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George Bush

George Bush Intercontinental Airport, is a Class B international airport in Houston, Texas--the United States fourth largest populated city, and serving the Houston–Sugar Land–Baytown metropolitan area, the fifth-largest metropolitan area in the United States.

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"he looks like a cross between Will Ferrell and George Bush " . -my dad about young Harrison Ford
The Zapruder Film was cropped in order to cut out the faces of George Bush, Prescott Bush and George Herbert Walker II.
Bill Clinton, George Herbert Walker Bush, George Bush, Jimmy Carter -- Why are you not asking any of them? What are…
George Bush wasn't born in the bush. Tiger woods is not a tiger made of wood. Nicolas Cage doesn't live in a cage
George Bush was a terrible President. But Laura Bush was such a classy and respectable First Lady. Very proper, and very elegant.
I’m more of a Cornell West and George Bush type.
George Bush is almost as bad as Paul Joseph Watson
Not really the first in MLB. Carlos Delgado use to skip the entire thing under George Bush.
My favorite part of is the man telling Donatella Versace who George Bush is
George Bush & the Ukrainian organizer of 1941 Lvov/Lviv pogrom:
George Bush Sr was an intelligent president. Thanks for everything you did during your time in the White House
"Yesterday the devil [George Bush] came here and it smells of sulfur still today.”. The most memorable moments from the UN G…
I bet George Bush, Rick Perry, Greg Abbott and Equifax staff are doing a lot of drinking about now. They of…
Roses are red. Harambe is in heaven. George Bush was. Behind 9/11.
Thats how old rich white men like George Bush Sr can keep living he probably got young black gangmember organs all inside him
*** even George Bush wasn't that fickle, Kanye West said he hated black people ON LIVE TV. Did Bush ask for West to be fired? No
What said is about the same thing to what Kanye West saying about George Bush "he don't like black people"
I will Never Forget when Kanye put George Bush on Blast 😱 This is the Kanye West I miss 💯 h…
More ridiculous because the ADA was signed into law by George Bush, Sr who would be a centrist democ…
(2001) George Bush throwing out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium during game 3 of the World Series after the 9/11 att…
George Bush Sr to Jr. Sunil to Rohan Gavaskar and world wide
this also has congress voting for a second term for Gary Hart after the 1988 election was a tie, and the senate voting for George Bush (41).
Thank the US for this -- everyone from George Bush senior to Obama. Just one of the many countries US has destroyed…
Serious question, did Mike Myers career end when Kanye said George Bush doesn't care about black people?
Sam Rockwell's George Bush is going to be something to see
George Bush was a way better president than Trump and he use to call Vladimir Putin Puttie Poot!
Martin Luther King was a communist and George Bush's grandfather financed Hitler as did Joseph Kennedy.
G.W. Bush was president when Katrina struck. Remember Kanye's "George Bush don't like black people…
1/3 of millennials think more people were killed under George Bush than Stalin
I miss Republicans I can respect like Ronald Reagan, Colin Powell, George Bush, and Jack Kemp
Ask if you could swim down George Bush
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
To a new mission — traveling to General Mitchell International Airport, Milwaukee from George Bush...
Spent some time at the George Bush presidential library today
Cleaning up the disasters left by George Bush & Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama.
The people who are unhappy are George Soros, David Rockefeller, Jason Rothschild, George Bush and of co…
Donald Trump is a worse president than. George Bush . Pee wee herman. Pokeroo. Snuffleupagus. Big Bird. Anyone who's guest starred on love boat
Post: Heat Rises For FBI Director James B. Comey’s disclosure of his opponent, and the way he said George Bush. ‘Those guidelines
Are you implying Taylor Swift is your own, personal 2006 George Bush?
he was at the top of the food chain when he made that George Bush comment then he kind of neutralized after that now he Donnies pal
25. - Madame Sara received them. Once again I heard of funds being transferred to George Bush through the BCCI bank but this time
George Bush and Richard Nixon might as well have a clean record... This *** clown y'all elected makes those guys look like th…
Thank you Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama. Good job! You guys really know how to make a deal.
