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Geoffrey Rush

Geoffrey Roy Rush (born 6 July 1951) is an Australian actor and film producer.

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Actors Geoffrey Rush and Johnny Flynn share their insights into the man they both portray—at different stages in his life.
Tune in around 7:20 for the story behind Albert Einstein played by Geoffrey Rush, as well as expectations in the ne…
You don't have to be a 'Genius' to like Albert Einstein drama - CNET: Ron Howard directs Geoffrey Rush in "Genius",…
As Good as It Gets, starring Daniel Radcliffe and Geoffrey Rush. Directed by Richard Kelly, music by Spandau Ballet. Budget: $10m
Geoffrey Rush will play Alberto Giacometti in "Final Portrait", an upcoming film directed by Stanley Tucci:…
Cape Fear, starring Geoffrey Rush and Martin Lawrence. Directed by Orson Welles, music by Chris Knox. Budget: $1m
Oh God, Geoffrey Rush was practically limited to looking at Walter Matthau's "I.Q." for source material
Geoffrey Rush as Don Quixote. Luis Guzman or Adrian Martinez for Sancho Panza. Biggest Quixote fan ever, so I've gi…
Iron Man 4 w/ RDJ, Geoffrey Rush and... Paul Hogan?! Podcast from players
"I must do *nothing* by your orders! I am Norfolk!". "You _were_ Norfolk. The dead have no titles.". (Christopher Eccleston and Geoffrey Rush)
Enemy of the State, starring Marisa Tomei and Geoffrey Rush. Directed by Judd Apatow, music by Peace. Budget: $2000
Who do Geoffrey Rush, Toni Collette and David Wenham think they are?
Geoffrey Rush should definitely get the role in an Ian Fleming biopic
I often thought I was in the wrong business. I was pretty seriously th...
I didn't know the Green Lantern comics at all. I was a Superman reader...
when Geoffrey Rush isn't at the supermarket
Order Miche Bag Online!
A Geoffrey Rush sighting = Melbourne's hottest new restaurant, right? Meet Oter.
Perfect tarts, cheese & Geoffrey Rush. It's Melbourne's best new restaurant: Oter
Barry Humphries narrated Mary and Max, not Geoffrey Rush?? Fooled again.
Bruce Almighty, starring Geoffrey Rush and Sigourney Weaver. Directed by Terry Gilliam, music by The Buzzcocks. Budget: $100,000
Why did the likes of Geoffrey Rush, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Gerard Butler agree to do this?!
I always felt thrilled and amazed that I could put actor on my tax form. - Geoffrey Rush
Oh god and Geoffrey Rush is in this
Followed a man I thought looked like Geoffrey Rush into the H&M in Queen St Mall this afternoon. Looked & sounded like him but I wasn't 100%
I just pictured it. Agree with you. Anyway, all I remember from that film is Geoffrey Rush. Hilarious performance. "Oh, vanity!"
pirate! Best described by Kiera Knightley to Geoffrey Rush in the first pirates of the Caribbean.
When people come to me and tell me I was terrific in this or that, I d...
Barbosa is the captain now. Geoffrey Rush agrees with me
The best actor on this film, no doubt. And Geoffrey Rush isn't bad, too
"House on Haunted Hill" Remake stars Geoffrey Rush, Famke Janssen. Direct-to-DVD sequel, Return to House on Haunted Hill 07'.
Academy Award winner Geoffrey Rush is in it shooting fireballs at a space worm in a Pope gown.
Because of course Geoffrey Rush is going to get in on this madness.
Geoffrey Rush is amazing in that movie
They were saying, 'Keep this under your hat, but Jack Sparrow's going ...
I'm pretty sure James Woods and Geoffrey Rush is the same person, just depending on how much sleep he got that night
Has anyone seen The Best Offer with Geoffrey Rush? I just saw that it's on Netflix and it looks good :D
Tfw Geoffrey Rush is on the 109 with u and u wanna tell him how much u loved his performance in pirates of the Caribbean 2 but ur too shy ☹️
also Geoffrey Rush is on a spaceship battling giant worms and sometimes people turn into flying metal animals
Yes, anally retentive men are my forte!...
