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George Osborne

George Gideon Oliver Osborne, MP (born 23 May 1971 in Paddington, London) is a British Conservative politician.

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George Osborne says he does not think Theresa May will survive if exit poll comes true
The unbiased Head of B.B.C News .Best friend of George Osborne
George Osborne and Ed Balls to lead ITV's election night lineup with Tom Bradby.
David Cameron & George Osborne sitting in front of the TV eating popcorn pissing themselves laughing
I'm a London Cabbie and it was David Cameron and George Osborne whose…
Do you know where I can purchase a George Osborne original?
So why aren't you leading on the fact that George Osborne called the Tory manifesto the worst in history & econ…
George Osborne lays into May over social care and migration target.
in blistering attack on manifesto pledges - 'It's clearly badly thought through'
Just remember who runs this 'news' paper (like many others with moneyed connections)
The world-class towel folder sticks the knife into Mummy's back, nice one Gideon you faithless wankpuffin.
May and Corbyn offer 'retreat from international liberalism' says Osborne
Going to be interesting if the Tories can hold their discipline as a previously unassailable lead looks assailable.
George Osborne Evening Std. PM May refuses to support unfettered globalized migration of ISIS fighters from EU & MENA.
Even senior Tories are lining up, to criticize their own awful manifesto. is
British PM Theresa May is retreating from globalisation, George Osborne says..
"British PM May is retreating from globalization, George Osborne says" -
They wouldn't villify u if there hd been no Yes to brexit. Chin up Mr…
Hang on. Wasn't Osborne Chancellor in Govt with same immigration target? Is he two faced or just bitter and twisted?
Crap reporting Uber is a Minicab company with PHV. They don't have any please correct your reports
Very disappointed GO - I used to support you and you should be supporting the PM. Sad.
Even George Osborne would be a better opposition leader than Corbyn. .
When - the man behind 5 years of reckless cuts - condemns manifesto, it's clear that
Even boy George has stopped sniffing coke long enough to realise what shambles is!.
Theresa May is so eager to shaft George Osborne that she is prepared to sound like Ken Loach’. Eagleton.
People say George Osborne isn't a proper journalist but here he is screwing over ex-colleagues in order to get maximum ret…
Lots of nice lines in Andre Geim's Q&A with George Osborne."investment in science is an investment in productivity"
Evening Standard now 'go to' place for good political analysis. George Osborne making his mark felt. V clever to use Varoufakis tonight.
Are the Tories really competent with the economy? George Osborne borrowed more in his half decade than Gordon Brown did over t…
Next time you're worried about applying for a job that you don't think you're qualified for remember George Osborne. https:…
Letters column in George Osborne's Evening Standard will make uncomfortable reading for David Cameron
George Osborne highlights Tory revolt over Theresa May's school funding shake-up
George Osborne was elected and he was elected to the post which appointe…
George Osborne used his first edition as Evening Standard editor to troll Theresa May
Cab drivers to protest George Osborne's new role as Evening Standard editor
. London cabbies tell George Osborne 'We're coming for you' in protest on his first day as Evening Sta…
Cabbies' protest at Evening Standard HQ as new editor George Osborne starts work.
Cabbies' protest outside Evening Standard as George Osborne starts as Editor
Friends at Evening Standard seem impressed with George Osborne. "He was the worst Chancellor, he is a mediocre editor."
George Osborne as Evening Standard editor to perform his first brain surgery on Theresa May via
George Osborne's Evening Standard: Tory campaign 'amounts to no more than a slogan' via
Evening Standard attacks Theresa May's election campaign on George Osborne's first day a...
George Osborne looking great as he arrives for his first day at the Evening Standard.
George Osborne used his first day as editor to take down Theresa May
Taxi drivers protest outside Evening Standard offices on George Osborne's first day at work
Hard to take issue with a single word of the first Evening Standard editorial under its new editor, George Osborne. http…
George Osborne sets new career Standard as he moves to edit paper
(BBC News):first day as Evening Standard editor : Former editor of the..
