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George Michael

George Michael [born Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou ; 25 June 1963] is an English musician, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer.

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"mum who was it that got done for cottaging? was it George Michael?". "no, it was my uncle"
that would be Alan Turing, Elton John, George Michael & Stephen Fry in nature
We will never forget you, George Michael. Thank you Juan Diego por poner su música.
George Michael battled for happiness for years and struggled with his sexuality, says old friend Tony Hadley…
Just wanted to say thank you for your beautiful comments about George Michael x
I loved when you carried us with you in your universe . You know the planet George Michael
George Michael funeral will take place in a tiny chapel and Geri Horner will give a reading
looks happy this is the only thing that counts for me . George Michael
Details of George Michael's upcoming funeral have been shared
Me: Bowie, Prince, George Michael and Sharon Jones, to mention but a few, and now Chuck berry?. God: I'm puttin' the…
he sounded like Michael Heseltine justifying George Osbourne's income. The NHS is a managerial money trough.
Beyonce and George Michael performing together is amazing, also love the adorable mutual idolisation
Surprised hasn't launched Chuck Berry channel yet. Did for Bowie Prince George Michael. Guys are great. But Chuck…
Thanks for letting us know that George Michael's funeral is finally taking place
One of my Favorites. Such a beautiful voice and soul.. George Michael - One more try live
was happy that's all that matters to me. George Michael
We were all “Young Guns” then: George Michael and the early days of
Can't wait brilliant series 'Vera' I'm suffering as went to a George Michael tribute at the pub last night 🍸🍷
Wonder if she even listens to his music. Were David Bowie & George Michael knighted?
David Cleary sings the praises of Un De Sceaux after his win at Added later he would love to see him run in th…
George Michael’s home village to pay tribute to singer in huge birthday celebration
George Michael knew his death was close, reveals medic who treated him for 30 years
Andy brought the fun. But George was serious and focused about the music, exploring new directions.
GEORGE MICHAEL - One of the Best! George Michael was absolutely flawless! 💗💗💗
Hey that's Michael Rodriguez on the cover of George W Bush's book. He's a knifemaker who designed a knife for CRKT
Went from Liverpool to George Michael's home Friday said goodbye to a great. STAR ,was worth the journey to pay our…
This is the year of the guilty man. Your television takes a stand,. You find what was over there is over here. -George Michael
I do not care about the controversy . I love this photo and I share. Fadi was part of life of . George…
George Michael became a role model for Harry Potter
Harry Potter subjected George Michael to terrible abuse
George Michael demanded too much of Harry Potter
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George Michael funeral 'will take place in 30-seat chapel'
Sister of George Michael reportedly living in his Highgate home
Wembley : Tribute Concert for George Michael - Sign the Petition! via
Listening to Desert Island Discs - is on! It/she is wonderful and now she's chosen a George Michael song 😍😢❤️
Dear 2016, if you give us back Carrie Fisher, George Michael and Alan Rickman. We will give you Donald Trump, Nigel Far…
WATCH AGAIN: Geri Horner pays emotional tribute to George Michael saying she 'absolutely loved him'
Police investigating whether George Michael died of drug overdose. The investigation into the death of singer G…
George Michael's funeral 'to be held on Sunday' as singer's death certificate is released.
George Michael dies of suspected heart failure, manager tells PA. Singer George Michael, who passed away on Chri
George Michael died of natural causes. The singer died as a result of heart and liver disease, a coroner confirms.
George Michael's family will finally be able to plan a funeral for the singer following a postmortem released yesterday
Singer George Michael dies. British pop star George Michael has died, his family said in a statement. The musici
George Michael's lover Fadi Fawaz complains family have FROZEN him out of plans for the singer's funeral…
Singer, George Michael cause of death revealed
A BRILLIANT George Michael tribute at LIVE VOICES leads into the grand finale here GREAT job & all involved!
Stella McCartney's surprise George Michael tribute. Models burst into a rendition of the late singer's hit song Faith on the runway at Par
Singer, George Michael died of natural causes with weakened heart and damaged liver-…
George Michael's cause of death released: Singer died of natural causes, investigation concludes
George Michael's boyfriend, Fadi Fawaz, emotionally speaks out after the singer's cause of death is revealed.