Former Australian PM Tony Abbott has joined the ranks of George Bush and Barack Obama by posing in a leather jacket…
Who was the 45th President of the United States? . 🇦 Barack Obama, 🇧 Bill Clinton, . 🇨 George Bush or 🇩 Donald Trump?
Tony Blair and George Bush - the greatest war-criminals of our time, and forebearers of ISIS:.
Steve Gleason, Brock Lesnar, Tony Allen, Connor McGregor and George Bush throwing out the first pitch at a Yankees…
In 1990 Michael Jackson Meets with George Bush at the White House: via
Not to mention the even more bungling Michael Scott and George Bush.
I think John Kerry served honorably in Vietnam. I think George Bush served honorably in the T…
Americans congratulating themselves on a victory in an illegal immoral invasion and war started by George Bush, Tony Blair and…
'The Iraq war was really about tying UK foreign policy to George Bush' - Chris Nineham, Vice Chair
Is that why so many people where outraged when George Bush jnr called the second Iraq war a 'crusade'?
"You don't have to get up early if you stay up"- George Bush Sr.
Too bad we can't have *** Cheney & George Bush join him in prosecution America not only let both off scott free, t…
That's probably dad, he was a Contra Rebel & MURDERED many w/the help of CIA, George Bush, Sr
From a liberal perspective Macron is George Bush, Sr
I'll be darned if Matthews doesn't look like George Bush, Sr. With a blond wig👵
The 2008 and BAILOUT by George Bush of US CORPORATE FAILURES and BANKS that should not had been in business was don…
The Soviet Union "collapsed", George Bush, Sr became president, and he started his tenure w/ talk of a New World Order. Everything changed.
Which President would you rather have, a fighter like Donald Trump or a wimp like George Bush who just took it for years a…
The American presidency is at its lowest point ever. George Bush might have been a low point but he was a…
Brits have always been puppets of America ever since the Tony Blair/George Bush era - this is not surprising
What do George Bush's wife and the American flag have in common? They both go down in the name of the president.
"George Bush don't care about Black people. 2017 and Donald Trump looking like the sequel"
Did you know that George Bush is ruthlessly fighting for Coney Island?
George Bush jr/sr. & Obama are BLOOD RELATIVES. ALL are related to Queen Elizabeth, Madonna, Vlad the impaler, Tom Hanks, Lincoln & more
Better get Jr. George Bush, no wonder they threw a 👠 at him he started a war with a country/countries with no WMD's…
The nation of Pres. Reagan,Bishop Reagan,George Bush,Rockefeller is now the defender of Arab Spring, Whitehelmets, "Rebel Partners" in Syria
...because of the strong leadership of George Bush. Great speech by Ryan and Trump. ((D…
I will step out on a limb and venture a guess. NOT Allen Welch Dulles. NOT Prescott Bush and NOT George Bush.
This is America. This is the land of laws where George Bush snr pardoned 6 people who supplied arms to Iran.
Now, add to the fact that George Bush was from the area with this article about Christian missionaries "defying him".
The evidence is overwhelming: the cause of present-day Jihadist terrorism is calamitous decision of George Bush, Tony Blair
It's on video. Nancy Pelosi thinks George Bush is still POTUS. Link👉🏽
Given the Blair Brown and George Bush years Thornberry is like Abbott of trolley dont ask her to add up the figures
George Bush was elected president for a 2nd term.Because he was scaremongering the population, telling them he will…
You're right! We haven't had a good role model for a while. I think H. W. George Bush was the last one.
The Roman empire ceased to exsit in the 5th century. You might as well blame George Bush. Fasicst apologist.
Did you make a similar remark when Obama blamed everything on George Bush for the fir…
She didn't blame George Bush?. Or was that barry's copyrighted excuse?
