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George Smiley

George Smiley is a fictional character created by John le Carré.

Gary Oldman Alec Guinness Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Tinker Tailor Cold War James Bond John Le Carre Martin Freeman Jason Bourne Colin Firth Daniel Silva United States Philip Seymour Hoffman Mark Rylance Alec Guiness

Like how dare George Smiley go after Bill Haydon when Smiley met Karla that one time?
I'm thinking about listening to The Complete George Smiley Radio Dramas by John le Carré on my
My cousin George , smiley , my uncle carl & my cousin mr.carl
・・・. Gary Oldman as George Smiley wearing stylish vintage frames that we provided for...
As it's here's a shot of the most smiley man in football .. Hope your recovery is going well…
Remember fictionally it was George Smiley working in library who identified the mole in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Thinking.
After Ben Carson's meltdown a reminder from George Carlin: logically - numerically - somebody IS the world's worst doct…
Nick has gone from fortunate buffoon, to full on George Smiley.. Chapeau sir
To quote George Smiley, "Sometimes you must sup with the devil on a very short spoon."
No - George's movie is The Power of One... I probably should insert a smiley face or something.
I keep waiting for George Smiley to show up in the last chapter of this Le Carre novel….
Happy Birthday Cricket ke Hansmukh Lal, George Bailey. Instead of smiley emoji,u can pick up any of his photo&use it ht…
But she just explained about using the hot water whilst someone was showering, quiet and sinister like George Smiley.
One writer on one website who then corrected it does not = "The Russians." And you're not George Smiley
Trump: "I consider myself ... to be a blue-collar worker" . George Takei: "That's like me claiming I'm a ladies man" htt…
Totally false. Obviously she will throw we the people a bone here & there but she is a power hungry devil.. George…
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9 signs you can't trust your coworkers George Smiley suspicion
Bond was never Bond. He was always more George Smiley.
Best fruit snacks is the smiley faces n curious george 😂👌
You have never fully complete without SMILE. SMILEY:
.Maybe he had been watching too much of George Smiley, The Thick of It or Fawlty Towers?
The mother of all complicated relationships is the relationship of George Smiley and Lady Ann. Brilliant, how leCarre builds up characters.
George Smiley and we talked about Karla. Always Karla.
George Smiley should have lived there.
Why is Martin Freeman dressed like George Smiley from Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy?
Listening to a fantastic Radio version of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy with Simon Russell-Beale as George Smiley
I always thought it was George Smiley via Gary Oldham.
People my age are pregnant, engaged, or in relationships. I'm over here living my life, playing Nintendog's. 🙌🏼
can someone please just send me smiley pics of George so that I can be less stressed
So why did do dressed as George Smiley?
.Brexit would rid us of (corrupt) bureaucratic subsidies, farming minister has promised.
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Is that +George Hearn on the list, on his own 35th anniversary? And, is that a bishop with a smiley face signature!?
Martin Freeman has come as George Smiley on the show.
Is Martin Freeman applying for a role as the next George Smiley?
I thought he'd come as George Smiley.
Is Martin Freeman going for the George Smiley look?
Martin Freeman, looking like George Smiley’s younger brother, there.
People think he's come as Denis Norden. I thought he had come as George Smiley.
😱😱😱 Totally freaked now! Give me flowers with smiley faces to calm my troubled mind.
Honored to have former US Senator & Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell speak with our community tonight.
In that analogy I am, of course, George Smiley (as I work at IW equivalent of is Karla obvs, because
Just met on quay bridge under flyover. Was *just* like scene in Smiley's People where Karla is handed to George Smiley.
George Smiley on to pitch for Miami.
Pacers lead Raptors at halftime, 61-52. IND is 11-17 from deep. George: 22 Pts. DeRozan: 19 Pts.
you were the 8th man, as in Anthony Blunt and George Smiley et al, the 7th man was Airey Neave
If your absence doesn't bother them, your presence didn't matter.
