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Geordie Shore

Geordie Shore is a reality television series, broadcast by MTV (UK and Ireland).

Holly Hagan Chloe Ferry Charlotte Crosby Gaz Beadle Marnie Simpson Celebrity Big Brother Joel Corry

Victoria Beckham channels Geordie Shore's Chloe Ferry by talking into her SHOE on new shoot
Who is Chloe Ferry? Celebrity Big Brother 2017 housemate and Geordie Shore star – all you need to know
Chloe Ferry shows off some serious side boob as she's escorted from nightclub during Geordie Shore filming.
NEW INTERVIEW: 'I would choose Chloe Ferry from Geordie Shore' find out what is talking about in my…
Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson reveals her regrets over nose job, ...
The 26-year-old former Geordie Shore star enjoyed the day out shortly before her beau's ex-girlfriend, Jemma Luc...
Chloe Ferry leaves CBB house to promote Geordie Shore.
Celebrity Big Brother: Chloe Ferry left the house for Geordie Shore - Daily Star
Chloe Ferry 'left' Celebrity Big Brother house to film Geordie Shore
Geordie Shore star accused of preferential treatment before shock eviction…
Geordie Shore star Chloe Ferry 'was allowed to leave the Big Brother house for work commitments' BEFORE…
Bet you didn't know THIS about the Geordie Shore star!
Ex on the Beach teaser shows Geordie Shore newbie Zahida Allen meeting boyfriend Sean Pratt for the first time
it'll hit a peak when five Geordie Shore cast members croak it in a year and everyone will ask 'who?'
Christ, at this rate by the time 2016 is finished the only famous people we'll be left with is Peter Andre and some girl from Geordie Shore
Marnie Simpson PROPOSES to Lewis Bloor as the CBB couple prove they’re going strong
i fancy marnie from Geordie shore so much
I've not even bothered watching geordie shore this series since isn't in it I mean what's the point 😬
I'm just not fussed about Geordie shore since left. Which is sad as it was my favourite show. Miss the p…
Does anyone know the song in the intro part of all the Geordie Shore episodes in season 14?
Kyle off Geordie Shore is such a babe wow 🔥👅🙏🏼
mtvgeordieshore drama as Martie and Chloe clash.
got him into Geordie shore and he's obsessed
I wanna watch geordie shore but its not on catch up yet kjfnkdjfb
Watching Geordie shore is making me want to go out in fancy dress 😩😩
I started Geordie Shore yesterday at 2 pm. I am now on season 2. you are my favorite. I Hope I finish all seasons by January
Catching up on Geordie shore in bed with the better half 🎉☺️
Chloe broke my heart in Geordie Shore tonight. Marty is a *** You just don't drag girls appearances into it ever??
Great to see back on geordie shore tonight!!
The fact & start all the fights on Geordie Shore but blame everyone else is actually quite infuriating 😂👊🏻
It's taken me about 2 hours to watch Geordie shore cause I keep getting interrupted omg
So there's all of love island,all 18 seasons of towie and geordie shore all back on sky demand😍😍
Debating going downstairs to watch geordie shore but I know that'll mean being up all night
Watch Geordie shore if they have it on I dunno
Programa fav? — Ahora mismo keeping up with the Kardashians y Geordie Shore
Can't explain how much I can't stand Marnie from Geordie shore
allow it I did not tune in to planet earth to see turtles suffer there should be a warning at the start like on geordie shore
I finally found the geordie shore ad song
Just in from work.. watching geordie shore and I hear ma boy Buzzin 🙌🏽
Geordie Shore's lands role in horror about a killer pig
Geordie Shore's is making the move from the Toon to Tinseltown with big screen debut
To be on geordie shore would be crazy
Watching Geordie shore again to see my boy . again 😜😍 so happy see him back in house 😘
Mate I forgot about Geordie Shore. Watching Geordie Shore can be my reward for finishing this assignment tomorrow.
I thought you were referring to Geordie Shore!
Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry breaks down in tears as on/off boyfriend
Geordie shore is so *** without charlotte like Gary is a grandad going to clubs pulling & the rest are boring so they act up for the camera
So emosh in Geordie shore tonight be confident girl you slay 👸🏼💎
Do people on Geordie shore actually enjoy themselves all they ever do is argue
I cant be the only one that finds kyle on geordie shore really annoying
Is that Gaz still noncing around 18 year olds on Geordie Shore? 😷
is actual brilliant! Always in stitches when a watch geordie shore
looking at the old Geordie Shore and there all a bunch of scruffy knackers 😂😂god a few bob goes a long way
Gaz Beadle comes to a realisation about a *certain* ex in tonight's Geordie Shore!
