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George Sanders

George Henry Sanders (3 July 1906 – 25 April 1972) was a Russian-born English film and television actor, singer-songwriter, music composer, and author.

Ingrid Bergman Judith Anderson Shere Khan Joan Fontaine Vincent Price Jungle Book Academy Award Tom Conway Otto Preminger Celeste Holm Linda Darnell Eli Wallach Boris Karloff John Huston Bette Davis Tyrone Power Best Picture

Jeb Bush has the same people as George bush running things. War mongers. Cut defense 25%. Stay out of Arab wars. Rebuild…
Eve Arden's voice has similar qualities to Herbert Marshall or George Sanders.
Looks like George Sanders next to him.
Let's just take a minute to dwell on Paulinus Sanders. Was that actually his last name?💁🏾
George Sanders (not McCrea) is the hero of FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT. I suspect this was Hitchcock's intention all along.
As well as writing a book for George Sanders in 1946, Leigh Brackett also wrote the screenplay for Howard Hawks' The Big Sleep.
Hi George thanks for following ML for all enquiries email aliceAlice Boskett :)
George H.W. Bush. We were at Sanders and were running for State CR Chair.
1951 George Sanders Blatz flat top beer can print Ad
This week for your get swindled by the sly and seductive George Sanders in an adventure filled...
Hanging out with Brendan Dean Sanders- George. He finally has an official name. (named after my lovely momma...
Tom Conway gave an address in Sunset Blvd, Pacific Palasades in 1957. Believe belonged to Myrna Loy, rented by George Sanders
any thoughts on Jarvis West? KR/slot WR from 4.36 40 at Pro Day, very comparable to Ace Sanders
The only things one never regrets are one's mistakes. . George Sanders .
'More sex appeal than Lassie'? Memoirs of A Professional Cad by George Sanders
The has George Pataki listed as a "maybe" presidential run. Bernie Sanders is not on the list.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
The quintessential bounder. Memoirs of A Professional Cad by George Sanders via
If I had a dream Jazz quartet, I'd have Tony Williams, Bobby Hutcherson, George Duke, and Pharaoh Sanders.
Live. Let nothing be lost upon you. Be afraid of nothing. - . The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945) - Henry Wotton (George Sanders)
Used to have a bf who could do a very good George Sanders. Bit creepy but also very funny. The voice, not the bf.
I'm so proud to call Tunisia Sanders-George my wife. She's unstoppable.
guess who's won the Heisman as well: Carson Palmer, Eddie George, Desmond Howard, Barry Sanders.
I'd rather be on the Dave Sanders end of the spectrum, than the George W. Bush neocon end with you guys ;).
No candidate left behind: What you need to know about Hillary, Marco Rubio and Bernie Sanders:
: fabulous musical theatre references and the most louche mouth ,in Stewie, since George Sanders. Try it
Just heard on George Sanders that you might do a Hal Hartley podcast. I could talk for hours about his work.
a meeting of great minds, George, should be celebrated.
I'm a Regina George and you're a Kate Sanders
Oh, it's great fun and on YouTube (I think). George Sanders being all Sandersy, a blip of Boris Karloff looming/mad.
Um, Gene Tierney. And Rex Harrison as a salty (he's always salty) sea captain, George Sanders as the straight romantic lead? Nice.
Jeremy Irons' performance of Scar was absolutely based on George Sanders' Shere Khan.
I don't know the film(s?) but I think they'd have to go some to beat George Sanders and Terry Thomas in Jungle Book, myself!
RIP Francesca Hilton, Zsa Zsa Gabor's daughter. During our one and only date, she told me George Sanders, not Conrad Hilto…
Been searching for this one for a while: Douglas Sirk's Summer Storm w/ George Sanders, Linda Darnell, E E Horton: http…
Fact: Tyrone Power collapsed and died during a duelling scene with George Sanders in Solomon and Sheba (1959). Yul Bryn…
"You must ask Miss Harrington how to get one. Miss Harrington knows all about it." - Addison DeWitt (George Sanders) in All About Eve (1950)
"He's supercilious in the way we all wish we had. He's a nice version of George Sanders in All About Eve." - Woody Allen
Oh RO I disagree about George Sanders not being a big name star!!.
Thank you Dr Stuart Sanders for Presenting 'Frederick Chopin & George Sand in Valdemossa-A Story of Tangled Relationships'
So VP is George Sanders in Dorian Gray and the doctor in Sophie's Choice.
Bernie 'Let's remember who is really to blame for VIDEO -
BT Sport New Advert (Alternative) crystal palace and liverpool last season👌👌
So its ok with Bernie when George Soros gives his wealth to the Democrats?What a hypocrite Sanders is.
Man on the train wearing a suit jacket with a FOOTBALL shirt. Next to him a bald George sanders. Appalled with the state of this world.
If a lion could talk it would sound like George Sanders.
Ah, kind sir. ( trying again) Of course, you too were a prisoner. The late actor George Sanders could have played you well.
I think it's totally interesting! Oh everyone is fantastic in it. George Sanders, oh Celeste Holm, the one truly good character
After George Sanders and before Eli Wallach. And it seems by everyone's opinion he was quite a pain to work with
did you see video of Michigans Dennis Norfleet dancing to during game? He needs 1st class seat on mothership!!!