I still don't like it 😂 even though it has Tom Wilkinson, Geoffrey Rush & Colin Firth. Mara I'm gonna watch it 'til it ends.
Also I legit laughed out loud at the thought of all these white people being the gods of Egypt. Geoffrey Rush was Ra. C'MON NOW.
But as my voice coach keeps saying, if we actually spoke the way they ...
People are intrigued and fascinated, almost obsessed with the private ...
because last year we saw: Nevin as Mother Courage and Mrs Venables, Geoffrey Rush as Lear and Hugo as Hamm
There's four biggies. There was Elizabeth I, George III, Victoria, and...
I think that Ionesco's greatest weapon is that he's able to make us la...
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"we build great people" Geoffrey Rush Toowoomba born Actor. Geoffrey Rush was born on…
Screening this week is The Daughter, an adaptation of Ibsen's 'The Wild Duck' starring Geoffrey Rush and Sam Neill.
Geoffrey Rush got off the train it's over this is so sad
the question is why is Geoffrey Rush talking so intently to two German backpackers on a Sydney Train at 10.41pm on a rainy Friday night
We are on the train with Geoffrey Rush.
Uncover family secrets with Geoffrey Rush, Toni Collette, and more. New Australia, 8.30pm.
I was never a leading man. I've always been in the outer concentric ci...
Sometimes you do feel a script that glows in your hand the moment you ...
Most films I've worked on have had large casts, but they've been wonde...
Geoffrey Rush enthusiast? As am I after working with him on Stanley Tucci's FINAL PORTRAIT.
I knew all about Edward VIII's abdication, George VI becoming the king...
OMG . . .you look like Geoffrey Rush. That must be a scary thought.
Actor-AACTA pres Geoffrey Rush calls for more women behind the camera in Australian film:
You can tell an Aussie is directing a Hollywood film when Geoffrey Rush, Bryan Brown, Bruce Spence & Felix Williamson are in it
it is from that strange period of film history when pierce Brosnan, Jamie Lee Curtis and Geoffrey Rush were all stars
Jorah Mormont played by Geoffrey Rush would be SOMETHING
Coming up at 9pm, Colin Firth & Geoffrey Rush star in Oscar and BAFTA-winning historical drama The King's Speech.
having suits by Geoffrey Rush, 'The Tailor of Panama'
An adrenaline rush zip-lining with Otavia over a river gorge in Lomboc.
I just saw Geoffrey Rush. In the freaking flesh!!!
I just saw Geoffrey Rush on the streets of Melbourne! Idek he was Australian
Uff! It was a play on Broadway called Exit the King starting Susan Sarandon and Geoffrey Rush
I die in almost every film I've been in.
Bless you, Susan. Loved you in Exit the King with my friend Geoffrey Rush.
Who is the Geoffrey Rush looking actor in the trailer? the father figure with a little girl? Where can i see cast list?
Geoffrey Rush and Helen Garner petition editor over sacking of Philippa Hawker. Plus News Corp’s finest just ...
Star of The Daughter Geoffrey Rush discusses his career with ahead of the UK release on 27th May.
good question. I'd say Geoffrey & Jeffrey are the same name but some people pronounce Sara as Sarah & they're not the same name
Cate Blanchett and Geoffrey Rush help Sydney Theatre Company turn a profit in the face of funding cuts. Great to...
Celebrities protest at 'crazy' redundancy of Age arts critic: Geoffrey Rush and Helen Gar...
hi:) can you please add Quills, with Geoffrey Rush and Kate Winslet.tx!
How face blind am I? Ask about how many times I indignantly insisted random old white guy actor in any movie was Geoffrey Rush.
I just played a piano that David Helfgott played. Y'know the amazing pianist Geoffrey Rush portrayed in Shine and won an for.
Can Geoffrey Rush and Calista Flockhart pull off one last heist for old time’s sake?
the King's Speech isn't even the worst of the lot, at least it has Geoffrey Rush
There's a new indie film called The Daughter out with Geoffrey Rush & Sam Neil getting good reviews. Don't believe the…
Geoffrey Rush, , and Helen Garner have all signed to save job at ...
