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Geordie Shore

Geordie Shore is a reality television series, broadcast by MTV (UK and Ireland).

Charlotte Crosby Jersey Shore

yup, now on (insert channel here), (EastEnders, Coronation St., The Only Way is Essex, Geordie Shore, Made in Chelsea)
Apparently Strathclyde's freshers week will include Scouting For Girls, Neon Jungle, Gaz from Geordie Shore and Hodor from GOT
John Logie Baird is turning in his grave! β€” watching Geordie Shore
woah is dat Alan Carr on Geordie Shore?
Virgin Media don't have MTV +1 so can't want Geordie Shore, you taking the *** mate
Can't watch Geordie Shore cos my dad is watching some old Russell Howard episode. Wicked πŸ‘
Everyone is like watching Geordie Shore and mums sat here with Holby City on😩😭
THE WAIT IS OVER!!! Be the first to watch our EXCLUSIVE peek at brand new
Allana reckons she can sleep with gaz from geordie shore
Cannot wait until geordie shore on the 22nd of july!!buzzing
Geordie Shore series 8 is basically one big orgy, admits Vicky Pattison - Metro: Metro Geordie...
Geordie Shore in a week, can't wait!
The only thing I'm living for is new Geordie Shore next week😍😍😍
Just one more week till Geordie Shore's back onπŸ˜‹πŸ™‹
just watched a program called Geordie shore - all faith in humanity lost!
The new Geordie shore canny come quick enough
did you get your pic taken last time with person from Geordie shore?
I'd probably get my *** out in my VT too and having sex in the house isn't really a big deal when there are shows like Geordie Shore
Would be so much better if Geordie shore started tonight instead of next week!
So excited for Geordie shore to start again
WHY? Why did I watch that 13 min clip of Geordie Shore! It just teases you and now I have to wait another week! Bo
Bit excited for the new Geordie shore
New Geordie shore looks mint , but so did the last one and it was a load of ***
I am SO excited for Geordie Shore to start againπŸŽ‰
In my dream last night Paul and I spent a day at the beach with the cast of Geordie Shore and ... West Wing...! How weird is that?!?! 😳
I couldn't get excited over towie or Geordie shore cause I'm 32 & basically there all kids to me
why couldn't Geordie Shore start tonight instead of next week ✊
Geordie shore starts next week and I haven't got sky anymore WTFFF!
Holly in the first series of geordie shore was vileπŸ˜‚
I don't even find guys like Gaz and Scott from Geordie Shore attractive they look like a bunch of wet wipes
Please don't forgot to record Geordie shore for me πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
So excited for geordie shore next week
New series of geordie shore looks so good πŸ‘Š
Can't wait for Geordie shore season 8
On a brighter note the new geordie shore looks unreal
Never get bored of watching Geordie Shore πŸ‘Œ
The wait is over! Watch the first part of brand new Geordie Shore, right here ahead of the channel...Bosh!
Throughout the past couple of nights ive just sat and watched every geordie shore from the beginning. Ready for the new se…
it's quite sad how excited I am for the new series of Geordie Shore
My life will get better when Geordie Shore starts again and the second Inbetweeners movie is outπŸ˜†
Watched back to back episodes of Geordie shore smh πŸ˜”
Cannot wait for geordie shore next week!!!
Cannot wait for the new Geordie shore 😁😁
It's ghastly Mary. Rigged to buggery and the new HMs are there simply to appeal to TOWIE & Geordie Shore types.
I'm so excited for the new geordie shore
Just seen another advertisement for Geordie Shore πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜¬
One thing I'm excited for next week is Geordie Shore, ek😁
So Excited, just found out there's a new Geordie shore starting tomoro.woohoo!
Any male who likes Geordie shore is clearly bent πŸ‘
Donna Wilkie click on the link and watch the first Geordie shore
Geordie shore next Tuesday, been waiting months for this 😍
Never thought I'd see the day where I'd get into watching geordie shore, only 7 seasons in
That Marnie bird off Geordie shore .u would wunt ya
Yay a week today new Geordie shore . Wo *** xxx
Am i the only one who cant wait for Geordie shore to start again
I actually CANNOT wait for Geordie Shore to start next week!
