George Saitoti & Mutula Kilonzo

George Saitoti (1945 – 10 June 2012) was a Kenyan politician, businessman and American and British-trained economist, mathematician and development policy thinker. Mutula Kilonzo is a Kenyan politician and Senior Counsel, currently serving as Minister of Education after having previously served as the Minister for Nairobi Metropolitan and justice and constitutional affairs He belongs to the Orange Democratic Movement-Kenya and was elected to represent the Mbooni Constituency. 5.0/5

George Saitoti Mutula Kilonzo Moses Wetangula George Thuo Tom Mboya John Michuki Robert Ouko Pio Gama Pinto Orwa Ojode Crimes Against Humanity Uhuru Kenyatta Grand Coalition Prof George Saitoti Wangari Maathai Maina Kiai Kijana Wamalwa Senator Moses Wetangula

Raila was to meet Ntimama b4 he died, Jacob Juma, Mutula Kilonzo, George Saitoti nd had a lunch date with Fidel. . Be Warned!
Sometimes I think of Thuo, Mutula Kilonzo, George Saitoti & his assistant and that Mp of Gatundu same guy did them in.
SIX MEMBERS OF THE ICC SUB-COMMITTEE During the Grand Coalition government, six members of the cabinet were appointed to sit in the established ICC sub-committee to spearhead matters PEV in liason with the Hague court at Netherlands namely: 1. Mose Masika Wetangula-now leader of minority in the Senate 2. Amason Kingi-now Governor Kilifi 3. Mutula Kilonzo (dead) 4. Amos Wako-now Senator Busia county 5. Prof. George saitoti (dead) 6. Gerald Otieno Kajwang (Dead lying in state at Lee Funeral home) I am noting with a lot of concern that out of the six cabinet members sitting in the ICC sub-committee, three are now dead with their death sounding mysterious and so sadden. Prof. George Saitoti died in a plane crash with his assistant Minister Orwa Ojode en-route to a church fundraising in Nthiwa, Senator Mutula Kilonzo was found dead in his Maanzoni home and now Senator Gerald Otieno Kajwang after executing his senatorial duties well having robustly contributed to the police bill on the floor of the senate for 1 ...
By Nespro Alilah Nya Late Sn. Gerald Otieno Kajwang'; a victim of digitally hightened assassination and not cardiopulmonary arrest. Circumstances surrounding Kajwang' s death are a showcase to a post-modern assassination rather than cardiac arrest. The late Homa Bay' s Senator' s hard stance on opposition to Jubilee( He was the only uncompromised Odinga' s spanner boy), and a member of Legal-Expertise Committee (LEC) on Kenya' s ICC cases; a pannel of which George Saitoti and Mutula Kilonzo (both of whom were brutally killed) were members, may have led to his poisoning. The avancular crooks may have staged this assassination in Kikuyu town where the late Kajwang' was an official guest following his role as a leader of Senate' s Road' s Committee. He might have been exposed to low contents of Sodium Cyanide in a drinking water that later triggered weakness, giddines, vertigo that he claimably complained about to the doctor at Mater. He "was" later exposed to acute strychnine-cyanide poisoning that led to h ...
Gerald Otieno Kajwag is the 3rd Grand Coalition minister who sat in the icc cabinate subcommittee to die afta George Saitoti and Mutula Kilonzo now who is next. R.I.P mapambano...
He becomes the third Grand Coalition minister who sat in the ICC Cabinet subcommittee to die after George Saitoti and Mutula Kilonzo.
Plus the attempt on Hon Wetangula's life recently ""Mutula. Kilonzo, George Saitoti,Otieno. Kajwang"history makers"
NOTE TO MAINA NJENGA OF MUNGIKI The notorious genocide suspect and dictator Uhuru Kenyatta is trying to cover his tracks related to 2007/08 Post Election Violence as his Crimes Against Humanity case approaches in October at the ICC. Needless to say, you, Maina, know too much about Uhuru and his association with Mungiki should it come to spilling the beans. You also know you can be a very valuable ICC witness and that's why you are dangerous to Uhuru. That's the MAIN reason some people want you dead. Make no mistake, I don't approve of what you did to Kenyans with Mungiki. I only want you to tell the truth about Uhuru; don't take secrets to the grave like George Saitoti, Mutula Kilonzo, or Juja MP George Thuo. These are your options: start making your coffin or run fast to the American Embassy in Nairobi and request for asylum. Your bullet proof vest may not protect you next time.
