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George Bush

George Bush Intercontinental Airport, is a Class B international airport in Houston, Texas--the United States fourth largest populated city, and serving the Houston–Sugar Land–Baytown metropolitan area, the fifth-largest metropolitan area in the United States.

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You got fired from for lying about George Bush. Read Bernard Goldberg's book "Bias" to find out real Dan.
George Bush's ethics chief tells me:. “We’re entitled to know about his relationship with banks — the very industry he’s…
the people: "George Bush is the worst US president ever elected". George Bush now:
I've seen Dan Rather report on fake documents in reference to George Bush, I don't believe any of this.
That's one bashful swerve for Betty White, one scary fail for George Bush
White people wanna sit here and pretend Muslims did 9/11 when it was really George Bush smh
I'm weak at George Bush boy been plotting on Michelle Obama 😂😂😂
George Bush always looks like he would risk it all for Michelle Obama
George Bush was my president. Barack Obama was my president. Donald Trump is my president
George Bush was head of CIA then, Nixon was groomed by Prescott Bush
That's one lit selfie for Jay-Z, one giant screw up for George Bush
It was George Bush vs. the poncho during inauguration
This is the letter George Bush left for Barack Obama when he became president
As wack as today is at least we have George Bush tryna put a rain poncho on lmaooo
Obama gave an inauguration speech (in front of George Bush) that wasn't an olive branch to Republicans and it wasn't polite to W
Donald Trump Inauguration: Hillary Clintion, Bill Clinton and George Bush present for the Inauguration Ceremony
That's one lit trick for Jennifer Lopez, one hella dub for George Bush
Truth Bomb 💣- George Bush had protesters at his inauguration saying "Not My President" He went on to do eight years.
Sending prayers to Barbara and George Bush. A couple with a lot of class and decency.
I wonder how many people wish they were George Bush just to get out of this inauguration LOL
Best wishes to them both! I met George Bush in the Spring of 1980 when he was campaigning at the Labor Temple in Superior, WI.
BREAK: George Bush senior is suffering from pneumonia. In hospital. Condition serious
Guess I should say get well soon to my old mate George Bush senior. I know he remembers me from our meeting in 1987
George Bush senior in Intensive care, wife Hospitalized
George Bush senior sent this letter to the Honorable Donald J. Trump President-elect of the United States. Well done…
So it turns out Rep. John Lewis said the Presidency of George Bush was illegitimate as well. Guess what? He boycotted his i…
John Lewis has a history of attacking white Republicans like George Bush & qed his legitimacy and compared John McCain to Ge…
Things you pick up from a 2nd viewing of Golden Girls: The George Bush-jokes. Much like the current Trump-jokes. Nothing's changed
If you have more respect for George Bush than for Bernie Sanders, then you're not a real Democrat and def not a real progressive
My bf is so excited because he "knew" Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK. I'll break it to him that it was a George Bush and the CIA another day..
remember that time George Bush asked Charlotte Church what state Wales is in
Why does Jay Bilas look like Mike Myers when Kanye said George Bush doesn't care about black people.
If Tsvangirai is courting that new Ghana President who plagiarised George Bush's speech then it is clearly to see...
I'm sure it was a genuine mix up. Woodrow Wilson is the originator of those lines not George Bush by the way!
At this point, looks like George McGovern and George Bush like Eugene McCarthy.
How is it Tony Blair and George Bush are not behind bars?
Interesting account, with scathing quotes on George Bush - The ex-CIA agent who interrogated Saddam Hussein...
Yo the way Chris Tucker looked when Kanye West said George Bush doesn't care about black people is HILARIOUS
At least George Bush will be happy he is now second on the Top 10 stupid presidents list.
