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George McFly

The Back to the Future film trilogy and subsequent animated series feature characters created by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale.

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George mcfly is lucky the car that fell from the sky didn't kill him
I have a friend that looks weirdly like George McFly and it really creeps me out.
Every time a box of new books comes I quote George McFly. I can’t help it. If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish ANYTHING.
I know for a fact that we are - George McFly's A MATCH MADE IN SPACE hasn't been published yet.
QOTD ✖ GEORGE MCFLY ✖ LAUREN KATE. "I have this theory, that some people are drawn to each other…
but don't forget Obama's bike has a George McFly bell
Trump is Doc, 'Almanac timeline' Biff, successful George McFly, and the third Deloreon simultaneously.
Trudeau is like George McFly when it comes to the
The most I watch Seinfeld the more I realize I'm George Costanza. Lol
Watching the Yankees lose is like watching Biff get knocked out by George McFly (unless you are a Yanks fan)
"Last night, Darth Vader came down from planet Vulcan & told me that if I didn't take Lorraine out that he'd melt my brain!" - George McFly
Can we put George Zimmerman in one of these?
George McFly A didn't know anything about Star Wars until it came out! George B got some info in 1955!
I'm mcfly George mcfly, and your my density, I mean my destiny
Is the Star Wars universe in better hands with George McFly then with Lucas or worse
another triple cut that crosses the line. Biff gets bonked by George McFly
Wasn't it nice that George McFly hired his wife's attempted rapist Biff as an underlying, what a kind fellow.
Did George McFly not question why his son looked EXACTLY like the guy his wife was once interested in when they were teens
Felicia Day Interview: gaming, geekiness and Babe: George McFly was a cartoon of tropes, including a professed...
Any actors available in Sutton 17th October who sees themselves as a George McFly please be in touch for a fundraiser. Please RT. Thanks.
I'm literally a George McFly and it's depressing
George McFly is beating up Biff. Wow just wow.
Props to for that Dapper Dan Pomade & the George McFly reference...😂😂😂
Bill Engvall as George McFly. Ron White as Biff Tannen and Larry the Cable Guy as Lorraine Baines.
George McFly has a Biff, Martin McFly Jr. has a Griff. I assume Marty McFly doesn't have a Biff because he's not a wimp.
Neither did George McFly...who was also a coward.
My answer to In Back to the Future, why does George McFly punch Biff?
did we just fire George McFly and promote Biff?
No talking during movies but if you wanna kiss me right after George McFly punches Biff that'll be okay.
Alex playing today totally looks like George Mcfly! .
Destiny isn't a matter of chance, it's a matter of choice. . "you are my Density"~George McFly
This guy Alex on looks like George McFly
Hop in the Delorean and head back to 1985 only to find an alternate timeline was created when Biff killed George McFly...
so if Marty McFly got stuck in 1955, when Lorraine ended up having a baby that looks exactly like Calvin Klein, George leaves her, right?
I get the positive benefits of removing bullies from the world but what would George McFly have to…
LISTEN: The Back to the Future episode w/ George McFly
One night at dinner, a seething George McFly mouths "I know" to his son
They re make the Enchantment under the sea dance & a guy proposed to his gf there dressed like George mcfly 😭😭😭
I'm George. George McFly. I'm your density. I mean...your destiny.
My dad just told me that I laugh like George Mcfly 😂😂😂
"B2F-kinda weird that George McFly lets the guy who once tried to rape his wife hang around his house waxing his car."
My brothers laugh at times sounds very much like George McFly's from; 'Back to the Future'
No idea what i'm going to do with George Mcfly knocking Biff out. Or in fact that whole subplot!
The flashback Biff scenes with George McFly are straight up hilarious. A crisp updating of a classic dynamic. SO FUNNY.
America w/Obama is George McFly. Russia is Biff. is Marty arriving from the future to show George how to punch…
I feel like a George McFly in a Biff Tannen kinda world.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
George McFly... just knocked out Biff cold!
George McFly is so adorably awkward.
Was some guy named George McFly in the tree?
Brolly has a face on him like George McFly before he decked Biff.
Fun fact about me, sometime I laugh like George McFly. 😂
George McFly was predicting our future..
Don't think the media can persuade your thinking? How many people thought George Zimmerman was an innocent victim then vs now?
