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George McFly

The Back to the Future film trilogy and subsequent animated series feature characters created by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale.

Crispin Glover Marty McFly Darth Vader Biff Tannen Calvin Klein Family Guy Matt Smith Lea Thompson High School

Ukraine = Lorraine McFly EU = George McFly Russia = Biff Tannen Now, we just need to make sure Marty McFly gets his parents to kiss at The Enchantment Under the Sea dance.
George McFly punching Biff's face is awesome!
We all live to have George McFly's laugh.
If Paul George and Roy Hibbert are so bad then why do the Pacers have the best record in the NBA ?
Why the *** does George Mcfly hire the guy that tried to rape his wife in High School to wax his car?
Glover said because of George McFly's monetary gain and Marty getting his truck that the message of the movie is money buys happiness.
Jonny Logan and he the head off George McFly with the hair
Thebwhole Ukraine fiasco has me picturing Obama as George McFly practicing his tough guy line, "Hey you, get your *** hands off of her!"
Celebrity sighting George McFly loads up on raw food!
I am SO tempted to go meet George McFly tonight!
"Anything is possible if you put your mind to it." - George McFly
Found out I laugh just like George McFly... I'm still unsure of how to take this news
I see Tan has bought himself a DeLorean and extended the season ticket deadline to 3rd February. Give my regards to George McFly.
Random Question Of The Day: In Back To the Future, why is it that George McFly didn't accuse Lorriane of cheating on him when she eventually has a son that looks just like Calvin Klein/Marty from 1955 and then proceeds to name said child after Marty?
BACK TO THE FUTURE Marty McFly: Hey, Dad! George! Hey, you on the bike!
I can't believe I'd ever learn so much from AKA 'George McFly'
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That riff they play while George McFly is walking around the dance is the tune that plays in my head during thinky time.
Can you imagine George McFly (Back to the future) saying "I am your dord?" I didn't think so. On this date in 1939 the non-existent word "Dord" was discovered in Webster's Dictionary. The error had managed to survive in the dictionary for five years before being discovered. The definition was that of the word "density". The word was the result of an edit intended for the word "density", indicating "D" or "d" could be used as an abbreviation. The edit was constructed as "D or d", however the typeset used would have added a slight space between the letters in "or", giving the appearance of "d o r d", or "dord" to the reader - leading the short-lived ghost-word "dord".
I love awkward nerds. JBouw is so so awkward. He reminds me of a less verbose pre-dance George McFly.
Sam Shaw is George McFly and Anderson is Biff. Back to the Future.
Creepy George McFly. At least no he has someone to go up against!
reminds me of George McFly when he's being a Peeping Tom in Back to the Future
The actor on playing George McFly and his bittersweet experience making the classic time travel comedy.
My mom is more gullable than george mcfly
I just noticed that George McFly way too quickly gets over the fact that Darth Vader came down from the planet Vulcan and told him that if he doesn't ask Lorraine out to the dance that he'll melt his brain.
For Throwback Thursday My first day in Broadcasting Internship with George Mcfly on 95.7 The Party The Rest is...
I'm like George mcfly. I'm scared of being rejected
Nobody in the history of getting laid got laid harder than George McFly after the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance
Is it weird that every time I hear the word 'density' I think of George McFly? ?
Thank for his son, George MCFly had chance to change his fate. No fear any more. I saw myself in him, a lot of fear and like an *** :)) So ?
that was my Inner George McFly peeking out.
"If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything." - George McFly
Actor Crispin Glover, who starred as Marty McFly's father George in 1985's Back to the Future, didn't appear in...
Crispin Hellion Glover (he seems proud of his middle name) played George McFly in Back to the Future. He was born on April 20. He also played the Knave of Hearts, who captures the White Rabbit and the Dodo bird in Alice and Wonderland. He started his company Volcanic Eruptions, to associate plans for volcanic eruptions on his birthday 4/20.
Issac Ropp going for the George Mcfly look on
Is it just me, or does Channel 5's Austin Reed reminds you of George McFly from "Back to the Future". Hard to watch, but like a train wreck, ya have to.
My name is George. George Mcfly. I'm your density.I mean...your destiny.
You're really rockin' the George McFly hair, Sir!
