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George Martin

Sir George Henry Martin CBE (born 3 January 1926) is an English record producer, arranger, composer, conductor, audio engineer and musician.

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“Sleep is good, he said, and books are better.” ― George R.R. Martin. ✨
What 'Game of Thrones' characters should really look like
79% done with A Storm of Swords, by George R.R. Martin
Really? George R.R. Martin is taking up acting?
As for George Martin's role, he played a harmonium over the final chord to give it more "presence".
As for the sounds as the last chord fades, you do hear someone in a chair and someone clearly saying "shh", possibly producer George Martin.
no need to bring the women of George "Rail-Road" Martin into your wheezy racist tirades, Mat(t) . *you're
What if . The reason the game of thrones books take so long . Is that George R.R. Martin . Is taking notes for them . From reality?
Recording music again has been great. I want my musician friends to see me as talented as George Martin or Dr Dre.
A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one. - George R.R. Martin. http…
Are there more Trump lies per day or more deaths per George RR Martin scene?
On page 71 of 1010 of A Clash of Kings, by George R.R. Martin
George R.R. Martin said that, in the ‘Game of Thrones’ universe, the Starks would be the Giants and the Patriots would be…
When he was just 22.7 points per game—the equivalent of respondents wanted to know what's on the other side? - GEORGE R. R. MARTIN
On page 520 of 1061 of A Feast for Crows, by George R.R. Martin
“I never finished any of my early stories. They were all beginnings, an endless number of beginnings.”. – George R.R. Martin
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Martin George Lopez n the wayan bros top 3 funniest shows
“Why is it that when one man builds a wall, the next man immediately needs to know what's on the other side?” . ― George R.…
ABC Nightline is doing another hatchet job on George Zimmerman. Making Trayvon Martin the victim. Even tho he had...
We get it George RR Martin, loras tyrell is *** You don't have to mention his rainbow cloak every two lines.
Just met Giles Martin in - son of The Beatles producer George Martin and an amazing musician and sound engineer.…
yea George R.R. Martin is quite imaginative or crazy or both
Once you've accepted your flaws no one can use them against you. - George R.R. Martin ht…
' Sleep is good. Books are better' George R.R Martin
The Jungle was the worst book I've ever read. And that's not quality wise. George R.R. Martin could have wrote it.
“I turned up and, lo and behold, there was George Martin...” The Sunday Times Interview (2010) ->.
Producer: George Martin; Engineer: Geoff Emerick; 2nd Engineer: Richard Lush. The mix was taken home by Paul.
George Martin and Joan Collins. Though I once fell on Christopher Biggins.
55 years ago today, manager Brian Epstein met with George Martin for the first time, trying to get The a recording contract.
February 13, 1962 - - ßeatles manager, Brian Epstein and George Martin meet for the - -
In a year when they could've done tributes to Sharon Jones, Leonard Cohen or George Martin, that's pretty weak sauce.
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Congratulations to you and John, Paul and George! And of course, George Martin, and Ron Howard.
In 1964 I and my band from LIverpool, recorded in the Abbey Rd. Studios in the same studio as the fab 4 with George Martin
David Bowie, George Michael and Beatles producer George Martin to be honored at BRIT Awards 2/22. Michael Buble hosts.
Jim Carrey and I Am The Walrus with George Martin - The Beatles via
Foster the People uniting with Devil Gate Drive in a techno style, produced by George Martin
Some of the big losses this year were really behind the scenes or side people. George Martin, Kashif, Bernie Worrell, and Rod Temperton.
I miss Christina and George Martin so much
Let us not forget Greg Lake, Fred Hellerman, Pete Fountain, Robert Stigwood, George Martin, Ralph Stanley, and Nick Mensa
A new song by Chuck Prophet bids farewell to Bowie, Prince, George Martin, Merle, Ali and others
Fidel Castro wants in; but Bowie, Cohen, Prince, Phife Dawg, Keith Emerson & producer George Martin think the band is becoming muddled.
Depth of today's music education I guess! Heard of George Martin but not Felix Mendelssohn!
Watch Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr recall when the Beatles stood up to George Martin
Just watched Monday's ep 1 of docu this one abt job of record producer: George Martin, Phil Sp…
Peking Man making musical history with Christina Aguilera in a lambada style, produced by George Martin
Blessed to have Dr. George Martin of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to preach and teach last Sunday...
