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Geordie Shore

Geordie Shore is a reality television series, broadcast by MTV (UK and Ireland).

Vicky Pattison Charlotte Crosby

eh I don't know how u made me go from hating to boosting Abt Geordie shore real quick. Kefs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
So excited for the new Geordie shore Y˜Y
all James ever says in Geordie shore is "it's been a mint night, everyone's mortal, now it's time to get back to the hou…
ya knows it's bad when you're crying at Geordie shore... πŸ˜₯
I've been watching Geordie shore since 11pm and I'm kind of addicted
so behind with geordie shore but I fancy scott all over again 😍 fav
Can't sleep so Geordie shore, Pringles and getting sad over Charlotte and Gaz there just meant to be! 😭😭😭
I love geordie shore, I can't live with that πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
The boredom is real. I'm watching geordie shore
Love watching Geordie Shore all over again even though I've watched these episodes like 20 timesπŸ’–πŸ’–. .
How some people idolize Gaz from Geordie shore's life is beyond me
Yo I've just found a new love for Geordie shore
Nearly 2am and I'm up watching Geordie Shore 😹😍
been watching Geordie shore for about 5 hours
So happy i got to see in the bishopstown bar she is one of the nicest people ever! Geordie shore wont be the same without her:(
I'm watching Geordie Shore in s house and everyone is asleep including ash and I'm sat downstairs 😳
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Why have my family got a better social life than me? I dgaf though because Geordie Shore and a disaronno and coke is perfect πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
My Guilty pleasure is Geordie Shore & I reckon & should be together 4ever! Just saying...
Genuinely felt like i was on geordie shore tonight πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Watching Geordie shore with a cuppa! Could listen to the Geordie accent all day any day! πŸ™†
Watching geordie shore, why aye man!
Finally got round to watching the last episode of Geordie Shore, Think i need for christmas, can't beat a man that can cook!
Geordie shore marathon starting with season 1. Amazing.
Geordie shore all night with my bezzie πŸ˜˜πŸ‘­xxx
entering Geordie Shore house for the FIRST TIME and then leaving the house for the LAST TIME EVER... πŸ˜©πŸ’” ht…
Vicky Pattison breaks Christmas tradition with a Queen V speech to remember: Geordie Shore quitter gets all royal (sort of) on us th...
Ed Miliband says one day he might just quit politics and go and get mortal with the cast of 'Geordie Shore' instead.
Starting my day off with Geordie Shore marathon.. How cute are & πŸ‘«
Geordie shore marathon with the girls this morning then heading into the christmas markets for a few drinks yessii
That horror farm on Geordie Shore looks mentalπŸ˜‚
Only just realised I've missed this weeks MIC and Geordie Shore, poor decision
swear all Vicky does on Geordie Shore is just gurn her *** off
works up a sweat with belly blitz workout DVD!
Catch up Geordie shore and a cup of tea is the way foreward! you don't half make me laughπŸ˜‚
Good girls playing on Geordie shore 😍
See when I go for a haircut, what do I ask for to get a Geordie shore haircut? The wanker?
Ricci from Geordie shore is also supporting heart for Hendrix. Show your support and come to his fund raiser at Shane Varney this weekend. RIP baba hendrix
Can't believe I don't have the channel for Geordie shore acc missing outπŸ˜«πŸ”«
All the Geordie Shore girls are getting hot one by one. 😳
Funniest part of Geordie shore up till now like Tag someone!πŸ˜‚
What is the delay with Geordie shore's latest episode being put on skygo?? Episode 6 btw
.is releasing her very own exercise DVD after her dramatic slim down.
What episode is Geordie shore up to?
Tuesdays have a new home Like and share this post to win a €50 bar tab for the night Every tuesday with Dj Trolley Launching Tuesday 9th Dec with a Meet and Greet with Aaron from Geordie Shore This is a ticket event Claim your Free Ticket tomorrow from 9am drinks Free Buses from the Regional Stores
I had the same issue but I'm watching it here
Does anyone have Geordie shore season 5-7?
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You remind me of Charlotte from Geordie Shore so much πŸ˜„ That's obviously a compliment πŸ˜„
The camera never lies eh? Well, nor does our very incriminating Story So Far gallery...
