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George Soros

George Soros (or ; born August 12, 1930, as Schwartz György) is a Hungarian-American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist.

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George Soros has a grip on you as well as Elizabeth Warren I just found out.
I rather see and investigation into Elizabeth Warren meetings with George Soros. Working against America intreat sad.
And the angry constituents at his town hall were bused in by George Soros. Alternate reality.
I quit my day job! Pulling down $10,000 a week as a paid protester! George Soros gave us a ride to Chaffetz town hall in his limo.
George Soros is funding protesters to show up and disrupt republican town halls. Dishonest Media claims they are li…
Curious Paul, what do you owe George Soros now that you have taken money from him? Loyalty to the globalists?
Feral liberals and globalists like rat *** George Soros going all out. Now sending protests to town halls.
Were fetishes/ kinks invented by George Soros to pervert traditional values? Idk, I'm just asking the questions.
you're the party of Rosie O'Donnell, Michael Moore, and George Soros.
ur sign is paid 4 by Nazi, George Soros. uncle In law. Thy 2 racists don't get it twisted!
Geopolitics of corruption: George Soros and the Panama Leaks
Rare picture of George Soros from the Second World War. He worked as Hitler's double and personally built Auschwitz with hi…
*** like her parents probably taking advice from scumbag uncle George Soros
i think ur dad sold out this country to your uncle George Soros. Hes no hero in my book.
I think Paul Ryan's leather cheerio, is George Soros favorite for George's Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile
The left progressives = the new Nazi party. George Soros must be so proud . Michael Moore must b…
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.The left/Progressives = new Nazi party. George Soros must be proud . Michael Moore must be proud.
Senile bible-groper Pat Robertson: Muslim ban protesters are paid by —who else? George Soros, the Tea Klux Klan's go-to Jew…
George Soros, Buffet, giving 100's of millions to Planned Parenthood
ACLU already has George Soros pulling their strings. You make donation to military and I will buy two.
Well how much did George Soros paid you for your nasty comment? Please you keep America 1st safe.
Time to take down George Soros gang.. ON NOTICE: John McCain, Clintons, Obamas, Bush, Lindsay Graham, Loretta lynch, Cummings and so on.. ⚖
That really surprises me George Soros donated $ to Paul Ryan. Very interesting!
The Bowling Green Massacre did, in fact, occur. George Soros deviously removed it from the memories of all Americans sav…
John McCain and George Soros, two people we have to get rid in our politics. Send one to the nursing home, the other to prison…
'Christian' activists head to mosques to resist Trump: A national coalition with ties to George Soros was behind a…
no, he established the Obama foundation, another left wing money laundering operation, he is the new America's George Soros
. George Soros is driving up the cost of mob violence.
George Soros must be investigated on multiple conspiracy charges. He's the $ behind it all.
It was a massacre carried out by millions of fake demonstrators hired by George Soros
Oh you forgot George Soros funding left, they never say how the Koch is controlling them like robots
This guy in pocket of George Soros as with Graham I also spoke with Nixon Library about pow pardons
This is just another Soros funded riot. Trump needs to arrest George Soros and Alexander Soros. http…
No Elizabeth, this is not a game. So stop playing the George Soros game of devide and conquer . That's why you lost!
hey invite George Soros over for an Old Speckled Hen and have a pity party for your pro-globalist agenda
I can identify several of those demons. I see George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Podesta, David Brock
These are the people were dealing with thanks to George Soros and Obama who cannot leave the limelight or DC for 5 mins.…
No he had to go to a funeral and meet a casket in Dover. Just more FAKE NEWS from George Soros sad
So why exactly is a George Soros funded org based in Dearborn, MI, putting members of Congress on planes to meet Assad…
All you Libs who call Trump hitler and a Nazi, meet George Soros the guy funding the women's March.Hillarys backer.
I get that. I think it’s really hard. I don’t think Christine Lagarde or George Soros know. I don’t think David Davis does either.
George Soros, Jim Rogers and Bernie Madoff are only PAWNS on the ... -
may declare George Soros a threat to national security. I sure hope so.
George Soros the lowest animal on the planet probably made his money illegally! He doesn't do his own dirty work! Not man enough!
Obama, Hillary, Sen McCain, John Kerry etc all work for George Soros to dismantle the U.S. fo…
John McCain and Lindsey Graham must be financed by George Soros and his open Society somebody please find out the truth
Can't all be paid protesters, sent by George Soros! Eventually he will have to admit he is most hated Pres in history!
