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George Lucas

George Walton Lucas, Jr. (born May 14, 1944) is an American film producer, screenwriter, director, and entrepreneur.

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The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson praises George Lucas and the story of the Prequels
They will always be a George Lucas film, because there is no way it can’t be. But, maybe Rian Johnso…
The Spotlight: Mark Hamill wishes had followed George Lucas' original plans for the sequel trilog…
. Director: Rian Johnson. Writers: Rian Johnson, George Lucas (based on characters created by). S…
Trek Nation on Netflix when hes with George Lucas. Its right there.
Anyone who wonders what happened to Peter Bogdanovich and George Lucas should Google Polly Platt and Marcia Lucas.
I hope and pray that George Lucas has your family's work in his soon to be rele…
George Lucas has no concept of “playing against” — that people falling in love for the “wrong” pe…
- George Lucas' chef reveals how to cook the perfect turkey, Dave Little, the fo...
Star Wars and George Lucas called to say that I was PROBABLY going to be named the new “Han Solo”, like last year,…
Did you know? George Lucas was so impressed with Aayla Secura in the comic book Star Wars: Republic that he wrote her into…
I wanna wish George Lucas a Happy Birthday! Without you so many of us would hae no space opera to enjoy!
Today in 1978: The Star Wars Holiday Special airs for the first and only time. George Lucas later expressed a wish to "trac…
Young Skywalker and young with George Lucas, Harrison Ford, Gary Kurtz and Yoda at the beginning.…
I just found out that Peter Jackson, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Stephen King and Gabe Newell were Whovians. Makes me happy
"George Lucas puts those types of characters in for the kids. Same with Jar Jar"- ... -
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Wait...George Lucas created Star Wats to be about the Skywalker family so if you're making a new trilogy then that…
I dont think Rey is a Skywalker . For a few reasons. -George Lucas was adamant on the idea of Luke never having kids. -Ben…
Amy Adams last night, attending the Film Gala Honoring Mark Bradford and George Lucas.
I was just in a session with George Lucas wife Mellody Hobson, who is a phenomenal Black woman. Gave us key advice for diversity. 😁
28 years ago, the event that kicked off a 38-year canon: George Lucas hand-selects Timothy Zahn to write The…
Inductive Loop Vehicle Detector Gets Modernized: Much like George Lucas and the original Star Wars films, many of...
Paul George is in rhythm after 1. He's got 10 on 4/6 from field. lead 31-18 on ESPN. BOS has won 6 in a row.…
I’m currently watching American Graffiti and *** George Lucas got good taste for beauties.
so thanks to okay this is a coincidence, GEORGE LUCAS
I think Kevin Shields has gone George Lucas on us
If the boy and girl walk off into the hand-in-hand in the last scene, it adds 10 million to the box office.…
On another note, I'm handling a part of the project for the construction of the george lucas museum(Star Wars) and i received floor plans
Apparently, Verdina works at the same building as Lucas films and her land lord is George Lucas LOL
“Oh Lucas George. You just be a Star Wars fan to name him that”. Nope. Lucas we liked and George is Nick’s middle name. But yes we are fans
George Lucas needs to remaster Episode III with this edit...
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I stand by George Lucas vision of what if an ape had a crossbow
Akira Kurosawa and George Lucas on the set of Empire!
The stories of Castaneda inspired This is the REAL
Suit up with MacGyver stars Lucas Till and George Eads.
George Lucas loved these movies so much that he originally wanted Toshiro Mifune to play Obi-Wan.
