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George Will

George Frederick Will (born May 4, 1941) is an American newspaper columnist, journalist, and author.

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"Taking offense has become America's national pastime." - George Will
Fun scares with Jon Scott and Jenna Lee via George Will.
George Will is a Cuck who stabbed White people in the back to get ahead.
Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan...have nothing on Gretchen Carlson and George Will.
I'm so tired of fake Republicans like Jennifer Rubin, Joe Scarborough, Kathleen Parker, David Brooks, George Will..
In which conservative (and pro-Mitch Daniels) columniSt George Will pronounces upon the Mike Pence we Hoosiers...
George Will says that America is already a center-left country--and Texas (Texas!) could make it even moreso.
George Will worked for the Bush Sr administration as a
George Will is irrelevant. Reason Republican Party imploded. GOPe does not care about AMERICAN Patriot.
You mean President Bush and his administration lying to the american people didn't cause George Will to leave the Republican Party?
BREAKING NEWS? Only the media thinks this is a big deal. Who votes on the basis of what George Will thinks?
.George Will was as down on Ronald Reagan 11-12-1974 column Washington Post on a potential 1976 challenge by Reagan
George Will takes down Donald Trump with a quote worthy of Mark Twain.
Lifelong politician Newt Gingrich calling George Will "establishment" might be the funniest thing ever.
GOP establishment is proving it is more establishment than GOP. George Will is latest to prove that grassroots suspicions…
George Will says he's leaving GOP over Trump . Good riddance. is a neocon statist elitist for the...
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George Will, one of the most overrated political pundits (who lost his way long ago), has left the Republican Party.He…
RelNews: George Will renounces GOP, declares \'This is not my party\' -Washington Times-
George Will: I'm done with GOP. Take some more losers with you please.
George Will exits the Republican Party over Trump. You can't vote Party over Country, IMO!
George Will leaves Republican Party Over Trump; seeks to influence voters away from Trump
George Will's parting words to GOP..."Make sure he loses". ht…
George Will bolts GOP: 'This is not my party' | Washington Examiner
George Will exits the Republican Party over Trump - The Washington Post
George Will a conservative & prominent Republican leaves the Republican Party over Donald Trump.
Conservative columniSt George Will leaves the Republican Party because of Donald Trump
Conservative columniSt George Will says he is leaving the Republican Party because of Donald Trump.
It wasn't just Trump, but Paul Ryan's endorsement of the ignorant xenophobe that drove George Will to
He's a Conservative in Sheeps Clothing-George Will says he's leaving GOP over Trump
It appears we have driven George Will out of the Republican Party…. ….Anyone tired of winning yet? .
Letter to George Will: You're not a . Republican now. Take your pompous derrière, truffles, and pals; and don't let the door…
:( George Will leaves the GOP over Trump: ... nominee ever'' and unable ...
Conservative writer drops out of GOP over
So..another elitist Republican who ignores the will of the voters...go George...NOW!
Trump attacked George Will as a “major loser” last month after Will wrote “If Trump is nominated GOP must keep him out…
🚨 George Will announced he will stop pretending to be a Republican.
George Will , , , you make millions of patriotic conservative Americans SICK. We laugh @ your stupidity. https…
Trump right again! Trump called George Will last month a “major loser.” This week the 'major loser' proves Trump right…
Conservative writer George Will drops out of over
The media's champion & channeler of Reagan repudiates the GOP & its nominee, who calls him - surprise! - a "loser." http…
Jay. It pains me to disagree with you but it is possible to love George Will (have all books) and support Trump reluctantly
I have two words for George Will: bye Felicia
Conservative columniSt George Will says he's leaving the GOP over Donald Trump
Proud of you, This proves that you are the man of conscience I always thought you were.
George Will is a democrat. A Burkean conservative. A classical liberal. These people (we) have no party now. But the ide…
What will we ever do without the elitist, globalist consultant George Will guiding the political Right to consecutive elect…
Rarely has a journalist fallen so far, so fast as George Will has in the past 12 months.
George Will has this quaint notion that words matter. That ideas matter. That political character matters. A man out of…
leaves the Rats flee the sinking ship
George F. Will to quit being the guy with head up *** inside the tent; will become guy with head up *** outside tent
George Will, conservative columnist and prominent pundit, has left the Republican Party over Donald Trump
George Will leave everything because he has no audience.
here here..ban the triad of evil: MSM, Lobbyists, Political Parties. Oh ..and people like George Will!