George Soros has a lot of checks to write
Most times we see anti-White, violent movements we see funding from George Soros. Arrest the man, seize the funds! https…
That didn't take long. Already finding comments on white nationalist blogs blaming George Soros for the temporary stay on
How much did George Soros pay all you white guilt liberals to show up at the airports? Did you get handed your signs on the bus ride over?
George Soros spent $6million dollars to help defeat gave us progressive liberal Paul Penzone illegal aliens are now guests
George Soros visits to whitehouse election 2016 big story
Activist groups supporting protests funded by billionaires George Soros and Tom Steyer.
Finally we are seeing a difference. People worldwide are rising up against the oligarchy of George Soros, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates Marxism
Michael Savage talks George Soros at Davos conference: via
While the Anti-American funded by George Soros was underway, was at church prayin…
You do not become a billionaire in Russia or Eastern Europe without some links to KGB/FSB... ask George Soros
Issue an International Arrest Warrant for George Soros ( a rotten stench) via
One of the organizers of the women's march.we need to keep an eye on this one.Paid by George Soros.
You want to know who the Democrats are now?. The was organized by Sharia Lover and funded by Nazi, George Soros.…
Good im glad . George Soros reportedly lost about $1 billion after Trump's election.
In Jefferson County, Colorado, George Soros found 'justice was not for sale'
What is the link between one of Hillary Clinton's Top Donors and the Plenty. . https…
David Brock of funded by George who ran Ex boyfriend James Alefantis to Push For
SNOKE from star wars VII identity is finally revealed & its george SOROS
The F-Bomb Opposition To President Trump Know it or not, they're fronting for George Soros' Red-Gr…
Canada to join with UN, U.S. billionaire George Soros to export private refugee sponsorship
They ate sick. We haver to get this under control and arrest George Soros funding
George funded protests against - He is desperately looking for a way to hold onto power
So the spontaneous protest by what the Communists call USEFUL *** (their words not mine), were bought and...
Hooking up with an actual Report: George Soros Tied to More Than 50 ‘Partners’ of Anti-Trump https…
And there you have it ⟶ George Soros pulling on their meat-purse stings to bring you "honest opposition"...
The noose is tightening around George Soros. At this point, he will have no where to run to except Jail. Nice.
THE EMBARRASSING MOMENT when proves Hillary right . & realizes they were. PLAYED & USED by George Soros &. PR…
Flabbergasted! Next you'll tell me water is wet. .
and still you can't answer the question. Say hi to George Soros when you pick up your riot paycheck. *** !!!
Levin: The ‘Marxist, Stalinist’ D.C. protesters were funded by you know who … George Soros!
.OF COURSE George Soros paid off 4-5 MILLION women WORLDWIDE to march, simple!
time to declare George Soros an enemy of America who is currupting the youth of America turning them into deluded rebe…
Billionaire George Soros has ties to more than 50 'partners' of the Women's March on Washington
George Soros says markets will slump and calls Donald Trump a "con man"
In which criticizes George Soros for pretending not to be Jewish to survive the Holocaust
This is an example of excellent journalism and why we need a strong, free press corps
Right wings of the world unite. (You'd be surprised to know Iranian islamic right wingers hate George Soros as much…
We all know why the brainwashed marched: They marched for a man called George Soros, a Nazi-raised US enemy.
Women's march on Washington had 50 left-wing groups financially supported by radical leftist George Soros. . VRA
Far Left Money Man and destabilizer of America, George Soros, worked for Nazis during WW II with his father.
Russia Today is reporting that the was paid for by none other than George Soros.
as long as George Soros and other oligarchs like him can fund the protest there will be one.
George Soros may have been main fundraiser behind Women's March
These women put THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE, not paid by George Soros.
Why can't Pope Francis see this? He might listen to Cdl Burke instead of George Soros
George Soros may have been fundraiser behind Women's March via Marching women just being used as lefty prop
BOOM!💥💥. Sheriff Clarke at Donald Trump rally:. If Congress wants to investigate someone, It should be GEORGE SOROS! ht…
seriously I don't care about George Soros at all, except that I'd gladly take his money if he wanted to support my cause lol
George Soros is an enemy of America. If you accept money from Soros to march, protest and destroy, you too are an enemy o…
I think some good women would be sad that they have been duped by
I agree with Bill Orielly! It's not the Russians we have to worry about, it's George Soros! He's attacking with lies!
