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George Steele

William James Myers (born April 16, 1937), better known by his ring name George The Animal Steele, is a former American professional wrestler, author and actor.

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When you realize that the "FAKE" Steele Dossier turns out to be less and less "FAKE" every single day, that the G.O.P. Is Ro…
Brimley is perfect as Cobb. I'm advocating George Clooney for Christopher Steele.
My all time fav: "He wasn't just hit with the Ugly Stick, he ran blindfolded through the Ugly Forest!"…
The extended In Memoriam included "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka and George "The Animal" Steele, but no Bobby Heenan at the last minute
It was the wrestlers that gave, i was one of those yhe Animal Steele gave me my 1st Barbie…
I remember George Animal Steele gave me my very first Barbie doll.
George Steele defeats Asuka via a Happy Ending in a Bra and Panties Match at Unforgiven
Jerry Jones going after Roger Goodell is like watching Sgt. Slaughter vs George "The Animal" Steele. There are no w…
George The Animal Steele makes an appearance at TNA Slammiversary 2008.
So you're telling me that George the Animal Steele has died on Juggalo Day 2017 and also there's some stuff going on in…
George Steele defeats Luke Harper via DDT in an I Quit Match on Smackdown Live
Stacy Steele is rocking a little George Strait!! Come on out he'll be playing lots of variety, and he'll be her...
George Soros, Hillary, John McCain, Comey, Steele should be charge and jailed
Tfw you feel like macho man but look like George the Animal Steele
I'm still waiting for to change its name. Its namesake, Bishop George Berkeley, was a slave owner.
Sin Cara defeats George Steele via the Crews Control in an Ultimate X Match in your mom's house
So as I try to finalize plans with my cousin George Steele in…
Damien the Snake defeats George Steele via the Brouge Kick in a War Games at Breaking Point
George Steele defeats Antonio Inoki via the ref being your cousin in a Retirement Match on No Mercy
A very successful grad fair! Nice reconnecting with alums at Thompson Library and NACADA coll…
Thanks to Marion native Colonel George Steele, Congress passed legislation to create the National Home for...
Best of luck to Lt George Steele from 1LANCS as he competes in the 70.3 Ironman World Championships tomorrow. Fantastic achie…
"If people cannot write well, they cannot think well, and if they cannot think well, others will do their thinking for..…
Wrestlemania 2 the late great v George Steele these 2 were involved in some great matches over the yea…
Martin Landau is genius in his performance. And absolutely love George Steele in it.
George Steele defeats Mojo Rawley via a Codebreaker in an Acid Bath Match in your mom's house
turned into George' The Animal' Steele with one candy, Warheads Dipper i think.
George Steele put in for a leave of absence from teaching starting in January, so starting then we’ll have year-round George Steele 10/85
If George 'The Animal' Steele were an NFL player, who would it be?
Wow! Another person told me I look like George "The Animal" Steele. Maybe because I kinda do.
“Animal”? Not George “the Animal” Steele, noted turnbuckle eater and my favorite wrestler?
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Jan 3 99 Heat, 1st match = Headbanger Mosh v George Steele. What the fu
Is it just me or is Kurt slowly turning into George The Animal Steele? -R
Good morning to everyone except George W Bush. You know what you did.
Norman could have fit that George Steele/Hillbilly Jim role perfectly
Take a look at this one Monsoon! It's a George the Animal Steele bar. There's hair all over it!. Give me a break.…
WWE Hall of Famer George 'The Animal' Steele dies at 79 via
George "The Animal" Steele: Before & After . You have to have owned a George Steele figure to truly appreciate what…
Sid defeats George Steele via the Sister Abigail in a *** in a Cell at Armageddon
Gran Metalik defeats George Steele via the Clothesline from *** in a King of the Ring Finals on Smackdown Live
I'm willing to bet the principal from billy Madison was based of George the Animal Steele.
I'm coming to the conclusion that is this generation's George the Animal Steele
Which one of these George The Animal Steele matches would you have most wanted to see?
So you're like the George The Animal Steele of this novels?
Kalisto defeats George Steele via Roman Rape Raping his opponent in a 3 Stages of *** on ECW
Hoping you'll love this... George the Animal Steele Classic 80's Wrestling T Shirt.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
My son is the reincarnation of George "The Animal" Steele.
