George Noory & John B. Wells

George Ralph Noory (born June 4, 1950) is a radio talk show host. In January 2003, following Art Bell's retirement, Noory took over as weekday host of the late-night radio talk show Coast to Coast AM, having previously been a guest host for the show. John B. Wells is a talk radio host. He was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. He received a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts with emphasis on Theater from Texas Christian University. 5.0/5

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I added a video to a playlist I confront George Noory about John b. Wells
I miss Ian Punnett, John B Wells and Art Bell. Don't care about the other "hosts". You can take George Noory to the garbage.
SHAME ON YOU George Noory and the bigwigs at C2C, John B. Wells was a goddam saint! The show has lost complete focus...
Fist Ian Punnet, now John B. Wells? If you really want to improve Coast, fire George Noory..
makes a move... or did they? John B. Wells my favorite host of the program will no longer hosting
“A - MUST - LISTEN” It is “No Secret,” that I am NO Fan (sic) of “Coast-To-Coast AM.” In fact, I no longer correspond with George Noory or John B. Wells, because I reached-my-limit, of nothing but John Birch Society propaganda. However, Tonight (01/4/2014), there is actually A Guest (from “Project Censored”), who is providing Facts And Truth (without siding with any political party), as I do when I appear on radio shows. John B. Wells is sitting there hearing the Guest refute practically EVERY bit of propaganda normally - spewed on “Coast - To - Coast AM.” (For Many remember that if You are not listening, most radio stations carrying the program repeats the show immediately after the show ends. Of course, here in Southern California it is 0640 AM - KFI)
Coast to Coast AM with George Noory Schedule 1.24.14 - 1.30.14: Here's what's coming up in the next week! Saturday, January 25, 2014: In the first half, Peter Phillips, sociology professor and recent past director of Project Censored, joins John B. Wells to discuss the importance of a truly free press for democratic self-government, and exposing news censorship while promoting independent journalism.
Woke up after a nap and John B. Wells was on Coast to Coast and I felt like throwing up. John B. Wells show caters to lower class garbage of the worst order. He has nut on claiming rap and rock and roll are tools of Satan spewing hatred. I loved C2C with Art Bell where ufos, SETI, the paranormal were discussed. George Noory has destroyed this show. This POS named Mike Dice and his Illuminati fantasies suck. This stuff about the Illuminati is garbage for feeble minds. I hope C2C is canceled!
For those that support Coast to Coast AM Radio, wanted to thank the listeners for their support in promoting my shows with George Noory and John B. Wells to "Most Popular" status. Kindest regards to you all. Also wanted to let folks know that my book "The Anunnaki of Nibiru" can be purchased at Barnes and Noble and Books A Million as well. This is the second edition with a larger font and improved readability. I hope to add a blog on my website as well soon. Give someone the gift that could profoundly improve your ability to discuss all things Anunnaki with family and friends: my Book!!! Happy holidays
Oh nice a break from George Noory. The great John B. Wells doing the show.
Open Lines: Filling in for George Noory, John B. Wells hosts a night of Open Lines.
Darn and I love Coast to Coast was John B. Wells hosting the show or George Noory?
I never mind when John B. Wells fills in for George Noory on Good times, with a Man who's not affraid to speak his mind!
I love and George Noory and John B. Wells, but STOP with the survivalist "anti-governmnet B.S. It's wrong.
I like George Noory and John B. Wells , I don't like Ian Punnett and George Knapp only knows UFOs.
I forgot to mention, KPNW has apparently dropped the Lars Larson national show from 10-11pm weeknights. Now I wonder if we can get them to dump Rush Limbaugh as well? I think the world can do without hate, bigotry, and lies, don't you? Now, if we can get Premier Radio to fire George Noory and turn the show over to George Knapp and/or John B. Wells...
Looks like some excellent guests are lined up including John B. Wells and George Noory from Coast to Coast AM radio show
I like to listen to Coast To Coast AM, a radio late night talk show, 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. on local 1450 AM, and 102.1 FM. The weeknight host is George Noory, to nights host John B. Wells, show topic was about U.N. Agenda 21, please make yourself aware of what this is, it affects all of us, our land, our rights, our freedoms, our water, our food, our future.
I've stumbled upon John B. Wells on Coast to Coast AM. He's a far better successor to Art Bell than is George Noory.
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