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George Jung

George Jacob Jung (born August 6, 1942), nicknamed Boston George , was a major player in the cocaine trade in the United States in the 1970s and early 1980s.

Johnny Depp Pablo Escobar Boston George Walter White Henry Hill

Roberts made her acting debut at age nine in Ted Demme's 2001 drama Blow. It was the first film for which she ever auditioned.[4] In the film, she portrayed Kristina Jung, the daughter of Johnny Depp's character (cocaine smuggler George Jung). That year, she also had a role in Leif Tilden's 10-minute short bigLove, and was an uncredited extra in some scenes featuring her aunt Julia Roberts in America's Sweethearts.
I was so baked I brought my clicker to work
George Jung, aka Boston George, was the biggest cocaine smuggler ever. He became famous after his biography was portrayed in the movie Blow.
Watching Blow man, George Jung changed the world btw.
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"People even started calling me, 'Boston George' it was perfect" -George Jung
In case anyone was wondering George Jung will be released sometime this year. That's for all you Blow fans out there.
Interview of the REAL George Jung. The man behind the cocaine trade of the 60's. The Movie "BLOW"
Jung Chawoong. You are the best men i ever know. You are the best hero i ever know rest in peace and happy birthday
George Jung (who Johnny Depp portrayed in Blow) gets out of prison this year. He got caught with 1800 kilos his last bust, and was to serve 60 years. He'll have only served 20 for good behavior.
"She was beautiful, passionate, and just as crazy as I am. She could party like a man and love like a woman." - George Jung
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*** I didnt kno the man but RIP Blake you're definitely in a better place now
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Who wants to go greet George Jung when he gets out of jail on November 27?
My header will forever be George Jung 😻
May the wind always be at your back and the sun upon your face, and may the wings of destiny carry you - George Jung
"But i force a smile, knowing that my ambition far exceeded my talent" George Jung
“Lmao crazy white kids be like lmaooo
we out to Cali to start a drug smuggling empire word to George Jung?
How do they even get a bond like this😪😩👀
“Who cares what people have say when they don't have the balls to say it to your face”RT
“George Jung gonna come out of prison loaded.”
George Jung gonna come out of prison loaded.
After just watching the movie Blow I realized the actual " George Jung" is being released from jail this year.. - Mind Blown
I started running and throwing again last week I'll be on every team possible for summer leagues lol
Now a days loyalty is just a tattoo
The BM was a year ago & it feels like it was a couple months ago . Proves how fast time flys
lol he was apart of the cocaine trade. His name is george jung. Are you on cocaine?
what's life without livin your dreams? I wanna thank my family,my boys,and George Jung for showing me anything is possible!
George Jung is getting out of prison this year
How can a stranger ask for a favor like he is your friend??the world is very different now!!!
George Jung to be released from prison on November 27th 2014...and said to be a rich man
Smuggled some oil based paint across the KY/IN border today. Pretty much a modern day George Jung.
George Jung the man Johnny Depp portrays in blow is getting out of prison next year. Fun fact of the day
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Johnny Depp , Val Kilmer & Gary Oldman always have the best character when acting in movies . Especially if its historical figures like Sid Vicious , George Jung , Doc Holliday & Jim Morrison . lol :-D
Hey bros, George Jung should be out of jail now I believe. Its be so sick to meet him
Every night it ends up being just me & George Jung
Livin like George Jung fo the night
Oh my the dirty things I would do to rihanna
..There are no more white horses or pretty ladies at my door." -George Jung
“Watching movies where people do a lot of cocaine” George Jung gets out this year y'all.
Lol word you know that same with you and dwade
lol my *** I know you ain't bandwagon you been reppin since middle school
It's definitely one of my favorites. The real George Jung gets out at the end of this year
“Someone put molly in my toothpaste and now I can't stop PLURing!”RT lmfao
Can't wait till gets outta work so we could burn this dub of sour in bed watch movies then make White Castle
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Imagine having to stand there and take silver right now tho smh
Lol can't keep a 2 goal lead with 3 minutes left terrible
“US Women blowing games like its Tyler Seguin's *** Lmaoo yes
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George Jung gets out of jail in November
Deff that's why I be grabbin the blue vanillas
Double cup love you the one I lean on
George Jung aka Boston George get out around Thanksgiving this year. This *** been locked up for 60 years. He old af
Love gets no Love, if a black dude put up 42/16 last night we'd hear about it all day today
Miss the old school lox I'm talk war lox days I hope we are the streets is like how they were In then 90s
How many months can they just keep pushing lil boosie release date back. George Jung is gonna get out b4 boosie.