Dinah Rose QC and Iain Steele successfully acted for Unison in Supreme Court over Employment Tribunal fees
The Russian oligarchs making a move on the US healthcare industry sued Buzzfeed for publishing Steele dossier
I added a video to a playlist wwe hall of fame presents george steele
I added a video to a playlist A Walk Through Life with Jim Myers - AKA George "The Animal" Steele
George Steele defeats Kelly Kelly via TKO in a Bra and Panties Match on FCW
Cameron defeats George Steele via Hacks in a Money in the Bank Ladder Match in your mom's house
Tickets are on sale now for the "The Legend of George Jones featuring Duane Steele"
Not a big deal, if the 22 millions emails delet…
That was the same year that George The Animal Steele lost his mind.
Man !!! I'd tear into that deliciousness like George " The Animal " Steele used to tear into a WWF turnbuckle
Provan and Steele next to Nicholas, Rhino in between Frank and George.
RIP George the Animal Steele legend of the wrestling world
⚡️ “ESPN reports Cavs had a deal in place to acquire Paul George”. click here ==>
Ah...I prefered George "The Animal' Steele...especially when he ate the the turnbuckle pads.
George Stephanoplace wonders if the "Trump Presidency can survive," since he hasn't fulfilled EVERY campaign promise in ju…
Your daily dose of Friend George Steele's pic of black on dill in upstate NY. Al…
Damien the Snake defeats George Steele via chairshot in a Hollywood Back-lot Brawl at NXT Takeover
I just popped hard for the sasquatch marked "George the Animal Steele"
How come there's no more ugly superstars anymore, like George Steele, bushwackers, Rick Stiener, Bruiser Brody, etc.
George Steele as Tor Johnson in the movie Ed Wood.1993
On this day in history (7/23/73):. WWWF Champion Pedro Morales defeats George Steele in a main event match to retain his title at MSG.
That's Christopher Steele. Btw you remind me of Danzig. In the eighties. That's a compliment.
Tek was Steele's security. Sadat X's cousin was one of Boy George (the dealer) mans.
The critical thinking of 0n is worthy of another great thinker & sage... George 'The Animal' Steele.
Rey Mysterio defeats George Steele via Interference in a *** in a Cell on Friday Night Smackdown
IC Champ Randy Macho Man Savage being led to the ring by his manager, the lovely Elizabeth vs George The Animal Steele 2
Check out 1987 WWF LJN George the Animal Steele STRETCH wrestling figure superstars WWE
No prob. My issue is her personal attacks on people, so I found it ironic that George Stee…
Except Mother Jones, of course. Wonder if Corn will win another George Polk…
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George Steele Birmingham, AL has been very physical today.
to paraphrase George Lucas on Steele Wars not everything I write will be good or make sense . due to illness
George Steele was last week's winner. This week's inspired snarkmeister will win a 5.11 Single Pistol Case to get...
Thom, are these the two fields in front of Steele field house facing Saint George St.?
While reorganizing my closet I found this unfinished piece of George "The Animal" Steele biting…
& lines about Chief Jay Strongbow and George Animal Steele are the best lines in the history of
Ok y'all may want to sit down for this. Wwe is all made up stuff. George the Ani…
Trust me when I tell u can generate a fan response like Buzz Tyler and George Steele use to ge…
Also things like: "There was a WWF show in Woburn MA in 1986...and the main event was George Steele vs Bob Orton???"
Will miss Jim Myers aka George Steele. We had teaching in common. Always enjoyed seeing him.
WOL: Celebrating the lives of George Steele, Ivan Koloff and Nicole Bass
your George Steele artwork appears on the video Jim Myers made to be played following his death. It's at the 43:50 mark.
One day after George Steele, now Ivan Koloff has passed away. Rest in Peace Uncle Ivan, a great wrestler and person.
This documentary about George Steele was just put up after he passed away. Judging by the his opening comment, that wa…
George Steele, ‘The Animal’ wrestler whose villainous antics vanished outside the ring, has died at 79…
Before breaking into WWE, George Steele spent more than two decades as a teacher and coach in Madison Heights.
George Steele was only an animal in the ring. He was one of the truly nice men in the world.
