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George Soros

George Soros (or ; born August 12, 1930, as Schwartz György) is a Hungarian-American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist.

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Italian Populist Leader Slams EU and NGOs ‘Funding and Planning’ Migrant Crisis Funded by George Soros tentacle?
Media Matters for America is run by David Brock and funded by George Soros... So, we have the ex-boyfriend to...
David Brock...RT that name...he runs Media. Matters. David Brock synonymous with George Soros. David Brock.
The Russian Revolution was Financed by Jewish Banker Jacob Schiff . Schiff was doing what George Soros does, 100 years ago.
.why isn't SHELDON ADELSON doing all HE can to DEFEAT George Soros and…
George Soros. New York Post. Washington Post. CNN. Msnbc. Nbc . Fox is border line. This is just to name a few.
Speaker Ryan is a paid George Soros puppet that needs to go
RINOs who are being bankrolled by George Soros are traitors of America & should be Impeached & arrested. John McCa…
Paul Ryan the Rhino married to Janna: liberal, left wing progressive anti-Constitutional big govt George Soros supp…
McCain,Flake,Graham out! Did you know Paul Ryan took money from George Soros? Comey worked for Clinton Foundation law firm?
To all my friends. TODAY, George Soros, & Hillary Clinton supported Mediamatters is targeting all of my advertisers to try…
The best way to combat George Soros is to SHOOT THE RIOTERS & ANARCHISTS HE SUPPLIES. Like we used to do.
We will boycott any advertiser who caves to Media Matters/George Soros pressure and drops
Wot's a 'criminal predicate' when it's at home? A George Soros? A HRC? An Obama backed by the Sauds? A Loretta Lynch?
The only 'person of interest' should be Barack Hussein Obama...well, and Eric Holder, George Soros, Loretta Ly…
George Soros has been and still remains a CANCER on Americas way of life.Glen Beck revealed hi…
Glen Beck said today that they had run the numbers and calculated that George Soros has spent around $7 billion dollars on d…
All set in motion by Barack Obama/George Soros & supported by Hillary Clinton/Dem Party...Primetime players: Chuck…
George Soros is trying to buy the special elections across the USA in key cities. This is not going to help the General elections.
Open letter to Warren Buffet and George Soros:. Buy Trump off, by offering him billions to resign.
Columnist who called for a military coup to oust Trump had dinner with John Podesta & George Soros. Imagine my shock http…
Gina Miller's EU group 'has strong links with' typhoon George Soros | UK | News |
Yes Mary, it's al about you. You're on a list! George Soros and…
I tell ya what dims, we'll start the Icahn investigation right after we finish with: George Soros, Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers, Van Jones.
Prince Jared Kushner is close personal friends and biz partner with George Soros.
The dirty tricks that demonise George Soros | Nick Cohen
DonCheadle takes money from international criminal George Soros
Have AG Jeff Sessions look into George Soros as a domestic terrorist and take his…
Biggest story of big news week: Cushy relationship between Jared Kushner and George Soros. What will do? https:/…
Guess who Macron's biggest political donor is???. George Soros. .
George Soros is funneling money to Antifa groups to protest against Trump. Soros loaned Trump $160 million in 2004 & is…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Well well well, if it isn't Chrystia Freeland, now Liberal MP interviewing the POS billionaire George Soros.
BREAKING: Jared Kushner is George Soros' still-active business partner (this should go over well)
Seton Motley - George Soros and Google Champion Government Control of the Internet
Not only did Traitor Trudeau meet with George Soros, former Liberal Party leader Michael Ignatieff now works for...
Viktor Orban, Hungary's PM is kicking out George Soros and closing down his university in Hungary.
The fight over Central European University is really about George Soros's legacy via
The Germans deserve all they get if they vote for the chief executive of the Kalergi Plan. She is a George Soros shill.
In the Democratic Party & Exactly what is George Soros's Role in It. SOME LIBERAL SENAT…
Stand up people. We are not only fighting Isis and Islam. We are fighting George Soros and his minions. Watch video
Judicial Watch Sues State Department and USAID for Records about Funding and Political Activities of George Soros
At least 5 million went to George Soros - this is just…
Trumpist groups in USA naturally take the pro-Putin side, concoct fantasy version of events starring George Soros
Not only is husband the nephew of George Soros, his father is Convicted Criminal tied…
Alex Jones: the Infowars thing is an act. Also Alex Jones: I smoke weed to monitor how strong George Soros is making it
FYI: Bill gates and George Soros are the main shareholders of Monsanto!!
