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George Lopez

George Lopez (born April 23, 1961) is an American comedian, actor, and talk show host.

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Life is different now. And Yea that's Jimmy Vaughn and George Lopez playing with Carlos Santana
Searching for a few laughs? George Lopez is on tonight at Casino Del Sol Resort in Cool off in style.
It amazes me how Everybody Hates Chris, My Wife & Kids, and George Lopez aren't even on Netflix.
Lava girl didn't defeat George Lopez and save shark boy just for you to compare her to a washed up Disney actress smh https:/…
The adventures of Shark boy and lava girl is cinematic gold. The hint of George Lopez is glorious and the entire film is without flaw
crazy that Trump invited Comey to a private dinner in the Green Room. Lucky George Lopez didn't bum…
Everybody hates Chris, Family Matters, & George Lopez used to be so lit when I was little
I'm getting some George Lopez show vibes. "all. my. friends. know the low rider...the low. rider. Is a little highe…
George Lopez did it first , y'all ain't slick
Casino del Sol presents George Lopez, a stand-up comedian, actor, and late-night television host on 6/24
Mike tall 6'8 tanning smh this *** should be in the NBA playoffs rn trying to be tan like George Lopez smh
Marshawn Lynch starred in a Train music video - George Lopez and Ken Jeong are also included in the video.     ... https…
John talking to Jamie & Stoney with George Lopez on 97.1 FM about the Lions
Anthony Citric Campos ready to get his golf game on with George Lopez: via
Comedic geniuses and George Lopez gathered together to pay their last respects to the late Charlie Murphy:
I saw Charlie Murphy in Tampa at the Get Down tour with George Lopez and at the time his jokes was all about appreciating life.
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I liked a video George Lopez and Charlie Murphy interview on Good Day LA
Please check out my dear friend/ client on George Lopez's show tonight. Definitely need a good laugh.
George Lopez deserved that Oscar. Bruce Willis and Lesley Nelson also did great
I'm on the same flight as George Lopez it's lit
attending George Lopez in Westbury at NYCB Theatre at Westbury
k probably more William Shatner aka (bad guy from escape from planet earth my fav movie) George Lopez & Jane lynch😊😊
VIA: Lopez on TV Land . We're live with George Lopez and Ray Diaz and one thing's for sure, emojis don't lie!...
I fw nick at night shows early in the morning. friends, fresh prince, & George Lopez will always be great
why'd you do Bob Einstein (snore) twice on CCGC & not Dave Chappelle, George Lopez, or Dane Cook even once? 🤔
Jason from George Lopez was and will always be my novio
George Lopez is an inspiration to our nation
Max and Carmen from George Lopez are 27 years old *** 😐
I can watch George Lopez episodes over and over and laugh the same every time
at least they're giving George Lopez😭
Watching George Lopez and now half of my childhood is coming back to me
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George Lopez marathons on nickelodeon after 12 are the best
Made it in time for George favorite late night show.
The fresh prince and George Lopez never fail to make me laugh 😂
George Lopez is a treasonous vermin and needs to to get his mouth and butt off of American soil just like he said he would.
That sounds a good idea, I think I will join you. You have a good day too sweetie x
Good morning Sue...could do with that right now x
Drake is just 30, he's dating Jennifer . Lopez who. is 47 years and he has dated Serena. Williams. who is now 35.
Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom. ~ George S. Patton.
"Pursue every channel u can to establish strong relations [w Iran]" George Lopez, Prof. of Peace Studies
Man if you don't getcho George Lopez, lie cheat & steal *** Eddie Guerrero🙏🏾 and Erik Estrada Latino heat lookin as…
Thought this was the opening scene for the George Lopez show lmao
Netflix needs to add the George lopez series
"Two wrongs do not make a right; but three rights make a left" George Lopez- get your tickets from our site to watch him…
Excited to say that next year I will be continuing my education and playing football at George Fox University. Go Bruins! h…
Tryin2 make something out of nothing.Do U have the same disdain for 's common racists comments?
When I go on Netflix and go to the Latin American tv section I'm always looking for George Lopez
Any night George Lopez or Throwing Shade is on, count me as watching other channels.
Wouldn't it be nice if they found out George Lopez was here illegally? He sickening to look at and a hateful a$$hole!
fat *** looks like the long lost son of George Lopez 😅
HOLD UP, is Murphy's mom on APB the grandma from George Lopez.
