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George Crumb

George Crumb (born October 24, 1929) is an American composer of contemporary classical music. He is noted as an explorer of unusual timbres, alternative forms of notation, and extended instrumental and vocal techniques.

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Stop in to try our marvelous Magic Bars and Banana Crumb Muffins courtesy of Danielle George!
When George A. Romero was 19 he worked as a pageboy on NORTH BY NORTHWEST, Martin Landau's 2nd film.
Without our American money, George you would be STEALING or BEGGING for a crumb of bread. So you are bles…
The advent of electronically synthesized sound after World War II has unquestionably had enormo
I added a video to a playlist George Crumb, "Black Angels," Movt. 2, "Absence"
1966 Eleven Echoes of Autumn (Echoes I) by George Crumb was premiered at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. (50th anniversary)
I pick up the New York Times or Time and it's talking about the latest rock group, which I'm s
Join me on this journey. One of my favorite works by George Crumb.
Writing seems to be more difficult as you move through the years.
As interesting as that music can occasionally be, I don't think it really replaces the other.
Perhaps of all the most basic elements of music, rhythm most directly affects our central nervo
Father, in spite of all this spending of money in learning Latin, they would like polytheistic times. -George Crumb
I think we're in a very low point of music right now.
An unforgettable experience - meeting George Crumb and learning his music from the best pianist that knows him so...
Fancy a Quiet Friday in Lent? Quiet days - I'm leading this Fri, 'A Crumb of Dust: Lent with George Herbert' (his day on Sat)
George out here lookin' like Salacious Crumb.
The future will be the child of the past and the present, even if a rebellious child. ~George Crumb
if you ever want to hear an audio representation of all the panic attacks you have in undergrad, listen to Black Angels by George Crumb
Tonight at 8 - plays the music of Grammy and Pulitzer winning composer George Crumb (Lang Concert Hall):
Thanks George crumb for not only providing jobs worldwide but for creating potatoe chips
to 2013 when SONAR presented its first all-quartet concert with this creepy rendition of George Crumb's...
RIP George Gaynes. Such happy memories as a kid watching this hilarious man in Police Academy.
Met George Crumb today!. Playing one of his pieces, and we were so lucky to have a coaching with him!
It is easy to write unthinking music.
Unquestionably, our contemporary world of music is far richer, in a sense, ...
TONIGHT through Feb7, go see The BoCo New Music Festival, featuring works by George Crumb and Donald Martino!.
George Crumb's Makrokosmos Book 2, this Saturday at 8pm in the Boston Conservatory Theater - for FREE! Come hear...
Nope. Too many to mention. Off the top of my head: Bernard Hermann, Jon Brion, George Crumb. Last one doesn't do film though.
Cat is now attempting to join in with George Crumb. This is unprecedented. He's suddenly become a huge contemporary music fan.
Quest. Exquisite music by George Crumb. Missed the start? Catch up here
BBC radio 3, tonight, 7:30pm, Psappha+me in Carter and Reich and the fabulous Tom McKinney in George Crumb
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Tough call. I might lean toward George Crumb. He has the *best* West Virginia accent.
"suspension of time" - George Crumb in 'Three Questions for Sixty-Five Composers'.
George Crumb, Carter and Reich. 7.30, Thursday, live on Radio 3. Presented by . Exciting stuff!
I really wish GRRM would release his post with details of Winds of Winter. Anything George man! A scrap, a sliver, a mere crumb!
I feel i could intervene but seems as though you've got it covered.(Steer clear of George Crumb Black Angels)
Cheerios: Cliff and Norm yell at a gross crumb in Poo. George Strait vomits on Kermit the Frog. Sponsored by Wells Farto
George Crumb Idyll for the Misbegotten featuring Lauren Wuerth on Flute via
My review of Chamber Cartel's performance this past Saturday:
Review: deftly performs the exotic sounds of composer George Crumb -
Excited to play some George Crumb music with Chamber Cartel this evening.
Hmm, let's see… oh dear god, it's like a George Crumb tone cluster up in here.
Quest for solo guitar and ensemble by George Crumb >>>
On Friday you will have a rare chance to hear master pieces by Steve Reich and George Crumb performed by Ekkozone:
That's actually quite fantastic save for the excess of George Crumb (a little goes a long way).
Composer of the Month George Crumb's 'Vox Balaenae,' performed by in 2012:.