Bringing you the best tribute acts on the circuit, we've brought you George Michael, Robbie Williams, next up is MA…
In Deja Vu Adam Goldberg looks like he's dressed as George Michael for a Halloween party
Weather: cloudy and 48-26, Micheal Jackson beat our Prince and George Michael passed away at age 53
George Michael completed work on a new documentary before he passed away.
George Michael's Christmas Day death was caused by natural causes:
Watch Stella McCartney & a cast of models pay tribute to George Michael in Paris
George Michael died of natural causes says coroner via
George Michael died of natural causes, coroner says.
George Michael passed away from natural causes:
BREAKING: George Michael's official cause of death released.
Runway models paid to tribute to George Michael at Paris Fashion Week. WATCH:
George Michael died of natural causes, coroner rules
Singer George Michael who was found dead at his home on Christmas Day, died of natural causes, according to coroner. https…
George Michael died of natural causes, a senior coroner has said, confirming previous reports of a heart condition
Obvs I was upset when George Michael died because he's a fellow human and it's sad but as far as his musics concerned I was never a fan
British coroner says Singer George Michael died of natural causes as the result of heart disease and a fatty liver.
George Michael died from natural causes, coroner says
George Michael suffered a dilated cardiomyopathy with myocarditis and fatty liver, according to a coroner.
George Michael died of natural causes, says coroner
Billboard George Michael died of natural causes.
17:19 George Michael died of natural causes
RIP George Michael. My sadness would be the same no matter how he died and it's sad some people would judge someone on how they died.
George Michael died of natural causes, British coroner says
George Michael dying on Christmas Day still breaks my heart
George Michael died of natural causes
Singer George Michael died of natural causes: coroner via
No a word about from They are concerned about George Michael's cause of death. ***
Regardless of how George Michael died; the press are still scum! Hounded him his entire life. Focus should been on his tale…
George Michael died of natural causes.
My sister just found out George Michael died
George Michael died of a heart condition, according to a coroner’s statement released on Tuesday https…
George Michael's partner speaks out after cause of death revealed
A coroner has ruled that George Michael died of natural causes:
At 5 with Emma - the cause of George Michael's death is confirmed, and a rhino's been killed for its horn at a zoo in France
Well toot your own horn... At least George Michael did charity without the boasting about it..
George Michael died of natural causes. Is having a fatty liver at his age natural? They mean no foul play I suppose.
Don't watch a lot of movies but saw Dead Pool. Loved it. Esp the George Michael & Wham reference. Ryan Reynolds was gold.
So much to be happy about here: Stella McCartney sweetly paying tribute to George Michael in Paris.
I feel like I am Michael Bluth, Liam Hemsworth is George Michael, and Miley Cyrus is Anne.
PS Look in 'papparazzi' is from George Michael's video 'too funky'. It has nothing to do with Roisin Murphy.
All ever sends on Snapchat is either George Michael, Bradley Walsh or Phil Mitchell & it makes me chuckle
Christy Newman:George Michael's songs showed how to 'talk about & ask 4 what we want & need' via
From Debbie Reynolds to George Michael: 20 biography books to read about the dead……
Adele restarts George Michael tribute at the "I can't mess this up for him"
The dog has just done a fart longer than the wait for George Michael's funeral.
George Michael hailed 'one of the most generous people to ever walk planet' by Noel Edmonds via
I added a video to a playlist George Michael on the Catherine Tate Show 2007
Join us in celebrating the life of George Michael! Today, we are holding our 2nd month candle vigil. 💔💙
One sounded like George Michael, t'other sounded like Sam Smith. It might be somebody's fantacy but it isn't mine.
Careless Whisper by George Michael was top of chart on this day in 1985 .
George Michael really did that with Careless Whisper...a visionary moment 👌🎤🌟
Tribute to George Michael at Brit Awards 2017 with Andrew Ridgeley & Chris Martin.
