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George W. Bush

George Walker Bush (born July 6, 1946) is an American politician who served as the 43rd President of the United States from 2001 to 2009 and the 46th Governor of Texas from 1995 to 2000.

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Robert Mueller, 72, served as FBI director under George W. Bush and Barack Obama and was longest serving head of FBI s…
Former President George W. Bush to speak at ASIS 2017 - Security Systems News
Former President George W. Bush tells college graduates to contribute to their communities h…
Charles Stanley: Satan 'Always Attacks the Mind'. The evangelist who inspires George W. Bush--and millions...
Wait, hold up, let's savor this: Donald Trump *didn't even begin to understand* a metaphor made by *George W. Bush.* https…
George W. Bush looks like my grandpa.
Nancy Pelosi: "I never thought I'd pray for the day" when George W. Bush was president again
Will Ferrell kills at the 'Not The White House Correspondents' Dinner' as Special Guest George W. Bush
Will Ferrell coming out of the wood work with his George W. Bush impression is life. via
Watch Will Ferrell revive his George W. Bush impression to burn Donald Trump:
Samantha Bee got Will Ferrell to roast Donald Trump — in character as George W. Bush
‘How do you like me now?’: Will Ferrell returns as George W. Bush on Samantha Bee’s ‘Not the WHCD’ ht…
Will Ferrell reprises George W. Bush to mock Trump's first 100 Days MailOnline
Will Ferrell brings back his George W. Bush impression for
Will Ferrell's George W. Bush crashes Samantha Bee's "How do you like me now?" http…
To George W. Bush's credit, he only dodged twice, but *** he did it with style.
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We are the same country that is nostalgic for Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. Don't count on this.
You forgot the biggest one: Making George W. Bush look smart
Now that tells you something coming from George W. Bush ethics lawyer , considering Bush lied to Ameri…
George W. Bush-"I cut taxes and regulations so low I nearly destroyed the global economy.". Trump-"Hold my beer"
This is called a LIE. Remember the amazing growth we had under the George W. Bush tax plan? Me neither.
Hey Tony remember when Obama blamed George W. Bush for everything under the sun,he never took responsibility for one da…
“George W. Bush spent a lot of time on his ranch in Texas—but he wasn’t selling membership (for $200,000)”
This is supply-side nonsense. Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush both cut taxes, and both ended their presidencies with huge bud…
Trump signs order to reconsider national monuments created by Obama, George W. Bush and Clinton —
Trump looks set to tax-cut like George W. Bush, and spend like Barack Obama. I like cuts, but to government, too.
Even George W. Bush completed sentences more often than not (even if he was wrong). Donald Trump is unintelligible. That'…
Former Pres. George H.W. Bush gets 'big morale boost' as he recovers from pneumonia: a visit from son George W. Bush
Definitely term limits, this woman can not work with George W. Bush
news as if it’s 2003, pro-war views of Paul Wolfowitz, John Negroponte, rehab George W. Bush.
Leaked video reveals George W. Bush in long-term affair with Bernie Sanders
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Dreiband also served as top lawyer at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission under President George W. Bush, and in Ken Starr's office.
George W. Bush: "When we confront suffering we...make our country and the world safer."
Dave Chappelle had a joke: "How did George W. Bush know Saddam Hussein had CHEMICAL WEAPONS?". "He kept the RECEIPT."
Discredited voices that the media has suddenly valorized:. - Glenn Beck. - David Frum. - George W. Bush. - Louise Mensch. - Th…
The last time the Twins won on opening day the iPhone was 9 months old, George W. Bush was president, and Byron Buxton was i…
George W. Bush vs Brick Tamland from the movie anchorman.
last I checked in 2002 George W. Bush suspended the Constitution in the case of of Jose Padilla
I love this quote in the piece:. Adds former George W. Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson: "This is a pretty bad...
A+. None of the fake conservatives on talk radio criticized big-government George W. Bush until near the end of his term
George W. Bush to appoint Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to cabinet
They're going to love having to defend the "like George W Bush did" nature of this.
George W. Bush's legacy is being revised in real time.
George W. Bush on the "It's important for the media to call to account people who abuse their power." https…
The fact that the legacy media is now celebrating George W. Bush tells us just how insane has driven them.