Johnny Depp has always been one of those actors that can take any role he's given and own it...heart and soul! Jack Sparrow, George Jung etc
Car is at the shop.In the words of Johnny Depp (via his character George Jung in Blow) "How's my lipstick? I wanna make sure I look good before I get f*.!"
Wish i could meet both these guys i named my kitty after George Jung lol
The official toxicity limit for humans is between one and one and half grams of cocaine depending on body weight. I was averaging five grams a day, maybe more. I snorted ten grams in ten minutes once. I guess I had a high tolerance. ― George Jung
George Jung, as portrayed by Johnny Depp in "Blow", is scheduled to be released from prison this November.
If u don't know who George Jung is then u wasn't never about shot in fact u wasn't n the game at all
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Thanksgiving day 2014 George Jung aka Boston George will be released from Fort Dix, NJ. Can't wait to salute the trap god when he's released
So George Jung is going to be realsed from prison on thanksgiving day, I wounder if he is going to try and find work at a dispensery.
It was the greatest feeling I ever had. Followed abruptly by the worst feeling I ever had. George jung ~ ~
George Jung was cool as *** ,Pablo Escobar ruthless, but Griselda Blanco she was downright Evil lol a woman was the worst one.
"Danbury wasn't a prison, it was a crime school. I went in with a Bachelor of marijuana, came out with a Doctorate of cocaine." - George Jung
George Jung is released from prison November this year
Imagine if marijuana was never banned... George Jung never would've made a career in smuggling drugs, never would've went to jail, never would've learned about smuggling cocaine, and 80 plus percent of the cocaine that was smuggled into America may have never happened! Many like to say marijuana is a gateway drug, but the gateway was caused by the very criminalization of it! Good job, Statists!
George jung gets released thanksgiving this year... If u dont know who that is maybe u should watch BLOW one of the best movies ever
George Jung is almost out of jail if you don't know who that is go look it up
Lookin to do something laid back tonight.. a few beers at best Any takers? Kyle Peterson George Jung Jake Smith Jeremy Kirby
Illé's soon to be released track "Blow (George Jung)" over the trailer of the 2001 classic with the same name. Get more info about it here:
George Jung gets outta prison in november :)
Anyone else think the older Paul McCartney gets, the more he's starting to look like George Jung?
"I went in with a bachelor's of marijuana and came out with a doctorate in cocaine." * George Jung*
Alright ya'll George Jung is getting released this year on thanksgiving day !! Holy moly I can't believe this..
This is a petition aimed at the current president of the United States to free George Jung via presidential pardon. Please sign.
George Jung gets out of prison in November.
About to get off wrk then workin on this next hit called bounce ft sassyjassy &the Alimoe george jung ttu so excited ;)
Role played by jhonny deep in a movie 'blow' of George Jung is scheduled to release dis November .. Salla ate he phir chitta marega .. Lolzzz Jaipal Singh Raghav Sharma Avjot Singh
If you have ever seen the movie Blow, George Jung is actually set to be released from prison this November.
George Jung is getting out of prison this november if anyone knows who that is
George Jung was born to Frederick, a German American, and Ermine (née O'Neill) Jung, in Boston, Massachusetts, then raised in Weymouth, Massachusetts.[2] Though Jung did not excel academically, he was a star football player and was described by his classmates as "a natural leader."[2] His first arrest was solicitation of prostitution to an undercover police officer. After graduating in 1961 from Weymouth High School, Jung went to the University of Southern Mississippi. He studied for a degree in advertising but never completed his studies.[2] Jung began recreationally using marijuana, selling a portion of everything he bought to break even. In 1967, after meeting with a childhood friend, Jung realized the enormous potential for profits by smuggling the cannabis he bought in California back to New England.[2] Jung initially had his stewardess girlfriend transport the drugs in her suitcases on flights.[2] In search of even greater profits, he expanded his operation to flying the drugs in from Puerto Vallar ...
As if George Jung who was part off the Medellín Cartel Which controlled 89% of cocaine going into America is being released this year after 60 years of being in prison, defiantly got a fat amount of money stashed for when he comes out
George Jung from the movie blow will be released from prison thanksgiving this year! 70 yrs old wow!! I wanna meet him. Lol
*** s will turn on you faster than Diego turned on George Jung!!
Johnny Depp with George Jung at Fort Dix Federal Prison in 2002. He will be released in November of this year.
