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George Osborne

George Gideon Oliver Osborne, MP (born 23 May 1971 in Paddington, London) is a British Conservative politician.

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I would suggest they pelt with rotten tomatoes, but I doubt they could afford them.
I thought she was chopped up in George's freezer?
He will produce his emergency budget as well
via This is based on info from an ally & ex-political secretary of former Chancellor. Load of rubbish
As speech ends, it's worth reminding ourselves what the previous chancellor promised in 2010…
And it was going 'so well' for George.
What is George Osborne's favourite thing to have cut up in bags:. Theresa May: 46%. Cocaine: 54%. Via Survation (15th Sept…
Reminds me of when George Osborne said he'd tackle tax avoidance, anyone remotely convinced..?
I'm beginning to despair of our security services. Loony tunes George should h…
Well it is George Osborne we're talking about here.I wouldn't expect anything more than a stupid comment.the…
Just reading latest editorial. Theresa May has been removed from the freezer and is being put back together…
The 1 thing did that looked competent was sacking She can't sack She can sack
Imagine admitting on national TV that you love George Osborne
on behalf of London's place as the central pillar of European and therefore Gl…
George Osborne issues coded apology for saying he wanted to ‘chop up’ Theresa May.
I am trying to take this seriously. "George Osborne issues apology for saying he wanted to 'chop up' May"
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Really? You hate him more than Iain Duncan Smith and George Osborne?
The Cabinet must be desperate. •That• George Osborne: a sworn enemy of Brexit and a bitter enemy of The…
Standard praises Theresa May days after George Osborne said he wanted her ‘chopped up’ .
George Osborne says sorry to Theresa May over chopping up remarks .
also ban people from describing themselves as 'fangirls' of George Osborne why are straight ppl like this 😷
Allies urge Theresa May to bring George Osborne back amid furious Cabinet row over Brexit.
My top 5 (I know you'll only count 2, but whatever). Michael Jackson. Ozzy Osborne. Neil Young. George Michael. Beyonce
Osborne utterly destroyed Campbell on that 😀
Watching first dates and the first lady says "Oh my god I love George osborne"
Theresa May accepts George Osborne apology over reports he wants her 'chopped up in bags in freezer'.
Osborne won't rest until May "is chopped up in bags in my freezer". Gripping profile of the Standard editor
Osborne would have cut her up and put her in his freezer, the ***
The whole thing is now a joke - conservatives in-fighting without a care for the country.
George Osborne almost apologises to Theresa May but doesn't quite - Total Politics
*so-called honour killing, also known as murder. Fixed this 4 U
Forefront right back up n under your twady *** pasha pushed ooot somewhere
claims she pays no attention to George Osborne 'wanting her chopped up in his freezer'…
Why do political irrelevancies like Vince Cable, Tony Blair, Michael Hestletine, George Osborne etc get so much…
Still trying to get my head around the fact George Osborne pretended to be Tony Blair as a weekly PMQs warm up for William Hague...
China makes Centriguges, And they are for sale on the open market.
Can't wait to celebrate from our nuclear fallout shelter whist the real news destroys the world...
Great first day for our journos and apprentices. Now off to see George O…
Five years since disastrous architect of austerity booed at the Paralympics.
On Planet Tory they are so deluded by the notion that the empire will return after Brexit even George Osborne thinks t…
Prime Minister is NOT the horror story — George 'Psycho' Osborne is
Check out this cool photo: George Osborne FOR V
By "Tory activists" you mean George Osborne and the newspaper that is used to settle his own grievances.
Britain's George Osborne on Theresa May, a softer Brexit and Trump's visit
Militant refugees will kill British people unless George Osborne makes feminism illegal.
I did NOTHING on MY Summer Holidays, Georgie, as YOU STOLE ALL my State Pen…
Just how bitter is over May sacking him that he puts a poll result above more knife crime stories in London
What about all those poor woman raped by your corruption , but then most of your f…
There was a great quote saying something like: "I'd consider voting for her [May] if s…
"I'm sorry, the old George Osborne can't come to the phone right now. Why? Oh. 'Cos he's dead."