Geordie Shore's Lewis Bloor hints at Marnie Simpson split and unfollows her on - :
As a new Geordie Shore app has been released we take a look at some of the best Newcastle apps you can download
Charlotte Crosby steps out with Geordie Shore co-stars in cryptic t-shirt seemingly aimed…
Gaz Beadle quitting Geordie Shore? Reality hunk drops bombshell that will leave ... -
Geordie Shore's Gary 'Gaz' Beadle finally came face-to-face with his ex-girlfriend Charlotte Crosby at the……
Geordie Shore's Gaz Beadle talks reunion with ex Charlotte Crosby at MTV EMAs
"Geordie Shore exes Gaz Beadle and Charlotte Crosby have cosy reunion backstage at the MTV EMAs" Is this real?
Aaron Chalmers asks Marnie Simpson to be his GF on tonight's Geordie Shore 😳
So here's what *really* happened with Aaron Chalmers and Marnie Simpson's romance while filming Geordie Shore!…
Geordie Shore's Aaron Chalmers has a BIG question for Marnie Simpson!
Geordie Shore: Aaron Chalmers asks Marnie Simpson to be his girlfriend…
Woah. Geordie Shore star Aaron Chalmers has a HUGE question for Marnie Simpson!
On a scale of Pablo Escobar to Daniela Westbrook, how much powder has Vicky from Geordie Shore shoved up her hooter? https:…
Glasgow: Geordie Shore star Scotty T is coming to Glasgow's St Enoch Centre
I liked a video from EXCLUSIVE: Geordie Shore cast CONFIRM new Charlotte Crosby relationship!
Geordie Shore star will be signing copies of his first ever book A Shore Thing at the
Make sure your name is on the guest list to meet from Shore! Check out our event here! 👯
.has revealed whether she will be in the new season of Geordie Shore or not… 😱
Charlotte Crosby spotted on another date with Ash Harrison: FORMER Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby may of...
Don't miss your chance of getting a mermaid blanket! Perfect for gifts and cosy Sunday's!😍 🐠 got hers!
Can you see why this picture of Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby has caused such a stir?
Sign In using: ... Shore star Sophie Kasaei has just gone blonde! Ooh! Geordie Shore...
This new boy on Geordie Shore is a knobend like
Love how I'm already at uni and is tucked up in my bed watching Geordie shore😹
Respect to the man from Geordie Shore for going there without a pick axe and a mining helmet.
Here's a bit of history James would rather forget! Watch him bang Holly... h…
if your not in the next Geordie shore, then what's next for you ? 😘
This will forever and ever remain my fave moment on Geordie Shore 😭😂.
Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby begged by fans to stop having cosmetic procedures -
Geordie Shore star DENIES ever branding the show "fake"
Here are all the people the Geordie Shore lot have bucked, banged and dated
Charlotte Crosby has shocked a lot of fans with her latest Instagram picture!
had a picture with Charlotte off geordie shore but tbh I just wanna *** in a bin with her
Gudz has just told me he's fancied Scott from Geordie Shore for years... 😂😂😂
when does season 13 on Geordie shore start
Having the cast of Geordie Shore host your university freshers event is like having Gerry & Kate McCann host your child's birth…
Catch way too much joke off Geordie shore
please follow me 🙈 it would mean so much 💯😊 counting down the days til season 13 Geordie Shore is out 🙌🏻 I love you so much 😍😘x
Out on the toon? Katie Price and Scotty T have secret meet up in Newcastle
Thank goodness Geordie Shore's on. The live TV on NOW TV box is trash and I'm sick of the AHS advert
I hate that I'm binge watching Geordie Shore right now. It's so ridiculously funny and entertaining though 😏
you probs has more arguments with people from Geordie Shore then you do anyone else 😂🙈🙄
Watching Geordie Shore at the moment, decided I wouldn't rent my toilet out to you can't afford the damage.
There's a Geordie Shore marathon on and so I might just be here till 3am
GEORDIE SHORE 5: Chaos continues as the gang returns from Prague. Holly and Kate come face to face on, while ...
Chantelle from Geordie shore proper gets under my skin
season 10 of Geordie shore actually breaks my heart, sooo sad seeing Charlotte pour her heart out over Lillie and Gary😪😪😪
Geordie Shore advert makes me so happy!!
I want to play a show in Newcastle so bad just for the Geordie Shore sightseeing
Gasp! Geordie Shore star Sophie Kasaei could be getting the chop!
Can't believe my mum just asked if Jeremy Corbyn was off Geordie Shore
"He's got pace, flair, and Geordie Shore hair!" the Shields fans sing to David Palmer
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Me with Marty McKenna from Geordie Shore and David Hawley, Ashley Cain from ex on t…
I thought that was a young David Walliams with Charlotte from Geordie Shore !!
Geordie Shore star Marnie and TOWIE's Lewis don't want to be TV's golden couple - Daily Star: Daily StarGeord...
My image for Newcastle has been changed a little. "Alan Shearer's city" →"Alan Shearer and Geordie Shore's city"
I saw Holly and Kyle from Geordie Shore in a mall today - every time I come to America I see celebrities!!!