One the wrestlers I loved watching as a kid has died. WWE Hall of famer George Steele "The Animal" R.I.P…
The Hitman with some kind words about George Steele at the 2:05 mark.
George Steele looks at a poster of first lady of professional wrestling Miss Elizabeth.
RIP George Steele- One of my earliest memories in life was seeing you eat turnbuckles & constantly trying to get w Miss Elizab…
What a sad end to this otherwise acceptable week Condolences to the loved ones of Nicole Bass and George Steele 😢
RIP George Steele and Nicole Bass thoughts go out to their friends and family!
Yesterday Nicole Bass passed away & now today George Steele passed away so many greats in the wrestling world are going away to quick
I was a huge mark for George Steele. The eating of the turnbuckles and the green tongue. Character presentation on point. RIP The Animal
The first Kayfabe News story I ever wrote was about George Steele, my favorite wrestler from childhood. Here it is: https:…
My late-mother used to really laugh at those George Steele antics in the 80s! RIP: THE ANIMAL! 🙁
Hey porkchop can't forget about Ironhead Heyward, Sleepy Floyd, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake and George "The Animal" Steele
Coke white 350 Boosts, I'm George The Animal Steele, you like Steel in Juice.
Piper's Pit with George Steele and Junkyard Dog (12-06-1986) via
Steele, did you know George Lucas also shot the helicopter scene from Apacolypse Now? It's true, all of it
Steamboat v Savage: 14mins. Good thing George Steele was there to bite turnbuckles for a few to get them over the 10min mark.
Let's celebrate the birthday of the awesome Peter Steele of TYPE O NEGATIVE. Hey may have passed but his music lives o…
Even George the Animal Steele said it properly in an interview and he wasn't allowed to speak in sentences.
Why is Ellsworth basically George the Animal Steele now though?
. George The Animal Steele was probably easy to work with because he just wanted to eat turnbuckles. Doesn't make me a fan.
He'll take book writing advice from George Karl, no doubt.
Check out wwf ring used turnbuckle signed by George Steele via
there's something wrong here that "the monster " is watching Mariah. What's next , George Steele can really talk ?
Sounding like George The Animal Steele forgot his cue here. Could prove costly.
I definetly won't be! George has proper static bed hair most of the time but when it's curly it's lush so I'm keeping it 👌🏻😂
I'm on your side, no cutting his curls please! 🙄😂 awh, I love George's lil' curls too. Never cutting his hair 🌚😂😂😂
I'm the same, George's hair will not be cut, he's keeping his curls 👌🏻
Brad once demolished George "The Animal" Steele in a private match. Now the two are buddies.
Why Furious George will become Forgotten George. video essay.
George the Animal Steele had a green tongue
Found this great pic of Scott with George Michael and some guy married to Patty Steele
the roster show their ugly Xmas Sweaters. George Steele was disqualified after we realised he just took his shirt off.
bet it was a relative of George The Animal Steele
I just started the George Steele one. I was amazed that he could speak coherently. I'm stuck in kayfabe circa 1987.
The public communicate with cashiers like George "The Animal" Steele did with Miss Elizabeth
One of the nicest, kindest people you will ever meet. It's me with "THE ANIMAL" George Steele
Bob Backline was always somewhat boring to me, but I did like George The Animal Steele and my favorite manager Clas…
This is George. He has just boarded the train and is more interested in talking to people than taking his seat :) https:…
Norman was a fine WCW replacement for George Steele
jews compare him to former Alabama gov George Wallace who said "Segregation Forever "
“George the Animal Steele or Big John Stud?” 2 good ones here . won the strap I think
Rubio reminds me of George Bush. Whenever he finishes a sentence without grammatical error he gets a thankful grin on his face 😏
"A tie is like kissing your sister" - George Steele. A quote from my HS Basketball coach, applicable to today's Tiger's spring training game
"...Burgundy in all its sunset glow,". George Gordon, Lord Byron (1788-1824); Don Juan. . Alexey Steele's Burgundy...