Magda Kay is rasis n has HIV positive show on how she keeps spreading to Trump n George Bush
4. Former president George Bush gave me the worlds longest piece of fruit by the foot.
"[George Bush] said that he decided once he left the office not to second-guess his successor, former President...
David Cross?! Woah. I bet he had a hot take about how George Bush is just, like, so stupid.
VP candidate Al Gore said to Dan Quayle: "If you don't try to compare George Bush to Harry Truman, I w…
Proof that truly Dude who helped George Bush launch and promote the Iraq War given platform on the Dem Pa…
That happened to me circa 2003 when I was listening to Judith Miller. First George Bush destroyed NPR.
Had a dream that Bob Barker was president and George Bush hosted the price is right. America was awesome, but the price is right sucked :/
Trump is 'worse than George Bush', conservatives in Qom tell The Independent. But if he's not careful during Fri...
George Bush, Sr.'s great outgoing letter to Bill Clinton. The problem is, it's impossible to imagine Trump being man en…
20 drugged and traumatized by George Bush, Sr., Bill Clinton and George Bush, Jr. with a little help from Bush, Sr's new allies in World
Arnold Schwarzenegger visits the former president George Bush Sr and wife
HINT PEEPS=Rice just admitted that George Bush, *** Cheney, Colin Powell, Tony Blair, Jack Straw are WAR CRIMINALS by LAW DEFINITION!
"George Bush doesn't care about black people and Donald Trump is just a sequel"
Well looks like George Bush is dying from a slave or a modern-day slave disease as as my Grandpa died from
Does anyone's grandpa yell at them for listening to the Dixie Chicks or is that just my George Bush obsessed grandp…
Nancy I am sure you still think George Bush is in the White House. The IQ in Congress keeps getting lower.
Saw a picture of George Bush and Dubya on FB that said, "Not a fan, but I'd love to have them back." No!
George Bush is the grandpa America needs
George Bush, not Tony Blair, took down Chirac/Schroeder bipartite. EU never recovered. Why no thanks for Dubya?
Pelosi, Do you take pride in being stupid? I mean if I'm not mistaken, you DO still think George Bush is President.…
While the United States agrees to 40 years, Pakistani president George Bush should take up the fifth jitget along the laxous fares.
said George Bush is more creative than Martin Luther King Jr. End it
Bro, I'm almost back, bro. — traveling to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from George Bush...
No doubt Mitchell was spouting similar about George Bush in Iraq and Afghanistan
Northam supported George Bush twice but Perrielo and Bernie are the bad guys?
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Listen to what Ronald Reagan and George Bush said about building a wall. Listen to what they said about Muslims.
George Bush and Darth Cheney were clearly behind the Atlanta fire.
"What is George Bush is the reason for 9/11" for $400 Alex
George Bush after Trump's inauguration: "That was some weird s--t" : report
George Bush's daughters did underage drinking and Jeb Bush Sold Drugs In College...oh ok lol
I am very Proud of George Bush, Dad and Son, Richard Nixon, John Kennedy, Abraham, Obama, all my Presidents Very PR…
Don't ever forget or forgive the lies & malice involved in the wars & domestic destruction of the George Bush era. It's why we're here.
I actually don't think George Bush was a bad guy, but I want him to go to some island where we can't see him and never leave it
Trump thinks the Martians are out to get him. He's wearing tin foil under his orange wig. I even miss George Bush.
Kyle Lowry and George Bush are the greatest things to happen to this country
Meanwhile, George Bush gets to go on a book tour for painting portraits of soldiers maimed in a war that didn't need to…
Today I learned Bill Clinton, George Bush (jr.), and Donald Trump are all the same age (70 years old)
Well of that's what you think, then George Bush, Jr needs to be criminally charged as well!
as did George Bush jr. And Bill Clinton who did NOTHING to stop or slow it down!