Ok you don't like Theresa_May cos she sacked you now move on it's v boring for rea…
A friend writes in, telling me T May and George Osborne would be a better take.
warns Brexiteers' "central fallacy was the EU needed us more than we needed them" Q&A by me .
My cartoon for today's Sun. Always fun to draw George Osborne - but some are more fun than others...
Somehow, failed to find a way to blame the PM or Brexit for this news.
.and have won Politician Of The Year at Who will take the title this year?
Wondering who the buyer was. I'm going with
New top story from Time: . Until the summer of 2016, George Osborne was one of the British government’s most power…
This is what happens when regulations are loosened to aid one company. Well done
Say what you like about - but at least we know he knows his burgers (and eats McDonalds)
not enough prison staff and not enough Well done George you can…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
The Evening Standard is now a one-man propaganda sheet for Osborne's vindictive campaigns against May and Brexit https…
When you giving your first lecture?: gets job number six – an honorary professorship in Manchester
What about the 13,000 uber drivers on the streets driving the public ar…
Woman impregnated by man. Big story.
This announcement Conveniently knocks Diana from the headlines.
It allows authoritarian *** like Sam Kriss to ascribe the beliefs of eg George Osborne to eg Ed Balls.
Put another way: if it can't be clearly communicated (even…
Loves a Royal story to hide other news.. Goo…
No mention of the sword attack at Buckingham palace George, by a Uber driver is there any chance 👍
Surely it's a 'small royal story' at this stage...
Here I am rather surprisingly agreeing with thanks great interview.
In interests of journalistic accuracy, wouldn't a picture of Kate pu…
George Osborne is selling his house, which is close to the site of a recently discovered fake Banksy.
Correct. I thought George Osborne sold a lease to them, but perhaps not.😨.
I wonder how Peter Mandelson and George Osborne are feeling? Both tried to ingratiate with OD
George Osborne's editorial in today's Standard is so full of vitriolic score settling that Taylor Swift is releasing it as her next single
It is illegal to use government help to buy scheme for second home in UK or overseas"George Osborne "Peter bone did it.
No Garden Bridge & the Mayor’s to blame? No, blame's with rich chums George Osborne, Boris Johnson and Joanna Lumley
George Osborne's Bullingdon pal Luke Bridgeman sued £15m after pinching 40K documents when he quit job
Remember the last letter that alistair darling left as he walk out sorry George Osborne their NO MONEY LEFT
Well done Phillip Hammond and George Osborne! Despite claiming they would bring down national debt, it is about to hit £1.9t…
He wrote for Daily Mail, worked for George Osborne then David Davis. Thinks is pants & want to s…
Seen everything now!! George Osborne riding a 'Boris/Santander' bike down Kensington High Street in an open-neck white shi…
British Red Cross & Blackrock - who pay George Osborne £650k for 48 days' work - Refusing to Ignore People in Crisi…
Notting Hill has more to do with David Cameron and George Osborne than Milliband. do you even have an actual point?
I knew this season on Game of Thrones would be full of surprises, but I really didn't expect them to cast George Osborne.
David Cameron, Boris Johnson, George Osborne, and now Theresa May all poached their spindoctors from that "leftie" BBC
Theresa May vows to continue with austerity as she defends George Osborne's record
If 'new frontman for Spandau Ballet' isn't a job for George Osborne frankly hard to know what is
IT'S TRUE : George Osborne has joined Spandau Ballet as the new frontman as Tony Hadley leaves the band...
Aston Villa have signed John Terry, after promising him they'd bring Tommy Robinson, George Osborne and Dr Mengele onto t…
In his first speech, this ex-postman vows to take back what George Osborne ‘stole’ from us [VIDEO]
The truth is that Tony Blair, David Cameron, Peter Mandelson, Vince Cable, Chuka Umanna and George Osborne might as wel…
George Osborne, was was a complete failure as Chancellor, has just been made an economics professor. You couldn't make…
George Osborne being rewarded, is truly SICKENING, rewarded for what? Helping to make thousands Homeles…
Want a career in economics? Go University of Manchester where George Osborne can teach you how to create financial chaos…
BREAKING: George Osborne appointed Honorary Professor of Economics at the University of Manchester, immediately introduces…
Manchester University sacked 171 brilliant academics and now has appointed George Osborne to teach economics. Not sure…
George Osborne who tripled tuition fees to become Economics Professor at University of Manchester!!. - Students should boy…
George Osborne got ANOTHER job? Homie finally learning how much coin you gotta make in the economy he ruined.
