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George Zimmerman

The fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman took place on February 26, 2012, in Sanford, Florida.

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2 am last nite n George Zimmerman jr runs down on me for looking suspicious, IN MY OWN CAR, IN MY OWN NEIGHBORHOOD! http…
And they understand this when it's say, George Zimmerman but alluvasudden when it's RKelly or Cosby, they're all "BUT T…
So it was koran which made George Zimmerman commit a murder? It was the faul…
George zimmerman was not white he was a latino. Trayvon Martin assualted him and got shot. Stop…
Today is also the anniversary of the acquittal of George Zimmerman. We are forever in remembrance of
Remember when George Zimmerman was a thing?
Definitely voted for Trump and donated money to George Zimmerman
OJ wasn't convicted either or George Zimmerman.. you…
You got a lot of free criminals and suspects walking the streets... Casey Anthony, George Zimmerman, etc. What's on…
I want you bad as a Benjamin I'm delirious, I want you bad as the head shattered on George Zimmerman
I THOUGHT I had been advocate for equality…
I THOUGHT I had been advocate for equ…
so George Zimmerman is now a white police officer and so is Officer Yanez also White??
I'm still literally trying to get over the fact th…
Yes R Kelly was acquitted, so was OJ, George Zimmerman, Casey Anthony. etc.
the apprentice host now controls nuclear armaments & the wildest period in my life IS STILL when DMX and George Zimmerman were boutta fight
ORLANDO has Casey Anthony. ORLANDO has George Zimmerman. ORLANDO has Baby Eating Alligators. ORLANDO has Terrorist Attacks…
These 10 facts of the George Zimmerman case will make you wonder how he got away with shooting Trayvon Martin
I can’t believe George Zimmerman got off.
I sort of heard the official word about George Zimmerman's ban was for posting an address of a per…
I'm goin ham on my George Constanza I murder George Zimmerman and adam Lanza in every stanza
Given that they stood up for George Zimmerman after he shot Trayvon Martin, and ever…
2 cases I will never ever get over is the George Zimmerman case and the Casey Anthony case, both disgusting ppl who were…
The only saving grace is that, like George Zimmerman, Jeronimo Yanez will never be able to walk the streets freely and happily again.
They at first tried to say this Mexican-American cop was a White guy. They always seem to do that, a la George Zimmerman.
Maybe she can get an interview with George Zimmerman to find out how hard his life has be…
Elliot Morales (Hispanic) killed *** Black Man got 20-40 years George Zimmerman killed a Black Man walked Scott free this is the CONT
Justice is for sale, especially in Florida: Casey Anthony, George Zimmerman, Richard Patterson.
Yes, This is like George Zimmerman they portrayed him as a "white Hispanic"!!! (Travon Martin)
Well that's the next best thing to a murder conviction of George Zimmerman.
George Zimmerman is still FREE , they killed in front of her son , && justice was never served for Tamir…
Dear Florida, what if was black? ... just wondering because ... George Zimmerman and whatnot ... asking for…
How many more murderers are we going to let walk free? . Casey Anthony. OJ Simpson. George Zimmerman. Amanda Knox. . Just to name a few.
George Zimmerman and Casey Anthony both beat murder in Florida. Lol what a garbage state Florida is
Between Rachel Dolezal and Casey Anthony, if George Zimmerman comes back in the news I'm going to have to riot.
In 2012, the unarmed Black teenager was killed by George Zimmerman, a part-Latino neighborhood watch member. -
How many times has Jay z rapped about killing blacks who 'run up'? George Zimmerman living your raps.
😅Jay z got rich rapping about killing black ppl. George Zimmerman lives what you rap about.
they've stayed quiet about George Zimmerman, the ethnic cleansing going on in California but "we're not supposed to be angry"?
The company acquired two books about the black high school student who was killed by George Zimmerman. read more...
so is that why George Zimmerman was called white.
I really wish that Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman die painful deaths
George Zimmerman maybe. 2 of a kind.
those are crazy people who post lies and think that,,truth is Trayvon Martin attack George Zimmerman and GZ defended himself
This is very tricky territory especially since let Darren Wilson and George Zimmerman get rich
ABC Nightline is doing another hatchet job on George Zimmerman. Making Trayvon Martin the victim. Even tho he had...
From a pedophile defender to a man who thinks George Zimmerman was right to kill Trayvon Martin. WAY TO GO,
Tracy Martin on the dehumanization of Trayvon during George Zimmerman's trial
George Zimmerman, Officer Darren Wilson, and wrongly vilified police across the nation agree: GOOD
falsified information abut the George Zimmerman case during the trial and covered a fake story.