Why isn't George W. Bush doing anything about the wind damage in and around Rochester? George Bush doesn't care about white or black people!
Wld some one inform ignoramus Trump- Reagan increased taxes not cut taxes. George Bush cut taxes, that's how we got wo…
George Bush & Herbert Hoover can exhale, trump already the worst modern US president
George Bush did with Tenet. Who was wildly incompetent. The result between Tenet and Gorelick was 9/11
The votes are in. We do not want William Casey, George Tenet or George Bush running the…
George Bush , His father , Bill & Hillary Clinton , John Kerry , George Soros , Henry Kissenger , are all members of the Bilderberg Society
Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Donald Trump were all born within a few months of each other. June, July, and Augus…
That is dishonest blackmail network of Barack Obama, Bill Clinton & George Bush. Those three are the favorites of the yiddish Feminists.
So glad to see 'this' George Bush. Would be nice if he and Barry eventually get together for charity the way George…
Replace "George Bush" with "Donald Trump" and you'll get her commentary during the next GOP administration.
.The comment by the Trumpster, rhymes with Dumpster,. makes George Bush look like Aristotle. . missing you
So now Democrats love George Bush, the guy they called a Nazi for 8 years, because he is coming out against Trump.
George Bush held his tongue for 8 years. Narcissistic egomaniac Barack Obama held his for 8 days. What a POS!
Remember when George Bush opened a detention camp in Guantanamo Bay intended for indefinite detention without trial?
"can you believe my professor didn't cancel class tomorrow, idgi I love George Bush, Thomas Edison"
Trump's new labor nominee was at the center of a hiring scandal under George Bush
Remember when Elizabeth Warren called George Bush? I call that Liberal Lunacy
Also after Mary Jo White resigned from the DOJ she was supposed to report to George Bush on the legality of his pardon two weeks before thei
Does George Bush handle the overtime coin flip or Barbara?
George W. Bush:. "our enemy is radical Islamic terrorism and every government that supports them".
George Bush woken from bed for the OT coin toss too, right?
I don't know if George Bush has another coin flip in him.
I hope George HW Bush comes out for the overtime coin toss
Does George H.W. Bush do the coin flip if it goes to overtime?
George Herbert Walker Bush...Now there's a President.and a great American.
They gonna have to roll George Bush out again. Man just wants to chill now
Best thing I've seen in a long long time. God bless President and Mrs. George H.W. Bush
Does George HW Bush flip the coin for overtime too?
George HW Bush didn't go to Trump's inauguration but he went to the SuperBowl 😂
So does George W Bush do the coin toss for OT?.
Somebody wake up George HW Bush up to flip the overtime coin.
is George Bush Sr. even alive for the OT coin toss?
So does George bush 41 retoss the coin for overtime?
Is George Bush coming back to toss the coin ahead of the overtime? He'll be in bed now surely won't he?
"Who's that, the Patriots owner?"- My roommate about former president George H. W. Bush
Do they bring George HW Bush back out for the coin toss?
Will they bring back George H.W. Bush for the second coin toss?
If George H. Bush comes out for the overtime coin toss too, OT won't start til midnight smh
Loving this. America is grateful to George & Barbara Bush.
Poor George Bush is gonna have to be rolled back onto the field for another coin toss..
Someone get George Bush Sr ready to flip the coin again, we're going to overtime
George and Barbara Bush would accept your kid's graduation invitation just to show Trump they go everywhere but his inauguratio…
I hope George Bush does the coin flip again.
Someone wake George Bush up and roll him out there for the overtime coin toss!
Hopefully George Bush Sr doesn't do the over time coin flip.
George H. W. Bush came out to do the coin toss like Lightning Larry Luciano when he came out to light the torch
Lady Gaga should end this by looking into the camera and saying "George Bush doesn't care about black people."
Strong coin toss to kick off the big game, Dad!
Great to see President & Mrs. George HW Bush able to be at 51!
