makes its commercial TV premiere on UP at 9p. Season six of Bravo's The Real Housewives of Atlanta wraps with a 90-minute "special event" tonight with the finale at 8p leading into Watch What Happens Live One-on-One with Nene Leakes at 9. E! Best Moments: On the Air with Ryan Seacrest looks back at some of the host's most memorable interviews from his KIIS-FM American Top 40 post. Special airs Wednesday, April 23 at 8p. Conservationist Jeff Corwin captures never-before-seen images of sharks on Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin from Georgia Aquarium, airing on ABC affiliates Saturday, April 26. Set the DVR as Barbara Walters' last day as a co-host of The View will be Friday, May 16. Walters, who announced her intention to leave the daytime talker a year ago, will remain executive producer. ABC plans a two-hour special that night focused on Walters, who joined the network in 1976. Season nine of NBC's America's Got Talent will look a little differ ...
Stopped at the Georgia Aquarium on the way home from Florida.
Don't forget free kids admission Saturday at Georgia Aquarium (costume required): Dress up and get in free..
Our next sea turtle was known by two names and was featured on national TV! Shelby/ Murphy 2002-2011(released) Shelby hatched in 2002 from a nest on Jekyll Island. Shelby was a straggler hatchling that was recovered by the Jekyll Island Turtle Patrol during a routine nest excavation after the initial mass hatching. Shelby spent several years at the Tidelands Nature Center and then moved over to the Jekyll Island 4-H Center. After outgrowing its tank, Shelby was moved to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia on March 19, 2008 to fill the vacancy left by Dylan. On August 31, 2011, Shelby, or Murphy as they renamed it, was released back on Jekyll Island. Notable naturalist, Jeff Corwin, joined the GSTC and Georgia Aquarium staff during the release to film an episode of his television program, Ocean Mysteries! You can check out a fun video of the beach release on YouTube at
Visit this Jan. w/ great rates! See the Georgia Aquarium, World of Coke, & the High Museum of Art. Book Now!
Rick Jackson, CEO of Jackson Healthcare, addresses Georgia business leaders at the Job Creators Network luncheon at the Georgia Aquarium on January 8th.
Ok I'm here in Sandy Springs headed to the Georgia Aquarium ppl call or text me so I can see where to meet up and see ppl later
Via Eliz. Batt of Digital Journal... Links sent via Ceta Base. Okay so Georgia Aquarium is at it again. If you...
Six Flags, White Water, King Museum, Georgia Aquarium, High Museum, Centennial Olympic Park, World of Coke...what ya got?
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yo I never been to the Georgia Aquarium, and haven't been to the Atlanta Zoo in like 8 years.
“The Georgia Aquarium, located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA .. 😱😍I NEED to see this
“Import of 18 Wild-caught Belugas by the Georgia Aquarium is Denied! via
I planned to be in the Georgia Aquarium right now looking at whales and pretty fish. But I'm stuck in Louisiana. 😔😩
For this week's a glimpse of the Georgia Aquarium.
I'm at the Georgia aquarium come see me
The best Captain D's in America is in the food court at the Georgia Aquarium.
Georgia Aquarium denied permit to import Beluga Whales bound for SeaWorld parks …
The designation of a special killer whale cop in Washington state is highlighting the lack of protection for the...
" We have reached a moment in the history of the whale-show business when both the public and the government seem...
Love this pic I took at the Georgia Aquarium last night at the Audi party.
I would love to sleep over at the Georgia Aquarium. It's the largest aquarium in the States I believe.
me giselle and adam are are going to the Georgia aquarium in september holla
Wanna go to the Georgia aquarium again!!
People and government are moving away from seeing captivity as acceptable.
The Georgia Aquarium, where the swimmas swim
Red, White and Brew at the Georgia Aquarium is a perfect place to spend a rainy July 4th! Wolfgang Puck BBQ dinner, concert and Centennial Park fireworks :-)
Thanks so much to everyone who wished me Happy Anniversary and Birthday! I had such a lovely time with my hubby Khawar Imtiaz, my mom, my beautiful baby sister Sana Saeed, my grandma and my baby Huzaifah at the Georgia Aquarium today...and then at Bonefish Grill, my husband made it so special with a surprise at the restaurant! I love you! :) *feeling blessed Alhumdulillah*
FB friends who have been to Atlanta. Tomorrow is my day that I get to explore the city. I was thinking of going to the Center for Puppetry Arts to see the Jim Henson exhibits and the Georgia Aquarium. Any suggestions for other must do stops here?