Never forget that George Zimmerman lawyer started off the trial with a knock knock joke and still got dude off, brazy.
"Cracka" came from this woman in the George Zimmerman trial.
just so much that they arrested George Zimmerman and took him to trial or he was found not guilty which was not their fault
Bob Dylan's real name is Robert Allen Zimmerman and more surprisingly, he is George Zimmerman's dad.
Remember all those people, before and during the trial, who swore up-and-down that George Zimmerman wasn't racist?
QUESTION: If Donald Trump & George Zimmerman were both drowning, who would you save?
We can go out in public again and not even get a second look. Sincerely, George Zimmerman and Walter Palmer.
Zen Master Judy Roitman 本慧禅师: You must wake up from this dream. Let’s talk about George Zimmerman, the...
I remember when the only thing to worry about in Florida was Casey Anthony & George Zimmerman. Prayers & peace to Fort Laud…
This Fort Lauderdale shooting got hispanic men taking they 1st L since George Zimmerman
There were no riots when Rodney King got beat up by police and there when George Zimmerman got away with murdering…
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Hey, 2017. Hospitalizing Charles Manson's a good start but give George Zimmerman colorectal cancer and you're invited to…
Before we condemn the jurors who acquitted George Zimmerman, we sh...
Hopefully one of them is Donald Trump. And another is George Zimmerman.
2016 has 40 minutes to take George Zimmerman
2016 still have enough time to take George Zimmerman out of here. DO IT FOR US 2016 PLEEASE!
will 2017 be the year that George Zimmerman finally dies? 🤔 stay tuned on the next episode of dbz
Bernhard Goetz and George Zimmerman would be my dream dinner guests
New Year's Wish: George Zimmerman is stalked while walking home with Skittles & gets what he deserves
when George Zimmerman and Dylan Roof both caught fades on Obamas birthday👌🏾
Everybody dying this yr, George Zimmerman still living... F U 2016! . everyone
When folks act like they JUST realized how racist this country is, when they seen George Zimmerman receiving "donations"…
So what does she get out of it if the people are identified? Go George Zimmerman on 'em? She needs to report to police.
I can't wait until someone gets to auction off the gun they killed George Zimmerman with.
why is George Zimmerman still alive
Guilty verdict in trial on 2nd degree attempted murder of George
If George Zimmerman, Martin Shkreli, and Trump had a heart attack and freakin died today, would 2016 be a success?
Now George Zimmerman is playing celebrity while charging things happening in America right now.
We just had an argument over whether George Zimmerman was justified in his killing of Trayvon Martin - ive been fuming silently since
take George Zimmerman, or Dillon Roof, or his step-dad, saying no one would miss his step-dad.
"That would be you BOY, now get up out my face, or its gonna be George Zimmerman the sequel"
So @ 2017, you gon go after the ppl we hate, like George Zimmerman. how he still valid?
you can gon head and holla at George Karl, and George got 24 hours. Just do what you been doing.
I recognize I have faults. I'm accountable for them, and I try to d...
I hate him almost as much as George Zimmerman
Instead of Pence & Ryan, wanna bet Trump has Don King & George Zimmerman seated next to him at his first State of the Union?
And those Obama and Holder radicals...see how they filed federal charges against George Zimmerman? What radicals
George Zimmerman still walking around all willy nilly?
Zimmerman’s controversies since the Trayvon Martin case
Black lives matter furious over Trump Appointing George Zimmerman for a post in the Department of Justice. . http…
. Spoiler alert,. It redeems itself at the end as we watch George Zimmerman get run over by a train
George Zimmerman is Donald Trump in Hispanic clothing. They both got away with murder, everybody hates them and both th…
George Zimmerman shooter sentenced to 20 years behind bars for attempted murder
Self preservation. a justifiable act of self defense on the part of George Zimmerman.
List of people who should have died in 2016:. Tomi Lauren. Mike Pence. George Zimmerman. Everyone at Fox. Dylan Roof. Bill Cosby…
he booked Victoria Jackson, Kirk Cameron, and George Zimmerman. Roll out the white carpet.
Black people are at risk no matter who's in office. George Zimmerman & Michael Dunn didn't carry a badge
These people make George Zimmerman look like Murray Rothbard.
.George Zimmerman was innocent. The store owner Mike Brown strong armed was innocent. Officer Wilson was innocent.