"I'm your density. I mean, your destiny" George Mcfly
I’m George. George McFly. I’m your density. I mean, your destiny.
"I'm writing this down, this is good stuff. " - George McFly.
It has finally happened, I met a person who laughs like George McFly!
I think Stringer Bell would make an excellent James Bond. Or Marty McFly. Or George Washington. Whoever. I think he is that good.
In the car with Lorraine and George Mcfly mistakes me for Biff lands the perfect haymaker and I fall and break my neck
I bet Marty McFly puts his cruise control to 87 MPH all the time just to *** off the flux capacitor.
I don't think we ever talk about how rape-y every man that isn't George McFly is in Hill Valley.
Helpful young man in Staples looked like George McFly. Was going to tell him, but realized he was too young to know who that is.
Just learnt via that Bruce Glover who is Mr Wint in Diamonds are Forever is the dad of Crispin Glover who plays George McFly!
I have always identified with George McFly.
"Doesn't Marty look exactly like that dude that hooked us up in High School?" - George McFly
that's George McFly! But he's got some unresolved chicken issues too I believe! This family needs help!!!
George's first passport. From the 'Living in the Material World' book:
When you realize that the *** that runs the orphanage in Like Mike is George McFly. 😳
I wonder if George McFly ever looked at Marty and thought to himself "this kid looks alot like that guy I hung out with in High School"
your my density... Lol classic George McFly
If Colin Slade (George McFly) can't make it, here's our pick to replace him in the squad...
fun fact: to this day, I still get real pumped when George McFly decks Biff.
George McFly can be my hero any day!
George Mcfly is such a sweet heart 😍
In watching Marty McFly's dad George eat cereal. I now want cereal.
Still haven't perfected the "George McFly" like has but I've got Doc Brown down to every Great Scott! ;)
Currently living out George McFly's late teen years in my early 20s
That moment during back to the future you realize that you are the living embodiment of George mcfly...
George McFly must have freaked the f out when he watched Star Wars and saw Darth Vader.
Everyone has the George McFly haircut these days
If you have a laugh like George Mcfly...
Does anyone else find it really creepy that George McFly married a woman who looks exactly like his great-grandmother?
But if Marty McFly's grandma looks exactly like his mother, did George McFly have a thing for his mother? I am confused about this now.
"Lorraine, my density has pought me to you." - George McFly, trying to ask Lorraine Baines to the...
Can someone explain to me how Crispin Glover goes from George McFly to Creepy Thin Man? He's good in both, but how was that decision chose?
Watching a ginger version of George McFly propose to his stepsister 😲
looks like George McFly from back to the future
I'm going to get my hair like George McFly
Was balls deep in your Mom last night -George McFly.
I wouldn't be against trying to trade for George Hill either
I be peepin' girls like George McFly...
All purpose parts banner
George McFly: Lorraine. My density has brought me to you. Lorraine Baines: What?. George McFly: Oh. What I meant to say was...
"I called George McFly a Butthead, he deserved it."
Adam silver or George McFly presenting the Larry O'Brian trophy??
Want to go on a cruise with George McFly more info here
16JUN1971 George and meet in NYC and John invites George to play on his next album
think George McFly drunk would pick fights w/ his wife."why the F does our son look like that guy we met in High School?"
Crispin Glover as George McFly and his badass moment in Back to the Future 💪
If George R. R. Martin wrote Back to the Future, McFly totally would've banged his mom
meanwhile, George McFly has declared the Blackhawks a modern-day hockey density
5 episodes in, still can't see Crispin Glover as anyone besides George McFly who used the Delorean to fight in the Revolution.
Flipping through channels last night and I was stunned how much a young George McFly looked like GHWB in the 50s...
The Biffs go on a double-date with the younger and older Lorraines, having killed George McFly. Griff crashes his h'board into a window.
Ambassador talks chance, destiny, & the butterfly effect in her new blog!
Would George McFly be popular if he was in High School today?
At this point in life I'm like George McFly in Back to the Future, without a time traveling son to teach me confidence as a teen. Or a house
How cool is it that even on promo pics Michael League still makes a bass face like George McFly?
