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George Takei

George Hosato Takei (April 20, 1937) is an American actor, best known for his role as Hikaru Sulu, helmsman of the in the television series Star Trek.

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Jesus, Zip your pants! . Star Trek actor George Takei said he grabbed men to 'persuade' them.
We react differently to allegations about George Takei because he's known to be a gentleman while stories about Kevin Spacey…
Sooo,the outspoken ,self-righteous virtue signallers George Takei & Gary Lineker (amongst others) get "hoist by th…
I don’t think Harvey Weinstein, George Takei, Bob Menenez, Bill Clinton, and all of the Hollywood…
RE:George Takei. I've said for years that the Left will be toppled by the weight of their own hypocrisy; that virtu…
Also re: George Takei, like, I don’t care how beloved these people are. Let’s call them all out. Run them through t…
Time for the entire Resistance to disavow
George "I'm still with her" Takei has been accused of sexual assault.
I believe George Takei’s accuser. The allegations are serious. He too should not serve in the U.S. Senate.
Sad to see people automatically calling his accuser a liar. That's just shameful. Why? Because you're a fan? Let's rese…
I won't argue that George Takei is innocent. But I will suggest a lot of prominent anti-Trump Hollywood stars are being uncove…
.remind me what you were saying about Trump.
You'll notice that many on the right who spent all day yesterday preaching about "not rushing to judgement" about Roy Moore
Key nugget from THR story on George Takei sexual assault allegation
Wait I am in meetings busy and this: George "I'm with her ALWAYS " Takei has been accused of sexual assault SO
George Takei accused of groping former male model in 1981 # via
NOT GEORGE TAKEI! Seriously everyone in Hollywood is a scumbag. Who isn't one at this point...
Well that sure backfired, didn't George Takei?
Here's a PSA for the trumpsters calling out George Takei on his hypocrisy: your president is still a sexual predator as w…
Jesse Lacey and George Takei are also canceled just as a heads up to all y’all.
How much did George Takei donate to your campaign? You must return every last penny. .
George Takei has been replaced with Christopher Plummer... 😁
The difference between US and THEM: WE quickly denounce and abhor the actions of Weinstein, Spacey, Louis CK, and George Ta…
I hope I don't see any Roy Moore deniers saying a *** word about George Takei. Either you believe both victims, or you…
"I have been telling it for years, but I am suddenly very nervous telling it,” says George Takei accuser
Hey guys, I just added George Takei to "The List."
Take all the sexual assaulters down. . Every single one. . I don’t care if they are beloved. . I don’t care if I enjoyed their a…
If only we listened to George Takei's warnings about George Takei...
If you demand answers from Roy Moore, you must demand answers from George Takei. If you demand answers from Takei, you…
It’s ridiculous I have to say this but if you’re Roy Moore or George Takei, Republican or Democrat, straight or *** film p…
George Takei accused of sexually assaulting former model in 1981 featured in NBC s Science of Love
If you listen to this Howard Stern interview with George Takei it's pretty *** clear he's sexually assaulted many men.…
Just to confuse people, George Takei should announce he's chosen to live life as a straight man.
Can't wait for George Takei to announce that he has chosen to live life as a *** man.
"Men who improperly harass or assault... do so because they have the power and they choose to abu…
2016: My favorite celebrity is dead. 2017: My favorite celebrity is dead to me. .
I believe George takei sexual harassed all of America on t.v. Lol
The Asian American community barely has any acting legends and icons to call our own so the fact that George Takei has been a…
Actor George Takei accused of sexual assault by former actor, model via the Android a…
.I have to revisit this, because I'm just giddy over the fall of Ted Lieu's good buddy..George Takei. Now, I'm…
Even tho George Takei is a legend in the Asian American community, that shouldn't stop Asians (or anyone else) from condem…
What a day! Alleged exual predators like George Takei and Richard Dreyfus were just days ago condemning other sexual preda…
Wow what timing for this to come out. Will the coincidences never stop. Good bye George Takei... You are no longer a hero "George Takei"
George Takei just announced that he was actually a closeted straight man
Come on God, please leave us SOME good celebrities. I'd like To still have SOME new movies and TV shows. . "George Takei"
.Disavow George Takei yet? The silence is deafening. What are you doing to investigate deviance within your ***
I️ know this is a hard time for George Takei and the Hollywood pervs. So I️ offer my thoughts and their victims.…
The thing is, if you can't believe the George Takei story because he is too "likable". Then you are promoting a cu…
Star Trek actor George Takei accused of drugging and sexually assaulting former model - via
When George Takei realizes. life comes at you fast!