I ain't her cowboy anymore. . The best george strait song! . He's still the king
An amazing man. People of influence: George Sanders via
My wish for you: As you get older, your self will diminish and you will grow in love. YOU will gradually be replaced by love~George Sanders
SUPP. ACTOR - George Sanders (1906-1972) as Addison DeWitt in All About Eve
Looks like George Sanders sent a racist email to Walker. He didn't respond. Is that a story?
I wasn't in America at the time of Columbus, slavery, English rule, or George Washington having sex with his slaves. It's today that mattrs
Sen. Bernard Sanders on Sunday pointed the finger at former President George W. Bush for invading Iraq and creating…
a) I think I love you and b) I read this in the voice of George Sanders.
Bernie Sander's presence on the Sunday morning shows was a nice change from listening to the likes of...
George W. Bush et al are responsible for the situation we are in today.. let's just keep that in the front of our...
Sen Bernie Sanders insists, you can slam on & but George W Bush’s "blunder" created .
George W. Bush and Cheney: They started the war. Thank you, Sen. Sanders NO US BOOTS ON THE GROUND.
Bernie Sanders reminding everybody (who's watching CNN) we're only in Iraq thanks a certain George Bush.
So young George Sanders kind of has Owen Wilson's nose.
Example - Michael Fassbender talking about how Tarantino told him to base his Inglourious Basterds character on George Sanders.
I love that nick @ night is slowly getting rid of George Lopez. seriously who enjoys that? the friends, HIMYM, fresh prince line up is perf
I have no problem with being asked to putt out. Remember George Sanders in 1970 Open ? Anything can happen.
Sign up now for our annual meeting to hear from George Chamberlin and Jerry Sanders
George Sanders committed suicide in 'Castefa' ... good grief.
the ref doesn't know if he is imitating Deion Sanders or praying...simply act like u've been in the end zone b4
"...indications to anybody on the set while the american actor Sanders (George Sanders) admirably played around in his way every day."
Don't know if I've ever disliked an nfl player more than Jeff George. Maybe Deion Sanders. Not many others.
Next on TCM, it’s George Sanders and Jayne Mansfield in The Professor Had A ***
Jeremiah George, Brandon Dixon, Taj Boyd, Jalen Sanders gone. & Enuwa is essentially out of the door.
There is definitely some behind the scenes action going on w/ Sanders & the
Deion Sanders: 49ers players want Harbaugh out
Scandal: Scandal in Paris [VHS]: Suave, sardonic George Sanders eases through one of his most perfectly suited roles
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George Sanders on the next level acting
"One thing you could say about us, we were tight. We could argue amongst ourselves, but around outsiders, we always stuc…
Royals radio: "George Brett with his arms to the heavens with hugs all around"
I love the conceit of having George Sanders real life brother take on the role after GS quit after The Falcons Brother!
Kate Sanders really was the original Regina George...
traveling to Los Angeles, California from George Bush Intercontinental Airport - Houston
Correction! : George Sanders was 65 when he topped himself, not by gun, but by nembutal...:)
George Sanders the actor shot himself once he reached 70, I think it was..he said that's enough of life...:)
Evan Turner was drafted ahead of Cousins, P.George, Hayward, Bledsoe, Favors, L.Sanders, & A. Bradley - just putting that out there
How RKO turned George Sanders from The Saint into "The Falcon". Today at
HANGOVER SQUARE stars Laird Cregar, George Sanders, & Linda Darnell, which are also the first 3 exhibits in the H'wood Museum of Tragedy.
Whoah. That was scary. I almost forgot my tambourine this morning. Wow. . So come see Shane Sanders, George...
Vincent Price played Egghead. Mr Freeze was played by George Sanders and Otto Preminger.
mr. Freeze was played by George Sanders in the television series
Imagine, a character portrayed by George Sanders, Eli Wallach, Otto Preminger and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
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He was one of several Mr. Freezes. They could never get the same one twice. (George Sanders was by far the best.)
Told you Tunisia Sanders-George. Always thinking I'm trying to be funny.
Cool! Order of Simon Templar aka "The Saint" (played on screen by George Sanders, Roger Moore, etc.
has the most awesome cast: Vincent Price, Dana Andrews, Ida Lupino, George Sanders, Rhonda Fleming and Thomas Mitchell !
I'm making a thriller with John Cassavetes and George Sanders as blithely bitter alcoholic Nazi hunters, assuming I go to h…
no Anne Baxter in All About Eve, its just getting to the climax, George Sanders is telling it like it is
You would think a movie with Max Von Sydow, Orson Welles and George Sanders and directed by John Huston would be awesome
TRIVIA ANSWER: Three: Otto Preminger, Eli Wallach and George Sanders all did turns as Mr. Freeze.
."SEEM." I am, sir, the unholy child of George Sanders and Clifton Webb. And, yes, you ARE too short for that gesture.
and to think George Sanders played The Saint.
VincentPrice & George Sanders in "While the city sleeps", classic Noir directed by Fritz Lang.
Everybody's a dreamer and everybody's a star, And everybody's in movies, it doesn't matter who you are. There are stars in every city, In every house and on every street, And if you walk down Hollywood Boulevard Their names are written in concrete! Don't step on Greta Garbo as you walk down the Boulevard, She looks so weak and fragile that's why she tried to be so hard But they turned her into a princess And they sat her on a throne, But she turned her back on stardom, Because she wanted to be alone. You can see all the stars as you walk down Hollywood Boulevard, Some that you recognise, some that you've hardly even heard of, People who worked and suffered and struggled for fame, Some who succeeded and some who suffered in vain. Rudolph Valentino, looks very much alive, And he looks up ladies' dresses as they sadly pass him by. Avoid stepping on Bela Lugosi 'Cos he's liable to turn and bite, But stand close by Bette Davis Because hers was such a lonely life. If you covered him with garbage, George Sanders ...
Directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz. With Gene Tierney, Rex Harrison, George Sanders, Edna Best. In 1900, a young widow finds her seaside cottage is haunted...and forms a unique relationship with the ghost.
I spy with my bloodshot eye, something that begins with Zz... John Huston has no one but himself to blame for the adaptation of the best selling espionage thriller THE KREMLIN LETTER (1970), starring Richard Boone, Nigel Green, Dean Jagger, George Sanders, Orson Welles, Max Von Sydow and... err, Patrick O'Neal.
Better question: What does Tom Steyer and George Soros want? MT What do the want?
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Thanks for following, George. Let me know if you ever need help tidying up your dissertations.
This just in via George Sanders: herring communicate by farts.
Dr. Victor Fries, also referred to as Mr. Freeze, is a fictional character, a supervillain who appears in comic books published by DC Comics. He frequently serves as an enemy of Batman. Created by Bob Kane, David Wood and Sheldon Moldoff, he first appeared in Batman (February 1959).[1] Freeze is a scientist who must wear a cryogenic suit in order to survive, and bases his crimes around a "cold" or "ice" theme, complete with a "freeze gun" that freezes its targets solid. In the most common variation of his origin story, he is a former cryogenics expert who suffered an industrial accident while attempting to cure his terminally ill wife, Nora. Mr. Freeze was played by George Sanders, Otto Preminger and Eli Wallach in the original Batman television series, and by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1997 film Batman & Robin. He was also voiced by Michael Ansara in Batman: The Animated Series, and by Clancy Brown in The Batman. IGN's list of the Top 100 Comic Book Villains of All Time List ranked Mr. Freeze as
Last night I enjoyed the 1953 colour movie Ivanhoe that took place during the time of King Richard the lionhearted.The actors were Robert Taylor,Joan Fontaine,Elizabeth Taylor and George Sanders and a great supporting cast. the movie had knights jostling with horses,beautiful horses and a good castle battle.
Only men in drag to make me laugh are Jack Lemmon, Dustin Hoffman and, of course, George Sanders in The Kremlin Letter
Confession: Sometimes I choose Jungle Book for Karina to watch just because I want to listen to George Sanders talk.
This is a very rare excerpt of George Sanders and the extremely funny John Cleese in the film The best house in London: A raunchy farse placed in Victorian E...
Found Dad watching a b/w film with George Sanders in and I said, "See how he's acting there - I just can't believe he's supposed to be the Saint here." Dad says, "Well he's not supposed to be, this is Rebecca!"
By an absolute mile the best Shovel girl vine
Dr. George Sanders is a highly skilled plastic surgeon who is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.
DON'T TAKE ADVICE from He's clueless on the topic. via
Question of the Day: Last night's movie was 'The Falcon's Brother', with Tom Conway replacing George Sanders in the series. What are the best and worst replacement actors in movie series?
With a teacher that looks like colonel sanders and george lucas
Junior creeps me out. Very smarmy. He's no Vincent Price or George Sanders.
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Little Giant Ladders
Thanks for everything city fans! I love u and always will u made me what I am today. 4 trophies from a struggling premie…
Feel like 😭 at and Q&A wish they never had to leave, quality servants to 💙 love them both
Don't think I could emphasise enough how much I don't want to go in to English lit tomorrow
no it is one of the George Sanders ones.
George Sanders starred in this film and was well supported by Jonathan Hale and Wendy Barrie.
Last time I stayed up for was PSYCHOMANIA. At least that one was a.) British film AND b.) starred George Sanders.
Linda Darnell and George Sanders in. "Summer Storm" (1944), of the the movies covered in. Classic Movies: 14 Films...
Fab, Nicky Henson, Beryl Reid, George Sanders, Biker riding out of coffinc, classic, LOL! : - )
I believe George Sanders left a similar last line in his suicide note.
I'm loving Barry Sanders as the surprise announcer. Nice touch.
Barry Sanders look like George Foreman trynna sell me one of his grills
when he does george bush. "He is like BO jackson or Dijon Sanders".. you know two sporters
Hi George thanks for the folow Paul
WATCH last year's Heart & Stroke Walk Video, produced locally by George Sanders ... then join us this year on May 17!
thanks for following George. Make sure you check out the site and let us know what you think
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Hey ask Bernie Sanders about George Soros!. So sick of token self-loathing white liberals lying thru thei…
Some of the edits of that girl getting hit by the shovel oh my 😂😭
Rumor going around Paul George slept with Hibbert's fiancée. 😨
- WR will be weak until Dareian Watkins/Krenwick Sanders/Chris Jones/George Rushing/Natrell Jamerson arrive on campus to practice.
