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George Steinbrenner

George Michael Steinbrenner III (July 4, 1930July 13, 2010) was an American businessman who was the principal owner and managing partner of Major League Baseball's New York Yankees.

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Bernie Sanders sounds an awful lot like Larry David's George Steinbrenner
Can't decide if reading this in the voice of Larry David as George Steinbrenner makes it more or less mortifying
The Yankee/Red Sox rivalry died when George Steinbrenner did. How long is ESPN going to try to milk it?
Yankees History: Howard Spira Arrested for Extortion: The George Steinbrenner Era had its unique……
The ghost of George Steinbrenner must be thinking, "What would it take to keep this team together and call them Yankees?"
George Steinbrenner was owner of the New York Yankees
on July 13, 2010 George Steinbrenner died from a heart attack in Tampa Florida I was looking at ABC news Vinita nair coanchor
thanks for having me at George M. Steinbrenner field once again!! I appreciate it! A big thanks to my friend CC Sabathia!
Wishing I was back in Florida after today @ George M. Steinbrenner Field
Dallas Green who was managing a dismal Yankees team back in 1989 called George Steinbrenner "Manager George" and was then fired. Legend
One of the few men in baseball to stand up to George Steinbrenner.
he was so intimidating both physically and mentally that even George Steinbrenner was scared of him
Green was the Yankees' skipper in 1989 and publicly referred to Steinbrenner as "Manager George." Funny dude.
TIL George Steinbrenner made a cameo appearance on the season 7 finale of Seinfeld. His scenes were cut from the e…
The were almost bought by one George Steinbrenner in December of 1971 but then owner Vernon Stouffer backed out.
This THE BOSS! Here at George M. Steinbrenner Field in Tampa Florida. Home of the NY Yankees…
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what USA has is george steinbrenner in the white house and he treats USA like Yankees
Steve Balboni hit just .233 in 1983, but provided added value by breaking the thumbs of 14 guys who owed George Steinbr…
He's a good man, capable, a very caring person.He puts a lot of energy into his work. - George Steinbrenner . MAYMAYonMM…
The Yankees do not do big hair under a policy set years ago by George Steinbrenner. Could Clint Frazier change that?
Today in 1989, George Steinbrenner meets with Pope John Paul II. He promptly fires him and names Billy Martin pope. htt…
Winning is the most important thing in my life, after breathing. Breathing first, winning next. ~ George Steinbrenner
in 1973, it was announced that George Steinbrenner and Mike Burke bought the for $10 million…
In 1955, George Steinbrenner (middle) was a coach for the Northwestern Football team. H/T to and h…
Column. Why it makes no sense that George Steinbrenner and Marvin Miller are not in the Hall of F…
Former Patrick Air Force Base airman recalls the kindness of former Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, who once...
Was once said "nothing is more limited than being a limited partner of George Steinbrenner". With Hal, there might be not…
Is Bernie Sanders is the of Lewis Black and Larry David's George Steinbrenner from Seinfeld?
Even George Costanza wouldn't have convinced George Steinbrenner into letting the wear these uniforms.
Wouldn't George Steinbrenner have fired him about 4 or 5 years ago?
Could you imagine if Trump picked George Steinbrenner to be his VP if he was still alive? That would be good times!
Hicks is a sweet signing. George Steinbrenner is rolling over in his grave.
I dock at the same place as GEORGE STEINBRENNER FAMILY member of their club MAPLE GROVE..
How did you become a Mets fan, my guess it has something to do with George Steinbrenner.
George Steinbrenner must be rolling over in his grave
george steinbrenner is dead and has been dead for five years. STOP SAYING "IF HE WAS ALIVE..." yankees fans jfc
The New York Yankees are a embarrassment to the memory of George Steinbrenner,they need a new manager and maybe new ownership!
Bernie Sanders sounds like George Steinbrenner's voice from Seinfeld.
George Steinbrenner rolling in his grave lol
TIL that when shipbuilder George Steinbrenner led a group of investors that bought the New York Yankees, he promis…
I don't think that anybody should be suspended for life for anything, other...
