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George Jung

George Jacob Jung (born August 6, 1942), nicknamed Boston George , was a major player in the cocaine trade in the United States in the 1970s and early 1980s.

Johnny Depp Pablo Escobar Los Angeles

Brock Turner raped a woman, spent three months in jail for that crime, and he wants to appeal his conviction so he doesn’t ha…
Listen to George Jung Ft Yung Byrds (prod OK Boi) by CASSOBANDZ on
The quickest way to get me to cry is to tell me how George Jung broke his promise to his daughter about going to California
Im gonna put my playoffs in your hands
Yeah Thursday night games scary tho idk what to do brotha
The saints been run heavy lately Hurley
Maybe the greatest hype man in the history of fighting is coming. Preorder it now
When they talk about Miami, they only mention "Boston George Jung" who worked for Pablo st…
I never have dreams and lately I been having them every night
Rain appeared on Weekly Idol-Defcon joked BTS and Psy promoted in the U.S. thanks to Rain & Jung Hyung Don said you rai…
Dennis Smith Jr is going at Kyrie... Maybe he’s mad because of this 🤷‍♂️
The Spotify Top Songs of 2017 personal playlist is cool until you realize that George Strait followed by Marshmello…
After 6 months of my check engine light being on it finally went off today which is proof that if you ignore your problems…
You could cut the tension with a knife.
Why would I pay $1500 to join a fraternity, when I can fight a *** for 30 seconds and become a blood
Dawg the detail on leg tattoo sleeve is too crazy. He even got the Iverson step-over 🔥
Update your maps at Navteq
This is who the Celtics gonna draft oh lord
I always think of George Jung walking through the airport too! Ram Jam - Black Betty via
I gotta give Trump this: he gives me a genuine LOL almost every day. "Xmas is back, bigger and better than ever." U can't wr…
Come on Ray. It's not like Gronk murdered tWO guys and then obstructed the justice system before striking a deal to rat on…
It’s a joke.just like your spelling of delusional
Boogie would mop the floor with KD who does he think he is
The last time Eli Manning missed a start...
Brock Turner is a danger to the community
This Steelers team competing with the Patriots? 😭😂😭 Stop it 5
“Life passes most people by while they're busy making grand plans for it.”. -George Jung
Dude just silenced the crowd at a cornhole tournament like he was Kobe in his prime 😂
Dam that's crazy hope that dude on the Steelers is good
Jayson Tatum (11 points) becomes the first Celtics rookie to score 10+ points in 13 straight games since Paul Pierce did…
Watch tear Jared Kushner to shreds:. “He’s a joke. I can’t believe he can look himself in the mirror before Sh…
Look *** I base my opinions off watching all the NFL games and evaluating similar scenarios like the A.j Green /Ra…
These are the stats of the five QB's in the hunt for the NFL MVP. . Now tell me how Tom Brady isn't the MVP? I'll wait.…
This headline gets crazier and crazier as you keep reading.
They forgot Kim Jung Un and the Ayatollah.oh and ISIS since it looks like groups are a person now.…
Why wouldn't they start Kershaw morons
Shocked to the core at the fact that the snarky *** man who gets George Jung started selling coke in Blow is none other than Pee Wee Herman
Smart move--dudes gona kick back and watch a great game 7 while sitting on $14mil
There are no more white horses or pretty ladies at my door. - George Jung Quote of the day
Keep y’all loud, crying kids at home this not for them
this looks mad fake.Why she look like Raven when she's having a vision
🎃Happy Halloween🎃 Had a lot of fun Sat night being George Jung from one of my favorite movies:…
Not a death, but I cried when George Jung got locked up the last time in Blow
Impractical Jokers is hands down one of the funniest shows on TV
Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins freaking out at the Haunted House LMAO .
George Papadopoulos, a Trump campaign adviser, pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his Russian contacts.
Man cannot stand a meaningless life.Something in us sees around corners, knows beyond time and space~CG Jung as quoted by James George
This World Series will go down as the best ever
On this date in 2003, made his NBA debut.
We stumbled on to this awesome new Political Action piece staring none other than George Jung,.
I wish King Jung could just fire test nuclear missiles to Bomas instead of kill aquatic animals
On George Bernard Shaw, who, like "Dylan or Bowie, was one of the great masters of self-invention"
20 lbs of pot? What did George Jung get a crew together again? .