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
really, what did we expect from the year that took Bowie, Prince, George Martin, Gene Wilder, Harper Lee, and so many others fr…
Macca, Ringo, George Martin, Linda *and* Eric Stewart: if only THIS had been the line-up of Wings.
You probably spotted Ringo on drums and George Martin on piano... The guitarist is 10cc’s Eric Stewart.
John Hurt, Newley, George Martin, Ringo, Eric Stewart. I'm sure there are more. 2/2
I liked a video George Martin & Paul Bashir: Will the World Go Vegan in Our Lifetime?
Carlton is the George Martin to our "Fab" Four.
In his match preview George Martin believes a positive Powell will make it 2 on the trot for Rams!
While the Beatles always had George Martin around to clean up their act, the Rolling Stones ha
George Martin with walder Frey on the mind, d&d are TV show starks.
At least George Martin and Rick Rubin got their accolades. Today we're led to believe Kim Kardashian's *** is to thank for all this music.
have you warned George Martin he hasn't got this far...
The Doors in alliance with Alex Turner in an alt-rock style, produced by George Martin
George Martin's son Giles on his father's genius and soundtracking Beatles' 'Love' production
Our manager Brian Epstein is travelling to Portmeirion village (North Wales) today with George Martin, to recover from his glandular fever.
[Beatles Band Meeting 1962]. George Martin: Hi. I'm your new producer!. George RR Martin: I just killed off Stuart Sutcliffe.…
Was it Pete Best, George Martin, a car, or a cartoon? Who is your pick for the REAL Fifth Beatle? via
Fascinating comments by an engineer who worked with the legendary George Martin.
Shane Murphy was cautious about this George Martin tribute show. But boy, was he pleasantly surprised
And he's got George Martin and Brian Epstein with him in full agreement.
The boogie woogie part--not the piano solo. That was George Martin.
George Martin's cameo as a pitiful peasant fired from a catapult in the siege of King's Landing satisfied.
We love to support our local schools! Recently, we sponsored the Spring Fling at George Martin in
Packham's the Nigel Kennedy of BBC wildlife with Attenborough orchestrating in the George Martin role.
George Martin of Flint, accidentally drowned whilst bathing in the River Tigris in Mesopotamia (Iraq) on the 10th June 19…
Many people have been called the "Fifth Beatle" including producer George Martin, origanal bassist Stu Sutcliffe, and m…
Coming up in next 30mins on 24hr film martini with George Martin, Ken Dodd wants a bacon butty +++ join us!
ahhh and discussing George Martin and the music behind Eleanor Rigby... The best!
Beautiful, loving tributes at George Martin celebration, particularly from his son Giles & 'other son' Macca. Privilege to be there.
i thought George Martin was the Fifth Beatle!! 😃
Fifth of May, Fifth Beatle?see how George Martin changed music production
It's amazing writing, production would make Brian Wilson or George Martin envious, playing is spectacular, & among his best singing
One of the best solo albums and produced by George Martin. An homage to John soon after his murder.
If we do not reach the cities with the gospel, we will not reach the world.--Dr. George Martin of Southern Seminary
Until George R.R. Martin gets off his lazy *** and actually writes the rest of the books, you're stuck in what us anime people call FILLER.
2016 appears to have been written by George R R Martin.
the show has now surpassed the books! George R R Martin is still in the process of writing the latest one :-) x
“Different roads sometimes lead to the same castle.” — George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones
Strongly doubt is about Beyonce ... remember, not every creative ' is living' their work. George RR Martin, hello
George RR Martin looks like the walking personification of sleep apnea
It is one thing to be clever and another to be wise. George R.R. Martin
George Groves full of confidence ahead of clash with Martin Murray
Tonight is the first episode (and season) that George R.R. Martin hasn’t already written as a book. https:/…
George rr Martin looks lik he's smell of beef and cheese
Steve Jobs and "Game of Thrones" author have one important thing in common
this guy George Martin really let HBO catch up smh
All purpose parts banner
George R. R. Martin has revealed the ending to the book series to show's producers in case he does not live long enough…
George R.R. Martin must have a huge crush on if he's just going to let her die from old age with no violence or bloodshed
George R.R. Martin is what fans of Russian history turn to when they need a lighthearted break from the unrelenting horror.
Which song of the Beatles was originally titled "Maharishi" but changed later under the pleading of Sir George Martin?
George RR Martin is God to conceive & write such an epic masterpiece the best TV show in the world!
