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George Clinton

George Clinton (born July 22, 1941) is an American singer, songwriter, bandleader, and music producer and the principal architect of P-Funk.

Parliament Funkadelic Atomic Dog James Brown John Humphries Kendrick Lamar Sly Stone Bootsy Collins Bernie Worrell Bill Clinton Mark Ronson Miles Davis New Haven Green Thalia Hall Mavis Staples Bootsie Collins Earth Wind Mary J Blige

Walter "Junie" Morrison, who played with George Clinton's Parliament-Funkadelic and the Ohio Players, has died.
Just a Chillin with my main man Chris Mazer and Rico Lewis drummer George Clinton,…
Dan Deacon & Foreigner in a Polynesian style, produced by George Clinton
Bruno Mars as Roger Troutman >>>>Childish Gambino as George Clinton.
Gambino should have brought Thundercat, Flea, Kevin Parker, and George Clinton to the studio for this album. It would be so much better
this album is so honorably referential of Roger & Zapp, James Brown, Michael, & George Clinton yet still fresh and curren…
If Issac Hayes, Bootsie Collins, Isley Bros, and George Clinton doesn't resonate with your soul it's a sure miss
This is George Clinton. He's definitely fishmonger material
For context, Ron Chernow wrote the biography of Hamilton. George Clinton was the governor of New York City. For fishmonger, see Hamlet
In Hamilton, Chernow says George Clinton looked like a fishmonger. Can't believe he called him a pimp!
Got my old school playlist playing with my Beats Studio. Kool Moe Dee, Public Enemy, Run DMC, George Clinton, Snoop and N.W.A.
Kendra Foster takes a break from touring with George Clinton to grace the Blues Alley stage Monday, February 20th! -
John Adams,George Clinton, John Tyler,big time Garrett Hobart,Henry Wallace,Harry Truman, Nixon and Mondale..yeah,no power
This that good psychedelic funk that's missing on the radio. This really got a George Clinton / Bootsy Collins / Pr…
I might go to George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic at Thalia Hall in Chicago, IL - Feb 19
The funk shall be thick at Thalia Hall this February 19th when George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic roll...
Though I'm more of a George Clinton and Clinton Portis fan, I'm rocking with good ol HRC.…
I think George Clinton actually ran for the Parliament (Funkadelic).
Clinton at Trump rally in Pittsburgh! George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic playing over the audio system, that is.
"We are beyond excited to be joining the Funk & Soul Weekender 2017 alongside George Clinton & Parliament - Funkadelic…
imagine David Spade and Jeremy Piven in a remake of Animal House with George Clinton doing a performance for some reason
producers would probably be Barry Gordy, George Clinton, the various producers at stax
lol ,George Clinton stephanopolis must be grading!
Including mention of answering machine messages from James Brown, Prince, George Clinton & the lost one from Miles Davis. (!)
I'm gonna turn into George Clinton with this dub my gawd! My dreads are gonna turn gray 😂
Listen to Diplomatic ft. George Clinton by Kokane on
please come back to Indianapolis I live to funk George Clinton is the number one musical genius in history We want the Funk
NOLA's has finalized its lineup and George Clinton is now on the bill
Madonna on the panel of a 1984 NY New Music Seminar panel with Lou Reed, James Brown, George Clinton and others
Or.. George Clinton is Scorsese, Preem is Spielberg, 9th Wonder is Lucas & Apollo Brown is Kubrick.
George Clinton at womad. The dread on guitar went in on maggot brain ♡
is it true that George Clinton, in tribute to 1916, has renamed his band Dail Eireann for the day?
Elizabeth following Michelle is like The Partridge family following George Clinton.
I added a video to a playlist Super Mario Bros (1993) Walk the Dinosaur- George Clinton and the
Me and the lengendary crew John Moran, N.O. Joe. Seated - Bushwick Bill and George Clinton at the Studio. htt…
Interview with George Clinton on the history of funk in the Bay Area.: submitted by /u/Smokler [lin...