Donald Trump beats George Will off the boat. "Conservative columniSt George Will leaves GOP over Donald Trump"...
Longtime conservative columniSt George Will leaves GOP over Trump
George Will On Trump I've certainly not agreed with George will very much since 1992, but I have always enjoyed…
Leaving the GOP Is the Clearest Sign Yet That the Party of Reagan Is Dead
Trump is already making America better. . Good riddance Scarecrow. . George Will: I'm Leaving GOP Because of Trump
George Will Leaves the Republican Party over Trump: ‘Make sure he loses’
George Will says he's leaving GOP over Trump
George Will gives thoughtful take on state of GOP, Gavin counters w equivalent of fart noises
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
The Trump movement is successfully purging globalists like George Will from the GOP who represent everything I used to hate…
Conservative columnist is leaving the GOP over Trump: "This is not my party."
Actual footage of George Will trying to stump Trump
George Will says he's leaving GOP over Trump - -
George Will, friend of the Reagans and a leading GOP voice for decades, has quit the party, citing Trump. htt…
George Will Leaves Republican Party. and these guys joined it. GOP got the better of it. much the better .
- The loss of enfluence is a death sentence to these cronies like George Will.
WOW. George Will can't stomach & leaves Gop, becomes 'unaffiliated'. act like kids - 'we didn't like him, so there!'
George Will, Mitt Romney, the Bushes,.. More of the country club clique who don't want to see outsider take over their club.
The Establishment GOP are shedding their skin, just like the Snakes they are
Conservative columniSt George Will parts ways with the Republican Party because of its support of Donald Trump.
I finally respect Will. He's got a conscience. George Will jumps from sinking ship that is the GOP. via
I hear George Lucas is working on a Star Wars Prequel Trilogy. Most excellent that will be!
George Will's Leaves GOP because of “This is not my party.". Good for him.
time that FNC fired George Will, he's nauseating and puts us to sleep, keeping a liberal, bring back *** Morris, entertaining yes
George Will leaving the GOP because it's "not my party" is like Warren Beatty leaving the premier of Ishtar saying "It's not my movie."
A defiant Alex Jones proudly declares that under no circumstances would he give George Will a ***
I thought this was dubya (before seeing image). Was still giddy when I saw pic and thought it was George Will. Meh.
George Will: The ‘big price’ Paul Ryan has paid for supporting Donald Trump
Even arch conservative George Will is lambasting the GOP Speaker of the House for his Faustian bargain with Trump.
George Will's problem isn't big words. It's that he's in love with his inability to write clearly.
Hillary Clinton doesn’t want to repeal the 2nd Amendment. But in 1991, George Will did. - The Washington Post
A modern liberal is someone who doesn't care what you do, as long as it's compulsory." -- Stanton Evans [as quoted by George Will]
It's 36.284 F, my compressor is Off. And, And they’re all over the wall. George Will, fridge won't pay. Okay, think of it.
George Will no longer believes the will of the people should guide our govt? Shame on him. F---ing Elitist!
David Brooks, Thomas Friedman, and George Will should be sharing a refrigerator box under a bridge somewhere.
My hat is off to conservative commentators Jennifer Rubin and George Will. While i disagree philosophically with...
Then you're with Hillary, just like George Will, Bill Kristol, and the rest of the neocon warmongers.
I don't watch cuz sick of Krauthammer, Hayes, Williams, George Will, Karl Rove, Jonah Goldberg and .
Kristopher give it up! As a former republican faithful, I getting fed up with the likes of you and George Will..
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George Will nails the "bathroom" issue: "The Party of Science Ought to Know That Sex Is a Matter of Chromosomes". https:/…
."are reporters treating Trump the same way they treat Clinton, we'll ask our group - Britt Hume, George Will, Bob Woodward"
I wish you would quit going on Chris Wallace's anti-Trump show. George Will, Amy Walter, Bob Woodward & Britt Hume. Britt is okay.
George Will, Amy Walter, Bob Woodward and Britt Hume on Fox News Sunday, where's the Republican?
ok, now have Richard Cohen and George Will eat glass.