The same state where George Zimmerman walks a free man is the same state that practically put Trump in office. Florida, y…
so calling black people the n word and posting photos of George Zimmerman smiling with Trayvon Martin's pic isn't racist
Some Trump supporters are racist, but same for Hillary. George Zimmerman reportedly voted for Obama.
Not been caught again on the GofundMe that punched George Zimmerman ... I should have a yet?
George Zimmerman should run for president in 2020.
Interesting that both high schoolers and George Zimmerman waited for Trump to be president before they started dropping N-bombs. Says a lot.
Help . which position should he give to George Zimmerman?
Florida freed Casey Anthony & George Zimmerman, put Kodak Black in jail, and they voted Trump. Hurricane Matthew should'…
We all know George Zimmerman's day of reckoning is coming. He begs for it on a constant basis, and eventually, he will get it.
How many lives does this racist cat get?.
Murderer George Zimmerman was kicked out of a bar for calling someone a *** LOVER! He was abusive to a waitress!.
A Trump presidency is essentially a federal "Stand Your Ground" law for racist white men. George Zimmerman will be adding…
Deputy: George Zimmerman used racial slur, insisted that black man 'hit' him
George Zimmerman kicked out of bar after using racial slurs
‘Ni**er lover!’: George Zimmerman kicked out of Florida bar after racist clash with waitress
George Zimmerman involved in yet another altercation requiring police. This one is extra weird.
*** it Florida. Doesn't feel great that our future depends on a state that thought George Zimmerman and Casey Anthony weren'…
Kevin Gates gets 6 months for kicking someone. George Zimmerman walks free for killing someone. I'm so glad I don't live…
Bigots will donate to a murderer like Dylan Roof and George Zimmerman, but won't shell out money to help a Interesting.
.went IN on Donald Trump, George Zimmerman & Dylan Roof on "Campaign Speech" .
Bad "hombres"? Hmmm, we can talk about Timothy McVeigh, George Zimmerman, the Kansas 3, and a bunch of other murderers…
How does George Zimmerman get acquitted for killing an unarmed teen but someone shoots at him, misses & gets 20 yrs? ht…
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A man who shot at George Zimmerman got 20 years. Zimmerman shot and killed an unarmed black man, got no time. BOTH CLAI…
NoBODY is a tough guy, long as George Zimmerman still walkin these streets
Anybody know which 'priz' the dude that shot at George Zimmerman is going to? I wanna put money on his books. Thx.
George Zimmerman killed someone and got off. Someone shot at George Zimmerman and got 20 yrs. That’s exactly what BLM i…
George Zimmerman shows Stand Your Ground laws are dangerous
Matthew Apperson, man who shot at George Zimmerman, gets 20 years
Anytime I see George Zimmerman trending, I hope to see that he died, I know it's messed up but some people are just trash.
Florida man gets 20 years in attempted murder of George Zimmerman
George Zimmerman kills Trayvon in 2012 and gets acquitted of all charges, but someone shoots at Zimmerman and MISSE…
Matthew Apperson is going to jail for 20 years for shooting George Zimmerman but Zimmerman who murdered a child walks awa…
Next time George Zimmerman is trending it better because hes dead
The call George Zimmerman a racist for killing Trayvon Martin but the evidence is clear. Trayvon beat Zimmerman up.
George Zimmerman killed a kid and got off but the man who tried to shoot him is being sentenced to 20 for "no regard for human life"
Shooting at but not killing George Zimmerman = 20 years in jail. Killing Trayvon Martin = 0 years in jail.
I don't wish death upon nobody but George Zimmerman
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Let's hope the man who shot at George Zimmerman spends the 20 years he was sentenced to in prison thinking about ways t…
Man who fired at George Zimmerman's vehicle during road rage incident gets 20 years in prison.
Man sentenced to 20 years for shooting at George Zimmerman
Someone who shot at, but did not severely injure or kill, George Zimmerman is getting more time than Zimmerman, who ki…
Man Gets 20 Years for Shooting at George Zimmerman’s Vehicle: SANFORD, Fla.—A Florida man who fired at George..
The man who fired a gunshot at George Zimmerman has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for attempted murder
George Zimmerman -- Road Rage Shooter Gets 20 Years: The man who shot at George Zimmerman in an apparent road rage..
George Zimmerman kills a kid and walks. The guy who shot him is doing 20 years. How is this justice?
the dude who shot at George Zimmerman deserves those 20 years for missing!