Me and George McFly have the same problem. I can't talk to girls, never could really. LOL…
So best case scenario, George McFly walks up to Lorraine's table at a crowded diner & says "I AM YOUR DESTINY." Feel like that plan's flawed
George Mcfly will always be my childhood crush
Now I'll have to read A Match Made in Space by George McFly
That last clip of Coach Steve Kerr in the huddle was very not unlike George McFly!
Steve Kerr looks like a blonde version of George McFly...
I keep switching btwn watching Matthew Dellavedova & George McFly & I keep getting confused as to which cartoon character is which
George McFly just knocked out Biff on - "the storm"... enjoy the remainder of
The part where George Mcfly stands up to Biff >>>
In all seriousness, why did George McFly never question why his son looked exactly like and was named after a guy "Marty" from High School?
So in Back to the Future, does George McFly not care that his son looks exactly like his old High School friend?
waiting for a George McFly impersonation. You'd kill it!
let's talk about how George McFly is the original hiptser, and more than that, he is sexy af
Back to the Future on AMC, George McFly (yes the father) is still so sexy to me 😍
"laoraine, you are my density" man, my name is awfully similar to Mcfly, can't tell If I'm Marty or George, And I need to pick a version too
George McFly must have thought Lorraine had met Calvin Klein and had an affair when Marty started looking like him.
Crispin Glover has played George McFly & Andy Warhol. He could so portray owner John Henry to a tee in a movie.
My style: picture if George McFly traveled to 2015 from 1955 instead of Marty McFly traveling from 1985. x Russell Westbrook
Iceland is good but the guy does look like George McFly from Back To The Future
When someone invokes the phrase "Mr. New Atheist," in the form of some strawman question, I just see George McFly saying those words.
So George McFly has no questions about why his son looks just like the guy that helped them out back then..
A classic movie with a lesson for us all. George McFly had dreams but lacked the self esteem to realize them.
Crispin Glover as George McFly one of the most underrated performances of our lifetime.
Is it just me or does remind anyone else of a bald George McFly? .
As an aspiring science-fiction writer, George McFly should really know the difference between "density" and "destiny."
my name is george mcfly, I'm your density
Have you heard ‘GEORGE MCFLY 2014 90s THROWBACK MIXTAPE DEMO’ by on
I see the allure to George McFly but it looks like malaise has set in for Lorraine.
And this. Don't read if you don't want to hear of my body parts and see an uncool George McFly.
When Lorraine and George McFly's kid grows up and looks a lot like that guy who got them together in High School.
Happy Birthday, Joe!!!. You ever see this clip of George Mcfly on Letterman? It's insane.
In honor of HS grads. He ain't George McFly and didn't meet his density until after college.
"Are you ok?". That was Dean's George McFly moment 😊.
I always saw him as a "George McFly after a failed steroid cycle" kinda guy
George McFly was my dental hygienist today. He "jokingly" threatened to slice my gums with the tartar scraper if I moved. Creepy ***
I want a relationship like George and Lorraine McFly
Great few months of music coming up. next week, the week after and again in August. Happy me :)
My favorite Letterman moment continues to be the time George McFly nearly kicked Dave in the face with a KISS boot htt…
Why is George McFly dressed as PeeWee Herman on the bandstage?
please do not let these George McFly's make the playoffs
aye, like George McFly in Back to the Future. Lol
Safe to say that Ted Cruz is a Brylcreem Republican with a George McFly appeal?
Rusty Kuntz looks like an old George McFly.
Some days you are pre-Marty intervention timeline George McFly. Other days, you are post-Marty intervention timeline George McFly.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Hopefully George McFly will deck him early on before my brain gets erased from existence by the inanity of Keith Lemon.
Actor and filmmaker Crispin Glover (who portrayed George McFly in the first Back To The Future) is in Hawaii this...
Biff Tannen always told George McFly to make like a tree. Maybe there was some truth to that...
George Lucas sold the Star Wars franchise to Disney for $4 billion and donated all the money to charity.
When I think somthing is really funny I laugh like George Mcfly
Having my George McFly moment. Denton is a real book.
Think about it. Why would he if Darth Vader is now just a character in George McFly's novel?
Ted Cruz looks like George McFly. He is our density.
[in car]. "Rob is meeting us here.". "Rob from work? Or Rob who thinks he's George McFly?". *door flies open*. ROB: Get your d…
dude youre like George McFly without the redemption punch. Now just shut up and read the poll every hour like a good dog.