Are you in the Kicks 101.5 text club? If not, text "WINNER" to 68255 to join now and you'll be entered to win the weekly text club prizes. Here's what we are giving away this week: You could win a pair of tickets to Out-Write Music’s July Unplugged Concert Series at 120 Tavern and Music Hall July 6th featuring Trent Tomlinson, JT Hodges and Andy Griggs OR Win four tickets to the Georgia Aquarium! Georgia Aquarium's TOTAL TICKET gets you access to all of the Aquarium's public exhibits, shows and galleries, all at one low price.
Had a great time in Atlanta the last few days with an amazing woman. LaVonna Croslin-Davis thanks so much for making this trip great. Stone Mountain was amazing and I was shocked by the sheer size of the mountain. The views from the top were stunning. The Sky Hike and the 4D movie were fun and the Plantation homes and the over 100 years old covered bridge were cool. The laser light show and fireworks display got shortened because of the weather (only missed about 15-20 minutes) but it was still spectacular. Georgia Aquarium was awesome and they had added the dolphin show since I had been there before which was very cool. I wasn't sure if I would enjoy The World of Coca Cola but I did. There were some neat displays and then as you left you got to sample different Coca Cola products from around the world. Some tasted great and some tasted awful. The Braves game was great too. They retired Chipper Jones (a definite first ballot MLB Hall of Fame inductee) number before the game. Turner Field was electric, es ...
Hey guys! I'm not dead! Sorry about not updating for the past few days. The Wifi's been down so I can only update through the crappy Page Manager app. About my trip though, it's been good so far! I've been living in my cousins' basement which is pretty much like an incomplete man cave and now I'm visiting my dad who I haven't seen in about a year. We went to the Georgia Aquarium today so that was exciting. Thankfully, my cousins, uncle, and aunt know nothing about my previous online relationship. No judging there!
10th Question: Which is the Largest Lake fresh water in the world..??? [9th Question answer Georgia Aquarium was said by Miss. Dhanus Mathi]
And thus concludes the greatest vacation ever! Flew into Atlanta, met an old friend Kia, had a great experience at the ATL 10.3 salsa festival, met some great new people & reconnected with others, great workshops, R. Thomas, Georgia Aquarium, Waffle House, walk around downtown ATL, Alexander Abreu, Peru, I learned to follow from a beautiful woman, met up with good friends in New York and New Jersey, danced outside a public library in Brooklyn, met a comic in Manhattan, searched & found a good slice of pizza at 2am on a Tuesday, Mr. Softee ice cream, bought 4 fine Italian suits, Avenue A, diversity, amazing food, Don Coqui, I love Brooklyn, met and danced with Michael “Boogaloo Shrimp" Chambers a.k.a. Turbo, lucumí, the list goes on. God is good. Thank you to everyone who made this an unforgettable experience!!!
Georgia Aquarium will host two special events celebrating the Fourth of July! Red, White & Brew is a 21 & up event and Red, White & View for families to enjoy with a spectacular view of the fireworks as well as children's activities, face painting, food and refreshments. Link to how to enter to WIN 4 TICKETS to RED, WHITE & VIEW is in comments below.
Doing the tourist thing in Atlanta today. Have taken the CNN Tour, now at the Georgia Aquarium waiting for the Dolphin Tales show to begin. Will be going to the World of Coca Cola next. You know, I am really not into doing all the tours, but this has been fun...much more than I expected, and I have already walked two miles at least!
Any recommendations for "must-see" places in/around Nashville or Atlanta? Planning on a Braves game (of course), the Georgia Aquarium, the Grand Ole Opry, and the Jack Daniels Distillary so far.