Some our musical inflences are Prince, ABBA, Rage Against the Machine, George Clinton, BB King, Paris Hilton, Sex Pistols and Eddie Murphy
George Clinton on Bernie Worrell: "The world is a little bit darker and a little less funky without Bernie in it" https:/…
Zapp & Roger, Morris Day, George Clinton - reminds me of growing up at The Skate in Richmond. They loved that stuff there.
George HW Bush's note to Bill Clinton. Just imagine what note President Trump will leave to a Democrat successor.
George Bush Senior George W Bush Bill Clinton ALL part of the New world order
George Stephanopoulos outed as Clinton crime family operative, has financial ties just like Monsanto, ExxonMobil.
The bass on this album is about to kill me... Motor Booty Affair & Deep.. Oh Lawd...
"Either you are with us, or you are with the enemy." - George W. Bush (and also Clinton supporters right now)
George Clinton draws thousands, rocks the New Haven Green
What a show! A deep desire to to cross the Atlantic t…
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Is this the same Lisa Taylor with Gov George Wallace, GHWB & Bill Clinton?. Inquiring minds want to know about 1982!
Make my funk the P-Funk, I want my funk uncut, I be vot'n4 PrezGeorge & VPrezBootsy htt…
last year the other week and last night all amazing performances. Senior citizen…
And has the best sense of humor about it. Handsome...
People are stoked for tonight as seen in photo
George Bush left this handwritten note for Bill Clinton in the Oval Office because he's a classy guy.
Going to see the legend tonight and honestly im hype af
LIVE on At on the New Haven Green for tonight!
The New Haven Green packed tonight for on the main stage at
George Bush left this note for Bill Clinton in 1993. Country before politics. I wish Kenyan leaders think like this.
Got to chop it up with a real legend tonight. One of my biggest influences. Thank you 🙌🏾 http…
Who can get Bootsy Collins, George Clinton on a besides The by Kokane ht…
Shout out to Mallia Franklin for introducing the Collins bros to George Clinton
Jefferson had two Vice Presidents, one shot Hamilton and tried to become king of the Louisiana Purchase, the other was George Clinton.
DJ at MA4 graduation ball just asked for requests. I asked for George Clinton...he said "who"s that!!"
I added a video to a playlist George Clinton - Arise TV - Chocolate City: London P-Funk Live at
Review: George Clinton & P-Funk bring the cosmic slop to Sound Board: Ain't no party like a P-Funk party — what…
just letting you all know that if Stevie wonder, George Clinton, david lynch or bernie die this year im buying a gun & becoming a republican
He compared ages of Morgan Freeman, Cicely Tyson, and George Clinton to Emmett Till, Dr King, and Huey Newton respectively.
George Clinton is just like Bill Clinton... an over the hill loser with no musical talent.
I will happily vote for Trump/Sanders, Bill Clinton/George Clinton or Tupac/Jim Morrison (assuming they're willing to leave the island)
We drank with George Clinton and DJ Soul Sister yesterday as he regaled w…
while the likes of George Clinton, Sly Stone and Brian Wilson each barely teetered back from the edge and still walk the earth
George Clinton in conversation with DJ Soul Sister for Brunch series
Other than Bowie: The Beatles are my favorite band; "Atomic Dog" by George Clinton is my favorite song.
Prince, George Clinton, Chaka Kahn, Michael Jackson & Isaac Hayes are all my ears want today
Patti Smith, Paul McCartney, George Clinton were the first few that came to mind.
George Clinton- Atomic Dog. I will be playing Parliament and Isley Brother's album most of the day.
Someone just sent this to me. Prince to George Clinton: "Musta been moondust floatin' on the day of your birth..." https…
Tonight tho at House of Blues. George Clinton - Atomic Dog via
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Celebrate the living !! So many of my absolute faves still alive Neil Young, George Clinton, Lee Scratch Perry, Sly Stone, Al Green etc
yet Justin Bieber still walks the Earth. I'm wiling to pay for a full medical for George Clinton, just in case...🙁
Flo Rida, George Clinton, and Sammy Hagar are Headliners for 2016's
All good Mix Tapes/playlist must start w/George Clinton's Atomic Dog. I will always listen to it.
