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George Jung

George Jacob Jung (born August 6, 1942), nicknamed Boston George , was a major player in the cocaine trade in the United States in the 1970s and early 1980s.

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Wish I could of lived like George Jung very inspiring
"She was beautiful, crazy, passionate and just as crazy as I am... She could party like a man and love like a woman" - Geor…
Its lookin like Jurassic park outside
Imma die alone cause I was born alone
Just writing about my dude George Jung! Hang in there for one more year my friend
People that think you want them cause you complimented them.. It was never that deep 😴
Photo: Y’all go check out League aka exclusive new single “George Jung” at...
Y'all go check out League aka supra_league exclusive new single "George Jung" at…
When I try to help in group projects...
When the kicker misses the field goal.
ICYMI: High school teacher has his classroom decked out for the
Next year, you'll wish you had started today.
Frank Lucas, George Jung, Scarface, Pablo Escobar and Jordan Belfort are my motivation to get through the day and strive to reach my goal .
If the World was sucker free it would just be me and 😝💋
Enlightenment is not about imagining figures of light but of making the darkness conscious. ~ C.G. Jung
"Lifes a rodeo you gotta stay in the saddle and I'm back in the saddle" - George jung
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
He cooperated with the feds. My dude George Jung from Blow wouldn't have done that.
Layed up in bed w. watching netflix boutta go schleep doe 😙😘💤💤
Everytime I hear Black Betty by Ram Jam I have the biggest urge to strut like George Jung did in the airport in Blow
Got my hair cut and I look like Johnny Depp's portrayal of George Jung in blow
nothing crazy honestly. Just general releases. Prices vary but a couple are actually worn
When George Jung day dreamed about walking with his daughter.
I think it would be savage if my rap name was George Jung.
One of my favorite quotes ever... Johnny Depp's 'Blow' inspiration, George Jung, was RELEASED from prison today! ... http:…
Why didn't anyone tell me that George Jung was released from prison early? I wanted to watch Blow in honor of him getting out of jail.
When you rap the whole verse correctly
I have a feeling George Jung is gonna go back to moving dope now that he's outta jail
All it take is one wrong move to be a body
Happening right in front of your eyes.
George Jung was released from prison this summer
“When Bae gets Ebola but you still love her.. |
That *** George Jung got out of jail this year 😳 where all the yay be
The World's Most Enticing Vacation Destinations. Who could ever say no to Ibiza?
Big L deserves a Grammy for saying “Step to this and get shanked up, I knocked out so many teeth, the tooth fairy went ba…
Smoke so much Purple im fenna cough up a lung - Sniff so much White you can call me George Jung !!!
they found George Jung with 100 kilos
I'm obsessed. In the library googling Pablo Escobar and George Jung
Life's a rodeo And the only thing you can do is stay on the saddle, I'm back on the saddle-George Jung
They should've made Blow about this guy instead of George Jung
(2/2) But I force a smile, knowing that my ambition far exceeded my talent." – George Jung.
My brother Colin the George Jung of u of I 😂😂😂😂
Helping eachother grow instead of destroying each other.
A George divided among itself cannot stand.
I don't see the big deal is if I just became George Jung we'd be together probably start our family. I'd be happier to have her next to me
I don't got nothin to prove unless its in court
I'm in that white ghost chasing pacman
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Live for yourself and you will live in vain; Live for others, and you will live again. - Bob Marley
Sam is gonna be shook Afta we see Annabella I wana get a doll so i can have er bug out lmfao
Cats crack me up nowadays got nothing but H&M in the closet and swear they're fly SHTOP it
They ain't made me what I am they just found me like this
The only dude that can fight off ebola for us
Drug informant George Jung, portrayed in 'Blow,' released from prison |
When Ebola hits NY, i'm going upstate away from society.
Bruh George Jung is out of prison and lives in SF
George Jung , Tony Montana and Jordan Belfort are my guardian angels 🙇
You know you failed if your teacher hands your paper back like this...
