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George P. Bush

George Prescott Garnica Bush (born April 24, 1976) is an attorney, U.S. Navy Reserve officer and real estate developer.

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Somebody just made it to HTOWN. . Here we go. @ George Bush
He added that Bill Clinton was a better president than George W Bush bc Bush increased government spending.
next campaign will be Chelsea and George P Bush the American crime royalty families
When I say drop your pants and show me the moon, I'm not just whistling Dixie!
You know it's GOOD if even George W. Bush had dinner at a black restaurant in Harlem. Or he had…
do you know who George Bush SR Dad was? jebs Grandpa P? it's 9 min but if you get the chance ➡
"The US does not torture people" George W Bush. CIA ​torture program: victims' lawsuit can move forward, judge says
Sitting behind the Resolute Desk. I could get used to this. :D @ George W. Bush Presidential Center
.El Lobo. George Herbert Bush learned his craft from being the Director of the CIA in 1976, when he was in charge Cambodia fund, Pol P
Views on North America from the Governor's Mansion to the White House: A Conversation with President George W. Bush
These George H. W. Bush socks are made out of the actual big tent they used to keep the GOP in…
Pretty honored to perform for former president George Bush tonight. All shouts to ckbmusik for…
they want to ride this one out next time put up Georg…
Former President George Bush at the 22nd Celebration of Reading…
So my flight got delayed for 3 hours 😀😀😀😧 So Star Wars it is 😄 @ Houston's George HW Bush…
How about this: Trump Jr and George P. Bush duking it out for the nomination.
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Rare maps acquired by Texas General Land Office: Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush is pleased to announce...
Gosh.they say they come in threes :( @ Houston's George HW Bush…
Remember this? George Bush: 'God told me to end the tyranny in Iraq' Apparently his "god" requires human sacrifice
Tony Blair's promise to George Bush: count on us on Iraq war
That's one adorbz butthole for P-Fyfe, one hella cig for George Bush
Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush due to make stop in San Antonio Thursday:
"I like a colorful sock. I'm a sock man." -George H W Bush
S/o to gerber for noticing how handsome my lil man Tez2 is 💯 @ George Bush
Saying goodbye to my mom before her trip to Vietnam. 👋👋👋 @ George Bush Intercontinental Airport
I'm back in the city , back in the city . @ George Bush Intercontinental Airport
IAH ✈️ IST and in his happy place @ George Bush Intercontinental Airport
Last bite of ... 7 hours to @ Houston's George HW Bush Intercontinental Airport
George P. Bush, your challenge has been accepted. I challenge Dr. Donna Campbell. Every day 22 Veterans commit...
it should be noted, Jebs son, George P Bush endorsed Cruz for the senate. Cruz/Rubio=Bush surro…
By bthemoo on Instagram: I'm at George Bush Houston Intercontinental Airport today for a p…
Later Houston, see y'all on Friday! To Charlotte I go. @ George Bush Intercontinental Airport
Join us in Austin with Special Guest George P. Bush! -
TX Land Comm. George P. Bush "The Alamo is not just part of our past - it's part of our future."
Open house at 1228 George Bush Blvd, Delray Beach this Saturday April 2nd starting at 12:00.
Bush son George P. TX Land Commissioner supporTed Cruz in Senate but silence non-endorsement as president.
.Protecting coastal residents "should be a priority of the highest order."
At Energy Thought Summit in pledges coastal protection |
George P Bush pledges coastal protection, but what does that mean?
Three years ago today, I was lucky enough to sit in George HW Bush's desk. The best part was…
Coastal protection emerging as a priority for the next legislative session in Texas.
Hey where was George Bush on 9/11? Reading a book in Florida to school kids you *** ! FYI Brussels is in Europe.
One name Honorable Geraldine Ferraro with a V.P debate with George Bush in 1984.
Owner operator who operates. The inside is wallpapered with his kids photos. @ George Bush
Rise of the Vulcans: The of Bush's War Cabinet When George W. Bush Campaigned for
Thank you very much!. Can we do something regarding alligators on beaches since the rains?. P Bush
George P. Bush Pledges Coastal Protection: Protecting the Texas coast will be his priority during… |
George P. Bush pledges to shore up the shore (ha) during Energy Thought Summit this afternoon:
George P Bush says government needs to embrace distributive technologies to better manage resources
George P. Bush speaking now at 2016 Energy Thought Summit in Austin, discussing General Land Office.
At Energy Thought Summit in Austin, TX. George P Bush about to speak, TX Gen Land Office Comm.
With his dad out of the presidential race, George P Bush keeps quiet on the candidates, via :
Where's George P. Bush in the Texas endorsement game, (and I'm sure wonders:
I once joked about a George P. Bush/Tim Tebow GOP ticket winning the White House one day. Maybe it won't be a joke.