How long until George Takei comes out as now living as a straight man?
It might not be Keanu reeves, but George Takei is now a *** molester trent!
Holier than thou George Takei is accused of sexual assault. It's almost like when Jim Baker got accused. Will his h…
BREAKING: George Takei accused of trying to touch the pooka.
my girlfriend met George Takei at a con. He complimented her hair and made Star Trek puns.
The big day is almost here! George Takei, the famous Hikaru Sulu from the original Star Trek series, is coming to W…
oh it's worth it, trust me.we met George Takei, Dirk Benedict, Michael Rooker, Jon B…
George Takei support corporatism corporate welfare and the status quo
A big 'ole THANK YOU to George Takei, known to many as LT. Hikaru Sulu from the legendary tv & film series STAR...
I'd love to listen to Beth Mowins, Christopher Walken and George Takei have a conversation.
Apparently when I was a young child I went to a couple of Christmas parties with George Takei and J…
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📹 Walter Koenig, James Doohan, and George Takei are interviewed on a morning talk show presented on...
George Takei and James Doohan finally have William Shatner exactly where they want him...
I guess George Takei never heard of Joseph Stalin, an "alt-Left" "anti-Fa" who murdered 20k+ Polish c…
Has anyone told Madame Tussaud's what happened to their George Takei and Matt Damon waxworks?
But I do think we should send her to the moon with Lily Allen and George Takei, just to be safe.
Ooh. This game is fun. What else would work? Bert Kwok and George Takei as Sherlock and Watson? Ice C…
So can we have a Hikaru Sulu spin off starring John Cho? Also with a potential George Takei cameo?
George Takei in 2018 Entertainment & one of the leading figures in the fight for…
Well I've met John Williams, Peter Cetera, and George Takei so it's not like my celebrity me…
George Takei's response is just as bigoted as whatever he seeks to countermand. Who appointed him Roddenbery?
Great news! The GOP has decided it will pay for George Takei & Alyssa Milano to campaign for all Democrat candidates for…
Republicans and Trump 4 for 4 tonight. Get used to seeing this face Alyssa Milano, George Takei and Rosie O'Donnell.
When Ted Nugent is more civilized than George Takei or Stephen Colbert
George Takei answers the Donald Question in 6 words
George Takei dismantles racist, sexist criticism of
"George Takei shuts down racist criticism of new 'Star Trek' series" -
Jake Nodar meets Jesse Tyler Ferguson in Bad *** *** Beware with Jesse Tyler Ferguson and George Takei
George Takei, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and more show their March for Science support:
George Takei compares Trump to Kim Jong-Un — his followers hit back with surprising reaction
I'm George Takei, and I approved this message.
Underworld. Ming Na Wen as Selene. John Cho as Michael. Brian Tee as Craven. George Takei as Viktor. Sung Kang…
Democrat Party 2020 presidential candidates:. Northrop-Grumman logo in Bernie Sanders font. The very first all female SEAL team. George Takei
George Takei plans to challenge David Nunes for his seat in California next year.
You sound like if Ze Frank and George Takei had a kid. Awesome
George Takei, who has a history of elaborate April Fools’ pranks, is not running for Congress.
George Takei said he’s running for Congress. But it was just a joke.
George Takei announces he's running for Congress against Devin Nunes!
George Takei running for Congress! Watch out Nunes's, your seat is in danger gurl! Take him down George Taki!
George Takei joked about running for Congress but we want it to be real via
Well, the cat's out of the bag it seems. Let's do this!
George Takei to Produce Japanese Internment Graphic Novel: On the 75th anniversary, the 'Star Trek' actor will use……
George Takei shouldn't be a senator because Star Trek gave the wrong message to kids (that it's ok to be different)
Is Star Trek actor George Takei really running for Congress? 'The cat's out of the bag'
Star Trek’ actor George Takei plotting run for Congress: ‘The cat’s out of the bag’
George Takei takes aim at Donald Trump over FBI Russia probe by via
Here's George Takei, who campaigned for Clinton. falsely stating that WikiLeaks 'colluded'. Even Comey and Clapper say the…
George Takei isn't in this one because he was off appearing with John Wayne in the film "The Green Berets."