Anybody harder they say No OG GOON spelled backwards is NO OG!
lemme dig deep into my sick bugged out mind ahh u Betta pray u don't lose this bet ITS OVA HOVA
no way bro you'll dress me in a tutu think of something new .and Tweeps feel free to offer suggestions
I'll wear a kandi to a Techno event of my choosing .
If I had a dog as ugly as you id shave it's butt and tell it to walk backwards lmfao
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I win you cut your hair you win I eat Ebola infested food
my god I can't wait to wax that *** today ! Bro we 2-2 rn do first to ten bet I lose I cut my hair u lose u go bald
I wonder how much I would dislike myself if I sucked as bad as in madden 15
George Jung was living the life 60 years ago lol
In coke news: George Jung was released from prison today after ~20 years.
My only question is how many kilos of coke has Joe Rogan snorted in his lifetime ??? More than George Jung is my guess
Happy birthday Charlie! I hope you had a great day, love you!💙🎊
lol nah, I thought places getting to 105 degrees was a myth, *** thought they were about to die
I bet bro that heat ain't no joke either lol smh
Goodlooks brotha man you already know 💨💨🍻
The dude the movie, 'Blow' is about is finally out of jail
George Jung (played by Johnny Depp in the movie "Blow") was reunited w his daughter, after being released from prison
George Jung wrote a sequel to blow, need to get that asap
Have you ever watched the Movie Blow ... Well xD
Will there be a white rapper named George Jung like Rick Ross? Lmao I should plant seeds in the fields sheep graze in.. TJ B…
Uh Oh they done let george jung outta jail, he bouta turn up again lol
S/O to George Jung gettin outta the slammer today
Planning a lick right now. "George Jung is out of prison. The Gawd."
George Jung is out of prison. The Gawd.
20 years later Boston George aka George Jung is free. I'm watching "Blow" all day!
At the end of Blow it says George Jung was to be released in 2015. Apparently he got out a little early. Wow.
George Jung is now out of prison. Most people don't know that name, but I'm sure you remember the movie Blow with...
Good God, when is George Jung going to be on Google Play, Dybs?!.
The man, the myth, the legend George Jung is finally out of prison
This was the guy that ye movie with Johnny Depp was in is about, Blow
Who would have thought George Jung would have made it out of prison
A man without virtue is like a bird who can't fly.
George Jung was released from prison today :-)
“Shut. Up. George Jung is out of prison.
George Jung about to get out of jail and be a celebrity
George Jung sat down and did his time and free at 72!
Trying to hang out with George Jung
George Jung says he wrote a book while in jail called 'heavy' that can potentially be a sequel to 'blow'
If you don't know George Jung then you ain't living
"Money isn't real, George. It doesn't matter. It only seems like it does."- Fred Jung
Give a *** a qp of loud and he turn into George Jung overnite
watch the trailer it's a sick film about George jung who was the main importer of cocaine to the US in the 70s it's quality
If I watched Blow a million times... I'd still feel surprised and sad that his daughter never came to see him. Poor George Jung, bless ur 💜
it's always the last day of summer and I've been left out in the cold with no door to get back in ---George Jung
“George Jung, famous from the film "Blow", was released from prison today my boys out!
*** Wes Welker you *** you're killing my fantasy team already
Aww mate ano thts even jung is the man👏, shame for condition hes in now maan.
I just had a dream.. I went to N Korea with George Bush & Kim Jung Un tried to kill me by forcing a fisherman to shoot me…
George Jung is out! Look for "Heavy," the prequil to Mid Ocean by George Jung and T. Rafael Cimino. Coming soon!
Lmao had to hit the skates lastnight
I've broken a promise. everything I love in my life goes away. - George Jung
George Jung was released from prison today
My nose is so stuffed up with sea water right now I'm feeling like I hung out w/ George Jung last night.