Lavelle Crawford, George Lopez, Charlie Murphy, Kevin Hart, Michael Che are my fave stand up comedians of right now
Eddie Murphy, Chris rock, George Lopez, Dl Hughley, one underrated is Jeff Dunham!
I stand firmly with George Lopez on Erik Estrada
If this was just another racist joke by George Lopez why did he get so upset when a woman was offended called her a bi…
Once again the coonery follows i.e. Sheryl Underwood's response to George Lopez's foolishness…
"George Lopez is WRONG FOR WHAT HE DID.". -Your uncle who stopped speaking to you when you told him you didn't like Impractical Jokers
Nope. Mind still made. Deray Davis wrong as *** for speaking to her like that and George Lopez still wrong for how he spo…
George Lopez said 1 of da rules in a Latino home is don't marry a black person, Mexicans betta marry any American if t…
The fact that Sheryl Underwood's anti-Black self and Charlie from 'Friends' sat up there and defended George Lopez is not…
George Lopez the joke wasn't funny.I know lots of blk/latina couples...come to San Antonio
Update your maps at Navteq
I'm not angry at the joke George Lopez made. I'm shocked by his response to a fan. Like your response shows your true…
No I don't like George Lopez actions towards that black woman and no idc Deray Davis did the same to a white woman. SHE WASNT BLACK!
Also if y'all calling George Lopez racist go listen to a Jimmy Carr or Anthony Jeselnik stand up and tell me which is more offensive.
George Lopez been cancelled since he talked down on San Antonio 😴
Lol if you mad at George Lopez then maybe this will change your mind 😂
please.. you don't go to a George Lopez to stand up for your race. That's like a feminist going to a Corey Holcomb show. Stop it
I knew George Lopez was scum when he disrespected San Antonio, lol
If y'all are offended by George Lopez then you honestly need to grow a pair
Stop defending that woman simply because of her womanhood and/or blackness. George Lopez had every right to fry her ***
What George Lopez did is not racist, and it's not sexist
Oh, I see. I get it. It's OK for George Lopez to be a chauvinist because he's a democrat. . The real Democratic Party. .
Ppl really going in on George Lopez for that joke?! He's a freakin comedian! His job is to clown every1! Especially when its relatable lol
George Lopez, being anti black . ... a Latino being anti black
Seriously... If you can't handle a joke from George Lopez why bother showing up to his show if you are just going to g…
Hecklers gon' heckle and get got. George Lopez ain't funny anyways. Why you pay money to see him?
George Lopez is no longer a part of the Latino community...
Me : George Lopez wild for doing that. He needa chill. * George Lopez theme song comes on Nick at Nite . Me :
George Lopez is the type of guy that doesn't think Afro-Latinx are actually Latinos. And that is not a joke.
George Lopez, He made a joke during his stand up, racist jokes were always a thing, but its 2017 I forget yall get offe…
This is why George Lopez is trending 😳
You really think George Lopez is anti-black now?He pointed out the very real belief some Mexican parents have.He wasn't…
Reminder: George Lopez got a kidney transplant from his longtime wife then left her for another woman.
George Lopez show was funnier than the Bernie Mac show. & I got time today if y'all wanna fight.
Hotep! George Lopez (who looks like white-Hispanics ain't date his familia in over 400 yrs) must've watched Katt Williams Phoenix show jaja
I love this girl, lol. When you heckle you know you're gonna get clowned. Why George Lopez got SO in his feelings,…
Black men really out here caping for George Lopez saying "we need to learn to take a joke" smh
George Lopez trending for an offensive joke. George Lopez the comedian?
you mean George Lopez is in trouble for being a comedian
All the people defending George Lopez for telling jokes missed that he publicly berated a woman calling her a B*…
George Lopez getting away with such hateful anti-Black jokes just shows the normalization of anti-Blackness amongst NB C…
George Lopez live In Phoenix shocking comments in his live show .. Trump rant
This man still tours? Has anyone ever laughed at a George Lopez joke ever?
Black people mad at George Lopez for saying Mexicans can’t date black people? YALL KNEW THIS ALREADY LMAOOO
So you mad at George Lopez but then laughing at the fact trump deporting Mexicans. Girl bye.
