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Geordie Shore

Geordie Shore is a reality television series, broadcast by MTV (UK and Ireland).

Charlotte Crosby Celebrity Big Brother

LIKE Scott Timlin - Geordie Shore if you think he's THE MAN!!
AHHH! Love the valleys, puts geordie shore to shame 🐏🎉
Pissin my sides here at the valleys, there all sayin goodbye n there crying there eyes out, it's like in Geordie shore, they all get up set sayin goodbye like there not gonna gonna see them again, they all live in Newcastle ha
Cannot wait for ex's on the beach to start! Then series 8 if Geordie Shore!! :D
Little bit baffled as to why we make these low IQ fools from programmes such as ' geordie shore' celebrities, when they do something worth while then fair play
Cwtched up in bed watching old Geordie shore episode. Christ these guys make me look like a nun
There's Geordie shore, towie, made in Chelsea , the valleys whys there no a scottish one???
does anyone know when the new Geordie Shore starts?Xx
Laid in bed watching Geordie shore . X
Geordie shore at Nancy's. Locked us in so they can film outside -.-
The designers behind Judas Sinned never cease to amaze. There relentlessness in creativity and design is why the brand continues to be one step ahead of the rest. As worn by Peter Andre, Mark Wright and the cast of Geordie Shore. The first Summer drop is in store NOW!!!
You had to buy him. I used to bang him for free. -Charlotte of Geordie Shore
Whoop! Series 8 of Geordie Shore on the cards - read on the DM website so must be true.
Where is geordie shore on a tuesday when you need it!
Uch sake its the last series oh the valleys inite but watch ess tho they will be back jist like geordie shore :)'s happened!- I'm gradually becoming Americanised! My FC friends will understand this.So I'm logging a call (Nicole O'Sullivan), listening to myself talk to a customer and I am starting to inflect like an American at the end of my sentences! It's time to watch some Geordie Shore so I can remember how to speak normally again!
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All these new party program's advertised like party house and the frigging valleys!!. Let's just all say it.. YOU WILL NEVER BE GEORDIE SHORE!!. SIMPLE ha ha!!.
Seen the cast of geordie shore at south beach today, too bad ladies
If I knew Geordie shore was at the beach I would have went down with a few dozen eggs and egged the ***
Anyone know any mobile make up artist ? LucaGabrielle Atnoseventytwo Jolene Casey Anna Geordie Shore
First sign of nice weather and everyone thinks walking round like someone off Geordie shore is's really not, well not when your going shopping in sainsburys!😁
Just left the salon and left lovely Ingrid to take care of the Geordie shore lot!!
having flashbacks from the weekend!! sitting in vip with Everton football team drinking bottles of grey goose!! and speaking to gaz and scotty T from Geordie shore!! was amazinggg 💛💙
just walked past filming of Geordie Shore in Newcastle City Centre
Walking through town then we walk past Charlotte and Sophie recording for Geordie shore and there's my proper golem... XD
Geordie shore r on blyth beach filming ther new series .who wants te see them lyj there not even geordies there from everywer
Watching Geordie Shore and Charlotte just got her gold fish cremated and now she's having a proper funeral for it what the actual F lol
come to South Africa bring Geordie Shore toe Africa
When is Geordie shore back on, only best thing on TV.
the only reason at all I'd go to the beach to see someone from Geordie Shore is if I was going to run them over or spit on their fish and chips
My day just got better (not) Geordie shore crew are here filming lol
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Vicky from Geordie Shore has admitted that she has regained 12lbs. I personally think she got a bit too thin a few months back, and think she looks great now having regained a few Lbs :) Still tho, what an amazing transformation all round x
Soo excited Geordie shore is coming back on yer man
The Awkward moment you go down to reception and someone shouts here's Geordie shore . YOLO
Ok so I have seen every the hills, Laguna beach, towie and made in Chelsea, geordie shore etc all life informing documentaries however this may start an uproar but I have never ever seen games of thrones not one single episode ! Am I missing something ?
