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George Lazenby

George Robert Lazenby (born 5 September 1939) is an Australian actor and former model, best known for portraying James Bond in the 1969 film On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

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Got one from George Lazenby a couple of years ago. Dig yours.
Nearly finished all the Bonds. Just poor old George Lazenby left to go.
He only played 007 once, but it changed his life forever. George Lazenby ranks his top 7 Bond moments:
Hulu's ex-007 actor true story has as many unexpected twists as a film
George Lazenby had never acted before in his life, yet landed the role of James Bond 2017 Doc w…
We're screening ON HER MAJESTY'S Secret Service again on Saturday for those who couldn't make it to our George Lazenby trib…
I'm quite irate that someone other than was cast as young George Lazenby in Hulu doc BECOMING BOND.
George Lazenby on Bond, sex and the 60s: 'They had the pill … I was a handsome guy'
Here's on the very strange but potentially essential BECOMING BOND.
FSWL contributor Mark Cerulli reviews a brand-new documentary on George Lazenby. Have you... htt…
Rave reviews for - a documentary featuring George Lazenby with & htt…
Bond actor George Lazenby reveals if he has regrets after walking away from six-film deal
Actors who don't fit the description of Bond. Sean Connery. David Niven. George Lazenby. Roger M…
You know what? I haven't watched it often but On Her Majesty's Secret Service is a bad *** movie. George Lazenby & Telly Savalas.
As long as we can agree that George Lazenby should've been given a few more I'm good.
I'd like to see the one from that same period with George Lazenby. Or say Gabs Knight III
Update your maps at Navteq
There should be more GIFs of George Lazenby as James Bond.
"Becoming Bond" starring as George Lazenby is ridiculously fun and imaginative! (
"Becoming Bond" is a ridiculously fun and imaginative biography of George "007" Lazenby (
And the best not named George came on the pod. If u havnt read Jordan: The Life, ur missing out on the bac…
This is the George Lazenby of presidents
121) BECOMING BOND. Very fun documentary/dramatization of George Lazenby's life. Look for it on Hulu soon!
Will be the George Lazenby of the American Presidency?.
New James Bond Doc Tells the Crazy Story of One-Time 007 George Lazenby, Who Had it All and Gave it Up
I have unknitted part of George's socks.
Timothy Dalton, George Lazenby and Roger Moore at the london world premiere of Die Another Day 2002.
Roger Moore, George Lazenby, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan all attended the film's premiere, bec….
Thanks very man appreciated it. Love the new cover. Where's George Lazenby?
*george Lazenby throws a thank you knife
BECOMING BOND to screen throughout Australia in May as part of
BECOMING BOND, about George Lazenby, is a hilarious tale of Hollywood blagger, much in the spirit of The Kid Stays in the Picture (1/2)
Hulu also has a docudrama about George Lazenby's Bond experience and they are doing things about things I really really like.
The bond character model from agent under fire looks like a mix of george lazenby, sterling archer and dean cain
George Lazenby, with parents + sister, at his family home in Queanbeyan, New South Wales shortly after OHMSS wrappe…
Canberra Times, 11 July 1969: After OHMSS wrapped, George Lazenby went home for a month (having not been back in 5…
Trailer for the new George Lazenby documentary 'Becoming Bond'
John Stamos. Vanity. Gene Simmons. Robert Englund. George Lazenby. Never Too Young To Die is now available on
On Her Majesty's Secret Service.. I like how they introduced George Lazenby
The new doctor should be George Lazenby, it worked for James Bond
Tennis player Pam Schriver is divorced from George Lazenby and the man who killed Obi Wan Kenobi was GBR Olympic fencer Bob Anderson
Yours & impression of Timothy Dalton on the George Lazenby pod was one of the snortiest so far.
George Lazenby in On Her Majesty's Secret Service Diana Rigg at casino table 24x36 Poster by..
Yes BUT Pierce Brosnan is Irish/American, Sean a Scot and Timothy Dalton Welsh AND George Lazenby was Australian...
Obama must feel like Sean Connery watching George Lazenby playing James Bond
Telly Savalas was born on this day in 1922. On location with George Lazenby in Her Majesty's Secret Service, 1969
George Lazenby is still alive; he is 77 now, . Was married to Pam Shriver, the tennis player, for a while.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
So it means, Roger Moore, Sean Connery and George Lazenby - all big screen James Bonds to date - all played Bond in 1983.