ProudlyLiberal2: George Takei on transgender rights rollback
George Takei destroys arguments against trans rights in just 11 words via
George Takei: On this Remembrance Day, I hear terrible echoes of the past -
George Takei: I hear terrible echoes of the past
Just saw the Fathom Events' showing of George Takei's "Allegiance" and WOW... what a powerful performance!!
there's a Fathom Events at theaters of George Takei's play, Allegiance, on 2/19.
Tomorrow! Fathom Events brings Allegiance - A New Musical with George Takei, Lea Salonga & Telly Leung back to...
I swear Hugo Strange is chanelling George Takei too much! Even his sassiness seeps through that pink glasses. Oh my...
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
We caught up with Wong Fu Productions, Auli'i Cravalho, George Takei, BIG, and more at the 2016
Going to stop now. As I don't want to bore George Takei. I'm pretty bored myself.
// Surely, he jests... right? . George Takei's Petition: Stand Up for Muslims in the U.S. Funnier that Kato, (Inspector Clouseau's sidekick)
George Takei donated approximately 100 boxes of material to the Japanese American National Museum:
At The Jefferson Hotel and there's a list of celebs who've stayed here. It says "Sulu (Star Trek)" instead of "George Takei." I'm fuming.
What architectural past do Ice Cube, Martha Stewart, George Takei, and Art Garfunkel have in common? Find out:
RA3 has a lot of charming characters outside of the BOBS department. George Takei, Tim Curry, Jonathan Pryce, Greg Ellis etc
George Takei's play will simulscreen across the US Today. Mark McLemore interviewed him about it.
Set phasers for HYPOCRISY: George Takei makes drastic course change on ‘rigged’ elections
George Takei recalls life in an internment camp in stinging rebuke of Trump’s Muslim registry proposal
I'm so happy a person like George Takei exists
Read This: George Takei doesn’t want to see Muslims interned as he was
Our story matters. We're inviting elected officials in every locality where Allegiance is showing to see it. On us. https:…
An unfortunately important piece by on the internment of American minorities in times of conflict.
George Takei on proposed Muslim registry via
A Trump spokesperson named the Internment as "precedent" for a Muslim registry. Here are my thoughts.
ICYMI: warns a Muslim registry is a 'prelude to internment'
'That terror is seared into my memory': George Takei on Trump, Muslims and Japanese internment - Los Angeles Times
A Trump surrogate argued the internment was "precedent" for a national Muslim registry. I could not stay silent.
George Takei: They interned my family. Don't let them do it to Muslims.
"George Takei is taking a firm stand against the recent comments by a Donald Trump surrogate that the treatment...
"Registration is prelude to internment."-George Takei, former Japanese internment camp resident
George Takei: We must not let Muslims be treated like Japanese Americans in WWII
Time to listen to George Takei explain why he loves a "country that once betrayed me"
George Takei offers heartfelt advice for how to get through Trump's presidency via
Trump: "I consider myself ... to be a blue-collar worker" . George Takei: "That's like me claiming I'm a ladies man" htt…
George Takei is a blessing. What did this world do to deserve him?
Beloved Star Trek actor and activist George Takei is holding nothing back when it comes to his thoughts on Donald...
Saw the George Takei talk. Amazing reminiscences, especially from ST VI and the Japanese internment. Talked angrily about Trump a lot...
Oh my! Mr Sulu is in the house, what a lovely man George Takei is
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George Takei was absolutely him
Star Trek Discovery: George Takei has some ideas about what his ... - Radio Times:
George Takei also said how massively disappointed he was by the depiction of *** Sulu in Star Trek Beyond. Especially after all the hype.
Just had the honour of being in the presence of George Takei for over 1 hour and hearing him speak about LGBT & diversity issues. Incredible
George Takei inspiring us all here at
in a class and the word vasculature comes up and I can only pronounce it like George Takei!
Why thinks Trump has finally blown it: via
Star Trek's William Shatner and George Takei beam down to to celebrate series' 50th ...…
George Takei at much better pics later 😃
LIVE on George takei at Star Trek convention
More guests on stage at press conference including original cast members George Takei and Walter Koenig
(Radio Times):has some ideas about what his Star Trek: Discovery character..