Our Composer of the Month is George Crumb. Join us Sept 29 to hear his work:
George Carlin had a bit along those lines about breaking a crumb in half.
The guy who threw the shoe at George Bush in Iraq 👏🏽👏🏽
Whose music should be played on Why, George…
Whose music should be played on Why, George Crumb,of course.
George Crumb: Black Angels (1970): via What happened in Paris was dark, if not satanic, but never right.
Congrats to George Crumb, and Uncle Bill for their grammy nomination!
Photo: American Modern Ensemble - including the kitchen sink. Next up, George Crumb
It's back! If you missed it in 2011, now's your chance to hear the work that audiences loved, George Crumb's...
Cinnamon Crumb Cake with coffee? Yes, please. . Available in Phoenix, Indy, Logan, and St. George.
Rest in Peace Robin Williams. A great actor and yes DEPRESSION is real!
Listening to George Crumb, and being reminded of notations I create,.
Wonder how many hard sniffs, throat clears, and farts George Lucas performed before he wrote down "Salacious Crumb".
So sad to hear Robin Williams has died. Met him once and he was as cool and kind as can be. He was a great comedian.
Our wonderful flautist friend Naomi Johnson is performing in Changing Light, where she, Belinda Dalton (soprano) and Stuart Fisher (guitar) will explore the diverse colours and sounds of composers from George Crumb to Kaija Saariaho, along with the premiere of new works by James Wade and Jesse McVeity. Naomi has played with Forest Collective on numerous occasions, the most recent being The Garden of Ice where she performed Sikinnis No. 1 for solo flute by Evan Lawson as well as performing in the ensemble. Changing Light is on May 24th at 6pm at the Wyselaskie Auditorium and you can find out more information about this performance here:
During the conference I suggested ... George Crumb... Crispus Attucks ... And Nat Turner accompanied with a basic storyline for each...
Get your tickets in the Digital Concert Hall for a classy George Crumb performance this Saturday courtesy of and Zubin Mehta.
George Crumb paper, meet Portico Quartet. Portico Quartet this is George Crumb paper. Together you will make great writing, listening, and writing experiences. You will love each other and spend this entire Friday together. Also, George Crumb paper you may get to meet the Bad Plus, and Kneebody, and other people. Today, George Crumb paper, you grow and mature into and actual paper.hopefully.
A grip of 20th century/classical avant-garde used LPs hitting the bin tomorrow morning as well: Titles by John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Iannis Xenakis, John Adams, George Crumb, Philip Glass and more
The next workshop in our series with Turtle Lab is open! Get in quick, an incredible opportunity to work with one of Australia's most exciting vocalists, Gian Slater. Extended Vocal Technique and Improvisation Vocalist/Composer/Educater, Gian Slater presents a workshop on extended vocal technique and improvisation incorporating aspects of musical language, group interaction and compositional form. The voice as our innate instrument is able to produce a multitude of sounds – we use our voices everday to communicate or express emotion – speaking, crying, screaming, whispering, croaking etc. Extended Vocal Technique is the exploration of the capacity of our instrument to go beyond speaking or singing text, finding a more primal and abstract expression. Extended vocal technique came to the fore of western musical performance in the 20th century and many composers have explored the idea since including Luciano Berio, John Cage, George Crumb, György Ligeti, Arnold Schoenberg, Karlheinz Stockhausen and Mer ...
Composer of the week (November 11): George Crumb (1929 - ) is probably one of the most-performed and widely known composers of modern classical music in the world. He studied at University of Illinois and University of Michigan, taught at University of Pennsylvania, and has been a teacher for two of our previous composers of the week, Christopher Rouse and Jennifer Higdon. He has won Grammy awards and a Pulitzer Prize. Crumb's musical language is unmistakably unique. He writes in a very dissonant style, and relied heavily on extended instrumental techniques (multiphonics, singing and playing simultaneously, etc.).
We should all listen to more George Crumb, Elliott Carter, and Olivier Messiaen
From our library: George Crumb's "Black Angels" for electric strings, crystal glasses, and suspended tam-tam gongs.
Love these—"The Amazing Music Scores of George Crumb" by I also love Crumb's music (not everyone does).
Charles Ives, Harry Partch, Pierre Boulez, Toru Takemitsu, and George Crumb? "Prophets of the New" perfectly remastered by Meyer Media.
