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George Saunders

George Saunders (born December 2, 1958) is a New York Times bestselling American writer of short stories, essays, novellas and children's books.

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REJECTR . Good news editors! Now you can immediately reject the work of emerging and/or unestablished writers with…
First book read in 2018: LINCOLN IN THE BARDO by George Saunders. Loved it and highly recommend.👍🏻
George Saunders, author of Lincoln in the Bardo, coming to Tampa Bay for writers' conference.
Literary group tonight at the Library at 7 p.m. Public discussion of "Lincoln in the Bardo" by George Saunders. Mo…
Now at is calling her favorite book of 2017, and calling on Lin-Manuel…
It was like a George Saunders story from the Dark Universe. And yes I mean that as a compli…
After a wonderful Christmas of fiction (fell in ❤️ with Eleanor Oliphant & George Saunders, in very different ways.…
you had me at George Saunders. great lists!
The Best Books We Read in 2017: feat... and and George Saunders, a…
I loved George Saunders' LINCOLN IN THE BARDO . I suppose I imagined that, because of the formal experimentation, i…
Can't wait for February 12 Conarroe lecture with George Saunders. "Lincoln in the Bardo" was my favorite read over…
Join us for the Conarroe Lecture with George Saunders, Man Booker Prize-winning author of Lincoln in the Bardo, Feb…
I read Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders and The Graveyard Book by too closely together last yea…
Tickets for our GEORGE SAUNDERS event go live TOMORROW! 1/4. 10am. $20. Each ticket includes a seat at the event, a…
Here are the best books I read in 2017:. "What We Lose" by . "Difficult Women" by . "Lincoln at the Bardo"…
My best of 2017 was a collab. w/ David Lipsky and Ryan Bradley, the Chekhov-Saunders Humanity Kit http…
My Top 10 reads of 2017:. Favorite: Lincoln in the Bardo - George Saunders. The rest in no particular order:...
“To be genuinely confused about something even for a few seconds is good because it opens us up to the idea that wh…
I've been really enjoying George Saunders' novel Lincoln in the Bardo over Christmas. Clear to see why it won the M…
'Do we take that ancient, great leap of faith, and do our best to respond with . love, and with faith in the idea that…
Death and Light: Great Books of 2017 ("Winter," by Ali Smith; "Lincoln in the Bardo," by George Saunders; "Six Face…
In the new January & February edition of Booktime we take a look at George Saunders's winning novel…
Civilwarland in Bad Decline by George Saunders. He just won the booker for his last one too so you…
Most of George Saunders' short stories, Inside Number 9 to some degree, Room 104 a bit, Her.
55% done with Lincoln in the Bardo, by George Saunders
- "The Hike" by Drew Magary. I read about 200 pages in one sitting. - "Annihilation" by Jeff Vandermee…
I really wanna know what the Trump presidency is gonna do to the stories of Paul Beatty, George Saunders, & Kelly L…
Anything by George Saunders (Tenth of December, Lincoln in the Bardo, etc.)
On page 100 of 343 of Lincoln in the Bardo, by George Saunders
it's cool that George Saunders is just emailing you sentences from his new stories now instead of w…
if you like Murakami,George Saunders 10th of December. Thomas Pynchon's Bleeding Edge
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
You'd probably like George Saunders. Pastoralia is a great start.
One of the books of the year winner Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders - here with commissioned cover…
"A new Alan Hollinghurst novel is always something to celebrate, but The Sparsholt Affair is a particularly joyful thing"…
25) Tenth of December by George Saunders because I loved Lincoln in the Bardo and wanna try his short fiction
George Saunders: What writers really do when they write via
George Saunders will Present his Man Booker Prize-Winning Novel ~ Lincoln in the Bardo!
Finished reading the wonderful Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders. A worthy winner of last year's Booker prize.
George Saunders on the Art of Storytelling via
Irony is just honesty with the volume cranked up. -George Saunders.
What a feast this list of 50 notable essays! From Susan Sontag to Joan Didion & George Saunders - really worthy read. http:/…
3-2 to the girls in my favourite five reads of the year:. Lincoln in the Bardo - George Saunders. Autumn - Ali Smith
The Sellout by Paul Beatty. Disgrace by J. M. Coetzee. Transit by Rachel Cusk. Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders
"Good God, but Life Could Be Less Than Easy": George Saunders and the Fiction of Radical Loyola University Chicago…
One of the great writers of voice...George Saunders on Grace Paley...