Dan from the night before asks Holly out on a date. The house have an afternoon's fun on segways. Watch brand new Geordie Shore -- Tuesday's at 10PM on MTV -...
Watchn geordie shore allnght with lots off coffee n sugar
11 days until Geordie Shore starts again.yes
no Geordie Shore and no bloody Kardashians!!!
Geordie Shore and Towie surpass EastEnders in the most degenerate thing on tv
Off up the north east tomorrow. Think I will reenact Geordie Shore on my own in my hotel room.
Would you guys put Geordie Shore or Valleys on netflix? There really good :)
Can't believe my housemate is going to be on Geordie Shore...Madness!! Off to Newcastle now to celebrate! Jason Walker
They need to make a reality show with everyone from Jersey Shore, Geordie Shore and The Valley in one big house and whoever makes it out without an STD is the winner.
Coronation Street's Samia Ghadie: Crude Geordie Shore is just about sex and swearing - I prefer Breaking Bad
***COMING SOON - GREAT LENGTHS HAIR EXTENSIONS*** Vicki and Bella will be attending a two day course at the beginning of September in Leeds to become Great Lengths Certified Stylists. Loved by Danielle Lloyd, Sophie Anderton both Models & TV Personality, TOWIE stars Sam Fairs, Fern Mcann, Lydia Bright! Charlotte Letitia from Geordie Shore, Ola Jordan from Strictly and Michelle Keegan, we can’t wait to see client’s hair transformed!! Keep an eye out for all developments on this exciting new venture... xx
you better not watch Geordie Shore mate
So saw Jay from Geordie Shore today.. He's not that great tbh, just skinny and meh and his gf wears TO much make up.
I haven't watched Geordie shore in so long omg
That awkward moment when you get asked to get a drink with geordie shore people! :3
Omg. Geordie shore's Dan rockin the sanguinemdeus x initial one Tshirt!. ...
Ex on the beach may actually be my new favourite programme since Geordie shore
Neither can I, his and Vicky's arguments in Geordie Shore were so bad, I doubt he'll like Dan just for being with her
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Lay on the bed watching telly. Wait for the kids to go to bed then go downstairs n watch geordie shore & ex on the beach. I can't cope with any more animated kids films l. Drive me to me death they will x
Never liked Geordie shore now I know why
they look like they want to be on Geordie shore
Who in Newcastle even says "Tashing on" "On it like a car bonnet" & "Slutdrop" apart from them off Geordie Shore.. Proper cringe! πŸ™ˆ
I challenge anyone!! Geordie shore cast, Germans, Russians even alcoholics to try and out drink Frank
she's from the tv show Geordie Shore.. But shes obviously from Newcastle which is why I'm confused! Lol
Limos, champers & what really goes on in the loo! Behind boozy scenes of Geordie Tours
Made in Chelsea my dear. You know...the posh version of Geordie Shore?!
Dreamt I was friends with the cast of Geordie Shore. What does that say about my subconscious? What does that say about ME?
you've given me the idea for a reality show something like Geordie Shore only called Economists in the Short Run!
can't wait for series 8 of Geordie shoreπŸ‘Š
Wish I had sky again then I could watch geordie shore, got, ahs and modern family instead of online its just easier
I envy geordie shore but not the lifestyle just the house its usually hella nice
Reckon the only reason that Charlotte fae Geordie Shore is claiming shes a Dundee United is cause that big Ciftci rogered her wae his meat
Why would you pay the women from Geordie Shore to promote your fitness/health product?
Something is going on between Gaz from Geordie shore and my cousinπŸ˜‚
started watching Geordie Shore .. here goes my life.. lol
My form group with Joel from Geordie shore today at
I want that MIC kinda of life with that Geordie Shore ratchetness...I love the Brits.
Charlotte Crosby from Geordie Shore happy with her box of fuel ;-)
what's Towie and Geordie Shore got to do with it?
Getting ready to go back to the uni house, kind of like the Geordie shore house except im not on TV and my lift is my grandma.