George Jung worked with Pablo Escobar daymm lol
What if peyton was fighting dogs instead of mike vick
Im the one to get it done michael jordan in the clutch
George kills Lennie in the of mice and men book, saves you reading it.
first friend I want to make in San Fran . Kayla Billos lol
George Jung, notorious cocaine merchant who was portrayed in film Blow, gives first media interview!!
And if you don't know who George Jung is then you need to get out more.
Photoset: make me choose: George Jung or John Dillinger?
Rewatching "Blow" now that George Jung has been released. Still one of my favorites.
Cali plug George Jung make bandz go go go
George Jung (Johnny Depp in Blow) is writing the official biography of the creator of McAfee Antivirus, John McAfee. htt…
"Danbury wasn't a prison, it was a crime school. I went in with a Bachelor of marijuana, came out with a Doctorate of co…
“This is what Miss America looked like in 1924. won miss America in the 1920s my man
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hugh Hefner, and Wilt Chamberlain at the Playboy mansion in 1977 '
that was some George Jung style Coke- lock down.
Just learned that George Jung is out of jail. Wonder if he dealt the Coke to Dustin Johnson that Made him fail his drug test
R.I.P. to the manliest man there ever was
The only kind of sickness I like is the kind that let me stay home from school (faking sick)
My team winning in my Hellabandz Topshatta voice Dec21 catch bigbro George Jung doing his thing X topshotta
Life passes most people by while they're busy making grand plans for it . -George Jung
That's George Jung in the hat at the beginning frfr
George Jung, as portrayed by Johnny Depp in "Blow", was granted early released from prison in June, and is now living in…
Ex-cocaine king and inspiration, George Jung, is back on the streets... Don't BLOW it!
Watched blow for the first time and george jung gets out next year lol
Wish I was friends with Pablo Escobar and George Jung back in the 60's 70's and 80's
George Jung wikipedia him they'll tell you
Just did 100 pushups in tedeschis for a red bull
Will Paul George’s injury impact the way owners, players and fans feel about off-season basketball? Fanpost:
Me: I have 17 games I'd like to trade in. GameStop guy: We'll give you $8.50 for all these
is it just me or does beast boy's VA kinda look like young George Jung?
George Jung is one person I would really like to talk to
Joe Blow and KThaqs Go To Chase Manhattan.or I could just be George Jung if you'll be Griselda Blanco
Photo: George Jung Interview of George Jung Part 1Interview of the REAL George Jung. The man behind the...
When you have to present your project & you're waiting for the class to be quiet
“Melo most improved of all time like a hood *** tryna look nice for court
I only went to see Stuart get the Jimmy V award and I did and it was very fitting. Lost my 2nd mom to cancer this yr & I mi…
Chicago doctors be like "don't worry, minor injury, you should be fine"
Most Swag Award goes to dude on the right in the shorts. .
“Fail of the year he got spizikes on not yezzys 2 nothin alike them 3 why would u want 2 b them smh
lol I swear I wasted time watching that smh
This *** graduation picture look like he just wrote the best selling gospel novel
Rihanna never lackin, she got comebacks for days.. 😭😴💀
Little Giant Ladders
“🚙MELO anthony *Voice of the guy from msg anytime he scores*
DID U KNOW: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie has a collection of superhero cleats:
Hookah is no healthier than cigarettes, and it includes more nicotine and tar.
Stuart Scott rocking the Carolina 11 lows. Truly an inspirational guy.
"You beat cancer by HOW you live, WHILE you live, so LIVE. FIGHT.” -
Sorry you had to "Bear" this pain ! But look on the bright side, now u get my Glove & a Derby ball! 👍 http:/…
Listen to the new song 'Wasted Love’ feat. Dougy from The Temper Trap:
“The Kiss. she wasn't gonna tongue em her man def wasn't haven that slide
The fact I'm just finding out George Jung was released this year is rather disappointing!!!
*** people shouldn't get any kind of special treatment whether it's good/bad. Everyone says they're equal so why the special …
So kind of & to take a surgery selfie of our host ...