If you are thinking about that little extra something - we are here to help! Dr. George Sanders is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Check out this post from my archive: George Sanders film festival and Cream of Asparagus soup
The have made a lovely post about George Sanders VC on their timeline
George Sanders, Actor: All About Eve. George Sanders was born of English parents in St. Petersburg, Russia. He worked in a Birmingham textile mill, in the tobacco business and as a writer in advertising. He entered show business in London as a chorus boy, going from there to cabaret, radio and theat…
APRIL 25th - BACK IN THE DAY 330 years ago . . . In 1684, a patent was granted for the THIMBLE. 140 years ago . . . In 1874, Guglielmo Marconi, the man who invented RADIO, was born in Bologna, Italy. 86 years ago . . . In 1928, the FIRST SEEING-EYE DOG was presented to one Morris Frank, who was blinded during a young ruffian rumble in high school. 70 years ago . . . In 1944, the UNITED *** COLLEGE FUND was incorporated. A mind is a terrible thing to waste . . . 58 years ago . . . In 1956, "Heartbreak Hotel", by ELVIS, hit 42 years ago . . . In 1972, GEORGE SANDERS, the incomparable voice of the tiger Shere Khan in Disney's animated "Jungle Book", O.D.'d on sleeping pills at the age of 65. His suicide note read, in part, quote, "Dear World: I am leaving because I am bored. I am leaving you with your worries in this sweet cesspool." (George killed himself shortly after making a British zombie biker flick called "Psychomania". Some people say it was doing that movie . . . and seeing what had become of ...
TODAY'S DEATHS | In 1972, George Sanders died on this date in Castelldefels, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.
Sen Bernie Sanders: Why are Democrats accepting unlimited funding MILLIONS+ from Billionaire George Soros?
On this date in 1972, actor George Sanders died. He was bored to death.
imagine my disappointment when I saw George Saunders and not the reanimated corpse of George Sanders
25th April 1972 George Sanders, actor, died. During WW2 Sanders is said to have declared:
April, 25 1972. Death of George Sanders, English actor and singer (b. 1906)
I just learned that will come at the XX Rock al Parque...George Kollias & Karl Sanders God of Middle Eastern... \m/
George Sanders has decided that this is the best costume for the day.
Ray Milland as Lucifer was the most terrifically gleeful casting choice of the 20th Century, along with George Sanders as Addison DeWitt.
WATCH Damian Lillard star in our new adidas commercial "No Rings" with Karl Malone, C-Webb, LT and Barry Sanders!
Not to mention George Sanders, who I first saw as Mr. Freeze on the '60s Batman TV show.
George Sanders was the voice. So amazing in that role.
actually I was thinking of George Sanders (Shere Kahn in the original Jungle Book) how did Tony Jay die?
BNP and UKIP wouldn't want George in England seeing as he was Turkish. He never came here anyway lol. Should be Oswald.
The St George's Day event took place in at the weekend, check out the pics!
I think I'm going with George Steven Sanders so I can call him "Stevey G"
Paul George, Demarcus Cousins, Eric Bledsoe, Larry Sanders, Greg Monroe all could have been drafted by the Sixers
Paul asked for him last game they ain't wanna put George hill on Carroll idk y, either him or Stephenson gone have to step up
“George Washington grew marijuana in his garden.”
George Sanders and Lucy in publicity photo for Lured, 1947.
Apr 21 1957 says her routine is factual: her American is her Brit is George Sanders..
Photo: Stellar Vintage George Sanders in a tuxedo, with Zsa Zsa Gabor in white opera gloves, fur wrap...
Photoset: errolflynns: A flip book of George Sanders in “Love is News” (1937)
George sanders having a sleep over in the oakeood
George Sanders is my fave. He's an absolute Lad
The countdown has begun to the Heart & Stroke Walk! Watch the '13 video by George Sanders
After watching Rebecca again, must get a copy of George Sanders' Memoirs of a Professional Cad
Trailer for Samson and Delilah (1949) starring Hedy Lamarr, Victor Mature, George Sanders and Dame Angela Lansbury:
Alfred Hitchcock's "Rebecca" (1940) Starring Laurence Olivier, Joan Fontaine, George Sanders, Judith Anderson. I watched this film again last night, and while it is not quite a noir...I was completely fascinated, and at the same time, totally frightened by Mrs. Danvers! Judith Anderson's portrayal is amazing! So cold and calculating...I don't know that I have ever seen a woman's face portray such wicked contempt? She is just downright evil personified - in that role! The only woman I can think of that comes close is perhaps Peggy Cummin in Gun Crazy, but she didn't scare me like Judith Anderson! I watched this before I went to sleep last night...I wouldn't recommend that! Hitchcock's take on Mrs. Danvers is that she was a true psychopathic personality (his speciality), a bit different from the book. Would love to hear your thoughts everyone! Thanks so much!
Events March 29 1951 -A good year :) Actor/dancer/singer Fred Astaire was right at home in his tuxedo as he hosted the 23rd Annual Academy Awards. The big party was thrown at the RKO Pantages Theater in Los Angeles. Best Picture (of 1950) was All About Eve (“It’s all about women --- and their men!”), produced by Darryl F. Zanuck. It won six Oscars in all, including Best Supporting Actor for George Sanders, Best Director and Best Writing/Screenplay for Joseph L. Mankiewicz; Best Costume Design/Black-and-White for Edith Head and Charles Le Maire; and Best Sound/Recording (20th Century-Fox Sound Dept.). All About Eve also was nominated eight other times. The Best Actor award went to José Ferrer for Cyrano de Bergerac and the Best Actress was voted to be Judy Holliday for Born Yesterday. Best Supporting Actress was Josephine Hull for Harvey. Best Music/Song prizes were awarded to Ray Evans and Jay Livingston for the Nat King Cole classic, Mona Lisa, from Captain Carey, U.S.A.. 1848 - For the first time ...