Legends Bootsy Collins, George Clinton & more go on a quest. Watch the movie 'Finding The Funk' tonight at 9:00PM ET
George Clinton, Bootsy Collins and Parliament would all love to be at the party show
playing Atomic Dog by George Clinton, never heard it before but thinking must have?
The way Saul has casual anecdotes about George Clinton, Amiri Baraka
Mike's not even in the building, imo. PFunk/George Clinton, Isleys, Bob James, Al Green/Willie Mitchell killin him.
When you're seeing Miss Diana Ross, Brian Wilson, George Clinton, Bryan Ferry, Todd Rudgren, Hall and Oates, and Paul Simon in one year.
Robert Boyd Jr. was Gov. George Clinton's business partner. They ran a flour mill in New Windsor and sold to the American government.
George Clinton had time to talk Maggot Brain, sampling and the definition of funk.
They got Bernie Worrell, George Clinton and Bootsie Collins on the same stage Stephen Colbert is a Legend
Watch highlights from last night's Bernie Worrell benefit in NYC, feat. George Clinton ::
Style is whatever you want to do, if you can do it with confidence. George Clinton ~
Watch a time-laspe video of our team rebuilding George Clinton's Mothership:
George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic to give free concert on New Haven Green in June.
George Clinton taps Kendrick Lamar and Ice Cube for funky music video: . The funk might fracture yo...
Canon, The Lennon Bus and George Clinton Create a Unique Filmmaking Experience at SXSW -
Hillary Clinton is right. Trump would be like George W. Bush on foreign policy. But Obama is no Bill Clinton on economic policy.
Baby Killers Unite- Hillary Clinton and George Soros Son Unite to carry on killing Babies. .
George Clooney slammed Donald Trump and praised Hillary Clinton in a new letter.
George Clooney endorses Hillary Clinton She's 'the only grown-up in the room'. https:/…
George Soros’ son donates $1 Million to Planned Parenthood to help elect Hillary Clinton...
George Clooney loves Muslims so much he has endorsed Hillary Clinton. The woman who voted for a war that killed nearly a…
Voter Fraud in Ohio Tied to Hillary Clinton and George Soros via
George decides who becomes next President of USA . - He has chosen . Clinton insider.
Mostly funded by George Soros and directed by Clinton workers. BELIEVE IT.
Before you arrest the so called war time criminals in Bosnia. You must first arrest George Bush, Tony Blair, and Bill Clinton.
George Soros’ Son Donates $1M To PPH To Help Elect Hillary yeah, Donald has given to Hillary too
All purpose parts banner
Talking about the war crime criminals we have George W Bush, Tony Blair, and Bill Clinton for bombing Serbia.
George Clooney bashes Trump in Hillary Clinton fundraising letter
Today the Funkadelic video will be debut on between 10am-1pm
( 👽💗 THANK YOU 💗👽 ) for the funky RT's my clone father! 😎
No stupid, that would be George W Bush --> Rudy Giuliani Calls Hillary Clinton 'Founding Member of ISIS'
You could say that Clinton has a liberal domestic policy. Her foreign policy is difficult to distinguish from George W. Bush's.
see George Clinton and The Parliament Funkadelic in on tuesday, apr 12. available
George Clinton has compared Kendrick Lamar to Prince & Sly Stone. Agree? Disagree?
.gets a massive compliment from funk legend George Clinton.
Flying Lotus, Shabazz Palaces, Thundercat, and George Clinton released a song together? How have I not heard of this until now?!
NEWSFLASH: Why must the dog chase the cat? Must be the dog in me. Bow wow wow yippee yo yippee yay. George Clinton. My favorite Clinton.
Finally muted a bunch of American politics stuff, but worry that now I'll miss out on important George Clinton or Deion Sanders news. :(
It's a great Sunday when I can quote MLK Jr., Dru Hart, John Piper, Kendrick Lamar, Ta-Nehisi Coates & George Clinton in one sermon...