What a gorgeous 15m speech by George Saunders : why we read and write -
Just what I needed to hear as I edit *once more*: George Saunders on the value of editing for the writer, and the w…
Looking for some fantastic fiction? Get 45% off Margaret Atwood, Neil Gaiman, George Saunders, Jesmyn Ward, Khaled…
Nice profile of newly minted Man Booker winner George Saunders at The Guardian:.
A little George Saunders comes in handy in moments like this:
Excuse me there’s a pilot of a George Saunders created show starring Glenn Close & I’m only just hearing about it n…
📺 Are you watching SEA OAK? George Saunders' comic pilot, starring Glenn Close, from the short st…
A classic: George Saunders on the boy who (maybe) sat under a tree steadily meditating for months.
Hi reviewed Lincoln in the Bardo What a wonderful novel!!!
A series of instincts, tiny adjustments, + many drafts...George Saunders: what writers really do when they write…
Until now, George Saunders, 58, has been master of the short story.
I love George Saunders' image of an expanding and contracting "tent of empathy", as applied to Lincoln & Trump:…
Prof. Saunders explains what life is like after winning the renowned
George Saunders Lincoln in the Bardo is a genuinely startling novel via
You guys took to a new level on Saturday. Thanks George Saunders, &the rest. htt…
George Saunders in If you want your Storys to end happy, try being niser.
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
I am reading a George Saunders title this week. In Persuasion Nation. I hope it is enjoyable at least.
Watch Jason Isbell meet George Saunders and have an epic conversation
Monday morning contemplation. I'm inclined to agree.
Trump as an agent of mayhem: interview with George Saunders.
George Saunders' 'Lincoln in the Bardo' wins 2017 Man Booker Prize
Start your day the way with the fabulous (in every sense) 'Fox 8' - joy from the master
: Read this! George Saunders Booker winner, glorious manifesto: I’m with him!
George Saunders: ‘When I get praise, it helps me be a little bit more brave’
On the last leg of this magnificent book and honestly, I'm a bit scared to finish it ... George Saunders next, alth…
George Saunders' take on Lincoln is some of the weirdest fiction I've ever read
‘I think I was a Buddhist before I ever knew what that was’. George Saunders, author of Lincoln in the Bardo,...
I haven't read the book yet, but this is powerful stuff, quiet audacity. . 'Since the world began, we have gone...
"The small, decent act over the sudden violent lunge..." George Saunders's manifesto for a better world.
George Saunders: On Lincoln, writing out of need, and empathy
What George Saunders can teach us about the value of sweetness
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
you ever read any George Saunders? I just picked up his short story collection Pastoralia and it's really good.
US author George Saunders wins prize for his first full-length novel, Lincoln in the Bardo.
Astros should have George W. Bush close games for them at least he throws strikes..unlike their closer Ken Giles 🤔
My manifesto for a better world, by Booker winner George Saunders
Listening to George Saunders talk about “Lincoln in the Bardo” on “To the Best of Our Knowledge” and reminded how much I LOVED that book.
"To those who would oppose us, I would simply say: we are many. We are worldwide. We, in fact, outnumber you.".
File under very random sunday reads... but this is a fantastic interview with
"The total number of wedding parties instantaneously decimated by us, via drone-strike, was: not a single one."
I'm not totally sure, but I think Booker Prize-winning George Saunders likes my book.
George Saunders' Lincoln in the Bardo scoops the £50k
George Saunders winning the Booker Prize is proof enough I would be a better writer if I grew a beard.
Not sure how people feel about this...but once George Saunders said I had cool glasses...then, awkward silence
“I can win or. win and go back. and help them as well.”. –George Saunders. Common Good. Better even than 🙌http…
Congratulations to George Saunders on winning the Man Booker Prize! Here he is making a goofy face when he visited…
Is the Booker prize losing its British character? (With: George Saunders wins the 2017 Man - Window To News
For anyone interested, a short piece I've done on George Saunders, the Booker Prize and literary nationalism.