If you're reading this, Russ has triple-doubled against your team. (except OKC fans)
I play golf to relax. My company is in great shape. plays golf to escape work while America goes down the…
Sunny’s a good egg, he was nice to that kid, but he fights like a girl
I could watch this all day. Beautiful.
George Jung when he's old, from "Blow" (2011) directed by Ted Demme, played by Johnny Depp
New post (Muhammad Ali defeats George Foreman at the famous 1974 “Rumble in the Jung...) has been published on -…
I still can’t get over how Harvey Dent didn’t recognize the Joker until he took off his mask. 😂😂
Anyone gotta turtleneck sweater I could borrow to be George Jung for Halloween
All smiles in 2004 with my g unit hat 😆 read why winning in 04 was the most special to me ➡️
Lmao word you can tell em the story when they older 🤣🤣
Unbelievable. This is how bad cops continue to get rehired. Betty Shelby should not be allowed to wear a badge and gun…
We don’t talk down on nobody, we know how it feel to not have it
Bro it was hands down best World Series game I ever seen
Bradley Beal wide open in the corner. John Wall worried about getting the shot against Lonzo Ball.
I served 8 years in the Army, took care of sick kids, and am running to build a more inclusive Virginia. Don't talk to me…
LB Dont’a Hightower has a torn pec and is out for the year, source said.
This is probably one of the best baseball games I’ve ever seen... and yes the free taco from Taco Bell plays a huge role
So by these standards... . Johnny Depp playing George Jung in Blow or Hunter S. Thompson in Fear an…
Trump ordered players to stand and owners to fire them if they refused. So more players kneeled and owners supported them. Tru…
Players didn't routinely stand for the anthem until 2009. . It only began as a marketing strategy. . The gov't PAID the…
Never in doubt. Why? Because we win. You lose. We're us. You're not. We're big. You're little. We're champs.…
Drunk guy: *** happened last night?. Friend: bro you don't wanna know. Drunk guy: just tell me.. Friend: you swam across th…
"Their son George is a bit wild, but likeable enough.". (After the Funeral)
Meanwhile in baseball, Brian Dozier turned a bunt into a home run
I was thinking about the British film , The Madness of King George..wondering, has an American President ever gone mad while in office?
An entire island full of Americans in Puerto Rico are without power right now, and is cursing out NFL players at his…
The streets of Harlem is really thriller
Melo to OKC wow NBA gonna be wild this year
Congrats to Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner on their pregnancy 😍😇
Gerald Green has signed a non-guaranteed deal with the Bucks. I'll never forget how he helped Boston dig out of a 0-2 hole…
I made my mans a pop up book with a bunch of nudes 😋
Denzel really out here in the city say it's true
Girls: All y’all boys wanna do is play 2k18, it can’t be that fun.. 🙄😒. ME:
Pablo Escobar had the best coke. Let's argue
@ I think I'll have to agree to disagree on plug comment. We can all agree you look a lot like the pig in charlo…
When youre so deranged even a deranged person considers you deranged
I dont think i look like George jung anymore
I'll kill a man if he ever lay a hand on my momma
It ain't got nothing to do with money , them *** just weird AF .
1st and Goal at the goalline with Marshawn Lynch at RB, and Derek Carr audibles to a pass by calling..."Seattle" https…
AL pitchers in last 40 years with 300+ Ks in a season:. Nolan Ryan. Randy Johnson. Pedro Martinez. Chris Sale
I’m weak lol I’m a punk tho...cuz I hit you to hard now... this is football...
That's 10 strikeouts for Mr. Sale only needs 3 more for 300 on the season 🔥🔥
Jackie Bradley Jr. with the most casual home run robbery of all time
LMFAOO. Negative. Although my cars name is George Jung
Kim Jong Un, George. Somewhere there's a guy named Kim Jung On who works at a factory in Seoul wonderi…
Gonna end up like George Jung or Pablo Escobar
When George Jung is walking in the prison courtyard talking to his daughter then it turns out he's imagining it, I cry...a lot.
There's a dress up situation and night market at the jhb zoo and George Hay Park.
"She was beautiful, passionate, and just as crazy as I am. She could party like a man & love like a woman" -George Jung
As wack as today is at least we have George Bush tryna put a rain poncho on lmaooo
Feel like George Jung in the last part of blow when he just knows he got set up. # Let's do it
George jung if you think about it is very smart and shows you that if you want to be relevant at something never be a middle…
Someone will upstage Trump today: Old George B. will croak or Kim Jung Un will try to nuke us or Michael Moore will try to assassinate Trump
Westbrook gonna come off then bench and drop a triple double lmao
Wait, George Jung got arrested this past December again?! How did I miss this?
you're Colombian I learned to avoid ya watching what happened to George Jung in Blow
Is the Lion from Narcos based on George Jung?