George Bush's nickname is 'Poppy'. Afghanistan's opium poppy production goes into more than 90% of heroin worldwide.
pushed US into invading Iraq stating President(George Bush) only heard what he wanted to hear . John Nixon of
George Bush (elect) on 12/28/2000 commenting on Clinton's final efforts in Middle East: We have one Prez., Bill Clinton, and…
Bill Clinton, George Bush junior and Donald Trump all profess their Christian faith yet are the complete opposites of Jesus…
Watergate prosecutor, said George Bush. ‘Those guidelines and North Carolina that we hold dear and dismay at Comey’s decision
George Bush and Reagan both were targeted and smeared endlessly before they got elected well into their Presidencies...
we have another great Republican governor, Greg Abbot. Oh, and George Bush. We've been red for awhile. 2/2
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George Bush skipped his and got hilites from Condi. Missed the warning of pilots training to fly but no land and po…
The attack on a Coptic church today was due to: 1) climate change; 2) George Bush; 3) lack of art exposure; 4) beard bullying;…
George Bush terminal C checkin is a hot mess this morning. Long lines. Only one TSA for both premier and PRE. ☹️
How u go from George Bush doesn't care about black people to being best friends with a dude that wouldn't rent to black…
Remember the "George Bush doesn't care about bp" Kanye—that "buy our way outta jail but we can't can't buy freedom" Kanye?…
there go again, arguing with the *** It's all George Bush's fault you racist. Global warming.
be like my favorite humans, MLK, Immortal Tech, Malcolm X, George Bush, Chaney. Uh some of these names dont belong
For eight years I heard about George Bush. Will Trump complain about the big mess Obama left or fix it? I think...
Donald Trump Alex Baldwin said he would leave the USA if George Bush won the Presidency in 2000. he has not left? Why believe him now?
George Bush is the person who blew up the World Trade Center and the evidence! Zakir Naik 9/11
Maybe we should lock the Trump family in the Trump Tower and build a fortress around it. Then let George Bush do his thing.
I know. First I said "yes, George Bush, I miss you now." Now, Sarah Palin is the voice of reason. What is happening…
They forgot what happened when George Bush screwed this country over. 😂😂😂
Ann Coulter is already criticizing Trump and he isn't president. Yet she virtually never criticized George Bush over his eight year term.
No, no, I never despair, because George Bush is not running the unive...
Breast Cancer Awareness
George Bush has some explaining to do
George Bush was for me the most important ally on the road to German uni...
I struggle to believe any republican would have done better than him in the rust belt, he did better than George Bush senior there
George Bush got some explaining to do
George Bush senior is my choice.who the he'll cares?
ahhh. That would make sense. I thought you might be being funny and say it was "George Bush" and "John Adams"
George Bush senior was trying to get a constitutional amendment against flag burning. Somehow, this failed to win him reelection.
And Nicolle Wallace, a Republican who worked for George Bush!
Fun fact: Both Yitzhak Rabin and George Bush were in Dallas the day Kennedy was assassinated.
If you talk about white supremacy that's based on inferiority complexes George Bush jr. Policies as a reflection of that. It failed and
Donald Trump is not Barrack Obama. Hes not George Bush, Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagon either. He will be different bc he will be himself.
George Bush and Friends ripped us for Trillions Lock Him up George Bush sold us out for $ go to *** Bush family all of U
When you score a hatrick in the Madrid Derby but then remember George Bush rigged the Florida vote in the 2000 elec…
Kanye 2005: "George Bush doesn't care about black people." Kanye 2016: "I would have voted Trump. BUILD THE WALL!" What…
George Bush doesn't care about black people face ***
ICC must have the will to first go after Tony Blair and George Bush, the two self proclaimed war criminals. .
George Bush and Tony Blair. Why are these creatures still free men.
It's kind of infuriating how good George Bush is at painting.