Dear, Nairobi Gorvernor,Kenyan rescured themselves by voting in the new katiba and all Kenyan are working towards that hence no need to lecture Kenyans on whom to work along with.Kindly tread carefully in the political arena,bearing in mind the likes of Dr Robert Ouk, J M Karioki, Kones / Laboso,Tom Mboya, Pro. George Saitoti/ Orwa Ojode Sirkal, Thuo, Mutula Kilonzo and many many others. Remember they saying that in this Arena,there is no enemy and no friend but what hapened to the names above. Iwished you had decleared forming your new paty on that day.Sir, finally note that your talks and deeds are the windows through which we gauge you and see you, be cauosious never to be used to rock your own boat from within, we love you but you are not loved parse.
Tom Mboya,Robert Ouko,JM kariuki,Argwings Kodhek,Pio Gama Pinto,Bishop Alexander Muge,Cripsine Odhiambo Mbai,George Saitoti and Ojode,Mutula Kilonzo,Mugabe Were and many more, will we ever Know what happened??
Think how heaven will b ; the best trees Wangari Maathai went 2 plant , the best songs Angella Chimbaloza went 2 sing, best of all there will be no Al shabab coz George Saitoti & Orwa Ojonde walitangulia.No overspeedng coz John Michuki yuko.No tuition coz Mutula Kilonzo ashafika ..Wot a wonderful place 2 b?Plz mek sure u will b there by seeking the face of the LORD n keeping His commandments
Maina Kiai says UHURU and RUTO want to kill WETANGULA like late GEORGE SAITOTI and MUTULA KILONZO. Saturday January 18, 2014 - Civil society scavenger, Maina Kiai, has now broken his long silence by saying the Jubilee Government wants to assassinate Bungoma Senator, Moses Wetangula, the same way they assassinated late Prof George Saitoti and Mutula Kilonzo. In his master piece which was published by one of the major dailies in Kenya on Saturday, Maina, who also a United Nations Special Rapporteur, claimed that Wetangula, Saitoti, and Kilonzo, were selected to head the sub-committee on International Criminal Court (ICC) after the Ocampo 6 were confirmed in year 2010. The sub-committee was tasked to advice the Government on how to respond to the then new development facing the country. Also in the subcommittee were Siaya Senator James Orengo, Kilifi Governor, Amason Kingi and Homabay Governor Otieno Kajwang. Maina who is a Harvard trained lawyer argues that Orengo, Kingi and Kajwang were never allowed to t ...
The PNU subcomittee on ICC was composed of George Saitoti,Mutula Kilonzo and Moses Wetangula, all then belonged to the inner circle of power coincidentally all due to differences got outside with Mutula later openly supporting ICC against the same people they sought to protect, Wetangula likewise,Mutula and Saitoti died mysteriously,Saitotis death according to Mutahi Ngunyi was assasination superbly executed, if its true the aim is to eliminate all the three I fear for Wetangula, he has no option but to work overtime on his safety, does he have the capacity to kill the killer before the killer kills him and claims his car hit a billboard? Me thinks every assasination target should seek a *** for tat capability...hate the fates of Tom Mboya, JM,Ouko,Mbai et al...
Moses Wetangula, Mutula Kilonzo and George Saitoti were the original members of the cabinet sub committee on ICC representing PNU. Being close to power, they had access to more information than their ODM counterparts. Saitoti and Mutula have died in rather mysterious circumstances. Wetangula, be very afraid. -- Maina Kiai
2 reasons wy Wetangula is a target for assassination 1. Moses Masika Wetangula was an insidr n the PNU administration n they were members of a high powered team dat was in-charge of ICC mattrs n Kibaki's govt havin bcome an enemy 2 the perpetrators of the acts,he's the only surviving individual aftr the mysterious deaths of George Saitoti n Mutula Kilonzo,all of thm jumped ship to the enemies camp, is ths nt enough nt 2 worry our Westrn presdnt n waitin? 2.Moses Masika Wetangula has exposed the massive n irregular allocation of the govrnmental rail tendr. 3.Weta has been seen as the nxt Kijana Wamalwa n Westrn wid the ability to unify all the sub-tribes n Westrn. u r a mole workin against Luhya unity n I swear 2 my head u worth bein eliminated u r a threat, n we r watchin ur innuendos, respct each n every Sub-tribe n 4 ur information f u go n do research since indpndence the Maragoli's av always betrayd the luhya course,n t adds up as the worst community hit by poverty, t z tym we u unite n potray a dffrn ...