Alex Jones advises George Will to ‘blow what little is left of your brains out’
Trump ally Alex Jones posts (and later deletes) video telling George Will to kill himself:
George will always b strong & firm regarding his principles based on truth.George, you'll always b the hero of many. https:…
H George Tavakoli:. Depression is a side effect of waking up. you combat that depression will be a G+&FB
Conservatives define themselves in terms of what they oppose.
We will be launching our huge campaign with a letter from our founder I will post the…
I will pay all money to built wall Mexican look Hispanic look bad
you do know one day trump will deport you too. He will deport all Hispanics.
Pending this week - Dragons press release denying anythings been formalised & members will be updated when required.
The fighters who give it all will be around for next year. Give it all you'...
If the name St George and the big RedV is gone. I will say goodbye to rugby league.
George Will asks, who will follow Donald Trump off the cliff?
with repostapp. ・・・. Amidst the beautiful scenery of St George tomorrow will be a…
American Sniper memorial will include trees from George W Bush's Texas ranch
Who will follow Trump off the cliff? - A George Will column that eases Trump-phobia with numbers, quotes and facts. htt…
.minister George Eustice tells Commons it will be several years before we see the impact of on…
George with the trophy he has designed for our House awards. Who will receive it?
Stolen from George Osbourne: "Low taxes, but taxes that will be paid". Turnbull's a completely unoriginal conservative
Katy ISD incumbent Joe Adams will ask for a recount after 7-vote loss to George Scott in board of trustees election.
So I guess my birthday will be remembered for a few reasons this year
SMH. Why y'all stay sleeping on Canelo I will never know.
Obama, startled that components of government behave as interest groups, se...
ETRetail | Fintech operation will be many times bigger than ecommerce: Paytm's Vijay Shekhar Sharma
This moment will just be another story someday
Our friend will play drums but you prob won't be able to see him like a ghost in the back I will do DOUBLE dancing then G…
Trump is winning b/c he is a REAL outsider who represents real change.
as well George, you have left a mark on this world.not sure if you will read this but Thank you as well.
George Galloway hints at Tooting by-election run. George Galloway hints at Tooting by-election run:
Our good friend, Brandon Krout, will be competing in the St. George IronMan tomorrow! 💪.
Do not try to live forever. You will not succeed. George Bernard Shaw
Celebrity and secrets don't go together. The *** will get you in the end. George Michael
*** Cheney breaks with George Bush to back Trump
Bill you are an *** Take George Will and get lost jerk
i got your back george m weah,if you becaome leader take instructor from Australia,or we will used d Aussie Army ,
George Soros would like nothing more than to collapse the US economy. Both HillaryC and DonT will help him!
Congratulations. Raise him to be a man like his dad & the world will be blessed!
his big brother George and his Daddy & Mommy will be hosting a big *** Ranch Party for their LOSER son and his girl friend MItt.
Over 90 industry leaders sign letter to say why leaving the EU will put the UK's £60bn sector at risk ht…
Romney and McCain, George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush will all be represented at Trump’s convention by four empty chairs.
Important development for your club fans. As revealed by
If St George is wiped out I will be doing the same thing
New ownership structure means St George faction will be wiped out..leaves the possibility now of St George wiped out of team logo
George Will should be ashamed of himself. Hope Fox fired him. Don't read him. He is the inside elitist that needs extinct.
George Will is sitting all by his lonesome at the Cubs-Nats game.
George Will called Republicans crawling to Trumps side "quislings" He's right. Thats why Ryan still has a shred of decency
/ Didn't George Will originally debut on Captain Kangaroo as Mr Stupid
Not to mention the plethora of contributors like George Will, Stephen Hayes, Juan Williams, Geraldo, etc.
This is a great day. Currently thinking of Karl Rove, George Will, Stephen Hayes, and all the other loser pundits!
It's not going to end Sean. George Will, Stephen Hayes, National Review etc will still try and divide the party
Amanda Carpenter, Karl Rove, George Will, & Stephen Hayes need fired. Embarrassment to the networks & sad to watch!
George Will trashed Reagan in a 11/12/74 WaPo column and supported Howard Baker over Reagan in 1980.
Seriously, you take out Britt Hume, George Will, and Stephen Hayes, there are no conservatives on Fox anymore. "The conservative channel"
And Bill Kristol and George Will and Stephen Hayes must in their heart believe Hillary the best person to fill the SCt.