Tim Osman Aka Osama Bin Laden from the bin laden group, friends of George Bush
Ken Blackwell who in 2000 as Ohio Sec State said it his duty to deliver OH to George Bush. Not ensure fair open election but to deliver.
yeah, but the 'fun' wasn't because of George Bush sr. Any movie about gulf war won't have him in it.
well, that was George Bush sr. He was serious
a memorable visit from George Bush sr, a group of protesters against nukes had gathered. Bush gave them the finger
A reminder that politics can be civil. This is the letter George Bush (Sr) left on Bill Clinton's desk after the '92 ele…
Thought we may get another good Green Day album outta this like their George Bush inspired American ***
I'm turning to Green day to help america through those awful years like they did with George Bush
We gave George Bush a victory and he squandered it by trying to please the democrats. That's not happening w/trump. He's g…
And yet I can recall with some clarity the October 1984 performance of George Bush and Geraldine Ferraro .
I never thought there'd be a day I'd miss Mitt Romney, George Bush, and Sarah Palin. But oh how I do.
Bill Maher so ditzy for Hillary, he's apologizing to George Bush for having been too *** him in the…
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The ppl voted for Al Gore and who did they get? George ain't never been "our" decision It's not up to you. R…
George Bush doesn't know anything. If I want some advice on cocaine and strippers and good weed, I'll listen to old…
I mean, George Bush is a man of prayer. He talks to the lord. He tries...
Hillary represents corporate America. Wall Street, Big Pharma, and the like. She is the female George Bush, to summarize.
It's so foggy you can't see Kyle Field from the intersection of George Bush and Wellborn 😳
15 years ago today, George Bush threw out the first pitch of World Series Game 3 in NY, 49 days after 9/11. Merica. https:…
People need to focus on bigger issues instead of whether George Bush...
Same with George Bush in DC and Jeb in FL.
someone asked Kyle if he was George Bush last night
CNN reported he's same num as George Bush with women, up from Romney/McCain & he's higher with Blacks than any of 3.
Four Star General - Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Desert Storm. Republican Secretary of State - George Bush .…
I was fooled by so many, George Bush, so sad over him. Megyn Kelly, so talented and so ruthless. Mitt Romney, a hypocrite and so many more.
total mystery, but clearly the fault of George Bush and Wall Street. Oh, Mitt Romney, too.
You know, when George Bush talks about freedom not being America's gift to...
This is what America should be...the letter the elder George Bush left Bill Clinton on Inauguration Day
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Hillary didn't took Osama bin Laden.George Bush team that where after ben Laden way before Hillary
I can't believe George Bush might be president.
Obama founded ISIS. George Bush was behind 9/11. Welcome to post-truth politics
memo to Fletcher Ross Perot ruined the first George Bush's run for the presidency against Bill Clinton. wrong Bush Fletch
I know Billy Joe Armstrong was talking about George Bush, but can we agree that "American *** could still apply?
Hillary has an easier time gaining support from right-wing Republicans like George Bush, Glenn Beck, and Condoleezza Rice…
I'm an 'older' millennial so I can remember saying out loud 'Al Gore or George Bush what's the difference' then I reme…
Yes, the attack on soc sec, for ex. Imagine it would have been privatized by George Bush...
The last time the GOP won the presidential election without either of the names "Richard Nixon" or "George Bush" on the tic…
George Bush jr. - Barack Obama - Hilary Clinton. all one in the same.. expect more terrorist attacks.
George Bush and Michelle Obama?!? Call Kerry Washington because this is a SCANDAL!.
In 1 photo, Jim Reeves looks more like George Bush. But watch for footage. (DG created to discredit Miles Mathis)
Really? Why then is Colin Powell not in prison. Why not Condelizza Rice? Whey not George Bush and Bush "LOST" 30,000 emails
When will this witch hunt be over? . Will, (Colin Powell, Sarah Palin, George Bush, Mitt Romney, Karl Rove, Andrew…
.Who was providing the military briefings... Colin Powell/George Bush! Who provided bogus info?
