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George Stinney

George Junius Stinney, Jr., (October 21, 1929 – June 16, 1944) was, at age 14, the youngest person executed in the United States in the 20th century.

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That's the way it used to be, except for black kids. Remember George Stinney.
Please remember George Stinney Jr- Oct 21st is his 88th birthday but instead he is forever 14 years old because...
George Stinney. Figure out who he is and then tell me if you support the death penalty.
Little George Stinney was only 14 when he became the youngest person in America to be electrocuted; and for a crime…
On Plessy v Ferguson, Dred Scott, George Stinney, the Scottsboro Boys, and Korematsu, the State will get aesthetic legitimacy at any chance.
George Stinney, Jr., third from left, is seen in this 1944 newspaper photo entering South Carolina's death house at t…
Read up on George Stinney, Jr. For every guilty guy, there are a few that are not. Th…
This is one of the most heartbreaking stories I've ever read. There's a lot to learn from the case of George Stinney
George Stinney. Executed at 14 in 1944 for falsely being accused of killing 2 white girls. He's the youngest to be execute…
True. There are documented cases of innocent people being put to death. Look up George Stinney, for starters.
George Junius Stinney Jr., 14, murder trial began in 1944. Based on his false confession, he would be executed…
Listen to my new episode The Execution of George Stinney at
hey Phil look up George Stinney 14-year-old faultsly accuesd of killing two white girls they gave him the electric chair.
🤔, w/black folk, just focusing on us here, not really, history as proven that. Anytime you…
George Stinney would make a good NWA member
I can't ever read about George Junius Stinney without bursting into tears. I hate that story so f***ing much.
It took 10 minutes to convict 14-year-old George Stinney Jr. It took 70 years after his execution to exonerate him
This is the most terrifying, outrageous and sickening thing I ever read! Rest in peace, poor George!
The joys of the US system of executions. The 14yo boy who was sent to the electric chair, only later to be cleared
TIL that in 1944 South Carolina executed a 14-year-old after a 10 minute deliberation.
RIP George Stinney. Youngest person to be wrongly executed in America at the a/of 14 in 1944. He'd be 84 this year.
GRAPHIC CONTENT - George Stinney was executed at the tender age of 14 and wrongfully convicted of the murder of two whi…
George Junius Stinney only 14 years old. Never forget
George Stinney. The youngest person to be executed at the age of 14 in Columbia, South Carolina on June 16th, 1944. h…
George Stinney, 14, the youngest (black) American ever to executed by electric chair.also because a racist (whit…
4 centuries black ppl don't get justice in the USA, look at the Scottsboro boys, George Stinney & Rodney King as ex.
George Stinney, Jr. was, at age 14, the youngest person executed in the United States https:/…
When 14 year old George Stinney was executed after being wrongfully convicted for murder.
I pray with all my heart Claude Neal and George Stinney are resting easy. Although I'm sure there are so many more, those are known names 💔
George Stinney, barely 5ft tall, had to sit on books to reach the headpiece of the electric chair.
During the Jim Crow era in South Carolina, George Stinney, 14, was convicted of killing two younger white girls. https:…
rape of white women, and the 1944 execution of George Stinney, 14, in South Carolina, to the Central Park Five rape trial in
George Stinney part 3. George Frierson stated in interviews that "there has been a person that has…
George Stinney part 2. Stinney's trial had an all-white jury due to black people being denied the…
have you all heard about the George Stinney story?
George Stinney. I wrote this myself because it will NEVER leave my brain.
I stated a fact and your response is "he did it"? You are in for a rough call tonight .
P.S. the black kid on the list who was executed, George Stinney, was recently exonerated
As you wake up today, on the LORD'S Day, take a moment, think of murder victims like George Stinney. And Treat others with GOD"S Love.
I saw a piece of art that made me uncomfortable today. Didn't get to speak to the artist long enough to speak on using George Stinney, Jr.
Let's not forget about George Stinney Jr. He was only 14 years old.
George Junius Stinney Jr the youngest, at age 14 to be executed for a crime he DID NOT commit in the U.S
driving while black! Sandra bland was judged and executed by Racist police! George Stinney 12 yr executed
George Stinney Jr. look him up , youngest African American to be executed at the age of 14. , soon strange fruits will be hanging.
I still think it's crazy how George Stinney Jr. Was found innocent seventy years AFTER his execution at age fourteen..
The Story of George junius stinney junior poem !
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it's almost 2 am & I'm crying in bed bc George Stinney didn't deserve to be executed at freaking 14 years old
similar to that of George Junius Stinney Jr.