Sara has made me watch geordie shore its discusting theres bj's and comments like if the rivers flowing red take the dirt track instead . wrong
The official ad for Geordie Shore, season 6 - Going Down Under. What will Vicky, Charlotte, Gaz, Sophie, Holly, James, Jay and Scott get up to in Australia? ...
just been to bank and I was only stood next to scotty t of Geordie shore
Day off and so that means Geordie Shore day till Shaun gets home from work hope you have a good day at work baby x LOVE YOU!!! Xx
Home to get ready for Jds stag weekend on Geordie shore , looking forward to a few lemonades !!
That awkward moment when your dad actually knows what Geordie shore is...
Actually can not contain my exitment to see Geordie shore has a another series starting soon! Xxx
Anyone who wants to see the effects of brain cell killing program's like Geordie shore and Essex then go to macdonalds in brislington at half 12... Putting me off my coke!
Β£25.50 earlybird tickets available NOW from the link below, get yours before they sell out! This price includes a full Norwich bar crawl, the biggest student night with AfterDark Promotions, the premium Friday hotspot with The Cabana Club at Lola Lo, tonnes of free pizza, a live DJ set and meet&greet with Geordie Shore's Scotty T and a huge end of year party at The LCR with none other than Wiley rounding things off. Tickets:
domain names
are you a lover of Geordie Shore?! Maybe you'd be interested in getting involved in The Project that is a reality TV show to be set in Birmingham!
Bottle of wine, and a Geordie Shore marathon!!! The second best thing to Phil being home..
Geordie shore season 6 I don't think I like the fact it's in australia :( .
Who's gonna BEpart OFit tonight at CTZN!? Free entry before 11! It's gonna be busy so get down before the queues start! We also have Charlotte and Sophie from Geordie Shore joining us tonight to celebrate Charlotte's birthday! And rumor has it that a few of the boys from TOWIE will join us aswell!
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Hold on to your chavvy burberry caps Watford. ... After TOWIE and Geordie Shore they are now auditioning and filming We Are Watford!! Think id better get down there!!
I have decided whole watching Geordie shore n cuddling with the boyfriend ... I'm going to call him mr. Squishhhy :)
It's a full mon!! My favourite time of the moon phases!! And the stars are aligning too!!! I can't believe I am going to be on stage, co-hosting the Grand Final of Ultimate with Ricci from Geordie Shore. My life is complete.and so is Angie's.
Just watched geordie shore.not guna lie.actually liked it! Have a bit of a girl crush on Charlotte! Lol!
Last night I watched an episode of Geordie Shore - it was the opening for their trip 'down under' - it was 40 odd minutes of my life I will NEVER get back...
Share some love and LIKE Scott Timlin - Geordie Shore!!
Send in your greetings to Gaz Geordie Shore and LIKE his page!!
Who can say that they have Been eaten by a polo bear :/ from Geordie shore Kirsty-leigh Bryant
I'm actually more into Geordie Shore than I was with Jersey Shore lol.
When celebrities come to magaluf , they get tattoo by Ink passion, Red ink !! Mystic quality !!! Thanks to Chelsea Ferguson and Marnie Simpson from Geordie Shore !
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Vicky from geordie shore is an absolute babe
The valleys is nothing to Geordie shore πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜•
Before and after using lip voltage. As seen in Geordie shore x
Friend of Harvey's comes over And he sounds like Garry off Geordie shore. Omg :L
I don't think my hairdresser spoke much English :( I asked for short back and sides so he makes me look like a Geordie shore reject
Sitting back in the warm with a tea watching Geordie Shore πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Š
The former reality star and fake tan creator hit Newcastle to celebrate the launch of Geordie Shores
Where can I go to get my eye brows done and a decent none Geordie Shore spray tan for the soap awards? Or should I sun bed it? I'm never girly I need advice lol
Why do people say I look like holly of geordie shore . there its any resemblance what so ever.
Can't sleep so here I am watching geordie shore on the laptop, and listening to the rain. I love everything about the rain β™‘.
Cannot believe Becky Jean Tasker is getting excited about the new Geordie Shore series.seriously girl you were better brung up than
Has the most amazing friends for example Mel Bella Kincaid bringing me vitamins and medicine to work today and the best thing of all giving me Geordie shore season 6 to watch!!
Its 12! Yu no what that means.. Geordie shore!