The Blake and Drake skit is hysterical not gonna lie
George Jung's dad knew what true love meant.
Just found out George Jung was released last month.. Legend.
North Korea is lovely everyday of the year. Hail Kim Jung Un
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
A new level of stupidity has been reached
Is there something wrong with the cat?
These works of art are made from sneakers. Check it out at
Life's a rodeo and all you have to do is stay in the saddle -George Jung
Here is a preview of Lance Stephenson with the Hornets next season:
BREAKING NEWS: Terrorist air strike kills four kids playing soccer in Pennsylvania. Wait, no, it was Gaza, so don't care abo…
The throwback Raptors jerseys are one of my that they will wear them next season.
Sneak peek: Pacers, Kings and Raptors will wear these throwback uniforms next season.
So drake is hosting the ESPY's tonight .. The amount of *** drake is going to suck will be astronomical !!!
Like big meech or john gotti I aint never told on nobody 😎😷
Blow (2001) 1hr 58m [18] Johnny Depp stars as real-life drug baron George Jung, the man who cornered the American ...
Johnny Depp Over the Years Johnny Depp is an actor and musician. He rose to prominence in the 1980s television series “21 Jump Street”. He began his acting career with his major role in the horror film A Nightmare on Elm Street. The success of Tim Burton’s movie Edward Scissorhands in which he undertook the quirky title role, marked his long association with Burton. Later, he found box office success in films like Sleepy Hollow, Pirates of the Caribbean series, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. His portrayals as George Jung in Blow, Hunter S. Thompson in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, or Edward D. Wood, Jr., in Ed Wood have highly appreciated. The actor has been nominated for top awards many times, including an Academy Award for Best Actor for playing J. M. Barrie in Finding Neverland and the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy, for playing Willy Wonka in the 2005 film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He won the Best Actor Awards for Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fle ...
Told these *** they were my 100th customer so they win a discount & a family pic but really they were just ugly af http:…
I never question god but sometimes I wonder why
Hope I get the job at Victorias secret
Update your maps at Navteq
This summer blows more than George Jung
What team you rooting for next year?
They beat England and cant beat these bums smfh
These refs blow more then George Jung
BREAKING: Miami Heat fans announce they are now Free Agent fans for the time being.
At St George's indoor market today, one Belfast youngster decided it was time for a selfie
Lmaooo im dyin broo he's never gonna win another ring so have fun rockin with him
Whatever team he goes 2 tho just know nike got his kicks already lined up in that new color way
Shutup Charlie bro, LBJ is the best in the game to be the best you gotta rock with the best
Bron didn't 3peat and still see him all over my TL you can never win huh
Need a new pair of spacejams man I beat em up smfh wish they weren't so much id buy a pair right now
"God is great, guard ya space / one hand wash the other, both wash the face" -
22 years ago today, Shaq was presented a jersey that was way too small for him.
Thank god Il be able to watch the Italy game while I'm working that espn app is gonna save me we Betta get a W
On both occasions that have faced in the the have gone on to reach the semi-finals.
George Jung (guy whose life the movie Blow is about) was released from jail June 2, 2014.
me too lol . George Jung was released this month!
*** I wish I was off fml make me hate being at work that much more 🔫🔫
yea man *** another Italy game but this time got it covered espn app on my phone I'll be able to watch it we need the W!!
Finally world star put up a vine comp
Gave em another shot and same results lmao
He still going I'm killing em right now he's def sick that he lost
George Jung, the dude who's life is played out by Johnny Depp in the amazing movie Blow, is out of prison now. Party with George?