Tribute to George Michael at Brit Awards 2017 (with Andrew Ridgeley, Pepsi & Shirlie Chris Martin) via
Watch Chris Martin cover George Michael and Wham!'s Andrew Ridgeley eulogize singer at the
Former member Ridgeley pays tribute to George Michael: "His legacy is one of unquestionable brilliance"
Watch Andrew Ridgeley's tribute to George Michael at the 2017 Brit Awards
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Wham!'s Andrew Ridgeley gives an emotional tribute to George Michael at 2017
George Michael 'duets' with Chris Martin as Wham!'s Andrew Ridgeley pays tribute
And now I know that Catherine Tate and George Michael did a duet of "Fairytale of New York" and I'm finished with all things now.
Pepsi and Shirlie pay emotional tribute to George Michael
Just caught up on the George Michael tribute by Andrew Ridgeley, Pepsi & Shirley. Beautiful. And then Chris Martin happened, so so bad.
George Michael's death "felt like the sky had fallen in" says Andrew Ridgeley. Pepsi and Shirley pay tribute to his "amazi…
Andrew Ridgeley pays a tearful tribute to George Michael at Brit Awards: via
Last night's George Michael tribute was one of the few genuine Brits moments
After paying a beautiful tribute to George Michael tonight, spoke to Pepsi & Shirlie and Andrew Ridgeley ba…
Chris Martin performs a beautiful rendition of "A different Corner" in a tribute to George Michael. Get a tissue. .
Rival teams believe the Celtics have a shot at landing Paul George today. (via
I just watched the George Michael tributes, not interested in anything else.
"I never wanted to be someone else, I wanted to be a star" - George Michael
Remembering a truly great name in British music history. A wonderful & touching tribute to George Michael.
I played Wham / George MIchael playlist at a dive bar recently. It was pretty good.
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Can echo what just said on More than a few rival teams out there think Boston has a shot a…
the George Michael tribute last night had me in tears,so very well thought out..and they chose a song fit for a tribute…
I'm still disappointed that adele didn't sing a better george michael song at the grammys. it should have been One More Try!
'Music AND friendship.'. My blog on how got tribute he deserved from & co: https:…
Watched the George Michael tribute again, Chris Martin still pretty awful in places, and he sang better when George was singing too.
I've decided next year for Halloween I'm going as Maeby Fünke+I'm currently accepting applications for someone to be my George Michael
.former Wham! bandmates bring us to tears with their heartfelt tribute at the
thank you for the George Michael Careless Whisper jazz version.…
While Michael was getting fed up with his family, George Michael was finally getting to know them.
George Michael tributes reduce Brit Awards audience to tears:.
Streams of George Michael's A Different Corner surge 850% following the Brit Awards
Chris Martin's tribute to George Michael had most in tears...
George Michael Tribute Brit Awards 2017 in full (heart-breaking tribute) via 💌You will always be in our💞💓💞
I thought Pepsi, Shirley and Andrew gave a beautiful speech tonight in recognition of the late George Michael a real gen…
Brit Awards 2017: The 1975 pay tribute to Bowie, Prince and George Michael
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Silence with ripples of respectful applause through the George Michael tributes "he lives on his music…
nominees perform a wonderful tribute for the late George Michael
They've moved all the flowers and tributes away from the front of George Michael's house & repositioned in the tiny green…
Watch as Chris Martin and the late George Michael sing together half way through. Beautiful!
Watch Chris Martin's George Michael tribute that had everyone in tears at the Brits
I thought the balance between old and new was pretty good! Robbie and George Michael. Bowie won twice 💪💪
Message to God. Please don't let 2017 be like 2016 with so many sad losses. Bad start already with Gordon Kaye, John Wet…
The strongest, richest singing voice heard tonight at the was from the artist who couldn't be there...George Mic…
Amazing tribute by Andrew Ridgeley last night at the BRITS. George Michael RIP. Thanks for the music, t…
Incredible tribute to the wonderful George Michael from Wham bandmate Andrew Ridgeley & Pepsi & Shirlie & Chri…
The Coldplay frontman paid tribute to the legendary George Michael at The Brits Awards!