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At bush canteen chewing on bush meat, wondering one day will Osama and George Bush meet?
you shouldn't talk about former president George Bush like that. They'll release those millions of emails soo…
George Bush enlists President Obama to help him take a selfie
Kim Burgess had more chemistry with Julie Tay than both Adam Ruzek and the George Bush look added together
Last week on show I said that if it's still close at end George Bush would help Hillary win. Well, Hmmm...https…
I believe that George Bush won the election through the vote of the people and the way o
I'm going to be a vice president very much like George Bush was. He proved to be a very effec
George Bush runs a marathon every year with veterans and jimmy carter builds houses lol
They brought George Bush on the field?!?! On 9/11?!?
I read a story in time magazine and all the stuff that President Obama and Hillary is getting blamed for lead's back to George Bush?
if Hilary becomes president, we are going to look back and think George Bush was intelligent incompetent
She doesn't remember how... Because of a head injury. Because of George Bush. Trump made her do it. Whatever excuse
The same know nothing fuctard sycophants that spread endless conspiracy theories while George Bush was President,...
David Bossie criminal behind Clinton witch hunt in the 90's.He was denounced by George Bush&George W Bush.Goal get Hillary w lies
George Bush has met more foreign heads of state than I have. But a substantial number of them
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You can avoid traffic on George Bush by using 2818. Discovery Drive and Penberthy Road will get you to Reed!
Except that she called, Mitt Romney, John McCain and George Bush honorable gentlemen in her speech today.wrong again.
conservatism, she also praised Bob Dole, George Bush, and John McCain for calling out racism in their party.
Love how she quoted Bob Dole, George Bush and John McCain. Smart work. Good work. Necessary work. Go Hillary!
After leaving office, Bill Clinton started a Foundation that helped over 400M people. George Bush did this painting: https…
Kanye West after Hurricane Katrina: “George Bush doesn’t care about black people”. HEY you loud mouth *** What do you…
Is adding Billy Bush a little nepotism with George Bush daughter already on board?
Remember when George Bush went to New Orleans after Katrina, and brought generators and heavy moving equipment.
let's see if you play the John Kerry video of him saying to go to Maine to kill George Bush... I bet no
Yall appalled Malia Obama was at a concert smoking as if George Bush daughters weren't doing coke & getting arrested. GTFOH…
Walter Benn Michaels' claim 10 years ago that Judith Butler & George Bush have the same theory of language.
The poet ran as a candidate for US President in 1992, against George Bush, via …
paging family members who lost loved ones to sue George Bush and the US lying about weapons of mass destruction. Oh Republicans
George Bush watching flyover of WW2 planes at Walker's Point Saturday. He trained in one during his Navy days.…
"IF" George Bush stayed in the WH instead on 405 days of vacation the country wouldn't have been left in shambles.
George Bush and John Ashcroft were religious in a scary way, but the rational among us could alw
George Bush didn't campaign on, 'If you elect me, I'm going to be a great president to confron
Anyone who still supports George Bush would still let Michael Jackson babysit their kids.
"The report also found that Blair also urged his US counterpart George Bush to "act ..." via
This is the group . was fanboying just like Tony Blair and George Bush are his role models
Actually Ben Bernanke pulled us out of recession and he was appointed by George Bush.
OK. But those voters still didn't vote for George Bush. They voted for the candidate they felt was the best choice.
What if Jimmy Carter wasn't around to help us get rid of guinea worm, or George Bush to help us with AIDs or Bill Gates for Polio?
Ronald Reagan and George Bush were both elected twice, so I'm gonna give you partial credit.
George Bush is a fan of mine, he came to see me in the Seventies. His coke dealer brought him.
Links rumored 2 go back to Prescott Bush (accused of having funded Hitler), before George Bush senior. That's generational permance of power
Rudy Giuliani says we had no domestic attacks under George Bush
So when will Tony Blair and George Bush invade Britain for having weapons of mass destruction?
Let me remind people ..Tony Blair & George Bush with their lies of weapons of mass destruction & War ! Do they...
