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George Lucas

George Walton Lucas, Jr. (born May 14, 1944) is an American film producer, screenwriter, director, and entrepreneur.

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Watch Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and George Lucas reunite for the Celebration:
George Lucas insists Star Wars is a 'film for 12-year-olds’
'Star Wars' creator George Lucas on creating the franchise, casting Hamill and Ford via
"We will all love her for ever and ever." 💔. WATCH: George Lucas pays tribute to the late Carrie Fisher at Celebration.…
Check out "Harrison Ford, George Lucas surprise fans at Star Wars Celebration" on the CNET App!
How do you get a bigger fan response than Mark Hamill and George Lucas? Harrison Ford walks on stage.
George Lucas has really great hair.
Harrison Ford was a carpenter before he was Lucas needed carpentry work on a door in the st…
George Lucas: Let's make Jar Jar's tongue go numb. Producers: Please George, stop. George: Make him to step in CGI turd. I'm a genius.
Shoutout to George Lucas for donating $10 million to USC's film school for efforts!
Well, George Lucas proved to everyone that he couldn't write a convincing shopping list about 5 minut…
I'm still not over how great Rouge One was. Like, wow, ty for selling out George Lucas.
and George Lucas should once again bless us with his directing skills
George Lucas & Robert DeNiro are married to black women. You don't see them erasing white women from their films because o…
I know. I feel like George Lucas must have felt after making 3 terrible prequels. In a row. Without a Break.
In the early drafts of George Lucas' original Star Wars script, Jedi master Yoda was called 'Buffy'.…
U.S. Catholic Catechism for Adults with Archbishop George Lucas is starting now! Listen live here:
“Always remember, your focus determines your reality.”. -George Lucas. KISSES RawAndReal
Vayne, aren't you a movie director as well? It's a bit like George Lucas criticizing Rouge…
i remember i used to have this weird thing with george lucas where id say that everyone was george lucas and I didn't even know who he was
Mark Hamill on George Lucas, Star Wars, and the future. (Awesome interview with Jerry Hayes, 1984)
"In + anything that you can come up with can become real." - George Lucas https:…
Produced by Francis Ford Coppola in 1971, George Lucas made his feature film directorial debut with THX 1138
George Lucas was right. Britain is the Galactic Empire.
Dammit, accidentally sent me down a Wikipedia wormhole about the book sequels to Willow by George Lucas and Chris Claremont.
in unrelated insanity, Shadow Moon is also a Willow sequel written by Chris Claremont and George Lucas?
Posit: George Lucas made The Phantom Menace as a coded warning of how Hollywood recruits, enslaves, sexualizes and destroys children.
George Lucas pledges another $10M to school for African-American and Hispanic student scholarships.
George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Stanley Kubrick, Wes Anderson, spike out
Five celebrities I'd like to have dinner with:. George Lucas. Bruce Campbell. Jennifer Connelly. Tom Hanks. Lady Gaga
Han Solo had a different name when he was younger. I hope this name comes from a George Lucas script and is something li…
Typical MSM. It's quite clear he was shouting 'Admiral' Akbar. This one's on you, George Lucas.
It's Trivia Tuesday!! Did you know that George Lucas banned David Prowse(Darth Vader)from all official SW events bcus he found him annoying
Indiana Jones will return to the big screen on July 19, 2019!!! Best news of all George Lucas wont have any say this tim…
George Lucas: Creator of Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Is married to a black woman and just had a beautiful daughter. http…
7 year old writes letter to George Lucas
Just watched "I am your farther" the David Prowse story,, George Lucas comes off as a bit of s ***
George Lucas, creator of Star Wars, made the primitive Ewoks beat the Empire to portray the arrogance of the US in the Vietnam War.
there's a moment in history where Francis Ford Coppola, George Lucas & Stevan Speilberg presented the best Director award to Martin Scorcese
A few presentations this morning! King Tut and George Lucas! Be sure to stop by the library to check out our displa…
Bruh the South Park episode where George Lucas and Steven Speilberg rape Indiana Jones is so intense 😂
Akira Kurosawa winking an achievement Oscar with presenters George Lucas and Steven Speilberg as presenters
George Lucas really needs to stop with these Special Edition Star Wars movies
George Lucas: There is no Star Wars: Episode 7. Disney: We will give you $4 Billion . George Lucas:
Yes . But uh...George Lucas made 6 movies/TV show about bad stuff that happens when you elect the wrong guy as pres…
you know, when we find out that Mike Pence is Darth Sidious and Trump & co. are the Trade Federation, George Lucas will be vindicated.