I have a vision of the last 10 min. of Back to the Future when George McFly gets his box of books.
black & white. He basically paid homage to George Zimmerman
Ok,so I pulled a George McFly & locked the keys in the car I was able to get back into the car. But needless to say theres a bit of a dr ...
I love you dude! "I didn't expect him to go all George McFly on Biff."
Denny reminds me of original timeline George McFly. I’d love to flick his nose.
Our recent trip down memory lane started me thinking about some of favorite faculty members. Mr. Lynn tops the list with Mr. Cornelius a close second. George Mcfly didn't have nothing on mr Cornelius! And I'm pretty sure Coach Shields was in the mafia at at one time, provided states evidence against them, put in protection and relocated to lost creek. His name was probably Bruno Martollini or something.
your taking melo and harden over George and Durant?
Kirin Hobby news ReAction Back to the Future: George McFly Retro [Action Figure] by Funko
I'm depressed to have noticed that Michigan's presumptive Dem candidate for governor sounds like Crispin Glover as George McFly.
that's what my wife said! "Is he the guy who looks like George McFly?"
he figures it out. However, my biggest issue is how does George McFly not go insane when he sees his kid look just like Marty
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Crispin Glover (George McfLy) should be in more films. He's eccentric and thoughtful. Watch him discuss...
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Why does everyone call me a dork.imma call myself George McFly
I told Houston he should do his hair like Adam Levine and he says Levine looks like George McFly from Back to the Future! LOL. I still love his hair anyway!
Back to the Future Question: Wouldn't George McFly have found it strange that his son grew up to look exactly like that guy that helped him out in High School for a few days? I think that first alternate 1985 would've ended up, instead of with successful sci-fi George McFly, with George and Lorraine being split up after he suspected her of having a fling with Calvin Klein. Has this already been addressed? I usually don't care about getting hyper-specific about fictional stuff, but this bothered me today.
Going to start referring to someone unexpectedly punching someone as 'going George McFly'
"I didn't expect Glen to go all George McFly on Biff."
Glenn totally pulled a George McFly on Biff!
Rick's marauders and Glen going George McFly on Biff... And crazy cheese! Love walking and talking dead!
Becky did not get the George mcfly, biff reference on waking dead... disappointing :-/
George McFly looks a lot like Matt Smith!
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I'm far more similar too George McFly than I'd like to admit.
Crispin Glover LIVE at La Paloma Theatre View this email in your browser A SHIP IN THE WOODS and La Paloma Theatre are pleased to welcome actor, legend of contemporary cinema and filmmaker Crispin Hellion Glover to the historic La Paloma Theater in Encinitas for two evenings of film and performance, March 7 and March 8, 2014. Shows begin at 7:00 PM and continue until the evening's events have ended but are scheduled for completion by midnight. La Paloma Theatre is a three minute walk from the Encinitas Coaster Train Station. Admission is open to all those age 18 and over. Ticket price is $22 per evening. Each evening's film screening will be followed by Crispin Hellion Glover's Big Slide Show (Part 2 and Part 1 respectively) – a one-hour dramatic narration by Glover of his profusely illustrated books accompanied by projected images from them. The performances will be followed by a question and answer dialogue with Crispin Glover and a book signing. Books will be available for purchase on site. Since 200 ...
The kid at the front desk reminds me of nerdy George McFly.
Michael More II. I didn't know Michael More even had a son. And this son looks like George McFly! too funny. Too sad...
Fact: I brought George McFly from Penn Station to Yonkers today. Second Fact: I've never watched back to the future, and never will.
On this very day GEORGE McFLY goes back to the future !
Family Guy S12E01: George McFly (Back To The Future) wonders why his son looks like the guy that fixed him and his wife up.
George McFly won't eat his cereal...
One of the things that bug me about the first Back To The Future movie is when George McFly lets that red head schmuck cut in on him and Lorraine dancing. He just leveled Biff Tannon, why in the world would that putz intimidate George in the slightest?
Everytime I'm on my break, working on my outline, I feel like if someone asks me what I'm writing I wanna answer like George McFly and say... " fiction stories."
Trembling with fear and adrenalin, he reaches for her hand and asks, "Are you okay?" George McFly, you're The Man.
On this edition I interview Back To The Future actor Jeffrey Weissman. Jeffrey took over the role of George McFly for the BTTF sequels.