Ex-ethics lawyer to George W. Bush: I'm renaming pet canary after Flynn featured in NBC s Science of Love
"We just took to each other": George W. Bush and Michelle Obama: An unlikely friendship
Want to know what George W Bush said as he left Trump's inauguration? Read my story
Report: George W. Bush said Donald Trump’s inauguration was some "weird s***"
No previous American government -- not Nixon, not George W. Bush -- has treated State Dept. with such contempt.
"That was weird sh**." -George W. Bush about Trump's inauguration.
Happy Birthday "Queen of Soul" Aretha Franklin! '05 - President George W. Bush presented her the Medal of Freedom:
We totally agree with George W. Bush on Trump's inauguration speech
What George W. Bush really thought of Trump's inauguration
Presidents whose Gallup approval rating DID get as low as Trump's currently is:. George W. Bush. George HW Bush. Jimmy…
Picture of Laura Bush, wife of Former President George W. Bush with Richard Spencer.
I'd like to see Richard Painter, who worked in George W. Bush's White House Counsel Office (according to MSNBC) in…
Happy to join LBJ, Richard Nixon, George W. Bush and Barack Obama as a father of two daughters
George W. Bush is a better, more engaged painter than James Franco. Being a liberal celebrity doesn't make you an artist.
I long for the days when the only guy who missed George W. Bush was this guy...
George W. Bush is a personal hero of mine, now watch this drive.
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"Nearly two-thirds of Americans approved of Barack Obama at a similar stage, and George W. Bush had an approval rating nearing 60% ... "
George W and Laura Bush tell CBS they refused to vote for this, and like Indyref really seems like a terrible injustice that so many ways :3
Here's why the recent rehabilitation of George W. Bush has got to stop
Rick Perry is a caricature of Josh Brolin doing his caricature of George W. Bush, himself a caricature.
New York Times: George W. Bush's artistic talent goes against the stereotype we have of him. - Thanks. Thanks for normalising a war criminal
Only encouraging thought: One day, Barack Obama and George W Bush will attend 's funeral. It will be a solemn affair.
Art critics alarmed to discover that George W. Bush is actually a pretty good painter
"If you're talking to a member of al Qaeda, we want to know why." -George W. Bush on surveillance of US targets in 2006.
George H.W. Bush is the Mastermind of putting security parameters around certain shadow programs. Maybe even its own standalone.
Tony Blair and George W Bush are you watching? Another hornet out of Ness you hit with a stick a few years back well done fools.
George W. Bush carried himself with more dignity when he fell to the floor choking on a pretzel.
As George W Bush once said "The French don't even have a word for entrepreneur". (Yes, I know, probably apocryphal)
I love Politico, where history starts about 1999 & where Eliot Abrams is identified as “a veteran of the George W Bush admin…
Mr.Barker's International Affairs relates to our Unit 7 study. George W. Bush's War on Terrorism in 2003 fueled today's Mid-…
The popularity of Dane Cook and Jack Johnson was such a perfect proxy for the George W Bush presidency.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Paul Manafort was an adviser to Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan & George H. W. Bush. FAKE NEWS calls him a Putin agent because he…
Every article about George W. Bush's aptitude for painting is written like something about a dog that knows how to turn on th…
Portrait of the war president as an artist: George W. Bush's new art book is a war against history:
Really now? Were you in a coma when a man named George W. Bush lied about Iraq having WMDs and slaughtered over a million in…
This "president" makes George W. Bush seem like Teddy Roosevelt. What an utter boob of man-baby.
I still cannot get over that I no longer despise George W. Bush. So weird.
Donald Trump is actually the guy we all thought George W. Bush was.
Today is General Michael Hayden's birthday. He turned 72 years old today. He was NSA and CIA director under President George W. Bush.
How cool is this?! George W. Bush's new book signed by the man…
U.S. & North Korea had a deal to curb Pyongyang's nuke activities, but it collapsed when George W. Bush took office.
George W. Bush to headline Sen. Jeff Flake re-election fundraiser
An optimist... from Jack Goldsmith, a former assistant attorney general in the George W. Bush administration, is...
President George W. Bush will never let anyone down.That's how awesome and compassionate he is for fellow Americans
It takes a lot to make Millard Fillmore, Herbert Hoover, George W. Bush, and John Tyler look like competent preside…
George W. Bush to visit Valley in April: Former President George W. Bush will visit the Phoenix area in April to…
Former President George W. Bush to headline Sen. re-election fundraiser in Paradise Valley.