NPR has taken cash from Lockheed Martin, George Soros, Walmart, etc.. it's hardly "public" radio.
Alex Jones testifies he smokes marijuana to “monitor its strength,” adds it’s now too strong because of George Soros https…
.& want to know why your tax dollars are going to George Soros' Open Society Foundation. https…
Ask Jarred Kushner where he got his $250 million loan for 666 5th Ave...George Soros. .
Who 'Paid for' Tax Day Protests? Why, Proud Nazi-Collaborator and fascist George Soros and his sprog of course
Are all media news outlets controlled by George Soros? Is Fox News under his thumb? Report more about his crime sindicate?
"One of the largest shareholders of Fox News, along with CNN, NIBC etc... is George Soros, who…" — brokenpony225
Fox News I'm glad Trump will not release his taxes it's like George Soros twisting his arm and making him do it with paid protesters.
I celebrate Jesus, you celebrate that twisted sister George Soros.
It is either Auntie Fay or George Soros' sister.
right wingers: George Soros is Karl Marx is Joseph Stalin is Bernie Sanders
Is Narayan Murthy of Infosys India's George Soros, funding left covertly. Rohan has funde…
Asia ~ BSGR sues billionaire George Soros over loss of Guinea iron project - Channel NewsAsia
Paul Ryan and John McCain are funded by (((George Soros))) who owns the Clinton Foundation
George Soros will present Hillary her Planned Parenthood Hitler Award at the annual "Heil Hitler" Festival.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Interfering in foreign elections is BAD. Except when George Soros does it all over the world. then lefties love it. https…
💲 The Top 3 Republicans in the Pocket of George Soros via
Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders Maxine Waters and the whole black caucus George Soros puppets
Money coming from George Soros, for sure. It has his same Communist stink all over it.
Why the 'Trump' State Department still loves George Soros via
70,000 rally in Budapest in support of George Soros-founded university targeted by Hungarian prime ministe:…
You guys pulled the information from here about Kushner with 0 bit of evidence to be offered. You ha…
Written by a author who would not even put his name on it. Really this is where CERNOVICH and others…
sure George Soros is the biggest job creator! U know all those weekly a…
I refer you people to look at the date this article was planted with a go switch in January 29th. Planned indeed!.
MSM has no intent on desire to keep people informed with the truth, they are intent on pushing the George Soros age…
Doesn't George Soros have enough to do destroying America and Europe without fact-checking for Google?
Now you know who NOT to vote for...
George Soros Donates to Good Causes?. 🤔Why did he Collapse British Pound?🤔. . https:/…
Trump about "Failing CCI. Totally RIGGED!George Soros is paying ppl 2b in the waiting room. Also,my crowd was larger"
George soros needs to pay his taxes $6 billion
His ties to George Soros who funded the brothers' real estate investment company.
🤔Why is the Country George Soros was born in Trying to Ban him?🤔. . .
Also,get Ivanka out of the White House due to her husban…
The Street's match to 'Nevertheless, she persisted'? 'Those who bet against her lost.'
When is the world going to do something about the bad George Soros is behind and call him out in it?
Get Jared Kushner out of the White House & the Administ…
That lady is a Troll working for George Soros. . . . http…
Al Qaeda and George Soros linked group behind Chemical Attack on . My article for
. . George Soros meddled in our elections. Where's the outrage you…
🤔A person who supports George Soros says and not real?🤔. .
George Soros-backed prosecutor yanked after refusing to seek death penalty for cop killer - -
Terrific insider info -- no doubt supplied by Barack or Hillary, Susan Rice or George Soros; w/FAKE NEWS naming sou…
We don't want someone with ties to globalist George Soros in the white house! We need to and https:…
Why would he dress like Norman off Bates Motel to meet troops? If George Soros & Sco…
wich is founded by George soros and the british government... do your research before pulling out false accusations
If Jared Kushner has taken $$$ from George Soros, that's a serious problem... .
now controls the human trafficking scene in North Africa& is recruiting from migrant population. funded
The president’s approach to immigrants does nothing to make America safer and has created a surge in hate crimes.
Wow..finally the CBC got it right. But unfortunately George Soros has other plans.
Just a bunch of has been doing what George Soros pays them to do.