I know Daniel Craig and George Lazenby would be your backup category.
It's on public domain sites and YouTube. Co-stars John Carradine and George Lazenby (as well as Danny Glover in a bit part).
Happy birthday George Lazenby! See his new Anthony Sinclair suit from
her name was Teresa but her nickname was Tracy ... George Lazenby was Bond ... Wish it was Connery or Moore for her
Funny line: John Oliver calling Pope Benedict XVI the "George Lazenby" of the papacy...
I reckon he will join Timothy Dalton and George Lazenby.
As long as it's not a 'George Lazenby'...
I understand George Lazenby is still available.
I want to be the Black George Lazenby of the Bond Franchise
Interesting thought.George Lazenby is a bit obvious I suppose, so my vote goes to Maggie Thatchers Spitting Image puppet
"The Broccoli family would never choose a non-Brit for Bond" err George Lazenby? Pierce Brosnan?
No, you don't. George Lazenby is Australian and Pierce Brosnan is Irish.
you left off Pierce Brosnan and George Lazenby.
George Lazenby and Diana Rigg really are acting in different films in this.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
George Lazenby was in one Bond film, and Timothy Dalton was in two. I myself am a Roger Moore fan! :-)
Bask in the terribleness that is George Lazenby.
.I don't think Sean Connery, George Lazenby or Pierce Brosnan were English either, were they?
Don't reply including George Lazenby, you're wrong
George lazenby is the best in only 1 movie..he has out bonked out drunk n out decimated the opposition..
In fact the only Bond that was never in his 40s was George Lazenby.
it does define you - George Lazenby is always that obscure answer at a quiz night. Name the Australian James Bond
What is "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" James Bond Starring George Lazenby...Personally one of my Favorite Bond Films
we now have some original George Lazenby 007 items to auction too!
I can't believe George Lazenby had more martinis than Roger Moore. :)
Timothy Dalton losing to George Lazenby would be like Val Kilmer losing to Lewis Wilson
Funny. George Lazenby always seemed so prim.
Unreleased George Lazenby film, Recycled Diamonds where he busts up the Austrian Green Diamond syndicated run by Aloysius Reducereuse?
but curiosly George Lazenby was the most productive!
Hope it's the scent of Daniel Craig 007 and not George Lazenby 😎😎😎
Idris Elba as James Bond? No way, voice and diction is wrong for the role. I have same opinion of Pierce Brosnan and George Lazenby.
. George Lazenby mk ll ... poor choice
I think the bigger story here is George Lazenby's performance with only one movie
George Lazenby does quite well considering he only starred in one movie...
Aussie George Lazenby - outshagged the other Bonds. Seems to have gone Mike Baird on the drinking though
Bet you didn't know that George Lazenby made TWO appearances at 'JB'?
Done! I think George Lazenby would've flatly refused...
Roger Moore is excluded as he is a gentleman. George Lazenby is excluded as he is Australian and therefore it's obvious.
Now watching you on the worst James Bond ever, George Lazenby was horrible, you were the star!
Bond contenders Idris Elba and Tom Hiddleston enjoy boys' night out & then & I died. We're dead now. 💀
Tell that to my mans George Lazenby
You guys, I finally found a cardigan like the one George Lazenby has in ON HER MAJESTY'S Secret Service.
George Lazenby's Bond is better at comedy than Connery or Moore.
Want to see George Lazenby as faux-Bond captured by David McCallum as the team mock the whole thing? Watch:
Rutledge is the George Lazenby of 2nd basemen
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Timothy Dalton & George Lazenby were better James Bonds than Daniel Craig, he is so wooden, awful
At that proof it would have to be George Lazenby!!!
I like all the others too. I've always had a soft spot for George Lazenby. His film was my favourite.
Since George Lazenby was youngest 2 portray Ian Fleming's I named him
Boy that kid who argued with me that George Lazenby was the first James Bond must be feeling really dumb right now.
Would George Lazenby order one donut and never return for a second?
as another 80s guy I'd say Roger Moore was Bond, but shockingly prob my fav Bond?? George "1 film" Lazenby
What do Daniel Craig and SME have in common? Read our Bond’s guide to via
Except when he was played by George Lazenby and Timothy Dalton 👎🏼
So does this make poor Jeremy Renner the new George Lazenby? I think it does.