The same country that executed 14yr old George Stinney for false accusations of the murder of 2 white girls
Memorial erected for George Stinney, 14, the youngest American executed in the 20th century y h…
I liked a video from George Stinney - P-DASH
Youngest person in US🇺🇸 history to be executed in the Penitentiary 🏢🚔George Stinney Jr. 😞…
George Stinney, electrocuted for allegedly murdering two white girls V.S TERRORIST murdered 9.
The list just goes on & on from Walter Scott to George Stinney and back 400yrs
Thanks for RT, Frank. George Stinney's face appears to me at the oddest times. As it should to all who love justice.
If you don't know George Stinney, read this and cry.
Because, ya know, South Carolina used that on George Stinney ... An innocent black CHILD.
This is the South! South Carolina and the other states that fly a flag of hate. The flag of tyranny, under that...
On June 16, 1944, 14-year-old George Stinney was executed in SC for a crime he didn't commit.
We live in a place where a 14 year old George Stinney Jr can be executed and not even GUILTY.but this piece of trash lives.
My whole column on George Stinney, Jr. ---> Pursuing Justice for All featured in NBC s Science of Love
SC wrongly executed George Stinney 4 killing 2 wht girls. Stinney was just 14. (cont)
George Stinney. Wrongly executed by SC 4 killing 2 white girls. Youngest person executed in America in the 20th cent http…
The lessons we still need to learn from the terrible injustices committed in 14-year-old Stinney's case
We haven't come as far as we'd like to believe...
➡“Executed at 14, George Stinney has been cleared of murder 70 years after his death:
Hi, I'm George Stinney Jr. and I am a product of white on black MURDER. Why do white MEN hate BLACK MALES so much?.
New opera 'Stinney' to have panel discussion via
Preparing this presentation about the George Stinney case had me in tears . This boy was wrongly convicted of murder at 14 and executed
14-yr-old George Junius Stinney was legally executed in 1944 (w/o a lawyer, witnesses, or a record of confession)
New opera 'Stinney' to have panel discussion
Check George Stinney for a DP case that caused more damage then fixed.
summit work continues today, students learned about George Stinney executed in S.C. In 1944 at age 14
Pin blackie for the crime. The youngest sent to the electric chair South Carolina. It took 10 minutes to convict...
George stinney's case should be taken as a propeller of crusade against miscarriage of justice in the USA.
14yo George Stinney Executed - True Story Yeah it's just my imagination..
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South Carolina executed a 14 year old boy, George Stinney, in 1944. In 2014 his conviction was vacated
No matter if its from George Stinney 1944 or to Mike Brown 2015 I will NEVER FORGET and never give up the fight I will always show my love
Remember George Stinney Jr?. Black 14-year-old boy exonerated 70 years after he was executed
George Stinney, 14-year-old convicted and executed for 1944 murder, exonerated
A MUST READ TRUE LIFE STORY.. DONT IGNORE*. George Stinney Jr was just 14 when he was. sentenced to death over the...
The 1944 case of George Stinney, (the youngest person executed in the US), was reopened:
The George Stinney mentioned in it was a 14-year-old electrocuted in '44, the youngest American ever murdered by a state legal system.
Blog: Enough is enough. We must abolish the now:
At 14yrs. 6mos. & 5 days old, George Stinney was the youngest person ever executed in the U.S. in the 20th century.
Slideshow: George Stinney, youngest executed in 20th century via
Their convictions brought to mind George Stinney, convicted and executed by electric chair at 14.
Interesting reading indeed: The Week That Was by Managing Editor It seems the mainstream media has run out of stories to run about killer white cops and ‘horribly blonde’ rapists at elite universities who proved to be fictional so they have reached into the archives to reveal that George Stinney, a black teenager was executed in 1944 for the murder of two white girls in South Carolina. Circuit Judge Carmen Mullen has ruled, in the wisdom of hindsight that the conviction was an ‘injustice’ because the confession was unsound and cleared the deceased of any wrongdoing. This has been a huge windfall to the networks who have used the story to remind European-Americans that they are a nasty bunch and must continue to repent for the sins of their forefathers. While punting this story for all it’s worth an African-American Muslim ‘executed’ two ‘white police officers in New York in a revenge attack. Liberal politicians and their media-mouthpieces can take a bow. With the arrival of Jihadist terro ...
George Stinney Jr. 'exonerated,' judge rules he did not receive 'due process'
George Stinney Jr. was 14 years old when he was electrocuted in South Carolina for the deaths of two white girls.