What does building George Lucas' museum at Exposition Park say about L.A.? // ON POINT
Watch Keanu Reeves interview George Lucas, Chris Nolan and more on the Death of Film
George Lucas is not involved with Indiana Jones 5, David Koepp talks story & direction for https:…
George Lucas cut out so many important lines in those special editions.
or at the very least, have George Lucas not be the sole writer and actually have other peoples input
Friday night Doc: Young hopeful actors recruited by Central Casting in a small English village for George Lucas.
George Lucas with an early version of R2-D2
Both from the movie Captain EO that stars Michael Jackson and written by George Lucas & Francis Ford Coppola - the imagination power there!!
are the Stephen Spielberg and George Lucas himself You don't
$8 billion for Formula One, $4bn for Star Wars? Bernie Ecclestone a better negotiator than George Lucas, for sure
I want to hire George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg to direct a movie based in 2017 America called Cuck Wars. Go fundme
Jimmy Buffett has a pirate cameo + couple that floats while kissing at the end is George Lucas and Carrie Fisher
There are a lot of museums in George Lucas is adding one more:
George Lucas was wild for making the clone wars there's a villain called Savage Opress
pretty sure it means that Stephen Moffat is the George Lucas of the BBC
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Los Angeles will be the site for the $1 billion museum that will house George Lucas' personal art collection
George Lucas has picked which city will house his $1 billion museum
Our version of is by discussing how George Lucas is jamming his art into a 275,000 sq. foot museum! https:…
George Lucas planned Luke Skywalker to be a dwarf, Han Solo to be a green-skinned monster with no nose, and Chewbacca to…
From left to right Peter Cushing, George Lucas, Fisher, and David Prowse on the set of Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hop…
George Lucas' $1 billion 'Star Wars' museum finds Los Angeles home by via
LA is one with the force...the force is with LA... 'George Lucas Chooses Los Angeles for $1 Billion Museum'
Star Wars museum finally picks official home via
Here's a look at the rendering for George Lucas' $1 billion art museum, expected to open in Expo Park by 2020
Meryl Streep, George Lucas attend private memorial for Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds
Great news for LA when George Lucas decides on Exposition Patk as the future home of his 1 billion dollar museum.
Oh I can't wait to go see George Lucas' Museum 👏
A new force in the museum landscape
should consult George Lucas to rewrite story with princess leia ending due to teleportation accident(yeah Star Trek tech&ok for SW)
'(Carrie) was extremely smart; a talented actress, writer and comedienne with a very colorful personality that everyon…
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L.A. will be the home of George Lucas' $1-billion museum, beating out Chicago and San Francisco for the honor:
George Lucas chooses Los Angeles for $1 billion museum
George Lucas’ $1 billion museum is coming to Los Angeles
All my peeps that have connections with our museum culture...George Lucas is looking for a waterfront location...
THIS JUST IN: LA selected as home to George Lucas' $1 billion-museum.
It's like George Lucas is the kid at the party with a sharpie, drawing on LA's face after it fell asleep on the couch.
The George Lucas Museum of Narrative Arts looks like an earthbound spaceship:
Star Wars' creator George Lucas to site new museum in Los Angeles
"Star Wars" creator George Lucas chooses L.A. over San Francisco as home of museum that will showcase his work.
George Lucas art museum coming to Los Angeles.
Potent competition for any science fiction museum in DC, George Lucas (StarWars & IndianaJones) announces his museu…
The Force is with us: Los Angeles will be home to George Lucas' $1-billion museum
George Lucas' $1 billion art museum finds a home in Los Angeles
George Lucas picks Los Angeles as the home of a museum that will showcase his work
1bn$ : The endowment of the new George Lucas Museum to be built in LA.
Los Angeles to house movie mogul George Lucas future $1 Billion 'Museum of Narrative Art' in LA's Exposition Park.
Big scoop for as George Lucas chooses Exposition Park in over SF as home for his $1 billion museum.