No more hard hats? Former Chancellor George Osborne will start his new job as editor of London's Evening Standard n…
It's all happening tomorrow morning 10am (or 9am outside Kensington Gore Cab shelter to march down to Derry St)
has got much worse since George Osborne's close personal friend James…
George Osborne's first day as Evening Standard editor |
Todays News. George Osborne's first day as Evening Standard editor
George Osborne's first day as Evening Standard editor
George Osborne's first day as Evening Standard editor ^BBC
Gotcha! It's making me feel better to know they could be…
Fascinating doc.discussing an insidious nexus of &
I know. I mean I would have preferred not to live in these…
I've been thinking about that. There's already a plan fo…
I think I'd have preferred to be in year two of iScotia. S…
I don't think anyone knows. Just like Brexit this is unp…
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It's going to be very interesting. . Do not unbuckle your seat belt
Not sure that train can be stopped & if May is derailed -…
Absolutely but if this is as big as it appears we might not have an election?
Aye but no. We must not let it distract us from bringing i…
July 2015 George Osborne announced in his summer budge slash child tax credit with the rape clause. Cos he's a ***
George Osborne cut disability benefits by £1,560 a year – now he earns 19 times that a week
Could be but he wouldn't be off the hook by any means . This is so exciting!
I thought it odd that George Osborne decided not to stand at this election after brazening it…
Arthur, and Afghanistan, and Lloyd and the party because Labour would change-- crucial for balance.
MPs standing down:. George Osborne & Douglas Carswell. Bye then! . Don't forget to shut the door on your way out! 👋.
George Osborne to back driverless car trials on UK motorways
George Osborne to quit as MP for Tatton at election. Great news for Cheshire & the North West
Bless. giving us a hagiography of George Osborne and a piece about a lady they vox popped yesterday. Must be a slow news day.
Evening Standard has a long history of pushing to sell War. George Osborne will feel right at home selling Neocon l…
What would YOU rather see George Osborne fight?
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George Osborne has gone. Excellent news. Although I will miss him tripping during PMQs.
George Osborne resigned as MP for Tatton: Here's his resignation letter in full.
Very sub Standard good job Nice work if you can get 6 jobs let alone 1 Will it be reported…
Let's all remember George Osborne's best bits from over the years.
New sister petition launched to end in schools. Period! via
Some unbalanced responses but in that spirit you should admit your attempt to scare the electorate…
When George Osborne was appointed chancellor, the UK didn't have a pot to *** in. Now we don't need one, as he sold both our kidneys.
If this General Election does nothing else, it does shorten George Osborne's time at the trough by 3 years.
BREAKING: Former chancellor George Osborne to step down as MP ahead of General Election.
Disgraced George Osborne was exposed in his sex and drugs scandal. His prostitute detailed his use of cocaine.
However, should Theresa May slip on a banana skin then I'm sure George Osborne will be back.
Live shot of the clean up operation at George Osborne's Tatton office.
George Osborne has just announced he will be standing in four additional seats.
Ex-chancellor George Osborne confirms he is standing down as MP - 'for now'
Apparently George Osborne also fancies himself as a comedian.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you... George Osborne, accomplished newspaper editor:
Hilarious. George Osborne's announcement, exclusive to the missed the deadline for the print edition. Via
George Osborne to stand down as MP 'for now'
Proof that stains can be removed from green leather upholstery.
George Osborne is standing down as an MP - in a political career with few highlights this is certainly my favourite: https…
If anybody wanted to make a Russian connection to influencing our , +…
Pleased to hear that George Osborne has stepped down as an MP. Quite right too.
George Osborne to step down as an MP: 'At the age of 45 I don't want to spend the rest of my life just being an ex-cha…
George Osborne to quit as MP at the next election though, knowing him, he’ll miss that target then say he’ll resign in…
Amazing. His renaissance makes him look just like
Of course, scoop goes to his new paper, Osborne goes
Cabinet Office confirms process has begun to move Gorton by-election to June 8 to coincide with General Election
George Osborne standing down as MP after accepting Evening Standard editorship
Top British political figures from the past are remembered for achieving great things. Nye Bevan, for example. Then y…
George Osborne is the highest-profile MP so far to announce he's quitting parliament ahead of the UK snap election
George Osborne's announcement, issued to his own newspaper, missed the deadline for the print edition.