Maybe should consider George Jung as advisor to NAFTA... seems he knows how to make it profitable to all parties *js
Shoutsouts to George Jung for bringing coke into united states
The man has paid his debt and paid it over. Let him live his life with his family in peace.
"Unfortunately most lessons are learned , when it's already to late." - George Jung
it's based off of a true story, about George Jung. He was a huge coke smuggler in the 70s. Check it out.
Do people decide to be drug dealers after seeing the movie Just cuz George Jung got away with it, everyone thinks they can 😒
wanna live a life like young George Jung 💰💵
If you steal from one of your boys you're 100% scum
An unbelievable display of skill that you have to see to believe. WOW!
I know these *** plottin so I don't smile up in they face
Barack Obama: Please pardon and free Boston George Jung! - Sign the Petition!
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Kristina Sunshine Jung, George Jung's daughter hope you are haveing a great life god bless you and your family
234 kills w/ 7 nukes but I was noob tubing off the top & spawn camping in hardcore headquarters. Most kills w/ gun 248-50-28
My OG said cause you a shooter don't make you a man its how you play your hands and react when you in that jam
What's the most kills you got on that one freak
You gotta pay the cost to be the boss
Where im from I was taught never stand down
Private number called my phone said that imma kill ya I told that *** I ain't hiding probably in your city
This just opened up my eyes... never having another monster again
Live look at Josh McDaniels in the locker room.
Long-time NBA broadcaster Craig Sager has died. He was 65 years old.
100 days 100 nights I gotta get my money right
You think he'd learn after the first 5
The sound of hope is the sound of basketball, and that’s what brought back to Chicago
He post a picture of a thumper got 200 likes but when I caught him out in public was no gun in sight
You're in control of your own happiness
Made soup then bout smoke and call it a night
This is a line of people waiting overnight to buy DJ Khaled's cocoa butter collection. Maybe the world should end? https:…
I don't think there's another WR on the planet that would've scored a TD in this situation.
You've gotta appreciate the real ones, there's not too many left.
Stay down, put in work, get your money right, and everything else will fall into place.
Pete Carroll is ditching his white Air Monarch shoes for this version, which Nike made for tomorrow night's game
OMG George Jung! I wonder what happened to Christina Sunshine?
If George Jung & Frank Lucas can get outta jail & be broke. U better believe shawty that's not even legal to drink will be too..
Hands down the best commercial ever
I force a smile, knowing that my ambition far exceeded my talent (George Jung)
George jung was really livin that life
Im selling purple rain rip to prince
Turtle's shell looks like a fireworks display. Beautiful photo by Fargioneorazio - 500px.
Last night's Super moon in San Francisco. Stunning photo by Tonly Cheng.
The lil one got the face of a dog mad weird
Lamar Jackson said Johnny Manziel's advice to him was "have fun in college." (H/T
This Thursday, the Rams will wear blue & white on their helmets for the first time since the days of Deacon Jones five de…
Rams are selling the white & blue helmet they wore from 1965-1972, which they will wear Thursday, online ($120)
Cam Newton shows up as fashionable Santa to give $100K in food, gifts & donations to kids (H/T
This can't go for zero yards. Huge hole in the middle
George Jung, the guy Johnny Depp played in "Blow," claims his manager betrayed him by turning him in for parole violation.
Gonna jus be like the oG days tonight
can someone come confiscate my brother's Instagram
It's goin down tonight hennything possible everything luwop sips tonight is on the rocks tonight !
Can't wait to get outta work and get hammered
Never thought about this with Kanye.
I just wanna cash out on a check and buy my mom a crib
Fortune cookies were invented in 1916 by George Jung, a Los Angeles noodle maker. .
Time to start brushing up on the Constitution's Emoluments Clause:
Spoke to my man George Jung recently about my new book and movie. Everything is on track.
He's still going because he doesn't want you to read this: Or this: https:/…
Worlds largest single firework shell this is wild!