I'm going to form a committee, and we're gonna blame this entire mess on George Bush and the Russians.
It's gonna be something when they have to wake up George Bush to come out and do the overtime coin flip.
Someone said this was George Bush Sr. And his wife at the Super Bowl.. the disrespect
imagine if, 10 years ago, someone had told you that George W. Bush *wouldn’t* be the dumbest President of your lifetime.
Does George W Bush come out for the OT coin toss?
Dead at the fact that George HW Bush is at the Superbowl but said he was too old & sick to go to Trump's inauguration lm…
Former president George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush handle the coin toss at
2 the most Disgusting Despicable men who ever lived - Trannie Barbara & George Bush get wheeled out, showing that Repti…
President George H. W. Bush tosses the coin for win the toss and defer!
Former President George Bush flips the coin and crowd loves it. But when VP Mike Pence was shown on big screen, resounding…
Former President George H.W. Bush, Barbara Bush make first appearance since hospitalization at
Do they have to wheel George Bush back out there if this goes to OT?
Does George Bush get to flip the coin again?
George Bush couldn't come to the inauguration but my *** front and center at the Super Bowl LMAO
George and Barbara Bush have had longest Presidential marriage in American history:
I love George H.W. Bush:. Can you come to the inauguration?. Bush: no, too sick. . Can you do the Super Bowl coin toss…
George Bush trying to make it to the coin toss
Donald Trump is so awful, my living room is mumbling about George Bush being "good people"
Tried to watch Super Bowl and George Bush showed up 2 flip coin. Switched 2 Barney Miller Will watch recording
You got fired from for lying about George Bush. Read Bernard Goldberg's book "Bias" to find out real Dan.
George Bush's ethics chief tells me:. “We’re entitled to know about his relationship with banks — the very industry he’s…
the people: "George Bush is the worst US president ever elected". George Bush now:
I've seen Dan Rather report on fake documents in reference to George Bush, I don't believe any of this.
That's one bashful swerve for Betty White, one scary fail for George Bush
White people wanna sit here and pretend Muslims did 9/11 when it was really George Bush smh
I'm weak at George Bush boy been plotting on Michelle Obama 😂😂😂
George Bush always looks like he would risk it all for Michelle Obama
George Bush was my president. Barack Obama was my president. Donald Trump is my president
George Bush was head of CIA then, Nixon was groomed by Prescott Bush
That's one lit selfie for Jay-Z, one giant screw up for George Bush
It was George Bush vs. the poncho during inauguration
This is the letter George Bush left for Barack Obama when he became president
As wack as today is at least we have George Bush tryna put a rain poncho on lmaooo
Obama gave an inauguration speech (in front of George Bush) that wasn't an olive branch to Republicans and it wasn't polite to W
Donald Trump Inauguration: Hillary Clintion, Bill Clinton and George Bush present for the Inauguration Ceremony
That's one lit trick for Jennifer Lopez, one hella dub for George Bush
Truth Bomb 💣- George Bush had protesters at his inauguration saying "Not My President" He went on to do eight years.
Sending prayers to Barbara and George Bush. A couple with a lot of class and decency.
I wonder how many people wish they were George Bush just to get out of this inauguration LOL
Best wishes to them both! I met George Bush in the Spring of 1980 when he was campaigning at the Labor Temple in Superior, WI.
BREAK: George Bush senior is suffering from pneumonia. In hospital. Condition serious
Guess I should say get well soon to my old mate George Bush senior. I know he remembers me from our meeting in 1987
Breast Cancer Awareness
George Bush senior in Intensive care, wife Hospitalized
George Bush senior sent this letter to the Honorable Donald J. Trump President-elect of the United States. Well done…
So it turns out Rep. John Lewis said the Presidency of George Bush was illegitimate as well. Guess what? He boycotted his i…
John Lewis has a history of attacking white Republicans like George Bush & qed his legitimacy and compared John McCain to Ge…
Things you pick up from a 2nd viewing of Golden Girls: The George Bush-jokes. Much like the current Trump-jokes. Nothing's changed
If you have more respect for George Bush than for Bernie Sanders, then you're not a real Democrat and def not a real progressive
My bf is so excited because he "knew" Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK. I'll break it to him that it was a George Bush and the CIA another day..
remember that time George Bush asked Charlotte Church what state Wales is in
If Tsvangirai is courting that new Ghana President who plagiarised George Bush's speech then it is clearly to see...