Turns out all I needed to get my creative juices flowing was look at a George Crumb score and a bowl of weed.
Listen again to broadcast of concert - featuring music by George Crumb
George Crumb (born in 1929) Vox Balaenae (Voice of the Whale) for flute, cello and piano Camille Lambert-Chan, flute Philippe Prud'homme, piano Stephane Tetr...
Robert Mugge's 1976 film GEORGE CRUMB: VOICE OF THE WHALE is a portrait of the brilliant American composer George Crumb and includes a complete performance of his…
"The postmodern impulse in classical music arose in the 1960s with the advent of musical minimalism. Composers such as Terry Riley, Krzysztof Penderecki, György Ligeti, Henryk Górecki, Bradley Joseph, John Adams, George Crumb, Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Michael Nyman, and Lou Harrison reacted to the perceived elitism and dissonant sound of atonal academic modernism by producing music with simple textures and relatively consonant harmonies, whilst others, most notably John Cage challenged the prevailing Narratives of beauty and objectivity common to Modernism. Some composers have been openly influenced by popular music and world ethnic musical traditions."
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Come out tomorrow for this unprecedented B-more concert: Experience a once-in-a-lifetime pairing of two of the most hair-raising string quartets of the 20th century. SONAR Ensemble's performance of George Crumb's "Black Angels" is transformed into a production like no other - then, the lights go out for Georg Friedrich Haas' Third String Quartet, "In Iij. Noct." Chamber music like you've never seen it before - in complete darkness!  Special event tickets are $10 (general admission) at Theater Project on Preston St. You have no excuse if you're not doing something on Friday already. I'm even leaving a party with free booze till 11 perhaps to check it out...
Thank you everyone for your kind words as Moira recovers! Special Thanks to violists Shannon Knights, Yunior Lopez, and Carol Gimbel who are stepping in to play with us during our week at the University of Toronto's New Music Festival. A little different from the usual deVah show, we are performing avant garde works for string quartet, featuring compositions by Steven Mackey, George Crumb, Joseph Schenck, among others. Jan 25th noon, Jan 27th 7:30pm, Walter Hall, 80 Queen's Park (Faculty of Music, University of Toronto)
Because I'm an unashamed geek, but also because underground comics have been a lightning rod for some of the most unbridled creativity of the last fifty years, here are my Top 5 Comics. Only picked up where I left off from my Asterix and Beano-reading days seven or eight years ago, but it's since become one of my favourite mediums (right above Painting, just a tad below Toilet Stall Graffiti Conversations). Plus I read somewhere that your brain retains information better via the image + word balloons medium than just plain words. That article must have come with an accompanying diagram. Anyhoo... 1) Cages by Dave McKean. McKean's prob best known as a Neil Gaiman lackey- doing the creepy cut-up collage covers for The Sandman and directing the film adaptation of Mirrorworld. Well, as the non-existent phrase goes, the lesson is only truly over when the student slays the master. This is on another level to Gaiman entirely. McKean employs so many different painting techniques it gets dizzying. He also writes a ...
Took another long walk in my beautiful neighborhood near the river. I found a tree that hovered over the water and climbed into it. I began to think about what I've been reading about Bordeaux in the 1560s during the religious conflicts/massacres/wars and how it compares to my own war experience in Beirut. Out of nowhere, out came a flood of questions which I suspect have been brewing for most of a decade. I decided to honor them by writing them down. In chronological, stream-of-consciousness order: how does the experience of violence in 1500s Bordeaux differ from modern-era violence? How do the sounds differ? The most incredible, memorable part of the bombardments in Beirut was the sound. Imagine being inside of a thunder-cloud as it booms - this is beyond a sound, it is vibrations and terrorizing explosions that rock entire neighborhoods. Then imagine every car siren in every apartment complex for miles away going off from the vibrations. Those were the sounds of your own mortality, looming loss and des ...
Saw you on Twtr. Reminded fondly of Canford Summer Sch 'George Crumb' sketch! Enjoyed yr wno Sleepers show a while back, btw.
I had no idea that George Crumb arranged two albums worth of old hymns?!?!? It is super creepy sounding and I love it!
"Music is a system of proportions in the service of spiritual impulse." - George Crumb -
Time for a song eh.this one makes me so excited. You know what it's about? Yep.mermaids!!!
I have to say that my postings regarding cake get more traction than anything else I put up. Therefore, my next music video will be all cakes and cookies. And maybe a few puppies and kittens to round things out.
