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George Galloway

George Galloway (born 16 August 1954) is a British politician, author, journalist, and broadcaster, and the Respect Member of Parliament (MP) for Bradford West.

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Look, please stop encouraging George Galloway to stand in Gorton .. or just stop encouraging him? George loves all the drama f…
Shock horror. I actually agree with George Galloway. Ian Murray should have the whip removed
I mean, my God, George Galloway. Will Michael Gove do one? Marine le Pen? Rolf Harris?
Are you part of the mob who elected George Galloway and Diane Abbot..
the ones that stick out for me are Kathleen Murdoch, George Galloway, Dominik Diamond, Jim Spence, Graham Speirs
'Jesus wept' (as his dad famously said), yes please.. Only I'd put 'gorgeous' George Galloway in charge!
George Galloway rips into Angus Robertson and the SNPs narrow attitude via
Remainers now trying to frame Brexit as a right wing Tory policy please explain George Galloway, Gisela Stuart, John Mann, David Owen et al
I liked a video from George Galloway hammers Jacqui Smith on bombing ISIS - BBC This
All I said was George Galloway or Dennis Skinner would be preferable from the point of view of a social democrat.
Ask Craig Murray he knows but can't say!George Galloway said I would tell you but I'd have to kill you 😂😂😂
Go speak to George Galloway, despite public donations, he was obliged to sell his home to fund: / Killings of Tony Blair
George Galloway, the cat who got the cream: the best and worst of Celebrity Big Brother -
Yes indeed George Galloway shouted out the real news ..& msm did not say a dicky bird back ! Such Fear ...
The Charity Commission has removed Viva Palestina, founded by George Galloway, from its register of charities
George Galloway manages to insinuate a conspiracy theory and cheer on Russia's ruthless response preemptively - in one twee…
Fantastic words on George Galloway just now, John. Keep up the great work.
George Galloway earns £186,000 minimum a year as a paid propagandist of Putin. I really don't know what to say.
People like Ken Livingstone,Jeremy Corbyn,John Mccdonnell,George Galloway,Dennis Skinner should be listened to,and celebrated not slurred
.Houston, we have a problem. . Alex uses George Galloway as FP expert, promotes Sandy ***
.The man who launched Sputnik on Putin TV was Abby Martin/Cenk/Greenwald/Alex Jones buddy.George Galloway.
Jeremy Scahill worked with George Galloway for DemocracyNow! as war reporters, lol
.. .defends George Galloway in InfoWars uses him as FP expert.
George Galloway telling a caller Thatcher had it easy in 87 'up against the plonker Neil Kinnock'! He's got that right!
George Galloway is proof that you can't polish a turd, but you can lob glitter all over it.
It's true. Look how they shine for. For you I'd bleed myself dry. That's a Ellsworth George Galloway
George Galloway 'attacked with glitter bomb' by activists during university lecture
British Education: George Galloway 'attacked with glitter' at university event -
George Galloway is a complete wanker.
In which George Galloway gets the chance to enact that joke and 'exercise in glitter'.
George Galloway is "attacked" by a shower of glitter in He's lucky it wasn't an attack of GARY GLITTER.
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Lee Jasper (got 2.9% for George Galloway's Respect against Labour in Croydon North by-election) has rejoined Labour: htt…
Five Rottweilers would not have stopped George Galloway least of all five dafties.
I am an opponent of Saddam Hussein, but an opponent also, of the s...
I find what happened 2 George Galloway at sickening & very concerning.Dreadful for George & his family.
George Galloway 'attacked with glitter during scuffle with student protesters'. Attacked...with glitter. Didn't know glitter was a weapon😂
George Galloway attacked while speaking to students at University of Aberdeen
Stephen Kinnock, Margaret Hodge and now George Galloway. . The left has a serious debate it needs to have about diversity. I'm…
As much as I dislike George Galloway, glitter attacks that went into his face/mouth is not cool. Peacefully protest folks!