George Lucas' $1 billion museum will be built in Los Angeles and in Exposition Park, adjacent to the Coliseum:
JUST IN: LA chosen as home of 'Star Wars' filmmaker George Lucas' planned Museum of Narrative Art, set to be built in Exposition…
George Lucas. Who is this clown. Billions in profit from real ideas with no bankruptcy. Sad. ht…
u guys brought me so much Star Wars stuff on the last two tours my room looks like George Lucas exploded in it
George Lucas wants to build a museum of narrative art, but he's having a hard time finding a home for it. https:…
Meryl Streep, Gwyneth Paltrow, and George Lucas among A-listers at memorial for Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds
Oceans 13 lol Jupiter Ascending, Speed 2 oh and every Star Wars movie without George Lucas and the last Star Trek too
I bet George Lucas doesn't even understand what happened during the Clone Wars
The way he did these prequels.George Lucas was the first official troll.
You simply have to put one foot in front of the other and keep going. Put blinders on and plow right ahead. George Lucas.
- LA and San Francisco battle it out for right to house George Lucas’ art collection, After several fal...
Lucas Museum friends, please take these wise words to heart!
.Rogue One is an absolute must-see by the way. Thank God someone had the sense to take Star Wars away from George Lucas.
Carrie Fisher’s beloved dog Gary greets guests at private memorial as Meryl Streep, George Lucas and Meg Ryan…
George Lucas' $1.5 billion art museum has brought him almost as much grief as Jar Jar Binks
George Lucas and Jeffrey Katzenberg host screening for star
I want to crack George Lucas for allowing that kid to play Anakin in episode 1.
Hey Jonathan Groff sorry but Lucas Dispoto plays the best King George ever
George Lucas struggles to get anyone to take his museum while Star Wars thrives without him
George Lucas wants to build a Star Wars museum - for free. But making it a reality seems to be far, far away…
Plot twists, suspense mark George Lucas' plans for museum
Which do you prefer? - George Lucas Museum Cliffhanger: LA or San Francisco? via
As time goes on am agreeing more with George Lucas' view.
is like George Lucas. He was challenged on the old Baited so he fired everyone and hired yes men for his new show.
. Just keep George Lucas and his CGI-happy hands away from it. We'll have undead Leia riding a dewback through Mos Eisley.
After just seeing Rogue One I realize, George Lucas giving up the rights to Star Wars was the best decision he ever made for the franchise.
us: where's the *** characters. george lucas: I am a heterosexual writer writing about heterosexual characters. Being attacked…
like overall the prequels still arent Great and thats a lot bc of george lucas' bad directing + writing and the y'know racist stereotypes lm
(The Star):L.A. and compete for George Lucas Museum : The Lucas Museum of..
The best thing about Star Wars is the fact that C-3PO has anxiety. George Lucas felt it necessary to give a robot anxi…
If you ever wanted to help out with my goal of making screenwriting full time, be George Lucas. Or visit this:. https:…
A private memorial service, attended by Meryl Streep, Gwyneth Paltrow and George Lucas, has been held for Carrie Fi…
It's a damned tragedy the sequel is gonna be directed by George Lucas.
George Lucas said iconic hairdo in Star Wars was inspired by the Mexican Revolution.
We're getting even crazier in 2017,
Because it's what George Lucas wanted. That's what matters. If he had wanted James to do it, then it would've happened.
Steele, did you know George Lucas also shot the helicopter scene from Apacolypse Now? It's true, all of it
Police Tip: does technician Patrick Halliewood Ellis have relations with my adopted dad Eddie Robinson/Florida man Jeff Moon/George Lucas
Surprise ending in store for futuristic museum starring George Lucas' extensive personal art collection
Maybe? Personally I'd consider Indiana Jones to be a far superior trilogy from George Lucas, funnier, more interesting adventure
10 years ago today (1-1-07), George Lucas invited 200 members from all around the world to march with him in the 20…
I get George Lucas sucked as a story teller. But where he lacked as a story teller he was prolific in creating worlds & characters.
George Lucas telling Jon Stewart that Obi-Wan's home World is Stewjon is hilarious to me.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
LA really, really wants the George Lucas Museum via
George Lucas just chillin next to count dooku
George Lucas was talking about how you don't know if Count Dooku is a villain when introduced. Thought it was obvious and partially casting.
Rumor has it George Lucas to direct sequel, tentatively titled which is middle of nine-part epic space drama
When y'all gonna realize that you've never seen George Lucas and Michael McDonald in the same room.. EVER
This 2005 clip of Carrie Fisher roasting George Lucas is so good:
George Lucas remembers Carrie Fisher: "She was our great and powerful princess"
"What appealed to me was that George Lucas didn't want a damsel in distress... he wanted a fighter."
"Hi I'm Mrs. Han Solo, and I'm an alcoholic. I'm an alcoholic because George Lucas ruined my life."