Black people say racial jokes about latinos, asians and white people all the time. George Lopez jokes about black people and.…
George Lopez should be used to getting the middle finger. He degraded that woman as if he was putting her in her place.
George Lopez got a kidney from his ex wife and left her. Y'all think he worried about y'all feelings?
Jeff Sessions & George Lopez are both trending. Guess which one Liberals are calling racist.
Every Black person who's mad at George Lopez, y'all parents ain't tell y'all not to bring home a white girl/boy??? Lma…
The funniest part about George Lopez "joke" is that BM convinced themselves he said "don't marry a black WOMAN" . He said…
Lol *** obviously never watched George Lopez stand ups before. He clown everybody *** be making fun of Mexicans t…
Black comedians clown the *** outa white and spanish ppl and y'all have tears flowing in laughter. But soon as George Lopez…
George Lopez goes off on a black woman in the audience for being upset by his racist joke. .
Y'all know George Lopez a comedian right?
So Trump is racist even though he's never said one negative thing even jokingly about Black people,but George Lopez is…
It's not the anti-Black "joke" George Lopez made but the visceral disgust and sheer hatred in his voice for over a minute tha…
*Dave Chapelle makes a joke about Hispanic people*. Black people: LMFAO. *George Lopez makes a joke about black people…
George Lopez has been making black jokes for the longest. He is NOT anti black. 🗣 shut y'all sensitive *** up
Ppl mad at George Lopez, but don't say anything about Deray Davis. lol
Imma just take whatever stance Corey Holcomb have on the George Lopez incident
Corey Holcomb the funniest comedian right now, son will make that George Lopez video look like a Bill Cosby video
Ion even wanna see the George Lopez video for "proof" BW bein upset is all i need to cancel. If its a misunderstanding i…
If you go to a comedy show expecting knock knock jokes, just stay home. My fav comedian is Corey Holcomb so George Lopez was mild!😩😂
Y'all arguing about George Lopez and Richard Pryor like my *** Bill Nye ain't back.
George Lopez told his grandma he had to tell her Obama was Dominican for her to vote for him.anti blackness in Latinx c…
George Lopez still does stand up? i thought he was partners with golden boy boxing
I'm not mad at George Lopez tho. I think black people need to hear how other groups feel about us... since we are always…
George Lopez is so ugly. He made a racist joke & got upset bc a black woman didn't laugh. NBPOC are something else. htt…
George Lopez is a racist, when Michael Richards did this he was run out of town. But Lopez gets a free left wing pass.
George Lopez promised if Trump won “we’ll all go back” yet he's back to do Animal Planet w Anthony Anderson
George Lopez. my lil *** had no reason to watch this but i did. I GOT THIS
I wanna be the George Lopez of Thai chi
George Lopez just seems like an angry, semi-retarded, low class simpleton to me.
Should really be asleep, but would rather watch George Lopez all night
George Lopez show still funny asab I stg 😂
4 those of u who don't know me too well, I enjoy watching George Lopez when I'm sad bc I love dry af humor😭💀
I organized my place for 3hrs while watching George Lopez😎
I stay up late every night just to watch George Lopez 😂😂😂
I'm really here watching George Lopez he play to much
5:45 am and I'm up watching George Lopez
That's one lit trick for Jennifer Lopez, one hella dub for George Bush
George Lopez is the greatest comedian of all time. Period.
My favorite thing to watch at night is George Lopez
Idk why im geeking so hard at George Lopez rn
So i walk in my room and i see the family's dog watching George Lopez.
it's too early for George Lopez. I think... I watch it every time I get home. And fresh prince lol
Angie is the only reason i watch George Lopez tbh
I'm still up watching George Lopez what am I doing with myself 😂😂
The guy from George Lopez is on shameless omg
2 and a half men 5 million times more funny than George Lopez .
Too many nights i stay up late enough to watch George Lopez
Gotta watch George Lopez every night ya dig
Congrats to the lunatic racist George Lopez for destroying his own career because of his racist hate- nice job ***
Following a brown out started by George Lopez!
Following George Lopez in his brown out
"I didn't understand how the villain was George Lopez.". -, on The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl
George Lopez needs to start coming on earlier
Fun flight to Atlanta for NFC Championship game...on board with Cedric the Entertainer & George Lopez about inflight entertainment!