At 5 years old I learned that not even blood can be trusted
For sale this week: says MJ wore these for his 54-point game vs Cleveland in 1989
The batting practice, home and away cap of the newly named Marlins AAA affiliate, the New Orleans Baby Cakes
In honor of Kris Bryant's MVP Award, his sponsor adidas is distributing this "Kurse Breaker" shirt in Chicago
Quite the by Yale students at Harvard, as Bulldogs won
Heritage Auctions sold this '52 Mantle card for $1,135,250. Unable to sell packs of this series that year, many were dump…
The last out ball of the 1986 World Series from Gary Carter's glove has been sold for $71,800 by https:/…
Death gotta be easy cause life is hard
Treat my bothers kids like they one of my kids
7. Trump has no plans to divest from the hotel. This could get very ugly, very quickly.
6. Violation of the Emoluments Clause could subject Trump to suit by a rival hotel or impeachment
5. Otherwise, Trump will violate the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution on DAY 1
4. Only way out, according to Bush's ethics lawyer, is for Trump to sell or give away hotel before taking office
3. Bush's ethics lawyer says this activity will violate Constitution if Trump continues to own the hotel on Jan 20
2. Trump had a party at his new DC hotel for for foreign diplomats, encouraging them to rent rooms there
1. We talked to George W. Bush's ethics lawyer. Trump is in some serious legal trouble.
Homeboy got knocked out over infinite warfare and that game is trash
LSU Florida brawl I got my money on LSU
Feel like George Jung when he first left his parents crib to Cali.
If OJ can get away with murder why can't sonny have his kid
They go together like lamb and tuna fish
I'll be donating a ridiculous amount of NBs and Yeezys to struggling immigrants in NYC.
Stop looking at what you ain't got and start being thankful for what you do got
Big ups to my bruh George Jung representin Top🎩.
I'm gonna get a group and protest this!!
.economist Prof. George Hammond: Arizona’s job growth expected to be greater than the nation’s.
Hurt my soul when the Feds set up George Jung at the end smh
Wonder what George jung is doing right now
LeBron James has donated $2.5 million to The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture for it…
Look like you so sick of love songs
Porzingod set a new career high tonight with 35 points
“I’d like to take this chance to apologize, to absolutely nobody"
The only good thing about this meeting is that it matches my socks :)
Got the Win tonight! Garden was lit as always! Important game tomorrow.. Lets get another one! 🔶🔷
People who count favors kill me the most
I'll jus keep my mouth shut finish my work day and go home and pack my bowl I won't even say nothing lmao
Can’t wait until the world realizes they shouldn’t be famous
Prince Fielder will go down as the greatest "dead money" athlete of all time. Will make a total of $102 million NOT to pl…
Total money obligation paid out to Fielder NOT to play:. Tigers -- $30M ($24M left). Rangers -- $36M left. Insurance -- $…
Roses are red,. Sugar is used to sweeten
Longtime ESPN host John Saunders has passed away at the age of 61
So true I used to not look thinking it's gonna help it turn on I still do that wen I play my n64
This is a clip from Eminem's 6 minute and 45 seconds freestyle. Imagine if he spent timing writing a diss track
You can see the pain in his eyes dawg. He's running away from something lmao
Heritage Auctions auctioning off the jersey Brett Favre wore for his last win a Packers uniform, currently at $23K https:…
Boomer, son who turned 3 months last week, has 152,000 followers on Instagram
Klay Thompson wins the gold medal for photo bombing 😂😭
In yesterday's 100m freestyle prelims, Ethiopia's Robel Habte swam so slow he slipped off the screen
Michael Jordan got 2 gold medals. The little girl he's holding now has 3. It's Katie Ledecky.
FYI, LG Najeeb Jung's Reliance connection is also one of the many reasons he wants Delhi Govt to fail.
Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith still don’t agree on anything when it comes to Tim Tebow. htt…
Smh man remeber them good days with em on the Brewers
If Centre-appointed LG will command all powers without being answerable to 2 Cr voters, is it worth casting a vote?. https:…
On this date in 1988, the Cubs played under the lights at Wrigley for the first time.
Ryan Murphy, who just won gold in 100m backstroke, wrote this book as a kid (via
Drake brings out DIPSET summer sixteen tour 🗽
New Foot Locker ad has Horace Grant giving Draymond Green advice on how to stand out. Think he's done that
based on a true story about George Jung the Cali pot dealer turned cocaine lord staring Johnny, it's a great movie imo
Get you a girl who supports you like this
Met George Jung &2 top it off, got 2sing happy birthday to him! 🎂🙌🏼.