Peter Dinklage wakes up in a NYC hospital, realizing it was just a coma dream. The final GoT credits roll over a cackling…
George R R Martin was so much inspired by Lord of the ring that he has finally decided to introduce smeagol's mother in
I bet George R.R. Martin is the author of 2016.
Winds of Winter Release Date: George RR Martin to Release New Book in May? - Bitbag
Conversations George R. Martin has with the friends he runs his first drafts by, probably.
Groves vs Murray on AJ card: George Groves will take on domestic rival Martin Murray on the undercard to Anthony Joshua's IBF world h...
George Groves claims new trainer Shane McGuigan has unlocked his strength as preparations for the Martin Murra...
George R.R. Martin admitted that 'Game of Thrones' began as stories about his pet turtles.
George Groves faces Martin Murray on Anthony Joshua card on 6/25
NEWS - v confirmed for bill on June 25: https…
Catching up on Check out this profile of grad GRRM from
Martin murry v George groves gonna be a great fight
Did you know: George RR Martin based on Maurice Druon's THE ACCURSED KINGS SERIES? (via
The important thing that Steve Jobs and "Game of Thrones" author George R.R. Martin have in common
Thank you HBO for Veep, Girls and of course George RR Martin. . Only Shonda Rhimes comes second to your series.
We were visited on Saturday, St George's day, by Aston Martin owners. A gathering organised by HWM Aston Martin,...
- Based on the chapters George RR Martin released on Arya, she became one of those faceless people and a cold blooded killer.
Prince George's adorable robe sold out after his meeting with Obama
*** you George .R.R. Martin for officially letting jump ahead of a you need to get your old *** back to writing
BREAKING: George Groves to fight Martin Murray on Joshua-Breazeale undercard in WBA Super-Middleweight title eliminato…
Bowie, Glenn Frey, Maurice White, Merle Haggard, Gato Barbieri, Keith Emmerson, George Martin, Paul Kantner, now Prince... what's going on?
Perhaps God has George Martin producing an album with Bowie, Prince, and Merle Haggard.
David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Harper Lee, George Martin, and now Prince. You can just go straight to *** 2016.
If one started listening to the works of Bowie, Frey, Haggard, Prince & George Martin nonstop starting Jan 1, I don't think they'd be done.
A very kind message from Peter Gabriel to honor Prince. """Bowie, George Martin and now Prince - music is...
It certainly has been: Prince, David Bowie, Glen Frey, Maurice White, George Martin. (I know where are more.)
where he is he just might be ... Bowie, Prince , Glenn Frey being produced by George Martin.
Bowie. George Martin. Prince. All great music workers, gone in the first trimester of 2016.
Since Xmas we've lost Bowie, Lemmy, Stevie Wright, Robert Stigwood, George Martin, Glenn Frey, and now the Purple One. And…
This is heaven. Prince & Bowie, directed by George Martin doing the soundtrack to Alan Rickman Comedy Show ft Victoria Wood & Ronnie Corbett
Glenn Frey, Mic Gillette, Natalie Cole, George Martin, David Bowie, and now Prince. Will someone please keep an eye on Quincy Jones, please
It's only April and we've already lost David Bowie, Glenn Frey, George Martin, Merle Haggard, Prince and many others. Sad year for music. 😔
Too many heroes from my youth are leaving. David Bowie, George Martin, Keith Emerson, Lady Penelope (Sylvia Anderson) now :-(
What a lovely clip of Giles & George Martin with Dhani Harrison :).
George Martin truly went to music hall of fame of heaven
This looks brilliant. Before he died, George Martin and his son Giles worked on an HBO doc about recording. Trailer:. htt…
And yes, George Martin was the Fifth Beatle. 2/2
George Martin, the producer known as the "Fifth Beatle," has died at the age of 90
He was the man behind the Beatlemania of the 1960s. He will be always remembered as the Fifth Beatle. R.I.P. George Martin.
George Martin, the man who's considered to be the Fifth Beatle died on March the 8th. He was 90 years old. God bless him.
Paul McCartney on George Martin: ‘if anyone was the Fifth Beatle it was him’
I always admired George & his Music Productions...Always felt a gentle spirit about him..RIP George Martin
A silly sketch I wrote for a BBC radio show, the week George Martin died, which (*obviously*) they didn't want.
George Martin with John Lennon and Paul McCartney, “Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds” sessions, 1967.
This is just great. George Martin and Brian Wilson breaking down the original masters for God Only Knows.