I'm sure it was a genuine mix up. Woodrow Wilson is the originator of those lines not George Bush by the way!
At this point, looks like George McGovern and George Bush like Eugene McCarthy.
How is it Tony Blair and George Bush are not behind bars?
Interesting account, with scathing quotes on George Bush - The ex-CIA agent who interrogated Saddam Hussein...
Yo the way Chris Tucker looked when Kanye West said George Bush doesn't care about black people is HILARIOUS
At least George Bush will be happy he is now second on the Top 10 stupid presidents list.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
George Bush's nickname is 'Poppy'. Afghanistan's opium poppy production goes into more than 90% of heroin worldwide.
pushed US into invading Iraq stating President(George Bush) only heard what he wanted to hear . John Nixon of
George Bush (elect) on 12/28/2000 commenting on Clinton's final efforts in Middle East: We have one Prez., Bill Clinton, and…
Bill Clinton, George Bush junior and Donald Trump all profess their Christian faith yet are the complete opposites of Jesus…
Watergate prosecutor, said George Bush. ‘Those guidelines and North Carolina that we hold dear and dismay at Comey’s decision
George Bush and Reagan both were targeted and smeared endlessly before they got elected well into their Presidencies...
we have another great Republican governor, Greg Abbot. Oh, and George Bush. We've been red for awhile. 2/2
George Bush skipped his and got hilites from Condi. Missed the warning of pilots training to fly but no land and po…
The attack on a Coptic church today was due to: 1) climate change; 2) George Bush; 3) lack of art exposure; 4) beard bullying;…
George Bush terminal C checkin is a hot mess this morning. Long lines. Only one TSA for both premier and PRE. ☹️
How u go from George Bush doesn't care about black people to being best friends with a dude that wouldn't rent to black…
Remember the "George Bush doesn't care about bp" Kanye—that "buy our way outta jail but we can't can't buy freedom" Kanye?…
there go again, arguing with the *** It's all George Bush's fault you racist. Global warming.
be like my favorite humans, MLK, Immortal Tech, Malcolm X, George Bush, Chaney. Uh some of these names dont belong
For eight years I heard about George Bush. Will Trump complain about the big mess Obama left or fix it? I think...
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Donald Trump Alex Baldwin said he would leave the USA if George Bush won the Presidency in 2000. he has not left? Why believe him now?
George Bush is the person who blew up the World Trade Center and the evidence! Zakir Naik 9/11
Maybe we should lock the Trump family in the Trump Tower and build a fortress around it. Then let George Bush do his thing.
I know. First I said "yes, George Bush, I miss you now." Now, Sarah Palin is the voice of reason. What is happening…
They forgot what happened when George Bush screwed this country over. 😂😂😂
Ann Coulter is already criticizing Trump and he isn't president. Yet she virtually never criticized George Bush over his eight year term.
No, no, I never despair, because George Bush is not running the unive...
George Bush has some explaining to do
George Bush was for me the most important ally on the road to German uni...
I struggle to believe any republican would have done better than him in the rust belt, he did better than George Bush senior there
George Bush got some explaining to do
George Bush senior is my choice.who the he'll cares?
ahhh. That would make sense. I thought you might be being funny and say it was "George Bush" and "John Adams"
George Bush senior was trying to get a constitutional amendment against flag burning. Somehow, this failed to win him reelection.