To the people who eat loud,. please choke on your food. Many thanks, . everyone else.
Why is the Ricky smiley show here on George st?
Nifty never-before-seen footage. Others a little aggro, but George polite and smiley
The English Spy by Daniel Silva is an exhilarating and breathless ride reminiscent of George Smiley
when a sorority girl sends you smiley faces, she's really just trying to cover up the fact that she voted for George Bush twice.
Thx 4 the amazing work you're doing in Africa. Didn't expect a tag team. Smiley surprised
Small consolation from today was returning the smiley favour to George after they got dumped out
Gary Oldman as George Smiley in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011). ph. by Jack English
Bengals are giving S George Iloka a 5-year, $30 million deal that includes $18M over first 3 three years.
Writing a little tribute to George Martin and feeling smiley/teary. A bloody good innings indeed.
RIP George Martin, often referred to as 'the fourth Beatle' by Ringo Starr, who for tax reasons was never told he was …
Love it when George gets all Royal on us...
If you want to learn how to foment violence between two other people, this is the "Resource Book".
Joanne George on Instagram: “This is a safe horse for Smiley to be around”
The series I shared is the original 6 parter, with Alec Guinness as George Smiley. Highly recommended.
Smiley cuts a cheerful figure after quitting
Nothing upsets me the most, than dropping half a biscuit in a cuppa. Oh the struggles of fishing it out😂
all done. We are in agreement about books and George Smiley 😊. And now, back to last week's unfinished
In season 2, George Smiley turns up having previously faked his death.
OMG these photos of Prince George and Princess Charlotte on a royal family ski trip
I bet that never happened to George Smiley.
Farming Minister George Eustice has announced he'll be backing the campaign to leave the EU
think it's George in Smiley's people.
"On the side of the Angels" used in night manager. Is that a George Smiley term?
Spending my to flight with George Smiley, thanks to
George Shelley hits back at claims he was a 'diva' in Union J
It's a sad, sad day for boy band fans. has been removed from Union J 😭😭
George Shelley “shocked and bemused” at reports he was kicked out of Union J
Not sure which Guinness I love more: Man In White Suit, or George Smiley.
Just been on telly in George Smiley coat. Mentioned Lucia Berlin's stories and Otto the Bear.
So George is gone form Union J? Didn't even know they were still together tbh
George and the band agreed to a press statement and gave comments which will be out today.
Now Le Carre's 1st book, Call for the Dead. George Smiley had a friendly quiet word with somebody, and then they topped themselves. Whoops.
My brother was a victim to St Mary in Sydney in the 80s. And I know these men and how they are. Smiley glad hands.
Chris Wallace looks more and more like George Smiley.
George chose his own path rather than to continue with the band. The boys could have done similar or split but see an amaz…
Nice headline 😒 No one kicked anyone out...He walked away.. Simple ✌️ Best Wishes to George 👍
. Also recommend all John Le Carre's books especially his George Smiley series for all espionage fans
Cashmere coat, glasses, trying to save an ailing but great British institution: George Smiley
Noted Obama supporter Smiley is starting to get it too just like Herman Cain and his followers:
Is anyone here familiar with the George Smiley series?
I'm in a lean-to greenhouse, sowing seeds to a George 'Steel Trap' Smiley dramatisation. Smiley's People to be precise. It rains.
Come on, lad, James Bond is not a spy. George Smiley is a spy.
Unfortunately our police state is stuck in the 90's and is currently being advised by Chinese oligarchs and George Smiley.
Any of them with Alec Guinness as George Smiley!
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I have gossip!! But it will be revealed soon, just know I don't have to pull lol
I'm just saying, I make a good fella😂
lol only cause I don't like fights, lol
Well then, but it was funny because you 💩'd your self when I started on you, when you poured that drink on me😂 ILY❤️
oh my lord Jesus, wait wasn't that the night you pretended to kiss James?!?
in one night: you gripped me on my freshly done tattoo, bit my *** and then poured your drink down me! ILY RLLY❤️
What's most interesting is to find out how the master storyteller managed to reinvent himself.