Fred Wesley and the Horny Horns feat. Maceo Parker (Atlantic/1977). Promotional Copy!. (Produced by George Clinton...
Bass guitar made a comeback in 2015. Shout out George Clinton for ToPAB and Black Messiah, and Kevin Parker for Tame Impala's Currents featured in NBC s Science of Love
Just realized Pharrell, George Clinton, Rapsody, Thundercat & Ronald Isley are all sitting with Kendri…
So they just went with that guy who featured Ronald Isley and George Clinton cus he oughta be cool
I absolutely LOVED that gave a shoutout to George Clinton and James Brown!!
Shout out Mark Ronson for paying respects to George Clinton & James Brown for the
A genuine funk song wins! And thanking George Clinton and James Brown in his acceptance speech. *heart eyes*
George Clinton gets nod.By way of P Funk disciple Jay Double You,Saint Jerome (singer/guitarist) is an artist to watch out for. wait for it.
UPTOWN FUNK! Mark Ronson shout out George Clinton,James Brown and Earth Wind and Fire!
Loved showing respect to George Clinton & James Brown during his acceptance speech.
Okay, classy SO by Ronson to George Clinton, James Brown, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, and Prince!
George Clinton is broke...but George never payed broke af Bernie Worrell who wrote all Clinton's tracks and now has stage 4 lung cancer.
Aye they gave George Clinton a shout out
Wise move by Ronson to thank George Clinton, James Brown, and Earth Wind & Fire, and then to get out of the way.
hey guys, Bernie Worrell is dying and is poor because George Clinton removed his songwriting credits, so let's not applaud him
George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic Playing Live Tuesday Night at at 8 PM at in NYC via
Congress funkadelic featuring Hillary Clinton like Parliament-Funkadelic and George Clinton hey that's one too
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So now I'm way too excited to see George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic 😁😁😁
Me: Wanna see George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic at the Gillioz? . Philip: I'm just not very funky.
I'm seeing George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic on Wednesday. This should be a good week.
Now feels like a good time to repeat my annual call for George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic in the SB halftime show.
youre mentioned in my Africana studies textbook, in line with Toni Morrison and George Clinton
more importantly George Clinton and Ron Isley can get a Grammy this year.. and Taz Arnold
I remember the last time they played at the Park. Jerome was there along with Terry. George Clinton and P joined them onstage
Away In A Manger with George Clinton & Robert Randolph - The Blind Boys Of Alabama (the people)
Public papers of George Clinton, first Governor of New York, 1777-1795, 1801-18
Branstad breaks a record, but first, consider George Clinton | The Gazette
Listening to George Clinton/Kendrick Lamar and remebering the forotten George Clinton
I don't remember George Clinton in the original. Interesting.
I'd be torn between George Lazenby and George Clinton for fewest points
is the greatest artist of all time better than Marvin Gaye, Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, Willie Nelson, & George Clinton.
This list is bogus where is the afrika bambaataa tribute George Clinton was in it-George Clinton
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Check out the interview with p-funk master George Clinton at Dimensions Festival.
the theme for the tracey ullman show is "you're thinking right" by George Clinton. Not what you sang. Thanks
Interview with George Clinton from this year’s Dimensions Festival in Croatia: In a rare interview the Parliam...
George Clinton! Billy Idol! Florence Henderson and the Machine! So many groovy guests tonight!
I liked a video Sly Stone with George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic P-Funk Live at The Observatory
No but I think she's coming for George Clinton's spot in the Parliament Funkadelic
George Clinton and Motown legend Sidney Barnes sharing the stage together for the first time ever. We...
remember, you've got to give up something to get something: Bowie for George Clinton
This is my jam: Atomic Dog by George Clinton ♫
Fried chicken, slaw, cornbread, porch lemonade, and George Clinton. I think I did good.
Between the Lines: Ahmir 'Questlove' Thompson Talks with George Clinton: At the Schomburg Center for Research ...