Someone said I look like George McFly. I am ok with this.
regarding the first Back to the Future film, at the time of filming what was the actual age of the actors who played Marty, Lorraine, and George McFly? =) so we can find out who was actually older than who since they played kid and parents that are supposed to be the same age in the film see
My very romantic husband just leaned over and said to me, "You are my density." I'm pretty sure he meant. "You are my destiny." There was wine involved and he 's cute so I forgive him. Thank you "Back to the Future" and George McFly.
According to George McFly on 94.9 FM, Jason Aldean Concert is sold out." BAM " WHAT? Honey, that's going to be a busy and fun night. Bar Hoping, just like the good old days.
We need to remake B2TF with Evan Yerkes playing George McFly. Just green screen him in. just being Yerkes.
Biff Tannen: And where's my reports? George McFly: Well, I haven't finished those up yet, but you know, I... I figured since they weren't due till... Biff Tannen: Hello? Hello? Anybody home? Huh? Think, McFly. Think! I gotta have time to get them retyped. Do you realize what would happen if I hand in my reports in your handwriting? I'll get fired. You wouldn't want that to happen, would ya? Would ya?
Steve once played poker with George Mcfly and won
Watching King of the Nerds with Alana again. Both of us are enjoying the contestant who is the love child of Sheldon Cooper and George McFly. On acid.
Just heard that George McFly laid out Michael Grimm.
"Get your *** hands off her!" -George McFly ps. Crispin Glover a bit odd, but oddly very likable.
"Lorraine, my name is George-George Mcfly, and I am your density. I-I mean I'm your destiny."💙
I can't control it George I like Mcfly x
As an avid sci-fi fan, after the premiere of "Star Trek", George McFly must have been distressed remembering his visit by someone from the planet Vulcan. Granted he may have been too disturbed by the guitar riffs melting his brain to retain the "live long and prosper" sign, but the fanbase and questioning Paramount doesn't reveal anyone named "Calvin Klein" connected with the show. Then in 1977, he saw "Star Wars", whose main villain had the same name of the strange visitor he'd had back in 1955. What motive could Darth Vader have possibly had to set him up with Lorraine? When he asks Lorraine, all she knows is that Calvin was staying with that crazy scientist. She may even have mentioned how she knew his name was Calvin Klein, an up-and-coming fashion designer who looks nothing like his old High School chum. Remember, George is an avid sci-fi fan, *and* a creative writer. Is it really too big a leap to suspect he might have figured out most of the truth on his own? Especially once his son Marty (bo ...
Jeffrey Weissman played George McFly in Back To The Future 2 and 3 after Crispin Glover declined returning for the sequels. I am in contact with Jeff...
George McFly is in the Celebrity Big Brother house!!
George if this gets 100 RT's would you follow me please? xx
Also, if Johnny B. Goode is a song before Marty goes back in time, why is George McFly a published author when he gets back but not before?
for a George Shelley follow and ill add your name to the pot im asking him to pull names from.. h…
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alright are u watching big brother? That Lad who went in with Lionel Blair looks like George McFly!
Anyone else think Ollie looks a bit like George McFly?
Cameo from George McFly is one of the few redeeming features of that film.
ollie locke looks like George mcfly from back to the future.
Oh my god Ollie looks like George mcfly
This guy looks like young George McFly
Music channels are so crap I've only stopped to listen to McFly, High School Musical and George Michael
give that dude an Emmy then. He did a great Crispin Glover as George McFly impression.
Sir George Martin turns 88 years old today, we'd like to wish the legendary producer a happy birthday.
We all need our George McFly moment
Happy 88th birthday to Sir George Martin, a true legend! The 5th Beatle for sure, if there ever was such a thing.
Just wanted to get the word out to Back To The Future fans that Jeffrey Weissman (George McFly in BTTF 2...
Back in the burgh with the misses and well rested after an alcohol induced new year and richie and lauras fantastic wedding! Already missing the family and friends, the beer, the banta and dancing like George Mcfly in back to the future 1 waiting for lorraine at the enchantment under the sea dance! Good times !!!
oh that reminds me, George McFly is another character I would date!
You know Biff wet the bed every night dreaming about George McFly kicking his ***
TRIVIA: On his tombstone, George McFly (who was born on 1 April 1938), is revealed to have a middle name: Douglas.
