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George McFly

The Back to the Future film trilogy and subsequent animated series feature characters created by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale.

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Our country was founded by people who were mad at King George because he refused to show us his taxation statements.
It's George McFly day at the Girard house... out Aug 1.
Didn’t realise that, always makes me think of George McFly peeping on his future wife.
Is there any bigger hero than George McFly? The biggest punch of his life & he still asks his love if she's ok!
I want to see the Back to the Future timeline that led to George McFly living like this.
The moment you've been waiting for! On this date in 1775, George Washington took command of the Continental Army.
Sorry - forgot to respond. He wasn't really a business man before - he used people like George McFl…
Buh, why you look like young George Mcfly from Back To The Future 🤔🤔
Then they realized that won't be enough so they let them get Paul George for peanuts to help OKC thrive
acts like George McFly to Biff Tanner. When will you punch back?
My friend's little brother reminds me of George McFly.
Still makes me smile when I remember George McFly and I have the same birthday.
The Magic trade Oladipo and for Serge Ibaka. The Thunder flip the same guys for Paul George 😕
The lead singer of the Arkells is what George McFly turns out like after Marty McFly alters the timeline.
Paul George and Jimmy butler were traded for sabonis, oladipo, lavine and Dunn... are you telling me celtics couldn't have got…
Go Ape was so much fun earlier although i felt more like George of the Jungle crashing into stuff than Tarzan!! 😆
Shouldn't you be meeting w George McFly to get next weeks homework assignments?
Canada is the George McFly of western civilization.
George Mcfly coming alive in the last quarter
George McFly is the manic pixie dream that changes Biff's life and outlook!
Everyone loves Sam Presti tonight. 8 months from now he could be the GM who lost Harden, Durant, Westbrook & George.
Woj: "OKC had been pursuing Paul George since the trade deadline, and again at the draft. Indy were also talking with…
To be honest. OKC really won by getting that trash Oladipo contract off the books. I wouldn't even care if George was a ren…
So, what'd you think of the Paul George trade? . Windhorst: "Whe!"
Paul George really went from living in Indiana to living in Oklahoma
When Paul George gets traded for no draft picks...
Lebron when he realized the Cavs missed out on Jimmy Butler and Paul George.
Paul George with his new Oklahoma City Thunder uniform in NBA 2K17
Jimmy Butler and Paul George headed to the West
Paul George to OKC outta left field like
On West hierarchy: Yes, Paul George is a lot better than Oladipo. Similarly, Chris Paul >>> Pat Beverley. Won't make up an 8…
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What OKC gave up for George (no picks) an indication of weakness of offers to Indiana. And how afraid teams are that PG…
So Danny Ainge has missed out on: Fultz, Blake Griffin, Paul George, Kevin Love. I'll keep updating as players sign lm…
George and Westbrook are both free agents next summer, but you have to figure this drastically improves OKC's chance of…
Gotta feel for Westbrook, who will lose rebounds to George and therefore never win another MVP.
Price for Paul George was not terribly steep. But Rox didn't have what Indy was looking for, young players.
Wait you mean to tell me all it took was Oladipo and Sabonis to get Paul George 😂😂😂😂. Danny Ainge the worst front office ex…
Bruh Pat Bev , Dekker , and Harrell should of got us Paul George
I just realized that Crispin Glover is George McFly in Back to the Future and I'm 😳
Paul George is reportedly telling friends that he'll be a Laker in 2018
Go, Delbert! This is starting to feel a bit like the moment when George McFly decks Biff Tannen 👏👏👏
Tom Holland: I wanted Peter to be like Marty McFly in this movie. Me: But Peter isn't like Marty McFly, if anything he's like George McFly.
The guy playing George McFly, Jeffrey Weissman, does a fantastic impression of Crispin Glover.
Crispin Glover is actually amazing as George McFly in Back to the Future. Sad he did not return.
Biff Tannen and George McFly enjoy a moment of peace -- hang on, no, I'm pretty sure that's them.