She proved that for life when she put George Lazenby on her back and made OHMSS a classic Bond.
When someone says George Lazenby is the best James Bond
Pity those conned into trying. A George Lazenby hit to a career.
Jimmy Wang Yu uses both arms to teach one shot Bond actor George Lazenby in The Man from Hong Kong.
Idris Elba tells us his favourite James Bond (and it's not George Lazenby)...
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I give George Lazenby a slight edge over Connery for The Fight Scenes he ended up punching Russian Actor YB in a rehearsal!
George Lazenby in his only James Bond roll
It's Pierce Brosnan worse than George Lazenby can't stand this *** Can't blame you
George Southby, Billy Lazenby, Henry Hollyman, Joe Pidcock, Max Poole and Finlay Pickering to wear the colours in
Reminds me of Diana Rigg and George Lazenby in opening of On Her Majesty's Secret Service.
Once you've seen Jeremy Renner in Legacy, going back to MaaDamon is like comparing George Lazenby to Daniel Craig as 007.
I just uploaded "George Lazenby, 4th Annual Matthew Silverman Memorial Golf Classic" to
The first of 4 Queens birthday/St George's day related parties tonight. Then 2 Saturday and 1 Sunday. Friday eve...
Famous Author Frederick Forsyth set to join Aussie George Lazenby in for the 2016
The similarities s in Blaze Bayley and George Lazenby's names are uncanny.
also I read that as George lazenby, slightly disappointed by the real parameters of the quiz.
Just got this back from George Lazenby. Thanks, 007!
I just got back an autograph from George Lazenby. Thanks, 007!
George Lazenby is in the top 5 for best no order Connery, Lazenby, Moore, Craig
I see your Roger Moore (I thought he was great btw) and raise you George Lazenby. Shocking!
he's the next George Lazenby of Bond's
Is it former James Bond and Australian heart throb George Lazenby?
I did meet him with George Lazenby back in I think it was in 2001 with Maud Adams and Lois chills & John Saxon
My dentist wants me to be the Roger Moore of flossing, but I know I'm more of a George Lazenby.
At least it's not a George Lazenby caterpillar.
'Who Saw Her Die' (with George Lazenby post 007) and 'What Have They Done to Your Daughters' are particular favourites of mine.
Love the living daylights. I like all bonds. Except you, george lazenby. Theres no room for you in our picture.
Bond Meets Ginger Emmanuelle. I think we can get George Lazenby!
this sounds awesome. Please tell me it was done as a response to George Lazenby's children's book series.
Leila: Osborne's privatised more than Thatcher's chancellor what's his name? Geoff? George?. Me: Lazenby. Leila laughs, I pretend I was joking
Way to nail the Bond Actor Question, George Lazenby. Nerd represent!
I liked a video from Song To The Siren (George Michael Tribute)
Okay, I gotta say that of the first seven, the George Lazenby one was probably our favorite, plus Dr. No and Russia. The others, meh.
George Lazenby bluffed his way into being James Bond, then screwed it up
George Lazenby flopped so badly that they called Connery back. I did hear the flick itself was rather good, though.
The only Bond that hasn't been in 2 films is George Lazenby. long as nobody said him I was fine with them saying a Bond actor
George Lazenby beat me up and stole my lunch money, with a MacBook.
I didn't call George Lazenby 'cause no one honestly cares.
I met George Lazenby once, complete tosser. Put me off the idea.
Never cared for Timothy Dalton or George Lazenby. Could never like them as Bond. Wasn't keen on Daniel Craig at first but I've grown to
George Karl celebrates landmark career victory with family and friends -
Tomorrow, we get to see how George Lazenby shakes out. I honestly can't remember if I've seen this one.
Danny Kanell thinks the turtleneck makes him look like Sean Connery, when he's really George Lazenby.
me too. You dress as Diana Rigg, I'll put my George Lazenby outfit on and we'll get out there
So I wasn't just tired last night, right? That game about *** spies, *** assassins, and George Lazenby really happened?
A perfectly effective film actor,puzzling why George Lazenby's career did not skyrocket after this great 007 picture
George Lazenby, Tele Savalas, Bond married & widowed, underrated part of the set
George Lazenby in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, then again he'd the best "Bond Girl" in Diana Rigg & an awful opening line
Sooty, Les Dawson, Peter O'toole, Frankie Howerd... Is that George Lazenby on the bagpipes?