George Jung, who the movie 'Blow' is based on, is getting released from prison this year, in November.
*** Pablo Escobar and George Jung had nothing on Nate Newton. *** was using Troy Aikman's audibles to order more dope.
I want to be the next George Jung or Pablo Escobar.
When I say a lot of things happened this year, I meant a lot.. 2I do killed a lot people like Patrick Bateman. Walked few miles on Dicky Eklund feet. Tackled obstacles and broke barriers like Alfred Borden. Spent most of the nights like Trevor Reznik. Started achieving primary goals like Eddie Morra. Lost many expressions like John Preston.0 Watched very strange things through the eyes of Kemp. Lived few days like George Jung. 1Being determined in life like Robert Neville. Been lost like Chuck Noland in a city named Mumbai. Stuck in situations like Viktor Navorski. Ran haphazardly in many direction like Frank Abagnale Jr. Still moving like Nelson Moss.3
George Jung gets out next year around thanksgiving
Next thanksgiving George Jung will be a free man and that makes me happy.
Tonight we are screening arguably one of the best movies based on the American drug trade. Featuring powerhouses Penelope Cruz and Johnny Depp, this classic film looks at the man George Jung. If looks could kill...
I always thought George Jung was just Escobar's middle man.
Lookin' like a George Jung stash house
Life passes most people by while they're making grand plans for it. - George Jung
“Liberty means responsibility, That is why most men dread it,” George Bernard Shawtest of things without it, - Carl Jung
I wish I had that George Jung money
Lmaooo that Harriet Tubman picture got me in tears
If you can handle my anger issues you are the one
*** ain't hip to 50 . They better act like they know
I work with the hardest and loyal white boy ever my big bro George Jung aka Mr hellabandz himself, there ain't...
I thought I was George Jung playing that.
“Y'all don't even know who George Jung is”Part of the Medellin Cartel, ran by Pablo.He pretty much ran the trade coming to the US
Y'all don't even know who George Jung is
Where's my smokers at ? Cuz I wanna cyph wit some new people
RT *** shouldnt throw stones if you live in a glass house, and if you got a glass jaw you better watch ya mouth”
The fortune cookie was invented in 1916 by George Jung, a Los Angeles noodlemaker.
Tryna pour a few and roll a few for this game
On a scale of one to George Jung's mom, how much do you hate her?
1. Pan for gold in Alaska 2. Sell drugs like George Jung 3. Rob banks like Ben affeck 4. Live like kid from" into the wild"
“Basically I was no different than a rock star or a movie star. I was a coke star!" - George Jung
im bout to DM you . we can be the *** version of george jung and derrick forreal.
just love your acting skills man, specially HUNTER in fear and loathing and GEORGE JUNG in blow. Namaste from india. ...
I know plenny of *** PERSONALLY who move all kind of drugs but you don't see me sayin "we got that work" I never been…
I want a cat so I can have a roommate and name him/her George Jung
Really just had to leave class n take a breathrr before I flammed this sped grandma
Females always complain *** play them blah blah blah , but when a *** tryna hold them down they don't listen .
So George Jung, the original Boston George, gets outta prison a yr from this Thanksgiving.. I dn, thot that was interesting…
“I wonder if I can get to 1k in one night...” George Jung sniffed 10 Gs in 10 Minutes
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Two most inspirational posters. Belushi chuggin his whiskey and George Jung counting all his money.
Emma Roberts will forever be George Jung's little daughter from "Blow" to me
you know what it's known for? I'm down to try to pull a George Jung and just see if we can get BLOW money then travel
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Im better then the cardinals 2nd baseman
George Jung the guy out of the film BLOW is out of jail in a year and a bit
I look up to some criminals like Frank Abagnale Jr. and George Jung like they're hero's.
I wanna be there when george jung is released
The best character ever create and portrayed: George Jung (Blow)
After school im goin over dans not sayin a word and playin his gta lol
arrr don't mess, heavy film yenno George Jung is the man
George Jung's determination for success is so inspiring.
Scarface, George Jung or Walter White? Who would you wanna be right now?