Awww Nicole, You know it was Rove who did THAT! Voters feeling nostalgic for W The Worst should st…
Ruth Bader Ginsberg to pardon muslim black panther activist George W. Bush
I miss George W. Bush... Like the deserts miss the rain
And apparently George W Bush's best man at his wedding. I know but wouldn't it be weird...
You should ask first what went wrong with the weak GVT of George W Bush which set ME on fire with a…
George W. Bush paints dark picture of America under Trump: ‘I don’t like the racism’
How to Forget, American-Style: George W. Bush and the Forever War via
George W Bush's iconic words in 2007 warning pulling out of Iraq will unleash ISIS & would b gift for Iran. ht…
Will Ferrell meeting George W. Bush wasn’t as glamorous as you might think
“The state of affairs we’re in: George W. Bush emerges from the dung heap of history...smelling like roses.”
'These are dangerous times': the man who sued George W Bush and the Iraq war - the guardian
Or, in the words of George W Bush: "Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, won't get fooled again.'
George W. Bush calls 'isolationist tendency' in US dangerous to national security - Politico
See the incredible portraits George W. Bush paints of the men and women he sent to war
"I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully" -- George W. Bush
The proceeds from this deeply moving book will help veterans and their families transition into civilian life. https:/…
The liberal, mainstream media of the west continues to demonize Hugo Chavez but turns around to celebrate war criminal…
George W Bush's book of paintings praised by art critic and tops bestseller list
Don't buy the attempts to rehabilitate him: George W. Bush is a war criminal.
"If you start feeling fondly towards Boy Wonder, George W. Bush, you know it’s bad."
FOH if you have a single good word to say about the CIA, U.S. military, or George W. Bush.
George W. Bush’s best-selling book of paintings shows curiosity and compassion
HAY When you can't even fool George W. Bush, it's safe to say, YOU'RE SCREWED!
George W. Bush is so cute these days, I almost forgot he was a fuzzy wuzzy war criminal.
Obama really wanted that George W. Bush legacy, huh?
George W. Bush: Media essential to democracy Well his father is a globalist so I'm sure jr is too
Please take advice from George W Bush & remain silent for the current POTUS..YOU had your turn~now it's Trump's. Please Act Classy.
George W Bush at his worst >>> Trump at his best. Hate and aggression were never part of Bush's politics.
George H.W. Bush begins his re-election campaign in the Grand Canyon. The Democrats at Lourdes. Turns out they had a prayer.
George W. Bush said Monday that the media is “indispensable to democracy,” Media is not enemy of…
The rehabilitation of George W Bush (and his aides) is grounded in the jingoistic view that a US President can't *really be…
exactly! Even George W Bush always showed respect to Laura Bush--all the time! Poor…
For SOME reason this part of Matt Lauer's interview with George W. Bush wasn't promoted heavily
In my latest piece for a look at how the corporate media are rewriting the history of Bush 43.
“Think about every problem, every challenge, we face. The solution to each starts with education.” – George H.W. Bush ht…
Why isn't George W. Bush doing anything about the wind damage in and around Rochester? George Bush doesn't care about white or black people!
On view at print of George W. Bush ’68’s painting of Sherman, aka Handsome Dan XVII.
It bothers me Dan is now seen as a wise fatherly sage when his 2004 story on George W Bush shows Mr Rather hates integrity & truth.
And for the C Students. you could be George W. Bush 43rd President of the USA htt…
The 3 tramps, George H.W. Bush, and a few anti-Castro Cubans. Shooters at the grassy knoll, 1 under the street, and…
They were bigger during George W Bush. They still pop up every once in a while.
WATCH LIVE: George H. W., Barbara Bush honored in Houston for service to Jewish community https:/…
if you're charmed by George W. Bush, you should probably question what exactly about Trump you don't like.
Didn't you serve as press secretary for George W. Bush? Well you should know what a real menace looks like and it's not M…
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I would PAY George W. Bush to be President right now.
.just said Democrats long for days of George W. Bush. This selective amnesia and nostalgia for war crim…
122 prisoners have returned to the battlefield, but it was President George W. Bush who released 92% of them.
2004 President George W. Bush for winning the election by reshaping politics
I was embarrassed and HORRIFIED by George W. Bush's presidency. From start to finish. Bush v. Gore to 100s of 1000s dead from…
Video: ‘I like George W. Bush now’: Liberals warm up to Former President after his criticism of Trump…
Remember, mainstream reporting of George W. Bush shirking National Guard duties was undone by a Selectric's "th".
Under George W. Bush, the "global gag rule" caused abortion rates to rise. So why has reinstated it?