Congratulations to University of Manchester students on your new economics lecturer: George Osborne.
SIMON LINCOLN READER: Monstrous unlikeability of George Osborne was huge weight on Theresa May via
Really enjoying seeing George Osborne drop truth bombs on Toby Young. What a wonderful time to be alive.
George Osborne says Theresa May is a "dead woman walking" . Revenge is a dish best served cold. .
Worth reminding ourselves that Dearlove is FORMER head of Mi6 & that it is Tory Chancellor, George Osborne'…
EXIT BREXIT & TRUMPET CRUMPET! "On the Sunday talk shows in Britain, former Tory chancellor George Osborne, now...
Dear Expel this traitor immediately. He is harnessing support for a Tory PM that George Osborne called "a…
But seriously, though, George Osborne should be blinded and thrown in an 17th century salt mine. Nothing as vile as a disloyal Tory.
George Osborne says Theresa May is a 'dead woman walking - it's just how long she's on death row'
BBC so far has had George Osborne, Team Verhofstadt and now Heseltine on Marr .. will there be any Brexiteers?
The only person I've ever seen more gleeful than George Osborne is on today is Andi Peters now that his job is going on holidays.
Asked what Theresa May told George Osborne when he was sacked he smirks: "She said I needed to get to know my party better…
We all know George Osborne and Ed Balls were the real winners of last night. The new Abbott and Portillo.
Find someone who will look at you like George Osborne looks at Ed Balls. And then kill them and bury them. https:…
here Jezza, I think you've started a trend, George Osborne & Ed Balls sat on tv with no ties on... now if you could encourag…
All else aside, George Osborne and Ed Balls are doing for politics what Garry Neville and Jamie Carragher do for football.
George Osborne just touched Ed Balls's wrist. Neither of them is wearing a tie. I dread what they will be doing by 6am.
George Osborne and Ed Balls react as 'catastrophic night' ends in hung parliament
Ed Balls and George Osborne get the results of the exit poll
I tried to sleep at one point but all I could see when I closed my eyes was Ed Balls and George Osborne!
Get your iPhone insurance today!
'Cheeky' George Osborne steals show as he mocks Theresa May in Ed Balls double act via
This from George Osborne's former CoS. Translation for US readers: small Northern Irish parties may be wooed to for…
George Osborne says we're heading for a caretaker "minority Conservative government" propped up by Northern Ireland's DUP…
Enjoying watching and on . Great double act and all funny comments LOL
Well, yes, it's fundamentally wrong to enjoy seeing George Osborne enjoying himself. Maybe he'll ge…
J ReesMogg criticises angry Tories like and yes me. TM did not speak to the 48% & nobody on or says it.
George Osborne says without Ruth Davidson the Tories would have had an even more "disastrous night"
When a MP gets interviewed on and all he can come out with is "but
George Osborne: "Is there a majority in the Commons for leaving the single market? I don't think so." Wow
Jacob Rees-Mogg just said that George Osborne has been "throwing rocks" :D
Is this a joke or do you just seriously h…
Ooooh throwing rocks but he's not in the HOC to cause trouble says Rees Mogg LOL
Rees-Mogg gratuitously laying into George Osborne for no apparent reason like the petty child he is.
"George Osborne may throw rocks from the Evening Standard but he's not in the Parliamentary Party" Jacob Rees Mogg
Rees-Mogg just put George Osborne on serious blast
Little Giant Ladders
On commentators and say Prime Minister's speech suggests she is considering resigning.
George Osborne says the Conservatives had a "wooden campaign" and reiterates his claim that the party's manifesto was awfu…
(Mirror):Osborne couldn't be happier to see Theresa May's disastrous General Election results :..
Get yourself a girl that looks at you the way George Osborne looks at exit polls.