As if ive just woke up to watch geordie shore an saw that Charlotte Crosby has the same jacket as me. i love it
Charlotte Crosby from geordie shore just made me howl on celebrity juice
Hamilton Collection
Geordie Shore: Charlotte ' I've left Spanish lesson feeling so Spanish ' lol πŸ˜‚
You just gotta love Geordie shore.double ***
Watching Geordie Shore is not helping the fact I won't be out this weekend.
Catching up with Geordie shore :))) a week to go Donna Knott il never kiss anyone with out a six pack !!! Love it!
Napoli on Guardian article:"We won't judge Newcastle on the basis of Geordie Shore and think all are rude, gym-addicte…
Napoli official statement on the Guardian. "We would not judge a city like Newcastle on the basis of Geordie Shore."
Charlotte Crosby from Geordie Shore stops by to play Innuendo Bingo!
can't wait for the new episodes of Geordie Shore, get this face on my screen! fancy him loads 😏
Metronomy's video for 'The Bay' makes Torbay look so much nicer than it is πŸ˜‚ misses out all the chavs and Geordie Shore wannabees
Ha! Presumably the other four guests are Marcus Brigstocke, Benjamin Zephaniah, Laurie Penny and somebody from Geordie Shore?
Nunca me Cansare de Ver Pretty little liars the vampire diaries the originals the walking dead & Geordie Shoreβ™₯β™₯
Geordie Shore Marathon, Washing done tea on the go, guess I should vacuum and mop XxX AWESOME WEATHER Loves it
I just watched Geordie shore, I love charlotte
Had such a good time shopping with my little man :) now at home cuddling and watching the first of two new DVDs I brought :) season 5 of Geordie shore then season 1 of sons of anarchy πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
I don't see how people can idolise Charlotte from Geordie shore tbh
Would love to be on sout like the valleys or geordie shore living the dream πŸ™ŒπŸ˜‹
I thought Geordie Shore was a pile of *** until I watched Party House
Stuff the diet! Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison puts on almost 1st and gets back into partying ->
First I get started by dan from Geordie shore in inside out. Now I get kicked out of house of smith for starting Gary, boiling aintthe word
Not quite sure from wiki page photo if Guy Fieri isn't just doing a character from Geordie Shore. .
Can you all follow me back, had Ricci follow me the legend. On a Geordie Shore follow spree
In Newcastle in the room next to the Geordie shore lot being filmed, never seen so much of an act in my life!
Finally out of bed, and Chel is watching Geordie Shore. THANK FOOK.
Wonder when Geordie Shore will start againπŸ‘€
Geordie Shore find.out I have a boyfriend and.somehow I become unintersting I have a James!!
Ellie goulding looks llike cCharlotte from Geordie shore
Geordie shore marathon ❀️ this is why I need a tv with foxtel or just a tv in general in my room.
( ) dresses and we would love to dress you Charlotte! Always watching Geordie Shore's Mortal Marathon…
The lovely Marnie from Geordie Shore in the salon today. She was with the new guy too but not allowed to show him yet http:…
pretty little liars, awkward,the valleys, and geordie shore. I watch to many series and need to catch up
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Eating risotto verde out of the pan while watching Geordie shore, shamelessly slamming together culture and a complete lack of it
Still can't get over the fact that there will be a geordie shore movie sometime
The valleys is nothing compared to Geordie shore
Ex on the beach and geordie shore to look forward tooπŸŽ‰πŸ™ŒπŸ’œ
These are the young North East women vying to outdo Geordie Shore in the world of reality television
That moment when your driving in Newcastle and see the Geordie shore cast filming and realise that will never be you aga…
I would greatly appreciate if Geordie shore could re-enter my Tuesday night routine
The new Geordie shore boy liked my photo ah
MIC, The Valleys and Geordie shore all make me feel ashamed to be british
Anly went n potentially got meself on Geordie shore today aint a, gonna be famous
As much as I like The Valleys, it's got nothing on the old Geordie Shore
Another series of Geordie Shore has been confirmed πŸ˜πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
Going on a Geordie Shore follow spree :p, ricci has followed me, can you be the next one please?