Lmfaooo im dyin what crackhead steals a cat
Bad teeth have me lookin at a girl like
I can't wait to see old faces on Thanksgiving
I don't bother watchin the bruins preseason where's the regular season
Youngin 17 wit more stripes then a zebra got, can't even spell his name but he can show u how ta squeeze uh clock
Some guys need to be taught the signs of a female when shes interested and when she isnt.
He who , shows the most love will kill you , Dont be fooled
Yaris sitting on my head would be a perfect birthday present
My *** so hard make the metal detector go off
eight gold rings like I'm sha shabba ranks
Don't expect people to be there for you. They won't be
When teachers try to bring it to me lolol stop
“Drake the type of *** who likes cupcakes with no frosting because he thinks the cupcake is better without makeup.” Lmfao
Sure i know blow it's true story about the drug dealer George Jung, I've never missed any movie for My Johnny Depp ;)
My *** George Jung out of prison next year
Some little kids in africa would love to do homework
I wanna grow my hair out George Jung
Get 6 Free VitaTops
George Jung, Richard Ramirez, Al Capone & Pablo Escobar are like gods to me
This *** George Jung gets out next year b he goin start slingin again or nah ?
And the story begins in Manhattan Beach for Mr. George Jung...
On November 27, 2014 there will be a party at my house, celebrating the day George Jung is released from prison.
Holy *** George Jung gets released from prison in two years.
but from wiki, George Jung; conviction status is serving 60-year sentence, reduced to 2014 release. so it's gonna be next year. hmm
George Jung is sentenced to Otisville Federal Correctional Institution until 2015. Kristina Sunshine Jung has not yet visited her father.
But my favorite character from a movie is still George Jung
The fact the George Jung gets out in 2015 excites me
I remember my fb name was George Jung lol
You’re my heart, kid. How can I live without my heart?—George Jung
It took George Jung till 27 to reach millionaire status and I can assure you if current trends continue it won't take me that long
There's no oil in this town. Guess I gotta be the George Jung of hash oil >:)
Blow is one of my favorite movies... George Jung was that ***
"I've left pieces of my heart here & there; now, there's almost not enough to stay alive." - George Jung
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I wonder what it was like to be George Jung...
The limit for humans is between 1 and 1.5 I was averaging 5 grams a day, maybe more. I did 10 grams in 10 minutes once. -George Jung
I mean what did I do?...i took some 'plants' across an imaginary aint me babe, no,no,no it aint me babe!. George Jung (Blow J/Depp)
Dreamt out the entire plot line of Blow last night. I was George Jung.
George Jung gets out sometime this month
Fell asleep watching blow, woke up to the boyfriend truly believing the Feds were after him. Calm down George Jung it's just a dream.
George Jung only gets let out in 2015.. He knows how to party
yeah! First time! It's been out over 10 years fs! Then man George jung gets out of prison next year lol!
Maybe I should just be a drug dealer.. Get good like George Jung & make bank 💰😂👏
George Jung received 60 years in prison in 1994 for smuggling cocaine. He gets released on Thanksgiving Day 2014. Talk ab…
Be who you are if you ain't ever been a drug dealer then don't rap like you know the coke game better than George Jung
George Jung from ''Blow'' will get out of prison just in a year so he can continue to smuggle cocaine
I aspire to be like George Jung some day, he lived the most badass life
George Jung the man who introduced cocaine into the usa gets out of prison next year
George Jung gets out of prison on Thanksgiving day in 2014
THAT'S SUCH A GOOD MOVIE! OMG the real George Jung is coming out next year!!
foreal thou. That's irritating man. George Jung had money, that's what money looks like
Seen a guy at Tim's just then that looks just like George Jung
Bank account looking like a George Jung stash house. -
Peru could be an option like, George Jung is free next year, we need to introduce ourselves
George Jung time to get on his level
White folks, always funkn sh!t up! 😒-George Jung's interview bout his life...
George Jung will always be a personal hero.
George Jung gets out of prison in two years. Good luck to him.
George Jung gets out of prison in 2015.
George Jung get out of jail this upcoming year
his name was George Jung. His nick name was Boston George. Get it right get it tight.
yeah well that doesn't excuse the fact I had to George Jung from getting busted all by myself.
I still don't believe George Jung earned millions with Pablo Escobar & never harmed anyone.
Oh Blow is on Sky Atlantic with Johnny Depp starring as drug baron George Jung
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
George Jung was actually arrested for his 60 year sentence in Topeka. He's out next November though!