George Osborne: if Labour had a different leader, we'd have a Labour Prime Minister now. Tories ran a 'wooden campaign' &…
"Take a big step back; tonight, we don't have a Government. A better Labour leader would…
Such a snake! Never show your hand before negotiations, it's just good business sense. Pull that knife fromTheresa's back!
George Osborne, openly gleeful: "The worst thing she's done in her life is no longer running through a wheat field"
RESULT: Esther McVey is the new MP as the conservatives hold the seat left vacant by George Osborne.
.George_Osborne slams Theresa May's manifesto as 'worst in history'
TV makes the strangest bedfellows of once would - be PMs
Esther McVey wins the Tatton seat for This was former chancellor seat
George Osborne "a Labour Party that took a central stance could've won it". not quite the point of labour Hun x
George Osborne on ITV's coverage is the very definition of conflicted.
I would turn on ITV now if I were you, George Osborne is not holding back
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George Osborne isn't holding back on his opinion of May! The worst manifesto ever 😂😂
George Osborne is not holding back AT ALL on ITV at the moment. It's brilliant
George Osborne really holding back his true feelings on ITV tonight...
George Osborne says he does not think Theresa May will survive if exit poll comes true
1/ George Osborne is former was chancellor of exchequer until he &…
The unbiased Head of B.B.C News .Best friend of George Osborne
George Osborne and Ed Balls to lead ITV's election night lineup with Tom Bradby.
David Cameron & George Osborne sitting in front of the TV eating popcorn pissing themselves laughing
I'm a London Cabbie and it was David Cameron and George Osborne whose…
Do you know where I can purchase a George Osborne original?
So why aren't you leading on the fact that George Osborne called the Tory manifesto the worst in history & econ…
George Osborne lays into May over social care and migration target.
in blistering attack on manifesto pledges - 'It's clearly badly thought through'
Just remember who runs this 'news' paper (like many others with moneyed connections)
The world-class towel folder sticks the knife into Mummy's back, nice one Gideon you faithless wankpuffin.
domain names
May and Corbyn offer 'retreat from international liberalism' says Osborne
Going to be interesting if the Tories can hold their discipline as a previously unassailable lead looks assailable.
George Osborne Evening Std. PM May refuses to support unfettered globalized migration of ISIS fighters from EU & MENA.
Even senior Tories are lining up, to criticize their own awful manifesto. is
British PM Theresa May is retreating from globalisation, George Osborne says..
"British PM May is retreating from globalization, George Osborne says" -
They wouldn't villify u if there hd been no Yes to brexit. Chin up Mr…
Hang on. Wasn't Osborne Chancellor in Govt with same immigration target? Is he two faced or just bitter and twisted?
Crap reporting Uber is a Minicab company with PHV. They don't have any please correct your reports
Very disappointed GO - I used to support you and you should be supporting the PM. Sad.
Even George Osborne would be a better opposition leader than Corbyn. .
When - the man behind 5 years of reckless cuts - condemns manifesto, it's clear that
Even boy George has stopped sniffing coke long enough to realise what shambles is!.
Theresa May is so eager to shaft George Osborne that she is prepared to sound like Ken Loach’. Eagleton.
People say George Osborne isn't a proper journalist but here he is screwing over ex-colleagues in order to get maximum ret…
Lots of nice lines in Andre Geim's Q&A with George Osborne."investment in science is an investment in productivity"
Evening Standard now 'go to' place for good political analysis. George Osborne making his mark felt. V clever to use Varoufakis tonight.
Are the Tories really competent with the economy? George Osborne borrowed more in his half decade than Gordon Brown did over t…
Next time you're worried about applying for a job that you don't think you're qualified for remember George Osborne. https:…
Letters column in George Osborne's Evening Standard will make uncomfortable reading for David Cameron
George Osborne highlights Tory revolt over Theresa May's school funding shake-up
George Osborne was elected and he was elected to the post which appointe…
George Osborne used his first edition as Evening Standard editor to troll Theresa May
Cab drivers to protest George Osborne's new role as Evening Standard editor
. London cabbies tell George Osborne 'We're coming for you' in protest on his first day as Evening Sta…
Cabbies' protest at Evening Standard HQ as new editor George Osborne starts work.