The firm fictional characters have been revealed - thrilled to be cast as George Smiley
We should be the EU's neighbour NOT it's servant or paymaster, demands FREDERICK FORSYTH
This something that would happen to George 😂
📷 Photo by Jack English, Gary Oldman as George Smiley in https:…
Given the rage for TV reboots now, I suggest a new miniseries adaptation of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy with Mark Rylance as George Smiley.
Kilgour, mostly. I have a picture of him shopping in Burlington Arcade. He looks like he's auditioning for George Smiley.
I thought I couldn't be more in love with but then tonight happened... 😁😍☺️
It was none other than Comedian George Carlin that said the next time Fascism comes around it will be with a smiley face.
Might be time to pull George Smiley out of retirement...
Uhoh, they've lost Help a brother out
Today is the best day ever because A) I got to eat breakfast food for lunch, and B) I GET TO SEE TONIGHT
glad to see George Smiley gets a shout-out in acknowledgements. less sure about lager top
“Amazing letter from to love the precious smiley on the m…
Clement Atlee would have signed this guy over to George Smiley.
lawlz! But also all the different actors involved in each, Dr. Who, Edward Cullen, George Smiley, etc.
. 12/03/12. Obama has killed more women. and children than George Bush.
'le Carre's George Smiley watches the packed trains leave for Auschwitz' on
Every time George Zimmerman trends, and you hope its because hes finally dead, but you click and he isn't.
Now that I've turned 50 I'm going to model myself on George Smiley (the Sir Alec Guinness version) and / or Henry Kissinger.
Reading Jago's Life of John Bingham the model for George Smiley, had no idea that Smiley was modelled on a real person.
The smiling assassin 'George Smiley' for you! .
She's part of the security detail, Ryan, in sort of a George Smiley kindof way.
Where's George Smiley? Just like the first - Russia / Estonia spy swap takes place on bridge
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Kay hates the James Bond comparison. He prefers to be George Smiley. They have similar personalities anyway.
Phillip Seymour Hoffman's German version of George Smiley is VASTLY INFERIOR to Alec Guinness'.
. : All I want from you is one codename: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier...George Smiley. : ...Spy.
More captcha comics at the BBC to play George Smiley when Alec Guinness never had a massive cue. Laphroiag now I'm wondering if anyone wants
...Also made Smiley's People, the end of the Karla trilogy. So you get to find out how George Smiley's story ends.
I love the Cold War stuff… Gary Oldman did a great job as George Smiley in that film too.
Tip for Gary Oldman as George Smiley: be shorter, fatter.
when I walk around rainy streets in my big glasses, it's true I just feel like George Smiley full time
He is the James Bond of bounciness, the Jason Bourne of eagerness, a genuinely smiley George Smiley..what a quote. Brilliant
1 of the innocent civilians in this ep is named George Smiley. And now he's dead.
your texting George, I can see him sending you kisses an smiley faces.
The Honorable Schoolboy: A George Smiley Novel by John Le Carré is on sale for $3.92 on Kindle - my earlier review
Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light.
What a lovely evening. Nice tea, bottle of red, cheap but quite acceptable, and George Smiley ( The real one,...
which is the one where George Smiley investigates the case of who left the upper decker in the executive toilet?
Surprised that George Smiley only has a single carb 2200, not the V8.
You're right, they are there to be found. Le Carre's George Smiley just came to mind too; a maverick, yes, but hardly a brute.
father always reminds me of George Smiley.
Mark Rylance giving a George Smiley-esque performance as Cromwell in Sumptuous. Truly sumptuous.
A rose from George and surprise note from mum. Smiley face!
George Smiley is the bureaucratic heir to Tolstoy's General Kutuzov.
crikey! George Smiley has just rocked up at a sleazy german sex kabaret!