Hardly Georges car it was the runaround! Never been 2 SnappySnaps Bought long b4 the grey This is for charity right? htt…
Wham!'s tribute to was by far the most emotional moment of
HQ photos of Chris Martin performing a tribute to George Michael at the
Watch Chris Martin perform A Different Corner at the as a tribute to George Michael https:/…
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The radio was lit this morning. Paul McCartney, the Beach Boys, David Bowie, A-ha, George Michael
Letting Chris Martin sing a George Michael song, is like letting Randy Newman sing Coldplay. Yeah, you can hear it now, can't you?
Chris Martin and Wham pays tribute to George Michael at Brit Awards | READ:
Mark Powell and Ruth Wignall at Breakfast. A stunning tribute to George Michael at the Brits last night..
He had a great sense of humor. I miss George Michael here with the genius that's Catherine Tate
George Michael's memory lived on at the 2017 Brit Awards thanks to an emotional performance by Chris Martin:
This café has been playing my fav classics. First it was George Michael's Careless Whisper and now Lionel Ritchie's Hello. Today's good.💕
Tom Chaplin is in the UK, still they invite Chris Martin to pay tribute to George Michael 😕😕😕 FFS!!!
Lovely tribute to George Michael at the
What a tribute by Chris Martin for George Michael at the . RIP to a true icon.
Chris Martin showing just what a great Singer George Michael was
Great song by Chris Martin, George Michael would be pleased.
50Cent & George Michael mashup - turns out the world needed it :. Blossoms - (50Cent cover) in the Live Lounge
Oh this Prince station is a good one Prince, George Michael x2, Lionel Ritchie.
a white boy just quoted my pic of George Michael saying that he's a *** well thanks for stating the obvious Thomas
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"Wish you'd just settle down with someone and stop dancing round to George Michael in my kitchen like a *** - wise words from my mam
I liked a video George Michael on the Catherine Tate Show 2007
via George Michael in bed with Ricky 😆😆😆
R.I.P. to George Michael, Ricky Harris and Carrie Fisher. We have loss three Legends today.
when George Michael sang "even Ricky Martin's smile is something he can't see" instead of "Lana Turner's" in My Baby Just Cares For Me 😭🙌🏻
George Michael by on great eastern street . https…
My colleagues in the Latin division are in the kitchen having a lively convo (in Spanish). The only thing I understand is "George Michael".
Im a let u finish Adelle but Jamal Anderson allready did the best George Michael tribute of all time
Just been listening to whams "Last Christmas". This year it was for George Michael.
On a eu l'info en France avant. David Bowie and George Michael to be honoured at the Brit Awards 2017
Wow, George Michael passed Christmas Day. He wrote one of my Fav Christmas Songs. Very Sad, but now he Sings With Angels.…
George Michael has snuffed it on Christmas at 53.
Ricky do you think George Michael's Hamster survived or its still stuck up his *** If its still stuck it's in Hibernating now
None of the above... CARLESS WHISPER by George Michael
That must have sucked for George Michael.the last present he got on Christmas was a No longer present.
I've spoken to Boy George before. He is really nice. George Michael has made my favorite Christmas song. :)
a week in the woods? not even George Michael took that long
The 59th Grammys: Laverne Cox calls for support of Gavin Grimm, Adele honors George Michael and more!
"I can't mess this up for him": Adele restarts her Grammys tribute to George Michael via
Should have been Elton John or Adam Lambert doing the George Michael tribute, not Adele...
Oops just called George Michael "Michael Bolton" on accident and now I'm outside on the street watching through my friend's apartment window
Adele proves she's human after starting and stopping her Grammy tribute to George Michael
George Michael and Prince are my absolute favorite artists. Can't wait for the tribute. Don't sleep on...
George Michael's family 'appalled' after 999 call leaked
R.I.P George Michael and R.I.P Rick Parfitt rhythm guitarist out of the band ( Status Quo ) Both amazing guys
Paul Tait pays tribute to the late George Michael with one of Michael's best songs from "Listen Without Prejudice".