Cabbies' protest outside Evening Standard as George Osborne starts as Editor
Friends at Evening Standard seem impressed with George Osborne. "He was the worst Chancellor, he is a mediocre editor."
George Osborne as Evening Standard editor to perform his first brain surgery on Theresa May via
George Osborne's Evening Standard: Tory campaign 'amounts to no more than a slogan' via
Evening Standard attacks Theresa May's election campaign on George Osborne's first day a...
George Osborne looking great as he arrives for his first day at the Evening Standard.
George Osborne used his first day as editor to take down Theresa May
Taxi drivers protest outside Evening Standard offices on George Osborne's first day at work
Hard to take issue with a single word of the first Evening Standard editorial under its new editor, George Osborne. http…
George Osborne sets new career Standard as he moves to edit paper
(BBC News):first day as Evening Standard editor : Former editor of the..
No more hard hats? Former Chancellor George Osborne will start his new job as editor of London's Evening Standard n…
It's all happening tomorrow morning 10am (or 9am outside Kensington Gore Cab shelter to march down to Derry St)
has got much worse since George Osborne's close personal friend James…
George Osborne's first day as Evening Standard editor |
Todays News. George Osborne's first day as Evening Standard editor
George Osborne's first day as Evening Standard editor
George Osborne's first day as Evening Standard editor ^BBC
Gotcha! It's making me feel better to know they could be…
Fascinating doc.discussing an insidious nexus of &
I know. I mean I would have preferred not to live in these…
I've been thinking about that. There's already a plan fo…
I think I'd have preferred to be in year two of iScotia. S…
I don't think anyone knows. Just like Brexit this is unp…
It's going to be very interesting. . Do not unbuckle your seat belt
Not sure that train can be stopped & if May is derailed -…
Absolutely but if this is as big as it appears we might not have an election?
Aye but no. We must not let it distract us from bringing i…
July 2015 George Osborne announced in his summer budge slash child tax credit with the rape clause. Cos he's a ***
George Osborne cut disability benefits by £1,560 a year – now he earns 19 times that a week
Could be but he wouldn't be off the hook by any means . This is so exciting!
I thought it odd that George Osborne decided not to stand at this election after brazening it…
Arthur, and Afghanistan, and Lloyd and the party because Labour would change-- crucial for balance.
MPs standing down:. George Osborne & Douglas Carswell. Bye then! . Don't forget to shut the door on your way out! 👋.
George Osborne to back driverless car trials on UK motorways
George Osborne to quit as MP for Tatton at election. Great news for Cheshire & the North West
Bless. giving us a hagiography of George Osborne and a piece about a lady they vox popped yesterday. Must be a slow news day.
Evening Standard has a long history of pushing to sell War. George Osborne will feel right at home selling Neocon l…
What would YOU rather see George Osborne fight?
George Osborne has gone. Excellent news. Although I will miss him tripping during PMQs.
George Osborne resigned as MP for Tatton: Here's his resignation letter in full.
Very sub Standard good job Nice work if you can get 6 jobs let alone 1 Will it be reported…
Let's all remember George Osborne's best bits from over the years.
New sister petition launched to end in schools. Period! via
Some unbalanced responses but in that spirit you should admit your attempt to scare the electorate…
When George Osborne was appointed chancellor, the UK didn't have a pot to *** in. Now we don't need one, as he sold both our kidneys.
If this General Election does nothing else, it does shorten George Osborne's time at the trough by 3 years.
BREAKING: Former chancellor George Osborne to step down as MP ahead of General Election.
Disgraced George Osborne was exposed in his sex and drugs scandal. His prostitute detailed his use of cocaine.
However, should Theresa May slip on a banana skin then I'm sure George Osborne will be back.
Live shot of the clean up operation at George Osborne's Tatton office.
George Osborne has just announced he will be standing in four additional seats.