Why the GOP front-runner has far broader appeal than his predecessors going back to George Wallace:
Maybe giving the chance to interview wasn't such a great idea 😂.
just read a trash article about game of thrones fans freaking out because they mixed up which George Martin died 😡
I think you meant to say RIP George Martin
We are sad to hear of the death of George Martin, producer of the LIVE AND LET DIE theme. Our thoughts are with his family and fri…
I'm so sad to hear ya left. Rest in peace, George Martin.
it's the "Blue Steele" of Book Tour poses ... I think you're on to something!
George Steele is absolutely off his nut, Macho Man had to cheat to win the match though.
It's an original and in the infamous words of George the Animal Steele, MINE!
Ha! George Steele was on the cutting room floor, good choices.
He was before my time. My guys were Boss man, Hacksaw Jim D, Mankind & George "The animal" Steele.
George "The Animal" Steele used as surprise witness, but takes too long at lunch eating turnbuckles.
Julz reminds me of the wrestler George 'the animal' Steele.
I don't know ever seen.George the Animal Steele tee hee
From a distance, at least, Browne looks like the George "The Animal" Steele of
explains my current prem happiness as a neutral fan with soft spots for Bath and Sharks😂
I'm George the Animal Steele when i'm hungry, poor turnbuckle.
Andre Gray sends Jason Steele the wrong way after George Boyd nipped in ahead of the unaware Shane Duffy for the penalty. Burnley lead.
Stephen Ward crosses to the back post where George Boyd sends a header straight at Jason Steele. 0-0. 10 gone.
Get to know George Steele, the artist!
George "The Animal" Steele would be quite appropriate here tonight. And he was from Detroit too!
I wish they would induct George the Animal Steele into the Hall of Fame eating turnbuckles ever since he him
Come on George, say what you mean. Don't beat about the bush!
yours looks like George the Animal Steele
Hi George, I think you might appreciate this story
George Miller gave one simple order to make Mad Max awesome.
In ring he was like that other George (Steele) - an animal. Outside ring he's funny, articulate and charismatic.
if you've ever watched Ed Wood, George Steele played Tor Johnson.
But now George and Mary are married WHAT IS HAPPENING
The way Violet JUST LOOKS at George in "It's a Wonderful Life" is LITERALLY GOALS
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I want George over Vicky, Vicky is hilarious but you know George is gorgeous so 😏😂
it was ballsy for her to do it but I don't want her to win 🙅🏻 Vicky or George for me 🙌🏼
20 years later. .. It was to George Steele. Don't remember where he said it was
any Jimmy "The Superfly" Snuka or George "The Animal" Steele ? 2 of my personal favorites. ... well WWF at least.
George "The Animal" Steele was on WCW for a minute back then. Might be tough to find.
There’s one kid in the CHFI Christmas commercial that reminds me of George “The Animal” Steele.
George Steele vs. Brian Pillman in a Ladders Match on Thanksgiving - Meltzer Rating ***
that was a pretty good wasn't it at the same time George the Animal Steele had his crush on Miss Elizabeth
Any band that namechecks Ric Flair, George The Animal Steele and Jimmy Superfly Snuka in a song has to be good.
George Lopez just roasted ernies existence
Just carry it around with you and smooch it up, like George Steele and his Miss Elizabeth poster.
Sat Dec 12 GCW returns to with WWE HOFer George The Animal Steele, plus much more! http…
id still stare at you if you had the George the Animal Steele face
Because there's nothing that a cuddle can't solve, eh
Thanks for letting me appear on December 12 along with George Steele & Terri Runnels! Books will be there for signing!
domain names
hmmm where is George the Animal Steele these days? Let me at him!!
*** that it's not real ,like when I went to see Bruno fight George"The Animal"Steele at Civic Arena! years
George the Animal Steele? Always looked like he had a chance until he started chewing the turnbuckle
George “The Animal” Steele. He’ll eat a turnbuckle in every pregame speech.
Tyson fury fights like george the Animal Steele
I imagine it would be similar to when you first heard George the Animal Steele in an interview.
Randy Savage and Jake Roberts on the trumpets...Junkyard Dog and George Steele on the saxophone...
I was literally scared of George Steele and Abdullah the Butcher as a kid. Anyone else have guys that scared you?
I liked a video from George The Animal Steele: "Montreal Screwjob was a WORK!"
Jim (George Steele) is ready for George to do a book report on his. new book "Animal".
how about Predator for Ventura, Ed Wood for George Steele or Man with the Iron Fists for Super Dave
When I met The Best Team on Planet Earth (& George Steele?) in NYC.