That is not what it said. It said Sam Jackson and George Lucas thought he was alive. Windu…
Kate Capshaw, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas&Harrison Ford during the filming of Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom https:…
U Turn, starring Gary Cooper and Jeff Fahey. Directed by George Lucas, music by Concerto For Constantine. Budget: $500m
Can't sleep for some reason so I'll answer. The Shadow Wars trilogy by George Lucas and Chris Claremon…
It's a good day to learn that Toshiro Mifune was George Lucas' first choice to play either Darth Vader or Obi Wan before he tur…
George Lucas originally wanted Tupac to play Jedi Master Mace Windu, but he died before he could audition for the role https:…
Star Wars: Episode 4 - A New Hope was directed by George Lucas
Fun fact, Kurt Russel almost got the part of Han Solo in Star Wars A New Hope, but George Lucas chose Harrison Ford instead.
Yeah, well, seems like George Lucas did not learn that much from Joseph Campbell after all. Copy-paste at its best!
Star Wars was basically written with Campbell's book open on George Lucas' knee, which DOES make it the…
Thank God for George Lucas, Tim Burton and Peter Jackson for making Hammer horror regulars into giant cultural icons.
I'm hoping Fox give the Alien Franchise to George Lucas so he can make a prequel trilogy about how Weyland Industries became Weyland-Yutani
I think George Lucas took some cues from Season 1 Troi hair for Episode 1 Queen Amidala.
Warwick Davis reads a letter he wrote to George Lucas asking him for Star Wars toys ☺️
Hayden Christensen and Ian McDiarmid join George Lucas and Warwick Davis on the Galaxy Stage.
Anthony Daniels, Peter Mathew and Billy Dee Williams share their stories with George Lucas and Warwick Davis. htt…
like, Harrison Ford was George Lucas' carpenter, and David Boreanaz was a dog walker. My brother i…
Harrison Ford recalls poking fun at George Lucas' dialogue -
9a. Carrie Fisher salutes George Lucas at his AFI Lifetime Achievement Award,
You know what George Lucas did when he couldn't get the rights to Flash Gordon? He created Star Wars. Something to think about.
George Lucas, Alec Guinness, and Mark Hamill on the set of Star Wars
Ran into George Lucas again this morning. He was standing at the end of a long hallway looking at a bust of his own head mad…
Thank you George Lucas! I can't wait for this to open!. George Lucas picks L.A. for his museum
Shot of the day | Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith | Director: George Lucas |Anakin Skywalker marching towards the Je…
"The road to the Force is through the breath" George Lucas / "Breathe, Just Breathe" Luke Skywalker to……
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Sid Haig talks about working with George Lucas on the latest Projection Booth
Anthony Daniels is a treasure (and he does fantastic impressions of George Lucas and Sir Alec Guinness!)…
Episode 7 and the expanded universe are both not canon cause George Lucas didn't make them.
same thing happened to George Lucas, hence starting with episode 4
fact: George Lucas banned Wookiees and Hutts from being Jedi as punishment for sexual transgressions by members of their species.
Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace was directed by George Lucas
Check out what I found. raiders of the lost ark poster magazine very rare Steven Spielberg george lucas via
James Cameron approved of Terminator Genesis and George Lucas made the prequels so what's your point?
If only Bill Watterson had any bit of the same sense of capitalistic pursuits or drive that Walt Disney, George Lucas, and Stan Lee had
Indiana Jones 5 terrible news for fans: "Indy will LOSE his right EYE" and this is why:…
Happy Birthday to himself, 📎🎉🎂 See more dashing photos of the birthday boy:
Forget Jar-Jar. I am grateful to George Lucas for making “beating up Nazis is a fine idea” a cinematic axiom.
“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”~George Lucas https:/…
between the nuclear bombs and nazis I can't figure out if we're in a good spielberg film or one that he let george lucas fu…
First was George Lucas that it was Steven Spielberg now James Cameron
George Lucas: okay so you're a good guy so you either get blue or green. Samuel L Jackson: I want purple. George: but—. Sam: I. Want. Purple.
George Lucas and the glorious trash fire of the Star Wars franchise universe. . Including the Christmas Special.
George Lucas had some surprising feedback on Star Wars: Republic Commando... Watch our full interview to learn more. http…
Good luck to Greta Valley's George Lucas and Team Tiki Tour at the Adventure Racing World Champs in Wyoming.