Rage in Heaven by James Hilton (who also wrote Goodbye, Mr. Chips) was originally published in London in 1925 as The Dawn of Reckoning. This tale of destructive jealousy was made into a film noir in 1941 starring Robert Montgomery, Ingrid Bergman, and George Sanders as three sides of a triangle. This Avon issue is from 1943 and does not attempt to cash in on the film perhaps due to its tepid reception with both critics and the movie going public. Apparently Montgomery was feuding with the studio and decided to just read his lines in a deadpan manner and not act. I’ve found the cover art credited to an A. Gonzales but beyond that I’m in love with the execution and stumped.
If it's being reported by the Jets beat that the Jets have interest in Sanders, I'm like 99.6% sure he won't be a Jet.
Watching Village of the Damned. Further proving I will watch anything with George Sanders! This movie may help me get over my relutance to watch The Omen with my beloved Gregory Peck!
I could listen to these voices all day long: James Earl Jones Peter Ustinov Morgan Freeman and especially, George Sanders.
The oddest of couples: George Sanders and John Huston have fun on the set of "The Kremlin Letter".
Photo: gorditosho: The hot boys from Where the Bears Are: Ian Parks, Chad Sanders, and George Unda
Incidentally, the voice for Shere Kahn (George Sanders) sounded a lot like one Benedict Cumberbatch.
Deion Sanders, Bruce Smith, Jeff George would like a word with you, Eagles fans.
DVR Pick of the Day—Fox Movie Channel, 8:40am-10am, John Brahm's fantastic Hangover Square, a horror thriller of unusual dramatic intensity, told inventively and vividly both visually and with particular emphasis on sound. Like Frankenstein, it manages to evoke sympathy for its murdering monster, a tormented composer. Brahm gets a lot of the credit, as do Bernard Herrmann's extraordinary score and Joseph La Shelle's evocative cinematography, but equally important is Laird Cregar's soulful performance, which in lesser hands would have been pure hokum. All three of the film's leads met with tragic ends: Cregar suffered a heart attack after a desperate crash diet that he hoped would make him a viable leading man; George Sanders famously took his own life; and Linda Darnell, a voluptuous beauty who appeared in films by Preston Sturges, Joseph Mankiewicz, and John Ford, perished in a fire, a fate eerily foreshadowed by a truly horrific scene in Hangover Square. If you don't know this one, jump on it—it's . ...
And remember the Redskins back in 2000? Bruce Smith, Deion Sanders, Mark Carrier, Jeff George and so on.
Hey Mr. Smith: In Witness for the Prosecution, Power has an American accent. He is supposed to be British (at least, there’s nothing in the film to indicate that he isn’t), but his accent is completely American. Considering that Power was capable of donning a Brit accent—he did so fairly effectively in Lloyds of London—this does seem a bit strange. Could it be that Power was too big a star by now for MGM to cavil about minor things like accents? In September 1958, Tyrone Power was stricken with a massive heart attack while filming a dueling scene with his frequent co-star and friend, George Sanders in Solomon and Sheba. He died en route to the hospital on Saturday, November 15, 1958 (he was only 44). Cheers, Doug
sign sanders or Edelman and draft your wr with 26
Someone should ask Bernie Sanders about his Maine-Vermont-Texas nuclear waste compact with Governor George Bush.
George Sanders always struck me as more of a Bill Maher type anyway.
“George Zimmerman is signing autographs... I hate this world we live in. *** !?
Liked George Sanders with a rather phony French accent in this film. Playing a baddie of course.
Eric George, Michael Adzema and 16 others posted in Bernie Sanders admiriers.
She played a grown *** sophisticated woman and REGINA GEORGE in the same movie.
Tom Conway seemed to be overshadowed by his bro George Sanders, but he was just as gifted an actor.
When a person asks you who George Harrison is... You just end that relationship... It's over.
SB: The Lions infield starters are: Heath, Ewing, George, Ferrara, Sanders and Steiner. Pitching for the Lions is Ehlers.
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Not many bear comparison with the great George Sanders ;)
big name free agency is awesome. Remember Bruce smith, Deion Sanders, Jeff George all on the same crappy team?
foreign correspondents Great movie I like George Sanders Herbert Marshall in it!
Been deliberately dragging it out so really disappointed to have finished George Sanders's Tenth of December. More short stories required.
George Sanders has been announced as the winner of the Folio Prize
not sure but gary Merrill was married to Davis. George Sanders is the other actor. Sadly, he committed suicide in 1970's
It's aliens I tell you It's the Midwich Cuckoo crowd getting their revenge on George Sanders
Congrats! I've got The Saint with George Sanders due to arrive any day. Hooray for classic movies.
Can see the announcement being really disappointing tonight 😒
From George Sanders to Idris Elba as voice of Shere Khan in new Jungle Book Both deadly,charming,thrilling. Inspired
George Zimmerman Signs Autographs At A Gun Show: We are officially living in a world where George Zimmerma...
What's your most coveted out-of-print book? Mine is the memoirs of debonair actor George Sanders.
Jeff Carlson, George Clyde Shaw and 13 others posted in Bernie Sanders admiriers.
Watching WGC final round, wondering who's abusing D tanning bed Holly Sanders or Lee Westwood? George Hamilton is now lighter than them 😁
**NFL RUMORS**Source: Cleveland Browns have interest in Matt Schaub with Raiders / Jets. Browns showed interest in
I enjoy embarrassing photos of George Bush
All we are, George Sanders, is just another brick in the wall.