More people illegally voted in New Hampshire thanks to George Soros
Arrest their leader George Soros now. http…
Hungary is forcing a university to shut down because it's linked to George Soros
Don't forgot the Jesuit pope Francis and George Soros.
Joe Arpaio blames George Soros as new sheriff moves to shut down his infamous ‘Tent City’ jail https:…
"Judge to Trump" This all come from a 240 million dollar funded David Brock/George Soros war room
Poor Timing in Talk of Christian Surrender – "...funders like George Soros and Paul Singer have flooded religio...
Alex Jones: "The Jewish mafia, they worked with Hitler. Well, the head ... is George Soros, he’s out to get Jews."
Alex Jones’ rises to the fore: ‘The head of the Jewish mafia is George Soros.’ https:/… featured in NBC s Science of Love
If I had a dime for every time I've been accused of working for George Soros, I'd have more than it costs to house Melania…
Victoria Nulands & George Soros's & Obama's man in Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk Under International warrant for arrest.
George Soros or Satan has his hands in every black group lmfao 😂 😂 😂 😂 . Black lives matter founded by Curious George. . Facts
George Soros is the puppet master of Clinton/Obama. Start with Georgie Boy, the root of all evil.
Google is in bed with David Brock ("king of Fake News") and George Soros. Eric Schmidt begged to be Hillary chief outside…
Finally going after George Soros! Tillerson and State Department can do it. Get this *** 👍🏻😎
Congressman Adam Schiff (D) had a fundraiser hosted by a Ukraine arms dealer with heavy ties to George Soros!
You own 3 mansions and get support from billionaire George Soros's Your hypocrisy never sleeps, doe…
George Soros most likely don't have strong Jewish identity
yes and you read too much George Soros controlled propaganda. But yes they are bought. So don't be sold
Oh. Another David Brook jab. Let me count tibten while you type out George Soros next.
If liberals are so upset abt losing Big Bird & Ernie, get George Soros to divert some of his $$ to Sesame Street.
The news according to George Soros. No real impartial journalism. Only great imaginations & false insinuations
.Also be doing in-depth exposés on liberal mega donors George Soros, Tom Steyer, Peter Lewis?
The National Immigration Law Center is a George Soros funded and supported group for Globalism & not for our Constitution
when your state attorney is bought and paid for by George Soros.
George Soros' campaign $$ to unseat good State Attorneys should be investigated. Justice for Lt. Debra Clayton!…
Who is going to buy Candidates: Howard Schultz, George Soros, Jack Dorsey, Jeff Bezos, Mortimer Zuckerman, Ma…
not to mention Zionist funded 'Amnesty', via George Soros, a Rothschild guy, who wreck the world.
you realize you just cited a George Soros funded article? What has become of you Charlie?
What about Gov of Ohio John Kasich? He took millions from George Soros to take in Saudi refugees. More like young men rea…
The intruder might be one of George Soros' paid thugs. Secret Service
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took orders from George Soros on how to handle unrest in Albania
George Soros, a Criminal who has made billions overthrowing govt's & collapsing economies, is using Liberals & Muslims to destr…
.Congress needs to investigate if was George Soros who funded Clinton. Separated at birth!
more like Obama is George Soros puppet
George Soros should be Arrested for High Crimes and Treason ! He needs to be fine double,Give back
Murphy top donors r JP Morgan, Goldman Saks, & is George Soros, 🤔
. Nancy Pelosi is bought and paid for by George Soros 👊.
Snopes is Funded by Tides Foundation and George Soros ! It is a Bunk Outfit ! If Snopes is Your Reference Source,...
How did George Soros, Richard Branson, and Evan Spiegel become billionaires? New book available.
Sir, General Mattis has people trained for this. They could take out George Soros, that'd cut off the funding for the BS
Looks like Juan Thompson worked for an NGO linked to George Soros! Gateway Housing Foundation -> CHS -> Open Societies! Mo…
George Soros, Bill Clinton and Obama could have adjoining Prison cells!
George Bush , His father , Bill & Hillary Clinton , John Kerry , George Soros , Henry Kissenger , are all members of the Bilderberg Society
The money is funded and orchestrated By Liberal Jews like George Soros. Their time is up.
may choose to go on the offensive with attacks on such bad actors like George Soros, Valarie Jar…
Muslim immigrants are invited to share George Soros home 136 Cantitoe St., Katonah, NY. Free food, lodgings etc. htt…
Going so soon? Haven't even gotten to Jeff Epstein, George Soros & so many others..