North Canterbury's George Lucas off to world adventure racing champs
American Graffiti was released today in 1973. Here's helmer George Lucas and stars Candy Clark, Richard Dreyfuss, a…
I love that George Lucas named the Star Wars' Cantina Band's sound as *** music".
George Lucas swung and missed when he could have had The Mos Isley Brothers as the Cantina House Band.
"George Lucas is a grown up Ralph Wiggum" is the most searingly accurate description I've ever read.
The Han Solo shoot has been an absolute disaster Disney had to beg George Lucas to Beg Ron Howard to come on board
Kieran, Robert De Niro, George Lucas, Matt Stone..if you know you know 😉
TIL that George Lucas has detailed knowledge of 'Star Trek'. When actor Clint Howard auditioned for Lucas, the fir…
(A studio lot in 1980). George Lucas: Don't tell anyone. I like your TV shows. . Gene Rodenberry: Don't tell anyone I but I like your films.
to paraphrase George Lucas on Steele Wars not everything I write will be good or make sense . due to illness
Yep. George Lucas directed Ford as Bob Falfa before Harrison slid into the Millennium Falcon as Han.
This is like when Harrison Ford was a carpenter for George Lucas, filled in at auditions a…
TIL In his 1988 film Willow, George Lucas named one of the villains "General Kael," after the critic Pauline Kael …
65: Lucas has come off. Who replaces him? No substitutes other than Shamal George, so on comes the goalkeeper! [0-1]
“Everybody has talent, it’s just a matter of moving around until you’ve discovered what it is.” – George Lucas
George Lucas could've came up with some better names for the galaxy's biggest conglomerates. I understand the over-the-top reasoning, but
What if George Lucas had gotten the rights to Flash Gordon instead of developing Star Wars.
It's adorable that George Lucas says "laser sword" instead of lightsaber about 50% of the time.
Being friends with George has led to me being placed on suicide/homicide watch
Btw, to make you feel little...George Lucas created ILM which created Pixar. As far as cinema, GL is the most important person ever.
I'm privileged, and sought out the most profound scholars could find, but symmetrical and balanced by sadness. -George Lucas
Hope George Lucas still uses his laser beam sound from Star Wars in his experimental filming.
Old tech. George Lucas managed to pull this off in 1999
Updated cover, so more George Lucas style 'updates' from Morrissey and co. We know what a mess he made of his solo reissues.…
Do everything in your power to make sure george lucas is directing in the final episode of Star Wars and get rid of JJ Abrams. Plz
I think the argument is that George Lucas was lazy.
what is going on with George Lucas's neck
George Lucas on the set of American Graffiti! We're showing one of his earlier films this Saturday 7/22 at 4 & 8 PM…
Fun fact: George Lucas wanted the name of lightsabers to be laser dongs
*** George Lucas really had all these movies figured out
Free of Star Wars, George Lucas has vowed to watch MST3K in its entirety and digitally remove every appearance of M…
2005 was a good year: Benedict XVI was pope and Star Wars movies were made by George Lucas.
Just listened to a great interview with George Lucas about the mythology behind Star Wars.
If you know much about George Lucas, I think Dundirk will be his favourite film ever.
The book mentioned how George Lucas was about heroes "dying" and how much he was against it because it was depressing basically.
George Lucas directing Chewbacca on the set of Star Wars
(2/2) last Jedi. George Lucas then appears to announce that he's bought back the franchise. Thousands perish.
Yeah I think marty was showing George Lucas around the set and he said that Hollywood won't be doing it…
How George Lucas made the Star Wars prequels
George is a guy who does what he loves. And I do what I love. The difference is, what George loves makes billions of dollars -Lynch on Lucas
Google now recommends George Lopez before George Lucas. What a time to be alive.
Daggum! She's like the George Lucas of books!