Charlotte of Geordie shore got her own show the Charlotte Crosby experience
Think I have a new dictionary forming as I have watched too much Geordie Shore and The Valleys. Please shoot me if I start using any of the following: 1. "Getting partial" 2. "Getting mortal" 3. Tamping 4. "Our kid" 5. "Boootiful" 6. Lesbi friend 3 way kiss 7. "Bangin'" 8. "I cannae do it" 9. Shaved fairy 10. "Giz" 11. "Ower" 12. "Tash on" 13. "Telt" 14. "Yem" rather than home 15. Yasel 16. Putting "proper" all the way though sentences. 10. Or if I start using the word "like" at the end of EVERY sentence. I divent worna dee that man.
Not into this made in chelsea rubbish, give me TOWIE or Geordie Shore any day
Our full SS14 Range is now available at Project722 "Metro Centre" in partnership with Gaz from Geordie Shore
So dad's driving gaz's ferrari back up to Newcastle tomorrow where they shoot Geordie Shore!
Why is everyone saying "buzzing" these days? They never said it before Geordie shore, the only people who don't say it are the people who have never watched it, as my newsfeed seems to be. It's actually starting the sound ridiculous, I'm buzzing. We'll go to a field where you can get honey since your buzzing like a bee.
Geordie shore coming in to the salon again tomorrow. Not sure who, 2 girls and 1 boy. This will be interesting!!
Having a pint in the sun next to Charlotte and the Geordie shore gang. Living it up.
In a bar at lunchtime on the side of the Tyne and who was filming.Geordie Shore. If you don't know what I'm on about ask your teenagers!!!
It's like watching an episode of Geordie Shore at the gym today lol ***
It is impossible for me to speak to someone without them copying my accent or making a shocking attempt at it. And then there's the random outbursts of "why aye man" or "on it like a car bonnet". Geordie Shore has a lot to answer for!
Heads up girls this one is for you ! We've not only got Ricci from Geordie Shore, but also Ashley Cain from MTV’s hottest new reality show 'Ex On The Beach'! Coming to Juice on Thursday 17th of April!
Made it to Geordie shore having first pint of. yes black and white cheers!
Geordie Shore fans would have seen a dramatic transformation in Vicky Pattison in the past two series following her break up from former co-star Ricci Guarnaccio last year. Not only has the bubbly Geordie lass slimmed right down from a size 16 (which we think she looked fabulous being anyway) to...
Vicki from Geordie shore I our mint green tea dress also in black or ivory £25 sizes 8 10 12 14
Marathon of Geordie shore, never been so ashamed of British behaviour but can't stop watching
There is more fake tan on the Tir na nOg starting 15 than there is on the entire cast of Geordie Shore.
Here's my dilemma, Nigella Lawson is banned from entering the states for an admission in a british court. However the cast of Geordie Shore entered and shot an entire series in Sydney and have travelled the world. Why on earth would any country on earth allow these no-hopers into their country to 'work' which is what they were doing. WAKE UP Immigration Departments EVERYWHERE ! Oh and don't try and come to NZ you'll never get in - we refuse offensive rock bands ! OK it's a long bow to draw - but my point is that I feel Britain should be confining these people to an asylum. However from what I can make out the cast are up for awards in their home country. Why wouldn't the British Press be utterly damning of these people as the most hopeless individuals that have ever crawled from a womb. I SO wish that MTV would simply disappear from the SKY platform it is the most pointless waste of the broadcasting spectrum that I have EVER seen. But I guess if you believe that giving 'candy to a baby' is a good thing - ...
Well I'm off to bed as got to be up early tomorrow, got an Aston Martin DB9, Audi A3 and a Mini Cooper S all at the same address, but it's in Cleadon which is like the Chelsea of the north east so need to be up early to groom myself, no armpit hair or bollock hair allowed, might even have a quick spray tan and get me teeth whitened so I don't look out of place, omg I might get on Geordie Shore :-0
If Gaz from Geordie Shore is an idol to u, you are definitely on that list of lads that noone likes and the few that do …
Awesome INSANITY Workshop in North Shields. Now off to Bijoux to see the Geordie Shore lasses!…
Charlotte Crosby: I want to eat Indian food with my henna-decorated hands! - Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby has left the soggy British weather behind to head off to India. -
MEET & GREET: Geordie Shore star and winner of Celebrity Big Brother, Charlotte Crosby is on the Gold Coast and...
Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby gets a rose tattoo on her leg: photo - Reveal
Charlotte Crosby: The Geordie Shore lads whack their willies up and down at parties - it's pride of - SEE MORE:
Most nightclubs get 'celebrities' in for the night,Geordie Shore or something.Not Mercy in Norwich-they get Fulhams Kieron Richardson in...
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Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby advises Vicky Pattison to 'get a boob job' as she unveils new tattoo
Charlotte Crosby, who of course stars in Geordie Shore and who won Celebrity Big Brother last year is currently in Australia, and while there, she decided to get a new tattoo which bears quite a resemblance for former X Factor … Continue reading… [ 282 more words. ]
Stalking/meeting Charlotte Crosby form Geordie Shore tonight. Valentines Day at it's finest.
Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby shows off painful bruised bum on India trip
By Sarah Bull | She got her first tattoo last year while shooting Geordie Shore in Australia. But it seems Charlotte Crosby is getting more adventurous with her inkings, judging by the large design she has just added to her … Continue reading… [ 492 more words. ]
We have a date for the fundraising party - 26th July so make sure you all put it in your diaries! :D we've also started getting prizes in for our 100 prize draw, and we've been VERY Lucky to get hold of some brilliant items to go into our online auction from Charlotte Crosby from Geordie Shore amongst some other reality stars ;) my online fundraising is also now up to an amazing £125 so thank you all so much. More info on the party night, prize draw and online auction will be on here soon. But for now I owe a very special thank you to Rick, and also to Elaine Porter for a venue. Xxx
Foxy Hair Extensions’ Metro Centre Store in Newcastle recently welcomed Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby for a second time.
*PARSNIP ALERT* - Geordie Shore's Gaz has been snapchatting Cara Delelvingne again.
I'm proud to be a Geordie. You know you're a Geordie when: You feel pleased to see the Angel of the North from the A1 because it means you’re almost home All your vowels are short – but for some reason you pronounce ‘master’ as ‘marster’ and ‘plaster’ as ‘plarster’ The phrase ‘I will love it if we beat them, love it’ sends shivers down your spine You get annoyed when people think Newcastle is just about Geordie Shore and the Bigg Market But you smile when you see a crowd of Where’s Wallys, a group of golfers and a horde of pirates all on fancy dress nights out Sting doesn’t sound like a Geordie to you You say ‘howay’ and mean something different each time you say it You know how to pronounce Prudhoe, Ponteland, Alnwick and Ulgham properly You chuckle when someone talks about the film War Horse because it sounds like a Geordie saying ‘Wor Horse’ You think the South starts on the far side of the Tyne Bridge You tell people you can taste the difference since Broon product ...
Alissa Addicks why did you tell Lisa Dunmore to watch Geordie Shore? This is ruining my life
chilling in australia watching Geordie shore in cancun
Watching Geordie Shore in Cancun. This should be funny stuff.
Also when is geordie shore coming back because I miss that show hardcore
Charlotte off Geordie shore reminds me so much of myself when it comes to personal things 😂😂😂😂
Meghan Mckendrick cancun geordie shore is on
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omg i think theres more Geordie shore episodes 😍😍😍😍
I like jersey shore so much more than geordie shore
There's nothing more devastating than realising that you've only got one episode of Geordie shore left.
Tup tup was class tonight VIP the lot dan from Geordie shore was there absolutely bouncing!!
I just want to watch Geordie Shore so I can see my English twin why can't it be on in the US?!
Geordie Shore, eep. Here I thought everyone in England was like the Queen!