You want to know who Democrats are now?. organized by Sharia Lover & funded by George Soros.
Connoisseur of Chaos: The dystopian vision of George Soros, billionaire funder of the Left https…
Donald Trump is a 'would-be dictator', billionaire investor George Soros tells Davos
Think Juan Williams also has his hand in the George Soros cookie jar. The Podesta e-mails said so.
George Soros, the man who destroyed Ukraine's economy for the lolz
Let us pray that God raise up a Catholic Billionaire, with as much zeal in restoring Christendom as George Soros has in…
And 56 demonstrating organizations are George Soros funded. It's not a giant leap to make a Soros / CIA double age…
You can put George Soros up there with Michael Moore. I think they should both be locked up.
states George Soros is a wanted man; dead or alive
George Soros with Michael Ignatieff, recently elected fifth president and rector of the Central European University. https…
More feral liberal violence advocacy by George Soros, Michael Moore, Madonna, + will all go to jail.
people insisting every protest on Earth was instigated by George Soros, apparently
1ST order of business 4 POTUS Trump's justice department should be arrest the POS George Soros &this cronies 4 funding rio…
Canada forming partnership with UN, George Soros to help other countries implement their own version of private refugee spon…
This is actually what George Soros looks like without any feathers
Please assign a special prosecuor to reveal the enemy that is George Soros, and then put him in GI…
George Soros your a would be dictator that's going to jail!
MOST IDIOTIC. "It is impossible to predict exactly how Trump is going to act, because he hasn't actually thought it through." -George Soros
you can thank George Soros for fabricating all these protests
Why would anything that traitor did, surprise you. He is pure evil, put in place by George Soros to destroy this country.
George Soros says Trump "would be a dictator if he could get away with it."
George Soros says the markets will falter as Uuncertainty takes over via
The face of an evil man. George Soros. A country without borders soon won't be a Country. Oh yes. That's what you…
And you George Soros are a man facing Death. The Shadow is right behind you. So close you can smell it's Stinch.
The irony of George Soros banging on about "the open society" while calling for the outcome of a national referendum to b…
The Irony: Nazi collaborator George Soros who lost over 1BN after Trump win calls PEOTUS "would be dictator".
(money will never cover the smell of 'drek' and this 'stinks' like George Soros aka Gyorg Szvarc
The best part is that will be the last of your miserable life. Sleep on that! https:…
one of the 1st items on Trumps list should be to have the Justice depart investigate George Soros/his family a…
They plan on instead holding a symbolic effigy burning of Hillary Clinton at the house of George Soros, sources on…
And by expected protesters you mean George Soros PAYING people to be there?? Those are not protesters, those are…
George Soros is a scum sucking pig!. Arrest George Soros on Monday, and let him out. on his 150th birthday!
GEORGE SOROS: Trump is a con man and he will fail
Looks like George Soros is spending all his money trying to over turn the will of the American people . God bless A…
no money in it George Soros want results , i hope they ship his old *** off to Russia asap.
Billionaire investor delivers bleak Brexit forecast at World Economic Forum and says Donald Trump is ‘gearing up...
George Soros calls Trump a 'would-be dictator' who 'is going to fail'
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
George Soros has no room to talk about anyone!. He's the biggest Control Freak of the 21st Century!.
George Soros: Theresa May won't last and Donald Trump is 'would-be dictator'
"That's rich George coming from someone who worked 4 'HITLER a Dictator' & Loved it"!
Theresa May will not last long. Her cabinet is too divided. - George Soros.
She and George Soros meet often together!
George Soros says Trump will fail and market's dream will end
Billionaire hedge-fund manager George Soros has lost nearly $1 billion in the Trump rally
George Soros is wasting his money then. Either that, or your boss is.. How much do you make an hour and still waste
George Soros, Mastercard to partner to aid migrants, refugees -
Bush Sr is like George Soros he is the enemy he has done nothing to his presidency undermine America put her in illegal
Barak Obama, HillaryClinton, George Soros:. You're under arrest for and Acts of Se…
George Soros funded Crisis Actors bragging online. I think he was at Sandy Hook too. Plz look into it.…
Rupert Murdoch is the rightwing version of George Soros.
This message was brought to you by George Soros
BTW-It's perfectly OK to be a Dem Party hack. George Soros is one. Jon Podesta is too. So is Glenn Thrush. John Lewis is in good company.