"By the time of Rubber Soul they were ready for new musical directions." - George Martin. Photo © Apple Corps Ltd.
Spoke to about the late George Martin, his own Project & more.
Paul McCartney on George Martin: “[He] left an indelible mark on my soul and the history of British... |
The Queen's Golden Jubilee concert, produced for the album by George Martin and son. Coming up Pop2 Sounds
RIP music producer George Martin. Without you, the Beatles would be just another band. My personal musical hero.
Philip Norman on George Martin: ‘It could easily have been Lennon, McCartney and Martin’
Paul McCartney, George Martin, and George Harrison, sessions for Rubber Soul album, 1965
George Martin, he's very good at a very sort of lush, sweet arrangement.
McCartney on George Martin: 'if anyone was the Fifth Beatle it was him'
As almost all the people related to The Beatles has died :Neil Aspinall, Derek Taylor, Cilla Black, George Martin ,etc .
Yoshiki paid tribute to artists who were a big influence on him, George Martin and David Bowie.…
Obituary: George Martin, the Beatles' producer, died on March 8th
Music: Tony Visconti on producing Bowie and being inspired by George Martin.
Tony Visconti on Bowie, George Martin and the music biz - Toronto Star
We asked you for the best George Martin-produced albums. Here are your picks
George Martin's time with the Beatles tested his ingenuity to the limit
George Martin felt 'the Fifth Beatle' an overstatement; Tim de Lisle says he was modest even about his modesty... http…
[Play] Andy Timmons shreds a tribute to George Martin
Good show; one of the greatest collaborations ever - On Point with Tom Ashbrook - George Martin, The 'Fifth Beatle'
‘We’re all in debt to him’ - Mark Ronson, Arthur Baker, Butch Vig and others on the genius of George Martin
Brian Epstein and George Martin. Manager and Record Producer - two geniuses behind the Beatles via
George Martin – five great productions, from Bernard Cribbins to the Beatles
Often referred to as the Fifth Beatle, George Martin.
Let's have a Green Plaque for George Martin in Drayton Park. Pls RT
These are the 10 oddest things John Lennon asked George Martin to Do for Beatles albums:
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Two: Brian Epstein (their manager) and George Martin (their producer). Pete Best was original drummer, but not a 5th ht…
Goodbye sir George Martin, and i thank you for all your life. Now you can reunite again with Brian Epstein, sir. :) htt…
George Martin tribute with Geoff Emerick, Maura Johnston on Tom Ashbrook's ON POINT today.
Jane Asher's mum taught the oboe to the schoolboy George Martin.
I can't hear the name George Martin without thinking of this marvellous Big Train sketch.
RIP George Martin. Here's pic of him mid-60s in + Beatles manager Brian Epstein. ht…
Nigel Godrich, Bernard Butler, Mark Ronson et al on the genius of George Martin.
If you haven't seen the brilliant 2011 documentary "Produced by George Martin" check it out.
Brian Epstein and George Martin, the Fifth Beatle. You will be missed
George Martin: From comedy record producer to the 'Fifth Beatle'
– Help us compile a great George Martin-inspired playlist
The Beatles’ record producer George Martin has died at age 90, his management company says
Charming interview with the late George Martin on horn secrets in Beatles songs by Jasper Rees naturally
George Martin genius with music production. Love him and Tony Clarke of both deserve HOF status.
Beatles producer George Martin died yesterday, and this Chilean TV show is very confused.
Quincy Jones tells us why George Martin was the "number one" producer ever
George Martin's original piano part for 'in my life' sped up to imitate twinkling harpsichord
Real Clear Politics- Quincy Jones: George Martin and the Beatles Was a Match Made in Heaven: The legendary pro...
George Martin used to visit us in the crypt when I was 17. His wife brought us food parcels htt…
Playing lots of The Beatles & George Martin's productions. Some of the greatest music ever http…
I think George Martin is properly rated. I'm with you on Chuck Noll, though. Very underrated.
Six life lessons George Martin taught us:
Our own Mark Thompson on the day George Martin met the Beatles:
In memory of 5th George Martin's passing.
So on news they reel off a list of songs George Martin produced that ended with 'Jake the Peg' by Rolf Harr…
I continue to be amazed that Days of Future Past was produced by Tony Clarke, not George Martin.
Brian Eno, Rick Rubin and Tony Visconti appear in a short video tribute to the late George Martin.