"Some kind of Geordie shore stuff happened tonight no!
the show is basically a welsh Geordie shore? Yet u like that n call this degrading.. 👍
Some kind of Geordie shore stuff happened tonight
I don't understand if Geordie Shore is a comedy or an horror.
after not seeing it since Geordie shore started I think I now may fancy 😮
Nothing else to do but watch some geordie shore!
I hate men like Gaz out of Geordie shore.
"How can anyone watch wrestling it is fake?" coming from someone that watches Geordie Shore and TOWIE
who!!!' As to be some from the valleys or Geordie shore!
better than sitting in watching tv 😂 it's the *** that go to places that think there in Geordie shore that put me off 😂x
Up at 8 & im sat here eating trifle watching geordie shore
Grammys or geordie shore.. Hmmm lol
Really want Geordie Shore to start back up again 🙏
Have you and your friends been fighting over which is better out of Rosie and Geordie shore? 😂😂😂
I think Lee needs to take a leaf out of Geordie Shore's book!
new Geordie shore won't be on for a while yet! But I have my own show in the spring coming out on w…
Last episode of series 5 in Geordie shore is so emotional 😢
Anyone that "looks up" to Gaz from Geordie shore as inspiration should be shot in the head and burnt
town tomorrow night. watch out Geordie Shore
Plan is to watch Geordie shore and get no sleep👌
Think I'm going grow my hair again, sick of people telling me I wanna be like someone of Geordie shore -.-
Geordie shore hairstyle or jersey shore hairstyle ?
Geordie shore needs to start again soon!!
Geordie Shore needs to come back on very soon🙏
Can't believe Jay from Geordie Shore is coming to Mansfield & I won't be here😔
Only Geordie Shore is a worse TV show than Trick My Truck.
Casually having a convo with James Hull about if I ever pulled gaz from Geordie shore and he came home to a pillow of his face he'd think I was mental!
This Wednesday Geordie Shore Dj Set! 5th Feb ReFreshers FOAM PARTY 12th Feb We Hate Valentines List goes on and on.. The only Place to be on a wednesday
Nothing better than spending my Sunday evening watching Geordie Shore whilst chewing on my toe nail clippings. ahhh pure bliss :)
We at White Pony love bringing down the guys from Geordie Shore down to visit our weekly nights. And this time, we went big. Vicki, Ricci, Scott, Gaz & Dan p...
To be fair there are people far worse than Lee Ryan on tv like the Geordie shore cast lol
Geordie shore is so much better than jersey shore
Magaluf weekender, Geordie Shore for the more discerning?
Hurry up and come home Amy Jay!! Need a spoon and Geordie shore please thankyou 😘😘
Ah just watched Geordie shore from 1 to series 7! I cannot believe I never watched it before now! James tindale you beautiful man!
Watching Geordie shore makes me wanna go on holiday
Looking geordie shore with my lovely girlfriends
There are still some tickets left for gaz from geordie shore left, if u cant get at deja vu go to Nazma Peterhead to purchase them. £10 a ticket. Strictly over 18s only as appearing in the nightclub
Meeting Gaz from Geordie Shore at a under 16's club with my friends! Whoop whoop!
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Over 60 episodes of Geordie shore to watch!!
Due to last minute filming for the new series of Made In Chelsea, Jamie has had to re-arrange this weeks event to next Friday (31st January). Instead we have brought forward our Geordie Shore event hosted by VIcky to this Friday! Get your names down on the wall for tomorrow night! All tables are now Sold Out for tomorrows event.
Sat watching Geordie shore eating Sunday dinner Tasha has made life is amazing Natasha Benton x
Surprise! Ricci and Vicky are having a fight. So Scotty T trashes the house. Watch brand new Geordie Shore -- Tuesday's at 10PM on MTV - Sky Channel 126, ...