🇺🇸. "What I'd like to know is if he was separated at birth from George McFly."
Do you wish Eugene had gone George McFly on Nicholas?
Rockwell lived next door to Lorraine Baines. The “somebody” that was watching him…none other than that pervert George McFly
or George McFly will buy you a coffee 😊
"Tune into right now to hear live on air George McFly!
My friend laughs like George Mcfly from back to the future. Hilarious
I'm looking at this dude and all I see is George McFly
this guy on tv reminds me of george mcfly. Like.
Crispin Golver is in this one too, and this is only a year before BTTF, so naturally all I can see is George McFly.
I don't know how I've survived my entire life without a George McFly action figure.
George Mcfly is playing for the Zags?
Kawhi Leonard is to this quarter what Biff was to George McFly.
Another George McFly moment. . Don't get the reference? Watch Back to the Future, in which the hopelessly awkward...
Congrats!! In our house, we call it the Back-to-the-Future box, after George McFly's box of debut books.
*Ponders asking to follow an AD account*. ... *Is afraid of rejection ala George Mcfly*. ... *Too shy never asks* . :'(
Serena answers Q we've all been wondering: her favorite of Back to the Future trilogy is the first, because of "ultimate…
You know that scene in Back to the Future, where George McFly pushes the red head down on the dance floor. Yep!
Right after Biff Tannen tells George McFly, "Analytics don't work"
Ted Cruz looks like George Mcfly before Marty taught him to stand up for himself
"Everyone is willing to give something for whatever it is they desire most." Henry Oberlander
"A lie has no power whatsoever by its mere utterance. Its power emerges when someone else agrees to believe the lie."
Oceanography is taught by George Mcfly from back to the future
When someone on a conference call sounds like George McFly.
you said density instead of dynasty. George McFly said density instead of destiny in Back to
a shout out to Back to the Future... "You are my density, I mean, my destiny" - George McFly
This dude in Rialto looks like George McFly!😂
Sarah changed the background on my ipod to George McFly and I have yet to change it.
OMG can you send me the photo of Bradley cooper looking like George Mcfly
Why does my Dad make a fake Instagram and follow me? . He doesn't even need an Instagram to see what I'm up too. My profile is public!
I was so busy noticing Jennifer had a different actor, I never noticed George McFly had a different actor!
like George McFly belting Biff Tannen in the chops!
the fact you said George Mcfly from back to the future 😂😂
My hair looks like George McFly's right now. Going to go peep on girls from trees and hope I meet my wife.
I'm still convinced Gannon looks like a young George McFly
Great change of pace by George McFly.
I'll Be Ok by McFly is in George & Dragon Inn, Chichester. Download it now at
And they say Obama takes too many vacations. George bush took off a whole year and change
There's a bit of George McFly about Behrendorff.
Wow. George Zimmerman. You think you know a guy...
*** LoL..."This is for all you lovers out there." "George, arn't you gonna kiss me? Ahh, I don't know. Scram, Mcfly!" CLASSIC!!!
George McFly and The Punisher? Now I want to write fan fiction about that
George Zimmerman assaulted his latest girlfriend... have we pulled her school and criminal history yet?
Review of lunch in Go be George McFly and check this place out :) cc:
Thanks for making soccer memorable.
Imagine a world where George W. Bush had lost his spot at Yale to a poorer, smarter kid. Make that worl…
Just watched 'Back to the Future' for the first time ever. Safe to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. GO ON GEORGE MCFLY
Just been listening to music & you will be proud of the 1st 5 songs that came on. Mcfly, 1Direction, Busted, MylieCirus, SimplyRed
Can't believe the weekend starts tomorrow.
This year, is going to release Marty McFly's shoes . the ones with Power Laces!
you rocking the George Mcfly look Shanel. You need to part your hair
Would you or wouldn't you: George McFly. 🙋
I feel that George McFly would be proud of me.
I'm George Mcfly and I am your density
My English teacher talks exactly like George McFly
I'm rap game Marty McFly, you're rap game George McFly
7.9 million lost their insurance under George W. Bush. 600,000 lost private sector jobs. Anyone know if that guy has a brothe…
I don't understand how it's legal to go to school when it's 5 degrees
Is it me or does look like George Mcfly?