TRIVIA: Crispin Glover played George McFly in Back to the Future (1985), but was replaced by Jeffrey Weissman in Part II. Weissman was made up to look like Glover so that this film could incorporate excerpts from the original. All shots of Weissman are either from the back, at an angle, or with Sunglasses so that the audience wouldn't notice that it is a different actor.
"But what if no one likes it? I just don't think that I can handle that kind of rejection.." George McFly? Your story continues!
"Yes, yes...I'm George, George Mcfly and I'm your density. Wha what I mean was your destiny"
George McFly is the most gigantic beta.
George McFly: Do you really think I oughta swear? Marty McFly: Yes, definitely. *** it George, swear.
[Marty places headphones over his father's ears and wakes him up by playing Van Halen music at full blast. George wakes up screaming - Marty pauses the music. George looks up to see Marty, who is unrecognizable because he is wearing a radiation suit] George McFly: Who are you? Marty McFly: Silence Earthling! My name is Darth Vader. I am an extraterrestrial from the planet Vulcan!
This young George mcfly looking guy and I have been catching eyes a lot here. Either I look like Biff Tannen or...
Why doesn't George Mcfly have suspicions on why his son looks like someone his wife fancied 30 years ago?
'I'm your density' I think George McFly is everyone's inner geek
I'm George Mcfly and you're my density, I mean my destiny.
George Bernard Shaw once said: "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." What will you create…
It's weird that the McFly family resemblance seemed to skip a generation in George.
Cameron 'George McFly' having a blinder tonight for the and showing what he can do.
Gannon would win most George McFly look-a-like competitions.
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So you identify with George McFly. "I just don't think I can take that kind of rejection."
That moment George McFly salutes Marty, when he dances with Lorraine while Marty's on stage playing guitar.
Mario Gomez looks so much like George Mcfly from back to the future
Back to the future has to be one of the best films. Although its odd fancies george mcfly...
did he do the Marty McFly "yeah, but George W, you're forgetting one thing, WHAT THE *** IS THAT?!?"
George Mcfly is just so sweet though 👌
Just watched George Mcfly lay Biff out with a haymaker, then George and Loraine's first kiss at The…
I can't decide whether I look more like George Jetson or George Mcfly. I do not play well with others.
I'm only into the George McFly era of Van Halen
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George McFly is gonna be fighting in the UFC soon….
*Marty McFly gets out of Delorean*. "I'm ten years in the past…". 3 men turn around to reveal they're Steve Jobs, Bob Hope, & Johnny Cash
My mom just told me that I sound like George McFly. 😊
Do you ever think George McFly got suspicious of how awfully similar his son looks like the mysterious stranger that got him and his wife together in the 50s?
I think I just heard Tanehill call an audible called "McFly George McFly"
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Hey yoou. You get your dammn hands off her. ~ George McFly
Just going to throw this out there, but Matt Smith really resembles Crispin Glover as George McFly in back to the future and George writes stories about space men, in a movie about time's all starting to make sense now - TWG
And a new Dr. Who takes over. So long Matt Smith, I still think you look like "George McFly" ; but you were alright with me!
The George Mcfly haircut is about to happen.
Not for nothing but it was kind of messed up that George Mcfly let Biff borrow his car and didn't tell him about the blind spot.Biff could have been killed..
Watching back to the future, George McFly for president. Natalie Wylemski
George McFly has been released back into the wild. It was fun watching him go.
Does anyone have a cage that I can use for George McFly? Just until he's better
This game is like Mike Tyson vs. George McFly.
We've got a name for him. George McFly with Emm Smith
What can I say that I haven't told you before. I love you like no other. You are my partner in crime. There is no one else I would rather have spent the last 33 years with. (29 married) in the words of George McFly, "you are my density"
So turns out Emma Danielle Walker throws a mean Back to the Future party! Most surreal moment was George McFly calling us all in for food:)
George McFly: Now, Biff, I want make sure that we get two coats of wax this time, not just one. Biff Tannen: I'm just finishing up the second coat now. George McFly: Now, Biff, don't con me. Biff Tannen: [stammering] I'm sorry, Mr. McFly. I-I meant I was just starting on the second coat. George McFly: Biff. What a character. Always trying to get away with something. I've had to stay on top of Biff ever since High School. Although, if it wasn't for him...