Jeb Bush has endorsed Ted Cruz, but where's son George P. Bush? on a surprising silence:
Will George P. Bush stay on the sidelines in the presidential race? |
Will stay on the sidelines in the presidential race?
Please read fellow Texans. Government getting into land right. P Bush
Obi-Wan Kenobi, George P. Bush is now the Bush family's only hope. Or maybe Billy Bush or Sophia Bush too, not sure.
If Jeb Bush's campaign dies this weekend, it is still not the end of the Bush dynasty. His son George P. Bush is a senior official in Texas.
No really--why even wait until they're dead? Spare GHWB & Bar, they seem nice. But lock George P. Bush in the Tomb of the P…
The 4 potential VPs that George P. Bush floated today: and
Don't forget about George P. Bush, one of Jeb's kids, elected to Texas Land Commissioner last Nov.
George P. Bush closest family members are murderers.
Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush pens op-ed in "I'm keeping my word to Texans":
Uh oh! Less than a year in office as Land Commissioner & George P. Bush (kid) is already in trouble.
George P. Bush ‘reboot’ of land office has campaign, family ties
NEWS: George P. Bush has hired at least 29 politically-connected ppl w/out advertising the openings as law requires: h…
George P. Bush is there because of his last name. Jerry Patterson did a great job running the office, Bush undoing it.
Is George P. Bush gone half the time? No, not really: Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush is aggressively p...
George P. Bush, son of Jeb and Texas Land Commissioner, is in the audience, probably picturing himself on stage in 2020 or 2024.
Problem with Christie move: The audience is Ivanka Trump, George P. Bush and a lot of wealthy Southern Californian Republicans.
Looks like Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush is at the debate cheering on his dad, Jeb
Land Commissioner George P. Bush steps up on coastal storm surge protection
Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush comes under fire over his work schedule:
George P. Bush pushes back on report that he's shirking state duties ...: Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush…
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Austin American-Statesman Is George P. Bush neglecting his duties as Texas Land Commissioner
Despite vow to focus on land commissioner job, George P. Bush missed 23 of first 50 work days after dad entered race h…
George P. Bush helps celebrate El Paso's home for vets: Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush, scion of one of…
I couldn't get over the symmetry this leaf had. @ George Bush Park
Is it just me or does Ted Cruz sound like Dana Carvey's impersonation of George H W Bush?
The 2016 GOP candidates are so out of touch they make George W. Bush look good.
actually Rachel,Jebs'1st born George P.Bush was born prior2Jebs wife becoming a US Citizen,so,what does that make GP&Noelle,Rachel?
We will be celebrating the opening of Jeb's Cedar Rapids office with his son and current Texas Land Commissioner,... htt…
Delta! Get it together. We are adults. @ George Bush Intercontinental Airport
Great to see PCA Alum Aaron DeLeon on assignment with George P. Bush...
Jeb Bush is hugging the wrong President George
Starting off the trip my way. Hopadillo and Greek yogurt. @ George Bush Intercontinental Airport
George P Bush threw out the first pitch yesterday at the stros
US election 2016: George W. Bush pitches in for Jeb: George W. Bush makes rare intervention into p... (Telegraph)
"‘Anchor babies’ isn’t offensive" Jeb'd better check in with his wife Columba Garnica Gallo or son, George P. Bush.
I have visited the Reagan, Nixon and now George W. Bush libraries. I would like to visit them all.…
Delay is almost over.almost there! @ George Bush Intercontinental Airport
Evangelical president next time around? Let's not do that.
"George W. Bush: Added $5.849 trillion, a 101% increase to the $5.8 trillion debt level at the end of.".
Fun morning spent with Members of at the George W. Bush Library…
And we're off to the races to in my 52PICKUP shirt by my boy @ George Bush
when this guy didn't want to get deported. @ George Bush
Jeb Bush wants “a new arrangement with Silicon Valley” to ease crypto >>also reintroduces George Ws
George P Bush is in Cedar Rapids campaigning for his brother today. I only imagine he's the Cooper Manning equivalent of the Bush family.
WELCOME HOME 2 IOWA, GEORGE P. BUSH, for your Dad's Opening of his Office - JEB 2016! As Chair of Linn County I am PROUD to WELCOME U HOME!
If you're in the Hawkeye State, sign up to be there! >>
So glad to be home!! @ George Bush Intercontinental Airport
Here's a P.S. on a letter I wrote to George W Bush back in the day.
George P. Bush threw out the first pitch. It's like I can't escape them.