Second row for George Takei's talk at Having a captain's pass has its perks! Not gonna lie, love being calle…
George Takei has some ideas about what his Discovery character could be
George Takei was always my favorite original cast member to see in person. Always great to his fans and ohh that voice :)
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George Takei (right) & William Shatner (left) at the launch of Destination Europe at The NEC in Birmingha…
Star Trek’s William Shatner and George Takei beam down to Birmingham via beam me up
I've got tickets to see William Shatner, George Takei and Walter Koenig tomorrow! I'm so excited ah!
Battlefield Earth, starring Bette Davis and George Takei. Directed by Alfonso Cuaron, music by Akon. Budget: $100 billion
Not a shock, but what took so long? Harrison Ford, George Takei and Tony Gwynn now in the California Hall of...
George Takei gives personal collection to Los Angeles museum
They did,as far back as 1969, George Takei who played Hikaru Sulu Helmsman in was ***
George Takei and Stephen Colbert ride out "Star Trek" attack
Forget about Meat Loaf, George Takei is the real find on that list. But hey, he was in a gulag once, so.
George Takei is on Stephen Colbert right now.
How can know-it-all Richard Osman not know how to pronounce George Takei's name?
Watching Pioneers of TV and they got to George Takei. In the film A Majority of One, Alec Guiness played lead role of Japanese businessman.
star John Cho says there's no bad blood with George Takei 💬
John Cho on his conversation with George Takei about Sulu's sexuality in
George Takei ought to get out more, says Star Trek action heroine Zoe Saldana - South China Morning Post
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George Takei reveals the full story on his reaction to Sulu being a *** character in the new movie:
I'm glad Zachary Quinto publicly said he disagreed with what George Takei said about the LGBT char in Star Trek.
Sulu is not George Takei! Sulu liked women, married Susan Ling, and had a daughter with her!
Simon Pegg: George Takei and I are friends: Simon Pegg insists he and George Takei havent fallen o...
George Takei is even against it because he knows it's just a tactic
Sulu goes *** in new Star Trek. George Takei is surprisingly not happy!
Hey, I think you'll really enjoy this read: It's exactly what you were arguing with genderswaps.
With George Takei at the Hollywood Bowl for JJ's Star Trek 09 with David Newman and the LA Phil!…
Loved your interview with George Takei... touching, genuine, insightful and very relatable.
is is not George Takei. You do understand the difference, right?
Not real? Saw this from George Takei FB page.
George Takei statements about Sulu's sexuality in are pretty surprising:
Star Trek Beyond: Simon Pegg responds to George Takei's criticisms of *** Sulu
Simon 'Scotty' Pegg 'respectfully' disagrees with George Takei over Sulu's sexuality in 'Star Trek B
Producers thought they were paying homage to George T. Instead, they perpetuated a Hollywood stereotype:the Gaysian.
GEORGE TAKEI says it would be important to have a Muslim on new Star Trek
MWUK - George Takei: *** Sulu 'really unfortunate'  - Star Trek actor George Takei has said the decision to make…
John Cho reveals that Sulu is *** in Star Trek Beyond as a nod to George Takei | News via
Simon Pegg Responds to George Takei's Response to Sulu Being *** in Star Trek Beyond. https:/…
George Takei doesn't like John Cho's character coming out as ***
LGBT activist and actor George Takei isn't happy the new Sulu is now ***
Actor George Takei says Sulu character being *** is "unfortunate". Here's why:
When even George Takei disagrees with this, perhaps this is worth reconsidering. Naturally that won't happen as that is logical.
The Star Trek I grew up with taught me to keep an open mind. My opinion will wait until after the movie comes out.
This is supposed to be a participatory democracy and if we're not in t...
My mom just couldn't remember George Takei's name and she could only come up with "George Teriyaki"
George Takei's opinion is the ONLY one that counts, and he said this isn't what Gene Roddenberry would have wanted. Sulu is straight
Really looking forward to the inevitable fight between George Takei and Simon Pegg. Putting my money on Takei.