Another track featuring George McFly. Remix to Positive Balance by Immortal Technique.
Ok, story time, so the other day, i was sitting at the bar, mark, who i knew from a while back was also there, so anyway, he's standing next to where i'm sitting, i turned to him and said, u're George mcfly, he looked at me like i was for real, but here's the weird part, not to long after i said that, the bartender Tina walks in w/the exact same vest that Marty McFly had on
So I'm watching "Back to the Future III" and Marty runs into Maggie McFly, his great-great-great grandmother, who looks exactly like his mother, Lorraine Baines McFly. I never thought about it, but how could Maggie and Lorraine look exactly the same unless they are directly related, which would mean there was incest when George McFly and Lorraine Baines get together in the original "Back to the Future?" I sure wish you were here to help me out with this, Scott Reside.
Pretty sure I just met George McFly at the bar. Great guy!
Internet is down at work, so naturally since we can't do anything, we are having a conversation about whether Crispin Glover is hot, or just hot as George McFly. I don't know. Super tough call.
March 1990 and George McFly signs off from Washington's 105.1fm - WAVA. George headed back to Chicago when he left WAVA.
Ah, Lea Thompson. I wish I had been George McFly, the dirty ol' dog!
Must be my lucky day. There's a guy who looks like George McFly on the train. Is it rude to stare? It's just, it's so awesome that he's perfected that look.
Points that Family Guy raises: If you where George McFly, wouldn't you be suss that your son looks exactly like that Marty kid you met in High School?
Having fun at the GRHC party! Trying to talk my Hubby into dancing but he said "No" Bo! I want to dance and no one wants to dance. Maybe its best H doesnt dance he might dance like George McFly on Back to the Future, snapping his fingers and all...hehehe...
Out with George McFly and the worlds palest individual. Beers.
George Mcfly getting pushed around by Biff
I'm watching Back To The Future. I Love the part where George McFly says "I was visited by Darth Vader from the planet Vulcan". Love it.
Paddy Fitzpatrick reminds me of Midge Ure and Jamie McDonnell reminds me of George McFly.
I mean what girl wouldn't date George McFly with a line like that!
"McFly and Busted a super group? That's like combining the Tories and Lib Dems and calling them a government"
Happy 11/12/13 . George McFly and Lorraine Baines kiss for the first time at the…
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today is the night George mcfly kissed you on that dance floor
My son's developed this really odd laugh and I've just realised who's laugh it reminded me of. George Mcfly's! I'm beyond chuffed!!
The fact that Creepy Thin Man from Charlie's Angels and George McFly are the same person blows my mind
George McFly: the kind of guy who doesn't get the message the first time.
Oh no, could I be original timeline George McFly?
Survey says Adam's short-n-slick hair is reminiscent of a young George McFly. "Hey Blake…get your *** hands off her!"
George McFly never thought it was weird that his son looks like the guy who hooked him up with his wife in High School?
Was I too close for comfort, you're pushing me out when I wanted in.. :*
oh George! Mcfly and busted have formed a super band and are going on tour. MCBUSTED
The screensaver image of James Joyce that sometimes comes up on my Kindle looks a lot like George McFly, and that is of great comfort to me.
McFly & Busted are forming together for a tour and will be 'McBusted'.. Its what someone would say to you if caught wanking …
I'm with George on this one, without Charlie it's just mcfly with the other two from busted...
If you didn't listen to McFly/Busted at all when you were younger then you were robbed of a childhood & your entire life is a…
i loved busted and mcfly but just nah sorry McChicken burger all the way
McFly and Busted are joining together for a MEGA TOUR IN APRIL! GOD GEORGE!!
mcfly and busted are joining to make a super band for a tour. Buzzing
The fact that Mcfly and busted have got together makes my life so much happier
George is the baby, JJ is the adult, Josh is the dirty one and Jaymi is the fun one! X
I can't even deny my excitement at McFly and Busted joining forces!
Whenever I'm writing in my job's break room (my writing space I prefer), I feel like George McFly during lunchtime.
Bruh the creepy thin man is George McFly!
With a great Moustache comes great resposibilty.
You have what you need to be happy. You just need the right perspective.
The merger of McFly and Busted is one of George Osborne's austerity cuts. .
“McFly & Busted are coming together for a tour in April 2014. Follow for more news!