George Martin will always be missed
What the Beatles really found in George Martin was a producer who was also a listener
George Martin was a gentleman above all. May he rest in peace. Our thoughts are with Judy & the family at this sad tim…
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Been reading tributes to the musical genius George Martin. Oddly, not much about his pioneering work with Rolf Harris.
It is not dying... R.I.P. George Martin, the Most Important Producer in Rock & Roll History via
From the archives: An interview with George Martin, 'the Fifth Beatle'
George Martin died, yet Google decides to pay tribute to Clara Rockmore.
Rick Rubin pays tribute to George Martin, calling him the “best of all time”
From Brad Jangler:. One of George Martin's greatest contributions to The Beatles is when he played the...
I can't believe you're not sick over the passing of George Martin! Breakfast with the Beatles is gonna be awesome Sunday!
Bobby McFerrin, the late, great Robin Williams and the unmatchable genius George Martin create magic. Come Together.
I wish God took Dr. Luke and not George Martin.
cf. Tony Visconti’s great George Martin string anecdote from today
Paul McCartney pays tribute to producer George Martin
..that said, the reason they let a wreckless guitar player in there is because George Martin said i could. Thankyou Sir and good luck studio
Source who thought I was calling about George Martin was audibly dismayed when I asked about Kesha/Dr. Luke
Already in 2016 the music world has lost Jon English, George Martin, Bowie, Glenn Frey, Stevie Wright, Lemmy, Paul Bley + Pierre Boulez
An appreciation: George Martin's indispensable role with the Beatles - LA Times
This is fab, check out the late great George Martin and Brian Wilson together in this lovely film...
George Martin, he captured all on 4 tracks !
Rick Rubin tells us about the influence of his "inspiration" George Martin
Viewers outraged as the BBC includes Rolf Harris in its George Martin tribute For crying out loud, you can't erase history.
Seeing the eulogies for George Martin roll in alongside the coverage of Dr. Luke's dismissal from Sony is—well, it's a study in contrasts.
one time an interviewer asked me who my dream collaborator would be and I said "George Martin" and they printed it as …
USA TODAY reporter remembers the time he spent with George Martin
In the 60s George Martin also produced for Billy J Kramer & the Dakotas and Matt Monro
Going live on with The Show in less than ten minutes! Foster The People, George Martin and more to come.
Listen the best music video2016 🎤. George Martin. Art by Bohan. Kim Kardashian. Crumlin
We owe you, George Martin: Here's how The Beatles producer took them to the next level (EMI)
RIP George Martin. My condolences to all the people waiting for the next Game Of Thrones book.
BBC seems to have gone a bit quiet about George Martin's work with Rolf Harris after this morning's kerfuffle.
blasted for mentioning Rolf Harris during George Martin tribute
Gerry Marsden (Gerry and the Pacemakers). "[George Martin] was a lovely man. He was very musical."
Relax, it's only George Martin that's dead, not George R.R. Martin. He's alive and well, and busy procrastinating at ev…
George Martin impacted music with contributions that will outlive us all. Sir George, WE Thank you.
George Martin helped to change the face of modern music forever. A very sad loss.
You don't need me to tell you how important George Martin was. The best producer ever. R.I.P xx
Listen to as we pay tribute to Beatles producer George Martin.
A loss for the music world. Legendary producer for George Martin passed away.
George Martin, Bobby McFerrin, and Robin Williams in a remake of a classic beatles song
George Martin on using the studio not just to reproduce live sound but to make something new https…
Last time I had a day off I woke up & Alan Rickman had died. Today, George Martin. This doesn't bode well.
Rest in Peace: George Martin. You will be for ever missed. Kate Bush & Larry Adler - The Man I Love
just read a trash article about game of thrones fans freaking out because they mixed up which George Martin died 😡
I think you meant to say RIP George Martin
What a year David Bowie,Maurice White, George Martin all monumental figures in the history of rock & Natalie Cole, Glen Frey , Paul Kaentner
The Beatles were like an orchestra without a conductor, until the visionary George Martin gave them a shape and a soun…
They called George Martin the 5th Beatle today - what about Pete, Stu, and Murray the K?
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George Martin was 'so helpful he was like a teacher' - writer Ray Connolly
It's so unfair.I've been onstage with Hendrix, Dylan. Miles Davis, at home with George Martin & Pharrell Williams, and got super paid for it
"Dr. Luke is a greater producer than George Martin."
10 great Beatles moments we owe to George Martin
Trailer for PULP (1972): Bits of the soundtrack by George Martin, and YT comments (!) from director Mike Hodges.