Basically, George Jung was the man according to this movie
I wonder what George Jung is gonna look like when he gets out next year
My name is George Jung... federal inmate number 19225004
Tryna get George Jung money without the Fed time
If my son turns out like george jung, my bumper stickers will be amazing
I wanna live life like George Jung minus the 30 years in jail
George Jung just fudges himself. How you gonna swear on your daughter's life bro?
Swear if I were to marry her she would be just like George Jung's mom in the movie Blow
Bottom line is had run-ins with PEDs like George Jung had run-ins with cocaine.
George Jung will be released from jail on Nov 27 2014 !! He isn't an inspiration but i would like to be present there and witness it.
"All I can say is my ambition far exceeded my talent" George Jung
Feelin like George Jung when he got cut off!
I love how kids always screw over their parents when they pick a role model. . Mine was George Jung.
A girl that knows George Jung is boss
George Jung gets out in 2 years ... can i meet him
Its so crazy that the real George Jung will be out in 2015, after 50-60 years in prision.
lmao. All I can say is my ambitions far exceed my talents - George Jung
Aviators on my face, while she sit on my face, call that George Jung
George Jung gets released from prison on my 24th birthday.
I can't even sit still right now. They call me George Jung
Who is George Jung? He was one of the biggest cocaine smugglers the US has ever seen, and between 1970-1980 was...
The projected release date for George Jung is November 27, 2015, at 67
Five Finger Lids for eveeybody! Just in time for George Jung's release!
George Jung is getting outta prison thanksgiving of 2014.. I would do anything just to spend a day with him and listen to his stories
We get to pick the topic we want to do our first speech on in my class and of course mines all about George Jung
you know George Jung gets out of prison next year?
probably better to say "If I were George Jung, I would make it snow."
George Jung is going out of jail next year ~o~
Honestly felt like George Jung for a minute.
how about George Jung when he comes out of prison are u goin to help him he was a big part of ur fathers life also
George Jung is a historical figure.
George Jung gets released in less than 2 years!
I still can't believe George Jung blew 10 grams of coke in 10 minutes
I told my dad to watch the movie Blow and be the next George Jung since he's already a pilot anyways
hey George Jung if you're alive by 2015 hmu let's do amazing white
Imagine chilling with Pablo Escobar. Think I would rather chill with George Jung uno.
not sure yet.. Could end up been a pony tail yeah bit like george jung
Trying to determine if "you're Diego Delgado to my George Jung" is a compliment or an insult.
1 year from thanksgiving George Jung will be released from jail
Wouldn't ya wonder if Henry Hill is peddling George Jung's blow in goodfellas?!
George Jung had to get greedy man :(
George Jung gets released from prison next year
Pretty awesome soundtrack...The real George Jung is still in prison, but gets out next year.
Do you reckon George Jung has seen blow?
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its sad, and its based on the real George jung :/
George Jung get out of prison next year 60 year ian even kno that
I don't but this is good. It's a biopic of George Jung the guy who 1st smuggled cocaine into America.
George Jung is free in less than 2 years
George Jung gets out in 2015 so that's a thing
Johnny Depp is George Jung, a small-town boy who pursues the American Dream his way. is tonight's
George jung gets out I like two years
What a mint film 'Blow' is, mad to think George Jung is out of prison next year
Because, when you think about it, what did I really do? I crossed an imaginary line with a bunch of plants... ~George Jung
My puppy is named after the great George Jung
I aspire to meet George Jung in 2015
I think it's awesome that the actual George Jung will be out of prison in November of next year... That *** movie always makes me cry.
hairs getting long again, George Jung look on the way
It's more of a George Jung minus the whole coke addiction and what not.
get famous an lets move to Hollywood an make life a mixture of George Jung and Entourage. is Turtle.
" My wife didnt die she left me for Lil B"- George Jung
“Blow is now my top favorite movie ever”!!! George Jung>>>>
Would you rather be George Jung or Walter White? Hm minus the prison thing
“George Jung major cocaine trafficker sentenced 60 years in jail went to southern miss... Mind blown” this is bad ***
wish i was a sirk drug dealer like George Jung
“No idea.”. Johnny Depp as George Jung in 'Blow'. Not a classic, but still one of my favorite films.
I'm no George Jung but if you try & smuggle a mil's worth of dickie in your suitcase, at least make sure your mother know's you're OK.
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