There is a stillness-at-the-centre about Cromwell reminiscent of George Smiley. Was that an influence on the portrayal?
SHOUT OUT . Johnny Cash Tribute act - Steve Smiley of Hove will be playing at The George Inn, Sandy Lane February...
*puts on smiley face*…maybe they are just shy Mr George...
In 1961 John le Carré’s George Smiley spy series exposed western espionage tactics. Check one out today!
There's a George strait song for all of life's problems
seen it many times. Did you ever hear the radio dramatisations with Simon Russell Beale as George? All of LeCarré's Smiley books.
George Smiley is seriously as hard as nails.
Gary Oldman was great as George Smiley in Tinker Tailor, but Sir Alec Guiness is even better. Unsettling determined character. Evil obi-wan.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Rory Bremner once did an excellent skit of George Smiley's brother, envisioned as a greengrocer in North London.
I liked the recent Tinker Tailor but Alec Guiness IS George Smiley
he just goes all smiley "AAAH JAYMI" and jaymi's like "hi george" and george's face just goes to 0 emotion in like 0.1 seconds
Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy, an excellent remake, thought Gary Oldman was brilliant as George Smiley
I know George Smiley. George Smiley was a friend of mine. You, sir, are no George Smiley.
I find Christine and George so funny 😂😂😂😂
Rotherham UKIP leader Caven Vines told me Labour Party was started by George Smiley not trade unions!
Rotherham leader Caven Vines told me the Labour party was founded by George Smiley not the trade unions!
Gary Oldman as George Smiley was actually even better than Alec Guinness was in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.
I wonder what George Washington looked like without his wig. Did he have an afro? Was he bald? We'll never know.
George Square looks better in the snow
"Will you George? Will you sort it out for the Circus?". "No" Smiley replied "I'm retired & I'm going off to the golf course".
When that fine *** teacher puts a smiley face on your paper when she grades it .
Just on the 176 driving back home and whenever I go through Cambridge Circus I always look out for George Smiley
George Smiley once commented that now we have dealt with Communism, we now need to deal with excesses of Capitalism.
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Bishop: I'm afraid you've got a bad egg, Mr Smiley:. George: Oh, no, my Lord, I assure you that parts of it are excellent!
There are other stories flying around, using other meanings. Where is George Smiley when we need him?
"...the fanatic is always concealing a secret doubt." George Smiley.
prince george is such a lil chubby bab this makes me So Smiley
Look at George chatting away to a very smiley Ed Sheeran. What do you think they were talking about?
I'm beginning to see Jim as more of a George Smiley sort of character.
.they are so lovely, smiley happy George, what we want for all children xx
Gary Oldman was a better George Smiley than Alec Guinness was, or could ever have been. Just watch him.
it is..:) I'm more Robert McCall than George Smiley.
so I said ''George can I have a smiley photo'' and he said ''yeah sure'' and this is the result😋😋
NYX FACT: the text message smiley was invented by George Smiley, the secretive spy master in the John Le Carre novels
. 6 hours of george smiley is perfect Christmas TV
With clips & slides by Talking on ,Movie Cold 's 50th & George Smiley !
420th post goes out to George the smiley face and this reminder to be happy in spite of rainy days
“My bro George last song on his MySpace.. Smh been too long RIP bro miss n love you 🙌👼🙏 RNS ✊✊✊👼
not smiley when we get a 2 month break though. Used to torturous waits because I am a george rr martin fan.
It's kind of funny to see how George and I have started typing like each other. Like before I met him I did the smiley faces the other -
Nice! I feel like George Smiley would be equally bemused/confused when Ann showed this to him.