My life is about 2 things. Star Wars and being George Lucas
Watch George Lucas tell off professional autograph hounds
Now even is borrowing from George Lucas.
like I'm sure Episode 8 does but do you think George Lucas realized at all how horrible the message of the prequel jed…
George Lucas Inadvertently Had Some Small Input on the Design of Rogue One - - https…
George Lucas deal with Fox was to have all the Merch rights and it made him billions
Didn't Jake Lloyd ruin that version of "A Kid", or was that George Lucas
Francis Ford Coppola is the reason why George Lucas , Steven Spielberg , Martin Scorsese EXIST . He helped them all…
George Lucas bid to add LucasFilm buildings on his ranch met w/ community opposition.
Carrie Fisher and George Lucas in Jabba's throne room
George Lucas and Steven Spielberg with the Hovitos tribe extras on the set of Raiders of the…
Sam Raimi went to the George Lucas school of scene transitions
Yes, I remember that movie! It wasn't great, but I didn't mind it. George Lucas made…
"I realized that the whole concept of narrative art has been forgotten". Bro, I just rewatched Eps 1 & 2, I agree.
George Lucas snaps at autograph hounds:This is $200 a signature so why don't you just go out and get a job
These are the same people who mad George Lucas rich. They paid their "hard earned money" , to buy tickets to his movies.
"Industrial Light & Magic" "Skywalker Studios" of George Lucas will help you understand better
George Lucas tells autograph hounds "To get a job...". find out @
It's official: LA will be home to the George Lucas's Museum of Narrative Art
George Lucas says new museum will "inspire people to think outside the box." via
The Force in LA is strong as city approves ‘Star Wars' creator George Lucas' museum…
team with Paul george, Dwight Howard, jerry lucas, lebron james, and max burton
Now all I can think of is a giant George Lucas-lookin' titan peering over L.A.
Genre: Spotify is turning one of its most popular playlists into a...
George Lucas' Museum of Narrative Art (gets greenlight from Los Angeles City Council htt…
Rude, you are. George." ~ Yoda. George Lucas snaps at autograph seekers: ‘Get a job’
With unanimous support from our City Council, the Lucas Museum is officially coming home to L.A.! Thank you, George Lucas &…
I'd guess they make attempts at George Hill and Kyle Lowry. . Other options might be Holiday and Teague.
George Lucas received unanimous approval to the build the $1 billion Museum of Narrative Art in Los Angeles.
Update your maps at Navteq
Staff packing out city council chambers, everybody wants to feel the force of George Lucas.
George Lucas: we need another character for the new Han Solo movie . Me: say no more George
Watto's character design was done by a nice German man George Lucas met in Argentine
. Han Solo. Chewbacca. Chewbecca? Anakin...not my area of expertise. George Lucas. Steven Spielberg. MSFT
Nice to know we get Jedi Conan before George Lucas or Kathy Kennedy. I wonder what Funko thinks sometimes.
onebloodbook: "In + anything that you can come up with can become real." - George Lucas
Don't panic, Kasdan and Kennedy know these characters, you know who else knows these characters... George Lucas
Ron Howard and George Lucas, on the set of American Graffiti, which began filming 45 years ago this month.
Ron Howard stars in George Lucas's first hit film. 44 yrs later he's directing a prequel to George's opus. The ci…
Having just read biography on George Lucas, it's obv. that Kennedy is more similar to George Lucas than I thought.
Kathleen Kennedy, now in charge of Lucasfilm after George Lucas sold everything to Disney.
Kathleen Kennedy's decades of experience with Star Wars do not guarantee her good judgment any more than George Lucas's did.
Right now I'm envisioning Kathleen Kennedy as Vader and George Lucas as The Emperor, pulling the strings behind the scenes.
I just want to see George Lucas go up to Kathleen Kennedy & say:. "AaAhhh... I think you went to far in a few places".
Sounds like Kathleen Kennedy's going to be worse for Star Wars than George Lucas ever was.