Zachary Quinto 'disappointed' in George Takei response to Sulu being ***
George Takei isn't happy over Sulu's *** reveal in
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today in 'don't read the comments': Don’t Klingon to the past, George Takei. A *** Sulu is right for Star Trek 2016
Seeing people utterly confused why George Takei isn't into Sulu being *** is the funniest thing in the world
ICYMI: Why George Takei isn't happy with the new Star Trek movie's Sulu being ***
“I have huge love and respect for George Takei, his heart, courage and humour are an inspiration,” he [Simon Pegg]…
Simon Pegg 'respectfully disagrees' with George Takei over *** Sulu - USA TODAY
Simon Pegg and George Takei debate the complexities of honoring Star Trek's original vision
Simon Pegg and Zachary Quinto respond to George Takei's comments about Sulu being ***
Simon Pegg: I respectfully disagree with George Takei over *** Sulu
[Movies] *** - Simon Pegg & Zachary Quinto fire back at George Takei's displeasure of *** Sulu: vi…
As an Homage to George Takei, John Cho’s Sulu Is *** in Star Trek Beyond 來自
George Takei disagrees with making Sulu *** in
'Star Trek' character Sulu revealed as *** in latest movie installment; George Takei calls decision ...: "Sta...
me when I found out George Takei thinks the choice was "rather unfortunate:"
This is interesting, I really don't like the way the new franchise is taking Star Trek's direction. Now it's...
Pinned to Movies on George Takei is not a fan of Sulu being *** in the new series
Well, this was unexpected. George Takei tells me he's VERY unhappy that Sulu is ***
Mmmm, how about we don't tell George Takei how to feel about *** Sulu?
George Takei does not need your paltry pandering. cc:
'Star Trek Beyond': George Takei says *** Sulu is 'really unfortunate'
George Takei comments are on point regarding the new Sulu's sexuality as *** There's no reason to change or announce it. Publicity stunt.
George Takei Reacts to *** Sulu News: "Unfortunately, it’s a twisting of Gene’s creation, to which he put in so much thought. I think it’s …
MT “Holy s**t… SJWs are f***ing mad at George Takei for his displeasure at Sulu being *** LOL” .
George Takei is happy has a *** character, but he didn't want it to be Sulu:
...the sexual orientation of some. [Then John read that George Takei feels it is unfortunate they are doing this] Thank you, George!
Don't alter old characters for the sake of diversity. Create new ones! Isn't that what writers do? CREATE?
George Takei says portraying Sulu as *** is a 'twisting' of the 'Star Trek' character
io9: George Takei Tried to Convince the Team Behind Star Trek Beyond to Not Make Sulu ***
Original Sulu George Takei was not pleased with the decision to make the new version ***
Hikaru Sulu will be the first openly *** character in the Star Trek franchise
George Takei: Sulu being *** is out of step with what creator Gene Roddenberry would have wanted
George Takei says it's 'unfortunate', Sulu, the character he played on Star Trek for decades, is to be depict...
A strange, interesting news story (if you have any interest in the complicated history of *** in
"We decided to pay tribute to George Takei by actively going against his wishes. Look how progressive we are!"
Hm. . So Justin Lin, John Cho, and Simon Pegg all talked to George Takei about making the character of Hikaru Sulu
'Star Trek' reveals that new Sulu is *** -- and George Takei calls it 'unfortunate'
Fortunately,George Takei himself agrees with me, saying:
Here is a much more complete explanation of ’s response to the Sulu news. I see both sides.
Buzzing: Star Trek Beyond: George Takei says *** Sulu is ‘really unfortunate’
When you're busy honoring people it's really easy to ignore the fact that they're human beings and not symbols.
Star Trek Beyond to reveal Sulu as *** in tribute to George Takei
Can't wait till George Takei dies so everybody can finally start caring about what Data has to say politically.
Harper Lee, Karin Slaughter, Heather Graham, Dennis Lehane, George Takei & more in today's BookGorilla Email Alert
Omg this clickbaIt George Takei article has a picture of in it.
Stoked to meet Hayley, Stan, Kevin Smith & Mewes, Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, George Takei, and more!
Learn from George Takei, Janet Yang and more about overcoming whitewashing and discrimination in Hollywood.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
George Takei at Masie’s Learning 2016 on Storytelling and Interview with Astronaut Scott Kelly
George Takei is a national treasure.
George Takei discusses 'Bernie or Bust' mantra—and once again he is spot on
Can the Three's Company movie have Jack played by Jamie Foxx and Mr. Roeper by George Takei?