It's rumoured that Adele is performing 'Hello' and a tribute to George Michael with a surprise guest.
"You'll never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart." . ~ George Michael
'He's gone' Fadi Fawaz's 999 call as he tried 'to wake George Michael' via
Grammys to pay tribute to Prince and George Michael at Sunday's show
How George Michael Blurred The Lines of Black and Blue-Eyed Soul (written by
"Father Figure" just came on and I was all happy and then I remembered George Michael died and now I'm all sad.
911 tape reportedly details how George Michael's partner, Fadi Fawaz, found him unconscious htt…
Fadi Fawaz 'tried to wake George Michael for an HOUR' before calling an ambulance, leaked 999 call recording reveals ht…
Prince and George Michael tributes will happen at the 2017 Grammys! Read the full story here: https:…
At 11 on - We sat down with George Washington University's Michael Feuer to discuss this ABC7 exclusive video,…
Could just hop on a train and be singing George Michael by 10
Me gustó un video de Queen George Michael and Lisa Stansfield - These Are the Days of Our Lives
.are you performing the George Michael tribute at the Grammys tomorrow?
you're the party of Rosie O'Donnell, Michael Moore, and George Soros.
Floral tributes are left outside the home of George Michael
When is George Michael’s funeral, what caused the singer’s death and who will inherit his fortune?
Princess Diana, David Bowie, George Michael & Elton John at the "Feed the World" Live Aid concert at Wembley Stadiu…
Elton John remembers George Michael as the "kindest, most generous man"
and to get Grammy tributes! They will be honored by the Grammy Awards this Sunday!
there are surprise performers throughout the show for the George Michael and prince tr…
If Adele does the George Michael tribute at the Grammys I will lose it
Maaaybe there's a fatal flaw in seeking inspiration from _George_Michael_ to ask a pretty girl out, but nonetheless…
George Michael: Requiem for a Soul Man (written by
Fadi Fawaz's 999 call as he tried to wake George Michael
And 'The Sun' stoop to an another low with the George Michael story, let him RIP!
Adele is going to do a George Michael tribute at the Grammys
George Michael’s boyfriend tried to wake the singer up for an hour and described hi
i wish to pay my tribute to George Michael , the only one who gave Heart & Hope through his Music, i did it with...
George Michael lover dramatic emergency call after star death...
Here's paying tribute to George Michael on
Here's George Michael incredible performance of his "Official Video to Careless Whisper", https:/…
to when George Michael performed at Wembley Stadium to "Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert back in 1992".…
Here's speaking about George Michael on with
Sad that Adam Lambert won't be involved in the tribute to George Michael at the Grammys. Would have loved to hear him cover "One More Try"
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Now playing on Blaze FM. George Michael You Have Been Loved "Just The Best Songs on the Radio"
*update* participating in the Prince/George Michael tribute seems more likely
Prince, George Michael will receive tributes at the 2017
Triplets 2.0? What Michael Irvin says Dak, Zeke, Dez must do to be Cowboys' next power trio via…
Two of my faves, Prince + George Michael will be honored at the Grammy Awards on Sunday!
Already planning most epic White House Easter Egg Hunt. 4 Words: Green Eggs and Wham! (In our timeline, George Michael is still with us.)
Report: Still no set date for George Michael's funeral
as a top star, being hooked up with George Michael.
Elton John reveals the one song he wishes he'd written himself... .
When you want to make sure nobody gets too close... - Photo: Michael D. Owner: George R.
Elton John Honors George Michael as 'One of the Best Vocalists Ever' on
It is where 2pac and michael jackson are hidden, you open it up and hear: "SHAMOOONA, HE" and george soros lives there.
George Michael should have toured with Queen band.
"Michael Jordan names everyone he would play one on one. Wait for the endin..."
That's right: I'm listening to George Michael while wearing false lashes at the gym, doing 20lb dumbbell preacher curls.
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The left progressives = the new Nazi party. George Soros must be so proud . Michael Moore must b…
.The left/Progressives = new Nazi party. George Soros must be proud . Michael Moore must be proud.