Confrontation is one of my fears. Then again so was George McFly from Back To The Future O_O. Ah mannn
you look like George McFly in that wig
Felt like George McFly after reading this...
it's Back to the Future. George McFly with kick me sign on his back.
when the touchstone glory moment for book launch is George McFly opening a box...
More my insecurities I think. I get intimidated running games for my friends. I'm George McFly when it comes to creativity.
Paul George will put up MVP numbers in November and December, y'all will say he's better than Harden then he'll disapp…
Man, George McFly is a sick, bloody little cretin, ain't he?
Piggy's modern day equivalent is George McFly from Back to the Future. He is weak and constantly picked on by Biff and his gang.
He's Marty McFly after George seems to let Biff move in on Caroline in the city.
looks like Biff got George McFly to do his homework again.
[WP] Your name is George McFly, and over time you begin to realize your youngest son has a strong resemblance to s…
Ted is so oblivious omfg. Worst father than George McFly
What do George McFly and Hilary Clinton have in common? A creepy, toad in the throat laugh
This American gymnast looks so much like young George McFly
Sensational...George mcfly wins Bronze in the pommel horse.
George McFly got bronze in the pommel horse.
George Mcfly is so awkward it makes me cringe.
This just in: George Mcfly has Matt Smith hair
I just remembered about young George Mcfly I think I'm in love
Have to think on that one. He definitely learns to respect his parents although they change more. George McFly has the drama.
George McFly never asked Lorraine why their son looks so much like and is named after their "good friend Marty" from high school? Huh.
LOL, only George McFly is gullible enough to believe this epic BS.
Forgot that George McFly comes out in Alice in Wonderland lol
Paul George says Team USA is taking "one-on-five shots" and "it comes down to a trust factor."
My little brother laughs like George McFly and it kills me.
It looks like it was draw by George McFly's illustrator.
Im mad George McFly got to hit before i did
"The bullies are being bullied. George McFly is beating up Biff". Rog-2015.
Awkward when you congratulate a guy at a fancy dress party on his George McFly outfit and he says he is meant to be James Bond
Rory Lobe has a lot of George McFly about him IMHO.
When did George McFly start playing for GWS?
reminds me of George McFly's sci fi magazine from BTTF
Back to the Future Marty McFly Jesus George its a wonder I was ever born. :)
I love your show Coach, but will that laugh I bet you could do a killer George McFly impersonation.
I'm George McFly and I'm your density (love it Showing it to my kids for the first time)
are you in anyway related to George McFly
Like when George McFly tried to talk to Lorraine. He got the girl. Me, Im lost in the world. Nowhere to go but down. Is there anyone even around
What movie am I watching? First hint-"Yes. Yes. I'm George. George McFly. I'm your density. I mean, your destiny."
Obama plays George McFly to Putin's Biff Tannen. Marty may never be born.
I wish we can go back to the timeline where Donald Trump got his *** kicked by George McFly at that dance in 1955.
ah, started on costanza, working my way back! I'll have to check that out. George McFly would be great
Hugh Hewit looks like a cross between Phil Donahue, George McFly, and Justin Bieber.
Bro, why do you look like George Mcfly from back to the future... 😂😂😂😂
Ya boi George McFly just punched Biff in the face I can live another day
This librarian reminder me of George McFly lol
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A Match Made in Space was the first novel by George McFly, xD
It's George McFly day on the AFTER YOU DIE pbs! Out Sept 22. Thanks to for making them so pretty 👏🏼
watched suicide squad. you're laugh?? It's George Mcfly from back to the future?? Pretty poor portrayal Jared, I expected more
I'm watching Back to the Future & finally realized that avi is George McFly & not some LDS church leader from the 50's.
Steve Kerr kind of sounds like George McFly.
“I’m George. George McFly. I’m your density. I mean, your destiny.”. Back to the Future (1985) dir. Robert Zemeckis
Some motivational words from George Mcfly! Team are gunna bring it!