"The econ. benefits for are as moral as they are economic" -
Watching President George W Bush's interviews renews my faith in humanity.
Prosecute George W Bush and Cheney while your at it!
I liked a video President George W. Bush's Thoughts on Putin and the Press
George W. Bush said your either with us or against us. That's how I feel about the feral hog problem.
George W. Bush speaks to about the current situation. Excerpt from Why Not Now? podcast. Listen here: https:/…
"The office is bigger than the occupant." George W. Bush to about the presidency. Listen:
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This presidential salute to America’s military belongs on your coffee table:
Here’s the Story Behind the Unlikely Friendship of George W. Bush and Michelle Obama
George W. Bush paints US veterans of his wars, not the Iraqi victims - War criminal painti…
*** at this point I miss George W. Bush.
Former President George W. Bush's new art book lands on USA TODAY best-seller list:
New post: "George W. Bush, artist, has best seller with 'Portraits of Courage'"
What do you make of Michelle Obama and Former Pres. George W. Bush's friendship? The co-hosts discuss.
George W. Bush explains how he and Michelle Obama 'just took to each other’
Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, David Boies and Brian Williams/MSNBC...Broadcasting all over me..HIGH TREASON!
Maybe it's because he's no longer in over his head and he can be himself.
Meet DeWitt Osborne, one of the veterans profiled in George W. Bush's (cc:
Before he was an adorable talk show guest, George W. Bush started two wars that killed thousands and cost trillions.
Why is George W Bush back in the media being romanticized?? Like y'all forgot the millions of people he killed? Is that wha…
Still not sure? 🙄: . George W. Bush says Jimmy Kimmel's anti-Trump Oscars was *** good' . https…
George W. Bush on fondness for Michelle Obama: ‘We just took to each other’
George W. Bush finally opens up about classified UFO files
Before George W. Bush gets fully rehabilitated by the media, let's revisit this classic on Iraq by Eliot Weinberger. https:…
George W. Bush on Trump and Russia: ‘We all need answers’
Don't understand all the new dubya bush fans. He is way worse the the current pres. 100k lives lost in Iraq war. https:/…
How wonderful it is to see George W. Bush using his new artistic talents to raise awareness for...
George W. Bush slams Donald Trump: "I don’t like the racism"
George W Bush: I did a lot of war crimes but the real war crime is my wife's meatloaf!. Ellen: Ha ha, it's good that you'…
George W. Bush's bit on Kimmel was his funniest since ordering a number of my high school classmates to their death in a m…
Sean Spicer used to play the White House Easter Bunny and it's perfection
President George W. Bush: “I painted all these warriors. I know every one of them, I know their stories.”
George W. Bush doesn't know about Jay Z but his ability to make fun of himself is top notch
chief White House ethics lawyer for Pres. George W. Bush from '05 to '07. Cc: &
The most interesting thing about George W. Bush is his legacy in Africa. Strongest of any US president in recent histor…
George W. Bush (Will Ferrell) gives America a hint about what he's doing during retirement.
I think the most evil thing Trump has done is make George W Bush likeable.
Don't Be Tricked by George W. Bush's Cute Grandpa Act - he destroyed many lives to make himself & friends rich. . https:/…
George W. Bush explains his fondness for Michelle Obama: "When I saw her, it was a genuine expression of affection"
Can you fathom the reaction if President George W. Bush had even thought about snooping on Barack Obama during his elec…
Did everyone forget what this man did?⚡️ “George W. Bush's paintings pay tribute to wounded warriors”.
The quality of the art in Bush's book is astonishingly high for someone who began painting because he “felt antsy”:
George W. Bush makes the talk show rounds in Los Angeles. Read more:
President Barack Obama, President George W. Bush, David Boies,. Brian Williams/MSNBC should be in JAIL for HIGH TREASON.
Former President George W. Bush says SNL impressions never bothered him
Where will Tony Romo play in 2017? President George W. Bush, Jimmy Kimmel weigh in - Dallas News (blog)
The world is now at a point where George W. Bush is clapped and cheered on TV
George W. Bush said imitations of him by Will Ferrell and others didn't bother him "at all." He said he loves...
Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Donald Trump go for a walk in the woods... via /r/Jokes
George W. Bush didn't know Beyonce is pregnant, reveals what he thought of Will Ferrell's 'SNL' impersonation…
Who would have thought George W. Bush's legacy would be acting as the Hannibal to Donald Trump's Buffalo Bill?