WORLDIE ALERT!!! Our Char's looking proper MINT! Read on to find out her weight loss secrets...…
As if ricci from Geordie shore walked past me at the German market last night loool
IT'S CHRISTMAS! KEEMON! The Geordies have got a canny present coming for you - check it out! > …
why hasn't Geordie Shore episode 6 season 9 been added to catch up on Sky Go? :(
Aaron Chalmers from geordie shore just followed my insta, wot
Geordie Shore makes Newcastle look like a melting pot of chlamydia
Watching Geordie shore reruns.. you are my hero 😍
Geordie shore is the dumbest but most hilarious show I have ever stumbled apon
What's this about Holly's massive plastic *** All's revealed in this week's sneak peek... h…
my life in two words, Geordie Shore
Guess what? We've got a very Geordie Christmas treat coming your way, here's a wee teaser... ht…
Spent all morning searching for this jam I heard on Geordie Shore and now I shall jam to this track the whole day πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
Gaz geordie shore underwear: It's back for it's ninth season and according to Geordie Shore's. 'Charlotte told...
We're still LOVING the fact that and have launched their own sex toy line
Whydi Geordie shore try and ruin everyone's life
Gaz saying Charlotte is his soulmate is the CUTEST thing ever!!! I love those 2!!! Geordie Shore
did it show previews >>? I didn't see them it went right into Geordie shore :s
I have so much Geordie shore, revenge, total divas, and antm to catch up on...can't remember the last I actually watched tv
Can't get my head around the ones from Geordie shore being famous in Aus! Girls running out of the pub to see Scotty T πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ
Every on watch geordie shore everything in the uk is better
Im just here watching geordie shore
Just hearing my cousin and sister talk about how much they love Geordie Shore and Keeping up with the Kardashians makes me want to neck it.
The new member of Geordie Shore looks like an absolute train wreck
Best jobs in the world: . Rappers. Hosts of Top Gear. Cast of Geordie Shore
Can't believe I'm still seeing Nike Blazers in the Geordie Shore house πŸ™ˆπŸ˜©πŸ˜­
I've decided to leave Geordie Shore! It's been an amazing few years and have memories I'll never forget. But now moving on…
Holly off Geordie Shore has gone from a 0 to a perfect 10 πŸ‘Œ
Vicky off Geordie Shore is off her *** in every episode πŸ‘ƒπŸ‘€πŸš
Uncensored! Geordie Shore babe strips off for ZOO!
I absolutely HATE the saying 'mugged off'. I blame Geordie Shore.
Vicky off Geordie Shore is my fave person ever
Speaking list for the next week: > Robert Downey Jr > Roy Hodgson > Geordie Shore. Shy of doing 'a Miliband', you'll be fine!
Geordie Shore hunk Scotty T has been flaunting his new toned torso after taking himself off to boot camp to whip himself back into shape.
Tomorrow night - Shake Appeal! The Alternative clubnight. Indie, Alternative, Old skool Hip Hop, Electro and a smattering of guilty pleasures. Free entry and drinks offers. The perfect alternative and not one gimp from the cast of Geordie Shore in sight! Just great music and cheap booze.
The writers for The Daily Mail clearly don't watch Geordie Shore. Aaron's the one with the tatts :/
First experience in a club tonight, and hopefully my last. The big thing was that a guy from Geordie Shore was there XD
told the guy we were with last night that he looked like aaron off geordie shore what a compliment I gave the guy!
So jealous of everyone who met Aaron from Geordie shore last night😫😭
Tears, tashing, tantrums, bucking, banter and bust-ups! Check out our Story So Far Gallery... h…
Geordie Shore are coming to York. I'm going to meet Vicky
Back in Newcastle all of 4 seconds and I've already seen Holly from Geordie Shore. A flight back to India would be greatly appreciated!
Wow holly of Geordie shore looks amazen 😍
There are weapons that will go to the merry hill lock in and queue for hours just to meet some mongs off geordie shore. Let that sink in featured in NBC s Science of Love
Not with Rita annoying Ora joining the judging panel The Voice has to go. Geordie Shore and Towie can go not MIC though
Watched French big brother now for a French styled Geordie shore
In the second part of the exclusive serialisation of her new book, the Geordie Shore star explains how her teena...
. with you never know what will happen . venenzuela area it ' s not conflcitos funniest parties or Geordie Shore
. it 's not funniest parties or conflcitos Geordie Shore
Jake Quickenden: 9 facts about the X Factor star: He has also had support from the stars of Geordie Shore, Mad...