Errr, did Marnie just admit that she still has 'feelings' for her Geordie Shore ex Aaron?
Geordie Shore very much the Southampton to Celebrity Big Brother's Liverpool.
Not feeling If its not an XFactor contestant, its a Geordie Shore, Towie cocktail & even WORSE than Anthea Turner, her ex Bovey! :/
'Geordie Shore girls are glorified prostitutes' Meet model who makes Hopkins ... - Daily Sta... Dr. Gary Rothfeld
MTV's Charlotte Crosby admits she regrets quitting Geordie Shore over Gaz Beadle via
Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan is marking a milestone today!
Today's news about leaving Geordie Shore has made me so sad 😭😭
Kyle on Geordie Shore burns my head out. Pure tart
Calls for Gaz Beadle to be SACKED from Geordie Shore after Charlotte Crosby quits
Today is a dark day. News of leaving Geordie Shore has landed. Possibly the only reason I watch...
Managed to watch the first minute of Channel 5's Rylan chat show. Guest: Joe Swash, double entendres: 2, barmaid: Geordie Shore
How sad is Geordie Shore after Charlottes news today 😔
Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan unveils her new 'streamlined' nose: The 23-year-old reality star posted a before ...
Am catching up on last weeks Geordie Shore on before the bangin new episode tonight!!
Geordie Shore star offers their support to pregnant Stephanie Davis after Jeremy split!
Brace yourselves - it's all the Geordie Shore cast mates EVER
Geordie Shore's Marnie gives her thoughts on Stephanie & Jeremy
Thinking of the ridiculous amount of revision I have to do whilst watching Geordie Shore
Look who is surprising the Geordie Shore house by returning tonight!
They're back! TWO more familiar faces return in Geordie Shore tonight!
Two more familiar faces make a shock return to tonight's Geordie Shore
The boys are back in tonight's Geordie Shore!
Catching up with Geordie Shore. Way too invested in the and love story. Like Shakespeare with more fake tan
I'm so upset, all the box sets of Geordie Shore have gone off of Sky On Demand😭😭 I've nearly finished them all as well😓😓
Geordie Shore's has hit back at those who doubted her and Joel Corry!
Geordie Shore's Sophie Kasaei on her romance with Joel Corry: 'All I can say is f**k the haters'
I wonder if I'll feel that same nostalgia watching Geordie Shore in the future as my parents do watching Faulty Towers now
I feel like watching Jeremy Kyle or Geordie Shore before bed because I've learnt too much today as it stands
ICYMI: Geordie Shore's Chloe Ferry did her best Kim K pose this week!
Remember Greg Lake from Geordie Shore series one? Never forget
Ouch. This former Geordie Shore star has hit out at their co-stars: "Two faced f**ks..."
Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan to share slimming tips in Bexleyheath -
Oh no! Geordie Shore introduces another newbie... but it leaves Holly Hagan in tears!
Looks like is in for a good time with in Tuesday's Geordie Shore
Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan is heading to to pass on her slimming tips at on April 30:
What's got so excited in Tuesday's Geordie Shore?
Holly Hagan: 'I don't know if there'll be another Geordie Shore': In news that we're simply not sure that we c...
Why is so upset with Geordie Shore entrance?
Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan isn't satisfied with her look just yet because she has revealed plans for a further breas…
Good to see back in the Geordie Shore house
So is hooked on Geordie Shore and thinks the girls are HOT, why-aye! 🙌
what member of Geordie Shore do you think should go into the Celeb Big Brother house next? ♥️😘
Does anyone else want to see Geordie Shore's in the jungle?! We do!
Holly Hagan claims her Geordie Shore co-star went "too far" with cosmetic work
Katie Price was then keen to know if Vicky had her ‘wicked way’ with Spencer, with the Geordie Shore star sudd...
Do you think Geordie Shore's Chloe Ferry has gone too far with changing her looks?
EXCLUSIVE: ‘She went too far’: Holly Hagan claims her Geordie Shore co-star Chloe Ferry had too - Style Magazine UK
Geordie Shore's Chloe Ferry has gone 'too far' with cosmetic surgery says co-star Holly Hagan - The Sun
My evening is sorted, SO much good TV to catch up on; Pretty Little Liars, Bad Girls Club, New Girl, Geordie Shore
He will be on her like a fatkid on cake 😂😂 Shes like Kat Slater .. Geordie Shore never fails to ammuse me 😂
Aliens at 9pm, Geordie Shore at 10pm. Alan Partridge Mid Morning Matters after on catch up. Night sorted.
Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby banned from roads for drink driving (for the second time!).
Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby banned from the roads for drink driving
Wait, WHO does want to buck next in the Geordie Shore house?! 🙊😱
Geordie Shore star Greg Lake on leaving the show
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