I used to think I was cool like Marty McFly, now I realize I am actually more like George McFly.
They literally walked into the cabin looking like altered George+Lorraine McFly. Intentional double-take for audience/Marty?
If there were a fourth BttF where they went back to Colonial Days and there was Colonial George Mcfly and Colonial Biff it would be this ep
This is perfect because I have the same confidence as George McFly
I read somewhere that - Crispin Glover who was George McFly in the first film sued the producers of Back To The Future.
Decent entry from the love child of George McFly and Thomas Muller.
I would like to know how George McFly got a chocolate milkshake in about 0.02 seconds
That part when George Mcfly punches biff... Gives me goosebumps every time! Such a simple but of cinema executed wonderfully ❤️
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Back to the Future from George McFly's POV: guy shows up and calls him Dad. Darth Vader breaks into his house. Punches rapist. Terrifying.
I've had the same fancy dress idea for years now, that I'll go as the geeky dad George Mcfly from back to future,but no ones had a party😭
"Lorraine. My density has brought me to you." -George McFly
Sat here watching back to the future. 😂😂. George Mcfly- what a character.
Is it just me or does sound like George Mcfly just a thought for when you send them
Actually, scrap that. Latvia looks like George McFly.
George McFly murdered by Jason Vorhees?!?! Only in 1984's Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter…
don't worry. Every time it's listed crazy bids will be made. Currently 65 million from "farty mcfly"
George McFly just got offed in a classic scene. A shame since he got his end away!
Why the media enables him is ridiculous. He's like Biff to George McFly. He needs the dump truck treatment. Can't have it all.
They can't let it go; just like George McFly can't let go of his science fiction stuff.
will be seeing McFly on the 21st June in Manchester w/ His family, Reece and George!
that's clearly George Mcfly ( Crispin Glover) pretending to be tom midget cruise !
it's for people who hurt their back. Remember George mcfly in 2015? :P
tonight but has anyone ever seen Arthur Shelby and George Mcfly in the same room?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I can't wait from them to meet George McFly!
Yo if Donald Trump buys he gun George Zimmerman is auctioning off we gotta clique up IMMEDIATELY. Formation and all that.
when you see George Zimmerman trending but he's not dead.
George Lopez's ex-wife let him live...she's a good woman
Enjoy the little things. Like the way George McFly grabs the milk ("chocolate") and takes a big glug of it. Watch his arm during it. Magic.
Ray Evernham is starting to look like George McFly, right?
yes, and tonight they'll be the version washing George McFly's car.
Beautiful! . "You are my density...err, destiny." - George McFly.
The way George Mcfly slept biff's rapey *** makes me think he could have a career in the wwe had Marty REALLY done his job correctly
moment when you realize George Mcfly has a mean left hook
123. This is a definitive list from a professional. My wife, who planned our BTTF themed wedding, and has a George McFly tattoo
The time line is so screwed up in this film. George McFly has lost his arm, he is the new Winter Soldier. Bucky is mind controlled though.
Hot Tub Time Machine on TV. George McFly and the Winter Soldier have turned up. Apparently Bucky is going to fight a villain called Violator
- We'll follow you to the next venture! You're the Lorraine to our George McFly. We'll be watching/waiting! Love you brother!
this reads like Biff and George McFly at the beginning of Back to the Future
Case of the Monday's? Wish you could time travel back to Saturday morning? George Mcfly's…
Speaking of the 50's, Ted Cruz reminds me of George McFly.
Somebody needs to go back in time RIGHT NOW and stop Marty McFly from saving George from the car. We're in the wrong timeli…
Tell me jonas jarebko doesn't look like George mcfly
*George McFly voice* What if I'm no good? I don't think I can take that kind of rejection!
I understand you, george mcfly. I know that feeling.
Does anyone else think looks like George McFly from the movies⁉️
Ma pals sister has a wain to a boy that looks like a chavvy george mcfly 😂
Sometimes I'm the Marty McFly and sometimes I'm the George McFly.