'Carrie Fisher’s roast of George Lucas embodies the very best of her' via
George Lucas and Steven Spielberg react to Carrie Fisher's death: "Feisty, wise and full of hope." https…
Harrison Ford and George Lucas react to Carrie Fisher's death:
George Lucas on the passing of Carrie Fisher: "She will be missed by all."
so george lucas is going to part of an ep of LoT where he quits film school so ray and nate go stupid cuz they arent inspired…
creator George Lucas pays tribute to 'our great and powerful princess' Carrie Fisher
J.J. Abrams pens a tribute to Carrie Fisher: "What an unfair thing to lose her."
By far - one of my favorites by Carrie Fisher! Her roast of George Lucas is hilarious!
Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, George Lucas and more cast mourn the passing of Carrie Fisher https:…
If everyone else is going to post a Carrie Fisher video... Carrie Fisher Lovingly Roasted George Lucas
Remembering Carrie Fisher's biting wit: 5 quotes from the recent George Lucas biography  |
Her sharp sense of humor made Carrie Fisher one of Hollywood's top Script Doctors, and a go-to for George Lucas and Steven Sp…
The man behind Star Wars pays tribute to his princess.
George Lucas, in a statement, praises Carrie Fisher as “our great and powerful princess - feisty, wise and full of hope." htt…
RIP Carrie Fisher handing Mark Hamill a beer on the set of Star Wars, 1977, directed by George Lucas. https:…
George Lucas, Harrison Ford, J.J. Abrams, Rian Johnson and others react to the passing of Carrie Fisher
George Lucas, the man behind the galaxy far, far away, honors Carrie Fisher:
George Lucas on Leia: "Feisty, wise and full of hope in a role that was more difficult than most people might think"
Harrison Ford and George Lucas have broken their silence about Carrie Fisher's death: "She lived her life, bravely."
George Lucas looking shy as he gets flashed by Carrie Fisher on the set of Return of the Jedi (1983)
Mark Hamil, dangling from the bottom of Lando's base: aren't I not supposed to have a hand?. George Lucas: just.hold your sleeve closed
All purpose parts banner
The Final Cut. This is not a George Lucas special edition scenario, it's the only one that Scott ever really approved.
You've ruined Howard the Duck for me Duck beastiality George Lucas??? . However, you will not besmirch…
Mark with Carrie Fisher and George Lucas behind the scenes of A New Hope!
"A special effect without a story is a pretty boring thing.". -George Lucas. The irony of this is so great.
Disrespect for the George Lucas's masterpiece "Star Wars v: empire strikes back" lol love ya mark Hamil
"George Lucas watched the Hidden Fortress, read Joseph Cambell" etc, its always the same little spiel, likely from one of the SW docs
I loved the Data Tape scene's subtle nod to THX 1138 in - the film was such a long overdue love letter to George Lucas.
half hour long Leonard Maltin interviews with George Lucas before each movie 🙄🙄🙄🙄
Long before came into existence, George Lucas produced these two Star Wars side adventures:
Review!!!. New installment shows Stars War can "Live Long and Proper" without George Lucas!
Honestly selling it to Disney was the best decision George Lucas coulda made
would like to see Hidden Fortress - that's one of the movies that inspired George Lucas
My father for one. Plenty of others. Justin Chambers, Robert DeNiro, George Lucas, Edgar Bronfman...
Nicholas Winding Refn and Terrance Malick are both FAR worse directors and storytellers than Michael Bay and George Lucas. THERE! I SAID IT!
'George Lucas' looks at the genius behind 'Star Wars' -
No one cares what George Lucas thinks of he put Hayden Christiansen at the end of
San Francisco gearing up for final push at George Lucas Museum
George Lucas' word of advice to Gareth Edwards on the set of "Don't screw it up." 😂 https:…
George Lucas saw two days ago. Gareth: "I can die happy now. He really liked the movie. It was the most important revie…
Gareth Edwards on George Lucas calling to tell him he loved "I can die happy."
George Lucas just said, "As we approach the millennium, we can expect the next three Star Wars films." Guys... we're gonna see the Prequels!
George Lucas: Lift the ban of David Prowse from Lucasfilm-sanctioned Star Wars events - Sign the Peti... via
After the way George Lucas screwed David Prowse, NO ONE should ever work for LucasFilm. What a ***
"One day, George Lucas came to Egypt and asked me why my hat became more famous than Indiana Jones’ hat".…
*asserts that George Lucas knows what he's doing despite hot incest make out sesh, sand getting everywhere*
George Lucas in the middle, Rick Astley... I see a Michael Jackson too.