George Saunders wins Man Booker Prize for 'utterly original' novel Lincoln in the Bardo
Congratulations to George Saunders for winning the Man Booker Prize! Lincoln in the Bardo is unlike anything else.
George Saunders wins the 2017 for "Lincoln in the Bardo." He's the second American ever to win:
George Saunders wins the Man Booker Prize for Lincoln in the Bardo
2017 Booker Prize goes to US author George Saunders for Lincoln in the Bardo via
BREAKING: American author George Saunders has won the Man Booker Prize for his novel "Lincoln in the Bardo."
George Saunders' victory disproves Booker lore that favourites never win
Join us in congratulating George Saunders, winner of the 2017 Man Booker Prize for his debut novel LINCOLN IN THE BARDO! 🍾…
This news is lit! George Saunders, a 2013 Finalist, has won the Man Booker Prize for LINCOLN IN THE BARDO! http…
George Saunders book on Abraham Lincoln tipped for Man Booker Prize via
US author George Saunders win 2017 Man Booker Prize for novel on death of Abraham Lincoln’s son
We are delighted to announce our winner is Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders . https…
*George Saunders crashes Navigator into Times Square Hard Rock Cafe, is confronted by angry patrons*. "Lincoln in the bar,…
George Saunders seems to be the best bet to win the Man Booker Prize for bookmakers.   10% Off
Character is that sum total of moments we can't explain ~ George Saunders
I am reading this. I love George Saunders so much. It was written in 2005, but is so prescient.
It is completely nuts to me that an excerpt of my book is being published alongside George Saunders, Sheila Heti, T…
I got “Lincoln in the Bardo” by George Saunders from the library a few days ago.
I stopped listening to AUDIO BOOKS narrated by the author when George Saunders destroyed his book.
Vinnie Jones earning himself the fastest yellow card in English league history...
A history book recommendation: Lincoln in the Bardo: A Novel by George Saunders
If I had the freedom to read what I wanted, I would be reading everything George Saunders has ever done.
What happens when Phil and Gary resign, who’s our manager then? Harvey Saunders? Brad Blythe? 😂
Mary Ann Saunders is the recipient of the 2017 George Klukas Achievement Award.
Which George Saunders short story collection should I start with?
I love reading how George Saunders writes about writing
The most pitch-perfect rl not-kidding George Saunders character I've seen to date. 100% he could've written this.
Cool! I’ll check it out. I do like me some George Saunders
Alternating between Kelly Link stories and George Saunders stories puts you in a super weird headspace.
If you've never read this George Saunders convocation speech now would be a good time to do so:
Paul Auster so deserves this! But I'll take George Saunders as well. Congratulations to all these fabulous writers! htt…
George Saunders in Lawrence Oct. 10 @ 7 PM at Liberty Hall. Doors @ 6. Free & open to the public, no ticket required
Already a master, George Saunders is shortlisted for the Booker & interviewed here by https:/…
Couldn't find the cover, but I found this... Credit:
4 of 5 stars to Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders
36. Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders. Oh god it’s depressingly good, and in true Saunders…
Oh wow, is up there, man is brilliant with a pen/keyboard. George Saunders, insanel…
He walked on water in those days.Both manages once played for opposite teams.Ron Saund…
George Saunders and the Baileys women's prize – books podcast
An incredibly creepy, frightening story. . Right out of George Saunders. How the Elderly Lose Their Rights
"Manhattan Beach," by Jennifer Egan: Find out why George Saunders calls it a "bounteous miracle."
I am now 100x more invincible knowing that George Saunders once tried to Carver himself. 100x more confident.
(From a George Saunders story) actually let's just bring on the Good Takes Singularity now tbh
George Saunders is our 2017 Beach Author -- he'll be one week from today:
Here's George Saunders writing about Kurt Vonnegut's SLAUGHTERHOUSE-FIVE. . Particularly relevant today.
read Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders. also resonates along these lines— & first half is stunning.
"What I regret most in my life are failures of kindness." - George Saunders
Read an extract of George Saunders's Lincoln in the Bardo, published by
this is not my favourite book but my current read hope it qualifies. Lincoln In The Bardo by George Saunder…
Tickets available for the New Yorker Festival discussion with George Saunders, &
George Saunders will probably win the Man Booker Prize, and he deserves to. I interviewed him earlier this year.
great! You should check out the audible version of that Saunders novel--loads of famous voi…
George Saunders on Death, Trump, and the Trick That Made Him a Better Writer | Literary Hub
This year I met George Saunders. He told us he'd struggled for money, going job to job. Happy to hear he's shortlisted for
More stories to read! I've only read the George Saunders one from this list but intrigued by some of the others...