Whatever happened to that dmx can george Zimmerman boxing match? World needs that
Let's all just be thankful that George Zimmerman isn't trending because he shot and killed someone else.
Every time I see George Zimmerman trending I get excited thinking it means he's finally dead. But that's never the reason🙁
Don't get mad at us for starting a GoFundMe for the man who shot at George Zimmerman, when he sold the gun he killed Trayvo…
Man who shot at George Zimmerman in self-defense sentenced to 20 years. Zimmerman, who shot & killed served…
George Zimmerman is trending and I'm just disappointed that it's not because he was killed by Hurricane Matthew.
Man in Florida sentenced to 20 years in prison for a 2015 road rage incident involving George Zimmerman.
Man convicted of shooting at George Zimmerman in road rage incident sentenced to 20 years in prison
When George Zimmerman is trending but it's not because he's in jail.
20 years for ALMOST killing him. Meanwhile, George Zimmerman is still armed...
But George Zimmerman murdered a teenager and. you know the rest. May there one day be justice for Trayvon😞
shoots and kills Martin, walks free. Man attempts to shoot George Zimmerman, gets 20 years in…
While George Zimmerman was sentenced to 0 years for the murder of Trayvon Martin.
Fox News: Man gets 20 years for shooting at George Zimmerman's vehicle
GEORGE ZIMMERMAN: shoots unarmed black kid to death - not in jail. MATTHEW APPERSON: shoots at Zimmerman in self-defense…
Man sentenced in road rage shooting involving George Zimmerman
When you hear that George Zimmerman KILLED a kid & walked free but a guy who shot at Zimmerman's car gets 20 years in jail .…
Everytime I see George Zimmerman trending I get disappointed when I click on the hashtag and see this trash is still aro…
George Zimmerman, eventually karma will catch up to you. I promise.
Ken Bone (Americas Home Grown Hero) thinks George Zimmerman was justified in shooting Travon Martin. And that pretty much is the end of it
Ken Bone is no hero. He thinks it was ok for George Zimmerman to murder Travon Martin. Ken Bone is what's wrong with America.
Us: George Zimmerman's a murderer. Them: He was found not guilty, let it go. Them: Hilary is a crook. Us: She was found n…
MSM told us George Zimmerman was white, Michael Brown was a gentle giant & the economy is gunna boom. Now they say there's no…
yeah yeah George Zimmerman & Omar Mateen are bad or whatever but poked at my fragile ego which is worse!
George Zimmerman is a terrorist. So are the murderers of Sandra Bland, Mike Brown, Freddie Gray, Jordan Davis, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner...
For those that are under the impression that Trump will lose a bunch of support over this, remember George Zimmerman and others!
It baffles me how black men will believe a *** innocent of rape bcuz he ain't get convicted but mad that George Zimmerman free
I understand that but then same folks will shout that George Zimmerman is guilty. Divides us.
I bet George Zimmerman will make it out of the hurricane without a problem
George Zimmerman will shoot the hurricane don't worry Florida
Someone put a hoodie and a bag of skittles on and George Zimmerman will kill it.
Hopefully it will also take George Zimmerman out to sea, too ...never to be heard from again
George Zimmerman said he will shoot Matthew if he comes into his neighborhood.
I truly believe he will be another George Zimmerman
George Zimmerman just saw a hurricane reach for some Skittles...DEVELOPING.
On the bright side maybe just maybe will get George Zimmerman fingers crossed
A *** Moment... Man who shot George Zimmerman in "self defense" found guilty, will serve at least 20 years via
nothing will happen to Pam Bondi. After all, Florida is the state that brought the country George Zimmerman
Obama's justice department went after police & George Zimmerman. Trump will allow police to shoot criminals. Opposite effect.
I hope that, if Matthew hits Florida, only the George Zimmerman family will be decimated.
Travis Martin's MURDER I will never forget/forgive. The EXONERATION of George Zimmerman was an act of incredible...
A white muslim, like George Zimmerman was a white hispanic. OK. Lee Boyd Malvo was brought in alive too.
Let's not get too excited about Betty Shelby. Let's not forget George Zimmerman was charged and stood trial. It's not…
All she does is pander.Sabrina Fulton, really?George Zimmerman wasn't a cop and was found NOT GUILTY. Get a clue
George Zimmerman calls Blackn Lives Matter a terrorist organization? I don't even have the energy to pop off.
Man who shot at George Zimmerman’s car last year found guilty of attempted murder
Shouldn't expect anything less from a state that didn't convict George Zimmerman for murder...