"What should we put out for the first wave of Disney Infinity characters? What do all the kids like?". "Geoffrey Rush?". "Perfect."
Geoffrey Rush is Australian but I always forget that because his accent is a more "posh" Australian accent
Like, I can't even tell that the character is Australian because Geoffrey Rush is such a dignified person and that automatically defaults to
updates Geoffrey Rush for rank 1663 to 1251
Uncle *** was dealer like Geoffrey Rush in Candy
Have to say that Geoffrey Rush in does an amazing James Woods
I just saw Geoffrey Rush walking down Swanston Street.
Guy sitting by me on the bus looks like a young Geoffrey Rush. I enjoy finding celebrity resemblances that probably don't really exist.
Libs gutted AusCo to set up slush fund, used to rush out $13m arts grants at weekend. ALP supports AusCo over pork-bar…
My eye muscles hurt now when I read our MasterCard bill.
Our Letter To My Younger Self is with Oscar winner Geoffrey Rush! Star of The King’s Speech and Shine he is an outsider still listening.
Actor Geoffrey Rush pens this week's Letter To My Younger Self, where he talks about working on Shine and The King's Speech
Geoffrey Rush is in the Minions movie. Goodnight
I do love perusing the dictionary to find how many words I don't use - word...
Within our culture, every school has a swimming pool. We lived on the coast...
Also starring in HOLDING THE MAN are Sarah Snook, Kerry Fox, Anthony LaPaglia, Guy Pearce and Geoffrey Rush.
"In the end, there are no words...just peace." - Geoffrey Rush THE BOOK THIEF
Geoffrey Rush on playing King Lear: 'What's to like? His parenting skills are appalling!'
with all due respect, how on EARTH can you rate Russell Crowe's Javert above Geoffrey Rush's?
Geoffrey Rush is now 1,722 in the INQUIZIE celebrity ranking.
Mikey... my buds have an AMAZING show and got this offensive review This is almost bullying. ***
And final review for this year. Uhh, yeah, this was awful. One star, sadly.
House on Haunted Hill with Geoffrey Rush is on tonight (tomorrow) at 12.50am
I thought Nicol Williamson was Geoffrey Rush in a wizard hat
Had brunch next to Geoffrey Rush today at Fandango. He really does have a lovely speaking voice.
Man! Geoffrey Rush really nailed his performance tonight at the
Still think, as I did when I first saw the film, that Noah Taylor & Geoffrey Rush should share custody of that Oscar. ;)
'We are in the grips of technological gold rush, but Australia missing out' via also love
Favorite movie? Quills. Geoffrey Rush is a master. But Porky's is good for a laugh, too.
This is what happens when you are on the wrong side of 40. Young adults, wh...
You who else I could see being a good Alfred? Geoffrey Rush.
"Refreshingly sharp and witty". Thanks Theatre Press for gettin on board the weirdo train!
Geoffrey Rush was suppose to look like John Waters in this movie but ended up looking like Vincent Price
Tonight's a great night for pass-holders and friends to see our show Last night was AMAZINGLY fun!
How about the bit in where Geoffrey Rush shows up in a flying canoe to fight a space Kraken with a solar powered spear?
. You could have him as a sidekick. Like Geoffrey Rush had that monkey. :-)
Just received a press release from that says "Guy Pearce (Iron Man 3) and Geoffrey Rush (Minions)" - I can't stop laughing.
Cameron and his rich mates are cursed by their huge wealth, much like Geoffrey Rush in the first Pirates of the Caribbean
this movie is cute but The Best Offer with Geoffrey Rush is so good
We did it- we made it to the Admiring Geoffrey Rush fan page-. Come see George and Pam interview their hero!