Congratulations to George Saunders for winning the Booker prize
via The 2017 nominees for the U.K.'s top literary prize include a hefty dose of marquee authors, such ……
Looking to spend quality time with terrific authors? How about George Saunders or the other Booker finalists?.
A *HUGE* congratulations to and George Saunders for the shortlist!
Congratulations to George Saunders, whose novel LINCOLN IN THE BARDO is on the shortlist!
G. Saunders 'can I be a positive force in the world knowing that things are going to end?' Sums up writing perfectly
Here's the link to the George Saunders (aka Booker-shortlister) episode:.
Omit all possibilities until the very end ... if you know too much about your story, it's dead. - George Saunders
Arundati Roy doesn't make shortlist - The Guardian via
Reading the excellent "Exit West" now-congrats on making the Man Booker Prize Shortlist!
Congratulations George Saunders! Diane's interview with him for Lincoln In The Bardo:
George Saunders on Lincoln, Trump and impressing his wife
Mike McCormack, Mohsin Hamid & George Saunders, all on the Booker longlist, and all took part in in March. Photos: G…
I reviewed George Saunders' Booker-longlisted Lincoln in the Bardo when it came out. Here's what I thought:
It's the Rookie podcast. She's a phenomenal interviewer. Start with her talk with George Saunders.
More short fiction for me. Raymond Carver, Breece D'J Pancake, and George Saunders.
Take refuge in art not reality TV, says writer George Saunders at Sydney Writers'… (News)
“It’s a big world, and I really like it.”. George Saunders, The Braindead Megaphone . John O’Grady, Artist
Reviews of 3 audiobooks, including George Saunders' Lincoln in the Bardo, and reading Norse Mythology.…
3 great new audiobooks: George Saunders, Douglas Preston, Neil Gaiman - Minneapolis… - -
Lincoln In The Bardo, George Saunders. Fic account of Abe's child's death, in which he enters a world full of interesting chars
Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders, Huck Out West by Robert Coover
🔊 Listen to George Saunders talk about grief & Lincoln for Radio Four's Saturday Review htt…
Tonight we welcome the fantastic George Saunders to Manchester!
Last night's George Saunders event was one of the best author events to which I've ever been 1/3
When you get back to the office after and the sun is shining and there's a signed George Saunders waiting fo…
Aside from immense excitement about George Saunders we're also pretty pleased to see Denis Johnson and Chris Kraus there?
Couldn't have been more happy to round off Day 2 of meeting George Saunders and telling him how much I loved Lincoln in the Bardo.
"A delight and a disappointment." My review of George Saunders' novel LINCOLN IN THE BARDO for
In our brutal age of Katie Hopkins and Milo Yiannopoulos, consider the great American writer George Saunders on the impo…
Very stylish list of books to read in March from with and George Saunders!
"American meanness" is the ethos of the new Trump era. George Saunders on public radio talking about the contrast with Abe Lincoln. 1/
George Saunders on Grace Paley and voice. Love this.
Great lunch w/and my spoils from store include signed George Saunders, signed Ian Rankin, and a leetle chocolate.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Congrats to George Saunders! His 1st novel Lincoln in the Bardo hit No. 1 on Best Sellers List!
George Saunders discusses his childhood in Gage Park and the south suburbs (via
If you haven't yet, check out the interview with George Saunders before his SOLD OUT event: htt…
George Saunders' Lincoln in the Bardo is beautifully conceived and executed with grace and conviction. So many lives to explore.
2017 will bring new books from George Saunders, Mohsin Hamid and Jesmyn Ward, among others
"Any history is a selective sampling." George Saunders: By the Book
Liz leading a discussion of the short story "Sticks" by George Saunders at
Was just daydreaming that George Saunders was president.
Tonight I giggled with American hero George Saunders and then ate ice cream so this weekend is off to a solid start.
George Saunders delivers his most original, transcendent and moving work yet. https…
in the Bardo: A Novel by George Saunders. Number 6 on the Amazon list!.