Man who says he shot George Zimmerman in self-defense found guilty of all charges
thank God that George Zimmerman was alright and not injured.
"He can still be a victim": Jury convicts man who shot at George Zimmerman's truck
Jury finds George Zimmerman shooter guilty on all counts
Funny how this guy is charged for attempting murder ,. & George Zimmerman walked for committing murder !
Florida man found guilty of attempted murder of George Zimmerman: reports via
THR: George Zimmerman shooter convicted of attempted murder (WASHEX)
A Florida man who shot at George Zimmerman during a road rage incident has been convicted of attempted murder
Man who shot at George Zimmerman found guilty of attempted murder
George Zimmerman followed Trayvon Martin despite being told not to. He also publicly boasted about killing him. He's not an innocent man.
Man who shot at George Zimmerman convicted
Man who shot at Zimmerman vehicle guilty of attempted murder
Matthew Apperson facing a minimum of 20 yrs in prison after a Seminole Co. jury found him guilty of trying to kill George Zimmerman
"Ku Klux Klan member Thomas Stevens was arrested after shooting George Zimmerman at a McDonald’s parking lot"
George Zimmerman said Black lives matter is not a movement it's a Terrorist
What George Zimmerman looked like after he was hit w flying glass after he says Matthew Apperson shot him.
George Zimmerman Takes Stand in Road Rage Case: Matthew Apperson is charged w...
Bullet fragments in George 's arm after police say Matthew Apperson shot at in May 2015
Trial starts for man in George road-rage case Are you kidding, is he afraid of being killed by a
Breast Cancer Awareness
George Zimmerman Takes the Stand in Road Rage Case: George Zimmerman took the stand today in a trial against...
Trial to begin for man who shot at George Zimmerman
Testimony begins today for Florida man accused of shooting at in road-rage case
I feel bad George Zimmerman is suffering from PTSD. I wish he was suffering from a terminal illness.
George Zimmerman got shot during a road rage incident. Thanks Keep up the good work
Prosecutor says Matthew Apperson was the aggressor when he fired into George Zimmerman's truck. Defense attorney says it…
George Zimmerman the Latino with the Jewish Surname used as a scam 2incite hatred towards innocent whites.
.was started as a result of the killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman.
.was founded right after George Zimmerman stalked and then killed Black teenager Trayvon Martin.
Court in lunch. George Zimmerman expected to resume testimony just before 2pm. Full wrap up later on
George Zimmerman is suffering from PTSD? . Guess killing a child and not going to jail for it takes a lot out of you htt…
News: George Zimmerman is suffering! :-(. Black people: ok and
George Zimmerman has PTSD, homeless, fears for his life and $2 million in debt
Hearing that George Zimmerman is homeless!! & winter is approaching
"George Zimmerman is homeless, $2m in debt, and is suffering from PTSD!" . .
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"George Zimmerman is currently homeless, $2M in debt, "suffering from PTSD" and in constant fear for his life."
when George Zimmerman is trending , and it's NOT because he's dead
Trial starts for man in George Zimmerman road-rage case
George Zimmerman testifying against man charged w/tryna kill him. In my wife's words: "Too bad guy is a bad shot." . https:/…
This is what Liberals want people like George Zimmerman to end up like in America. Be tolerant and dont fight back. ht…
Trial starts for man who shot at George Zimmerman Jennifer Cruz
Zimmerman testifies in trial of man accused of shooting at him: George Zimmerman took the stand Tuesday afternoon…
Nobody ever told me George Zimmerman was a furry.
He's on the stand now. UPDATED Attorney: George Zimmerman, Apperson argued over Trayvon Martin in previous incident
District Attorney Angela Corey, who failed to convict George Zimmerman lost her primary election tonight:
She let George Zimmerman walk free. . Now she may be out of a job. .
Angela Corey, whose office dropped the ball on George Zimmerman and who went after Marissa Alexander with abandon, lost her…
George Zimmerman really homeless rn and I'm bout to sleep so good in my African American home living like a African American
In the same month, Angela Corey, Prosecutor who blew trial lost her election. & . George Zimmerman has lost…
George Zimmerman really gone say he homeless like we wasn't tryna get him into nice free rent and 3 meals a day facility for…
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George Zimmerman is homeless and in debt. Eddie Long battling a "health challenge". Me: You been busy, Karma?. Karma:
"George Zimmerman says he is currently homeless, $2M in debt"
Sometimes I get George Zimmerman and Andrew Zimmern mixed up and I'm like "wow people must really hate bizarre foods"
Apparently, George Zimmerman is now homeless and broke...