Wow got a gig! Good for him. Next thing you know George Bush will get a gig in politics again. Thing can apparentl…
I'm sure the people of the Middle East, etc., thank George Bush & Tony Blair every day.
When is the going to investigate the crimes by Tony Blair and George Bush. Criminals are not only in
Its a picture of Trump, George Bush and Tony Blaire as part of a human centipede.
Hillary, George Bush, Tony Blair are all above the law
Just so we're clear, this is the same Kanye West who said that "George Bush doesn't care about black people."
Tony Blair, George Bush and Bill Clinton walk into a bar…or scramble "for a hidey-hole" amid tornado warning sirens:
'Crusade'?? Did Sam and Tony learn nothing from the George Bush jnr terminology controversy?
1980, George Bush agreed to run as Ronald Reagan’s VP.
So basically, Tony Blair should have done to George Bush what Hugh Grant did to Billy Bob Thornton in Love Actually.
Former president George Bush acted like a special needs kid at the Dallas Memorial. Michelle Obama was kind to him.
Nick Jonas moving to Park Ridge is the most questionable move since George Bush eating at Norwood Park Restaurant https:/…
Smoking gun emails reveal Blair's 'deal in blood' with George Bush over Iraq war...#
'Tony Blair and George Bush should not be allowed to get away with what they have done to our world'
exactly or like Timothy McVeigh Anders Breivik David Koresh . should I add Pistorius Tony Balir & George Bush in for good measure?
'In politics nothing is accidental. If something happens, be assured it was planned to.' - George Bush
George Bush might've not been the best president ever but he never divided a country amongst each other
Well if Karl Rove and George Bush said it, it must be true right?
The Tony Blair-George Bush memos: what the prime minister told the president
Tony Blair to George Bush, 29 July 2002: "with you, whatever". But then just think, what if Laura were to find me under the sheets?
A sober George Bush at a party hosted by Rick James
Iraq Inquiry has found Tony Blair told George Bush he would be with him "whatever" more than 6 months before Iraq invasio…
Email press release from George Bush, but he's a press officer at the CBI
George Bush has worried look but Laura maintains her airhead smile
Private letters between Tony Blair and George Bush to be published in Iraq Inquiry
The phone call from George Bush that told Tony Blair he’d failed on Iraq | Sarah Helm
"George Bush died on the cross for you to get drunk today!"
I want to go to the George Bush library for fireworks tomorrow.
George Bush library has a 4th of July celebration they do every year. It's actually pretty fun!
Belt line Road and George Bush gets you to your destination 0-100 real quick
George Bush and Tony Blair should go to jail, according to family of Royal Marine who was killed during Iraq war
I think I look pretty professional sitting at George Bush's desk at the Bush Library, Dallas, Texas
Kayla is so happy we are at the George Bush presidential library, it's so cute 😍
That's one iced out step for P-Fyfe, one bootleg dump for George Bush
Nero committed suicide. George Bush gets a library. and the american people get less freedom from the tyranny of government.
don't you be George Bush to my John Kerry now ;p
That's one bootylicious Yak for P-Fyfe, one sick leap for George Bush
George Bush was a democrat? I'm pretty sure you have no idea what you're talking about pal.
This photo of George Bush and Hillary Clinton was taken at Nancy Regan's funeral. I...
Tony Blair and George Bush have a lot to answer for .although Sadam Hussain was bad the people knew hope to...
George Bush: I did not have sexual relations with that man, Kanye West
... Florida Democrats voted for George Bush because Jeb Bush was their governor.
He opened his big yap in 08 to say George Bush doesnt know how to use a library , and now THIS ! SHUT UP!
George Bush was president in the 90's (W's father)
George Bush is 100% the biggest question mark in this video but Bill Cosby by far the most discomforting
Trump, Rih, George Bush, Ray J, Caityln Jenner and one that looks a lot like Bill Cosby
MT George Bush may not have been the best president ever, BUT...