2. The 2012 of anti-(who is standing down as was called an "Omnishambles".
BREAKING NEWS: George Osborne QUITS as an MP Quit before being pushed
Now George Osborne has freed up his afternoons...
Who candidate do you prefer for PM? George Osborne Yvette Cooper Corbyn Theresa May
key word HIS - didn't give a hoot about the population of UK
Former chancellor George Osborne has announced he is to quit as MP. He leaves behind a national debt of almost £2,000,00…
Confusion for George Osborne as he resigns from a job he didn't know he had.
"I want to be remembered as someone who left Britain in a better state than I found it," says Check the foodbanks, George.
Live footage of the "farewell George Osborne" party in the Palace of Westminster today...🎉😁
George Osborne says he's proud of is record, he borrowed more than any labour chancellor. man's a genius.
Here you are Comrade Editor that promised application to join https…
George Osborne quits as MP for Tatton to become a full time ***
George Osborne has quit as an MP. As BSM Williams in It Ain't Half Hot Mum would say: Oh Dear. How Sad. Never Mind.
George Osborne's decision to stand down didn't make print edition of Evening Standard.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
BBC Panorama not only whitewashed a banking scandal. It let George Osborne off the hook too
BREAKING: George Osborne says of course he can fit in being the Entire Royal Marine regiment with his other duties and of course Miss World.
George Osborne accused of breaching rules with Evening Standard job
George Osborne: not fake news, just a fake editor
George Osborne told to choose whether to be MP or Standard editor
Ruth Davidson doubts George Osborne's ability to remain an MP
Theresa May defends George Osborne's dual roles as an MP and editor of London Evening Standard
He ranks on my "MPs I think are self serving wankers" list pretty high. . Nick Clegg. Tim Farron. Hillary Benn. Yvette Cooper. George Osborne
George Osborne's life is increasingly like Captain Macheath's ending in The Threepenny Opera.
There is a grey area on this, but mostly I think no. takes the *** He doesn't serve his constituents?
George Osborne appointed artistic director of Shakespeare's Globe by via
The poor just got poorer! George Osborne's cuts legacy set to come into effect
George Osborne the fashion designer- "hi vid jackets for multi tasking CEO". Brilliant April 1st story from
governer of bank of England has apologised for they're scare…
BT you super snitch. Is this what NYC has done to you? It wont do in…
Looking for a way to top up your Take some tips from George Osborne.
George Osborne might have been sacked as Chancellor nine months ago, but the poor and vulnerable are still paying... http…
George Osborne is a failure of a politician who is laughing in our faces. New video:
George Osborne's welfare cuts set to come into effect hitting lone parents, disabled people and 18- to 21-year-olds htt…
George Osborne gets a similar reaction when he's in Fortnum & Mason
Not everyone remembers it's April Fool's; don't do this to me :D
And on this weeks "Wish you were here" we send George Osborne and Jeremy Corbyn to a tropical paradise for a week
Will he also be able to command George Osborne's speaking fees ?
George Osborne's new fashion label and an Amazon Echo for pets? Today's April Fools' Day tricks
George Osborne justifies his legacy of new benefit cuts by saying those affected should be prepared to take on as many jo…
Staggering collection of benefit cuts begin over next few days Osborne's austerity legacy as de…
George Osborne appointed artistic director of Shakespeare's Globe
From the guardian, yes. It appeared that you'd fallen for it.
When the Tories promised to create jobs, we didn't realise they'd all be for George Osborne.
Tory government regularly lied to the BBC, George Osborne admits via
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While George Osborne's paper are busy writing smear pieces about Corbyn in their Westminster bubble, guess where he has bee…
George Osborne's benefit cuts legacy set to come into effect Destructive, short sighted and sadistic policy
Sign the petition to tell George he can't be an MP and an Editor. Please RT! .
FAKE NEWS! Harry and Meghan's secret Vegas wedding, polar bears in Scotland and George Osborne's new new job…
Simon 3rd George Osborne joke I have seen in 10 mins. Is there any truth in Sam Cam launching own polit…
George Osborne just casually admitted his government regularly lied to the BBC via
I wonder if George Osborne will replace Mark Clattenburg when he goes to Saudi Arabia.