Understanding that timing is everything is huge. I rather wait and know something is going to be great than rush it and hope…
People tend to think of Brisbane as a sleepy, sub-topical place. I don't kn...
moved up on INQUIZIE celeb ranking by "7". know Y? Goto & tell “Geoffrey Rush's fans
How can I forget Geoffrey Rush's name? My brain is on a break. 😒
remake of House on Haunted Hill on Horror Channel. Not as fun as 1959 version with Vincent Price. But does boast Geoffrey Rush & Jeff Combs
As members of Hollywood's A-list elite, you would hardly expect Oscar winners Cate Blanchett and Geoffrey Rush to be scram…
Geoffrey Rush and Famke Janssen will be waiting for us at the House On Haunted Hill at 10.50pm.
TONIGHT at 9pm is The Daughter with Geoffrey Rush, Miranda Otto and Paul Schneider! Who's excited for Day 3 lineup?!
Just snapped Geoffrey Rush, Armie Hammer and Stanley Tucci on the set of Final Portrait!
apparently called Final Portrait, starting Geoffrey Rush, about life of Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti ?!
Loving the 1960s French-style shopfronts on today set up for Geoffrey Rush's new film.
Just published - Bermondsey Street turned into 1960s Paris for Giacometti movie with Geoffrey Rush
Our street (has received a French transformation for Final Paradise, the next Geoffrey Rush movie
Gods of Egypt: Watch Gerard Butler confront the almighty Geoffrey Rush in space
Not really. I gave it half a star for some of the visuals and half a star for Geoffrey Rush/Boseman.
GODS OF EGYPT also has Geoffrey Rush and Bryan Brown in ridiculous costumes *and* a cameo by Bruce Spence!
when a movie involves Geoffrey Rush flying around a flat earth in a ship sailing through the water of creation
Just watched "The Best Offer" with Geoffrey Rush, crushing flick. Really beautiful. Goodnight now
Nobody ever said that growing old would be easy. Just having to hold the ne...
Treasurer's latest excuse - not to "rush to failure". My speech on Govt's attacks on super
Geoffrey Rush has a call in that. Haven't seen it since it's cinema release though.
"What if Geoffrey Rush was on a space canoe but was also the Human Torch? Is that something you might be interested in?".
I want to see Gods of Egypt, Live action 'Mummies Alive' with endearment. Geoffrey Rush has a space boat in POTC 3
I'm going to guess that Geoffrey Rush is the only Australian voice in this film. Yay?
Can confirm, is not good. But has the image of Geoffrey Rush as a giant, fire-covered Ra.
they are filming Final Portrait with Geoffrey Rush
Finally got around to watching (2013) - Geoffrey Rush, Emily Watson ... via
See and Geoffrey Rush in this clip, in theaters TONIGHT 7PM! Tix: https…
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Geoffrey Rush as Leon Trotsky?! This movie is really good at making actors unrecognizable.
House on Haunted Hill is so much fun! Love Geoffrey Rush 😎
Gods of Egypt (2016) - Geoffrey Rush and Chadwick Boseman are entertaining in different ways
Clive Owen looks exactly like Geoffrey Rush in that photo
The best thing about Gods of Egypt is that they didn't give cheesy lines or failed attempts at witty remarks to Geoffrey Rush unlike others.
problem is there was always a better actor, WEGG came out in 93, Al Pacino won that year, Titanic 97.. Geoffrey Rush won..
Hugh Jackman should play the next No actually Geoffrey Rush would be better.
JERRY was his best shot.but somehow a baffling Geoffrey Rush performance beat him
Honestly, I wish more movies took risks just being as ridiculous as this movie is. Mecha-Robo Horus! Giant Snakes! Geoffrey Rush!
I love that movie, Geoffrey Rush's character Lionel is one of my favorite film characters of all~
Tickets on sale now for our ridiculous new show. Come and see and I be George & Pam:
Geoffrey Rush is joined by Tony Shalhoub on the movie.
If ever loses Larry David they should consider Geoffrey Rush to play Bernie Sanders.
After rough start, A+ day. I feel like Geoffrey Rush in PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN. "Gentlemen, our hope has been restored!"
Wait... Was that Geoffrey Rush in that train wreck of a movie No one see that movie. I hope it makes zero dollars...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
What I appreciated was the fact that the script delved into how Australians...