We also went to the Georgia Aquarium. It is fantastic. The exhibits are awesome and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Skip the Dolphin Tales show if you are sans children. In the profound words of Bart Simpson, "It's Craptacular". A cross between Phantom of the Opera and Flipper.
Atlanta is full of places to see and explore. If you are bringing a guest to National Conference or extending your trip – we have some favorites to share: Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca-Cola and the “Imagine It” Children’s Museum. What are your must-see Atlanta attractions?
We are adding the Georgia Aquarium which is the worlds largest aquarium with 10 million gallons of water to our to do list. I think the kids are going to have fun. Isaac as always wanted to see a whale shark.
Ideally needing at least 12 people   Price Includes: Accommodations for 2 nights in hotel near Turner Field with continental breakfast both mornings Games tickets for 2 games against the Miami Marlins Transportation to and from Atlanta and while in Atlanta Admission to the Coca-Cola Museum and the Georgia Aquarium (can be removed to lower cost)   What’s not included: Six meals at local restaurants or at the ballpark. Most meal times will have plenty of options for different taste. Souvenirs, snacks, and shopping money Tip for driver at end of trip     Cost per person based on room occupancy (I will try to pair you up if you want to try and save some money) Each room contains two double beds. One person per room: $620.00 Two people per room: $500.00 Three people per room: $470.00 Four people per room: $440.00 Cost-cutting: There are a few other things that would help reduce your cost. Read the last two paragraphs if this is just outside of your price range.     Not only do I love the Braves, but I ...
Good evening Fans! I hope you guys truly enjoyed your day. I was having a conversation with a friend about Unique places to have a child's birthday party. My 5 year old had his Party at the Georgia Aquarium this past April! Where'd you have your child's party and where do you live?-Markea
As featured in this month's National Geographic. James Cameron's Deepsea Challenger is in Atlanta tomorrow. Thursday, 6th June 2013. Time: 10 am - 2 pm Location: Intersection of Baker & Luckie St. The submarine James Cameron engineered for his historic dive to 35,787 feet in the Mariana Trench will be parked in front of Georgia Aquarium, with programs between 10a.m. - 2p.m. both inside and outside Georgia Aquarium.
Getting excited for vacation with Rebecca Wrae DeGroat! Road tripping to Georgia to see Thomas W. Decker and Whitney Decker, then headed to Mississippi to see Becky's family. In between, we're gonna check out the Georgia Aquarium and visit filming locations of The Walking Dead. Definitely ready to go.
For two decades, the U.S. hasn't imported wild-caught whales or dolphins. Now the Georgia Aquarium wants to bring in 18 belugas from Russia.
I did not know what to suspect in "Hotlanta"...I was expecting lots of southern draw and very sweet tea, however, this has been one of the best Investigators Meetings that I have attended. The "meeting" aspect during the day has been long and insightful. But my free time, which isn't much, has been delightful! Visited the Georgia Aquarium, and I have walked through the Centential Olympic Park several times. It is beautiful! Tonights walk included a hidden treasure in the park...a beautiful water light show! I am pleased!!
Police are investigating Ocean Park Hong Kong and the pressure is on for them to disclose information on dolphin deaths at their park: Park hosted the International Marine Animal Trainers Association (IMATA) 2012 annual conference. The conference was likely attended by IMATA's board of directors and chiefs: Staff from SeaWorld, Georgia Aquarium, Miami Seaquarium, Shedd Aquarium, The AZA, and Mystic Aquarium among others. Many U.S. parks and aquariums are very close to Ocean Park Hong Kong.
Get your Passport to Excellence and participate in the 2013 National 4-H Congress! This event is held on November 29 to December 3, 2013, at the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta, Georgia. Michigan youth, ages 14 to 19, are invited to apply for this leadership, citizenship and community-service event. Youth from across the U.S. will come together to experience an exciting program, full of educational, service and leadership opportunities. Cultural highlights include an International Dinner and Dance and a trip to the Atlanta History Center. Participants have the option to tour Centennial Olympic Park, the Georgia Aquarium, CNN, the Carter Presidential Library and the Martin Luther King Center. Plus, some of the nation’s most outstanding community leaders, speakers and educators will present the most current and timely information. National 4-H Congress is considered the capstone event of 4-H. The cost is $1175 per participant plus about $100 extra for luggage fees, meals to and from Atlanta, and souvenirs. For m ...