Kenya: The late George Saitoti, the late Mutula Kilonzo and Senator Moses Wetangula (only the three of them) were members of a powerful PNU sub-committee formed to look into the ICC cases. They handled very sensitive, incriminating information. Don't take it lightly when Wetangula tells you someone is looking for him.
Lest we forget... The 3 PNU representatives to the local Bensouda ICC panel were the late Hon. George Saitoti, the late Sen. Mutula Kilonzo and Sen. Moses Wetangula. Nuff said.
Lest you forget... The PNU cabinet representatives to the ICC Panel were Hon. George Saitoti, Hon. Mutula Kilonzo and Sen.…
THE ERA OF POLITICAL ASSASSINATIONS,IS father like son.The PNU sub-committee on ICC consisted of; (i) George Saitoti as Chair, (ii) Moses Wetangula as D/Chair and (iii) Mutula Kilonzo.. Now that the two died in unclear circumstances, could the killers of the two be the one's after Wetangula's life,and WHY?
Aha! Moses Wetangula was a member of PNU subcommittee on ICC that also included Mutula Kilonzo, George Saitoti and George Thuo! Well...?
Moses Wetangula was in P.N.U committee on 2008 Post Election Violence alongside George Saitoti,Mutula Kilonzo,Martha Karua and Amos Wako.For the sake of peace in kenya,dont Saitoti way Wetangula.
Moses Wetangula escaped unhurt when his car was yesterday shot at as he was driving home. These are just attempts by the government to silence the opposition after Wetangula revealed a ksh. 500Bn scandal in the railway tender. We are not going to let you continue taking our lives. You killed George Saitoti, Orwa Ojode, Mutula Kilonzo and now it seems you are after one of us. Enough is enough.
Prof. George Saitoti, Dr. Orua Ojode, Hon. Mutula Kilonzo and Hon. George Thou. All these patriotic Kenyans died misterious deaths. May the Almighty God grant justice to their families. It happened to them, one day it might happen to you. LIFE IS SACRED.
Uhuru Kenyattas case in ICC may not continue after three witnesses withdraw.They have been revealed as George Saitoti,Mutula Kilonzo and police imposter Waiganjo.
The 3 Key witnesses who withdrew from Uhuru's case in the ICC have been revealed. Witness No 3 George Saitoti. Witness No 11 Mutula Kilonzo and witness No 12 George Thuo. Swali? Case won. No kenyan was killed it was all faked. Kenya
For the last half of Kenya I feared Moi while he ruled, I drank Maziwa ya Nyayo in Prima, I at least boarded a train for the first time, I travelled the great road to Kabarnet-Iten, I saw the rule of three presidents, I saw the mysterious deaths of people I knew since childhood..Prof. George Saitoti, Mr. Ngenga Karume, Mr. Kivuitu, Mutula Kilonzo among others, I participated in a referendum, saw the Thika super highway be built from scratch to completion..n soo soo much more..Indeed +254 has come a long way..
As we celebrate let's remember those who have left us Prof George Saitoti, Martin Shikuku, Mutula Kilonzo, and others
KenyaI have this begging question that needs one answer. What exactly happened to: Pio Gama Pinto, Tom Mboya, JM Kariuki, Robert Ouko, Masinde Muliro, Mbai Otieno, George Saitoti and more lately Mutula Kilonzo. Do they share a fate?
Coincidence sometimes takes its jokes too far. what is common with these Gentlemen: Bogonko Bosire, The Lates- Mutula Kilonzo, George Thuo, George Saitoti, Kipkalya Kones .?
George Saitoti was the Minister for Internal Secirity.Mutula Kilonzo..held the justice and constitutional affairs docket...and George Thuo who owned a fleet of famous buses.."citti hoppa"..all these Kenyans are regretably dead ..with the first two thought to have had access to vital information about the Kenyan ICC cases...and the last..having participated indirectly by offering his buses that ferried militia to burnt forest.and the contention comes from the fact that all of the died in unclear circumstances...i wonder who is doing away with seriuos ICC witnesses that could help find justice for post election prayer is that..when all is said and done the truth be told and the devil put to shame!!!
Kipkalya Kones, Lorna Laboso, John Michuki, Mutula Kilonzo, George Saitoti. George Thuo. They all died mysteriously or in accidents.They are also said to have had "inside information" about the Post Election Violence of 2007/2008 and were WITNESSES for prosecution or the DEFENSE. Their "sudden" deaths and "accidents" raise a lot of questions than answers.