A little XFiles moment for Thursday! :-D Cue dancing & smiling & THANK GOD George Bush still isn't on the wall! :-P
Check out my new blog: TribCast: Sid Miller, George P. Bush, Confederate Statues by The Texas Tribune
Can you support this No Cuts to Bush Residential Centre petition please? We the undersigned appeal to the Mayor...
people outside Bristol who want to sign Campaign petition please sign this
Land Commissioner George P. Bush of in the house -- La Villa City Hall -- for the East Lateral project.
Headline: "Can George P. Bush help Jeb win the White House?" . No. No, he can't.
All kidding aside, rising GOP star George P. Bush hopes he can help propel father Jeb to the White House:
George P. Bush in Las Vegas: 'The Hispanic agenda is the American agenda'. Well I guess us *** better pack up and move on right George.
Ash Wright, representing the General Land Commissioner of Texas, George P. Bush, escorted …
President George W. Bush with Commissioner George P. Bush discussing 41 at the premiere of ENGAGE at the Bush Center htt…
(Truthstream “If there was hope, it MUST lie in the proles… The Party could not be overthrown from within.” -George Orwell, 1984 Rand Paul’s quiet backing to the tune of millions by Machiavellian operative Karl Rove and his public association with George P. Bush and other establishment GO…
George P. Bush echoes his father Jeb in criticism of Obama's
And that's the VLB too! George P. Bush sworn in as 28th Texas Land Commissioner
Great words from Texas Land Commissioner and VLB Chairman George P. Bush. Texas is forever in our hearts.
George P. Bush sworn in as Texas Land Commissioner
Herbert Walker Bush, George W. Bush, Jeb Bush, George P. Bush: is the US turning into a monarchy?!
Coverage of today's swearing-in new Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush
George P. Bush sworn in: "As Texans, we all drink from a well that we didn’t dig with our own 2 hands" via
George P. Bush assumes office as Texas Land Commissioner and chief custodian of the Alamo at 10 a.m. Friday.
So excited about 2016 Jeb vs Hillary, but have tingles up my leg over the 2024 Chelsea Clinton vs George P. Bush
More Staff Appointments from Sid Milller, George P. Bush and Ken Paxton: Texas Agriculture Commissioner-elect Sid Miller has named current Director of the Wyoming Department of Agriculture Jason Fearneyhough to serve as deputy commissioner of agriculture and 2nd in command at the Texas Department of Agriculture. Fearneyhough has submitted his resignation to Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead and will be leaving the office he has held for five and a half years. Commissioner-elect George P. Bush today announced a major addition to the office of the General Counsel at the Texas General Land Office. Former Texas State Representative and experienced trial attorney Aaron Peña, Jr. will serve as the Director of Litigation in the office of the General Counsel. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) announced on Wednesday that two of his staffers had accepted leading positions in the Office of the Texas Attorney General, taking the opportunity to follow in his footsteps and serve their home state. Scott Keller, Cruz’s Chief Counsel, . ...
THE TRUTH CAN BE A VERY DANGEROUS THING,ESPECIALLY IN AMERIKKKA! Ren'e Upshaw wrote:This history brings US to today. See how it manifests in OUR Lives right now. It keeps being played out over and over. . "Young Americans have understandably responded to this with massive passive resistance, refusing to learn anything at all about the past. And that's fine with the people running things. Their first choice would be to have kids opening each school day with a hymn to the Rockefellers and ExxonMobil, but failing that they'd rather students know nothing. If kids knew how and why George W. Bush invaded Iraq in 2003, they might ask questions in 2031 when George P. Bush invades Iceland. Almost everyone in high school hates history, and they should. Just 7% of U.S. students say history is their favorite subject, and considering how schools grind American history into mush, it's amazing the number's that high. It's like 7% said their favorite food is unflavored semolina. Schools accomplish this with one simple te ...
George P. Bush has been elected Texas Land Commissioner. More results:
Greg Abbott for governor, Dan Patrick for lieutenant governor and Ken Paxton for attorney general, George P. Bush for land commissioner and Glenn Hegar for controller. In most areas of the city, clouds failed to deliver on their threat of rain as voters visited more than 1,000 polling sites. Houston…
Jeb Bush’s son, George P. Bush, said his father will “more than likely” seek the Republican nomination for a 2016 presidential run.
George P. Bush speaks to students at PSJA North HS today
Remember when George Bush thought we had a trillion dollars to invade the country that didn't attack us on 9/11?
Says son George P. Bush didn’t consult him before telling ABC that the next-in-line Bush presidential hopeful was...
Jeb Bush's son George says his father is 'moving forward' on 2016 White House run:
Jeb Bush 'moving forward' on 2016 bid, son says
clicked, & sure it's important, but just can't read abt George P. Bush's TX land comish bid. Gonna take a wild guess he wins.