The firing comes after numerous clashes with Kathleen Kennedy, who took over as head of Lucasfilm after George Lucas retired,...
Well the break up seems amicable. I wonder who will take over? I trust Kathleen Kennedy because George Lucas hand...
Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, starring Eugene Levy and Seth Green. Directed by George Lucas, music by Slash. Budget: $5m
It's ok, we don't allow George Lucas to direct films here.
FLASE George Lucas films are owned by Disney
This narrator was George Lucas' 1st choice to voice -
"Learning to make films is very easy. Learning what to make films about is very hard" - George Lucas
George Lucas: Ewoks love "snares"... Except uh... when it comes to uh percussion... They use uh... helmets. John Williams: *Nodding politely*
I hate to ask what may seem an insulting question, but: is that George Lucas or John Milbank?
If you want an example of CGI making things worse, use most George Lucas "special edition" films.
The early films of George Lucas may surprise you.
George Lucas, Warwick Davis, Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford on the set of and the Last Crusade (1…
Watching ALMOST FAMOUS. Cannot believe George Lucas chose Jake Lloyd over Michael Angarano. He's as good as McDormand and Deschanel.
Happy 40th Anniversary . Thanks to George Lucas for taking us to A Galaxy Far Far Away..
A long time ago (May 25, 1977) in a galaxy far, far away... The myth began with the release of George Lucas's
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When Star Wars broke Jaws’ record in 1977, Spielberg took out a full-page ad in Variety to congratulate George Lucas htt…
George Lucas' daughter may have cost Joseph Fiennes the role of Obi-Wan
George Lucas, De Niro, David Bowie, Matt Stone (South Park) all have black wives. Serena Willi…
Important to remember: that moment was pure Harrison Ford. If George Lucas had been directing, he'd prob…
My parents are gonna meet George Lucas and Bryan Cranston at a fancy boat party for my dads astronaut friend's senator wife
And that giant slug was named George Lucas
Enjoyed the Leadership debate with Paul Nuttal and his imaginary friends Bobby McFerrin, Natalie Wood, George Lucas and A&E Surgeon.
Hearing people argue for George Lucas to direct the next Star Wars is like arguing to bring Matt Groening back to The Simpsons.
Happy Birthday to the creator of Star Wars & Indiana Jones! 🎉 . you are my hero. George Lucas is 73 today. ✨…
A very late Happy Birthday to the man behind many people's childhoods, George Lucas. Thank you for both Star Wars and Indiana Jones sir
Happy Birthday to George Lucas. Thanks for creating Star Wars & Indiana Jones ! .
Happy Birthday to one of the most legendary and influential filmmakers of all time, George Lucas. Thank you for Star Wars and Indiana Jones.
Happy Birthday to the Father of Star Wars himself, George Lucas!
Happy seventy-third birthday to the "Star Wars" creator, George Lucas! Thank you for being both the Ray Kroc and St…
Happy Birthday to the Maker, the living legend, the one and only (and Honorary Member), George Lucas! May The Force…
Is Ridley Scott having a touch of the 'George Lucas's'? Step away from the franchise
Nicholas Meyer is a better director than George Lucas
I’m at Comic-Con and I just saw a toddler dressed up like George Lucas...
"If you go to the side of the light, you will be happy." - George Lucas.
Empire was better. Of course George Lucas had hardly anything to do with that one.
According to George Lucas, the story behind Star Wars is how power can corrupt. https:…
[rings the doorbell] . George Lucas: You again. M: I need a nuclear reactor. GL: Why. M: For my deathstar . GL: We can build…
The thing with the CWDC shows is that anything boring can be solved in just the most absurd way, like making George Lucas believe in himself
Here are updated designs for the future George Lucas Museum in Exposition Park.