I can't be the only one reads all John Le Carré books in the voice of Alec Guinness' George Smiley. Not out loud obs
Take an intelligent break! Correcting a myth: George Smiley was Eric Roberts
Alec Guinness IS George Smiley, but the Alfredson version of Tinker Tailor is beautifully shot and very well cast
The thought of Alec Guinness as George Smiley quoting Kylie lyrics
John le Carré on Philip Seymour Hoffman: 'the only American actor who could play George Smiley'
John Le Carré: 'Philip Seymour Hoffman was the only American actor who could play George Smiley'
Gabriel Allon, art restorer and occasional spy, searches for a stolen masterpiece by Caravaggio in New York Times bestselling author Daniel Silva’s latest action-packed tale of high stakes international intrigue. Sometimes the best way to find a stolen masterpiece is to steal another one . . . Master novelist Daniel Silva has thrilled readers with sixteen thoughtful and gripping spy novels featuring a diverse cast of compelling characters and ingenious plots that have taken them around the globe and back—from the United States to Europe, Russia to the Middle East. His brilliant creation, Gabriel Allon—art restorer, assassin, spy—has joined the pantheon of great fictional secret agents, including George Smiley, Jack Ryan, Jason Bourne, and Simon Templar. Following the success of his smash hit The English Girl, Daniel Silva returns with another powerhouse of a novel that showcases his outstanding skill and brilliant imagination, and is sure to be a must read for both his multitudes of fans and growi ...
In celebration of the paperback release of his new novel, John le Carré talks about the inspiration for George Smiley
Finally realised this morning, just who David Hare's character Johnny Worricker reminds me of - Le Carre's George Smiley
Gary Leonard Oldman (born 21 March 1958) is an English screen and stage actor, filmmaker and musician. As an actor, he has collaborated with many of Hollywood's biggest filmmakers, including Francis Ford Coppola, Christopher Nolan, Ridley Scott, Oliver Stone, Quentin Tarantino and Robert Zemeckis. Some of his best-known roles are Sid Vicious in Sid and Nancy, Joe Orton in *** Up Your Ears, Lee Harvey Oswald in JFK, Count Dracula in Bram Stoker's Dracula, Drexl Spivey in True Romance, Norman Stansfield in Léon: The Professional, Ludwig van Beethoven in Immortal Beloved, Sirius Black in the Harry Potter series, James Gordon in Nolan's Batman trilogy, and George Smiley in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Oldman is also known for his role in the films Meantime, The Firm, State of Grace, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead, Basquiat, The Fifth Element, Air Force One, The Contender, Hannibal, Kung Fu Panda 2, and Lawless. As of 2013, Oldman's films have grossed over $3.7 billion at the United States box office, an . ...
Our new blog platform, and a new entry about John le Carré, George Smiley and Karla:
win 2-0, and its Alec Guinness, the definitive George Smiley on BBC4, can it get it any better methinks,
George Smiley or Harry Worth? Some people have said George Clooney but I couldn't possibly comment.
Yeah, suddenly we're all meeting on Hampstead Heath like George Smiley.
I could be mistaken but Paul Barry looks like Gary Oldman playing George Smiley from Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
WOW, OMG what a great book. If you enjoy the spy genre of novels then you must immediately buy Red Sparrow, a first novel by a CIA veteran, Jason Matthews. Look, it is a clear clue when it is almost 3:30 AM and I am awake so that I could finish reading this very fine book. The book is about America v. the Russians and is excellent. It grabbed my attention from the first page. Matthews spent a lifetime working in the clandestine, operational division of the CIA in enemy territory and it tells in this book. He is a very good writer, not as good as John Le Carre in the Karla trilogy but close. The difference is that Le Carre's George Smiley is much more introspective. Well, obviously, after you read this book you will realize that there is not one central character to the degree that Smiley is in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and Smiley's People. Do you remember seeing Star Wars for the first time back in 1977 and seeing Darth Vader's Imperial Starfighter spin away, out of control but with Vader ali ...