*looks at non PPE politicians* oh hi Jez, Theresa, John McC, Boris, uh can we have George Osborne back now
Dear .in light of the corruption with regards to uber is that low life .still going to be yo…
Important statement by about how she and and other liberal Tories, are the real opposition to
Can George Osborne make newspapers profitable again?
Blackrock employee claims Osborne does nothing, merely paid to have corporate government access, he must resign seat https:…
Voice of the Mirror: George Osborne has job too far... his constituents agree
George Osborne gains approval of local Tory association over editorship role.
Disagree with the point of the article but makes a good point about Osborne being far more than May's team.
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xUK chancellor assumes 3rd role as editor of London's in addition 2 roles as MP &
When George Osborne has been implicated in a scandal in and it doesn't get reported in ⁉️
Anything is possible after seeing George Osborne becoming the new editor of Evening Standard without working as a journalist previously
residents say George Osborne cant be MP and editor ...
Tatton !!! That's it !!. Khalid Masood none other than George Osborne in Disguise. Theresa May profoundly relieved…
Watch out, Jeremy Hunt will be looking to recruit surgeons next. George Osborne liked making cuts. Pete
Tatton residents say George Osborne can't be MP and editor
Another opportunity opens up for George Osborne...
. George Osborne, the architect of austerity, handing over the reigns to yet another callous greedy ***
Clearly George Osborne fancies a go in his spare time.
2/2 Sadiq also told me Number 10 pressure is a matter for Boris Johnson and George Osborne to answer. More on htt…
He should do one of these jobs properly. End of.
There has to be a Public enquiry or you STEP DOWN as an MP You corrupt individual
Two thirds of George Osborne's constituents think he should stick to one job
Most of George Osborne's constituents think he should choose between being an MP and a newspaper editor 
Did David Cameron and George Osborne lean on Boris Johnson and Transport for London after the former mayor of Lo...
Tony Blair congratulates George Osborne in becoming the latest piece of Tory vermin to infest our press. . Why am I not…
Tony Blair defending his mate George Osborne shows he may claim to be red on the outside but he's thoroughly blue on the…
Tony Blair on responds to a question about George Osborne's appointment as editor of the Eve Standard. He's a "highly…
Could we have an option of "No, I don't approve of George Osborne full stop"?
1/3 I honestly don't have a particular problem with George Osborne editing standard - did anyone not realise it was a right wing Tory paper?
. Don't ask George Osborne just in case!!
What has it got to do with anyone what George Osborne earns? I don't care.
George Osborne was the one who was determined to sort out housing, but he is marginased. I don't see any vision or plan now.
"...George Osborne used to worry about how Ed Balls and Chuka Umunna would strike back against their austerity prog…
Andrea Leadsom, Boris Johnson, George Osborne, any one of the might have been PM by now, its a funny old world
-don't need to send to George Osborne
George Osborne running London Evening Standard and joining anti-Russia Senator John McCain Institute? Loyalty to UK or to…
Boris Johnson pulls ahead of George Osborne among grassroots...
_ I'm sure Boris Johnson did as much 'Editor work' as George Osborne will.
George Osborne can still see off Boris Johnson. Here's how
Bets on an early leader column by fake editor, George Osborne: "Why Chuka Umunna should be Labour leader...'
Derby's right back Cyrus Christie is doubtful for the Forest game today. The good news? George Osborne has a couple of hours free to fill in
London Evening Standard under George Osborne's editorship - halariously envisaged by The Sun today.
Sadiq Khan. More likely to congratulate George Osborne than the leader of his own party.
Ian Woosnam to George Osborne: 'you only had one job - then 2, then 3, then 4, then 5, then 6 .'
George Osborne, The Evening Standard and the Conservative media establishment via
Is it right that George Osborne has 6 JOBS !
George Osborne is laughing at us as he takes his Evening Standard job | Aditya Chakrabortty
Nye Bevan, Michael Foot, Iain Macleod, and now George Osborne. It is possible to be an editor and an MP.