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They took their I.C.C secrets to the Grave: 1.George Saitoti 2.George Thuo 3.Mutula Kilonzo, 4.John Michuki 5.Kipkalya Kones 6.Lorna Laboso How about non influential people who have taken their I.C.C secrets to the Grave.
Do you think The unresolved deaths if George Saitoti, Mutula Kilonzo and now George Thuo was Normal .considering that each knew something about the Icc / Hague cases. i see somebody following in his daddys footsteps .
Kipkalya Kones, Lorna Laboso, George Saitoti, George Thuo & Mutula Kilonzo never lived to tell the tale on ICC. May their souls RIP!
Saitoti,. Ojode,. Michuki,. Mutula Kilonzo. George Thuo. Who is next? Icc we need protect this people
HOW GOOD WILL HEAVEN BE!!! Wangari Mathai with her green trees,Angela Chibalonza with her uplifting worship songs,George Saitoti and Orwa Ojode with the tight security,John Muchuki wid de proper traffic rules,Mutula Kilonzo wid proper educxn policies.Meet u there!
Have your say about the new media law that our parliament has passed! If our head of armed forces had the guts to LIE about our soldiers looting in Westgate - and then fire some of the troops a few days later for the same crime, and the army head had no sanctions imposed on them; what hope do we Kenyans have in learning the true circumstances of the political assassinations of Robert Ouko, Hezekiah Oyugi, Karisa Maitha, William Munuhe, Prof. George Saitoti, Mutula Kilonzo, or Erustus Chemorei? or all this people died of natural cause? Lets try to make Kenya for Kenyans.
Hon. Chelagat Mutai: A Story Of Integrity And Dignity That Shames MP William Ruto - Kenya Today * By Dikembe Disembe I refused to mourn Mutula Kilonzo. I was saddened when George Saitoti and Orwa Ojode died in a plane crash; because no death can be so brutal like one where you stare haplessly and helplessly. Because I have an opportunity to be on a plane, the heavens can be scary, but I digress. Chelagat Mutai is dead. She is dead without much social fun-fare, the usual media hullabaloo; or, our famed bipartisan respects for the political dead. Here is a woman whose death is so distant to my generation and our apathy to history. In Marjorie Oludhe Macgoye’s Coming to Birth, the name Chelagat props up in a conversation at the M’s family where a ‘general factotum’ called Paulina feels its important for women to collect themselves and ‘riot’ over the incarceration of this ‘little kalenjin girl’, accused of inciting his constituents to forcefully invade some land grabbed at Ziwa. This is 1976; ...
REASONS   there are reasons, unidentified reasons, for which things happen, they happened in the past seasons, for unidentified reasons, they're still happening in the present season,   fro this reason, the flamboyant witty politician, Tom Mboya is dead, for this reason, unidentified,Pio Gama Pinto left, never to return, for this same reason,J.M Kariuki is dead, for this reason, unidentified,Robert Ouko is dead and gone, investigations have been done but no conlcuding report,   for this alleged political reason,still unidentified,the Lion of Mbooni, the distinguished law maker,Mutula Kilonzo is resting in peace, for this unidentified reason,Prof. of Mathematics, George Saitoti is dead, and for the same mysterious reason, Hon.O.Ojode also left us, for this mysterious reason, former Ainamoi M.P, David Kimutai was shot dead,   for similar reasons, the prominent political figure, was erased, parmanently from the political picture, as he was coming from His Dornhorm Home, for this reason,Alexander Muge is ...
Accordining to you, Who killed Senator Mutula Kilonzo? — whoever killed Hon.George Saitoti for political reasons...
George Saitoti, Amason Kingi, Moses Wetangula, Mutula Kilonzo worked closely with the ICC.
What do George Saitoti and Mutula Kilonzo's deaths have in common apart from their being wealthy politicians?
Mutula Kilonzo's death is still puzzling me . Reminds me of the death of Bernard Kimeli, George Saitoti and several others.
Word has it that ICC Witness No.4 was George Saitoti and No.6 was Mutula Kilonzo. I feel for Witness No.5. Poor fella:-/
wo! George Saitoti now Mutula Kilonzo why the bright, brilliant and dedicated sons of Kenya? we will greatly miss you
John Michuki, George Saitoti and Mutula Kilonzo are some of the politicians who have passed on and their deaths have truly saddened me! featured in NBC s Science of Love
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