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When George P. Bush responds "I'm not a scientist" when asked about climate change, it's gone too far.
My widdle brother...😱😆 he's so cute! I love him so much! He is serving on the USS George Bush
Mickey Mantle, Derek Jeter, and George W. Bush...I love this card...2nd favorite of all time...can't…
Cows in space! And we thought all they did was paint signs about chikin! @ George Bush
Ready to party. bound!!! @ George Bush Intercontinental Airport - Houston
Daddy Jeb🏃moving forward on 2016😁We don't need no stinking Bush or Clinton💨RT"
So Jeb Bush son is George P. Bush...they love the name George
George P. Bush&how next generation of GOPers talk about climate change
Had a great visit with my friend George P Bush for TX Land Commissioner!
George P. Bush and how the next generation of Republicans talk about climate change
WASHINGTON (TheBlaze/AP) — Jeb Bush is "moving forward" on a potential 2016 White House run and it appears more likely he'll enter the Republican race, according to his son who's running for office in Texas. George P. Bush told ABC's "This Week" that his father is "still assessing" a...
Rick Perry, Ted Cruz, Jeb and George P. Bush will have election night bash w/ Pat Green. Gotta get tickets
George P. Bush says his father Jeb Bush is "seriously considering" a 2016 run
Sunday on ABC's "This Week With George Stephanopoulos," the son of former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL), George P. Bush said it's more than likely that he'll run for president in 2016.
George P. Bush on whether his father, Jeb Bush, will run for the White House in 2016:
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Another Bush on the horizon? A profile of George P. Bush, Jeb’s son, now running for his first public office:
I attended the Texas Tribune Festival including this panel on Latinos and the GOP. Jason Villalba (Dallas), Jerry Morales (Midland Mayor), Aaron Pena, Hope Andrade (San Antonio), and George Antuna. Pena had nothing but kind words for Abbott and admired how well he engages with the South Texas community, etc. Pena complained about the lack of action from the federal government and said the Democratic Party is intolerant of change. He said we’re immigrants like Italians and that we live in a Democracy where majority rules. So does this mean he thinks that all of our ancestors emigrated from Europe? And, does he not know about the top 2% and how they have most of the wealth and power in this country and that the poor are getting poorer. Those on this GOP panel, along with George P. Bush, glorified Ronald Reagan. Don’t they know that he sided with the California growers’ in their fight against Cesar Chavez and the UFW. I guess they also don’t know that Reaganomics, which was the view that ...
Formally endorsed my good friend George P. Bush tonight in Ft. Worth...
Big thanks to George P. Bush for coming to visit our volunteers and young Republicans at the new Harris County...
No reason to be concerned about his neutrality: George P. Bush's campaign for TX land commissioner awash in oil $$ |
Congrats to Ryan Sitton, our next Texas Railroad Commissioner, and to all of our Republican nominees - Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, Ken Paxton, Glenn Hegar, George P. Bush, and Sid Miller. Now it's time to work together toward November!
The upcoming USA Politics is Energy Based. George Prescott Bush, the 38-year-old son of Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida, has brought the Bush dynasty into a new generation by entering his first political race this year. While the race may be low-profile, especially for someone whose uncle and grandfather both served as President of the United States, it is significant for several reasons beyond the familial name recognition. On his campaign website, George P. Bush says he aims to increase energy production and fight excessive federal regulation as land commissioner while also supporting responsible stewardship, saying that his goal for the state is for it to “once again become the energy leader of the world. Nothing more, and nothing less.”
George P. Bush quest for public office: campaign funds of $2.2M furnished by same industry he'll regulate if he wins.
Already Jeb Bush is campaigning for his own son George P. Bush who has already won the primaries.This is how Political Dynasties are created. Remember George P. Bush is the grandson of America's former president George Bush Senior.
As Passover begins and Easter approaches, all of us here at the George P. Bush campaign wish you and your families a happy and blessed Passover this evening. May the Lord bless you and yours during this Holy Week. "These are the feasts of The Lord, even holy convocations, which ye shall proclaim in their seasons." Leviticus 23:4
The little known George P. Bush (from the powerful Bush Dynasty) is rising to political power in Texas on his ‘Hispanic’ credentials. His rising star is a Trojan Horse towards stopping a “Blue State” from emerging in Texas, swinging potentially Democratic voters back to the GOP, while priming the Southwest for the immigration reforms designed by his father Jeb Bush at the Council on Foreign Relations – in turn part of the larger plan to usher in a North American Union and seize vast land areas for the planned Trans-Texas Corridor which will fast-track NAFTA-on-steroids global trade.