The will throw out the first pitch during Saturday, May 14 at George M. Steinbrenner Field.
12 things George Steinbrenner might do to awaken Yankees.
George Steinbrenner in heaven looking down, shaking his head at what has become of his fine organization.
These are the seasons I miss George Steinbrenner. Girardi and cash would be fired and people would be held accountable
George Steinbrenner was also banned in 1990 for trying to dig up dirt on Dave Winfield but was reinstated in 1993.
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I miss George Steinbrenner so much. Not that I ever met the man but I respect him more then ever now.
It's a joke that the Phillies have double the wins of the Yankees. I wish George Steinbrenner was alive to fix this
George Steinbrenner has more of a pulse than this Yankees team right now.
We all know George "The Boss" Steinbrenner would have fired someone already with such a sluggish embarrassing record.
The Yankees are stumbling around like they don't know how to play baseball at 8-16. I wish George Steinbrenner was still around.
Now I need a comedy where George Steinbrenner is reborn in the body of Daisy Ridley and has to make the Yankees great again
George Steinbrenner is the LAST person I'd want running the Yankees right now. Fans are so delusional and forgetful.
George Steinbrenner bought the for $8million. Let that sink in. Maybe.
I don't think George Steinbrenner would be able to fix this. The 80s were a mess and he kind of perpetrated it.
Druggie A-Rod, biggest fraud, is lucky George Steinbrenner is no longer with us. would have voided hi…
I'm convinced the Steinbrenner family has some hate towards George and enjoys seeing the Yankees implode.
The Yankees are sure lucky George Steinbrenner is not around. A lot of people would be losing their jobs.
It seems like most Yankees fans wish the club operated the way they did when George Steinbrenner was running things. Can't make quick fixes.
George Steinbrenner is in heaven trying to hang himself rn
Doubt a coincidence but after George Steinbrenner and Jerry Buss past, the Lakers and Yankees went in the toilet
My comparison of George Steinbrenner to Torquemada makes this worth a read by itself. -->
with the public, outdoors chat with Fred Wilpon, trying to channel George Steinbrenner ... What's next for TC?
Bread bowl George. There's nothing more satisfying than looking down after lunch and seeing nothing but a table.
Daily Quote: "I'm really 95 percent Mr. Rogers, and only 5 percent Oscar the Grouch." George
Wow! I don't think George Steinbrenner in his heyday could beat that.
People keep coming up to me and asking, 'How does it feel to be banned for ...
If George Steinbrenner or Jeffrey Loria owned the Ron Gardenhire would already have gotten the call to be on alert.
"Ehhh, a few bats in the belfry ayyy Georgie Boy?"-George Steinbrenner
Yankees to stay at George M. Steinbrenner Field through 2046:
How did George Steinbrenner's wallet not have 5 World Series MVP awards?
Tampa will be spring home to Yankees through 2046, George M. Steinbrenner Field to get $40 ...
Yankees tentatively agree to stay in Tampa through 2046: The 20-year-old George M. Steinbrenner field will get...
Yankees put $40M into renovations of George M. Steinbrenner Field, home for Spring Trianing now through year 2046! https…
The Yankees have agreed on a $40 million renovation of George M. Steinbrenner Field & to keep Yankees spring training…
Yankees announce $40M renovation of George M. Steinbrenner Field; will keep spring training home in Tampa through …
Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf, perhaps the closest friend George Steinbrenner has in baseball, is willing to make good on Britt Burns fiasco.
I always expect Bernie to sound like Ira Glass, not Larry David playing George Steinbrenner.
Whenever I imagine Bernie's voice it always slips into Larry David doing George Steinbrenner on Seinfeld. Whoops.
Larry David as George Steinbrenner is calling the VCU game
George Steinbrenner got the same treatment, if I recall. (And Patty Hearst)
get mark Jackson, bring in Oakley as an assistant, or bring Van Gundy back...I wish George Steinbrenner bought y'all years ago
.If the current were owned by 1980's George Steinbrenner, Don Mattingly would've been fired 6x in three years.