George Soros & his Evil Empire must be Stopped. ht…
But, you know, George Soros paid me to say that, so caveat emptor
Thank you, Congressman Chris Smith and United States Senator Mike Lee for putting George Soros, Jess Baily and the…
what does Hillary Clinton or George Soros have to do with this lmao
No one cares what (neice of George Soros) has to say. You descend from filthy people
John McCain's re-election campaign was funded by George Soros. That is a verified fact. So now he likens our president…
When I get old as George Soros, I want be able to do as much stuff as he does ;)
Your daily reminder that people obsessing over George Soros are likely neo-nazis. Best case, theyve bought into a neo-nazi c…
The is funded by George Soros. The resistance admires North Korea, Cuban Revolution, and Iran.
No Obama held that claim to fame. He only did what George Soros and Bill Ayers told him.
George Soros the human says exit Edwards Lifesciences $EW
You really have to be FAKE NEWS if the Govt of Venezuela takes you off the air. Who pays their salaries? George Soros h…
This is the George Soros plan for America. Best part get to experience it too.
George Soros gets out of gold - and he's not the only one. Here's Data Dive:
@ Paid puppets, mobs, bully people, George soros !
George Soros faces backlash in Eastern Europe and Balkans via
A George Soros-Led Mutiny: For the last few decades George Soros and his Open Society Institute have organized and…
This guy is the most Un-American Traitor to the U.S. you will ever find. He's been paid millions by George Soros to help d…
how much money did George Soros pay you this month? will wait for you're answer
Fact: Some GOPers are also in George Soros' pocket. Like I've said before "There's truly only one way to take back USA" -
not from George Soros, that's for f'ing sure.
Little Giant Ladders
My theory on Russian ships off the coast of CT and Long Island: They're going after George Soros.
let's stop saying the media and just point to George soros or whatever his name is.
So what will Barack Obama (I refuse to give him the respect of President the way he is acting) and George…
Oh you mean George the financier? Well, you're just upset by Jews aren't you?
funds numerous subversive groups. George Soros doesn't want you to know!
Patriots have to worry about Leftists, Muslims, George Soros, Silicon Valley, and now the "Deep State?" A l…
So do I send my invoice to George Soros as a paid protestor or to Mexico for the meme-treason?
This is a George Soros blogger. This is what they are saying.
Obama has big donors colluding in George Soros "Democracy Alliance." See who's funding:
Report alleges George Soros is meddling in foreign affairs mention of Organizing for action & Soros protest support
just a small fish in a big pond. let me know when George Soros has been charged with treason.
End the George Soros world corruption NOW! A man trying to collapse the US Dollar. STAND UP PEOPLE ht…
Here's what George Soros and the Atlantic Council don't want you to know about. The EU Army and the PR selling it. htt…
Just arrest George "the Nazi War criminal" Soros. Thats it done deal over and out.
Just George Soros paying people to escalate peaceful protests in to violence.
György Schwartz (George Soros) is only a stage player front man. Even with all his $$. He'll be replaced when 0$
If You think that President Trump should put George Soros on the FBI Most Wanted list!
George Soros has a grip on you as well as Elizabeth Warren I just found out.
I rather see and investigation into Elizabeth Warren meetings with George Soros. Working against America intreat sad.
And the angry constituents at his town hall were bused in by George Soros. Alternate reality.
I quit my day job! Pulling down $10,000 a week as a paid protester! George Soros gave us a ride to Chaffetz town hall in his limo.
George Soros is funding protesters to show up and disrupt republican town halls. Dishonest Media claims they are li…
Curious Paul, what do you owe George Soros now that you have taken money from him? Loyalty to the globalists?
Feral liberals and globalists like rat *** George Soros going all out. Now sending protests to town halls.
Were fetishes/ kinks invented by George Soros to pervert traditional values? Idk, I'm just asking the questions.
you're the party of Rosie O'Donnell, Michael Moore, and George Soros.
ur sign is paid 4 by Nazi, George Soros. uncle In law. Thy 2 racists don't get it twisted!
Geopolitics of corruption: George Soros and the Panama Leaks
Rare picture of George Soros from the Second World War. He worked as Hitler's double and personally built Auschwitz with hi…
*** like her parents probably taking advice from scumbag uncle George Soros
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
i think ur dad sold out this country to your uncle George Soros. Hes no hero in my book.