It's been a George Crumb kind of day for some reason. Also, Zappadan is spilling over into Zappuary.
Well my paycheck is lighter thnx to the Gubment taking out more social security $$ that I will never see when I retire..The leadership of this country are criminals in least they are well dressed...on our it comes..I can hear it..ITS GEORGE BUSHS FAULT!!
Lemme guess leftists, now you're missing GW Bush?
Holy mackerel, I actually did some composing work today. Didn't even stretch out first, but it felt good.
"You can't make me crumb. I already crame."- A talking pastry that already crame (Hard)
Now streaming: George Crumb's chilling "Other Worldly Resonances." Then stick around for some JacobTV and more Crumb.
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American composer George Crumb, the master of visually (and aurally) beautiful scores.
Happy new year to our customers, supporters, followers, and everyone else! Bringing 2013 in with Debussy, George Crumb, and Robert Wyatt.
A mix with some of File Under ?'s favorite things, including music by Aaron Cassidy, Vivian Fung, George Crumb,...
Wednesday, Dec.19, 2012 - on combined Classical Discoveries and Avant-Garde Edition from 5:30am till 1:00pm Join me for the 16th Annual and the 2nd of it's 2012 Christmas Trilogy: CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD. From 5:30am till 1:00pm you will hear: A Little Suite for Christmas A.D. 1979 by American composer, George Crumb (1929- ), Wassails and Lullabies by Australian composer, Andrew Ford (1957- ), Magnificat by Lebanese composer, Sister Marie Keyrouz (1963- ), The Legend of Christmas by Czech composer, Jaroslav Krcek (1939- ), Christ is Born by Russian composer, Georgy Izvekov (1874-1937), Magnificat by Polish composer, Krzysztof Penderecki (1933- ), Christmas Cantata by Latvian composer, Valts Puce (1962- ) , Christmas Mass by Estonian composer, Urmas Sisask (1960- ), Magnificat by English composer, John Taverner (c. 1495-1560?), plus music by Gloria Coates (USA), Maija Einfelde (Latvia), Isabella Leonarda (Italy), Romuald Twardowski (Poland) and others. Please sign up on the Event Pages at: ...
Cake, Shrek and bodies in the Thames. 1887 – Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg, Queen of Spain and a pink and yellow cake. With all marzipan round it. 1894 – Bibhutibhushan Mukhopadhyay, Bengali author. Has a name that would score quite well in Scrabble... if names were allowed. And it would be easier to get, to be honest, if one started with 21 tiles. Or cheated in another way, somehow. 1909 – Bill Carr, American athlete. Although not connected, this was the name Alan Partridge gave when questioned by the police when caught red-handed stealing a traffic cone. Bill, because he obviously thought of Old Bill, and car... well because there was a police car in front of him. When asked what he was going to do next he replied. "Probably just go home and go straight to bed." 1929 – George Crumb, American composer who wasn't in the band Bread. Or anything. 1930 – The Big Bopper, American singer who died in the same plane crash that killed Buddy Holly and Shane Ritchie. Waylon Jennings was meant to be on th ...
Collection of Piano Works by Charles Ives, Henry Cowell, John Cage, and George Crumb. vía
The Liverpool Echo News review of the 'romance' and 'raw power' of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra's Dvořák Delights, conducted by Michal Nesterowicz. Cellist Mario Brunello's encores this week were the Toccata from the Sonata for Solo Cello (1955) by George Crumb, and a traditional Armenian Folk Melody.
Feeling warm and fuzzy after Skye Brooks' stag party. No coke and hookers - just 15 sensitive men tripping on psylosiben and listening to Jimi Hendrix, George Crumb and Bud Powell.
I'M COMIN' BACK TO THE HILLS! Come to the Appalachian tour of George Crumb's "Voices from the Heartland". This is Book VII of George's American Songbook series. It is a 50+ minute piece for 2 singers, amplified piano and 4 percussionists playing a huge array of instruments. I'll be performing with Orchestra 2001 and the wonderful Ann Crumb. The schedule is as follows: 11/4 Chamber Music Society, Univ. of Charleston; Charleston, WV; 3pm 11/5 Morehead State Univ., Morehead, KY; 3:30pm 11/6 West Virginia Univ., Morgantown, WV; 7:30pm 11/8 Parkersburg, WV; venue and time TBA More info soon at I get to sing a dog song (Old Blue), On Top of Old Smoky, AND I play the tambourine. Pack Ma and Pa in the wagon and get yourselves down here!