A new exhibit in Atlanta is providing an encounter that you "otter" see. The new Georgia Aquarium exhibit offers guests a view of the popular animals that has never been seen before.
Meet a sea otter in new Georgia Aquarium encounter I love watching the otters when I go to the
Thanks again Georgia Aquarium! We enjoyed the Club Fish Client Breakfast catered by Wolfgang Puck Catering-Yum!...
Home sweet home! There's only so many steaks, burgers, pizzas, buffalo wings, and BBQ a man can take in a week! I probably gained 5 lbs. in that one week. Gonna eat nothing but salads for the next month. Still, it was an insanely good time visiting family in GA, meeting the newest member of the family, and going to the Georgia Aquarium. I'll have some pics and vids up later.
This sea otter is excited we are halfway through the week! You know what else it's excited about? That there is now an opportunity for you to come and meet the Georgia Aquarium sea otters with the all new Sea Otter Encounter. Reserve your spot today to see this face up close: - Plus, don't forget to follow to participate in special giveaways happening this week!
Discount Cards for Sale money goes toward my Israel Mission Trip.Many have asked whats on the card so I got one and wrote down almost everything I'm sure i forgot something.If you want one let me know cause I will be glad to meet you or whatever just msg me California- *California Great America Colorado- *River Runners and Adrift Adventures *Royal Gorge Bridge and Park Florida- *Lee County- Shell Factory *Orange County- Kissimmee *Osceola County- DAYTONA INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY JULY 6, 2013 COKE ZERO 400 Choice of Oldfield or lockhart tower and $10 concession card Kids 12 and under $15.00 Reg. Price- $79.50 - $99.50 Price with card- $48.00 - $68.00 Georgia- *Atlanta- Atlanta Braves, Georgia Aquarium, Stone Mountain Park, and Zoo Atlanta Nevada- *Jeff Givillico Comedy In Action New Mexico- *Ghost tours and History Tours of Old Town *Mauger Bed and Breakfast Inn North Carolina- -Asheville- *Asheville Motorcycle Tours *Biltmore Estate * Charlotte-Carowinds - Reg Price-$54.99 -with Card-$35.99 all year long *L ...
Please sign this petition to stop Georgia Aquarium from importing 18 wild Beluga Whales! Some of you may have heard that in October, the Georgia...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Explore the World of Coca-Cola and discover one of the top Atlanta attractions. Just steps from the Georgia Aquarium, in the heart of Pemberton Place, our Georgia attraction features interactive displays, a 4-D theater, Pop Culture Gallery and more.
Georgia Aquarium, World of Coke, Stone Mountain, Amish Mafia marathon...just a few suggestions.
I swear, the 2 ladies behind me at the Georgia Aquarium are doing an impersonation of Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph's "Bronx Beat" from SNL.
Wounded warriors swim with whales at Georgia Aquarium:
Cue the critics: Atlanta Pride returns to Piedmont Park in October and they'll toast their VIPs and party it up with the critters of the Georgia Aquarium, too. So take that, Jane Lynch.
Back from visiting my sister in Atlanta... enjoyed the World of Coke, the Georgia Aquarium, the Hard Rock Cafe and the Agatha Christie Mystery Dinner theater -- could have done without the eight lanes of traffic. Had a great Time!
So my mom, little sister and I just ran into Bobbi Kristina at the Georgia Aquarium!
there is the Georgia Aquarium..also a 6 Flags amusement park.we also have a "soccer" team the Atlanta Silverbacks
Back from a day in downtown Atlanta. Visited the CNN Center and the Georgia Aquarium. Both were excellent and the CNN tour was just the guide, LKP and me. Awesome! The Georgia Aquarium is also a must do and most impressive. We got a behind the scenes tour with just the docent and us so we "lucked" out all the way around. I should now play the Georgia Lottery.!
Let GPB know that its partnership with the Georgia Aquarium implicates its beluga permit application. Leave comment.
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