Feehery: Memo to George Will, David Brooks and others: Stop being stupid on Trump
The MSM , Talk radio,Fox News,Romney,Bush, Rove, George Will, all prefer Tyranny over Freedom because they all have disdain for the voters
George Will: GOP Must Stop Trump Even if He Wins Nomination . is 100% inside the Beltway...
Folks, Cruz supporters & the GOPe are in FULL meltdown mode. George Will declares that the GOP MUST stop Trump even if…
George Will: If Trump is nominated, the GOP must keep him out of" on Tea Party Command Center: Will a shill 4 GOP.
Town hall. Steve Hayes of the Weekly Standard? What happened to Fair and Balanced? He is as anti-Trump as George Will.
Dark, dazzling turns by Alisyn Camerota and Bill Hemmer, and George Will makes it achingly romantic.
"Voters don't decide issues, they decide who will decide issues." -George Will
George Will says Cruz is RIGHT about ‘New York values,’ and it...
George Will is so jealouse of Obama that it is sickening, just plain sickening
Obama very condescending in Wallace interview.George Will spot on.Terrorism same as ppl dying from falls in tub in Obamas eyes?My goodness!
When I grow up I want to be George Best...
George Mason University will rename its law school to the Antonin Scalia School of Law. (ASSoL).
Every hat order for the next 5 days will be PACKED WITH PING PONG BALLS!!! (The ones from the videos)
George Will: Trump is "ignorance slathered with a congealed gravy of arrogance"
She will never have the same carreer as George's.Yes She can hold a tune!
The acronym for the Antonin Scalia School of Law is too good: .
Sorry for his loss. Madrid will lose tonight
A real shame that no one will be able to attend the George Mason ASSOL via
'Do you now or will you in the future benefit from any offshore funds?'. That's a 'yes' then, George.
Guys I didn't mean to start this. Mine was just a question. I'm patient. Our turn will come. I truSt George!!!
And if Paul George can snap his leg in two and still perform Giles will be fine
George Soros will use his Diebold vote counting machines and make sure Trumps votes flip over to Cruz! Ban his machines!
Blessed are the flexible for they will not be bent out of shape!
Nothing that's happened to you is a surprise to God. He will STILL get you where you need to be!
1/2 George, autonomous driving will be commoditized, nobody cares who crosses bridge 1st
back reporting. It will be a programme piece on the show
Blog about former Broward Mayor Ken Keechl joining house race updated with comments from incumbent George Moraitis
In celebration of his first album in 18 years,"A Master Speaks",. George Coleman will be playing Friday-Sunday!
Really want Tyler ulis to go to Phoenix so him and Booker will be reunited. . Kentucky
I will be debating Adv George Bizos retired Justice Zak Yacoob & Ms Gitanjali Pather with moderating.Come! https…
When will someone hype my arrival the way Burr hypes George Washington???
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Some people will never change. I've come to realize that the hard way.
Insecurity will make you over do and under do yourself!
"Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains taken to bring it to light." George Washington
Life is like a book. If you never turn the page, you will never know what the next chapter holds.
Once upon a time, the U.S. had a great tradition of taking smaller companies public. Let's do it again:
How Osborne's benefit freeze will affect 11m families from today via
What you make happen for others, God will make happen did you! Don't be selfish...
your loss. I will message you directly.
As long as Willie Nelson, George Strait, Hank Jr. & YouTube are around...REAL C&W music will be around :)
Wonder if & will do the honourable thing and resign. Nope it won't happen as the are Etonians
My TV is on mute now. I will let the picture do the talking for me because it just getting ridiculous with some of comment now…
George Will on Trump: His act — ignorance slathered with a congealed gravy of arrogance — has become stale.
The truth is... you will NEVER be at peace while living with un-forgiveness, bitterness and resentment in your heart... NEVE…
My hero of country music (as well as George Strait), is gone but his music will last forever. I use to live at...
I liked a video George Friedman: Russia Will Be Ready to Invade Ukraine Again by 2017
I can remember seeing Merle Haggard many times with George Jones and Conway. 3 great legends gone but will never be forgotten.
We will be hearing from a guest speaker, Pastor Willie George. He always has a very encouraging message from God's Word!
Truth will ultimately prevail where there id pains to brinn it to light. George Washiqgson
The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.George Orwell h…
David will win. PP is King George III, David is Hamilton. PP is the
"Let all feel free to do just as they will,/So long as it won't do their neighbors ill." "by Henry George Fischer
George Friedman: Russia will be ready to invade Ukraine again by 2017: Russia's President Vladimir Putin greet...