Please join Houston Young Republicans and the George P. Bush campaign for a beach cleanup!
Here is my friend Jose Aliaga with George P. Bush. Jose is running for Michigan State Representative for the Clarkston, Waterford and Lake Angelus area! Primary is in August 2014!
George P. Bush and the U.S. obsession with political dynasties
George P. Bush: Jeb Bush would make ‘fantastic’ President: Tony Gutierrez/ASSOCIATED PRESS It’s all in the fam...
George P. Bush: Jeb Bush would make 'fantastic' President: George P. Bush insists his dad Jeb would make a “fa...
the t-shirt George P. Bush wrapped around his hand to punch a hole through his ex-'s window in the dead of night
QA w/Russ Baker on Family of Secrets in light of George P. Bush's TX land commissioner nomination: |
Candidates Invoke Their Family Trees - Texas candidate George P. Bush, left, with his...
George P. Bush begins political career with win
Your pal Ted Cruz endorsed George P. Bush , the son of the worst republican there is Jeb Bush . You must run for President
Watch out world > "George P. Bush begins political career with win" via
the nations first primary in Texas is over - results are below. Biggest news perhaps is that George P Bush won...
People who deserve a beating today: David Dewhurst, for once again failing to be a big enough *** lunatic to win a primary election in Texas, and George P. Bush, for forgetting that his Hispanic-ness is negated by the fact that his name is George Bush. The P isn't fooling us, even if it stands for Pedro. (it's Prescott)
From the Internet: George P. Bush becomes the overwhelming favorite in November against former El Paso Democratic Mayor John Cook. John, my high school classmate, deserves this position based on his many accomplishments in Texas for the people of Texas. It is a shame that, elections may be decided based on an individual's last name, who you are related to or how much money you have. When voting, I hope the people of Texas remember how much John has done for the people of El Paso and help him win this election. It will not be the first time John has overcome significant odds to win an election. Don
Congratulations George P. Bush who has won the GOP primary for Texas Land Commissioner!
Congrads to friend, George P. Bush, on his BIG win, obtaining 75% of the vote for Repubblican Nominee for TEXAS RR Commissioner!! Blessings.
FORT WORTH, Texas — George P. Bush took the first step toward continuing his family's political dynasty Tuesday, shaking off an under-funded primary challenger and securing the Republican nomination for the little-known but powerful post of Texas Land Commissioner. The 37-year-old Fort Worth attorne...
Would love to see George P Bush playing Patrick's love interest in HBO's Looking.
George P. Bush begins political career with win son moves to Texas for election, wins big.
The next Bush wins his first nomination: George P. Bush begins political career with win
George P. Bush begins political career with win OK, so lets see what happens next...
Another George Bush but with a P. in between. Jeb's boy, good luck with winning the Texas Land Commissioner's...
Dynasty continues: George P. Bush begins his political career with easy primary victory
Just enlightened myself on George P. Bush. He's impressive. Hope he does the Bush name some good in his political career.
Congratulations to on his successful election in Texas!
George P. Bush, one of the grandchildren whom George HW once referred to as 'the little brown ones', enters politics
Bush Dynasty moves to next gen as George P. Bush secures the Rep. nomination for Texas Land Commissioner last night.
Looking forward to the big race when he faces off against Senator Chelsea Clinton...
They're spawning. Help. “George P. Bush wins GOP primary in Texas:
George P. Bush begins political career with win What does he stand for?
George P. Bush begins political career with win.
George P. Bush votes with baby son Prescott as enters political life via UGLY KID
Now there's a George P. Bush? Ugh...where do they keep coming from?
There's a George P. Bush running for president? The nephew of George W
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Is George P. next in the Bush dynasty? (via
George P Bush, son of Jeb, won a statewide election in TX yesterday. That means he'll run for gov in 18 and prez in 2024.
Watch out for George P Bush. He's a Latino Bush. Basically, you couldn't make a better Conservative candidate in a lab
Baby's first ballot! George P. Bush debuts son Prescott as he...
Be afraid, be very afraid: in Texas yesterday Republicans chose George P. Bush (yep, nephew of George W. and son of Jeb) to run for (and win) land comissioner in his debut into politics. Land comissioner is very powerful in Texas. Just watch him climb the ranks to the oval office.
Just when you think the world is starting to wise up... Texas elects George Bush's nephew as land commish. P is for Prescott
The next George Bush -- George P. -- won easily in Texas last night. Here's our profile of him:
Congrats to all you Texans who voted for the RINO's. George P. Bush? What can you tell me about him? I'll bet it's name recognition and that's all. Cornyn? He's Polar opposite of Ted Cruz, we've got him joining John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell voting with the Left for the next 6 years.. You dumb low information voters have made Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, Chuck You Schumer, and company very very happy. Way to go you f'ing dummies!