FAN: "Larry David's version of George Steinbrenner on Seinfeld sounds just like Bernie Sanders." —Nosebleeds Dweller
if you close your eyes when he talks, Bernie Sanders sounds just like Larry David doing George Steinbrenner on Seinfeld.
Jimmy Johnson , Bill Parcells, and maybe George Steinbrenner to name a few
BREAKING NY NEWS: George Steinbrenner's ghost has risen to fire the ghost of Billy Martin again.
.needs to have Bernie Sanders on. *Bernie Sanders as Larry David as George Steinbrenner*. "Big Stein wants an eggplant calzone!"
I can't listen to Bernie Sanders speak without envisioning Larry David as George Steinbrenner. I just can't.
As I've always said, the way New Yorkers back us we have to produce for them. ~ George Steinbrenner
I'm sure I'm way late to the party on this, but Bernie Sanders sounds exactly like George Steinbrenner (Larry David) on …
Bernie's voice is a dead ringer for Larry David's voice of George Steinbrenner from Seinfeld
my favorite thing about Bernie Sanders is he sounds exactly like Larry David doing a George Steinbrenner impression
"I studied Fay Vincent's argument with George Steinbrenner. I should've seen this coming. It's inexcusable I let this happen."
Bernie Sanders voice sounds like Larry David voicing George Steinbrenner on Seinfeld. Would be hard to handle over a long campaign.
I finally figured it out. Bernie Sanders sounds exactly like Larry David's George Steinbrenner voice from Seinfeld.
George Steinbrenner would not approve it.
Nice hat. George Steinbrenner is rolling over in his grave right now.
other ventures. I'd say the late George Steinbrenner had that passion.
If George Steinbrenner was still alive, the Yankees would not be having a champagne celebration.
George Steinbrenner's *** is watching Yankee players celebrate winning the wild card.
George Steinbrenner said, if you are philanthropic n anyone knows beside donor and beneficiary, you did it for wrong reason
no Sports tonight. I thought was a big baseball town, House That George Steinbrenner built is a ghost town.
thats not rain, its George Steinbrenner's tears
So, did anyone complain twenty years ago that Larry David sounded nothing like George Steinbrenner.
I would like to apply for the assistant to the traveling secretary position. @ George M. Steinbrenner…
so let's see! The judge seen Brady innocent, the same prosecutor that one after George Steinbrenner and Pete Rose also
Owning the Yankees is like owning the Mona Lisa. - George Steinbrenner
Arte Moreno thinks he's the reincarnation of George Steinbrenner. Unfortunately, people don't want to work for Arte. So... that's kinda cool
Bernie Sanders would have a chance if only he didn't sound like Larry David's impersonation of George Steinbrenner
George Steinbrenner needs to fire Joe Girardi from heaven and send down Billy Martin to save the season.
George Steinbrenner is doing somersaults in his grave. Poor guy.
It seems the only hope the have is George Steinbrenner rising from the dead and doing what his sons won't
and Plain and Simple! Remember George F***ing Steinbrenner would NEVER tolerate this GARBAGE!!
I would love to be a fly on George Steinbrenner's wall right about now.
George steinbrenner turning in his grave to this peasantry
Somewhere - right at this moment,. George Steinbrenner is firing Billy Martin.
Guys, KG made a boo boo before. . George Steinbrenner owns the Jays. . Apologies for the error
George Steinbrenner is rolling in his grave
it's the dark ages again for the Yankees until another George Steinbrenner buys them😢😢
The Business Expo is going strong! Stop by George M Steinbrenner Field 5-8pm to meet 100
Sternberg, also: "In MLB we try to have local ownership in places, but when we bought the team, George Steinbrenner was running (cont)
Setup at today's office for the evening! @ George M. Steinbrenner Field
Chamber Business Expo and Networking on the Field Today, 5-8PM, George M. Steinbrenner Field. Details...
Watching Seinfeld and it's the episode where Steinbrenner comes to tell the Costanzas their son (George) is dead &
"Jerry it's Frank Costanza. George is dead. Mr Steinbrenner is here. Call me back" might be my favorite line
Steinbrenner's here, George is dead, call me back
They are an embarrassment to the legacy of George Steinbrenner. Moreover to lose to such a bad team on the day of Yogi's funeral???