George W. Bush reveals what he thought of Will Ferrell's impersonation of him on
George W. Bush revealed on who did the best impression of him, and it wasn't Will Ferrell:…
George W. Bush forgives Will Ferrell. So does Alec Baldwin have a chance with Donald Trump?
nytimesarts: Former President George W. Bush tells Jimmy Kimmel he isn’t mad at Will Ferrell for his impersonation…
George W. Bush laughs at his own misuse of words on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’
WATCH: Former President George W. Bush back in the spotlight; gets big laughs with on
I'm pretty uncomfortable with the normalizing of George W. Bush, by using Trump as some baseline.
George W. Bush calls 'isolationist tendency' in U.S. dangerous to national security via
George W. Bush on his friendship with Michelle Obama: 'We just took to each other'
The only thing missing from George W. Bush's painting of himself in the bathtub is a toaster. [wiping sweat from br…
Trump attacks press, including as "enemies of the people." George W. Bush (!) speaks up...and Gov. Baker punts. via
George W. Bush's ethics lawyer calls Sessions's talks with Russia: "Good way to go to jail"
"I'm a great admirer of Winston Churchill...and I said if he can paint, I can paint." -George W. Bush on painting f…
"Watch: Post-9/11 veterans react to portraits painted by Pres. George W. Bush"
Painting George W. Bush's way to give back: 'I was just so honored to be their commander-in-chief'
George W. Bush on US under Trump presidency: "I don’t like the racism"
George W. Bush is CEO & Co-founder of Global Health Corps! Any ties to Let's do some research . . .
You know America is in a bad place when George W. Bush wisely speaks out like a member of the liberal resistance. https:…
Bannon is scary mad at George W. Bush. At a meeting today he called him "That inbred c**ksucking globalist piece of shi…
Listen to George W. Bush discuss the invisible wounds veterans face and mention our Cohen Veterans Network on the Today…
Seriously, who gives a crap what George W. Bush has to say? Trump is building a wall!!
I never thought I'd support George W. Bush, but I think he conducted himself very well in his interview earlier today!
Dear George W. Bush, . You do realize you & your family are part of the reason Trump won, right?. We turned on the political…
The media never liked George W. Bush. But Bush manned up and went to the White House Correspondents Dinner every year…
We've now reached the point where even George W. Bush is tweaking Donald Trump
George W. Bush: "A bedrock of our freedom is the right to worship freely."
‘We all need answers’ on Trump and Russia, George W. Bush says - The Boston Globe
Tonight on at 10pm and President George W. Bush join me!
Mental Antimatter: Today George W. Bush warns against unchecked power, has the backs of immigrants, press, atheists.
Hey, remember how George W. Bush went to every White House Correspondents' Dinner and the press started treating him fai…
You know things are bad when George W. Bush starts sounding like a member of the Resistance.
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This has become a parable for our time. Democrats love George W. Bush. The WashPost + NYT worship each other. La La Land +…
that one day George W. Bush would say something half-way intelligent. I'm still waiting.
George W. Bush says he believes in free press. Who doesn't? We don't have free press. We have FAKE NEWS owned by corpora…
President George W. Bush said it's critical for the media to hold accountable “people who abuse their power."
"George W. Bush" REMEMBER when George Dub Ya said this.I do 9/11
If u haven't figured out George W. Bush, Clintons & Obamas are all playing for same team, u haven't been paying attention. Than…
George W. Bush doesn't have a bad word to say about Obama for 8 years. Criticizes President Trump two months in. . Cuckservative…
George W. Bush said "we all need answers" on reported contacts between Russian officials and Trump associates
Analysis: Why you should listen when George W. Bush defends the media.
I am typing these words: President George W. Bush is right. Freedom of the press is "indispensable to democracy."
President George W. Bush endorsed free press and religion, a statement only controversial to those who undermine our basic r…
George W. Bush breaks silence on the direction of Trump's presidency: ‘I don’t like the racism and name-calling’
"We need an independent media to hold people like me to account. Power can be very addictive," George W. Bush said.
George W. Bush's beefing up of the security state while defending religious freedom was an effective counter to right-w…
would cease to exist, except George W. Bush appointed John Roberts to the court. We need to…
Let's remember... We would not have ObamaCare but for George W. Bush appointing John Roberts to the Court!
You know it's bad when George W. Bush is calling for an inquiry into a rigged election.