Innocent teen George Stinney was tried, convicted and executed in 83 days in Jim Crow south of 1944: ‘a truly unfortunate episode in our history’
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Judge tosses teen's murder conviction 70 years after his execution. Photo:
this story makes me want to drink and I usually don't drink.
I just can not get over that George Stinney case :'( Seriously broke my heart. I couldn't imagine that being one of my relatives!! His family had to abandon him during his trial and imprisonment which was all of 81 days or face lynching and he was just completely alone for his final months of life. An utterly heartbreaking story :( I hope that if it hasn't already, that peace find his family's hearts. It couldn't be me man...
no words for this. 'Conviction of George Stinney, executed at 14 after three-hour trial, overturned'
Judge Carmen Mullins vacated the decision against George Stinney, who was convicted of beating Mary Emma Thames and Betty June Binnicker to death in 1944.
I’ve been reading the back story a about little George Stinney & my heart just breaks.
The trial was concluded after about three hours, and a jury of 12 white men delivered a verdict against Stinney...
Judge throws out teen’s murder conviction 70 years after his execution 14 yro George Stinney Jr gets justice
I've been shaking my head so much lately, my neck permanently hurts. :( Rest in peace, George Stinney.
A judge tossed the conviction of a black 14-year-old boy — who was executed 70 years ago
George Stinney, 14, exonerated for double murder
Black boy George Stinney, 14, sent to the electric chair in the Deep South for murder, is finally cleared 70 years on.
George Stinney's mugshots. Normally, I don't put a news excerpt from The New York Times in Night Owls, but I'm making an exception tonight to ensure that ...
George Stinney Jr., 14-yr-old executed after being convicted of murder in 1944, exonerated
Judge tosses conviction of boy, 14, executed for allegedly killing two girls 70 years ago.
Unbearably sad to read abt 14yr old George Stinney Jr, so small he had to sit on a book for his electrocution
Never too late to right a wrong. "South Carolina Judge Vacates Conviction of George Stinney in 1944 Execution."
It comes with great pleasure to inform you all today that Judge Mullen's has official overturned George Stinney Junior's conviction. He has officially been REDEEMED!
South Carolina executed George Stinney Jr. when he was 14. Today, they exonerated him:
In her ruling, Circuit Judge Carmen Mullen wrote that she found "fundamental, Constitutional violations of due process exist in the 1944 prosecution of George Stinney, Jr."
George Stinney, 14, was so small he sat on a book during his 1944 execution. Today, a judge overturned his conviction http:/…
THIS JUST IN: George Stinney, 14-year-old convicted of murdering two girls in '44, EXONERATED:
African-American Conservatives shared a link. 8 hours ago · Edited Interesting that on the day George Stinney, the African American who was wrongly sentenced to 70 years for the murder of two White women in 1944 as a 14-year old, has been exonerated, the First Lady is complaining about "the racist experience" of being asked to get something off a shelf at Target. dk
Seriously now, what kind of world do we live in. People are so narrow-minded, arrogant, self-centered racist activist pigs. Just read an article that the are re-opening the George Stinney, Jr. case. Because heaven help us, THERE IS JUST NO PHYSICAL POSSIBLE WAY THAT A BLACK BOY KILLED WHITE GIRLS. Its just not possible, yet if a WHITE individual kills a BLACK individual, *** is rising from the depths. We are labeled a racist people. And protests erupt. Why can't we just get along and not put these colored labels on people. I'm not racist! I own a *** colored TV!
Nearly seventy years after his execution, George Stinney Jr.'s involvment in a 1944 double-murder comes into question.
George Stinney, 14, was electrocuted in 1944 after a 3-hour trial for the murders of two white girls. There was no physical evidence, no witnesses and no appeal.
George Stinney, Emmet Till, Trayvon Martin, Troy Davis, and now Mike Brown.sick to my stomach.
June 23, 2014 Dear Governor Haley, My name is Sonya Williamson, a citizen of South Carolina. We deeply missed you Monday at the SC Statehouse grounds as we gathered for George Stinney, Jr Awareness. June 16, 2014 marked 70 years since George Stinney Jr lost his life to SC’s electric chair "old sparky”. Over the pass 2 years, Many SC Citizens including myself, US Citizens and other countries have attempted to communicate with you via email concerning this matter. Unfortunately, you have not responded to any of us. The only responses have been generic, as we know isn’t a live person. Monday, June 16, 2014 I chose to communicate to you aloud to the public and media in hopes you will somehow acknowledge and respond. The late Governor Olin Johnston while in office during 1944 ruined our reputation as a state. He failed as governor to acknowledge and communicate with the citizens he represented. After reading about 50 letters from citizens of South Carolina that year and all of the trial documents, it sad ...