Serious no one respects that george lucas made a marvel film
team with jerry lucas, shrek, batman, Paul george, and jason Voorhes
What was the 'Clone War' to George Lucas when writing A New Hope? via /r/StarWars
[Minifig Price Guide] Is this one of the Elusive George Lucas Prototype Minifigures
2 of the sites where George Lucas filmed the original Star Wars trilogy were natl parks!.
"Dreams are extremely important. You can't do it unless you not imagine it" ~George Lucas
George Lucas: what do we name the wookie. Assistant: *choking on chewing tobacco* aghbl chewbacca. GL: nice. how does he talk. A:…
The original teaser trailer for REVENGE OF THE JEDI, released before George Lucas changed the title to RETURN OF THE J…
Assuming the Last Jedi is about Luke disavowing the Jedi Order. My belief that the Star Wars story is George Lucas's political opus against
1981, and George Lucas is tipped to take over as showrunner on Blake's 7.
Will George Lucas ever make a new Star Wars? .
Who knew George Lucas wanted Tupac to be Mace Windu and Leanardo DiCaprio to be Anakin
I mean, we don't blame the Wachowskis for Red Pill or George Lucas & Jerry Seinfeld for Steve Bannon
George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. $1 Billion. Next to the L.A. Coliseum and USC. Slated to open 2021.
Your cup of coffee and this video on my channel. Let’s go! Epcot Festival of the Arts 2017 - George Lucas buys Star...
Jokes on you George Lucas already did that
George Lucas Museum Will Be Built In Los Angeles I can't wait to go
Our lyft driver told us george lucas based AT-AT walkers off these also alameda is nothing
Did you know Star Wars creator George Lucas is worth $5.5 billion? The saga, by the numbers
I need a gif of pointing and laughing at George Lucas. can this happen?
I was George Lucas' ghost writer. Darth Vader was my idea and I wanted to cast Farrah Fawcett as Princess Leia and DeLos…
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Mike & Katie discuss the ten films that influence George Lucas and his team on the original Star Wars.
did you know that George Lucas said that Palpatine actually lost to Windu and didn't just throw the fight in ROTS
Final question: has George Lucas apologised yet?
What's it like to work for Lucasfilm? spills the beans
Just think: if De Laurentis sold the rights to Flash Gordon to George Lucas in the 70s, we might never have had Star Wars.…
NEVER - I rather read the REAL Star Wars stories by GEORGE LUCAS, not Disney CRAP!
Kenny Baker taking a break on the set of Star Wars: A New Hope (1977) dir. George Lucas .
If anything, i think it should have more dialogue, not less. But not hammy, George Lucas dialogue.
I learn from that George Lucas, while filming Star Wars in Britain, was terribly upset the light switches went…
"Is he like, going to be cruel about it?" "No, but it's Hayden Christensen and George Lucas is scripting how respectful he's allowed to be."
We got Mack Wilds on the podcast talking Adele, Staten Island, Spike Lee, George Lucas, The Breaks & more
Hosting the 40th Anniversary was a true honour, as was interviewing George Lucas,
Since I'm still awake day 18: top 4 fave directors. Tim Burton, George Lucas, Christopher Nolan, and that's all I know
Janet got no money from the Arab, Pink was already rich, and George Lucas already had like…
Mark Hamill says he&like to play George Lucas in a movie.. Related Articles:
"I love you," Harrison Ford said to George Lucas at panel, recounting how he landed the role of Han Solo. "Thank you…
.Star Wars Celebration highlights: George Lucas, Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and more reunited for 40th anniversary: http…
Photos of Daisy Ridley, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and others from the
Lol... the Star Wars universe was based on a capitalistic free enterprise system.. As G…
Get my *** Westbrook Paul George or Jimmy Butler & a few shooters they a be deadly
Today in 1973: George Lucas began writing his first draft (13 pages) for a screenplay called "The Star Wars". . The rest is history!
George Lucas at in Orlando: "It's a film for 12-year olds." He added, "You're about to enter the real world." Cont
An AT-AT signed by George Lucas. Doesn't get cooler than that.