George Jung talks about the pot biz at socal cc expo
Najeeb Jung is not the LG, he's the 'Undo Button' of Delhi.
Wow Pablo Escobar gave George Jung permission to testify in court against Carlos? Fascinating
Yeah the women's USA basketball team would make a run in the men's bracket
Two guys in a Connecticut jail cell helped change the way America does drugs via
How two guys in a Connecticut jail cell forever changed the way Americans do drugs
catch me on Ashland street in September
Play now: **HOT**: George Jung (Produced by: MaineTh by AtownProductions (US). via
If George Jung can sniff *** near 10 grams of cocaine in 10mins & live, I promise you, your break up is not the death of u, u will live.
Blow (2001): "Money isn't real George, it doesn't matter.. it only seems like it does" Fred Jung
High school was fun while it lasted
It gotta be the maxwell in the background lmao
I'm a real sicko when you get to know me *** 😂😂
Will somebody get the kid a happy meal
I liked you better when you were sleeping
"Also he whose soul is a garden, needs things, men, and thoughts, but he is their friend and not their slave and fool.".
Blow is some film,George Jung is the man 👍
Idk whats worse to never get it or get it and lose it
My bro God is focused and ready to make a killin , don't sleep ,
George Jung has a reality show coming, I cannot wait until a networks picks it up. I'm definitely watching it.
Jung chanwoo reminds me of George Lopez for some reason
"... I am part of the matter and formation of the world, I also come into the primordial beginning of the world in the first…
People be sick when I smell like loud
Im in the kitchen squaring up like a shooting guard
Im everywhere the dope goes with my henny and my 44
You know im on top of beef like steak sauce
How about you sideburns you want some of this milk ? Id rather have a beer
Im hip me too this and big daddy lmao
They ask me if im real I say is you serious
Guns speak death when they jam no Russell
My guy Goodlooks..yu know how I'm rocking
While both theories seemed fairly convincing, GoT creator George R.R. Martin has revealed that they are both incorrect.
Remember George Jung in Blow, and how everything worked out fine for him in the end
Blow (2001) - Best quote by George Jung and his father
"I felt that there was nothing wrong with what I was doing because I was supplying a product to people that wanted" - George Jung
Lmaooo bro that's a slamma she would win too !!
Lmaooo sick cuz slappin on his ramen
How lol you think his girlfriend can afford that house *** no
George Jung is the man in my avi, if you don't know the name look him up and watch the movie "Blow" you'll learn everything you need to know
George Jung was the biggest middle man in America.
George Jung leaves prison and now flight attendants are smuggling drugs across country again..
didn't he work for/with Pablo Escobar and I think George Jung too
Blow is undoubtably an all time favourite movie of mine! Johnny Depp's portrayal of druglord George Jung is some of best acti…
Artist Metis Arash made this out of 25,000 Swarovski crystals ($9,500). Displayed at Art Basel in Miami
Can't sleep right now im tired but my brain is like no nope no sleep for you and I have to be Up at 615😞 ima be miserable in the am
Married to the money, introduced her to my stove. Showed her how to whip it, now she remixin' for low.
Antonio Brown has signed a deal with He's expected to wear this jacket to the Sunday Night Football game https…
Playin the panthers in the Super Bowl again would be lit
I'm honored to be compared to George Jung my ***
Watching 'The Santa Clause'. Saw 'Blow' the other night. I wonder what the name George Jung means to Tim Allen?
Congrats to George Jung for getting out of prison this year
I'm trying to be loaded like George Jung off Blow 😈💸🔌
Did George Jung get or of prison this year?
Everyone wanna be like Tony Montana, Pablo Escobar AND George Jung all in one. *** is crazy.
First time he did a bid is when he first lived
My first homies changed on me never changed me ***
Look inside my cup ask my drink why it smacked me for
Who you know from round here your name ain't ringing no bells boy
Word cuz it woulda been like 40 gloc all over again lol
Lmaoo stitches went down like a sack of bricks
This *** coach carter gave Cruz the only mission of 2500 pushups and 1000 suicides my mouf woulda dropped
*** be catching weed charges for 8ths and think they George Jung 😭😭😭😭
Diamondbacks will also wear throwbacks this upcoming season
Smfh I played 7801 and 7818 came out OMG this is the 4th time I missed by one nhmber Man Uck im gonna hit soon watch i kno I am
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