Charlotte from Geordie shore is at Southampton Oceana on Friday, but im working and cant go. Ow. :(
Gonna brake down and poo. Vicky from Geordie Shore is at the mothers works. NOOO! 😩😩😩
Could smash that Scott's face in off Geordie shore
Well had a great weekend with mrs Calder sent her back to Geordie shore with a good helping of all things Scottish. Thank you for your great toast to the club it was much appreciated and added to what was a grand night. X
Ticket's selling fast for Gaz from Geordie shore he'll be hitting clonmel's newest entertainment's venue this Saturday 1st Feb The Westgate bar irishtown clonmel
Geordie Shore star Charlotte-Letitia Crosby has hinted that she could be about to settle down with beau, Mitchell Jenkins. Following her on-off romance with ...
Watching every single episode of geordie shore love it ;)
Served Charlotte Crosby from Geordie Shore when she came through drive-thru earlier. She has got a lovely Range Rover
Right I'm making my Tunnel resident debut on WEDNESDAY 5TH FEB with VICKI FROM GEORDIE SHORE! *** night is back! But with MY kinda music, Stephanie Fraser also joining me up there! The *** scene has always lacked decent music so I'm gonna bring it 😜🙌 Hopefully see you's there, PM me for guest list! HERE WE!!!
Asif jay of geordie shore is in tesco:O
Walking round Cheshire oaks and a lad steps out in front of me. I'm like I know him, he's famous, he must be a footballer, then it hit me. Jay from Geordie shore!!
Does anybody know if there's a new geordie shore starting soon ?
Had a mint sleep both kids slept at my mums bein lazy now watchin geordie shore in bed in peace 😌xx
Well it's like -1 ere in Newcastle (Geordie shore) you lucky *** all partying in ya bikinis back home :P cause some havoc for me guys! Xx
Might watch that programme everyone is talking about later, where heavily disabled people go on dates. Geordie Shore.
Last night Martin Bailey and Tom Dean introduced me to Geordie Shore. I'm not sure my brain has fully processed it all yet.
Geordie Shore Charlotte Letitia and Sophie Kasaei have their Eye Brows Tattooed! - Celeb ...
Graham Rawlinson SAYS... I know that this is a page for Canal St but I find this connected to some of the problems that affect it: What's happening to the Northern Quarter? Went last night to find it almost unrecognisable - heavy police presence and their vans stationed on corners, door staff (??), groups of orange coloured girls, drunkenly teetering in impossible, and cheap, heels, dressed like tarts (as my mother would say) packing the streets and behaving like the things you see in Geordie Shore (and its like) Shame indeed. Area will follow into disrepute and all the regulars will abandon it.
Vicki from geordie shore is in norwich...why am i still in my house
Geordie shore is the worst thing on this planet.
*** WIN A VIP BOOTH FOR THIS WEEKEND *** Do you and your friends fancy an all expenses night out on us this weekend? Are you bored with this weather and the January Detox and need an excuse to party?!! If the answer is yes then answer the question below and you could win all this: - FREE Q JUMP ENTRY - FREE BOTTLE OF HOUSE VODKA PLUS MIXERS - VIP WRISTBANDS - VIP BOOTH IN PIPER LOUNGE - FREE MEET & GREET WRISTBANDS - FREE BUBBLY - VIP WAITRESS SERVICE Simply email the answer of this question to guestlistGeordie Shore hottie will be hosting Our February 3rd Saints & sinners party? The Winner will be selected at Midday Friday. Please add which day you would like the booth for to your answer. Either Friday 24th or Saturday 25th. Good luck!
Coming up in the next few weeks… - MADE IN CHELSEA'S JAIMIE LANG - ARTFUL DODGER "Re Rewind/Movin 2 Fast" - PHOTO BOOTH MADNESS And just confirmed today… GAZ from Geordie Shore will be joining us a bit further down the road in March (7 weeks time) To book a booth please send us an inbox msg asap! See you all on Saturday as we continue to SIN!
If you could do a degree in largin' it, Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby would be first in line at the...
We literally cannot imagine Geordie Shore without Vicky Pattison in it, and even Vicky has a tough time...