But now I want Geoffrey Rush and Herzog to be estranged brothers in something.
Guys, I'm ashamed to admit I was wrong. I saw Geoffrey Rush from an angle for a second & assumed. Wrongly.
updates Geoffrey Rush for rank 1338 to 1337
I met Geoffrey Rush once, and he was reserved but lovely. I can totally see him being gruff though.
Geoffrey Rush said it so it must be true! - rock and roll filmmaking at
"This is as close to rock and roll that filmmaking can ever be" - Geoffrey Rush
Geoffrey Rush Net Worth: Geoffrey Rush is an Australian actor and film producer with a net worth of $40 millio...
But perhaps they could give you a copy of Geoffrey Rush’s written eulogy? So eloquent.
You know, when I picture the they always looked like Geoffrey Rush.
The Union's Twins interview Geoffrey and in this weekend's Kick and Rush magazine!
I can hear Geoffrey Rush's Barbosa saying that line now, Great voice, LOL
Geoffrey Rush is just beyond splendid
I cannot listen to Geoffrey Rush's voice as any other character than Barbossa it is IMPOSSIBLE
I wouldn't mind meeting some of the people I've attempted to portray from t...
no no that's the other one! Jack Nicholson going beserk and Geoffrey Rush playing the piano awesome.
I always had a fantasy of being a chef, because I like kitchen life.
They were nominees a couple of years ago. I think the year Geoffrey Rush won. They would have been w…
Because when you think Ra — the sun god — you think bald Geoffrey Rush under a blue filter?
I've just remembered the time I took Geoffrey Rush's order at the (Melbourne Cricket Ground) [large latte macchiato] +shot
It's pretty goofy! Geoffrey Rush as Vincent Price was a good choice. But it has chris kattan. :/ But it has Jeffrey Combs :D
Finally got to watch The Best Offer. Thanks for the heads up, it was fantastic! Breath of fresh air Geoffrey Rush was superb!
Geoffrey Rush has shown himself to be the best Not Vincent Price around.
Geoffrey Rush and director Neil Armfield took Ionescos Exit the King to
Infuriatingly (but predictably) skipped over UK career & also had Geoffrey Rush do the worst ever Chauncey Gardiner
no singing, no. Just a straight up drama version with Geoffrey Rush and Liam Neeson working their stuff.
'King Lear': Review: After Ionesco’s absurdist 'Exit the King,' and director…
Why does it look like Geoffrey Rush has crime scene tape on his head?
Geoffrey Rush is one of the most talented actors of his generation. And also a winner.
As leaders rush to finalise an agreement tonight in Paris, some countries are holding back. https…
production of LEAR doesn't quite get there. Listless and curiously detached:
Today I met my future husband and the one man I would happily take a photo with... my love... my Geoffrey Rush
Geoffrey Rush, Jim Sturgess, Donald to Netflix. Might be boring, we shall see!
I see a face mould of Geoffrey Rush behind
Me: "Who do you think the hottest male celebrity is?". "GEOFFREY RUSH." . Me: *sparkly eyes, spins into magical fantasy world*
Just watched your periscope and Geoffrey Rush was the actor in Quills that you were trying to remember!
the guy who helps the king in that film is played by Geoffrey Rush. He's also in Pirates of the Caribbean, Finding Nemo+
What I will probably do list: explore, talk about Geoffrey Rush.
The Best Offer, starring Geoffrey Rush, will grip you, shake you, and then leave you.
would you guys know if Ben Mendelsohn and Geoffrey Rush will be attending, if so, please post some pics :)
The critics are wrong! Thinking Geoffrey Rush's King Lear best thing I've seen in ages. Can I give it *?
Lawler rush to join Jackson trip . get rid of Michael Lawler
Tony Abbott has urged Australians to stop apologising for their Western values and culture. https:…
📷 grrush: Geoffrey Rush || Robe Would NOT mind waking up to THIS every day. ;)
King Lear review: Geoffrey Rush plunges into anguish and despair via
domain names
Congratulations Neil Armfield, Geoffrey Rush and entire for a stunning King Lear at the Roslyn Packer Thea…
ICYM our double bill of Sunday reviews: on Geoffrey Rush / Neil Armfield's King Lear
'It is one of the great Australian Lears' John McCallum reviews Geoffrey Rush and co in Armfield's STC production
Our take on a tragic Geoffrey Rush at the Sydney Theatre Company: "It is one of the great Australian Lears."