I got to talk to one of my heroes tonight. Thanks for bringing George Saunders to Cambridge 📚
Excited for a historic event tomorrow at Tampa Theatre with George Saunders! ht…
I'd say, as a goal in life, you could do worse than: Try to be kinder. ― George Saunders
Wow. George Saunders and I seem to have very similar personalities. If only I had half his talent.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Had a wonderful evening listening to the words and wisdom of George Saunders. Special praise to for ***
George Saunders, whom I haven't read enough of, has a great 5 minute write up in the NYT. It's all fake, allegedly,…
i wrote about George Saunders's new novel Lincoln in the Bardo and how i'm v scared of vomiting angels
I somehow love George Saunders even more now...
George Saunders: By the Book Really good feature this week.
"I loved Zadie Smith’s 'Swing Time' for its scale and heart and moral ambition." George Saunders By the Book
NY Times’ latest project is an adaptation of George Saunders’ new novel
This interview w George Saunders is just the loveliest thing
Tonight, John Hockenberry leads conversations on politics and George Saunders joins guest host to discuss…
Tonight I'm filling in for Charlie Rose and interviewing George Saunders about his fantastic new novel.
Nice. Will listen on the drive home from the reading
I got the audible version and also can't wait! LOVE George Saunders. Lately keep thinking of CivilWarLand in Bad Decline.
Doesn't get much better than a plug from George Saunders, .
George Saunders tells us about his favorite books and authors
Why is everything and everyone talking about this George Saunders guy
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this one time (an hour ago) I shared a stage READING GEORGE SAUNDERS WITH GEORGE SAUNDERS
Pre-2017, I'd have bet real $ that the article caption came from an animatronic POTUS in a George Saunders' story's…
Public tickets are on sale for Sybrina Fulton & Tracy Martin, George Saunders, and Misty Copeland! Buy: htt…
Privileged to be a part of the audiobook Lincoln In The Bardo by George Saunders-amazing story/narrators! Thx to
1) Hot Book of Week. 'Lincoln in the Bardo' by George Saunders.
George Saunders published a novel today, that is very good news and makes me most curious, his short stories are sublime.
So, George Saunders is coming to town. I just may have to go.
Tickets are still available for Wednesday's talk w/ George Saunders at w/
"When you pay attention to those sentences, your better nature rises up." Extreme Love for George Saunders.
Saunders is my favorite George: via
I found out this week and I’m now attending a reading/Q&A next month even though I hate book Q&As b/c George Saunders
are you also excited for the new George Saunders book we’re getting next month?
"The process of writing a story is to keep your eyes open all the time...keep yourself mystified.." .
If death is in the room, it's pretty interesting. But I would al...
George Saunders’ ghostly tale of Abraham Lincoln after the death of his beloved son Willie.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
George Saunders's new book comes out on Valentine's Day and this truly warms my heart
how can George Saunders not be my POTUS when there is a hashtag: ?. But Trump is
How can George Saunders not be my POTUS when I saw millions of Americans cheering his election last month?!.
. Alternative fact: George Saunders is my POTUS. A) deal with it. B) eat the hot fart I've got cookin in my bowels.
Book Release: Lincoln in the Bardo A Novel by Saunders, George. -- Lincoln in the Bardo -- —Lorrie Moore “Georg…
On page 142 of 368 of Lincoln in the Bardo, by George Saunders: Still weird, but I'm han...
Like George Saunders a lot. Haven't read this one though.
Just got my advance copy of George Saunders' new (and debut!) novel, LINCOLN IN THE BARDO.…
In an exciting finish, Daniel Saunders from George Watson's takes silver in the 13-14 100 Breaststroke!
Today's publishing new highlights include wisdom from & a look back at a George Saunders classic!
There's a really nice moment in the life of a piece of writing w...
Definitely trying to see George Saunders in Nashville next month
DYK? Your ticket to our March 2 event with George Saunders comes with a copy of Lincoln in the Bardo. Get yours now…
We are thrilled to be hosting George Saunders for a reading/discussion on March 1, get tickets before they sell out!
'Since the world began, we have gone about our work quietly'. George Saunders reveals what is ever before us in a wo…
A terrific letter from George Saunders about his upcoming book tour:.