Augsburg for I'm sure that's where George Lazenby's Bond wanted to lure Blofeld (Telly Savalas) to in . Useless fact
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George Lazenby on Her Majesty's Secret Service. The only Bond film to have an opening score without vocals.
In a world of James Bond's, I am George Lazenby.
it's great being a Bond fan at Xmas lots of James Bond fragrance + George Lazenby Bond t-shirt http…
Well when George Lazenby I mean Ben Affleck plays Batman that will happen.
My lost Bond theme to the 2nd George Lazenby film ‘Never Knowingly Undersold’ sounds great on the piano.
grew up watching The Saint so Roger Moore was always that, never really Bond. And poor George Lazenby
For pretty much these reasons, Steven Soderbergh considers OHMSS to be the best--but it stars George Lazenby. Brosnan did try...
No offence to Donald Sumpster but it's a bit like replacing Sean Connery with someone like George Lazenby..
Hillary Benn? Didn't George Lazenby pretend to be him in 'On her Majesty's Secret Service' in an attempt to oust Blofeld?
George lazenby right? Played by an American. I never even bothered
George Lazenby's life as James Bond in Her Majesty's Secret Service is goals af. I want to be him and have his relationship lmao
An argument can be made, but not for George Lazenby. Worst. Bond. Ever.
Liam Fray believes George Lazenby was the best Bond ever.
The Bondologist Blog - The Safe House of David Dragonpol: George Lazenby and the film of Len Deighton's Hors...
Its and absolute injustice that George Lazenby wasn't Bond for longer, OHMSS is a brilliant film
Watching 'Secret Service' I have a bizarre desire to see George Lazenby play Blomfeld in a future Bond film.
Watching the George Lazenby picture, I honestly don't think I've ever seen this one, not as an adult at least.
George Lazenby, Yuri Borienko and Ilse Steppat relax in Murren during the ON HER MAJESTY'S Secret Service (1969)...
George Lazenby looks like Henry Silva in that pic.
I know this is fairly random, but how in the world did they make seven Bond movies with Roger effing Moore and only one with George Lazenby?
I'd be torn between George Lazenby and George Clinton for fewest points
George Lazenby was good, but Connery imho would have been great in that one.
"Does George Lazenby look like Tingle" is something I've Googled.
The mark of a loser, No.1: Your favourite James Bond is George Lazenby
Now re-watching George Lazenby's "On Her Majesty's Secret Service". Great. Lazenby was offered a 7 film contract as James Bond but declined.
if Frank D'angelo was James Bond, he'd be Timothy Dalton at best.. he's no George Lazenby
Let's also wish a happy 76th birthday to the second Bond George Lazenby
You'd be an improvement on George Lazenby. 😄💃
Poor George Lazenby, always in the very back -- the only Bond who got married :(
He'd probably be an improvement on George Lazenby. 😐
There's been a massive cover-up to hide the fact that the world's favourite is George Lazenby.
George Lazenby finally makes it as a waxwork as Madame Tussauds unites all six James Bonds .
"We couldn't get George Lazenby to pose.". "Just nick a dummy from Marks and stick a wig on it."
James Bond's guide to bonds: With the launch of Spectre, here's how Daniel ... - City A.M.
James Bond’s guide to bonds: A license to generate fixed income returns
Scrapping the barrel with this one ? Writer Chris FYI. 1962 ! guide to bonds ... … via
If your piggy-backing of James Bond isn't as spurious as don't even bother
All the Time in the World for Roger Moore. No, Mart, George Lazenby was Bond in that movie!
worst bond film - on her majesty's Secret Service. George Lazenby not good. Worst bond theme - the new one & Adele's howling
George Lazenby is really good in this.
See how defeated he looks? It's because he knows he's even worse than George Lazenby.
Special Agent Oso is the George Lazenby of stuffed special agent teddy bears.
George Lazenby was my favorite Bond. Her Maj. Secret Service best Bond movie. Dianna Riggs death scene makes me cry every time.
Doing the gardening with George Lazenby helping. He set fire to the shed when he tried to light a fart. What a down-unde…
George Lazenby is the greatest of Bonds
Gotcha! If I want to blend in do I say that George Lazenby was my favourite Bond?