😂 George will always be my lil homie ✊🏾
George Hamilton will be bemused by it until at least 70th minute
“There is no such thing as a self-made man. You will reach your goals only with the help of others.” -George Shinn
Its illegal to scam me. You will be arrested
Tories under the cosh Chancellor George Osborne now evading questions on whether he has or will benefit from tax haven f…
When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world. George Washington Carver
What's the line George will quotes; "you cannot "reason" people out of positions they have not been "reasoned into"!
Ted Cruz has and always will be Establishment. Only Donald Trump has been an outsider as a politician
Who will win this year's Champions League?
Funny and true. On FNS George Will says Cruz will have to rely on Washinton Cartel to win at convention
Interesting column on Mark Fields and Ford Motor Company. Can automakers redefine mobility again? George Will
George Will (a white individual) is offended by white people voting for What's his deal?
George Will warns Trump would make the GOP "the party of white people." As opposed to the rich tapestry of human diversity …
George Will says if Trump gets nom there's no conservative in race. Will supported Romney, McCain, & Dole; all not conservative
I love how George Will refers to Mitch McConnell as his "friend" on Fox News Sunday. We know ***
George Will is a wannabe Bill Buckley. Buckley was extremely intelligent, though. Will...not so much.
. Fox News and George Will. Trump clearly said he could never nominate his sister for SC. Let's report truth for a change!
George Will in the Nat. Review calls refusal to confirm Merrick Garland “indefensible.”
Do Republicans really think Donald Trump will make a good Supreme Court choice? ~via George Will
Hard out there for David Brooks, Ross Douthat, & George Will. So mean to point out that they're wrong with impressive frequency
Karl, George Will, Kristol, Romney should really all move to the Cayman's w Mitt's $.
.Cokie Roberts? I remember pre-Internet days when trying to stay "informed" about USA meant having to watch her, George Will,..
Steve Hayes, Brett B , Charles K . George Will .., And they are all for Trump ?
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
I thought George Will was pursuing our defeat.
The Cubs never intentionally pursued defeat the way George Will does.
The Cubs never deserved defeat like George Will does.
Mike Huckabee is cool. Sarah Palin is cool. Alan Colmes playing George Will? Cool.
Foxy news alert.// smartest journalist Greg gutfield will join Bill orielly show tonight in hopes to entice George Will to come back
Bill O'Reilly lectured Trump over Christian forgiveness--does he remember his own epic meltdown w/George Will?.
George Will, the man picked Howard Baker over Reagan. H.B. was Lamar Alexander B4 Lamar Alexander.
Trump: “George Will, he wears these little glasses, take away the glasses he looks like a dumb guy.”. Will really got under…
I always thought George Will looks like Heinrich Himmler.
They all were, Krauthammer, George Will, Peggy Noonan. All gushed over Obama. Found him charming.
Checking out "George Will: Keep an Eye on Chris Christie" on Tea Party Command Center:
George Will keeps trying to make Chris Christie happen Why?
"Baseball, it is said, is only a game. True. And the Grand Canyon is only a hole in Arizona." ~ George Will
My god people Do something with George Will like you did Bob Beckel
Frank Luntz's focus group says that Karl Rove and George Will will soon be collecting unemployment as Trump surges in the polls.
Electronic Device Insurance
George Will on the St. Louis county where just about everything is illegal.
Harold Meyerson gets fired, but Ross Douthat, Tom Friedman, George Will and Charles Krauthammer still have jobs. Good job, Journalism.
I forgot about her but same thing goes for George Will.
George Will also took Ford over Reagan. He's just a big government RINO hack...
'In-Your-Face' article to today's college graduates by George Will 'Go straight to unemployment line'
George Will recounts Republicans' plight - paralleled in UK politics by Lab disastrously abandoning its traditions. https:/…
George Will's wife also worked for Scott Walker. Lots of conflicts among the press.
Someone tell George Will that Republican Mayor Rudy Giuliani presided over the same culture.
List of FOX ppl who aren't in the tank for Trump: Megyn Kelly, Greg Gutfield, Brit Hume, Shepherd Smith, George Will. Sadly, all else fail
George Will and having a chat at Purdue University tonight
So when Melissa said that Obama goes to "his" house, was she talking about George Will or Chris Matthews??