I'm too busy following the George the Animal Steele diet: turnbuckle for every meal
George "The Animal" Steele look-alike next to me in line is loudly reciting every line from a Cheez-It ad to his uncomprehending twin sons.
When King George bent us over Mass stood and fought while the colonies sent olive branches. This is what do …
All purpose parts banner
I liked a video Legends of Wrestling II - George "The Animal" Steele Interview
Auto everything 5lb 50w tube amp?: the designer reminds me of George Steele the old wrestler. but h...
Never would have guessed that out off all the wrestlers I enjoyed in the mid 80s, George "the animal" Steele was probably the most normal.
Snuka's a murderer, Hogan's a racist, Savage and Piper are dead...I fear revelations about George the Animal Steele and King Kong Bundy.
george the Animal Steele was really just aluminum
Whoa, and now Superfly Snuka is going down for murder. I sure hope George "The Animal" Steele stays legit.
whoa. I saw him live in a high school gymnasium a couple years prior to this. George "the animal" Steele was present too💪🏽
thankful they never tried that with George the Animal Steele. That would have been a full ball-forest
***SEPTEMBER ISSUE OUT NOW***. Featuring:. A Place in the Country by CHRIS STEELE-PERKINS. Nascar by GEORGE BENNETT
I'll just leave this here...George the Animal Steele Music Video - 
Is it just me? Or does look like George the Animal Steele when she sticks out her tounge.
Whenever you're ready, George. “Ian Steele (interviewing George Springer after BP today.
there are 4 other autographs in the program. Ernie Ladd and George Steele as his his first gimmick as "The Student"
Didn't expect to type this sentence ever but this George Steele v Tony Garea match is a lot of fun.
he look like George 'The Animal' Steele, of the old WWF
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Kanye shouldn't have apologized to George W. Bush.
Kinda weird that Montana has a painting of George "The Animal" Steele at midfield, but that's their prerogative.
I was really into a George Steele Rowan, would love to him return to go on a one man crusade against the Wyatts
legend George 'The Animal' Steele is perfect as Swedish wrestler Tor Johnson. He & Bill Murray became pals during the movie
Analysis of "Bad Blood" lyrics leads to commentary: great blended genre moves here + students 💙 celebrity gossip
Dream movie casting: Remake of George Romero's Day of the Dead with literally nothing changed except is Pvt. Steele.
I wear multiple shirts in public for YOU, not for me. I'm built like a latter day George Steele
If Daniel Murphy were a wrestler, he'd be all highspots. He'd make the Young Bucks look like George Steele.
The Blackhawks guy looks like what George "The Animal" Steele would be before he went bald.
Flashback: Eight years ago and I play Tor Johnson for the third time. Take that, George Steele!...
Bruno Sammartino and George Steele often worked before the intermission so tickets for the return match could be seen and then the...
"How many Iraqis did you kill today?". ~ George Bush. Torture Centers linked to U.S. Col. Steele & Gen. Petraeus:
Gorgeous George vs Jeff hardy for the heavyweight title lol. Steele puts hardy in a standing headlock until the crowd leaves
how about the Psycho team for Survivor Series Dean Ambrose Psyco Sid George the Animal Steele
Happiness is grilling a Christmas orange on the George foreman and making Steele eat it because he missed his free throw
Otherwise you would have been billed as the son of George the Animal Steele.
Let me tell you this! Follow or George The Animal Steele will use your face as turnbuckle!
George Strait will always be the king of country music 🙌🙌
“Lmfao took my mom's iPhone and took some selfies in her phone cause I got bored lol” u look like george steele w/ hair
Photo: Gif I made of my George “The Animal” Steele illustration for the cover of The Classical Magazine.
to 4/26/14. Worked a fan fest in Salem, VA with George "The Animal" Steele at the table next to…
I find some good lyrical substitutes are; Meow, banana, and're welcome - co written by Mark George
George Rogers statue at Williams-Brice on trustees agenda for Friday. Background:
is the new George the Animal Steele
.so Erick Rown is this generations George "The Animal" Steele??
Whereas Miss Elizabeth was harassed by George "The Animal" Steele, Nattie is harassed by an actual animal. (I know it's a guy in a suit.)