We have all the time in the world. - George Lazenby
George Lazenby's claim to fame was his one time Bond role in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service".
it's George Lazenby based on that one film where he was vs Kojak
George Lazenby...a contender for your favourite Bond?
Home from work. Time for some On Her Majesty's Secret Service, the only Bond film with George Lazenby in.
nice one, George Lazenby was once asked to play for my home town rugby club in Bedfordshire, had to refuse,protect good looks.
Unpopular Opinion: Timothy Dalton was a better Bond than Pierce Brosnan. George Lazenby was better than both.
4th on my List of favorite Bond actors, George Lazenby. He appeared only once as Bond, On your…
It's between you and George Lazenby. I'm quietly confident
This is exactly how George Lazenby landed the role
- Why is George Lazenby often seen as the worst Bond? I enjoyed his work in OHMSS! at
I recently sold the same edition of that OHMSS signed by George Lazenby. Rather regret that now!
Rutgers is the George Lazenby of college football.
George Lazenby was the most underrated Doctor Who.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Never heard of until Casino Royale. Going the path of George Lazenby. 👎
Five top candidates (including ultimate choice George Lazenby, bottom right) audition for James Bond OHMSS, 1967
I honestly think George Lazenby would have been a great James Bond had he been given a chance. .
So it's George Lazenby against Timothy Dalton. Here we go. COME ON WALES!!!
Psyched about my George Lazenby place card at this 007 themed auction. attn:
I read you once said you were the George Lazenby of Primes?
George Lazenby bind killed by emperor of sands brainwashing sphinx lady and her poisoning bond with beetle serum
could you include a George Lazenby-style James Bond? But only very briefly... Just like Lazenby's career
George Lazenby was 'big fry' before bond
thinks George Lazenby was the best Bond
Is there a Former Bond Club where all the former Bonds hang out and talk about how awesome they are? I hope the president is George Lazenby.
I write sexually threatening letters to George Lazenby.
I preferred Sean Connery or Roger Moore as "Bond". Though George Lazenby was pretty good for the one movie he was in.
Sean Connery is Owl. George Lazenby is Roo. Roger Moore is Tigger. Timothy Dalton is Rabbit. Brosnan is Pooh. Daniel Craig is Eeyore.
Interesting information I only have to do a correction to you,is this:. -George Lazenby was 29 years when played to:"James Bond".
I would certainly hope so. Are you a fan of Sean Connery? He is my favourite Bond after David Niven and George Lazenby.
The day 5th,George Lazenby (a before "James Bond") turned 76 years. Happy Birthday George!,I hope that you turn much more years.
What happens when you combine John Stamos, Vanity, and Gene Simmons, with a dash of George Lazenby?. You get Never...
At 76 years young today, I say George Lazenby is the perfect choice to succeed Craig and finally make a 2nd film. Happy birthday
I am not excited for the new James Bond, the last one disappointed me so much I forgot George Lazenby was a Bond.
George Lazenby wasn't my favourite Bond but now if you were James Bond id def be watching the movie :) x
Spot the difference... Andrew Bourn or George Lazenby as James Bond 007
Yep, the one and only in my book too. I can watch any others too, except George Lazenby. JB crying?! Director should be jailed!
sounds like an anecdote of George Lazenby in the hot tub.
Why didn't you just go full George Lazenby?
I am the George Lazenby in the James Bond movie of life. ( ! ) Just messing with ya! : ) God bless U, as always!
"This never happened to the other fella!"--James Bond (George Lazenby,"On Her Majesty's Secret Service"
Wendigo vs Hulk vs Wolverine in the yellow costume. The next Wolverine will be the George Lazenby of the X-Men.
See an infographic that breaks down George Lazenby's Dimi Major suits as in OHMSS
Okay, but what do Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan & Daniel Craig think of
Watching the only movie I haven't seen. Her Majesty's Secret Service. George Lazenby. Nobody is or my favs
To steal from another franchise, this is like George Lazenby complaining that Connery gets too much *** focus.
By comparison, however, "SPECTRE" has the George Lazenby of chess sets
OHMSS fan, I'm on trying for a while but impossible to get the autograph of George Lazenby, can help?
I love the way NME once described him as 'the George Lazenby of the corner beef market' after he wore a poncho on stage.
Terrible injustices happening to Timothy Dalton and George Lazenby in a Bond poll (nice article, though). Intervene:.