'Jerry, it's Frank Costanza. Steinbrenner's here. George is dead. Call me back. "
They blew an 8 game lead due to complacency and incompetence! Thats unacceptable. George Steinbrenner is rolling in his grave.
If George Steinbrenner was alive right now, he would be going bananas!
The more I listen to Donald Trump speak the more he reminds me of George Steinbrenner from Seinfeld.
"...Steinbrenner's here, George is dead, call me back!..."
Irl? Business men. George Steinbrenner, Steve Jobs. Basically anyone who has come up from nothing to live a lavish life.
section of the city of New York City and in the family of Mr. George Steinbrenner and Mr. Ronald David Radlo and
Bernie Sanders has to have been the voice actor of Seinfeld's George Steinbrenner?
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The ghost of George Steinbrenner would fire Girardi on the spot if he made that horrific decision.
Yes, doing his Seinfeld impression of George Steinbrenner
George Steinbrenner is so funny the impersonation of him on Seinfeld
Right now on the air, Suzyn Waldman (commentator in '87) describes how she got Yogi Berra + George Steinbrenner to make up in '99.
George Steinbrenner will always be I think Robert Kraft should be for all he has seen us through.
My all time Favorite Baseball Player, " Hideki Matsui" great seats given by my old friend, George Steinbrenner
Then with owners, in MLB you had George Steinbrenner and Oakland's Charlie Finley in the '70s
Today, Marshall Faulk is exactly as old as George Steinbrenner was the day he bought the Yankees: 15,524 days.
This used to be owned by George Steinbrenner. would stay here because Mike Brown worked for him in college
Photo of George Steinbrenner at the Hall of Fame of the New York Athletic Club
On 8/20/90, George Steinbrenner stepped down as the NY Yankees owner. The Yankees are now owned by his sons, Hank & Hal Steinbrenner
In the future I plan on going to Yankee Stadium and I WILL pray to George Steinbrenner for committing the ultimate sin back in April.
Miller on ESPN parting ways with Olbermann: Network done spending money like George Steinbrenner | The Sherman Report
situation that lead to revelation that Jean Papa Mostt had deceived public for 48 yrs when they believed that she was George Steinbrenner
Sunrise on Bayshore, furkid snuggles on the bed, rustic coffee shop, VIP access to George Steinbrenner field and...
Game one is underway in tonights doubleheader, vs here at George Steinbrenner field
Don Cherry reminds me more and more of Larry David as George Steinbrenner
I hope there comes a time when baseball fans speak my name in the same breath as John McGraw, Branch Rickey, and George Steinbrenner
Doing some Pete Rose research. Here are a few people banned from baseball then reinstated: George Steinbrenner, Willie Mays, Mi…
Good luck at the 6th Annual USF/George M. Steinbrenner Invitational 2015. WATCH:
the photo looks like the Seinfeld scene set up parody of George Steinbrenner.
George Steinbrenner's is on This is amazing! Going to sit & watch this. RIP Boss! We miss you dearly.
The Yankees would be better off if George Steinbrenner was still the owner. His sons don't want to win. They don't have the will to win
George Steinbrenner got banned for life then quickly unbanned. Why shouldn't Rose be allowed back?
Beautiful night at George M. Steinbrenner Field on the last day of trip,
announcer at George Steinbrenner just cales Chase Headley Chase Utley.
From to George Steinbrenner Field to watch Phillies vs. Yankees. The best 2nd baseman in…
has made its way to George M. Steinbrenner Field!
the things I'll do and the places I'll go to watch the yankees ⚾️ @ George M. Steinbrenner Field
At the Yankees and phillies game for spring training lets go @ George M. Steinbrenner Field
Yankees v. Phillies spring training game with my better half. @ George M. Steinbrenner Field
Retirement has not been good to Jeter... @ George M. Steinbrenner Field
10:00 am – 5:30 pm George M. Steinbrenner Field is the Spring Home to the New York Yankees ^AJC
does George Steinbrenner belong in the HOF?