Galloway glitterbombed: 'Gorgeous' George attacked with gold powder at Aberdeen University
The attack on my comrade George Galloway this evening is an attack on democracy and freedom of free speech.
A master stroke by the No campaign. Wheel out George Galloway in a edgy hat to appeal to the masses of undecided hipsters
Galloway complains to police after protestors 'throw glitter over him' Serves him right
George Galloway ‘attacked with mystery substance at University of Aberdeen event’
George Galloway 'attacked with glitter' at university event
"All that glitters is not Gorgeous George Galloway."
George Galloway complains to police after ‘trans anarchists’ attack him onstage – International Business Times UK
Police attend George Galloway 'glitter' incident at University
George Galloway 'attacked with mystery substance while speaking to students in University'
Lok here...someone who hasn't been blocked by George Galloway! Congrats and commiserations.
BREAKING: George Galloway 'attacked with glitter' at university event: GEORGE Galloway has been 'attacked with……
Former MP George Galloway 'glitterbombed' by students at Aberdeen University lecture… via
So according to Rape = Bad sexual etiquette. Having a bit of glitter thrown at you = Violent assault. ht…
...what I meant to say is : George Galloway is a bless to mankind *Immortal*.
I'm heard somebody say something about George Galloway and Garry Glitter, surely not!
George Galloway is in bed deeply with Islamists and jihadists in and the middle east. Bad news…
I don't think George Galloway has the answers. I'm just angry at the fact he has been attacked at my university.
Terrorism apologist 'attacked' with glitter, calls police & sells story to MSM. Classy,
Thought liberal students were all about tolerance? 'attacked while speaking to students in Aberdeen' http…
I don't agree with George Galloway on most issues but I think it is totally unacceptable for him to be attacked in this way.
"If they want to throw out illegal immigrants or keep out Muslims that’s up to them. It’s their business" - George Galloway, o…
In case you'd somehow missed the fact that George Galloway is also a rape apologist, well, now you know that too.
George Galloway is a most perceptive and honest person, this scares people who want to do wrong. Don't be...
Why does George Galloway think it'd be okay for Trump & his white nationalists to build a wall, but not for Israel to?
Will fellow leftists finally stop RTing George Galloway now?
No, not made up. Spencer was obsessed w/ discrediting George Galloway. .
bring us Robin McAlpine. You bring us George Galloway in a cat suit. You have got to be stopped and you need help.
Nobody had heard of Camilla Long until George Galloway said she looked like Philip Seymour Hoffman in a wig.
George Galloway: Boris Johnson will even help Isis if it means Jeremy Corbyn gets a kicking - pretty much.
Arthur is referring to George Galloway, in case you wondered...
I would like to see George Galloway, Derek Hatton, Dave Nellist and Arthur Scargill back in the Labour Party, where the…
.excellent conversation with George Galloway re Deutsche Bank
"George Galloway discusses the occupation of Palestine with US orthodox Jew" : via
Ken Livingstone has fought racism all his life as has George Galloway yet they are called anti - semites ?
hi yes just type George Galloway into iTunes and it will take you to the killings of tony Blair x
George Galloway sinks into the gutter with this disgusting slur against Mr Campbell should sue.
George Galloway explains why he's the perfect choice for via
The Killings of Tony Blair: watch the trailer for George Galloway's film about the former PM – video
I like Blum a lot. He is excellent. I like Phil Agee and John Stockwell, Michel Chossudovsky, George Galloway
Fron Aug. 2013, George Galloway on his film the 'The Killing of Tony Blair' with Max Keiser via
This one seems to be everyone's favourite, with comments ranging form "George Galloway" to "Eddie Izzard". Perfect. https…
SPUTNIK: Orbiting the world with George Galloway - Episode 14 via 12:45 Sir Gerald Kaufman on
George Galloway can speak. But then so was Oswald Mosley and Hi ...