Marty and George McFly. God I wish I could make art like that. >_>
why does chad Michael Murray look like George mcfly?
could be some good fan fiction ... maybe a George McFly sci-fi thriller
Gordon Hayward out there looking like George McFly with that 50's slicked back hairdo.
How does one do homework when How I Met Your Mother is on?
Going down 2-0 to Hull. Football's equivalent of Biff Tannen being punched out by George McFly
I wish the nerds who messaged me on dating sites were the George McFly post punching out Biff type and less peeping tom George McFly.
Tagged by Clair to do Luke Razorwire's challenge: My top five favorite movies and why. Back to the Future (1985): The movie that taught me to admire story construction. A joy to watch every time. Features one of my personal heros...George McFly. Exciting. Suspenseful. Endlessly clever dialogue. The Fly (1986): The first movie that I watched with the attitude of an adult. Also my first sci-fi tragic romance. Two of my favorite characters in Veronica and Seth. I expected it to be shocking...but I did not expect it to also be moving. GoodFellas (1990): Scorsese's best. Creates a complete world--the life of a low-level gangster--and lets me live there. Top-notch acting from all concerned. Cut like a dream. Shocking, hilarious. Nice music, too. Seven (1995): One of the most devastating experiences I've ever had watching a movie in a theater. Thought it was a mismatched cop thriller at first...that was a ruse. Couldn't move from my seat even after the credits finished. Batman Begins (2005): ...
.No, we're George McFly. You've had the USA's arm twisted behind its back for 6 yrs. Last night you got the punch you earned.
.I'm enjoying the Boyd/Miller/Law baldy triumvirate. A counterpoint to the George McFly does of Macleod etc.
Nice to see Crispin Glover reprising his role as George McFly. For some reason in overalls.
what if Crispin Glover did commentary in character as George McFly and just nervously described events
Crispin Glover will. always creep me the *** out. . Why not George McFly?.
The houses of George McFly, Lorraine Baines and Biff Tannen in 1955 are all in South Pasadena, California.
"I think I'll have that guy who tried to sexually assault my wife in HS hang around my home and family doing odd jobs for me." George McFly
You'd think looking like a junkie (cause Im skinny) I should be able to pull plenty *** But no, Im just too dam nice. Crap, am I George McFly before he hits Biff? Ok Im going out for a fight then no woman will be able to resist me
. "Hey You! Get your *** hands off her!" - George McFly - Back to the Future. And me. Right now. 💔😉
Why do the McFly's let Biff wax their cars when he bullied George and tried to rape Lorraine?
Last night, Dark Vader came down from the Planet Vulcan and told me if I didn't ask Lorraine out, he'd melt my brain - George McFly
Federico Fernandez just found out how close were to a beating
: People keep posting this page about Marty McFly altering future history by running over a pine tree. Nobody ever mentions that George McFly got rich off a best selling novel and never got sued by George Lucas or Gene Roddenberry for use of "Darth Vader" and "Planet Vulcan".
For Back to the Future you ever think there was ever an awkward moment when George McFly realized that his youngest son looked exactly like his wife's High School crush Calvin Klein. She's got some explaining to do...
"Last night Darth Vader came down from Vulcan and told me to ask Loraine out." -George McFly
Last chance to see me as George McFly tonight, 9:30, pH
It was during George McFly's troubled punk years.
OK, Mike Morell - former CIA acting diector 2010-2013 interviewed by Charlie Rose about Iraq. Doesn't he look like George McFly? (the dad in Back to the Future)
So, Gavin unfriended me today because I commented on his profile pic saying that he and his friend looked like George Mcfly and Biff Tannen from Back to the Future. You be the
Olivier Giroud looks so much like George McFly!
::McFly News:: Pics of Danny at the George AW14 Catwalk Show in London
pull a George McFly and tell her I'm her density...
Beginning to wonder if my life is like George McFly's novel, but instead of Marty it's a race of pearlescent 9ft tall pan-dimensional beings
Its a tough one to rate, but I'll put Kanu at number one, George Weah comes next, Drogba, Okocha, Eto in that order.