George The Animal Steele v Grumpy Cat in a loser leaves the brand match
'An important contribution to a future of liberty& justice for all' . -George Weigel on Shelby Steele's SHAME
If you like George Strait and Bud Light you have potential
Shay Steele (West Rowan) had a career-high 23 points for Morehead State today in a 79-70 win against George Mason.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Triple H says Shawn says Sunny's no good at sucking *** Cameron and Naomi are here and George Steele approves. wait, wrong bimbos
I'm just going to turn off the TV and read George "The Animal" Steele's autobiography instead.
This man provides quality entertainment. George The Animal Steele!
George the Animal Steele used to eat the turnbuckle pads... And it was kind of awesome.
Life's too short to waste it, I say bring on anything, I ain't here for a long time, I'm here for a good time. -George S…
George the Animal Steele in the days when he was managed by Classy Freddie Blassie . . .
George Steele debuts in Pittsburgh, 1967. Notice the fans painted on the background.
Sid played by George the Animal Steele
When Garth and George both come on in the morning you know it's gunna be a good day!☺️🙌
Woke up this morning feeling like George the Animal Steele
Brooks and Dunn, George Straight, and Alan Jackson on this fine drive home
Dr. Frederick Steele (George Brent) is in the midst of closing his New York City office in preparation of a move
UK entrepreneurs: we need better visas, better internet and a better ICO -
Check out this : George Steele's voice and my trio !
Did that token Michael Steele question George bush when he stood on 9/11 rubble claiming he would get Bin Laden?
Keep the surveillers at bay with Orwell-inspired clothes: By Billy Steele If you’ve read George Or...
George 'the Animal' Steele starred alongside Bill Murray in "Ed Wood"
Michael Steele we are in this situation because of your party. George Bush and Cheney you destablized the region. You created the mess.
Good gracious, Dutch Mantell may be hairier than George Steele!
Steele celebrating with the man George Barrett.38 yrs of community radio history.More Blessing mi seh.
I'm fascinated by guys who can elicit emotion doing so little. SO much appreciation for guys like Kamala, George Steele, etc
george the Animal Steele sold his kidney stones for charity last year. Be thankful him on an icecream bar is all you got
My Skin has turned to Porcelain to Ivory to Steele.. -George R.R Martin . The Brutality of Life can make the softest Person hard..
Maybe it's the spirit of George Jones making it happen
What happens when George auditions for "bombs away" part... 😐
Liz Power is going all George the Animal Steele on that waterbottle
Plugged in one of the hard drives an come across WrestleMania 2! Macho Man Randy Savage V George 'The Animal' Steele
You're too young to have seen.George "The Animal" Steele. I'm showing my age. He was a "favorite" wrestler of mine at MSG, NYC.
If you have the you need to be following along with as he reviews SNMEs in order every Sat.
.Who do you think would win in a dump between Magnificent Muraco and George "The Animal" Steele?
On that show was George The Animal Steele, who just wrote a book about his days balancing wrestling+ teaching high school.What a showman
I'll be praying for you! At least you're getting the sponge bath and not giving one to George the Animal Steele! :)
This card speaks for itself, 30 years ago in Montreal, Quebec. I was almost five months old, and "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan was on his first WWF Heavyweight Championship run. "Dr. D." David Schultz had white hot heel heat, and was headlining with Hogan on a regular basis at this time. One has to wonder how his career would've been different, if he hadn't slapped John Stossel, to protect the business. This card is interesting, because Jaques Rougeau is featured, but Dino Bravo is not. Bob Backlund VS Paul Orndorff looks like it would've been good. And I wonder how beat up Salvatore Bellomo was, wrestling two matches in a row, but then again the second one was a tag, so he got to rest a little. Overall looks like a decent card, and an exciting time for WWF. WWF @ Montreal, Quebec - Forum - May 31, 1984 1 Jacques Rougeau defeated Dan Ferris 2 George Steele defeated Tom Stanton 3 Jesse Ventura defeated Willie Tremblay 4 Bob Backlund fought Paul Orndorff to a double disqualification 5 Pat Patterson defeated Sal ...