‘Impeachment would be worse for Tony Blair than jail,’ George Galloway tells Russia Today
From the George Galloway charm school isn't he. How odd for a comedian.
and George Galloway and Eamonn McCann, etc etc. Does the Left argument not count?
The likes of Arthur Scargill,George Galloway and Dennis Skinner,may not be everyone's cup of tea,but they are...
Lexit the Movie via Tony Benn, George Galloway, Bob Crowe all agree
Next week on Tony Parsons, Paul Burrell, Kelvin Mackenzie, George Galloway, and Geert Wilders "for balance".
Everyone's favourite rape apologist/Saddam fan/Gael hater/absentee MP George Galloway is on available on Netflix in Scand…
Lord Falconer: the CBI and the Bank of England support in, on the other side Donald Trump, George Galloway and Joan Collins support out!
. George Galloway supported Saddam Husein whereas Nigel Farage is just plain insane.
He was right of course, but as I remember didn't George Galloway, Clare Short and Robin Cook also get it right?
when I'm undecided I tend to look at whatever side of the debate George Galloway is on and then opt for the other side.
Kinnock civil war craps on 1066 billion ruin January for George Galloway
I liked a video ''UN-CUT FOR PALESTINE'' with George Galloway.
Don't worry you've got George Galloway and The Frinton Massive on your side. Safe.
I had to unmatch George Galloway too.
that's because he denied being antisemitic. George Galloway does very well with the Muslim vote
just like George Galloway. Why use your own when British unionist rhetoric, superficial comparison are there, ready made for you?
Love him or hate him. George Galloway is right about Saudi Arabia.
I regarded him chiefly as a shameless appeaser/admirer of anti-Western tyrants - in the George Galloway mould
Other men in look like George Galloway in a cravat.
I added a video to a playlist "It's a fact that Hitler was supporting Zionism" - George Galloway -
disappointed that would host an interview with George Galloway. Esp after his attacks on Naz Shah
if you dug deep you might find bigger tolerance for EU. Considering your space for the *** GEORGE GALLOWAY, you lost me
Order Miche Bag Online!
so you do what George Galloway says?
Somehow I imagine you going all George Galloway.
George Galloway,Nick Griffin,Murdoch,Farage,LePen want UK out of EU. MUST be right!
George Galloway foods would like to introduce its new product 'bad sexual etiquette seed oil'
MSM wont beat down Icke same as they wont no-platform George Galloway or Katie Hopkins or [insert rentagob du jour).
George Galloway has pulled out of the Tooting by-election because he fears he is too popular
George Galloway with our Macarons at the Muslim Lifestyle Show this weekend https:/…
Surely to God we've not signed George Galloway!
blogdog: A line in the sand ...Sykes-Picot agreement_George Galloway
George Galloway: Arabs are divided because they want to be divided via
it would be interesting to find out what George Galloway has been up to this week now that Londoners have flipped him the bird
Still over the moon on how one of my favourite politicians follows me 😎 Big George Galloway
Brexiteers r sharing platform with leftie George Galloway. I only endorse supporters of Remain campaign over EU single issue!
George Galloway, where is thy sting?
George Galloway will be on it. Doesnt matter what the list is, he will try to get on it.
London's roads, schools, transport system, NHS & housing as I said to George Galloway years ago on TalkSport are at breaking point. Lets
cannot decide if this is worse or less bad than the George Galloway fedoramobile bus
The Media don't show this! George Galloway EXPOSING the TRUTH at UK Parl... via
George Galloway annoyed by EU referendum questions in TV interview - BB... via
To paraphrase a pithy George Galloway phrase, they would be "to cheeks of the same backside" .
George Galloway's statment on the Death of Serena Shim:
George Galloway loves suing people doesn't he?
AntiSemitic Zionists pay price for making false claims of antiSemitism against George Galloway
you forgot the lovely George Galloway from that line-up
MSM affords Icke a platform for the same reason it gives you/Hopkins/Toby Young/George Galloway one. Punch & Judy punditry.