Just watched my first ever episode of Geordie Shore. Id rather develop smallpox than do that again! πŸ˜–πŸ”«
I miss jersey shore it wo loads better than geordie shore 😴
...think the Spanish were stunned that my Chinese friend has the deepest scouse accent ever and dresses like some1 off Geordie Shore 😁 ..
Not sure Gaz from Geordie Shore is earning enough...
it's only the 3 geordie shore books lol...I'm pretty sure you need a new headset for the 1 yeah
Watch my exclusive video interview with MTV News here >>>
Cant wait for geordie shore to come back on πŸ’›
gaz from geordie shore is in colchester this weekend. and i cba to go. wHAT IS WRONG WITH ME
Do people actually still watch Geordie shore?
Breast Cancer Awareness
now follows Geordie shore. Might have to unfollow him for that
from Geordie shore he has 2 FerrarisπŸ‘Œ
Holly from geordie shore has got so braw like 😍
Rocking my mini shift dress from in Ibiza x
Would love to live in a house with my mates like geordie shore πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
I did watch the first 2 series of Geordie Shore though :(
Jersey Shore was so much better than Geordie Shore
Job interview in a few hours and I'm sat eating donuts, watching Geordie Shore.
i remember when I started watching geordie shore as a joke about three years four series and twenty five episodes ago …
buzzing for series 9 of Geordie shore!
Watching Geordie shore and my brother walks in... Never felt so awkward in my lifeπŸ˜‚
imagine going into the geordie shore house xD
Aaron Chalmers from TV Program Geordie Shore has been doing our 9-day cleanse. It looks like he's pretty...
Oh wow, Aaron Chalmers from Geordie shore i building a Forever business. How amazing is that?!
Can't wait for new series of Geordie shoreπŸ‘Œ
watching Geordie shore with Martha minionπŸ’—
Finally getting to watch the geordie shore finaleπŸ˜…
I've never watched an episode of Geordie Shore in my life
IT'S MA BIRTHDAAY! I'd love to party in Geordie shore style
Hm, what to watch? Skins, OINTB, Doctor Who or Geordie Shore?
I have an epic celebrity line up for next weeks show including a former Geordie Shore star. I also have a former model/actress and I will also be interviewing a tv presenting legend, Will announce all the names next week.
Catching up on Geordie Shore before work.
Daniel Shadrick Daniel Turner Simon Balsdon Elliot Mitchell Daniel shaggy needs makeing and shameing for openly like geordie shore every one share
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Would love if our year done something like Geordie shore! Sounds crazy/stupid but... 😏
The latest episode of geordie shore has made me overly emotional but also desperate for a mortal night out at the same time
"You're nervous? Try waking up next to Vicky" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ wish Geordie shore didn't have to end
Come on now. We all know that TOWIE, MIC and Geordie Shore is whats wrong with the kids of Britain today.
Cba with having a sick bug πŸ˜’ Geordie Shore in bed all day... Yep
You won't believe your why-ayes - it's Geordie Shore babe Vicky Pattison, stripped for ZOO!
We love the gorgeous Geordie shore producers did a great job getting him on board.
Make sure you join our FRESHERS PARTY with Joel Corey from GEORDIE SHORE!...
Thinking you don't have a strong accent until you venture down south and people think you're some kind of Peter Kay Ge…
what's wrong? You ran out of men to go through in the geordie shore house?
why can't I wait for geordie shore just to see you and Charlotte really gonna be full of surprises not like you necking vicky πŸ˜‚
Can't fricking wait to have sky installed this weekend. Block the world out and watch Geordie shore. Oshhh kaboosh!
Erm holly from Geordie shore is now singing???