I love you world. In the immortal words of George McFly, "My density has popped me to you." ... at least for a short time. 😛.
If my dad would have been like George McFly.. I probably would have slapped him
Really good to see Paul George back in the playoffs and playin this well
Watch me become George McFly, during this upcoming prom.
How could anyone vote for Trump when he killed George McFly. Bernie, meanwhile, helped Marty avoid a time-space continuum rip.
I guess we kind of gloss over the fact that George McFly is a sex offender. .
too bad SJ doesn't have a George McFly to punch the bully out
Am I the only one who thinks looks like George McFly from
Marty McFly Jesus, George, it's a wonder I was ever born
New trending GIF tagged back to the future, michael j fox, bttf, Crispin Glover, george mc…
Happy Birthday George McFly. You've always had great taste in reading material.
I think we should switch to the timeline where Donald Trump waxes George McFly's car for a living.
Crispin Glover is 52 today. He'll always be George McFly, but there's also, uh ... this:
Once again, happy 52nd birthday Crispin Glover! You'll always be a legend, George Mcfly. 👏😘
He will ALWAYS be George McFly to me in 1 of the greatest movies EVER
If in 1885 Marty's great great gran looks like his mom, then 1955 Lorraine Baines must be distantly related to George McFly. Incest!!!
Rep. Cole sounds like George McFly talking to Lorraine Baines in Back to the Future.
you should check it out think you'd like it doesn't watch it cause George McFly is a peeping tom
Love the painkillers video, Brian. It feels like Spike Jonze refilming the fight scene between Biff & George McFly in BTTF.
You keep searching for your own personal George McFly. He's your density...I mean, your destiny
In the remake George McFly has the hots for Marty McFly
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catching 's fist was like Biff and George McFly all over again. What a brawl.
When Marty McFly went back to 1955, he ran into this kid and said "Hank, don't choke up so much." You know the rest. ht…
Is it just me or does Grayson Allen look just like George McFly?
I'm going to bet Grayson Allen's major is acting. He already looks like George McFly.
I can't see Grayson Allen's greasy face and not be reminded of George McFly.
George McFly writes fanfics all dat pass it on
I have the worst crush on George McFly, tbh
START? I'm outside their street with my binoculars George McFly style as we speak x
I fear rejection but I refuse to be pre-bttf shenanigans George mcfly
A Short Documentary on Crispin Glover, The Actor Who Played George McFly in Back to the Future
You didn't know George McFly had these moves did ya?!?
I swear that my doctor is George McFly's doppelgänger.
Like when George McFly knocked Biff out! Let's hope so!
does that make Marty McFly, Doc, George & Lorraine??
Trump is like Biff from back to the future, we need a George Mcfly to knock him on his ***
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Trump is a bully. . Trump is Biff Tannen. is George McFly. . Punch him, dude.
Kasich is an adult in the same way that George McFly was an adult.
The GOP just sent George McFly to fight Biff.
I have that generic 50s song George McFly was dancing alone to at the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance stuck in my head and I have no idea y
What just happened in the Republican Party today, as told by George McFly:
Trump is, of course, Biff. The Berenstein Bears became well-known because of the lack of George McFly's talented writing.
other was George Mcfly's parents house
Is it just me or does this look somewhat like George McFly's 1955 wardrobe?
Blessed is the man who, having nothing to say, abstains from giving us wordy evidence of the fact. -George Eliot
My debut novel just came in the mail! I feel like George McFly. Or Jo about to run into the rain.
"When you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything!" -George McFly
This amounts to George McFly not letting anyone read his story because he couldn't take that kind of rejection.
Why is George McFly the only McFly in history who is not a perfect clone of Michael J. Fox?
What is your favorite song of McFly? The favorite song of George is "Star Girl" 🌟💕
There is a girl in my class who looks just like George Mcfly from Back to the Future. I can't get over it.
What is your favorite song of McFly, George? 🎶
My dad can laugh exactly like George McFly and it cracks me up
Your school disco story brought back memories. going round the disco like George McFly.