Joel Sophie's boyfriend how does nobody know he's *** from Geordie shore
Genuinely get so sad when series like The Valleys or Geordie Shore finish 😩
can you remember going in the Geordie shore house for the first time
Geordie shore is coming back, I cannot wait!!
They could put a shaved Gorilla in the Geordie Shore house. They won't work it out till the morning after & 1 of them would be pregnant.
mazzi maz and icky from Geordie shore but that's it ☺️
Throw Geordie shore and that Welsh one up in there as well!
IT'S CONFIRMED. WE'RE BACK!! Series 8 of will hit your screens later this year!! …
... And it looks like there's a new lad in town! Who can't wait to meet him!? ;) …
Is Geordie shore finished now for good ??
The purpose of a trial is to find a person guilty or innocent, why treat it like an episode of Geordie Shore?
Out of geordie shore and Jersey Shore the valleys has being the best and most entertaining by far the gang are amazing
LIKE Scott Timlin - Geordie Shore if you think he's THE MAN!!
AHHH! Love the valleys, puts geordie shore to shame πŸπŸŽ‰
Pissin my sides here at the valleys, there all sayin goodbye n there crying there eyes out, it's like in Geordie shore, they all get up set sayin goodbye like there not gonna gonna see them again, they all live in Newcastle ha
Cannot wait for ex's on the beach to start! Then series 8 if Geordie Shore!! :D
Little bit baffled as to why we make these low IQ fools from programmes such as ' geordie shore' celebrities, when they do something worth while then fair play
Update your maps at Navteq
Cwtched up in bed watching old Geordie shore episode. Christ these guys make me look like a nun
There's Geordie shore, towie, made in Chelsea , the valleys whys there no a scottish one???
does anyone know when the new Geordie Shore starts?Xx
Laid in bed watching Geordie shore . X
Geordie shore at Nancy's. Locked us in so they can film outside -.-
The designers behind Judas Sinned never cease to amaze. There relentlessness in creativity and design is why the brand continues to be one step ahead of the rest. As worn by Peter Andre, Mark Wright and the cast of Geordie Shore. The first Summer drop is in store NOW!!!
You had to buy him. I used to bang him for free. -Charlotte of Geordie Shore
Whoop! Series 8 of Geordie Shore on the cards - read on the DM website so must be true.
Where is geordie shore on a tuesday when you need it!
Uch sake its the last series oh the valleys inite but watch ess tho they will be back jist like geordie shore :)'s happened!- I'm gradually becoming Americanised! My FC friends will understand this.So I'm logging a call (Nicole O'Sullivan), listening to myself talk to a customer and I am starting to inflect like an American at the end of my sentences! It's time to watch some Geordie Shore so I can remember how to speak normally again!
All these new party program's advertised like party house and the frigging valleys!!. Let's just all say it.. YOU WILL NEVER BE GEORDIE SHORE!!. SIMPLE ha ha!!.
Seen the cast of geordie shore at south beach today, too bad ladies
If I knew Geordie shore was at the beach I would have went down with a few dozen eggs and egged the ***
Anyone know any mobile make up artist ? LucaGabrielle Atnoseventytwo Jolene Casey Anna Geordie Shore
First sign of nice weather and everyone thinks walking round like someone off Geordie shore is's really not, well not when your going shopping in sainsburys!😁
Just left the salon and left lovely Ingrid to take care of the Geordie shore lot!!
having flashbacks from the weekend!! sitting in vip with Everton football team drinking bottles of grey goose!! and speaking to gaz and scotty T from Geordie shore!! was amazinggg πŸ’›πŸ’™
just walked past filming of Geordie Shore in Newcastle City Centre
Walking through town then we walk past Charlotte and Sophie recording for Geordie shore and there's my proper golem... XD
Geordie shore r on blyth beach filming ther new series .who wants te see them lyj there not even geordies there from everywer
Watching Geordie Shore and Charlotte just got her gold fish cremated and now she's having a proper funeral for it what the actual F lol
come to South Africa bring Geordie Shore toe Africa
When is Geordie shore back on, only best thing on TV.
the only reason at all I'd go to the beach to see someone from Geordie Shore is if I was going to run them over or spit on their fish and chips
My day just got better (not) Geordie shore crew are here filming lol
Vicky from Geordie Shore has admitted that she has regained 12lbs. I personally think she got a bit too thin a few months back, and think she looks great now having regained a few Lbs :) Still tho, what an amazing transformation all round x
Soo excited Geordie shore is coming back on yer man
The Awkward moment you go down to reception and someone shouts here's Geordie shore . YOLO
Ok so I have seen every the hills, Laguna beach, towie and made in Chelsea, geordie shore etc all life informing documentaries however this may start an uproar but I have never ever seen games of thrones not one single episode ! Am I missing something ?