And Nicolle Wallace, a Republican who worked for George Bush!
Fun fact: Both Yitzhak Rabin and George Bush were in Dallas the day Kennedy was assassinated.
If you talk about white supremacy that's based on inferiority complexes George Bush jr. Policies as a reflection of that. It failed and
Donald Trump is not Barrack Obama. Hes not George Bush, Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagon either. He will be different bc he will be himself.
George Bush and Friends ripped us for Trillions Lock Him up George Bush sold us out for $ go to *** Bush family all of U
When you score a hatrick in the Madrid Derby but then remember George Bush rigged the Florida vote in the 2000 elec…
Kanye 2005: "George Bush doesn't care about black people." Kanye 2016: "I would have voted Trump. BUILD THE WALL!" What…
George Bush doesn't care about black people face ***
ICC must have the will to first go after Tony Blair and George Bush, the two self proclaimed war criminals. .
George Bush and Tony Blair. Why are these creatures still free men.
It's kind of infuriating how good George Bush is at painting.
Tim Osman Aka Osama Bin Laden from the bin laden group, friends of George Bush
Ken Blackwell who in 2000 as Ohio Sec State said it his duty to deliver OH to George Bush. Not ensure fair open election but to deliver.
yeah, but the 'fun' wasn't because of George Bush Sr. Any movie about gulf war won't have him in it.
well, that was George Bush Sr. He was serious
a memorable visit from George Bush Sr, a group of protesters against nukes had gathered. Bush gave them the finger
A reminder that politics can be civil. This is the letter George Bush (Sr) left on Bill Clinton's desk after the '92 ele…
Thought we may get another good Green Day album outta this like their George Bush inspired American ***
I'm turning to Green day to help america through those awful years like they did with George Bush
We gave George Bush a victory and he squandered it by trying to please the democrats. That's not happening w/trump. He's g…
And yet I can recall with some clarity the October 1984 performance of George Bush and Geraldine Ferraro .
I never thought there'd be a day I'd miss Mitt Romney, George Bush, and Sarah Palin. But oh how I do.
Bill Maher so ditzy for Hillary, he's apologizing to George Bush for having been too *** him in the…
The ppl voted for Al Gore and who did they get? George ain't never been "our" decision It's not up to you. R…
George Bush doesn't know anything. If I want some advice on cocaine and strippers and good weed, I'll listen to old…
I mean, George Bush is a man of prayer. He talks to the lord. He tries...
Hillary represents corporate America. Wall Street, Big Pharma, and the like. She is the female George Bush, to summarize.
It's so foggy you can't see Kyle Field from the intersection of George Bush and Wellborn 😳
15 years ago today, George Bush threw out the first pitch of World Series Game 3 in NY, 49 days after 9/11. Merica. https:…
People need to focus on bigger issues instead of whether George Bush...
Same with George Bush in DC and Jeb in FL.
someone asked Kyle if he was George Bush last night
CNN reported he's same num as George Bush with women, up from Romney/McCain & he's higher with Blacks than any of 3.
Four Star General - Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Desert Storm. Republican Secretary of State - George Bush .…
I was fooled by so many, George Bush, so sad over him. Megyn Kelly, so talented and so ruthless. Mitt Romney, a hypocrite and so many more.
total mystery, but clearly the fault of George Bush and Wall Street. Oh, Mitt Romney, too.
You know, when George Bush talks about freedom not being America's gift to...
This is what America should be...the letter the elder George Bush left Bill Clinton on Inauguration Day
Hillary didn't took Osama bin Laden.George Bush team that where after ben Laden way before Hillary
I can't believe George Bush might be president.
Obama founded ISIS. George Bush was behind 9/11. Welcome to post-truth politics
memo to Fletcher Ross Perot ruined the first George Bush's run for the presidency against Bill Clinton. wrong Bush Fletch
I know Billy Joe Armstrong was talking about George Bush, but can we agree that "American *** could still apply?
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