Steinbrenner's here. George is dead. Call me back. The Caddy [Seinfeld 7.12] (2/2)
Guess you never heard of George Steinbrenner. Whe he owned the NY Yankees
Jerry West wanted to be drafted by Knicks -- and was pursued by George Steinbrenner|
I am dead set against free agency. It can ruin baseball. -George Steinbrenner
your the George Steinbrenner of Hockey. ..maybe
Many people believed JEAN PAPA to be George Steinbrenner hiding here & telling only Joe Kelly her neighbor the truth about herself
That would be sweet to have a president who sounds like Larry David impersonating George Steinbrenner.
The Playboy that was found in George Costanza's desk by Steinbrenner...Yep, the Body
Larry David's George Steinbrenner is undoubtedly the greatest fictional portrayal of a real life celebrity in television history.
George Steinbrenner on Seinfeld will forever be one of the best characters
George slipping the lobster into Rachel's eggs is one of his finest Seinfeld moments, right up there w/ giving Steinbrenner the what for.
voice sounds like Larry David's impersonation of George Steinbrenner
the ghost of George Steinbrenner severed Matt Harvey's UCL because he shifted the attention of New Yorkers
"Steinbrenner's here. George is dead, call me back."
On a 1-10 scale, how much does Sen. Bernie Sanders sound like Larry David as George Steinbrenner? via …
Got to travel to Lakeland and Tampa on St. Patricks Day! 🍀⚾️ @ George M. Steinbrenner Field
It's Official. I'm going to see the vs. at George Steinbrenner Field for my B-Day.
Final: (9-7) defeats (9-6-1) 4-2 at George M. Steinbrenner Field in Tampa, FL on
Came down to Florida just to see a bunch of Yankees ⚾️🌴 @ George M. Steinbrenner Field
TIL that Larry David was the voice of George Steinbrenner cause apparently I live under a rock.
This day in history. 1989. George Steinbrenner met Pope John Paul II who ordered harsh penance for not renewing Reggie…
Back in the days when George Steinbrenner was around, the New York Yankees did not worry about measly things such as a few million dollars to keep them from signing a top free agent. If he wanted a player, he merely outbid anyone else for him. But that is not the case these days and […]
I miss the old & cantankerous owners of my teams, Jack Kent Cooke, George Steinbrenner & Mohamed al Fayed
George Steinbrenner's Silver Shield Foundation to pay for education of slain NYPD officer's children:
just an observation, aside from New York local TV and radio news and the tabloids, why should anyone care about the royals in New York? Didn't we leave King George III (come to think of it George Steinbrenner was III as well) in 1776. I am not even sure what the royals do except cost the UK millions of pounds. I will give Kim Kardashian and her kin a shout out, she has to work hard to stay relevant, what do these two do? Sponge off the people of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland? The big moment the royals meet Jay Z and Beyonce? For local news that is the big time, for me, an annoyance.
Yankees Classics is the game from 2010 that honored George Steinbrenner and Bob Sheppard. Michael Kay and Ken Singleton on the call.
Red Sox paying for Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez have them looking more like Yankees Howard Simmons/New York Daily News The Red Sox signing of Hanley Ramirez to play left field is puzzling as it goes against everything they believe in. By investing some $190 million in Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez, the Red Sox are suddenly making like George Steinbrenner in full panic mode after they finished last in 2014 — a development which no one should get more delight from than, well, the Yankees themselves. For almost three years now — ever since they dumped some $250 million in longterm contracts on the Dodgers in August 2012 and wound up winning a world championship the next season — the Red Sox have taken great pride in saying how they learned their lesson about the foolhardiness of longterm contracts of near or well over $100 million dollars. Especially for players over 30 — all the while pointing to their abundant farm system and declaring they would heretofore be operating in a fiscally prude ...
RIP Bill the Baker. What a piece of work. I remember when George Steinbrenner sent him to the minor leagues,...
I think of the New York City Ballet as the Yankees without George Steinbrenner.
"When Steinbrenner headed a group that bought the team on Jan. 3, 1973, he promised absentee ownership. But it..."