Where have I been? Funkadelic, Parliament, and George Clinton have also been pioneers to music. I must be stupid.
George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic perform on stage at...
Funk is the greatest genre of music ever... Shout out to the legendary George Clinton. Parliament-Funkadelic baby, We love to FUNK YOU UP!
And as a side note, I can't fux with you if you're not a fan of George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic!
Home! George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic was the perfect finale to now it's time to 😴
I want the funk! (@ Ogden Theatre for George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic in Denver, CO)
FREE tickets anyone?? George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic are about to bring the FUNK to The Ogden Theatre...
George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic is this Sunday at the Ogden and I want
George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic to perform free show at Westside Summerfest tonight via …
Legendary funk: George Clinton performs at the Westside Summerfest - Spearhead-Home - News via
Often worry that my refs are too obscure, or too dated. You got it! George Clinton *and* Bootsy Collins - Funkadelic was genius!
George Clinton to perform at Westside Summerfest tonight - Albuquerque Journal: Albuquerque JournalGeorge Clin...
A lot of music heads in the midwest gravitated toward west coast flavor because of Zapp, George Clinton and others originating in this area.
Ahead of dive into this playlist featuring George Clinton, Juan Atkins, Moodymann & more
Would be down for Joe to join George Clinton and John C. Calhoun as the only VPs to serve two presidents.
George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic LIVE on August 18! Buy tickets here:
Hamilton, Jay, Madison wrote the federalists, the anti federalists were people associated with George Clinton and Pat Henry
The World Requires but George Soros and Hillary Clinton Are Determined the U.S. Won’t via…
VIP guestlist: Katy Perry shared a photo with George W. Bush and Bill Clinton at the 2015 Starkey Hearing ...
"Katy Perry cosies up to former presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton as she takes to ..." via
muthafunkin' fantastic @ paradiso Amsterdam. Almost shook my als off!!!
I liked a video Mathematics of Love George Clinton ft. Kim Burrell
Get your tix for my Birthday Bash with and Parliament Aug 13th here :
Katy Perry Gets Presidential with Bill Clinton and George W Bush ... - via
watched on Atomic Dog.performed live by George Clinton
It will be amazing to see the two former Presidents together this weekend!
Home writing and listening to James Brown,Ray Charles,Bobby Byrd & George Clinton.something about them oldies but goodies
Los Angeles I have two pairs of tickets to giveaway to see George Clinton on August 14th!
Oddly enough, that is how Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush got started.
it's been great all night George. Thanks for the music👊
New cover: Duffy and I sit down with Presidents 42 and 43 to discuss 2016 via
Katy Perry Performs for the First Time After Her Split With John Mayer and Meets George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.
So that's where George Clinton got the look from.
Even on my break, I still see my boss following me around!lol
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lol lets c some vids of Carlos da parlimac a.k.a sir nose danceing lol. :D
lol not just knee deep :). Lol glad u r haveing fun Mr George. :). ✌💗 we love u Dr funkinstine
Thank you George Clinton for being a innovative pioneer who is still relevant.
Moving on! This is how Katy Perry's dealing with her latest split from John Mayer:
I'd say Will Ferrell's take on George W. Bush may be the best political impression in SNL history, Darrell Hammond's Clinton as a strong
So jealous my brother gets to see George Clinton 😩😩
Charlie Wilson-speaking on becoming homeless and hooked on crack. His statement
Where are your fact checks on Hillary Clinton's involvement, or lack thereof, with ? Just want to make sure equal covg
The expressions on faces are hilarious!
Katy Perry posed next to Bill Clinton and George W. Bush (see the presidential pic):
Funk legend George Clinton and I sharing the stage at the Liacouras Center in Philly
"Funk is bigger than George Clinton, Jeff, duh, but he is one of the GREATEST AMBASSADORS FOR IT" -Red wine yelling at my BF on a Sunday
I opened up for George Clinton yesterday at NJPAC and managed to get these classic Parliament albums…
George Clinton: "if you not relevant you don't matter, all you doing is whining."(re: talking bout injustice). Profoun…
George Clinton will be performing at Artscape 2015 July 17th at 7 p.m.