I see George Lucas's peeping game was strong back then.
Watch: Young filmmakers of the 60s: Francis Ford Coppola & George Lucas https:/…
honored person in the world. Politicians and celebrities and business leaders and world leaders and Steven Spielberg and George Lucas and
George Lucas made THX 1138 and American Grafitti under the Nixon and Ford Administration. But during the Carter administration: Star Wars!
George Lucas w/ Alec Guinness, Mark Hamill and Anthony Daniels on the set of Star Wars (1977).
George Lucas' proposed Museum of Narrative Art will be a five-story museum, which would ha…
Here's a Look at the Latest Plans for George Lucas's Museum of Narrative Art
Plans filed for futuristic George Lucas Museum in L... via
San Francisco and Los Angeles are two of the possible locations for George Lucas' new museum
George Lucas presents two new designs for his beleaguered museum
George Lucas deciding between and for his Lucas Museum for Narrative Art. See design:. .
The $1B may finally be nearing a hometown! Read on to see where George Lucas believes it will be…
George Lucas is still considering building his museum in LA. The plans look amazing!
Plans filed for futuristic George Lucas Museum in LA...
A new hope: San Francisco clears a path for George Lucas Museum construction
George Lucas' museum designs for L.A. and S.F.: A first look at competing plans - LA Times
San Francisco has the chance to be the home of the new futuristic museum George Lucas is trying to make reality!
NEWS: The new George Lucas Museum designs look like they've come straight from the set of Star Wars... See Here:…
Kate Capshaw, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas&Harrison Ford during the filming of Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom https…
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George Lucas & Frank Herbert were inducted into the Hall of Fame in the same year, proving the universe is not without irony.
Two California cities are competing for George Lucas' museum, months after its Chicago plan collapsed
George Lucas isn't involved in the next Indiana Jones movie? There goes our chance for a Crystal Skull sequel. Disaster.…
Steven Spielberg and George Lucas used to take out newspaper adverts when one director's film became the bigger hit htt…
Will a new neighbor be moving into Lucas
Film is not an easy occupation. There's a lot of occupations that are d...
George Lucas' museum of narrative art designs for Los Angeles and San Francisco: a first look at competing plans
Last night I had a dream that George Lucas made me sacrifice a cat to the sun god. I wish I was kidding.
A look at George Lucas' museum designs for Expo Park and SF
According to Bill Bradley, George Lucas 'proposed the idea' of this anti-Trump TV ad, a riff on the '64 'Daisy' ad.
After ditching Chicago, George Lucas has unveiled competing museum plans for LA and SF
This rendering of the proposed George Lucas Museum in L.A. looks like a giant spaceship.
These Lucas Museum designs work better at Cali sites than on our lakefront:
My father said to me that he had an encounter with George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars. Coincidence? I don't know. It is pretty cool.
2016 in review: How George Lucas and Donald Trump taught us to move on.
Breaking news, ppl: George Lucas releases museum design for LA. And for Treasure Island. At the same time. My piece:
Just imagine a visual novel version of Sesame Street made by George Lucas.
*** George Lucas did write every bit of the prequels and there was no one there to tell him no...he really did make it flop
"A director makes 100 decisions an hour. If you don't know how to make a right decision, you are not a director." - George Lucas
George Lucas' museum designs for LA + SF: a 1st look at competing plans |
Los Angeles or San Francisco? First look at competing plans for the George Lucas Museum via…
George Lucas goes for a Nubian Royal Starship look in the latest plans for his twice-rejected museum…
Then his comments about George Lucas on the set of AMERICAN GRAFFITI make tons of sense when it comes to the Star Wars films.
MAD unveils competing Lucas Museum designs for San Francisco and Los Angeles:.
First look at designs for Lucas Museum in California, months after Chicago lakefront plan collapsed
George Lucas reveals museum designs for SF and LA, the two cities now vying for his museum. https:…
Two icons of white culture: George Lucas & Robert DeNiro. Both are with black ladies. It's all about sample size.
George Lucas made Carrie Fisher act in no underwear in 'Star Wars' for ridiculous reason.
Hayden Christensen looking super uncomfortable as he and George Lucas interview each other:
George Lucas was casting about and had heard favourable things about my...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
FACT OF THE DAY: David Prowse has been banned from all official Star Wars conventions because George Lucas "f…
Well, this is exciting...! What a life to have been given by George Lucas, what with the "Star Wars" films...