George Osborne observes ordinary people as research for his Evening Standard job
George Osborne's first front page revealed:
George Osborne is an MP, an editor and does public speaking gigs as well. Gets paid for all of them. Some folks can't even land one job
Has anyone yet sent George Osborne the press release about Jason Donovan's comeback tour? I've had three.
George Osborne slams Top Gear team for 'noisy' filming which is preventing him
Congratulations to George Osborne, the new editor of 'The Evening Standard'. At last he'll be able to read something 'good' about himself.
Do you think it is appropriate for George Osborne to be the Editor of the Evening Standard? Please RET…
George Osborne is now Editor of the Evening Standard. Corbyn’s response is perfect.
Daily Politics -- and George Osborne's shock appointment as editor of London Evening Standard -- coming up on BBC2 NOW!
The great on what George Osborne told the Evening Standard newsroom
It had to be a free paper for the ex chancellor of the exchequer to edit! Well done Evening Standard, by George Osborne it is!
Martin Rowson on George Osborne's new role at London Evening Standard – cartoon.
Ed Miliband is unleashing ALL the sass about George Osborne's new Evening Standard gig:. *mic drop*.
George Osborne announced as new Evening Standard editor
Now he's the new London Evening Standard Editor, here's how to get George Osborne's look...
HYPOCRISY: Labour complain about George Osborne’s new role while the leader of the opposition continues to host Match of th…
Jeremy Corbyn spokesman says George Osborne's new job "makes a mockery of the independence of the media"
Maybe, like 38 Degrees members, Evening Standard staff think George should pick one job. Sign the petition: https:…
George Osborne. . Just another charisma-free, self-serving weasel who despite all his years as an MP has done precisely no…
George Osborne editor of the Standard?. That's gonna be the go to publication for the truth then.
Poor George Osborne had to get 3rd job just to get by, as cdn't make ends meet on £650K (for 1 day/week for Black Rock) & £76K MPs pay
London Press are not biased. I swear. The fact that they have just appointed George Osborne *Editor* of the Standard is a m…
My threshold for being shocked just rose a little more: George Osborne new Editor of Evening Standard. And it's not even fake n…
detection: The action or process of identifying the presence of something concealed. Sizing John. George Osborne. Derek Walcott
On this day last year George Osborne plays netball with kids - today he's announced Editor of the Evening Standard.
George Osborne isn't the only surprise appointment today...
If George Osborne can become Editor of the London Evening Standard, I can become editor of Vogue. Move over Anna Wintour.
There now follows a short welcome from the National Union of Journalists to George Osborne.
Could someone quietly explain to George Osborne that the MPs's salary of £75,000 is a full-time one paid for a full week's…
George Osborne addresses the Evening Standard newsroom. Just look at the joy on their faces.
Confused-I struggle to balance commitments in my life&yet George Osborne is going to somehow be MP & Editor of London's most read newspaper?
What are Tatton voters complaining about? George Osborne will continue to act as their MP for at least one afternoon eve…
This from 2008. Politicians have eroded public's faith in their integrity. Publ…
Should George Osborne resign as MP for Tatton in Cheshire,now he is to be Editor of the Evening Standard?
Radio broadcaster of the year picks up Award, announces he's being replaced from Monday... by George…
Inspired by George Osborne, I've dropped out of uni and decided to become a freelance tree surgeon. Slide into dms for a qoute on your tree.
as you would expect, is just thrilled to see George Osborne finally get his break in journalism.
you're a right George Osborne alike
Conflict of interest or what? Thought it was April 1 when I first heard the news!
*speak for London and Londoners* says Cheshire MP and Northern Powerhouse 'champion' George Osborne.
Journalist reactions to George Osborne as Evening Standard editor = TV people when we see someone's agent credited as 'Ex…
Some are arguing that new role as editor of is a 'conflict of interest', should he step do…
George Osborne to edit the Evening Standard whilst remaining an MP, no conflict of interest there then! https:…
On 23 Feb 2015, Labour tried to ban MPs double jobbing. We were defeated by the Tories. 102 MPs have at least 2 jobs. Welco…
Does he actually need to have another job?