Hard to steal a scene from George Sanders, but that dog just did.
unfortunately the country loves Colonel Sanders...great chicken but not a recipe for leadership.
“These Children all seem like miniature George Sanders” isn't the whole British Empire mini George Sanders?
These Children all seem like miniature George Sanders
the lovely and talented George Sanders and a doctor admiring X-rays of embryos in Village of the Damned like they're WWII pin ups.
George Sanders had a great British voice
pregnant! It stars George Sanders.Then at 5:30PM Central is 'It-the Terror Beyond Space(yes,that's the title! lol)But don't
the ideal villain is Shere Khan from the Jungle Book voiced by George Sanders ... He attempted to corrupt innocence
. Funny, he looks just like George SANDERS.
MT “George SANDERS entertains Barbara Shelley on the set of VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED ('60). Airs at 5pm ET.
Take note, GEORGE SANDERS' fans: he's quietly excellent in the eerie 1961 British horror film VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED, today 3/8 5pm.
no! Only George Sanders should ever be Shere Khan. God rest his soul.
Good choices and point well made. George Sanders had the sexiest male voice.
The Ghost And Mrs. Muir, starring Rex Harrison, Gene Tierney, and George Sanders, is on Turner Classic Movies tonight! I challenge you to watch that movie, especially the ending, and not cry! I have split my head wide open, had a broken wine bottle go through the right ankle of my left foot, and almost out the other side, and was dragged 100 yards on the sea bed of the South China Sea, suffering a broken and dislocated shoulder, a broken sternum, and a broken clavicle, but I never cried! Now, if you were to throw violins at me from this movie, a dozen others, and ANY episode of Little House On The Prairie, I would suggest that you have your flood insurance paid up first! :)
Catching up with unseen Best Picture winners. The dishy ALL ABOUT EVE makes for two in a row with George Sanders enlivening an already well crafted film. Here he plays a gossip columnist/part Greek chorus (joining the always peppy Celeste Holm) who nastily covers the gradual upstaging of Bette Davis by fan/protégée Anne Baxter. The very young Baxter, in a role as nastily backstabbing as her one in AMBERSONS was endearing and virtuous, proves to be more than formidable opposite the intimidating Davis.
Poster for The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders (1965) starring Kim Novak, George Sanders, and Angela Lansbury.
((So…the Nostalgia Critic thinks Scar should've been a little bit like Shere Khan because…he was voiced by George Sanders? How
: Classic Sunday Coffee Question : "Red Rover, Red Rover, send X right over..." Your classic movie line-up to choose from for this old-school childhood game: Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Betty Hutton, George Sanders, Sonja Henie, *** Powell and Miriam Hopkins.
DANNY'S MOVIE REVIEWS: "THE LODGER" (1944) * Director John Brahm's atmospheric, irresistibly chilling remake of Hitchcock's silent film about the infamous Jack the Ripper, is considered by many to be better than the original film, and is one of the finest films about the legendary serial killer. A series of brutal murders begins not long after a mysterious young "medical scientist" named Slade, brilliantly played by the late Laird Cregar, who delivers a truly unforgettable bravura performance who rents a flat in the heart of London's Whitechapel district. The lovely Merle Oberon, wonderfully plays Kitty Langley, the niece of the landlord where the lodger is staying, she is completely unfazed by the Ripper's heinous crimes or the unusual, brooding man in her family's home, but a Scotland Yard inspector, John Warwick, superbly played by George Sanders who is assigned to the Ripper case interacts with Kitty to ask some questions about a murder victim who she met at the theatre where she preforms. Inspector W ...
Recently saw the movie Endless Night (1972) based on the novel by Agatha Christie and it is notable for the fact that it included in the cast George Sanders who had committed suicide five months before the release of this movie. Sanders was one actor who had played The Saint, Simon Templar when he played him in movies in the late 1930s and early 1940s. Without looking up every cast member of Endless Night, from immediate memory there have been other Endless Night castmembers who had worked with other Simon Templar actors and from memory they were: Britt Ekland – She was later a Bond girl to Roger Moore’s James Bond in The Man With The Golden Gun and appeared in Return of the Saint episode Murder Cartel in which the Saint was played by Ian Ogilvy. Peter Bowles – He was a guest star in the Roger Moore Saint series and worked with him again in The Persuaders in which Moore was a regular and Bowles a guest star. Lois Maxwell – She was of course Miss Moneypenny in the James Bond films including the Rog ...
Help me, cinema gods...I'm SO in love with Hitchcock's 'Rebecca' starring Joan Fontaine, Sir Laurence Olivier and the impeccable George Sanders airing on as we speak. Shall I say more? Oh yes, Mrs. Danvers embodied by the incredibly accurate Judith of the best to ever
Fontaine is great. Judith Anderson, George Sanders are a dream team.
FOOTBALL AIN'T THE... ticket for me today...still recovering and under the covers watching TCM 5:45pm...Hitchcock's classic.REBECCA starts...oh *** yeah...Sir Laurence Olivier, Joan Fontaine...Dame Judith Anderson...George Sanders...if you haven't seen it...try it...awessome movie...and its raining here.perfect...(y) :)
My TCM classic film picks for the week: Sunday, don't miss "Rebecca." It's not just one of Alfred Hitchcock's best films, but the 1940 murder mystery is one of the greatest movies ever made. The main reason is Joan Fontaine, who was only 23 when she shot the film, holding her own in scenes with such greats as George Sanders, Judith Anderson, and Laurence Olivier. The breathtakingly beautiful and talented Fontaine died this month at the age of 96. Don't miss this film, it is, like her, spellbinding.