George Galloway also receives far too much airtime than he deserves
It could be worse George Galloway, Michael Ashcroft, & the 2 Jeremys (we all know who don't we)
You should be ashamed of yourselves. You have Katie Hopkins, Ian Collins and Nick Ferrari, yet no Ken Livingstone or George Galloway
George Galloway has praised and endorsed: Saddam, Assad, Ahmadinejad, Yasser Arafat and Hamas. He is filth
George Galloway, should be welcomed back into the Labour Party. should never have been expelled.
Imagine taking acid at a tea party with David Icke, Donald Trump, George Galloway, Aleazia Banks and Tila Tequila
Eurovision viewers really thought one contender looked like George Galloway
George Galloway hints at Tooting by-election run. George Galloway hints at Tooting by-election run:
George Galloway: “Syria is very lucky to have Bashar Al-Assad as her president.” And he wonders why people hate him.
now backed by Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Nigel Farage, George Galloway, Marine Le Pen and Katie Hopkins. http…
George Galloway does not repulse 40% of Londoners, claims George Galloway.
Have to say George Galloway was excellent on Sky news. Clear, concise and firm.
Seymour Hersh, Patrick Cockburn, Robert Fisk, George Galloway & the many contributors to Jacobin.
If you vote leave you'll be agreeing with Nigel Farage, George Galloway, Michael Gove & Bernie Ecclestone That clinches it, doesn’t it?
George Galloway currently on 0% in London mayor election polls, the far right British First party is on 1%
can't imagine Bob Crow or Lab Tony Benn, George Galloway or Jeremy Corbyn called Eurosceptic "right" by you
"Do you agree with Nigel Farage, George Galloway, Iain Duncan Smith, Michael Gove and Chris Grayling? Where'd you go?"
George Galloway’s disastrous campaign to be London Mayor sees him polling at ZERO per cent: https:…
.Things aren't looking good for George Galloway
Still calling yourself an MP on your FB page. Still hating nasty Zio people. Still losing.
George Galloway, you are congenital liar. Did you 'jam' with him, too? .
Why are the roller-skaters all dressed as George Galloway?
Some kind of crypto control going on with Prince hanging out with Nick Robinson and George Galloway. JOIN THE DOTS…..
George Galloway is currently polling at 0 for London mayor. Within the margin of error, that means he could get -3% https…
Tough day. But remember, George Galloway is on 0%
"George Galloway is currently polling at 0%" best news I've heard all day
"... and on next week's panel we have Gerald Ratner, Posh Spice, Dean Gaffney, Orville The Duck & George Galloway."
look, George Galloway is a misogynist rape apologist, Im not disputing that. However, he is not polling at 0% because of that
It's nice to think that I am doing as well in the London mayoral election as George Galloway.
Splendid news ! A rare opportunity for us all to vote against George Galloway. Enjoy !
George Galloway is a leftist anti-Semite. He should be poll much higher in London.
George Galloway is currently polling at 0% in the London mayoral race
To be fair to George Galloway, he did drive past the office playing Still D.R.E the other day.
If Michael Gove, Boris Johnson, Iain Duncan-Smith, Nigel Farage & George Galloway want Brexit then I know I'm on the o…
George Galloway has so convinced himself he is Van Morrison that he now prefaces all speeches with "Jackie Wilson said.."
right wingers like Tony Benn and George Galloway... ??
A reason to vote Remain - George Galloway, Nigel Farage, Iain Duncan Smith, Chris Grayling and Boris Johnson want to leave the EU.
Hm, let me think, yes George Galloway would make an excellent Mayor of London. Boris not pro-big business and tax-havens ?
George Galloway selling himself as ideologically closer to Corbyn should worry the latter and voters
Met confirms officers in Brent are investigating reports of damage and allegation of theft relating to George Galloway's bus
URGENT: George Galloway needs a new driver for his mayoral bus! Must drive on the Hard Left. .