George Steele is selling a kidneystone for charity. Maybe Michael Cole could sell his brown nose or Shawn Michaels sell his yellow streak
Batista: there is only one animal in wrestling: George Steele.
George Steele played Tor Johnson in the film Ed Wood.
Today's edition of I'm the booker takes us to the WWWF and back to the year of 1974. Bruno Sammartino was the champion, The Valiant Brothers were the tag team champions. Bob Duncum and Killer Kowalski were top contenders for Bruno's title, Spiros Arion just turned on Jay Strongbow and would become the top heel and Dominic Denucci and Victor Rivera were the number one challengers for the tag titles, the top manager to me at this time was still The Grand Wizard of Wrestling, Blassie was only managing a short time at this point and Albano was tied up with The Valiants, what made the Wizard fascinating was that he was managing Kowalski and Duncum also George Steele in late 74 and into 75 but then he was also managing in the Detroit Big time area The Noble Sheik, the most dangerous wrestler in the world at that time. Only in Detroit The Wizard was known as Abdullah Farouk, slightly different look to him but that same razor sharp mouth. The Sheik was the US Champion in Detroit, now some people will know this .. ...
You may remember the theme song "El Capitan" by John Philip Sousa. Others remember the ring of the bell and the rink announcer shouting out: "And in this corner from parts unknown……” Do you know the show? Yep.. Studio Wrestling on a Saturday night. In living rooms all across the Burgh, for one hour, Ringside Rosie, Izzy Moidel, Bucky Palermo, Pie Traynor, Bruno Sammartino, Jumping Johnny, George Steele, Hurricane Hunt, Gorilla Monsoon and the other wrestlers had out total attention.
Next match is Randy Savage vs George Steele for the WWF Intercontinental Championship.
WWWF @ New York City, NY - Madison Square Garden - June 27, 1977 (22,090; 4,000 in Felt Forum) Televised on the MSG Network - included Vince McMahon on commentary: Jose Gonzalez pinned Jan Nelson at 9:46 with a dropkick Larry Zbyszko pinned Rocky Tamayo with a small package at 7:31 Tony Garea defeated George Steele via disqualification at 7:28 after using a foreign object; after the bout, Steele continued to attack Garea with the object until Garea was able to fight, attack Steele with the object, and clear him from the ring Andre the Giant & Chief Jay Strongbow defeated Nikolai Volkoff & Ken Patera in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match at 16:25, 2-0; fall Volkoff & Patera were disqualified at 13:46 when Patera hit a knee to Strongbow's back; fall Andre pinned Volkoff at 2:39 with a splash after Patera walked out on his partner Stan Stasiak pinned Lenny Hurst at 8:21 with the heart punch WWWF World Champion Superstar Billy Graham fought Bruno Sammartino to a double disqualification at 18:39; prior to the bout, ...
WHEN I LAID MY FIDDLE DOWN BY BILLY ADAMS PUBLISHED BY BACKFIRE ENTERPRISES In the early 50’s in the pre-Elvis days they were having square dances every Saturday night over by the floodwall in Ashland, Kentucky. The event was headlined by George Steele and his young son, Wendell, who played fiddles and guitars. The popularity of the event continued to spread across the Tristate area, so all to soon they ran out of room to house the large gathering. After playing for the pigs in Dad’s old barn, I honed my talent and was able to play several of the old time fiddle tunes. In my repertoire I had songs like “Old Joe Clarke”, “Sourwood Mountain”, “Bile Them Cabbage Down and Sally Gooden”. One of my all time favorites was “Bear Creek Hop”, where I plucked the string with my left middle finger while hitting it with the bow with my right hand. Our father had already taught my brother and I the Jimmy Rodgers and Carter Family styles. At that time Hillbilly music artists were all trying to so ...
This Day In Wrestling History- January 11th Trivia 1993– WWF Monday Night Raw debuts on the USA Network 1999- The Monday Night Wars continued, WWF Raw defeated WCW Monday Nitro, 5.5 to a 5.0 rating 2010 – Mike Tyson Guest Hosted WWE’s Monday Night Raw Events 1987 – The WWF held an event at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, Ontario. Most of the matches from the event aired on the January 26, February 23 & May 4 editions of Prime Time Wrestling: - Jose Rivera pinned Terry Gibbs. - Don Muraco and Koko B. Ware fought to a 20-minute time-limit draw - Brutus Beefcake & Greg Valentine defeats Mike Rotundo & Danny Spivey, when Valentine hit Spivey with a double axehandle while Spivey had Beefcake covered, with Beefcake the getting the pin. - George Steele defeated Johnny V (subbing for The Honky Tonk Man, who was at ringside with his arm in a cast and sling) by disqualification when Honky hit Steele with the cast & choked him with the sling. - Dino Bravo pinned Scott McGhee. - Jake Roberts and King Kong Bund ...