I think Paul Ryan's leather cheerio, is George Soros favorite for George's Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile
The left progressives = the new Nazi party. George Soros must be so proud . Michael Moore must b…
.The left/Progressives = new Nazi party. George Soros must be proud . Michael Moore must be proud.
Senile bible-groper Pat Robertson: Muslim ban protesters are paid by —who else? George Soros, the Tea Klux Klan's go-to Jew…
George Soros, Buffet, giving 100's of millions to Planned Parenthood
ACLU already has George Soros pulling their strings. You make donation to military and I will buy two.
Well how much did George Soros paid you for your nasty comment? Please you keep America 1st safe.
Time to take down George Soros gang.. ON NOTICE: John McCain, Clintons, Obamas, Bush, Lindsay Graham, Loretta lynch, Cummings and so on.. ⚖
That really surprises me George Soros donated $ to Paul Ryan. Very interesting!
The Bowling Green Massacre did, in fact, occur. George Soros deviously removed it from the memories of all Americans sav…
John McCain and George Soros, two people we have to get rid in our politics. Send one to the nursing home, the other to prison…
'Christian' activists head to mosques to resist Trump: A national coalition with ties to George Soros was behind a…
no, he established the Obama foundation, another left wing money laundering operation, he is the new America's George Soros
. George Soros is driving up the cost of mob violence.
George Soros must be investigated on multiple conspiracy charges. He's the $ behind it all.
It was a massacre carried out by millions of fake demonstrators hired by George Soros
Oh you forgot George Soros funding left, they never say how the Koch is controlling them like robots
This guy in pocket of George Soros as with Graham I also spoke with Nixon Library about pow pardons
This is just another Soros funded riot. Trump needs to arrest George Soros and Alexander Soros. http…
No Elizabeth, this is not a game. So stop playing the George Soros game of devide and conquer . That's why you lost!
hey invite George Soros over for an Old Speckled Hen and have a pity party for your pro-globalist agenda
I can identify several of those demons. I see George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Podesta, David Brock
These are the people were dealing with thanks to George Soros and Obama who cannot leave the limelight or DC for 5 mins.…
No he had to go to a funeral and meet a casket in Dover. Just more FAKE NEWS from George Soros sad
So why exactly is a George Soros funded org based in Dearborn, MI, putting members of Congress on planes to meet Assad…
All you Libs who call Trump hitler and a Nazi, meet George Soros the guy funding the women's March.Hillarys backer.
I get that. I think it’s really hard. I don’t think Christine Lagarde or George Soros know. I don’t think David Davis does either.
George Soros, Jim Rogers and Bernie Madoff are only PAWNS on the ... -
may declare George Soros a threat to national security. I sure hope so.
George Soros the lowest animal on the planet probably made his money illegally! He doesn't do his own dirty work! Not man enough!
Obama, Hillary, Sen McCain, John Kerry etc all work for George Soros to dismantle the U.S. fo…
John McCain and Lindsey Graham must be financed by George Soros and his open Society somebody please find out the truth
Can't all be paid protesters, sent by George Soros! Eventually he will have to admit he is most hated Pres in history!
George Soros has a lot of checks to write
Most times we see anti-White, violent movements we see funding from George Soros. Arrest the man, seize the funds! https…
That didn't take long. Already finding comments on white nationalist blogs blaming George Soros for the temporary stay on
How much did George Soros pay all you white guilt liberals to show up at the airports? Did you get handed your signs on the bus ride over?
George Soros spent $6million dollars to help defeat gave us progressive liberal Paul Penzone illegal aliens are now guests
George Soros visits to whitehouse election 2016 big story
Activist groups supporting protests funded by billionaires George Soros and Tom Steyer.
Finally we are seeing a difference. People worldwide are rising up against the oligarchy of George Soros, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates Marxism
Michael Savage talks George Soros at Davos conference: via
While the Anti-American funded by George Soros was underway, was at church prayin…
You do not become a billionaire in Russia or Eastern Europe without some links to KGB/FSB... ask George Soros
Issue an International Arrest Warrant for George Soros ( a rotten stench) via
One of the organizers of the women's march.we need to keep an eye on this one.Paid by George Soros.
You want to know who the Democrats are now?. The was organized by Sharia Lover and funded by Nazi, George Soros.…
Good im glad . George Soros reportedly lost about $1 billion after Trump's election.