"It's a lovely day today."( One of the many catchy tunes from that delightful musical " Call Me Madam.") And what a great cast; Ethel Merman, Donald O'Connor, Vera-Ellen. & George Sanders. It really is a lovely day today though. The sun is shining down from a clear blue sky. I've got to get some fresh air into my lungs with a brisk constitutional.( That's a walk by the way,) That's the only exercise I'm likely to get! I've been invited to a party tomorrow in Sheffield which I'm really looking forward to. My pal Bobby Dennis is going there too! Not much football action this afternoon but I've got my racing to enjoy on T.V. I had another winner yesterday which was very nice; "Mickie".(Richard Johnson.)(1st at 5-2.)( I lead an exciting life don't I?) A pal of mine said that he always wanted to be a doctor but he didn't have the patience.My doctor is very friendly! I went for a medical examination recently and he said " Take all your clothes off." I said " Where shall I put them?" He said "On the bed next to ...
Long before the phrase, "Sister Wives,"was coined, two of the Gabor sisters, Zsa Zsa and Magda, were both married to actor George Sanders (not simultaneously!).
George Sanders, past middle age, spryly tip-toeing through the darkened yard of some country manor house in France.
THE HORSE'S EDGE (1948): Ray Milland is a rogue detective out for revenge against the local crime kingpin, a horse (George Sanders)
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Poster for The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945) starring Angela Lansbury, George Sanders, and Hurd Hatfield.
Definitely. The British does it for me. Herbert Marshall, George Sanders, Claude Rains, Basil Rathbone. *swoontastic*
1972:Academy Award-winning actor George Sanders, the voice of Disney'sI took the speed reading course and read War and P
I'm reading The Lewis Man by Peter May and Tenth of December by George Sanders. Tempted to slip Solo by William Boyd in too
finally owns the DVD of Rossellini's VOYAGE TO ITALY, apparently yet another European film about ennui among the upper classes -- only this time around, the bored, sullen faces belong to George Sanders and Ingrid Bergman; they play a tense, rich, unhappy couple who travel to Naples (looking radiant) on a minor bit of family business, and find their marriage can't survive the strain of constant companionship. Sanders badmouthed the film until he died (his autobiography has a long, peevish chapter about working with Rossellini), but he does some of his best work under the presure of working in a near-plotless film that's all subtext and quiet strain and fighting to make conversation with a spouse whose unhappiness makes you nervous.
Starring Ingrid Bergman, George Sanders and Maria Mauban. Catherine and Alexander, wealthy and sophisticated, drive to Naples to dispose of a deceased uncle's villa. There's a coolness in their relationship and...
Any film that manages to combine bikers with George Sanders has to be doing something right.
Never give up on something you believe in, You never know, you mighither stimulating nor exciting, George Sanders
"What I regret most in my life are failures of kindness" - George Sanders (
Review of mystery THE HOUSE OF THE SEVEN GABLES (1940) with Vincent Price and the wonderful George Sanders. .
Is it a bad thing that I often find myself relating to George Sanders's famous last words?
finding out that Beaver Falls is on netflix has made my night 😄
Fact: Call Me Madam (1953) is the only full film musical that George Sanders made,Im craving something but I dont know wh
My George(named after the actor, George Sanders) resting on the postal boxes that we were about to use. Baby
Was kind of non-plussed by the first George Sanders Saint Movie though Sanders himself was great.
Who had the best voice: Claude Rains, George Sanders, Alec Guinness, or James Mason?
George Sanders voice is as swoon worthy as Ronald Colman's. I melt hearing him talk even though he usually purrs out cruelty
Wait...George Sanders and Vincent Price were BOTH in a version of House of the Seven Gables in 1940? My. God.
From what I can hear, this is where George Sanders is noshing on cold fried chicken. And that's making me hungry.
Love George Sanders saying the word "pity" w that incredibly Brit-polite way of insulting. He purrs as he condescends
Oh, that cousin of hers. George Sanders, such a cad!
I love George Sanders even as Shere Khan in The Jungle Book
I like George Sanders but HATE HIM in this... He's so "oily"
George Sanders gives her a run for her money.
One of my favorite demonic duos: Danny (Judith Anderson) and Jack Favell (George Sanders)
In "Bel Ami" Robert Pattinson tries to play a role performed by George Sanders in 1945. Not a chance.
Fact: George Sanders got involved in acting when a secretary in the same adviday?" "No, I'm expensive!"
Just when Rebecca can't get any weirder or more intriguing, enter George Sanders... through the window! .
In Louisiana we don't bet on football games ,,, We bet on whether aither stimulating nor exciting, George Sanders
George Sanders told everyone 20 years in advance he would commit suicide...and he did!
Why.. My my, I'm so lucky to find a copy of a Barbara Stanwyck film with Gary Merrill and George Sanders! :D :D
I love you as much as pooh bear loves his honey ;) All About Eve (1950), but George Sanders was cast instead,
George Sanders reading Baudelaire in Albert Lewin’s 1945 adaptation of Oscar Wilde ...