If I took improv I'd fire my improv coaches all the time like some sort of yes and-ing George Steinbrenner.
Big Man is not Roone Arledge, he is George Steinbrenner. What out ur Billy Martin
I wish George Steinbrenner was still alive, Hank and Hal suck and are scared to spend money
I've decided voice sounds the same as Seinfeld's rendition of George Steinbrenner.
If george Steinbrenner. Owned this team we would not be having these conversations !
Larry David playing George Steinbrenner is hilarious af!
Steinbrenner suspecting George of moonlighting for Tyler Chicken, may be one of the greatest moments in television.
Gotta say one of my favorite is George's nap episode. The bed under the desk and Steinbrenner are hilarious.
Steinbrenner: Empty calories and male curiosity eh George?
But of course, George's plan doesn't go as he wants (because well, he's George) since Steinbrenner goes to hide under the desk.
Jerry has to call in a bomb threat eventually to get Steinbrenner out of George's office. One of my favorite episodes.
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The Seinfeld where George gets a bed built under his desk, then Mr. Steinbrenner comes in and doesn't leave is on.
He's George Steinbrenner without the money. That simple. Maybe now with new Stadium and future TV...
So now Adam McQuaid is out two months. This is the part of the season where George Steinbrenner would start firing the medical staff.
Baseball needs another daring owner like George Steinbrenner.
Lead, follow or get out of the way - George Steinbrenner
Why let him go to trade for him? Lol. I miss George Steinbrenner so much. Just ain't the same without him. Butler to the A's though
Steinbrenner thinks George is in the stadium, because he can smell the Paisano's. But he's actually smelling Kramer's jacket,
because he sounds like George Steinbrenner?
If Hanley Ramirez goes to the Yankees, George Steinbrenner will roll in his grave.
What does George Steinbrenner have to do with tax accounting ¿?
Now Loria is trying to be George Steinbrenner
Running it like a boss. Talkin' George Steinbrenner. (at in Columbus, OH)
Marlins give Giancarlo George Steinbrenner $$. That's how you pay the man and keep him.
'Steinbrenner's here. George is dead. Call me back.'
Bombay on the hot seat after Iceland loss. Don Tibbles thinks he's George Steinbrenner all of a sudden.
In all seriousness, you're right. I have hoped that he'd mature into George Steinbrenner, but now ...IDK.
"Fernando's Hideaway" with George Steinbrenner . It is better to look good than to feel good
George Steinbrenner hired and fired Yankee manager Billy Martin 5 times in 13 years. | RT
A look at the Yankees farm system if George was still alive
What if George Steinbrenner were actually alive today? What would happen to the farm system?
Home plate, World Series, walk-off for the winner. Baby, I'm a boss, I'm talking George Steinbrenner. I gotta go to work.
These are probably some of the smallest to play on George M. Steinbrenner Field.
I wanna be a boss, im talking George Steinbrenner
.George Steinbrenner would never have stood for that - there would be a committee today
Home plate World Series, how a *** slidin in her. Baby I'm a boss, I'm talkin George Steinbrenner!
Lady at the next table sounds like a female version of George Steinbrenner...
I guess Stanton's outrageous $325 for 13 yrs is George Steinbrenner's fault or the Yankees "Evil Empire" influence?
and those numbers don't even include George Steinbrenner being attacked* in an LA elevator. *allegedly
It would appear Bernie Sanders might have been the voice of George Steinbrenner on "Seinfeld." Decide for yourself:
Matheny then swapped houses to be w Ian Desmond who she called Papi when George Steinbrenner himself was hiding out as BIGPAPI
Little Giant Ladders
Dr Donna Shalala got her sports start playing short stop for George Steinbrenner's youth pig tail team in Cleveland.
"Babe Ruth was nothing more than a fat old man with little girl legs."--George Steinbrenner
Jim Williams, Jerry Gardner, see what George Steinbrenner did for Bill the Baker. He kept Bill off the...
Word Cup Joe Torre said he feels ‘terrible’ for not mentioning George Steinbrenner in Ha...