In Jefferson County, Colorado, George Soros found 'justice was not for sale'
What is the link between one of Hillary Clinton's Top Donors and the Plenty. . https…
David Brock of funded by George who ran Ex boyfriend James Alefantis to Push For
SNOKE from star wars VII identity is finally revealed & its george SOROS
The F-Bomb Opposition To President Trump Know it or not, they're fronting for George Soros' Red-Gr…
Canada to join with UN, U.S. billionaire George Soros to export private refugee sponsorship
They ate sick. We haver to get this under control and arrest George Soros funding
George funded protests against - He is desperately looking for a way to hold onto power
So the spontaneous protest by what the Communists call USEFUL *** (their words not mine), were bought and...
Hooking up with an actual Report: George Soros Tied to More Than 50 ‘Partners’ of Anti-Trump https…
And there you have it ⟶ George Soros pulling on their meat-purse stings to bring you "honest opposition"...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
The noose is tightening around George Soros. At this point, he will have no where to run to except Jail. Nice.
THE EMBARRASSING MOMENT when proves Hillary right . & realizes they were. PLAYED & USED by George Soros &. PR…
Flabbergasted! Next you'll tell me water is wet. .
and still you can't answer the question. Say hi to George Soros when you pick up your riot paycheck. *** !!!
Levin: The ‘Marxist, Stalinist’ D.C. protesters were funded by you know who … George Soros!
.OF COURSE George Soros paid off 4-5 MILLION women WORLDWIDE to march, simple!
time to declare George Soros an enemy of America who is currupting the youth of America turning them into deluded rebe…
Billionaire George Soros has ties to more than 50 'partners' of the Women's March on Washington
George Soros says markets will slump and calls Donald Trump a "con man"
In which criticizes George Soros for pretending not to be Jewish to survive the Holocaust
This is an example of excellent journalism and why we need a strong, free press corps
Right wings of the world unite. (You'd be surprised to know Iranian islamic right wingers hate George Soros as much…
We all know why the brainwashed marched: They marched for a man called George Soros, a Nazi-raised US enemy.
Women's march on Washington had 50 left-wing groups financially supported by radical leftist George Soros. . VRA
Far Left Money Man and destabilizer of America, George Soros, worked for Nazis during WW II with his father.
Russia Today is reporting that the was paid for by none other than George Soros.
as long as George Soros and other oligarchs like him can fund the protest there will be one.
George Soros may have been main fundraiser behind Women's March
These women put THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE, not paid by George Soros.
Why can't Pope Francis see this? He might listen to Cdl Burke instead of George Soros
George Soros may have been fundraiser behind Women's March via Marching women just being used as lefty prop
BOOM!💥💥. Sheriff Clarke at Donald Trump rally:. If Congress wants to investigate someone, It should be GEORGE SOROS! ht…
seriously I don't care about George Soros at all, except that I'd gladly take his money if he wanted to support my cause lol
George Soros is an enemy of America. If you accept money from Soros to march, protest and destroy, you too are an enemy o…
I think some good women would be sad that they have been duped by
I agree with Bill Orielly! It's not the Russians we have to worry about, it's George Soros! He's attacking with lies!
You want to know who Democrats are now?. organized by Sharia Lover & funded by George Soros.
Connoisseur of Chaos: The dystopian vision of George Soros, billionaire funder of the Left https…
Donald Trump is a 'would-be dictator', billionaire investor George Soros tells Davos
Think Juan Williams also has his hand in the George Soros cookie jar. The Podesta e-mails said so.
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
George Soros, the man who destroyed Ukraine's economy for the lolz
Let us pray that God raise up a Catholic Billionaire, with as much zeal in restoring Christendom as George Soros has in…
And 56 demonstrating organizations are George Soros funded. It's not a giant leap to make a Soros / CIA double age…
You can put George Soros up there with Michael Moore. I think they should both be locked up.
states George Soros is a wanted man; dead or alive
George Soros with Michael Ignatieff, recently elected fifth president and rector of the Central European University. https…
More feral liberal violence advocacy by George Soros, Michael Moore, Madonna, + will all go to jail.
people insisting every protest on Earth was instigated by George Soros, apparently
1ST order of business 4 POTUS Trump's justice department should be arrest the POS George Soros &this cronies 4 funding rio…
Canada forming partnership with UN, George Soros to help other countries implement their own version of private refugee spon…
This is actually what George Soros looks like without any feathers
Please assign a special prosecuor to reveal the enemy that is George Soros, and then put him in GI…
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