I love that people act shocked that George P. Bush or Cornyn won. It amuses me that that much emotional effort was put into races that were determined months ago.
WHILE YOU WERE ASLEEP. Snow, 1-2 inches forecasted for the area. Flurries to end Wednesday morning, partly cloudy, temps in the low 20's. Currently 15 degrees. US Obama and Russia Putin at odds, blaming each other for Ukraine woes. Texas kicks off election season with primary, George P. Bush advances. Great Lakes water level rebounds after 2013, raises nearly 2 feet after experiencing lows since the late 1990's. National Guard unit returns home to Madison from six month stint in Africa, Sargent proposes to girlfriend, he was shot down at the airport. Just kidding, she said yes!
Addressing more than 100 supporters, George P. Bush accepted the Republican nomination in the state land commissioner race on Tuesday night.
George P. Bush is expected to win Tuesday's GOP primary for land commissioner. Ben Phillpott of KUT brings the story of the young Bush's low-key campaign and outreach to Hispanic voters.
I was just reading an article about the primary elections in Texas today (TEAM WENDY!!!) and at the end of the article, I read something very terrifying: "Also Tuesday, George P. Bush, nephew and grandson of two presidents, easily defeated businessman David Watts to secure the Republican nomination for state land commissioner, an office which administers state-owned lands and mineral resources." There is ANOTHER Bush?!?! Seriously?! If this one ever runs for President, I'm moving to Mars.
Hegar takes strong lead in Republican race for comptroller; George P. Bush wins easily bid for land commissioner Comptroller State Sen. Glenn Hegar of Katy, a Republican contender for comptroller, quickly pulled away from the pack as ballot results trickled in Tuesday night. Source:
Could someone that voted for George P. Bush explain that vote to me? I won't question it, I just really want to know.
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Glad to be spending the evening watching OTHER PEOPLE'S races. Statewide Republican primaries appear to be going as follows: Governor - Abbott as expected (90%+) Lt Gov - Patrick (43%) and Dewhurst (27%) in a runoff. Attorney General - Paxton (43%) and Branch (32%) in a runoff. Comptroller - Hegar (49%) and Hildebran (28%) in a runoff (unless Hegar gets over 50% before the end of the night. Land Commissioner - George P. Bush (75%+). Ag Commissioner - Sid Miller (38%) and Tommy Merritt (21%) in a runoff. Railroad Commissioner - Wayne Christian (41%) and Ryan Sitton (33%) in a runoff. Supreme Court - Went the way it needed to for those who follow my newsletter.
George P. Bush wins Republican for land commissioner
LT. Governor: Runoff will probably be between David Dewhurst and Dan Patrick Attorney General: Runoff between Dan Branch and Ken Paxton Land Commissioner looks like George P. Bush wins Agricultural Commissioner: Runoff between Sid Miller and Tommy Merritt Railroad looks like a runoff between Wayne Christian and Ryan Sitton Incumbents keep their seats on the Supreme Court. Bert Richardson wins Court of Criminal Appeals place 3 Place 4: Kevin Patrick Yeary Place 9: still too close to call. State board of Education still up in the air. ALL PROPOSITIONS PASSED WITH OVERWHELMING SUPPORT
George P. Bush wins GOP bid for land commish, will face former El Paso mayor John Cook in November.
AP calls victories for John Cornyn and George P. Bush in statewide primaries.
George P. Bush has won GOP nomination for Tx Land Commissioner. John Cornyn survived as well.
Associated Press reporting George P. Bush nominated for Texas Commissioner of General Land Office.
I sure hope George P. Bush is a lot smarter than his uncle.
Wow! Jonathan Stickland is destroying his opponent - 65%-35% in early voting. That one is over. Great job buddy! Konni Burton has about 45% of the early vote! Matt Schaefer looks well on his way to a big victory. Dan Patrick, Ken Paxton, and Glenn Hegar are winning big as of the moment! George P. Bush is our next Land Commmissioner. The night is just getting started but this is all good news so far.
Jennifer Thomas Connolly, I thought of you today when I voted for George P. Bush in the primary today!
Watch out America. It's primary election day here in Texas and there is a certain George P. Bush on the ballot for Land Commissioner. Apropos of nothing, Happy Mardi Gras!
How many you Texans voted for George P. Bush today?
Good luck Texas on your Primary Voting. If I lived there again, I'd be voting for Att. General Greg Abbott for Governor, U.S. Senator John Cornyn to re-election, and George P. Bush for Land Commissioner. But then thats me. Lol.