AND you promote coloured contact lenses? Natural beauty my eye
insomnia. catching up on Geordie Shore.πŸŒ™
Aaron from Geordie Shore is beyond perfect😩😍
I'm catching up with Geordie Shore and did I just see the Parsnip
They are orange like the people on Geordie Shore
I've already met jay and Charlotte from Geordie ShoreπŸ™‹πŸ˜‰
Daz!! You have to play Kim Kardashian!! And maybe you could do a vine about Geordie Shore?? Maybe I dunno?? πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
Must be the only lass who doesn't think Kyle on Geordie Shore is lush. πŸ’
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My dream in life is to meet aaron from geordie shore 😍
If she wears a crop top, black leggings, air max and watches Geordie shore, then she lost her virginity at 14 to a chav…
Vicky Pattison is QUEEN of the house for Geordie Shore series 9!:
Geordie Shore shocker! Vicky Pattison and Gaz Beadle hook up in the final episode - WATCH
Vicky Pattison crowned Queen of Geordie Shore house -
Oscar award nominated or Geordie Shore bore...
well after a Friday start Cafe de Paris and Shaka Zulu are at it again Werewolf + Geordie Shore...
So gaz from geordie shore was in a party in my town yesterday, i was just laughing at the 12 year olds spazzing out over meeting him
Geordie Shore's sparks safety warning after
holly from Geordie shore is such a good singer
Shock, every girl in Cornwall's going to Newquay tonight to see Gary from Geordie Shore 😴😴😴
Only decent looking boy in geordie shore is James literally πŸ˜‚
Why can't the valleys be on aswell as Geordie shore ffs😩
Oh my God I am mortal. The Geordie shore lot ain't got nothing on me
started greetin when I was watching Geordie Shore earlier cause the songs
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Jersey shore meets Geordie shore ..this needs to happen πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
This is what what folk of Geordie Shore are going to be like when they reach 50
The actors in Geordie . Shore are middle class ponces.
Can't believe Cam has actually got me into Geordie Shore. This is by far the lowest I've come when the two of us have been together
Everyone from geordie shore has either a clothing range or a shop, why does marnie have a contact lenses brand?
Cider, onesie, makeup off and Geordie shore catch up.
A night in with my sister, ladies and gentlemen, watching something that isn't Geordie Shore or Big Brother.
Geordie shore back to back on sky plus
you're hilarious! Scotty t is the best person on Geordie shore!
Chinese, vodka and geordie shore, night sorted
Still the all-time greatest quote from Geordie Shore
Are we the only people out in Middlesbrough tonight?! Where is everyone?! We want to meet potential new cast members for Geordie Shore - let us know where you are and we may just swing by!
See Geordie Shore’s straight after having her temporaries:
Why has my sky box only part recorded Geordie shore😩😩
Scotty T from Geordie shores' ice bucket challenge.
Catching up on this seasons Geordie shore and Vicky is 100% my fave. She's basically queen of the house. πŸ‘‘
Can't wait to see the new season of geordie shore in italy just for πŸ™ˆπŸ‘βœŒπŸ’Ÿ
My sister just asked is Geordie shore in England πŸ˜‚I was like yes it's based in Newcastle she thought they were from Scotland πŸ™ˆ
Plan of the evening, once my dad goes to bed I am going to lie watching Geordie Shore. I need to stop wanting to watch it!!
Lol Gary Beadle from Geordie shore is in Berties nightclub tonight
Charlotte Crosby needs some assistance as she attends Geordie Shore...
I may have to watch Geordie Shore after seeing the eye candy in
Scott from Geordie Shore is so arrogant but it kinda makes him hotter idk
They always play 5 Seconds of Summer on Geordie Shore and I love it
Scott and aron are the sickest on geordie shore
Vicky from Geordie Shore is in MK in sept and neither me or Laura can go, takes the *** πŸ˜’
Marine from Geordie shore is so buff ffs😍
Do people actually class like cast members from Geordie shore/Towie famous?
The girls are making me watch Geordie Shore and I can confirm they're aw a bunch of annoying attention seeking gimps
your telling me ur on Geordie shore and ur a Virgin πŸ˜‚
dude I'm sat watching Geordie shore and all I can think of is uni!!! We really need a night out in Newcastle towards Xmas?
I want Sophie back on Geordie shore. Have the 4 girls be the original 4.
A few snaps of when the Geordie Shore boys and girls had some high-octane fun at Croft Circuit recently...
Does anyone have any geordie shore dvd's for sale xx
Once. I preferred Geordie Shore to be honest. Utterly shame-inducing.
I would be so happy if I got paid to do what the people on Geordie shore do
Why did me and Lewis Martin apply for Geordie shore last night πŸ˜‚e
"We met Vicky from Geordie Shore today omgπŸ’œπŸ’™ *** how even?!??!?!