Geoffrey Rush, Neil Armfield give us a fearful and heartbreaking
ICYMI: my review of King Lear, starring Geoffrey Rush
King Lear review – Geoffrey Rush owns the role but fails to sate craving for confrontation: Tac...
Tonight is the night: Geoffrey Rush plays Lear for the first time in his career. Here he reveals why it took so long
Time for two of my favourite actors, Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush
One of our Media Studies film texts this year is THE BOOK THIEF (2013) Interview: Geoffrey Rush & Sophie Nélisse
The chameleon comedian: Geoffrey Rush on Magda Szubanski Great story and review
I feel like needs to take speaking lessons from Geoffrey Rush and not
I agree. Geoffrey Rush as Sellers was brilliant.
Can't believe my Drama lecturer knows Geoffrey Rush and told him how we loved the preview to The Daughter...and she forwarded his reply! 🙊🙊
"Conversations, like certain parts of anatomy, work better when lubricated. Care for a drink?" . -Geoffrey Rush (The Quills)
Whose delivery is better Chow Yun Fat or Geoffrey Rush WRONG THEY ARE BOTH PERFECT
It wasn't at NIDA, but did I tell about the time I saw Cate Blanchett and Geoffrey Rush in Oleanna?
Sadly no, but Geoffrey Rush is the main candidate (it's based on the 2002 Bolivian presidential campaign).
I keep hoping something similar will happen between me and Geoffrey Rush and I suddenly get an Emmy or Academy Award in the mail
On set today! Excited to be filming at studios where fellow Aussies like Margot Robbie &Geoffrey Rush have worked! 😁
My cat name list is as follows; Kenneth Branagh, Ron Swanson, Geoffrey Rush, Yoda and Kylo-Ren (new SW villain)
Fan Confession: I love the remake and I don't care who knows it. Geoffrey Rush is life.
Who'd have thought he'd be in the same movie as Geoffrey Rush and Lisa Loeb.
Watching House on Haunted Hill remake. Still in love with Geoffrey Rush.
...Geoffrey Rush as comedic drunk, Danny Huston again as an unhinged psychopath, Kate Bosworth doing her best 'Calamity Jane'.
: Spotted: Geoffrey Rush kills at karaoke, Elisabeth Moss cradles the world’s largest bottle and a few st…
David Wenham and Geoffrey Rush at the premiere of 'Legends Of The Guardians, Sep 24, 2010, Sydney.
Geoffrey Rush salutes Honorary Oscar recipient Dame Angela Lansbury at the 2013 Governors Awards:
the House on Haunted Hill has Geoffrey Rush and 13 Ghosts has Tony Shaloub
Colin Firth,Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter were simply amazing in "The King's Speech".Totally in love with their actors skills
this one is a tricky one. I see a transfer deadline day rush on this one
they’re in the middle of a season with Cate, Hugo Weaving, Geoffrey Rush, Roxburgh, Robyn Nevin etc.
Geoffrey Rush in Pirates of the Caribbean has got to be one of the best supporting actor performances I've ever seen.
I didn't think anything could make me interested in another flick...but this did it:
Morning Cable Movie Guy Keith Carr: Even the most terrible of times has a simple beauty. Geoffrey Rush and Emily...
Funny how easy it is to get starstruck... Like standing behind Geoffrey Rush in line for a cab! 😂
Today I joined an exclusive club alongside the likes of Geoffrey Rush and Klaus Kinski. Think I did all right
Geoffrey Boycott: Ian Bell should not rush into retirement - England have few alternatives
Geoffrey Rush is one of the finest actors I've ever witnessed.
How long has John Terry looked like Geoffrey Rush?
Just passed Geoffrey Rush at the train station. Top bloke.