George P. Bush is going to be our first Latin American president Omar Santiago
I was first in line to vote this morning. If you haven't voted in the Texas primary yet please do so this afternoon. Poll are open until 7:00pm (some locations will extend the hours because of the weather) The following is my personal opinion on today's Texas primary election. If you care about your right to use Texas beaches you need to take the time to vote today. The next couple of years will be critical in the survival of the Texas Open Beaches Act. The Texas Supreme Court incumbent's recent ruling show the current Justices prefer private beaches over public beaches. Current Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson hopes to move up to Lt. Governor. He is the only state wide elected official who understands the importance of the Open Beaches Act. The next Land Commissioner will probably be George P. Bush. I met with him a few weeks ago. We don't agree on everything at this moment but I have hopes he will come around when he better understands the complexity of public vs. private rights concerning Texas beach ...
Texans: Waiting to vote until the last minute? If you haven't had time to research the candidates, here's a quick list of conservative favorites: U.S. Senate: Stovall or Stockman Gov: Abbott Lt. Gov: (I like some things about all 4, but Patrick edges out the rest in my final analysis) AG: Ken Paxton Comptroller: Glenn Hegar Land Com: George P. Bush Ag Com: Sid Miller Miller time! (Merritt & Opiela are disastrous for conservatives) RR Com: Wayne Christian Supreme Court: Chief Justice Nathan Hecht, Justice Jeff Brown, Phil Johnson, Justice Jeff Boyd Court of Crim. Ap: Judge Bert Richardson, Kevin Patrick Yeary, David C. Newell for Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 9 State Senate: Dr. Donna Campbell, Konni Burton (Fort Worth) District Attorney: Lynn Peach for Hays County District Attorney
Political Pet Peeve you were deciding who to hire for a position that required the applicant to create and maintain sophisticated websites for Fortune 500 businesses would you care about the applicants abilities to successfully replace an exhaust manifold? Would you necessarily care if the applicant was the son, nephew or grandson of someone who was once hired to manage websites? The answer is no. So why do politicians feels secure in trying to garner our votes by telling us how great they are at everything except the position for which they are running? I don't know George P. Bush, but I will certainly not vote for him in this or any other election. First, I don't care if your dad was a Florida Governor or if your uncle and grandfather were presidents. In my opinion this would more likely make you completely incapable of forming your own understanding on ANY issues separate from your dynastic family. Second, and more importantly, when your campaign commercials only speak to fighting abortion, loving ...
Getting ready to vote tomorrow for early voting. Got the conservative statewide list from State Rep, Pat Fallon. I've also met these people and agree with him! Ken Paxton for Attorney General, Glenn Hagar for Comptroller of Public Accounts, George P. Bush for Commissioner of the General Land Use, Rail Road Commissioner, Malachi Boyuls. Pct. Wadill for County Criminal Court Judge, David Garcia County Criminal Court My picks continue. County clerk: Juli Anne LUKE! D.A. Karen Alexander. Justice of the Peace in precinct PAUL MOORE.
Can George P. Bush trade on his name and ethnicity? | Voxxi
"We need a new generation...we need George P. Bush"
EDITORIAL: SpaceX adds lure to RGV: As George P. Bush, grandson of President George H.W. Bush and nephew of Pr...
Enjoying dinner with friends after a long day on the campaign trail. George P. Bush's Bus Tour continues tomorrow. Follow me for details.
Rand Paul, George P. Bush talk Hispanic outreach good grief. Just like the democr…
Rand Paul reaches out to George P. Bush for "advice" on connecting with Hispanics
.met with George P. Bush to discuss how to broaden the Republican Party’s appeal in diverse communities.
Imagine: George P. Bush marries Chelsea Clinton. They would be unstoppable.
Texas, do me a favor, don't vote for George P. Bush regardless of which office he's running for. Let's end these dynasties.
George P. Bush is launching his political career by running for Texas' little-known land commissioner post
George P. Bush campaigns on platform in Texas
I hope George P. Bush is measured as a candidate on his merits and not his name.
George P. Bush, the grandson of one former president and nephew of another, visited the Republican Party of Texas headquarters last month, where he formally filed to run for state land commissioner.
Now on George P. Bush launches his own political career
George P. Bush: I am like Newt, not like my dad
George P. Bush a ‘movement conservative,’ and the budget struggle in the Senate
George P. Bush a 'movement conservative,' and the budget struggle in the Senate
George P. Bush moves away from family legacy in campaignTulsa WorldFILE - In this Monday, Sept. 24, 2012, file...
George P. Bush will combine the competence of W with the people skills of Newt Gingrich. Goody.