Pop icon George Michael died 6 weeks ago yet he cannot be buried as the State awaits toxicology reports to determine the c…
I liked a video from George Michael - A Different Corner cover by 10y/o Jadyn Ryl…
George Lopez is a racist, when Michael Richards did this he was run out of town. But Lopez gets a free left wing pass.
sister of singer holding balloons as she attends the 'Wham!' farewell party,... https:…
George Michael will be missed by everyone
Elton John honors George Michael as ‘one of the best vocalists ever’ on Beats 1 tribute show
On this week’s Rocket Hour, a tribute to George Michael. . 2pm GMT/6am PST on or on-demand with htt…
Sir Elton John credits the late George Michael as a 'brilliant songwriter'
Hear Elton John pay tribute to his friend George Michael on his Beats 1 radio show
Elton John pays emotional tribute to George Michael: 'He was the kindest man' - Daily…
My guitar arrangement of Careless Whisper by George Michael.
we talking Luther vandross and George michael?
George Michael's funeral is delayed AGAIN while his body is held for further tests
13. depends on wym by "deep" but prob hollis. 14. agalloch, george michael, Adam Lambert, falkenbach, Others.. 15. in relationshp
Ppl who say Melo's a ballstopper r absolutely correct. Dude wastes precious seconds on every possession in an era where ball movement is king
...Elton John remembers his old buddy George Michael
Elton John uses radio show to pay emotional tribute to George Michael -…
Pfff.. 😑 George Michael's funeral DELAYED again as his body is held for further tests
George Michael's funeral has been delayed and his body is being held for further tests.
George Michael's funeral delayed and his body held for further tests.
Latest Buzz - tragic loss of George Michael and release of were among most discussed topics of January:
in honor of the ATL *** Falcons: tribute to George Michael performed by the one and only Steve Michael Harris
Elton John, Mariah Carey, Kate Moss and Bob Geldof ‘would love to organise memorial concert’ for George Michael https:/…
George Michael for the fourth plinth
Rip every celeb that died . David, Carrie Fisher, Harambe and George Michael and everyone else! ;)
I liked a video from George Michael - Careless Whisper Fingerstyle w/ Guitar Tabs
Dan Deacon (announces the judge's hold on and plays George Michael's "Freedom"
Loose Women: Cheryl Fergison opens up about secret friendship with George Michael | OK! Magazine
WATCH AGAIN: Cheryl Fergison on EastEnders, George Michael and meeting her husband online...
Cheryl remembers her close friendship with George Michael
George Michael had secret friendship with EastEnders actress Cheryl Fergison
EastEnders star Cheryl Fergison remembers how George Michael used to send her gifts during Loose Women appearance
Don’t Let the Sun Go Down by George Michael & Elton John topped charts 25 years ago today.
I added a video to a playlist Jesus to a Child - George Michael (Cover by Jasmine Thompson)
yo Tobias be having me ctfu but I've always been a huge fan of Michael cera so maybe George Michael by default. Hbu??
George Michael fans call for tribute bench on Hampstead Heath
Bless Geri Halliwell (ex spice girl) for naming her newborn son, George after George Michael
Geri Horner pays the ultimate tribute to her close friend George Michael by naming her newborn baby boy after him…
We can assume the in heaven had Prince, Bowie and George Michael playing while Carrie Emceed, right?
It was played yesterday at my uncle's along with George Michael's "You have been loved" 😢😢😢x
"Faith" by George Michael has quickly become one of my favorite songs. So catchy.
Chat of Quincy Jones, George Michael, Vince Mendoza, Michael Bublé, Brian Byrne - on today
I’m told David Cameron & George Osborne are both being paid tens of thousands of pounds to speak at private dinners at Dav…
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George Michael embroiled in planning battle before death: via
Released as Wham! Featuring George Michael in The US, 'Careless Whisper' & 'Solid' by Ashford & Simpson are featured tomorr…
We're remembering the late George Michael tonight as he appears in the final ever episode of at 11:25pm.
George Michael's 12 most generous acts show just how selfless he was via
2016 is the biggest scumbag RIP George Michael
At least he died on a high. . George Michael - Father Figure via
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