TYSMuch George Lopez!! Talks About the Joys of Animal Companions, the Importance o... via
I liked a video from George Lopez Calls Donald Trump a ***
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I lost the picture I took with george lopez at the dodger stadium 😩
sigh i still remember dat skit btwn obama & .george lopez.sigh its WHATEVs.
Boy scout told me he would take me to watch George Lopez whenever he went to Vegas 🙄 like can he still buy me the ticket I'm fine on my own😂
"She could look like George Lopez in a wig and I'd still ask her what flavor her gum is"
The George Lopez Show my favorite sitcom of all time
George Lopez show is one of the funniest of all time
Ex-NBC producer, Thomas Felty, found dead with drugs, $27K in cash. George Lopez & Patrick Walsh arrested
The Arvizos were known to be extortionists,they hustled celebs like Jay Leno, Chris tucker,George Lopez etc
goodnight to everyone except George Lopez
This is disgusting of George Lopez. Reminds me of when Bryant Gumble asked 'is Frazier a white champion in brown sk…
Why do fat guys always have the hottest TV show wife's? Kevin James, George Lopez..
Cool fact of the day: the lady that played Angie Lopez on "George Lopez" was a backup dancer on David Bowie's Glass Spider Tour.
Got to see George Lopez and Jay Pharaoh as long with joedci, bbd Aka new edition, Envo, Flo-rida and Anderson pack
There should be a new segment for late night just being rather than & have Morgan freeman or George Lopez read them
Vic from George Lopez is partying tonight
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Angie's dad from the George Lopez show is getting hella drunk tonight
John should be cuddling with me RN while I watch Greys instead he's in the kitchen with Yadi watching George Lopez 🙃
Family Matters, George Lopez and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Shows you can't ever replace✊🏾
Jessica's brother said she's as funny as George Lopez in 2001, that's so tru
Maddy- "we need to bring back the good presidents, Abraham Lincoln, George Lopez, Thomas Jefferson"
Pleased to announce that there will be a George Lopez and Joel A. Martin recap during the November Sonata
My boss is currently in Mexico taking tequila shots with George Lopez & Cedric the Entertainer. What a time to be alive.
Don't be knowing if I wanna watch George Lopez or The Fresh Prince of Bel -Air 😩
Imma find you a Prince Charming girl, I got this *George Lopez voice*
Y now it's time for the sad show starring Garry Kasparov. Superman and George Lopez are singing in German.
George Lopez was on SportsCenter talking about Vin Scully. He mentioned another long-time announcer, Jaime Jarrín
Cedric the Entertainer, George Lopez, Eddie Griffin, Charlie Murphy, and D.L. Hughley are all at the Philips Arena this Friday??? 😳😳
George Lopez talks about swimming and Michael Phelps err Phillips via
I'll just sit and watch fresh prince and George Lopez
some of the others: Sammy Sosa, George Lopez, Gloria Estefan. (They're all fine, but I'd love for the kids to study someone fresher.)
Mi frund joe audifred wuz alzo in George Lopez
I will never understand your George Lopez phase
Eddie Murphy, Dave Chappelle, George Carlin, George Lopez, John Leguizamo, Kevin Hart.guys that made me want to do it.
I miss having George Lopez as a teacher 🙁
George Lopez is on stage with Carlos Santana 😍😍😍
. Carlos Santana reminds me of u alot and George Lopez's wife from the TV show. Sexy like u Mami. Suenos
Craig Ferguson makes me hate immigrants more than any Mexican could. Unless that Mexican is George Lopez.
sneak dissing George Lopez and Carlos mencia.
What do John Cena, William Shakespeare, George Lopez and I have in common?. Same birthday. TIL.
"George Lopez didn't get an Oscar for his performance in Sharkboy and Lavagirl"
*wakes up* . *realizes George Lopez didn't get an Oscar for his role in Sharkboy and Lava Girl*
We'll give yall full credit on Don Omar for George Lopez
Let’s play the game, DO I SHIP THEM?. Spongebob and Patrick: YES. Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson: YES. George Lopez and Nicki…
Carrillos has been there forever. Home of the George Lopez burrito. Down the street from Richie Valens went to school and park
Looking like the cousin from George Lopez lol
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I can't argue the George Lopez show with facts however when Stephen Hill(the president of music programming at BET)
LRT: I think on The Brother's Garcia (which came before George Lopez show) the father was close to white-passing and the mother was brown.