Surely was Frank Herbert's influence on George Lucas as Prana Bindu is the Bene Gesserit training technique in…
Interesting that George Lucas and Rolf Harris have never been seen in the same room
4 chess pieces were on George Lucas' desk. Peter Jackson had 2. (He bought them at an auction.)
Charlie Rose showed his elitist DC bias. Desperately tried to convince George Lucas that the Kennedy Center award is a big deal. Lucas: meh
George Lucas did what I'm assuming is a new interview with Charlie Rose. Currently airing on PBS in my area.
George Lucas is on Charlie Rose and he sounds like Kanye, in that they both can have more thought at a moment than they can say on the spot.
Got excited to watch Charlie Rose then heard the dreaded words, "George Lucas for the hour."
Gareth Edwards is worried that George Lucas didn't find his "Caravan of Courage" poster funny. Yub nub!.
how is this news? When it was released, George Lucas clearly said it was taken from Ben Hur.
Steven Spielberg and George Lucas having a water gun fight on the set of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
>Ben Kuchera says "Metal Gear without Kojima would be like Star Wars with no George Lucas". >>Wonders why he's the butt of so many jokes.
Steve is smart and experienced. Ben when U become his age u will see things diff. Look at George Lucas
My audio professor tried to quote Steven Speilberg, but quoted George Lucas, couldn't remember Ben Burtt's name and said that he died. :l
I feel the same way about Lorne Michaels as George Lucas, grateful for the TV and movie series they started, but DON'T MESS WITH GOOD THINGS
is starting to look like what would happen if George Lucas had a kid with Patrick Warburton.
National Treasure, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Kiefer Sutherland. Directed by George Lucas, music by Elton John. Budget: $100 billion
Kicking off Monday morning with a work out and a little bit of Joseph Campbell... George Lucas'…
Reince Priebus is what George Lucas would name his son.
Even though I'm a massive fan if there is a X Files Season 11 Chris Carter, similar to George Lucas & must not be involved.
I think that George Lucas' 'Star Wars' films are fantastic. What he's done, which I admire, i
Apart from George Lucas, I'd suggest that Alan Ladd Jr was the most important person to Star Wars.
"...It is going to be very hard for someone to come along and make a better movie." - George Lucas http…
Yeah, but isn't this the same argument 35 year old guys have made about George Lucas and the original Star Wars?
Do you think chewbacca has a human *** or that red rocket thing like a dog does. George Lucas won't reply to my emails
No wonder Star Wars has always peeked my interests & appealed to my resonate frequency bc George Lucas was...
in honor of George Lucas on set for the first
If George Lucas had done TFA, this scene would've ended with a "NO!!" Roll credits.
Would you be against George Lucas writing and directing another Star Wars film?
I feel like one day we'll all find out that George Lucas was behind this whole Trump thing
Lucas in Stranger Things firing a slingshot at a huge alien *** demogorgan in an attempt to kill is me on all levels
It's so weird it because George Lucas was really worried that people would think vader was too sympathetic.
George Lucas spent decades worth of movies trying to make us pity Anakin, but Abrams did it in one film
I'm imagining Master P interviewing George Lucas and my mind is on the verge of exploding.
Hammer horror legend Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin with Carrie Fisher as Leia & George Lucas (1977)
George Lucas is a massive sissy. He should've stuck to his guns. Binks is most important character.
Two part response 1) 2) "U were trusted to lead the Republic, but you were decieved"
George Lucas is clearly voiced by Frank Oz, and I don't understand why more people aren't talking about this.
sexy princess leia tell with George Lucas
Pretty sure George Lucas wrote/directed the new Star Trek under a pseudonym, because it felt like they were trying to ruin it.
George Lucas made point about gun control in Put those that don't want weapons on a different called Alderaan.
Did George Lucas make the DNC video w Rahm thrown under bus ? Be funny if he did
a movie George Lucas made called Howard the duck and the opening scene two ducks are fuccin it's a PG movie btw
When George Lucas has a cold, does his wife teasingly refer to him as George Mucus? I hope so.
Hello. Is that George Lucas, I'd like to complement you on your romance writing skills.
Imagine it is the 1970's and George Lucas decides to remake movies from the 1940's and 1950's…
📷 Nerdy Fact Since George Lucas was originally planning on making 11 more Star Wars movies after...
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