Aw, George Lucas explains the true meaning of Star Wars and it was glorious and heartwarming at the same time!...
Would you watch a movie with Mark Hamill starring as George Lucas?.
was a love letter from creators and fans to the enduring legacy of Star Wars. My retrospective for
Please enjoy our discussion of George Lucas's best movie.
I liked a video Stugotz Rips George Lucas and Star Wars
George Lucas is such a *** that I actually feel better when my money goes to Disney than him
I can't wait to rewatch the 40th anniversary panel again I blacked out as soon as I saw George Lucas
George Lucas: Although I write screenplays, I don't think I'm a very good writer. |
'Rebels' creator: Every generation needs its own 'Star Wars' lore. Dave Filoni was fighting for fierce independent…
A highlight: meeting & talking with him about every generation needing its own lore…
The one major unanswered question of Did get to meet George Lucas?
.I'm excited for The Last Jedi but admittedly have some conc…
Anakin was already an emotional mess, now he has a dead wife and no friends, if George Lucas wasn't…
Recently watched the blue rays of the original 3 wars. Seriously, what has George Lucas done, what was he thinking ?
Mark Hamill has one role he'd like to add to his resume: That of "Star Wars" creator George Lucas--…
Ok, so follow me herw.What if., just what if.What if.. George Lucas held an interview and said : "I was given th…
“I believe God has heard my prayers. He will make it manifest in His own good time that He has heard me.” —George Müller
See photos of Harrison Ford, Mark Daisy Ridley, and others at the
AP Top Entertainment News at 4:43 pm EDT: Mark Hamill says he’d like to play George Lucas…
Mark Hamill says he'd like to play George Lucas in a movie (from
The whole interview is good, but this paragraph. THIS. Print this out, and tape it above your monitor. htt…
Star Wars died for me when George Lucas sold the franchise, but I'll give Rogue One a thumbs up. A last hurrah.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
I did not know George Lucas was in Beverly Hills Cop III
Mark Hamill would love to play George Lucas in a movie
Greedo shooting first in the ‘Star Wars’ SE taught us a lot about how George Lucas viewed his franchise:…
I think my favorite part of the stream was when George Lucas took a slight jab at haters by saying he made the movies for 12 year olds
Mark resembles old George. If Steve Jobs can get a movie why not George Lucas.
Fitzgerald recalling developing the original with George Lucas, who wanted to merge humor with a thrill ride.
Watch Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and George Lucas reunite for the Celebration:
George Lucas insists Star Wars is a 'film for 12-year-olds’
'Star Wars' creator George Lucas on creating the franchise, casting Hamill and Ford via
"We will all love her for ever and ever." 💔. WATCH: George Lucas pays tribute to the late Carrie Fisher at Celebration.…
Check out "Harrison Ford, George Lucas surprise fans at Star Wars Celebration" on the CNET App!
My entire life is as awkward as George Lucas in this pic.
How do you get a bigger fan response than Mark Hamill and George Lucas? Harrison Ford walks on stage.
George Lucas has really great hair.
Harrison Ford was a carpenter before he was Lucas needed carpentry work on a door in the st…
George Lucas: Let's make Jar Jar's tongue go numb. Producers: Please George, stop. George: Make him to step in CGI turd. I'm a genius.
Shoutout to George Lucas for donating $10 million to USC's film school for efforts!
Well, George Lucas proved to everyone that he couldn't write a convincing shopping list about 5 minut…
I'm still not over how great Rouge One was. Like, wow, ty for selling out George Lucas.
and George Lucas should once again bless us with his directing skills
George Lucas & Robert DeNiro are married to black women. You don't see them erasing white women from their films because o…
I know. I feel like George Lucas must have felt after making 3 terrible prequels. In a row. Without a Break.
In the early drafts of George Lucas' original Star Wars script, Jedi master Yoda was called 'Buffy'.…
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