Vinyl's Warhol is a bit more George McFly than Andy. No one but Andy did Andy like Bowie.
you try and tell me Billy Webster doesn't look like George McFly
Christie is a miscast George McFly to Trump's Biff.
I'm still deciding whether to bury my head in my hands and openly sob or punch the lounge wall as hard as George Mcfly hits Biff
I still say we should of tried to Darren Collison or George Hill
I am into some things that I know you'd laugh at. :x I'mma just stay George McFly over here.
A new favorite: Spidergawd - The Best Kept Secrets by Crispin Glover Records on
I'm your density i mean your destiny. George Mcfly
George McFly covering Elvis on the voice?
I'm waiting for this headline: Donald Trump blames "huge blindspot" on George McFly's car for failure to disavow the KKK.
Earth 2 Barry is George McFly before he found his mojo
This kind of reminds me of the relationship between Biff Tannen and George McFly...well, -sort- of.
It's like George McFly cosplayer wandered into the production and they let him stay
The plot is coming back to me. At some point Kenickie tries to rape Marty's mom and George McFly punches his lights out, right?
Scott house is located on the same block as 1955 George McFly's and Lorraine Baines's house in Back To The Future
Today I learnt that Mr Wint in Diamonds are Forever is Bruce Glover who's son is Crispin Glover who played George McFly in BTTF I & II.
Well George McFly got laid so contrary to stereotypes from the 80s, nerds got some.
I need a gif of George McFly dancing in this movie. Priceless.
George. Mcfly if I'm wrong I am so so so so so sorry
George McFly's laugh in Back to the Future is classic.
my friend and I are literally George McFly & Biff Tannen except I yanked a basketball outta her hands and she spun like crazy lol (no punch)
This was a quote from George McFly in the movie Back to the Future. Lorraine is George's wife in the future and Marty's mom.
I get the feeling that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have a real Biff Tannen/George McFly relationship.
Good to see that Cruz is still rocking the George McFly haircut.
I like Jeb, but when he tries to get fired up he comes across like George McFly telling Biff to "Get your *** hands off her!"
Gus Gorman, Richard Pryor's character in Superman 3, is the greatest ever cinematic character with the exception of George McFly. Discuss.
It's like Crispin Glover not coming back for George McFly in Back To The Future II, so they wrote him out & flipped a lookalike upside down.
Saw old George McFly at the post office again. He's such a nice guy.
George McFly: I've never picked a fight in my entire life. Marty McFly: Look, you're not gonna be picking a fight, Dad... Dad-Dad-Daddy-O.
Hi Dave. I believe you have the wrong George McFly. Think you are in search of the one who worked in Chicago & Washington DC.
Top 10 Roles Recast with Different Actors. George McFly was a lookalike in B2TF2!!
now being presented by George Mcfly is it?
Crispin Glover aka George Mcfly was not in any of the sequels! He was played by an actor who wore prosthetics!
I would've thought Trump would still have the revolver he used to kill George McFly.
Of course George McFly would think Marty wasn't his son!!
Paul and George Martin at AIR London during the sessions for 'Tug of War'
Or climb up a tree like George McFly with binoculars and a £3000 camera with telescopic lens waiting for the perfect moment.
Why did George McFly hire the guy who tried to rape his wife to clean his cars?
Old George McFly NEVER ONCE TWIGS that his son is the spitting image of the guy who changed his life. Does that ruin BTTF?. Of course not
To me, Ted Cruz and George McFly are the same person.
"This Temple is my destiny!" Marty the Moth learned from George McFly.
I need my George McFly to tell me I'm his density soon bc I am losing hope
George McFly, or Grayson Allen as some know him...just picked up his fourth foul...
Wait, when did Pitt hire George McFly as their head coach?
Of all the characters in film history he could quote on a daily basis, James continues to choose George McFly.
there's a dialog tree in Back to the Future The Game with George McFly that ends the same way
I didn't know George McFly wrote for Newsweek.