“That need to punish in a lethal way still animates so much of what we’re doing in this country"—Bryan Stevenson
on the youngest person the U.S. ever executed MT Prepare to cry at your desk
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This is a true story that no one talks about George Stinney, executed at 14.
Don't know about the George Stinney case? Prepare to cry at your desk: 14yo child was youngest executed by US
Seeking Justice for George Stinney - (this is crazy. wow. 14 years old. smh.)
Family of 14yo executed 70 yrs. ago, seeks his exoneration, via
70 years after 14 yo George Stinney was executed for murders he likely didn't commit, family asks for new trial:
A Boy’s Execution, 70 Years Later Remembering George Stinney "who was lynched in slow motion".
1944-06-18 . *On this date in 1944, a 14-year-old Black boy executed by South Carolina. . George Stinney was...
George Stinney's sister Kathrine remembers the day in 1944 like it was yesterday.
Boyhood is a stage of development not extended to black males. "Boy," on the other hand, is something else again.
in 1944: George Stinney, 14, becomes the youngest person executed in the U.S. during the 20th century http:…
The ghost of George Stinney Jr.: How the justice system hasn't evolved as much as you think:
Justice for an innocent executed child
Seeking Justice for George Stinney my passion for seeking to defend young boys is fueled daily
An execution whose ghosts still haunt the state: George Stinney, the 14-year-old who was executed in 1944:
The Family of George Stinney deserve recognition of the injustice of his conviction.
COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — A 14-year-old boy executed by South Carolina nearly 70 years ago is finally getting another day in court. Supporters of George Stinney plan to argue Tuesday that there wasn't enough evidence to find him guilty in 1944 of ...
executed 14-yr-old 70 yrs ago after blatantly unfair trial. Lessons still to be learned.
Loved ones and legal advocates remember George Stinney's execution and fight to clear his name.
The Scholars sophomore students were interviewed for a WIS George Stinney special airing Sunday at 11am. Tune in!
Good to see the Times cover this case...
(Left to right) George Stinney's sister Katherine Robinson and niece Norma Robinson. Two ladies fighting for justice.
June 16th , 2014, marked the 70th year anniversary of George Junius Stinney Jr.'s unfortunate and unjust death by electric chair.
70 years later, we are still questioning a boy's execution. And yet we still execute.
A reminder that in US has always been an arbitrary, racist, inhumane, & dangerously fallible system:
Some of you may know the names George Stinney and Emmett Till, but if you have not, their story and legacy are very important.George StinneySeventy years ago, South Carolina became host to the youn...
The only evidence against George Stinney was that he and his sister has contact with the two girls prior to their murder.
Photo: wrench-wench: As you can see, Paula Deen is a true victim of racism, not like George Stinney.
New trial seeks to clear name of 14-year-old executed in 1944
This injustice served as the story line for the "Green Mile." George Stinney, victim of injustice was only 14 yrs old, 5' 4", 95 lbs.
Justice Long Delayed: 70 years after being executed, George Stinney finally gets his day in court: via
domain names
Here's my final story on the hearing to decide if the conviction of George Stinney is thrown out (from
George Stinney's family seeking exoneration after 70 years
14-Yrs Old, Your Family is Gone, and an All-White Jury Gives You the Death Penalty: Re-visiting George Stinney .
US reinvestigate murder case happened 70yrs ago,while no investigations made in for 1000s killed past 7 months.
Executed at 14 almost 70 years ago, this boy's family is now seeking justice:
After South Carolina electrocuted George J. Stinney Jr. in 1944, his family buried his burned, 14-year-old body...
Family seeks new trial for George Stinney, executed at 14 | PIX 11
George Stinney: After 70 years, justice in sight for boy America sent to electric chair
"George Stinney, executed at 14. Trayvon Martin before Trayvon Martin
New trial sought for George Stinney, executed at 14
"Stinney, executed at 14. Today family seeks to clear his name--> ...
George Stinney, 14, sat on phone books to be electrocuted in 1944. Family wants name cleared.
Seventy years after George Stinney was youngest person to die by electric chair in South Carolina, he gets a new trial
listening to the george stinney case makes me sad. no child should be executed. I could never imagine what life was like as an African American in the Jim Crow days :(
George Stinney was electrocuted in South Carolina in 1944. He is the youngest person electrocuted in the United States since the 1800s. Now 70 years later, his family still contends his innocence a...
George Stinney only weighed 99 pounds how much do you think the two little girls weighed?? more likely they didn't weighe much more 99 pounds put together and the judge just saying she did not see anything wrong with the way it was held back then so where's the great decision to be made?? Why is it going to take her 10 days to make a décision??? I'm just wondering if she's going to give in under pressure?