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I don't think George Soros funding of ppl to agitate at trump rallies warran…
Boom: George Soros gets INSTANT justice after Trump victory…
Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.Nice guy my a$$
remember who is George Soros => the major donor for the Democratic Party and main sponsor of Black Lives Matter...
WSJ: George Soros bet big that market would tank after Trump election. Lost $1b.
Emboldened by Trump victory, Hungary will crack down on native-born George Soros . Against open b…
Let's take up a collection to help out. .
Soros loses $1 billion in wrong bet on Trump win. HA! HA! that is $1 billion less he can use to pour migrants in. http…
George Soros lost nearly $1 billion on Wall Street after Trump’s win: report
George Soros bet against the U.S. economy and lost $1 billion
What does George Soros mean by this?
Breaking News. This is going to break your heart, reportedly George Soros has lost $1 billion betting against
George Soros bet that stocks would crash after Trump won the U.S. election. They didn't, and Soros lost $1 billion. https:…
SOROS CRACKDOWN: Hungary to BAN groups linked to liberal donor and billionaire George
Keep up the fight to topple George Soros. We will not stop until his bank account reads $0.
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Hungary moving to “sweep away” all George Soros funded groups. . https:/…
Periodic reminder that George Soros has been convicted of insider trading.
John Brennen/george Soros/Zbignew Bryzinski likely are the termites in this espionage woodpile. Does that make sense to you?
. George Soros reportedly lost about. $1B after election.
A drop in the ocean, but a good start. George lost nearly $1 billion after Donald won.
I'm glad this jerk put his money where his mouth is--now he has $1 billion less with which to torment us
I am sorry to see that Brian Roberts like George Soros is using his affiliates to push an agenda against Our President elect!
I'm sure, George Soros is Star Wars' Palpatine aka Darth Sidious 😂. Dark side of the ... Money 😂
A Wall Street startup backed by George Soros and Peter Thiel is in talks to do a big deal - Business Insider
. interview George Soros to Steve Croft, CBS journalist for "60 Minutes" program in 1998.
When our intelligence agencies begin a serious investigation on George Soros interference on U.S. Affairs I'll trust the…
All the crap George Soros is instigating is doing more damage to our country than anything the Russians supposedly did 2our election
When are we going to discuss George Soros and how he has interfered with our elections?
Why does this Low Life Trash below get funds from George Soros? Why is Paul Ryan still Speaker of the Hous…
Lmao these people live in a tiny small delusional pocket universe stored up the *** of George Soros. Lol
George Soros? I'm going to miss those Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers boogymen. And Trump parties with felons!
Maybe I'm late on noticing this but, has anyone seen Madeleine Albright and George Soros together in t…
Madeleine Albright looks like fusion of Hillary Clinton and George Soros
Trudeau/Liberals with the help of evil man George Soros on board with the Globalism agenda for Canada!.
George Soros and David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger should all go to ***
George Soros at it again. Funding campaign against electoral college http…
So when's George Soros going to be investigated for undermining American democracy with $25m in bribes & inciting riots?. Ejec…
Fascinating short documentary on George Soros' plans. A must-watch, please RT! :)
I am watching King of the Zombies, 1941Madman making Zombies for the Nazis. George Soros is starting as the Nazis Zombie w…
lock Barack Hussain Obama up so he can't cause anymore destruction. Lock up George Soros too. Hillary too..
Merkel gets her refugee plan frm European Council on Foreign Relations sponsored by George Soros.
Overthrow? Try rigging by using George Soros and Russian influence and corruption. Not worthy of discussion
Trey Gowdy Petition - Demand congress investigate George Soros for intervention in the out come of the US Election.
.says Congress should investigate George Soros who paid thugs to incite violence at rally's! https…
Who you may ask? George Soros, EBay founder Pierre Omidyar. The elite will decide what "news" you'll see on Faceboo…
Published on Dec 16, 2016. Roger Stone tells Alex Jones and his audience what George Soros' plan is to stop...
Liberal Progressives are the Nazi party led by George Soros who is a Nazi and former Hitler Youth.
Pedo front with links to Clinton, Obama, David Brock, George Soros, and Podestas.
wants George Soros nailed to the cross in public world wide.
wants George Soros nailed to the cross and burn them pigs.
maybe is a Rothschild meat-puppet? Any evidence of this may also show that George Soros is mere…
.is another good example of controlled opposition. Cut his hair and he'll look just like George Soros or David Rockefeller ;) lol
Patrick Murphy tried to link Marco Rubio to Koch brothers. But Murphy took big money from George Soros and Goldman Sachs.