Watching the Spanish version of Geordie Shore with Robin and it is already SO MUCH BETTER πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
Is there anyway I could watch Geordie shore on me phone?? Like can you download an app or out
Did one a the boys from Geordie shore design the arsenal kit state of the collar way to much neck/chest
Snoop Dog, Miss Piggy, Gaz from Geordie Shore, Ronnie Corbett and Barney from the Simpsons all in Celeb Big Brother this year.
Today has consisted of Lizard Lick Towing, Catfish and Geordie Shore πŸ‘Œ
just having a quick flick through the delights that is now Friday night prime time TV, and noticed it's the Big Brother Final tonight. Yawn. Isn't it quite ironic how these fame hungry, shallow and pretentious morons have gone in there in the hope of becoming famous, yet the real success of the original Big Brother was built on the riveting viewing of genuinely original and colourful characters being blissfully unaware of how their involvement in the program would turn out ? Not applying to be in there simply to try and gain a quick fix for a bit of money and a fortnights worth of Z list celebrity status. Come in Big Brother, your time is up. Wankers. For those looking for a more educational, cutting edge and topical television program, Geordie Shore is currently showing on MTV +1. :-)
Great to have Geordie Shore on Sunset Booze cruise this summer! She drank the bar dry on her own! X
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I don't watch Geordie Shore but who the *** is the new one with the tattoos and the high pitched dodgy accent?
Only just catching up on the new series of Geordie Shore and has been swiftly catapulted into my top 3.. 😍
I just wanna see the new Geordie Shore episode why isnt there a link yet
TOMORROW sees VICKY from Geordie Shore join the Beans party!!. Currently out of the house promoting her new book,...
if you play the same music in your new club as they do on Geordie Shore'll be immense!
Wow! Geordie Shore's Vicky Pattison praises Rihanna and 'fashion icons' for hot new photoshoot - SEE MORE:
What do we think of Geordie Shore's Vicky's new blonde locks? Blonde or Brunette? x
Started watching Geordie Shore from start of season one last night cause I couldn't sleep. Halfway through season 2 now. What trash but I'm totally addicted! 😨
gonna get Geordie shore style mortal if I don't get in babes x
Getting proper wound up watching Geordie shore! Proper don't like Gary this season he's turned crazy and delusional!
Feeling proud that you are in the 2% of people who don't watch Geordie shore.
Has anyone found a link for this weeks Geordie Shore episode?
Survival of the vainest!!! Check out James' ridiculous manbag of essential looking mint items: …
"If you watch Geordie Shore, there's a strong 88% chance that I don't like you" Think you spelt '100%' wrong :)
Is their a reason James is in Geordie shore?
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Cozy time in bed with the cat watching Geordie Shore :)
Geordie Shore is not the same anymore! Turning into a soap rather than reality!!
James is honestly pointless on Geordie Shore πŸ˜‚
Why is the Geordie Shore house so messy?! They do bugger all in the day, they could at least make their beds... 😷
Why does Vicki on Geordie shore look likes she's constantly gurning?!? πŸ™ˆ
Where's Kyle gone from Geordie shore x
Why did I decide to watch Geordie Shore on the train?!
Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby shows off impressive weight loss and slim legs in floral...
Pjs , popcorn and catch up with Geordie ShoreπŸ™Œ
I refuse to believe that the cast of Geordie shore have never contracted at least 1 type of STD 😫
whenever I watch Geordie Shore I have to get mum to leave the room because she just tuts every five seconds
Geordie Shore always puts me in the best mood πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
Watching geordie shore in bath gud life 🍸🍸
Revive Club's status. Gaz Geordie shore tickets available now in menai bridge and llandegfan. Message us now. I will be there with the Mesmac safer sex information Table .
Yes you are seeing it right VICKY FROM GEORDIE SHORE is here this bank holiday !
I always have to watch Geordie shore a day later because I can't even stay up til 11 anymore
my mum used to hate skins, hollyoaks n Geordie shore n now she'll sit there n watch em with me
Cant wait 2 get my beautie kiddies sorted 4 bed so I can sit down n catch up on GEORDIE SHORE I have 2 say I pure love it xx
Watchin all the Geordie Shores since new series started nd missed em all.. β™₯β™₯
I can never stop myself from watching Geordie Shore πŸ˜‚
Scotty T is the best person in the Geordie shore house
Off to the GYM work my fat *** off then home for a bit of Geordie shore perfect night lol !!