I am watching the hearing for George Stinney on, who was executed in 1944 at the age of 14. It is purely breaking my heart. - SC judge to decide on George Stinney case
The true story of George Stinney Junior, a 14 year old African American boy that was wrongly accused, convicted, and executed for a crime that he did not commit. IN SUMTER SC
George Stinney may finally be getting a little justice after nearly 70 years, but is it really too late? Stinney was convicted of murdering two young girls, and, at 14, was the youngest person ever...
Listening to the George Stinney livestream. It's amazing to think that this poor 14-year old boy was so railroaded, did not get a fair trial, and the good white women they called are still of the idea that the black child had to have done it...
year-old African American George Stinney who was given the death penalty in 1944 South Carolina needs justice!
George Stinney Jr..if you dont need to
Wow George Stinney Jr is getting a new trail
George Stinney Jr.: No decision made in hearing
George Stinney? This is a 14-year old who was executed for the alleged murder of two girls. Is this the true story of "The Green Mile!"?
Lou Gossett and Bruce Dern star in "The George Stinney Murder Movie." 14 year old by that got the electric chair for killing 2 little Caucasian girls in South Caroling in 1944.
In honor of George Stinney Jr. And 70 years later, "It's never too late to RIGHT A WRONG".. Author, Al Sharpton.
Prosecutor: New trial not needed for executed boy: Katherine Stinney Robinson, 79, sister of George Stinney,...
George Stinney Jr.'s family has always challenged his conviction, which took an all-white jury only 10 minutes to decide in the summer of 1944.
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for George Stinney!!! My kids last name is a living legacy!!
The "1944" George Stinney case is beyond me. The purpose is?
George Stinney was found guilty of killing two white girls age 7 and 11 in 1944.He was the first black person to get executed at the age of 14!
George Stinney, 14 yrs old, convicted of murder and executed in 1944 in South Carolina, no physical evidence, jury deliberated a whopping 10 minutes. So the REAL MURDERERS WENT FREE!! So what has changed in America??
Katherine Stinney Robinson, - the 79-year-old sister of George Stinney, who was executed by the State of South...
George Stinney Jr. was convicted of murdering two white girls in a one-day trial in which his lawyers called no witnesses, and executed by electrocution.
Alcolu, SC (WLTX) -- Lawyers arguing for George Stinney, Jr.'s innocence will bring their case before a judge Tuesday morning.
George Stinney was just 14-years-old in 1944 when he was accused of murdering two girls
A judge in Sumter will decide today whether to reopen a 70 year old case. According to Coffey, Chandler and McKenize law firm 14 year old George Stinney was executed after a false confession back in 1944.
Hope they figure this out. To long of a wait. Rest in Peace George Stinney
Should the Case of George Stinney Jr be Reopened? Yes 97% No 3% 406 total votes
ICYMI report on about 14 yr old George Stinney, youngest executed in US
Will there be Justice for the execution of 14 yr. old George Stinney in 1944? by HT
My boy Ronald Brent has done it again. Another great creation. Loving my Trayvon Martin, Emmett Till and George Stinney hoody. Another vision that came to life. Artist: Riskey(Ronald Brent)...
Today would have been the 83rd B-Day of George Stinney,the youngest person to ever be given the death sentence,he was 14. He was only 90lbs and I can't imagine what his parents must have went thru to have to flee for their lives with their children and leave lil George behind to the wolves. I could go on all day but I will spare the middle of my rant to conclude: Black men date y'all some white gals for so many black men have died in vain . You have more than paid for the right. Marry white gals,give them yo name and yo kidz. (Just don't run sistahs down cause that's what you prefer) But date the *** outa white gals Sistahs if you see a brotha crossn over just remember the price lil George Stinney & lil Emmit Till paid with their lives and give that couple a BIG SMILE & SPEAK cause we classy like that.
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Today is George Stinney's birthday. Look him up.
Try to remember all the innocent people that die in general like Emmett Till, George Stinney, Pearl Harbor, holocaust, Armenian genocide etc
Mannn R.I.P to George Stinney Jr. smh he was a 14 yr old 95pd black boy who got the electric chair for supposedly killing two white girls
W.E. A.L.L. B.E. News spoke with Rev. Charles Stinney, the younger brother of George Stinney, Jr. who @ 14 was the youngest person legally put to death in th...
George Stinney, Emmit Till, Sean Bell, Amad Diallo, Troy Jenkins, Trayvon Martin.when are we going to change? How many more have to die?
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