George Galloway is now so deluded I'm beginning to regard him more as a slightly scary tourist attraction rather than an all-out villain.
A London for all! Political failure George Galloway to speak at £1400 private members’ club - by .
EU referendum 'In' campaigner "For me, this image of Nigel Farage and George Galloway sums up http…
Instead of Piers Morgan he should have been interviewed by George Galloway for RTelevision. There's a challenege Trump.
what a load of *** Imran Khan you've totally lost it mate. George Galloway is the best choice for mayor.
A rather good Euro Myths Buster - handy when Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage or George Galloway are spouting nonsense https:/…
George Galloway on "We have to shoot these people dead. There is no room for liberalism in this." http…
rather than worry about, or be infuriated by, Allison Pearson and George Galloway, I'm going to listen to some Marvin Gaye.
Assad friend George Galloway w/o irony attended a rally on behalf of the people Assad has driven from their homeland featured in NBC s Science of Love
George Galloway has attended a 'Refugees Welcome' march, while supporting his friend Bashar Assad who created this ref…
Londoner's wisely follow the example of 12,000 voters in Bradford West who booted George Galloway out! https:/…
Britain "gave" the land to Israel and as George Galloway says: "It wasn't their land …
George Galloway & Nigel Farage want us to join armes with them & skip joyfully out of the EU. Not sure ? Its your choice.
on recent trip to the UK, in an appearance on the George Galloway show, discusses Trump,Clinton etc
so you think George Galloway would have made the same impression?
I think is alright, but good grief, shaking hands with . George Galloway of all people? The man is abhorrent.
-- Chief Rabbi will not 'dignify' George Galloway's candidacy by meeting him, spokesman says
YouTube 'George Galloway's lies'. You'll be treated to countless whoppers from his own mouth.
Talksport Callers on unemployed and trusting Nationalised banks (George ...
Well Well Well!! Guess what: George Galloway wants Rangers to be pursued for £14m in tax
What sandwiches would Janice Galloway make for George Orwell? I ask the important questions.
I'm demanding to be prosecuted. I'm begging to be prosecuted for perjury.
I see one pic of you with George Galloway and you lose my vote!
The World needs to hear this testamony by George Galloway from the British Parliament about the consequences of...
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A good time to remind Londoners of George Galloway's exemplary record of fighting misogyny and bullying!
First George Galloway, now Ian Paisley jnr. Please don't give the designation!
So, Nigel will work with George Galloway, but not with Suzanne Evans...?
Glad calling my dad George Galloway has caught on.
having a trust fund isn't a crime. It's about integrity & that's for Londoners to decide in May. YouTube 'George Galloway lies'
How do out top George Galloway? Who will be this week's special guest?
In a sort of 'George Galloway on Celebrity Big Brother' way.
Sad but I will not be renewing my UKIP membership as I dislike George Galloway and can't see how they can share a platform with him.
George Galloway would make a better Conservative Prime Minister
You and George Galloway have the same hat
What George Galloway has suggested. George not invited.
George Galloway poses with his favourite Roly Poly lawyer!!
George Galloway MP on Blair's lies, war, hypocrisy (and more) [RT]
George Galloway offered some rubbing his head on her leg and crying for a saucer of milk.
I have a question for George Galloway can you help?
and yet he tried to use his position to force Rangers TO PAY when they were in trouble..
George Galloway most likely to destroy it!!
Got rung by one of the out campaigns so just asked them about George Galloway's impact on the campaign..
George Galloway blocks everybody and everything .
Not a word is true. I'm afraid this is just about benefiting George Galloway. And is it wise to insult someone who is offering you support?
Naomi Long,, the former MP for East Belfast had a few snide remarks to make about George Galloway, so I left her...
Rula Lenska. You stupid, stupid woman. . If you have to drink drive again, take your friend George Galloway with you - Not your grandchild.