George Zimmerman says he’s homeless and suffering from PTSD: report
George Zimmerman always trending but never dy...ugh never mind
George Zimmerman is homeless and broke. It's a shame he missed the opportunity to be housed and fed every day for the re…
Gretchen Carlson $20 million richer &. George Zimmerman broke... Sounds like Karma is alive and well 🙂
George Zimmerman's life has fallen apart. He's 2 million dollars in debt, has PTSD, AND is homeless.
Angela Corey did everything possible to lynch George Zimmerman. Including lying about Skittle being chased down. That's why she's out.
If you drive what used to be a police car and it still looks like a police car, you're about as cool as George Zimmerman.
If whites were able to finally get O.J Simpson behind bars. We deserve the same for Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman.
George Zimmerman, Casey Anthony, & OJ were acquitted too. So, TF that mean.
Via InstaPundit: COMPARISON: George Zimmerman & Ted Kennedy. One of them killed an innocent.
Roger Ailes is gonna tell Donald Trump how to deal with a woman. After that George Zimmerman will tell Trump how to win the… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Bottom Line: I see Nate Parker's acquittal from rape charges the same way I see George Zimmerman's acquittal from killin…
"Nate Parker and Bill Cosby were acquitted.". So was Casey Anthony, George Zimmerman and many who we know are guilty. Acquittal=/=innocence.
Imagine the amount of money that could be raised if George Zimmerman volunteered to be the guy sitting on the dunk tank.
GoFundMe let people donate all that *** money to Darren Wilson after he killed Mike Brown and George Zimmerman...
If the Purge was real I would make George Zimmerman the sacrificial lamb for Black People
George Zimmerman punched in the face for bragging at Florida restaurant about killing Trayvon Martin (WARNING...
Records: George Zimmerman punched after 'bragging' about Trayvon Martin case
George Zimmerman is not as important as John McCain:.
Media started stoking racial violence with their lies about George Zimmerman & Trayvon Martin. Continued it with Darren Wil…
Police: George Zimmerman punched in face at Florida restaurant More
George Zimmerman and Dylan Roof both got knocked out today. Lets just say, today was a good day.
George Zimmerman punched for bragging about Trayvon Martin's death: cops via
Not shocked to hear that George Zimmerman got assaulted for bragging about Trayvon Martin. I'm more surprised to hear that…
Man accused of shooting at George Zimmerman bonds out of jail via THATS WHAT HIS *** GET
George Zimmerman says he was punched for talking about Trayvon Martin killing
George Zimmerman caught the fade for bragging about killing Trayvon Martin 😬😬😬
To whoever threw that right hook at George Zimmerman for bragging about killing Trayvon Martin
George Zimmerman punched by man who said he was 'bragging' about killing Trayvon Martin
George Zimmerman punched in face for allegedly bragging about killing Trayvon Martin
Took you *** long enough. George Zimmerman: Man Who Shot and Killed Trayvon Martin Punched at Florida Restaurant
I don't condone violence, but good luck convicting the guy who punched George Zimmerman.
George Zimmerman punched for restaurant 'brag' about killing Trayvon Martin, police say
George Zimmerman punched in face after introducing himself as Trayvon Martin’s killer: If the reason you’re in the…
News: George Zimmerman and Dylann Roof got beat up on Obama's birthday . Me:
George Zimmerman punched in the face after allegedly boasting about killing Trayvon Martin: https:/…
Whenever "George Zimmerman" trends, I think "Is he dead?". I've been disappointed every time.
George Zimmerman and Dylan Roof got a piece of Karma today. + on Pres. Obama's BDAY… . All the black people are like http…
That annoying moment when George Zimmerman is trending, but he isn't dead.
"Eddie" punches George Zimmerman for bragging about murdering Trayvon Martin. "Eddie" is my hero.
911 Call: killer George Zimmerman punched in the face at Sanford, Florida restaurant. https:/…
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When George Zimmerman is trending but it doesn't say that he died
You really think Dylann Roof and George Zimmerman getting black eyes compare to the damage they've caused? This ain't "justic…
George Zimmerman and Dylan Roof got whooped today. It's official Obama birthday is now a national holiday
George Zimmerman got punched in his face by a grown man and called 911. What happened to his MMA training? Only works on kid…
George Zimmerman & Dylan Roof both got beat on Obama's birthday. Tell me this ain't God's work. He about to descend
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