I'm going to George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic at Ballpark Village in St. Louis, MO - Jul 12
In world full of James Browns, I just wanna be George Clinton.
I hope that I can one day be a mixture of Miles Davis, George Clinton, Herbie Hancock, Charles Mingus, and Chuck...
Class & brass as blitzes Glastonbury with Mary J Blige & George Clinton
Suede, Mavis Staples, The Mothership/George Clinton and Giant Sand are my recommendations. And Burt Bacharach.
George Clinton. Parliament/Funkadelic and The Family Stone bringing good times. @ West Holts Stage…
Parliament, funkadelic and George Clinton last night. 14 on stage! Not sure what one bloke was even doing
Watch Mark Ronson perform 'Uptown Funk' at Glastonbury with Mary J Blige, Grandmaster Flash and George Clinton
not just parliament, George Clinton, the family stone, it's like a super group of funk
George Clinton was great in the Mark Ronson set. Voice was so deep it reminded me of Eddie Murphy doing his Teddy Pendergrass act
You got it. Dude we watched George Clinton pregame before a jazz show on Periscope last night. LGNDRY!
It's too bad Jimi Hendrix couldn't been alive to tour with George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic. Those 2 bands on the same stage? Epic.
Free concert series-Sounds of the City @ NJPAC Newark has got a few doozies: George Clinton,Slick Rick,Alice Smith,The Family Stone,& more!
George Clinton or Bridget Christie: who's had the weirdest festival experience?: The captain of the mothership...
Tmrw Night at Bud Light presents Innsbrook After Hours we are proud to welcome George Clinton and Parliament...
Funkin' it up with (George Clinton) and the Sam Houston High School band!
If it's a black frat cookout, you know they're gonna play Atomic Dog by George Clinton.
now playing on Hot107.9 fm Carolina - - - - George Clinton - Atomic Dog - - - click to tunein >
I'm really finna see George Clinton perform Atomic Dog live for the first time. I'm happy😊
Atomic Dog (Special Atomic Mix) by George Clinton, found with Listen now:
I'm Mericat, Love Child of Uncle Sam and George Clinton. I'm gonna get weird this Fourth of July. -
Buddy Guy, Ray Charles, Jimmy Smith, George Clinton, Arlo Guthrie. We might go see Neil Young this summer.
I can't wait for the 2024 presidential election when Kate Bush has to run against George Clinton so the American electorate isn't confused.
George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, Bob Dylan, The Band, The Pixies, Tyler the Creator, EW&F,Graham Nash are plying in Indy this year!
George Clinton - Atomic Dog inspiring me during corporate designing
Special edition of I'm so blessed!. [insert Atomic Dog by George Clinton here] It…
"Atomic Dog" is a song by George Clinton from his 1982 album Computer Games. The track was released as a single...
Atomic Dog [Original Extended Version] - George Clinton (1982). One Funky Dawggg . It's the Dogg in me !!!. TopChoon
I'm listening to Atomic Dog by George Clinton on
this white girl just asked me if George Clinton & Bill Clinton the same person.she gone have to run my fade
Breast Cancer Awareness
Halfway through the George Clinton gig last night I realised, someone pinched my copy of 'Hardcore Jollies' and never returned it.
Chrisette Michelle, George Clinton, Frankie Beverly & Maze - you know, the JAZZ cats :-O
I CANNOT believe Kanye West (and Mavis Staples, George Clinton, Roy Ayers etc etc) is playing at this rock festival
Sure, Bill Clinton was and Hillary Clinton is running to be president, but long before them George Clinton was a member of Parliament.
I still remember the cheat code to play with George Clinton on NBA Jam. Used to do work with him and Pat Ewing
Queensbridge Park will have the best programming this free summer concert season from George Clinton + Funkadelic to Large Pro + Marley Marl
George Clinton circa 1976. See the Master of Funk on Friday, July 10 Chene Park Detroit. Tickets are on...