Busted will always be better than Mcfly.
After seeing his son, Marty, why doesn't George McFly think that his wife Loraine cheated on him with Calvin Klein?
I can tell it’s haircut time when Greg starts to look like disheveled George McFly
I compare my social skills to George Mcfly's
Who's the more memorable character from Back to the Future? Marty McFly or George McFly?
The Wanted boys support 'Syked' McFly and Busted mash-up tour (via
*yelling and knocking on George McFly's head* ~ "Hello! Hello McFly! Is anyone home? Hello!"
Thank you for accepting the awards today, Amigo, I owe ya big time. I'll polish your bass for you George McFly style :)
George McFly really couldn't pull a wagon if he tried smh
Is there anything better than George McFly punching out Biff in ??
Moseley had just done a version of the George McFly hits Biff scene from Back to the Future
Earth angel was heard in Back in The Future when Marty and George McFly are at a School prom.
Met Oliver and James Phelps (Fred and George weasley) Jay from eastenders and Danny from Mcfly.…
Busted and Mcfly to form a super group?!?! Busted didn't predict that in the year 3000.
Matthew Modine might be the nonfictional George McFly.
David de Gea's punching has been better than George McFly's at the end of Back to the Future so far
We have George stephanopolous. Canada has George stroumbolopolous. So confused
If I've learned any thing from George McFly it's that you can just punch a guy in the face and change the whole world.
kiled it. Dude looks like George McFly though.
That referee is the lovechild of George McFly and Sweet Chuck from Police Academy. Awesome.
I just realized I dance like George McFly at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance.
This dude on the train looks exactly like George McFly.
Louis says my hair looks like Cliff Secord's (AKA the Rocketeer) today. Cool. Paul says teenage George McFly. Ewww.
The skatedeck that would make George McFly jealous. Only 20 of ltd ed left, get yours now!
Max admits his serious drinking problem played a role in Michelle Keegan breakup. .
Fred and George see Ron sleeping with a man named Peter Pettigrew every night on the Marauder's map and never bring it u…
I forget who Crispin Glover is but I'm considering naming my waffle maker after him.Wait,George McFly? Long story short,I'm makin V waffles!
Interesting Movie Fact: Within the Back to the Future series, actor Michael J. Fox (who plays the son, Marty McFly) is actually a couple years older than the actor Crispin Glover (who plays the father, George McFly) and the same age as actress Lea Thompson (who plays the mother, Lorraine Baines/McFly). Excuse my nerdiness...
I always feel so bad for George Mcfly at the beginning of Back to the Future . Buff was such a jerk and George was so nice . Stupid Biff
Did you know Michael J Fox was older than Crispin Glover (aka George McFly) in Back To The Future?
Loool no .Mr Smith this is George McFly from Back to the future
George Mcfly is my hero! The way he stood up to biff... Amazing
George McFly is one of my favorite characters of all time.
Just kind of all of them at once. I suppose it's better than looking like George McFly.
Family Guy was spot on in that cutaway, why didnt george mcfly ask his wife why his son marty looks like their buddy from HS?
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"I'm your density, I mean your destiny!" -George McFly
I had a dream I killed George McFly. I made him bleed to death. Like in the Adams Family.
George McFly & the Defense of Others in Back to the Future
“Testing of new bulletproof vests, 1923 well hello there George McFly!
George McFly bc he is in a tree with binoculars
is goin 2 be heard! Idc if we have to put head phones on you while you're sleepin' and wake you up like George McFly
New Family Guy episode was hilarious! Loved the George McFly, Mounds Bar, and genius Cutaway joke.
To quote George McFly "You complete my density", which describes my morning dog walks in the fog.
The joke Family Guy made about Back to the Future and George McFly is the funniest thing I've EVER seen. 😂
I saw the Falcons GM earlier. Was that George McFly?
Great episode of Family Guy tonight, loved the George McFly cutaway.
makes an excellent point: How did George mcfly not notice his son looks exactly like the man who set him up w wife in highschool
Watching snl from last night. The singer from arcade fire looks like Biff and the keyboardist like George Mcfly.
Just realised who reminds me mcfly
How much does jilles look like george mcfly?
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Wowsers. George McFly is on XFactor. Did he nick Marty's DeLorean to come & perform???
I love how much Giles on looks like George Mcfly!!