You seem to forget what George Bush and the Republicans did to your so called black economy before this president.
When Clinton was PResident George Bush monopolied the land of Texas and got elected
created/maintained by the George Bush & the Terrorist Screening Center and by the Senate Intelligence Committee
There are facts & there are lies. George Bush, not Obama, signed the agreement w/Iraq Gov’t to withdraw American troop…
they are bringing out George Bush to save their seats and disrespect anything Trump says please no more Bushes or Clintons
He is supposedly good friends with Rick Perry who became governor here in Austin, Tx after George Bush became president.
McCAins knee jerk reaction will have our precious young men and women sacrificed for a republican dream started by George Bush
Born this day: 1977: Comedian Richard Ayoade,1957: Field of Dreams' Timothy Busfield &1924: Ex president George Bush
George Bush left this handwritten note for Bill Clinton in the Oval Office because he's a classy guy.
George Bush left this note for Bill Clinton in 1993. Country before politics. I wish Kenyan leaders think like this.
(2/2) heart and not my head. That's the only chance we have against George Bush. - Howard Dean (Politician).
George Bush's name rings a bell, because he rigged the Florida election, and there's mountains of evidence to show that.
Will Ferrell's George Bush impersonation is spot on
'I have opinions, strong ones, but that doesn't necessarily mean I agree with them.' That quote by George Bush slays me.
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the Holy Land Foundation charity was shut down by the for donating to charities after visiting George Bush
“Went over to Ford’s Theatre to see a play called Black Eagles” The papers of George Bush. P.S. He loved it!
John Cooney is currently explaining to Mr. Napier that George Bush did 9/11 and jet fuel can't melt steel beams.
Hillary Clinton after her iraq war vote on Chris Matthews, seems to totally defer to George Bush
Ever wonder why George Bush (both of them) never stands up to what Obama has done to the USA? Cause they are the flip…
. Bail-out bill for predatory banks signed by George Bush. Just another of the New World Order's gang. It's ain't about party.
assassination of JFK. Only one active CIA was called George Bush and was in Europe. Bush Sr was never active until Nixon
the Supreme Court was handed over to the leftist's compliments of George Bush the Sr (Souter) and then Bush Jr with Roberts
That's one amazeballs fart for P-Fyfe, one hella leap for George Bush
And if it wasn’t for the republicans (like George Bush) most of our major banks would be bankrupt.
I had a dream last night that I was playing golf with George Bush Sr, George Bush jr, and J Mascis and J Mascis was wearing purple socks
Do we still stand by this pic of with George Bush nephew? cc:
The Bush airport actually has a statue of George Bush (Sr.) rakishly throwing his coat over his shoulder. You're welcome.
Donald Trump & George Bush are public enemies out here 😭😭😂😂
So when others like Colin Powell, George Bush, Condy Rice do it its ok? Were you outraged then?
For a long time in the summer of 1988, Michael Dukakis (D) was ahead of George Bush snr. (R) in the opinion polls for the POTUS election.
Corrupt media lies and destroy George Bush reputation so *** will voted Obama
alternate universe in which Jeb and George Bush are Nascar drivers and Kurt and Kyle Busch run for president
I liked George Bush. Him and Laura were sincere nice people. These 2 now: disgracia
I saw George Bush at a benefit concert actually waving at Stevie Wonde...
how is your best friend Tony Blair and George Bush doing .
So the George Bush (senior) Presidential Library was interesting. But there were two parts of it…
If you ever feel like you suck at life, just remember George Bush took a photo holding a phone upside down
George Bush, Jr. had the "Squinty" eyes! Clinton's just getting OLD... Face treatments?
simi holding an Arizona: is that George Bush
Mind you there is far more evidence linking George Bush snr to actual event, including photographic. All these jokers r ex CIA
I really enjoyed the Barack Obama Presidential Library! Too bad there was so much stuff about George Bush
Nicole Wallace thinks her role on is to defend George Bush
1990? You mean FORMER President? George Bush his long time Deputy was in office. Remember Gulf war I?