.has announced that Orlando Bloom & Geoffrey Rush will be back Dead Men Tell No Tales! h…
Great interview with Geoffrey Rush my inspiration. Enjoy!
Clearly missed an opportunity to make a ‘Grace Under Pressure’ joke during the Geoffrey Rush bit…
My god, I thought it was Geoffrey Rush as Hector Barbossa for a second there!
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Watching excellent movie. Geoffrey Rush is a powerhouse.
Seriously Geoffrey Boycott should just shut up. We've won the series, won the Ashes and yes some young players have a rush of blood which...
Australian government broke the law in rush to permit new -
Orlando Bloom and Geoffrey Rush Confirmed For Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales via …
King delivers wartime speech. Pressure gets to him, and his friend Geoffrey Rush abandons him, so he starts stuttering.
I want all of Geoffrey Rush's velvet blazers from Mystery Men. It's always important to look good if you're bad.
Looking forward to and anything else with Geoffrey Rush's voice
one time I saw geoffrey rush at target
Thanks for the love; sending you some back Geoffrey Rush !
" IMPROMTU" one of my favorites with Hugh Grant as Chopin - he is fab - I prefer fav "SHINE" - with Geoffrey Rush - watch !!!
I wonder if all pirates have an awesome sense of humor or is it just Geoffrey Rush and Johnny Depp😂
Happy b-day to Geoffrey Rush, here as Jack Worthing in "Importance of Being Earnest," 1990 h…
“Disco is NOT dead! Disco is LIFE!” Is a great scene. Geoffrey Rush is amazing in it. 1 of Ben Stiller’s less annoying roles.
I give Minions a 7.5. It was cool having Barbossa as a narrator. Arrrh. Geoffrey Rush Not as good as the first movie, but worth seeing.
On the same night I saw Geoffrey Rush & Colin Firth, taking the *** out of the Holiday Inn for having international clocks.
Oh man I fail at movies...1) just watched Contact for the first time 2) watched the whole thing thinking James Woods was Geoffrey Rush
Watching horror/thrillers films tonight, 1st was "House on Haunted Hill" starring Geoffrey Rush and just about to watch "What Lies Beneath".
Is that the Marquis de Sade film with Geoffrey Rush? I haven't seen it, but hm...
♫ ~Geoffrey Rush has a big hat, and he's got a big hat, and the film is very long but not as long as his hat~ ♫
Wow! reveals The Australian was briefed to rush into print to explain that there was no Coalition war on r…
Geoffrey Rush could say absolute garbage and I would still listen to his advice.
This is a negative review of a non-Disney movie by a full time Disney employee.
Happy Birthday to Geoffrey Rush. Another incredible cake on set.
I hope I get to see it the day James Woods pulls off his Geoffrey Rush mask to reveal that they're both the Riddler.
When you have a Geoffrey Rush scare in your pool. The man looked identical!
I can accept having an opinion on a movie from a rival. This review is over the top. From
A full time employee of Disney reviewed and trashed Minions, a Universal movie? Like, seriously?
I'm in love with Emily Watson, Geoffrey Rush, Barbara Auer and work...
We love Sir Toby and Andrew. In 1978 Bernard Hill played Toby and in 1986 Geoffrey Rush played Andrew
Joko Widodo rides wave of popularity on back of Bryan Brown, Geoffrey Rush, Guy Pearce, Joel Edgerton 'look at me' grief stunt. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Geoffrey Rush, Joel Edgerton, Bryan Brown and Brendan Cowell, who are you? Save your own action to your country
'Show some balls': Celebrities including Geoffrey Rush, Guy Pearce and Joel Edgerton film video calling on PM ...
Joel Edgerton, Geoffrey Rush, Guy Pearce... Not three people I'd feel like being lectured by, and not blokes that suit 'tough'...
Cate Blanchett at Opening Night of "Exit The King" Starring Geoffrey Rush in Sydney on June 13,2007
Geoffrey Rush & Gore Verbinski at "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" Tokyo Press Conference - Photocall
"We met Geoffrey Rush which was pretty cool, and from a distance I saw Scarlett Johanson" from
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