George P. Bush says he's more like Gingrich than presidential father, uncle:
Great Day in US History George P. Bush announced his candidacy for Texas State Government
George P. Bush Makes It Official: he's running for office in Texas. via
Deen doesn't want to leave Texas @ George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH)
George P. Bush files for Texas statewide office...
Dana Perino tells best story about George Bush and when he asked her to ‘forgive’ tell-all author -
Google George P. Bush . This will become a force very soon. Lord have mercy.
Mark my words on this -- George P. Bush is a political force to be reckoned with.
George P. Bush files to run for Texas office
Good luck to George P. and push him instead of overshadow running,
Former Republican Governor of Florida Jeb Bush and his son are at odds over Ted Cruz and Obamacare. The younger Bush, George P. Bush, who is a candidate for Texas Land Commissioner, had supported efforts by Ted Cruz to defund Obamacare in the fight to fund the government. The elder Bush has criticized Cruz’s tactics. “I agree with this effort to defund it, or keep Texas out of the program unless we can modify it to a Texas-specific solution,” George P. Bush said, according to the Dallas Morning News.
George P. Bush makes stop in Lubbock: The newest Texas politician from the Bush family has been speaking to...
Searched email for my dad and it pulled up a million George P. Bush announcements. Revelations.
anyone touting oil & natural gas in this day and age are zealots. Beginning with George P. Bush . the end my friend, the end
George P. Bush addresses the media prior to the start of Fiestas Patrias.
The report of interview with George P. Bush will air this Sunday at 7 am on Conexion Texas. Hope you can join us /...
QUICK! Three questions you'd like George P. Bush to answer today!. GO!.
Spending some quality time with my friend George P. Bush.
George P. Bush stops in Abilene in his campaign for Texas Land Commissioner
The hits keep on comin' today: MT George P. Bush opponent says stop educating Mexican children in Texas
George P. Bush opponent says time to quit educating Mexican children in Texas
George P. Bush to Williamson County Republicans: "be more like Reagan."
George P. Bush (the next generation of Bushes) backs Sen. Ted Cruz on effort to strip Obamacare funding
George P. Bush says he's working to woo more Texas Hispanics to the Republican Party.
Great article about → George P. Bush draws on family experience
George P. Bush draws on family experience
George P. Bush draws on family experience: Heir apparent to the Bush political dynasty, George P. Bush is carving...
George P. Bush? naw, man. Jeb Bush come get your son.
Stand by everyone, the report of my interview with George P. Bush, the republican candidate for Texas Land...
"yes,we know George P. Bush is a Star in the Republican Party, but can he keep the Petroleum industry and it's OIL out of our drinking water
Lets just make Liz Cheney president until Tagg Romney and George P. Bush can fight it out...
The moment you've all been waiting for: The George P. Bush online swag shop. (any silver spoons?)
Congratulations to Mandi and George P. Bush on the birth of their son, Prescott Walker “Little P” Bush.
Leading Off (6/4/13): Prescott Bush To Run for President in 2048? George P. Bush and his wife, Amanda, had a baby...
Congrats to George P. Bush and his wife Amanda on the arrival of their first-born--Prescott Walker Bush.
George P. Bush (Jeb Bush's son) said: "Today my wonderful wife Mandi gave birth to our first child, Prescott Walker Bush. We are so blessed for the wonderful miracle of life and I couldn't be prouder to be a father."
CONGRATS to the Bush Family for a new addition - Prescott Walker Bush - grandson to Jeb & son to Amanda & George P. Bush
News: George P. Bush to speak at 93rd Annual Chamber Banquet
The Daily Teaspoon. Five Teaspoons Full Politics. Well lets start with the Republicans. Karl Rove today on the talk shows threw Rep. Michele Backmann on the rail road tracks, "she ...was useless to the Tea Party." said Rove. Rep Bechmann is Chairwoman of the Congressional Tea Party caucus. Rove said replacements could be either Senator Ted Cruz or Rep Darrell Issa. So much for party solidarity. Meanwhile out on the Ranch a new generation of Bushes are stepping into the political arena. Meet George P. Bush, Jebs's son, who is running for Texas Land Commissioner. A lowly post to be sure, but there is no serious Democratic opposition and the office covers a lot of things that one might not expect such as veterans issues and the oil industry. Jeb Bush is certainly by his own admission and deeds and others opinion one of the early candidates for 2016. The issue that Jeb Bush wants to hang his hat on is immigration, George P. Bush's mother was born in Mexico. Could we have another father/son administrations? Me ...
Is George P. Bush the only candidate for General Land Office?
no prejudice, but i will definitely say NO to George P Bush for presidential election, i believe he knows y
Go ask that *** for kush, gave me a stingy count so I call him George Bush, Go home n smoke a p cause imma G -rap bout me
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