Ex-chancellor George Osborne confirms he is standing down as MP - 'for now'
Apparently George Osborne also fancies himself as a comedian.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you... George Osborne, accomplished newspaper editor:
Hilarious. George Osborne's announcement, exclusive to the missed the deadline for the print edition. Via
George Osborne to stand down as MP 'for now'
Proof that stains can be removed from green leather upholstery.
George Osborne is standing down as an MP - in a political career with few highlights this is certainly my favourite: https…
If anybody wanted to make a Russian connection to influencing our , +…
Pleased to hear that George Osborne has stepped down as an MP. Quite right too.
George Osborne to step down as an MP: 'At the age of 45 I don't want to spend the rest of my life just being an ex-cha…
George Osborne to quit as MP at the next election though, knowing him, he’ll miss that target then say he’ll resign in…
Amazing. His renaissance makes him look just like
Of course, scoop goes to his new paper, Osborne goes
Cabinet Office confirms process has begun to move Gorton by-election to June 8 to coincide with General Election
George Osborne standing down as MP after accepting Evening Standard editorship
Top British political figures from the past are remembered for achieving great things. Nye Bevan, for example. Then y…
George Osborne is the highest-profile MP so far to announce he's quitting parliament ahead of the UK snap election
George Osborne's announcement, issued to his own newspaper, missed the deadline for the print edition.
2. The 2012 of anti-(who is standing down as was called an "Omnishambles".
BREAKING NEWS: George Osborne QUITS as an MP Quit before being pushed
Now George Osborne has freed up his afternoons...
Who candidate do you prefer for PM? George Osborne Yvette Cooper Corbyn Theresa May
key word HIS - didn't give a hoot about the population of UK
Former chancellor George Osborne has announced he is to quit as MP. He leaves behind a national debt of almost £2,000,00…
Confusion for George Osborne as he resigns from a job he didn't know he had.
"I want to be remembered as someone who left Britain in a better state than I found it," says Check the foodbanks, George.
Live footage of the "farewell George Osborne" party in the Palace of Westminster today...🎉😁
George Osborne says he's proud of is record, he borrowed more than any labour chancellor. man's a genius.
Here you are Comrade Editor that promised application to join https…
George Osborne quits as MP for Tatton to become a full time ***
George Osborne has quit as an MP. As BSM Williams in It Ain't Half Hot Mum would say: Oh Dear. How Sad. Never Mind.
George Osborne's decision to stand down didn't make print edition of Evening Standard.
BBC Panorama not only whitewashed a banking scandal. It let George Osborne off the hook too
BREAKING: George Osborne says of course he can fit in being the Entire Royal Marine regiment with his other duties and of course Miss World.
George Osborne accused of breaching rules with Evening Standard job
George Osborne: not fake news, just a fake editor
George Osborne told to choose whether to be MP or Standard editor
Ruth Davidson doubts George Osborne's ability to remain an MP
Theresa May defends George Osborne's dual roles as an MP and editor of London Evening Standard
He ranks on my "MPs I think are self serving wankers" list pretty high. . Nick Clegg. Tim Farron. Hillary Benn. Yvette Cooper. George Osborne
George Osborne's life is increasingly like Captain Macheath's ending in The Threepenny Opera.
There is a grey area on this, but mostly I think no. takes the *** He doesn't serve his constituents?
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
George Osborne appointed artistic director of Shakespeare's Globe by via
The poor just got poorer! George Osborne's cuts legacy set to come into effect
George Osborne the fashion designer- "hi vid jackets for multi tasking CEO". Brilliant April 1st story from
governer of bank of England has apologised for they're scare…
BT you super snitch. Is this what NYC has done to you? It wont do in…
Looking for a way to top up your Take some tips from George Osborne.
George Osborne might have been sacked as Chancellor nine months ago, but the poor and vulnerable are still paying... http…
George Osborne is a failure of a politician who is laughing in our faces. New video:
George Osborne's welfare cuts set to come into effect hitting lone parents, disabled people and 18- to 21-year-olds htt…
George Osborne gets a similar reaction when he's in Fortnum & Mason
Not everyone remembers it's April Fool's; don't do this to me :D
And on this weeks "Wish you were here" we send George Osborne and Jeremy Corbyn to a tropical paradise for a week
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