Anyone else think that Giles looks like George McFly
Giles aka George Mcfly from Back to the Future
Giles is so McFly as in George McFly
Giles is in fact the young George McFly
Giles looks like george mcfly from back to the future
Hardly. The minute I break out in to anything more than a brisk walk it falls apart at the seams. Think George McFly.
Arcade Fire looks like the worst case scenario of what happens when George McFly beats up Biff.
Back to the Future remake. Time travel back to 1985. Michael Cera as George McFly and Zoey Deschanel as the mom. Other casting pending.
All I'm saying is that if George McFly would have smothered Biff to death after he knocked him out, it would have prevented so many problems
I'm worse with women than George McFly...
One could argue that Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter is the best sequel in the twelve films made thus far in the franchise. It has some of the series' greatest kills, it features George McFly (Crispin Glover) getting a corkscrew in the eyeball, and it sets up Jason Voorhees' greatest adversary in Tommy Jarvis, originally played by Corey Feldman. 12-year-old Tommy Jarvis, an SFX make-up enthusiast, was the only person to ever defeat Jason single handedly in a fist fight (so to speak). And for years, fans have been clamoring for his return. The character appeared again in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning, played for a second time by Corey Feldman in a flashback at the very beginning of the movie. John Shepherd then assumes the role, playing an older Jarvis who winds up at a halfway house for special needs kids. The character appeared for a 3rd and final time in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, which found the great Thom Mathews (The Return of the Living Dead) occupying the role. That film was suppos ...
" dude you were totally Dirty Harry last night" " oh guy I was trying to be George mcfly" whoops
If Seamus McFly is married to a Lea Thompson character in 1885, doesn't that imply that George McFly later marries his own distant cousin?
on a scale of cowardly lion to Mitt Romney, I'd probably rate it a George McFly: not presidential material
Did George McFly punch Biff so hard he turned him *** Like I don't get it. Why does he act like that at the end?
has anyone ever asked you about your part playing George McFly in Back To The Future
*** you, the laugh that came out of me at that was so George McFly it was scary. 0.O
George Mcfly's in for a bullet header to take ZGermans into the lead
the new glasses I'm getting literally are identical to george mcfly's from back to the future. dreams do come true.
Reading my Tex messages while laughing like George Mcfly...
>"his son made him the mack daddy of hillvalley high". >George McFly's future son. >"Who knew he had it in him?". >Dirty joke about sperm
So, if George McFly was so awkward when he was younger, it's such a miracle that he had three *** kids.
George McFly is the thin dude from the Charlie's Angels movie?!
Do you think it ever bothered George McFly that his son Marty looked just like his friend Calvin, the one his wife had a crush…
Still at the wedding & the disco is in full flow. Time to start dancing like George McFly in Back to the Future
Still can't get over how much Parker Klingerman looked like George McFly last night in his crash interview. Now that's funny!
Remember that scene at the end of Back to the Future where George McFly opens a box full of copies of his new book...
I felt like George McFly in Back to the Future, opening up the box of "A Match Made in Space" :)
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Yes, because he plays young George McFly.
I have the infectious laugh of George McFly.
A guy who looked like Steve Buscemi and George McFly put together said he liked my shirt 😍
But he ain't got nothin' on ole George McFly.
Couldn't help actually George McFly?
Did I just see George McFly getting interview outside the infield care center at Bristol?
The number of people sleeping on my music is unexceptable...oddly enough this includes myself. Its time for Marty to wake up George Mcfly.
The getting swept by the White Sox is like Biff getting beat up by George McFly.
Is it rude to tell someone that they look exactly like a frightening blend of George McFly and Adrian Chiles?
George Mcfly is up there as one of my favourite film characters
We should all channel our inner George McFly.
Yeah from Back To The Future. He helped George McFly hook up with that girl.
Did George McFly and Bow Wow try to sell you a chocolate bar in the parking lot?
Crispin Glover talks about his role is Back To The Future as George McFly: via
Rhys just said laughs like George McFly 😂
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I'm a George McFly in a world of Biffs
David Huff's haircut looks like 1950's George McFly in Back to the Future.
no? Not even when they get to George McFly's grave?? *sobs*
This town is riddled with George McFly clones.
you look like George Mcfly in the black and white picture! still love ya! x
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