I like tattoos but Aaron from Geordie shore just looks like a crayon
When watches Geordie Shore he wears his Newcastle top ha
Wish I could just get famous from being on a program like geordie shore
The weight section in David Lloyd tonight looks like an audition for the next cast of Geordie shore/Towie cast. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining - something to look at whilst I run.
Paintballing, pieing & poo - our mates give their verdict on this week's episode: htt…
Whatching Geordie shore with Shanon Radi Casselden amazing siter in law n also a really good friend xxx
Scotty of Geordie Shore having a 3some with them chicks πŸ˜‚ lad
and we aren't like anything on Geordie shore
Geordie Shore is starting to get a bit scripted and pish...
Geordie shore makes me so angry but it's so bloody addictive!!
So I've just re-watched the whole of last series of Geordie shore..πŸ‘Œ
omg! Literally the best work colleague ever😘and I done my job! Eeeek, love Geordie Shore!πŸ™Š
Geordie Shore catch up due to the early nights πŸ‘€
Me and live from the Geordie shore house who's buzzin for episode 4 in 10 mins 😝😝😝😝 OI OI!! RT!!
I find it awkward that my dad watches Geordie shore and likes it😷😷
Trying to watch Geordie shore on line is like a joke. Trying to find an episode I've missed *** take .
Charlotte's return caused all sorts of drama in Ep 4. Here's the story so far in pictures: http…
N E X T. W E E K. . -> Aaron from Geordie Shore will be making an appearance at THE BANK NEWRY...
Watching Geordie shore and so confused as to how people can be so so so scum 😳 eeww
Why do MTV still pay James to be in Geordie Shore? He contributes nothing
Should not be watching Geordie shore whilst trying to resist a night with da ladz in palay.
Evening catching up on Geordie Shore it is then!
Websites I can watch Geordie shore on please!
Watched an episode of geordie shore yesterday and now I'm ill
Like & Share this Picture to win two tickets to meet Geordie Shore star Scotty T at our Teenage Nite in the Royal... htt…
Lusting after one of the outfits from last night's or even the Geordie's themselves? Get the look...
As if geordie shore are filming in poundland silverlink tomorrow
Somebody send me a link to the new Geordie Shore please
Geordie shore is the worst thing. These "people" genuinely need put down.
Finally catching up on new Geordie Shore, with bar of milka
Want to know where Vicky Pattison got her dress from on Geordie shore? Style on Screen can tell you!
Last night Geordie shore 😏 so glad charlottes back funny cow she is πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©
On Tuesday 5th August 2014 Cinderella Hair & HOB Salons teamed up with the Geordie Shore Beauty Sophie Kasaei! Our video will show everything from how Cinder...
Anybody know if there is any way you can watch previous episodes of geordie shore on a smart tv? Any apps you can download? I really need my fix!!
I need to confess something to my friends and family. I don't want to be judged and I need people to understand. I've watched 3 episodes of Geordie Shore and I love it.
That new lad coming in Geordie Shore looks the business to be fair
The new guys in Geordie Shore are extremely nice to look at!
Who's the cool new guy with the tatts on Geordie Shore?
The amount of unnecessary drama in Geordie Shore is actually unreal
How much does David Meyler beg it off the Geordie Shore cast!? πŸ™ˆπŸ˜
Geordie Shore is probably my favourite show
yup, now on (insert channel here), (EastEnders, Coronation St., The Only Way is Essex, Geordie Shore, Made in Chelsea)
Apparently Strathclyde's freshers week will include Scouting For Girls, Neon Jungle, Gaz from Geordie Shore and Hodor from GOT
Bad by David Guetta just reminds me of Amsterdam Pride and Geordie Shore. TACHE ON!
John Logie Baird is turning in his grave! β€” watching Geordie Shore
woah is dat Alan Carr on Geordie Shore?
Virgin Media don't have MTV +1 so can't want Geordie Shore, you taking the *** mate
Can't watch Geordie Shore cos my dad is watching some old Russell Howard episode. Wicked πŸ‘
Everyone is like watching Geordie Shore and mums sat here with Holby City on😩😭
THE WAIT IS OVER!!! Be the first to watch our EXCLUSIVE peek at brand new
Allana reckons she can sleep with gaz from geordie shore
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