Great new work in WHAT WE DO NOW, but also nice inclusion of George Saunders's pre-Trump essay, "T…
“Don't be afraid to be confused. Try to remain permanently confused. Anything is possible” George Saunders
thank you for ordering 'Lincoln in the Bardo' (George Saunders)!
Swimming for George Watson's, Daniel Saunders takes the silver in the 13-14 200 Breaststroke!
Representing George Watson's, Rachel Saunders wins gold in the 12/under 50 Back!
on Saunders’s first novel. CivilWarland in Weird Decline. via
1. One of my favorite authors is George Saunders, a master of the short story who writes the closest thing to Orwellian sati…
Great list of February picks from We see
George Saunders & Ali Smith featured in this 2017 Literary Calendar. See them speak
Writer George Saunders on reading, writing, and teaching - The New Yorker
George Saunders' new novel LINCOLN IN THE BARDO is so great I didn't think about Trump insanity for a few…
Marked as to-read: Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders
The premise of George Saunders’s new novel is loaded with pathos but thin on dramatic tension
I really like lean prose, stuff that just does what it's supposed to do and gets out of there. GEORGE SAUNDERS.
12 Contemporary writers on revision, from Joan Didion to Kelly Link to George Saunders. Even Patrick Rothfuss!…
Speculative fiction-- check out George Saunders then! He's the American forefather to that. Also, Super Sad Love Story
John Coltrane, George Saunders, Lorrie Moore, William *** Jeanette Walls, 2nd Foxfire collection. My family is good to me. Merry Christmas!
What books are u looking forward to in '17? Me: George Saunders novel, L Rees' Holocaust hist, novel,memoir...
Love the library perk of being able to put the new John Darnielle and George Saunders books on hold as soon as they are on order.
OMG, George Saunders has a NOVEL coming out!
reading Neal Stephenson and George Saunders has prepared me for this
Carrie recommends new Zadie Smith Swing Time, George Saunders novel Lincoln in the Bardo
You see George Saunders new book coming out, Lincoln in the Bardo? It sounds like O'Cadhain's Graveyard Clay.
Have you read Boudinot's stories? Not bad but straining too much for a George Saunders vibe.
Oh my word. I'm so excited about a George Saunders novel that it actually hurts. Great covers too!
George Saunders' debut novel is 368 pages long. 368 pages of Saunders, all in one bit!
A bit like George Saunders. Whichever you read first will be your favourite. After that ...
Who are all these Trump supporters? George Saunders attended rallies to find out.
I've had yet to meet another George Saunders enthusiast until now! If you like Saunders, check out Shalom Auslander!
George Saunders' long read on the Trump phenomenon is a total masterpiece. Echoes of David Foster Wallace:
Books I've read this year (not many): the orchid thief- Susan Orlean, civil war land in bad decline- George Saunders, trains- mandy ord
Brain Pickings > George Saunders on the Importance of Living with Opposing Truths ~
The Lobster is like if George Saunders tried to write a Wes Anderson film
I only like George Saunders for his body
Watch George Saunders explain how to tell a good story via
There's also a listing for George Saunders LINCOLN IN THE BARDO arc and I'd like to *** that seller bald
Oh god all fiction on the radio is sounding like George Saunders to me.
Reading "The Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil" by George Saunders, of Syracuse University.
The seller candlerust is selling ARCs from Report them. Also, who'd stand in that George Saunders line to turn around & sell?
George Saunders! Or, if I pick one I haven't read: All the Wrong Todays.
41* from 15yo George Saunders got the 4's to 192 v Tight bowling restricted OR to 175 and a 17 run win.
I keep falling back into short story collections by George Saunders and Raymond Carver.
📚 TENTH OF DECEMBER - George Saunders. Read it, then we must talk...
...on Lydia Davis' grammar; Jurrit Daalder on George Saunders' cruelty
"Writing... can train us to be kind, or kinder anyway—to look 2x at the people we are making and cut them slack" https:/…
I tend to foster drama via bleakness. If I want the reader to feel sympathy...
Sometimes I think fiction exists to model the way God might think of us, if...
When is Tobias Wolff coming out with new stories??? I like George Saunders but I feel like I'm settling y'know
For those who got your hands on George Saunders' LINCOLN IN THE BARDO at prepare for heart-rending glory.
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