“If you don’t know who Eleanor Rigby is, you probably were born after 1985 and need to listen to some real music.” –George Takei
Happy Birthday to George Takei! George is best known for his role as Sulu in Star Trek, and also as a master of...
Happy birthday to the best writer I know who doesn't like tomatoes: George Takei! Also runner-up
Big names will be visiting KSC in July; among them, George Takei:
is there any chance of swapping my individual shoots with Walter Koenig and George Takei for a joint photo shoot with both
Church pew bunkers, postage stamp greens, and that famous fourth hole at Baltusrol. *cue George Takei's "Oh, My!"*
I hope Taco Bell paid you a fortune George Takei, because you lied about the SUCKED. I've thrown...
Allegiance can be nominated for Best Scenic Design Orchestration maybe for Light Design,who knows Lea Salonga & George Takei can get a nod.
Yesterday Matt Smith waved at me and today George Takei said hi to me so my weekend has been pretty great.
Ang Lee and George Takei angry over Oscars apology: Takei, Oscar-winning director Ang Lee and actor Sandra Oh ...
I love George Takei he's has a great sense of humor.
George Takei on the ground wrestling with a man looks different now that it's 2016.
Just some dog sweetness from George Takei
I liked a video from George Takei is the Broker of Star Peace
Wise words from, who I consider, one of the wisest people alive George Takei. And an invitation to timetravel.
Trump to Takei: "You know what, George? I just came from a *** marriage...It was a beautiful marriage"
In the words of George Takei, Oh my
I don't follow George Takei but it sure seems like i do...
Yeah I think so. If Patrick can't make it I might go with George Takei.
JFYI, Telly, who sings tonight at is from Allegiance (w/George Takei) & he's a Warbler from
I'm an anglophile. I visit England regularly, sometimes three or four times...
saw it on George takei on FB yesterday too and gasped.
“They are my heroes and my father is my hero, who understood democracy and guided me through it.” —George Takei
George Takei is coming to Greensboro. We'll be there filming!
2/2 I propose that George Takei, Patrick Steward and Ian McKellen be our new Golden Girls.
Actor George Takei to visit Roanoke in diversity push via
Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it. Those who do learn history are doomed to watch it repeat. http…
George Takei answer when he is question whether he hates Trump or republicans:
Adventures in NY: Holden Caulfield, George Takei and other mischief via
I don't need a hug, I need a fist bump from George Takei & Walter Koenig at the same time.
Scott Baio, George Takei and Christopher Walken channeling Shari Lewis more than made up for it.
Number 3 favorite where both Giorgio Tsoukalos and George Takei look like they are stoned!
Looking forward to meeting you again! The message from George Takei last year at Denver Comic Con was funny!
George Takei is awesome! Lea Salonga is amazing. Telly Leung and Michael Lee also great.
My Asian American studies professor has been talking about George Takei for like 15 minutes
Charlie Hunnam as Mexican EVV? Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson? Future Casting News: Jamie Bell as George Takei, Tom Hardy as Rosa Parks.
Shatner, 1 episode with George Takei, 1 episode with Jonathan Frakes, 1 episode with Terry Farrell, 1 episode with Tim Russ,-
What's going on Monday? (Steve Earle, Diamond Terrifier, Denitia and Sene, Kurt Braunohler, George Takei &...
John Cho is a great Hikaru Sulu but George Takei will always be my Hikaru Sulu
So I like snakes and I like George Takei, but George Takei as a giant snake person is legitimately terrifying
After graduating from high school, George Takei enrolled in the University of California Berkeley, where he studied arch…
Tony Award-winning playwright David Henry Hwang and George Takei talk about Broadway’s…
Looking forward to seeing George Takei in his Broadway show Allegiance this Saturday along with Austin St. John!
George Takei might be known for his role as Hikaru Sulu in Star Trek, but he’s crossing over to rival franchise Star Wars – sorta – playing…
'Star Trek' star George Takei talks to CNN's Michael Smerconish about what it was like to grow up in a Japanese-Americ…
‘Allegiance’ with George Takei portrays Japanese-American internment at Heart Mountain where my Grandfather worked
"Star Trek" actor George Takei explains to CNN's Brooke Baldwin the apology to his father at the end of the Broadway musical "Allegiance."
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