Meryl Streep reads 'Luchai' by Wang Wei and 'A Letter to Agnes DeMille' by Martha Graham featuring Yo-Yo Ma performing George Crumb's 'Sonata for Solo Cello'.
Uri Caine was born in Philadelphia and began studying piano with Bernard Peiffer. He played in bands led by Philly Joe Jones, Hank Mobley,Johnny Coles, Mickey Roker, Odean Pope, Jymmie Merritt, Bootsie Barnes and Grover Washington. He attended the University of Pennsylvania and studied music composition with George Rochberg and George Crumb. Caine has recorded 22 cds as a leader. His most recent cd is a jazz trio, Siren, (Winter and Winter 2011) with John Hebert on bass and Ben Perowsky on drums. He has made cd's featuring his jazz trio, his Bedrock Trio and his ensemble performing arrangements of Mahler, Wagner, Beethoven, Bach and Schumann. Recently Caine has received commissions from the Vienna Volksoper, The Seattle Chamber Players, Relache, The Beaux Arts Trio, the Basel Chamber Orchestra, Concerto Koln and the American Composers Orchestra. Caine was the Director of the Venice Biennale for Music in September 2003. He has performed his version of the Diabelli Variations with orchestras including the ...
Music review: Dawn Upshaw, Peter Sellars and George Crumb in the 2011 Ojai Festival
I've been listening to Unto the Hills a work by the composer George Crumb. On that one, Crumb took Appalachian folk songs and spirituals and set them to oddly contrasting tropical sounding percussion ensemble..marimba, chimes and gongs etc. Crumb's compositions might be part of what influenced the ensemble side of Tom Waits albums like Bone Machine..but Crumb has a soprano singing with piano and is more of a sit down composition type deal...not a rock blues album.
Steve Reich is one of my favorite contemporary American composers. Along with John Adams, Nico Muhly, George Crumb and more
I'm very curious where music & poetry meet ... yesterday critiqued friend's poem with a musical term, 'diminished fifth', that i thought flew to the heart of the poem .. its grappling with sweet/sour irresolution. I really wanted to expand on this ... western avoidance of triad, diabolic, but today with George Crumb, George Harrison accessing (Inner Light, Within You Without You), 'creating a prolonged sense of suspended resolution', but sadly the term was i think taken to be diminishment of the poem. It was a great poem, and the irresolution at heart, made it a greater poem.
Today, Sunday, at noon, tune in to RTHK Radio 4 for the second episode of my programme, What's That Noise? a listener's guide to contemporary music. This week features Minute Variations by Lawrence Fritts, along with works by Henry Cowell, Stephen Scott, George Crumb, Roddy Ellias, and Steve Reich. (It's a very North American programme this week!)
“As time goes by, I realize that I do trust the wind. And I often write my songs for myself.” ~David Friedman “I would rather the man who presents something for my consideration subject me to a zephyr of truth and a gentle breeze of responsibility rather than blow me down with a curtain of hot wind.” ~Grover Cleveland “In a broader sense, the rhythms of nature, large and small - the sounds of wind and water, the sounds of birds and insects - must inevitably find their analogues in music.” ~George Crumb
"Black Angels" is American composer George Crumb's 1970 meditation on "our troubled contemporary world." It is posted here complete, performed by the remarka...
Natalia Paruz. affectionately known as the 'Saw Lady', has spent over a decade bringing the rare art form of playing music on a carpenter's saw to audiences around the world. She performed with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Zubin Mehta (performing George Crumb's Ancient Voices...
Leon Botstein leads the American Symphony Orchestra in an exploration of the music of George Crumb. Review inside.
Three of us at George Crumb concert Carnegie Hall.
Now here’s something you wont hear every day! The Pulitzer Prize-winning "Echoes of Time and the River" and the Grammy Award-winning "Star-Child" are featured on this tribute to the one-of-a-kind George Crumb, who explored techniques like Spoken Flute and pouring glass marbles into a piano.
It was an exciting day in my contemporary music history class. Three students presented outstanding oral presentations. One was on Makrokosmos I by George Crumb. The others were on Philip Glass and "Aria" by John Cage. What was so fantastic was that these were done by high school students. I was very proud of all three!!
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