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy sequel pressing ahead Last year's big screen take on John Le Carre's Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy proved to be a sizeable critical and commercial success. It took just over $80m at the worldwide box office, and bagged a trio of Oscar nominations too. It's also, we've discovered, quite a divisive movie. We've met people who've outright loved it, we've met people who felt that they were supposed to love it, but really didn't. Whichever camp you fall into, though, it looks as if George Smiley - in the guise of Gary Oldman - is set to return to the big screen. A follow-up was talked about the best part of a year ago, with the novel Smiley's People the logical source. And now, Collider has now spoken to producer Eric Fellner, who has revealed that "we are working on another one". He continued, saying "Tim Bevan is putting it together as we speak with Peter Straughan and Tomas Alfredson, so yes, it's in development". Bevan produced the first film, Straughan co-penned the script, and Alfre ...
Not only was Patrick Stewart in the 1979 BBC version of "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" with Alec Guiness, but he played Karla, George Smiley's nemesis!
Morning George...hope the sun has his smiley face on for you all day...
“Each of us has only a quantum of compassion.. lavish our concern on every stray cat; we never get to the center of things" -George Smiley
Then he noticed that was kind enough to leave the George Foreman grill, and Smiley really digs some cheeseburgers
George Smiley: "You had all the right qualifications for dismissal Peter - good at your work, loyal, discreet..."
Watching George Jones' memorial on CMT!! The world has lost a great man and artist.
yes, I can't see George Smiley fooling for that one.
finished The Looking Glass War: A George Smiley Novel by John Le Carre and gave it 4 stars
George Smiley is rapidly becoming one of my favorite characters in fiction...
Also Jim was both Sid Vicious AND George Smiley, and here end my Gary Oldman casting jokes.
OMG watched the video so many times😍the best parts when George is on the skate board omg dead❤
If that Whistleblower thing is true I guess the Beeb has summoned George Smiley in absolute emergency.
Oh yes. One gets the impression that Gary Oldman was playing Sir Alec playing George Smiley in the recent film
Its delightful. I've got the Karla Trilogy on audiobook. I've been watching Alec Guiness's portrayal of George Smiley of an night.
Lowkey at Smiley we were al friends. And then we all separated to George & East.. and now don't even speak in the hallways haa
George doesn't use that smiley face LOL
1930's: George and Lennie said "live off the fatta the lan'." 2012: Vic and Kellin said "Imagine living like a King some day."
I swear that when George(smiley) dies the ppl from trailer courts have to go to his funeral.
Alec Guinness once suggested Arthur Lowe would have made a better George Smiley because he was the right shape.
Former intelligence officer George Smiley in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy takes a ride into one too many Citroen DSs. That's not too British
... Sid James' real first name was Solomon, and The Bride (Uma Thurman) was once married to George Smiley (Gary Oldman).
The RAW story of our dull, mediocre spies Swapan Dasgupta | Spy thriller aficionados can be divided into two broad camps. There are those enthralled by the stylish James Bond who combines his taste for martini, pretty women and fast cars with a doughty determination to take on the likes of Dr No, Goldfinger and, of course, Smersh and Spectre. A smaller group would, however, swear by George Smiley, the MI6 functionary with a messy private life, who patiently pieces together disparate pieces of information in his cerebral battle with the brilliant Karla, the presiding deity of 'Moscow Centre'. Although the annals of the Great Game speak of the Hindu pundits who played an important supporting role in the romantic intelligence-gathering operations of the Raj, it is fair to say that independent India never quite succeeded in establishing a popular espionage mythology. Was this due to the fact India was merely a playground of the Cold War and never a player? The Mitrokhin Archive narrates the sorry tale of near ...
Sir, Sir Alec Guinness is to George Smiley as Michael Keaton is to James Angleton.
I watched the film Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy which I enjoyed greatly and after I had watched it I thought to myself I thought Gary Oldman was supposed to be in this film and then I found out that he played George Smiley (the main character) I simply couldnt believe it because I didnt even recognise him. That is some impressive acting when you dont even recognise them. Well done to all concerned.