Joe Torre regrets George Steinbrenner omission from Hall of Fame speech via
Joe Torre regrets not thanking George Steinbrenner during Hall of Fame speech - Newsday
2014 Baseball Hall of Fame ceremony -- Joe Torre tips cap to George Steinbrenner after speech
After Hall of Fame induction, Joe Torre said he forgot to thank George Steinbrenner the way he planned (ESPN)
Maybe the are getting George Steinbrenner's rotted corpse for Headley.
So MLB can honor the late George Steinbrenner at All-Star Game in 2010 but didn't want to "spotlight individual" like …
Interesting group of birthdays on July 4: George Steinbrenner, Al Davis & Peter Angelos.
My Dads a pretty normal guy but he's also convinced George Steinbrenner was murdered by his sons and they covered it up. He's normal though.
George turning over in grave overpaid underachievers cashman must go
"Home plate, World Series now a n*gga slidin in her. Baby, I'm a boss.. Talkin George Steinbrenner!" -
It's time for Hal Steinbrenner to act like his father "The Boss" George Steinbrenner as Yanks are sinking
George Steinbrenner just signed Tim Howard for seven years at 2 Gazillion Dollars.
*** watch Seinfeld episode where George Steinbrenner makes a apperence. RIP brilliant man, crazy to hear him talk behind the scenes
Can we bring George Steinbrenner back from the dead and fix the Yankees? This is getting extremely ridiculous
George Steinbrenner would have fired them all
But Mr. Steinbrenner his friend Leslie and George his perfectly willing, even her might get he.
Say Michael... Speaking of facial hair and George Steinbrenner have u seen Joba lately?
Did George Steinbrenner buy the Florida Panthers. Looks like they are trying to buy a Stanley Cup
"And what the American people like is to think the underdog still has a chance." -George Steinbrenner
fletcher be channeling his inner George
I really miss George Steinbrenner. If there was something wrong with this team he'd fix it right after.
If the late Steinbrenner was around, he would have him out of there with a visit. George did not play.
My ideal is the episode where George's car breaks down and Steinbrenner thinks he works more than anyone there.
King Felix Fasted in the offseason for 40 days, during this time George Steinbrenner appeared to felix and tempted him with money.
I don't play World Series how a *** slide in her baby I'm a boss talking George Steinbrenner
In my new whip. Watch me slide in her. Baby I'm a boss . Call me George Steinbrenner
Dave Winfield famously played all 13 innings in 1987 to George Steinbrenner's loud dissatisfaction.
George Steinbrenner would've gotten rid of everybody by now lmao
Could you imagine if George Steinbrenner owned the ??
Good thing George Steinbrenner is dead. I'd hate for him to learn Big Papi owns the
oh okay I thought you saw George Steinbrenner LOL
that was a long time ago you saw George Steinbrenner right
but those were the days of George Steinbrenner , one year he was the keynote speaker at JUCO
George Steinbrenner poses with Yankees pitchers (clockwise from top right) Jose Contreras, Andy Pett
Tampa Yankees Game for Two with Option for Food and Hats at George M. Steinbrenner Field on Jul... $8.00
_. need. JOHN S. MIDDLETON. to. buy. free agent. STUDS. for. 4 YEARS STRAIGHT. like. GEORGE STEINBRENNER. $260mil PAYROLL.
James Dolan is the new George Steinbrenner; overpaying affects what other teams have to pay. unlike GS, hasn't won anything
86 to 90 jeans. I set the high for that thing today lmao @ George M. Steinbrenner Field
Baby, I'm a boss. Talkin' George Steinbrenner, Panamera, Yogi Bear'er, my 2 seater, Derek Jeter. Got more stripes than all these...
George Steinbrenner is pissing in his grave
All the charm of Yankee Stadium, without the exorbitant cost! — at George M. Steinbrenner Field
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
what was the sermon in the beginning of from summer of George?
Keep drafting potential guys like Darko and I will take Carmello. U will end up like Dumars. I will be Red Auerbach or George Steinbrenner
Dame Dash was on top of the rap world when "We Are Champions" was recorded. George Steinbrenner of rap.
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