Dandy Nichols, Angela Lansbury, George Sanders...yes, all the greats were in it...they still speak in hushed tones about me
LURED is on TCM right now! Love this movie. Lucille Ball, George Sanders, a creep-tastic Boris Karloff. What more could you want?
Never heard of '47 Sirk film LURED w/ George Sanders, Lucille Ball, Charles Coburn, Boris Karloff, but it's on TCM next.I'm setting the DVR.
mystery about a London serial killer, w as the plucky heroine, up against George Sanders, Charles Coburn, Boris Karloff.
To those of you who are Cheryl Strayed and George Sanders fans, and who love to write (and/or create ANY meaning...
How about if it's a remake of VOYAGE TO ITALY with Batman as Ingrid Bergman and Superman as George Sanders?
James Mason - one of the greatest voices ever. Right up there with Herbert Marshall, George Sanders, Claude Rains & Charles Laughton.
Just wondering, why do some people refer to suicide as taking the easy way out? It doesn't seem that easy to me. Also, wondering why some people refer to it derisively or as if the person who did it was weak or some kind of coward. Off the top of my head: Brian Keith, George Sanders, Junior Seau, Don Cornelius and Richard Farnsworth all died by their own hand. None of those people seem particularly weak or cowardly to me. Not looking for an argument or debate, just something for you to ponder and comment on if you want to.
"Journey to Italy" (1954) was shallow but beautiful. Directed by the father of the Italian neorealism movement, Roberto Rossellini, this film has been cited by titans of cinema like François Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard as the film that kickstarted the French New Wave movement. Despite being an Italian film, it's also an English-language film, starring American megastars Ingrid Bergman and George Sanders. A flawed film, but simultaneously innovative, gorgeous and important to the history of cinema. Definitely one to see. Rating: B+ "Cold Mountain" (2003) was a quality American Civil War period piece directed by Anthony Minghella ("The English Patient" and "The Talented Mr. Ripley"). The mega-cast includes: Jude Law, Nicole Kidman, Renée Zellweger, Natalie Portman, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Donald Sutherland, Charlie Hunnam, Giovanni Ribisi, and Brendan Gleeson. Lacking any serious depth or substance, but also very entertaining, and featuring a couple really fantastic scenes that could make nice vignettes ...
Happy Birthday to Oscar-winning Russian-born British actor George Sanders (1906-1972) - one of Hollywood's finest character actors who took his own life aged he had confided he would do to fellow actor David Niven back in 1937! His brother, Tom Conway, was also an actor and sported a very similar physique and voice; Sanders was also once married to actresses Benita Hume and Zsa Zsa Gabor.
.Love Dylan Moran. Reminds me of George Sanders if he were reincarnated as a hobo waif
Happy Father's day to all the great father's I know out here: Joshua Colvin, Jeremy Jackson, Kevin McGowan, Corey Lewis, Aquila Riggins, Cephas Riggins, Kevin Jackson, Josh Winn, Jamal Randle, Jamal Carrington, Travis Milton, Reggie Gilmon, Le'Ray Winn, Yung Fleetwood, George Sanders, Carlus Gatson, Derrick Walker. And even new fathers and fathers to be that are great men and fathers already Matt Henderson, and my kinfolk Alfred Charles Carter III... if I missed anyone charge it to my brain not my heart.. and I don know why some of these name didn't tag cause I know yall my friends on here! Lol
From: Walter Farrell Sent: Thursday, June 13, 2013 To: Leon Todd; Reuben Harpole, George Sanders, Chris Johnson Subject: Dollar Tree, Black Political Power, and the Milwaukee Black Community's Weakness Per my earlier email, the Dollar Tree decision is but another example of the inability of Black Milwaukee to exercise control over its destiny. There is little vigilance by the community or its elected officials over the policies that impact the Black quality of life. Push back only occurs after the fact by Black politicians (in this case a Common Council member) when she spoke up to keep her constituents from turning on her as they nearly did in the aftermath of the death of Derek Williams and the Fire and Police Commission controversies. But the recall will soon no longer be an option as a bill is quickly moving through the Wisconsin legislature that will make it more difficult, if not impossible, for any elected official to be recalled. Walker has already committed to signing it. At the three levels of g ...
Stunned to see a young and vivacious Elena Verdugo (who IS still alive!), as a Tahitian maiden, in an almost ingenue breakout role with George Sanders in the Moon and Sixpence. Does anyone still read Somerset Maugham? I loved him for a time. Must revisit.
Dance News: A Hollywood movie with more Egyptian belly dancing than any movie made in Egypt in the last ten years, including a "Silver Age" belly dance star, an authentic Afro-Egyptian belly dancer, and an Egyptian belly dance music sound track with great drumming. What it is? The 1963 MGM gangster flick "Cairo," starring George Sanders, featuring early footage of Nahid Sabri, who was classed as "one of the three top dancers in the Middle East" by Aramco World Magazine's 1971 article on belly dance, as well as unique -- to my knowledge -- footage of a stunning Black belly dancer identified in the credits as Aziza Hassan. Is Aziza's performance a "veil dance"? a "drum solo"? -- whatever, she makes it work; she's obviously a highly experienced, photogenic, first-rate dancer. That being the case -- who IS she? I have an extensive collection of Egyptian entertainment magazines from the mid-40s through mid-90s (after which "belly dance" news virtually disappeared from the media), containing hundreds of a ...
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