Saturday Nights Main Event 11, 1985 at Uniondale, New York - Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum Matches Ricky Steamboat and The US Express (Barry Windham and Mike Rotunda) (w/Lou Albano) defeated Nikolai Volkoff, The Iron Sheik, and George Steele (w/Fred Blassie) ***Entrance of Ricky and US Express with Capt Lou was Born in the USA, (so sweet!) versus The Evil Iron Shiek and Nicoli Volkoff, with the confused and crazy George "the Animal Steele, with thier manager Classy Freddie Blassie. Poor George gets pinned when Volkoff and Shiek bail on him. The Shiek and Volkoff jump George who fights back and makes his face turn! Lots of action, lots of fun! Pipers Pit - Aftermath of Wrestlemania 1 Piper with Bodyguard Orton interview Mr Wonderful Paul Orndorff, Wonderful gets jumped by Orton (and his cast) and another Face turn! Hulk Hogan (w/Mr. T) (c) defeated Bob Orton (w/Roddy Piper) via disqualification to retain the WWF Championship *** Hogan and Orton, have a good back and forth, orton using heel tactics the ...
This time of year I really miss Randy Savage. I used to go to the TV tapings at The Mid Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie. Savage was so fast and agile that you could put the other matches on fast forward and they still wouldn't move as fast as Savage. His wars with Jerry Lawler, George Steele, Ricky Steamboat, Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Ric Flair and Diamond Dallas Page were some of the best ever. I am glad Randy got what few wrestlers get, a real retirement. He was away from wrestling, living well for a number of years before his death.
Who bought Michael Hayes that horrible sweater? George Steele?
they threw Michael Steele under the bus at least he lives in Prince George's county
Coworker and I decided we needed A signed copy of George "the animal" Steele in our office. I think this is awesome
Early morning edition Hamburg Happenings WWWF @ Hamburg, PA - Fieldhouse - June 25, 1975 All Star Wrestling taping: WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino vs. Blackjack Mulligan Also included Blackjack Lanza, Butcher Vachon, George Steele, Spiros Arion, Waldo Von Erich, WWWF Tag Team Champions Victor Rivera & Dominic DeNucci, Tony Garea, Dean *** and a women's tag team match with the Fabulous Moolah This is a brief description of my first night at a live wrestling show but what you read about the Main Event never happened, Sammartino never wrestled, excuse was given that he was in training for a steel cage match on Saturday at The Spectrum against Spiros Arion, replacement announced was Chief Jay Strongbow, now let me tell you about my first night at the Hamburg Field house. I will never forget walking into that building, the smell of the hotdogs, the little old guy selling wrestling magazines, oh and it was warm, couple fans in the building, no air conditioning but I did not care, I ended buying a magazine ...
Dude good luck, Voting for George "The Animal" Steele. Nah I vote for You! And good ridance to whats her name?
How happy were turnbuckles when George The Animal Steele retired? No more worry about being chewed up. What a relief it must have been.
Deniss Pashkevich trio and George Steele concerts going to be mixed today! All of you will have open link for listening our music . Recordi…
| I started writing stories as a child, ~ Danielle Steele bounces when he hits bottom, -George Patton
yeah me neither but I like George Straight, not sure why but I think just his good nature.
As a kid I told my parents donate to George The Animal Steele in the WWF. They confused it w my love for animals and the world wildlife fund
When Steele announced the opening of their new George Street Hotel, I hope they played this at the beginning.
A warm DSJ welcome to the newest member of the Steele Hotel family, Jag! A new 89 room facility on George St. West.
dec27-Wade coming out of crowd surfing retirement, Steele talking in the mic, and holding George while he destroyed Accidents
And thank you George for the Boeuf 'Otpot ;-D
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