Chene Park marks 30 years with a summer lineup that includes George Clinton, Anthony Hamilton, jazz and more:
.breaks the George Clinton record Jan 2016. Resigns after presidential election to avoid backlash on other Rs
kaylie who's the president of the United States . "George Clinton"
Everything about the album is just perfect. Robert Glasper, Thundercat AND George Clinton.
Y'all akk like y'all don't know what G Funk is.. I mean .. you haven't seen George Clinton on Good Burger cuttin' the rug?
Enjoying the new First track with Mr What more could you ask for?
Kendrick trill for throwing George Clinton on the intro
Shoutout to Kendrick for putting George Clinton on the album. 👌
hey nice to hear good friend on your show this AM but, George didn't create - tha…
Met George Clinton yesterday and shook the man's hand! Great live interview thanks to &
I dunno why, something more than George Clinton being on Wesleys Theory, but it made me wanna listen to 'America Eats Its Young' again...
Kendrick really had George Clinton on the track that's super wavy
George Clinton features on 's first song on his new album! Catch GC here on the 16th of April!.
Pac, Dre, Snoop, George Clinton & g funk. got the ingredients of classic death row material
.(is all over the Kenrick Lamar album by the way and main feature on 2 tracks!
"The president has kept all of the promises he intended to keep. - Clinton aide George Stephanopolous speaking on Larry King Live
Thought was a stupid name until I heard George Clinton say it. It all makes sense now.
I can not believe Kendrick Lamar has George Clinton on his new album. Respect
Met George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic last night. Great dude!
When I played him that beat he asked me who I imagined on it. I laughed and said . I never thought it woul…
who else you know got George Clinton coming in? Getting that parliament vibe on the FIRST track, setting t…
Can't wait to see the legendary Mothership land in Melbourne on Friday April 3 at 170 Russell
George Clinton tears the roof off the sucker-- simply telling his story. What a night.
Yest'dy George Clinton not Osbourne, now the divine Ella Fitzgerald on England's acquiring some rhythm.
it's got a funky vibe to it. First track he's got George Clinton on it!
Legend in the Machine. tries out Neurosis, the first ever thrill ride of the mind, at
Happy Birthday Sly Stone! reminds me of a story George Clinton told...
We welcomed to the studio this weekend, listen back to the interview:
Now that the word's out. I produced "Wesley's Theme" ft. and …
what? Is there a Parliament album coming too? Please, tell me you are not joking!
Check out our March newsletter featuring & https:/…
Parliament was such a good band that the British government named their office building after it.
yo I'm so on kendrick got ya boi thundercat & The Field's greatest George Clinton on the intro! Plainfield X CPT
I thot it was like wannabe East Coast flows but with West Coast themes and that George Clinton sorta jazzy blues about a girl
music can be your life . George Clinton can be your father . Alicia Myers can be your mother. Your library ain't 75% of.
George Clinton - inventor of P Funk - was interviewed by John Humphries on R4 Today prog at 7.40am! Early call for Dr Funkenstein.
Kendrick Lamar did it again. "Look both ways before you cross my mind" George Clinton
"Look both ways before you cross my mind" is such a classic George Clinton line. Love it.
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Just heard funk legend George Clinton being interviewed by John Humphries on Today. Didn't expect that on a Monday morning!
Funky phrase I thought I'd never hear: 'And now on Today, John Humphries interviews George Clinton...'
George Clinton on w John Humphries - tune in!
George Clinton being interviewed by John Humphries on - this could be entertaining
Clashing worlds ...George Clinton being interviewed by John Humphries on the Today programme
George Clinton and John Humphries chatting away on the Today programme. I need more coffee for this!!
Well Aaron Burr was Veep when this map was done and then George Clinton was next.
there's still time to put some George Clinton and some Sly Stone on it.
If they ever make a George Clinton biopic, I reckon they should give Reginald D Hunter a shot at the title.
you can only be high to accomplish the sounds that George Clinton came up with for Parliament
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