George Osborne has gone from a shameless Chancellor to a shameless chancer.I'll be writing to ACOBA,the Speaker & the PM
Can George Osborne be an MP and an editor? Let the people decide | Martin Bell
George Osborne has stolen my thunder somewhat, but delighted to be joining The Guardian. Will miss the Mail (tho not leav…
George Osborne is the new editor of the Evening Standard? 😲
My response, as chair of Group of MPs, to George Osborne's appointment as editor of the Standard: https:/…
Update your maps at Navteq
When you look at the ad for editor of the Evening Standard, it's no surprise George Osborne got the job.
Hitting the bullseye, here's on Editor Osborne
he'd prob do really well in PA, not sure about the shorthand tho!
When the Tories told us they'd create jobs I didn't realise they'd all be for George Osborne. 😳
Good point “If he combined being MP with running the economy, he should manage editing a local paper.” But
George 5 jobs Osborne now editor of Evening Standard having never edited anything in his life. Not a great day 4 journal…
EXCL Chair of George Osborne's local Tories wishes him 'good luck' in Evening Standard job .
Trump as President, George Osborne as editor of the Evening Standard...don't let anyone ever tell you you are unqualified…
.I would like to write a column for the Evening Standard about Hammond's Budget failure. Are you inter…
George Osborne facing calls to quit as MP over Evening Standard job
George Osborne's appointment as Evening Standard editor makes mockery of media neutrality and insults the voters he is su…
'Will he give up sleep?' Constituents criticise Osborne over new job ^Guardian
Just bumped into David Cameron in Whole Foods. Asked him if he'd congratulated George Osborne. He said yes it was a 'gre…
Appointment of George Osborne as editor of Evening Standard turns the Evening Standard into a laughing stock.
"Can you guarantee a free press?": George Osborne faces questions after being appointed editor of the London Evening Standard
George Osborne used to run the world's fifth largest economy. Now he'll edit London's free evening newspaper.
George Osborne being Editor of London Evening Standard is a JOKE. Looks like Tory grip on the media continues & politica…
George Osborne the new London Evening Standard editor? That's good - I once hit a duck with my car, so maybe I could hea…
George Osborne, the UK's ex-finance chief, will be the new editor of The Evening Standard, a London newspaper
George Osborne appointed editor of London Evening Standard, the architect of austerity continues to prove we are not all…
Live in London? Voted remain? Don't write off George Osborne as Evening Standard editor via
George Osborne announced as new Evening Standard editor | London Evening Standard. Oh dear.
Labour MP says George Osborne's new job as London Evening Standard editor will go down like a "cold bucket of sick" htt…
'George Osborne to become editor of London Evening Standard': Now that is a headline!!
BREAKING: George Osborne named London Evening Standard editor after being rejected by High Times magazine for being too sp…
George Osborne and the London Evening Standard. The analysis and reaction right here.
George Osborne's appointment as Editor of the Evening Standard shows contempt for both the people of London and his constitu…
My bit on George Osborne being appointed editor of the London Evening Standard
George Osborne, man at the helm of is "London through and through" according to the Evening Standar…
So, now he's a journalist is George Osborne going to be less angry at the Lib Dems about leaking the 2012 Budget?
George Osborne is the Evening Standard's new editor? *** is that all about???
Three new pieces for Monopoly board: Rupert Murdoch, George Osborne & Richard Branson.
Media editor on why George Osborne has taken the job of editor
Former chancellor George Osborne becomes editor of Evening Standard. Read profile of him here:
George Osborne is editor of The Standard! I have a 2:2 in philosophy - can I become a billionaire space cowboy now?
"George Osborne" Just seen him at Baker Street station, selling it.
Well done George Osborne- now I'm ready for my promotion to Space Cowboy
I wonder if this summer's Lions tour is coming too soon for George Osborne to oust Johnny Sexton from the fly half spot
Meanwhile, in the hallowed halls of Runway magazine, someone just told Miranda Priestly that George Osborne is the…
Blackrock hires all these former big shots in govt. First Lamido Sanusi now George Osborne. Pays them F U money to work 3 days a month
George Osborne. He is why the Country is Skint
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