I remember her playing George Lopez's niece on his show!
How many will be made while seated between Luke Walton & George Lopez ?
I can't wait to watch it's Park Overall's family from Empty Nest vs. Belita Moreno's family from the George Lopez show
George Lopez be having the funniest comebacks lmfaoo
Had fun talking NHL in Vegas with Cedric the Entertainer, Chris Tucker and George Lopez:
I've bullied John for being *** and looking like George Lopez for way over a year. I started calling migrant a sniping dork. Y'all are ***
Literally just listening to a George Lopez stand up while I wait for Staci to get off work 😂
George Lopez and Tim Allen...tell me they wouldn't be perfect together
how tf did George Lopez not win an Oscar for Beverley Hills Chihuahua 2???
Kevin Hart on his kids on the George Lopez tonight show.
The fact that George Lopez didn't receive an Oscar for his role in Swing Vote gets me heated af 😡😡😤😤
George Lopez didn't win an Oscar for his role in shark boy and lava girl
I don't understand the hype for Leonardo DiCaprio getting an Oscar when George Lopez never won one for his role in shark…
I feel like Max from the George Lopez show
George Lopez is affiliated with the comedy acts on Carnival Cruise Lines ships
I know max from George Lopez isn't tryna roast rn
If Kanye and George Lopez had a kid it would be ezikel Elliot
The fresh prince of bell air ending and George Lopez's show coming on is the ultimate sign it's time for me to go to bed
"My mom broke her tailbone at a George Lopez concert thing. Then a week later her car for broken into at a church."
Netflix needs to step it's game up! Where's the Fresh Prince of Bell Air? Or Family Matters? Even George Lopez!!! Come on now🤔
my sarcastic sense of humor which Bill Cosby, CM Punk, Hulk Hogan, George Lopez, Kevin Owens, and Curti…
George Lopez could run for mayor of Fresno and win even if he didn't live here. Save Mart explodes when he opens Get Down Comedy tour.
George Lopez's ex-wife let him live...she's a good woman
I get to see uncle George Lopez in June! 😂🙌😝
George Lopez, Cedric the Entertainer, D.L. Hughley, Charlie Murphy, and Eddie Griffin. Saw it in Oakland and Sacramento.
George Lopez has helped family during this difficult time in a major way:
you're getting mistaken for my George Lopez kickstarter page for a new Beverly Hills Chihuahua movie
All my dreams end the same, George Lopez standing above me with a gun, reading the Ten Commandments to me, I always wake…
Just finished watching Beverly hills chihuahua. Gotta love George Lopez
when you mistake Tedy Bruschi for George Lopez
"He reminds me of my dad."- Gabi on Mark Ruffalo, Benjamin Bratt, Adam Sandler, and George Lopez in one day
My friend once told Sherman Alexie that he looked like George Lopez and I've never laughed harder.
I wonder how George Lopez and Tim Allen are doing these dayz
June 3rd George Lopez, Cedric the Entertainer, D.L. Hughley, Eddie Griffin, and Charlie Murphy in Denver. Buying my ticket soon!
my sister just said George Lopez looks even more Italian with a beard...
I had this crazy dream that George Lopez killed Donald Trump but instead of arresting him, we made him President
The Comedy Get Down was funny. Cedric the Entertainer, Charlie Murphy, George Lopez, D.L. Hughley and Eddie Griffin.
BET comedy goes behind the scenes at comic tour: NEW YORK (AP) — George Lopez, D.L. Hughley, Cedric the Entertainer, Eddie Griffin an...
Looked up images of Fernando Valenzuela for my PowerPoint and half of what popped up were images of George Lopez smh 😂💔
related: I like 2005 George Lopez better than current George Lopez. Now he looks like a mob boss made of burnt leather.
George Lopez is my spirt animal lmao
You know you're up late when George Lopez is on
I'll never get sick of George Lopez 💕
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Angie from George Lopez will forever be fire.
George Lopez the funniest show I swear 😂
"George Lopez" will forever be the funniest tv show 💀💀
I CAN NOT watch George Lopez late at night. I always end up laughing way too loud 😂😂🤐
Bruh the George Lopez show funny af
no fresh prince or George Lopez for me tonight :/
I wanna go see George Lopez at the State Farm Arena 😫
George Lopez is coming to the State Farm Arena next month!!!