Your only chance to save the Black Cab is to vote George Galloway
To have both George Galloway and in the news today, there can be but one response
Should have stuck to milk with George Galloway. Rula Lenska banned for drink-drive crash
I KNEW I recognised her but not from Eastenders, from CBB when here and George Galloway was doing cat role play 😭
"...and infamously allowed George Galloway to lick milk from her fingers as an imaginary cat ... in 2006."
In case you missed it, I interviewed for and it was intense: via
George Galloway let rip at BBC on Daily Politics today. Says is for UK democracy after treatment of Greece htt…
so wait, their selling point is to join the same side as Nigel Farage and George Galloway? Umm gotta say not the strongest start!
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
George Galloway comforts Rula Lenska after she's caught drink-driving.
May I ask why no George Galloway this evening at Mayoral Hustings?
. Where's George Galloway 's pic??. And who ARE those non entities that you have placed so prominently ...???
George Galloway mocking pansexuality on the TL there . what a great left wing alternative for London!
Brilliant Man, Tony Benn...the George Galloway of the last generation.
I can see why George Galloway claims to be so "enthralled" by his friend Gilad Atzmon. Two p…
Of course Rula Lenska has to have a drink. THIS HAPPENED George Galloway and Rula Lenska
Jim Sillars is the George Galloway of the independence movement. There we go. I've said it.
George Galloway faces accusation of tax avoidance for using PSC and company goes bust, owing tax to HMRC | Telegraph
I'm also hopeful that my legal battle with George Galloway over the rights to the Respect Party brand name is nearing a fruitful conclusion.
Looks like GO rally has ended horribly - and they've harmed designation chances - after George Galloway turned out to b…
I've got George Galloway to look into 788 Finchley Road , MPs private bank with billions of publics money ?
you lot mentioning the George Galloway looking into 788 Finchley Road MPs private bank ?
George Galloway is looking into this fraud google it 788 Finchley Road disgusting theft
George Galloway is looking into 788 Finchley Road mega theft of public money
Hamilton Collection
The rocky road of bias and disinformation, George Galloway has to traverse, in order to simply tell the truth.
Pantomime artists like Boris Johnson, George Galloway and Nigel Farage are seasonal flyweights. The EU is forever
Hi Robert,. Did you see the discussion with George Galloway and Nigel Farage on Sputnik?
When Iain Duncan Smith, Michael Gove, Nigel Farage & George Galloway are on the same team, you know that it's the wrong one.
Why doesn't Alex Salmon Debate with George Galloway or is he too frit? would wipe the sneer off his face d…
. Wow what a shift Boris Johnson for prime minister hurray and George Galloway for mayor
In 1975 Enoch Powell & Tony Benn for Out; now it is Nigel Farage & George Galloway. What a drop in quality.
Something they desperately need imo Alex. George Galloway made me sigh with disappointment.
The left are going to be rallying behind David Cameron, the right behind George Galloway. Strange days indeed...
Kate Hoey talking up the 'brilliance' of Michael Gove and the warm welcome George Galloway got at a meeting. Strange days.
On Europe - basically if George Galloway, Nigel Farage and Iain Duncan Smith want me to do something I will do the exac…
The presence of George Galloway on Leave platform is stretching a sense of humour too far!
George Galloway must be Stalin to Farage's Churchill surely?
This is how George Galloway considers his current relationship with Nigel Farage
George Galloway, David Davis, Michael Gove, Bill Cash, Nadine Dorries, John Redwood - is this a group you'd like to add your own name to?
Hundreds storm out of anti-EU rally over George Galloway's 'anti-Semitic remarks'
George Galloway is special guest at the Grassroots Out rally? Bad move. Many think he's declared independence from reality.