Unless it's just the raw ambition people admire, the way Blow portrayed George Jung's blind ambition in a sort of admirable way at times
They better win tomoro man win or go home and they better not be going home
Set up my watchespn so I can catch the Italy game while im at work
Happy Birthday to my brothers George Jung and Nino Brown. I love you both so much and wish you nothing but the best on today and in life. Wish I could be there to celebrate with you both. Loving you all the way from North Carolina!! Miss you guys
Im out here frfr,,,if yu want me catch me at George Jung n Nino Brown Pool Party
Watching blow, and just learned that George Jung was released from prison like a week ago...and he wrote a sequel in prison
I'm the only person that cares George Jung gets out this thanksgiving? Ok
George Jung is out of jail I'm trying to meet him
we need to go back to the George Jung avi, js
Finally came in the mail. Been wanting to watch since the day George Jung was released :D
Finally watching the movie blow for the first time all the way through. Cant believe I've never seen this movie and Johnny Depp is one of my favorite actors. I figured George Jung just got out of prisonso it was suitable to watch the movie about him
I don't want an Augustus Waters I'll take a George Jung please and thank you
Even as little kids we knew about STDs...we just called them Cooties.
CLINT DEMPSEY!. USA takes a 1-0 lead over Ghana in 1st minute. Dempsey is 1st American to score in 3 different World…
USA scores in the first 30seconds let's go I wana see USA do work but I'm pulling for Italy & if they don't do it I want USA
If you have time to whine and complain about something, you have time to do something about it.
Evander Holyfield has 11 kids by 8 different women.
Happy 43rd Birthday to the legend Tupac Shakur
“Looks like is putting together a massive NYC show. Maybe MSG? please stop having these wack people at msg smh
Flipping them pies *** I'm on it I'm gotti George Jung of the game *** who want it?
All my friends are talking about today is how George Jung and his daughter are no longer estranged.
Coke legend George Jung, played by Johnny Depp, was released today—six months ahead of schedule.
dontjealousme's video lmfao Nigerians kill me 😂😂
Bow wow could do this to the spurs but Lebron couldn't?
"George Jung (Boston George) finally free after being arrested in 1987 Welcome back George!!
George Jung a.k.a "Boston George", who the movie "Blow" was made after, was released from jail today!
Its crazy to see all these young men so brainwashed over a few black guys bouncing a ball and throwing it into a hole.. and I'm all over here like... oh cool, George Jung just got released and I got a new rabbit pelt with my bow.. life's good...wheres the salt?
Happy birthday cuz enjoy it love you ❤
Having a drink with the guys after work.
Prepare for more tales of cocaine pure as the driven snow -- George Jung penned a sequel to "Blow" during his almost 20-year prison stint ... and his…
I didn't know George Jung was already out of prison!
George Jung from Blow has been released from prison as of a couple weeks ago!
George jung been released early wow
Remember watching "Blow" and at the end of the movie, they say the real George Jung (played by Johnny…
Had a great time at the Casse Tete festival with Thanks to all the awesome Prince George folks for a great weekend!
now that they let George Jung out I wanna watch Blow so bad!!
I just looked at a website called 'Books George Jung Wants You to Read,' and I'm actually considering taking literary advice from it.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Why would you expose your own nudes on social media. You're real smart girl
"Life is a Rodeo, you just have to stay on the saddle." - George Jung
I pray for you every night bc the life you are trying to live is not real!!! Example george jung!!!
GEORGE JUNG RELEASED TODAY! - According to unconfirmed reports, George will be released from prison today, June 2nd 2014, at 9am! Let's hope we can confirm this news later today! More info on
Ben Frank Ent. Presents Yung Thrilla (20-Twelve Fun & Pains) I finally completed my mixtape! Next is mixtape cover and CD press up! Cant wait! Already started on the next mixtape with Myzarati George Jung If you want a copy of my mixtape hmu and I got cha! -They Cant Tell Us No!-
I would like to say happy fathers day to to my sons Bill Dance and George Jung,they have giving me the best gifts any grandmother could ask for. Happy fathers day and i love yall with all my heart.
George Jung arrived in San Francisco on Monday night to move into a halfway house ... but tells us the Massachusetts native dined on a hometown favorite befo...