Someone needs to punch North Korea in its face just like George McFly did to Biff.
Kylo Ren must still have some good in him. Remember when he got George and Lorraine McFly back together?
Watch Paul and George Martin discuss their working relationship
Schwartz kinda reminds me of George McFly.
WOW! You have me confused with someone who has game. I gots no game sir. I'm more George McFly than Marty McFly!
looks like young George mcfly with a wig
The BTTF Episode w/ Jeffrey Weissman (George McFly in Back to the Future 2 & 3)
"Well, if crime fighters fight crime and fire fighters fight fire, what do freedom fighters fight?". - George Carlin.
Episode 66 - The McFly Strategy! Biff tries to bully George so Marty punches him. W/ of
A very Happy 90th Birthday to Sir George Martin from all at
I'm your density. I mean, your destiny. - George McFly
"If you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything" - George McFly
BACK TO THE FUTURE George McFly: You really think I ought to swear? Marty McFly: Yes, definitely. *** it, George, swear.
3JAN1926 producer George Martin was born in London. Happy 90th birthday Sir George!!!
Todd Bowles is the George McFly of the NFL.
New RP. New George Not new to if you are. Please & “I'm your density!" ht…
So is he supposed to be Peewee Herman or George McFly?
to my day with the cast! Doc Brown, Mayor Goldie, Jennifer, George McFly & writer…
When I see George McFly, all I can think of is Crispin Glover almost kicking Dave Letterman in the head on his show.
okay but does steal his style from George Mcfly or
Heart my barber, she cut my hair so I can do 8+ diff styles w/ some gel: teen George McFly, Vincent Vega, Teen Indy (Phoenix), Dave Lister..
Wouldn't George McFly get very suspicious when his son grows up to look exactly like his wife's high school crush Calvin Klein?
George mcfly is lucky the car that fell from the sky didn't kill him
I have a friend that looks weirdly like George McFly and it really creeps me out.
I know for a fact that we are - George McFly's A MATCH MADE IN SPACE hasn't been published yet.
QOTD ✖ GEORGE MCFLY ✖ LAUREN KATE. "I have this theory, that some people are drawn to each other…
but don't forget Obama's bike has a George McFly bell
Trump is Doc, 'Almanac timeline' Biff, successful George McFly, and the third Deloreon simultaneously.
Trudeau is like George McFly when it comes to the
The most I watch Seinfeld the more I realize I'm George Costanza. Lol
Watching the Yankees lose is like watching Biff get knocked out by George McFly (unless you are a Yanks fan)
"Last night, Darth Vader came down from planet Vulcan & told me that if I didn't take Lorraine out that he'd melt my brain!" - George McFly
Can we put George Zimmerman in one of these?
George McFly A didn't know anything about Star Wars until it came out! George B got some info in 1955!
I'm mcfly George mcfly, and your my density, I mean my destiny
Is the Star Wars universe in better hands with George McFly then with Lucas or worse
another triple cut that crosses the line. Biff gets bonked by George McFly
Wasn't it nice that George McFly hired his wife's attempted rapist Biff as an underlying, what a kind fellow.
Did George McFly not question why his son looked EXACTLY like the guy his wife was once interested in when they were teens
Felicia Day Interview: gaming, geekiness and Babe: George McFly was a cartoon of tropes, including a professed...
Any actors available in Sutton 17th October who sees themselves as a George McFly please be in touch for a fundraiser. Please RT. Thanks.
I'm literally a George McFly and it's depressing
George McFly is beating up Biff. Wow just wow.
Props to for that Dapper Dan Pomade & the George McFly reference...😂😂😂
Bill Engvall as George McFly. Ron White as Biff Tannen and Larry the Cable Guy as Lorraine Baines.
George McFly has a Biff, Martin McFly Jr. has a Griff. I assume Marty McFly doesn't have a Biff because he's not a wimp.
Neither did George McFly...who was also a coward.
My answer to In Back to the Future, why does George McFly punch Biff?
did we just fire George McFly and promote Biff?
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