Allen Dulles captive nations was part of the same geopolitics as J.Edgar's witch hunts & George Soros' Color Revolutions today.
Hey Dems.. No one investigated Obama's ties to Bill Ayers.. George Soros, communism, or Muslim Brotherhood.. Deal with it.
no, that would be George Soros, who is wanted dead or alive by Putin, the Russian president!
You want me to get started on Hillary's mentor Robert Byrd or go straight to one of her biggest financiers George Soros?
If U want to know who to vote 4 in future elections, just find out who (Al Sharpton & George Soros) endorse and vote opposite.
Paul Penzone will be " Politically Correct Sheriff ". George Soros funding should give him a pair of Oakley shades.
George Soros, she called robert byrd a model american.. btw he was a grand master in the KKK.. but you ignore all that.
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If You think that President Trump should put George Soros on the FBI Most Wanted list!.
Alex Jones is always reporting on George Soros. He is the best!
1/2. The father of Patrick Zamarripa filed a lawsuit in the US District Court in Dallas on Monday against George Soros, Black Lives Matter
What did George Soros' son, Alex, mean by this post? .
A judge owned by George Soros will do as he's told or end up like Justice Scalia RIP
Yea on the enviro Im just confused as to what is true & what is Goldman Sachs & George Soros?. but>>
6 hedge fund investors the bank has been talking to include George Soros, John Paulson, and Och-Ziff. It's hoped they will invest €150m each
Can't tell if the guy next to him is George Soros or Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
Remember the dancing fanny' he's got the little kiddies happy with him on to, he met George Soros in belderburg
With GLOBALIST George Soros' Disciple Mnuchin in charge of Treasury. & GLOBALIST Rothchild's Ross in charge of Commerce. FED
And you know who Mnuchin's financing partners were in this foreclosure mill? George Soros, Obama/Hillary backer. John Paulson, Trump backer.
I'm sure your Globalist friend, George Soros aka Gyorgy Schwartz, the Master of Civil Wars, will orchestrate that chaos.
Order your Cheering-Supportive-Crowd from Rent-a-Protester sponsored by George Soros and Valerie Jarret.
Ppl complain about George Soros, but what abt the Koch Brothers, David "Citizens United"Bossie, & Robert Mercer? Tr…
Donald Trump picks George Soros funded, ex-Goldman Sachs partner for Treasury Secretary. Can't make this stuff up. https:…
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Why aren't you talking about your Treasury sec. pick who worked for George Soros and Goldman Sachs?
If you're an aspiring capitalist, people you ought to read about are :. Peter Lynch. Charles Munger. George Soros . Warren buffet. Andrew Tobias
Called out George Soros in a live presidential deba…
If you ban George Soros' nephew, his wife, and her parents, the Clinton Crime family is…
Do we see the cash of George Soros being funnelled to Jill Stein to create more election chaos?
Reporting from my basket:. You should be a shamed JILL STEIN, you are in the tank with George Soros and Hillary Clinto…
if you think George Soros should be put on the Most Wanted list...
The recount, the protests, the violence, the messing with Electors...all funded by George Soros to stop a Trump Presidenc…
lives unless they can make money off of them. All funded by George Soros! Get you're head out of the sand please!
George Soros founded the National Voting Rights Institute in 1994 with John Bonifaz as President. Bonifaz is
Follow the money. funded by George Soros & they want to recount his voting machines? Civil unrest will be Jil…
I'm doing some research on Alex Jones. Why is he so obsessed with George Soros?
George Soros is donating $10 million to fight the rise in hate crimes since Donald Trump's victory
Aren't Koch bros" Christian? Just cause they're rich doesn't make them like George Soros. 🙏🏻 4 the kids 2 b rescued
. George Soros! as the founder of the Open Society Foundation U sure work in dark.
Do you believe that just started. Talk about Russia messing in US Politics What about George Soros
They are both puppets of George Soros.
The Clintons re Haiti rip off. 1000 subpoenas should go out to all of George Soros' friends.. Jail awaits I say...