London needs a mayor that will help all . Not just those dripping in GOLD . Use you're vote & elect George Galloway
Paul Ross, Julia Hartley-Brewer, Sam Delaney, Iain Lee and George Galloway. Just some of the talkRADIO presenters. https:…
Wrote this about the return of the greatest British radio show ever: George Galloway's insane Talk Sport show
George Galloway and Iain Lee are among the presenters for talkRADIO
George Galloway 'I am the spiritual son of Tony Benn'. You wouldn't see Tony Benn' in a cat suit or licking Sadam Hussain's ***
Boris Johnson & Billy Bragg are best mates. As are George Galloway & Peter Hitchin.
George Galloway is a complete tosser. a friend of terrorists
Unless you are blocked by George Galloway, Owen Jones and Diane Abbott you should hang your head in shame.
- (2) George Galloway's QPR fan and friend unmasked as ISIS butcher -
Friend of George Galloway unmasked as ISIS butcher - -
George Galloway's 'chief economics advisor', Max Keiser, is one of his West hating cronies from Russia Today.
George Galloway and Stephen Kinnock is a Leave v Remain discussion. Eric Pickles & Peter Bone - one in, one out - interviews
George Galloway: 'Mother of all protests' planned against TA festival Lees
Who is George Galloway? Perhaps London’s next Mayor... Find out in this exclusive interview.
Listen: George Galloway and Lee Jasper rapping (?) about Croydon North, MPs, bankers etc (via
Think every Labour moderate has a tipping point for leaving. Re-admitting George Galloway is the red line for the party…
I liked a video from Maajid Nawaz exposed by George Galloway - Independent Question Time
George Galloway chatting with John McTernan. Funny isn't it.. he says "Moderate", I hear "Swivel-eyed neoliberal zealot".
It'll only be funny if it happened to David Cameron, Diane Abbott, Jeremy Corbyn, George Galloway and Owen Jones.
To me, George Galloway is one of Britain's finest WHITE leaders, as is Jeremy Corbyn.
George Galloway: the lamb returns to the fold or a sheep in wolf's clothing ?
Maybe Labour have a one in, one out policy for anti-semites? Scott Nelson out, George Galloway in?
Bob Marley's 'Exodus' popped up on my shuffle this morning. Same time as I read about George Galloway rejoining. How very apt.
thanks for sharing George Galloway, have a great Thursday :) (insight by
George Galloway, Ken Livingstone, Glenn Greenwald, John Rees, Ibrahim Hewitt, Mo Ansar... how many do you want?
I dream about a boxing ring face-off with George Galloway, Germaine Greer and Donald Trump. A battle worth paying for.
. Donald Trump vs George Galloway. would be like. Peter Andre vs Muhammad Ali. lol
In a list containing Katie Hopkins, George Galloway, Moh and Donald Trump this kit would still be the worst thing.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
I would like to see Donald Trump debating with George Galloway.
Donald Trump is amazing. He talks as much rubbish as George Galloway. I did not think it possible. They are both in a league of their own.
Not a fan but George Galloway nailed it again tonight on Scotland 2015
George Galloway on lobbying MPs: "Dial them on 020 7219 3000, and ask for them by name."
George Galloway on Radio Ulster, Stephen Nolan Show talking about today's vote
Current discussion in the office: Should we send George Galloway (in character as Rula Lenska's cat) to negotiate a settlement with ISIS?
Abbott is as vile as George Galloway & the monster Jeremy Corbyn "THE ENEMY WITHIN"
NOW WATCHING SPUTNIK: Orbiting the world with George Galloway - Episode 96 .
Galloway calling Milne his best friend really makes me worry for the state of UK Labour with Milne at the helm.
The snivelling snot,George Galloway took legal action against people who insinuated last year that he was a muslim. Turns out he is a raghead
I wouldn't want George Galloway to come down my chimney, frankly.
According to George Galloways new/present wife,she said she would never marry a non muslim.What does that make the snivelling snot Galloway?
Christmas Party with in Bloomsbury on Friday 18 Nov - Book now:
Turkey\'s Erdogan hit by Russian destruction of oil convoys
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