Why did George McFly have to be so freakin creepy in that flick? How bizarre, how bizarre, how bizarre.
well he did portray the George McFly character in the Back to the Future franchise
That feel when you realize you're George McFly.
the always-relevant George McFly has experience with that
.its like an alternative universe where George McFly is dead and Doc Brown is in the asylum
Hey jay thanks for the heads up! I'll head to Lowes and pick George up something nice S/ Marty McFly
Every time I hear James Brown's 'Night Train' I think of George McFly dancing at the Enchantment Under The Sea dance.
speaking of dogs are you letting mcfly watch the like his half brother George?
My thoughts exactly! . And BTTF2: no murders if you ignore that a key plot point is George McFly's murder?
This line is a very serious line of t-storms that are ready to do buisness, not slack off like George McFly.
George McFly plays bass for white denim
Why is George McFly reffing the Russia v South Korea game?!
Take some time out to check out this Paul George highlight video we made. Music by Malik McFly.
The ref in the game has a fab comb over. It doesn't quite reach the back of his bald patch. He's got a hint of the George McFly's...
The ref in the game has hair like George Mcfly
Starting with Wonderwall Music in 1968, George released 12 solo studio albums - but which has the most iconic artwork h…
...and then in BTTF2 Jennifer and Doc have to travel back to the 60s to destroy George McFly's writing career.
You know, it's kind of weird how Biff sexually assaults Lorraine McFly, is stopped by George, then becomes their cheeky manservant.
George McFly: "everyone's nervous, no one is safe" except... the guys who already got roses?
Iranian keeper taking hair tips from George McFly.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
The "Scram McFly, I'm cuttin' in" guy is pushed away by George. Backstage, his time-traveling son screams as he's erased from existence.
so you would rather have Leonard than Paul George right?
"Your density has brought me to you." - George McFly
Kawhi Leonard better than Paul George.yea I said it.
Fernandez for Argentina looks like George McFly in Back To The Future
A number of people have pointed out that Federico Fernandez might actually be George Mcfly
Debuchy ripping off the George McFly barnet
Did Debuchy ask for the George Mcfly look when he got his hair cut?
Why is George mcfly playing for france
Always deeply appreciative of American pop culture, the French are apparently big fans of George McFly's haircut.
Fun Fact: Since middle school I've referred to my dad as Daddio because that's what Marty McFly calls George in the 50s.
What do I think? Do we pay for the Sins of Our Parents? Back to the Future?   I've often pondered the question, are we ultimately responsible for the errors of our life or is it all a "just a big mistake?".    I believe that God is in control. I believe that God is in our lives from birth to grave, but if I believe that, then why does God allow us to go through bad times in life?   In the Movie "Back to the Future" Michael J.Fox plays "hero" Marty McFly.  Marty is born into a family he doesn't seem to understand.  His father, mother, brother and sister appear to be "under-achieving". After hearing  his mother's account of how she met and married his father George McFly, he boards a "time-machine", DeLorean..and goes  back-in-time. When "Marty" arrives in the past, he struggles to "correct" errors of his parents past.     Is it possible to correct past errors? I've had to do alot of personal "soul searching" about my past. Thank God I was  given a wife that could somehow understand me, to a p ...
I'm bored so I decided to share some movie facts. OJ Simpson was sought to play the part of the Terminator, but the studio was afraid that no one would buy him as a remorseless killer. Billy Crystal took the part of Mike in Monsters Inc. because he had turned down the part of Woody in Toy Story and considered it the worst decision of his career. Crispin Glover did not return for the Back to the Future sequels. George McFly was played by a different actor who wore prosthetics to make him look like Glover and old footage was reused. The Breakfast Club was supposed to have had sequels every ten years where the club reunites, but those plans fell through because Judd Nelson and John Hughes hated each other. Due to complicated contractual obligations with the source material, the part of John McClain from Die Hard had to first be offered to Frank Sinatra who was 73 at the time. After a huge box office bomb in 1986, George Lucas was in massive debt and had to sell off parts of Lucasfilm. Steve Jobs offered to b ...
This is the scene from Back To The Future Part 1 (1985) where Marty in disguise tells George McFly "My name is Darth Vader. I'm an extra terrestrial from the...
Tim Bresnan getting Chris Gayle out would be a bigger shock than when George Mcfly ko'd Biff Tannen in 1955. He's absolute gash!
Realized my submission will not be under crafting - but rather fashion and design. I'm having a George McFly moment.
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