Writing a little tribute to George Martin and feeling smiley/teary. A bloody good innings indeed.
The older I get, the more I suspect that it was all George Martin and the Beatles were basically Bobby Sherman
The records that George Martin made with the Beatles were some of the greatest ever made & they inspired me to greater…
Rest in peace George Martin, you made some crazy good records
I'll be playing Beatles on my Kool Oldies show today, in honor of George Martin. Catch me here 10a-2p ET...
an outpouring of love & appreciation for Beatles producer George Martin, dead at 90 via
Very sad to learn that George Martin, 5th Beatle and greatest record producer ever, has passed away at age 90. RIP. http…
RIP George Martin, guess we will never properly know if he wanted Jon Snow to be alive or not...
Here are 5 of my favourite George Martin productions. I could've written about 50 off the top off my head. RIP:
RIP George Martin, often referred to as 'the fourth Beatle' by Ringo Starr, who for tax reasons was never told he was …
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
George Martin, the producer best known for his work with has died
very sad to hear about George Martin. My old pal Billy was in a band, Velvet Jones, with his son Giles.
Bloke on the telly claiming George Martin produced The Goons, which would have been a suprise to Dennis Main Wilson & Peter Eton.
dang... RIP George Martin. No doubt that The Beatles will be the soundtrack for today.
RIP George Martin my thoughts go out to Judy and the rest of the family. He was a dear friend of my dad and family and he will be missed :(
Come Together by Robin Williams and Bobby McFerrin - produced by George Martin - behind the scenes
RIP producer George Martin. Thank you for the music. And for the interview you gave me back in 1980. You were t…
George Martin dropped in on a Vent 414 session at Abbey Road back in... I'll take a guess at 1996. He was just as...
So sad to hear that the incredible George Martin has passed away RIP.
1st release from BBC Radiophonic Workshop was by Ray Cathode (aka George Martin). it supposedly influenced Revolver:
In 1962, Ray Cathode, aka George Martin, recorded some nifty jazz electronica with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop:
RIP George Martin. I bet you and Robin Williams are rocking out to 'Come Together' right now.
"The world has lost a truly great man..." Paul McCartney on George Martin:
WFMU on George Martin + Maddalena Fagandini making the first BBC Radiophonic Workshop single
The Lonesome News: Music producer extraordinaire, George Martin, dies at 90. So long, George, you were simply the best...
George Martin, the music producer who brought us the Beatles, has died at age 90:
I never realised George Martin was a Holloway boy & went to Holy Joes primary on Highgate Hill just across the road from my old flat.
RIP George Martin. You made many people very happy.
We are sad to hear of the death of George Martin, producer of the LIVE AND LET DIE theme. Our thoughts are with his family and fri…
The first Beatles album was recorded in 13 hours. And, John had a bad cold. Thanks for everything, George Martin. htt…
George Martin recoded an album of Beatles songs by other artists. Robin Williams version of I Am a Walrus a joy
George Martin was a huge inspiration to so many of us involved in music production and integral to the design of LIPA. T…
George Martin was the Edmund Hillary of music - adventurer, explorer, discovering routes for pop music we have all gratefull…
Sad to hear about the passing of George Martin. Not many others have done so much for music.
Obituary: Sir George Martin: How producer George Martin went from quantity surveyor to the "Fifth Beatle"
RIP George Martin. Grammy and Academy award winner and the conductor of a band of Beatles. People...that's how it's done!
A hard book to locate but one of the best I ever read was the George Martin account of the recording of Sergeant Pepper's. A technical text.
you won't find a single person with a bad word to say about George Martin. what a legacy to leave ,everyone loved him .le…
The best track on that George Martin album, BTW, was the Robin Williams/Bobby McFerrin cover of "Come Together"
Can you imagine the album that they'll be able to put together with Bowie, Lemmy and George Martin upstairs?!
George Martin, producer of the Beatles, dies at 90.
George Martin and Michael White gone, such a shame
Management have confirmed that George Martin "passed away peacefully at home" on Tuesday evening. Rolling coverage:
Lovely video: George Martin working with Robin Williams & Bobby McFerrin on Come Together Farewell
George Martin changed pop music, we can't deny that.
I hope that Camilla Long isn't put out too much by me feeling sad about the news about George Martin.
George Martin, legendary producer for the Beatles, dead at 90
George Martin was really a classical music producer who also did many comedy albums! .
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