George Smiley is a fictional character created by John le Carré. Smiley is an intelligence officer working for MI6 (often referred to as "the Circus" in the novels and films), the British overseas intelligence agency. He is a central character in the novelsCall for the Dead; A Murder of Quality; Tin...
I'm not sure if Gary Oldman or Alec Guinness most truly captures the essence of George Smiley. Both are fantastic.
Although I'd seen the recent Tinker Tailor movie with Gary Oldman as George Smiley when it first came out, there were a lot of distractions in the overcrowded Christmas Day 2011 theater. Watched it again last night on DVD, and I have to say it is absolutely brilliant and perhaps even more true to the story and its ambience than the BBC series with Alec Guinness. Lots of subtly excellent cinematic details, some of which benefit from the ease of rewinding & replaying crucial but confusing moments, made possible by the DVD medium. Still wonder, though...when Smiley tells Ricki Tarr that he will do his "utmost" to retrieve Irina from the Soviets, does Smiley know at that point that she's already dead? The stuff of deep human tragedy, caught in the swirling storm of Cold War espionage.
Just had a George Smiley weekend :-) watched the BBC series of Tinker, Tailor and Smiley’s People. Alec Guinness is brilliant.
About to watch the original 70s BBC series of Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy, I have high hopes for Alec Guinness as George Smiley.
3. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, directed by Tomas Alfredson Last year in Extension English, our unit of study was ‘After the Bomb.’ In layman’s terms, we studied the Cold War and some of the texts related to this period. So, when I went to see Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy the first time, I was not only excited to see it because it was, by all reports, a delicate and thrilling expose of the Cold War. No, I wanted to go in and check off all the Cold War ‘ideas’ that it covers. And, in truth, just about every tenet of the Cold War is tackled by Tinker Tailor. Espionage, surveillance, suspicion, paranoia, disillusionment – the list is endless if you think about it. Gary Oldman plays George Smiley, a British spy for ‘The Circus’ who is ordered by Control (John Hurt), the head of the Circus, to find the Soviet mole within their ranks. Is it Percy Alleline (Toby Jones), Bill Haydon, (Colin Firth), Roy Bland (Ciaran Hinds) or Toby Esterhase (David Dencik)? The only thing we know for sure is that one of ...
I just used to tag George Smiley by Alberto Iglesias.
Where are George Smiley or Alec Leamas when you need them?!
George Sampson? Look he is like the COOLEST street dancer I've ever watch. Tbh he is my favourite in both streetdance movie.
Having a bit of a spy night in w/ Guy Burgess and George Smiley. The DC embassy's *** mafia doesn't quite live up to British legend.
Original BBC Tinker Tailor=Pinnacle of British TV.. Gary is great but Alec is the definitive George Smiley. IMO, anyway..
How Rude! Legacy carriers get bum marks on smiley faces.
Don't worry be happy - Bobby Mc Ferrin | Smiley edition!: u might want to sing it note for note :)
- Gary Oldman appears to be playing Alec Guinness as George Smiley rather than another take on George himself.
you missed smiley face George. Cos you’re joking right?
Thanks for the videos, George. I'm glad you had a good time. :)
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But george just sent you one .. Awk “If a girl sends u a smiley she wants the dickkk”
Fantastic work. If it ever turns out you *aren't* really George Smiley I'll be most upset. :)
George smiles and I like his smile and I like smiley faces so idk I'm weird
I lve smiley faces they remind me of George
In honour of George Smiley and my temporary Chelseaness I walked up and down Bywater Street today. Such a sweet place. No sign of Ann.
It's almost civilised here tonight. Glass of brandy from the crystal decanter, grandfather clock striking 9, George Smiley on the TV.
I don't have a problem with St. George, I have a problem with the people.
This is what happens wen goes out and leaves me & George for the day! Yes that's smiley faces!
Smiley Sound will be returning to South London on Friday for a Jungle/Dub/DnB extravaganza... Pointing people to...