He's a globalist; the kind that George Soros has in his back pocket💩 I started reading about these satanists back i…
There's a strong case to convict George Soros on charges of treason and sedition. Can we still hang someone for that?
don't forget the Goebellsian media!Funding for rioters by Nazi-collaborator George Soros.The left, like Hitler's Nazi's are…
can some group of patriots PLZ go after the CRIMINAL GEORGE SOROS already? SEAL TEAM 6 should find this guy & KILL him
Now there is evidence of you harassing a random disabled guy and accusing him of being connected to George Soros! Unfit 2 practice
New story from TIME in U.S. : George Soros is Donating $10 Million to Combat the Recent Rise in Hate Crimes
Anyone who rise up against Trump ask them how much they get paid by George Soros? Anti protesters failed to stop Trump now its colleges???
This is the guy promoting racial division and outright destabilization in America.
Why is promoting a George Soros NGO? Is she getting paid from him?
I am tired of constantly trying to damage the Trump on the air. She should get paid by George Soros.
Some of the figures allegedly involved in the scandal: H.Clinton, Obama, David Brock, George Soros, Marina Abramovic, Podes…
The only person with an actual history of Nazi collaboration is George Soros.
George soros must have made an offer that could not be refused. Even the FBI can't touch her
60 Minutes: George Soros Is Proud Of Using Nazis. . Soros is racial division and destabilization in America
George Soros is wanted in a handful of countries High crimes. Why is it okay he funds the Democrat Party? Like…
They announce because they want to look like they are doing their job, to George Soros and others like him!
The financier George Soros says he will commit $10 million to combat a rise in hate crimes
George Soros Pledges $10 Million to Fight Hate Crimes This will create a lot of ant-semtc commnts from…
George Soros reminds me of King Ahab of Israel, an evil Jew who betrayed his own people for the devil. I am very...
Pro immigration open borders.groomed by Cesar Conda who worked for George Soros...Move
George Soros wearing pink in tent city eating a green bologna sandwich
George Soros should be arrested by the US government based on a warrant from the Russian federation and remanded
Until Aus gets Rupert Murdoch, Gina Rinehart and George Soros out of our Gov, nothing will change, Controlling Gov
I hope Donald Trump Mike Pence Ben Carson Sheriff Clarke can all work together to take down George Soros
Please disclose minutes of your 'shady' meeting with George Soros this week Mandarin Oriental Hotel in DC😡Why…
George Soros is not a valid excuse. EU Commission President Jean Claude Juncker MUST pay back the stolen money.
The United State will address the likes of George Soros with the Laws to Legally Stop his Corruption and War on Ame…
decent people do not associate with Bill Ayers, George Soros, keep government servers in their basement…
George Soros is a bully . a 24 billion dollar bully. He pays people to do his Dirty Work
George Soros and John Oliver need jingles for future episodes.
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has strong ties to SOROS family. Pictured with Son of Economic Terrorist 👉George Soros
Congratulations for finding something in the "Houston Press" from 2000. Perhaps outside influences a la George Soros? Thanks!
Black Lives Matter activists, George Soros sued over Dallas cop Shootings "Bullying in the Age of Trump"
Putin announced a search warrant for George Soros dead or alive. of course , since he financed the Ukraine anti Russian rebels ,
3 million illegal votes in California-George Soros & his Democratic club did this loosening election laws in the state!
George Soros had a Meeting with all the Democrats 2. Say no 2 all Trump promise on campaign Trail .
How is George Soros a free man. He should be charged with racketeering under the RICO act.
Soros doesn't want you to see this!. George Soros '60 minutes' interview from 1990s uncovered: Soros confiscated proper…
Russia declares George Soros is a wanted man citing him & his organizations “threat to Russian national security”.
According to Fox, the protests are artificially created by George Soros, Al Sharpton, Michael Moore and other...
George Soros is trying to destabilize America. He should be charged with sedition. . Soros Prepares…
George Soros lives at 136 Cantitoe Street, Katonah NY. It's just up Interstate 684 near Route 2…
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Video: Fox News anchors call out George Soros for funding groups that are leading protests/riots across America https:…
If Bernie Sanders and Keith Ellison are asking me to side with George Soros, a weirdo billionaire ruining our world, then I'm…
George Soros = Public Enemy No.1, Seal team six we need you again.
Dave Chappelle: "Why do we have to say that Black Lives Matter?". George Soros: "Because it's what I want you to say." h…
We would like to thank George Soros, the Carnegie Moscow Centre and Radio Free Europe for funding our expansion eas…
Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney on FOX: "What has ...Where is the leadership from our President? George Soros."
Zionist colonies in the USA !!! America's slave state !!! George Soros is behind the organization of Am…
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