George Lopez coming to State Farm Arena May 20th! Tickets on sale this Friday at 10am ot Ticketmaster locations!...
George Lopez, Cedric the entertainer, D.L Hughley*, Charlie Murphy all together on a comedy tour? I needs.
not my fault you're mom never let you watch George Lopez on nick at nite
Heavy debate about this comedy show George Lopez is my guy him and Charlie Murphy funny asf
The comedy get down was hilarious! George Lopez, Eddie Griffin, Charlie Murphy, D. L. Hughley and Cedric the entertainer all nailed it!
Comedy show! George Lopez, Ced the Entertainer, Eddie Griffith, Charley Murphy and DL Hughley! Let's get it.
let me know if & when u return 2 gmw so I can c u as Eric 1 time It b like watching George Lopez or Eddie Murphy doing stand up
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“He wants to build a wall?” George Lopez asks of Donald Trump. “We have tunnels, by the way.”
I didn't realize George Lopez made a new show called Lopez so I was confused when I saw that on the TV guide and not George Lopez
George Lopez is about as funny as liver cancer.
when u start cryin' bc George Lopez is on a Sesame Street commercial that teaches kids what liquids are...🆘
Cops showed up at our party the other night and me and Taylor jumped over a fence into George Lopez' backyard to get a…
Jung chanwoo reminds me of George Lopez for some reason
Get to see George Lopez and Charlie Murphy in less than a month 🙂
Wouldn't mind seeing George Lopez play El Chapo in the biopic but Oscar Isaac, Guillermo Diaz, or John Leguizamo would be my picks.
you're easily my favorite dodger but has anyone ever told you that you look like Ernie from George Lopez
The grandma from George Lopez was a savage
lol George Lopez mad he bout to be deported
they're playing the George Lopez theme song in giant skkdkdkd'd
I think a lot about Modern Family as a racist show & Rainn Wilson discussing his caffeine addiction on George Lopez's late night program
Peacebuilding is not a readily accepted topic -- George Lopez. Compliments UFV on its earlier lecture by Robert Fowler.
George Lopez looks like he could be a Mexican drug lord
I'm tryin to hit this comedy show with Eddie Griffin, Charlie Murphy, George Lopez and Cedric. me and
I liked a video from Robert Sher-Machherndl and George Lopez in conversation
Robert Sher-Machherndl and George Lopez in conversation. The beginnings of a larger national project.
They should talk to Mexican comedian George Lopez too.
Don't know who George Lopez is. Never heard of him.
Cedric the entertainer killed it. Charlie Murphy killed it. Eddie Griffin killed it. George Lopez killed it. Tonight was great!
Bout to go see Cedric the Entertainer, D.L Hughly, Charlie Murphy, Eddie Kendrick, and George Lopez. I'm bout to be dead
come out to the jazz band spaghetti dinner tonight 5-8 and watch us play the classics like the George Lopez theme song and I Feel Good
staring Tim Allen, Cedric the Entertainer, George Lopez and Ken Jeong! Opens this summer!
(no order) George Lopez, Dave Chappelle, Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, Chris Rock. I got a lot, lol.
I need a founding fathers movie with Marlon Wayans playing George Washington, George Lopez as John Adams, and Aziz as Ben Frank.
DL Hughley,Cedric the Entertainer, Eddie Griffin,George Lopez, and Charlie Murphy to start off this V-day Weekend !
did Charlie Murphy said he was homeless before George Lopez called him
"The Life of Pablo" sounds like a new sitcom starring George Lopez and Carlos Mencia as the wacky next door neighbor
w/Cedric The Entertainer, George Lopez and More Legends in Phx this Saturday:
George Lopez and Cedric the Entertainer headline comedy show for Flint water
My best friend is I am tipsy and we're watching George Lopez lord help me
I'm in LA so s/o to Kobe, George Lopez, Dominic Torreto, Tool and Giovanni Dos Santos
My nephew was 6 at the time. He is in remission. George Lopez, Tommy and several others were phenomenal.
Do I think this country could elect Trump as its President? Look, ever since we let George Lopez get famous I don't put anything past us.
DL Hugley, Ced the Entertainer, Charlie Murphy,Eddie Griffin, and George Lopez. . Gonna be a *** of a night.
When George Lopez did it I think he was like 60% Native or something.
left, right looks like George Lopez
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