God, George Bush makes me want to slash my wrists. He's so embarrassing I h...
George H. W. Bush and Mikhail Gorby Gorbachev. Moscow press conference. 31st July 1991.
George W. Bush Just Sent a Message of Support to an Infamous Anti-Hate Group
George Bush knew there was thermites at the base of t he jet fuel
Will Ferrell is well known for his George W. Bush impersonation, but reports that he will play another president have riled some people.
That's one butthurt Yak for man, one sucky leap for George Bush
Love these brothers from other mothers.
George bush's chin was the most distracting part of those sources
The United States tried the CEO as president thing already (George W Bush) and it was embarrassing. It set us back.
Yeah but unlike George W Bush, Stalin, Mussolini, or Kim Jong Eun, he had the proverbial 'good intentions' :P
imagine one day George Bush is just like "alright yeah I did 9/11, can we move on"
Gore Gave UP. I'll speak with You on the Mark Thompson Show.
Even after George W Bush lowered the bar so low worms trip over it...
When the oil bubble bursts. George Bush Snr (Chavez called him the devil) is wearing a wry smile.
Maria: Raven you got that bush?. Raven: I got more bush than George Bush
No he never George Bush allowed it to happen so he could start a war nick some oil and make a trailer load of dollars
Trump just passed George W. Bush, with his 10.8 million votes for all time record vote total in Rep prez primaries https…
Library News: A prized American icon -- the automobile -- has made its home at the George Bush Presidential L...
George Alfred Tribe, RNR drowned off Cape Horn on 20th birthday 1891. Grave is in danger of being drowned by a bush
George Bush told America that islam is a "religion." It is not. That it's a "religion of love" even. MOSLEMS MURDER
and now our debt tripled with this corrupt Liberals. Why Pirate the failed George Bush economic disaster?
Gotham City, 1989. Michael Keaton is hot & not overweight yet. Commissioner Gordon is paid well bc George H.W. Bush has just taken office.
FUN FACT: On this day in 2003, George W. Bush gave his "Mission Accomplished" speech. Unfortunately, the mission was lyi…
[George W. Bush] thinks that he has a blank check to do what he pleases, which is why our nation is falling apart.
Next week, George W. Bush dies and St Peter meets him at the pearly gates.
H. Ross Perot. George W. Bush. Donald J. Trump. There's an initial, so things MUST be serious.
I want a girlfriend that cosplays as George W Bush
The rich Conservative billionaire guys think that Trump, if elected, will ruin the GOP brand. Too late. George W Bush already did that
Enjoying this new phase of Boris Johnson's emulation of George W. Bush, in which he's going full fratboy rogue BEFORE gett…
America will never seek a permission slip to defend the security of our people. By George W. Bush
When you stand for your liberty, we will stand with you. By George W. Bush
screw that I'm giving you til George Bush is brought to trial for doing 9/11
Some folks look at me and see a certain swagger, which in Texas is called `walking.` By George W. Bush
we had no reason to go in there and kill all these people. We took a Republican, George W. Bush at his word that...
e.g. “To tell you the truth, George W. Bush said ‘Our God is the God who named the stars.’” — Neil deGrasse Tyson. http…
Funny. George W. Bush said the same thing to Al Gore in 2000.
One of the most infamous secret societies in America, Yale University’s Skull and Bones Society, may be a little...
The very first thing George Bush did was push through the No Bureaucrat (Child) left Behind Act.Killed us w debt
I would not expect you to denounce your family member for thinking George Bush should be executed.
August 2005... George Bush pays Harry Potter $2B dollars to conjure up Hurricane Katrina.
George Bush got into Harvard Business School with a 2.35 GPA... & got into Yale via Affirmative Action... SO... https:…
*** Cheney breaks with George Bush to back Trump
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