George Lazenby's one-and-done Bond movie is just not good. There's no real attempt to make it his own, he's a Connery clone that fails.
Lazenby's casting stories vault him up a few spots too:
George Lazenby was the second best Bond.
Great whiskey and great book. George Lazenby is still the second best Bond ever.
I actually prefer the Italian film & think it's George Lazenby's best film.
only just above George Lazenby in my view
The genetic fusion of George Lazenby and Jim Perry couldn't be happier at his luck.
I remember my mother loved George Lazenby, but apparently the studio didn't, poor ***
George Lazenby was a good Bond I don't care what you all say xx
Oh, and biggest surprise of the night: Finding out George Lazenby played Johnston Pettigrew in "Gettysburg" -- I never would have guessed.
Bond before Craig was George Lazenby and he only did one. You should try Craig's. They've really revitalized the property.
The answer to last nights warm up question was 7 - Sean Connery, David Niven, George Lazenby, Roger Moore,...
*George Lazenby voice* no rush darling, we have all the time in the world now
George Lazenby was the best Bond , yeah?
there's no such thing! And if there was George lazenby already had it covered
Pierce Brosnan most blood-thirsty, Daniel Craig tops for booze but the brief George Lazenby bests with babes.
Goulburn is hosting something called Spyfest at the end of September! Guest of honor? Local boy George Lazenby!!!
Of course not. That was george lazenby.
Me: will you instruct the witness to answer the question?. Court: you have to answer that . Witness: *defeated* George Lazenby. *jury gasps*
my absolute favorite is On Her Majesty's Secret Service. George Lazenby. Only film he did.
my friend insists the best Bond was George Lazenby.
Guyon's not trolling if he was he would've said George Lazenby. Or would that've been too obvious?
other than George Lazenby, Craig is the BEST Bond ever.
Framed this fantastic bit of film memorabilia for a customer. It is a photo of George Lazenby and Diana Rigg in...
Yes, & were awful, but Craig just keeps improving. He'll never be a George Lazenby in my books
"On Her Majesty's Secret Service" is also the best James Bond movie (and book), despite George Lazenby.
George Lazenby catches a lot of *** but I thought he was really good as well.
As new SPECTRE trailer breaks out the OHMSS theme, time to revisit my intv w/George Lazenby to talk 007.
See a George Lazenby/Roger Moore Bond double bill of OHMSS and TMWTGG tomorrow
Now, this could be interesting. George Lazenby? I think not.
George Lazenby made more appearances as James Bond (1) than Arsenal has won the champions league (0)
For someone who's be fascinated by the George Lazenby story for decades, that video was amazing. Just amazing.
one film I'd make is a biography of George Lazenby. He landed the greatest movie opportunity ever through sheer balls...
I've NEVER seen this before! A George Lazenby interview weeks after losing James Bond. I LOVE YouTube!
Say George Lazenby is the worst Bond, draws out some weirdos.
Agreed. Connery made bond. Craig made him relevant. However, My favorite bond film is with George Lazenby
watched OMSS last night and George Lazenby wasn't that bad he had a hard act to follow however he had great physicality and was tough
Capt.Knight always reminds me of George Lazenby.
Watching a great film about Her Majesty's Stationery Office or something on starring George Lazenby. Who knew it was so exciting?
George Lazenby was the worst Bond ever!!! Looked like my old geography teacher and he was a real dull *** :(
George Lazenby was rubbish Bond. Whose idea was that?
Cool. Not only is Bond on but it features the best Bond of the lot... George Lazenby.
Agreed,thought she played and looked good in,On Her Majesty's Secret Service with George Lazenby.
Sorry George Lazenby -but never liked you in this Bond film.
Only film tonight has sodding George Lazenby in it...balls.
One of my all time films is on tonight On Her Majesty's Secret Sevice the one & only outing of George Lazenby as Bond.
However much to Diana Rigg's distain George Lazenby still lives.
not all trade downs make sense for NYK. 4& calderon for bledsoe & 13 does. maybe 4&calderon for george hill & 11.
He had a high profile role for a spell, made a horlicks of it and will hopefully fade away now. A political George Lazenby.
is the birthplace of the only Australian George Lazenby.
I lost my virginity in George Lazenby's hunting shed
Sean Connery , Tim Dalton ,Pierce Brosnan , George Lazenby were not English. This is bigotry at its finest.
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