Former cocaine baron "Boston" George Jung is rumored to be writing No Domain, McAfee's official biography. This would be interesting.
Coolin with my bros. My day 1's. Cant trust ppl Cuz they fufu so I'm wit the bros George Jung Corey Rip Brandon Adkins
FREE Movie Night Tuesdays at The Historic Cine El Rey NO COVER & FREE POPCORN. Feel FREE to bring your own snacks, food i.e. pizza, burritos, burgers, candy, sandwiches just NO drinks please, there is a full stocked bar available to order your drinks at with proper ID. TUESDAY June 24th A special 13th Anniversary screening of BLOW (2001) Doors open at 8pm Movie Starts at 8:30pm sharp. Live music In "The Lobby" of The Historic Cine El Rey Theatre after the film from The TUESDAY NIGHT MUSIC CLUB featuring members of The Brotherhood Revival from 10:30pm-2am with Drink specials throughout night. All/Any musicians are encouraged to come on down and enjoy a jam session. OPEN INVITATION - NO COVER & FREE POPCORN. Blow is a 2001 American biopic about the American cocaine smuggler George Jung, directed by Ted Demme. David McKenna and Nick Cassavetes adapted Bruce Porter's 1993 book Blow: How a Small Town Boy Made $100 Million with the Medellín Cocaine Cartel and Lost It All for the screenplay. It is based on the ...
Everytime posts about George Jung and includes pics, I just assume the article is about Argus Filch.
George Jung is out of jail and bjs pub got me loaded so it's only right
George Jung from blow released from prison today after 20 years
Federal prison officials on Tuesday confirmed George Jung, 71, had been transferred to a so-called residential re-entry center in northern California,
George Jung was released from Federal Prison today ...
George Jung released from prision yesterday.!
George Jung Release: Inspiration for Johnny Depp’s Character in ‘Blow’ Movie Out of Prison After Cocaine Sentence
“Still too hype they freed george jung”
George Jung (aka Boston George), 71, has been released from prison after serving almost two decades in jail for drug smuggling and trafficking. His story was told in the 2001 biopic, Blow, starring Johnny Depp. TMZ captured the first moments of his freedom.
George Jung is free 👏 (pretty sure I'm only on his side cause of Johnny Depp)
My girlfriend and I have our summer mission set. Find George Jung!!! (The movie BLOW)
Still too hype they freed george jung
George Jung welcome back my good friend
George Jung what 😱😱 it's been so long & I was just watch blow yesterday lol
George Jung out of prison looks like there is going to be a blow 2
I cannot believe George Jung is out.I remember like the year ago watching blow for the millionth time and talking about how I wanna meet him
One more thing did u hear george jung was released from prison?
I wonder what George Jung is doing.
Boston George, as he was known in the cocaine distribution circles he used to run, was released from prison today. Dear Friends,as of June 2 George will be released from Fort Dix,any fan mail sent to the facility will not reach him GEORGE JUNG (June 2, 2014 Ju…
George Jung from the film "BLOW" has been released from prison, he is the reason for 90% of the worlds cocaine
George Jung got out and was prob like "Alright now let's sell some cocaine"
In honor of George Jung being released from prison, I will dedicate today to watching Blow for the 7962 time
George Jung, the movie Blow was based on, was released from prison today after serving 20 years. 71 years old.
Tell George Jung hit my line...from a pay phone .
George Jung, the man portrayed by Johnny Depp in blow, has finally been released from prison.
'Blow' subject George Jung has been released from prison:
George Jung officially released from prison 🙌
George Jung was released from prison. I'm trying to be his friend
"I would love to sit and hear George Jung talk about his life" go interview him and make a documentary
Today George Jung is getting released from prison
George Jung of movie 'Blow' released early from prison
Anyone else have a suspicion that George Jung will be moving to CO for the rest of his days?
And oh, George Jung aka Boston George will be out very soon? Woah, king of cokes.
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