This smiley is now called George smiley; 🙈
Leave a hostile note with a smiley face... Lessons the hostility
Woke up with smiley face drawings on my bum with permenant marker!
George accidentally texting a woman he likes a winky face instead of a smiley face and thinking he scared her off
Gary Oldman as george smiley in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy a film by tomas alfredson based on the best selling novel by john le carré.
Just passed by George Smiley's house in Bywater Street
you no me always smiley. Think I've just felt lucky after george this week x
If you don't ever use smiley faces or winky faces on texts I will assume you're a boring and serious person
Yeah, I'm chilling on a dirt road Laid back swerving like I'm George Jones
you will get noticed some day anyway and George will love you :D JJ would look at me and be like ermmm no way xx
come and do a gig in cork and then I'll go..and George Dm coz she loves ya xx
Cute is my middle name babe :P I always do but people don't return them hahha Ooohhh yes gotta happen,JJ and George :P xxx
Thoughts on the Queen looking disapproving? Stern? Hard to separate? Unfold with difficulty? Let us know your review?
“"Ninety-nine percent of failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses." -George W. Carver
At Vauxhall. I think George Smiley is about to get on my bus.
I think George Smiley from Tinker,Tailor, Soldier, Spy may be waiting for a tube here. Not the actor, the actual character
well not exactly sequel but just another movie made from one of le Carre's books. With Gary O playing George Smiley.
I don't think George Smiley has ever had a meal that wasn't awful.
I could totally see the argument between Jerry and George, "you gotta use the smiley face Jerry!" "I don't wanna use it!"
It.. It died.:(" Eurgh I hate the new bbm kiss smiley. What happened to the mole!?
Who says in a game of Guess Who "are you not Herman, George, Alfred, Sam, Tom or Frans?" it's called Guess who for a reason lol
George Carlin was wrong. When Fascism comes to America it will not wear a smiley face. It will wear The Union Label.
If you don't want to lick Nutella off max George's stomach something is wrong with you | The Wanted
This George Strait Pandora station is keeping me sane today.
it was a 'whatever you say George' smiley
I get that George Smiley appeared in more LeCarre novels. Just saying that, again, TTSS the film had a perfectly definitive ending.
This is fantastic news. “George Smiley Returning to Duty for ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’ Sequel
PeterPan off to a good start :) Offical tshirts are now on sale with my signature smiley!!! Derby LIVE!!!
Anyone know where I can get a Santa hat from in 0-6 month? I can't find on small enough x Lou x
Last Que's ans. by Subhajit Dey ( 3 K.M) . Que 5. Who is the only woman to become the Chief Election Commissioner of India ?
As I told Donna after Bond is no George Smiley. Then again, the underlying plot is pretty much Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.
Starring: Gary Oldman, Colin Firth and Tom Hardy In the bleak days of the Cold War, espionage veteran George Smiley is forced from s...
Brilliant sketch on "Harry & Paul" now with Harry Enfield as Alec Guinnness, and Paul Witehouse as Gary Oldman, both as George Smiley
Really enjoyed EL TOPO or Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Gary Oldman was totally absent from the film. George Smiley was there. A majestic performance.
Enough election talk… important question! Le Carre: should I start with the first George Smiley novel? Or Tinker Tailor, the best known one?
Ok, pretty much jumped the shark with the George Smiley lookey likey and the poison dart.
Hi Rebecca, just so you can keep an eye open for it, the Commercial Motor story on the fire service truck rescue is out today.
George when you gonna take out on a date?? :P xx
I taught him how to text and how to use smiley faces
Smiley can George foreman tf out of a Burger
Don't even try to put the moves on me George. Keep ya smiley faces.
might have been, was I wearing a denim jacket yeah?
George Shelley is adorable he's always so smiley☺☺
Done a smiley face this year, George said he doesnt like scary pumpkins! :-D
stop George your phone isn't cool so your smiley faces come out as squares.
George from Union J always looks so smiley
I'm the Regina George of this office. Also proof that high school never ends.
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