George W. Bush is going hard at *45. Saying power can be corrosive, media must continue, and that he aint down with Pu…
When George W. Bush is the voice of reason, it truly resonates how screwed we are. . on the
George W Bush realizes Trump presidency is his chance to switch sides and pretend he's a liberal so people won't remember him atrocious acts
"I consider the media to be indispensable to democracy". George W Bush destroys Donald narrative. /via
Former President George W. Bush breaks with Trump, calls the press... by vi…
Remembering when we thought "President George W. Bush" was the worst President ever. Well we was wrong is.…
George W. Bush on Trump and Russia: 'We all need answers'
“Where we are now: George W. Bush’s defends the Constitution to rebuke Trump” by
Well since I never voted for Bush and he tried giving open borders he can kiss my *** on his "opinion"
This might be why George W Bush finds the media so essential. It sold his war for him.
George W. Bush: The media is essential to democracy
George W. Bush & Obama are part of the same globalist elite establishment cabal that lost to we the people on Nov 8th. T…
Former President George W. Bush says "we need answers" on the extent of contact between Trump's team and Russia:
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George W. Bush critiques Trump on travel ban, free press
George W. Bush demands answers on Trump and Russia.
George W. Bush, please shut the *** up and sit down. Nobody wants to hear what crap you have to say.
George W. Bush: We need answers on Trump team ties to Russia
George W Bush is currently the voice of reason for the Republican Party. Let that sink in...
George W. Bush is the stooge who plays the *opposition* so Sheep keep believing there's a choice. . He's in the same Cabal of…
George H.W. Bush brought in the Clintons because they were willing to run drugs through…
George W Bush backs free press in rare interview by via
George W. Bush conservatism is "roll over and die on every issue, but we also start pointless wars." Good riddance to that whole…
I know I am a democrat but if you had to pick between Trump and George W Bush who would you pick?
He's wrong for saying that if someone murders, they're not religious. Shocked he mentions the right to not worship.
Listen to George W. Bush explain why for 8 LONG years he refused to criticize Obama. Yet, 1 month in to Trump's term, Bush…
Some very interesting comments from George W. Bush on about the media, Trump's ban, Russia investigation https:/…
People Trump has forced me to defend:. -George W. Bush . -Megyn Kelly. -John McCain. -Voldemort. -Joffrey. -The guy who killed…
When George W. Bush, the man who got us into Iraq, speaks out about accountability, free press & power being corrosive,…
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George W. Bush: I support immigration policy 'that's welcoming and that upholds the law
"Go Get 'Em": George W. Bush says ISIS can be degraded and defeated. Watch the interview all this week at 10pm ET on
Trump: Media = enemy of the people. George W. Bush: Media calls leaders to account. It's not liberals who oppose Trump;…
Ain't gone lie trump makes bush look really good...
George W. Bush truly seems to be enjoying his "no longer the worst president since WW2" media tour.
When did George W. Bush become a voice of reason?
Even George W. Bush defends the media against Trump, says "power can be very addictive"
George W. Bush says media crucial to "hold people like me to account," warns power is "very addictive
Liberals: George W. Bush really wasn't so bad. Also liberals: Ralph Nader is the anti-Christ because he gave us Georg…
'hints the Negotiator hurts v. touting v. via
President George W. Bush becoming the voice of reason? .
2005: George W Bush is a pillaging, torturing war criminal who let a city drown. 2017: I may have disagreed with Bush but h…
Mad times when you look watch video of George W. Bush and wish you could have him back
George w. Bush realizing he won't go down as the worst modern president
Former Pres. George W. Bush said power can be addictive and corrosive, and the media should call people to account
George W. Bush breaks with calls media 'indispensable to democracy'
George W. Bush doesn't criticize Obama in 8 years, yet takes thinly veiled swipes at 6 weeks in.
George W. Bush Says We Need an Independent Media to Hold Powerful People to Account via
George W. Bush offers muted criticism of Trump: "I'm for an immigration policy that's welcoming and upholds the law" https…
Dear Perhaps you're confused. Issa, McCain, Graham & George W. Bush want answers on your ties to Russia. The…
Bob Harper has a heart attack. George W. Bush is the voice of reason. This is it, folks. The end is near.
Web Traffic generator, REAL traffic to your website! | Brandon Jennings George W. Bush opens up on Trump's war with…
The actions of the current administration have forced me to agree with statements from John McCain, George W. Bush, and Mitt Romney. ***
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