We still have some Vicky (Geordie Shore) Swing Dresses available for pre-order - sizes S/M and M/L, €18 :-) They're expected in stock at the end of next week xx
Huge weekend coming up next weekend @ The Mill Hotel . Australia Day Weekend Extravaganza Friday Night Playtime Ft One Of Australia's Biggest Headliners "UBERJAKD" Saturday Night Impulse Ft two of Sydney's best rnb duo's "Switch It Up" Sunday - Triple J Hottest 100 + SSJ live on stage + Dj's live in the courtyard from 6pm … Your Australia Day Weekend is sorted - The Mill Hotel & for everyone asking here is the after movie for the last Playtime - Tickets are now available from reception for the next Geordie Shore Event Ft Sophie & Charlotte
We just had a visit from Sophie off Geordie Shore!
‘Geordie Shore’ starlet Charlotte Crosby has revealed that while she is grateful for her celebrity lifestyle, she also gets tired of partying..
'Geordie Shore' star Charlotte Crosby has landed her very own reality TV series with TLC, starting sometime in autumn..
Charlotte from Geordie Shore is getting her own reality TV series.
Oh nothing, just imagining how Charlotte Crosby – you know, the bed-pisser off of Geordie Shore, who...
Here's the interview with Gaz and all the girls that came to meet him at City Beach in Brisbane! Don't forget if you want to meet more of the Geordie Shore cast to LIKE Schoolies Week and we'll keep you posted on our next guest appearance!
"A book commits suicide every time you watch Geordie Shore."
On the 3rd of August Midnight brought Charlotte Crosby from Geordie Shore to B.E.D Nightclub in Newry. One of our most favourite nights to date in Newry's bi...
Wow... 2 seconds in and is going off! This lot of celebs are making Geordie Shore look like downton abbey! …
I swear they did a Celebrity Big Brother like 2 months ago and charlotte from Geordie Shore won it, how is there another one a…
New reality tv show concept: put all the people off Made in Chelsea, Geordie Shore and TOWIE on an island and just leave them to rot
it takes to win Celebrity Big Brother Be a Reality Star We all know that practice makes perfect, and it seems that having some experience at being yourself in front of the camera is essential for success in the Celebrity Big Brother House. Denise and Julian both have illustrious careers as presenters and performers, and even though Rylan, Charlotte and Paddy were all relative newbies to the bright lights when they appeared on The X Factor, Geordie Shore and My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, it was immediately apparent that they were born with the star quality needed to stick it out in the house 'til the bitter end. Have an Accent It doesn't have to be quite as individual as Paddy’s Irish brogue or Charlotte’s Geordie ramble, but a distinctive accent seems to be essential when it comes to taking home the big prize. However, you'll get extra points if you camp it up a little - it worked wonders for Rylan and Julian. Make a Big Entrance Whether it's by showing up in a shiny, spotty suit like Julian, nipping out ...
Next Saturday we are joined by Celeb Big Brother winner and Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby!!!
FANS of reality TV show Geordie Shore met stars Charlotte Crosby and James Tindale when they came to Harlow to promote their 2014 calendar.
So let's have a little input from the masses - WHO DO YOU WANT TO SEE AT WONDERLAND BASINGSTOKE... Towie and Geordie Shore not your thing, no problem check out our other Wonderland sites - a little known UK artist called Professor Green performing there in a few weeks. Ridiculous US stars are too expensive but lets see what names we can get and we will work on getting them. Maybe you want old skool - DJ Luck, MC Neat. DJ's?? - EZ, Judge Jules, Toby Anstis (might be your thing - let us know). Maybe you want TV celebs - Chuckle Brothers anyone? Lets see what this brings and we will do our best to deliver something you might not have thought possible in Basingstoke - Rhianna is out of bounds due to the restraining order she has on the General Manager!
Last week was HUGE and this week is set to be much of the same with the first of our two Geordie Shore parties hosted by Charlotte Crosby!! Check out the event for more info...
Celebrity Big Brother returns to Channel 5 on Thursday, August 22 at 9pm. Louie Spence, TOWIE's Sam Faiers, Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby, 5ive singer Abz and Carol McGiffin are rumoured to be going in the house!
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