Charlotte of Geordie shore got her own show the Charlotte Crosby experience
Think I have a new dictionary forming as I have watched too much Geordie Shore and The Valleys. Please shoot me if I start using any of the following: 1. "Getting partial" 2. "Getting mortal" 3. Tamping 4. "Our kid" 5. "Boootiful" 6. Lesbi friend 3 way kiss 7. "Bangin'" 8. "I cannae do it" 9. Shaved fairy 10. "Giz" 11. "Ower" 12. "Tash on" 13. "Telt" 14. "Yem" rather than home 15. Yasel 16. Putting "proper" all the way though sentences. 10. Or if I start using the word "like" at the end of EVERY sentence. I divent worna dee that man.
Not into this made in chelsea rubbish, give me TOWIE or Geordie Shore any day
Our full SS14 Range is now available at Project722 "Metro Centre" in partnership with Gaz from Geordie Shore
So dad's driving gaz's ferrari back up to Newcastle tomorrow where they shoot Geordie Shore!
Why is everyone saying "buzzing" these days? They never said it before Geordie shore, the only people who don't say it are the people who have never watched it, as my newsfeed seems to be. It's actually starting the sound ridiculous, I'm buzzing. We'll go to a field where you can get honey since your buzzing like a bee.
Geordie shore coming in to the salon again tomorrow. Not sure who, 2 girls and 1 boy. This will be interesting!!
Having a pint in the sun next to Charlotte and the Geordie shore gang. Living it up.
In a bar at lunchtime on the side of the Tyne and who was filming.Geordie Shore. If you don't know what I'm on about ask your teenagers!!!
It's like watching an episode of Geordie Shore at the gym today lol ***
It is impossible for me to speak to someone without them copying my accent or making a shocking attempt at it. And then there's the random outbursts of "why aye man" or "on it like a car bonnet". Geordie Shore has a lot to answer for!
Heads up girls this one is for you ! We've not only got Ricci from Geordie Shore, but also Ashley Cain from MTV’s hottest new reality show 'Ex On The Beach'! Coming to Juice on Thursday 17th of April!
Made it to Geordie shore having first pint of. yes black and white cheers!
Geordie Shore fans would have seen a dramatic transformation in Vicky Pattison in the past two series following her break up from former co-star Ricci Guarnaccio last year. Not only has the bubbly Geordie lass slimmed right down from a size 16 (which we think she looked fabulous being anyway) to...
Vicki from Geordie shore I our mint green tea dress also in black or ivory Β£25 sizes 8 10 12 14 featured in NBC s Science of Love
Marathon of Geordie shore, never been so ashamed of British behaviour but can't stop watching
There is more fake tan on the Tir na nOg starting 15 than there is on the entire cast of Geordie Shore.
Here's my dilemma, Nigella Lawson is banned from entering the states for an admission in a british court. However the cast of Geordie Shore entered and shot an entire series in Sydney and have travelled the world. Why on earth would any country on earth allow these no-hopers into their country to 'work' which is what they were doing. WAKE UP Immigration Departments EVERYWHERE ! Oh and don't try and come to NZ you'll never get in - we refuse offensive rock bands ! OK it's a long bow to draw - but my point is that I feel Britain should be confining these people to an asylum. However from what I can make out the cast are up for awards in their home country. Why wouldn't the British Press be utterly damning of these people as the most hopeless individuals that have ever crawled from a womb. I SO wish that MTV would simply disappear from the SKY platform it is the most pointless waste of the broadcasting spectrum that I have EVER seen. But I guess if you believe that giving 'candy to a baby' is a good thing - ...
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