Paul Ryan says what we’ve seen the past 7 years is "The Illusion of Success.". Coincidentally that's the title of George Will's next column.
George Will surveys the lunacy on college campuses and asks: What, exactly, is "higher" education higher than?
Two nods to Chris Christie in the last week. George Will: Thomas Sowell:
It's really too bad Trump is such a racist scumbag because his comments on people like George Will, Karl Rove & William Krist…
Football is a mistake. It combines the two worst elements of American life. Violence and committee meetings. George Will
So, are you going to interview George Will and get another side of the story, or Ed Meese, or just take O'Reillys word? Fair?
George Will slams colleague Bill O'Reilly for his "Killing History" books:
A George Will insult: "Were the lungs the seat of wisdom..."
I have never seen a currently employed Fox News person challenge Fox News the way George Will is doing .
This is from the guy who predicted a Romney landslide. Yes, George Will is a giant dip.
George Will seemed genuinely annoyed that, in his perception, the host was aiding & abetting the left in trashing Reagan…
Still say coming out at top after - Mitt Romney.Brutal war at convention. TV hire old GOP George Will to truth out liars.
Bill O'Reilly tries to talk over George Will.
George Will to Bill O'Reilly: "You're something of an expert on actively misleading [the American] people"
George Will & Bill O'Reilly are both hacks. Will really thinks he's saving GOP from Fox News blowhard derangement.
Blog: George Will drew first blood can't be trusted. He proved that in 2012 when he slandered Romney.
Most enjoyable new battle in the right’s raging civil war: George Will vs. Bill O’Reilly.
- George Will & Steve Hayes have been BASHERS from the 'get go' - NEVER FORGET these 2 'contributers'
OPINION: Attacks on Ben Carson are Proof of the Liberal Lynch Mob via someone tell George Will and his ilk
O'Reilly: George Will 'Regurgitates Attacks' of Reagan Loyalists: Fox News host Bill O'Reilly shot back at Geo...
Karl Rove,Rick Wilson,George Will,Shep Smith,Anderson Cooper They wouldn't know a Alpha male if it slapped them in the face
Speaking on Fox News, George Will says no TV networks are sympathetic to the Republican Party
Sam Donaldson once said no liberal would want to be interviewed by him & no conservative by George Will. The times have changed!
But look, I loved Sports Illustrated as a kid at my grandparents', looking for toilet reading that wasn't by Sam Donaldson or George Will
As if I have any Harvey Kuenn insight. You must be confusing me with George Will...
A Show you'll never forget.Bill Hemmer and George Will are unforgettable
George Will wants David Lee Ross to act like a professional.
George Will's wife Mari used to work for Scott Walker but George is still an eGop tool with a failing brain
George Will probably mad his wife lost her job working for Scott Waller.
"Get a life George Will. USA doesn't make anything anymore. TRUMP will bring manufacturi…
George Will,Mike Rosen editorials read like con job,attack hacks that have little common sense,Intel,4th rate at best
After refusing to do "Center Seat" because you're scared to death of George Will & Charles Krauthammer
Tonight, I used John Rawls, Michel Foucault & George Will to do funnies about football, so I feel pretty good about my poli sci grad degree.
George Will: Finding our place in the universe - Winston-Salem Journal   10% Off
Human Quest to Find Our Place in the Universe: George Will, Wash PostTwinkling stars are pretty but, for astro...
It's great to see Trump rip into Carl Rove and George Will...who else cares about them?
Since I don't watch how's George Will doing since Scott Walker dropped out? Has his wife found a new job?
Um...I think it was George Will on Fox ( and his recent column) and the Acton Institute. Hardly lefties
1st up is Chris Kerr of the Ignatian Solidarity Network discussing George Will attacking Pope Francis' ideas on climate and inequality
George Will, standing outside the DC offices, cramming his draft of a reactionary Jimmy Olson into the mail slot
George Will (reactionary atheist) tells the Pope how to run the Catholic Church:
George Will really loves church bells. But not, you know, actual church teachings. Me on the right & Francis:
Get the Pope hater George Will off ur show! Why is it acceptable to bash the Catholic Church and Pope Francis ?
Sounds like George Will wouldn't want to be part of a church led by Pope Francis. Fortunately for him, he isn't.
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